De-Mystifying The Occult - Part 2 of 3

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all right everyone welcome back from lunch I apologize I'm running a little bit late myself usually on time well let's jump right back into our discussion about different occult traditions we covered a few in the first section and I want to now move into talking about Kabbalah the word Kabbalah in Hebrew means reception and again synchronistically this day as the date 10-4 I tend to look at it being about reception about being openness relating to openness to truth so Kabbalah was proper reception the proper state of mind that one needed to be in to receive truth it's an ancient system of Hebraic esoteric teachings communicated to initiates through symbols and correspondences the most well-known and significant aspect of Kabbalistic symbolism is the Tree of Life this symbol on the left it's formed by what's called sefirot which means emanations there are ten of them and these ten Sephirot or emanations are connected by 22 paths forming this tree structure the sefirot corresponds to various aspects of human mental and emotional characteristics an eleventh sphere named dot is not considered as one of the sefirot but rather as the place from which the entire tree of life grows and dot corresponds to the realm of hidden or occult acknowledge as we'll see when I break down the Tarot tradition in the last segment of the presentation dot actually corresponds to the first of the three Trivium steps knowledge understanding and wisdom you could see in the image that B na corresponds to understanding and Hoke MA to wisdom but these three spheres at the top of the Tree of Life ultimately lead to the crown which is known as Qatar in Kabbalah and that is the highest expression of consciousness the Kabbalistic tree has correspondences to the Vedic chakra systems with each level of the tree corresponding to a different chakra so the mall couth or kingdom level of the Kabbalistic tree corresponds to the root chakra the yes owed or foundation Sapphira corresponds to the sacrum chakra or the desire center a hold and net saw correspond to the solar plexus chakra a dualistic chakra because the will Center is comprised of an internal aspect courage and an external aspect will and then Tiffa rets in the middle of the Kabbalistic tree corresponds to the heart chakra and then Gabara and has said correspond to the throat chakra one of these spheres Gibara corresponds to working upon yourself and the inner voice that you have to employ to transform inwardly whereas has said or compassion that sphere corresponds to influencing other people with your voice then of course we get up to the higher levels of the tree which I've already talked about corresponding to the third eye chakra understanding and wisdom and then the crown chakra unity consciousness there are three pillars or paths on this tree corresponding to the vertical columns the left-hand path is known as the pillar of severity generally deals with the internal aspects of consciousness the right-hand pillar the pillar of Mercy Mercy generally generally deals with the external or masculine aspects of consciousness and the pillar of mildness in the middle represents the synthesis between those two paths there is a order to the Safi wrote or emanations and they're labeled as such with the first Sapphira katare being number one and then moving in a progression down through mal couth which is set around ten and the energy movement on the Tree of Life corresponds to a being that is moving upward in a state of consciousness from mal couth with which represents base consciousness and physical world identification up through the crown chakra so this is the progression of energy on the Tree of Life it works in an lightning bolt pattern and often the Kabbalistic tree is referred to as the thunderstruck tree you often see it depicted as a tree being struck by lightning because this lightning path represents the path of energy from unconsciousness and worldly identification to enlighten or unity consciousness also in the Kabbalistic tradition Kabbalists refer to what is known as four worlds of Kabbalah and the the triangles on the Kabbalistic tree correspond to these worlds so if you look at the Kabbalistic tree as being three sets of three spheres joined by paths in triangles you could look at Qatar hokhmah and be not as one of these triangles at the top of the tree then you could look at has said Gibara and TIF eret in the middle of the tree as the second triangle the second triad of spheres that represents another world then hood net saw and yes sewed representing yet a third world and then the base mal couth or kingdom representing a fourth so these worlds are as follows Asya is the bottom world it represents the physical plane or the material world and it corresponds to the alchemical symbol of Earth and there's only one sphere in that world mal coupe again that's not really progressing that staying earthbound Earth identified physical world identified base consciousness only dealing with the physical plane if you don't have to look at it as a negative thing it's just the things that operate in the physical domain the next world up is yet zero and that's called the formative world or the mental plane corresponding to err or intellect again that's comprised of the three spheres your sewed Haute and that saw in that triangular formation above that you have the creative world the emotional plane represented by water and that is the second triangle of Tiffa ret the heart chakra corresponding to emotion Gabara and has said then you pass what is known as the line that represents the abyss that is dot leading to the truly higher realm which is the realm of will or spirit symbolized by the out chemical element of fire and symbolized and comprised of the top triumvirate of the Kabbalistic tree cat tear crown or unity consciousness hokhmah wisdom basically because it represents right action it's on the active side of the tree and Benari ception those are what is known as the four worlds of the Kabbalistic tree let's look at some basic concepts in Freemasonry often a very misunderstood occult tradition often not understood as an occult tradition because of its overtones in the modern day as a simple lodge system and a simple Fraternal Order true esoteric Freemasonry is much more than that and has become very diluted in the modern day because of the modern lodge system often many of the large systems are not even teaching the esoteric aspects and the proper understanding of Masonic symbolism at all in their Lodge systems I've criticized it greatly due to that and tried to really break down some of the very powerful spiritual allegorical symbolism in this tradition on my own in my own work Freemasonry is considered by its adherents to be a system of morality which is veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols now some people you know would never think of it as such because of the connotations that they view modern Freemasonry as again you could look at something like what the modern church is doing you know covering up pedophilia crimes the chief among them compared to what the original Christian tradition was supposed to be about and really you know never the twain shall meet at this point in our world Freemasonry is kind of very similar to that I tell people you want to really go down to the depths and study the esoteric aspects of the tradition instead of what its so-called adherents are doing in the modern day and if you understand the difference between the two then this tradition becomes very rich in spiritual symbolism and teachings the first three degrees of Freemasonry or levels of knowledge communicated to the new Masonic initiates are in order first degree is entered apprentice second degree fellow craft and third degree master Mason these symbolically represent the three aspects of consciousness thought emotion and action respectively Freemasonry is actually an ancient esoteric tradition which is ultimately about knowing the self becoming a bill they're a mason of a better mind and soul and ultimately the resurrection of mortality within a human being resurrection being one of the key conceptual ideas in this tradition and that goal resurrecting one's self is personified by the legend of the master builder Hiram Abiff which we'll briefly talk about just want to touch upon this symbolism here the compass is in square with the G in the middle the square in this orientation usually represents base consciousness or material world identification the compasses represent higher knowledge compassion true intelligence through balance and circumscribing the base instincts that process is directed by care the Sacred Feminine generative principle which is what the G in the middle esoterically represents many masons will tell you that G means many different things in its pure esoteric interpretation it corresponds to true care where the generative principle through which we ultimately create our reality resurrection a huge theme in the Masonic tradition ultimately embodied by the Masonic Christ figure you might call him Hiram Abiff the master builder in the Masonic allegories he's seen here in a coffin as a deadened form of consciousness as spiritual a true spiritual spirituality being in a grave in a tomb and the goal was to resurrect that divine spark or essence through getting in touch with truth and using the generative principle of care again you see the all-seeing eye figure in an upward pointing pentacle at the top of the image the whole goal of Freemasonry true esoteric Freemasonry is to become born again into conscience through the light of knowledge of the difference between right and wrong or in other words natural law it is a system of teaching natural law in its pure form the coffin tracing board of the third degree on the right hand side is Hiram Abiff grave you see the skull and crossbones on the right hand side on top of the coffin representing the forces by which we will bury spirit if we only engage in intellect and action alone not actually really using our spiritual insight to gauge morality to gauge what moral action really is the acacia sprig at the top of the grave is a symbol of the hope of resurrection that natural law and morality can be communicated and received ultimately again this tradition is very tied in with the Kabbalistic tradition you'll see that the tracing board of the first degree is very similar to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life in many ways the tools at the bottom will be at the bottom of the tracing board represent the three tools by which Hiram Abiff was killed or murdered and they represent the tools of the lack of knowledge understanding and wisdom the things that ultimately kill it if you don't engage in knowledge you have ignorance if you don't engage in understanding you have confusion and the lack of care to come to the understanding and if you don't engage in wisdom you have you're not engaging in right action and therefore you're in a state of cowardice and laziness not not engaging the masculine principle that's what those three tools represent that ultimately the failure of the three aspects of consciousness are what put Hiram Abiff in his tomb and ultimately get you headed toward the western direction instead of the eastern direction toward darkness instead of light the goal here is to be her as directed and therefore to be born into the light again of conscious conscience and knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior the first degree tracing board I call a key to the mysteries literally because the key is one of the central ponents of the board so this tracing board symbolically represents the Temple of Solomon in the Masonic tradition in biblical allegory as well where this is where their symbolism is drawn from you have the pillar on the left-hand side which is the jaw keen pillar representing the masculine aspect of consciousness solar or masculine left brain you see the symbol of the Sun at the top it is a Doric pillar which is masculine architectural style the S at the bottom of the pillar represents strength and the tool at the bottom is the level meaning that we need to have balance in our action the right-hand column or pillar is the pillar of bolas it is a feminine pillar represented by the Corinthian design this side of this tracing board represents the lunar or feminine qualities of consciousness epitomized by the symbol of the moon at the top and the letter B represents Beauty a feminine aspect the tool at the bottom is the plumb rule which represents uprightness in our spirit the middle pillar is the synthesis between the two representing thought creation the W stands for wisdom it could stand for will as well and it's an ionic pillar again the all-seeing eye is over top of the pillar the eye on it pillar the eye on pillar it's a some wordplay some symbolic wordplay again the directions are very significant the east is toward the direction of the light toward the direction of the Rising Sun and the awakening of consciousness the checkerboard floor at the bottom represents base consciousness not having started the unbe gun the chequered life of an individual who doesn't know the difference between right wrong and you know isn't following the light and therefore they're ending up in situations that they don't intend to they could be played like pieces on a chess board when their ident find with worldly consciousness the to ash Lars or blocks at the end of the tracing board at the bat the rear of it represent two different forms of life one in a very rough unfinished form and one where a person has worked upon their life during its duration and main wise use of their time to actually hone out there as law and refine it the latter of course represents getting off the floor of the house and beginning the journey into enlightenment toward the Sun the three initiates represent the three main levels of free Masonic initiation entered a prayer apprentice fellow craft or journeyman and master Mason at the top of the ladder the ladder moves from the moon to the Sun or from darkness to light passing through the balance point which is wisdom and the key in the middle represents care the key to all of it is what we care about that's the key that can unlock the Sun or the Stargate at the top of the ladder but it's dangling by a thread representing the care and emotion regarding the acquisition of knowledge of self and natural law is hanging in a precarious position yet if we grasp onto that key of care that is the the way out and again that's why I called the first degree a tracing board a key to the mysteries literally I hope that's an adequate explanation it took me about 10 years of my life to deeply understand the symbolism on this board and I'm still finding new things in it but this is almost kind of given to new initiates as a form of subtle mockery because the higher level initiates of this tradition in the modern world know that the lower level initiates aren't going to decode this they're not going to know any of the symbolism allegorically and so they're kind of like throwing the entire tradition in their face at the very beginning like you know good luck with that good luck figuring out what that means when we turned the board on its side it reveals even more esoteric meanings you could see that the checkerboard floor if you look at that as the earth as Earth identified consciousness the lines of the checkerboard become the lines of latitude and longitude of the earth and then the pillar has become the the equator of the earth the middle pillar becomes the equator and the other pillars become the tropics the Tropic of Cancer at the top and the Tropic of Capricorn at the bottom representing respectively the high and low point of light during the course of the year and the path of the Sun the respective path of the Sun around the earth during the course of the year so you know we get winter at the bottom represented by the moon the low point of light and summer at the top representing the high point of the Sun with the latter leaving the earth and journeying out of darkness and into light or out of chaos and toward order toward the east toward the realm of the gods toward higher consciousness toward the Rising Sun and the light of knowledge incredibly powerful symbolism just brilliantly portrayed for those who are capable of decoding it I call this the sigil of all masonry a very deeply misunderstood seal that combines a lot of different symbolism which I'm going to attempt to break down here today and help people to understand why this is the ultimate symbol of all forms of masonry both light and dark this is the symbol does not represent one thing and it is not you can't look at this in a unit dimensional way of decoding the symbolism it doesn't work like that this is a dual symbol very multifaceted so there's four let's say there's five basic elements to this symbolism you have the two phrases annuit coeptis and Novus Ordo seclorum which will break down in a moment you have the all-seeing eye with the rays of light coming from it you have the unfinished pyramidal structure built in stone or brick and then you have the earth itself okay so those are the five basic elements that we can see symbolically decode in this symbol we have the earth and then the two other pieces of symbolism other than the words the pyramid made of stone and the all-seeing eye and light okay so the all-seeing eye in light represents knowledge the spark of the divine unity consciousness alignment with natural law aligning our own thoughts emotions and actions such that as we think so we feel so we act and there's no contradiction between those three modes of consciousness the light represents the Creator you know the eye represents the eye of the creator of the universe shedding light into our physical domain bathing the world in light the brick represents heaviness weightiness fixed a fixed position no flow hardness rigidity okay weighing down blocking things building barriers between things right blocking the light out that's what you do with that building material with stone okay it's the exact opposite of light so really you only have two qualities of building material portrayed on the earth light and stone there are the two building materials of masonry symbolically in masonry you are either building with light or you are building with stone one or the other okay if you're building with light that means you're building with truth you're building with knowledge if you're building with stone you're erecting barriers between people and obfuscating things now the phrases annuit coeptis means in Latin I knew it its first person singular I'm sorry third person singular present tense a new it means he she or it favors where look looks favorably upon something coeptis means an enterprise an undertaking or a work in progress a project that is actively being built but not completed yet so put them together a new equipment he she or it favors our project favors our undertaking favors our work favors our building well what does that work the bottom banner tells you what what it is Novus Ordo seclorum literally translates as new order of the world not of the ages the latin word psyche lorem would be of the ages sec flora means of the world or of the universe in latin so that phrase down there literally translates as New World Order unequivocally so he favors our work where he she or it favors our work the New World Order well I would tell you that's the work of the light Oh cultists and the work of the dark Oh cultists depending on which building material you are working with so let's look at what we would build if we are building with light as a light ocultist or a do cultists who wants to communicate truth what would happen if we only build with light and what another form of mason does what a mason also does is he tears down walls he doesn't just build walls he tears them down so if we were to tear down the heaviness the weightiness the things that block us from the truth the brick the pyramid the stone the trap the trap for souls which is what the truncated pyramid ultimately represents what would we have if we take the light of the Creator and remove the rest of the material you'd only have the eye you would only have spiritual insight you would only have the light of knowledge you would only have the light of truth the light of the Creator there would be nothing else in the scene that's what happens when a light worker when the light workers were the light masons complete their task of transmuting the stone into light or in other words transmuting ignorance into knowledge the god of creation favors our work the positive or light new world order of truth love and freedom conversely what if we tried to put all of the light out of the scene if this represents the world in a transition between light and darkness going one way or the other what if the dark occultists are trying to put out the light of the Creator from the world then what happens in the scene well something like this happens and watch it very carefully the brick is completed and it blocks out the creator's light and therefore you have a permanent completed male dominator structure a structure that represents slavery the light being blocked out from the world and male dominance ruling the entire world as a prison for slaves that's the dark new world order oh yeah the dark God favors their work the dark new world order a world without the light of the Creator a world without knowledge except for a very tiny few using it to enslave the masses of humanity that's the dark new world order for sure so if we go back to this symbol as the world in transition as I like to call it the sigil of all masonry we can see how there's two different outcomes depending on which building material we are working with and which new world order we're seeking to create the dark occultists are trying to block out the light of creation from this world and erect the dark new world order a male Dominator world without we're dark occultists rule and ignorant and slave population with an iron fist a spiritual prison for lost souls conversely if we build the true light New World Order we reach universal enlightenment and evolution through wisdom and personal responsibility truth love and freedom prevail and the will of creation is fulfilled it's what I call the one true great work with the goals being truth love and freedom and that is a variation on the sigil of masonry that I came up with and a very nice listener to my show actually carved this in wood for me and sent it to me which I have actually hung up over my work area in my home just a really great piece of work and a labor of love in and of itself which I thought was really kind of me to do I hope that powerfully illustrates some of the symbolism of Freemasonry and helps people to understand what lies at the heart of that tradition if it's properly understood and it's allegories and symbolism is properly decoded and how you can understand there's a lot of two dimensionality or multifaceted dimensionality in occult symbolism I'll briefly touch on the Tarot here because I'm going to more extensively touch on the Major Arcana of the Tarot in the last section today tarot is infinitely more than fortune-telling unfortunately it's become synonymous with it in the modern day the tradition of Tarot uses rich multifaceted symbolism portrayed upon a deck of 78 cards to convey truths regarding the aspects of our own being and the laws of the cosmos the tarot deck consists of two components the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana again you see the correlation to occult knowledge in general okay the Major Arcana consists of 22 cards 11 of which deal with the aspects of the human psyche with aspects of the human psyche and 11 of which deal with aspects of natural law again I'm going to break down those 22 cards in the final section of the presentation today the Minor Arcana consists of 56 cards divided into four suits wands cups swords coins and coins each consisting of 14 cards each suit consisting of 14 cards ace through 10 cards plus four quote court cards for each suit sadly in modern times the Tarot is looked upon by many people as being nothing more than a prop in the repertoire of fortune tellers quote unquote while the system of cards could be used as an intuitive diamond Ettore aid to ask and answer questions about what individuals perspective future may look like this is considered by serious students of the Tarot tradition to be an ancillary usage of the tarot deck at the very best the Tarot was traditionally seen in its pure esoteric form as a means of conveying deep truths through covert means without needing to write down or even speaking the occult message aloud if a picture is worth a thousand words as the saying goes a tarot deck when deeply understood speaks countless millions of words it is a book it is more than a book it's a lifetime of lessons encoded into the symbolism and if you really deeply study it there's nothing that's not in it just briefly I want to talk about the suits of the deck the suit of coins depicted in green here again represents earth or the inherent qualities of the individual and it is associated with the material plane the suit of swords represents err or intellect the mental plane the suit of cups is correlated with water and it represents our emotional qualities the emotional plane and finally the suit of Wands depicted in the bottom right in red represents the plane of will or our actions the masculine components of our psyche represented all chemically by the symbol of fire the upward pointing triangle the wheel of fortune card which is card number 10 in the major arcana has some iconography on it that kind of tells us about what the tower itself actually is and is intended to be used for many people call the Tarot the goddesses book the book of truth or the Wheel of truth because of this particular the symbolism on this particular card again of course the word Tarot is actually in this card if you start at the top progress counterclockwise and then come back to the top the tee at the top if you reorganize the four letters of this card in in order in various configurations you come up with six words that actually teach a lesson in and of themselves the word rota ro ta in Latin is the noun wheel again the Tarot is known as a wheel because it kind of loops back upon itself and the symbolism is consistent with itself and you know portrays the occult aspect of correspondence that which is above is like to that which is below we're going to see that greatly when we talk about the macrocosmic the microcosmic tree of the Major Arcana and then the macrocosmic tree of the Major Arcana the word Tarot itself is a phonetic equivalent ta ro is a phonetic equivalent of ta ro t the Latin verb aro T third-person singular I wrote from the Latin verb Aurora Aurora means to cultivate or to grow or to order something to bring order to the Latin verb or RA which is where we get o ra T or OTT means to plead it actually means to make an impassioned treaty to beseech or to entreaty and impassioned entreaty means to passionately ask somebody to do something not not like beg as a not you know I'm begging you give me this but to please do this you know something like that so we get the word orator oration you know meaning speech from from that verb the word Torah it's a Hebrew word meaning law T o ra h transliterated into English from the Hebrew tio ra would be a phonetic equivalent and then a tour would be a phonetic and truncated form of the Egyptian goddess of love half-hour who many people say that the tarot deck was dedicated to were patterned after the teachings of moths Hathor and isis other different forms of egyptian goddesses that's why that many people call it the book of the goddess so we put all these together wheel tarot cultivate or grow plead law Hathorne the wheel of tarot cultivates or brings order or helps us to grow it pleads the law of hathor you could say this as the wheel of tarot brings order by asking us to learn natural law or the law of love powerful symbolism right in some of the words that we can just you know look at in a simple in a simple symbolic card and that's only one of the cards again I'm going to break down the Tarot and more depth later I'm just very cursorily touching on some of these traditions because I want to move on to symbolism shortly Rosicrucianism is the neck the cult tradition I want to say a few words about it comes from the Latin the word itself Rosicrucian comes from the latin noun Rosa meaning rose and the Latin noun crooks cruces meaning cross or crucifixion Rosicrucianism is a tradition of esoteric Christianity that is based upon allegory and symbolism as are most occult traditions its mythical founder is Christian Rosenkreuz again another Christ figure another wisdom teacher figure allegorically symbolically in the tradition Christian Rosenkreuz represents the soul on its journey into knowledge and enlightenment in the Rosicrucian tradition and it's allegories this is called the Rose cross in the Rosicrucian tradition this particular variant of it I believe came out of the Hermetic order of the Golden Dawn which dealt with Freemasonry which dealt with Tarot which dealt with hermetics and certainly dealt with Rosicrucianism and Kabbalah all these traditions the main symbol of the Rosicrucian tradition is the Rose cross the Rose cross the Rose part of the Rose cross represents the spirit and it's symbolic crucifixion in the world of matter its descent into the material plane the cross represents the world of matter itself it's four arms representing the four elements of earth air water and fire in the in the material domain this is another popular variant of the Rose cross with the white cross in the middle of the five pointed star where pentacle representing earth air water fire plus spirit in its proper properly oriented position at the top of the five pointed star representing spirit in ascendancy or in a more important position over the realm of matter the purely identified material world elements the cross in the middle is white representing purity and then there are seven crosses in AU or magnet shape again very symbolic I would suggest representing the seven hermetic principles the laws of nature bound by true care in the middle you know the purest of the principles of natural law the principle of care again and that magnet representing the law of attraction that you form and also representing you the individual was self the ultimate teaching of the Rosicrucian tradition as a form of esoteric Christianity is the universal spiritual law of oneness as it is called in the tradition this law is most commonly known as the golden rule in exoteric Christianity simply put this law states treat others as you would yourself for there is no true separation in nature if another suffers oneself suffers if one being is suffering all beings are suffering that level of unity needs to be recognized if we're really going to transcend the current human condition again a beautiful allegorical tradition Rosicrucianism if properly understood I highly recommend the works of Rudolf Steiner and Max Heindel in particular if you want to learn more about Rosicrucian tradition the next tradition is theosophy theosophy comes from the greek nouns Theo's meaning God or divinity and the Greek noun Sophos meaning wisdom thus theosophy literally means the divine wisdom or the wisdom of the divine theosophy is a symbol of esoteric philosophy which investigates and seeks direct knowledge of the mysteries of being and nature you just see that the theme over and over again constantly comes back to the same thing being and nature the individual the psyche and the laws of creation and the laws of the cosmos both in the seen realm and in the unseen realm the laws that operate in the scene are the physical laws those that operate in the unseen are the spiritual laws the theme is consistent throughout all of the occult traditions although it is an ancient philosophy theosophy was popularized by a 19th century ocultist named Hellena Petrovna Blavatsky who founded the Theosophical society and wrote many famous works of occult teaching the Theosophical mantra' is there is no religion higher than truth I would take it farther and say there is no religion other than truth truth is the only real true religion everything else is a paltry imitation that is an exoteric variant that has been co-opted and polluted over time that isn't really hitting the core of the bullseye so to speak I'd like to attend the United Lodge of Theosophists in Philadelphia from time to time Barb and I attended sit in on readings of occult philosophy and ancient Vedic philosophy as well that they talk about sometimes and very powerful readings and discussions happened some of those groups in that's always an uplifting experience the main tenets of theosophy as taught by helena blavatsky are the same tenets found in many other occult schools chief among these is the belief in the presence of a divine spark within every person which with the proper discipline and training can lead to spiritual illumination or quote enlightenment theosophy adherents consider themselves as searchers after truth who are dissatisfied with the world and are dissenters of the creeds of organized religion so it's not a belief system they don't consider any belief system they consider themselves simply searchers after truth which can be known and can be described by models of occult science Theosophists do admit to the existence of a creator or a God but not necessarily to the existence of a personal God they see nature or law as God as an impersonal force that is simply operating in the physical domain I tend to see God as law myself that's you had it you had to tell me what is one word that you would equivalent equivalent to the concept of God I would use I would not use the word love I would use the word law but once you understand them it's the same thing you know we'll get to that talk about the leymah but I would use the word law first and foremost to represent what God actually is theosophy also teaches that humanity has had many past incarnations that the whole species or various or variations on earth which it calls root races these root races should not be seen as genetic races which many other people that followed some of the Theosophists work in the late 19th and early earlier 20th cent parts of the 20th century perverted Theosophical work and tried to take take it on board you know and twist it to their you know agendas this really happened in the early Nazi tradition as Nazism was rising in Germany they tried to take some of these teachings and twist them into a you know racial divisions and you know support different racial purity ideologies but that is not how theosophy teaches them in its pure form these root races should never be seen as genetic races but rather as different types of civilization that had attained different levels of consciousness theosophy teaches in keeping with the hermetic principle of rhythm that there is a cyclical quality or wave-like progression to time it doesn't mean time moves endlessly in on variable cycles it means that it has a quality within it that generates a wave-like progression of choice points from which we can learn and grow and at different times through knowledge of what happened in past wave cycles choose different results for ourselves so it teaches that time has this cyclical or wave-like quality progression to it which imparts lessons and influences consciousness to produce certain outcomes if humanity cannot raise their consciousness to a high enough level of awareness during the recurrence of such wave cycles they may then experience setbacks in their evolutionary progression in the form of semi extinction-level events or Cataclysm which necessitate a restarting of humanity from a subsequent root race and I think we're well along the way to that alcohol personally I think nature only tolerates so much before it says here comes a comments let's see what you make of that how about a super volcanic eruption a caldera going off in the middle of the land in which you live and let's see what you make of that you know that's what nature eventually does because there's too many weeds choking the garden and that's what humanity has become and invariably when the darkness of ignorance progresses to a level of total calcification eventually nature says no more this far and no further we're not quite there yet but we're getting there pretty fast which is why this information needs to be brought forward and people really have to start seeing things as they really are instead of as they want them to be the I think this is the last tradition I'm going to cover it's called thelema one of my favorite occult traditions philemon is a system of magical practices and tenants developed by the 20th century quote grey magician Aleister Crowley and everybody's gonna say all mark you're promoting Crowley again you know he was such a bad guy you know why are you putting people on to his work why are you talking about him like he was somebody to look up to I'm telling you out in the open great magician somebody who knew the path and didn't necessarily walk it who used what he knew for negative influence over other people to control although he also put out a lot of great spiritual works which works were out there to illuminate and enlighten people so he's an enigma you know he's a puzzle Crowley I don't sit here's the example I always tell people when dealing with Crowley's work do as I say not as I do okay if you're talking about Crowley do as he said not as he did you know he didn't necessarily walk the path in his life the main precept of the occult tradition of Thelema is quote do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law this precept is far too often completely misunderstood and completely taken out of context used properly do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law refers to the thalamic concept of the true will it's a central focus of the whole occult system the true will the true will represents a human beings true purpose and path in life which exists in its which exists in I'm sorry of a mistake that should say exists in harmony with the will of the universe I'll correct that in the slides before it goes before this video goes to press this is the path upon which we are guided when we have learned to hear and follow the teachings of the higher self and natural law that means we are doing the true will we have got what we want out of the way you know how many to learn what I have learned to put together what I put together and again not Tooting my own horn horn I'm just making a statement about the amount the level of work and sacrifice that was required to even get to this level of understanding okay I had a set aside things I wanted to do for me for myself to be here today to put this together the time invested you know again I want to be doing other things mark passio wants to be doing other things okay my mark passio is alignment with the true will says can't be doing other things and still be doing the true will sorry but it doesn't work that way therefore I'm putting aside mark paseos desires and saying we got to get to the great work and start getting it done you know so that's what the true will really is about it's not about what I want doesn't mean do whatever you want so I tell people who have absolutely no understanding of filet mallorca roly's intent or writings try to say it means absolutely doesn't mean that at all never did Crowley never interpreted like that never told one living human being that that's what it meant it's called people who are completely profane when it comes to these teachings and haven't looked into it an iota for themselves want to make up what they think it means okay used properly it refers to the Thelema concept of the true will a human beings true purpose and path in life and that is what we begin to do when we learn to listen to the voice of the higher self and when we learn to listen to natural laws teachings for those called to the path of the leymah the true will refers to the great work of truth love and freedom do what thou will does not mean to do whatever you want to do the true will is the apotheosis of freedom means you are putting freedom up on such a pedestal you are elevating it to the level of divinity it is the will of the create freedom is the will of the creator of the universe and that's what the leymah is teaching but the true will is also the strictest possible bond as Crowley said do thy will and no other shall say nay not my will be done thy will be done the will of creation be done let nothing deflect you from that austere and holy task true freedom is absolutely to do thy will seek to do anything else whatsoever and instantly obstacles will arise every act that is not in harmony with the true will is erratic and acts as a hindrance in one's life and creates chaos not only in one's life but in society in general the thalamic principle of do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law must must remain in context with the statement which follows it love is the law love is the law love under will which means love must be the foundation of the will true care must underlie and support our actions this means that any act of human will must be performed with love or higher consciousness as its foundation or the result the resultant product will ultimately be chaotic only action based upon love and therefore in harmony with morality and natural law could ever produce order either in our personal lives or in society as a whole this symbol by the way is known as the universal hexagram of Thelema the unicursal hexagram of Thelema excuse me unicursal means it is written in one stroke without taking the pen off the page without taking the pencil off the paper okay it is the joining of the chalice and blade without them overlapping each other and being separate from each other like one being like there and then the other being there over top of each other it is it is a combining of them in one fluid motion that is like an eternal loop that keeps looping back upon itself in us in a state of synthesis and then the five pedal rows representing again the five elements in nature including the spirit crowley referred to magic which he spelled with a k as quote the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the true will okay now notice that that is different then what I call sorcery okay you're aligning yourself with the will of creation this clearly distinguishes true magic or what Crowley referred to as magic with a K from sorcery which is quote the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the ego-driven will lowercase W will of the practitioner there are two totally different things okay influencing something to align two creations will is entirely different than influencing someone or something to align to my own personal selfish will Crowley also postulated a notion which he called the holy guardian angel which referred to a deep connection to the higher-self a connection that would guide the thala might initiate toward the true will in order for the holy guardian angel to manifest in our lives we must learn to listen to its wisdom by quieting the voice of the ego the force which is at work when we refuse to admit when we have been wronged the force which ever seeks to take us off the path of wisdom and that is why the leymah engaged the the the tradition of the leymah engages in different meditative practices and in different consciousness alteration techniques in order to quiet the ego of mindset the voice that is constantly chattering saying I want I want I want I want or I'm not wrong about that I'm not wrong about that I'm not wrong about that you know that's the ego really that's the force that doesn't allow us to see that what we're doing is wrong when we're doing something that's wrong and it's the force that just keeps saying I want this I want that I want that and forget about all this other stuff over here about truly becoming a better person and helping other people to become better people you know we don't have time for that I have too many things I want the central text of Thelema is known as libéré al vel legis libéré means book al means related to or of and legis valgus means of the law so the book of the law more commonly referred to the book of the law crowley claimed that this book was dictated to him through channeled writing or what is called automatic writing by a higher spiritual consciousness which he referred to as i was so he claimed that this was not his own writing but it was in fact channeled from some type of an entity through the reception of this book crowley proclaimed the arrival of a new stage in the spiritual evolution of humanity which he called the Aeon of horus the age when humanity would finally begin to align itself with natural law and the will of creation again the Aeon of the Rising Sun of the birth of real knowledge the do call ting of occult wisdom and the knowledge of the occult coming online to humanity in the form of common sense shared wisdom I don't know how far we've come into the age of the Aeon of Horus you know there was kind of an occult Renaissance going on during that time and then it kind of got buried again and you know we went into all kinds of Wars and then the technological age came in with the advent of television you know and people uh you know got lost in childish sports and you know I don't distractions so I'll wrap up with a quote from Crowley the absolute rule of the state shall be a function of the absolute liberty of each individual will there it is you know natural law understood in the aggregate is going to create freedom natural law and the true will not done in the aggregate is going to equate to the absolute rule of the state human slavery brilliant brilliant in his understanding not so brilliant in the way he conducted his life particularly in his later years last thing last the aspect of occultism I want to touch on his dark occult is and I'm not going to be labor this too long I just want to really talk about who are these people that I refer to as the dark occultists you can call them a million different names folks it doesn't matter what you call them you can call them sorcerers you can call them dark Luciferians those who have the light and use it for dark purposes they are Satanists okay they are Seton's they are the clip otic Kabbalists clip hole is the region below the tree of life that is the hell world in the Kabbalistic tradition that is the inversion of all the true teachings of the true moral lessons of the true tradish esoteric tradition of Kabbalah if you descended the Platonic realms it's the waste lands the the the lands of the the spent and the spent and corrupted soul that are simply husks that used to be souls and spirits that are just like you know whether it out husks that the the wastelands in other words that's clapotis Kabbalah they are the dark masons of the world they are the dark atenists Aten was a variation of the Sun or the light in the ancient Commission tradition ultimately it's all one cult folks it's the cult of the Black Sun you could call them by any name you want but they are a dark solar cult ok when I say the dark Sun why the black or the dark Sun the Sun represents light it represents knowledge it represents empowerment it represents life the antithesis of that the total polar inversion of that is it's still a form of light it's still the Sun but it has darkness within it so it's knowledge being used for all the wrong reasons knowledge being used to control not in light not uplift knowledge being used to put people in a prison knowledge being used to you being used as a power differential over people who are still in a level of ignorance so you're blinding people with that light and you're enslaving them with it with that knowledge that's what these people are hey if you don't even want to look at it in esoteric terms they're people with the knowledge of how the self works meaning deep psychology very ancient deep knowledge of psychology combined with people who know about how the laws of nature function which is very deep hidden science that's it there are the two sciences that are at work the physical sciences combined with psychology and then you put the understanding of how moral law functions into their which they know as well rebel against because they want to be gods on earth and they want to conquer the natural law consequences or evade them to the longest amount of time that they possibly can there are all the same cult it doesn't make a difference who we're talking about here you could be talking about Satanist set Ian's the you know worshipers of the great owl at Bohemian Grove the Skull and Bones Order of death the cult of the Black Sun that came out of the Nazi an SS Party of Germany all right in the modern day their top-level international bankers top-level political figures top-level finance ears you know high-level religionists high-level members of royalty Roy so-called royal families judiciary military high-level military people involved at highest levels of media highest levels of Medicine highest levels of education again highest levels of all religious systems on the earth and anybody's religion out there is not exempt from that so-called cultural religions secret societies and fraternal orders think tanks intelligence agencies you name it this is where the highest concentration of dark occultists are acting this is who they are this is how they operate in the world these are the institutions who determine how people's lives will be run because we let them and at the top level of every one of these institutions you're gonna find the cult of the Black Sun operating Helena Blavatsky the main teacher of the occult philosophy known as theosophy tried to warn people about these Sorcerer's about this dark solar cult in her third volume of the secret doctrine she wrote this and again livanski gets a bad name like Crowley and they just throw over work sounds oh there's no wisdom in any other work because that's the occult and that's bad you know people have never read her work we'll make statements like this she said for the true students of occult lore white or divine magic could no more exist in nature without its counterpart black magic then day without night everything in that nature has an occult a bright and a night side to it true magic has lost its name and along with its rights along with it its rights to recognition but it's practice is in daily use the real truth is that magic is still in full sway amidst mankind however blind the latter to its silent presence and influence on its members however ignorant society may be and remain to its daily and hourly beneficent and Maleficent effects again the light and the dark side to the occult the world is full of such unconscious magicians she's saying even some of the people involved in these institutions use their influence and don't really know that they're employing occult strategies in many cases they're just using that knowledge the world is full of such unconscious magicians in politics as well as in daily life in the church as in the strongholds of free thought most of those magicians are quote sorcerers unhappily not metaphorically but in sober reality by reason of their inherent selfishness again my will be done okay they're revengeful nature's their envy and their malice the true student of magic well aware of the truth looks on in pity and if he be wise keeps silent again I don't agree with that philosophy okay I don't agree with that ideology I think we need to speak up more than ever regarding this not keep silent about it again I could present people who I have a great deal of respect for and I don't have to agree with every single thing that they say I could still have tremendous amount of respect for what they did get right and for the work that they did share for every effort made by him to remove the universal Sesa T which means blindness is only repaid with ingratitude slander and often curses lies and colony become his lot and thus the well-wisher is soon torn to pieces as a reward for his benevolent desire to enlighten and you know what I say damn it to hell so be it it doesn't matter what people make of it it doesn't matter whether they don't want to take the wisdom it doesn't matter that whether they don't want to take the knowledge I'm gonna speak in anyway that's what's going to happen you know and that's the level of courage and will that people needs this need to step into which sadly I don't feel Blavatsky fully made it to as many a cultist in and again like I said the beginning of the seminar how many are call teachers are actually doing this who claim that they're really knowledgeable of the occult how many of them are out there sharing that knowledge with people even in a rudimentary cursory introductory sort of way hardly any a paltry number can probably count them on one hand all right let's move into some breakdowns of occult symbolism which I think people should enjoy occult symbolism is a secret language hidden in plain sight symbols are all around us they're in just about every walk of life that we engage in from business to shopping to advertising to on the products that we use on a day-to-day basis everywhere I've been using them throughout this presentation you know to communicate messages in subtle ways to car corresponding correlate ideas what people say hey why do we need to look at symbolism and at them and try to understand what symbols mean isn't that a big waste of time you hear this again the people who say this is all insignificant again over and over again these people are the people who think it's just a political problem all right we just have to analyze what's going on in politics find the right people for the position the world is gonna be fine it's just we need some reform in government that's all and it's not slavery you know we just need to reform that financial system if we just get control over coining the money again it's gonna be hunky-dory you know these are the people who would mock and ridicule the study of symbolism it entirely semiotic s-- you know they would say you don't need to look into symbolism or break it down or try to understand what it means it's not it's all meaningless it's just what one person says it's their interpretation and I agree there are interpretations of symbolism and not all symbolism means one thing can have many different interpretations what I want to help people to understand is what's really being conveyed being spoken there's an energetic vibration that goes along with symbols so why they call it a symbol and resonate something it rings something it sends out a lot of vibration into human consciousness and if you don't understand what that symbol the frequency that that resonates at because of its pure form you're getting hit with that frequency you're getting hit with that message and you don't even understand what's being said to you it's it's a form of illiteracy it would be like me literally speaking another language that no none of you understood to a person in the room and I could talk about all of you behind your back without your knowledge well that's what's being done through symbolism and this is done and through the use of archetypes art types are original Patt an archetype is an original pattern or model from which all things of that same kind are copied or on which they are all based so an archetype is a model or a first form it could be seen as a prototype of something a first thing but then you pattern something later on or you build upon or expand on later so I've just put five basic art types here there's many of them I mean we could look at the archetype of the lightning bolt the diamond the simple rudimentary fish with a simple wave pattern you can go it's on and on forever just on our kites these are five real simple ones I just wanted to give you a general idea of what some of these could be used to communicate a circle it's considered the perfect shape it represents eternity because there's no beginning and no end it represents wholeness or completeness it represents perfection fluidity completeness the divine it's the shape that generally is used to represent God or divinity conversely the squares the seeming opposite has rough edges it's very rigid 90-degree angles not really found in nature it represents stability however represents groundedness earthliness rigidity imperfections base consciousness earthly nature very simply conveyed in a sheep when we especially when we compare the two against each other and you could see the inherent differentiation between them the triangle as the simplest enclosed form it represents balance synthesis coming together of opposites Union sharpness intellect etc again that symbol the blade represented the intellect represented the masculine quality of consciousness in many ancient traditions the star represents spirit sovereignty achievement openness oneness they give schuylkill children's stars in school achievement openness and oneness because it represents the human form outstretched the cross an ancient symbol of power and authority strength focus and willpower that's why authoritarians often use it in many different forms these are the basic forms on which symbolism is based these are basic vibrations you can look at these as the small mouth noises that then eventually words and then whole sentences and whole communicated traditions of meaning which is what symbolism is about symbolism helps us to develop and practice and stay sharp with correlational thinking or correlative thinking this is so important and so lacking in our society okay when I try to teach some symbolism to like family members let's say I'll say well in this symbol the all-seeing eye represents the light and the wisdom of the divine of the Creator and many of my family members will just stop me there and say I totally don't understand what you mean I cannot Coralie or think of an eye inside of a triangle with some rays coming out of it as the creator's wisdom you know the light of Reason how do you equate these two I'm just trying to explain it's like let X equal 10 in algebra you know it's an arbitrary decision based on an archetype of form that people who use this symbol came up with and glassy-eyed no eyes glass over can't they don't have this correlative thinking where they can say let a be equal to B okay and give it a value and substitute it can't do that that's why you know I tutor algebra it's one of the things I do for the fake form of money you know i tutor you know high school or college people in algebra and you could tell right away who has correlative thinking active in them because they take to it or if they don't have correlative thinking active they have a real hard time with it so correlative thinking is what symbolism ultimately Foster's and again many people don't have it active in them so for example if I establish that pen the symbol of pen equals 20 okay and then I also establish bird plus wheel equals 50 you follow me so far pan is 20 birds plus wheel equals 50 and finally I establish pen and bird are equal to each other well what does wheel equal 30 now most people can't do that most people on the earth cannot do that I'm serious more people alive on the earth cannot do that than can because they cannot engage in a simple correlation I know most of my family members can't now I'm not saying that to insult anybody I'm just telling you how it is the majority of human beings will not be able to provide the answer for the value of the wheel in that simple correlative exercise which is simple algebra and they couldn't explain why they that answer is cell because if pen and burger equal to each other since pen equals 20 bird must equal 20 then we could go over here plug in the value of 20 into that equation where the bird is at 20 plus wheel equals 50 wheel must equal 30 that's why it's so you know that's a simple proof of that so symbolic literacy symbolic illiteracy combined with the widespread absence of correlative thinking has made it dramatically easier for those who use their knowledge of symbols and archetypes to manipulate behavior at a subconscious level because they can sneak messages into wherever they want and the person has no idea that there's an embedded message there and they have no idea what it means that's how they do it and that's why it's significant to study now I'm going to give you a great example of archetypal symbolism applied for mental manipulation and I tell people if you want the first example to study about what the occult is this is one of the examples to look into this is what the occult is applied in life this is mind control applied in life it's not my interpretation of that it's what it really is it's not just clever marketing it's a cult concepts that some people know how they work and some people don't applied for the purpose of one group of people getting what they want at the expense of another group of people so keep that in mind as I explain the Betty Crocker conundrum in the early 1950s a perverted form of Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic approaches championed by Freud's nephew Edward Bernays were sweeping across America even to the point where the Central Intelligence Agency was using the psychoanalytical approaches for mass control of the population a great book to read on this as Jim Keith's mass mass cottage mass control the manipulation of human consciousness a place where it provided were approved very successful was in the unassuming kitchens of middle-class families Betty Crocker foods had produced an instant cake mix all you needed to do was add water to the supplied powder in that time this was considered somewhat of a miracle of a minor miracle the problem was that the miracle cake mix mixture did not sell at all and Betty Crocker put like you know a lot of money into research and development to come up with this stuff they didn't want to have to go back to the drawing board they wanted to sell what they came up with in other words they wanted to make people want it they didn't want to accept the decree that had been given them we don't want this so undaunted Benny Betty Crocker foods turned to the science of psychoanalysis to help quote solve the problem that they had in other words to make people buy something that the company already knew they did not want instead of trying to provide a product they did want they wanted people to want what they had already invested R&D; money in and what they had already made and put out onto the shelves that was a complete flop and there was a reason it was a complete flop which we'll get to crocker hired a Madison Avenue ad campaign firm to investigate through psycho analytical techniques the underlying the reasons that the housewives did not want the cake mix and they did this through many interview sessions with many housewives the conclusion conclusion of the study was that although the average American housewife very much appreciated the convenience of the cake mix she felt very guilty about deceiving her husband and family into thinking she had worked hard for them when in fact she had done very little work and put very little of herself and her own love into the project as she had done when making a cake from scratch entirely from scratch so she was feeling guilt inwardly at having kind of gotten off a little bit easy you're not having to do as much work or invest as much time and energy and love into the project of making a cake for her family the answer offered to Betty Crocker by the psychologists they hired was quite simple all that needed to be done was to add three words onto the instructions on the box of cake mix add one egg add one egg was that's it they just had to say you provide an egg to this mixture now what's the egg it's an archetype it's a symbolic original form the egg is creative essence in many ancient cultures the egg represents the cosmos itself the womb of creation the Sacred Feminine essence from which all life Springs and again it is the feminine fertility symbol the egg is what the woman contributes to the birthing process the egg as one of the most important and ancient archetypal symbols holds very deep often subconscious correspondences to life birth and creation making the entire process of making the cake more meaningful in the housewives mind in this way she would in proxy be quote giving life to her husband family by providing the egg this is how the mind works at a subconscious level changing the recipe to add an egg to the mixture offered the guilty housewife a way out by doing more than adding just water by adding an ingredient which was psychologically intertwined with her own life giving and creative capabilities she could a suede her guilt that she was feeling the end result sales of Betty Crocker's unwanted cake mix soared and I couldn't find an original ad that had the one egg on it this was when they ratcheted up the recipe to include two eggs this is from the late 1950s and you could if you read this up close if you blew this up and read up close over and over again they keep talking about the egg it says Betty Crocker brings you that special homemade goodness because you add the eggs yourself you know that at the bottom let me see if I could see it it says here we go it's very small print there are only two kinds of cake mixes this is the only underlined nationally sold cake mix that lets you add the eggs the only one that gives you that special homemade goodness no light fluffy cakes they're made with famous soft silk cake flour dot dot dot and you add the eggs over and over again they keep reemphasize ingush in this one end no no I'd say all accidental you don't need to know about any of this stuff symbolism is insignificant it has nothing to do with what's going on in your mind at all let's look at some solar symbolism next again the meanings of solar symbolism are always intertwined and related to light life life force or essence the spirit knowledge power enlightenment growth strength kingship sovereignty trust clarity renewal and resurrection because these are the things that the Sun provides without it there is no life there is you know nothing's going to grow on the earth it symbolically represents the light of knowledge which can be converted into power when applied and those concepts were always associated with kingship and sovereignty as well now let's keep that in mind when we see how it's used in product placement and advertising you know if you go shop to shop right to shop are you going to be coming home enlightened are you gonna buy the Sun you're gonna come home with the light in your basket you know that's what they're doing symbolically putting the Sun behind the basket the shopping cart and again this is always done in proxy see they're looking to sell you on what they know you don't already have what you're lacking what you want what you crave so combined with combine that with food products combine it with you know energy related products again the Sun is the ultimate source of energy what does the Sun have to do with tapping into the lifeblood of the earth and taking oil out of it well they want to correlate the idea that the natural light energy of the Sun they're somehow going to be selling you when they sell you this oil when it has nothing to do with that I'll show you in a later section where they know it's the blood of the earth literally it's the lifeblood and that's why they put the blood drop on many oil logos as well but every one of these symbols is archetype Li bringing the image of enlightenment and the Sun into the product placement again what was it another symbol for sovereignty kingship knowledge light trust son trust people have to trust the bank they're going to put their money into citi bank with the the Rising Sun targeted with the ancient art title symbol of the Sun here are some products you can trust Lucis trust the New Age publishing company Sovereign Bank you won't be getting any sovereignty there you know you see solar symbolism embedded in architecture zodiacal symbolism astro theological symbolism the Arc de Triomphe in the middle of the twelve spoked wheel representing the twelve houses of the zodiac the sun's progression through the year and there you see the Rays of the Sun right around the the street system that the arcs it's in the middle of hopefully people can see that I hope it's not washed out too badly you trust this guy well that's why he's using that logo you know he's the new king you should trust him you know he has your better interest in mind like all presidents do it's a brilliant symbol though and most people never caught on that it was a Sun you know because it's white in the middle of the American flag collars but it's a Sun coming up over the horizon or is it setting below the horizon and I don't know but you know are tightly that's connecting with trust for people power knowledge you know the things that somebody like that who wants to who's a con man a confidence man who wants to gain other people's confidence wants to portray it doesn't make a difference you know whether it's him or some Republican they all do it like I said blood symbolism is another big thing especially when it comes to banking and oil you'll see this you just look for it you'll see it and again the symbolic correlations are to life the life force vitality flow movement and fluidity well what are and banks all about flow right flow of energy flow of Commerce well what are they really telling you are you going to a blood bank for your life force energy that money is your life force you can't live without it just like you couldn't live without your blood isn't that the deep-seated it's like psychological correlation that they're trying to portray by putting a blood drop and associating with it with a bank and you know it doesn't even look like a sea you know now that's that's the C from Commerce Bank but it's a blood drop and very many oil companies use this as well because they know that oil is not what people claim it is a fossil fuel you know it's it's a substance that the earth completely renewed and regenerates just like we make new blood when pints of it are taken out of our body and that's what we're doing that's what they're doing their vampire eyes alive am Pires taking the blood sucking the blood out of this planet let's look at some Astra theological symbolism again the meanings and interpretations here range from authority and power to intelligence divinity again associated with the heavens the higher realms the realm of God the realm of the angels the realm of the stars travel getting away from here getting off earth to the higher realms to the stars and heavens escape comfort pleasure peace of mind sexuality embedded in astrological symbolism in many cases fertility and union and again these are all things people want that's why they always work these into into symbolism for products these are the things people want to connect with it's what they want present in their lives and so you put that in proxy in the symbol now Astro theology is traditionally used widely in religious traditions of all religious traditions Islam uses the iconography of the moon constantly astra theological symbolism Judaism uses the astra theological symbolism of both the stars and Saturn in its religion and of course Christianity uses the astro theological symbolism of the cross of the zodiac and this the symbol of Pisces because we are in the Piscean age when it comes to the precession of the equinoxes astronomically so look at the cross in symbolism you have it on the Pope's mitre you have the fish head of Pisces as the Pope's mitre the open mouth of the fish on his head the fish symbol is the representation of Christ in modern Christianity but this symbol in the ancient Commission tradition was in its upright position not on its left side as it is today in its imbalanced form but in the balanced form with the point pointing upward was the symbol of the SH M su hor which was a group known as the disciples were the followers of Horus the Rising Sun and that's what the Christian tradition is is it's a retelling of the solar deities of the ancient world particularly Horus tombos Dionysus Mithra and others well you see the zodiacal cross of the greater and lesser crosses or what is known as the cross of st. George and st. Andrew in the middle of Vatican square you have the Pope holding the symbol of the cross you have the cross on his sachet that he's wearing I mean it's replete with astro theological themes one of them being the cross here you see Aries symbolism in product placement again that's connected with comfort and sexuality the Dodge is actually it's a the RAM there is actually it's symbolic of the feminine womb the fallopian tubes and the womb the Aries symbol of McDonald's and the the colors of comfort red and yellow what you see constantly associated with food particularly food that's not so good for you again Astro theological symbolism always associated with comfort that's why they'll sell you that that symbolism in the Starbucks logo as well the comfort of the goddess the Moon the crescent moon symbol the sovereignty of the upward-pointing stars you know now you're just going to get an overpriced cup of coffee you're not gonna get any of those things you know the Saturnian symbolism constantly the swoosh representing the ring of Saturn the rings of Saturn I you know it's been pointed out many by many people that Nike is just any key you know in a different Porter I find that pretty interesting but it's it's about higher realms communication trust sovereignty that's what Astro Theological symbolism always deals with travel and escape and comfort also themes embedded in it you see so many cars using Astro theological symbolism this is just a handful of them Saturn mercury BMW Saturn and Mercury are blatantly obvious BMW using the Astra theological cross motif star markets and ATMs the Piscean symbol mainly in the form of the vesica Pisces or the overlapping circles in many products Chanel though it's a womb it's a rudimentary womb symbol and they're using it for union you know masculine and feminine Union comfort associating it with flow fluidity money trust etc pentagram or pentacle symbolism used by many different schools of the occult one of the rudimentary archetype of symbolism in occultism we've briefly gone over this already the five points of the pentacle or pentagram represent the four elements of earth air water and fire corresponding respectively to the physical plane aspects of inherent qualities and characteristics with earth intellect with air emotion with water and we'll with fire and then they're ruled over ultimately by the spirit or the quintessence or the fifth element which represents sphere and in its proper position this point would be placed upward over the other for not saying that spirit is totally superior to the material world forces but that it ultimately governs them and is acting as a balance point between them through which we really need to identify and find balance so that we're not lost and owned by the material world senses now most of the time dark occultists will take this symbolism and reverse it it's another thing I want to say about dark occultism in general is they don't create much on their own they take what's already there and they pervert and they corrupt they use things that are there and just change them energetically they don't really have much of a creative essence to do new things they just use what somebody else has already used to represent one thing and then they reverse it similar to how the Nazi Party reversed the Vedic symbol of the swastika which traditionally represented positive solar energy good fortune and enlightenment and they took that turned at the opposite direction made it the crooked cross of the SS and the Nazi Party and you know they turned it into a symbol of death bad fortune destruction and totalitarianism which is just a perversion of what it formerly meant so you'll see this used in control institutions and in dark occult orders the pentagonal symbolism reversed here you see in the Victoria police's logo they're not upholding your rights folks they're upholding the divine right to rule of the crown you know that's that's why the crown sits atop the inverted pentagram the spiritual point is thrust downward into the ground and they're not upholding anybody's rights but who they consider the sovereign some clown who thinks that they have the divine right to rule over other people because of the nature of their bloodline that they were born for you see this done in some fraternal orders like the Fraternal Order of Police and in the woman's Masonic affiliate order the order of Eastern Star of course you have the pentagonal symbolism at the pentagram building the center of intelligence in United States and that exactly correlates to the middle of an inverted pentagram now when it comes to inverted pentagonal symbolism or pentagram symbolism one of the best examples is the street system of Washington DC just above the White House and again people will debate this and insist there's nothing to this and because of a specific reason which I'll get to in a moment but this is the White House from a Google Maps image from seen from overhead and you are I believe looking due due north is in that in the upward direction so directly above in the northern direction which masonic lee is considered a place of darkness pointing down toward the White House is an inverted pentagram embedded in the street system now people will say that's not even a complete reverse pentagram one of the biggest types of pentagrams in dark occult symbolism is known as the Faustian pentagram particularly used in Satanism and other forms of dark occultism a Faustian pentagram deliberately leaves one arm absent or broken and what that symbol represents is a pact with the evil or chaotic force in the world it represents a pact with the force of entropy and darkness that power will be delivered unto you and into your hands if you agree essentially to give your life essence or soul over to that force hence the Faustian pentagram is also often referred to as the pentagram of pacts now the people who Bosch researchers who look at the symbolism in the street system of Washington DC as a as a form of geo mansi which is what this is directing energy through architecture and lines of energy on the earth will say how could you even say that represents an inverted pentagram when you know that arm isn't there and that's that you know last part of it isn't there what I'm trying to explain to you is that makes it all the more indicative that this was a deliberately created design that deliberately left that arm specifically open because it represents a Faustian pentagram but people who don't look into the dark occult would never understand the concept of the Faustian pentagram never have come across it at all it comes from the German play Faust in which Doctor Faustus sells his soul to the demon Memphis Thoth Elise for worldly power so that's pentagram symbolism let's take a look at the symbolism of the all-seeing eye which we've already really gone into of course this represents God the Creator divinity source light knowledge truth intelligence the spark of the divine sovereignty and unity consciousness the Trinity used all over the place in iconography in government in media banking financial institutions intelligence agencies fraternal orders etc very popular symbolism so you see it in the Information Awareness Office they want to be God and be omnipotent have all knowledge of everything that's going on on the earth working with many other intelligence agencies British Secret Service the mi5 with the eye at the top of the pyramid CBS logo of the I of course we looked at the symbol of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States on the back of the dollar bill what I call the sigil of all masonry the all-seeing eye is prominently used in Freemasonry there you see it used within compasses in square with the G it's used in some financial institutions and it was part of the AOL logo the illuminated torch symbolism yet again another symbol that represents light knowledge truth intelligence and clarity and of course we see this carried by the Statue of Liberty not necessarily none of these symbols are necessarily bad folks we can't look at this as all subversive some symbolism is used to convey uplifting messages and qualities I don't look at the site some some researchers look at the Statue of Liberty and say that's the dark occult this occultists negative variant of the goddess I personally don't see it as such I see it as a very positive symbol of exactly what they talk about it as Liberty freedom through knowledge through enlightenment you know she's holding a book you know lead the word book lis bear in Latin it meant two things in Latin it meant book and it meant free the same word meant book and free Li BER which is where the word Liberty comes from you know that they were correlating those concepts deliberately that if you have knowledge through books about what's really going on in the world and what is really going on within yourself that you've studied that you're then going to look into within in yourself and you have read about and learned lessons about history about what people did wrong in the past and learn about natural law and how it works through wise people bringing it down to you through time through hard work and sweat and blood and sacrifice to preserve that knowledge maybe just maybe that's going to correlate with the concept of freedom with the state of freedom too so I see that as a representation of the positive aspect of the goddess who was a goddess of love truth and freedom I see the Columbia Pictures logo as being positive as well but it certainly got a symbolism and the illuminated torch there representing knowledge it was used on the back of the dine with I believe it was I don't know if that's Holly and there's another plant there with it but yep Laurel right and then the Amoco illuminated torch in the their oil logo so they're different people will use symbols for different purposes but ultimately it's representing something that they want you to identify with and want so if the torch represents freedom enlightenment knowledge they're putting it on the American oil company logo so that when you go and give money over inflated amounts of money to buy the fuel that we quote-unquote need because we haven't made anti-gravity propulsion technology because we can't give that to the earthly slaves they have to have our internal combustion engine and use the Earth's lifeblood that we vampires out of the earth on a daily basis you know and we're all guilty of it you know because there's no other alternative in this society if you want to travel anywhere and you know they want to put the symbol of knowledge enlightenment wisdom and freedom on that logo and sell you that in proxy what they know we don't really have collectively that's how this works it's using the archetype for what the purpose they want to use it for now something that I do see is more dark symbolism than anything else Allah I'm not saying that the AO always represents something that's bad or evil it generally just represented wisdom knowledge intelligence wisdom insight but also secrecy predation night and darkness because the owl was a predator is a predatory bird it's a flesh-eating bird that can see its prey from a higher perspective in a state of darkness because of its superior night vision where its prey does not have that same capability and cannot see it coming for it that's why it's loved by dark occultism by dark occult all kind they identify with this symbol because they look at themselves as the predator class that can see its prey that knows everything about its prey they see it from a higher perspective where its prey is on the ground very low at a lower level of consciousness and they're in a position to very easily take advantage of that differential and knowledge hence they consider themselves the wise ancient predatory bird and that's why they use that symbol and meeting grounds like Bohemian Grove depicted a ritual of it depicted there and one of their main sigils with the Bohemian Club owl with a belt around it representing the Ouroboros with the phrase weaving spiders come not here they're trying to convince people they're not there to do any work they're not there to actually get together and conspire they're there for a simple vacation where they're just gonna blow off steam and perform some homosexual acts with you know paid homosexual prostitutes they bring in their but you know a big point of contention and some occult researches the owl at the Bohemian Grove does it represent mola which is a Canaanite deity from the Levant area and ancient Phoenician canaan which was seen as a bull in that tradition because he represented bail an older Phoenicia got Phoenician God Bell or bill which then morphed into the Canaanite God bail or Baal was often sacrificed had children sacrificed to it these burners that they actually created these huge and what emulation pits they would actually during what was called the season of sacrifice a 40 day period at the beginning of spring to the midpoint of spring to give homage and sacrifice to their Sun God Bell or bill or they would take the purest thing in their society which was newborn children and offer some of them to this God the solar God because they believe that the life force energy was in the blood and the blood had to be offered to the god of the Sun in order to ensure a bountiful harvest and the growth of crops because that's how they looked at the cycle of life force energy through the blood through the Sun through the earth through the growing of crops in the springtime and then being harvested in the summer toward the fall so that they would be able to survive the season of death the winter the concept of the immolation rights of Canaan of the Canaanite tradition these rituals were actually known as Moloch's M o l CH they the Moloch was the ritual the God that they were sacrificing to was Molech mo l e CH this became tied with some symbolism of the owl in that region particularly because this region was close to the Sumerian region and some of the belief systems of Sumer promulgated to that region and the owl was a big symbol of goddess tradition and solar cult tradition in the Sumerian and Akkadian regions so these concepts of the bull God and the Al God as being solar deities kind of crossed over with each other and I would say that the Bohemian Grove owl does correspond to bail it does correspond to the Sun God that they worship as part of this cult of the dark Sun that I've been talking about and they certainly perform a sacrifice ritual to that out it's called the cremation of care they're sacrificing care to the God because they don't want that generative principle operating in humanity so what do they do in oh gee allegedly they burn a child it's a male child and what is the name of that male child in the ceremony the dark occult ceremony known as the cremation of care they call the male child dull care it's a mockery ritual it's a total mockery ritual they're saying humanity's care is dull they can't defeat us we're burning up they're dull care and are a yearly basis and it's cake work you know it's a piece of cake for us to do because they don't see us you know they don't see what we're about here what we're really gathered to focus upon I would say that's just the mock ritual that goes on out in front of the other lower-level members to basically focus their energy I would say as in all ancient priest class rituals there was always a real ritual going on behind some fake ritual that was performed upfront but then in what was known as the Holy of Holies through the veil somewhere probably deeper into the you know Californian groves there there's probably a real sacrifice ritual that takes place or they're channeling all of that energy that you know is being focused on this proxy ritual and you know using it for their benefit in the real ritual the cremation of care I mean it's right out in people's face more so it's out in our face and architectural ways we're in the city we're on from on the left there is Commerce Square one of the banking centers of Philadelphia so clearly - owls standing side by side with their wings down at their side you know I don't know how anybody can deny that those buildings are built deliberately to look like owls what other building do you see with diamonds at the tops looking like ears anywhere in the world you know but don't worry about it the bankers they have nothing to do with the dark occult you know that they have no religion it's all just secular humanism all and they're just you know they're just you know they're trying to fight those bubbles that come up constantly they want to make it work for us have our interest at heart this is the frost bank building again seems like the financial quote-unquote elitist trash really like the owl symbolism in their buildings you know this one even at night is even more pronounced with the eyes you know lighting up clear very clearly this is the capital building and if you this is from again Google Earth and if you just outline the street system directly around the capital building it is an owl with its arms outstretched perched on top with its tail coming down from the legs if you extended this image below if you look at it on Google Maps it's a 13 Street pyramid it's a 13 level pyramid just like the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill 13 levels with the owl perched on top of it surrounding in its belly symbolically the Capitol building again the dark occult surrounding the place where you know supposedly the the bettors of our society our convening to basically direct the rest of our lives no and there are people who will debate this and they'll insist all this is just some some kind of coincidence yeah it's it's a strange symbol of a huge crested owl with huge ears and wings outstretched sitting on top of a pyramid over the Capitol building of the United States very coincidental actually here is the image from a poke pulled back some you can see the Capitol building there you can see the symbol of the L with the ears and the tail and it's wings are outstretched and then this is the 13 level pyramid that it sits atop right there I've done work in my podcast series to actually break down a lot of the G oh man see that's embedded in the street system of Washington DC I probably even myself have missed a lot of it because there's so much embedded in it but this is a map of pretty much the whole DC district here and this is all the symbolism that's contained in there you have the inverted pentagram pointing to the White House you have the Sacred Feminine egg you have the phallic symbol the penis symbol you know with a tipped by the huge phallic symbol the Washington Monument they pen to pen tagging all symbolism with the Pentagon the owl with the compasses in square surrounding it atop the 13 level pyramid you have the Seal of Solomon the Sun and the moon you know the up the upward pointing triangle and the downward pointing triangle the chalice and blade intertwine another huge inverted pyramid which is approximately 30 levels 30 streets and then over top of that you have the illuminated torch that actually that illuminated torch the the road that forms that torch goes around a baseball stadium which looks like the eye in the middle of the torch and that's the easternmost position of the city this is this is facing east so there's you know starting it's really like a symbol starting with the will center going up you know this is supposed to be the heart center then the illumination the mind center facing east you know that's how they say it they see themselves as those who have the light and they're throwing it right in our face and people can't see it pinecone symbolism another very popular piece of symbolism for people who consider themselves quote in the know that they consider that they are spiritually aware and enlightened they have the knowledge they are awoken they have wisdom and they have transformed themselves spiritually in many cases it's the exact opposite the pine the pinecone symbolism comes after the pineal gland which is at the center of the head it's right here circled in red it's it considered in the midbrain or the limbic system of the brain it regulates this gland regulates a lot of different functions within the individual related to perception emotion etc and the gland looks like a little pinecone it has a lot of blood flow that goes through it and it's very much attacked as something that they don't they see not to want to develop or function properly so a lot of the food things in water are very much attacked to target this part of the central nervous system the pinecone literally looks like a little pineal gland ok the pineal gland looks like a little pinecone I should say this is called the court of the pinecone and it is at the Vatican that's where that pinecone is at it is surrounded by two peacocks peacocks are another big symbol in alchemy they represent alchemical transformation again the pinecone represents awakening resurrection or transmutation spiritual transmutation now below it there is a black empty sarcophagus right down there below on the left hand side as you go up these steps in the court of the pinecone to the other side of it from this image perspective that's what you will see and behind it there is an empty sarcophagus now they're basically throwing this symbolism right in your face you know we are the resurrected ones we are the ones who have come out of darkness and into light we have the knowledge we understand how the awakening process works we understand how this activity of the brain that people don't even understand and whose functions are essentially shut down due to the horrible nutrition and all kinds of pollutants in their food and water we know how that works you know and we have we have done that transformation to ourselves but that's not for you you know we're going to sequester that and keep it to ourselves and keep it here and they never mention this you'll never hear about this by the Vatican but just go on Google Images and you know you'll see tons of images of a type quart of the pine cone you have a lot of tourists images that just take pictures of it of course here you see the Pope in his astro theological regalia here holding the cross but at the base of it is the pine cone right there in his hand I Circle it right there in symbolic iconography throughout the ancient world the pine cone is revered it's always a symbol of the transformation of a God often the God is giving that spiritual essence or knowledge to humanity here you see in the Akkadian tradition of one of their gods a clearly non-human looking entity here it is in the Babylonian tradition I'm sorry let me go back one here it is in Egyptian symbology in a caduceus form and of course it was the hairstyle of the Buddha who was considered a symbol a very symbol of Resurrection and awakening and you see in many different Buddha images the hairstyle that he is wearing reflective of the pinecone let's look at the symbolism of the fashions fashions is an ancient Roman symbol that was an axe and it was bound up and surrounded by a bundle of rods this represented total control centralized Authority the Roman Empire was represented by the axe and then it's satellite states were considered the rods all held together by the authority of Rome the bundle of staffs it represented total control total domination strength combined power and authority I see this as a highly negative symbol a symbol of oppression so then the question is what is it doing in so much government symbolism what's it doing in secret society or fraternal order symbolism on the back of the u.s. diamond on state seals in the Senate chambers of the United States government itself where the Speaker of the House sits at the Lincoln Memorial Lincoln on the sides of his quote throne as the king and trying in that temple is holding two fascists in his hands it's on German postage stamp as a symbol of fascism on the left hand side there you know they're basically outright telling you who they are they're telling you what their agenda is wordlessly never in words always wordlessly in the rationale here in their religious notion goes something like this if we tell them in any language regardless of how obscure the language is even if they don't understand the language somehow that gives us heart launch license to do what we want because their refusal to say no is tacit approval is silent tacit approval and they look at it like they're not karmically responsible if they say hey I'm gonna punch you in the face but I'm gonna draw a really obscure fig figure of me punching you in the face such that you'll look at it not really no it's me punching you in the face I can hand that to you and then tomorrow I could punch you really hard in the face and somehow I'm not karmically responsible for that action because I told you I was gonna do it you didn't say no that's how their twisted work logic works yet that's their belief system once again I'm not saying you have to think that it really works like that because I don't think it really works like that either I'm just telling you that's how they think it does that's their religious belief people act on their religious belief they think if we tell you something and then you don't say no regardless of whether we told you in an obscure language we have the right to do it because you didn't say no and so that's their religion and it's all legitimate I'm not telling you that's legitimate I'm not saying it really does excuse their karmic consequence I'm saying that's what they believe and they're willing to act upon it let's look at some checkerboard floor symbolism the symbol of a checkered floor in the free Masonic tradition again represented ignorance unconsciousness Earthbound identification immorality and ultimately slavery if we stay there let's see how this symbolism is used again I would suggest this symbolism is always used dark occult eclis it's used here in the Fraternal Order of Police as emblem their sigil in the middle with the pillars and I see this as a very negative arrangement of those pillars because in the Masonic tradition the true arrangement of those pillars would be in an upright position with the you the pillar of unity raised above the pillars of duality so now they're raising the dual pillars all over the pillar of unity which is underneath the checkerboard floor I see this as raising duality you know above unity consciousness and they're shaking hands on it and saying we're in the know you know the symbol of the eye I broke this all down in my occult mockery of police and military personnel presentation that I gave at the first for your mind conference one of the ways they really ritualistically mopped these children who don't understand what they're being told at all oh and who just you know say hey give me a paycheck I'll do whatever you tell me to do I'm no conscience I've no morality I take a paycheck to take actions well I don't even I don't give a damn whether they're right or wrong you know that's what all police are 100% all everyone BarNone every single one in the history of the world you know people won't come out and just say something as simple as that and as factually flat-out as that because they're too afraid they're gonna offend somebody's delicate sensibilities you know I don't care whose family members a cop or know somebody who's a cop you know every single one of them are involved in something that's immoral because if you take a paycheck to perform an action and you're not concerned whether that action is right or wrong whether you actually have a right to take it but you do it because you say it's your job that's the definition of immorality and what they do with idiots like this is they wrap the checkerboard floor around their head because they're their wordlessly telling them you are unknown nothing around your brain we are wrapping the symbol that means ignorance and slavery and the lack of understanding of the difference between right and wrong were putting it around your brain like like a headband you know and these people think this is some kind of a badge of honor when they're basically wordlessly being totally trashed and mocked by the people who designed this system of iconography and symbolism you know just as a brief aside here to the checkerboard floor symbolism the people who think that there's no connection between police between you know occult orders and fraternal orders like Freemasonry and control systems like police of all places all geographic regions and states I mean it's everywhere and this is a tiny tiny little sample you know we can go on we could have 20 of these screens and you still have all the Masonic lis affiliated police lodges and orders and you know I see this as nothing but dark masonry how many of these many of these lodges are teaching police morality many how many of these lodges you think are actually trying to teach these police any kind of a system first of all you talk about a police true morality there won't be a cop anymore nobody who's in a state of true morality could do that job period nobody ever has ever I don't care who it offends you know I've almost gotten in fights with some of my friends [Applause] the two are antitheses of each other order followers by definition are performing an action without first engaging and ensuring for themselves that they know that that action is within the bounds of morality and they know that they are not harming anybody by taking it or they're not doing something that they have no right to do by taking that action by definition an order follower simply follows the order where they wouldn't be an order follower so by definition an order follower cannot be a moral being period can not it's like saying I can melt this ice cube and still have an ice cube ah no you can that's not the definition of it once you melt that it's water it's not an ice cube anymore you know so that's what people who try to say order followers can be moral people think that's their twisted logic and by the way this is what's going to be a central hammering relentless focus of my work in coming weeks and years I'm gonna mercilessly hammer on the whole order following dynamic okay I mean you're not gonna hear at the end [Applause] I'm gonna have hole I'm gonna build hole presentations on nothing but the dynamic of what order following actually is and try to make it so simple that a two-year-old could understand it okay so the next piece of symbolism is the hypercube I think this is the last piece of symbolism how are we doing on time I think I'm way ahead in this section oh oh great I'm right on time then beautiful okay so right now it's 4:30 perfect okay the hypercube is depicted here by this really cool animation I finally found out really good animation of a hypercube that explains the concept of the cube inside the cube moving endlessly through itself thus in dark occultism in particular the hypercube represents an eternal prison it's a very very concealed and high-level symbol in dark occultism many times this will not ever be shown or talked about with a lower-level initiate in the occult all right so we're talking about high-level dark occult symbolism now the hypercubes meanings or interpretation are total control total domination entrapment locked down no escape permanent imprisonment I really should have wrote on here and permanent slavery no way out the mind is taken the soul is taken it's gone okay and it's in the trap alright so I hope people can really understand how this is a perfect symbol of that because it's like the earthly contained within the earthly the symbol of the cube or the square and it's full four dimensional perspective that's what the hypercube is if they call this the extruded cube it's a cube rotated into all other dimensions so that it becomes what is considered a 4d object you actually have many cubes they're rotating amongst each other okay and again what it represents is dimensionality or densities if you look at the dot as having no dimension as just a single point in space-time it has no depth with high anything that would be 0d if we extrude that if we pull that through one dimension that becomes a one-dimensional object or a line if we then extrude the 1d object it can become a plane and now we have a two-dimensional object a plane a square etc then if we take that and we extrude the square we have a square here and we extrude that through another dimension we get a three-dimensional object or a cube now what if we were to take the cube and extrude it and pull it through another dimension of space which is very difficult for our three-dimensional brains to even extrapolate what it would actually somewhat look like visually is the hypercube or what's known as the tesseract in mathematics that is a four dimensional cube before d space cube now in one of its 2d projections if we rotated this in a certain way this cube we would get this two-dimensional projection of the hypercube and you see that the 2d projection of the hypercube is outlined by an octagon the outside edge of the 2d hypercube projection in this orientation is the hypercube so in dark occultism whenever you see the octagon or you see the eight pointed star the the two squares laying at a 90 degree angle over top of each other almost invariably you're talking about the hypercube and it's just a two-dimensional projection or variant of the hypercube and I'll show you what I mean by this the first thing is a hypercube in its octagonal projection is used by the police particularly here in America cops wear this really strange eight cornered hat it's an octagonal hat and it's black and they're putting this once again on their heads see the dark occultists who designed this stuff and who understand what it means symbolically and understand what it projects energetically always target the brain you know they're not taking body shots they're taking head shots okay so they put this symbolism on the head of the person who's doing these jobs so here's that the a cornered hat from overhead it's clearly an octagonal shape the stop sign put on every American street corner the red octagon it's a symbol of the hypercube the word stop carries a vibratory energy you know first of all at 90% or more of the places where a stop sign is embedded you don't need a stop sign the first person who gets there goes on another person get if they get there it's one in one you know that's how you basically do it in any street system in any major city anyway I can never really I always fail to understand the logic of people who can't get that concept of the one-and-one I see them all the time in South Philadelphia unfortunately usually they're from out of town though but you know this is this symbolism is rich in police this is where they use it the most now when you look at what the hypercube symbol as a means again it means total domination total control enslavement and trattman we're not talking about these people being in control or in charge we're talking about them being in the prison being in the trap they're the ones who are being ruled by the symbolism you know they think there are two people who are in control or making decisions who are controlling other people these are the perfect house slaves who are ruled by the real dark occult masters who are putting this satanic symbolism all over their bodies and they don't even know it cuz they're so stupid not literally I mean look I'm just gonna say it like that folks I don't care who gets offended in the room I don't care who gets offended out there in internet land you know these people are stupid they haven't seen the inside of a book since they were like 5 years old you know they don't read these are people who don't read period I'm not gonna be ruled by people who don't read not in this lifetime you take me out of this life [Applause] you know secondly even if they did have some book knowledge there's still no common sense there it may be all intellect doesn't make a difference it's and if it's not balanced by heart knowledge it's not real intelligence if it's not balanced by the knowledge of common sense of the difference between right and wrong behavior it's not real intelligence it's only intellect which you know that will get you destruction every time when it's not balanced with the Sacred Feminine so you know here's the Sussex Police emblem one square two squares again that's another projection of the octagon or the hypercube because look at the enclosed space the enclosed space is the octagon okay so two squares overlapping each other always in occult symbolism means total control we control it all including the mind there's no escape okay the hypercube is the enclosed space and where is it on the head once again as the badge on the third you know the third eye location or actually above that on the crown and you know let's combine that with the checkerboard floor of the house why don't we you know we have a nice one-two punch there to mock our house slave and these people don't even care about themselves enough to know that their house slaves hey half the time you can't offend somebody with that phrase because they're so stupid they don't even understand the historical connotation of what a house slave meant that's really sad that somebody can you can't look them in the face call them a house slave and have them get offended they're not intelligent enough to be offended by that phrase you know that's about as sad as it gets I know I'm hitting it a little bit hard with the harshness but you know hey I'm gonna call it like it really is so you know here is um here's some more hypercube symbolism on the so called metal valor you know you have so much valor for following orders there it is the double square with the inverted pentagram with the goddess in the middle of the inverted pentagram and in a moment I'm going to show you the goddess in the middle of the octagon and the double square right here not too far from here you know special forces army oh I'm sorry that very badge itself was surrounded by the octagonal shape oh no we have that don't forget the trapezoid around it which represents the truncated pyramid without the light you know you want I could it get any more satanic I don't know you know I was a priest in the Church of Satan I'm telling you that's more satanic than any emblem I ever wore you know around Fort Knox enclosing the gold symbolically the alchemical gold you know it's the gold bars that are no longer there but you know we're going to enclose the whole place in the Octagon again it represents security lockdown etc the Octagon is the fighting ring of you know extreme fighting where you know the maximum damage to the human brain happens hey you know say what you will about the martial arts full-contact stuff that can actually have damage to the brain I feel is like masculine posturing I understand it's a competition of force but you know at some point you know if aggression comes my way I'm not about trying to prove I'm the better fighter you know at that point if it's about your freedom and your life it's about taking the other person out that's it and it's not about it's not about proving anything to anybody you know it's about at that point am I the better shot than you you know so it's used in them in security systems constantly it's more probably the main or only shape that's ever used in security systems anymore because that you know they use that archetype of symbol of the Octagon or Hydra cube to represent that total lockdown now very close to here in Manchester just in Hartford this is the Hartford City Hall it's a huge phallic symbol underneath that huge phallic dome in this temple and I'm telling you it is an elaborate ornate temple this place if you've never been to it art took Barb and I there yesterday for a little tour and the architecture is impressive okay it's B it's beautiful but when you step into it you realize you're in a satanic temple you know because here they have the goddess right underneath that huge phallic symbol of masculine energy she's encased in that phallic symbol and the energy that's within it representing masculine domination the law of man and what do we have down at the bottom there folks the double square surrounding the goddesses platform yep there it is taken from above you have the Sun in the moon in encompassed in her base there and she's standing on that pedestal and the double square surrounding her I couldn't obviously reach out far enough to get it directly overhead so it's slightly skewed but you can clearly see the two squares and then this is if you go right to her feet and you point your camera up you're looking at the Dome look at the shape of the dome the Octagon right above her head I'll take it back so you can see that there's the double square right above the goddesses head as you're standing at her feet in this temple that is the main you know the main iconography from the outside is a huge phallic dome then that is the underneath side that is the top of that Fallot dome she's standing right underneath it and if you actually look up from the bottom at her feet it's an octagon right above her head so she's she's surrounded by the octagon octagon bottom and top but there's nothing to that it's just you know it all just worked out that way because the architecture no they didn't plan any of the architecture for this building or hire some of the best you know stonemasons and stone workers probably in this whole region of the country no it's all just accidental they happen to put the goddess there they happen to put the double square around her they happen to put her inside of a big phallic symbol they happen to put the octagon directly over her head it all just happen that way that's called coincidence theory at its finest but hey there's some people though there's some people these people will come out and say we're your owners we accept the devil as our God and we're gonna kill you now and they'll still say I don't believe it that's how broken their brains are you know that's where we're at that's the level of denial that we're at because when a species become so sick they start to go into the level of denial I'm not sick and dying I'm not being eaten by evil evil evil entities no that's not happening to me that happens on other worlds it doesn't happen here you know all right I'm gonna wrap up this section how are we doing on time 17 minutes left I'm gonna start this section then and what we get through we get through if not I'll pick it up on the other side I want to go through some of the symbolism of intelligence agencies specifically one intelligence agency which I'll get to in a moment but I want to talk about the fact first that the modern intelligence apparatus in any given state or government is the highest level of the dark occult operating in that society you want to know who the real dark occultists the real sorcerer's the real dark wizards the real dark workers are find the intelligence organizations within a given state and you have the highest level dark occultists all right and because at some level and I don't care how unpopular this makes me I don't care how much people want to say oh it can't be so I don't care how much you want to say what I'm about to say discredit my other work eventually these agencies begin working with entities and consciousnesses that are not actually human okay that's controversial and you could say whatever you want about that statement but I'm telling you you'll see it in these images all right so the main Intelligence Agency whose symbol is I'm one I'm going to break down in this section out of all the ones I could have chosen from is this one right here second from the left at the bottom the National Reconnaissance Organization I'm sorry the National Reconnaissance Office the NRO this is their seal the National Reconnaissance Office and you see it has the earth and it's you know has an orbit of an orbital line with them a ball going around it representing ostensibly a satellite but what I want to show people here is some of the symbolism that is so drastically blatantly undoubtedly in your face dark occult symbolism that I don't know after after showing this these images to somebody if you could say people who have sick twisted religious belief systems aren't involved at some of the highest levels of intelligence agencies and government I don't know what to tell anybody you know like I said it's like at that point wrap it up that person doesn't want to know they want to remain ignorant and they want to think that the world there's something that it is not because they're more comfortable with a lie than they are with the truth so let's look at who the NRO actually is they're basically responsible for all of the reconnaissance satellites that go into orbit spy satellites essentially and they are the intelligence agency operating in the United States that has the least amount of employees working for them yet the biggest budget in money's allocated to their their budget okay now in here in this chart okay so the number of people working for the organization is the lefthand axis it says total civilian and military personal personnel for the year 1996 and then this is the amount of money that was spent on that organization in that year in that one year alone six billion dollars over six billion for the NRO whereas they have less than ten thousand people working for them all of these other organizations have much more people working for them great thank you 15 minutes so it says here as a caveat this note the National Reconnaissance Office NRO directly funds a small number of personnel but indirectly funds tens of thousands of contractor personnel that means they're not listed on their official budget but yet they fund private entities they fund people in the private sector to do some of the analysis work that they perform most of the time these are known as s ApS or special access projects look up the term okay this is how they're keeping the things that they do completely unaccountable according to the regular you know ways and means of Congress they're keeping it out of that oversight by putting it in the private sector under s ap special access projects that's why they're making this caveat well there's less than obviously at less than a thousand probably official employees but they do fund tens of thousands of contractor personnel in the private sector all right that's just the caveat I wanted to note there I'm going to actually wrap it up right here on this slide because on the other side of the dinner break what I want to do is we'll break a little bit early so we'll be back here at 6 o'clock for the wrap-up I'm going to break down some of the National Reconnaissance Office dark occult symbolism and then I'm going to give a case study in light occult symbolism in very powerful spiritual positive occult symbolism in the breaking down of the Major Arcana of the Tarot Dec so ladies and gentlemen meet back here at 6 p.m. thank you [Applause] you [Applause]