De-Mystifying The Occult - Part 1 of 3

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ok ladies and gentlemen thanks a lot please if you could sit down and be as quiet as you can that'll help our audio situation tremendously mark is going to kick off right now ladies and gentlemen mark passio I want to thank everyone personally for taking the time to be here today I want to thank art for doing such a great job setting up the venue I want to thank his brother Chris for helping out as well I want to thank barb for helping out with the table in the back we have some merchandise back there if you're interested during the day and I want to thank Richard groove and his whole team for coming out and filming the presentation today I just want to go through a little bit of housekeeping before I get started and let people know about the format I'll be speaking until one o'clock and then we'll take a one-hour lunch break from 1:00 to 2:00 there'll be a second session from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. and then if 5 p.m. will be taken a second break a dinner break from 5 to 6 and then we'll have a third session from 6 to about 8 which will hopefully include a question-and-answer session hopefully uh you know if I stay on time with what I want to cover today my seminar for today is called demystifying the occult and what I really want to do here today is bring a cult terminology occult traditions and a cult symbology into practical application for people and help them understand what these Sciences really are and how they're being used today in the world all around them so before we begin as I often do with many of my lectures I want to give a few caveats or things that you should kind of look out for the first thing here today and you know I get this a lot with people who are new to my work let me just uh before I even start this ask how many people are completely new to my work here today by a show of hands okay just a couple okay so not many who are completely no how many would how many would you say are relatively new you haven't looked at a lot of my material but you've seen maybe a few YouTube videos okay a decent bit how many people would say that they're very familiar with my work to the point of having watched most of my videos or gone through most of my podcasts if not all of them by a show of hands great so we have a lot of veterans with my material here today so to speak that's good well you know there's this old saying in ancient philosophy and in occultism in general it goes there is nothing new Under the Sun a lot of people don't know what this really means you know it means that the truth has always been here is always going to be here it always has been here around us you know whether we've noticed it or not and you know what I'm presenting here today is nothing new it's not any revolutionary groundbreaking material what it is is its pattern recognition it's looking at information and presenting it in a tapestry so that it can be readily understood by people okay who have not been familiar with this material before so all I could really do with this material it's it's not like I'm inventing anything I'm just presenting what's already there all I can really do is present it in a personal life style my own particular personalized style and aesthetics applied to it that's all but for people who are expecting you know radically new material here you know that's you know not but the point of this the point of this is to bring what's already going on around us in our world to people's attention so that they can understand it more easily my present presentation style has been described by some people as very intense I I consider that fair I'm an intense person the truth is intense okay some people will say that I'm combative and I don't deny that - because like I said the true is combative by its very nature the truth is at war with deception the truth is at war with mind-control all right the truth is at war with the forces of evil at work in our world by that very nature it's believable but it's belligerent it's a warlike force truth you know if it's wielded properly if people get angered or upset by some of the comments that I make during the course of the presentation fine so be it feel those emotions let them run through you but you know I would say don't let those emotions if they are you know negative or if they are emotions of anger for some of the things that I say don't let try not to let that color what you feel about the information that's being presented regarding whether it's true or not okay that's called emotional mind control falling into that trap and you know that's a that's something that people really need to look out for I don't present the information that I present or I didn't decide to become a public speaker because this is just information I'm interested in or because I like doing this okay I always have to laugh at people especially in my personal life who say Marc this is just stuff that you are interested in okay I told them you have to be out of your mind if you think you know telling people about that the world is in a state of slavery and mind control is my personal interests you know so I don't do this with my time because I want to be light because I want to be popular because I want to make friends or because I want to make money I don't do it for any of those reasons I don't really particularly you want to do this with my time I do it because I recognize that in a time of universal deceit and deception that we're living in and universal ignorant that the public is in that I have a moral obligation to bring this information to public awareness so that humanity can turn the situation around you know if there's still time left to do so that's why I do what I do two other things people should try to do to take full value away from this whole seminar and that set your perceptions aside of me as the presenter very difficult for some people to do some people watch a presentation they focus on the presenter of the whole time the sound of their voice the way they dress their mannerisms their inflections okay you want to try to focus on the information as much as possible not me I'm not the important thing here the information is and to be consciously aware as I've already said of your own impulses to possibly reject information that I'm going to present here today based on initial emotional response or reaction to what I'm saying it is a logical fallacy to gauge the veracity or truthfulness of any information based upon your emotions how you feel when you first hear it so you may be upset you may be a little scared you know you have to put those emotions aside and try to gauge the information rationally it can be very difficult it's a difficult process and I recognize fully what I'm asking people to do by making that statement another little caveat this seminar is a tapestry of information it's like a jigsaw puzzle it is meant to be taken in as a whole connected together okay in its entirety to gain the maximum value from this whole seminar I highly recommend that you stay for the duration of a whole seminar otherwise you will most likely not recognize the patterns inherent to this tapestry and more likely than not you'll have wasted your time and money and I don't want to see that happen with anyone I want you to take full value away for taking the time to be here today the scope of the information that I'm presenting here today is so enormous that it could not possibly be conveyed in a timeframe measured in multiple years probably it couldn't be conveyed in timeframe measured in multiple lifetimes okay this is a life long study you could not possibly present the entirety of occult information in one Minar okay I couldn't teach that to someone I you I can couldn't make the claim I have the entirety of that information okay again this is a lifelong study it's an int it's a journey over one's lifetime and I want people to fully recognize this material as introductory and rudimentary you know I'm not here to speak to lifetime lifelong occultists who are going super deep into a cult information I'm here to whet the appetite of beginners to try to kind of spark them on their own personal journey of discovery regarding this information you know and please recognize I'm also putting this information out there online to people it's not just for those in the room that's for people who may be 100% completely new to it who are watching the seminar online so that's really all the caveats I want to talk about before we get started now my last presentation was called streetwise spirituality what does it truly mean to be awake I gave this back in May in st. Louis Missouri and it's about a seven eight hour presentation something like that and in it I presented a framework of 20 factors of what it means to really be awake and they're all listed here these were the main points of this seminar I'm not going to read every one of them but I just want to really say that what this presentation here today is is it's kind of unpacking the number one factor that I presented in that in that seminar streetwise spirituality I said that the number one factor for what it really means to be awake not this new-age hokum New Age perception of what awakening means but a very practical feet on the ground streetwise approach to spirituality in that framework what does it mean to be awake my number one factor in my list of factors for what real awakening means was knowing about the occult and understanding that there are both light and dark aspects to him when I really thought about all the factors that constituted awakening and I structured that into a presentation this was my very very very first factor okay after I looked at all twenty because I realized that the thing that people who I consider unconscious or asleep do share in common almost universally is that those individuals know nothing about the occult at all zero zero you know the people that I consider not awake the people that I consider still being manipulated still operating at a largely unconscious level all of them share that same factor in common they don't know about the occult at all whether they be people who think it's just a political problem that can be solved by voting we're just electing the right person into office whether it's people think it's just a financial problem when we just have to reel in the big banks and the Federal Reserve you know whether you you know you name the factor that they blame externally on the conditions that are present for humanity they leave consciousness at the door they don't talk about that as an issue and again universally they have no knowledge of the occult so that's kind of who I really really am directing this presentation toward here today is the people who don't have a frame of reference based in knowledge about what the occult is and the knowledge that it contains which is what we're going to be talking about here today so my first section is called what is the occult I'll actually be presenting this information in three basic I'm sorry as a three it's four basic components it's four basic sections to this seminar the first is what is the occult it's a general overview of occultism and what it is the knowledge that it contains the second present the second section of the presentation will be occult traditions and I'll be breaking down in a very mentoree way because you know time doesn't allow to go into any depth several different occult traditions the third section of the presentation I'll be breaking down many different occult symbols some of the more prevalent symbols involved in occult symbology and then in the last section more likely than not at the end of the dinner break that we'll be taking I'll be doing a case study in occult symbolism by presenting some of the very deep spiritually significant symbolism in the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck and that'll be the last part of the presentation so the first section again is what is the occult and why should you know about it why is it so important to know what the occult really is you know people have different ideas of what is meant by the word occult you know you say this to some people and they immediately think of an image like this you know a conjuration of a demon okay you know and I'm not going to tell you that there aren't specific occult practices that may you know involve something like this or people believe you know that this can be done or attempt to do it or possibly even do it but you know this is like more of a Hollywood variant you know a Hollywood conception of what people think of as going on in the occult you think of all those rebellious teenagers out in the woods with the black robes with a bonfire lit sacrificing some animals okay you know this is a very limited perception of what the occult is and it's often a wildly all perception of what it is and what it contains the occult is so much more than that and it's so much more significant than practices like this which I would consider mystical practices and I'm going to talk about mystical practices versus actual occultism the study of the occult information all right so the first thing let's before we get into a working definition or a practical definition of occult information or occultism let's look at the word occult itself for people who are familiar with my work this is nothing new we're a cult is derived from the latin adjective occultists occultists in latin means hidden from sight not easily seen the word occultus in Latin the adjective in Latin comes from the Latin verb occult are a occult are a means to hide to conceal or to keep secret and both of those words in Latin are intern from derived from the Latin noun oculus oculus means eye so ultimately occult information is that which is related to vision to what one is capable of seeing or not capable of seeing it is hidden information it is information that is veiled and is information that is not readily seen by most people okay like an iceberg floating in icy waters you know the the biggest part of the iceberg is often below the surface you have to penetrate the surface to get at the bulk of the material and that's the same with occultism you know the truth is hidden from view it's veiled from sight and you have to penetrate into the depths you know you can't just wait in the shallow waters to get this information and to understand it deeply you have to go into the deep waters to understand it and that involves going deeply into the self you know because that's what ultimately the occult is about the occult is knowledge okay let's get that straight from Jump Street okay we're talking about knowledge here hidden information and it's knowledge that is held very tightly by a few people on earth it's not widely known okay it's structured knowledge in many cases by different traditions okay it is hierarchically organized in many different traditions it is compartmentalized by some who want the people who are adherents of this information at lower levels you know they don't want them to understand the entire tapestry for many different reasons okay so compartmentalization and hierarchy play a role in different occult organization when it comes to the structuring of this information you have to look at it like that hierarchical and compartmentalized pyramid structure pictured there you know the bottom levels represent the people who have the least amount of knowledge and the least amount of knowledge about how all of that information fits together in a tapestry with as you go higher up in the you know hierarchical structure there's fewer and fewer people but the knowledge becomes concentrated it operates at a higher level and they see how it's all connected together and those people want to keep that their position in that structure because again a differential in knowledge is a differential in power if you keep people ignorant of what you know and how it all fits together and how it all inter operates and correlates with all of the other information in that in that data set in that body of knowledge then you're in a position to completely manipulate those below you and this is how much of the occult works particularly dark occultism which we'll be talking about the key point to keep in mind here is that the occult is hidden knowledge and that's all it means ok it doesn't mean bad it doesn't mean evil it doesn't mean negative it doesn't mean Satanism voodoo or any other specific occult practices the occult is a generalized term generalized terminology for hidden knowledge for knowledge which has been hidden from people's view so hey could that include Sciences that people don't really understand you know about how energy works in the universe you know how we could gain energy from you know different methodologies other than internal combustion engines or burning fuel or you know things like that sure it contains that what about knowledge of uh you know different kinds of propulsion systems that people see when they see UFO sightings it are we talking about the occult there are we talking about the occult when we talk about ghost sightings and you know possible other dimensions of being it's all contained in there all of those things are occult knowledge you know it's not just one thing it's hidden knowledge that is hidden for specific specific Ruiz and that's to create a power differential between people who understand it and those who don't when we get into talking about occultism we have to understand the difference between these two terms exoteric and esoteric exoteric means something that is intended for or likely to be understood by the general public okay it's common knowledge exoteric knowledge or exoteric wisdom all right it's current or popular among the general public the general public is comfortable with it okay the word exoteric comes from the greek adjective exoteric Hosts exoteric oaths in greek means external or outside of so you're not in the inner circle if you're in the exoteric realm this is the realm of knowledge that is taught to the general population because they don't want people getting at the bullseye okay you look at this as a dartboard or something to that effect you know the core of truth lies at the very center at the bull's eye that's what we ultimately want to get to if we're going to transform ourselves and transform our society for the better the exoteric realm is that which is fed to the great hordes of unwashed masses you know simple explanations unit dimensional worldviews and explanations for things and when we penetrate that you know next layer we get into the occult traditions the esoteric sciences that get us closer to the very core to the heart of truth the esoteric is information which is intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with specialized knowledge or interest okay it requires desire for it you have to want it you have to be interested enough to want it you have to care enough to want to take it in the esoteric is that which is hidden or occulted it is mysterious it is beyond the range of ordinary knowledge experience or perception it is that which is communicated only to the initiated the initiated means those who have begun okay I tell people about my former involvement in the dark occult and these dark occult is called the average human being one of the very strange terms that they called the average person is the unbe gun which I didn't even understand what it meant when they said it to me repeatedly the higher knowledgeable people in the dark occult would use this term not the lower down minions okay it was something that was used by people who directed a lot of these occult groups that I was involved in these dark occult organizations and you know again I had no I I didn't understand what they meant by that too long after I had completely you know ceased my involvement with those groups the unbe gun it means those who have not started at all you know there's still at a zero level of knowledge when it comes to a cult information so what this whole seminar constitutes is a process of initiation it is helping people to get started to begin now that's why my first section was before we begin you know it's prior to the initiation process you know and then delving into the occult for the first time is a process of initiation and I ask people all the time where do you see researchers who are presenting simplified rudimentary information about occultism in general you know you could see people who break down occult symbolism and talk about the occult in general but where do you see people really talking about what occult information is what it contains why it's important to understand and break it down in a simple and practical way it's a very rare thing there's very few people who are willing to come forward and do that for whatever their reasons are for wanting to maintain their secrecy but to go back to this the esoteric realm that that word us of terror comes from the greek adjective esoteric costs which means within or on the inside of okay so that's what we're really tall now we're in the inner circle now when we penetrate that veil of the exoteric explanations and we're getting closer to the the hard core information the closer to that core of truth that we really want to be at how is occultism different from mysticism people will often think that these two things are completely the same and the terms can be used interchangeably but I would say mysticism is a lower level of knowledge or experience or practice than true occultism then a person who truly understands the occult mysticism as a term is derived from the greek verb mu o the first part of miss mystic or mysticism the verb mu o in greek means to conceal similar to the latin occult re mysticism is a loosely defined set of practices beliefs traditions and experiences aimed at human transformation evolution and union with the divine most forms of mysticism especially those practiced in modern times constitute what I would definitely consider an exoteric pathway which often de-emphasizes knowledge and places large emphasis on emotion intuition internal experiences faith and perception much like religion does this is the main way that mysticism differs from occultism which conversely comprises a set of esoteric traditions focused on objective knowledge of natural law and the alignment of thought emotion and action resulting in true intelligence true care and true will being born within the individual okay we're talking about the actual awakening of the aspects of consciousness and aligning them all in harmony with each other this is the goal of true ocultism all right it is the alignment of intelligence holistic intelligence okay logical and intuitive combined true care the desire for truth okay not just everyday mundane cares they care with a capital C as I call it and true will alignment with the will of creation alignment with the force that expands consciousness which is love energy alignment with freedom and aligning our behaviors to putting our behaviors into practical action toward true freedom that's the true will this is what the goals of real occultism are you know where as mysticism often serves the self you know mystics you know get into things like just meditative practices because they want to be more productive they get into fortune-telling you know because they want to provide services to other people perhaps for you know monetary value all kinds of different motivations drive mystical thought people wanting simply to gain a leg up over their fellow man by certain knowledge or practices okay or just improve upon themselves the occult encompasses a lot more than that because real positive true light ocultism has again a deep objective knowledge of natural law principles at its foundation and the alignment of the aspects of consciousness as its goal okay so that's how I would define the difference between these sets of practices I would say that mysticism is an exoteric religion it's it's like religious practices or beliefs whereas occultism is a body of science it's a body of objective knowledge that represents esoteric sciences okay I hope that makes the difference clear in most people's minds going back to what the cult actually is I'd like to read a quote by the occultist and freemason C W Leadbeater from 1913 he said how shall we define ocultism and this is his definition which i think is a pretty good one the word is derived from the latin ocultist meaning hidden so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature since all the great laws of nature are in fact working in the invisible world far more than in the visible world occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider view of nature than that which is ordinarily taken the ocultist then is a man or woman who studies all the laws of nature that he or she can reach or of which he or she can hear and as a result of his or her study he/she identifies him herself with the laws and with these laws of nature and devotes their life to the service of human evolution that is what occultism is it's understanding the laws of nature and our connection to them the selfs connection to them okay and as a result we are aligning all of our thoughts our motions and our actions toward the goal of the evolution not only of our individual itself but the evolution of all beings okay that's the goal of the occult and occultism in general so this is my personal working definition of the occult when I use the word V occult this is what I mean by it when I use the phrase the occult the occult is a body of science which is not widely known to the general population consisting of hidden knowledge about the workings of the human psyche and the laws of nature both the seen laws meaning the physical laws the physical sciences and the unseen laws meaning the spiritual laws the laws that govern morality the laws that govern behavioral consequence okay that is my working definition of what the occult and occultism is in general and I think it's a pretty simple practical working definition so when we're talking about hidden knowledge or occulted knowledge what knowledge does occultism hide what kind of knowledge are we actually talking about occultism comprises and quote-unquote hides two bodies of knowledge now I put hides in quotes because I just want to make a point here we can't even look at it such that dark occultists which I'm going to explain their motivations in a future slide we can't look at it as the bings who want to keep this information back from people actually try to eradicate it and keep it out of people's hands that's really not what they do particularly in the modern world their main method of manipulation is dissuasion they tried to dissuade people from looking into these bodies of knowledge by telling them there's nothing to see here move along ok back to bed nothing to see here folks that's not important or that's not practical that can't be used in your everyday life there it's of no benefit to you personally practically in your life to learn about that ok or it's some quaint religious belief that has no bearing on anything that which is made up by people a long time ago and it's all nonsense you know that's the main method of dissuasion that is employed ok and most people fall for it most people just you know think there's nothing to any of this I don't need to know about it that's one of the the heights of ignorance is the phrase I don't need to know about that ok just think about that statement right there the first that the highest height of ignorance is you know the pinnacle of all ignorance is I don't want to know about that I don't care to know about that but the people who think they have it figured out say that's not something I need to know about you know what do I need to look into that for and that's how you know they're gotten they're already owned lock stock and barrel and most people are in that position because they think you know all of this is just hokum all of this is just religion and I tried to explain to somebody who's very concerned about the the political degradation in the political process and the direction America and the world in general is headed politically and financially and I tried to explain you know what really drives this underneath is the occult religion drives this religious beliefs by the people involved in dark occultism and their religious belief systems is ultimately what's driving the slavery system on earth and he says to me I don't need to know anything about that I don't want to know anything about that I said oh really that's something you don't need to learn you don't need to know about he said yeah that's right because I don't believe in any of that stuff and I said you're gotten right to him they already have you and you don't even understand you know because he said that's somebody else's belief how does that affect me as if somebody else's beliefs can't affect us and we're a meaning to what other people believe because particularly religious zealots and people who have very deep-seated belief systems based on faith and religion right they don't take action in the world based on those religious beliefs do they never they never do and those actions would never affect anybody else living in the world you're completely insulated from those behaviors you know it's a child's view you know I just have at some point with someone like that I have to set it down and say you think you're fine well then go be fine you know at that point because that's a deep hardcore level of ignorance to be in again that that's not really surpassed by much of anything in the way of ignorance which is something we're going to talk about the different kinds of ignorance but to go back to what knowledge occultism actually is comprised of the bodies of knowledge that two main bodies of knowledge are knowledge of the self and knowledge of the laws of nature that's basically it the knowledge of the self the knowledge of the human psyche and how the psyche operates its components its aspects its motivations its desires etc you know what drives us what's going on at a subconscious level what's going on at the unseen level you know in the recesses of the human psyche in the psychological realms this is what is known as the minor knowledge of the occult the Minor Arcana Arcana is a Greek word that means knowledge okay I'm a Latin word that means knowledge I tell people don't look at this because it's called the Minor Arcana or the lesser Arcana as meaning of lesser importance that is not what it means it's just distinguishing it from that which is larger in scope as far as the kind of systems that it actually affects or that it governance okay so you want to look at the part there on the left as this is the small scope of things the scope of things operating at the individual level at the individual domain of the of the individual self and then on the right hand side here you want to look at the major or greater Arcana as simply being that which deals with the macro cosmic world the world of large things large systems of nature okay the physical laws that you know deal with the dynamics and motion and gravity etc you know all of the physical dynamics electromagnetism etc but then the major or greater Arcana the world of macro cosmic knowledge also includes the knowledge of what I call natural law the moral laws that govern the consequences of behavior of beings that have the capacity for holistic intelligence or in other words universal moral law the laws that govern consciousness these are the two bodies of knowledge that comprise all occult knowledge and I ask people when I explain to them the two bodies of knowledge what is not contained within these two groups what knowledge that is of any significance except you know the football and baseball stats okay is of any significance in the realm of human life I would say if you control these two bodies of knowledge and you're trying to dissuade people from looking into them then you have people manipulated from the get-go you know they don't have a chance if they don't understand these things and it's the same thing like in the ancient priests classes that wanted to control the population the the the priest king would go up to the top of the pyramid and tell people hey the the the the great sky beast is getting ready to eat the Sun and it was an eclipse you know was the solar eclipse and he's gonna eat the earth next if you don't bow down and give me total power and if you if you know you accept me as the intermediary between the gods and yourself then you know in a few minutes saw the Sun will come back and you know life will continue on earth and it worked beautifully because these people had no knowledge of the macroscopic laws of nature they didn't understand the physical sciences and astronomy in particular back then you know they didn't they didn't understand how that motion worked and how that phenomena worked so that's how a differential in power can be created when you have a differential and knowledge present a major point to keep in mind and this is something people constantly take a unit dimensional viewpoint regarding so many people want to say oh all the occult has been its knowledge folks it's not something that is universally good were universally evil its knowledge and what we do with it that's it it's a tool it's a tool set it's it's what would you say astronomy is good or evil would you say mathematics is good or evil would you say biology is good or evil its knowledge that's all via cultists its knowledge the consciousness of the wielder of that knowledge determined whether it's used for good or evil you know so if I'm trying to create genetically engineered food products so I could sell people poison to undermine their health just so I could make more money because I could grow more crops on less land I'd say that's a pretty dastardly use of science in my opinion in my worldview you know but science of biology and genetics is just knowledge what we then do with them determines whether it's good or bad the same for the occult and that's how we have to look at it the occult is a double-edged blade however there is again a light side to it and a dark side to it and it's all dependent on how that knowledge is used so the knowledge contained within the occult sciences can be used for good which I consider the uplift of consciousness or it can be used for evil the manipulation of consciousness the control of people and ultimately putting people into bondage and slavery to clearly distinguish between these different usages of occult knowledge I refer to occult knowledge that is employed toward the expansion of human consciousness and morality as light ocultism or magic now some people won't make this distinction they'll say it's all one body of information I'm going to just group it all in and it's a very dangerous proposition because those people again take a very unit dimensional approach and they usually take the approach it's all bad therefore none of it should be looked into now religious people take this approach it's why they don't understand the occult many New Agers take this approach now they say if it's not pure spiritualism or pure spiritual mysticism that I don't want anything to do with it I consider that's dark stuff or sorcery it's a very unit dimensional and naive and childish view of this body of science okay so that's what I call light occultism when you use this hidden knowledge toward the uplift of humanity toward the expansion of consciousness and the expansion of morality so the other way of using it is for manipulation control and the suppression of consciousness and if then not this knowledge is used in that methodology then I refer to it as dark occult ism or sorcery is a perfectly acceptable term for it thus the practitioners of light occultism could be referred to as light Oh cultists magicians Magi light builders or light workers all terms that I feel could be used interchangeably as long as we're looking at it within the context of occult knowledge as I have defined it in my working definition and you can look at the practitioners of dark occultism as dark occultists sorcerers dark builders or dark workers all terms that I feel are perfectly acceptable and interchangeable with each other so why has such knowledge been hidden from humanity well let's look at we'll look at why each set of occultists hide this information okay first let's look at why dark occult this hide it then at a later point we'll look at why even light occult is sometimes concealed this knowledge dark occultists have deliberately hidden occult knowledge in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold such knowledge and those who are ignorant of it we've already talking about that and if through this mechanism all power ultimately flows to them because knowledge applied is power in the world knowledge is not its self power it is the potential for power when you apply knowledge then you can gain power if you don't have it you're completely disempowered from the very beginning dark Oh cultists work through fear and manipulation to bring about compliance with their own selfish will that's what I would consider the dark arts in general I will consider sorcery the act of applying knowledge in order to bring about manipulation and other people so that they comply with your selfish will what you want for you only not for the uplift of all dark occultists work is always done in secrecy they don't want to do their works in the light of day where everyone can know what they're doing there are constantly contravening the freedom and prosperity of all but themselves of course that's the out of control ego run amok the pure left brain you know modality of consciousness without the balance of the Sacred Feminine compassionate creative right brain I consider this pyramidal hierarchical and compartmentalize structure the occult structure of our entire world dark Oh cultists have completely infiltrated and permeated all institutional walks of life on earth this is a topic I constantly talk about in my work on my radio show my podcast series and in the interviews that I do it's so important for people to understand this is who's really running the show here on earth you know it's not just the international bankers it is then but they're dark occultists at the highest levels you know the people involved in the political think tanks are dark occultus at the highest level the people involved in you know corporatism and business at the very highest levels use these Sciences in this knowledge you know the high level religionists in all religion all ostensible religions guarantee they have this knowledge at the highest levels and they're using it for dark purposes you know people want to think well that's not happening in my religion that's going on and all the other religions but mine is completely pure and free of any wrongdoing yeah through their manipulation of these institutions dark occult is currently hold the overall mindset of the human population in a general state of unconsciousness thus holding humanity in a state of slavery they have the hordes of humanity in thrall okay they are completely at their mercy at this point because of the amount of knowledge that they lack not only regarding what the occult is in general but required regarding the multi-faceted array of mind-control methodologies that are being used against them on a daily basis that they're being barraged with and until we level that playing field through knowledge don't expect it to change the thing that the two states that dark occult ISM wants to hold the overall population is in is what I call the mental schism and the worldview schism okay they want to hold people in a state of chronic imbalanced thought and then they want to hold people in a chronically imbalanced overall worldview regarding human nature and life in general if they can keep people in those modes of consciousness they can keep their control over their behavior because they have control over their mind as a result so the mental schism works through mind control methods all the multi-faceted soft mind-control techniques that I covered over the course of about a year and a half on my radio shows and in general how it works is keeping people chronically imbalanced toward one type of consciousness or another one type of brain activity or another either the masculine left brain modality of consciousness or the feminine right brain modality of consciousness but never actually holistically bringing them both together in a state of balance they want it in a chronic state of imbalance such as such that most people are either always always left brain or always right brain if the left brain the masculine component of the brain the intellect depicted here by the upward pointing triangle which is an ancient archetypal symbol known as the blade representing masculine energy a rudimentary phallic symbol archetype aliy if that part of the brain that left hemisphere is chronically dominant in an individual the following states can manifest within that individual rigid skepticism or scientism atheism and by atheism I simply mean the belief that there is no higher power than mankind than humanity that were the pinnacle were the the the highest force in nature nothing ultimately governs humanity except the laws that we arbitrarily make up in this forest called government ok so it can create rigid skepticism scientism atheism solipsistic objective truth that can truly be known you social Darwinism moral relativism moral relativism relativism is the belief that there's no such thing as right and wrong objectively that these are just arbitrarily chosen concepts and man gets to make up what's right or make up what's wrong social darwinism the idea that you know since man is the highest pinnacle of mind the highest animal in nature that those who are somehow gifted with better genetics and a higher intellect to somehow rule over those who they consider beneath them or at some kind of a lower caste than them and society naturally should be structured like that with an elite class ruling over a class of slaves basically eugenics the notion that you know certain people's gene sets should propagate themselves be allowed to propagate where and they should control what gene pools should be allowed to propagate you know as the intellectual and genetic elite then they want to control who gets to breed and who does not get to breed essentially who lives and who dies authoritarian ISM of course this belief in authority this illusion that some people are masters and others are slaves you know and the Masters get to issue commands and the slaves have some sort of an inherent moral obligation to obey these commands it's what I call master think ultimately you know that's why they want to create this schism you know it's a divide and conquer strategy it's a very structured arch you could look at it were these two forces you know combined and leaned against each other left brain imbalance leans against right brain and balance creating a very rigid structure which is difficult to disassemble and take down because these forces play on each other a right brain imbalance or feminine imbalance the right hemisphere of the brain which governs creativity intuition compassion nurturing etc if that part of the brain that is depicted here by the symbol the inverted equilateral triangle which a is an ancient art title symbol known as the chalice because it is a rudimentary room if if that part of the brain is chronically imbalanced or chronically dominant I should say that's these following states result naive Tay blind belief religious extremism you know total belief total faith not actually checking anything not looking into things for oneself taking other people's word on it soloff's ism again the belief that there's no such thing as truth both forms of mental and balance can create that state moral relativism you see so much moral relativism in the New Age movement you think more relativism is the exclusive domain of left brain imbalance think again because people in the New Age movement are super right brain imbalanced in many cases and you'll hear many of them saying there's no such thing as right and wrong those are religious concepts I don't believe in those so a right brain state of imbalance can lead to the belief that there's no such thing as objective right and wrong as well feelings of unworthiness feelings of self-loathing falling into patterns of following other people's orders because hey if you're naive if you blindly believe and you don't really believe there's such a thing as absolute objective truth then I'm gonna take somebody else's word for it and if they say this is what's right to do and I'm just gonna go along follow their orders so many people are in that extremely imbalanced dangerous state of mind and I call this all of this imbalanced thought slave thing in general and that's what the dark occult overlords right now at our time in history that's what they want they want these two states they just want them operating all over society they don't want anybody in a state of balance coming bringing bridging these two modalities of consciousness and bringing them together they want people in one state of imbalance or the other so that those dynamics of master master think and slave think continually play off against each other the second imbalanced mind state that dark occultism wants to maintain again what I'm talking about here is their great work okay the dark occult is great work we're talking about what their goal is what are they trying to constantly maintain in humanity and they're doing a very effective job of it they are successful because they operate on the same page for the same goal like one huge mind they call it a mastermind they they focus their energy on that intent they carry it out in the world through their methodologies they get it done that's why we're so scattered we can't come together with that same Master Mind focus that coming together and operating on the same page because we share collective common knowledge that's what they're doing they have this knowledge and they use it for dark purposes all on the same page all focus all together for the same goal the these two things are their goal the mental schism and the worldview schism the worldview schism is this notion that the world is either completely random or completely determined they want these two schisms of worldview present because they don't want people to understand the balance that is the actual truth that there is components within nature of both of these views of reality but they operate in conjunction with each other not in a state of imbalance they operate in a state of true balance with each other I'll explain that in a moment let's look at the states of imbalance that the dark occult wants to maintain this the notion or worldview of randomness is a very left brain imbalanced worldview it contains notions such as the universe is a grand accident everything just is accidental that has happened there's no purpose there's no underlying purpose for anything we're living in a ran accidental realm that happened for no true reason or purpose they believe that people who subscribe to the randomness world view believe there's no creator and therefore there is no underlying intelligence in nature you know everything is reductionist and a dead thing you know the cell is dead there's no such thing as consciousness the earth is dead the solar system's dead the Sun is just a big ball of you know a hydrogen and helium having a sustained fusion reaction but it's a dead thing random this worldview often postulates there's no such thing as spiritual or moral or natural law because hey if the universe is a dead thing came into reality for no real purpose it's a purple purpose this clockwork mechanism operating only by matter okay then you know there can't be any such thing as actual morality and laws that govern our decisions well whether our decisions are based in right or wrong the belief that existence has no purpose other than to continue to exist survival mentality pure survival mentality nothing wrong with the concept of preparedness or survival especially in the kind of times we're living in today but to believe that existence itself exists for no other reason than to survive is very left brained imbalanced and randomness is the general hallmarks of scientism atheism and just about every totalitarian culture that has ever existed on this planet conversely the deterministic world view holds notions such as god controls every event in creation this is a very right brain imbalanced worldview you know there's no there's that everything is preordained you know free will doesn't even enter into the picture it's an illusion it doesn't really exist I hear so many new agers constantly say there's no such thing as free will free will is an illusion you know at an ultimate level it's an illusion very very dangerous proposition very dangerous belief that we don't have free will you know that starts to excuse people for immoral behavior determinism off and postulate a since the whole universe is controlled and it's like a clockwork mechanism but it's run by God why bother trying to create any change change is impossible it's already set in stone action therefore becomes ultimately meaningless why do anything I tell religious who think like this why do you get out of bed in the morning you know why bother doing anything why say a word to another human being why eat why breathe now why not just lay in a supine position in the corner somewhere and wait to expire from malnutrition and dehydration and then go back to dust you know but you know many people they actually say that this is what they believe you know - it's a big hallmark of salvation astrology ah Santi you know that action is meaningless only faith is what's required something that I'm vehemently opposed to you know the New Age takes this in - you know that they convert it in their own imbalanced way that you know we're here just to observe you know don't get involved than anything just observe it watch it be the observer you know life's not a movie playing on a screen in front of your eyes folks you're active participants whether you realize that or not again this right brain imbalance in this whole worldview of determinism or that is the hallmark of religious extremism and what I call slave think the truth lies as it always does in the balance point okay in the synthesis in the coming together between extremes in many cases and that is often extreme in itself because so few people are in that balance point truly the truth is that the actual way that the universe operates is through two overarching mechanisms a deterministic component to creation and a randomness component to creation the deterministic component is natural law which I delve into in the seminar in Connecticut last year and again it's the work that I highly recommend people to deeply deeply know for people who haven't you know who've only touched on some of my work and you know may not be familiar with my natural law material it is the most important work that I've put forward and I highly recommend to people to watch my natural law seminar in its entirety multiple times if you have to drive the information home so natural law is the deterministic component of creation the moral laws that govern the consequences of our behavioral decisions the laws those laws themselves are set in stone and cannot be changed they are that deterministic component to nature and then there is a free will component in nature which beings with the capacity for holistic intelligence have been gifted with by creation itself that is the force of free will that's why that can never be dismissed and it works in tandem with the laws of nature to bring us the results of our choices into our experience so that we can learn and grow from those choices and those experiences this is the worldview that the dark occult wants to keep people from which is why I embodied it by the all-seeing eye that's what that's a big part of enlightenment what real enlightenment is about and I talk about that as well in my streetwise spirituality seminar another thing that dark occultists one to prevent people from understanding is how our reality is actually built how we together in the aggregate in aggregate numbers meaning collectively as a species co-create our reality that we are experiencing on the earth together as a people you know you hear this notion in the New Age movement the law of attraction you know that a lot of the New Age people want people to believe we're individually creating our reality all by ourselves mark passio does not create mark Patheos reality entirely what I experienced by myself by how I think other people are involved in that process it's a co-creative process hey because if someone randomly does something violent to me I did not create that experience this is a total misunderstanding of the law of attraction how the law of attraction works all right free will is involved I can do something completely random so can other people because for they have the capacity for freewill behavior so we're not creating our reality individually at an individual level based upon the knowledge that we take in based upon our understanding of that knowledge and then based upon what we do in our behaviors with that knowledge in the aggregate numbers determines how a society is creating its reality for itself it happens on a societal scale so darkk occultists know how this principle operates and that's why there's the level they always want to control reality from that's the level of reality that if you're a dark occultist that you want to get to that you want to poison the stream of that you want to limit access to that you want to dissuade people from looking into it's the knowledge itself what I'm going to build here in this slide is actually the Trivium it's the ancient trivia methodology of truth discovery which I also bro down in my natural ball seminar it's called knowledge understanding and wisdom in the modern Trivium it's referred to as grammar logic and rhetoric there's also what I call a computer analogy model of the Trivium which is input processing and output but they're all ultimately the same thing so this is the grammar or input step of the Trivium method it's taking in all the seemingly disparate pieces of information that are out there you're gathering your grammar you're gathering your different pieces of your vocabulary available information constitutes potential knowledge that we can gather that we can process that we can come to understand and then that we can act upon if we don't do that we have ignorant we haven't even looked at it so the opposite of knowledge is total ignorance you haven't even begun looking into it the second level of how our reality is built it's built atop knowledge on top of that knowledge as a foundation you either have a grasp or an understanding of those principles or you do not so you either learn what that knowledge means and how it works or you don't have a deep understanding of that so these are decision-making filtering processes this is the logic step of the Trivium or in the computing analogy model this would be the processing step these processes take place in the human mind and are chosen by each individual based upon the available information that they have taken in so if you haven't done your grammar or you haven't aggregated your knowledge in step number one of this process you can't possibly do the processing and come to an understanding of it that's why so many people have no understanding of the principles of the occult Sciences because they haven't even started beginning the with the occult is or what it contains so you can't possibly arrive at an understanding of how the universe works if you haven't gathered that knowledge then the third step in this process is acting actually taking action based upon your understanding each individual in a society each individual's behavior is based upon the quality of their decision making processes that they exercise in step number two which in turn were based on the quality of the available information which they took in now again notice wisdom is action it's different than knowledge it's different than understanding all right these knowledge is something that exists inherently and you can take it in objectively understanding is an internal process that goes on within the self based upon the knowledge that you've taken in and processed and then wisdom is action it's what you do in the world with the knowledge that you have accrued and understood so again I I put here or lack thereof in every one of these blocks the lack of knowledge is ignorance the lack of understanding is confusion and the lack of wisdom is folly so one more level above that is what we get based upon what we've done what is manifested what is generated what do we experience the manifested reality it's the quality of the conditions that we experience and the quality of the condition which manifests collectively in our society in any society is based upon the aggregate quality of behavior within that society so again it's a stepwise progression what we've taken in what we've come to understand how we behave what we get I tell people this is the most powerful slide in all my work if you understand one slide deeply deeply understand this process because this is what the dark occultists do not want people to understand that's the real law of attraction folks not the new-age variant of it not the new-age hokum mysticism I want to sell a million billion books telling people what they want to hear law of attraction okay this is how the universe actually works inherently and it describes not only how it works but our relationship to that process and this is what they don't want you to know that's the most deeply hidden information because natural law is contained within them because as the aggregate quality of behavior is amoral slavery as the manifestation that's why we're at where we are at because so many people aren't truly moral individuals they don't really deeply know the difference between right and wrong behavior and choose the right over the wrong so as long as they can keep that back from the bulk of humanity from deeply understanding there's always going to they're always going to be in control until this becomes common knowledge of how the universe really works and how our experience is really generated and we understand as in the aggregate we become more and more moral of a civilization than our civilization becomes more free as we become more moral we understand how those governing dynamics bring to us the overall quality of our aggregate experience that's when we're making progress as a species that's when we're breaking out of mind control and that's when we're countering the dark occult is great work now why do you light a cultists hide occult knowledge because they do light occult is also hide occult knowledge light occultist have hidden occult knowledge in order to prevent its complete eradication during exceed e'en draconian times and at other times they have hidden that knowledge to prevent it from falling into the hands of would be dark occultists in other words those who knew of the empowerment that could be gained from such knowledge but who wanted to use it for immoral purposes or for purposes of manipulation and control occasionally at times in history those who consider themselves where others have considered light Oh cultists have sequestered certain occult knowledge for these purposes and again if it's strictly for those purposes I would not fully condemn that however at certain stages in history like the one we're in now where this information could be brought forward without immediately being you know burned at the stake or something like that or tortured in a horrific way I do not agree with hiding it even for these purposes could there be a would be dark occultist in this audience yes possibly you know I gave a lecture one time at a food market in Philadelphia and there were some teenage children around the age of 17 or 18 in the audience who wanted to know all about the occult symbolism that I was going to talk about because they actually wanted to use it for manipulative purposes they wanted to learn about the archetypal ways that symbolism could be used and somebody who knew them told me this that that was why they came and I said hey let let them understand it because if everybody understands it the playing field is leveled then nobody can use it for those dark purposes because you're empowered by knowledge and if you see how they're using it you say oh I know how that's being used that's not gonna have an effect on me it's like gun ownership it's the same thing I want everybody to own guns because the only way you're ever gonna stop a bad guy with a gun is a good with a gun you know as long as guns exist in in the in the natural world that's the reality of the situation whether anybody likes it or not get his offended about it as you want you know so it levels the playing field when you want to take something away from one group of people and only have it in the hands of the other group of people there's a huge imbalance in power so I'm for a Gallet Arianism when it comes to natural rights and when it comes to the dissemination of knowledge everybody should be on equal footing as to their ability to take in what they desire to take in and in that sense nothing should no knowledge should be sequestered the great work of light Oh cultists in stark contrast to the great work of dark occultists which we've been talking about is the distribution of occult knowledge freely to humanity thereby ending the slavery of humanity by eliminating the widespread ignorance which dark occultists exploit to gain and maintain their control my co cultists would be better referred to as D ou cultists which is a term I absolutely love and I consider myself I don't even want I don't even want anybody to call me a light Oh cultists or an occultist in general I like to be called a D occult that's my task that's my work to break this knowledge out like an avalanche on to humanity and just let it flow freely where it will so that people can take it in and we can level the playing field that has thus far been dominated by ignorance so light occult this I feel would be better referred to as do Cultus because what do cultists do is reveal and spread knowledge which has been hidden and which must be known commonly known it must become common knowledge in order for freedom to manifest is the occult really hidden really hidden again it's what I was talking about when I said do they really hide it or they just dissuade people from looking into it is this knowledge truly inaccessible and completely hidden or is it out there for anyone who wants it I would make the argument it's out there for anyone who wants it I mean we're drowning in information if anything it's become a little bit more difficult to even get the information because of how much nonsense you often have to weed through to get the real material now it's covered by a the signal is often covered by noise you could say but are we living in a nation society or an ignorant society and this involves the understanding of the difference between two connotative forms of not knowing something I call this the context of not knowing nations versus ignorance most people have not heard the word nations it's a fairly antiquated word not used much in colloquial English these days Nations comes from the Latin verb Ness quiere Ness quiere in Latin means to not know because knowledge was absent or unattainable what was the knowledge of the occult completely absent is it totally unattainable can we not understand it because we don't have access to the knowledge we don't have access to that baseline level in that Trivium process the grammar the input is it present in our world there is it absent in our world I'd make the argument it is completely present not only is it completely present it is accessible at anyone's fingertips who has the desire and again no the colors are chosen for this presentation as a brief aside since I mentioned the concept of desire here are not just fall colors okay although that's a part of it but this is about that the color orange resonates with the concept of desire in the occult of wanting some of wanting to know particularly okay and are we a society that truly wants to know you know I don't consider us a nation to society when we look at the meaning of the word ignorance coming from the latin verb ignore re which means to not know so even though necessary information is present because that information has been willfully refused or keyword here disregarded for whatever reason I don't want to know it that's too difficult for me to comprehend I have to expand my worldview in order to take that in I've been dissuaded from looking into that I've been told it's not important dissuasion and disregarding information work hand in hand with each other so by a show of hands how many people think we are living in a nutshell of hands Nishant society the information that humanity needs to know is completely unavailable to us anybody no one in the room that means 100% of this crowd at least thinks that we are living as a entire species in a state of ignorance in the aggregate of course there are very knowledgeable individuals within humanity but as a species in the aggregate we are an ignorant species we ignore that which is present that which is all around us that which is capable of empowering us and setting us free but we don't want to do the work we don't want to put the time in we don't want to make the effort no I I have to laugh at people who think you know this is just an interest for me it's just something that's your hobby something you want to do i sat in the room that I you know basically like a hermit literally in a room for years people said mark mark what were you doing why aren't you even interacting with other people why are you sitting in a room day after day after day after day after day it's called reading and that's hard word that's a lot of effort that means you're gonna sacrifice your time that means you're not going to do other things you know because you're going to make the effort to care enough to take in what is necessary to take in to transform and then help to transform others that's a work of a labor of love it is a work of willpower and care which is why most people don't want to do it most people are in the state I can't be bothered I don't have time for that I'm too busy I don't need to know that I already haven't figured out I know everything I need to know to get by that's where humanities at folks so let's begin an initiation all right again initiation means beginning we're going to look at some different schools of occultism different occult Sciences I call them the many paths or the many ways the many methods to the same place to the same destination so this section constitutes kind of a an occult initiation about the very basic generalized concepts of some of these occult traditions again time is not going to allow me to go into great depths or details nor is this presentation intended to be a very in-depth introductory work it's intended to be rudimentary for people who are just learning about this information for the first time occult traditions many paths one destination I'll just say at the beginning of this section and I'll kind of highlight this as we go through these traditions ultimately all of the esoteric traditions were designed specifically to do one thing and that was to convey a working knowledge of natural law to the initiative that tradition means a working knowledge of how the universe actually creates through the interaction with our freewill decisions with our freewill decision-making processes we are co-creating with the laws of the universe the experience that we are having that is being generated for us okay as a result of those laws operating in conjunction with our freewill that's what the occult has always tried to teach people it's see that one slide you know with the building blocks on top of each other the Trivium process resulting in what manifests in our world that's ultimately the occult that is the occult traditions they were trying to teach people how the laws of nature work in conjunction with the decision-making processes of the individuals of a society so let's look at a few of these traditions probably the oldest occult tradition on earth is shamanism and some people don't look at it as an occult tradition I personally do and shamanism like the occult in general isn't one thing you can get down into you know subsections sub groupings of shamanistic practices you know different practices are practiced in different regions of the world in different cultural regions different geographic regions in general I feel that shamanism grew out of very very very ancient knowledge which was brought here from another place ultimately and that this connects with my work in cosmic abandonment and the information I've been going through on my radio show recently but I think the earliest shamans were working with high-level ancient knowledge and they were working with knowledge of spiritual realms and different levels of consciousness that are out of the ordinary out of the realm of what we would consider ordinary levels of experience or consciousness very it's a very internal work but then the true shaman brings the internal work that they've done within themselves back out into the seeming external domain and applies it in their society so as such a shaman is a wayshower what shamanism actually is is an ancient tradition of knowledge comprising practices that involve a practitioner reaching altered states of consciousness via diverse techniques some of these techniques can include music dancing endurance practices endurance scenarios extremes of temperature or ingestion of hallucinogenic compounds and many other techniques as well in order to encounter and interact directly with intelligences existing in pure in purely spiritual domains the word shaman itself means one who sees in the dark as a word that's what it means so while darkness is present all around the shaman can still see in the darkness he has night vision in other words and he's employing that for the benefit of the people around him who have difficulty seeing in that darkness again as such shamans were considered wayshowers of their people those who are capable of showing the people of their society the way out of darkness and chaos and into the light of knowledge shamans were those who had attained understanding of both the forces dwelling within the human psyche which was the bulk of their work the bulk of their practices dealt with those techniques to work with the psyche particularly the very deeply nested and dark material of the human subconscious but they also well worked with the forces that are inherent in nature what I call natural law and they used that knowledge for the benefit for the healing and for the uplift of their respective communities that's the best definition that I could think of for cleaning exactly what the practice the set of practices that comprise shamanism is again it is a diversified set of practices it is not one thing shamans often employ hallucinogenic compounds which have been called many different names in different cultures and throughout different times in history I just want to go through some of the names and break down some of the words because you know as we're gonna get into symbolism later words are very symbolic in many cases and the subsections of the words that are used to comprise them coming from the different ancient languages when we break them down etymologically and look at the etymology of the word it tells us so much about the intended meaning of the word so some of these hallucinogenic compounds that shamans have used over the centuries the natural ones some neo shamans use these new designer hallucinogenic compounds which I won't be getting into but the three traditional ones that have been used what white in a widespread way all over the earth are cannabis in its four different forms as a sativa or indica different variations of hallucinogenic mushrooms that grow in every continent of the world and the ayahuasca vine or some of the different analogs of ayahuasca prepared often in South America and Central America so ayahuasca is one of the key one of the active ingredients actually in ayahuasca is dimethyltryptamine that's not pictured here this is the actual mono MAO inhibitor that works with dimethyltryptamine to make it orally active to comprise an ayahuasca analogue on the right-hand side here that's um mimosa hostal estroux bark used by many shamans to create ayahuasca by adding a plant material that contains DMT to that and cooking it down DMT is a another entheogenic or psychedelic compound that shamans have often used or derivatives of the or very similar compounds to that like befo Janine but to just go back to the etymology of the word entheogen is a more modern way of looking at hallucinogens or psychedelics it comes from the Greek Greek and Latin the Greek prefix n means within the first part of the word then in the middle of the word we have Theo that comes from the Greek noun Theo's which means God or divinity and then the last part gens in entheogen comes from the latin verb generic which means to create so we put these three root words together and entheogenic reate create or generate the divine within that doesn't mean to become God it means to work with and grow the spark of the divine within the individual by communing with this force that is capable opening up on other-dimensional experience within us so you're seeing a divine realm or an otherworldly realm within the mind's eye when you commune with these compounds or helper spirits they've been called psychedelics it's a much more popular word for them that comes from the greek noun psyche meaning mind and the greek verb de Lune which means to make visible or to reveal by removing a source of obscuration now what have I just said there to make visible or to reveal by removing a source of obscuration is to do what to do cult literally the word psychedelic means to do cult and again I don't advocate for the irresponsible use of any of these compounds I feel that they have a specific purpose that they can be used for to uplift human consciousness if they are worked with in a respectful way so psychedelic literally means to reveal the mind or to do cult aspects of the mind these were the true sacraments the ancient world employed by early human beings the word sacrament comes from the latin adjective sacrum which means sacred or holy and the latin noun men's mentis which means mind where we get the English word mental from again a sacrament is something that is capable of helping us to foster a holy mind or a sacred mindset that's why the sacraments of the ancient world were active ones they were active compounds that were given to the congregation or the initiates of the shamanic tradition now in today's religion in the it has become an esoteric religion a fragment a you know fragmentary memory of true shamanism of the past of the ancient world and we now have inert sacraments that are often given to religious congregations which don't actually provide any different or mind-altering state of consciousness sacraments or psychedelics or entheogens have also been referred to as communion this is a religious term of course in Krita in the Christian tradition it comes from the Latin preposition com which means together and the Latin verb Muni ray which means to build or to strengthen or to fortify or to protect so when we look at the word tradition etymologically it actually means to build together and that's what communion within a community will help you to do it will help you to build strength together and to come into a state of protection by understanding morality and natural law and finally these compounds were simply referred to probably the best word you can refer to the Madison medicines is they're true medicines especially cannabis you know that's something people really need to do their homework about and then spread that information to a lot of other people cannabis is one of the most potent medicines particularly just about for curing any chronic ailment but particularly for healing cancer of all kinds and this is something that has been occult 'add from most people's view because pharmaceutical cartels you know they want to clean up and keep people dependent on their drugs loaded with harmful effects and side effects for their hope the duration of their natural lives a real medicine the board medicine comes from the latin noun Medi which means the middle the center or the balance point and the latin noun sinister penis which means ruin destruction or chaos so we put these together what a medicine does is it brings balance to ruin it brings balance to that which once was in ruin is that not what a true medicine is supposed to help us to achieve to achieve a state of balance in other words to bring order to that which was in chaos you know and ultimately what the shaman really worked with was knowledge okay that's the most important thing that can bring balance back to a society that is in ruins were to bring order back to a society which was which was in chaos knowledge is was the ultimate medicine of a shamanic culture which brings me to the point and this is going to be a pretty controversial point of view that i'm going to lay out here but if you actually look into this point you will understand that this is the case and many people will not advocate for this position and i will this is something i make no bones about admin advocating for a shamanic culture was very controlling of their young and i only want to use the word control it was very strictly guiding of their young let's use that expression okay control takes a very negative connotation because control is often for a manipulative purpose there's design to bring about the desire of the person who's doing the manipulation okay their own selfish will shamanic education is something that I think people need to more deeply understand about what it was and how it was done I talked about this a little bit at the end of my last seminar and started to talk about it at the end of the last time I was in Connecticut last year in the question and answer session many shamanic cultures throughout time have employed a strict system of moral education the teaching of natural law principles for their young in such an educational system it is deemed unacceptable for their young not to learn the objective difference between right and wrong behavior at an early age again this is something that's not even taught in our society in any schools in the world anywhere in the world our teachers really teaching the difference the true difference between right and wrong behavior are we teaching morality to our children how many parents are even doing it let alone teachers in schools we're sending them off to a state-run educational system that wants to teach them compliance obedience and make them malleable so that their minds are easily molded to whatever the state wants them to be that's why it's called outcome based education well shamanic education can be looked at as a different form of outcome based education because the wringer were the gauntlet that the the shamanic culture was putting their children through was you're going to come out the other end a moral human being or you're not going to live in this culture and we're gonna put you out into the wilderness as a result which equals death and there in those societies in there especially the ancient versions of them you know in the modern world these practices are largely dying due to their not really being any shamanic cultures practically left and you know the rapid influx of you know modern civilization and technology and cities etc for wiping out these old shamanic cultures the the very few that are still left in very remote region it's pretty much only in South America and Africa and certain isolated places in Asia so the small percentage of those children who proved unable or unwilling to learn such moral sensibilities during their childhood may have often been ostracized from the shimano culture upon reaching adulthood they were recognized as the psychopathic primarily psychopathic beings within that culture and the shamanic culture would not tolerate their presence they would just take him to the edge of the village say don't come back here if you come back it would be considered an act of aggression you'll be dealt with so the forest will deal with you you know and that's it you're on your own and if you can survive there that's fine but if not don't come don't bring your amoral presence back into our culture and I advocate for this methodology so such child-rearing methods and again this is because I'm not saying you want to be a total domineering parent over your child what I'm saying is you a child is literally like a blank harddrive literally and it's a hard thing for people to swallow they don't want to accept we largely we come in with some inherent capabilities into this reality but largely largely what we become in our adult years is the product of what goes into the individual during their childhood developmental years and this is something that is highly unpopular for most people to hear and they'll fight with it to their bitter death not for it to be that way because they don't want the responsibility of having it to program the young properly to put the software into that hard drive to lay down the operating system to lay down the format to lay down the operating system and to lay down the good software without bones into that mind they don't want that you know they think it's just magically going to work itself out or they can turn the child over to the state or in god forbid even worse the television and magic they'll grow up fine well it doesn't work that way folks and that's part of the problem of this whole society is we largely have a society of abandoned children running around this planet that didn't have a more operating by their parents I know I didn't that's what led me into the dark occult I was an ignorant child thinking I knew what was really going on in this world that's what pushed me right in the arms of Satanism you know because I didn't receive a moral law bringing at all you know everybody can say to an extent our parents tried to get us to be good people it's not good enough doesn't cut it sorry to burst your bubble get his offended as you want if if parents can't definitively teach objective knowledge of what is right and what is wrong to their young there is absolutely no possibility of that child truly growing up as a true moral being I didn't receive that information that knowledge from my parents my grandparents or anybody else in my family I received it from strangers who cared enough to either talk about that knowledge record it in video presentations recorded in audio presentations or write it down in books and that's who raised me strangers raised me no one in my family and that's largely the case in most people's family those who do have family members who truly raise them are blessed individuals and be thankful for those individuals in your life what the shamanic culture just to wrap up this slide such child-rearing methods are one of the many reasons that shamanic cultures often display extremely low incidences of crime and mental illness compared with other cultures they knew a simple principle if garbage goes into a complex system like a computer inevitably invariably garbage comes out of it you program a computer with a bad file system format a bad operating system bad software you not getting good output on the screen on the printer on the internet or anywhere else the information goes out to not possible you put good quality information encoding into that computer you're gonna get quality out of it and that is largely how a human being works I'm not saying we are computers I always make that caveat because there's always people who say he's getting up here and saying we're all computers not what I'm saying I'm saying our fundamental thought and behavioral processes largely work like a computer that if you put good information in to be taken in understood and then acted upon then you're going to have good output through behavior if you have bad information that you've fed that - and that goes for bad food that you're putting into the body bad information that you're programming in through media and through the school system etc you could only get garbage output on the screen of life called human behavior and this has to be deeply understood because we're not truly educating our young at all certainly not in a moral sense that's shamanism in general in a nutshell again I'm only going to Kersal cursorily touch on these that's all time allows for the Commission tradition okay this is the ancient Egyptian system of moral teachings the ancient Egyptian system of occult practices and beliefs the Commission people were from Egypt which was then called Kemet or ken simply ken enough you know you could say it was commit KMT is how it's transliterated into English chem or commit means the Blackland the word black in Egyptian is Ken so the original name for Egypt was commit there it is in Egyptian hieroglyphs commit is derived from the word ken again a shortening of commits and the word Kim means black work dark in ancient Egyptian the term may have referred to the darkness of the soil of ancient Egypt caused by the mineral deposits left by the yearly overflow of the Nile River in the Nile Valley the English word Egypt is derived from the Greek I kept toasts which means that was the Greek word for the ancient capital city of Egypt named Memphis and that in turn in in turn I kept toast which meant Memphis in Greek the original name in Commission were in ancient Egyptian for the city of Memphis was called hooked capita by the ancient Commission's themselves hooked capita means the Temple of the Spirit of pitamaha is one of the highest creator gods in the Egyptian pantheon of gods and goddesses he was considered a very important Creator God he was actually considered the first and greatest of the owl chemists those from chem the teachers from chem where the word alchemists and alchemy comes from Sopot ah was considered one of the original master teachers he is often equivalent equivalent with both with Hermes Trismegistus Majesties in different occult traditions today the word that modern Egyptians use for the nation of Egypt is missing which is derived from the Hebrew name for Egypt misra in misra in in hebrew means a narrow place or narrow Straits probably referring to certain areas of the Nile River but I would suggest that synchronistically if for no other reason this named narrow Straits ultimately refers to the moral teachings of ancient canon and the Commission tradition because they did teach a strict set of principles regarding natural or moral law I'll get to that in a moment I just want to look at some of their symbolism in the example of the Commission Trinity just like Christianity which derived its Trinity from the ancient Commission culture the Commission's had a trinity of gods and goddesses two gods and the goddess to be exact this was Osiris Isis and Horus Osiris depicted there in the middle with top the pillar was the creator god of this trinity he was the father God the Father in other words but what he symbolically represented in this allegorical symbolism of this Trinity was the creative essence of the human being which is the thought process the mind the thing that ultimately has to go to work first for anything to get created anything we want to create or put into manifestation has to ultimately work through the mental realm first you want to build a computer you want to build a podium you want to build a home you know any piece of technology it has to exist first in the realm of mind it has to be thought about art I plea the need for it you know its purpose then you have to go through the process of what you're going to do to make that happen and come into manifestation all mental processes so creation follows the mind hence the mind the thoughts that's the the father figure the Creator God and that's what Osiris represented Isis was the goddess figure in this Trinity depicted on the right she was the divine mother or in other words the emotional aspects of the Bing the spirit the spirit in which we do something or spiritual essence the Sacred Feminine essence and then when those two things come together our cares our desires our spirit combined with our mental faculties of the mind then what happens we act in the world and something is generated as and this was Horace he was the male child because he represented action the masculine principle and he was considered the savior figure the one that was ultimately born to redeem the world through right action right actions what's ultimately going to redeem the world and you can only take right action if you have right knowledge about the difference between right and wrong behavior so he represented right action that which we do with our body it's a sacred masculine force very powerful if we understand the Trinity as such that it is just different aspects of our own consciousness thought emotion and action again here's more Commission allegorical symbolism through their statues you see the god Osiris the Creator God in the middle and this is representative of the mind specifically the brain physiology you have the left brain set on Osiris's left-hand side whoever made this graphic I didn't make the colors in the background I just found this graphic like this person probably already had a very good understanding that this represented the brain because they actually depicted the frequencies that often represent the left and right brain red usually represents the left brain tendencies or capabilities and blue is usually symbolic of the right brain the intuitive and creative capacities so if you put yourself as Osiris in this image on the statute set the dark God of the the dualistic light the dualistic Sun aspect okay he was the dark Sun he was the Setting Sun that's why his name is set the word sunset comes from set okay so Horus was the Rising Sun the the the solar disc that was coming up into power on the eastern horizon and as such he represents the the positive aspects of light or the nurturing aspects of light okay light coming into our presence and operating through the creative mind operating through the right mind through the compassionate and nurturing qualities the Sacred Feminine in other words and set kind of represents in this image logic and the left brain mental capacities without the balance of that Sacred Feminine force of truth and upright action that Horus represented as such set was always a mischievous character in the Egyptian pantheon and the Egyptian stories you know they're they're allegorical stories and he fought against Horus and ultimately conquers him and banishes him into the underworld where they have to do battle and Horus has to use his willpower to conquer set and then rise again on the eastern horizon to rejuvenate the world through light and right action it's a allegory about knowledge and how knowledge can be used for good or ill and if you use just pure intellect without the balance of the right brain morality and compassion then you're going toward a dark path the Egyptians had no word for death but in in the Commission tradition during the direction that the Setting Sun was setting over the western horizon they called if you had passed on into the other and in the next realm they called it Westing moving to the west was their term for death that's it and again that's the opposite direction of the Rising Sun it's going into a place of darkness and the place of the unknown and we'll look at that when we look at free Masonic symbolism a little bit later another aspect of the Commission tradition was the goddess Maat perhaps one of the most powerful allegorical representations was not she was there was no higher god or goddess than MOT because she represented natural law itself she was the law okay so the goddess montt represented truth law and justice among the commissioned people the purpose of coming into harmony with the teachings of mots this gut mother goddess figure was to learn how to avoid self-inflicted chaos by learning the laws of morality and thus not generating chaos for yourself by choosing wrong action and the society would thus not generate social chaos by choosing wrong action in the aggregate as a coal culture they would definitively objectively know the difference between right and wrong behavior as a whole and therefore they would embrace MOT and not go into a state of self-inflicted chaos the Commission's taught what is known as negative the negative confessions of Maude's I call these apophatic confessions coming from the Greek term apophysis which means to say that which something is not to say that which something definitively is not and has nothing to do with and is nothing like that's the process of apophysis I'm going you're going to say well if I want to describe right action what do I want to really convey about it I want to say it is the opposite of action that is employed toward a harmful end it does not create harm to another being when I take that action that's an apple Phatak definition of what a right is okay so there was a whole laundry list of apophatic confessions or in other words things that you had to say in the afterlife realm to this goddess when you went into the realm of judgment upon dying that you did not do she didn't want to know what your works were she wanted to know what your works were not so she wanted to look at here's all the harmful things you could do in a life I won't read them all it's a whole you know huge again list of things but she wanted to know did you not engage in these things and if you did not engage in these things then I can say you truly were a good being you truly understood the difference between right and wrong because you didn't do any of these wrong behaviors hey this is what people want to make constant justifications for you know and say oh we don't need to know that real definitive difference between right and wrong you know we could just listen to somebody else or you know do what they're telling us to do and take it on faith you know to really know natural law is to know what actions we do not have a right to do because taking them is harming another being or their property their rightful property so what I would say in my analysis of Commission philosophy particularly when it came to their apophatic sense of morality is this was the real narrow straits that we're talking about you know it was a very narrow pathway that they defined morality to be and in the story in the allegorical story of the afterlife when you went into the hall or chamber of Maude's the god Anubis would take the initiate where the the dead beings heart and they would weigh it on mots scale and this represented that they have a light heart did they truly understand the difference between right and wrong did they try to live that way all the time that they not make excuses and justifications and she would put one of that to put this feather depicted in her headband there a blue feather on the other end of the scale and if the and if the heart outweighed the feather that meant that the person really did not have a true understanding of morality and their soul would kind of be recycled and have to go back and learn more spiritual lessons in another life and if it did weigh either the same or you know not outweigh the feather then the allegorical story was that the being had become a being of light through their knowledge of the difference between right and wrong and allegorically the commissions taught that then that being would be able to go to a different star system or actually become a star and shine their light to other civilizations a very beautiful symbolic allegory dealing with morality specifically an app fatik variant of moral teachings one other piece of symbolism that I used as the cover image for this seminar was the Great Sphinx of Egypt who I call the guardian of the mysteries and many other cultists have referred to as the guardian of the mysteries again some people think that this was originally the image of the original alchemists pataw possibly having changed over the years the Vistage possibly being weathered away by different natural forces particularly water a lot of revisionist Egyptologist and revisionist historians of clearly demonstrated that there were Dell uses and floodwaters in that part of the world over 10,000 years ago 11,000 years ago and the Sphinx is weathering is clearly water derived but looks like the face has been redone on the Sphinx to represent a modern zodiacal reference of leo combined with Virgo the feminine message of this Great Sphinx also you could look at that as representing the feminine aspect of natural law so really what we're looking at here is a zodiac in stone representing the rising of the Sun during the spring equinox at approximately 12,000 or so years ago let's look at the tradition of alchemy the occult tradition known as alchemy again this came out of the Egyptian tradition so it's going to have a lot of similar teachings regarding morality and ultimately that's what again to re-emphasize it's what all these traditions were about teaching morality to their adherence teaching the difference between right and wrong and teaching how natural law operates so we could transform from a being that is an ignorance of that knowledge to a being that is actually enlightened to that knowledge and then could practically put that knowledge into work in real life so I call this section alchemy out of darkness and into light alchemy literally means from chem i'll is a prefix that means from or related to or out of and then chem of course meant black in ancient Egyptian and was often the name used for Egypt so it was from darkness out of darkness alchemy is an occult tradition taught through allegories an allegory again is a cryptic story poem or picture that can be interpreted or decoded in order to reveal a hidden meaning typically a moral lesson again as we were breaking down those statues in the Commission tradition allegorically what lesson were they trying to communicate to people by building statues and you'd have to know the background of the story of these gods to really be able to decode you know what the allegory is you know showing that statue to somebody who's never heard of Horus Osiris where Isis wouldn't really do much but if you understand the verbal traditions and the written stories about those gods then you understand what they represented and the allegory can be decoded that's how occultism works it works through relational and correlate correlative thinking so the alchemy is taught through allegory through symbols and allegory as many occult traditions are in the tradition of alchemy it is asserted that all base modes of human consciousness which are called base metals in alchemy again in alchemy you're dealing with the transmutation of metals from one form into another form but they're not really talking about metals okay they're talking about qualities of human consciousness that's what these metals are they're modalities of consciousness so it's taught that the base modalities of human consciousness or base metals are actually imperfections of pure consciousness or what the alchemists symbolically called gold gold consciousness and that all metals are ordained by nature to become the perfect quote gold of the Sun or in other words enlightened consciousness where enlightened beings the alchemists then seeks to remove from his or her thoughts emotions and actions they're disorderly imperfections or base characteristics in order to bring them to their true state of natural order in other words harmony with natural law and to transmute them into quote alchemical gold which again represented the purification of mind body and spirit now notice this is again an apple Phatak tradition it works through a negative pathway you're starting with something and you are breaking it down and removing the impurities you're not adding something to it you're taking away something that is already there and this is representative of we are polluted with so much bad information with bad programming with beliefs that don't serve who we really are with beliefs that don't give us an accurate understanding about how nature and the laws of consciousness work so we need to get rid of those impurities to get to take them away from ourselves to break them down and to decalcify that which has become rigid and hardened and it's it's like ossified like bone and that's what the heart and ego is like and it's to break that down and to carry it away to dissolve it and remove those impurities some of the symbols in the symbolic tradition of allegory very simple basic rudimentary ones there's so many of them you can get lost in the ball but there were elemental forces that the alchemists wanted to convey information about and basically define and they had a symbol for them and then they interpreted that allegorically and here's some basic ones the symbol of Earth an inverted equilateral triangle with a line going through about the two-thirds point if you take the measure from the base to the to the apex the symbol of Earth represented inherent characteristics of the being there are talents and resources that they may have developed or that they had a a proclivity to or an inclination toward perhaps something that was inherent that they maybe came in with a tendency for so air represented the intellect and that is the pure intellect meaning the the left brain modality our ability to compute our ability to define things logically our ability to break things analyze etc water the inverted triangle represented emotion intuition and creativity again that Sacred Feminine essence dealing with largely emotion and the Sacred Feminine qualities and then fire an upward pointing triangle again we've seen that inverted triangle in water representing the chalice called the chalice and many older symbolic traditions and the element of fire and alchemy was the upright pointing triangle which represented the blade or again a rudimentary masculine phallic symbol represented representing action willpower and courage and the actual ability to create change within oneself and to go out and create change in the world then there was a fifth element so you have earth air water and fire and then you had the quintessence meaning the fifth essence the fifth element was spirit represented by a solar wheel with eight spokes a circle and then an 8 spoke cross in the middle of it this represented the divine spark or the divine essence within all of us you know the essence of the source of the Creator the underlying intelligence and nature which is ultimately present in everything within nature including us alchemists speak of something called Prima Materia or starting matter starting substance is what Prima Materia was again the starting substance is the human being that needs to be purified that needs the impurities removed from them so that they can come to a more clear and accurate and do coltd understanding of the laws of nature the starting substance or Prima Materia is used at the inception of the alchemical work the beginning silver is considered to be one of the starting substances there are others but silver is one of the main sources of Prima Materia in alchemy the alchemical symbol for is the moon where as associated with the moon because silver represented in alchemy the feminine aspects of the human psyche including the attributes of intuition inner wisdom compassion open-mindedness and contemplation and that's what you need to begin you need that sense of open-mindedness of desire of willing to learn willing to open yourself up and receive okay the truth is always out there but we have to be open to receive it that's a feminine quality and it's it's absolutely essential and central to the tradition of Kabbalah which we're going to talk about momentarily which means reception so alchemists also referred to an all-important agent which is necessary for the transmutation of quote base metals into quote gold or in other words base modes of consciousness into higher forms of consciousness this agent has been referred to as the elixir of life the philosophical powder and the quintessence but by far the most well-known name for this agent of transformation was the Philosopher's Stone the Philosopher's Stone represented man himself at the beginning of the process of self mastery it also represented the universal spark the divine spark or divine essence which is present in everything that has been created and thus also in the alchemists himself the great work of alchemical transmutation is accomplished in three phases which I'm going to cover briefly here they are these three phases of transformation and alchemy are all explained allegorically the first phase was called nigra DOE my Grado means blackening in Latin this is a state of putrefaction of breaking something down corruption dissolution individuation descent into matter descent into the undifferentiated and into chaos it represents the souls descent into the Material Plane and the suffering experienced in the physical world alchemists often represented the soul at this stage as the element of salt because salt is crystallized it's hardened it's fixed just like an ego that is resistant to change and I would suggest this is the state the world is in we are in the state of my grey dough of blackening of corruption of putrefaction and believe me the vast vast vast majority of the people on this world are the salt and I don't mean salt of the earth in the good way they're crystallized they're hardened they're resistant to change and they need to be dissolved and broken down mentally emotionally spiritually the second phase of alchemical transformation is albedo which means whitening albedo represents the process of spiritual purification the burning out of impurities from the salt or hardened ego the salt in this step is reduced into Quicksilver or mercury which represents fluidity and the process of rapid mental emotional and spiritual change and the strengthening of the Sacred Feminine essence leading to the engagement of the imagination the only substance the only essence from which the elixir of life or the awakened or enlightened mind can then be made this is why the dark occult want to stamp out the human imagination because they don't want the process of transformation to happen in our species you know this step is about when people start to learn the truth and are accepting of it they have the mindset of openness and reception again the date today is no accident highly synchro mystic 10-4 reception I got it I get it I've heard it it's ten four okay no accident no such thing as soon as aren't suggested the date I said I love it it's all about reception I know so this step is the awakening process the awakening step it's when we recognize the world isn't what we thought it was and we start developing a desire for more than the base things in life we start developing a desire to know the truth the desire to reach higher realms of consciousness the desire to better ourselves and be better than we were the day before well we're going to start working upon ourselves by taking in the truth and letting go of beliefs and letting go of impurities in our thought processes and bringing our consciousness into alignment with truth and with morality that's this step of the process whitening purification the burning out of impurities a beautiful allegory if it's properly understood the third and final phase of the alchemical quote great work is Rubidoux Rubidoux means reddening the transmutation into gold or sulphur our chemical substances gold or sulfur and they represented purified and enlightened consciousness the elemental fire of the Philosopher's Stone again that's why it was symbolized by a red elixir often the Philosopher's Stone often the Philosopher's Stone was depicted as a red stone itself and that represented the unification of man which was the limited being with the divine the divine will often represented by a red collar as well the unlimited so it's a paradox in terms it's the microcosm joining with the macrocosm it's man as the limited being in the physical domain having a spiritual learning experience here in the physical world coming into union with the divine spark or essence the unlimited force inherent in nature that's alchemy and in a nutshell very simple explanation of the allegorical tradition again this is rudimentary work meant to whet the appetite of the student let's briefly look at the Hermetic tradition a quote which is an inception and I'm sorry an inscription from the ruins at the Delphic Oracle in Greece heed these words ye who wish to probe the depths of nature if you do not find within yourself that which you seek neither will you find it outside of yourself if you ignore the wonders of your own house how do you expect to find other wonders in you is hidden the treasure of treasures know thyself and you will know the universe and the gods again it's an understanding that if you really deeply explore either of the realms of the occult the microcosmic realm or the macro cosmic realm they are reflections of each other this is the correspondence principle at work to know the self is to know the universe to know the universe is to know the self it's to understand the dynamic interplay between free will and natural law on a scene that comes up over and over and over again in occult traditions and teachings and again the Hermetic tradition was also a growing out of a continuation of the Commission tradition that was practiced in again later Egypt and then was passed into Greece I'm gonna read some hermetic philosophy from a book known as the Chi ba Lian I know a lot of people debate that pronunciation like to call it the Cabal Yin but I see that as far to like modern English sighs and I like to pronounce it how it probably would have been pronounced in the ancient Greek language in which there was no like short why sounds you know it would have been a long I sound Kaiba Leone and every syllable would have been pronounced again people can debate that it you know it's kind of a splitting of hairs but I prefer what would have been closer to the in pronunciation the Chi ba Lian states there is no portion of the occult teachings possessed by the world which have been so closely guarded as the fragments of the hermetic teachings which have come down to us over the tens of centuries which have elapsed since the lifetime of its great founder Hermes Trismegistus the quote scribe of the gods again both in the Egyptian tradition Hermes in the Greek tradition you know in the Hermetic tradition you know he was known as Hermes Trismegistus the thrice-great one Trismegistus means great three times over or thrice great he was great in his thoughts in his emotions and in his actions his his aspects of his consciousness were unified you know some people look at he was the original alchemist in the Commission tradition the Creator God Ptah okay so Hermes Trismegistus the quote scribe of the gods who dwelt in old Egypt in the days when the present race of men was in its infancy and I would agree with that Hermes was and is the Great Central Sun of occultism who's raised have served to illumine the countless teachings which have been promulgated since his time all the fundamental and basic teachings embedded in the esoteric teachings of every race may be traced back to Hermes Trismegistus even the most ancient teachings of India he's referring to the Vedas here undoubtedly have their roots in the ancient hermetic teachings so the person who wrote the Chi ba Lian or the group of people who wrote the Chi ba Lian are a stating that it is their belief that the hermetic teachings are the roots of modern occultism you know I tend to look at ancient Kimmy's Commission philosophy as being even older than even the Hermetic tradition and perhaps shamanism being even more than that we're on this section I'm gonna go for about another 15 minutes and then we're gonna break for lunch more from the Chi ba Lian the life work of Hermes seems to have been in the direction of planting the great seed truth which has grown and blossomed in so many strange forms rather than to establish a school of philosophy which would dominate the world's thought again he's trying to make it clear that the Hermetic tradition was a collection of teachings a body of knowledge not one specific dogmatic religion whereas one set of teaching but nevertheless the original truths taught by Hermes have been kept intact in their original purity by a few men in each age who refusing great numbers of half-developed students and followers followed the hermetic custom and reserved their truth for the few who were ready to comprehend and master it they're describing ocultism they hid the truth from those who did not really want it or they knew would not use it wisely in other words their bottom motto or their dictate was no pearls before swine okay I see it as kind of an elitist ideology and I'll tell you why I don't agree necessarily agree with it they're gonna you know talk about the people who didn't agree with this approach in the modern day I'm certainly one of them now perhaps in those times things would have been different but I'll tell you what with the world on the brink of collapse and chaos the way it is now the likes of which humanity may may never have seen the lot likes of the kind of chaos we're likely to see in our lifetimes possibly I don't even think some of the old hermetic teachers would have advocated secrecy in today's world they would have advocated taking this knowledge and propagating it as widely and as freely as possible at least I hope so I hope they would have taken that position but that's the position I take anyway they followed the Hermetic custom and reserve their truths their truth for the few who were ready to comprehend and master it from lip to ear the truth has been handed down among the few there have always been a few initiates in each generation in the various lands of the earth who kept alive the sacred flame of the hermetic teachings and such have always been willing to use their lamps to relight the lesser lamps of the outside world when the light of truth grew dimmed and became clouded by a reason of neglect and when the wicks became clogged with foreign matter there were always a few to tend faithfully to the altar of truth upon which was kept alight the perpetual lamp of wisdom these men have never sought popular approval nor numbers of followers they are indifferent to these things for they know how few there are in each generation who are ready for the truth or who would recognize it if it were presented to them now I don't make any bones about that yeah there's a few people who are very prepared and ready to receive truth and if it's presented them they're going to accept it readily few people are already prepared through knowledge and open-mindedness and humbleness enough to simply open up their mind and heart and receive truth not in this world I know that's not how it happened for me I suffered like you know I mean like you know beating the red-hot sword with the the iron hammer in a forge of suffering that's what got me to finally wake up and break my ego down you know hardcore fire of purification did it for me but no I I speak this information that try to explain to people you don't have to go through that process if you will listen to wisdom and truth in you don't have to go through that deep level of suffering but most people seem to want it to go back to this quote these teachers reserved the quote strong meat for men while others furnished the quote milk for babes they reserved their pearls of wisdom for the few elect who recognize their value and who wear them in their crowns instead of casting them before the materialistic vulgar swine who would trample those teachings in the mud and mix them with their disgusting mental food but these men but still these men have never forgotten or overlooked the original teachings of Hermes regarding the passing on of the words of truth to those ready to receive it their customary attitude has always been strictly in accordance with the other hermetic aphorism quote the lips of wisdom are closed except to the ears of understanding now people could say well I have stated in the past I'm putting out my work for the people who are ready to become teachers themselves and they are ready to receive it I've made no bones about the fact I can't make anybody take this information if they don't want to hear it or they're not interested if that desire you know that I symbolically represent by this orange color throughout this presentation that that sacred desire force that will that operates to take the person up out of the base instincts and just living you know for this see the world you know what you see is what you get type thing never penetrating the surface never looking any deeper never going into the deeper realms of the human subconscious and the human mind then I can't make them look at that you know there's no way to make somebody do that work because that's internal work that has to be done upon them themselves I can only act as an assistant to that process of transformation through providing some information and some support but I don't agree with this elitist attitude of don't put the information out there because these people don't want to hear it which seems to be the spirit in which this is said okay I take the approach again of egalitarian Specter or Galit Aryan mentality on two fronts one when it comes to all all of our natural rights we are equal under that law under that natural law and two I believe in a Galit Arianism when it comes to information being presented information which we need a vital information which we need to make truly informed decisions in life that information should be provided freely and openly so I don't agree with this hermit it's a titude of don't cast pearls before swine I'm gonna speak information to everybody who's ready to take it we'll take it and that will be their karmic choice and consequence and who ignores it will do so at their own peril there are those who have criticized this attitude of the Hermit as' and who have claimed that they did not manifest the proper spirit in their policy of seclusion and reticence and I would be one of those and still any regardless of the statement that comes after and I still say I criticized that attitude and spirit but a moment's glance back over the pages of history will show the wisdom of the quote masters who knew the folly of attempting to teach the world that which it was neither ready or willing to receive I don't think we have a choice now folks we're on the precipice of ruin and it needs to be taught now regardless of who wants to hear it we'll receive it at least all we can do is put it out there again it's someone else's karma you know it's humanity's Karma whether they will receive it or not the Hermit ists have never sought to be martyrs and have instead sat silently aside with a pitying smile on their closed lips while the quote heathen raged noisily about them in their customary amusement of putting to death and torture the honest but misguided enthusiasts who imagined that they could force upon a race of barbarians the truth capable of being understood only by the elect who had advanced along the path okay I think you can hear the kind of elitist attitude or spirit embedded in this but I do also understand what they're saying at certain times in history you would have been tortured for presenting some of these truths about the reality of our world and so then some her medicine took this approach of just keep your mouth closed and let the people who don't want to receive this suffer again I personally do criticize that attitude particularly in the world today maybe if more people would have stepped up taught this to more people and they would have gained the courage to teach it to a wider audience we wouldn't have gone down the path we did as a species namely into slavery another big aspect of the hermetic principles again taught in this great little book that Cavalli on which I highly recommend everybody to read about the hermetic philosophy of ancient Egypt and Greece what time we have no much time do we have about seven minutes okay thank you the her medicines taught seven basic overarching operating principles in nature the principle of mentalism which essentially I've already covered that it states anything that is going to be manifested in reality must first exist in the realm of mind as a matter of fact all of nature is ultimately a mental construct at the deepest level and matter is a construct for experience and growth in consciousness as such is solidity is matter truly physically real it is a vibrant quantum fluctuation in the vacuum it's a holographic quantum experience that is necessary for growth and development of consciousness so you know that doesn't mean I go into the full right brain in balance mode that many New Agers and religionists take that this is all an inferior realm matter is and we don't we shouldn't try to act and create any real-world change here no that's not a state of balance that's right brain in balance balance means you have your head in the cosmos meaning you are a tower higher level of consciousness in how you're operating and you understand that matter may be a construction thing to prevent to provide learning for the soul but you have your feet firmly planted on the ground anchor in the real world taking real world action to better yourself and to help better others so that's the principle of mentalism correspondence is the the aphorism of as above so below or as within so without the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and the macrocosm reflects the microcosm that which we do at an individual scale will become our aggregate quality of behavior at a larger scale and will become our macroscopic experience that's the law of Correspondence the law of vibration again at a very low undifferentiated level everything is simply a fluctuation or a vibration vibratory energy existing in you know the vacuum and nothing is truly at rest everything ultimately is in a state of vibration there is no such thing as the cessation of motion or the cessation of vibration or sound the principle of polarity everything has poles to it everything has opposites everything has a kind of a spectrum of extremes a spectrum of polarities that result in two opposite extremes ultimately operating through the same thing through the same medium but seeming to have different extremes in their polarities the principle of rhythm everything moves in cycles and has a rhythm to it has an up-and-down quality and ebb and flow quality through time the principle of cause and effect essentially is almost equivalent with natural law principles that which we cause and put out into effect in the universe is then demonstrated back to us by the universe like a mirror okay so we reap what we sow that which we put out into the universe we receive back from the universe there is no effects that manifest without causal factors that precede them and finally the principle of gender which states that there is a masculine and feminine quality a blending between those two polarities in everything in nature these principles operate in everything in the natural world and they are always operating as such they were called the hermetic principles and the word hermetic comes down to us in modern English through the word hermetically sealed it means that it's fixed its operating inherently in nature and nothing we do is going to change those principles at work in nature all we can do is align our consciousness to them by understanding that they do exist that they are operating in nature and then we can learn to live in harmony with them and not create self-inflicted suffering just like the physical laws of dynamics they are fixed they are set in stone while you are on earth you are operating in a 1g gravitational field if you step off of a large building gravity will have an effect upon the mass of your body and you will go splat that's a fixed law and if you all you can really do is understand that it doesn't matter if you like it or not but you can't understand it and therefore align your behavior not to do such a stupid thing by walking off a building in a 1g field okay so the laws of nature expressed by the Hermetic tradition are set in stone and hermetically sealed and this tradition does a really good job of explaining the underlying principles of natural law I think we'll leave it there for this morning session and in the second session we will meet at exactly 2:00 p.m. please come back a little bit before then like if you could be back around 5 of 2 that would be great so you could take your seats and get ready I'm gonna start exactly you