Duress, Dissidents & Deadly Force

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my presentation here today is entitled duress dissidents and deadly force and I just want to take a moment to ask people to put themselves in a state of mind to really be prepared to hear some heavy information in this presentation it's going to be tough for some people to hear some of the things I'm going to say today so this is not done lightly this is should be received with a somber state of mind and a sobering state of mind and there are certain things I'm going to talk about that some people don't even want to envision however we have to consider them and hold them in our psychological makeup as potentialities they're potentialities I don't want to see manifest in the world never have but we have to be prepared that they may manifest so with that being said let's jump into the topic I dedicate this presentation in its entirety to the memory of Samuel Adams Samuel Adams perhaps more than anybody else is the person that I historically personally identify with because perhaps single-handedly this man began the American Revolution he was probably the most influential soul of that time period as far as bringing people to action he exercised the call to action more than anyone else he was called by the British the chief conspirator as a matter of fact the American Revolution was referred to by some people in England and some of the Tories in America as the Adams conspiracy John Adams when he traveled to Europe was often asked especially when he went to France are you the famous Adams and he had to respond no I'm not that's Adams so Samuel Adams said the truth is all might be free if they valued freedom and defended it as they ought truth has to be freedom has to be valued and defended and that is why we're in the situation that we are in as a people because truth isn't valued and defended enough so this presentation is not for very young people not for children and it's certainly not for the easily offended so if you have that sensibility about you now's the time to leave I think no one here will be easily offended I think you know we're all in the room because we recognize the information that I'm about to speak here today is vitally important to understand so this is the caveat I always give it's certainly not for the people in this room but it may certainly be for the people who listen online or on youtube or on my website or wherever this presentation is going to be going to reach their eyes and ears my presentation style can be very intense it can be harsh it can even be combative I don't sugarcoat my words or delivery some people are likely to become upset or angered at what I'm going to say during this presentation and I say go right ahead and get as offended as you like okay that will never make what I'm about to say untrue because truth by its very nature is believed belligerent it wages war against deception and mind control I don't present this information to be liked so believe me if I wanted to present information to be like I be blowing smoke up people's rear end and telling them everything was fine and they're doing just fine and everything's going to be okay I tell people very uncomfortable realities and a lot of people don't like that so you know I may be popular among some of the people in this room but that's not necessarily the case when it comes to the wider body of humanity for sure I speak publicly because I recognize that in the crisis that we're in right now I have a moral obligation to communicate what I know to be taking place in our world to other people to help them to understand that as well so that they can take action and do something about it this is a call to action ladies and gentlemen and the bad news is this is still the mindset of the vast majority of humanity and that's the that's the best image that I could find to sum up what I think of the human mindset in the aggregate it certainly doesn't apply to the people in this room as I've said but this is where earth is that the people of Earth are right there firmly right there okay and they need to extricate themselves from that position and otherwise we're going to be coming down to this very serious consequences I'm going to be talking about Manley P Hall said that it is not the wrath of the Almighty but the stupidity of man that is causing all the trouble and if people are not familiar with this man's work I mean you need to become so because he was absolutely a brilliant philosopher an occultist a deal cultist as far as I'm concerned and he has some of the best work that I've ever taken in that really helped to open up my mind and wake me up this is the human condition ladies and gentlemen the human condition whether anyone has recognized that or not or accepted it or not is slavery and see I'm not going to sugarcoat words never have never will I'm going to come out and say it just as it is in plain language regardless of who likes it or not the the whole idea of true spirituality the whole goal of true spirituality is the ending of the human condition called slavery it's never been okay it's not okay now it never will be okay it's completely immoral and the people who continue to perform the actions that hold the human condition in this or support and condone those actions are immoral people and we are the people who need to reach out to those people that can be helped and change their mindset that's what the great work is people will say well there's many many many paths to freedom and spirituality but I will I'll take umbrage with that statement there are many paths that can get you to an understanding of what the solution is but there's only one real true solution and this can sound dogmatic to people can even sound religious to people and I try to explain to people in all my work I'm not dogmatic I'm not religious to say something to the effect of do you believe in natural law or do you think it's some type of religious dogma is as ridiculous as asking someone if they believe believe if I hold an object up and then let it go will it fall downward there is no dogma or religious belief required for that it's law in the universe well behavior is also bound by law this is the problem with the human ego though the human ego refuses to accept the behavior is down by law and we want to think we can do anything we want as long as we don't get caught the only solution is the understanding of natural law and how we are inextricably forever bound by it we can have we have free will to choose our behavior but we do not have free will to be insulated from the consequences of our choices in free will natural law is the most occulted information that needs to be understood by humanity and there is very little progress in propagating a worldwide understanding of natural law - the body of humanity that's what our work is folks that's what the work of the people in this room and the people who do understand this listening out there on the internet is we have to become teachers of this information I'm naive Lee thought in my early days of doing this that there would be at least a million to ten mill teachers of natural law in the world by this point after doing this for a decade and I can count them on two hands the good ones the ones who are doing it effectively you know it's know our efforts are not enough that's the thing that I want to convey to the people in this room and listening who do understand my work the effort has to be advanced and stepped up we need to become teachers of this information to everyone within earshot of our voices or humanity is going to go down the path I'm going to talk about which is going to be very very very ugly natural law is a set of universal inherent objective non man-made eternal and immutable conditions which govern the consequences of behaviors of beings with the capacity for understanding the difference between harmful and non harmful behavior that means it applies to intelligent beings who have developed the brain and nervous system like we do ok it doesn't apply to lesser beings to the animal kingdom they don't they're not going to sit there and reason we have the capacity for reason they're instinctual creatures they have emotions as well but we have higher thought functions that's why natural law applies to us the behavioral laws of creation apply to humans and more advanced things because we have the capacity for understanding morality a worldwide common-sense understanding of true objective morality and the laws that govern behavioral consequence is the only true solution to the current human condition of slavery for as long as humanity remains ignorant of the occulted knowledge of natural law it will remain enslaved and that is by law by universal cosmic law by no laws of man will remain enslaved it will be enslaved by the laws of create for those who are not familiar with my work regarding natural law I absolutely encourage everyone to watch my three-part video series called natural law the real law of attraction and how to apply it in your life that's for free on my website in the videos section or you can get a hardcopy here you could get a hard copy on my gifts area of my website what natural law is all about is the objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior I always tell people that you know we use the the same word to communicate the idea of correct and moral we use the word right to communicate that those concepts correct means based in truth and moral means that it is in harmony with natural law principles because when you take a right action the result of that action does not result in harm to other beings to other sentient beings conversely wrong behavior is both incorrect and immoral incorrect meaning it is not based in truth and immoral meaning it is in opposition to natural law because when we take wrong behaviors someone is harmed as a result of that behavior of that behavioral choice the problem is folks most people still in the year 2018 sad as though though it may be to say cannot properly define a right they cannot give you the definition of what a right behavior is and that's why we're losing our rights because they do not understand that a right is an action that does not cause harm to another sentient being and that is the definition and it is as simple as that you know I rewatched the movie k-pax recently and the you know it's about an alien being that comes to the earth and interacts with you know the primitive human beings they can't understand his mindset and when he's an asked if his his planet has a government he says we have no need for a government and he's like well how how do your people know right from wrong and his answer is every being in the universe knows the difference between right and wrong that's the real answer to that question this is should be common sense knowledge but we're so backwards as a species that I need a nine-hour presentation to explain the brainwash people what the difference between right and wrong behavior is you know I I've said in past presentation sometimes I sit up at night and laugh at the ridiculousness of what I do really I laugh at how ridiculous having to present basic information like this is and yet the majority of human beings it's falling on deaf ears the following actions are examples of the initiation of aggression against others which is what all wrongdoings are these actions are violations against natural rights and therefore constitute violence murder assault rape theft trespass and coercion and you could think all you want about any wrongdoing that can possibly be committed I've challenged many many people to do this and you will recognize every single wrongdoing that can be committed against another human being as a form of theft there is only one wrong theft in one form or another and there is only one law in the universe don't steal that's it every wrongdoing comes down to an act of theft provably murder is that taking without just cause of the life of another which does not belong to you assault is that taking without just cause of another physicals another another beings physical well-being which does not belong to you rape is the taking of another's freewill sexual consent which does not belong to you theft is the taking of property physical property which does not belong to you trespass is the taking of the security of another person in their domain and their dwelling place which does not belong to you to take coercion is the taking of another beings free will which does not belong to you to take every wrongdoing is a form of theft there's no wrongdoing anyone can think of that is not a form of natural law versus man's law natural laws based upon principles and truth which are inherent to creation man's law is based upon dogmatic belief systems which are the constructs of a diseased mind natural law is only ever harmonized with due to knowledge and understanding or not harmonized which with due to ignorance man's law on the other hand is only complied with due to fear of punishment natural law is universal it exists and applies anywhere in the universe regardless of location man's law differs with location based upon the whim of the legislators who are making up these decrees and commands and that is a form of moral relativism the idea that we can decide what right and wrong are that they are not objective and inherent to creation because they are based upon actions natural law is eternal and immutable that means it exists and applies for as long as the universe exists and it cannot ever be changed by any action that any being within the universe can do man's law on the other hand changes with time based upon the whim of legislators which is also moral relativism if a man-made law is in harmony with natural law it follows logically that it is redundant since it is stating a truth that is inherent pre-existing eternal and self-evident or it should be self-evident therefore man's law is both irrelevant and unnecessary if a man-made law is in opposition to natural law it follows logically that it is both false meaning it is incorrect and it is immoral meaning it is harmful it results in harm to other beings or in other words it's wrong therefore a man's law can that is in opposition to natural law cannot can never be legitimately binding upon anyone therefore I say throw all of man's law we don't need it we only need to understand and bring our behavior into compliance with natural law that's it and then we would experience a society based in freedom because as we engage in moral behavior a society in the aggregate becomes more free and as we be engage in immoral behavior a society in the aggregate becomes more enslaved that is the natural law of freedom there is a law that governs the freedom of a whole society as morality increases freedom increases as morality declines freedom declines there's only one true divide in all of humanity only one thing that really separates human beings into two groups this is what I call the true dialectic or the true divide there's only one divide that separates humanity into two distinct types of individuals the criterion for this divide is whether or not an individual believes in the concept of Authority and therefore believes that there is legitimacy to slavery because that is what Authority is that is what the belief in Authority is it is the belief in the legitimacy of slavery the only - the only difference between human beings is whether they are a status or an anarchist there is no other difference and I don't mean like characteristics and personality I'm talking about things that actually truly truly separate us into two camps of beings the status says he has the brilliant idea that we give a small group of people the right to kidnap imprison harass steal from and kill people so that we can prove protected from people who kidnap her a steal from and kill people brilliant brilliant ideology it's working out so well don't you think our rights are protected we're prosperous you know we're free it's it's just it's just a flawless idea that's working out wonderfully you know I was looking I have told this anecdote in the past I was looking for a picture of an anarchist and you're not going to see any pictures of people in the quote-unquote this movement I'm not gonna single out anybody least of all myself to put a picture and say they're the quintessential anarchist you know so I was going through images and I found this meme with Jesus as the anarchist saying I'm an anarchist but most of my followers are statuses and nothing could be more true the the fake-ass Christian religionists that all believe in the authority of government and have this you know dissonance in their mind that somehow you know God could be an authority bringing the laws of behavior and the universe upon people and yet we can still have authority vested in man you know this idea of serving two masters a statist is an individual who erroneously believes that there is such a thing as authority vested in certain human beings which magically gives them the right to rule over other people this quote Authority means that certain people who recall government the masters have the moral right quote-unquote to issue commands to those who may rule and those under their quote jurisdiction which literally means the law is what I say it is literally in its enema logical roots these people are their slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the arbitrary dictates the laws set by their masters and most simply put when we really strip away all the youthful a statist is simply someone who believes in the legitimacy of slavery and that makes them by definition immoral conversely an anarchist is one who knows that there could never be legitimacy to Authority or government because those terms are simply euphemisms for coercion violence and slavery which are always immoral and therefore are always in opposition to natural law the universal spiritual moral laws of creation the problem is people don't understand the meaning of true anarchy I'm not talking about you know people who call themselves anarchist folks you know when I'm using the term anarchy here I'm talking about true anarchy and true anarchists and there's only one real kind of anarchist and that is the anarchist that understands all authority all government is slavery and the only solution is moral behavior under natural law that's what an anarchist really is the word anarchy comes from the greek prefix and meaning without the absence of and the greek noun Archon meaning master or ruler anarchy does not mean without rules it does not mean chaos it does not mean disorder it does not mean quote/unquote lawlessness when it comes to moral law it literally means without rulers without masters and Archon without masters meaning no masters no slaves and if you say the phrase no masters no slaves to the average person and you say word association game tell me the first word that comes to your mind when I say no masters no slaves they'll say freedom but I just gave you the etymological meaning of a word from its root languages from its root language and the word literally means without masters and yet people think it means chaos and lawlessness and disorder instead of what it really means freedom that is what the word Anarchy actually means by its very definition so we have to understand the the solution is living in a society in a state of existence where we don't have a master class and a slave class a ruling class and a rule the class all of us are already ruled by natural law and we need to simply bring our behaviors into alignment with those laws by thinking feeling and doing what is right yet this is the perpetual continued human condition of slavery and we haven't we have had this kind of slavery in this very country hard ball and chain whip and murder full physical enslavement of human beings right here in this country part of what that this kind of forced labor was used to build a lot of the infrastructure of this country we are not in the state right now where we have this kind of slavery taking place all around us but we're gonna move toward it again we're going to move toward it again as a karmic consequence of what we allowed here and a karmic consequence of as an aggregate people of allowing the soft form of slavery called government to continue because it is never going to stop its march toward total totalitarianism unless we morally straighten up and educate everyone regarding moral principles that and that slavery in any form is wrong no matter how you euphemized it so this is the continuing human condition and the great work is to end that condition that is what the great work is and that's why so few people want any part of it because it's not the light-hearted little party it's the one great war just just to tell people not that it matters because you know what too many people are focused on dollar signs and value being only in monetary units just to tell people just so you have an idea of the kind of financial situation I have for gone to do this work I actually sat one day and calculated the amount of money that all of the work that I've ever done in what on earth is happening by man hours and the type of work that it is I calculated the going rates the amount of man hours that I have done in what on earth is happening want to take a guess of how much money I would have made if I would have been paid to do the type of technological work that I've done with what on earth is happening try again sir try again way higher away higher 3.5 million dollars I made $13,000 last year on water on earth is happening work no no I mean seriously like no one should really clap about that you know like like I certainly probably should have made the former number instead of a latter one okay because but what we do is we reward basketball players and football players and you know pop music artists you know that's what we reward and put up on a pedestal and rework financially because that's what the people of this world find value in people come up to me all the time mark why aren't you doing way better why are you living like you're living why why are you living so meagerly you know because that's how much people have valued this work in the world and I don't I don't do this for monetary value I could care less I'm gonna continue to do this if it costs me money to do it which it did initially in the initial years you know so that's not my motivating factor my motivating factor is the end this condition too many people have this idea of I have to be rewarded financially to do this I liken it to somebody standing in a war ditch while the enemy is raining fire down upon them and and people are saying here take this weapon fire back and they're going pay me first it's that ridiculous but it's just something that I wanted to say about what people find value in and what they don't find value in and that's part of the problem slavery is a claim of ownership on your person the product of your labor or your possessions in whole or in part all natural rights are property rights understood properly all rights are property rights because all wrongdoing is theft it's the taking of some form of property understanding this fundamental understanding this is fundamental to understanding the condition of slavery we all own ourselves and have the right to live freely and exercise our natural rights provided actions we perform do not infringe upon another person's rights anyone who dares to try to stop people from living within these natural rights is making a direct claim of ownership upon that other being which is the very definition of slavery those who do this or condone this are tyrants and should be treated as such this is no light matter ladies and gentlemen swai I told you get into a somber serious mindset about the topics I'm going to talk about and discuss today because this is extremely serious and should be taken as such the people who are doing what they are doing have no right to do these coercive and immoral behaviors and conduct them upon the human population and we have every right to end that state and ladies and gentlemen get is offended by this next statement and slide all you want but here are the enforcers of slavery in the modern world the police and the military are the enforcers of slavery I don't care who you know that's in the police or military I don't care who you like that's in the police or military I don't care what kind of relationship you have with people there in the police's and military I will look any member of the police and military in the eyes directly to their face and tell them that they are and the enforcer of worldwide slavery because that is the truth they work for the interests of the ruling class and the dictates of the ruling class period the end and until these people walk away from their immoral jobs humanity is going to remain enslaved or it's going to take something that is going to be extremely negative and ugly for everyone to end the condition of slavery which I don't want to see it come to the great work is to get these people to quit their cult that's what the great work is it's to get people to quit this these cults because that's what they are are cults they're satanic cults and to get the people who condone these cults to stop condoning the behaviors of these cults if you're not familiar with my work on order followers which is what these people are that's why they do what they do they don't want to think for themselves they don't want a reason right and wrong for themselves they want to listen to what other people tell them to do and then just do it because that's a cop-out and an easy answer and they think that that's somehow absolves them of their personal responsibility and moral culpability I put out this a few years back called the cult of ultimate evil order followers and the destruction of the Sacred Feminine which is the true heart based care energy within all of us which gets murdered in these cult members so that they can go out and perform the behaviors that they perform like the automaton robots that they are so this is another critical video for people to take in and understand the concepts in it the police and the military are the modern equivalent of house slaves of the Civil War era period they are the people who are keeping the system of slavery in place and they do this through duress which is this the first part of the three parts of this presentation duress dissidents and deadly force part of the problem in the non recognition of the human condition of slavery is people most people do not understand what the condition of duress is and why it is so important to conduct upon anyone I'm going to explain what duress is and these enforcers of slavery are continuously conducting duress upon other beings and they have no natural right to perform duress and keep other people in a state of duress and the people who are under this state of harass duress have every right to end it by whatever means they choose to end it they have the right now see I want to make it clear today I'm not suggesting the direct course of action to anyone I'm just trying to explain to you what your natural rights are to do you might be perfectly within your natural law right to take a behavior and yet still die because you take that behavior to do the right thing is not always the safe thing to do I'm not talking about what's safe in this presentation I'm talking about what's our right to do naturally and inherently in creation is it a right or is not a right that's all I care about I'm not talking about whether negative consequences will be rained down upon me by brainwashed cult members if I perform the behavior that I have the right to perform I'm just trying to conceptually have you understand that the right to do a specific behavior to end duress exists in nature so let's look at what duress is duress is a condition a continuous condition of coercion of the free will of a being or group of beings by another being or group of things through threats of violence and/or actual acts of violence if those being coerced do not comply with the decrees or commands they are given that's what duress is it's someone saying to you you will comply to my decrees or commands or I threaten you with violence if you don't comply that's the condition of duress when people are held in the condition of duress they are unlawfully and I mean unlawfully not by man's law but by natural law prevented from exercising their free will to engage in Rights which they actually possess and or they are coerced through threats of violence to perform behaviors against their free will meaning if they don't do something violence will be conducted upon or if they do something that the masters tell them they must not do violence will be conducted upon them even if that behavior is one of their rights that is what duress is that's what duress always has been that's what the rest always will be and every single individual in this room listening on video and in the entire world is living in the condition of duress whether they know it or not I am under duress you are all under duress every person here is living in a state of continuous duress and there is no one on this planet that has the right to hold anyone in the condition of duress and every person held under the condition of the rest has the right to end that condition immediately upon its beginning by whatever means necessary to end it that is our natural law right our birthright so why do people make the distinction between people who put other people in duress as common thug criminals or mafia types robbing people directly on the street or demanding demanding protection money to allow them to keep operating a business they separate those people from the people who are saying you can't exercise this right without my without my approval or if we find you doing this particular behavior that we told you you can't do we're gonna come and shoot you or strangle you or do other kinds of violence unto you yet our society somehow is so brainwashed we make this distinction you know we think that one group of people is not holding someone in duress namely the police and the military and the government officials and yet the common street thug or the common mafia enforcer is holding people in duress without right well newsflash everyone there's no difference between the states of duress in these images because if you believe certain people have rights that other people believe you don't understand truth you don't understand morality and you don't understand natural law every one of these instances in this slide is a criminal act that the person has no right to perform as an individual so what's the difference between a police offer and a strong-armed mafia enforcer nothing there is no difference between them they are both common criminals they are both members of gangs and I would have been that word to say they are both members of cults who do not question orders or think for themselves they both initiate violence to enforce policy both have a code of secrecy a lack of transparency and both cite the institution's policies for the violence that they manage that they manifest in reality they are ultimately responsible for their behaviors yet they want to somehow abdicate themselves of that responsibility by saying oh the politicians ordered me to do it the lawmakers ordered me to do it it doesn't matter who talked tells you to do something that's wrong if you did it you're responsible for the harm so you know we we look at Mafia crime right and this is big in my where I come from you know South Philly is a mafia stronghold almost everybody I know knows somebody that's been involved at some point or another and mob syndicates you know so let me ask you a question you're right they're all identified with the gang the Mafia the mob does that mean that the person who's the the bagman running drugs or running number tickets or you know taking bets or something like that it isn't identifying with the same gang as the person who actually conducts a hit you could argue all one's exercising one level of violence that's that's very high and yet the other is simply on the team that's condoning that violence they may not be performing an act like the ones at the bottom but nonetheless they're condoning it because they're on the same team and they're still helping the people who are doing that you know what that's called it's called a complicit gang member or I would word it a complicit cult member they're just as complicit the lower-level people involved who are supporting the institution that runs their behavior are just as complicit as the murderers in that institution that's the same thing with any institution you could look at normal common street gangs I mean this is big on the west coast with a lot of gangs it's big in Chicago with gangs New York to an extent as well Philadelphia gangs are a little bit to a lesser extent but the major US cities have problems with gangs okay now we will look at their actions and say well hey what about the what about the lower-ranking gang member who is just now you know selling a couple of bags of cocaine on the corner well they're still identified and are a lower-level member of a gang that's conducting violence they're conducting this violence for territory they're conducting this violence for the right to operate within the region that they're operating in hence why it's called a gang they control territory that they operate in and try to keep anybody out from that territory it doesn't matter what level of involvement they have they're involved with a gang that is violent and therefore they are complicit in the violence that is backed by this gang well that's one thing yeah exactly that the people who are actually doing organized crime no one thinks they have a right to do this organized crime correct no no one would think hey the gang members have this right the Mafia has this right you wouldn't think that yet people believe government has these rights to conduct violence upon people so again you look at some of these behaviors that are conducted by the cult of ultimate evil namely the segments of that cult called the police look at look at the kind of violence they conduct throwing a paralyzed man out of a wheelchair because he didn't stand up upon command you know ripping a school child out of a desk violently almost breaking their neck by turning them their chair over backwards pepper spraying student protesters in the face with two million scoville pepper spray kicking off handcuffed woman in the back of the head with a round that's a big man right there boy yeah that's exactly right that's exactly what that is a fucking coward that's exactly the guidance let me tell you something folks these are the tame examples of police brutality in this country tame examples now you look at the desk guy with the happy smile on his face you know oh and notice the storm trooper in front of him you know he thinks that's one of the people should be uh you know modeling his behavior upon yeah but what is that what is that paper pusher in the cult of ultimate evil he is a complicit gang member that's what he is just like the bagman in the mob just like the lower-level gang member selling some cocaine on the corner it doesn't matter what your level of complicity in the violence is you're complicit in the violence these people are destroyed at a soul level they're husks they are spiritually dead husks you know people say Oh mark you're dehumanizing people no I'm trying to tell you how spiritually destroyed a human being can become and you know what we have to understand not all of them are going to be able to be reached with words not all we may be able to reach many that's what our job is to do I'm saying we have to step up the effort more to reach people with reason and words and morality and understanding of morality but there are some who are destroyed beyond the ability to reverse their course they're dedicated to evil whether they even understand that their behavior is evil or not because that's what a cult does it makes their membership completely identified with their position in the cult and then they just say I'm in this far I'm all the way in and no one's going to convince me that I was wrong see this is thankfully thank all of creation that I was able to extricate myself from when I was involved in the cult that I was involved in namely the dark occult Satanism finally I was able to be reached with language and reason and persuasion I also had to practically ruin my life and almost die that's how hard-headed I was and I think I was that hard-headed there are people who make me look like a light case of the ego a light case you know so I'm trying to explain to people you have to understand what we're really up against spiritually how deadened certain people are spiritually it's going to take Herculean monumental efforts to try to mentally and spiritually reform these people that's what the great work is I'm not saying this to make you depressed about it we have to know what the task is we have to know it definitively honestly and accurately or we're not going to get this job done again these are the modern so-called house slaves now what the house slaves of the American Civil War here a period were tragically what they were as violent and immoral and completely and utterly wrong as the practice of slavery was being performed in this country you have to understand there were people who were taken from their native lands and because they were given a little bit more privilege they beat and whipped and kept the other slaves in line that were often family members parts of their tribal groups etc you'll look in these images there are slaves with weapons in their hands but threatening the other slaves who are non-compliant with the Masters demands they're willing to do this to their own people for a little bit extra food or a warmer blanket or instead of to sleep you know in the El in a field in a crop field to sleep in a dog house in a crop field literally literally you see some of them with guns holding guns while the others are in Chains I mean this is a special kind of psychopath this is a special kind of amoral human being instead of trying to do something to end the condition for all of them they took up the side of the master and this is what the modern police forces are and the modern militaries are and every country in the world it doesn't matter just this country everywhere on earth that's what this cult of ultimate evil actually is they are slaves themselves conducting slavery upon other slaves and they don't even want to be free there's a special place in hell for the house slave there's a special place in hell whether you believe in Hell or not I'm talking about there is a special place of spiritual torment that is reserved in the hearts and minds of people who do jobs like that the order follower always bears more moral culpability than the order Giver because they're excuses I'm just following my orders like the Nazi said at Nuremberg there are excuses well that's the law and I don't make it I just enforce it I'm just doing my job they bear more moral responsibility than the person telling them to take the action because the order follower is the one who performs the behavior and in taking that action they actually bring the resultant harm into physical manifestation in the world order following is the pathway to every form of evil and chaos in our world it should never be seen as a virtue by anyone who considers themselves a moral human being order followers have ultimately been personally responsible and morally culpable for every form of slavery and every single totalitarian regime that has ever existed upon the face of this planet and get is offended about that as you like those listening out in the internet world but nothing will make that statement untrue nothing will make this one untrue either if you did it you are ultimately responsible not whoever told you to do it the excuse that I was ordered to do this immoral behavior by someone else is no excuse at all and should never be accepted as an excuse by anyone with a conscience now I'm gonna get into a section that some even here today may find difficult okay now I'm going to refute the notion that is popularly held that people have the right to quote unquote believe whatever they want to believe now I'm here to tell everybody here and everybody listening wherever they're listening from we do not have the right to believe everything we want to believe there are beliefs that are not rights okay there are beliefs that are not rights now let me qualify this first by explaining the difference between a thought and a belief everyone can think anything they want which means for a time you are holding something in your mind to consider it this is a thought I'm not suggesting thought police okay what I'm saying is since we have the capacity to reason through our thoughts when you come to a completely erroneous immoral and incorrect conclusion by using your thoughts and then you harden and compress and harden those thoughts into a belief structure that is when they cross the line between thought and belief system I'm trying to explain to people that not every belief system is a right thoughts or rights that we all possess but we do not have the right to in perpetuity continuously believe certain things which are wrong and immoral contrary to popular disinformation and widely held but erroneous belief as human beings we do not possess the right to believe whatever we want to believe we possess the right to believe whatever we want to believe even if those beliefs are wildly out of touch with reality only if those beliefs do not condone violence against or support the slavery of other beings that's the kinds of beliefs we have saw give an example do you have the right to believe that there are pink and purple striped unicorns want unicorns wandering through the air at any given moment yeah you have the right to believe that you want to know why that's not violent toward other people that's why you can believe that nonsense okay that's why I don't have a problem with most religious beliefs I may think that they are nonsense myself but as long as they are not condoning or supporting the commission of violence and slavery against other people believe whatever the hell you want where I have a moral problem with it rightly so is when someone else believes I'm somebody's rightful slave or anyone else is anyone's rightful slave now I have a big moral problem with that that's not a right no one has that right to even believe that in perpetuity in a continued state of thought we can consider the notion of slavery by thinking about it but if we don't come to the correct moral conclusion that it is a moral wrong and should never be practiced and should be immediately ended the belief that it's okay to perpetrate it is wrong it's a wrong doing because we're actually condoning the actions that continue this immoral behavior what people in the southern colonies have had the right to continue to believe that the practice of owning black slaves in the South was a right that wasn't one of their rights even if they didn't own slaves themselves how many people owned slaves in the civil war-era period and when slaves escaped from the forced labor camps called plantations they were forced to work on when they escaped the person would have tried to capture them and bring them back into into captivity because they believed that this was a legitimate condition of owning other people and no right not only to do those behaviors between believe in legitimacy of the condition of slavery no such right exists and never has sorry let me go back a slide to believe government is legitimate is to believe that slavery is legitimate and that is not a right we can consider the notion of government through our thoughts but when we erroneously come to the incorrect conclusion and harden that into a belief system that becomes a violent belief the people who believe that slavery is legitimate through government are not within their rights they are not within their rights to continue to believe that slavery is legitimate for anyone unfortunately in the modern world you know people don't understand the distinction they think there's some sort of a distinction they don't understand that they're the same thing government in slavery government is slavery if stealing 100 percent of the product of someone else's labor is slavery at what percentage is to become not slavery this question was originally I asked this question all the time but this question was actually originally posed by Frederick Douglass a fall a who escaped captivity in the south south and eventually went to Europe because he was under such duress of being captured and brought back into slavery in the southern states and when he moved to the northern states that he had actually go over the ocean to wear at least black slavery wasn't practiced at the time although they're in the other kind of slavery called the belief in a king and queen called royalty you know slavery works better in the modern world because now people don't even know that they're slaves through mind control and mental conditioning and calling it a euphemized term called government and authority here's the bottom line when it comes to belief systems folks as difficult even as it may be for some people in this room even to get this concept no one has the right to believe that people are property in addition to that no one has the right to believe that slavery is legitimate for anyone and now I'm gonna take it a step further really pay attention to this one because here's where people are really in wrong belief who are refusing to get this message message and wake up no one has the right to believe that slavery is legitimate for anyone including themselves this is a big thing you hear even in the freedom movement well if other people want to be slaves that's their right no it's not no it's not no one has the right to believe that they are rightful slaves do you want to know why that belief perpetuates the belief in the legitimate legitimacy of slavery which is also not right you don't have a right to believe that you're the legitimate slave of another being there is no such right in nature never has been we have to abandon the this erroneous notion that somehow government is legitimate and a ruling class and a slave class is legitimate through the idea of Authority this erroneous notion and I think Samuel Adams again who is my heart and soul of a dissident Samuel Adams who rode on horseback from Boston to Philadelphia to speak at the Pennsylvania State House and urge for a physical rebellion against the tyranny of the crown without that man doing that the American Revolution may have never happened and I'll tell you something it's probably it's probably the closest thing to a divinely inspired holy act that has ever taken place on this planet and the people who don't understand what happened in the American Revolution I feel sorry for them for believing in revisionist history which I'm going to talk about because we need to understand what exactly happened here in the Revolutionary War era period and understand the type of blood sacrifice that thank God the men who were willing to give that blood conducted because they made it possible for someone like me to stand here and speak these words today we would be bending over and kissing the ass of a king or queen well and most of us still are except it's called government now let me tell you something without those men these ideas wasn't propagated in this land to the extent that they did we owe them a debt I know the significance of their actions of their minds and of their actions because I've read their philosophy which most people have never done Samuel Adams the chief conspirator of the American Revolution said it is the greatest absurdity to suppose it in the power of one or any number of men to renounce their essential natural rights or the means of preserving those rights which we're going to talk about a little bit later if men through fear fraud or mistake should in terms renounce or give up an essential natural right the eternal law of reason and the grand end of society would absolutely vacate such renunciation he is saying here you don't have a right to give up your rights because that puts everybody else in jeopardy of slavery you have no right not to understand what a right is you have a right to not understand how to bake an apple pie but you don't have a right to unknot understand what a right is this is something that is a duty to understand it transcends a right you must understand it because the ignorance of its understanding places other beings in jeopardy of slavery and he's saying if somebody says I'm the rightful slave of another the society itself simply vacates that that abdication of a right and says no you do not have a right to advocate that it's not only a right it's a duty and a responsibility that you can never shirk actually in nature you can only make the claim that you're going to shirk it but you can't really do that continuing with this quote he said the right of freedom being the gift of God Almighty it is not in the power of man to alienate this gift and voluntarily become a slave that's why they don't want people reading the founding fathers writings they might get some crazy ideas that they're free and not owned by others and don't have a right to renounce their freedom that wild idea might break out and freedom along with it you know what they don't want you reading these man's writings certainly not that's why they're gonna pull them from school and that's why they're gonna propagate these Marxist these neo-marxist and these absolutely outright communist ideas that somehow these were evil men and the people who buy into this side up don't know their history at all at all contrary to popular disinformation and widely held but erroneous belief as human beings we do not possess the right to be apathetic about whatever we want this notion that I don't care whether we are enslaved is also not a right you have a right not to care what whatever a popular celebrity of the day what fashion they happen to be wearing because I certainly don't care about those things and that's my right not to care about them I personally don't have don't care about what's happening in popular sports or popular music couldn't give a damn couldn't care less I don't have the right not to care about the dynamics that govern human freedom I don't have that right why because refusing to understand it is putting other beings in jeopardy of slavery there is no such right not to understand our rights are saying we don't care I don't care what what a right is I don't care whether society is enslaved my own grandmother on my father's side of the family looked at me in the face one day and said I know that we're all enslaved and I don't care well you have to be kidding me I said how many children do you have - how many grandchildren do you have - how many great grandchildren do you have one said you have two children two grandchildren and a great grandchild and you don't care whether the world is enslaved and you think that your right not to care I mean you have to be kidding me that the people want people like this exist within our own families no one has the right to not care that slavery is continuing and that freedom is being destroyed this is not a right that exists in nature again you have a right not to care about any frivolous thing that you don't want to care about but you don't have a right not to care about rights and freedom it's a duty and a responsibility that you can never shirked in nature there's also complicity and evil and slavery through silence contrary to popular disinformation and widely held but erroneous belief as human beings we do not possess the right to remain silent about whatever we want this is complicity by saying even if absolute immoral violent behavior is conducted and I know it's wrong I'm gonna sit back and do nothing not even speak about its wrongness and that's not a right if I sit back and watch a perpetual condition of duress and slavery take place in my midst and I don't speak out against it I am by my action committees partaking in a complicit act with evil I am condoning by my silence and apathy the evil that's being conducted and that's not a right so it's this is hard for some people to hear because a lot of people say well a wrong can only be an action conducted no it's not that simple you can perform wrong in your thoughts and in your emotions and in your non actions wrongdoings can be performed so even this crowd needs to explore this dynamic more and understand this dynamic more and I understand this is going to be controversial even in our circles we possess the right to be silent about whatever we want only if that silence does not diminish the rights and freedoms of others in other words it is not a right to remain silent about the ongoing condition of human slavery not a right by passively accepting evil and remaining silent we are participating in the evil those who through their silence allow evil to be done unchallenged are just as immoral as those who are doing it and the meme here that I found on the internet says when freedom is at stake your silence is not golden it's yellow see that's where we find most of our friends and family members some of my friends and family members will say oh yeah I recognize this is going on but I want no part in exposing it I want no part in talking about it you know that's called being a coward and being a coward as a bad person because we are already at war I'm not just talking about a spiritual or mental war we are already at physical war physical war is being conducted upon the people of this country in the world now here's the actual result folks here's the actual numbers think about this number in war if the media would be all over it over 10,000 Americans alone have now been summarily executed without trial on the streets of America since the mass of 9/11 false flag ritual by the standing army invasion force known as the American police and I put the word American in double quotes because there are nothing of the kind they are trash on American order following vermin and I'll say it to their face 10,000 lives gone with no trial that's called public executions yet we don't call it that we you from eyes it and people who are complicit with this behavior condoning that's who lives among us dirty rotten Tories who would have supported the British crown and their henchmen during the American Revolutionary era period they're no different than those Tories this is the standing army invasion force that the founding fathers warned us about a standing army was repeatedly repeatedly told to the public by the founding fathers and American revolutionaries that if you let a standing army rise up in your midst all around you you will have tyranny and that's exactly what we allowed to happen and this is that this is who they are this is a foreign invasion standing army force that's the standing army the founding fathers warned us about in all of their writings and they said that's the force that you're going to have to prevent from rising up in this country and you're gonna have to do it by maintaining a well-regulated militia which I've talked about ad infinitum on my podcast series and in my second ammendment presentation which everybody should fully understand especially in these times when it's coming under attack again because of these nonsense false flag ritual killing events Samuel Adams once again I'm gonna have a lot of quotes from the founding fathers in this presentation he said if you love wealth he said this in Philadelphia if you love wealth greater than Liberty the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom go home from us in peace we seek not your counsel nor your arms crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you may your chains set lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you are our countrymen you know I say this before every one of my band shows that's the intro to our our performance I restate Samuel Adams words before we start to play let's go into the next section dissidence this word means to be an opponent of the established political order of the time so called order I'd say to be an opponent of the established chaos of the day so what's a dissonant well what's a true dissident a true dissident as somebody who opposes the established political condition of slavery regardless of how dangerous it is for their physical safety because they understand that slavery is always immoral and illegitimate and they correctly value creations gift of free will above all else I say to people a lot a true relationship between individuals is always a three-dimensional relationship meaning that there has to be a connection between all individuals involved in the relationship and truth itself anything else is a disconnected flat two-dimensional so-called relationship that's why a true relationship that we have the other person is always connected with the values of truth and the value the principles of natural law if it's a true relation shit I mean you know the American revolutionaries are no better there's no better example anywhere of a true dissident that value their people and their country that they were living upon and stood against tyranny and then you have someone like an individual you know like the person who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square before the Tiananmen Square massacre I mean that you want to talk about balls I mean you want to talk about courage there's somebody to look up to you'll have this argument all the time well we're gonna do stand up to tanks yeah gonna stand up to tanks if that's what it takes yeah I'll stand up to a tank if that's what it takes to protect freedom and truth yeah absolutely think I'm worried about what these Psychopaths have I'll force your hand to drop hydrogen bombs on the world I'm not backing down I don't care how many people you kill or threatened you want to know why I know who were really up against I know definitively not by a belief not by reading about it in a book not by being told by anybody else I was in the room with these Psychopaths who run the world and if you were there too you'd fight as hard as me or harder there would be no excuses about I have this this this or that to do this is what you'd be doing everybody that's why people ask me what do you want to be able to do mark do you want any special Pat would you like to have any kind of a special ability or power yeah I say the same thing all the time in every room I speak in front of I want to have the ability to against natural law kidnap an individual and bring them someplace that I want to bring them without their consent now how strange does that sound for me to say but that's what I want the ability to do and and without consequence I would like to have the supernatural ability to kidnap another human being against their will without consequence because you know where I would take them I would take him to a satanic ritual House dungeon and I dumped him in the basement and they the Satanists would have their way with them and the police would be guarding the ritual chamber and then no no action would ever be taken against the Satanist performing the rape or murder or violence that was would be conducted and then they would know definitively what the world is definitively they would know they wouldn't have a belief about it they would know that's why I want that power you know I would also take the ability to convey everything that I know with the touch that would be a nice second second power and I've got to be a nice one yeah let's look at some historical examples of dissidents throughout time in chronological order we're going to look at Jesus now let me make a caveat here I say this all the time whenever I bring up Jesus has any kind of example in any of my work okay one i'm not propagating any religion not propagating Christianity okay I'm not in any way putting this up on a pedestal I'm talking about this in an allegorical sense or if you want to prefer to look at Jesus as a historical figure whether he was or not we're talking about the story has portrayed in the New Testament and the actions and the teachings the actions he performed and the teachings that he propagated as either a historical or allegorical figure so take that for what it is worth I am NOT suggesting that anybody think about it in any particular way I'm telling you that the the example is a valid one and the teachings are valid ones even if you don't want to look at this as a historical religious figure okay I'm going to simply refer to what the story in the New Testament tells us what it portrays what it tries to teach us okay so we're gonna look at Jesus we're gonna look at of course the founding fathers and the revolutionaries who fought the American Revolutionary War we're going to look at the black slaves of early America and the Civil War era period and we're going to look at the anarchists of today again I'm not going to particularly you know focus on the image or vissa Johnny anarchists but just talk about the movement of anarchists and this is a nice you know I use this a with the circle around it like other anarchists do but I put no masters no slaves you know some of them put no God's no masters you know but I prefer to look at it as what real Anarchy means no masters and no slaves there's no ruling class and there's no slave class this is a great meme I found online it says I am me I am free I declare my independence as a sovereign human being I do not consent to be governed I commit no crime as I harm no other I do not subscribe to labels or dogmatic ideologies I treat everybody as a brother or sister that's what an anarchist is that's what a real anarchist so the first example of the four examples we're going to talk about Jesus being a dissident in the allegorical story in the New Testament of Jesus he was a dissident who opposed the three major institutions of slavery of his day and incidentally these three institutions are the three main institutions which still perpetuate human slavery today nothing has changed since those the day that the story of Jesus was the time period it was written about zero nothing has changed the same institutions are in control of this planet as we're in control of this planet then over 2,000 years ago and here's what they are I call them the unholy trinity religion which is really the father figure of it all see people always ask me what's at the top in the worldly sense oh is that our banks in control mark or the government's in control is the shadow government or deep state in control no it's a priest class those who are familiar with my work will understand this the force of religion ultimately runs this world still to this day they've just taken a overtly a closed-down role a hidden role they've gone from the overt to the covert okay so they've gone into the underground cult 'add realm but they are still ruling from that occulted realm the occult rulers of the world constitute a religious priests class as I've talked about in much of my other work but this is the father of the unholy trinity because it is thought control that's what religion is there to do false religion it perpetuates ignorance through blind belief it's based upon belief not search for truth for the actual truth of the reality of the laws of nature it is controlled by a dark occult priest class and religion is the essence of all forms of mind control the two things I'm going to be talking about underneath are all forms of mind-control and religion that's why religion is the ultimate force holding back an understanding of natural law and true freedom from humanity because money as I'm going to talk about a moment is also a religion it's the second most powerful religion that there is besides actual religion itself the idea of are a hardened false belief system in the mind instead of a search for and an understanding of truth so religion is the basis of the old world order of slavery so-called order it works with these other two institutions as part of the unholy trinity system money is the feminine or mother figure of the Trinity because it's about emotional control just as religion is about the control of our thoughts the control of what we care about is directed by the money aspect or the financial aspect of the unholy trinity system of control how many people continuously emotionally focus upon money almost all day every day this is what they have this is what the main motivational force for behavior is in the world this is what I just talked about in Acapulco at the Anika poco conference because you have a lot of monetary religionists there I'm trying to explain it to these people who are super gung-ho into the financial sector of things and how they want to you know put end the Fed and bring in cryptocurrency prosperity writ money is still a form of a religion you know this is something that if it controls your emotions and this is what you focus on instead of performing behaviors for the the reason that they are simply the right thing to do you're falling short of an accurate understanding of truth and morality and that constitutes religious binding the the monetary system perpetuates apathy for truth well if there's no money to be made in it why do it it's the new God to which human beings now entirely devote their care attention and entered I call money the ultimate religion the ultimate form of a religion it's the basis for the New World Order the dark new world order the the or the so called order but it's chaos and death and these two institutions religion and money always work together to actually create the death this is what the allegorical story of Jesus in the New Testament was about the unholy trinity of religion money and government Jesus went against the religious priests class first the Pharisees and Sadducees as I'm going to be explaining then the temple check money changers which was the the the fiat currency bankers of his day and then finally the Roman government had him crucified at the behest of father and mother so government is the bodily part of the control system because it works through physical means through their order followers it perpetuates cowardice because people don't want to speak up and do anything because of the fear of you know harm that would be conducted upon them by the government agents it's based upon the erroneous belief in authority it's the violent enforcer for father and mother the dark occultists and the banksters and it is itself the new world order of chaos and death the dark new world order so let's look at G how Jesus was a dissident against these three institutional bodies Jesus was an opponent of the established religious priests class during his lifetime he taught spirituality which was in direct opposition to the worldview of the Pharisees and the Sadducees the most powerful Judaic religious sects of his time and he didn't do it so politely folks you read the stories he was very vehement against these people and they're very sketchy more morality you know and they were so concerned with you know dogmatic law in the Judaic religion and religious texts but they weren't really focused on truly treating beat people as other free sovereign beings you know more true morality wasn't their real objective control was and that's why he went against them you know and if you really read the stories he wasn't so soft-spoken about it you know he told him just like it was he told he was wasn't afraid to speak his mind and say how it was again you don't have to accept the historicity of the account given in the in the scriptural text but the idea is to understand the allegorical principles therein contained so that we can learn lesson from them Jesus spoke out against the monetary powers of his day he even took physical action against them in the famous biblical story where he drove the money changers from the temple in Jerusalem and the money changers were the equivalent of the monopolistic banking institutions of his time you can compare them almost to the Federal Reserve System if you will were the other central banks you know he wasn't afraid to take out a switch and whip people in the ass if he had to because what they were doing was completely immoral and it was fraudulent and it was harming other people of their hard-earned resources etc and and it was defrauding them mentally and spiritually as well placing value upon money when it was supposed to be about morality Jesus spoke out against the so-called authority of the Roman government which was the most powerful governmental institution on earth in his time government was the institution which eventually convicted Jesus as a quote enemy of the state and ordered that he be murdered by crucifixion so you know he often said rendered the to Caesar that which is Caesars which is you know people think that's so soft he's talking about let them have their crap that's crap and don't have anything to do with their crap that's what he was saying the equivalent of in that cut type of language you know people think that's a soft way of saying it but in his time it would have been like hell with the govern men let any 'its believe in that shit you know understand what is really a quote unquote of God meaning natural law meaning true objective inherent cosmic universal morality which is what he was attempting to teach people unfortunately you know even with the the power of the allegorical teachings whether you believe he was an actual you know rabbi of that time period and geographic location or whether you think it was just a story written by human beings to try to attempt to convey morality to others it didn't really work out so well did it because we haven't been liberated from slavery yet we're still in the same human condition that the people of that time were in then nothing has changed which is why we have to step up the effort of the great work through the allegorical story in the New Testament we see how all the institutions of slavery of Jesus's time the same institutions of slavery that exist today colluded to have him murdered with the consent of the brainwashed population the government the religious institutions here you have the religious and governmental institutions together depicted in a you know cinematic portrayal of the events as depicted in the New Testament and then Jesus was finally actually the murder was actually performed by the police of his time the Roman centurions I say to a traditional Christians all the time you do realize the police murdered Jesus Christ do you not and they look at me like I have like snakes growing out of my neck you know and and big huge you know antelope horns coming out the top of my head and I'm like how could you read the same text that I just read and not understand that the murder of Christ was conducted by a collusion of religion money and governmental powers and the actual assassination / murder / execution was conducted by the police that followed their orders to do it how could people who claim to be adherence to the Christian religion not understand that allegory it's an unfathomable to me that they cannot recognize the Roman centurions were the police and military of the Roman Empire during that time period and if they were given the orders to do this and did it because they were following orders people think that wouldn't happen today if Jesus existed today and the police were were commanded to murder him on command they would do it in a heartbeat without one question without questioning the motives of their masters one iota and yet people who call themselves Christians can't see it they're a joke they're fake-ass Christians and they're a joke and I'll say it's all the so-called Christians listening out there in internet land you're a joke you're fake-ass Christians you're not real true Christians at all you've been clowned and had and you think that the the authority of the universe shares power with little old man with little old humanity and that's a joke because they bought Romans 13 yeah the book that they buy the the justification for authority being invested in man is called Romans and they can't even see that cunt that contradictions right in the word of what the book is called who do you think wrote the book why is it called Romans the people who murdered Jesus are telling you that their authority is legitimate and joke asked Christians can't comprehend that your clowned out boys and girls who call yourselves real Christians your clowned out your ass acts through the allegorical story in the New Testament we see how all the institutions of slavery of Jesus's time okay I've read this already at the Roman centurions actually performed the physical crucifixion in the biblical account they performed the harmful behavior upon being ordered to do so and and caused the actual death of the the being that was actually teaching true morality and yet people would have said in that day they're just doing their jobs they're just following their orders the bottom line is the unholy trinity of priests bankers politicians and police so in other words religion money and government murder Jesus Christ that's the unholy trinity that murdered the teacher of the values of the Christian tradition and the people who actually say that they're followers of the values of that tradition don't even understand that simple concept that's laid out beautifully in their own allegorical stories in their own scriptures yet someone who doesn't claim to be of quote-unquote religious faith does understand what's actually being taught in those scriptures and is trying to communicate the people who say they're devout Christians let's look at the second group of dissidents who I call real revolutionaries we need a lot more real revolutionaries that are willing to put it all on the line today the founding fathers and revolutionary colonists were true dissidents because they rejected the rulership of the British monarchy and physically fought the henchmen of British royalty for their freedom they were brutally oppressed by psychopathic mind-controlled order followers who traveled across an ocean at the degree of a psychopathic so-called King to take away their rights I mean imagine this you want to talk about how slaves imagined these dirty red who came across an entire ocean to oppress people that were just trying to live their lives free at the behest of some psychopathic utter piece of trash who is probably so genetically inbred that I mean I like King George the third was an inbred piece of psychopathic trash who was barely a boy he was some rat punk boy okay who wasn't even a grown up individual thinking he's God I'm God and I'm gonna tell me I'm gonna command these people to go over and oppress people that are saying I no longer want to comply with the dictates of some boy God who says he's king and ruler I mean it's hard to tell who's worse the psychopath giving their orders or the trash who followed his orders they're both trash just like they are today here's the piece of trash that calls himself King and there's still people who call themselves kings and queens in the modern day they're trash trash who need to be treated like trash the American colonists lived under constant duress inflicted upon them by the British soldiers if they didn't obey obey the Kings edicts or handover any of their hard-earned resources at the Kings decree they were oppressively taxed prevented from using alternative currencies and their had their freedom of speech curtailed their freedom of assembly curtailed as well and had their right to self-defence through the ownership of firearms removed that's what really started the American Revolution once they started taking the guns it was on and just like it will be this time ya know it like you know your name boys and girls know it you like you know that sons coming up on the eastern horizon whether there's clouds out or not tomorrow morning know it like you know your name when they start that it's on you know the people who really value their freedom are not going quietly into the night because some little children want to take away their ability to defend their rights I'll tell you that with 100% assuredness with a thousand percent assuredness in this country you know you're not going to get it done you're not going to get that done without bloodshed forget what Jim Morrison said up to your ankles no it's gonna be up over at the top of your head and that's I'm trying to avert with all my energy I'm trying to help people avert that bloodshed because it's gonna come if we don't wise up and under start understanding natural law and teaching it as widely as possible so that image below was of the Boston Massacre where it was really the true opening volleys of the opening volley of the American Revolution when British soldiers fired upon Americans in Boston the founding fathers and American revolutionaries physically repelled a standing army among because they had no option but to fight and kill or die to secure their rights and the rights of their posterity we have already entered into a situation that may require the same necessary use of defensive force there is an ongoing deliberate conspiracy to paint the American Founding Fathers as those who did not have the best interests of the people of America at heart I would HIGHLY those who have subscribed to this erroneous view to research the powerful influence of the evil globalist think-tank institutions that crafted this nefarious and subversive SIOP which includes the Frankfurt School of Germany and the Tavistock Institute of human relations of England and the Fabian Society of England if you don't understand these institutions you don't understand how mind control is propagated in the modern world and you need to learn about them and you need to understand their influence particularly in our educational institutions our so-called educational institutions which are fabian socialist run owned and run and they are taking marching orders from Tavistock and they are taking marching orders from the former a cultists that ran the Frankfurt School and propagated communist ideals and outright fascist ideals you know in my band we have a song called socio fascist communities fuck off that's one of our songs you know because people think they're so different the forms of totalitarianism socialism and Nazism and fascism and communism they're so different yeah because they don't all want to curtail human freedom and control all the resources of people and put them into a jecht slavery and tyranny now they're all different the left wing and the right wing they're so different from each other too of the same predatory bird of prey that one offends everybody when we play it one of the main purposes of the SIOP took a conspiracy to portray the founding fathers of America as quote-unquote the bad guys is to dissuade people from looking into the writings of the founding fathers especially Thomas Paine and Samuel Adams who wrote some of the highest consciousness philosophy ever written on this continent I would also in in the Western Hemisphere I would put Richard Wetherill up there as well you know as far as writing I put Larkin rose up there as well you know but these guys I mean you have to read their writings you can't just hear the name and say oh yeah if we wrote some of the founding fathers you read their writings you're going to understand why they're taking this out of the schools they're not playing games they don't want people to understand what these men thought and wrote another part of this SIOP is to discredit the philosophy and writings of Thomas Jefferson the writer of the Declaration of Independence because he was a slave owner while this was true the founding fathers were no angels they were not perfect men they certainly had flaws and made mistakes and did things that were wrong I am not condoning everything that they did and I am NOT saying that they were angelic by any stretch of anybody's imagination they were flawed men they did not have all the answers and many of them did not go all the way in consciousness to true anarchy and the understanding that all beings have the same rights to remain unharmed and uninflated so while it was true Jefferson was a slave owner he worked tirelessly to try to have the practice of slavery abolished in the colonies and in early America and if you read his writings he continuously puts forward as a theme how wrong in a moral slavery was let me tell you something say to Virginia where he lived it was illegal and punishable by death to release a slave in the state willfully because they actually did not consider them human beings and looked at as you are going to unleash an animal upon our society that is how fucked up their thinking was you could have been jailed forever or put to death by the act of releasing us and now I say whatever it still should have been done he still should have done it I'm not making an excuse for why I didn't do it he made a verbal contract upon traveling to the Second Continental Congress just before he left that upon his return he would free his slaves and he worked tirelessly to do that he was involved in different anti-slavery abolitionist coalition's and he constantly advocated for this in the state of Virginia you know it's it's a very interesting story about the Declaration of Independence you have to really understand the clashes that happened during these committees you know the southern states were very very very vehement about keeping the slavery practice in place so Jefferson called the practice of slavery a moral depravity and a hideous blot upon society and continually worked toward abolition he even wrote anti-slavery clauses into the original Declaration of Independence the original writing but delegates of the southern colonies led by the South Carolina representative Edward Rutledge threatened to strike down the motion for American independence in committee and at the Second Continental Congress if Jefferson did not willfully of his own accord remove the anti-slavery clauses from the original draft of the Declaration of Independence actually Rutledge gathered up all the delegates of all the southern colonies and they walked out of Independence Hall in Philadelphia in Mass Benjamin Franklin and John Adams had vehement arguments with Thomas Jefferson who said essentially screw them it's staying just as I wrote it I'm not striking these clauses because slavery is immoral Jefferson and Adams both said to him we have to secure independence first and this is yes it is a blot upon our society they agreed but they said if these other rich men who wrongly are using these human beings as their you know their monetary system of labor for their their crops that they grow in and and sell worldwide and they walk out of this committee America will never begin we will never begin the country it will die in this committee at the Continental Congress they begged him to willfully remove the clauses and he finally capitulated and that's when the southern states came back in as a delegation and agreed to pass the motion for independence and signed the Declaration of Independence but how many people know that history right because we're not being taught that in schools you know the neo-marxist so-called educators want to create race division they want it they want to they most of all they don't want you to understand the philosophies that the founders were really writing so they want to paint them as only rich white men that did not care about what the practices of slavery that were taking place and that's simply untrue now that being said some of the southern delegates were bastards and they held vehemently onto this immoral position Edward Rutledge was probably the most vehement and immoral among them because he was the youngest and richest and he had profited the most from this practice you know again special places in hell reserved from people like that and he was a signer of the Declaration of Independence but you want to talk about a piece of trash that's the piece of trash that you know helped to perpetuate this all the way to a point where you know a war had to be fought partially about it although we know it wasn't entirely about that you know but yeah we have to understand the northern founding fathers they wanted to abolish the practice then and there many of them but they couldn't unite everybody under that banner they had to get them under the banner of at least let's create a place where we could maybe teach true freedom to people first and not that effort obviously hasn't succeeded either again the educational outreach has to be much bigger that's what the great work really is in this section I just want to say something about since we're talking about political revolutionary dissidents what the difference between a true patriot and a false patriot is because a lot of people hate this word and think it's a dirty word the word Patriot because they don't understand what the word really means the definitions of patriot and traitor have been completely reversed in today's world modern so-called flag-waving quote-unquote patriots who uphold the belief in government are actually traitors to humanity whether they know it or not because they advocate the very belief system that leads to the destruction of human freedom and that's what a traitor does the flag-waving patriots so-called patriots are traitors because what they backed is the government you know and they're confusing the government with the people and that those things should never be confused true dissidents are the real Patriots because they love their country enough to stand against the tyranny at work within it do not make the mistake of confusing country meaning the land and its people who live upon it with the particular government that happens to be in control of the country I love my country don't think that that means I'm an advocate of politics and government my country are the people and the land I love my country I serve my country in addition to serving truth I serve truth above all else and I'll serve my country which means the people and the land and I will help advocate for their freedom and teach them the principles of freedom but that doesn't mean I love government I hate all forms of government because all forms of government are slavery this is what a true patriot is and what I consider it a high honor than when I receive a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Tesla Science Foundation grant you know bestowed on me by the the president of the foundation Nick launch R for doing the work that I have done with the Tesla Science Foundation he gave me that award and when he gave it to me at The New Yorker Hotel the place where Nikola Tesla died he said I want to introduce Marc passio who I consider a true American patriot and I am almost broke down in tears that was a high honor to me from that man because he used the term in the true sense of what it really means so that's what a real Patriot is versus a false Patriot Thomas Paine said the duty of a true patriot is to protect his country from its government very true words modern military are not to be confused with revolutionary Patriots and the militia of the people they are the modern-day equivalent of the king's henchmen the supporters of the police and military are the modern-day equivalent of the Tories those who backed and supported the crown and the British troops during the American Revolutionary period the military are obviously not fighting for our freedom they are fighting for the Empire of their masters and their order givers the military and police are not the protectors of a free society they are the enforcers of enslavement by the ruling class and they need to wake up some of them are just on the verge of beginning a slight low-level awakening process but it has to be accelerated and advanced far beyond where the majority of them are if they were really fighting for our freedom this is what it would look like let's talk about a really dark topic overt slavery in early America not covert slavery like we're in now but over at slavery some of the most abhorrent practices ever conducted upon human beings many of the black slaves of early America and Civil War period America were dissidents because they opposed their condition of overt slavery slaves of the Civil War period lived under continuous duress they were viewed as someone else's property forced to work under the threat of violence or death and deprived of the very fruits of their own labor that's the very definition of slavery black slaves in early America were kidnapped from their native lands and brought to America by ships over the Atlantic Ocean in crowded and unsanitary conditions totally inhumane unsanitary conditions those that even survived the journey across the Atlantic were sold at slave auctions and then taken to forced labor camps called plantations to endure indentured servitude working crop fields in torturous conditions for the duration of their lives many who offered resistance were whipped or beaten mercilessly hung burned or even fed to dogs alive laws were passed which barred slaves from escaping a state where slavery was legal to one where it had been banned runaway slaves were often hunted and returned to bondage there were bounty hunters all over the northern states looking for escaped slaves from the southern states and let me tell you something folks this is how the police forces of America started yeah that's not revisionist history ladies and gentlemen that's real history the police started from runaway slave patrols in the northern colonies okay in the northern states yeah learn some true history study about how that really happened instead of some of the alternative so-called theories conspiracy theories that are out there and wildly off from the truth there is a true conspiracy it's not no conspiracy it's a historical fact laws were even passed to criminalize helping or harboring runaway slaves you could be jailed or worse for even helping them escape some civil some Civil War era slaves such as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman acted as dissidents and offered resistance against the practice of slavery by helping but by escaping themselves and fleeing to states where slavery was not practiced and then helping other slaves escape as well wild means such as these certainly showed disdain for their former masters and their abhorrent actions many would argue that these means undoubtedly still can constitute it what could only be called passive resistance since they did not directly take action against hope those who were conducting such hideous and a more immoral practices without any right to do so now I'm not not saying that they were wrong for doing this they were a tremendous for doing this okay but it in my estimation I'm just speaking for myself it doesn't go far enough it's still advocating simply for escape to another place where this isn't gonna be done to you how many people still think well where can we run - I'm gonna expatriate I'm gonna go down to a you know Uruguay you know or Costa Rica I'm not running anywhere I'm staying right here and fighting this evil not going anywhere that's a patriot and a being with courage to fight evil and if I'm struck down dead I'll be struck down dead fighting for freedom true freedom that being said I commend their efforts to at least help you know move slaves former slaves into a safe area when they had fled their oppression and enslavers because so many laws and scenarios had been put in place to bring them back into indentured servitude so they're gonna be commended at least for that whoo I commend much more and think of as true dissidents against this hideous practice were the slaves who actually physically rebelled against their masters and let me tell you something the media was at work as ever painting it as something that oh this was a hideous horrid massacre in Virginia god forbid beings that were being sold into indentured servitude and treated as other people's property were killing the people that did that thing that horrible things that have been put them in that condition how dare they how dare they kill their masters you know imagine this the media doing their job you know they're paid liars and paid deceivers there's they're still at work then as they are today some slaves during this time period repelled physically there were many slave revolts most of which were violently suppressed such revolt revolts were subsequently downplayed or entirely covered up in modern historical accounts every slave ever held under these deplorable conditions and immoral conditions possessed every right under natural law to rebel against physically rebelled against fight against and even they're enslavers now that being said many of them died trying to kill them see once again I'm never claiming or promising anybody that a physical fight against evil oppressors is going to end well or possibly even end with the person who's in the right still being alive I'm just trying to explain to you the right exists and their behavior was morally right morally right get it burned into the brain it was a morally correct and right behavior they had every right to do this some of the more famous slave revolts were Gabler gabriel Prosser's rebellion in richmond virginia in the year 1800 i'm gonna skip the Haitian Revolution for a moment come back to it the German coast uprising in Louisiana in 1811 NAT Turner's rebellion in Southampton County Virginia in 1831 and John Brown's raid on Harpers Ferry in Harpers Ferry Virginia in 1859 the one that was not in the United States proper but in the Caribbean on the island of Haiti was called the Haitian Revolution and it was the most brutal of any slave rebellion and arguably the most successful of any slave rebellion because let me tell you something folks these guys and gals didn't play they killed their masters often down to the last man woman and child with every right every right to do it and then they were Brant branded as somehow violent or barbarian or Oh they're so you know violent they're so you know I don't know a nonhuman or something no they were acting in the way that they have every human right to behave when they're enslaved and oppressed like that because no one was coming with reason to help them be liberated and no one was listening to the reason that the practice of holding them in direst like that was immoral and done without right so they took up arms and did what they had to do and you know what they are absolutely commended by me for doing it because that's what protecting your freedom is when you don't have any other recourse and we're going to come to a place like that and it's gonna make the Haitian Revolution look like a little boy and girls Tea Party because of what exists that kind of technology that exists in America and once again I'm trying to avert that but without more teachers stepping up and doing this work we're gonna go right down that path of bloodshed I'm just trying to help you guys understand what is required this should not be my voice I should not be the one doing this saying this you know I should have 10 million choices to tag out to and have somebody else come in and pick up right where I leave off if I so choose or if any of the other people so choose there should be 10 million teachers worldwide of this information of natural law minimum I think we can get it done with 10 million but probably no less than that and I mean 10 million who know it as well as I know it who know it as well as former mystery tradition initiates knew it who knew it's like someone like Richard Wetherill knows it who knows it like someone like Larkin Rose knows it etc like Lenin on or like all the other individuals who spoke here today we need more teachers of true objective morality I'm looking at you and I'm talking to you we need to step up our efforts people have to shed the fear of speaking out and start doing this in a way that you can reach as many minds as possible I don't care what method you use to do it you might not like my methodology and I might not like might actor tone and I couldn't give a shit all I care about is that you put the information out that needs to be put out there so we avert scenarios like this because they're coming and it's no joke and it's nothing to laugh about and when people recognize what war is if it comes to this land I'm telling you most people are not psychologically prepared and far fewer are physically prepared I'm prepared in both aspects and I'll die today if required because I've done what I came here to do you know I'm fine I'm fine with you know this having been my life up to this point how many people can say that not many I'm not saying that to you know put myself up on any kind of a pedestal I'm just saying when you've realised your purpose and you've done what you're here to do there is no fear of death at all I don't I don't consider it for a moment modern-day anarchists those who are saying no to slavery anarchists in modern times are dissidents be true distance because they fully reject the belief in authority and they reject having a ruling class or a centralized power structure to rule over them anarchists understand the truth that no Byng can legitimately rule another by direct contrast as we talked about earlier every non anarchist where status is a supporter of slavery that's all I'm really going to say about the modern anarchist movement that's what true anarchy is you know there's a lot of fake anarchists out there I might do a presentation called fake ass anarchists you know all the - eyes anarchists in the in the so-called anarchist movement pranksters pranksters if you know what that means in Street lingo okay they're a joke who have no idea what real anarchy is at all at all because they don't understand natural law principles and objective morality nor do they understand that those come from the laws of creation regardless of what you want to refer to that force as they think we bestow rights on ourselves or on others no no that's not how it works in nature rights are inherent to creation and people have to understand that they as long as they don't understand that they will never come to a correct understanding of natural law and they will never understand how we are bound invariably according to universal moral law our behaviors are bound whether we like it or not and we will receive the consequences of our behavior there is no escape from that and that is a universal present condition that exists in nature it is not does not come from man so true anarchy is about understanding this is about no masters no slaves but it does not mean no rules there will always be rules under natural law it means no rulers those dissidents are my family okay and that's what we need a lot more of the last section in the presentation today deadly force very controversial territory that which I haven't spoken on a great deal perhaps hinted at it but not directly taken on this topic we now arrive at a very controversial and disconcerting topic when does one have the right to kill to end by deadly force the life of another should that other refused to stop initiating violence a their person or their rights when does one possess the right to kill those who are holding them in a state of duress to understand this or you to even consider the question we have to understand the natural law distinction between force and violence they are nothing alike they are diametrically opposed opposites force is in nature the capacity to do work or call or cause physical change every single thing that you act upon to create any kind of change within your rights you are conducting force you are employing force force is synonymous scientifically with energy strength or active power being actively applied to something and when it is within our natural rights it is force it is not coercion or violence force is action which exists in harmony with morality and natural law because the employment of it does not violate the rights of others it is action which one always possesses the right to take including defensive force employed against active violence being conducted upon yourself or your property or your rights and that also includes the right to take defensive action against being held in a state of duress it includes duress meaning the threat of violence when when you're not in compliance with another's coercive demands you have the right to physically defend yourself in that instance violence on the other hand is the amoral use of physical power to coerce compel or restrain without right there is no natural right to do this behavior so violence no one ever has the right to conduct violence is the initiation of coercive action which is in opposition to morality and natural law for the very reason that it viola it's the rights of others that's where the word violence comes from it comes from the root violation or violate that's why it's called violence violence is action which one never possesses the right to take it is always wrongdoing to conduct violence upon another that's the difference between force especially defensive force and violence and people have to make that distinction philosophically they have to understand it and be able to explain it there is no such thing as the right to murder notice the word that I am using there is no such thing as the right to murder as a prescription against unjust killing the fifth commandment of the Ten Commandments in the Old Testament scripture does not actually translate as quote do not kill where thou shalt not kill that is not what the fifth commandment of the Torah the Old Testament says although that's the way it's popularly translated in almost every biblical translation the fifth commandment in Hebrew is transliterated into English there's the Hebrew characters but in English would be transliterated as low tears Ock and low tears och means do not murder thou shalt not commit murder not thou shalt not kill there is a crucial difference between the two translations to murder is to act outside of one's natural law rights with violence against the life of another without right when someone transgresses against our natural law rights through violence we always possess the right to defend ourselves with whatever amount of force is required to stop the aggression up to and including deadly force the Bible and the Ten Commandments you know in historical you know traditional religious context never says there is no time when you should not kill if you are doing it in a justified true right way when your rights and life and property are being violated by those who will not listen to reason and stop performing those behaviors it says do not murder which means you shouldn't conduct violence against another person's life by initiating coercive action and possibly deadly force action when you have no such right to do that clear and critical important distinction between those two modalities of behavior and too few people understand them or even comfortable with discussing the difference between killing and murder you know Meneely immoral to ever kill well did the revolutionaries have the right to kill the British soldiers who are oppressing them that the Haitian slaves have a right to kill their slave owners of course they had the right 100% had the natural right to perform those behaviors you know the people who are conducting murder upon these people if they didn't obey their decrees and commands had no such right that's when it was immoral to explore the original question further let's consider the example of a kidnapping which is a person being coercively taken against their will for nefarious reasons when does the individual being kidnapped have the right to use defensive physical force including deadly force against the kidnappers there is a correct answer to that question and the correct answer they have the right to use deadly force as soon as the act of duress begins as soon as their free will has been usurped and they are being coerced and restrained from exercising their freedom and their free will the answer is immediately upon being put under the condition of duress they have the right to employ deadly force once again that doesn't mean that they would be necessarily successful and they may die in the attempt to repel the violence being conducted upon them but in nature they possess the right to kill the individual or group putting them in that condition of duress I'm making no promises out their safety I'm trying to explain that the right exists the psychological fear of self-defense and rebellion comes from a deeply seeded fear of true freedom in this population absolutely true freedom is uncharted territory for human beings because we've never truly been free even if you want to argue shortly after the colonists perform the rebellion which is the first true real act of rebellion against tyrants in large numbers we might have had a ship you know enjoyed a little bit of physical freedom for a very short period of time and I mean it numbers in the years or less freedom is unexplored country hence it is frightening to most people because most people fear the unknown moreover people fear true freedom because true freedom implies and carries with it total personal responsibility which most human beings do not want and which most human beings will attempt to avoid at all costs most people are also very fearful of the types of sacrifice that be may be necessary to gain real freedom and I go back to the American revolutionaries you want to talk about sacrifice walking through ice at Valley Forge with no boots or shoes tying ripped pieces of their uniforms like rags around their feet blood trailing them as they walked to go fight that's that's the conditions they started the battle in imagine how they finished them less than 2500 people left in the Revolutionary Army in freezing ice conditions in southern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey and until they I mean you want to talk about having to really really suck it up to get a job done you know on Christmas Day Crossing the Delaware to go and attack the British which was an unheard-of tactic tactic B pre-dawn attack in in blizzard-like conditions so that they had cover and weren't seen coming they took on they they fought five times their numbers and at least inflicted enough damage that they morally inspire other people to come and join the cause and other militias came and joined their cause you want to talk about sacrifice we have no idea none of us I've talked on my podcast before of being at Valley Forge and feeling that energy like literally like up a boulder on my chest cuz I know that I was there I don't know how I know it but I know it balls the bones that I was there okay because I feel the energy in that place I don't even ever want to go back there ever again and I only live a few miles from it because of the energetic vibration that I felt being present there almost made me physically ill every almost every time I've been there I felt it if people won't fight for freedom don't please do not tell me that you love yourself or anyone else see because that's real love people will say oh you got to come more from the heart energy you've got to go more from a place of compassion this is real love real love is telling people the harsh shit that no one else wants to tell them because you really love them at a soul level and they need to understand it this is the condition of most human beings in the modern day there in the schizoid state they don't know who they are they don't know you know who they are or who the enemy is and that's what's required to win anymore especially the spiritual war that we are in you have to know yourself and you have to know the enemy and most people know neither and they're sitting in this state here on the right with the key to their very freedom in their hands and you know what they're doing there they're saying who needs that slap it right out of there throw it at the person trying to give it to me see that's what turning the other cheek really means it doesn't mean forgive your oppressors endlessly this notion of love your enemy that's not what it means turning the other cheek and loving your enemies not with that these are false Christian notions real loving your enemy is loving those who are rejecting truth even though they say that they want to be free they're in the real enemy because they're not getting it mentally and spiritually they're not getting it mentally emotionally and spiritually we have the key turning the other cheek means you're bringing the truth to them they're slapping it out of your hands while they're wearing shackles around their necks ankles and wrists and saying there's a problem with you for telling me I need to understand freedom and what's keeping me enslaved and then you know what you do what real turn the other cheek is you go pick up that keen you bring it back to them over and over and over and over and over and over and over again please do not tell me and again I know that most people here in this room understand this but the people listening out there do not tell me if you are unwilling to fight for your own freedom please do not tell me that you love your children because you are an outright liar if you make that statement no parent who is not concerned about freedom loves their children truly at its sole level at a deep fundamental level they don't even love themselves how could they love their children once again I used the example of my own grandmother on my father's side who will probably die in that condition of ignorance and and an enslaved mind because her ego is too calcified to admit her own her wrong thoughts feelings and actions would say I know that the world is enslaved I don't intend to do anything about it and I don't care to grandsons face you think that being can love anybody now that being said I'm not gonna say I hate that person they're destroying at a soul level that's a destroyed soul I feel horrible for that person I would never want to be in that condition you know you know I hope the person is somehow able to be reformed but it would take a literal and literally an act of God literally yeah I don't have the power to transform a human being in that condition I don't have that power or ability and it would never claim that I have it you know I I'm not that powerful you know that will take something that is infinitely more powerful than someone like me but people have to you know admit the truth that if you're not if you don't take an active stand for truth and freedom don't tell me you love the generations that come after us including your own biological children because you don't the people who are unwilling to fight for free in the state worshipers the state enforcer thugs who follow their orders the order followers the house slaves the pacifists this is a big one for me I talked about them I had all section and fake-ass Christians which by the way I'm going to be releasing fake-ass Christians publicly for free on Easter Sunday figure that's an appropriate day so look for that on my website and YouTube on Easter Sunday I release all my public material for free but I you know reserved it you know for early adopters in my gifts area to you know get some donations in help pay for the technology I need for a couple months after they publicly come out after I actually have the video in my hands whether I edited or I have helped editing it from another editor and then I released them for free after that so all my info is always for free on my website except the very last presentation that I did like I said I put it out on DVD and flash drive for a couple months then I release it for free so pacifists oh boy oh boy you want to talk I mean you want to talk about complicit with evil you know these are people who would say there's never a time to physically defend yourself I mean how could that axe a pure state of self-loathing pure state of self-loathing his self defense is one of the two pillars of enlightenment you have to understand non-aggression the non-aggression principle is the Sacred Feminine dynamic but then you have to step into the masculine energy of the self-defense principle and you have to be willing to defend your rights and your life and your freedom so pacifists aren't unwilling to do that defeatist though we can't win the government's too powerful yeah the people say what do you need an ar-15 for or an ak-47 you know you can't defeat the modern military thank you you can't defeat the modern military with that mindset don't speak for me I'll take my chances with my a K okay and I may die trying but that means I died standing up to evil who's conducting the rest without any right to do so and I would gladly do that and following the footsteps of people who actually did that because they did what was right not what was safe how much more time do I have or am I already over okay a couple a few more nights I'm in the last section I just want to know how much that time left but okay the nihilists those who don't care about anything the traditional religionists and New Age religion astute take this super right brained approach that oh it's all you know God's will are all peace and love and roses and love and light no there's psychopaths and monsters in this world that we need to be prepared to defend ourselves against the left brain egg-headed ultra skeptics you know the people who oh they're super skeptical about everything look I have a scientific background I consider myself a skeptic but when you're so overly into the left brain modality that's just as bad as a radical religionists that you won't accept anything that's taking place right in front of you use a boat that's conspiratorial no that's what's really happening you know yeah they'll look at it they'll look at a chem trail being laid down at 8,000 feet which condensation conditions can't even form at scientifically you know they know nothing about thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and then they're gonna say yeah that's water vapor the lingers up there for six hours yeah it's not particulate matter and you say you're an ultra skeptic and a cyan't you have a scientific mind all of these people have one thing ultimately in common they would never lift a finger to defend true freedom because all of them ultimately are cowards without the slightest bit of true courage they're cowards cowards and folks that's a dynamic I also don't have the power of change because that is internal spiritual work to develop true courage that needs to be done on an individual basis where you develop enough self-love to say I will not be stepped upon I will not be enslaved you will not take my rights without consequence you may be able to take my life but you're not gonna take my rights without consequence and if I have to inflict that consequence I'll do it maybe you'll face consequences in the after life domain it should there be such a place but I'll make sure you face them in the physical world too as I'm not going down without a physical fight if I have to real freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose most people love the comfort of their lives more than they love freedom itself but possessions jobs homes mean nothing and are not worth quote unquote having when you are a slave because when you are a slave you don't really have anything nothing is of any real value if you are a slave the idea that what you have is worth anything in a state of slavery is a delusion which must be dispelled in order to overcome the cowardice of inaction and to develop the courage of a true dissident you know speaking of the Black Panther movie that Ivan took me to see last night you know there was a scene at the end the the the truth comes through the mouths of the villains in these movies that's Hollywood's technique they try to get you to think oh what he said was all wrong when he mixes in truth with his psychopathic behavior very good SIOP technique that they use in Hollywood but the villain says at the end when he he's finally defeated by the hero with a spirit to the chest he tells him we have the technology to save you and he says for what so that you can imprison me you know any the spirit he before he pulls the spirit of his chest and dies he says no that's okay I'll take the path then my ancestors who left off the boats in the mid-atlantic took because they recognized that death was better than bondage and then he takes the spear out of his chest and dies now I would certainly argue with the approach that he took in the movie because he wanted to become the new king and oppressor but they're putting words in his mouth that are absolutely true to get people not to understand them as being true because the villain spoke them you know big technique going on in Hollywood right now there will never be true freedom here on earth unless and until that level of courage is developed within the human population we already quote/unquote have nothing left to lose we have to say the lost word no there has to be a line in the sand where we say this far and no further and let me tell you what my line in the sand is when speech is curtailed or weapon weaponry is begun to be removed or confiscated those are my lines in the sand because one makes my physical defense impossible and one makes the communication of truth impossible and we're seeing the first and they're trying to get the second one done but we're seeing the curtailing of free speech and censorship happening in this country that's supposed to be a land where free speech rights are protected because when the last word is not the lost word is not accepted and people will not back down when they're told no you may not come from my rights anymore we have one recourse left and I call that the last word and let me tell you something it's a loud loud loud word when it's spoken it's going to be heard to the far ends of the solar system and it's no joke and no game you should look on YouTube at war footage and see what bullets do to the human body and what bombs do to the human body you should psychologically watch it and understand it well because it ain't like it's depicted in Hollywood movies folks at all at all and that's gonna come this is gonna come to America if we are not careful in how we proceed and a big big big shouldering of responsibility comes directly down on the people who do understand this information that I'm presenting because if we shirk our responsibility to teach this widely and freely to as many people as we can reach we're going to be complicit in what's gonna happen George Washington said when any nation mistrust its citizens with guns it is sending a clear message it no longer trusted citizens because such a government has evil plans Thomas Paine said arms discourage and keep the invader and plunder in awe and preserve order in the world as well as prosperity horrid mischief would ensue where the law-abiding deprived the use of firearms the founding fathers of America explaining why it is necessary to have an ar-15 if the police and military have them they knew and tried to tell us see this phrase is something I want to put out there more to help people to understand última rat Co Populi it's Latin it means the last reason of the people or as I like to refer to it the last word this is the the final say and the final explaining of our rights to those who are oppressors and people who hold us in the condition of duress and slavery and I do not want to see it have to come down to that but if it does just like the revolutionaries of America I'll take that eventualities if I have to because it will allow for the future preservation of the understanding of rights and freedom that's that was the blood sacrifice that the founders and revolutionaries did for this nation because without them doing that the idea of true freedom could have been buried and gone from the earth it was preserved here in a deeper fashion than it ever has been anywhere else in the world which has allowed someone's understanding like myself to flourish and grow about what real freedom is because of the words they rue and how they were preserved and how other teachings of many other brilliant men and women were preserved as well that's what the role of real education is and that's why conscious parenting is so important to teach the young moral principles let's see that's gonna become harder and harder as they ramp up censorship efforts and this is a very very dangerous proposition for them doing this and then advancing these gun control agendas in conjunction with the censorship now they're they're trying to control the very narrative they're trying to control our ability to explain the reality of the situation to others and they have no right to do this people argue all they're a private corporation they have every right to control this dive and the other thing no they're acting as a public service and they're allowing the propagation of one side of the story without allowing the propagation of all sides of the story whether the person is right or wrong they have the freedom of speech to put their take out on online and YouTube and Google and these other evil corporations that are trying to control the Internet are doing something that is going to lead to war it's going to lead to war yet their absolute traitors to this country and its people absolute traitors because as John F Kennedy said those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable and I would say self-defensive revolution will become inevitable not violent that's the only word he got wrong in that sentence yeah yep and they're trying to make the peaceful mode of resistance to tyranny and the education of the population impossible and when that happens and we can't say the lost word we're gonna break out the last word let me tell you something you think I'm a rebellious spirit about that I've said before I'm team compared to the barbarians that exists here in America with guns let me tell you something they'll fight with the barbarity of a legion of demons they don't understand the force the can of worms they're going to open up in this country it's going to be they want this blood ritual sacrifice conducted upon our own people they want it they want it and they're going to get it if we don't step up the effort to teach true morality that people in this country they're going to get what they want because as I've said before only one side of a dialectic needs to really buy into the dialectic for the dialectic to be successful examples to follow Jesus the founding fathers and revolutionaries of rollin America the black slaves of early America who fought back against their enslavers and the anarchists of today are dissidents that embody that spiritual truth of the illegitimate sea of rulership and the spirit of true freedom we must first we have to do the great work of first liberating our own minds from erroneous belief systems and see through the illusions that are keeping us all in a state of bondage we must then begin the arduous task of educating others to help them to understand the principles of true morality and freedom under natural law because true freedom begins in the mind and without an understanding philosophically in the mind of natural law no true freedom will ever be found we have to prepare for the worst we need to recognize that deadly force may be required and cannot be taken off the table as a possible resort because the people who perpetuate violence and slavery and those who ideologically support them erroneously believe that they somehow have the right to perpetuates perpetuate the state of duress upon us and they may never be willing to back down from these continued extreme violations of natural law as I said before there are monsters and demons and this world folks the spiritually destroyed may not be willing to back down the employment of deadly force is a rightful response to the evil of slavery that we must maintain the ability to an act if necessary and that is why semi-automatic weaponry is necessary if there must be trouble in my day if there must be trouble let it be in my day that my child may have peace Thomas Paine freedom is never given it is one Thomas Paine also said those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must like men undergo the fatigues of supporting it I would say much like all people should undergo the fatigue of defending and supporting freedom as samuel adams quote earlier said resistance is victory this idea of resist not evil not a christian notion and it's got to go of course we should be resisting evil and tyranny but where our lives our very lives should be dedicated to that only 3% of the colonists actually fought and won the Revolutionary War that's what the three means I know don't think I'm not enta fiying on any particular group it's like saying oh you put a cross up well that's identifying with this particular religious sect no in me it simply means the three percent of the American revolutionaries who actually picked up arms and fought physically against their British tyrannical oppressors and they got the job done namely because they were the British were waging a war over a notion they were the people yes yep the last slide is the next slide they were the people like you and me they were people like you and me that said no if they came to these understandings and acted rightly upon them so can we freedom is the highest spiritual truth fighting to defend mentally and physically is our natural inherent human birthright resistance to the evil of human slavery is not futile it is the path to true spiritual alignment with the very laws of creation itself freedom is not a gift bestowed on us by other men but a rite that belongs to us by the laws of God and nature Benjamin Franklin resistance to tyrants is obedience to God Thomas Jefferson it all comes down to liberty or death folks they're not just words there are choices life on Earth is not truly worth continuing if we are enslaved this is what the phrase liberty or death actually means liberty or death are the only options there is no middle ground the truth regarding our situation is extreme we must take an extreme position regarding our rights and our freedom and firmly root our selves in that truth freedom is the gift and will of creation when we rise to the defense of freedom universal forces of Providence will come to our aid ladies and gentlemen thank you for your kind attention [Applause]