Fake-Ass Christians - Part 2 of 2

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so I left off with the section what in Christ's name do they have people worshipping and I want to move right all along to Pope Francis's recent words about libertarians the Pope made these comments in the recent past about libertarianism the philosophy that generally says I want to be allowed to be left alone to exercise my rights and live as a free individual and leave others alone to do the same which is essentially what libertarianism is no voluntary behavior non-coercive behavior live-and-let-live here's what the Pope of the current church said about libertarians and libertarianism quote I cannot fail to speak of the grave risks associated with the invasion of libertarian individualism at high strata of culture and education a common characteristic of this fallacious paradigm is that it minimizes the common good libertarianism is a more radical form of individualism that asserts that only the individual gives values to things and to interpersonal relations and therefore only the individual decides what is good and what is evil libertarianism preaches that the idea of self causation is necessary to ground freedom and individual responsibility thus the libertarian individual denies the value of the common good on the one hand he supposes that the very idea of common means the constriction of at least some individuals and on the other hand that the notion of good deprives freedom of its essence libertarianism is an anti-social radicalization of individualism which leads to the conclusion that everyone has the right to extend himself as far as his abilities allow him even at the cost of the exclusion and marginalization of the more vulnerable majority according to this mentality all relationships that create ties must be eliminated since they would limit freedom and only by living independently of others of the common good and even God Himself can a person be free could you even imagine the absolute fraudulent lies that are embedded in this diatribe I mean this guy is this is no Christian this is a verminous piece of trash to try to convince people that a simple philosophy of live and let live is an ideology of pure selfishness and individualism run rampant and saying that they believe that what they decide is good and evil no that's not what libertarians and anarchists think at all they believe there's a standard for morality and that people should not infringe on other people's rights and freedom because it's immoral to do so this is I wouldn't know anything about that because he is an immoral pedophile protector so before I leave this part of the presentation I want to send out a challenge to our so-called Pope come to Philadelphia and let's get go down to the arena where the old yet ECW Arena is and meet me in the cage and we'll settle our differences that way you know I hereby challenge the Pope for an MMA [Applause] because God knows he can't beat me philosophically I mean that wouldn't even be a challenge I'll give them half a fighting chance that way understanding the occult as I said is one of the critical aspects of really being spiritually awake you know we have to stop thinking about this notion of the occult being something that is evil and understand that it's hidden knowledge the word occult is derived from the Latin occultists meaning hidden it is the study of the hidden laws of nature those which are at work in the invisible mental spiritual domain far more than those that are at work in the visible or physical world therefore occultism involves the acceptance of a much wider worldview than that which is ordinarily taken by the everyday person the occultist then may be defined as those occultists then may be defined as those who study all the laws of nature both those that are readily seen and those which are much more difficult to see with the physical eyes or measuring instruments alone knowing how the science of these greater laws work the occultist must then decide whether to work in harmony with these laws and help to create light and order and freedom or to rage against those laws and join the forces of darkness and chaos contrary to what fake Christians will tell you a true Christian will not shy away from the study of the occult to understand the occult is to grasp the workings of universal moral law so as not to create self-inflicted suffering and chaos in our lives or the world genuine occultism is a science based upon knowledge it is not a belief based system or a religion no one can consider themselves to be enlightened without an understanding of natural law which is most certainly a part of occult studies whether anyone agrees with or likes that fact understanding natural law means understanding that right and wrong are literally built into the fabric and intelligence of creation the existence of these occult laws and the understanding of how they work is the very foundation of true morality natural law governs behavioral choice and brings about consequences for behavior both positive and negative the knowledge of how these universal moral laws work allows us to take control over the effects we experience based on the actions we choose we have free will to choose our behavior but we cannot be insulated from the consequences of our behavior each behavioral choice carries consequence with it and humanity will unavoidably experience the consequences of our aggregate behavioral choices this knowledge is what the dark occultists is laboring to some verb the manipulators use human beings to do their evil bidding but those they manipulate will not escape the bulk of karmic consequence because they took the harmful actions and are therefore responsible for the resultant harm this is why human beings must look into these occult and spiritual laws it is the very knowledge that your enemy is using to conquer you and simultaneously the only knowledge that will free you from your servitude those who do not understand the occult are not truly awake and they certainly aren't true Christians the book of Hosea chapter 4 says my people are destroyed for their lack of knowledge because you have rejected knowledge I will also reject you from being priests for me because you have forgotten the law of your God and so I will also forget your children a quote from the Old Testament and from Corinthians from the New Testament the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh the weapons of this spiritual warfare lies in the mental domain it lies in the realm of knowledge and how is being used against us the importance of understanding the occult continued a primary factor that prevents people from being awake is their lack of understanding of a called knowledge fake Christians lack the same essential factor of true spiritual awakening we must understand that dark Oh cultists are essentially ancient psychologists who use their knowledge of the human psyche against those who remain ignorant of how the mind works we must learn to very same occulted knowledge that the ruling class understands about how the human psyche works and how it can be manipulated and that's what the occult actually is in fact do cultic this knowledge and bringing it out into the open for everyone to see hear and understand is the only thing that will ever have the potential to truly level the playing field in favor of human freedom the ancient social engineers who designed the worldwide system of enslavement are the same priests class that invented the false exoteric religions of the world they're the same priest class who invented and used the media past and present for the purposes of mind controlling the naive and ignorant public so you know this image here is a depiction of the ritual that takes place yearly in the California Redwoods called the Bohemian Grove and the ritual is known as the cremation of care and they are literally immolating care they call it dull care they want to destroy the empathy that a normal human being would experience in doing the evil work that they do and thus the ritual is the burning away of one's conscience that is what it ritualistic alysom symbolizes the emulation of conscience now these are these are cultists you know we'll say we'll put their media on this and say there's nothing to see here nothing this whatsoever to see there it's just the world's power brokers all gathering in the same place media moguls entertainment figures heads of worldwide multinational corporations all gathered all planning and plotting together on how they're going to increase their sphere of influence and control all completely unreported by the mainstream media telling you to look the other way don't pay any attention to that multi billionaires gathering in the same place and some weird twisted sick demonic rituals there's nothing to it yeah both the cultural exoteric religions and the media will do everything in their power to dismiss any investigation into the occult either as being nonsense or evil so you shouldn't look into it thus dissuading the public from the discovery of any aspect of occult knowledge conscience the only way to freedom the dark occult ruling class gives exoteric religion to the masses to get them away from the core esoteric spiritual truth of natural law these occultists know that the occult ation of natural law will always be what keeps the masses enslaved and the ruling class in control under natural law the law of freedom as I refer to it eternally governs the state of freedom of any society anywhere in the universe the law of freedom states that as morality increases in the aggregate of any given population of souls that society's collective freedom will also increase conversely as any society's aggregate morality declines that society's freedom will proportionately decline in other words as morality increases freedom increases and as morality declines freedom declines this is how natural law works and so then you only need to look to the experience that we are undergoing are we gaining freedom or are we losing and therefore you will know in the aggregate percentage numbers percentage-wise whether we are becoming a more moral population or a more immoral population and I think the verdict is clear this is why the only prescription that Jesus ever gave for freedom in the New Testament Scriptures was no the truth didn't ask anybody to believe in anything didn't ask them to believe that he was the son of God didn't ask them to worship him didn't ask them to believe that he was you know anything but someone who understood how the natural law worked and to try to live according to it you know he didn't ask anybody to set up a religion in his name that's all the people after his existence did he was referring to the truth regarding our own individual sovereignty the truth that there is no legitimacy to the notion of earthly authority and knowing the truth of the difference between right behavior which does not cause harm to other living beings or their rights or property and wrong behavior which does cause harm to other living beings or their rights or property this knowledge comprises true conscience and it is the only thing that can ever make humanity free according to the law of freedom which can never be undone or escaped as morality and the aggregate increases a society becomes more free as morality in the aggregate aggregate declines a society becomes more enslaved this is what is meant in the New Testament Scriptures as the figure of Jesus representing the consciousness that he had being referred to as the way the truth and the life this doesn't mean that it's the you know that he is some God man that needs to be worshipped this is about following the example set according to the Jesus figure in the New Testament that's the way of freedom the truth of natural law the way to life and not death and destruction in case see I did this entire presentation on what real Christianity is about as opposed to the fake variant that people have been given because even in the exoteric sense I consider that Christianity is a religion that is to be held to a higher moral standard the cornerstone of the of true Christianity is a high moral aspiration embodied in the golden rule the golden rule challenges people to treat others the way that they themselves would want to be treated and not to violate other people's rights just as you don't want your own rights to be violated this is why I personally hold the religion of Christianity even in its many act exoteric should say variants to higher moral standards than all other world religions and therefore why I chose to make it the focus of this presentation instead of any other religious belief system the golden rule is a true representation of a higher level of consciousness for those who subscribe to it and attempt to live by it and it's so simple it's almost stupid you don't want something done to you because it's harmful don't do it to other people that's really the apophatic version of the golden rule don't do unto others what you don't want done unto you and to say in the in the positive sentences just treat others the way you want to be treated and yet the vast majority of human beings cannot understand this certainly they're not living by it Christianity and some of its similarities to Buddhism Buddhism in its exoteric form shares many similar aspects to Christianity in its embodiment of the solar Savior figure of Buddha who in his earthly incarnation and name went by Siddhartha Gautama in its pure state Buddhism is an esoteric philosophy which teaches natural law via the four noble truths which are tenets which outline the causal factors for human suffering and the result that we receive experientially in the real world based upon our actions which is karma Buddhism also discusses the remedy by which we can alleviate that suffering by changing our behavior through the methodology of the Eightfold Path that is an understanding of natural law it is the knowledge of the causal factors of human suffering and what we can do to alleviate that by changing those factors at the causal level true Buddhism explains how we experience exactly what we create the karmic consequences of our own freewill behavioral choices in its esoteric aspect Buddhism can be said to be on a similar level of consciousness to true Christianity Buddhism and the New Age where as I like to call it the new cage movement just as there is fake Christianity there are degraded forms of Buddhism which seek to embed in people a pseudo spiritual message of total acceptance of everything even injustice evil and slavery the new cage religious belief system is essentially a heavily modified perverted form of Buddhism unfortunately there is no such thing as meditating your way to enlightenment and world peace this Buddhism in name only is a form of psychological warfare which makes people largely inactive observers preventing them from ever taking any real-world action against the evil doers who are violating their natural rights and sovereignty The Lost years of Jesus whether or not the New Testament figure of Jesus was a historical person or not the biblical stories about him suggest that he left his home of Judea shortly after his childhood for many years before returning to the land of his birth and beginning his spiritual ministry in the minds of the spiritually initiated this can mean but one thing Jesus travelled to Egypt during his so-called Lost years and was himself initiated into the knowledge of natural law through the Commission mystery schools of ancient Egypt just like they tried to suppress the resurgence of the mystery schools that were being taught at Alexandria the new Roman sanctioned state religion of official Christianity or a constant Indiana T as I call it but began the suppression of the early true Christians the Gnostics the philosophies upon which esoteric Christianity is based predates the 1st century AD accounts of Jesus by thousands of years Gnosticism which comes from the greek word most eCos meaning possessing knowledge and that in turn is derived from the greek now gnosis which means knowledge was a first and second century religious system whose adherents wrote and practiced a pre-christian form of the philosophy that Jesus studied and taught naturally such esoteric knowledge had to be purged from early exoteric Christianity by dark occultus and the early church in order to ensure that potentially that the potentially transformative power of Gnosticism did not gain a foothold in the Roman Empire and threaten the power of the entrenched ruling class the naga hamadi scriptures and other Gnostic texts such as the pista sophia or faith wisdom contained ideas that the rulers of that time certainly did not want spreading far and wide these teachings included an awareness of the unseen world or the occult which encompassed the existence of cosmic moral law which governs the consequences of freewill based behavior the Gnostics were teaching an understood natural law at their core of their philosophy exposing the rulership of what the Gnostics called the archons the Masters the ruling class of the earth some people would say that they were non-human entities the archons either subtle hyperdimensional or extra dimensional beings or even extraterrestrial beings regardless of what their nature was their plan is the same to control to dominate to manipulate and to enslave that's why I like to call Anarchy and our Connie you know the word anarchy comes from an Archon the absence of masters for a ruling class doesn't mean chaos as we'll get to rejection of all our Connick false Authority in favor of the true authority of the universal creators moral law this is what the Gnostics practiced and preached and accepted they knew there was no legitimate Authority and man no such thing the only Authority is the law of the creator the concept that true spirituality was ultimately about waking up from worldly illusion created by incorrect irrational and immoral thinking they coined the concept waking up from illusion we still use this term today in spiritual movements karmic consequence accrued over multiple lifetimes which was completely wiped out from the canonical scriptures in the Council of Nicaea the existence of three distinct types of human soul groups this may be one of the most interesting Gnostic philosophies because it may explain why we have such a difficulty in waking people often to truth they considered these three different soul groups to be different classifications of spirituality within human beings the first group were known as the hi links hy lics hi links and they were identities that was completely identified with materialism and base instincts they only identified with the physical body in the material world they were spiritually unconscious and they would be extremely difficult or impossible to awaken because they were so rooted in the ego and so rooted in the flesh they never even considered spiritual matters they never turned their mind to it all but so that's the high links then they had a group of human beings that they classified as the psychics the you know the the people who had some form of spiritual consciousness they were they were somewhat embedded in mind they could concede they could have conceptual thought processes but they only really grasped spirituality from a simplified emotional perspective rather than from a place of truth deeply rooted knowledge or in other words occultism and they considered the Gnostics considered that the psychics were possible to wake up but with some effort we had to put a lot of effort they were fenced sinners in other words you you could bring the knowledge to them and they would listen at least with an open mind maybe consider it and maybe they'd move a little bit in consciousness in a lifetime maybe you could wake some of them up fully and then some of them you know they didn't wake up and they went back into the illusion and then the third group was known as the pneumatics I love the name and you know the it comes from the Greek word pneuma meaning spirit and these were those who were spiritually awakened they were you know the high consciousness soul group they were elects for addicts who incarnated to become teachers of spiritual knowledge the pneumatics and you know you know how many people have ever heard this ever one two three three in the room okay so even people who you know study this type of esoteric information and spirituality it's buried they don't want people understanding this the early church didn't want people understanding this certainly the ruling class doesn't want them understanding it so what other horrors that the early church conduct aside from the suppression of the Gnostics the genocide of the Alba Jenson's one of the most brutal treatments of people anywhere and at any time period in history this is where some of the most ruthless medieval torture came out of from people who considered themselves Christian and holy people the work of purging inconvenient competing spiritual knowledge was certainly not limited to the early church most people have heard of the Christian Crusades of the Middle Ages these military campaigns included the infamous alba gens Ian crusade of the early 13th century the Alba gentian Crusade was a 20-year military campaign initiated by Pope Innocent the third to eliminate the Christian sect known as the Cathars is where we get the word cathartic the Cathars in the language regions of southern France while the Cathars would were they could be considered an extremist ascetic sect they really believed in the purging of the physical and that the primacy of the spiritual which was sort of imbalance and they really lived a very ascetic lifestyle they still taught against the idea of false authority being vested in any worldly institutions especially church or state so you could that they were anarchists or at least Antarctica how I'm telling you the ways that they were tortured is you know the realm of nightmares here's Pope Innocent very innocent he said anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with church dogma must be burned without pity and he's not talking about like spiritually burned or like you know you know I'm gonna really light you up her believe he meant burned with fire to the death and they lit people on fire Taoism and oil lit him on fire very Christian very christ-like they broke people at the rack putting him on a torture wheel and snapping the bones with hammers we're stretching them lighting fires under their feet burning all his skin off their feet till they bled out the shrah Pato was another medieval instrument of torture where somebody's arms were tied behind their back and then they were hoisted up the a pulley system with their arms behind their back and all their way and eventually they would suffocate like that it's like crucifixion very Christian behavior and you know the souls that underwent this torture that I still think they're not at rest you know from understanding the some of the stories of the language op region of southern France these these souls are still you know wandering in some cases and not not at peace because of the kind of torture that they underwent that's what the early church did and the medieval church did fake Christians if there ever were I want to do this whole section on atheism because I don't want people getting the impression I'm an atheist I'm not a traditional Christian I'm an esoteric Christian I'm a person who understands natural law and who understands occultism but I'm certainly no atheist I think a theist is atheism is a deplorable ideology I think it's a childish ideology I think it's the I an ideology that says my mind you know is all there is in the universe there's nothing higher than that you know this is all there is you know life is one and done you know forget consciousness forget you know this being a realm of growth and experience and spiritual learning no it just lights out an eternal blackness well you know you are free to believe that certainly as foolish as I think the belief is but I don't think that's going to really be any kind of an incentive to improve anything least of all yourself certainly not the human condition in general to be an atheist means that one believes that there is no god creator or higher power atheists discount the existence of the spiritual domain they believe that the universe is only governed by physical laws which came from nothing for no reason or purpose they believe that there are no spiritual laws which govern behavior they believe the universe is essentially a random chaotic place so it is up to man himself to impose order upon each other and dominion over nature atheist take on the materialistic and existential worldview that the physical world is all there is and there is no consciousness beyond our life on earth yet folks and this is why I call them the stay theists because they are status almost invariably I can't take credit for that my drummer Dan actually came up with it's all credit in there at least that's how I heard it first from Momo if he made it up if he did that's awesome almost all atheists are religionists see just because they don't accept that they don't accept the higher power or God do not think they do not have a religion because atheists have a religion my friends and that religion is called governments almost every atheist sign know devoutly believes in this religion they pray at the altar of government the most dangerous religion on the face of the earth because it is firmly rooted in coercion and violence they also pray at the altar of scientism not true science they pray at scientism Psalter this is the form of state-funded quote/unquote science whose decrees they accept and believe in with religious fervour so yeah atheists do have their religions it's called government and science scientism make no mistake about it the Atheist mindset is the depth of care in this worldview there is little incentive to improve consciousness or morality and no incentive whatsoever to end the human slavery called government atheism is and always has been the pathway to spiritual death which is why governments and the ruling class love atheism they love it when this ideology infects the minds of the masses this is also the reason why atheists where are and always probably will be banned from being students at every met any and every mystery tradition school ever upon the face of the earth and you could probably say except this one you know I'll try to teach an atheist but not with much hope you know I won't I won't really give them too much time they'll be like I'll explain to you what I have come to understand but you know you you want to go on this you know tirade about man's the highest power and creation it's just like that kind of foolishness you know you know the old saying you play silly games you win silly prizes you're winning some silly prizes with that mentality because the earth is headed into total tyranny and slavery and it's based on these erroneous ideologies of religion money atheism sciencism etc governed the belief in government and authority these are all religions so I say god save us from the stain theists the mystery tradition schools viewed atheists as completely incapable of learning the truth of natural law and how it works atheists do not accept that they are subject to universal spiritual laws because they deny the very existence of the creator of those laws atheist believe that man is the highest power in creation which is why they have been considered unteachable by the very esoteric philosophic by every esoteric philosophical school thought in human history including the Commission mystery schools including Freemasonry including Rosicrucianism including the schools at Delphi the ancient Greek mystery traditions at Delphi and illusive every one of the mystery traditions nullified atheists in their ranks and they said come back when you accept that a higher power than man exists and it's still done today in the Masonic lodges and Rosicrucian lodges atheist anarchists court unquote often use the slogan no God's no masters you see this big in the punk rock scene especially believe me I know because I hang out and then seen a lot and you know there's a ton of atheists in it there's a ton of stay theists in it of state rabid status rabid leftist rabid communists and let me tell you one another thing there isn't see nihilists nihilism is just rampant in the heavy music scene in general any kind of extreme or heavy music just people who say humanity's fucked don't care about anything we feel sorry for the people who do care about anything they'll sing how much you don't understand I don't care creates a prison for all of us that's the exact dynamic that's going to put you in a prison I don't mean a physical prison I mean a spiritual prison and a prison of tyranny on earth they used this phrase no God's no masters implying that the natural law of morality does not exist without an understanding that a higher power than mankind does exist and without an understanding of the consequences of natural law a proper understanding of true morality can never be truly achieved atheists and others who dwell in such deep spiritual ignorance will inevitably lead the world only toward more chaos the phrase shouldn't be no God's no masters folks the proper saying of what anarchy really is is no masters no slaves that's what alec is fake Christians don't know what Satanism really is they have this Hollywood you know b-movie imagination of what Satanism is as an actual religion and I'm telling you their head is up their ass on this one and there's no telling them I tell people look if you want to know about Islam you'd probably want to go to an imam at a mosque and ask them about Islam because they're a priest in that religion if you want to know about Judaism you'd probably go to a Jewish rabbi in a synagogue and asked him about Judaism because they're a priest in that religion you want to go and learn about at least exoteric Christianity you might want to go find you know a Catholic or a Protestant priest and a church and ask them about their religion well folks I was a priest in Satanism I was a priest in one of the largest bodies of public Satanism that exists on the earth called the Church of Satan under Anton LaVey who personally appointed me as a priest in the Church of Satan so you would think that a former priest okay wouldn't know a little bit about the tenants and doctrine of the Satanic religion would you not yet all have Christians tell me so-called christians tell me no no what you're saying isn't Satanism Satanism is though is the worship of this being that is the know you know the this devil depicted and it's Lucifer and you know it's the archenemy of God accelerate and I'm trying to explain to them you don't understand this is a worldly philosophy a way of living in the world it has tenets and things that you actually do and ways you actually behave in ways that you actually think this isn't just about going out into the woods and lighting bonfires and sacrificing animals or dressing in black robes this is not what Satanism is it's part of fake Christian belief that they know what Satanism is and other people don't I've been trying to expose real Satanism for the last 15 years of my life I'm telling you people still don't get it they won't take it from somebody who is an actual priest in the religion the dark it's light it's like it's like having the playbook of the other football team and taking it across you know to the other to the other coach and saying listen here's all the plays they're going to run and then I got out of here only here that you know we'll do this our way can't even give them the playbook that's how dumb they are the dark occult controllers of our world manipulate the masses of people by giving them their mindset and their religion this is the best way to have them continue fighting and weaken each other so that they are easier to control and rule they give people little watered down variants of their own religion and their own mindset there's still the big Chiefs and the big priests of this religion and they still have the big satanic mindset they give people the smaller one because the bigger can control the smaller I call it mini-me Satanism is my little coined term for it there dr. evil and they give the public the mini-me version this is the best okay so an understanding of true Christianity in an understanding of true Christianity you must understand what it's Paul I'm sorry mistake in the slide again I apologize to understand true Christianity you must understand what it's polar opposite Satanism really is fake Christians refuse to understand genuine Satanism what an authentic Christian has knowledge of the occult and can discern between light occultism and dark occultism based on how that knowledge is being used Satanism is an ancient occult religion comprised of diverse interconnected networks of worldwide adherence at its ideological core at its ideological core that here's what Satanism really is this religion postulates that knowledge of the human psyche and knowledge of the laws of the universe should be occulted were hidden and held only by a few human beings it is much more accurate to perceive Satanists and darker cultists in general as ancient psychologists as I've said many times who hold and wield hidden information ways which exploit those who remain ignorant of that information the belief in Satan as an anthropomorphic deity instead of a set of ego driven values and a way of being in the world is a misconception which leads people to a lack of understanding of real Satanism z' agenda and their control and manipulation of our world and it leads them to an inability to identify the true enemy this is how I described the network of Satanism and dark occultism in my presentation called demystifying the occult part to Satanism and the dark occult you have the general public that they want to exploit and use to do their bidding and to do their dark evil work and so they take him into the lower ranks a in they filtrate they have a thought a vetting and filtration system of publicly known dark occult organizations these are very low-level organizations as such that I was involved in I'm not telling you I was up there with the absolute elite of the world because I was not I was at this level above the general public at the bottom of that pyramid churches satan temple upset ordered the evil eye etc so forth you're talking about vetting and filtration systems where they're trying to identify what skills do you have how can you help us how can you do our great work of evil then you get off to a higher level and you get the financial political and religious and media organizations that are controlled by these occultists at the highest level governments of the world banking institutions of the world media institutions religious exoteric religious institutions you go to a higher level above that in this pyramid of control and you get to the higher level dark occult orders and think-tank organizations now you're into Council on Foreign Relations you're into the Royal Institute for International Affairs the Club of Rome the trilateral commission the Bilderberg Group the Tavistock Institute of human relations but even above them there's a higher level of the dark occult and this is the ancient ruling class bloodlines this is the sector that you do not join and there is no initiation into you are born into it through blood the end that's it and that's who's ultimately this priests class at the top is there the black Venetian though and people better get that through their heads they need to understand that you're not born into the quote unquote I mean you're not accepted into the ranks of the so-called dark Illuminati you're born into it that's it and you don't leave it either when you're up at that level at my level you say I'm done with this and I want to get out in there get the fuck out of here boy we don't need you we were using you let's say I was being used like a pawn in a game I had no knowledge of it didn't understand at all you know what went with when the poet says I don't want to be involved more though I will get off the board don't bother us though you know I don't know where the bodies are buried seriously I never got into that level my conscience never let me get into that level but you get into that level and you do and you do know where the bodies are buried you're not walking away easy you know they laughed at me walking away saying go pound your head against a brick wall concrete wall for the rest of your life you ain't gonna make an impact on this world it's untrue I have however in a way they're correct it's like I do feel like I'm paying in my head against that wall because people in the aggregates and still are not really listening at all that's why I need more help and people who are doing this kind of work need a lot more help we need help from you you got to you got to be the next one up here I don't want to do this forever I don't do this myself you know forget about sitting in the audience get your rap get your stuff together get your grammar together and get up on the stage that's what I was symbolism and trappings of the Christian devil or Satan are used in modern Satanism for two reasons the first is to try to make Outsiders see Satanism as quote just another quaint religious belief that is based upon traditional Christian belief systems the second is to associate itself with the adversarial dynamic in nature referred to as involution in the occult world the force which opposes true evolution in consciousness by making us divided and contradictory in our own thoughts emotions and actions the word Satan is derived from the Hebrew word Shaitaan meaning adversary that's Shin Tov lunch a ton it means adversary or opposer Satanism is ultimately about being opposed to the true order of natural law that's the adversarial afford adversarial force Satanism works against the ordering force of natural law to bring in chaos sasha-ann chaos and suffering fake Christians lack the common sense of conscience this is the part Roma don't try to attempt to explain the difference between true right wrong versus arbitrarily deciding what right and wrong our conscience is the knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior conscience is not the behavior itself people think conscience is behavior it is not conscience is knowledge of the difference between right and wrong behavior the exercise of conscience is the behavior that's when we actually take it into the realm of action when we exercise the knowledge that we have taken into ourselves through our behaviors through our actions conscience is not the desire or intention to do the right thing this miss consumption causes many people to believe that they themselves or others have conscience when they do not ladies and gentlemen most of the people of this world do not possess conscience it doesn't matter whether they think they have it what or whether you think they have it because conscience is knowledge and how many people actually do have the definitive objective knowledge of the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior how many could actually articulate it to someone else how many people can actually define what a right is again I've made this social challenge you know this social experiment challenge go and ask people on the street what is a right and they will not be able to define it they will not be able to tell you a right is an action which does not cause harm to another sense of thing they will not be able to give you that simple definition of a right and if you don't know rights you don't have conscience and if you don't know rights you're gonna lose them you're certainly not gonna be able to protect them you don't even know and it's not gonna be with you for very long if at all someone can have all the desire or intent in the world to do the right thing but if they do not have the knowledge to do so they can never succeed in actually doing that task doing what is right look I could say hey I want to build race cars I really have the intention and desire to build race cars but if I don't go and actually learn the toolset the build race cars and then actually practice and do it build race cars and learn how to really do it from real I'm not never gonna build a race car you know you want to learn how to paint you don't say I have the intention to learn how to paint you actually get involved in doing this is what people don't understand about real conscience it's not about saying I have the intention to do the right thing it's actually about doing the right thing intention is meaningless action is everything intention is meaningless behavior is everything the constant theme throughout my work knowing moral law and living in and living it is entirely different from merely one thing to do so and because of this most people don't know what it means to be a truly good person they have this nebulous idea of what it means to be good the most people say oh that person is generally good oh they do they know the difference between right and wrong do they use their free will to choose right over wrong in every moment of their life well then don't tell me they're a good person if they're not doing that don't tell me order followers or good people they'll tell me cops and military or good people order followers by definition cannot be good people zero none 100% blanket statement absolutes if you're an order follower you're not a good person to be a good person means you follow conscience not orders it means you know the difference between right and wrong and then you exercise that behavior by choosing willfully of your own knowledge to different that the wrong behavior over the wrong behavior once you understand the difference between those two modalities of behavior order followers don't do that they act on what somebody else told them to do and that is morally wrong all the time so the only good or follower was one who has stopped being an order follower there are no longer than that thing so there is no such thing as a guru follower developing true conscience means that a person integrates within themselves the definitive and objective knowledge of the difference between right behavior and wrong behavior empowering them to truly do what is right by choosing right behavior over wrong sadly most modern day Christians have a severely distorted understanding of conscience where it comes from or how to exercise it properly the word conscience is derived from the Latin concierge a very interesting okay I recently actually learned this I knew that it came from Khan and ski erring which means to know together Khan means together with and scary means to know but I didn't know until recently what the verb comes quiere in its full context men though the Latin verb concierge means to know well to know in fullness to know definitely so you know if somebody know he just he he knows that information you know oh you wouldn't say con scaring us a ski area but whoa he knows that he's an absolute expert on that he knows it deeply and in its fullness then you would say con Sierra to know in its absolute fullness in other words to grok how many people know hineline stranger in a strange land ah how could i be bringing up all these great works of fiction and media and my two people know about it Robert Heinlein folks stranger in a strange land or the greatest science fiction stories about an anarchist that you will never read please read it short novel you know what I'm talking about okay yeah Mike Michael rocks okay so con Sierra means to grok or to understand in its fullness and that's what conscience is folks to know it definitely in its fullness the difference between right and wrong so that in turn comes from it as I said con meaning together or with and the latin verb scary meaning to low to no literally conscience means to know together to be all on the same common-sense ground all on the same page regarding what's right and wrong in other words to have common sense it is all too uncommon and lacking in our alone if everyone knew the essential knowledge of conscience we can establish the common sense understanding of morality on earth where everybody understands right and wrong but this is humanity's main stumbling block it doesn't know definitely the common sense knowledge of conscience the worldwide system of violence theft and coercion that exists now is built upon that ignorance natural law is not difficult to grasp quote-unquote advanced spiritual teaching like I said in the morning session folks this is the remedial class this is not the high level spiritual stuff this is a basic foundational building blocks of what you have to lay a foundation with to get to any higher higher levels of spirituality this is a basic elementary foundation people becoming aware of the knowledge of true conscience and aligning their actions with it is the only way to alleviate the self-inflicted suffering the suffering self-inflicted sufferings human beings have created in the world I wish the common sense was more common so fake Christians variant of morality true morality versus arbitrary morality this is the kind of morality that is often practiced in the Christian Church the so-called Christian Church they don't have morals they have likes dislikes preferences wins and you know esthetic lengths you know things that they find pleasing were were somehow repugnant immoral behavior by definition is coercive and violent behavior which causes harm to another beings life rights or property any action that does not infringe on another's rights or cause harm to a sentient being is a rights actual wrongdoing is a violation of Rights by some form of theft murder assault rape property theft trespass or coercion fake Christians will not accept such a standard from what they consider wrong and will attempt to impose their own idea of morality all to a behavior or activity which they find distasteful or aesthetically unpleasant again they're not teaching in their ranks what real right and wrong are you know they're saying oh that that woman skirt is too short that's wrong that's immoral you know they're not harming anybody oh the the fake Christian doesn't like people who smoke cannabis they find it unpleasant and distasteful well then don't smoke don't tell me I can't or use it for healing of my body you know it's like that's a right and they'll say oh no that's immoral and a wrong no you want to consider it advice because you find it repugnant or unpleasant that doesn't mean it's a crime a crime has to have a victim there has to be a violation of Rights for a crime they have that been committed they will then incorrectly label such you know vice or repugnant behaviors as wrong or immoral just because they don't like or approve of them worst of all they almost always want their preferences violently enforced by a force on by everybody else by government they believe that the church can decide that vices are sins and the state can decide that vices are crimes neither of which is true the such arbitrary morality is the freedom destroying force of moral relativism at work in our world this is what to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil really meant in the book of Genesis it meant that you don't attempt to truly learn what right and wrong are inherently but rather you consider yourself to be the arbiter or the decider of what right and wrong are according to your own liking that is what two of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil meant it means you're propping yourself up as God and saying I will decide what right and wrong are and you know what that's called folks that's called Satanism it's not Christianity but don't tell me that Bush jr. little boy Bush the decider was a Christian he's a member of the old religion if there ever was one and his daddy's one of the big high-level top priests in that religion absolute Satanist him and his father his whole family the shirts of the SS of Germany high-level Nazism come over here to the United States and infect the intelligence agencies e're the exercise of discernment and judgment is another commonality shared by the true Christians by true Christians and lacking in the fake ones the only leap of faith that a person must make is that truth exists and that you can know it with truth matters regarding morality can be discerned as true or false and correct judgments can be made and acted upon true Christians study and obtained studied and obtained the knowledge of necessary to discern truth from falsehood which is required to exercise conscience they employ the spiritual discernment without relying on any worldly governing authority to tell them what is right for to tell them what to do least of all the church and the state it is a false Christian idea not to judge other people's wrong and harmful behavior this whole adage judge not lest ye be judged this is exactly the kind of looking the other way that has plunged our world into the abject slavery and chaos that represents the current human condition judge not lest ye be judged refers to judging according to your own likes or dislikes so don't judge right and wrong for yourself that's not for you to judge that's for your you to learn correctly to get your grammar right about it so that then you could get your rhetoric or your actions right a ballot it referred to judging according to your own likes or dislikes whims or preferences what right and wrong happened to me it does not mean to stay silent and not call other people out on their violent or coercive immoral behavior this is why we're in the mess we're in people won't say to each other hey you're wrong you don't have the right to do these things you don't have the right to coerce people like this you don't have the right to violate people's rights like this how many people have the balls that call people out on their bullshit like that not many and lots in this room yeah now a rhetorical question I know I know we're we're here yes I'm talking about out there how many people have the balls to do that not that many people they want to look the other way and they want to make excuses for other people next just going to get us more of the same true spirituality is rooted in true freedom how many Christians will you go and ask as I asked this morning that will tell you that the ultimate goal of true spirituality is freedom at all hardly any and I mean freedom in all of the sentences spiritually spiritual freedom mental freedom and physical freedom true Christians have the knowledge of the causal factors of the current human condition and know the universal law of freedom that freedom and morality are directly proportional to each other an authentic Christian understands that freedom is a natural right gifted by creation and that freedom and spirituality are inherently connected and can never be separated from each other freedom is the purpose and goal of true spirituality you know how many Christians will say that we're telling you that they don't know it themselves they don't care they don't talk about freedom freedom's against their 501c3 tax-exempt status I'll get to freedom is the purpose and goal of true spirituality fake Christianity and the New Age movement constantly attempting to emphasize the role of knowledge and freedom morality is based in knowledge and it is essential to freedom when knowledge is deep de-emphasized and belief is heralded it will always lead to a debt degredation of morality and therefore a degradation of freedom because morality and freedom are inseparably interconnected we are given exoteric religion to distract us and keep us from having and exercising the common sense knowledge that can make us truly free true christians are deeply aware that genuine spirituality is all about freedom spiritual freedom mental freedom and physical freedom not just two of the three not just having your spirit be free in your mind be free but free to in the physical domain exercise the rights that you have and that are yours to exercise and not be infringed on those rights to exercise them not have your rights infringed by coercive efforts of governments that's what real freedom is freedom is the right to engage in an action that is not harmful to others unrestrained by others it means no one comes along and says hey you can't communicate with this person you can engage free speech hey you can't engage in this voluntary interaction with people you can't sell them this and they wanted it and it's a voluntary exchange you don't have a license to do it that's not freedom you know unrestrained by man in the physical domain that has to be what real freedom encompasses as well it's not just two of the three the spirit the spiritual mental and physical freedom body mind and spirit all need to be present for true freedom to be press two out of three is not good enough the illusion of serving two masters matthew 6:24 says no man can serve two masters for either he will hate the one and love the other or else he will hold to the one and despise the other you cannot serve God and Mammon and you cannot serve God in the state simultaneously either false Christians true service is to the religions of authority and money many people who believe their Christian serveth Ora tea and money at a far more loyal capacity than to their falsely claimed service to God and the message of Jesus there is no higher contradiction than believing that man's law is somehow on par with ordained by God's laws this is pure cognitive dissonance and a noteworthy hallmark of a false authoritarian Christians which is what I call the Mammon worshipping prosperity Christians are no better invariably putting the god of money far higher than the God of creation in their warped belief systems because of the widespread practice of serving two masters in exoteric Christianity you will never see any Christian ministers preaching ministers or preachers speaking out against things like usury or war because such talk would both go against their true religion of money and authority and it would threaten their 501c3 tax-exempt status that is why these fake-ass Christians will never say anything out against the state they will never speak out against immoral aggressive war they will never speak out against usury in banking Institute because they want that money rolling in off the collection plates and they want it all they don't want to have to say hey I'll criticize government and then the government will say ok we have to pay US taxes then no government has a tight little arrangement with the religionists the fake religionists and they say we'll give you tax exempt status but you can't say anything to your constituency bad about us don't ever tell them that we're the devil you'll never tell them that we're not in line with true Christianity no no you'll never hear a fake-ass Christian minister saying any of those things they love that madman and they worship them with all their heart and soul so they'll tell you submit to the government while they are completely at odds with themselves serving two masters largely the God of money the state the police forces of military so-called Constitution which is just more of man's law stop worshiping this shit this is fuck these are false gods and all the false Christians just eat it up with a spoon and a straw they can't get it in fast enough they can't suck it down fast enough government is a cult and nothing more than a euphemism for slavery a true Christian knows that everyone has the exact same rights and no one has any more or less rights than anyone else everyone in this room everyone throughout the world everyone throughout the universe has exactly the same race nobody has more rights than me or you nobody has less rights than they are you a true Christian knows that since rights are not created by humanity but are the birthright endowed to us by the creator of the universe no human being or group of human beings and ever grant rights to or revoke rights from anyone else you can't say hey listen we know that murder and theft is wrong but we're gonna grant this group of people the ability to do these wrongdoings unrestrained from from any kind of punishment with total impunity we're going to give them the license to be able to do these things there's no such thing this is a bullshit delusion it's mind control that's what it is anybody who believes in that nonsense is mind control okay right now in this in this room if I were standing instead of in Philadelphia in the state of New Jersey I could be jailed for just being there with what I have upon my person now I mean tell me how you could do the same behavior in two different places and in one place is considered moral and a right and in another place it's considered immoral and you can be jailed and caged for it or even killed if you refuse to comply this is called bullshit moral relativism and it's it this is the the total mentality of Satanism Satanists think one thing could be right keep one place in wrong in another place or right at one time than wrong at another time they believe in relative morality there's no such thing this is called all this equates to all moral relativism like that equates to which is what all man's law is based upon is I'm God and I get to make up right and wrong and my whim let me tell you something no one is that force and no they do not get to do that a true Christian understands the truth that authority vested in man is inherently illegitimate illusory and immoral and that government is simply a euphemism for slavery because it is based in coercion and violent behavior government is not just the euphemism for slavery though it is both a religion a cult here's where the language gets even stronger government is not just slavery it's not just a religion it is a cult this is a cult mentality because the definition of a cult is a religion that is dangerous to the lives rights and freedoms of others who are not its members a cult does actual violent deeds to beings that are not members of its of its ranks and that is the definition of what government is see you can have your religion and it's a ridiculous notion it's a ridiculous belief system you can have the religion that Fozzie Bear is the god of creation and we would all bow down and worship awesome okay and wonderful have your ridiculous nonsensical religion because it's not harmful this is where I say even if you want to believe in pink elephants you know and dancing fairy tales wandering through the sky then dancing fairies water includes done you're entitled to do that you could be as wrong as you want you could be as idiotic as you want as long as the belief has nothing to do with the infringement of Rights and freedom believing in government is not even a right you don't have the right to even believe in that system of belief want to know why because it is affecting other people's freedom in the negative sense there are thoughts that aren't rights you don't have the right to think that someone else is a rightful slave there is no right to believe that you yourself are a rightful slain that is not a right you don't have that right under creation to accept slavery because that is the total rejection of the gift of free will and that is immoral because it is harming other people's free will and freedom that right not exist in nature this is why they don't want you to read the founding other's writings they were telling people this in their writings some of the deepest philosophical works of man whether you agree with so the actions that they didn't go all the way into anarchy I I agree they fell short of the standard they needed to stop at the Declaration and never constitute a new government declare freedom and say anybody wants to try to take it from us come and try that's freedom see if liberty or death you know the those that's the choice that's it that's what it means you got to be willing to put it all on the line if you really want to be free and not have rulers we're going to get to that level of sacrifice that this is maintained so that's what a cult is that's why government is absolutely defined properly as a cult because it is a illusory amoral belief system that does violence to people who are not its members see the difference between natural law and man's law is everything natural law is based upon truth and principles which are eternal they're inherent to creation they exist everywhere at all times and places man's law is based on dogmatic beliefs which are constructs of the illusory mind natural law or karmic law or moral law or God's law whatever you want to call it is harmonized with due to knowledge and understanding man's law isn't harmonized with its complied with due to fear of punishment of what will happen to you if you don't comply natural universal law is universal it's cosmic it exists everywhere in creation applies anywhere in the universe regardless of time or location man's law differs with location based upon the whim of legislators you could do one thing in one place and you do it in another place you can be changed that's moral relativism natural law is eternal and immutable it exists and applies for as long as the universe exists and it cannot be changed by any force in the universe no one is capable of changing natural law or not being bound by it for that matter man's law changes with time based upon the whim of legislators so you look at prohibition in the 20s alcohol was illegal it became I'm sorry it was it was legal it became illegal and then it went back to being legal again well did it be it was it immoral became I'm sorry was it moral became immoral and then went back to being moral again is that what happened you know the people who made and consumed alcohol were they were more people and they had the right to do it then for a brief time that's an email Act and you're harming other people and then when they repeal prohibition I would became immoral again and it's ok to do it you won't be changed I mean this is absolute ridiculous nonsense a three-year-old can figure out that that's bullshit and adults who consider themselves adults can't people are a joke most so-called Christians don't understand the slavery inherent to systems of government authority I call them authoritarian Christians and there are no Christians at all they've bought into the outright least satanic idea which dark occultists placed into the biblical scriptures that government is quote unquote ordained by God once again both Romans 13 these fake Christians do not understand that authority is an illusion of a diseased psyche based entirely in violence and built upon the erroneous involved maduk belief that some people are the masters who have them quote moral right to issue commands which they call their laws while others are slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the masters they have failed to see that the god of creation would never institute or condone government because the god of creation does not want slavery for anyone the god of creation once freedom for everyone and Christians the so called Christians need to understand that and get their head out from up their ass regarding their nonsensical and non Christian belief in government the only quotes outside of biblical scripture that I'm putting in this whole presentation I'm going to compare myself and one of the founding fathers James Madison who God wants them he would help right the Second Amendment he co-authored the Second Amendment with George Mason and so thank God for those then but he was a federalist and he was a statist long term and he said this if men were angels no government would be necessary this is a quote from one of the founding fathers James Madison let's see how James stacks up to me and let's see who's a little bit more Christian I say since humans aren't leaders and I certainly agree with that none are too I go on my hands all the averages can possibly be true Christians now there tell that for incendiary see the very top all the anarchists can possibly be true Christians the word I use derived from the Greek prefix and meeting without for the absence of the Greek noun our economy Reuben were master anarchy does not mean without rules there are so rules and enter and called natural law it means without rules without masters Anarchy means the absence of slavery or in other words true freedom all the erica's can ever possibly be true Christians true marriages reject the authoritative man authority of garment and the comp and reject the concept of an intercessor between oneself in the Creator and they take personal responsibility for their actions in this realm rejecting the imposable of illusory authority of government true anarchists align themselves with service to a higher power the natural law of creation from which natural rights are ultimately derived now don't get it twisted and think that beyond the powers of logic applies all amicus are not necessarily some Christians we also have to understand that because Christianity involves more than just the rejection of far real esoteric Christianity else it's important to understand that one is not automatically a true Christian just because he considered themselves an amicus a person who rejects worldly authority must full possess and live in accordance with the moral knowledge of natural law and the gold did you consider the to pressure some may recognize the legitimacy of man's Authority yet fail to understand natural law or to behave morally therefore all true Christians are anarchists but not all anarchists five necessarily Christian I'll say that again all true Christians must necessarily be anarchists if you say that you are a Christian your boss recognized and identify with being an amicus because that means you don't the Queen you don't acknowledge or give any legitimacy to the authority of human beings or man or government but not all anarchists are Christians are not true Trish not all out of the Sun only the ones who basically live a great - natural law and golden rule and be considered appreciates prosperity Christianity prospering Christianity is the belief that one obtains bridges and an extravagant lifestyle because they somehow earn the favor of God the ruling class occultist if I act so tired religion invented a spiritual spiritual ET terrae belief system to try to make people believe that the ingredient or ruthless and awarding resources is so kind of a moral and life there are Christian ministers out there teaching this pure garbage telling people that becoming like these multi-billionaire elitists who have a slightest inclination to have help in others it's all sort of a Christian aspiration and then if you achieve those kinds of worldly riches that you've arrived as a Christian because God has able to true Christians know that enlightenment has nothing to do with pursuing greed cholera bliss that were also the sovereign pursuing their own plunder and doing nothing to morally educate others is a satanic - thing true Christians know that they obligation to care enough about what is wrong with our world to take real action to change it for the better and you know here's these prosperity Christianity [Music] Impossibles living for the money building people they're a part of money breaking it in which is televangelists and their shows I mean it's Jesus it's pathetic and deplorable and it was the rally against true Christian scripture in the New Testament book of Luke Jesus said it is easier for the camel to pass through the eye of a needle for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven and I have found this personally in life to be true the people who have the most money don't care about what's going on because they love this is like Italy Iowa is it's done well for me I'm gonna do positions through everybody else most people would trade places with dark occult controllers of the world in harmony they would say oh oh are you controlled broker the masters of all your slaves i trade places with your arm that's the things most people would make that deal they didn't want to be controllers they want to be the ruling class they don't hate you want to bring it into the room class they love the concept because they wanted to be bad salvation is Christianity these fools believe that you can only be seen to retain salvation from sufferings and faith alone who revere the accepting Jesus as your personal Savior died for our sins in such a ridiculous virtual world being actions become endless and good works can't see you as no since all that is required for your salvation is a certain belief belief that Jesus is God it's you know died for your sins for your repentance true Christians Karen ought to take real world action to create real world change being saved or our self-imposed slavery will cover the floor although the difference between right animal behavior and then applying that knowledge through our actions how about instead of looking at Jesus is going to be worshipped or believed in as our Savior we instead look at what he told us about how to actually live in the world and we can actually save us from slavery and annihilation scientist Christianity I don't steal the topic too much I got into it in one particular podcast I'm gonna stand about a year scientism is elitist and racist political ideology based on talent two days a whole swarm of the two day religion false as Jews scientism as one by many different names throughout the world is essentially pure Barbra cult is event explore tell my scientist I'm sorry tumblin today ISM believes in the superiority of the Jewish race and religion and the slavery of quote lesser people who are not chosen by God who they see his talent and property scientists of all the hides behind traditional Judaism using it as a state though while simultaneously do harm to legitimate Torah big Jews while Zionist would insist that they are the polar opposite of the nozzles their core ideology is virtually identical in belief and methodology to the rule the gentleman season with only with one of the only differences being which race is idealized as a master race the traumatic race of the Jewish race true Jews through tomorrow studying and tour of these tubes I believe they're not city Jews reject Zionism here you see cytosine two days and rejects assignments in the state of this little authentic rabbis always oppose the sciencism in the State of Israel today is over Jeff Zionism over and over again and you know the State of Israel ends itis Jews do not want that coming out they don't want that you know understanding and real Orthodox at the cynic Jews don't agree with design this breaks this my knowledge Zionism say who am were to serve us until they call the non-christian slavery's I'm selected on Zionist slavery's didn't exist only to serve them they have no place in the world only to serve the people invisible Zionists Christianity is a complete oxymoron in terms Christian Zionism is an extremist and racist form of false Christianity in which religious fundamentalists identified themselves as Christian but believe it in followed Talmudic and Zionist ideology he's so-called preachers identified in the State of Israel and support everything that Israel does in the Middle East including the slavery and genocide of the Houston people Palestine is a land that was invaded by scientists and taken by force do using the erroneous belief system status entitlement and superiority with the full backing of the British and US military's many faith Christians who are not self-described Christian Zionists also by it's a lower level ideologies and sign as an including unquestioning support of the State of Israel and just realize this is not true Christianity Christianity doesn't support this type of political racist ideology or invasion of the order of their land Christian socialism I mean there's a million different variants of false Christianity now that's real that is a real socialist Oh sir listen that there's an infection you see okay this leftist communist city in particular is investing these types of false Christians the extremely disturbing trend in the late 20th and early 21st centuries is in socialism another dangerous form of false Christianity you cannot be a Christian and supports oceans and coasts socialism's the redistribution of wealth of the property using government coercion and violence government coercion violence that's what socialist and don't get me this crap about democratic socialism Eden it's all Marxist ideology and or mentality which came out of Dartmouth Alton see there's another you wanna know another person with no he was basically smart to break the Communist Manifesto Karl Marx Hennis the door of occultists the iCub isn't flip these dyes up to us and they can have your sentence you didn't write that ideology they were a hand in it he says you're published is up to your names he's right the daughter daughter called us three and forward that's it ground they're not their names on their bloodline families if you're never learning the things you can't be occurrences for socially because it's facing government coercion and violence socialist Christian youth clubs they're popping up all over the place there are popular bottom left there's a trend blending socialist ideals with Christianity now the slightest thought or adherence to natural law around with an old narrative this is a blatant cultural Marxist infiltration we see that again this is a blatant cultural Marxist infiltration of modern accent Arabic reality and these sold Christian leftists are growing in the room disturbing these it's a bigger problem than zinc predetermine ISM or Y taking any action with the outcomes already written the false Christian doctrine of pre determinism wrong he asserts that the future is already written and must manifest in a certain way because it's built and three ordained by God they believe that there is no fling trying to change the conditions here on earth because everything's already determined and the outcome is set in stone this is another form of stand down spirituality as I like to call it this isn't streetwise spirituality they stand down surge malleable and this prevents right action and positive change from occurring that's the very reason false person believes this false Christian belief system was put into place to stop right action and positive change it's part of what I call the world who is of randomness which many scientists scientists and atheist believe in it calls a grand accident there's no creator there's no underlying intelligence there's no such thing as spiritual or natural law existence has no purpose other than to continue to exist these are the hallmarks of scientism atheism Bentham commentary on us the randomness imbalance the worldview then on the other side so that's the left ring and headed now it's worldview the randomness left ring then you have the right brain religions world imbalance which is determined God controls every event and creation all occurrences are preordained free will isn't loose and it doesn't really exist since God controls everything changes impossible Salty's well then so action is ultimately meaningless of a whole box of religious extremism and sleep thing the truth is somewhere in the middle there is a random component to creation and that is called free room can't put an algorithm on what some of these actually going to choose in any given moment it is random you know if we align it to natural law we will follow that however there's still that you still not let me take you away for a free will you can still make a choice to do something to stay out of Iranian that's the random component in creation free moment and then the deterministic component in creation natural law is someone who works longer percent of the time flawlessly all the time everywhere people you know again it's like I'm gonna piss everybody off of course billions will be in their box and I attack everybody on their nonsensical belief systems yeah so I don't care who doesn't like it I don't want to be light I'm not here to be like my mom partly telling the truth about what so low regard how hard it is hero gets offended living for the afterlife huge numbers of faded Christians don't believe that this world is worth changing and they're living only for a promise of reward or an afterlife that heaven with God this is yet another belief in certain early Christianity to take people may have been positive agents for real change out of action stand down spirituality live for the next roll the free reward in heaven don't try to change anything here know the false Christian belief that earth is Satan's Kingdom so why should I care about another host Christian notion which destroys positive change in our world is the idea that we live in Satan's realm they heard the Satan's Kingdom and not realm of free will this idea convinces people that they are powerless and ineffective and she's just so made a hand over our rights willingly some fake Christian sects actually welcomed the long-gone social and environmental destruction of the earth because they believe this accelerating carnage means that the tribulation of the prophecy and times is upon us and salvation for the believers in the afterlife lies just beyond it just around the word true Christians reject this forward worldview and have instilled within themselves a deep recognition of the critical importance of free will and personal responsibility now here is a section that I think some people will find interesting the holy anointing oil and self-ownership Jesus is widely known as a healer and perform real miracles from the New Testament stories to tell me he was sick he said to have performed miracles by healing incurable by conditions and skin conditions and even healed people who were on the verge of death evidence is coming to light showing that it is quite probable that cannabis oil was the main healing agent used by Jesus words disciples in his performance of these healing miracles almost all the representations of Jesus's companion Mary Magdalene to her holding a small vessel similar to what you might see in cannabis Lenora cannabis law extracts I mean this is a miracle plant folks it is probably the most medicinal plant on the surface of the earth put there by the creator of the universe here's an image of Mary Magdalene clearly saw Berbick using some kind of a very viscous golden or a deep amber substance in some sort of crucible or vessel the healing oil Jesus used was referred to as cannot blossom I just think about that from the name of healing anointing well that is even referred to in the literature was Cana bus it comes from the Hebrew now in Cana transliterated ka MBH which means and the Hebrew adjectives also do SEM transliterated meaning aromatic which was very well despite what cannabis is this world was also referred to plainly as yonder boss kan and AD us instead of ca n I be a DI us okay almost like that in phonetic you know pronunciation - - just slightly different in spell combos was continuously mistranslated in Hebrew has columns which is the useless read it would make complete sense that cannabis would be the substance Jesus used to heal considering now that the modern age regarding the plethora of diseases and conditions this miraculous plant is capable of treating and healing them type something cannabis is the plan I mean it's the cure for cancer phones I mean if you don't know that by now I mean when time and watch the Rick Simpson story on you TV now this this man was you see he's in a scene in our modern times who killed so many thousands of people of cancer it's almost uncountable now what was his reward was his reward by the ruling authorities with you do good deeds are gonna crazy right they tortured the spot they harassed and out of the United States tularemia the moon to Croatia to keep healing people of cancer I mean the absolute trash that would give the man and healing children of cancer I try to make a criminal out of him like I said talk about people who deserve the crucified here are some ancient depictions of Jesus so with the cannabis plant shown close by and see clearly the canvases now and the fake as Christians will sound all this this devil splinter Gaara needs to continue to ban and suppress this right even today it's still being done people think I'll know it's being legalized no it's not people are still going to jail over cannabis to disgrace the trash that would throw somebody in a cage for their usage of medicinal plant absolute moral trash I mean stuff like when when you start you really get to me when you start preventing children from been healed but then I get in I get into a murderous rage when I think about that shame cannabis is currently used to treat 700 medical conditions without the tops of side effects of pharmaceutical drugs imagine if doctors today could free people Spence this healed medicine without repercussions of being placed in a cage with a false top turn of man's law when when cannabis is used to treat all forms of cancer when you see cannabis use to treat all forms of cancer or see how it helps a child suffering from seizures - chemists are living normally again after just one dose of cannabis law you understand what they are going to be is hi I know someone who killed endometrial cancer which is cancer of the lining of the uterus with cannabis oil her doctors gave her a death sentence and sent over her Affairs in order medicines at best and her husband said bullshit I'm healing my wife drove across country cannabis oil from the Pacific Northwest took it back to her I believe in you know all about the devil's needs Missouri Arkansas Kansas and she was healed in 45 days 45 things though traces of cancer in the body and when her daughter her about what she didn't tell she did he said I can't see was my patient anymore wouldn't even monitor her condition to make sure it was still in check and not coming back because she was using the substance and not the absolute reason the chemotherapy's I don't get into this as this topic as much because you see the assessment all one day I'll get a hold of are these people a true Christian would always support the right of self ownership and one's right to do as they please with their own consciousness so long as they harm no one else true Christians were also supported defend the right of sick people to access a planet created by God to ease and end soldering and no true Christian would deny that right the idea that I'm safe and that's all that matters another of Austrian belief anything as Christians hold the belief that as well as their life is going well they accept Jesus but they're saved and there's virtually completing that's all that matters too bad for all the rest of the sinners this is not an oval Christianity or any form of spirituality for that matter is about true spirituality encompasses self care and personal betterment but also recognizes the law of one that we are all connected and everyone is suffering if anyone is suffering that is the law of one this one suffers all our sorry so the responsibility to become aware by passing along the knowledge that we've learned so that everyone can work toward spiritual battle and healing and here's this notion encapsulated burning funny cartoon you know besides I'm bailing out this boat alongside the other guys are up at the top of the boat sitting and they're saying we're glad the hole was in there are n take in the face of Jesus [Applause] who did Jesus oppose and expose the three worldly dynamics that Jesus actually fought against during his lifetime as described in the New Testament where would I call the unholy trinity religion money and governments he challenged the established religious words of this day the Pharisees and the Sadducees he told a great issue with the usery of the temple money changers who are the established financial order of his name and of course he was convicted and crucified by the Roman government at the behest of the religious and monetary powers this example which faith Christians never talk about also serves to illustrate were the true tower on the control system ultimately lies but ultimately petitioned the government to through society's religious orders and they were many have the monetary system as well in collusion with the monetary system issues but ultimately who persuaded Pilate the Roman stood before the crucifixion if you believe in the physical historical person fiction it was dissolved by the ditches Hoover's the dark for cultists and priests class he went into the temple and took out a switch with the money changers and get the hell out of here use a ruse No [Music] and churches when you talk to eg Jeanette how lonely invention and there's who ultimately didn't very deep of the crucifixion women did they did the actual government authority symbol we'll get to that this is the unholy trinity religion is the father of the Trinity in soft controlled perpetuates ignorance feast upon belief is they that's the real Big Daddy right there is room the change control by a dark occult freeze class money is the motor of the unholy trinity it's emotional control gets our emotions books on wanting this desire from more on the edge weights out of those people's more the other money don't care about anything else it's the new god to which you things now entirely devote their care attention and error and energy the ultimate religion money's an even more widespread religion that government in the far more people believe in money as a religion than they do harm it's the basis for the new world order is the uttering in words that when she gives birth to the new world difficult do for money government is the child is the ultimate manifestation that comes from the father who bought it stuff control of the visible body principal slavery if a pet relates cowardice is based upon the erroneous belief in authority and is the violently sources for father and mother the dark occultists and the banksters government is here is he actually did the deed of the crucifixion of Christ the police murder Christ now I say this too so long precious and they look at me like I had an 8 headed hydro growing out of the side of my depth what were you taught the police stole Jesus absolutely the police murder Jesus the police force of the Roman Empire were ultimately responsible for the death of Jesus trust the century yet again whether you believe in this is a historical story or a historical account or an allegorical school it doesn't matter the sanatoriums were the wrong policemen they were actually responsible for the death of Jesus therefore once he actually did the crucifixion of a bunch is violent even before birth the Centurion is the Roman soldiers and police force of their day killed Jesus following the words of the Sadducees and Pharisees in collusion with the money changers of the Roman government some surgeons to the statements of false doctrines still believe in my fake Christians today even in spite of Christ's life long battle against and murder by the state's law enforcement agents clearly described in their very own scriptures and they can't see they can't see the nobility of the price just doing our job mr. Jesus quit breaking the law this one time can't you just hear them saying I know I can modern police are blocking Christ's work with violence this is actively taking place as we speak another thing that sets me off is violent murders red bead red hold zone okay I mean this is the type of stuff that I cannot tolerate I cannot stand thinking that I don't I try not to subject myself to reading more about because I have something I will dig out my restaurant [Music] comes down and they will make you what they have done in the physical world action harvest ah they've got the real world people don't get them government has outlawed feeding of the homeless and Christians everywhere are silent doing nothing about it homelessness is now illegal in some places you don't even hear about this in church these false preachers you don't hear about a sitcom a boss I'm doing simple nowhere in religion well they even talk about this happening people of a self-proclaimed moral religion are doing nothing when Christ's very word is being burned by duble or above trash then I'll say it just like that cuz I have the balls to to disgrace and Christian to abide by aura absolute disgrace there is big of a piece of trash as those police weren't stopping the feeding the policy people are trash institutionalized pedophilia that is protected let me tell you something these guys don't get these as hairy as these guys they don't get me as angry as the police stopping the feeding of the homeless or the Turing of sick children [Music] these guys are just psychopathic apples it's like getting madder than a tiger for a baby in a village their hands they just need to be put down like the ravenous beasts here the other people are claiming that they're somehow Khalil and doing something good while they're shutting down good works you watch canvas destiny the documentary called canvas destiny you will be sent in an eight-year-old dies just please stop coming in on his medication let me tell you something that fat guy love children I hope murderously protect my children and the rights of my Hannity I'm telling you if anybody tried to stop my top of being killed that's how protective I would be my child the play of pedophile priests is an extreme crisis throughout the world the greater so-called Christian community does not believe the dis systemic problem is an epidemic and will not investigate and pursue these criminals they defer to the judgment of the corrupt pedophile the festive Attica and to the police forces which have a track record of protecting kind of hylia anything participate in it let me tell you something the police when were the ones that were involved in the Satanic grottoes that I've learned to speak in rituals with or protecting the sickness they were working with and protecting the sickness I tell people a story of a ritual both purchased off in 1997 I attended a ritual in Whitehall government northern Maryland just south and economic as many barrel north it was a big mansion in Maryland okay like you know far beyond just a regular glass house hi hi upper-class but not like calling up no raw chops I'm Angie very very people lots of open space lots of land surrounded and they had a satanic ritual in this room in the basin then afterwards food and refreshments were served they were just sickness we're just gathering and talking and planning and outside the ritual house for the entire time was a Maryland true garden the home for the secant ritual an inside a sickness was watching him bar the home through the glass window by the atrium while he's eating talking to me laughing hilariously is certainly benaiah evening at this cotton saying there are balls there are animals there are cattle and they protect us they do our bidding and protect us they don't even understand how we use them we use them like trash at the arc throw all the way and don't continue protects just as worthless pieces people laughing at the cop who was one of his million Twitter followers knew how much absolute control over this beams mine and which is absolutely mocking human spirit level that's what they do and whether it is more loyalty from the adults they are there to serve and protect the ruling class the pedophile priests less the police's Catholic trust continues to also protected any pedophile versus paying off the families and the moving the offender priest parishes to repeat the offenses all over again the institutions of church and state and collusion was organized crime syndicates worldwide are the enablers contributors and protectors of vicious criminal criminal pedophiles throughout the world every dime place into their collections late tributes to fucking this unholy corruption the church loses these parasites from parish to parish to cover up their crimes and then pays off the victim's family in exchange for their silence the families accepting these payoffs are as rotten as those committing these heinous crimes possibly even more so they would allow it to happen to their other children who they're the steward some stewards off to protect let me tell you something these organizations are working world wide organized fried mafia gang syndicates to traffic these children and until people grow the bowls to physically stop them they're going to continue to do it because they're just user imagination all I mean by that folks get it straight Division One will turn the other cheek really means the New Testament adage to turn the other cheek bet continuing to try to bring the truth to people you care about over and over even if you are rejected where you call crazy and settlement men to endure that type of rejection of your message of the tree so that you can plant a seed that they eventually sprout and grow and others to the point where they awaken and realize what you are teaching - would turn the other cheek needs today the Christians teach that we shouldn't be too unconditional forgiveness without the rule prerequisite of contrition meaning this one else is not to be sorry thing they have done that's not true forgiveness that's what the fools Christian version turn the other cheek and Kenny was I'll get out the scars on business true forgiveness does not mean continuing to excuse the willful Commission of wrong room and into the number of times that is my etfs and cooperation evil and worse worse true forgiveness is different than quote-unquote let him go or accepting that by an action has occurred and cannot be undone true forgiveness is always a two-way street involving remorseful contrition on the part of the road that alone is to tell the truth regarding the role that they have done and ceased engagement in their previous violent behavior sad is where true forgiveness that reconciliation must always begin with an act of contrition pacifism an antichrist if there ever was one pacifism is without any question the most affordable and self-loathing ideology on the face of the earth how to say pacifism is more deplorable oneself both with Satanism if you gave me the choice of what kind of people to hang out with pacifists were sickness I take the same to society but you know why they say over let themselves get shit on over and over again whereas a pacifist will because they hate themselves their self-loathing preachers and they want the suffering that a psychopath will inflict upon them that's how the plural of a pacifist is Jesus was absolutely not a pacifist get that through your head fade the Christians out there a pacifist is a person will never act with force to defend themselves or anyone else under any circumstances this ideology paves the way for some mission and slavery of all mankind to the will of Psychopaths who would violate their sovereignty and rights endlessly passengers do not understand the difference between violence which is coercive and wrong behavior on which no one can ever in the and self-defense force which is a right that is unfortunately often necessary to prevent life and race against those who violate life and rights without the right to do so pacifism is nothing more than euphemism for victim mentality and it has nothing to do with true Christianity pacifists will turn us over the victims pacifists get conquered and eaten that's what happens to pacifists the impassiveness doesn't have any real true deep internal soft Cara because if they did think he actually gets our addressing them and taking their rights away from them that's you know they love themselves and they go others and all to say you're not taking my rights or anyone elses and if I have to engage you in the physical domain I'll do that no true Christian would ever claim to be a pacifist cassadee's would let all forms and evil in this world run amok the New Testament adage to love your enemies was meant to be taken at a spirit level understanding not a little one see I look at an absolute enemy coming for my rights and freedom and say guess what I love you at the spiritual level this your till doing level but you can't stand cute okay and then take them out if they've refused to stop filing breasts I love those people at a spiritual level the banks I know they're broken Souls but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let me continue to let evil just continue on challenge that's there's nothing Christian in that there's nothing holy in that good at worst this was another example of enemy provisions written to scriptures by the enemies and to Christians themselves love your enemies is meant to represent sympathizing with just how destroyed solar must be at the soul level to do the kinds of evil acts which they are doing it did not mean to just allow them to continue to include a bunch challenge and win total immunity Jesus also did not advocate pacifism in the mental and spiritual sense he did not teach a where people to just allow others to be complacent in their ignorance because he knew the interconnectedness of all people I knew what kind of evils such ignorance would read for everyone this is the idea there's only that so you know we'll say oh everybody has a right to their ignorance no only don't they were right to certain kinds of ignorance I can be ignorant of how to make a claim vessel claim I have the perfect right to remain ignorant of not knowing how do Pali I do not have the right to be ignorant of freedom your freedom really means what my rights really are when your rights Newmar that ring does not exist in nature ladies and gentlemen he knew that that kind of ignorance in others would just breathe absolute destruction and chaos for everyone in the world here's what he said regarding mental and spiritual moon passes do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth I did not come to bring peace on the earth boss world drive conscious a man against his father a daughter against her mother and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man's foes shall exist within his own household he that loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me he that loves his son or daughter more than me is not worthy true this means that if you want to accept lies you will have to be on your own even if your remembers of it some of these members of their own family when the time comes when the time really comes to have to do something to take a real world action against the violation of their rights and actions that are leading to your enslavement [Music] Jesus advocating righteous rebellion against the false Authority even possible armed conflict in support of truth there is such a thing as righteous rebellion a form of self-defense carried out protection of individual sovereignty against false claims of authority and worship early Christians were actually militants against the Roman government and maintained a state of readiness sold over to a militia Jesus told his burly followers to keep themselves prepared at all times with a hearse me and makes that fly of cooling or money used at that time to stay supplied with a bag or what was known as they spread a small bag that could be taken with you on the moon a bug-out bag in other words containing food money tools utensils and other supplies and he told the stake ready with a sword and this is not humanity visible Roman sword the standard military issue of the day the New Testament can emphasize just how important he felt owning a Roman military sword was as he told his disciples then they did not have enough money for a sword to literally sell their clothes and buy to make enough money be able to afford to buy our own store and I'll tell you the same thing about battle rifle folks if you don't know how I know that he was about you are asking to absolutely be exterminated this is why they want to take guns away from you and yes right they never get that accomplished America the whole trust the Americans they never given up their guns this was not an allegorical statement has been fake Christians constantly attempted to claim Jagger battle rifles and never give them up be more Exeter knoweth how to use military-style weapons if you consider yourself a of freedom activist a true Christian you should know how use military-style weapons to defend yourself and your loved ones against evil in the world change what we should and accept what we must this is true spiritual discernment the act of the quote-unquote accepting Christ in faith Christianity somehow magically absolve some of all their sin without having to change their mind their heart or their behavior even learn than the haulage of what means to be christ-like which is what the real acceptance of Christ is all about all of the responsibility is X externalized and placed upon the figure of Jesus who quote-unquote died for our sins so that we could be absolved of our personal responsibility for the continually bringing degrading conditions of the world all around us this foolish preaching Dogma is the ultimate cop out and impedes real world work real work positive change in every level godly set off the sights of fake Christians I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians your Christians are so unlike your Christ this is what I call the Ministry of no responsibility you know we just have to believe in something really Dax me doing really good works in the world the original learning of the therapist ready by rideable neighbor summarizes the understanding of the spiritual concept of acceptance versus change is strictly welcomed it stays Oh God give me grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed the courage to change the things which shouldn't be changed and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other beautiful working for a prayer this prayer shows us the type of discernment that we require while slavery is the current human condition this condition can and should be changed not accepted the laws of nature however can not be changed humanity has not yet will the human condition to change because we continue to ignore the laws of nature which govern the consequences of human condition except what we can't change and change we can't and shouldn't accept true Christians possessed discern that regard which should be changed and which cannot be changed they recognize the Indian herbal laws of the universe and work in unison with those laws to change the entire human condition using the power of will I will is the most powerful phrase we can seek to create real manifested change in the world under you know speak it but then go out and do it understanding the causal factors and universal laws helps us to change our manifested reality from the causal level the only place from which is possible ever to change the effect this is the difference between the bring of causality at the plaintiff affects the plane of causality is the line that underlies and precedes all manifested reality all power to affect change lives and thus this is where our consciousness must fell to the understanding of underlying causal factors the plan of effects should not change anything from that's where the manifested realities which is already formed already hardened them can crest important in the physical domain had happened because of their causes no power to affect change lies in the plane of effects unfortunately this is what human consciousness seems to be trapped we need to understand cause Alvin true education is the only solution I'm getting ready to wrap up now some of the final concepts about how we can really get out of this mess coming to alleviate ignorance is the best way to help alleviate the suffering in this world because the main causal factor of all that suffering is firmly rooted in ignorance a true Christian uses their spiritual knowledge and enlightenment to influence the improvement of others there are other sorts of words and efforts that people decide to become involved with it they are endless charities and why it only ever treat the symptoms of suffering from the plane facts and so they are ineffective in the long term because they do not address the issues of spiritual knowledge and consciousness in the realm of causation the endless stream of self inflicted suffering will continue until the underlying cause is identified at undefeated which is always accomplished by transforming ignorance into knowledge for true education and this is why conscious parenting is so important if one considers themselves a true Christian Manley P Hall said it is not the wrath of the Almighty but the stupidity of man that is causing most of the trouble Jesus became a teacher in his ministry because recognized that was the most effective way to alleviate human self inflicted suffering and as the same reason I became a spiritual teacher I decided when I understood Satanism and a fundamental level I understood these people were in control of the world I asked myself what is the best way to know and the best way to help is the true education of the masses of people without that education becoming common sense and morality the masses of people would never getting out of the slavery this is what was venting the allegorical story of the wedding feast at Cana the G when Jesus turned water into wine he performed a chemical transformation and consciousness if the so called Christians and so called a movement for that matter focused their grassroots efforts and resources into a worldwide campaign to teach the truth of Universal cosmic moral natural law to everyone she knew how many people could be reached with a message of self-improvement conscience and freedom for everyone to know the truth of natural law ministry because they talk the word we need to expose the world of darkness Ephesians chapter 5 verse 1 says take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness but instead exposed them at this time in history doing nothing regarding the ongoing destruction of human freedom his complicity with such even staying silent is complicity one this little dose how many so called Christians are speak openly gnosis by that I'm so alone barely a handful there totally silent in complicity one man I go to many churches throughout the world in hearing about the globalist agenda for a darkened world of slavery you're not going to hear that the churches here just to testify to lay down put in play actually Munir so-called Christians barely discuss such topics level intend to get down to the wrinkle factors of evil even if you are attempt to expose them they say nothing and do nothing real Persians do the great work of creation by exposing the works of darkness for all to see hear and understand if you're not doing that great work of exposing evil you're not a real murder scene natural law is the law one is to pull underpinnings of all to around the Stiffler pinnings of true Christianity and true spirituality morality is inseparably tied to freedom and to order and immorality is inseparably tied to slavery and to chaos it is impossible to escape this universal because at the highest level of our reality everything is connected fundamentally connected everything is connected to every letter being through the law of one such that went lot of suckers all are suffering true Christians know that the true self is pure eternal consciousness and then we are spiritual beings having an experience in the physical world to learn and grow in consciousness they know that the true self as a universal connection to the all so that our actions affect everyone and they echo in eternity true Christians recognize the imperative need for true and objective morality during this time of crisis in which we now live true Christians study and understand natural law so that they are aligned their actions to true moral behavior they reject the trappings of exoteric religion and understand occult and esoteric knowledge and how it has been used to enslave humanity true Christians rejected the legitimate authority of any human being over any other human being no masters no slaves most of all true Christians teach all of these truths to others because they know that the ignorance of anyone affects the freedom of everyone [Music] let's rats natural law is king a true Christian embraces peace and the non-aggression principle see how to krishna's peaceful I'm not a pacifist filled with the spirit of peace are ready to take self defensive action against evil in any moment that's what really embodying peaceful behavior is they hold life and freedom to be sacred they have deep reverence for integrating true conscience into their lives by choosing right action for themselves this is why Jesus is eloquently said to sit at the right hand of God's throne the universal law of the universe is the only king of creation and Christ consciousness it is its Herald which utters in the understanding and practice of natural law and the respected preservation of free will and individual sovereignty from all humankind God's plan for everyone is the great work of ending slavery that is God's plan it is our shared responsibility at this time to help awaken others by continuously speaking the truth unapologetically even if we feel burdened by this test and even if it makes all of those involved feel uncomfortable courage and persistence are required to perform this task the true great work is the arduous task of influencing others to awaken to the truth it is to help them to realize that in supporting and enduring the other Tennessee was Arden in supporting and condoning the legitimacy of authority in government bans law that they have actually been supported in condoning the legitimacy of slavery and that they had were immoral for having done so in short what the great worker comes down to is to help people to a bend there are false there are erroneous and ballbag beliefs which hold back the progress of human consciousness by impeding the reception of truth and natural law slavery of humanity is the problem and only the only solution is to live in accordance with natural law sacrifice may be required to attain to freedom our effects and that's what is meant by the crucifixion of Jesus in the New Testament the word sacrifice is derived from the latin adjective sacra meaning the holy or sacred and the latin verb but sharing meaning to create or to make a true sacrifice made for the right reasons couldn't be said to be intruding semen demon sometimes we must recognize when it is like to give everything possibly even our lives to do the right thing and to make from the growth thank God men women who are our ancestors our biggest need the ultimate sacrifice this kind of noble sacrifices the ultimate act of courage and that is why Jesus Mayan of Judea a Holy Trinity of esoteric Christianity lies within the self is not externalized it is about our thoughts emotions and actions our body mind and spirit we find the true Trinity by looking within and aligning our thoughts our emotions and actions such that we are being that as we think so we feel so we hacked and there is no contradiction between those three modes of consciousness that is an act of true self respect and that comes from more than the intersection true Christianity is about constant improvement but never about being present never about perfection as I talked about earlier today the father sings a perfect I don't claim to be perfect and no one else should we are in the physical doing absorb human beings and soul level and we're not both not godlike entities okay to make the journey from a fake Christian to a true Christian required one to unsubscribe from all from all the previously outlined hallmark factors of false Christianity and moving forward and consciousness with the dollars that being enlightened regardless of what is taking place regarding when enlightened regarding what is taking place both within ourselves and the world around us does not equate to perfection there is no such thing in this dimension of being no such thing as perfection in this dimension of the Christ consciousness is a living embodiment of natural law principles to which one must endeavor to provide their behavior so that our individual and collective choices or not generate saw inflicted solving religious icons like Jesus Buddha and others are often dropped Augustine beings of perfection or having live perfect lives and all this serves to do is nothing but create impossible standards to live by is he unattainable to the average person and so what that does is it dissuade them from even trying that's what a lot of that exoteric religion does lead to so I'm supposed to vary against the sin I'm already trying to do anything I'll never take that because it's not about living a perfect we saw early fall and you got I think or so hope and we want to do better than saying the true standard by which we should be living is not to be perfect but they're trying to be better than you were yesterday and keep moving forward [Applause] finally the secret sort of esoteric Christianity because that's what this is all about to us this is about love this is about loving oneself such that you will not allow your rights to be disrespected their secret guide in the race this is about love of others I'll take them out of their ignorance when you stopped reading sometimes Lichtenstein this is about I mean worldwide love the sense of Allah being involve the ghost dog romantic love and goes beyond the law even brothers sister family member it is the love of truth and it is the long luminous breaks jesus said if ye continue in my word then are ye my disciples indeed that is in essence of the true super heart of Christianity right there freedom ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for the kind attention [Applause]