Anarchy & The Occult - Part II - Religion vs. Initiation

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thank you so much everyone it's really great to be back at Anika poco this year so thrilled to see all of you here today I have a whole lot of material to cover here today in my presentation so I'm gonna jump right in my presentation here today is entitled anarchy and the occult part 2 religion versus initiation and it kind of builds on top of my presentation from last year which was of course anarchy and the occult so let's dive into it anybody who gets offended by something that I'm about to say here today feel that emotion let it flow through you so be it I am here to tell harsh uncomfortable truth my presentation style is often described as very intense sometimes combative you cannot gauge the truthfulness of information with your emotions you have to run it through the logical and analytical aspects of the mind but you can also use your intuition to gauge if it is coming from a place of heart based intelligence as well so if you use both of those I think everything will be fine I don't do this to make money I don't do this to make friends that's why I say to people to get as offend that as you like I only do this because I have a moral obligation in understanding what I understand to try to communicate these truths to others so that they could take action upon it to change our world hopefully in taking in the information that I present here today it will act as a tapestry so you could take in the bigger picture of the entire puzzle okay as David Icke said in his presentation most people see the pieces but they don't see the picture okay this is about big-picture thinking this is about getting to causal factors about why we are in the situation we are in as a species so let's jump in right in with the topic of religion always a hot-button topic always controversial but it doesn't always mean exactly what people think it means means so much more to me religion is the one and only problem in our world the one and only problem that humanity is facing that is keeping it from going to the actual full potential of where it can be and when we talk about religions I don't just mean the cultural religions okay you have to wipe the definition of religion that you know our culture has given us out of your mind and understand religion encompasses so much more you know government politics that's religion you know the donkey cult and the elephant cult no two better examples of religion okay science can be turned into a religion and if it is trusted too much the New Age movement or some pseudo spirituality movements can also be characterized as religions and then there's the big religion the one that people believe in even more than government that binds them all together and that is the monetary system a lot of people don't think of that as a religion but I would claim even the belief in money constitutes a religious belief if you're coming at the information I'm about to present today from any of these perspectives you're going to find it very difficult ok so I'm directly attacking the issue and going right to the psychological part of the mind and confronting it ok not pushing that down not having delicate sensibilities face-to-face confrontation with the main issue and that is religion now what is religion the word religion comes from the Latin verb relig are a meaning to bind to hold back by tying or to thwart from forward progress religion is a system of sociological control based in unchallenged erroneous false and dogmatic beliefs which are specifically designed to hold back the progress of human consciousness religion is the head cage religion is the cage for the mind and I'm here today to tell people that most anarchists are still subscribing to a religious thought process and that is why they are not making the progress that they need to be making religion could be summed up in two words if we're being honest with ourselves mind-control people don't want to say it that way but that's exactly the dynamic that we are talking about and it is very real one of the biggest forms of mind-control is government we are here today because we believe that it doesn't have moral legitimacy that's what an anarchist believes that there is no such thing as moral legitimacy to the violence of the state it is the most dangerous religion on earth I call it the most dangerous cult on earth government is a worldwide religious cult based upon the false religious doctrine of authority an illusion of a diseased psyche based entirely in violence and built upon the erroneous and dogmatic beliefs that some people are masters who have the moral right quote-unquote to issue commands while others are slaves who have a moral obligation quote unquote to obey the so-called masters an absolute religious belief yet most people in the world subscribe to it and believe it and stay attached to it with religious fervour that's why it's so difficult to overcome because it's been ingrained for so many thousands of years and it has turned into a hardened dogmatic religion in the psyches of most people here's how it worked in the old world there was one being that had authority vested in him or her that was royalty we called this kingship or royalty okay and they sat at the top of the hierarchical structure of the world dictating commands to their slaves okay to those that they considered their subjects now today you know we think we've progressed so far but all we've done is we've divested that authority into a few people an oligarchical group of people calling themselves government this is the so-called new world order where the old world order was kingship the new world order of rulership is government and I don't care what you call it you can do some eyes it however you want to use from eyes it you can call it kingship you can call it royalty you can call it government but I don't mince words I tell people direct right to their face exactly how it is and I call things what they really are it's slavery and if you believe in it and you believe it's morally legitimate you believe slavery slavery is morally legitimate so I don't like to euthanize words or use soft language you know I'm a city boy I'm from the hard streets and I use plain language right in people's face government is slavery and that's what we all stand against what do we want to see manifested in the world we are here because we want to see anarchy manifest in the world we don't want to see slavery continue we want a world where there are no masters and no slaves the word anarchy is derived from the greek prefix and meaning without the absence of and the greek noun Archon meaning ruler or master anarchy does not mean without rules it literally means without rulers no rulers no masters that is the state of true pure anarchy so what does that really mean it means true freedom you tell people you use the word Anarchy with most people and they think it means chaos yeah we've all been through that trying to get them to understand the real definition of anarchy that's the real definition of anarchy true freedom so where are we in this process of transformation okay we have to gauge where we're really at honestly which is a big part of what this presentation is all about I consider this person here on this long winding road leading to the mountaintop here's the anarchist community and here is where we say we want to go it's a long arduous journey what we have to ask ourselves honestly and look at it and assess it with total honesty and looking at it without lying to ourselves where are we really at what progress have we really made collectively as a so-called movement societally to get to where we say we want to go and ladies and gentlemen that process is not magical and it does not happen automatically there are specific actually very stringent requirements to getting to where we say we want to go this is the same with any process whether it becomes becoming an expert in any particular field learning any particular field of knowledge there are requirements for taking that in and then putting it into the world and then actually making it manifest and it's no different with anarchy and I'm here unfortunately today to tell you that we are nowhere close to actually attaining that goal and if we are telling ourselves that were close to that I feel that we're lying to ourselves and the reason is we have not yet come to the underlying causal factors we have not yet looked past the symptoms and gone to the true underlying causes of the human condition of slavery so most anarchists in my estimation are still very mentally attached to false axiomatic premises which could constitute religious beliefs axioms are fundamental beliefs that have become widely as accepted as true because they are perceived to be self-evident or particularly useful to those who have accepted them most quote-unquote anarchists say that we want true freedom that they want true freedom but they yet cling to erroneous axiomatic beliefs which prevent them from understanding the true underlying causal factors that have led to the human condition of slavery anarchists in most cases are no less religious than other individuals in the world unfortunately not all of them but I would estimate most of them most anarchists erroneously believe that true freedom is possible to achieve without becoming aware of the governing dynamics which actually determine the amount of freedom which any given human society is able to experience that is based upon the quality of the aggregate behavior of the individuals which comprise that society this is what determines whether a society is free or not and that behavior has to be in alignment with morality and if it is not freedom is impossible to achieve or to attain the erroneous belief systems of most anarchists are fundamentally holding back the development of their consciousness and their ability to align their minds and behaviors to the moral philosophical principles which are capable of changing our manifested conditions such erroneous belief systems are nothing more than inversions of reality and may be ultimately described as forms of mind control or religion why is this so it is because most anarchists in the so called anarchist community have absolutely zero understanding of what is known as the occult they have no idea about it they don't know what it is they don't know what knowledge it comprises and they haven't even begun on the journey to looking into it so people think this is what the occult is now I'm not here today to tell you that there aren't aspects or sects of the occult that delve into practices such as this but this is the Hollywood variant of the occult and we have to kind of set that notion aside and understand the occult comprises deep knowledge and this wouldn't be an accurate image of the occult or occultism in my view this would be it is taking in Universal cosmic knowledge about how the laws of nature actually work that's a more accurate definition by a picture of what occultism really is so let's look at a definition for the occult the word occult is derived from the Latin ocultist meaning hidden occultism is the study of the hidden laws of nature specifically those laws which are at work in the invisible mental and spiritual domain far more than those that are at work in the visible or physical world therefore occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider worldview than that which is ordinarily taken by the everyday person a cultists then may be defined as those who study all the laws of nature both those that are readily seen and those which are much more difficult to see with the physical eyes or with scientific measuring instruments alone that's the difference between the average person who considers themselves you know someone who has any kind of faith in science versus the occultist who understands a much wider picture than just of the physical world is necessary you heard David I talked about the physical reality is such a tiny sliver of the entire spectrum of existence and that's absolutely the case the occult is hidden science that the ruling class that the Masters do not want the average individual to understand because the understanding of the occult knowledge would level the playing field and it would make slavery impossible until the occult is brought out into the light of day and understood by the average person slavery will continue indefinitely Bank on it know it like you know your own name or you know the Sun is coming up on the eastern horizon tomorrow slavery will continue until the occult is brought out of the realm of hidden knowledge and made common sense knowledge what is the most deeply occult acknowledge on the face of the earth that our masters don't want us to understand it is the knowledge of how the natural laws of behavioral consequence work in our lives and that we are bound by those behavioral laws natural law is a set of universal inherent objectives non man-made eternal and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with a capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non harmful behavior that's a mouthful Universal it's everywhere inherent it exists within creation it is not man-made as it is objective and not subjective it is eternal it exists forever you can never escape it it is immutable there is nothing anyone can ever do to change it it is like any other natural physical law but these are the behavioral laws that govern the freedom of entire societies okay and it governs the the beings with the capacity to understand morality so we're talking about higher than what we would call the animal kingdom in the human Kingdom and beyond that is what natural law applies to those with an advanced central nervous system and brain that are capable of reason are capable of heart based intelligence and are capable of understanding right from wrong when human beings in the aggregate live in harmony with natural law and are therefore moral because they understand rights they understand that a right is an action that does not initiate harm against another sentient being okay and cause harm against that being that is what a right is and most people cannot give you that definition and that's why we're losing our rights when human beings in the aggregate in the collective live in harmony with natural law and are therefore moral they become and remain free when human beings in the aggregate in the collective live in opposition to natural law and are therefore amoral because they do or condone immoral behaviors they become and remain enslaved I refer to this dynamic of nature as the law of freedom it could be stated like this as aggregate morality increases aggregate freedom increases as aggregate morality declines aggregate freedom declines you only need to look at the result that we are getting right now do we have more aggregate freedom or do we have more aggregate enslavement well then you will know is humanity in the aggregate moral or immoral that is the causal connection to get away from religion we must initiate ourself into higher levels of knowledge and this is what the occult was intended to do it was intended to initiate potential learners in the higher levels of knowledge about how natural law works I gave a seven hour I'm sorry a nine hour workshop two days ago on all of these dynamics of a cult initiation it could be called beginning setting foot on the spirit the true spiritual path and there are it's a five-fold process a five-step process stop lying especially to yourself that's number one stop dreaming stop imagining the world to be some other way than it actually is accept it from where it is and then work to change it from there don't engage in cognitive dissonance we have to disengage cognitive dissonance which is believing two contradictory things simultaneously learn how to think the actual process of truth discovery methodologies that were practiced as part of classical liberal arts education in the ancient world and that were given to the mystery tradition initiates in occult practices live in the true present moment in the here and now and bring that knowledge into the here and now on the earth to create the change that we want to see and then activate the physical body because we will most certainly need to let's look at each one of these dynamics in turn stop lying especially to yourself we have to look in the mirror and be honest about where we are at on the spiritual path and in our understanding of the dynamics of natural law and then we have to be honest with others but before we can tell the truth to others we must first become fully honest with ourselves we must be realistic about where Humanity is as a species is the mindset of Anarchy or the principles of moral behavior upon which anarchy is based truly propagating widely and manifesting in our world we have to be honest with ourselves about that have anarchists as a movement a so-called movement accomplish the goals of the abolition of government and the restoration of our sovereign natural rights to any individuals anywhere on earth and if such factors are the genuine measurements of a successful outcome for such a movement that we claim to be part of and they should be it is not about just setting an intention it is about achieving the goal otherwise why bother to do anything ok those should be our measurements for a successful outcome then I have to be honest with myself and I must be honest with you that our movement thus far must be assessed as a failure thus far there is still time to turn it around however otherwise I wouldn't be saying a word it is my contention that the anarchist movement is actually moving backwards mainly because most anarchists accept as a false axiomatic premise that quote rights come from human beings more than not accept that as a premise the existence of inherent rights with in nature is the basis of natural law and it is the necessary morality which will lead to the manifestation of true freedom that is the basis of natural law and the moral behavior that we must put into practice that rights exist inherently in nature because the actions when we take an action it exists in the 3d domain therefore the characteristics of that action exist in the 3d domain they are not subjective they are objective it follows logically but most anarchists do not think about it that way because they still have a religious mindset about this most anarchists choose to blame external political or economic factors for the lack of progress and affecting real change in our society but continued ignorant and denial of the existence of inherent rights under natural law is the underlying reason that slavery continues to be the human condition and folks you could accept that or not accept it but it will never change the truth of that matter I am NOT claiming that that is my opinion I am Telling You it works that way in the realm of nature scientifically another erroneous axiom that most anarchists believe is quote unquote there is no higher power in the universe than humanity they will accept however that every single piece of matter down to the subatomic particle is governed by universal physical laws but they refused to acknowledge that human behavior is governed by higher Universal behavioral laws the overwhelming prevalence of such an atheistic mindset in the anarchist movement is one of the main factors that is killing it in almost every ancient mystery or occult tradition potential initiates were outrightly refused to be taught if they displayed the hubris of believing man to be the ultimate power within creation they won't even teach the person who came to them looking for knowledge I'm a little more egalitarian and I think we don't have that you know time to be that selective we have to put this information out there for anyone with eyes and ears to see and hear we must stop lying to ourselves about what rights are and where they come from the next dynamic of occult initiation as applied to the anarchist community we must stop dreaming and this doesn't mean stop engaging in imagination that's very important we have to stop telling ourselves the world is some other way than it actually is we want to imagine it to be some different way to stop dreaming in the occult initiation process is a prescription against magical thinking or cognitive dissonance as they call it in Psychological circles to stop dreaming means to actually acknowledge that the world is as it actually is instead of falsely imagining it to already be how you prefer to imagine it to be because your imagined version of the world is far more comfortable for you to accept moral relativism the idea that rights come from man we can change them at any time is one of these dreaming processes scientism believing that science is the final arbiter of truth okay and thinking that you are going to learn about real spirituality without a deep understanding of natural law and somehow accidentally stumble into truth freedom magically these are all examples of such magical thinking of dreaming as they called it in the occult we have to get out of dreaming and we have to live in the real world and understand the laws of nature as they are working in the very real world so moral relativism is the absolute destroyer of anarchy and the dynamic that is holding people completely enslaved here on earth I've done social experiments over and over again in multiple cities asking people where they date whether they believe rights are objective or subjective and invariably no matter where I do it with what any population with any population two out of three people are moral relativists that 66.6% not an accidental number by the way okay of people who are moral relativists in our world and that's what's killing anarchy moral relativism is the ideology or religion that objective morality does not exist inherently to nature and that right and wrong are subjective constructs which human beings may invent and arbitrate according to time location circumstance whim or preference in truth and reality morality is absolutely objective rights can never become wrongs and wrongs can never become rights at any place or time regardless of how many people believe or wish for it to be so absolutely any society of human beings that believes that there is no natural objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and believe that human beings may arbitrarily create or decide what right and wrong are for themselves is a society that can never truly bring their own behavior into alignment with moral natural law cannot be done if that is the mindset because everything else flows from mind and belief and then becomes manifested reality since the governing dynamics of human freedom are predicated upon the aggregate morality of a society it is a total and permanent impossibility for true freedom where anarchy to ever exist or manifest in a society that embraces moral relativism can not happen and this is why the anarchist is one of the biggest reason the anarchist movement is not making any headway I just got this Facebook I just responded to this Facebook post on the train on the way here yeah I didn't fly I'm probably the only person who didn't they came here from a very long distance I took trains and buses all the way from Philadelphia I walked across the border actually this person says oh if rights were magical then no one could violate you or my right to exist on molestin and that is why I tell you that rights are man-made contract well whoever said rights are magical they're part of nature there's nothing magical in that any more than matters of magical ok I answered him in the second part of his bogus contention and said quote rights are man-made contract that's his quote this is the unspoken definition of moral relativism this is the exact thought process that created human slavery in the first place and there's the same thought process that perpetuates human slavery [Music] see I think that anarchists and the New Age community have so much in common so much in common I would love the bridge these communities and actually bring them into real occult knowledge and truth okay but they're still dreaming they're still believing in their religious you know axioms they're both still dreaming the anarchist community and the New Age movement they have so much in common in many ways but they're very different in other ways okay so the so-called anarchist community I put the anarchy symbol in quotes and double quotes most anarchists recognize that rulership over others is inherently morally illegitimate but that doesn't in and of itself equate to being spiritually awakened you can know rulership is not morally legitimate but that doesn't necessarily mean that you're truly spiritually awakened being and that you've gone toward enlightenment the recipe for victory in any kind of battle spiritual or otherwise is to know yourself and know your enemy so most anarchists understand that anarchy means no rulers in that sense the anarchist community knows the enemy because they understand the the political you know rulers or masters of society to one control over them okay but in large part the anarchist community still lacks the understanding of self they're not doing the deep internal spiritual shadow work that must be done to remove the erroneous axiomatic beliefs and get to the the core truth that we must get to to understand the causal factors the why of why we are in this condition and that is because anarchy generally leaves an understanding of consciousness and spirituality at the door and that's what I would like to see change in this entire community that's why I'm here speaking today Thank You V the New Age community it's the exact opposite dynamic okay in the sense that they know about consciousness themself to a much greater extent but they don't know that the enemy is government I go to New Age expose and I ask people are you and you are you a Democrat or a Republican and they'll give me their political preference not of almost government is slavery you know they believe in the donkey cult or the elephant call unfortunately they're still members of those cults okay so they don't understand that true spirituality must be based in anarchy because anarchy and rulership are always based upon violence I'm sorry authority and rulership are always based upon violence and are always there for they are always amoral the spiritual community should get that more than anybody but they don't they have a religious bloc in their mind that somehow government is morally legitimate but they don't see that authority and and rulership and government is based entirely on violence and coercion so that's where they're falling short and they have a religious belief most participants of the New Age religion have not rejected the paradigm of politics and still believe voting is a possible way of improving the human condition most New Agers are complete completely accept government rulership yet they consider themselves to be somehow quote-unquote spiritual and nothing could be further from the truth see they have to understand true spirituality as well that's dreaming these are examples of dreaming cognitive dissonance putting two contradictory notions in your mind and believing them both simultaneously the next step of a cult initiation is to learn how to think and our educational institutions are not teaching us this they are indoctrinating us into what to think to learn how to think in the occult ancient schools they use the - truth discovery methodologies of the Trivium and the quadrivium and most anarchists have never even heard of these the Trivium and quadrivium are the methodologies of truth discovery which enable the individual to learn how to think these are true critical thinking methodologies these tools help individuals to remove their erroneous belief systems their religions their magical thinking and come to accurate conclusions about what is true and what is not true including the truth about the natural laws that govern human behavior both are not at all surprisingly completely absent they have been completely removed from the modern educational system because our masters don't want us to have access to the same tools of true learning that they have access to that would level the playing field of power the Trivium from the latin Trez tria and the latin via through Trez tria means three and via means path road or way it was grammar logic and rhetoric or in the ancient mystery school traditions they taught it as knowledge understanding and wisdom which is the way I like to look at it it was the three-fold path to truth the threefold methodology of truth discovery and we'll talk about what it actually is the quadrivium was the quantification aspects that went hand-in-hand with the Trivium as an adjunct to it it was arithmetic or pure quantification of numbers geometry which quantifies space music which quantifies time and astronomy which quantifies both time and space the movement of the macrocosmic bodies of our world this was the four-fold quantification toolset that acted as a companion to the Trivium process this next slide I'm going to show you is probably the most important single slide you will ever see in any presentation and you know I'm not saying that to have humorous about the importance of my information but I'm telling you this is the most occult acknowledge and nobody ever really gets how our reality is manifested when you see this hopefully it will put some of the puzzle pieces together and you'll understand why they have to attack things from the realm of available information that is the place that our entire worldview is based upon this is the first step of the Trivium you could put you could look at it in the classical esoteric or modern sense it was grammar all with the building blocks of knowledge of available information that you need to know to come to an accurate understanding of what it means and then to act rightly upon it so it was grammar knowledge we're in the modern way if you want to look at it as a computer model this is input you have to program the computer with all the necessary information in order for it to process it and then output it okay the second step of the Trivium as we move word was logic in the ancient in the esoteric Trivium they called it understanding okay in the modern it's called the processing stage once you have the information that you need then you you are processing it and you are removing logical inconsistencies like a computer processor would process it great amounts of information this is what forms an understanding or helps us to understand what the knowledge we have taken in means and that's what we base all of our decision-making for what we are going to do in life upon okay then the next step as we move forward is we actually put our behavior out into the world based upon the knowledge that we have taken in or our the ignorance that we have remained in and then based upon whether we've come to an accurate understanding of it or whether we remain confused as to what it means but that behavior is what is ultimately determining the collective quality of the human condition and then what happens is we get a result when we act when we all act collectively together in society we get a manifestation we get a result in our lives this is the manifested reality that we all share together here on earth so where do the dark o cultists the sorcerers of our world the mine manipulators the social engineers where must they control this process from they have to control it from the base level from the level of available information and that is why they must hide the true knowledge of how freedom works and or dissuade you from looking into it by calling it it's evil or you don't need to know about it that's some quaint religious okay no the occult is neither of those things the occult is knowledge about how nature works and how the human psyche actually works and you know what our masters know it perfectly and we don't know it at all and that's why they're kicking our ass that's the exact reason they're kicking our ass anarchists and scientism another religious belief system most anarchist fall into an exact science ISM is an exaggerated trust environed scientific institutions to the extent that the individual is extending that trust believe that the scientific institutions are the only source of verifiable truth that there are the arbiters of truth many anarchists still believe in such an institutionalized worldview of science to a great extent they also accept without question the completely outdated and currently disproven paradigm of Newtonian materialism many within the anarchist movement cannot grasp that true science is a methodology of truth discovery and not a belief system as dictated by modern worldly institutions of science ignoring whole datasets and fudging data to fit their own deeply entrenched worldview are the foundational hallmarks of government grant money funded scientific materialism that's where we're getting our so-called science from the emerging modern sciences of epigenetics and holistic biology are just now beginning to turn the tide in such a world view by rightly incorporating consciousness and metaphysical understanding into their research methodologies so if you're not familiar with those emerging Sciences I suggest you become familiar with them it's called epigenetics holistic biology or new biology anarchists and atheism by becoming atheistic most anarchists are buying into what I call polarization or buying control dialectics it is a left brain dominant dialectic the prevailing worldview is that matter is primary and supreme God or spirit is non existent the physical world is all there is only physical laws exist but no natural laws that govern behavioral consequences exist consciousness is either purely mechanical and existing only as electromagnetic impulses in the brain or it is meaningless altogether the institutions of science are the sole arbiters of truth this is the scientific or atheistic worldview that is based entirely in left brain and balance converse to that why so many anarchists fall into that left brain worldviews because the opposite is equally a crock okay the the religionist worldview right brain dominant worldview it is that spirit is primary God is all-powerful the physical world is evil or should be aesthetically shun God demands strict human obedience to his arbitrary and often conflicting set of rules goals in the physical world should not be focused upon but rather we should focus on the promised afterlife with God this is equally as imbalanced of a worldview but toward the right brain modality of thought and this is why a lot of atheists a lot of anarchists gravitate toward the opposite side you have to understand it's a polarization dialectic it's to put people away from the truth which lies in a holistic balance between left and right brain so if you think you're going to get Anarchy from either one of these two completely imbalanced worldviews I'm here today to tell you that's also not possible cannot happen because these are two worldviews that are set up as a deliberate dialectic to hold people back from the truth about what anarchy really is and what will actually take us there anarchists who used the slogan no God's no masters no God's no masters instead of no masters no slaves okay they are actually immersed in the polarization dialectic of atheism or scientism versus religion ISM such dialectical programming is deliberately socially engineered by the ruling class to prevent an understanding of true morality and natural law and to therefore prevent the emergence of true freedom natural law is not a religion or a belief system it is a science and we can come to the understanding of it through scientific investigation and methodology I am about the most skeptical person you could possibly imagine I come from a totally scientific background I studied engineering at an Ivy League university in my youth okay so I'm not religious nor my atheistic I take the balanced approach of trying to determine how the laws of nature actually do work science in the way that we look at it today isn't going to tell us that neither is religion they're both consciousness prisons that we have to move beyond natural law is a science of morality that can be directly observed in the 3d world the evidence of the existence of natural law is the resultant state which humanity receives as a direct consequence of its aggregate behavior or in other words the human condition itself the manifested reality will determine what the causal factors are and the causal factors will bring us to manifested reality we only have to look at the causal relationship by observing the realm of causality not addressing the symptoms getting down to the actual disease that is the underlying causal factor of human slavery so our human beings free are we free to exercise our rights unrestrained or are we living in a perpetual state of duress the threat of violence being conducted upon us if we don't comply with the commands of the so-called ruling class the natural law of freedom has a quantifiable effect aggregate freedom is directly proportional directly proportional to aggregate morality consequences will be manifested into the human condition as a direct result of the moral quality of aggregate human behavior we collectively reap the result of the behavior which we collectively so eternally immutable principles of governing dynamics in nature understand it and if you understand it you will understand how we will build true freedom together for though the left rein among us there's the scientific equation the sum of freedom is directly proportional to the sum of morality and it can never be any other way that is a natural law of the universe and it's what most quote unquote anarchists have zero understanding of as yet live in the present moment to live truly in the present moment we have to get away from this diverse of infighting and all these factions of Anarchy there's no such thing there is only the understanding that anarchy is true freedom based upon natural law divisive infighting between the so called anarchist factions must end humanity is in the midst of a war for our very freedom fighting among ourselves is the equivalent of combatants on the same side of a brutal war suddenly turning their weapons on each other we're slaves on the same plantation fighting each other instead of fighting their so-called masters there is only one true divide that separates humanity into two distinct types of individuals that there's unfortunately a huge chasm in between the criterion for this divide is whether or not an individual believes in authority and therefore believes that there is somehow moral quote/unquote legitimacy quote/unquote to human slavery and we know that there can never be to live in the present moment means that we must develop the ability to release our attachment to our own ego and this is the problem in the anarchist community being trapped in ego can make one unteachable or unable to learn new and hidden truths we think we have it all figured out already but we don't understand there's much more to learn ego attachment as a mindset that constitutes a religion some anarchists refuse to acknowledge that there is a higher power or law of governing dynamics which exists in creation and determines the outcome of manifested reality based upon freewill based behavior a prerequisite to being allowed to be taught in the ancient mystery traditions was an acknowledgment of a higher power than man a force which also put into place the unseen spiritual laws that govern the consequences of behavior to begin the process of shedding ego attachment one must develop the ability to say one of the hardest things in the world that there is for the individual to say I was wrong finally to activate the physical body because most certainly ladies and gentlemen we will be needing the physical body in this war for our freedom so never neglected mind and body are inseparably connected mental acuity is directly foster through physical activity and care for the physical self the activation of the physical body is a vitally important part of self-knowledge that should never be neglected real world changes have always required physical work modern anarchists will need to be prepared to put away the keyboard and put boots on the ground whenever and wherever they may be needed physical health is critically important should one be required to engage the self defense principle and that principle should never be taken off the table in the fight for our freedom no rulers does not mean no rules too many anarchists believe that unfortunately many anarchists erroneous belief erroneously believed that Anarchy means no rules anarchist slogans that read no rules are an ignorant misdirection there are always rules in the form of eternal moral and spiritual laws of creation called natural law the foundation of true out anarchy is firmly rooted in these laws of morality in which rights are inherent to creation itself it is natural law itself which endow us with the right not to be addressed the pond violated Reve externally through coercive means or enslaved there is a great sigh off being perpetrated by the mainstream media Hollywood politicians and social engineers to Co off the term anarchy and spread the false belief that anarchy is synonymous with chaos and violence and no rules or lawlessness rules of morality are a fundamental aspect of any society that is based in true anarchy it can never possibly be any other way activate true care as my sixth and final I'm adding one of the steps to the initial the initiation process this is the generative principle care for truth and care for the rights and freedoms of all that is part based intelligence we must come from the understanding that as one suffers all suffer and so we must eliminate suffering for human beings and all other beings as well great work to end the slavery of humanity we'll take an enormous shift in consciousness we must be willing to develop true care heart based intelligence that is necessary to learn the spiritual principles of natural law and apply them in our lives and in our communities we must first learn this occult acknowledge very well ourselves and then we must teach it to others so that together we can meet the requirements to manifest what we all say we want for the future of humanity peace love and anarchy ladies and gentlemen thank you for your time and attention