De-Mystifying The Occult - Part 3 of 3

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all right everyone welcome back after dinner I hope your dinner break was enjoyable I'm gonna move into the last two sections for the seminar this evening and if time permits we'll do a question and answer session afterward I'll try to move through these rather swiftly there's not too much material left like I said two sections I'm going to break down some of the dark occult symbolism in National Reconnaissance Office or NRO launch mission patches and I think after I show you these patches you'll agree that there are forces at work in government and in these intelligence offices that most certainly have a bizarre religion and a bizarre sense of what symbolism they find attractive let's say so again the NRO is the office that has the least amount of employees working for them officially and the largest intelligence budget allocated to that department let's start looking at some of their symbolism and in their mission patches so this is one of their patches that essentially contains of course the all-seeing eye now what you're going to see here also is constant images of these symbols floating above or over the earth and you'll you'll see stars as well now this four part these four stars people have suggested the four and you'll see a six star configuration as well with five and one some people have suggested that this represents different areas from which these satellites were worked on and maybe launched you know there's an area in the groom lake facility called area four or s4 you know four stars here could indicate that I'm not saying it definitely does but you'll see some patches with you know five stars together and then one off set and people think that that means area 51 but this this patch which is their fleet operation patch that's what FLT ops stands for the Latin insignia underneath it no snow una nose Aveo una means we float together or we swim together but you know in this connotation it means you know we swim together in the sky or in space okay and we depart together so no snow no snow una means we float or swim together in Latin and then no sabe o una means we depart together meaning we arrive together as a flotilla and we leave or depart together as a flotilla now my take on this is you know how many people have seen these so-called UFO fleece you know we don't know what these things are if you've ever seen the videos they certainly float together and when they leave they leave together you know I'm not saying that's definitely what this is a reference to but it kind of does make me think what kind of very exotic if not otherworldly technologies these people are working on and are putting in our skies this is one of the most blatantly dark occult and satanic patches I've ever seen from the symbolism and Latin insignia that is on it again you see the four stars you'll see that over and over again more likely than not representing s4 if I had to take a best guesstimate I would say that's what those four stars represent although I could be incorrect about that now you see the all-seeing eye in the pyramid okay and then the NRO patch designation the mission designation now we saw what the all-seeing eye represented it represents God divinity okay the light of the Creator and of course the pyramid the stone representing the the block to that light now what makes this satanic is the fact that the rocket carrying the payload or that mission satellite is getting ready to fly over the top of the all-seeing eye in its trajectory now that in and of itself would not be so sinister but what makes it sinister is the latin term supra sumus i know that's a little bit difficult to see on this screen hopefully people can see that it's supr a s um mus supra sumus in Latin that means get ready for this higher than the Most High okay higher than the Most High in other words were higher than God because we're putting these satellites in such a high orbit it sees everything that's going on on the earth you know we look at ourselves as the all-seeing eye we're higher than God now to me they can't get any more blasphemous or blatant than that but you know you'll see how far they go here's one their own mission launch was number 32 XXX III in Roman numerals of course that is the last level of Freemasonry before what is known as aluminized or illuminated Freemasonry representing levels 33 and above the 32 to 33 degrees in Freemasonry represents the difference between frozen water and flowing water ice or liquid water you know that the heat of the Sun or the light melts water at 33 degrees and changes it from ice into flowing liquid water what I wanted to point out here is the blatantly bird-like or reptilian I symbolism that's definitely not a human eye in this iconography we're talking about something that has scales over top of it toward the right hand side for sure now people want to say oh the all-seeing eye on the back of the dollar bill is reptilian it's you know that's from the the the type of pattern that that engraving system that that was originally you know cut with were engraved with you know that pattern that it takes on it doesn't represents a human eye of human styled eye this clearly is not a human style eye and has very bird-like or possibly serpent-like connotation to it again I'm gonna follow themes with these we're you know we're looking at all seeing eye symbolism within these mission patches here's one onto it coeptis again the all-seeing eye very clearly portrayed again you have the number four inside the triangle at the bottom the number four or four stars comes up over and over and over again in these patches again NRO l stands for National Reconnaissance Office launch number 32 again there's that thirty-two number as well here are some owls symbolism contained in National Reconnaissance patch from 2000 and the phrase we own the night clearly with a reference to being able to see in the dark or surveil in the dark okay we're going to go through some that have blatantly satanic overtones to them as far as Luciferian symbolism or blatant satanic symbolism so this is launch number 49 clearly with a demon or fallen angel form in it that they have named Betty here and it's obscuring the Sun with its wing holding some kind of a trident and a wrench in the other hand with its hair on fire and a serpent like snake going around its body then you see the Earth partly occulted by shadow and underneath it it says prime Morris gravy's EXO Casas which means in Latin first and important from the fall is the best that I can translate that or first and grave or heavy or important from the fall now what that means is obviously very occulted now I couldn't tell you what this mission is ultimately about but clearly there is blatant satanic symbolism in it and the earth is in shadow and a casus could also mean sunset so you see the Sun being obscured if you look at that is if you turn that and looked at it as hills and the Sun going behind it it could be construed as a sunset and you see the shadow of the earth you know representing that there you know the line between light and darkness as the Sun sets or rises so a casus could mean the fall clearly resonating with fallen angel symbolism but it could also mean sunset or the obscuration or ocol tation of light so very clear satanic overtones or Luciferian overtones there here's one NRO l66 National Reconnaissance Office launched 66 get your kicks on 66 with a clear representation of you know the bail figure the bull you know representation of Satan again that's what these Moloch ceremonies usually were dedicated to the bull god Molech so this that's a depiction of Molech if there ever was one as far as I'm concerned here's one with the Egyptian god of the underworld Annabeth's depicted looking very sinister with red eyes and you know fangs in a you know tongue out and the blatant phallic symbol of the you know the the missile coming up from the earth yep here's more blatant satanic symbolism pan standing for ostensibly palladium at night a pan of course is another demon figure in a certain you know pagan mythology so here's another one representing the Phoenix and it says or and flames you know clearly you know satanic or diabolical overtones there that the phrase Mellie or Diabolus quim skis means better the devil you know in other words you know you'd rather have us doing this then somehow the W don't know going out there and doing this so you know we have your interest in mind you know you better trust us better the devil you know with the American flag behind the the Phoenix here's one that is a clear reference to dark a cultists not wanting anybody to get involved in their business it's a blatant warning or threat and this is special projects of the NRO with a dragon coming out of the clouds shooting lightning bolts down you'll see a repeated imagery of dragons lightning bolts pointed at or down at the earth and the Latin insignia at the top says Pro cool este Pro Fani which means away with the profane the profane are not welcome here in other words okay a way with the profane they're telling people if you're not on the inner circle if you're not in the esoteric circle if you're not with us with the initiate sorcerers who do this type of hidden covert science work then you are one of the profane and your eyes are not welcome here you know for people who want to look into the connections of you know NASA and the occult or you know Space Agency's in the United States in general vehicle I mean it's a rabbit hole I mean you could study that for a lifetime in and of itself how many you know dark magicians are involved or involved in different space agencies and they're clearly telling you who they are and telling you you're not welcome here's more so this section is all about dragons you know a dragon is a symbol of power authority knowledge hidden knowledge especially and this one you have the dragon holding the entire planet surrounding the entire planet you know as if he's either you know it's his child or perhaps he's getting ready to eat it but it says omnis vestri sub struct EO as service odd nobis and this is a very broken Latin phrase it's not really structured properly in Latin deliberately I'll tell you what it means in a moment but I just want to point out there's that five and one star configuration that I talked about that some people have suggested represents area51 or 51 again mayday as a big occult satanic holiday known as vol purchase nacht all right Valle purchase knock or Beltane though it means bells wheel the beginning of the or the midpoint of the spring season I should say where sacrifice in the form of blood sacrifice was traditionally offered toward the Sun and the earth in order to ensure bountiful spring growth so there would be a bountiful harvest in the the reaping season so omnis vestry substract EO as service odd nobis means all your base are belong to us now for people who may know what that means it's a it's a there there's a reason it's in that very improper grammar it's a reference to a big internet meme that was going around in the early 2000s I believe where some video game manufacturer from Japan had put out this video game with all kinds of grammatical errors in English where they didn't even you know check the grammar and they put out you know this this game that had laughably bad English in it and one of the phrases that the mission commander the evil mission commander says to the good guys is all your base are belong to us meaning you know we're gonna take all your bases now but they didn't get the translation right in the game in the video game so they were kind of playing on this this theme saying all your base are belong to us because clearly what this probably is is a reconnaissance mission to send satellites up to penetrate into underground bunkers or underground bases and they're basically saying you have nowhere to hide here's another dragon holding the earth this is a repeated theme throughout he's got a diamond in his tail and of course he's an American dragon he has the American flag as his wings you know this is a wonderful American symbolism don't you think I mean you know that's uh that's American through and through there here's more snakes curled around the earth you know serpent symbolism again you see this repeated theme of four stars and then one here's you know four stars over here and then two not quite sure what the Stars really represent there but clearly you have more reptilian symbolism surrounding the earth the Latin phrase num qualm ante nom quam eat a room means never before and never again and again I can't tell you what that means it's obviously inside knowledge regarding whatever this particular mission or launch was about the information assurance office works closely with the NRO they call themselves the defenders of the domain you know this concept of knighthood as if it's something that was so valiant when really what the Knights were were the protectors of the the the Kings land you know basically reinforcing feudalism and what they're doing is they're showing you were constructing the world grid you know where there's total surveillance all the time and that's the earth in a cage I mean the symbol right there is the earth inside of a cage and these people think they're somehow creating or defending freedom you know oh they're defenders of the domain of slavery all right they're defenders of the domain of feudalism for sure here's some blatant alien symbolism and I would say demonic symbolism I've broken down how I've broken down in my a cult mockery presentation how the Air Force logo is actually a demon's face I mean if you look at it you know the eyes you have the brows the horns going up the nose coming down and then the the mouths looking very sinister you know I could see it very clearly I don't know how people who revere the symbol cannot see that that's a demon's face and if I had to make a best guesstimate that's the demon known as short in every depiction I've ever seen of short portrayed that's his face you know I could be wrong about that but it certainly looks like it to me then you have the typical alien gray with a huge almond black eyes almond shaped black eyes no nose no mouth to speak of enlarged head the typical alien gray the phrase underneath says Oh Darren doom met to end which means let them hate as long as they fear I mean is that like something you know that depicts American values now that's I believe that it's a phrase first uttered by the Roman Emperor Caligula if I'm not mistaken so that's a statement by Caligula odorant doom met to ant meant let them hate as long as they fear they can hate me as long as they fear me it's like saying you know we're in control we know we're in control you could hate it all you want as long as you're afraid yeah it's it's it's blatant posturing you know it's it's up in your face as far as I'm concerned and what is the reference what is the direct connection to these alien greys is what I want to know I mean you know why is this on a United States mission patch a gray alien face then people don't think there's anything weird to that they're just playing games or just having some fun and you know putting some stuff that they don't really believe in on their patches that's all you know yeah here's another alien gray eating a b-2 bomber and I say eating because I know what the phrase means underneath this is a classified flight test number 509 I do not know what those Trident symbols are in the background and it has something that looks like a male symbol on the on the b-2 bomber there but it doesn't have the arrow it's not a feminine symbol it's like an O with a little you know kind of protrusion coming out of it but the alien seems to be devouring this b-2 bomber and Gustav's similar Pulis means tastes like chicken so I guess that's a reference to the aliens taste of the b-2 bomber I mean they get weirder and weirder folks you know I mean they're it's perfectly normal welage well psychologically adjusted people working in this office clearly with pure American values this is the most recent one launched 39 happened I or might not be the most recent but it's a very recent one this went off in 2013 an octopus basically devouring the earth with its tentacles all over the earth and it says nothing is beyond our reach I don't know how much more blatant you want to get I mean you know they're telling you we I mean this is this is Cthulhu like in its scope you know the Mack robes you know of Lovecraftian vissa just holding the earth in its grip you know I don't personally think anybody who sees this as super sinister is making any kind of a big deal about it I think it speaks for itself I mean if you can't see that their sinister overtones to that you know big huge Petula like demon octopus entity devouring the earth you know and that's what they are I mean they're really telling you what they're doing as far as I'm concerned here's more alien or demonic or shadow people symbolism with this chevron shape that keeps appearing over and over again 23d space operations semper vigilance which means always watching were always watchful now I'm gonna move into some of these mission patches that deal with clearly occult ik imagery clearly wizard imagery you know certain subdivisions of the the people within the NRO actually refer to themselves as the Wizards I have heard okay through people who have studied some of this uh you know space aspects to the control system a little bit more they have put forward that there's you know certain special mission teams within these organizations that refer to themselves as the Wizards or the sorcerers because they have the highest level inside knowledge about what the actual purpose of these missions are whereas everybody else is on a need-to-know basis so they're the inner circle of the inner circle you might say and in this case it's the flight test squadron you see a like a sword a Sorcerer's sword there let's the sorcerer sending a light and bolt down to the mountains he's in some kind of a Chevron shaped craft he's holding that a shape thing with the little protrusion coming out of it you know I can't tell you what that is cuz I don't know and you know he's casting some kind of a spell in there you see that star configuration once again the five and the one repeated again and you know if anybody sees anything that I don't I'm welcome to interpretations email me or you know just get a hold of me afterward and you know tell me what you thought or what you saw if I missed something or didn't touch something that's fine please do bring it to my attention here's more wizard symbology this whole section will deal with wizards and sorcerers they don't have anything to do with the occult these people don't worry about it folks it's completely innocent these people are not a cultist they're not dark occultist they're not involved in this in any way you know he's again holding a some type of a sceptre presiding over the earth again there's that lightning bolt you have the the craft sending some kind of a satellite into orbit one star over the Wizards hat I don't know what the free with the letter C W represent but the Latin translation of Arcana in piri is imperial secret knowledge or secret knowledge of the Empire you know because we have an empire right you know this is an empire it wasn't intended to be a republic we're an empire and we have the secret knowledge of the empires what they're telling you you know there are the Wizards who have the secret knowledge of how these covert Sciences really work here's more wizard Electric wizard symbology I guess you could call this over and over again lightning bolts pointed at the earth this is all about I feel scalar technology and you know the ability to create energy systems at will it's a perverted application of some of Tesla's patents and technologies and higher-level sciences that he was working on to bring forward for the betterment of humanity and then these dark sick psychopathic sorcerers took all that and employed it for destructive purposes and control purposes as they always do that's all they can do is take somebody else's work and pervert it so here's a one other one you know the same motif once again clearly depicted the separate er shooting the lightning bolt down at the earth with the orb in his other hand here's more blatantly wizard Dark Wizard iconography here I'm not sure what they're getting at with what that object owning that ball is it could be wormhole symbolism for all I know you know your guess is probably as good as mine yeah they're assessing the future all right they're assessing the future for a total takeover and slavery and then they get you know purely dark you know don't ask because it's none of your effing business but you know maybe this had something to do with the moon we have the crescent moon on there and then the question mark they're not even gonna give you any hints or symbolism and you know then it gets even worse than that because then there's just a blank one you know that says CA go sir t Orem fuck fuck iam me he to delenn DOS eros I guess my Latin pronunciation is not too shabby it might not be perfect but that means if I made you aware you would have to be destroyed by me or I would have to kill you so if I told you about what this is about I would have to kill you that's what that loosely translates to and there's nothing in the middle of the patch yeah a great group of guys you'd probably want to hang out with they're clearly very mentally balanced okay so look in that section for all I have to say is if anybody looking at the occult symbology of those patches doesn't understand that at the highest levels of intelligence and government in this country you have people who are involved in a Sikh religion I don't know what to tell you I mean they're telling you I don't need to say a word they're telling you right there this is the last section for today and if time allows I will take some questions at the end I just want to briefly mention we do have a raffle that we were running there's three prizes that I'm going to be giving out at the end so if people want to make any last-minute raffle tickets barb has them at the desk I'll take a little bit of time after the finish of the lecture and then we'll we will hold a raffle drawing will do three prizes one prize will be a DVD of your choice one prize will be a t-shirt and one prize will be a combination a t-shirt and a DVD of your choice those will be the three prizes for the raffle so I just wanted to mention I apologize for forgetting to mention that at the beginning of this section like I was supposed to but the Tarot's major arcana the self and the universe revealed in symbol you know I'm gonna do this in a very simple way what I'm gonna try to wrap up to tie together a few different occult traditions in this section namely the Tarot and Kabbalah and help people to understand how occult traditions cannot really be studied in isolation they have to be studied with respect to each other this is critically important when it comes to how these traditions cross over how they their symbolism all interrelate with each other and I think if you really understand how I'm gonna lay this out some people will have seen me do this in my own podcast but I'm gonna lay it out in a little bit nicer of a way for this presentation if you can really understand the correlations between these symbols this section is so powerful when I understood this when I studied the Tarot in conjunction with the Kabbalah deeply enough to make this connection with the help of some other occultists and researchers it's like it was beyond a an epiphany it was beyond an aha moment it was like you know it was beyond getting chills up your spine it was you know it was like the top of my head completely blew off you know epiphany is an understatement when it comes to it because you realize how powerfully interconnected the people that made these systems were with this knowledge you know these these symbolic systems that are intended to teach wordlessly through symbol and allegory the people who came up with them were beyond brilliant and hopefully I can get people to see that and it will spark some of your own personal study on your own in these traditions so we broke down the in a rudimentary way we broke down the Kabbalistic Tree of Life earlier remember it represents different aspects of the human consciousness and the whole goal of the Cabal was to teach a moral lesson it was to teach how we could bring ourselves into harmony with the higher consciousness and in higher in harmony with natural law and in order to do that we have to develop the desire to get out of the base consciousness mal couth as it is known Kingdom okay and we have to first develop that desire which comes up from the sacrum chakra you know that sexual union energy of you know the desire to better oneself and transform oneself and then develop the willpower to care enough to transform ourselves help the process of transformation and other in others acquire the understanding of natural law principles and then put those to work in our life through our actions when we do that that's when we are truly community communing with divine consciousness or with unity consciousness the top level of the Tree of Life katara again we talked about the correspondence to the Vedic system of chakras and how these systems kind of like had some interplay with their symbolism what I want to do here today is show you how the Tarot must be studied in conjunction with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life they're inseparable they go together and can't be studied in isolation from each other if they're to be truly understood now how many spheres are on the Tree of Life 10 10 major Safi wrote right the sphere called dot was not one of the sefirot it was considered in the Kabbalistic tradition the place from which the Tree Grows were the origin of the tree it is the essence of the tree and represents knowledge the word dot in Hebrew means knowledge so if we look at that as the essence of one of the trees in Kabbalah we have really two trees of life there's a macrocosmic tree and a microcosmic tree these two trees are talked about in biblical symbolism in the book of Revelation all right and what they really represent is the map microcosmic tree of the qualities of the self and then the macrocosmic tree of the qualities of nature of the universe so what I did right here is I took the first 11 cards of the Major Arcana and I dealt them in a very specific progression onto the Kabbalistic Tree of Life we're going to do the same for the second 11 cards with the macrocosmic Tree of Life all right so 22 cards in the Major Arcana 11 11 there's another very spiritual number a very significant synchronistic and syncro mystic number 1111 how many people just just off the cuff you know just you know on a whim here how many people have personal experience or personal synchronicity with the number 1111 by a show of hands okay that's maybe a third of the room 1111 is known as the lightworkers call what it means is if you're seeing this over and over and over again let me tell you something when I was starting to wake up I saw 11:11 so much it was like so haunting that I was tired of seeing it it was it was so bizarre at some point it was just like oh yeah again really non-stop non-stop what I feel it means is that if you're receiving that it means you're at a level of development already that you need to go forward and you need to communicate the information that you already know you're one of the people who I don't even want to use the word chosen or selected that's not the right word you have an aptitude for the gift of teaching in some form or fashion and therefore this repeating number is getting in your head and it's getting in your face and it's saying start to do the work at least that's what it was for me that was my experience with the number and there's a general consensus you know in the analysis of this meme going around an analysis of this experience if you will of eleven eleven the reason I'm bringing it up is because eleven eleven is in symbolically encoded in this breakdown that I'm putting forward we're using eleven cards the first half of the Major Arcana in the microcosmic tree and then the second eleven cards in the macrocosmic tree now how I have dealt them is simply in that order that we talked about of the the spheres the cephiro --tz-- numbered system at the top where you have mal couth that's one then you move to the right side that's two then to the left side that's three then you move down a notch that's four and then to the other side that's five then to the center TIF eret that green card there that's six then down to the yellow level on the right that's seven the yellow level on the left that's eight the middle orange card there represented by the Hermit that's nine and then finally ten at the wheel of fortune okay so that's that remember that Kabbalistic lightning bolt the thunderstruck tree all right that pattern of one through ten going like this all right now in the doct position I have put the card the fool the fool is in the dots position what is the first body of knowledge in the occult it's the knowledge of self it's the knowledge of the human psyche and how it operates that's the DA position the knowledge of self this is the self card though it's properly understood it's not the fool card it's book soul card okay that's an actual phonetic and written English letter variant how it became the fool if you even look into the history of this card it was not originally the fool card it was originally the soul card and then through phonetic variants and you know miss transliterations it became over time the fool and that got ran with it got ran with that in the imagery you know the being going off into the land of incarnation without much knowledge and you know without a whole lot of baggage to back him up taking a leap of faith coming into this world trying to make any change happen here that's certainly a fool's errand isn't it but you know not to be dissuaded from that work this is also a leap of faith and an act of will that he's going to go into that realm and survive it and create a change because it's not just him being in a naive state it's him also being in a trusting state with the light at his back you know the light has his back the Sun it's the Sun card you know the zero card it's the no thing it's the pure essence of spirit or the spark of the Divine amazing symbolism and Caton just in containing that one card I could give a whole lecture just on that one card but you know we're putting him in the dot position because this tree is about the knowledge of self as the microcosmic layer of knowledge in the occult okay so then we're going to look at all ten of the cards but backwards from ten to one this is the fool's journey the fool's journey from darkness and ignorance at the bottom of the tree in maul couth in world worldly earthbound identification all the way up to the position of self-mastery as the magician or the Magi at the the crown level of katar on the Tree of Life so here we go with the journey of the soul the journey of the self the fool's journey and there I'm showing where the fool is that at the dot position right now we're going to start at malkov let's go down - Maku f-- the bottom of the Tree of Life at the wheel of fortune card number 10 the Wheel of Fortune represents pure earth identification it represents not really having knowledge that's why you're on the wheel it's the wheel of karma when we are in ignorance we are subject we're not in a state of self mastery we are subjects we are ruled by the forces we are ruled by the basin's things to base passions okay so this staying at this level of earthly identification and base identification and you know base instincts instinctual feeding will keep us on the wheel of karma we're not going to grow and and learn and progress what gets us out of this earthbound identification is desire and I don't mean just desire to want things in an egoic way I'm talking about the desire for more the desire for betterment within the self okay the desire for self knowledge the desire to know oneself and then to know also about the realm in which we operate the natural world and its laws so when we make that decision to develop that desire for truth for light for knowledge that's where the Hermit comes in the Hermit card represents the desire for knowledge see he's not in a state of knowledge he's not the purified being in the white robe he has gray robes on he's humbled he knows that he doesn't know he knows how much he still has to learn and he's lighting the lamp to go off in search of knowledge and understanding and wisdom that again has been the the color I've used to direct this whole you know presentation for today because this is supposed to be about wetting someone's appetite to help to spark within that the individual the desire for greater knowledge the desire for more knowledge about the occult and what it really contains and how it can really help to transform oneself so that's what we have to aspire as a species to become then we could start making progress out of mal couth and there's desire within a good number of people you know like if like I said if I thought it was hopeless folks I wouldn't say a word it can still be done even at this late hour it's a matter of will we do it you know so let's move to the next card at the 8th position and this would be we would be at the solar plexus chakra level on the Tree of Life at this point again this is a dualistic chakra this is a dualistic level of the Tree of Life there is on the feminine pillar which is depicted on the left side of the Kabbalistic tree there's the internal qualities of the self and on the right-hand side there externalized qualities so you have to look at that pillar going up and down the left-hand side those three cards that's known as the pillar of severity but in Kabbalistic terms what that pillar represents is internal qualities it can represent darkness as well if you look at it from a certain perspective that which is not readily seen which is on the inside that you have to penetrate a little bit deeper to see or to find and then these three cards on the right-hand pillar the pillar of Mercy are the more masculine or active properties of the self as we'll see okay so at this level this is the courage or strength card and the two aspects of will there's an internal quality which is courage right you courage is developed within then you have to do something in the external world to bring courage into manifestation to act upon it and then we go to the next level and we see that's the chariot which represents will in the Tarot so you had the one card with the woman holding the lion's mouth open fearlessly which represents courage okay that's an internal feminine quality now you have the masculine quality of getting things done in the real world the will to act all right so these are both the solar plexus will Center but the dualistic aspects of it one is an internal aspect a feminine aspect and one is a external or masculinized aspect now we're going to move up to the Tiferet card which is the heart chakra Tiferet is beauty and again there we have the symbol of the heart the lovers the symbolism is so consistent it's so consistent when you learn this arrangement of cards the the people who develop the tarot deck clearly studied in conjunction with the ancient Hebraic systems Kabbalah and all even older systems and these cards clearly were around long before even those true because they came out of the ancient Commission tradition as many researchers know not the least of which was Michael - sorry on has done a lot of work to establish and and that debate hopefully but no the the generative principle is depicted here the union of the male and female you know it's not just about sexual Union we're talking about unifying the masculine and feminine aspects of self such that we develop true care the generative principle and again that is the lovers card depicted right in the middle of the Tree of Life this position the Tiffa Rhett position on the tree every card is connected to every card has direct path line of sight to the Tiferet card because that's the central focus of the tree the generative principle the heart is at the core of everything what we care about enough to do in our life or to put into manifestation in our life is actually what gets done and gets manifested and that's the that's why it's called the generative or creative principle let's move up another level and we are at the severity Safi wrote Gabara the heirophant is there now this card is placed on the pillar of severity it's at the sphere called severity Gabara and it this card represents working with the self actually motivating yourself to change and that's why it's called Suvari it's like the the the parts of yourself you have to whip into shape the parts of yourself you don't want to be kind to because you want to change and those qualities you should want to change the dark aspects within us that we need to work upon that's what this card represents getting in and working with that's why it's the Pope it represents internal religion getting the reins over those dark aspects of the self it's this is a card representing self-control you know religion is one of the control systems but true religion can be a motivating force if we're guiding our actions toward if the religion is about truth so this is about self-control this is about reeling in the aspects of the self that we need to reel in when we move to the mercy sethi roped Sephirah which is has said we see that in that position we have the emperor card and again this is the twin aspect to religion we have the state now the emperor so you have religion and you have government now this card represents mercy okay this is about how are you going to influence other people around you the one the other side of this again we're at the throat chakra now so this is all about the voice right what kind of internal voice do you work with within yourself the dialogue that's going on within you okay you know what do you are you telling yourself how are you motivating yourself through your internal dialogue to change that's what the severity card was about the Hierophant now we're at the mercy card we're turning that external to the self this is the masculine side of the Tree of Life where we're saying how do you influence others in the world once you've arrived at a certain level of knowledge and understanding and care how do you work with other people to help them to manifest change in their own lives and that's why the emperor is it's the symbol of state because it's the thing that does influence quote/unquote control toward others not saying that means you want to go out and try to control everybody else but it's the symbol of external influence let's call it whereas the Hierophant or Pope is the symbol of internal influence upon oneself I hope that's clear and make sense to people we're coming up now to the next chakra which is the third eye chakra representing true intelligence so we have a feminine aspect to that and a masculine aspect to that on the two sides of the tree respectively the Empress is at the top of the feminine side of the microcosmic or soul Tree of Life the personal trip aspects of the Tree of Life this is the B na cetera and B na means understanding understanding is an internal quality as we talked about you know it's what goes on within yourself you take in the knowledge you process it through mental processes and then you come to a level of understanding internally so this is the feminine aspect of understanding which is an internal process and you could also look at that as a right brain or Sacred Feminine quality the high priest this wall of course depicting the goddess in this case the goddess Isis is a feminine figure on the card this card represents the top of the masculine pillar on the tree of life as an active quality the goddess represented wisdom and you see her between the two pillars similar in Freemasonry boas and young-ja keen or yucking and of course these are corollaries to the pillar of severity in the pillar of mercy and the Kabbalistic tree as well so again Freemasonry Tarot Kabbalah they all have to be studied in conjunction with each other they are not separate Sciences they're really again many paths to the same destination it's a different way of explaining correspondences and knowledge but you get to the same end result so the High Priestess card is actually wisdom this card represents wisdom now wisdom is not an internal quality wisdom as we talked about is what we do with what we know it's an active process it's taking action based upon what you have come to understand and again you had that to get there folks the lightning bolt goes if we look at this blue level okay the lightning bolt goes diagonally up left to right past self-knowledge see that's knowledge in the the white card the fool card as the dot card so you have knowledge then at the top wrong you have understanding and wisdom what are the the Trivium processes knowledge understanding and wisdom dot B na Hoch ma knowledge understanding and wisdom are actually the top triangle of the Tree of Life before you get to the crown which is self mastery which is sovereignty under the Creator true self government ok so again this High Priestess card Sacred Feminine iconography on the card she's holding the mall Torah right in between the two pillars as the balance point and she represents wisdom ultimately which is a masculine quality regarding action what we do with what we know and when we put what we have the knowledge that we have taken into our self and come to understand into practice that's when we are putting wisdom into our lives and into the world and that's when we move toward the highest level of consciousness self mastery sovereignty true self respect true self love actively being being involved as a magician in this world the magician is the one who stands between the realms who stands between the worlds you know again he has his head in the cosmos but his feet on the ground he is an anchoring point he is a bridge he's bridging the light of the creator down to the world which is why he has the scepter of power connected to the higher realm but he's pointing at the earth and he has all he's mastered all the forces of nature the wand the sphere the sword the the cup and the Pentacles earth air water and fire the four elements again okay so this card represents self mastery from total ignorance and base identification at Malkuth coming up through all those other characteristics of the self on the personal journey on the microcosmic tree to the highest level to cat air or the crown chakra which represents total self mastery the allegory is perfect how by show of hands how many people besides in my podcast series have seen this arrangement of cards in in Tarot by show of hands one person anybody out - two people okay at three okay three people in the room to me this shows and not in any way trying to make this any kind of a harsh statement but it shows people don't have in-depth knowledge of how these systems and inter relate with each other and how they fit together and I'm sure people who are completely unfamiliar with the occult and completely unfamiliar with my work really never heard of any part of this or ever even seen any interpretations of these cards again I'm not telling you these are the only interpretations that can be given but look at how well the symbolism relates with the concepts of the Tree of Life and the spheres upon it it's it's a perfect allegory as far as I'm concerned and very very very few people study the Tarot in this way they don't combine it with the Kabbalistic tradition and they don't see the powerful transformative aspects that that symbolism can play practically in your life if you really deeply richly understand the symbolism so I just hope that this kind of conveys this in a way that's readily understood I hope it did anyway I'm going to move to the macrocosmic Tree of Life and we're going to see how that arrangement of the second eleven cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot tell us all about the forces at work in nature and I'll also tell us about the two ways that a civilization can go all right so let's look at that so here I've built the macrocosmic Tree of Life from the second eleven cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot depth so I'm starting with card number eleven which is the Justice card which is the most important in the entire tarot deck as far as I'm concerned card number 11 we'll get to why that is and then I'm moving with the lightning bolt pattern throughout the tree all the way down to card number 20 so really all we've done here is you know we're adding ten we started at one before and went to ten now every card there is the next you know ten ten numbers up so 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 and 20 card number 21 the last card of the Tarot because it starts at 0 and it goes through card number 21 it's not 1 through 22 it's 0 through 21 21 is a very sacred number it represents the tripling of seven that is the number that represents man coming into union with the divine coming into godlike consciousness not being God but coming into a level of consciousness that embodies the divine and embodies you know the epitome of spiritual essence or spiritual nature while still being in flesh while still being incarnate in the physical realm so in the dot position again because the second realm of knowledge in the occult is what the realm of the macro cosmic laws the laws that govern the universe both in the seen realm meaning the physical laws the physical sciences and in the unseen realm meaning the spiritual laws or in other words natural law so in the doc position we have now the world or in some decks the universe okay so we had the soul card in the dot position on the microcosmic tree and now we have the universe or the world in the dot position the position of knowledge in the macro cosmic tree perfectly consistent all right so I hope people are understanding here I'm not looking for relationships or you know trying to bridge anything you know it's so consistent when you lay it out this way it's salable this is not something I'm stretching for is what I'm trying to get out here it should be readily be able to be seen by anybody who can make these simple correspondences so you know we have the forces of nature the lion the man the bull and the Eagle you know the the four cardinal points of the zodiac the four cardinal directions you have the the Gospel writers they were depicted as the forces of nature earth air water and fire etc you can go on and on with what those represented again you have that symbol of purity and innocence in the middle of the image holding the two scepters you know very similar to how we started in a state of ignorance and moved up to a state of self-knowledge but it was there was this purity and innocence card in the middle and the dot position represented by the full card in the microcosmic tree and there's the position of the world card on the macrocosmic tree again that is not at one of the cephiro positions but it is at the dot or knowledge position so let's start the journey of the understanding of the forces at nature the forces at work in nature so in the Malka position of Kingdom the lowest level base identified consciousness you have the card called judgment represented by the angel of revelation blowing the trumpet a call to awakening this is a clarion call to awaken we are being called up out of our slumber we are being called up out of earthly you know base identification and ego identification to a higher level of understanding some people will answer that call some will not some will be resurrected some will stay dead okay so if they do indeed Reza's resurrect through desire for light desire for knowledge desire for truth then they will come out of those tombs if not they will stay in the realm of judgment which is mal couth just like you could be the hermit and come out of that realm represented by the Wheel of Fortune seeming chance fate the chequered life of man the floor of the house and Freemasonry you know you can come up in the microcosmic tree to the Hermit through desire do personal desire for knowledge or you can stay in Mal couth which represented you know the wheel of fortune well this is the same thing on a macro cosmic scale the universe the will of creation is calling us calling all species up to a higher level of evolutionary progression out of that base realm and we can respond to that call or not those who are gifted with the capacity for holistic intelligence have the ability to choose whether they will come out of that ego identified state or not that's freewill I would say this card represents freewill in and of itself I would say this is the freewill card of the Tarot deck because it's giving us a choice whether we will receive truth or not see this is a card about reception again the theme here is reception the theme of the day is reception reception of truth reception of knowledge the Cobble the word kabbalah means reception it means proper reception the proper way to receive the proper way to open up one's mind and heart you know to the knowledge of the cosmos to the knowledge of the self a beautiful tradition when properly understood and used properly this I consider the freewill card of the deck it's saying you have freewill to transform yourself or to stay dead end and if we move forward I would say going up to the next level again one of the most important cards in the deck and again the orange card another theme throughout the day here this orange color representing desire representing choice this is a card that I feel represents choice the card represents the light knowledge truth the Sun again we soul with that in the symbolism section that card is the truth card what's what's the light that's calling us up from that mile couth position that the Angels blowing the trumpet for behind our head it's the light it's the Sun it's truth this is the truth card of the deck but it also represents a choice because the paths converge from that point and yes you could still see we're going to make our way up in the lightning bolt progression to get to the top of the tree but the microcosmic tree is slightly different than the I'm sorry the macrocosmic tree is slightly different than the microcosmic one because this card represents a choice point will you receive truth will a civilization receive truth or not that's what this card is this choice point for it's the truth card and it's the choice of whether we will receive truth or not now remember there's the path of severity to the left and the path of mercy to the right in this arrangement I do feel that there are there is a negative connotation on the left-hand path and a positive connotation on the right-hand path as we will see when I further break this down the left-hand path going from this point forward represents the rejection of truth the right-hand path up the tree represents the acceptance of truth okay the middle pillar represents the choice point that we have to either receive or not receive receive or not receive truth and then the middle card there as we will see at the Tempur rep position means the care to change ultimately that's the change card all right so if we decide to receive truth to reject truth we go to this position okay so this is the moon which again symbolically represented in Freemasonry that darkness side it you look at it as a feminine symbol a piece of feminine symbolism as well but in this connotation it means night darkness but these creatures here in the traditional interpretation of this card it means ignorance this is traditionally represented ignorance in the breakdown of the symbology of the moon card and I would suggest that's what it means here in this position it means we have not chosen to receive the truth conversely on the active side of the tree the pillar of Mercy the star card represents all of the other lights of the heavens that are sons and as such this is the alchemy card it represents that we have decided to accept truth into our lives and integrate it when we move up to the next layer we're at the heart chakra now and again look folks that that yellow level is that yellow level represents will we're making a decision in will in our guts whether to accept truth or not so that ignorance card is a willful position it's a would it's taking a willful position when people reject truth that's a willful act and when people accept truth that's a willful act so that totally it correlates to the solar plexus chakra the will Center but now we're moving up to the heart chakra again a unity chakra right the heart the generative principle what ultimately drives change the generative principle is what creates change in our lives and in the whole society so this is the change card and this card itself is neither negative or positive it simply represents change often sudden change because once truth is either accepted or rejected sudden change follows and I think the choice point that you know this symbolically really represents I think 9/11 was one of the defining hallmarks of our time and the rejection of that truth I think has set humanity off onto the left-hand path you know we have to care enough to bring it back to that you know point of accepting truth and maybe we can get up the other side you know up to the the middle at the top at some point but you know the the symbolism of 9/11 here is actually very overt actually they you know the thunderstruck tower sudden change could be for the good could be for the bad now either way change is coming you know the universe abhors a vacuum ended who abhors stagnation change is always happening now we're moving up to the next level the throat chakra again you have severity here what follows the rejection of truth as you go up that left-hand side self-imposed slavery under dark forces this is the this is where humanity's at that's where we're at now because of the level of truth that we've rejected and I always point out as do other researchers who have deeply studied the symbolism of these cards the chains are self-imposed they're loose around their neck they could take them off at any time he's not holding them there with tight chains those chains could be easily slipped off over the head they want to stay in their chains because they want to remain in their ignorance they've truth has been presented it is there and they've rejected it and therefore they're ruled they're owned so that's the devil card conversely the other side of the tree represents what could happen if we make the other choice if we accept the truth of creation in the form of the light of the Sun and we start to go up the right-hand pillar this is the pillar of mercy the middle of it the mercy card the temperance card you know then we're the road to sovereignty the road to the crown right everything is flowing the being isn't is becoming enlightened this is the freedom card of the Tarot whereas the devil card is the slavery card so we have the call to Awakening and free will at the bottom we have truth the Sun card we have the rejection of truth the moon card we have the acceptance acceptance of truth the star card we have change rapid onset of change the tower card we have the slavery card the devil card and now we have the card that represents freedom societally once we have accepted truth we can have that state of consciousness freedom we move through the knowledge card which is the at the dot position the world the knowledge of natural law the knowledge of the universe and we get to the final expression of the pillar of severity death extinction stagnation entropy this is what ultimately results the foiling of the evolutionary process that's what happens when we go up the left-hand path of rejection of truth and slavery ultimate leading to death extinction and undifferentiated chaos at some point now this is the entropy card of the tarot deck that's the force that this card ultimately represents the death card and you're seeing he's mowing down all the institutions no one is safe everyone is gonna go this is the Cataclysm card you know what like we talked about in the theosophy section eventually you know nature abhors when we continually reject truth and you know pollute ourselves and the world and eventually it comes in cleans house it's a weeding process that can happen and will happen should we not change so that's the entropy card now we go to the opposite side the active side of the Tree of Life and this is the central peak art the ordering force the hangman is not a negative card it's probably one of the most powerful and positive pieces of symbolism and the deck this is the enlightened man who is doing the true will I would call this the true will card you know that's the initiate that's having accepted the truth having gone forward and worked to create freedom and now this is the true evolution of consciousness that's what this force represents the ordering principle the evolution of consciousness at the top of the pillar of Mercy this is the evolution card this is what I would call the Sentra p-card the force that counteracts the force of entropy and chaos this is the order a card of the deck such powerful allegories rolled into all of this symbolism I mean the people who put these systems together you know all I'm doing here is providing an interpretation imagine the level of consciousness of the people who built these system of symbolism and allegory and interconnect interconnection between them you know it we're talking about a hold of another level and then we get to the highest force in creation the force that governs at all natural law justice the King on his throne that can never be unknown can never be dethroned this is the force of truth and will and freedom and love and evolution and law in nature it's the will of God card you could call it it's the boundary conditions of the Creator card again in my natural law seminar I put this card forward as the card of the tarot deck which represents natural law itself because that is what it is this is what the dark occult wants to dethrone and usurp the position of they want to be God they want to be the law ultimately that is the most important part of the entire tarot deck because it is the Maul card itself and this is the the understanding of natural law is ultimately the only thing that can resurrect this species and put us on to a new path that is what the dark occultists don't want us to understand which is why I have always referred to the knowledge of natural law as the most occulted knowledge on the earth and I'll end this presentation the same way I ended last year here in Connecticut by saying the law is King and can never be dethroned from its proper place at the crown at the highest level of creation and the highest level of authority in the universe this is the only authority that exists in the universe natural law ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your kind attention today [Applause] of course that latin phrase there Lex Rex simply means the law is king we'll open up the floor to some questions and I'll take a couple of questions then we'll take a little bit of a pause and we'll do the we'll do the raffle drawing if we can turn on the lights because I don't think I need the slides anymore from this point forward so I could see the audience a little bit that would be great great yes first question go right ahead speak up really loud because we don't have a microphone to help other people to hear so really project your voice as much as possible okay yes okay interesting yep yeah that could also look it also looks somewhat similar to the Greek s character as well yeah the Sigma yes oh it's a great deck sure yes it can he switched two of the cards this is called the 811 reversal in the Tarot for people who have studied it a lot of people don't really understand it or know about it I tried to figure out what it was about until I understood this arrangement of cards I didn't grasp why crowley did that he was basically putting courage as the highest force that the universe rewards in nature I don't look at as a an acceptable reversal personally which is why while I like the symbolism of the Thoth deck and some of the other Golden Dawn decks I do not agree with the reversal of taking the Justice card which represents natural law down from the 11 position at the top of the macrocosmic Tree of Life that's a reversal that takes natural law down from its position of authority at the top of the universal tree which shouldn't be done I do understand why certain magicians looked at that reversal as a good reversal because they felt that courage was dead in humanity and the courage needed to be crowned the king it's like in The Wizard of Oz my Wizard of Oz presentation I talked about this reversal because the the Cowardly Lion is crowned king in The Wizard of Oz because they're saying only when we crown courage as the king of humanity is anything going to change here it's the only thing that could really get us in into alignment with natural law courage courage is one of the big factors that you can't create in anybody else it's an internal quality that can only be created by the self so that's why they did that reversal I like the kind of idea behind also putting the courage card in the high position because you know this is this idea that nature will come to our aid if we are bold and courageous I love that idea personally I talk about it all the time but I still don't agree with the reversal of those cards I do understand why they did it but I personally would never make that reversal because you can't move that card from its position 8 and 11 card 8 and 11 are reversed so this is card eight justices card eight in the Thoth deck and Courage's card 11 in the Thoth deck because he's trying to put courage on this tree it doesn't belong on that tree it belongs on the will position I believe it is hold the hold position in in on the microcosmic tree he has moved it to position 11 which is Catera on the macrocosmic tree it's like I said it's a reversal that I understand but I do not agree with yes thank you right right I'm gonna provide some background material and some go through some ancient writings that alluded to this stuff in future presentations yeah yeah yeah what's what's going on here on the earth as a result yeah yeah sure sure yeah I don't look at it as a personal force I look at it as an underlying intelligence in nature that is the life essence that underlies everything and gives motion to everything the all yeah it's a it's an acceptable way I look at it as law quite honestly and not to say I don't think it has any aspect of care to it I'm not saying that but it's um it's something that is just a unifying force you know within everything that's it that's what I look at it as I don't look at it as a man of being a woman it's it's a force of intelligence that drives everything forward it wants evolutionary development at once growth for itself the whole day all and that's what we're all part of right there's no there's nothing else no the self no the self that's it everything comes down to those two words you know that that was the mysteries no the self and you know the universe that's what the universe is trying to do that's it it's all about understanding gaining through experience having an experience in a differentiated state I would not because I would say it's not necessary to get to that level of chaos those lessons can be learned without going through those extremes of suffering it's like it's like what we're doing is we're punishing ourselves when we have so much potential we don't need to do it because we're a self-loathing species and we're stuck in this rut of believing that we're we don't have the worthiness to transform this condition and it's unnecessary it's like I like the phrase I like this spiritual teaching evil is only necessary until we recognize the evil isn't necessary right that's it yes sure he has some great stuff on the Rosicrucian tradition as well it would help I mean you know you could you could get into the study of the language and what the this.after wrote you know have traditionally been used to represent and you gain a good understanding of it from that do I think it's absolutely necessary it's like you know this is a system of correspondences that's what has to be really understand the most when it comes to any occult symbolic system somebody else's interpretations of the spheres on the tree might be slightly different than mine and that doesn't mean that they would be wrong or that I would be wrong because they disagreed with some of my interpretations you know it's a way of inter relating information and corresponding ideas and you know if we look at those spheres how I laid them out today in conjunction with these cards I think you could see the clear overlap and the clear correspondence sure that - yep right so uh what I say it's absolutely necessary I wouldn't make that statement but I would say it wasn't hurt and you know to study you know other languages and other traditions is always a plus so I think it would it would be a good complement to the study of Kabbalah definitely you know yes mm-hmm it's the root of all the Romance languages and that means that it's ultimately one of the biggest etymological roots of the English language as well so just a lot of English words come from that and probably one of the easiest ways or the more unified ways to say something in English but not use English so to make it kind of esoteric to do it most people traditionally use Latin to do that it's kind of just an agreed-upon thing especially in the West so I wouldn't say there's any specific magical or mystical significance to it I would just say you know since so much of a percentage of the English language comes from Latin in its origins that's where a lot of the people who are involved in esoterics have decided they're gonna you know they're gonna use that language to write something that they would not rather write in mundane terms that's my interpretation of it anyway I don't think it has any other deeper significance than that yes yes I do like I said I wouldn't be saying anything if I didn't think it was avoidable that doesn't mean that it will be avoided again can and will are two completely drastically different things can it be done yes even at the place where we're at now it can be done will we choose to do that work that's not up to me I don't I don't have that answer but if I didn't think it was possible I wouldn't be here in this room trying to say a word to anybody I'd be at home you know saying poets all done it's all over I don't think we're at that point yet but are we approaching it if we're not careful we're approaching that point like I said at some point nature says and enough and no further you know it all it only takes the kind of abuse and rejection that we're dishing at it for so long yes I would love to see the swastika reclaimed and erase or as much as possible mitigate the memory that has been attributed to that symbol through the Nazis I think we should reverse it back around to its original configuration not in the SS you know configuration but in the you know the the like - - configuration the backwards configuration of it and help people to understand that this was an ancient symbol that represented the Sun the the path of the Sun the represented knowledge enlightenment good fortune goodwill toward other humans goodwill toward other beings in general and in the Vedic tradition when it was used as such and even in the Native American traditions when they used it this was a symbol of hope and I feel it should be completely reclaimed but people should do it in a way where they really explain how it was used before explain how they are reira versing it that it was reversed by the dark occult orders that you know the dark occult Teutonic orders that came in pre-world War two Germany and essentially took that culture over and then worked through you know dark occult forces to bring Nazism into that region of the world and you know they should explain how that happened through the occult and they should explain what this symbol shilling meant and how it was pillaged you know and then hopefully they people can quote-unquote take that back I'd love to see it happen are there are too many people who are close minded to allow that to happen and just see symbols in a totally unit unit dimensional sense maybe but I personally like to see it happen I'm all for that yes how much time okay I'll do like maybe by five or so more questions because I want to preserve my voice a little bit it's already feeling a little bit rough but then if you want to make an announcement regarding where we might want to meet up or continue discussion afterward if anybody wants to go you know oh the raffle - right alright I'm going to take three more questions after this gentleman so you and then three more then we'll do the raffle and then we'll probably have to break after that so good continue I haven't seen a synchronistic number that that kind of put that forward maybe nine eleven maybe the number nine eleven you know if I had to pick one number that maybe if you've seen and seen a lot that may be trying to tell you you're not on the right path my guess would be something that is equivalent to 90 to 91 one because you know that's the number of failure of will not the number of will is 93 in the occult yes sure yep right right yes I think I really know what you mean because I went through the same process and these same feelings my best advice to you is don't wait too long don't wait too long I'm not telling you if you feel like you're not really ready to just immediately do it prepare yourself and then get out there and do your best I feel like I waited too long you know long i sat on a lot of this stuff that I've known for a long time and didn't say a word until somebody you know put a foot in my ass you know and I kind of beat myself up over it for thinking back on it and saying why did I wait this long to do this you know so I would say don't look at it in terms of minimum action look at it in terms of best level of effective effectiveness from where your skill set is at that's my advice I'd say target what you know the best what you're the best with as far as material goes and then use the skills that you're the best with to target that information to whatever audience you're going to put it forward toward and I would say don't wait too long but I would also say don't rush it either but don't fall into the habit of second-guessing yourself and waiting too long if you feel you're knowledgeable on something share it I'll do two more questions yes thank you right okay III will answer this by telling you direct knowledge of the mindset of some of the dark occultist namely Satanists that I worked with in my past their worldview is such that the laws of nature that govern moral or immoral behavior in their mindset in their worldview means that the whole universe is a prison to them that is their worldview this is the dark occult worldview anybody that thinks that the entire system of nature is a prison thinks like a dark occultist I do not have that worldview that's a poisonous worldview the laws of nature are not here to enslave us because I live under the laws of nature I am NOT a slave I am a sovereign being operating in the unity of nature period under the laws of the Creator that's a positive worldview as far as I'm concerned that's an accurate worldview as far as I'm concerned here's their worldview the laws of nature are in place we know this therefore we also know we cannot do whatever we want without consequence to ourselves we hate this we reject this we will not live under this law okay we are going to turn that law on its head by getting other people largely to do our dark work for us as order followers as such they will take the brunt of the natural law affect or karmic effect of the actions the behaviors that are taken we will largely be insulated from that karmic consequence because we didn't actually take the actions and they're correct I you know there's another reason one of the main reasons people hate my work some people who hate it really hate it is because I tell them the dark occultists are not going to have the level of karmic debt and the brunt of karmic consequence that Everage order follower will the average ignorant order follower who is a know nothing house slave who doesn't care all he cares about is a paycheck all he cares about is pushing people around to make his absolute low self-esteem you know prop it up and make himself seem like some kind of a badass okay is gonna take infinitely more consequence from the universe than a sorcerer who completely knows how he's manipulating that beings consciousness like a puppet on a string yet does not actually lift a finger to physically perform a harmful action to another living human being and I'm telling you that's unequivocally true and people hate me for saying [Applause] the problem is most people are willing to help them get their work done in ignorance and their worldview is very similar to their worldview everything's dark everything's bad people are bad by Nature you know and what the dark occult this think is this is a prison earth is a prison the universe is a prison well we got our little corner of the prison where we're gonna be the gang thugs of we're gonna rule in hell instead of serve in heaven that's the whole satanic slash dark Luciferian ideology in a nutshell if you understand their worldview and how they think you understand they don't care about having any kind of karmic consequence done unto them they want to have life extension technologies so they they push that off as far as it can be pushed off and again they're trying to ass wage to dissuade the brunt of that karmic impact by getting other people to do their work for them physically one more question yes that's right let me tell you something anybody who isn't a very heavily armed human being as a stupid human being that's all I have to say I'm all well-armed earth I am NOT a pacifist by any stretch of the human imagination I think pacifism is the most deplorable ideology on the face of the earth if you have knowledge that sovereignty is the truth of creation that is it is a truth of your being what good is that knowledge if you're not willing to defend that sovereignty when it comes under physical violence by another person you know you have the right to defend yourself with physical force which is nonviolent the defense through the usage of physical force is not the application of violence sorry it's not the same thing anybody that thinks that is wrong they are incorrect you know so you know I'm not telling everybody pull a trigger at the drop of a hat either okay I think exercising the level of tolerance to teach this to as many people who are willing to listen is the first step but hey teaching wasn't going to dissuade the Nazis from doing their horrors you know it wasn't gonna change the minds of the secret police of the Soviet Union okay it wasn't that wasn't gonna have that wasn't gonna happen that way you know at some point I would advocate for physical pushback like I said I'm not a pacifist I think people try to portray somebody like Gandhi as being some kind of a prop propped up on a pedestal figure because he advocated nonviolent resistance Gandhi didn't get it done Jesus Christ didn't get it done okay we're still in slavery folks it's not done yet you know I'm not saying don't learn from those figures either okay but Gandhi once said and this is what a lot of people who you know take his ideology as uh you know in support of a pacifist ideology said at some point in his life you know if we had guns to resist it would probably be a good idea to employ them but we don't have them they'd let him take them all they'd let the British Empire take all their weaponry you know it's the same thing yeah this is something I'm gonna also hammer on on my work in the future I'm going to be getting deep more deeply into gun rights than I have before in the past I'm gonna really try to emphasize the importance of what the Second Amendment was intended to be I'm not a constitutionalist either I think all government is an illusion all government is you know a coercive system but the concepts contained in the bill of rights some of them I think are embody natural law principles particularly the Second Amendment okay great we'll do the raffle in one minute I'll just answer this brief question this is one of the reasons I don't really too much support protests because people come to protests with no teeth and the cops bring violent weapons you know I'm not interested in that what when you want when you want a protest where you're going to back up your right to speak with teeth I'll be there but if you're not I don't want any part of it you know so you know when people understand you need to say I have not only a right to speak but I have a right to stop you from stopping me from speaking then we'll be making progress those things don't have the right to stop you from free assembly and speech which are natural inherent rights so when we want to you know put a protest together with teeth then I'll be at that who knows we're gonna do our we're going to do our raffle so let's bring up the tickets and I'll announce the winners I'll pull the winners [Music] so I'm going to draw the first winner the first prize okay all right we have a couple of people look I'll wait one more minute anybody who wants tickets get them now from barb bring the tickets up here throw them in the bag I'll make the drawing thank you so much put him in there mix him up there we go the first prize is a what on earth is happening DVD of your choice so mark pass you a DVD of your choice here we go you pick the winner not on the periphery okay here we go first winner is number seven five seven one seven three seven five seven one seven three [Music] give him whatever he wants just check the number last one pie oh great yeah right okay you're gonna get a DVD of your choice from up there a single DVD of your choice okay I'll pick the next one seven five seven one six one [Music] you got a tee a t-shirt a free t-shirt of whatever size you want that prize was a free t-shirt of whatever size you want seven five seven this is for a t-shirt and a single DVD of your choice seven five seven one five two one five two there you go t-shirt Annabeth's single dish