De-Mystifying The Occult - Part II: Satanism & The Dark Occult

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okay everyone once again I want to say thank you so much for taking your personal valuable time to be here this evening I want to thank art Capozzi for setting up this event I want to thank my friend and fellow whistleblower Jay Parker for the brilliant job he did in the opening session of today's seminar my presentation today is entitled demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult this is something that I have direct personal experience all knowledge of not something that I learned in books I always start my presentations with kind of caveats or warnings if you will and I'll step through this section kind of quickly because most people here are already familiar with my work so this is really more for new listeners new what new Watchers who are you know watching this online I also call this section get over it because we're going to come back to this theme over and over again that ultimately what leaving this mentality that I'm going to be talking about is all about is breaking down the human ego it's about ego death it's about getting over your own ego so much of these little four warnings that I start my presentations with are about the human ego and how they can be very the ego can make people very recalcitrant to grasping information because they're so worried about minutiae and they're so worried about things that aren't of real significance the first thing a lot of people will say when you know they'll encounter some of my work as well there's nothing new here he's not presenting anything brand new or you know theories of his own I've never claimed to do that there is nothing new there is no new human knowledge that hasn't already been uncovered that people haven't known about in the past that people won't learn now that they won't learn in the future okay there's nothing new Under the Sun this is one of the oldest occult dictums it means that truth has always been here for us to perceive the ego is in the way of that perception however all that I can do in making a presentation like this is I can stylize it you know I can give my own take on things you know I can give my own sense of aesthetics apply my own sense of aesthetics to the presentation but the knowledge is not new the next part of this I call put on your big-boy pants okay I'm going to talk to you like you are grown rational adults capable of logical thought you know I think there's a lot of people out there who are of the mindset of a child you know I don't think they're in this room right now but there's a lot of people who you know they want to be sweet-talked well my presentation style has never been like that it's been described by some as very intense and at times combative and I make no bones about that I don't apologize for it truth is at war with mind control and deception so to speak the truth is a combative act I don't present this information to be liked or to make friends or to make money I'm not here to as a pop popularity contest okay if I wanted to do that I would tell go out and tell people what they wanted to hear not uncomfortable truths that they have to come to terms with and change so I do this because I see presenting this information as a personal moral obligation to speak the truth to people so that they can make informed decisions about what's going on around them in their lives beware of what I call and have called in my work emotional mind control emotional mind control means that you're going to gauge information based upon how it makes you feel as opposed to looking at the actual data and trying to determine whether it is acts only true or not okay so two things that I ask everyone always to do when I present is set aside your personal perceptions of me as the presenter I'm not the important one here okay the information is what is important so if you don't get distracted by the sound of my voice my tone how I dress what I look like all these things are trivial okay pay attention to the information and be consciously aware that if you reject information just based upon how it makes you feel that is a logical fallacy you cannot gauge the veracity or the truthfulness of information upon a visceral emotional reaction that you may have to it in the moment so I tell people ignore this information that I'm about to present here today due to your own ego bullshit at your own peril we will not get to it all today I couldn't get to all of the information about occult knowledge in several lifetimes let alone one multiple hour seminar not possible so the scope is gigantic it's immense and this is meant to simply whet the appetite for the serious student who is going to go and do further research on their own it's way bigger than you think there's so much more to it than people even are prepared to accept you know the worldview is going to be challenged by many people who are coming to this information for the first time so be prepared to spend time and attention the spiritual currencies and this information is a tapestry it is meant to be taken in as a whole it's meant to really be taken in with all my other work and research which is on my website so I always tell people you know stay for the whole thing you're gonna get the tapestry if you stay for the whole thing if you don't you're gonna miss out on the tapestry of information to gain the maximum value of what I present I always tell people go to my website go to the audio the podcast section and you listen to those podcasts for word in order at own pace because it is an initiation school of sorts that podcast series so if you really want maximum value from the work I've presented and you want to really expand your worldview that podcast series is what you want to pay attention to and take it at your own pace but take it in its totality the other thing I want to say to people whose ego might be a little bit you know runaway is and I hear this all the time when I start to talk to people about the occult they'll say to me I don't believe in that stuff that's somebody else's religious belief and therefore it has no effect upon me well you don't need to believe in something that someone else believes in for it to have a profound impact in your life I look at it as possibly the most naive and foolish mindset on the face of the earth to say well I don't need to look at that stuff because I don't believe that it's real and so I don't think it can have any effect upon me I tell people this is the equivalent of stating no one's crazy religious beliefs can possibly affect me even if they violently act upon those beliefs in a way that can do me extreme harm I mean that's insanity there are a lot of religious extremists out there in the world and they're willing to act upon their extremist nonsensical belief system it doesn't make a difference whether you believe in what they believe you don't need to believe in what they believe they believe in it and they're willing to act upon it you know I mean this is just common logical sense I mean you know extremist right-wing Christians that go and shoot up Planned Parenthood you can get caught in the crossfire as you're walking to work you know extremists is Islamic religion is can do violent crazy violent acts and people can be affected you don't need to believe in what they believe in so please keep that in mind moving forward with when I talk about the belief systems of the people who are currently running the world the other question I ask people when I talk about the occult is who are you willing to listen to you know are you willing to listen to somebody who just read about it in book nine you know they took it secondhand are you willing to listen to people like myself and J Parker who were directly involved we came from the other side we came from the other team you know I was a priest within the religion of Satanism for years so you know if you wanted to learn a lot about Christianity or you wanted to learn a lot about Judaism and their belief systems or you want to learn a lot about Islam and their belief systems would you think it might be a good idea to go to one of their priests in their priest class and ask them what is the belief system that you subscribe to and that your adherence of your religion subscribe to it would probably be a good idea so I'm not giving this information second hand I'm telling you this is their belief system I espoused it and I was a priest within this old religion and Jay is explaining to you firsthand from direct satanic family bloodline connected upbringing first-hand experience not from what other people have have written or put out there in society we've lived it so you know it's like we're from the other team bringing the playbook of that team and explaining what they want to do you know we we took that to the other side to the other team because we defected and we're trying to say hey here's the plays they're gonna run and you know what most people do they want to smack the PlayBook out of your hand you want to say we don't want to hear that you know let us do our thing let us you know believe what we want to believe but this is exactly the situation someone from within the priest class explaining to you their belief system and it's like you know you're being given the plans from the other football team so I would just recommend that people you know take to heart where this information is coming from the first section I'm going to do a brief review of the occult in general and again most people in this room know this information but again this is for those who may be new to my work I gave a seminar last year called demystifying the occult I actually was two years ago almost two years ago and this was done in Connecticut and art Capozzi also hosted this one and in it I basically broke down what occultism is and many of the positive traditions within ocultism so you might call this demystifying the occult part one the light occult I explained that all these occult traditions share basic commonalities which is about the understanding and the reception of natural law which is the moral laws that govern behavioral consequence and in that presentation I explained what occultism is in general the word occult is derived from the latin adjective occultus occultus means hidden from sight a lot of people think occult means evil it does not it never has meant evil it only means hidden okay the latin adjective occultist meaning hidden comes from the latin verb occult RA which means to hide or to conceal or to keep secret these terms are both derived in turn in turn from the Latin noun Occulus meaning I so a cult ism is related to vision it is related to what we are capable of seeing capable of perceiving or not perceiving C W Leadbeater an occultist from the 20th century said how shall we define ocultism the word is derived from the Latin occultist meaning hidden so that it is the study of the hidden laws of nature since all the great laws of nature are in fact working in the invisible world far more than in the visible occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider view of nature than that which is ordinarily taken the occultist then is the man who understand who studies all of the laws of nature that he can reach or of which he can hear and as a result of his study he identifies himself with these laws and of his life to the service of evolution this is what true ocultism is it is the recognition of the laws that ultimately govern the universe and it is the study of those laws though as we will see those laws are operating in the personal domain and they're operating in the physical domain so they're they're operating in the physical and the metaphysical domains occult knowledge is held by very few people unfortunately because a priest class a superclass of Oh cultists decided to sequester that knowledge and use it for their own selfish benefit the masses of humanity remain ignorant to what occultism is and to its influence in their daily lives that's why the world is enslaved that's why people can continue to be manipulated and controlled because there's a small class of people who know all about these laws of nature and there's a huge body of people who don't want to learn them because of the responsibility that is carried with that knowledge ultimately folks occultism is nothing but hidden knowledge and it has hidden psychological knowledge ultimately which we're going to get to what knowledge does occultism hide well what is this hidden knowledge that we're talking about occultism is a body of science which is not widely known to the general population considering consisting of hidden knowledge about the workings of the human psyche and the laws of nature in other words both the seen laws which are the physical laws and the unseen laws which are spiritual laws the Minor Arcana of occult knowledge meaning the lesser knowledge or the microcosmic knowledge the knowledge of the inner world consists of knowledge of the human self the human psyche and how it operates how it can be manipulated what its motivations are okay there's a body of knowledge that deals with the greater laws of the universe the major arcana the macroscopic laws then the knowledge of the heavenly bodies all of the forces of nature and natural law natural law is what I call cosmic moral law Universal moral law and again I've covered that extensively in past seminars especially my natural law seminar the major arcana also consists of the physical laws of science which in many cases are occulted because the people who are in control don't want us to even understand how the physical world really works let alone the metaphysical spiritual laws so this is the knowledge that ultimately ocultism is comprised of and I always ask people when I explain these two bodies of knowledge what knowledge of any true importance is not contained in those two bodies of knowledge and if you kept those two bodies of knowledge secret from other people and you sequestered it how much of a number do you think you could do on people who just remain completely ignorant of that information you think you can completely control them well I don't think that that's been done I know it's been done another thing people will argue and debate is that no one should be looking into the occult at all oh don't look into that stuff it's bad well will you already dismiss that myth that this is just something that's bad it just means hidden what happens with it is determined upon what kind of consciousness the individual or groups of people are doing with that knowledge how do we use it you know that's the main question needs to be asked how is this knowledge being used it's not that we shouldn't look into it or understand it it's a neutral tool as is all knowledge all knowledge is neutral there is no such thing as good knowledge or bad knowledge there's just knowledge and what we do with it so the consciousness of the wielder of this knowledge determines whether that information and knowledge is going to be used for good or evil it's like you can take a very sharp knife and you could cook a healthy meal you could prepare a healthy meal for your family and friends with it and that would be something that is good or you could take that life and you can go out and rob somebody with it at knifepoint which is an act of coercion and evil it's the same knife it's the same tool you know different consciousness is wielding the tool for a different purpose I think people have to be much more grown-up about how they think about occult knowledge this is not something that is forbidden a cultist dark occultist want us to think of it as forbidden so that we don't learn what they know and start empowering ourselves with it a cope knowledge is however a double-edged blade the knowledge contained within the occult Sciences can be used for good the uplift of human consciousness or evil manipulation control and slavery to clearly distinguish between the different uses of this knowledge I personally refer to occult knowledge that is employed toward the expansion of human consciousness and morality as light ocultism and I personally refer to that which is used for manipulation control and the suppression of consciousness as dark occult ISM practitioners of light ocultism could be referred to as light Oh cultists magicians light workers or my favorite term for the light Oh cultists do cultists I consider myself a do cultists meaning I am trying to unveil unhide this information so that it can be given to everyone on an equal basis they can understand how it is being used and they can empower themselves with it then the playing field is leveled that's real equality you know that's gonna be the pathway to real freedom is this knowledge so do cultists as am i reveal and spread hidden knowledge which must be known in order for freedom to be manifested practitioners of dark occultism on the other hand could be referred to as either dark occultists sorcerers or dark workers lyta cultists have hidden occult knowledge for specific reasons they've hidden it in order to prevent its complete eradication during exceedingly draconian times or in other words when the dark occultists rule and other times they've hidden it to prevent it from falling into the hands of would be dark occultists or those who they knew who knew that the empowerment that they could gain from such knowledge but they wanted to use it for their own immoral purposes of deception and control light occultists have hidden it at times in the past to prevent it from falling into the hands of those dark o cultists dark occultists on the other hand always hide this knowledge for only one reason they hide it in order to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold this kind of knowledge and those who remain ignorant of it dark occultists work through fear and manipulation to bring about compliance with their own selfish will that is dark magic their work their dark great work is always done in secrecy and it is constantly contravening the Freedom and prosperity of all but themselves dark occultists have completely infiltrated and permeated all institutional walks of life on this planet they maintain their control over the human population through their manipulation of these institutions this manipulation and control is not only possible but it's relatively easy for them to accomplish because the structure of all the institutions that they run and that they have set up on the face of the earth is based upon hierarchy and compartmentalization hierarchy means a chain of command or really a chain of obedience therein lies the problem the chain of obedience in hierarchy and compartmentalization means one hand doesn't know what the other hands doing all these groups seem to work completely in isolation from each other but they're ultimately controlled by one overarching agenda that knows how they're all fitting together like pieces of a puzzle that's compartmentalization these two things are the hallmark of all institutions that one control hierarchy and compartmentalization finally in the demystifying the occult part one seminar I talked about there being kind of two potential outcomes for how things could go and you know I liken this to the Great Seal on the back of the one dollar bill because that seal is about this time that we're living in being a great transitional time period for the earth and its people I call that I call this seal the world in transition you know Auto equipped this means he/she were it favors our work favors our project meaning God God favors our work well which God and which work is the two questions that need to be asked there does the god of creation favor your work well if the god of creations favoring that work you're trying to remove the obstacles to the light which are the bricks and the soul trap known as the trapezoid which we're going to get to later in the symbolism section you know if you remove that the light joins up with the earth and there's no block to the light there's nothing to weigh us down this pyramid being built up is the dark ocultist the dark builders weren't great work of blocking out the light of the Creator from the world that's why I made this symbol the one great work symbol it's about truth freedom love prevailing in the world Universal enlightenment through the reception of occulted knowledge divine wisdom the true great work of light occultists is the distribution of occult knowledge freely to humanity thereby ending the slavery of humanity by eliminating the widespread ignorance which dark occultists exploit to gain and maintain their control on the other hand if I the dark cultists complete their dark new world order you have a world based in darkness and slavery a world without light without the light of the Divine this symbol means on the right here this symbol means dark occultist rule and ignorant and enslaved population with an iron fist the great work of dark occultism is to keep humanity in a state of general unconsciousness and slavery and to tighten that control until they obtain a threefold objective they wish to be invincible invisible and immortal that is the goal of the dark occultists they want total control they want nobody to be able to see their total control or who they are and they want to live forever in the physical world in other words they want to maintain and tighten that control to the extent that they literally become God on earth that is what dark occultism is all about it works in this world through something known as Satanism now when you say that word to people there's a million different things that run through people's minds in society about what Satanism is and most of them are rampantly wildly off-base most people who have think they have a conceptualization of what Satanism is have zero clue what Satanism really is and they don't want to know what Satanism really is they don't want to know when when I tell them as a former priest of this religion what this what the beliefs of this religion entail they got their eyes go glassy they don't want to hear it because ultimately what they hear is I identify with some of those beliefs yeah there's a reason for that that's what the dark occultists have been trying to do they have been trying to make the world in their image and likeness that's what God does right they want people to subscribe to their beliefs system at a lower level because people who subscribe to this belief system which we're going to talk about cannot control people who are out of that belief system people to be controlled and enslaved must at some level be subscribers of this religion and that's why people don't want to know about real Satanism they want they want to think about the Hollywood variant of it or the Christianized V or as Jay said the Constantinian variant of it shall we say false notions of Satanism abound everywhere folks you know they want us to identify this belief system strictly as many people do want to want people to identify this belief system strictly as the worship of the Christian entity called Satan or the devil and I assure you while some Satanists may adhere to belief systems like that the overwhelming vast majority that deity has nothing whatsoever to do with their belief system at all at all and you could accept you can accept that or not accept it and I know there are people of a very Christian vent or again a constant Indian Christian bent that are never going to accept that because of what their religion tells them and that's exactly what Satanists want them to believe they want people to believe I just worship this entity and I pray to this entity and I give it my devotion they don't want people to understand what it really is as we're going to get to and it's not just about you know pagans and Wiccans etc going out into the woods and doing ceremonies and whatever you know does that come into play yes it does I'm not going to deny that rituals like that take place but again most of these people are not Satanists and they're not espousing the actual ideological form of Satanism so you have to understand the distinction between what I call false notions of Satanism and what Satanism as as a net worldwide network ancient religion instead of belief systems and practices really is a huge difference between those two variants of Satanism okay it's like somebody who actually lives according to the words of Christ in the New Testament could be considered an esoteric Christian many of the so-called Christians running around in today's world have nothing whatsoever to do with the actual life believe write writings and works that are found in the New Testament okay it's all about just accepting what the church says okay and this salvation is notion of Christianity so again just like Christianity can mean many things that different people Satanism can mean different things to different people the I want to be clear about the form of Satanism that I'm talking about is the ideology that is running the world and keeping it in slavery so I call this ideological Satanism ideological Satanism is an ancient occult religion comprised of diverse interconnected networks of worldwide adherence to its ideological belief systems at its ideological core this religion postulates that knowledge of the human psyche and the laws of the universe should be occult 'end meaning hidden and held only by a very few human beings in the know it is much more accurate to perceive Satanists and dark Oh cultists in general as ancient psychologists who hold and wield hidden information in ways which exploit those who still remain ignorant of that knowledge you have to look at this as ancient psychology these are psychologists who are handed their their bloodlines from the ancient past were handed all of the knowledge about how the human mind operates and all of the knowledge about how the real laws of nature operate and then those selected bloodlines held that knowledge secret from other people and they did an AB salute number on their minds and we're not coming out of that number that was done upon the minds of the people of this planet until we know what they know get over it it's the truth for all time you know all the religionists out there who insists no you shouldn't look into this you don't know what you're talking about and your egos in the way and that's what Satan is Satan is the egoic force of self-identification that will not allow a human being to say I was wrong and I was duped that's what Satan ultimately is through the power differential that Satanists gain by way of manipulating those who remain in ignorance of this occulted knowledge this small minority of those who are in the no wish to permanently rule the masses of humanity and effectively become God on earth this is one of their goals absolutely they don't want to worship any deity they want to become deity that's what Satanists believe it is important to understand the contrary to popular belief the overwhelmingly vast majority of Satanists do not worship and externalize theity known as Satan in the Christian tradition sense of that that being but instead they see Satanism as an ideological way of being in the world and they view the ego driven self the ego driven an ego identified self as the quote-unquote God of their religion folks absolutely much more than the individuals who are in the rear picture there the that individual who is a in the front of this slide right there is much more likely to be a Satanist is much more likely to be a real Satanist okay and yet that's a person someone would look at and go wow there's a great there's a good businessman probably rolling in dough no young good-looking three-piece suit probably works for a big law firm or a big ad agency you know who wouldn't want to be in that position and I guarantee you more so than even individuals like this someone like this right there in their mind is the satanic ideology I guarantee you why name this quote/unquote religion or ideology after the biblical or Christian Satan the symbolisms and the symbolism and trappings of the Christian devil or Satan are used in modern Satanism and they are and they're used for two main reasons the first reason that these this symbolism and trappings are used is to try to make outsiders of Satanism see Satanism as quote-unquote just another quaint religious belief that is based upon traditional Christian belief systems that's what they want outsiders to think ah those Satanists that's named after Satan they they're just they believe in Christian stuff they worship the Christian devil that's that's how easily it can throw people off the idea of what real true ideological Satanism is and we're going to get to its main tenants the second reason they use these symbols and trappings is to associate Satanism with the adversarial dynamic in nature which is Satan in the Hebrew language the adversarial dynamic in nature is referred to in the occult world as involution the process which works against the true evolutionary force or the evolution of consciousness involution holds consciousness back and holds it in a state of slavery the word Satan itself comes from the Hebrew word shin Tov final Newton it is spelled in Hebrew written there and that word means adversary or opposer so again Satanism is the adversarial force the force that works against true evolution in consciousness Satanism is ultimately about being opposed to the true order of natural law and natural law is the universal laws of morality which govern behavioral consequences govern the behavioral consequences of beings who are gifted with the capacity for holistic intelligence and free will meaning human beings we are in that category of beingness therefore natural law applies to us the laws of morality applied to us and ultimately what Satanism is and what all dark occultism is is fighting against is natural law the true order they want to turn that over on its head and set up their own so-called order which is nothing it's no such thing as order it's chaos and slavery so let's get into my personal background and my personal involvement with Satanism I was born and there's not going to be too many pictures as a matter of fact in doing this presentation I realized I have very little pictures of myself from back then or even pictures with family you know I I'm not a person who's big into nostalgia never was you know I've always tended to live in the moment and have this idea of present moment awareness but I don't really keep a whole lot of photographs digitally now I do more than I did in the past but in the past I have very little actual you know photographic documentation I guess you could say I wasn't a big camera person or a picture taker so this is a shot actually of me from the mid 90s when I was at the height of my involvement in Satanism I was born into a traditional and typical Roman Catholic italian-american family from South Philadelphia in my youth I accepted without much questioning a great deal of the religious dogma which was given to me by family members and school teachers in my late grade school in early high school years I began to question those dogmatic really beliefs but because I lacked the knowledge of Astro theology again this is something that a lot of religion is based upon and you know you can look into it in my work on my website and my other videos because I lack the knowledge of Astro theology at the time which could have helped me to put that religious indoctrination into perspective the questioning that I was undergoing turned to extreme anger and rage and I acted upon that anger and ignorance by saying I'm going to go out and find the polar opposite I'm going to go out and find the polar antithesis of this Christian belief system that I was indoctrinated into and lied lied to about what it really was and I found that polar opposite in the form of laveyan satanism which I'm going to explain what that is but Satanism and dark occultism in general were the ideologies that I gravitated to and I did this as a rebellion against the belief system into which I was personally born I began to espouse through my own writings and through my own music the ideology of the branch of Satanism called love a laveyan satanism and I formed a death metal band in the past that song about the ideology of Satanism it was called insanity a mixture of the word insanity and Satan we got signed fairly quickly to a European recording label in Greece and we released one full-length album which was called divine decomposition picture there on the left it promoted the satanic ideology particularly the ideology of laveyan satanism in its lyrics and I also wrote an espouse the Satanic ideology in scenes many magazines they are they're called fanzines you don't see too many of them around nowadays but back then before the internet before blogs you know these were the blogs of the early 90s so I wrote for fanzines and espoused the satanic ideology in them eventually some of my work in writing and in music was noticed by Anton LaVey he was the high priest at that time of the organization called the Church of Satan which operated in San Francisco its headquarters have since been moved to New York City LaVey himself in March of 1997 granted me the rank of priest within the organization called the Church of Satan and he did this himself through I didn't ask for the appointment he appointed me because he said that I was an excellent spokesperson for the ideology and therefore wanted to give me the rank wanted me to come out to San Francisco and meet him and he wanted me to head a grotto on the East Coast grottoes or what Satanists refer to their congregations it's like a a coven in Wicca or in other pagan religions so I was offered a grotto leadership on the east coast which I subsequently turned down I turned it down because at the time I viewed Satanism solely as a personal belief system to be employed for personal objectives and I didn't like as I still don't like groupthink and group ideologies and congregations etc so I turned down that appointment to had a grotto but I did accept the appointment to the priest class of the religion and levae and other Satanists hooked me up with many Satanists in the local tri-state area and I began attending rituals in my tri-state area and getting to know some of the other people involved we'll get to that in a moment this is my actual appointment the the the paper which arrived in the mail and appointed me to the the rank of priest within the Church of Satan it's signed by levae himself he died about a year later and the letter on the right is from his life partner Blanche Barton which I'll read both it says from the office of Anton Zander Levay be it known on this day March 19th the year 32 which translates to the Year 1997 mark rokar has been appointed to the office of of the Church of Satan and is empowered to act in that capacity signed Anton Sanders and Earl Ave it does not have the name passio on it because I did not use my legal last name when I was involved in Satanism I chose a name based on a demon name which I'll explain on the next slide the letter on the right from Blanche Barton was written the next day and again March 19th and 20th are very significant dates that's the spring equinox dates we'll get to why that those are significant dates later in the presentation but it says to mr. mark rokahr there's my home address dear mr. row car doctor lavae has been favorable favorably impressed with the skill and mastery you have shown in various opportunities to represent the Church of Satanism the Church of Satan and Satanism in general you have proven yourself to be magically and materially adept therefore he felt it was high time you were granted the title of priest in recognition of your dedication knowledge and ability congratulations Reverend rokahr he please keep us abreast of your activities interviews and musical releases may the fires of hell continue to strengthen and inspire you hail Satan Blanche Barton who was basically Lovaza it performed secretarial duties for Anton LaVey the high priest of the Church of Satan at the time now before we go any further I want to say this does not mean anything okay this organization is very very low level in the worldwide hierarchical Network of Satanism extremely low level and I want to explain where it fits into that hierarchy but to think that because I got an appointment to a priesthood a low level priesthood in a low level organization that that made me some kind of a big shot in the Satanic worldwide hierarchy it doesn't mean that okay I saw things from a very low level and was enough I don't make any bones or I don't make any claims to even being to seeing we're having the knowledge that someone like Jay Parker had from being in the family he was born into okay he saw things that I certainly never saw but once again I saw enough to know that that's certainly where it goes without any question in my mind the name that I took I'll briefly explain is from a gnostic text there was I believe part of the NAG Hammadi library called the pista Sophia which means the faith wisdom and it's essentially a conversation between Jesus and Mary Magdalene and in part of the book Jesus is describing what hell is like okay when you know in in this Gnostic tradition when sinners die and go to hell they're put into certain areas of chastisement so they you know basically undergo certain torments and then learn their lessons about what they did wrong kind of like the earth but here's here's what I got the name that I chosen Satanism from from the pista Sophia Mary said unto Jesus what type is the outer darkness meaning hell and how many regions of chastisement are there in it jesus answered and said unto Mary the outer darkness is a great dragon whose tail is in its mouth outside the whole world and surrounding the whole world within it there are twelve mighty chastisement dungeons with a ruler in every dungeon each ruler having a different face in the eleventh dungeon is a multitude of rulers and every one of them has seven cat-faced heads the great ruler over them in this region is called rokar i'm born under the sign of Leo I've always heavily identified with the great cats the Lion the Tyger etc I would consider them my familiar animals so therefore I wanted to choose a symbolic daemon that was appropriate to my son sign Leo and therefore I chose rokahr from a Gnostic Christian text I immediately began to recognize through further involvement by attending rituals in and around my area that Satanism was not what I thought it was originally as my involvement grew and I attended meetings and rituals held by satanic groups in my tri-state area I began to become aware that this was not an isolated group of individuals who were simply working with a cult knowledge for their own personal reasons as I was doing see my motivation was if I can get a leg up on my fellow man and I can come out on top and I can manipulate people and I can make more money than them and I can get in you know a better influence maybe you know get the job over somebody else well that'll give me a leg up over people in the world and that was my ego based mindset at the time I want things for me I want to serve me only and I and if if I have to do you know manipulations against people to get what I want then so be it and that's why I was heavily attracted to the ideology of Satanism because this is what Satanism is especially lower level Satanism so when I started participating with other group Satanists in other words Network Satanists I realize this is not what this is this is way bigger than that this involves way more than that and this is about control over people you know I wanted to come out on top over other people but you know just because I knew a little bit more than them I was not about human slavery never was and when I started realize that that's what Satanism at a much higher level was about I I was like whoa you know I need to check myself and take a step back here so these groups of Satanists were comprised of an eclectic array of people from every walk of life and every social institution on the face of the earth including politics okay there were people running for political office at just about every level okay state to local to some national politicians law there were lawyers with in Satanism judges bankers people in the media people in the military military and police their ranks are believe it or not filled much more than you would even like to believe or think about how many police and military people are directly involved with satanic grottoes entertainment even sports medicine doctors and teachers many teachers I saw an especially college level university level teachers were president satanic rituals there's a reason for this they're putting their people into point positions of power they're working them into all of the social institutions that's how they get their bidding done that's how they advance their group agenda these were people in positions of great influence and power throughout our entire society and as my involvement with them grew I became aware over time that they were not working separately toward their own individual goals as I was doing instead they were working together as a tight-knit unit of a hierarchical worldwide network toward one common goal and that goal was to increase their own collective power at the expense of everybody else's freedom in other words they wanted to become the kings of the world and enslave everybody else in the that was their goal and they talked about it openly and plainly I don't know how many people just saw the people from the BLM you know at some banquet together talking about how they're beating all of these people out of land you know they're giving them they're giving them pennies on the dollar laughing about it laughing about how they just basically robbed two Old World War two veteran men who were living together out on this lot this lot of property out somewhere in New Mexico or something and there was a mine worth over forty million dollars you know and they acquired it for pennies on the dollar and they were laughing about it and they were laughing about how much land they hold in you know governmental hands versus how much land is still held in the public hands and they were laughing about it as if we owned the entire western portion of the country thinking it's funny that they helped the government do this but see they didn't know there was a hidden camera in that room you know so they were talking about it very blatantly and openly actually even saying we're the bad guys we steal money we beat people for what their property is worth and we take it for pennies on the dollar saying things like this openly blatantly and then laughing about it laughing about it this is what it was like at satanic rituals and meetings these people talk very plainly among themselves they know what they're doing they know how to get it done they're doing it and they're laughing about it and here's why I ultimately decided to get out I still possessed a small amount of conscience at the time there wasn't much believe me I was borderline psychopathic in my youth because I was given no real knowledge growing up my physical needs were met and I never lacked for any of that but emotionally and spiritually you know that I really have a proper upbringing was I truly no I was taught not to try to do blatant harm to other people things like that what we're all taught but was I really taught anything about what was really going on in the world though was I taught to get involved in things that are truly right and stant take a stand against evil no you know I wasn't activated with real knowledge that's what the goal of real parenting should be to do with it with a child if you're gonna take the responsibility of bringing a child into the world okay and that wasn't done with me and I'm not saying I hate my family because of it it's that they were ignorant and you know mind-controlled as well but I didn't have what you could call activated conscience earlier in life let's just say at all but there was still enough there that I didn't think enslaving the population of the people of Earth was something that we should be trying to do there was at least that much conscience left so as I became aware that I had become involved at a very low level with such a sinister organized syndicate that made me take a step back it made me really you in my own behavior I came to the realization that these low-level satanic groups were actually operating as a psychological vetting and filtration system now take heed of that term a psychological vetting and filtration system I'm gonna read you the application of even a low level organization like the Church of Satan in a moment and that is a filtration system for their worldwide hierarchical system of totalitarian control which is based in the ideology of dark occultism low-level satanic orders such as the Church of Satan act as an interface with the general public and serve as a wide-scale effort to locate people with certain personality traits and skillsets and one of the skill sets they were looking for particularly I believe with someone like me was communication skill sets I'm sorry let me take a step they they low-level satanic order such as the Church of Satan act as an interface with the public and serve as a wide-scale effort to locate people with certain personality traits and skill sets which the larger network of dark occultists desire to exploit for their own purposes such individuals are then groomed for placement into positions of power within social institutions in order to advance their predetermined group agenda so it is a psychological vetting and filtration system and they're looking for psychopathic characteristics people who will step up and take part in the enslavement of their fellow man here's what I look at the general organizational and again it's not very detailed it's a very general organizational chart of how these low-level satanic orders operate within as an interface with the general public to bring people up into their lower ranks so low level dark occult groups such as the Church of Satan this would be you know down here low level dark occult orders Church of Satan temple of set etc operate as psychological vetting and filtration systems for the worldwide hierarchical satanic network of totalitarian control low-level satanic order such as the Church of Satan act as an interface with the general public and serve as a wide-scale effort to locate people with certain personality skill personality traits and skill sets which they want to exploit now as you go up through that organization they're taking people from the general public they're working them at into the low-level positions of these orders so then you go up here and they would put some of those people in if this level financial control political control media control etc these organizations are also run by darker cultists and they're filtering people once they groom them from these lower levels they'll groom them up into positions of power at that level then it goes up into higher levels of power and higher levels of dark occultism from their higher level dark occult order such as skull and bones these the intelligence agencies or dark occult orders Bohemian Club etc you know and think-tank organizations like Tavistock Institute and the Bilderberg Group etc then you have highest level dark occultist from ancient ruling family bloodlines again these very ancient families that come right out of you know the ancient world old Egypt connected to the Pharaohs the the kings of Sumer you know and or and right back into the pre diluvian Age so you know and then it connects back up with non-human entities which I've talked about in some of my other work not really going to get big into that today but you have to understand that that's how these low-level groups work they are a psychological vetting and filtration system let's take a look at the Church of Satan's app membership application okay this is the Church of Satan's membership active membership application give your complete name your mailing address your telephone number your email address your sex your date of birth your place of birth height weight color of eyes color of hair marital status name birth date and birthplace of spouse if married number of children and their ages previous religion religious affiliations and offices held nationality ethnic background current citizenship educational background and degrees present occupation special interests talents abilities hobbies collections I am interested in participating in special interest groups yes or no I am interesting interest in participating in contact with local active members I remember checking that one yes that's how I got involved I am interested in serving as a contact point or media representative in my area yes or no okay now here's the questions that you have two on separate sheets of paper provide answers to in the form essays okay like extended answers provide answers to all of the following questions on additional sheets of paper what are your impressions of the Satanic Bible the book written by Anton LaVey which basically coalesce is the Satanic ideology into a book and he was put up to writing that book he was put up to writing it by higher level dark occultist this has come out in the past by one of his children explaining that he was asked he was charged to write that book to give the whole ideology of Satanism in a much lower watered-down level to the general public to identify people who would be drawn to that belief system and then again flow into their ranks what do you expect to accomplish through membership in the Church of Satan if you were granted three wishes what would they be what is your attitude toward animals if you have any pets describe them what is your ideal animal now you're going to see as these questions go deeper and deeper this is a psychological profile they're building a psychological profile so they can identify what can we get out of this person how can we use them how psychopathic are they already are you satisfied with your sex life describe your ID ideal of a physically attractive sex partner what is your life's goal what steps have you taken to attain your life's goal do you find any of our tenets objectionable if so which tenants are objectionable to you and why how many years would you like to live what are your musical tastes provide examples sight for motion pictures you consider your favorites and why what are your food preferences cite for books you consider your favorite and why if you own an automobile describe it what is your ideal automobile as a child what were your favorite pastimes what was your disposition like as a child of which country other than the one in which you now reside would you prefer being a resident in what type of dwelling do you live describe your ideal describe your political philosophy what is your personal definition of magic do you feel oppressed or persecuted in any way if so explain why are you self-sufficient or are you most productive in a group do you make friends easily if you so choose what is more important to you self satisfaction or approval from others would you rather influence others or be influenced by others do you feel you have leadership capabilities do you feel you consider yourself a good judge of character in what organ other organizations do you hold membership have you possessed or used illegal drugs or have you ever been convicted of a crime if so explain in full and again drug use is extremely frowned upon in this form of Satanism and I'll tell you what the number one frowned upon substance over any other substance is what cannabis thank you I mean you were practically ostracized if you even talked about cannabis because they know it's healing potential and power they know not only its healing potential physically but psychologically and they don't want anybody touching it let's see where was I described a significant experience in your life bordering on what you can would consider the paranormal or the demonic if any what forms of entertainment do you prefer to tell one of your favorite jokes have you ever served in the Armed Forces if so provide pertinent data how long did it take you to join the Church of Satan since becoming aware of it are you a smoker if so to what extent do you smoke have you accomplished anything important or significant in your life if so what which parent do you admire most and why do you drink alcoholic beverages if so to what extent state your preferences do you have any tangible services or resources which you would care to contribute to our organization are you free to travel and if so to what extent give your personal definition of Satan provide your signature attesting to the above and enclose a personal photograph that's not a psychological profile then I don't know what is here's how easy I got out and when I tell this story to people they find it difficult to believe because they think this is like the Mafia where they're gonna come after you because you know where all the bodies are buried well one I didn't know where the bodies were buried because at the level of Satanism I was involved in they didn't go and just go out and perform crimes okay and like take you into that whole criminal syndicate world they talked openly about how they controlled everything and what their plans were but you know there were no actual physical crimes committed at this level I'm sure once you do get into levels that are doing that then they do very much care when you're saying to bye guys I'm ready to get out you know but not at the level I was involved in upon understanding how these satanic organizations worked and how I was being used my conscience would not allow me to proceed any further so I pulled away from any continued affiliations with these groups they were completely unconcerned that I did not want to be further involved with their agenda one Satanist actually told me do your worst when I expressed the desire to expose their plans to the public he said that I would be quote-unquote banging my head against a concrete wall for the rest of my life another told me that the general population was already so completely mind controlled by dark occultists that if they themselves went public with their plans and explain to people what they have already done and what they are planning to do in the future that the public would not even accept the truth from them think about that they said if we came forward and explained who we were and how we've done what we have done and what we plan to do the public will not accept it from us we could not take them out of the mind controlled trance that they are in even if we wanted to so they basically said you want out well don't let the door hit you in the ass that was their attitude years later and after much deeper research into human consciousness and light ocultism I eventually began teaching others about the influence and manipulation techniques employed by these darker cultists I began teaching them about their profoundly warped ideologies and their global agenda for totalitarian control which many have come to call the New World Order I call it the dark New World Order let's look at the main tenets of the satanic ideology the main belief system tenants of this old religion and before we go into what I call the four overarching tenets let's look at some of the things they put out publicly about what they're about this is called the nine satanic statements from Anton LaVey sook called The Satanic Bible Satan represents indulgences instead of abstinence okay so it's all about feeding the self living for pleasure pursuits now I'm not saying everybody should just you know live a totally ascetic monk like lifestyle okay I've never claimed that you know I have no problem with people experiencing pleasure here on earth it's when you make that your highest thing that you identify with and that you want to live for that all the time that it becomes a problem okay so this is the number one thing that Satan represents to Satanists it doesn't say it represents the Christian devil and that we should get on our knees and worship it it says it represents indulgences meaning I get what I want that's the first thing Satan represents to Satanists Satan represents vital existence in set instead of spiritual pipe dreams Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self deceit and I just want to say this is what Satanism represents to the Satanist for the Satanist okay it is the the Satanist does not want these things for others it wants these things for themselves only okay Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concerned for psychic vampires Satan represents me this is a very important one this seventh one right here Satan represents man as just another animal sometimes better more often worse than those that walk on all fours who because of his quote-unquote divine spiritual and intellectual development has become the most vicious animal of all eight Satan represents all of the so-called sins as they all lead to physical mental or emotional gratification 9 Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had as he has kept it in business all these years Satanism also has sins they have things that their membership should never do or should never participate in now I described this section the nine satanic sins the so called satanic quote-unquote sins these are what Satanists forbid among their own ranks but that which they wish to peddle to everyone else so that everyone else is easier to manipulate and control the nine satanic sins stupidity that's the first thing they want the public to be but they don't want to be stupid they want to have all the knowledge they want the public stupid pretentiousness solid season meaning that there is no such thing as truth the the truth does not exist Satanists don't think that truth does not exist Satanists think truth exists and they want to understand it and keep it from other people so they can control those people who are in that level of ignorance to the truth so they want to peddle salep says thats why solipsistic in the New Age movement religion huge huge belief system in New Age ISM the idea that there's no such thing as truth or that all it's all just perception it's my truth your truth her truth his truth number four self-deceit five heard conformity again they don't consider themselves members of the human herd they want everybody else to be heard conformist but not them you know they want to be the farmers who rule the herd lack of perspective forgetfulness of past orthodoxies counterproductive pride and lack of aesthetics round out the so called satanic sins I would say the most important there is solid sysm that Satanists learned their own ranks first of all that's not even a word or an ideology that is very much often heard or used and they took it upon themselves to put that very high up in their list of quote-unquote sins because they want their membership to know what solidus ism is and know that they should not be participating in it but they want to peddle that to everybody else what I identified is the overarching four main tenets of Satanism are as follows selfishness has the highest goal and you know no bones are made about this by their their rank-and-file members the first tenant of Satanism is the dictum that quote unquote self-preservation is the highest law and this is about more than just physical survival okay put in other words the survival and comfort of the physical self is always a more important goal than doing what is morally right live for yourself only and care only care about you and yours if you must step on others to get what you want then so be it for this is a dog-eat-dog world the tenant that clearly defines the overarching worldview of Satanism is perpetual non-stop me me me me me me thinking now do you think that's the ideology that is in most people in this world do most people think like that all day every day would you agree or disagree that the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to such a selfish worldview absolutely that's what I'm gonna call later mini-me Satanism they have to peddle their belief down to people at a lower level without them being consciously aware that this is a religion that they have subscribed to for them to be under their thumb and controlled by them the second main tenet of Satanism is moral relativism moral relativism is the ideology that there is no objective difference between right and wrong behavior so human beings may arbitrarily quote unquote create or a quote unquote decide right and wrong for themselves based upon their own whims and preferences the right isn't something that exists in nature you know your your rights or something that can be made up and then taken away if we so choose we'll decide what is right and wrong we'll decide what a right is and what it is not you know in other words that which we consider quote-unquote right for ourselves is that which is right and that which we consider wrong for ourselves is that which is wrong that's the ideology of moral relativism since according to the inherent and objective laws of morality natural law the aggregate amount of morality present in the lives of the people of any given society is directly proportional to the amount of freedom in that society or in other words as morality increases freedom increases as morality declines freedom declines since that law is eternally true true freedom can never exist in a society that embraces moral relativism can not exist can never exist in a society freedom cannot can never exist in a society that embraces the ideology of moral relativism it is a impossibility according to the laws of nature and yet how many people in our society ladies and gentlemen would you say subscribe to the ideology of moral relative relativism that there is no objective right or wrong in nature itself you know we get to make up what a right is you no man can make that up and then grant that right to other people and then if we so choose the next thing we can pass along we could say no that option is no longer a right well jail you will throw you in a cage for performing that behavior our entire society is based is built upon moral relativism called the laws of man and the vast majority of the zombie walkers that we have floating around this society are also adherents of the religion of moral relativism it there they believe in the religion of Satanism without even understanding what it is or understanding that they are a member of that religion by their own beliefs the third tenet of Satanism is social Darwinism social Darwinism is the extension of the theory of Darwinian macro biological quote unquote evolution into human society you're extending that theory into the human societal domain the proponents of Darwinian macro biological evolution postulate the notion of the survival of the quote fittest animals meaning that animals who are the most dominant will rule their social strata applied to the human domain this theory puts forward the notion that one it is the quote unquote natural order how many times have I heard this one and even desirable for human society to be ruled by the most dominating and vicious human beings now I can't tell you how many times I've been told that with a serious straight look on people's face hey this is just the natural order the dominant the Alpha humans come out on top and they just rule over everybody else that's just the way things aren't just the natural order of things there's nothing natural in that folks and believe me there's no order in it you're only going to get chaos from believing in that belief system the second postulations of social Darwinism is that such humans genes their genes are the reason that they acquired their positions of power and their genes are the reasons they maintain those positions of power it doesn't have to do anything with the the situation society that they maybe have more born into or you know the amount of resources they were handed at their birth or the bloodline as they come from because they were born from super rich ruling families no has nothing to do with that their genes got them there and maintain that position you know has nothing to do with people's belief in money and that they'll do any absolutely wretched behavior if given enough money you know for their for their own enslavers know their genes maintain that position for them yes it makes a whole lot of logical sense to not only is it sick and parasitic but you can see how much sense it actually makes would you agree or disagree that the vast majority of individuals in our society subscribe to the ideology of social Darwinism and I would say yeah I'd say most people do more than not the fourth and final tenant takes the entire ideology to its final solution you might say eugenics or what I'm going to start calling this genex and epi eugenics which I'm going to start calling epidemics because there's nothing good about it they're not trying to create something good on the other side folks they are definitely degrading the human genome that's what dis genex is let's talk about the word eugenics that classically defined you word eugenics the word eugenics is derived from the Greek adjectives you get you get A's sorry and you get a s means Wellborn which is in turn derived from the Greek adjectives u meaning good and the Greek noun jenos meaning race or stock eugenics is a social ideology advocating the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents now let me say that again eugenics is a social ideology advocating the promotion of higher rates of sexual reproduction for people with traits and characteristics desired by its proponents and then simultaneous to that it puts forward the notion of reduced rates of sexual reproduction and sterilization for those with undesired traits and characteristics so we want there to be more births of people who have the traits and characteristics we desire and we want there to be less births of people who have the traits and characteristics we do not desire this tenant describes the ideology of Satanism taken to its ultimate conclusion it goes something like this since man is God and he gets to make up what right and wrong are and since it is simply the quote natural order for the most ruthless of humans whose genes are the fittest to rule the rest of the human herd then that elite class of human beings in the highest positions of power in the world have every right to decide who is allowed to live and procreate and who must die that's eugenics folks and that's what's going on in this society but you know the even much more sinister thing that's going on in this society epoch eugenics epi eugenics is taking place and people are completely unaware of it even people have heard about eugenics they think of it as forced sterilization like what's going on back in the 20s they don't need to force anything anymore we're calling ourselves we're calling ourselves and we're giving birth to traits and characteristics and the next generations that are coming down that are Taylor bred for slavery and we're doing it completely unconsciously because we don't see what these human farmers are doing to our minds epi eugenics a word which I have coined myself is the propagation of eugenics by way of mind control and quote unquote selective breeding by the very population which the eugenics strategy is targeted to destroy one could call it getting the herd to call itself this gene calling strategy is seen most readily and most disturbingly in the rabid and drogyn ization of genders in Western culture and the modern neo feminist movements ideology and practices and I am going to be covering this in an extensive two-day presentation that I'll be giving it for your mind for this will be my topic it's going to be called the unholy feminine neo feminism and the Satanic epi' eugenics agenda perhaps it would be better to refer to the strategies of eugenics and epic eugenics as employed by dark occultists as diss genex and epic diss geniux which I think are much more appropriate terms we need to stop using the word you in the first part of eugenics meaning good in Greek there's nothing good about it folks it is to degrade human genetics and ultimately to degrade the human soul I'll take questions at the end of the presentation you can go right ahead absolutely I'm gonna take some time right here to given to screen an interview with an actual Satanist that was also a priest in the organization that I was a priest within the Church of Satan he subsequently left the Church of Satan and he left it because he said it was not evil enough for him he said it was not hardcore enough for him he said it was not fascist enough for him and he said it did not advocate eugenics in a brutal enough fashion for him now how psychopathic is that however to this person's credit in this interview you will see how psychopathic this person is to his credit later many years later many years after I came out of this mentality he finally did break this mentality and became a Buddhist you know I'm not saying he went all the way and became a spiritual anarchist but hey it's a lot better than where he was okay you know sometimes we got to do this in stepwise progression his name is Nicholas Shrek and he was the life partner at the time of Anton LaVey daughter Xena xena LaVey so you were going to hear him talk about his music promoting the satanic ideology in this interview I want you to pay very specific attention to some of the things he says so here we go Nikolas Shrek hi this is Tom Metzger your host for race and reason again that longest-running show of its type on cable access TV seen around the country on many many many local cable access systems and those cable access systems serve many times three four sometimes five towns and cities and we're dedicated of course to freedom of speech true freedom of speech which upsets some of our opposition we feel we're at island of free speech and a sea of controlled and managed news and if you don't think news and so forth is controlled only twenty six corporations control all the media in the United States so today we have a very interesting guest who has been on the show before his name is Nicholas Schreck and he has a musical group an organization called radio werewolf that he terms a musical terrorist organization and is also a revisionist writer who has written a book called the study of Charles Manson nice to have you here always a pleasure Tom how are you what's been happening to nicholas shrek since the last time we met well we're entering phase two of radio werewolf's operation for world dominion and what we're waging is a cultural war right now on every front in music and literature utilizing the media against itself what we're trying to do is bring back a resurgence of the Western European tradition that has been all but lost in the world and we're using music because that's the that's the instrument that young people respond to right now we're doing propaganda directly to awaken the wolf in man because the wolf is a symbol of Western European power and fury and that's why we use the werewolf imagery now you have here's what you had termed neo-gothic the music in the past well gothic of course is a Germanic tribe and there's a spirit to the Western people that is unique in the world and it is a Gothic spirit and I think that's the purest form of of Western culture and I think we keep that flame alive in radio werewolf I understand you're talking about the evolution of this that your music is getting more into the armies but I wouldn't say political because we transcend politics politics is merely the puppet show of human beings and we transcend that but we are interested in the control of human beings for our own purposes you have a symbol on your left arm here could you start us right over it sort of is this this is the thirteenth room in the ancient runic alphabet of the Norse people and it represents you Drasil the tree of life and this is the meeting point between life and death is that the tree that Odin was supposed to have been crucified on exactly and it's the tree that symbolically supports the universe and the wolf single symbol we use as the symbol for the Abraxas foundation which is sort of a Thule Society for the 90s in the words of my collaborator Boyd rice it's a fascist occult think-tank and what we're doing is coming up with new strategies and techniques to bring this cultural Renaissance into the future into the 90s I noticed you have a wolf ring on their finger there well as I've explained the wolf has always been a particularly Western European image and the wolf represents the beast and man that's what we seek to unleash in humanity because it's been repressed and tamed by judeo-christian values and that above all is what we seek to eradicate the wolf should be unleashed we can harken back to Norse mythology with Fenris the ancient wolf god was unleashed upon the world and the götterdämmerung occurred the ragnerok the end of the world and symbolically that is what we are undergoing right now mostly an end of the old order an end of the old world and the beginning of a new order the end of the economic determinist more idea and moving towards race and culture of every idea of every traditional idea of the past in my opinion we're living in a dead world all the traditions of the past they're decadent dead corrupt and anyone who continues to cling to them are like maggots clinging to a corpse so the music today you would see it as music of today is absolute swill it's designed to keep young people passive restrained and it's designed to tame them and keep them into sort of domestic sheep I would separate young people today into two breeds there's predators which are the wolves and there are the Sheep and that's most of them and we appeal to an elite we are frankly an elitist organization we seek a few excellent people we don't want a lot of dross we don't want a lot of mediocre followers what we want are people who are capable of action do you see a lot of you see some elements of what you're talking about in other music that's I think the skinhead movement is a very positive step away from the decadence of the rock and drug culture that has dominated the youth so much but as Adolf Hitler said we seek to bring about a youth that has closed its heart to pity all of the humanist values that judeo-christianity has encouraged we want to wipe them out it's led to democracy social humanism the idea of equality all of this filth has to be wiped out if the human race is going to continue to take the next step in evolution what do you believe that that would be like in if you were in in control as far as your attitudes towards your own people where we are in control because basically we are not a political organization we are in a cult organization we're working behind the scenes to manipulate the way that people think the war that we are waging is a guerrilla war on the human mind and we use musical frequencies the dominant frequency which I've referred to before and symbolism and imagery to awaken dormant aspects of the human mind there's a difficult to get club dates and things like that obviously one so we no longer are working in the context of that whole sphere of activities we are moving into a much more elitist direction we're only seeking individuals who are competent and who are willing to take action there's a lot of people who will be an audience or a spectator but we want people who will act and so the Abraxas foundation has been for some time aurilla breakfast foundation is an organization that Boyd rice and myself founded and it's dedicated to bringing about the values which we consider true and determined by the natural order and in our opinion humanity has moved away from nature and race-mixing genetics suicide the destruction of the gene pool all of that is completely inimical and them achill to the natural order we need to return to order is this could this parallel somewhat Nietzsche as amici well Nietzsche was certainly a forerunner of our thinking because basically we're concerned with evolution maintaining the very best of humanity and destroying destroying weakness destroying everything that judeo-christianity has support and kept alive we have no concern for the homeless particularly we don't have any concern in helping people we're not seeking to convert people as far as I'm concerned in 1988 this is the cutting point either you are with us now or you never will be with us what do you think about writers like say Oswald Spengler writing a diner the West the cycles I very much believe we are now in a cycle of order the sixties 20 years ago represented a cycle of decay and since my message is directly intended for young people I would say it's about time that young people move away from the corrupt values of the 60s the drug culture race mixing equality the the whole chaos of that period is ending and we're going to see a new social movement in the 90s that will make Nazism and fascism look like kindergarten I mean do I have to say anything else I mean we could all go home you just said it all how out in the open is that how few people you think saw that interview won't like only had a couple hundred views on YouTube you know there that's how openly they talk amongst themselves if you think in a public interview they're talking that open imagine some of the things I heard behind closed doors imagine some of the things Jay Parker heard in a generational bloodline family of Psychopaths like that they're very open about their agenda folks and you know they're very openly fascist and racist as well you know said he wants to make Nazi Germany look like you know party it's moved to the next section because I think that speaks for itself symbols of Satanism let's look at some satanic symbolism the first and probably the most famous is the inverted five pointed star also known as the pentagram when the goat head is superimposed into or inscribed into the inverted pentagram it is known as the Baphomet pentagram this is of course the main symbol of laveyan satanism it's one of the few things I still have I went through like this purging the spiritual purging period where I got rid of a lot of the trappings that I had when I was involved with these organizations but one of the few things I did keep with some jewelry should have brought it here today I could have showed people in person but I still have the official ritual bathroom it's that I got in the Church of Satan they're still in my possession the Baphomet represents and this is these are the words by the former high priest of the Church of Satan Anton LaVey from his book The Satanic Bible the Baphomet represents the powers of darkness combined with the generative fertility of the goat in its pure form the pentagram is shown encompassing the figure of a man in the five points of the star three points up two pointing down symbolizing man's spiritual nature you know I mean they're so big and talking about the natural order of you know dog-eat-dog world and the most brutal rules the roost but here in another breath he's saying the original pentagram represented man's spiritual nature again the four points being earth air water and fire in the top point where the head being spirit in Satanism the pentagram is also used but since Satanism represents the carnal instincts of man or in other words man has just another animal or the opposite of spiritual nature the pentagram is inverted to perfectly accommodate the head of the goat its horns representing duality thrust upwards in defiance the other three points inverted or the Trinity denied and I don't just mean he doesn't mean that in the sense of the Trinity of God the Father Son and Holy Ghost he means that in the sense of the true Trinity of thought emotion and action which they want to put down in others look at in control organizations such as the police where this inverted pentagram is used the crown on top of the two horns you know crowning the Prince of Hell Victoria police uphold the right and trust me they're not upholding your rights you know they're upholding the Crown's rights authority another well-known symbol of Satanism especially when it comes to what you might call self-styled Satanists as opposed to organized Network Satanists is the inverted crucifix this is very popular in satanic music especially death metal and black metal since Satan represents the ego which is the adversarial force preventing the emergence of Christ consciousness many Satanists embrace the symbol of the inverted crucifix Satanism may be seen as an ideology which is attempting to invert everything that is wholesome and good to turn good into evil and evil into good thus in the view of some Satanists the inverted cross serves to represent this inversion of standards and morals the hypercube is a symbol of dark occultism not Satanism specifically but certainly a very deeply occult 'add dark occult symbol the hypercube is one of the most occult and symbolism with all within all dark occultism yet it is found prevalently throughout our society in the form of octagonal symbolism and as we'll see the two two-dimensional projection of the hypercube which is a representation of a four dimensional object is an octagon and the octagon is one of the big satanic symbols that they use everywhere they also use the Octagon in the form of two squares overlapping each other at 90-degree angles or the double square you'll see that all over and control based institutions so in three dimensions it appears as a cube within a cube this is a three dimensional depiction of the four-dimensional hypercube it's you're rotating a cube in all of its around all of its planes around all of its surfaces very difficult to conceptualize in the human imagination because we live in a 3d world not a 4d one symbolically though the hypercube represents a never-ending prison which perpetually renew itself or in other words hell so this is what a hypercube does it folds in upon itself then there's another cube you know the outside folds around it and then there's another cube inside and it just goes round and round and round and round the matrix you know the matrix and rebooting it so the perpetual prison is the symbol that the hypercube represents is that the concept of hypercube represents symbolically here it is in the form of the double square so the double square this is from David Ickes book great researcher his book called the biggest secret where he describes the double square the double square one square on top of another in any form is more secret society symbolism in the secret language of symbolism one square on top of another means control of all that is right and all that is wrong again moral relativism all that is just and all that is unjust man's law all that is positive and all that is negative in other words we control everything and I you know joked around about this and for your mind one when I gave the presentation called occult mockery of police and military when he's saying we control everything he doesn't mean you police he means your owners he means your dark occult masters who owned the police so there's the 2d projection of the hypercube in two dimensions and you could see the outline makes the shape of the octagon which is inside that double square and you see this all over the symbolism of police often put right on the head of the police along with other dark occult symbolism such as the Masonic floor of the house wrapped around the brain we'll get to the occult mockery of police and military layer in the present one of the symbols I haven't discussed prior to this is one of the main symbols of Satanism and particularly laveyan satanism the trapezoid in Satanism the trapezoid represents the imbalanced ego driven consciousness and identification purely with the physical self it is considered a perversion of the quote divine shape the circle since its angles total 360 degrees in its Satanic connotation the trapezoid is considered a quote soul trap symbolizing going around in circles of base consciousness laveyan satanism altars in many of their rituals and where is the most predominant place symbolically that the trapezoid is found ladies and gentlemen there it is there's the trapezoid that's the satanic symbol that's why it is the satanic part of the pyramid and all-seeing eye not the eye part the eye part represents divine wisdom that they are trying to block from the world they want to be God they don't want the light of the Creator actually coming down to the earth and and gotten going into the people of the earth they want them in this prison this trapezoid the soul trap so the block part of that symbol the brick that weighs us down and keeps us absolutely rigid and unyielding and not able to say that we were wrong and not able to grow in consciousness and only have one unit dimensional one form thinking to say in that you that uniform and weight of brick blockheaded consciousness okay that's what the trapezoid represents let's look at some satanic numerology briefly the number nine is Satan's number in Satanism and I've explained why this is before I'll briefly do it again here's Lovaza own words from the satanic rituals the book The Satanic rituals despite others attempts to identify a certain number and he's referring to the numbers six-six here with satan it will be known that 9 is his number 9 is Satan's number 9 is the number of the ego I mean he's telling you right here what it represents 9 is the number of the ego for it always returns to itself and he doesn't give an explanation of that no matter what is done through the most complex multiple multiplication of 9 by any other number in the final equation 9 alone will stand forth so let's look at this chart on the left 1 plus 9 is 10 and if we add the 1 and the 0 from 10 you get 1 so we started with 1 we added 9 and then by adding the result 10 the numbers in 10 together 1 and 0 we're back to 1 so we started with 1 we're back to 1 if you take the number 2 and you add 9 you get the number 11 1 plus 1 is 2 you started with two you're back to 2 it doesn't matter what number you do this with with the number 9 it always returns to itself meaning adding 9 in symbolism in numerical symbolism known as gematria is like adding 0 you never add anything when you add 9 and what does 9 represent LaVey just told you it represents the ego but when you add the ego into anything no value is added you don't get any any increase it stays right where it's at when ego is continued to be added ego changes nothing now let's look at the multiplication of the number 9 9 times 1 is 9 9 times 2 is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 9 times 3 is 27 2 plus 7 is 9 9 times 4 is 36 3 plus 6 is 9 9 times 5 is 45 4 plus 5 is 9 no matter what it doesn't matter how complex the numbers again 9 times anything you add the digits it's 9 so symbolically what does this represent when ego 9 is multiplied by anything it comes right back to itself more ego is created and there's no change you started with nine you end up with nine okay so what does this have to do with the other number that LaVey is talking about well he says that we don't want to identify with that other number 666 the so called number of the beast but if we look at gematria 6 plus 6 plus 6 is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 that means in gematria 666 is equivalent numerologically to 9 that's why it is Satan's number 666 9 it's it's an encoded you know mathematical truth and this is how a cult gematria basically works to symbolize concepts very you know heady symbolic roundabout way of explaining a concept but you know as they say math doesn't lie let's look at some occult holidays and these aren't necessarily dark occult holidays but d'arco cultists also observe them these are general occult quote-unquote holidays there's eight of them so the occult year is based around the zodiac and the path of the Sun around the houses of the zodiac during the course of a solar year the year is quartered by the solstices and the equinoxes which are four of the occult holidays these are known as the minor Sabbath's the spring equinox which is called Ostara the autumn equinox which is called Mabon the winter solstice which is called Yule and the summer solstice which is simply referred to as midsummer at the midpoints of each season see these the this cross here these lines right here that's the solstices summer solstice and winter solstice and here autumn equinox and spring equinox these these lines that form this cross quarter the year into seasons so we hit the spring equinox spring the when we hit the summer solstice summer begins the autumn equinox begins fall and then the winter solstice begins winner at the midpoints the pretty much the exact midpoints of each season that is that is created by the quartering of the Year by the solstices and equinoxes we have four major Sabbath's which they are known as or occult holidays the midpoints are consider the higher holidays whereas those cross markers of the solstices and equinoxes are the the minor holidays sorry the the midpoints are the major holidays so the major holidays the midpoint of spring is the biggest one spring is the season of the occult that's considered the most important season of the occult because at the time of the year when this when the Sun renews and get gives rebirth to the world by coming out of the tomb of the southern hemisphere yeah you know in in the occult world you only had really two seasons which was separated by this line when the Sun was in the northern hemisphere that was the season of life because that's the planting and growing and harvesting season and when you're when the Sun was in the southern hemisphere that was the season of death okay so things don't grow very well in the northern hemisphere during these seasons this is the planting and harvesting season the midpoint of spring is the major occult holiday it is called vol purchase knocked in Satanism in general ocultism this day is mostly known as Beltane and we'll get to why that is later but it's May Day now another tradition on earth shares this is its highest holiday you know what that tradition is communism the high holiday of communism is May 1 May Day 5 1 okay I'd suggest it's a day everybody should be very vigilant and watchful on because soon they're gonna break out one of their biggest mass death rituals ever on five one you know it directly connects off world area 51 communist made a okay so while purchase nacht means st. of all purchases night who was considered in some traditions a which it is also known as hexa not hexa nacht means the witches night so it's known by many different names but that's their high holiday and much ritual sacrifice goes on during made a ball purchase knocks the other High Holidays are opposite to ball purchase doctor made a in the season in the mid midpoint of fall is soin pronounced so and it looks like Samhain in English but it's pronounced soin in Gaelic and that is Halloween or hollow Mass October 31st in the midpoint of winter you have candle mass which we just passed on February second known in the United States as Groundhog Day you know this is in bulk in the old Irish traditions it's called candle mess in the Christian and satanic tradition February 2nd the midpoint of summer is the last one that is known as Lamas day or Lughnasa and that is celebrated on August 1st so these are the eight High Holidays known as Sabbath's of the occult year and again the most important of them is about purchase nacht and briefly I'll tell you that's called Beltane because the word Beltane means bells wheel the oldest son gods name from the Sumerian and Babylonian tradition was Bell or bills I'm going to talk about that name extensively later in the presentation but that is why you know the mate the major sabot of May first Orville purchased knocked also known as Beltane is considered the highest occult holiday it is the holiday after whom the sun-god bill or Bell was named and it means bells wheel meaning the zodiacal wheel of the year let's look at some dark occult rituals and I'll talk about just the general types of rituals that Satanists conduct but they're not really that exciting you know not as exciting or dramatic as you might think the big rituals are the ones that we don't even look at his rituals you know in the branch of Satanism with which I was involved rituals were essentially viewed as psycho dramatic gatherings of sympathetic energy I know that's a big mouthful there but in other words it's almost like play-acting where you're gathering energy and you're trying to direct energy you're channeling energy and you're trying to focus it and use it for a particular purpose or goal this energy could then be harnessed and directed toward a given cause or goal rituals were referred to in Satanism as magical ceremonies as most Satanists accept the concept of quote magic as a means of influencing change to occur in accordance with their will now I've talked about the difference between magic and sorcery in my work and they both have the same definition the ability to influence change to occur in accordance with the will what makes it magic and what makes it sorcery well real high magic is aligning your will with the will of creation which is the evolution of consciousness then it's magic if you're influencing change to happen to happen for that reason if you're doing it for your own selfish purposes your own lower case W will then that sorcery so Satan is basically conduct sorcery they call it magical ceremonies but there are sorcerer sorcery ceremonies rituals and laveyan satanism were divided into three basic categories and again you could read all about them in their book the satanic rituals compassion destruction and sex rituals compassion rituals are held to influence agendas in favor of the grottoes desires or the desires of the wider satanic network so if you have a goal you're looking the whole group is looking to advance you might come together and do what they call a compassion ritual which is focusing the energy toward the accomplishment of that goal and they do this by chanting burning incense lighting candles holding play-acting you know summoning different names to project you know vocalization of energy and they hold things called ceremonial masses but essentially their play acting psycho dramatic rituals to gather and focus the energy of the people involved so that they ultimately work harder to bringing that desired result into physical manifestation it's about entrainment it's about putting everybody on the same working toward the same group goal you know you're they create what they call a mastermind a group of people all focused on the on the attainment of the same task they're very very organized and on the same page in this regard and I've talked about in my work how Humanity is not everybody wants a million different things but they don't want to end in slavery on the earth you know they don't want to understand rights and then actually protect their rights you know they're all living for all these different purposes of hedonistic pleasure pursuits but we don't come together for the right reasons these people all come together and act of one accord for all the wrong reasons that's why the universe is technically granting them what they want because the universe will grant the desires of what people want if they all come together and none of them are divided and not only that but they're not divided inside internally about what they want in other words their thoughts their emotions and their actions are perfectly in alignment there's no contradiction they don't say they want this and then their emotions and and actions betray what they say they want in their thoughts there very unified in that regard I call this concept dark care people hate it they hate hearing about it because it's like saying what evil can win over good yes yes it can evil is winning over good not only can and it is because they're united it on one Accord and we are not that's exactly why Eagles winning right now unfortunately so when they come together and do these rituals they're on the same page they're all there for the same reason destruction rituals are the opposite they're held to direct at Furyk energy toward individual or group enemies meaning anyone who stands in the way of their plans and then they direct that energy and they sent they send it out and you know then I could almost guarantee if the persons powerful enough and their ability to do something to them and they don't just send it energetically they go and take care of them sex rituals are held for forming familial bonds between members of the group or to influence such bonds with outsiders who could be used to advance the Satanist goals such rituals as you might see in Eyes Wide Shut I just want to say for the record I never personally attended any rituals in the form of Satanism I was involved in that involved conjurations of non-human entities most of the Satanists there never even talked about any that's kind of stuff they were not into trying to summon forth entities or demons I'm not denying that that goes on but not in the branch or form of Satanism I was personally involved with nor did I attend any ceremonies involving any type of non-consensual sexual activity or sexual activity with minors I do not deny that such rites do occur because they do but they did not occur at my level of involvement with dark occultism here's the real kind of rituals that go on that are satanic rituals that are performed every single day and people don't even look at them as rituals and they don't look at the places that they're performed as temples or churches of the dark occult political rituals we're going to sign our law into being that we're going to forcibly coerce man to live by you know we're going to do it in our temple on the Kappa on the Capitol Hill Capitol line Hill because we're the gods of this you know all kinds of magical rites and rituals are done every time these politicians try to pass off anything to the public they have to do little tricks you know and little rituals to get people to say oh isn't that nice look at look at how elaborate nice that was they don't even realize that's a church that's a that's a dark occult congregation of men who want to be God on earth is exactly what you're looking at there how about this ritual that goes on every second of the day on earth the slaughter of other sentient beings this is mass blood sacrifice every single second of the day on earth the altar of sacrifice runs with blood continuously and you know what not just with animals they do it with children they deal with people in war you know getting the herd to call itself and we're going to traumatize people so that they grow up doing the same thing when they get older as jane has talked about trauma-based mind control is another big ritual you know creating altars in the mind through through torture for its spring meyer extensively exposed this in his book out the illuminati create an undetectable mind-control slave project monarch see that's what all this sexual abuse pedophilia of the young is all about it's about fracturing the mind of these children so that altars get created and then they can control them they could program that impressionable mind because it's fractured and it's like a blank computer harddrive that then can then be given instruction trauma-based mind control another book you should definitely check out about this is Cathy O'Brien's transformation of America and you could hear her speak it for your mind for as well how about circumcision as one of the big trauma-based mind control that's going on every day throughout the world mutilate not just male circumcision female circumcision to the mutilation of the genitalia of babies going on all the time in our society and people still think this is for health reasons I mean please you know we jack up our babies with vaccines like Jay was talking about earlier and then we mutilate their genitals and we don't think this is totally traumatic and a form of mind control and a form of satanic ritual well you know you need to pay attention to Jenice barcelos work on this it's disgusting as I said war modern human sacrifice that's all this is it's all war has ever been and people do it for king and country you know so many people think it's so honorable to go into the armed services to go and join standing armies it's a death cult these people have always been members of the big death cult get as offended as you want that's the truth and they need to see it and other people need to stop sugarcoating it and tell them to their face you're involved in a cult that you know nothing about at all you don't know anything about the operators of the cult you're involved in and you think you're doing good you think you're doing something that is necessary for Humanity it's it's a childish joke mindset now I'll look into the face of a military person and say that right to their face because they weren't where I was at they don't know what I know they don't know where I've been they don't know what I've seen okay I'm not telling I'm not asking people to believe a damn thing you know and and and it's it's it's very much similar so actually a similar situation to being in war and not being able to explain what it's like to that's why I could wholly identify with with J while I never experienced anything like what he went through trying to explain that mindset to someone who's never going through it or been in the circle of that kind those kind of people is a near impossibility you were either there and you experienced it or you don't really get it I'm not saying that to berate anybody and say that you know you can't understand what I'm talking about that's not what I'm saying I'm saying it's like how people in war share some sort of a bond you know because they were both there it's the same thing with people who are involved in something like this you can't really fully deeply explain it to another human being either you were there you weren't that's why it's the doing this type of work from the perspective of a former insider is so difficult let's look at some rituals that take place at the Bohemian Grove now here is a very good example of some of this psychodrama that I'm talking about play-acting you know and they take up all the roles male and female because there's no women allowed there you know a lot of heterosexual stuff goes on there you know many even former presidents have attested to that they bring a lot of male prostitutes in there to service the politicians and also compromise them bring in very very young men into there and compromise politicians and other people in influential positions of power in society with sexual rights with minors and then you know get pictures of them they're doing those acts and then they own them for the rest of their lives you know that's one of the ways that they use a lot of these these retreats to bring people into their fold and keep them there but in these old pictures that I believe some woman had from her father who was a member you know she brought them out of his closet when he passed and you know scanned them all there's hundreds of pictures of Bohemian Grove from the early 1900's one of the things that besides the psychodrama rituals are rituals directly involving death they're very big into this that's why they call these cults the cults of death the cult of death and that's one of the names that this dark atenas cult is referred to as simply as the cult of death I call it the cult of the Black Sun as some other researchers do because ultimately that's what they worship the dark side of the Sun the dark side of the light the dark side of knowledge I mean you see that they clearly go through some very strange rituals of you know death and rebirth you know this hanging ritual here III can't claim to understand it I was never involved at Bohemian Grove but I'm telling you the things that they're involved in they look deranged and it's just not normal behavior this isn't just like you know some fraternity thing that you know some some college fraternity is doing these are the power brokers of the world engaged in this stuff of course the big ritual at Bohemian Grove is known as the cremation of care the cremation of care and just think about the name of it we're going to immolate burn to ashes the dynamic of care in the world you know all the power brokers of the world who have to unite on this globalist agenda coming into this big power broker club for two weeks of the year performing you know who knows what twisted deviant heterosexual sex rites that they do okay making deals behind the scenes politicians have attended people in military law enforcement you name it attend it and then they culminate this at midsummer the summer solstice okay one of the Sabbats of the occult year with the ritual called the cremation of care which they get together and they burn allegedly in effigy and I do believe it is just an effigy because there are other rights taking place away from this this is about the focus of this energy so then the real rituals that are taking place in other areas of this forest are actually sucking the energy from this focal point of the cremation of care all of these people are there to say one thing we are burning our conscience away because we are going to be asked to do things during the course of the year that are going to be harmful and disastrous to other people and we have to continuously renew our resolve and not just that we have to forgive ourselves for what we are about to do this is known as a reverse absolution ritual in other words I'm going to forgive myself now for the harm I'm going to visit upon someone tomorrow and that's what these twisted bastards believe that's what this ritual is all about probably the clearest photo ever taken of the cremation of care ritual epidemia Grove brought forward by again someone who wasn't a family member of a person who was actually involved the photo on the left was taken from Alex Jones's infiltration of Bohemian Grove about a decade ago here's the biggest satanic rituals that are ever conducted you know people want to talk about rituals conducted in some McMansion on the Pennsylvania Maryland border you know in someone's home that's nothing these are the real rituals these are the real satanic rituals folks not what Anton LaVey wrote about in the book the satanic rituals false flags are mega rituals rituals of manifestation where these dark occultists are bringing out a problem reaction solution event to get what they want to get the public to give them what they want they don't have to take it by force when they conduct these rights you know and people are still fooled they're still fooled by them the gulf of tonkin never happened and we're still fooled by these so-called shootings that are happening some of them without even victims without provable bodies are victims you know and then there's their solution is that take people's ability to defend themselves with firearms away because so what you put some psychopathic mind controlled monarch slave up to shooting some people so you're gonna take my guns so I can't defend myself from the big cult I don't think so not while I'm breathing these are the big rituals of the world folks and people still need to start talking about them as rituals as death rituals because that's what they are and here's the time to watch for them it's something that you myself and other researchers have brought forward and explain to people this is the time period they do this stuff they love this time period don't do it any time of the year but I'm telling you they love the the from the spring equinox to May Day this is their preferred time for blood sacrifice and there's a reason for it on the third day after the spring equinox the Sun breaks past the equatorial line the equator and it fully emerges from its quote tomb of the southern hemisphere as we talked about the season of death when the Sun is in the southern hemisphere and the season of life when it is in the northern hemisphere this represents the Sun quote rising from the dead Christ rising from the tomb to begin its journey toward its highest power at the summer solstice when they do their cremation of care ritual on midsummer in sun-worshipping traditions of the past animal sacrifice and sometimes human sacrifices were offered during the 40 days between the spring equinox and May Day mid-spring this is the planting season of the year and the sacrifices were made to the Sun and Earth who are viewed as great spirits to ensure a bountiful food harvest the 40 days between March 22nd and May 1st are known as the occult season of sacrifice 40 days is a significant time period in biblical and occult terms be particularly vigilant for false flag mega ritual Megadeth ritual events during these this time this 40 day period and there they are human sacrifice rituals that's exactly what they are so the number 3 to 2 March 22nd that's the beginning of the season of sacrifice the cult of death known as Skull and Bones uses that number it's a funny anecdotal story when I gave the natural law seminar in New Haven Connecticut when art put us up in the hotel he didn't even know it we had room 322 at the hotel where I stayed and you know hey that's where Skull and Bones is that was almost like they were saying hi mark thanks for coming so this is the time period really to watch for blood sacrifice rituals mass blood rituals look at how many have occurred only in the last couple hundred years the battles of Lexington and Concord the British attacked Lexington and Concord April 19 1775 and while they slaughtered many of our men at Lexington we handed them their ass at Concord the Baltimore riots thirteen killed April 19th 1861 the sinking of the Titanic fifteen hundred and twelve deaths April 14th and 15 1912 assassination of Martin Luther King April 4th 1968 the Waco Massacre April 19th the anniversary of Lexington and Concord 1993 Oklahoma City bombing same day April 19th Battle of Lexington and Concord anniversary 1995 Port Arthur Australia massacre April 28th 96 Heaven's Gate cult suicides March 26 1997 Westside middle school massacre in eras in Arkansas March 24th 1998 Columbine High School school shootings mass shooting ritual April 20th Hitler's birthday 1999 Iraq war the beginning of this Iraq war shock and all bombings March 19th okay that's technically the spring equinox 2003 it's the date day I was appointed priest in the Church of Satan that's the day lavay did all of his appointments March 19th Virginia Tech school shooting massacre April 16 2007 the Moscow Metro bombings March 29th 2010 the BP oil spill began April 20th 2010 Hitler's birthday Libya was invaded on March 19 2011 the Boston Marathon bombing April 15 2013 it's just coincidence watch this time period occultists kill a lot of people during that time period because of their sick twisted belief system let's look at some dark occult variants and groups I could call this section who really rules the world again you have these public interface groups like the Church of Satan which was run by Anton LaVey now I believe Pitt Peter Gilmore is the high priest of the Church of Satan right now he had groups like the temple of set run by Michael Aquino who became a general in the arm in the army the US Army he ran the psyops division of the army psychological operations psychological warfare ops Michael Aquino Satanist who considers himself a settee inist as opposed to simply a Satanist set was the dark solar deity of ancient Egypt who was the adversarial force who opposed the good solar deity Horus who was about morality and set was about immorality they pattern themselves after these dark gods you know because that's who they fashioned themselves after some other groups that I was personally involved with I was never a member of the temple of set but I had friendships with many people who were involved directly in the temple upset I was involved with an organization called the order of the evil eye in Florida and that's a lower level interface group like the Church of Satan also there's a or was I'm not sure if it's still in operation a group in Whitehall Pennsylvania known as the Whitehall Church of Satan and that group this is this some pamphlet here called satanic rites and ceremonies with a slightly different variant of the Baphomet on the cover of that book this was a an organization that was dedicated to human androgen e to the androgynous ation of society in order to make in order to destroy the the establish gender identification of male and female so that people would be easier to rule this is also a eugenics operation not to belabor this because I'm going to talk about it extensively it for your mind when you lower testosterone levels in a society not only do people become androgynous sex drives are lowered so this is a form of calling the population not only male sex drive is lower but female sex drive gets lowered when testosterone levels are not at the proper optimum levels many people don't know that and think testosterone is something that is only in in the male of our species and it is not is critical for testosterone levels to be at a certain level for feminine sexuality to be normal and there is a war against this chemical in the human body there's a war on testosterone as surely as there is a war on cannabis more so ok because they want an androgynous population that isn't reproducing itself and certainly isn't standing up for itself because testosterone is also the war chemical you know it's the chemical that's going to let you say the lost word but you know cuz you're not gonna take other people's bullshit you're going to stand up for yourself and your rights when your testosterone levels aren't normal they want a docile population and they're doing that by eradicating testosterone in the population I'll be getting into it more it for your mind for every mystery tradition has its inversion see this is the dual edged nature of the occult world in this section I don't want you to think I'm saying that these traditions are bad because I covered them briefly not nearly extensively in demystifying the occult part 1 we talked about Freemasonry we talked about Rosicrucianism we talked about Kabbalah ok these traditions are rich in symbolism and they're rich in knowledge of self they can help people really to deeply understand morality and natural law I highly encourage people to look into all of these traditions you don't need to go into any organizations or groups you know you have the truth device right here and right here in the palm of your hand if you use it the right way you know you don't need to go and take oaths to any organization a group to acquire knowledge of this order you know so please hear what I'm saying and don't think about this unit dimensionally that I'm saying any of these any of these traditions are in and of themselves inherently bad again knowledge is capable of being perverted and used for the wrong reasons so is there such a thing as light Freemasonry and dark Freemasonry yes there is is there such thing as light Kabbalah and dark Kabbalah yes there is is there such a thing as light Rosicrucianism and dark Rosicrucianism yes there is it all depends on the consciousness of the person and he'll ding the knowledge so we have to understand the mystery schools have been fallen for countless generations these traditions were originally set up and intended to teach people and can to them symbolically and allegorically the knowledge of natural law and the knowledge of self and the laws of the universe they have fallen they're corrupt like every other institution on the face of the earth and they're chock-full of dark occultists which is why I don't really encourage people to go into large systems I encourage individual study or if you have a lot of people that you know you can put together and form a larger you know going you know infiltrate a lodge good luck to you you know I know people who have tried to turn lodges around and it ain't happening folks you're in the white lodge this is it welcome thank you for arriving here's the thing for me wrote you know do do that work yourself as well carry the information to others who need to see and hear and understand it that's what the propagation of the white the true white Lodge is all about you know people say mark where's the all the good aspects of this tradition and where's the positive lodges I'm like hey take a look around you're there you found it congratulations you know so you know I call dark Freemason I just call it dark masonry I don't even refer to it as Freemasonry I look at true Freemasonry as Freemasonry it's about building freedom then there's the dark builders you know and they're not working toward building a society based on freedom a lot of the founding fathers were freemasons you know I consider them certainly of the light variety Kabbalah powerful powerful tradition about the reception of natural law and that's what it means reception it is about the reception of the divine light is there a negative aspect of it yes there is it's called clip hope clip clip otic Kabbalah look up the clip hope it's spelled ql IPP oth sick stuff satanic stuff it's derived from the same knowledge just psychopaths and lunatics took it and used it to their ends so every tradition that has a light side is capable of falling and having a dark side higher-level dark occult organizations we already briefly talk about these guys the order of Skull and Bones known as the order of death at Yale up in New Haven so many you know people in intelligence agencies you know get tapped through Skull and Bones because there are another big part of the cult system is world the worldwide network of a cult I'm sorry of intelligence orders Bohemian Club you know where power brokers meet yearly you got to look into all these groups and understand the people who are affiliated with them political and financial organizations Jay talked about the Bank of International Settlements the central bank of central banks you want to talk about some organizations that's that's packed with dark occultists there it is and that I believe they operate out of Switzerland the Trilateral Commission the Council on Foreign Relations the World Bank the International Monetary Fund the UN the Federal Reserve System worldwide communism and worldwide Nazism and let me tell you something folks you think that these ideologies have anywhere near been defeated or taken care of in the world you're out of your damn mind because they are so on the rise communism and Nazism are in total control in this country and I'm telling you neo Nazism is big-time on the rise not only here but in Europe heavily you know some of the people involved in these political and financial organizations the Rothschilds especially Jacob and David you know here's the Bush family you know former Baron Rothschild the Rockefellers David Rockefeller the whole cult of Saturn the black-robed cult of Saturn the judiciary class you know here's a Satanist that I actually saw at a ritual Alan Greenspan former director of the Federal Reserve System now these are people who are all involved in this dark cult they're involved in it at high levels they're making policy decisions they're shaping how money operates in the world they own the monetary system they own politics they own the banks they own the courts they own it all so all their inventions they invented this whole system we didn't invent this system to enslave our so this big cult did thousands of years before any of us were born tens of thousands high-level think tanks and intelligence agencies you know and there's analysts you know I got so depressed making this presentation folks and I don't mean that I know this is all heavy stuff I'm actually going to end with some humor later so as not to you know make it a total you know sledgehammer but I got depressed making this because I'm I'm myself realizing and you know me and Jenny have had discussions about this you know some heavy discussion some light-hearted ones about how many people are involved in this cult you know when Jade's throws the numbers out there I'm like dude you're out of your mind you think that many people are involved there's nowhere near that many people involved and when I'm doing the research for this presentation I'm starting to realize maybe there are as many as people as he's saying who are involved you know his his numbers are ten to twelve percent of the human population you know I mean III hear that number and I just want to like melt into a puddle you know it's like if it's that much we're a lot of trouble people so you know the number one percent that people throw around you know I think it's almost hopeful because look at how many people are involved look at how many groups how many people all their ancillary supporters and members people are involved in this cult that low levels but there's many of them in the low-level areas of it Tavistock Institute of human relations the NSA the NRO whose symbolism whose dark occult symbolism I broke down in my first team is to find the occult seminar the CIA the Club of Rome the big eugenics arm of the operation you want to talk about who's directing the eugenics and epi eugenics agendas you need to look no further than the Club of Rome CIA NASA and of course our friends at the Bilderberg Group you know who comprised high high-level power brokers in just every every area you know media education finance entertainment politics etc technology even the so-called Royal bloodlines and I put royal in quotes because there is no such thing as royalty royalty is absolute nonsense nobody special because they have special blood you believe that you know you're in the satanic mindset you know nobody's genes are special and grants them the right to rule over other people it's hard to believe how many people still accept this and how many royal families there star in the world all over Europe there's ruling royal families and people say oh yeah they're just figureheads they're just figureheads queen of England's estimated net worth is seventeen point five trillion dollars it's just a figurehead yeah there's no power and that kind of money there's no power in that kind of wealth it's not like you can buy politicians with seventeen point five trillion dollars I mean come on I mean then people actually believe that nonsense you know these people are people who think they're god that's the only thing that makes them quote unquote royal you think you have some Divine Right that you don't they're jokes they're inbred mentally deranged jokes I'm saying I'm directly saying that me mark a CEO is saying that to all the royalty of Europe you're insane mentally deranged psychopathic parasitic inbred jokes and here's some more bad jokes that people still believe in religion you know you want to talk about who's at the top of a satanic hierarchy religion you want people say the world's run from Washington DC London Moscow Beijing and Tokyo bullshit you want to know where the world's run from Rome Israel and Mecca that's where the world's run from folks Rome Israel and Mecca you better know that and we think these are our religions they invented these religions the dark occult invented these religions in the ancient world they are the astro theological cults the Sun the moon and the stars it's right in their symbols that they are the cults of the ancient world the solar cult the lunar cult and the stennis and the style are cult it's right in the symbol of the religion and people still can't see it you know you got to look into some of the other occult orders that are hidden within some of these religions you know like Opus Dei like the Jesuit Order of the Society of Jesus you know they depicted here by the black Pope you know and you know deeper level Talmudic and Zionist Judaic organizations their so-called Jews that would be called crypto-jews religion is not what it appears to be folks it's a mask it's a mask on a demonic face and people better start waking up to that fact and realizing it these religions are not on the side of humanity they were created by these cults of the ancient world and they are run by dark occult to keep people inactive and believing that some savior is coming to rescue us from ourselves there ain't nobody coming to help us we got to do this work ourselves I don't care what force you want to believe in for shrimp I'm not telling you don't have that belief but you know what you got to do the action god helps those who help themselves here's one of the new big religions that's owned by the dark occult I told people how Satanists and dark occultist ghosts write the new-age books they put useful dupes up to write them and throw their name on it and they they give them all the conceptual ideas of solipsistic ISM and the bullshit notion of the law of attraction instead of teaching them natural law a one New Age teacher I know teaching anybody natural law not one zero total number zero you know where's the New Age teacher's talking about the laws of morality that that give us the real experiential results that we experience in our lives based on our behavior there's not one New Age teacher talking about that none no but those sell us a million different products at the New Age Expo you know and they'll try to take the emphasis off of knowledge that's what the New Age is designed to do it's solecism folks pure and simple it's the big third satanic sin that the Satanists are trying to pass off to the rest of the population now a lot of people talk about luciferianism and how does this differ from Satanism well luciferianism first and foremost is not one thing once again is Freemasonry one thing no it is not it's cabal one thing no it is not is Rosicrucianism one thing no it is not nor is luciferianism there is a dark side of it and a light side to it so let's just talk about the name where the name Lucifer derives from the Lucifer's derived from the latin noun looks meaning lights again this is all about vision light the ability to see the ability to see light from darkness the second part of the word Lucifer's derived from the latin verb faire a which means to bring or to carry to faerie something therefore in its pure form again like the original upright pointing pentagram and its pure form represented the spiritual nature of mankind in its pure form all lucifer means it is the conceptual idea of the force through which the light divine knowledge natural law is conveyed to human beings hence that's why the all-seeing eye has been used as a representational symbol of the light of the creator and the bringer of the light from the creator to human beings called Lucifer okay the the words Fiat looks are often used in conjunction with this all-seeing eye to mean let there be light the first words attributed to the creation of the universe by the creator the true self divine wisdom enlightenment or Christ consciousness is the result of the full intake of this high-level knowledge of self nature spirit and creation that is what Lucifer is in its pure form folks so I'm here to tell everyone completely unapologetically today I am a Luciferian surprise surprise am i a dark Luciferian no I identify with the symbol of Lucifer as the conveyor of divine light or knowledge that's all it's a symbol it's just like to a Satanist Satan is a symbol of the ego run amok that takes over the Bing and wants them to control everything and they identify with that force the ego and elevated to the position of godhood in there well.all Lucifer means to me is it's the light of the Creator that we are capable of receiving if we open our mind and heart to it that's it I don't care whether you have this notion stuck in your head that it's a bad evil thing you go right ahead and you want to believe that you believe that I can see it in a different aspect because I don't have one dimensional thinking about a symbolic concept if you do I'd say you know you're cutting you're selling yourself short and you're not conceptually able to understand symbolically what that symbol means now does that mean there aren't dark Luciferians no because there most certainly are and that's who's running the world at the highest levels so I would look at myself as a light Luciferian or a positive Luciferian however you want to look at a pure Luciferian as the enemy of these people as the opponent what's the only gonna use the word enemy as they are they are the people who really have the knowledge of how natural law works they look at them as and and want to teach people how it works so that they can actually work in conjunction with it with the real laws of attraction and create a better world they look at the dark Luciferians look at us as their mortal opponents as their mortal enemies and opponents in this game for you know human freedom dark Luciferian is the perversion of the conveyance of that spiritual knowledge that we talked about dark Luciferians would be considered a superclass of the worldwide satanic network who hold even higher level knowledge about how natural law really works which many sameness do not even hold the Luciferians are ultimately who are throwing going to throw the Satanists under the bus when Jay talks about the quote-unquote rank-and-file Illuminati those are the Satanists they're super high class so-called illuminated ones that darkly illuminated ones these dark Luciferians that's who's going to throw them under the bus because not every there they don't want to share that power they want it for themselves they know how natural law really works and yet they have rejected the reality of it in favor of attempting to quote reign in Hell rather than serve in heaven these dark occult elitists are ultimately those who have been controlling humanity through exploitation of occult knowledge for tens of thousands of years this deranged and parasitic ideology could also be referred to as dark atomism again I don't simply call it the cult of a tone or the Aten because the Aten was just the light again the light in its pure form in ancient Egypt was called the Aten or the Anton well there was three aspects to the Anton the one that was rising on the eastern horizon which was called Horus the Horus aspect the one that was setting on the western horizon was which was called the set aspect the dark Sun and Amon Roth the Sun at noon at its apex at its highest point of light which is why prayers are offered to amen amen Adson had three forms you know horison and Amon rah are positive aspects set means the lights going out knowledge is being perverted the Christ consciousness is being conquered and put into the underworld where it has to do battle and then rise again on the eastern horizon all the same Sun it's all the same light it's all the same knowledge that's how it's used so I call it dark atenism to make the distinction settee anism which is a very valid word for it because set was just the dark god or the cult of the Black Sun we'll look at some of these symbols but this is where the idea of the fallen angel of heaven God's angel who was the most like him fell that's the divine wisdom being used for the wrong purposes dark Lucifer this is their symbol there's the light Lucifer and here's what they want to create the dark New World Order Novus Ordo seclorum he favors our work yeah darn the dark God the dark Lucifer favors the work of blocking out the light from the world and completing the the mail Dominator violence and coercion and slavery based dark new world order that's in favors that great work dark Luciferian symbolism the owl the owl is a predatory bird who can see its prey at night and fly above its prey when its prey is incapable of seeing it it has night vision that can see and can see even in the dark the illuminated torch another Luciferian symbol and again on the Statue of Liberty I see it as the positive aspect of Lucifer I believe the Statue of Liberty was given in good faith by French freemasons as a symbol of Liberty and she holds a book with the date July 4th 1776 you know that symbol is a very positive symbol to me as far as I'm concerned that's the light of knowledge the knowledge of the Creator divine wisdom however dark Luciferians use it as a symbol that they are the holders of that flame they are the holders of that light they will do with it as they see fit here's some of them you want to know who the dark Luciferians are ha somebody got some good shots of them at Bohemian Grove here they are before like a 50-foot Buddha statue and they're burning some kind of an animal sacrifice on this altar here and they're all in white robes you know not like the sameness in dark rooms you know they concern that's the Illuminati these are Illuminati members of the early 1900s folks that's what they look like and you'll notice they're not all white men not all white men they're from every continent on the earth that's the other thing I want to take a minute and talk about people thing cause this is all just rich white men in this cult yeah that's what you think let me tell you something there's people from every race extensible religion background economic class gender it doesn't make a difference there's people from all over involved in this cult has nothing to do with a particular type of person okay and you could just look at all their faces and you can see they're from every there every continent of the world is represented by that priest class I think people should definitely look at these photos more in-depth I'm going to get to a couple of them couple more of them later but this is another one of the dark Luciferian symbols and I think this is the symbol of the whole worldwide dark cult the cult of the Black Sun you know this was the symbol that the secret society within a secret society and Nazi Germany used it was referred to as dish wart Sun the Black Sun and that's that was the occult order that ran the SS which ultimately ran Nazi Germany and Himmler was obsessed with dark occultism and Michael Aquino member of the set TN temple have set you know other identified dark Luciferian organization brags about how he has artifacts from Himmler you know that was were used that vivos burg and he used them in ritual you know because that's another thing eugenics fascism are huge in the dark occult world that's what they want and you heard nicholas shrek what he was involved with that the Church of Satan and temple have set in that interview tell people we are in control and we're going to build a world that is where young people are absolutely devoid of rc4 their fellow human beings and we're gonna make we're gonna create a fascist World Order that's gonna make Nazi Germany look like a little girls tea party yep and of course set teen ism is a big part of this again the dark solar deity of ancient Egypt that does battle with Horus the light side of the Sun he is identified with the black Sun that's what this cult is it's the cult of the Black Sun I don't care what name you want to call it they're the cult of the darkside of light the darkside of knowledge so how do these dark occultists avoid the brunt of karmic consequence that naturally should be visited down upon them according to the moral laws of creation natural law how do they get away with what they're doing and they are getting away with it they do get away with it to a large extent I will not say completely but they definitely do not take the brunt of the consequence in other words like if we were gonna lie crammed into a building with a big tank you know and a whole bunch of people in the front we're gonna have to take the brunt of that force and probably get killed okay well they're way in the back okay but they're driving the tank okay they're getting other people to take the brunt of that consequence for them and it's because they know how natural law works these people consciously know that what they're doing is wrong they know the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior at the highest levels they don't think it's relative they even passed the notion of moral relativism down to their adherence of their religion that's how they form a cult based on an erroneous beliefs as the McCole is a religion that's based on an erroneous belief system whose membership does harm to people that don't subscribe to that religion it's the definition of a cult the dark Luciferians at the highest level of the dark occult know the difference between right and wrong behavior that right behavior is moral because it is in alignment with natural law and actions that are based in that our rights don't cause harm don't result in harm to other sentient beings period that's what a right is an action that does not cause harm to another sentient being and they know that wrongdoing is in opposition to moral law in opposition to natural law and that it does result in harm to other sentient beings they know this they have rejected natural law they have rejected all of its expressions they know that they can only build chaos and control and slavery by using the dynamic of fear and ignorance in society but they have chosen in their absolute willful disregard for natural law to create a prison within creation and rule the prison and this is because they so want to be able to do whatever they want unchecked this is how crazed the ego is in other words they know there is a moral consequence in nature for doing harm to others that cannot be avoided karma is real it operates and it cannot be avoided in nature that's well that's why we're experiencing the slavery we're experiencing experiencing now because karmically in the aggregate not just as individuals but in the aggregate of our society we've collectively made more amoral choices than moral choices they know how this dynamic works individually and societally and they hate it so much that they have said eff off to the creator of the universe we will not accept that we are bound by that law so we are going to create a pocket of the universe within it and we are going to turn natural law on its head we are going to be the creators of law and we are going to subjugate people to that law and become God in this little pocket that we've created this pocket of ignorance that we've created and we're going to rule that little dungeon we're gonna rule that little pocket of creation that's what earth is that's what the earth is because we've let these people rule it so that's their worldview their worldview is that because they cannot do whatever they want unchallenged that the entire universe since this universal law is in place and they know it's in place their worldview is that the entire universe is a prison for them and so they reel and rage against that and say no maybe it is a prison for us but we are going to become gods within a little corner of the prison it's like people who are in a prison on earth who then start like their little gangs within the prison and like you know I run this aspect of the prison like you know you're not going to run any drugs through this prison because I run that so they take over a little corner of the prison or an aspect of the present well that's the same way these darker cultists work they've rejected that there is a higher law in creation even though they know there is they so don't want to be bound by it that they have chosen willfully to through confusion and through keeping other people in ignorance of those laws to try to become God within a little pocket of what they consider a prison now that's an erroneous worldview the world is not a prison the universe is not a prison well the earth is now a prison because of the choices we've made and the ignorance we've been kept in but it doesn't have to be the universe is not a prison because it is governed according to law the universe is a paradise because it is governed according to law I'll say that again the universe is not a prison because it is governed according to natural law the universe is a paradise because it is governed according to natural law and if anybody continues to think of this darkness thick version of the universe as hell that everywhere in the universe it's just it's just you know this prison for so it's this you are subscribing to the dark Luciferian worldview the worldview which actually keeps up the earthing prison okay natural law is in place so that the beings that are within creation who are granted free will and the ability to understand the laws of creation by the creator of the universe natural law exists for the optimum benefit of those beings so that they can create a just world where the beings within are equal according to rights and when you live in a society like that freedom is generated peace is generated harmony is generated safety is generated prosperity is generated in other words heaven everything we say we want natural law and understanding and living in alignment with it is what brings all those things so how these people get away with creating this little pocket of the prison they're not actually doing it folks they're getting other people to do it for them they're getting their slaves to build the prison for them and this goes to the issue of moral culpability who is more morally culpable and moral culpability means you are determining who is at fault or at blame or deserving of blame for actions that were performed that resulted in harm to other beings that's that's what the moral culpability of a behavior is all about you're figuring out who did this behavior and caused that harm and therefore they're responsible that's what culpability is it's from the Latin culpa meaning blame or fault so I always ask the question who's more morally culpable not who's culpable at all both parties are culpable both parties contributed to the harm and therefore are at fault who's more morally culpable the order giver or the order follower it's another thing many people don't want to but the order follower is always more morally culpable and there's a reason the order follower always bears more moral culpability than the order giver because the order follower is the one who actually performed the action they did it physically in physical manifestation and in taking such action actually brought the resultant harm into physical manifestation order following is the pathway to every form of evil and chaos in our world it should never be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being order followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of the earth once again folks get his offended as you like about that statement nothing you say or feel or do will ever make it untrue here's the most devoted cult members to the cult of ultimate evil - the big cult that runs the world the cult of the Black Sun the police in the military they are the most of old devoted cult members and through them being deceived into performing harmful actions against people's rights and freedoms they are the people who are actually building the prison for the dark Luciferians a cult by definition is a system of religious veneration and devotion which espouses beliefs that are dangerous especially to the to the lives rights and freedoms are those of those who are not its members who are not in the cult and the the people who pose the greatest threat to me who have always posed the greatest threat to me personally and to you personally are the police and military they are the people who are always going to come knocking at a totalitarian regime not the bankers not the politicians not the judges not the lawyers they're going to be hiding in a hole somewhere they get the police and military to do their dirty work that's why they call it a police state they don't call it a judgement state they don't call it a lawyer state they don't call it a politician state don't call it a banker state they don't call it a corporation state they call it a police state because the police are the ones who are actually doing the harm to that society through their behavior I laugh when people accused me of trying to start a cult with what I'm teaching here you know that this debate goes on and in social media and stuff like that I have to just laugh hilariously it's good comedy you know it does put a chocolate on my face because it's like what kind of a good cult leader am i what I'm trying to expose the techniques that cults have been using for tens of thousands of years upon the human species I'm gonna make you aware of all of those techniques yet I'm trying to start a cult I'm trying to destroy all calls I'm trying to destroy our culture the damn bottom on this planet and they need to go away I'm not looking for followers I want people to be their own leader I don't want to have to be up here on the stage talking I know this stuff you know the amount of this amount of sacrifice of time that has been put into what I've had to do to get this information out to people it's like you think that's enjoyable that's the other thing I left got family members of mine or so-called friends acquaintances will say oh you're doing what you enjoy doing you're interested in it like what drugs are you on and how bad are they you know you're not even doing any good drugs you know I mean seriously you think I enjoy this you think I want the world to be this you think I want this job of telling people that this is the world yeah it makes you real popular folks this these cult members are the supporters of slavery plain and simple not not mincing any words period that's what they are they are the supporters of worldwide slavery just like these Satanists are the supporters of slavery but there's way more of these people than there are of them and they're actively doing their bidding they're doing the actual behaviors that lead to slavery the dark occult mockery of its own cult members you know not only are those the people who are the supporters of slavery not only are they doing the bidding of the masters of the world but they're being ritualistically and symbolically occult eclis mocked by the very people who they are serving I gave an entire presentation on this at 4:00 your mind won back in 2011 it's called the occult mockery of police and military personnel highly suggest everyone here watches this video they do it wordlessly through their symbolism you look at all the symbolism you know we talked about the hypercube being the symbol of Hell on the forehead they wrapped the floor of the house of Freemasonry the symbol of the first degree tracing board the floor of the house means base consciousness not understanding natural law not knowing the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior that's what the checkerboard represents they're putting it around these people's brains wrapping it around their brain inverted satanic pentagram symbolism putting it all over the third eye in the crown chakra on the head combining it with the checkered floor of the house here's more symbolism the goddess the Statue of Liberty inside the goddess of freedom inside the inverted pentagram then you have the octagon representing the hypercube oh wait a minute we have two squares of of stars there another hypercube symbol you know this is the trifecta here you know you got oh I'm sorry wait a minute what's this oh that's a trapezoid I'm how much more do you want you know here's the double square on this one upholding the Crown's right you can go and go on and on forever that's another thing Jay and I talked about or like all the stuff we're talking we're barely scratching the surface we could talk about this for days you can go deep into all the symbolism and the mockery and all the different organizations that are interconnected during the entirety of the time I interacted with darker cultists they refer to the police and military only according to these two terms they called them our dogs and our pets nothing else no other term was ever used I never heard them say the word police ever ever they called them our dogs and for a long time I had no idea what the hell they were talking about it was like I'm like what are these people talking about our dogs with dogs and then I finally made the connection whoa they're talking about the police they call the police they're dogs and it's not like yo dog you know you're my boy it's not it's not Street lingo they're calling them animals that are easily made into obeying their commands because they break their will and they symbolize this by giving them dog tags in the military this is this is a perfect representation of how dark occultists see the police I could if I drew that it could not have been any more perfectly represented I don't know who did it but whoever drew that knows exactly how dark occultists think about cops exactly okay because they are the puppet masters and these people are their puppets the military and the police aren't in this position and their ego is so strong and their free will is so destroyed that they look at it as a badge of honor to be in this position as a badge of honor now when you're doing something like that in dark occultism you know you really have something strong going okay not only that the people who these people who the police attack dogs and military dogs are oppressing look at that position as being some kind of a badge of honor and think it's honorable and virtuous your members of a cult police and military and those who are supporting them you are cult members it doesn't matter whether you don't believe it it doesn't matter whether you don't think it's true it doesn't matter whether you can't accept that because your ego is in the way these are the people who own you and they think they're legitimate in that ownership I attended a ritual on voter just knocked in 1997 in Whitehall Maryland just south of the Pennsylvania border and it was in what you might call a mansion or a McMansion you know not a high-end mansion but you know very very rich neighborhood let's put it that way and after the ritual there was a gathering in one of the rooms near the front of the house and there was some refreshments served and I was talking to a gentleman who looked something like this guy here and this isn't an exact accurate rendition a listener to my radio show and podcast drew this for me from a description I made technically this person was outside so if you look at that as a door there and he was on the other side of the door it would have been much more accurate he was guarding the ritual house a member of the police and again Jay told you stories about the police operating in art and basically being aware of murderers that were being done in their district and basically saying you know better luck in the next life kid we know who's running this place there are there are bosses they sign our paychecks so here's your shadow luck you know they got a police officer to actually guard the ritual house on this high holiday of the satanic year technically he would have been on the other side of a closed door here but it was a glass door so you could well it wasn't a glass door there was a big window there and the door was closed and locked and he was on the outside of it on like a patio but you could see him through the door and while I might have been standing like you know over here in front of this guy he's absolutely laughing about how these people who we consider lower than trash are guarding us in our homes while we perform the rituals that we perform and here's what his laugh sounded like almost identical the choking or gagging aspect was even more like heightened because he was like eating while he was laughing he was eating and drinking while he was laughing like the food in his mouth okay like a gluttonous slob and I'm telling you you know that that cackle there were that force like you can't even draw you're laughing so hard you can barely draw another breath in that's what it sounded like okay this is what these people think of the police and you know what I can't say I blame them I think about them the same way there's that big of a joke you would enslave your own kind what bigger kind of a joke is there what kind of lower form of life is there than that you deserve to be laughed at like that you deserve to be laughed at like that here's what they call people never referred to the population human beings the people of Earth never never once they call us the dead well they don't call people in this room at that but they call the vast majority of the human population that dead and they call people the dead because they don't exercise their thoughts they don't exercise their emotions they don't exercise their actions if you're not trying to gain wisdom your thoughts are dead one of the three aspects of consciousness if you don't care about what's really going on around you or in the world regarding your freedom your emotions are dead care has been cremated so the population is ignorant they're apathetic and they're inactive they're cowardly they're lazy their actions are deadened so if all three aspects of what makes a person a human being and a live human being are inactive for all intents and purposes they could be looked at as dead totally unconscious that's how these occultists look at people and therefore their rationale is we're not even doing this to a living soul the soul hasn't even been activated it's not really alive that's just some clump of flesh that's animated that's all and they're performing these actions to a dead corpse you know that's how they look at us it's not hard to see why though you know that's what all these zombie movies are about I you know what my friend told me I I talk to people and I try to tell them the zombie movies are about us they're about the human population they're not about like some outbreak a viral outbreak that's going to happen in turn people into this they're about the human population being dead being spiritually dead and people are like saying him no no no you're wrong that's not what it's about yes it is that's what zombie movies are about there got the population being spiritually dead and beings and overtaking the earth because they're certainly doing it and here's a Bohemian Grove ritual about the dead from 1904 they're presiding over a funeral of its it may be difficult to see from afar in this image with the lighting in here but it says here lies Gus you know another name for the everyman the average Joe you know we're all Gus and it says born every minute and died August 8th 1904 a sucker is born every minute you know that's how they view people you know they're there living there presiding over the funeral you know with the dead in the ground with the mockery tombstone just mocking us here's how they see us all I broke this down this image down with J Parker on an episode of my podcast here's the poets as they refer to themselves it's a division of Bohemian Grove one of the encampments as they refer to them and I'm referring to this painting in the background which I'm going to blow up and enhance okay here's some Bohemian Grove dark occult members and they painted this painting while they were at the Grove and you see it depicts a line like a procession of human beings and it's all different types of human beings changing as they go forward to different kind of people so we're gonna look at that progression so let's blow this up and look at the rear portion of the procession here being led up here this way well in the back you have the hunter-gatherer types the people actually living in balance in the natural world they see them as barbarians okay basically only taking what they need from the earth living off the land you know that's that's barbarism okay the old hunter-gatherer types of human beings and then as you move forward you get into husbandry and farming et cetera so that's the next level of so-called human evolution so let's move forward well then we have two classes of people you might call this the poor or the lower-class you know and then you have the aristocracy or the upper-class or at least the middle you know you're moving here toward the middle class here there's even kind of like a separation yeah who they consider you know the slovenly and and you know just degraded aspect of society and you have here here's the poor they're all like you know Waifs practically you know practically starving you've got this guy who's got a little bit of something or a bread maybe you know but he's stove like really emaciated then you have the aristocracy you know they're the money didn't culture so-called cultured people you know who are doing a little bit better than everybody else and then in front of the aristocracy is the strongman the police and military that's who he represents he keeps the rest of the population isolated from the true ruling class so when we go forward okay who's in front of him the bankers but they're not the ultimate ruling class they're the ones still doing the bidding of the ultimate ruling class which is the guy in the black top-hat the dark occultist okay now he's being heralded by this herald who is the media constantly in front and announcing the arrival and controlling the public perception and he has a slave who looks like you know a black person from that that day perhaps sir it almost looks like some kind of a mongrel type being but it's obviously a very racist statement too because they clearly try to depict it as an african-american man this is how they see the people folks this is how they see you this is how they see me this is how they see their dogs and even the high level financial magicians who they are ultimately doing their bidding okay but he's not out in front he's out in front he's the one setting the pace he's the one setting the agenda I mean if you can't see it I don't know what to tell you these people are telling it to your face practically but know in words they do it in pictures they do it in symbols behind closed doors they do it in words out in the open very frankly mini-me Satanism this is the other way that they continue to keep their control and continue to run the world so what I call mini-me Satanism and it's what most of this whole society subscribes to many me Satanism everybody wants the Iron Throne right nobody wants to destroy the Iron Throne see it's like Russian dolls a doll with Anna doll with Anna doll it's all just a fractal image of itself you know the big Satanists up here you know they know a lot more about the whole ideology but then they got the little Satanist down here it's just a mimic of the ideology at a lower level a mimicking of it you know we don't want to destroy this no we want to take this and we want to use it for our own benefit to throw a game of Thrones uh allegory in there hope most people get that reference the tenets of Satanism are live only for yourself there is no such thing as right and wrong truly the most ruthless should ultimately rule and they should ultimately get rid of who they don't want most people think like that even at a lower level they might not very consciously fully vocalize that but you know what you ask most of your friends and family members and I guarantee you the majority of them are going to say I pretty much believe that that's the natural order of things just like Nicola Shrek was saying back when he was a Satanist this is the natural order bullshit there's nothing natural about it and it'll never lead to order this societal Satanism has to go before we could ultimately do anything about the problem of this big cult because as long as this ideology is entrenched in the masses of people and a fractal level we are ascribing we are subscribing to the same ideologies that is the same ideology that is ultimately enslaving us and therefore we can never be free as a result of taking that ideological position when you look at our society as our culture systemically satanic are we infected with the old religion oh you better believe we are it's everywhere me me me thinking 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 and a quarter days II hear you try to tell people what's going on they say I don't care I don't want to know about that stuff I want to live for today I want to live for my pleasure pursuits the goal of life is to pursue happiness hedonistic pursuits and some people will say oh that's the best revenge is living well I have no problem with success and prosperity that's what I'm telling people I want and I they should want to but when you make that the goal of life as opposed to being moral and free you're missing what this entire existence is all about and most people are stuck in that they're stuck in that trap for the sole hedonistic pleasure pursuits of living only for me me me me me it's what our whole culture is based on that's what they got people believing is the point of life instead of to learn and to grow in consciousness is our culture systemically satanic I ask once again are we supporting the very cult members who are enslaving us and are they supporting their very overlords who are enslaving them in turn that's why we have to do away with this notion that you know or because we're doing it it must be right you know so many people blindly supporting this country and and it's military and police the answer is get out I got out I got out when the get was good that's called the 23 skidoo well you know what the gettin might not be so good anymore it's gonna be harder and harder to get out of this as we go deeper and deeper into it it's like quicksand in other words quit your cult this has been my motto my dictum you know it's been my mantra over the last year quit the cult the cult is not interested in helping you it doesn't want to help you it doesn't want to protect you it wants to own you how do you quit the cold in what on earth is happening when I first did the initial series years ago it's almost a decade ago now about nine years ago I gave in the solutions section the 3 R's and they were respect remembrance and the third one was hold on respect remembering and responsibility okay so those three R's are what I want to reiterate upon as the way out of the big cult how to get out however I'm going to give a new three r's to complement the original three r's of respect remembering and responsibility repentance is the true form of self-respect and this is a religious term as it is most often used it means saying that you're sorry making an apology for wrongdoing and wrong thinking it means saying the most powerful three words that can ever be spoken by a human being the second most powerful three three words that can be spoken by human being as I love you the most powerful phrase that can be spoken by human being is I was wrong it's why so few people saying they can't get their ego out of the way you know many thousands of times I had to admit to myself that I was wrong when I was participating in something that was completely screwed up tens of thousands of times that's the hardest thing there is to do for a human being because you have to admit you were duped you got fooled you got played and I was wrong I was duped and I got played but I was at least man enough to be able to say that to myself how many people are man or woman off to be able to utter those words I know people in my own family who have knowingly said untruths about me or let on truths be spoken about me that they knew were not the truth and can't say years later to me I was wrong about that and I shouldn't have gone along with that or just let that be spoken about you unchallenged just because they can't get their ego out of the way and they those words can't leave their mouth it's like Arthur Fonzarelli on happy days I was I was but he can't get the word out you can't say I was wrong you know that's how deep the human ego is entrenched that's how deeply it's entrenched that's what Satanism is that's what the force called Satan is it's the force that will not allow us to admit we were wrong or duped overcoming the ego bound consciousness ultimately means truly being able to say I was wrong and to change your behavior by desist in wrong action and taking upright action this comes from respect this is what true self-respect is this comes from true self-respect you have to develop self-respect to be able to say you were that's why they say it takes a big man or takes a real man or a real woman to admit that they were wrong because they respect themselves truly the word respect derived from Latin the Latin prefix re meaning again and the Latin verb SPECT re which means to look at true self respect means taking another look at yourself and sometimes you don't like what you see because you recognize you are involved in something that was wrong and you have to admit that to move forward that's what taking the step into the repentant personality is all about this is what real repentance is the second R of the new 3 R's is refusal and this is true remembering because you will refuse to participate in this satanic agenda or ideology when you remember who you truly are which is a sovereign spiritual being having an experience of growth and learning in the physical domain through the knowledge of natural law an awakened human being who truly remembers who they are is finally able to speak able to speak the lost word which is no no is the word of all power only when we say no to those who would claim to be our owners do we stop externalizing our power and in doing so reclaim all of our rights as sovereign beings engaging in full refusal to participate in the worldwide cult that is enslaving humanity requires tremendous amounts of knowledge care and courage and since so few have those dynamics and that kind of abundance that's why this word is considered lost so few people will say no to evil but that is where the power lies altom Utley in refusal to participate and cooperate with this agenda finally the third R is rebellion and I don't even mean physical rebellion I look at real rebellion in life as true responsibility people think responsibilities how much money you have in your bank account they think it's what kind of job you have they think it's either whether you can feed yourself in any given day from day to day Samet real responsibility is I mean I'm not knocking any of those things nice things to have and be able to do but real responsibility is doing the great work and that's rebellion against the unnatural evil order of chaos and death that has taken this planet the true great work is the arduous task of influencing others to abandon their religions the false and dogmatic beliefs which hold back the progress of consciousness by impeding the reception of truth and natural law it is to help them to realize that in supporting and condoning the legitimacy of Authority and government man's law based in moral relativism that they have actually been supporting and condoning the legitimacy of slavery and that they were immoral for having done so now that is not any tiny little task which is why it's not called the tiny little task it's called the great work in case if you haven't noticed people tend to be very very attached to their religious beliefs and their cult beliefs they don't want to abandon them out of fear because it's all they've ever known and what this great work is ultimately about doing is dragging people kicking and screaming into uncharted territory the undiscovered country of real freedom and real responsibility and most people don't want to grow go there because they don't want to grow up they don't want that knowledge because they don't want the Associated responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with that knowledge and can never be separated from it you want to know what two of the most powerful words that can never be spoken are I will now you want to get into the real law of creation there it is right there what will you do [Music] that's the question you know people say oh you you you you make the recognition that all this stuff is wrong well what are you going to do about it a whole lot and I have done a whole lot and I will continue to do a whole lot that's influencing people to understand what's right and what needs to be done that's the word that means to be said those are the words that need to be said don't look at mark past you know what he's going to do say I will take that responsibility under your own shoulders what are you gonna do that's true responsibility and you know what when you turn your will to that great work that's true rebellion and I was gonna wrap it up there but I have one more thing for you guys tonight as a little special section that I planned just for today I call this the hidden god of the occult world or there is only one God and His name is Bill you're laughing now but wait till you see this okay in the ancient world the solar deity in the oldest civilizations on earth was referred to as bill or Bell B il or B e L now the actual valve in the middle is relatively unimportant because ancient languages did not have vowels if you go back into the ancient sanskrit hebrew coptic egyptian Phoenician all of these languages you know Sumerian they didn't really have vowels okay the consonant order that we're talking about here is BL BL it doesn't matter whether it's b al b al b IL b al or bul it's the B and the L that matter and when the vowel sound is able to be substituted okay so here is the god Bell in the Phoenicia canaan tradition depicted with another soul were dealing with raised around his head but that isn't one of the oldest stone relief depictions of the god Bell were built from the Phoenicia cana tradition and again he was called Bell in the ancient Sumerian tradition as well he was known in the Babylonian tradition and Akkadian tradition as bail many people will know this name from biblical accounts because the word the name bail is given in the Bible he was depicted as the bull the golden bull of Samaria and again you saw Bale depicted as a bull holding the golden child okay because he was the son God this is all the solar deity bill or bail or bail okay so here he is in the Mesopotamian tradition as the golden bull this is I believe a golden statue from Iraq okay and again the word bul bul there's the name in the word bull okay the reason he was depicted as the bull and again Satan is depicted as the bowl as well I'm not telling you that bill or belt is just all satanic it was viewed as the Sun the light the rejuvenator of the world etc it's where these it's where the solar cult of the ancient world derived this name okay and you know what bill meant bill or bel in in the ancient world though it was an actual term it wasn't really as so much a proper name as it was a title it meant master so you can look at that in two ways you know is the Sun the master of light you know we're receiving the the creator's light and we have to develop self mastery through the light or is it about authority and the master you know ruling over our lives and telling us what we must and must not do it's two ways of looking at it just like there's two aspects to the Sun two aspects to the light there's the true light aspect there's the dark Sun okay you have to be able to view these things as having multiple dimensions to them when you get into the unit dimensional way of seeing things you're missing the point okay but the bull he was the pig that as the bull because the Sun 6,000 years ago during the Sumerian civilization was in Taurus the spring equinox was in Taurus then known as the precession of the equinoxes okay the Sun didn't rise in Pisces on the eastern horizon rose and tourists then you traced that those amounts of zodiacal house is back in the procession that's about six thousand years that's how old the Sumerian tradition goes back okay so Taurus is the bull and here you have the bull with the Sun it makes perfect sense okay now we talked about May 1st the midpoint of Taurus the Bull being the high point of the occult holiday the height of the midpoint of spring being the highest occult Sabbat in the occultic year and it's called Beltane Beltane bells wheel this is the solar wheel the zodiac is the houses that the Sun passes through as a wheel during the course of the year well that's bells discs bells wheel the sun's wheel the civilization that came out of that time period of the world was Babylon where all this dark occultism ultimately came out of them now the word Bill is right in the middle of the word Babylon so we break down the word Bob what is bombing in the ancient languages it means spirit spirit on Jay talked about that word all means light and then bill the Sun God so the spirit of the light of Bill or the light of the spirit of bill the solar deity that's literally with the name Babylon men the light of Bill's spirit the light of the sun's spirit okay well what's the god of the world today it's built so they just named it a bill right just it's accidental there's no connection here what do we want all those bills to do well we need them to pay bills bill has to be paid you know he wants money you know that's his thing so we have to acquire bill to pay bill the people who have the most of these bills are the billionaire's the ruling class are billionaires they long ago took all the gold bullion never wonder why it's called boolean it's named after their God the bull well on Wall Street there is their God the golden bull of Wall Street they always want bull markets they'll like it when there's bear markets they want the bull market and when there's not a bull market happening they want a bailout it's just an accident it's all coincidence they distract us with ball games all the males of society are destroyed or most of them anyway are distracted by the ball keep your eye on the balancing ball don't worry about your freedom and rights being taken away all manner of ball games baseball basketball football soccer played with a soccer ball tennis with a tennis ball golf with a golf ball you go on and on I'm bowling I haven't like bowling myself you know I have a couple of bowling balls so you know bowl games provide distractions you know the young people of society they want to grow up to either be a bell or a baller you know baller street term for getting the super you know rich you know guy who you know he's the cool rich dude who you know got his money from gaming and the Bell you know we are young women want to just grow up to be pretty there's the word associated with beauty Bell means beautiful you know Nick from their Sun God you know the beautiful deity they distract us with billboards it's where all the advertising goes to put subconscious messages into the mind that the top singles in in pop culture music which the dark occult work through is called the billboards actors are given billing in Hollywood the Masons are referred to as the builders whether they be builders of the light or dark builders we're all builders of society two of the big forces assuring in political negative political change communism and Zionism and these were led by the Bolsheviks and the Balfour Declaration all right they're in the word the biggest one of the biggest secret societies the biggest thing tank occult secret societies in the world is the Bilderberg Group well you think that's accidental that the first place they meant what met was the Bilderberg Hotel Bilderberg means the foundation of Bill or in other words the rock upon which Bill's church is built and believe me it is being built upon that foundation we have a prince in the royal family of England that is going to become King at some future point and his name is Bill Prince William oh that do you think they name the future King Bill or William accidentally I don't think it is that's their God that's why the English royalty vacation at Balmoral Castle they go there to learn the morals of Bill of bail okay and the castle where the most ritual sacrifice during any given years is held is Amer wha I mean look at the look at the accounts that for its marine Meyer gathered and also that I believe Brice Taylor talked about the things that go on and a barrois or perhaps it was I can't remember who did the rep talked about the reptilians with David Icke Arizona Wilder thank you Arizona Wilder talked about the occult rituals that take place the human sacrifice rituals that take place at amber hua castle where is it located it's located in bouillon Belgium which is by the way Belgium is the proposed seat of the world government at Brussels now bouillon named after the Sun Bowl God Bell or bill just happens to be directly next to another little settlement called Moony oh so you have Moony oh and bouillon the Sun and the moon it's coincidence though you might think this is all baloney I think people just can't see the connections because they're a little bullheaded they're rigidly attached to their belief system that's the belief systems the belief systems that they give everybody and Jay talked about it as the lie is in there as well Bell's lies the Dark Sun gods and the Dark Soul were called lies I think it's going to take a lot of courage otherwise known as boldness or having some balls to really change the trajectory that we're on as a species I think we need to be hit we need to be struck with noetic lightning with the lightning bolts and maybe the light bulb will go on and then maybe people will start paying attention to things like the Bill of Rights and the Liberty Bell positive symbols for human freedom in our society maybe they could even listen to some of the words of wisdom in the New Testament of the Bible the Bible maybe once we start doing that we'll develop the ability to achieve balance because that's ultimately what it's all about folks it's about bringing the balance of the sacred masculine and Sacred Feminine dynamic together in that sacred union and when we do that and we understand natural law maybe things won't have to get belligerent and we won't have to use bullets to get this change done if we do it the right way we can put an end once and for all to this bullshit called human slavery and you know when we do that we truly will have hit the spiritual bullseye ladies and gentlemen thank you so much