Free Energy - From Suppression To Manifestation?

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good evening I'm Sheree kumara with the Tesla Science Foundation and I would like to introduce you to our next speaker the ideas presented up to this point have open dialogue about energy and innovation but it's not enough to acknowledge today's visionaries and talk about the future it's very important to discuss how to inspire young minds when they're just learning how to think our next guest is an independent researcher public speaker and a radio talk show host he has been a vocal activists on the subject of Tesla and free energy today to kick off our segment on education he will talk about who was so influential to take Tesla out of the schools ladies and gentlemen please welcome you always outspoken mark passio [Applause] thank you so much everyone for being here today and I want to thank Nick launch our and the Tesla Science Foundation for inviting me to speak here today I'm going to get up here and say the things that no one else will say so get ready and you know what when you say things like I'm about to say today a lot of people tend to get a little bit upset because they may not be ready to hear the truths that I'm about to speak here today well ask anybody who knows me and they'll tell you I'm gonna say them anyway so let's get started my presentation is entitled free energy from suppression to manifestation question mark you know this technology has been suppressed for well over a hundred years is it going to manifest I don't know that remains to be seen that remains to be determined my website is right here please do check it out it's called what on earth is happening calm there's a tremendous body of knowledge available at that web the greatest inventor perhaps who ever lived I think everyone in the room would agree with that statement some of the questions we don't usually get into is how was it even possible at all for the name of the greatest inventor who ever lived to be historically marginalized how was that even possible to do okay another question I'm going to attempt to answer is who would have been so influential and powerful that they couldn't have accomplished this okay and then of course why was this done I think we all have kind of a pretty good idea of this question why was it done and then in the second half of the presentation I'm going to talk about what is going to be required on the part of humanity what are we going to need to change within ourselves within our own psychological makeup within our own spirituality if we're ever going to realize the most visionary technologies which Tesla planned to implement and again some people may not like what they're about to hear this slide that I'm going to build here may be the most important slide you will ever see in any presentation I call it how our reality is built it's a truth discovery methodology down here you have knowledge this block represents available information which constitutes potential knowledge that may be gathered processed understood and then acted upon by individuals in our society on top of that knowledge or again I over here you'll see I've put or lack thereof okay knowledge or ignorance okay you have an understanding of that information again or lack thereof these are the decision-making processes that each one of us uses and they are dependent upon the knowledge that we either have or do not have so these processes take place in the human mind and are chosen by each individual based upon the available information that they take into themselves above that something happens externally okay we put our knowledge and our decision-making processes into action in the world through our behavior okay and that I call wisdom or lack thereof okay so each individual's behavior is based upon the quality of their decision-making processes which again in turn are based upon the quality of the their available information that they've taken into themselves this three-step process okay was in the ancient world referred to as the Trivium that's a latin term it means the three ways the three methods it's a three-fold process of truth discovery and it's been eradicated from the modern world eradicated okay real education in the past taught the Trivium methodology now so-called educators don't even know the Trivium at all they've never even heard of it okay so what happens above that after human behavior we get the result right we get what actually manifests in reality so that's the generated result the conclusion the manifestation it's what happens it's what occurs in our world okay the quality of the condition which manifests in any given society is going to be based upon the aggregate quality of behavior within that society that determines what our world is like all right now if you were of a mindset just let's say so to speak to try to control that outcome what level would you want to control things from so here's how to control reality if you're on that mindset and there are many people who are aren't you going to try to control it from the level of manifestation well I think that's pretty impossible right because it's already occurred it already manifested you're not going to control it from that level so we could take that out of the equation are you going to control it from the human behavioral level I mean physically people's physical behavior is going to try to control that in each individual well you could you know but that's called overt control and people see that pretty readily right and they'll rebelled against that pretty quickly because they'll know they're under control so that's going to be the most difficult place to control that from can you control it from people's decision making processes meaning from the level of mind yes you absolutely can but that's actually more difficult because you have to go to each individual and you would have to try to change the way that they think instead the most effective way to control reality is to control it from this base level available information because that's the level all the other manifested realities are built upon so if you can control that you control the whole game and you control behavior and therefore you control the outcome okay so we're going to look at how Tesla's name was actually removed from education from schools how is that done how was that accomplished Hey because if you're going to control available information you have to have some level of control over educational tutions that are teaching children allegedly so where are you going to control that from are you going to control it from each institutional body would that be effective I don't think that would be very effective I think the best place if you are of a mind set to try to control what is going to be taught to our children would be to control the books okay and when you control the books which is the available information you are controlling the answer to this question in the minds of children what is possible the imagination becomes stifled at that point if you can control what people believe or don't believe is possible you have total control because you control the human imagination so this was done through controlling books and what was printed in textbooks and I'm going to explain who did that if you control it from a level of books you control the mind mind control is not science fiction ladies and gentlemen it's based upon the control of available information which then determines our decision-making processes which then determines our behavior which then determines our reality so what this starts to sound like in the minds of people who are listening to me is you're talking about a conspiracy right this is a conspiracy theory well it's a conspiracy but it's no theory okay people have been my control to not even understand the real meaning of the term the word conspiracy they don't even know what the word means or where it came from okay the conspiracy comes from the Latin lang komm in latin is a prefix that means width or together okay and then the second part of the word Spears si comes from the Latin verb spiro spero RA which means to breathe or to respire okay and of course spear aura is in turn derived from the Latin noun spiritus meaning spirit this is why when we're breathing were said to have spirit we have life we have spirit when we stop breathing we expire the spirit leaves the body okay so when that definition in mind a better understanding of the word conspiracy is simply this those who come together to do something in life spirits the word literally means of like spirits okay those who are offer the same mindset and the same spirit sharing the same goals that's all it means okay so who were the conspirators who conspired to keep Tesla's name out of the available information that was taught to children in schools well we know this gentleman most of us know this gentleman here JP Morgan we know his role how he was connected with Tesla's life and work so I'm not going to get into him that much today I am going to talk about a couple of Tesla's other finance ears who financed his projects namely Nathan Rothschild and other members of the Rothschild banking dynasty and John Jacob Astor who was another one of Tesla's funders okay and then I'm going to talk about john d rockefeller and his connection with these other gentlemen and how he and the rockefeller family and dynasty ultimately ended up controlling publishing houses okay this is what we need to understand to understand how Tesla's name was eradicated from human history essentially not completely eradicated but let's call it significantly marginalized all right now you'll notice that these men are and their family bloodlines are some of the most influential people in the creation of some of the world's largest globalist think tanks and what globalism really means is the centralization of power into fewer and fewer and fewer hands all right this is influenced by a lot of these think tanks that you see here I'm going to specifically talk about one of them namely the Federal Reserve System which isn't necessarily a think tank it's a financial institution okay which the Rothschilds largely dominate in control but again these men here Morgan Astor and rockefeller or what I would call and many other researchers in this field of research would call agents of the Rothschild dynasty okay this is entrenched and foreign banking dynasty that ultimately controls the central banks of the world including the Federal Reserve System here in the United States okay they're also again very influential people who paved the way for things like the United Nations the Royal Institute for International Affairs the Council on Foreign Relations which is right here in New York City the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group I want to get into specifically again Morgan's influence in changing his connection to the Rothschild dynasty and his influence in changing the way publishing houses printed information and I'm going to talk about how influenced and influencing the Rockefellers are in the modern day in this endeavor in in publishing of modern textbooks okay so let's get into this again these aren't globalists you have to understand that's their mentality that's their ideology therefore the centralization of global power into fewer and fewer hands and always work through think tanks that support global government so part of the organization as I've said that worked with these these gentlemen that these gentlemen found in action okay was the Federal Reserve System part of the research into this was the connection between the Morgans and the people who own the Federal Reserve System and the Morgans are some of the owners of the Fed the Morgans the the the wrong childs the the shifts you know many other influence influential finance years and bankers in the early late 19th and early 20th centuries so this is part this is an excerpt of a document that tried to track it was actually commissioned by the House of Representatives and they tried to track who owned the Federal Reserve System because it's not a governmental institution it's a private banking cartel it says chart 1 reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stock holdings of Bank stock and their sublunary firms in New York the two principal Rothschild representatives in New York JP Morgan and Kuhn Loeb & Company where the firm's would set up the Jekyll Island conference at which the Federal Reserve Act was drafted they were who directed the subsequent successful campaign to have the plan enacted into law by Congress and who purchased the controlling amounts of stock in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1914 we have been under the control of this central bank which is devaluing the currency of the United States for over 100 years now also in this document it said the examination of the charts and texts in the House Banking Committee staff report of August 1976 and the current stockholders list of the 12 regional Federal Reserve banks show this same family control the same family controlled Rahl child's Rockefellers Morgan's shifts and other high-level finance years and industrialists okay so this came from a document called who owns the Federal Reserve sourced from another document called Federal Reserve directors a study of corporate and banking influence which was a staff report by the Committee on banking currency and housing conducted by the House of Representatives 94th Congress second session August 1976 this is a chart of what has happened in the United States dollar to the purchasing power of the dollar since the Federal Reserve has taken over the issuance of our currency okay so what they're doing is they're taking the United States from the inside they're conquering it from the inside essentially that's what these men these globalists were okay not only did they marginalize Tesla's name from name from history but they're directly responsible for why the dollar buys nothing now compared to what it used to okay and the debt slavery that has resulted as a result of the devaluation of our currency all right now going back to our globalist conspirators I want to just briefly mention this gentleman here John Jacob Astor who was one of Tesla's funders Astor started to challenge this banking cartel before as it was rising to power and he and other asters didn't really want to go along with the devalue this plan to devalue the United States currency and create debt slavery okay not to say he wasn't a ruthless industrialist and financier but he didn't want the the really top level Dawgs to Kota leakin troll the game and put everybody into debt slavery okay so when he when Astor started kind of being a little bit outspoken against this plan to take over America in the world through through debt slavery Oh does anybody know what happened that John Jacob Astor what his fate was he drowned aboard the Titanic that's correct yes okay so we get a little more into possible conspiratorial realms that that may not have actually been an accident quote-unquote all right but another gentleman I want to talk about is of course JP Morgan his influence in the publishing house takeover in America to take it out of private ownership which was ultimately involved in writing textbook and publishing and bring it into corporate ownership and of course in the modern day the Rockefeller family are the owners of the publishing houses they own and control them all essentially okay so let's look at this dynamic a little bit throughout the 1890s JP Morgan made many substantial loans to the harbor brothers publishing houses which were the big pump it was the big publishing houses at the time Morgan's involvement in the hardware firms started the shift away from private family ownership of publishing publishing houses first to private investors and then to large corporations that began to dominate the publishing industry in the mid 20th century today the Rockefeller family owned and controlled three out of the big four school textbook publishing houses including Simon & Schuster HarperCollins and Random House the fourth is Pearson who the Rockefeller family does not outright own but they largely influence okay the Rockefeller family also owns mcgraw-hill Publishing little brown and company Macmillan company Viking press Saturday Review Business Week and Book of the Month Club among many others they totally dominate publishing and they were agents of the Rothschilds and Morgans during the time of the turn of the 20th century and leading right up into the 20th century and beyond okay these globalists are who control those publishing houses and what other industry they control oil there are the owners of big oil okay the when you think of the name rockefeller you think Standard Oil immediately okay so they have no interest no interest whatsoever in a collapse of their dynastic wealth okay in favor of free energy technologies you know when Tesla told people told people he was going to light up the entire world and give it free energy free of charge that's the last thing that these globalist wanted the absolute last they wanted okay so they did everything in their power not only to stop the technology from being manifested but to white Tesla's name out in any way they could and it's ultimately to maintain control over this planet because they do have control over this planet they're the people who control earth why do they control earth very simply they control energy everyone needs energy to live and if people remember nothing else that I say here today seven one thing else that I say here today understand this the control of energy is the control of human beings is the control of people that's what people have to understand about all of this we're not talking about just the control of a controlled energy paradigm we're talking about the control of human beings and what they need to live and survive or in other words slavery let's just stop you for maizing there's too many people who euphemized things they don't want to call things what they really are the control of energy is called slavery okay whether anybody accepts that or not that's what it is and we need to stop you from izing and say things the way they really are unapologetically and that'll be my rules no one else will do it I will okay so most people unfortunately again this may be uncomfortable for people to hear most people in the free energy movement still don't understand the free part they don't understand the free part of that equation all right they get they get the energy part they're very very clear about that but the free part they have a hard time with okay in two ways two ways I want to talk about that why do people not understand the free part our mind is under control their brain is in a cage okay and that is because of the available of an availability of information that they are exposed to they've not done deep enough to go down all the way down to that bottom level and really obtain real knowledge okay so what I'm talking about here is getting that mind out of the cage really freeing the mind at a psychological and spiritual level is the only thing that's going to make free energy manifest only thing nothing else all right so listen thank you let's let's look at what I call the two universal worldwide religions false religions that are actually holding humanity back from the manifestation of free energy and until the mind grasps that these are illusions that they don't exist in nature that they don't really do anything except hold us back evolutionarily there will be no change nothing will change here don't expect it don't count on okay the first universally believed in world false religion is called Authority or government call it whatever you want its authority and it's a false religion and here's what it actually is it's not my belief about what it is it's what it actually is okay Authority is an illusion that is born out of mind control it is based entirely in violence and it is built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief that some people are masters who have the moral right to issue commands while other people are slaves who have a moral obligation to obey the masters now I don't care whether you accept that or not you can accept that or not accept it no amount of not accepting it is ever going to make that statement untrue that is eternal truth deal with it we're done but it's true nonetheless okay now Authority in the old world worked like this ladies and gentlemen was called the old world order the old when I put order in homes because there was nothing of the kind it was chaos it was chaos then it's chaos now as long as it goes on it will be chaos okay the old world order worked like this there was a king in the top unquestioned unchallenged rule his word was law he was around he was the representative of God on the earth no one could challenge his authority unquote this is called authority invested in one the system is based entirely in violence built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief or religion that one person who's the master who possesses the moral right to issue commands while all others are subjects who have the moral obligation to obey the commands of the master how does that differ from what we have today well this is called the New World Order and again I put order in quotes because it's nothing of the kind it's slavery and chaos okay what more sits at the top now is called government you've just taken this notion of authority and you've divested it into the hands of a few people who call themselves government okay and still claim the authority over other people to issue commands and called laws and then they have the moral obligation to obey those laws all right so this is Paula thority vested in a few this system is based entirely in violence built upon the erroneous and dogmatic belief or religion that a certain group of people are masters who possess the moral right to issue commands all others are there other subjects who have a moral obligation to obey them now there's a little equation that's left out of here that also ties in with the word free and that's called money okay because really what rules at the top of that pyramidal structure is a combination of government authority and corporate control that way that unholy Union is what's really controlling the world today a marriage of government and corporate power okay that's what the New World Order is quote unquote order let's just look at how they compare the old world order with a king at the top that's called if we're being honest with ourselves and we stop you that's called slavery ruled by one okay if we stop the euphemized all right the New World Order on the other hand is slavery ruled by few okay and determined and dictated by the God called money if we're being honest with ourselves most people aren't most people lie to themselves every day from the minute they get up until the time that they fall asleep at night but if we're being honest with ourselves that's what that certainly is that's what these two systems most certainly are okay the other religion that humanity has to get past and stop believing in is this concept called money which was given to us by our enslavers by the way okay it's a belief based system of control built upon the fear of scarcity and purposefully designed to limit access to energy you know this whole mind-control notion that money is the medium of exchange that it's somehow the store of value this is nonsense it's nonsense it's not what money is that's not what ever has been it's always been a limit term a control factor that's all it is and if something's controlled it's not free see people think it's flow that's why they call it currency they're even its word magic even in the name it's word magic we'll call it currency so you will liken it to current in an electrical system a flow of energy nothing of the sort not true at all okay then people say oh wait wait it's the capacitance it's the store of value right like we'd store electricity and capacitors no it's not the store of value either what is it it's the resistance in the system money is the thing that stops energy from flowing freely if we're being honest with ourselves it's the resistance if you're talking about DC if you're talking about AC it's the impotence okay that's what it really is and you know the the part that people don't get when it comes to freeing this technology is you got to give up the notion that you're gonna be the one who owns it through the patent process let me tell you what the patent process is it's a deal with the devil it's a deal with the devil because you're taking that technology right to the government rights and the people who ultimately want to squash it so that they can maintain their petrol dollar that they want to keep us in debt slavery to for eternity you know because this whole idea of peak oil is also a myth yeah and they know they know they'll go keep the system running for tens of thousands of years if they can all right so the patent system is another it's a cul-de-sac for control that's all it is it's getting them how many free energy inventions you think we're killed by the patent system and probably more that's probably the ones we know about Russell that's right that's right okay so before people get ahead of themselves and think we're going to bring all the Tesla technology to fruition and guess what I'm I'm the number one advocate of that I'm the number one proponent of that an enthusiast of that I think that the world needs that above many many other things okay but if we think we're going to bring Tesla's visionary technology to fruition within a state of slavery we're lying to ourselves we're kidding ourselves okay we have to stop trying to put the cart before the horse okay you can't put the part before the horse okay people think what the free energy movement seems to think is that Tesla technology is the horse and it's gonna bring in freedom in the car into our culture freedom's riding in that part and it's that's Tesla technologies that horse it's gonna pull it in and everyone we're going to magically be free once we develop that well you know I'm sorry but to burst the bubble on that ladies and gentlemen but it's the other way around exactly the other way around okay Tesla technologies in that cart and the horse is true freedom an understanding of what true freedom is living in harmony with natural law the laws of morality have to come first to usher in an era of true freedom and then the Tesla technology will be pulled in not a moment until there can be can be no free energy in an ongoing state of slavery slavery must be ended first before free energy can ever be manifested thank you what I'm really talking about here is a paradigm shift okay it's a paradigm shift in the mind and the the religions of money and authority have to be completely abandoned they have to be completely abandoned before that new manifestation of free energy can occur okay free energy can only manifest as a natural consequence of universal spiritual enlightenment and that enlightenment contrary to what many people will tell you is by definition the abandonment of these false religions of authority and money that's what enlightenment is contrary to what the New Age movement will tell people that it is that's what it really is okay and I think the key ultimately lies in the mind of each one of us in getting out of illusory notions that we stubbornly cling on to because we believe these things are necessary they're not necessary they never have been necessary they never will be necessary these are the control system factors that ultimately hold us back from true evolutionary development from true evolutionary as a species and I think if Tesla were here today he would tell us about the importance of freeing our minds he would he would advocate that we really need to do one thing in mass as a species if we are ever going to see his most brilliant and visionary technologies implemented and that is this to end slavery when we do that and not a moment before we will see a new world truly a new world born that is a world of order and peace and prosperity and most importantly freedom ladies and gentlemen thank you for your kind attention [Applause]