Natural Law Seminar - New Haven, CT - Part 1 of 3

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] you okay I want to say thanks to each and every one of you for being here today it's gonna be a great day I'm gonna go through what I consider to be the very heart of my material and people ask me a lot they say you put out a lot of material on your website what is the main thing if you had a if you had to tell me the main thing that I should check out if I check out nothing else that's up there what would it be and I always tell them the same thing it's the material on natural law if if nothing else that's the material that you need to understand deeply so that's what we're gonna be covering here today in an extended presentation format I want to go through a few things before we actually get started so I call this section before we begin and now the word begin is actually important here because that's really what this presentation is actually about it's initiation this is an initiation into really really deep esoteric material that has been hidden from humanity for millennia so I just want to ask people before we get started how many of you are new or relatively new to my work by a show of hands please that's excellent this is great that is great news I am so glad to hear that okay I what I actually didn't want is to come here and talk to a bunch of people who are already totally familiar with my work and have already heard it so this is great okay how many of you here today feel that the human condition and life on Earth for Humanity right now is tolerable just the way that it is by a show of hands that's also pretty good because if that was the case I was going to say there's nothing for you here today there's the door okay so that's good that we're all hungry for change one of the things one of the big complaints I hear about my work when I check in on forums or something or who reads some YouTube comments many people will say there's nothing new here I've heard this before somewhere else this person covers this I've read this in this book ladies and gentlemen I have news for you there is nothing new here I am NOT going to present anything new I'm not going to present anything that has not actually been in existence and will continue to be in existence I'm not making up new material I call myself I would refer to myself art said it the other day actually yesterday when we were having dinner he said I consider you an aggregator of material and I love that term I I love that description of what I do I am an aggregator I bring things together into a tapestry and then help to explain it in simple and easy to understand terms so the people can readily absorb it take it in and then do something with that information so you will not be seeing or hearing anything new here today okay as the old saying goes in in all of the old mystery traditions there is nothing new Under the Sun and what that phrase actually means many people don't know what that phrase means it means that the truth it is singular and eternal truth has always been here among us and it will always be here it is our perception that must be aligned with it so there's nothing new you're going to hear today okay it is these are eternal truths that have always been here among us another aspect I want to cover before we get started is about my presentation style this is another thing that I get a lot of complaints about and it's something that I have no intention of changing okay my presentation style has been described by some as extremely intense and at times even combative this is a word many people will use to describe my presentation style some of you here today are very likely to be angered by some of the things you may hear me say during the duration of this seminar and I say so be it that's okay if you get angry that's okay the fact of the matter is that truth itself by its very nature is belligerent and I'll actually be putting up a quote to that to that nature later on in the presentation the reason truth is belligerent is because it actually is is at war it's at war with the lie it's at war with deception it's at war with mind control so truth can be belligerent many people don't want to hear it when they when they first encounter it so um I tell people all the time I don't do this I don't present this information okay to be light I don't do this to make friends okay I'm not interested in making a whole bunch of new friends if it happens that's great okay but that's not the reason I do what I do I don't do this to be popular I don't do this to make money it's not a popularity contest telling people many things that they don't want to hear is not going to make you popular or it's not gonna make you a whole lot of new friends okay so those aren't the reasons I do what I do to be honest and I tell people this and sometimes they get upset by just hearing this I don't even really want to do this okay I don't want to do this with my life I don't want to do this with my time okay as I already know understand and live the information I'm going to present so I get this I know this okay I don't need to keep going over this over and over and over again from my own entertainment okay the reason that I actually do this is because I recognize that in a time of such overwhelming ignorance of this critical information this information which is capable of saving humanity from its current condition all right the fact that I do already understand this information places me in a position of moral obligation and responsibility that's why I do what I do I'm in a position of moral obligation to speak this information to other people in an effort to help to get them to understand it and live it as well and that is the reason I do this every person here today who wishes to take real world value practical value from this seminar here today I'm going to ask them to make a deliberate and conscious effort to do two things the first is try to set aside to the extent that you are capable of doing so your perceptions of me as the presenter okay and this includes things like how you think I look how you think I dressed the sound of my voice you know my mannerisms etc try to set those things aside to the extent that you're able to do it and I know that's difficult for some and I say this because paying attention to such trivialities will detract your own mental focus away from the information that is being presented today and that's the worst thing that could happen because it's the information that is important not me try to ignore me and focus on the content alright the second thing I ask people to try to do is to be consciously aware of any of your own impulses that you may have here today to immediately reject the information that is being presented in this seminar based solely upon your own initial initial emotional reaction your initial emotional response to this information okay this is a logical fallacy okay you cannot think with the emotions so if you hear something you don't like or that angers you that's okay feel the emotion but don't just immediately say that can't be true it's an adult and don't believe me either it's about checking it it's about a process of truth discovery it's about doing your own due diligence and actually researching this material okay but if you try to gauge the veracity meaning the truthfulness of this information solely based upon how it makes you feel when hearing it you are committing a logical fallacy okay so I ask people to try to try as much as possible to suspend immediate reactions of disbelief okay and saying no I don't want to accept that no it can't be true based on how something may make you feel that you here today that's very important to keep in mind and lastly this information the entire seminar is a tapestry okay it's like pieces of a huge jigsaw puzzle all right it is meant to be seen and taken as a whole in its entirety now I know I'm asking a lot here too because it's gonna be a long day okay and my goal here my work here is to keep your interest and your attention and your focus throughout the entire course of this seminar and that's a challenging thing to do but what I'm asking people is you have to try to see it as a whole because if you if you took the time to be here and you gave a monetary donation to be here I'm highly recommending that you stay for the whole duration of the seminar there's a reason for that you're only going to get the full tapestry especially if you're new to my work by hearing this information in its entirety okay so if you don't do that you'll probably not recognize the patterns which is what this is all about that's what this day is all about pattern recognition okay that are that are inherent to this tapestry of information and more likely than not you'll have wasted the time that you took to be here today and wasted the money that you spend to be here today so I don't want anybody to waste their time and their money and their attention and I don't think you do either so that's why I'm asking people stay for the whole thing you'll get the maximum value out of this seminar if you stay for its duration so with that having been said let's jump into the material this presentation is called natural law the real law of attraction and how to apply it in your life and I emphasize that term real law of attraction many people will be familiar with the New Age variants of the so-called law or laws of attraction and this is going to differ quite widely from what people have heard in a new-age community and then in the New Age movement regarding what the law or laws of attraction are these are the real laws of attraction you're going to be hearing today and hopefully understanding today let's start in the first section is about teachability it teachability of the students okay how does a student place themselves in the best position to learn an individual's teach ability or their ability to learn by way of being taught by someone else is extremely dependent upon the open-mindedness or closed mindedness of the individual being taught low teach ability derives from arrogance and rigid skepticism but it also derives low teach ability also derives from naivete and gullibility high teach ability on the other hand derives from a balance between healthy skepticism and an open minded willingness to learn and change so we don't want rigidly skeptical people okay that don't have an open mind at all and we don't want naive and gullible people that will accept everything they're told we want to we wanted to we want to strike a balance between these two modes this is called a teachability bell curve okay and down here is the mental state of the student whether they are and it goes from arrogance cynicism sceptical nature a teacher a student and then up to being trusting than being gullible and then being outright naive okay so that's the whole spectrum of teach ability the best position to learn is up here at the top of the bell curve this means you will learn the most if you are here and that means you're in the balance between teacher and students it means that you're somewhat skeptical and you're also somewhat trusting it means that you're able to hold a proposition in your mind without accepting it or rejecting it immediately it means you will consider the information with an open mind okay somewhat trustingly but also somewhat skeptically all right that's going to be the mental state we want to attempt to keep during the duration of this seminar and therefore you will be in the position to learn of course as we already said the poorest positions to learn the things that if you're in these mind states and arrogance and rigid skepticism and naivete and gullibility you're not gonna take very much away from this seminar okay so we want to remain at the top of that bell curve if at all possible human beings should consider with great care where their information comes from the source for the information and this is because by refusing to present certain information and by influencing people to dismiss to dissuade them from looking into sort certain information because they're telling you that it's unimportant or unnecessary to consider many modern institutions like media like so-called education institutions are seeking to actually control human perceptions or let's call it outright what it really is to control the mind okay and therefore to limit what human beings may even come to understand and therefore by limiting what they are coming to understand they're actually limiting what they're able to do what they're able to change what they're able to create in the world okay so there you have to be skeptical of where your information comes from and that's why I tell people at the very beginning in my lectures do not believe me the worst thing you could do is believe what I'm telling you you need to look into it for yourself and most of all you need to do personal introspection to really feel inside of yourself whether this information resonates with truth everybody has that intuitive capacity that also has to be turned on and engaged and used all right if anybody is coming to this seminar from the perspective of modern organized institutional bodies meaning political thought political agendas political organizations religion religious thought religious organizations I'm talking about organized religion here okay what I call scientism not real science but scientism science has setup by institutional bodies to be rigidly skeptical belief systems that blot out anything that could possibly say anything to the contrary of their pre-existing beliefs I call that scientism hey and of course the New Age movement which you could group that in with religion it's just a nut it's for those who don't fall into the religious mindset this is an alternative religion proposed for them and they call it the New Age movement and I tell people please don't think this is going to concur with any of these belief systems with any of these boxes for consciousness this presentation is going to shatter these boxes it is it stands outside of all of these because these are limiters for perception and thoughts they want to put place everything in a box say nothing outside of this box is fit for human consumption so do not go there and as a result they act as a mind-control influence the other and biggest limiter of of the human perceptions and the mind and ultimately of our behavior is money itself if you want to talk about the biggest religion if these these other religions aren't big enough and powerful enough for you there's the one that is the ultimate power in the world the ultimate religion the god of this world if you will okay so what I'm basically saying here is if you're already in mindset approaching the let's call it the discovery of reality or the exploration of reality from any of these perspectives you will be sorely disappointed here today by what you're going to hear because the information here falls well outside of any of these institutional limiters for consciousness okay the requirements for creating change and the role of knowledge let's talk about these concepts for a moment human beings everywhere say that they want certain things in their life and they say that they want certain things to be present for all humanity okay we say we want certain conditions to be present for ourselves and our species as a whole and we say we want things such as happiness health peace prosperity freedom etc and all these things are great things to aspire to and we say we want them most people will say and tell you we want these things all right however you know I don't really feel that they're truly being honest with themselves okay they'll say they want them but then when you tell them well those aren't automatic conditions they don't just magically manifest okay there are requirements for obtaining these conditions okay and people wouldn't say they want these conditions if these conditions were already omnipresent right they're saying that they want something because they don't have it at all or at least in fullness right so when you tell them there's requirements for obtaining them many people will say oh well you know I may not be willing to go there I may not be I may not want to exert that much effort and they believe that somehow they're gonna magically get these things all right well this is what the real laws of attraction are about it's explaining conditions that you want don't just automatically manifest by thinking of them or just having a feeling about them this is a new age deception there are requirements for obtaining the conditions that we say we want requirements exists in nature it does exist if you want something to be different than the way that it already is than the default conditions then requirement exists if you're ok with things being the way that they are now requirement doesn't exist there are no requirements to creating change you just accept the default conditions the way they are now and go on with your existence and accept it's going to be this way and possibly get worse but if you want real change to happen requirements exist and this is what many New Age teachers will not tell you where they'll outright deny that requirements exists for creating real change specific requirements exist in order for human beings to obtain the conditions that they say they want if the requirements for obtaining those conditions are not met those conditions do not just magically manifest by magical means automatically that's not how it works folks you know and that burst a lot of people's bubble right off the bat this is a key concept to understand so what are these requirements we need to know certain things knowledge is required knowledge knowledge that will spur us to action that's what's required ok since human beings as a species do not already have the things that they say they want and again at least not in fullness we want to split hairs we could say we have a a modicum of what we said we may say that we want but we don't have it in the fullness that we will say that we want it as especially societally globally ok so since we don't already have these things it follows logically that the knowledge of the requirements to obtaining these things ok either must be absent they are not the knowledge is not present anywhere or if it is present if that knowledge for obtaining those things the requirements for obtaining those things if that knowledge is present then it must be willfully being ignored it is here and yet people aren't paying attention to it they aren't taking it in and accepting it and doing anything with that knowledge so they're ignoring it because it's uncomfortable as long as this knowledge continues to remain either unknown or ignored the manifestation of the desired conditions that we see that we won is impossible can not happen it is an impossibility for two magically automatically manifest without the requirements being met that's what we're going to talk about here today what are these requirements what is this knowledge this knowledge is occulted meaning hidden okay now how many people here came here today thinking that they were going to hear information about vio cults by a show of hands okay about half the room good okay for the rest of the people that may come as a shock but what you have to understand right off the bat is that the word occult it's simply derived from Latin the latin adjective occultists ocultist in Latin means hidden hidden from sight and it's derived from the Latin noun oculis which means eye okay the word ocular in English means related to the eye or related to sight or vision so what the occult is is something that is a body of knowledge that has been hidden away for a specific reason and we're going to get into what that reason is okay so from the the term oculus or I in Latin comes the verb occult RA occult are a means to hide to conceal or to keep secret to keep hidden from the eye so that it cannot be seen the information regarding natural law is occulted knowledge it is knowledge that has been hidden from humanity it has been it's held by the few which which is represented here at the top of this pyramid you can look at this as a pyramid representing knowledge or ignorant at the top of the pyramid you have knowledge it's the highest higher you go in the pyramid the more knowledge okay but the pyramid tapers because at the top very few people understand that information very few people have that knowledge and have actually integrated it into themselves to the point where it becomes under standing all right down here you have no knowledge the ignorant ignorant masses okay and and up here you have the people who are in the know right who have this knowledge about how natural law works and are actually using it for a certain reason we're going to get to that next what that is so please as you go through this seminar please keep in mind if I ever use the term occult all I'm talking about here is hidden knowledge that's what it means occulted knowledge is hidden now why would anybody want to hide knowledge that is extremely important well there's a very specific reason all right but before we even get to that we have to talk about what is this occulted knowledge what what is the body of knowledge what does it comprise what I'm saying via cult the knowledge of the occult what do I mean by that all right occult knowledge constitutes two things there's two general bodies of occult knowledge in in the actual mystery traditions and in occult schools they talk about these as Arcana AR CA na Arcana aren't the word Arcana is also Latin it means knowledge okay that's all it means so there's two bodies of knowledge there's one body of knowledge in the occult called lesser Arcana the lesser Arcana or the Minor Arcana this means the the knowledge of the microcosm the knowledge of the small things okay it doesn't mean it's less important it means it's dealing with the individual units of consciousness the human psyche then the psyche of the individual okay so the first part the first major body of occult knowledge constitutes knowledge of human consciousness how it works how it operates what our motivations are things like that okay the second body of a cult knowledge is called the greater Arcana or the Major Arcana all right and again this doesn't refer to that it's more important it refers to it is the macro cosmic understanding the understanding of the very large laws of nature that govern the the macrocosm okay so universal laws are part of the greater Arcana of occult knowledge and what I call here today under the umbrella the term natural law falls into that second category of greater knowledge the greater Arcana of occult knowledge okay and what these natural laws are are unseen and universal spiritual laws well we could talk about the word natural here too natural is derived from Egyptian and other Middle Eastern tradition languages okay the word net terror in Egyptian which would have been spelled without vowels if we transliterated it would be nt are in English net ter means spirits in Egyptian in ancient Egyptian the the the suffix al even in English today but if you go back into Arabic languages and you know ancient Middle Eastern languages al as a suffix actually means of or related to or having come from okay so natural if you put these root words together nectere and owl right it means of or related to the realm of spirits of or related to God actually the word net ter also meant God spirit or God okay so this is the spiritual domain the laws that actually are operating in the unseen realm hey now they manifest in the physical realm we're going to talk about that okay because that's the the operation that it trickles down from it starts in the spiritual domain and then it manifests in the physical domain all right so it's important to understand these two bodies of knowledge the lesser Arcana okay is about the monad or the individuated unit of consciousness of the human being and then the greater knowledge is about the law that govern the macrocosmic universe alright so what these laws do this body of the workings of nature that I am calling under the umbrella natural law their universal spiritual laws which govern the consequences of behavior they govern the consequences of behavior and I would add a caveat to that they govern the consequences of behavior for intelligent species for beings that are capable of coming to their understanding okay i and i would delineate that from like the animal kingdom okay the animal kingdom is not held to the same standard as the as human beings when it comes to this body of information because I don't think you're going to sit down with your cat and explain natural law to it okay so when people say well why doesn't the animal kingdom it held to account in the same way the human beings are it's because surprise surprise we don't share the same level of consciousness okay there is differences in levels of consciousness and abilities to comprehend information and and to actually know how something works just like you will not be explaining physics to your dog anytime soon okay you're not going to explain natural law to the animal kingdom and have them grasp it because they're not at the same level of consciousness as as we are okay so we are held to a different accounts when it comes to natural law it governs human behavior it would be an easy way of saying it this body of knowledge has actually been called consequentialism by past researchers and teachers and I have no problem with that term i I've actually looked into consequentialism and it's quite similar okay in in its scope and what it teaches it's been called Karma karmic law in many Middle Eastern and Eastern traditions okay and I have no problem with that term for it either it has been called in some of the Western traditions and Christian traditions moral law and I have no problem with that term either religionists have called it God's law and I have no problem with that term either I have no problem with any of these terms being applied to the umbrella of natural law because that is essentially what it is but we're gonna get into deeply into how it works and operates in our lives here today why is this knowledge hidden away from people to what ends the knowledge of the occult the hidden in knowledge about how natural law works and how consciousness works is not commonly known that's why it's not the exoteric it's not given to the masses it's the esoteric it is reserved for the few and there's a reason for that it's been deliberately hidden away and kept from the general public in order to create and maintain a power differential because if someone else is an extreme level of knowledge they know how something works like something as trivial as how human consciousness works how human motivations work how human perceptions work how human beings can be manipulated somebody has deep knowledge of that information and there's a whole bunch of people over here who have not one iota of how that works what kind of a number do you think somebody can do on people like that see the way I ask people to look at this it's real simple imagine a very very very advanced psychologist at the top of his field wrote all the textbooks okay and he's got a house out in the burbs he comes into the university to tea he's got tenure okay he's got the trophy wife the house out in the suburbs the three-car garage driving the Lexus into work that his tenure job and he finds out that his trophy wife is having an affair because she's bored she's not satisfied with him at home and it's maybe the 19 year old you know captain of the local high school football team or something he's a senior he's a star football player right the jock yeah she has a fling with him well what if he decides I'm gonna become buddy-buddy with my boy here after finding out about his wife's affair and this kid this punk who's cheating on you know my wife's cheating on me with he knows nothing he doesn't he doesn't study the mind he doesn't know anything even about himself who watches TV six hours a day please violent video games as obsessed with football you know what kind of a number you think that psychologist can do on that kid total number that's the answer exactly that's right he could do a total number on them he can gain his confidence he can get into his head and I guarantee you you give him a little bit of time he could screw up his life based on what he knows and how he would be able to manipulate based on his hatred of that person well guess what that's the position humanity's in we're that punk jock and I'm not saying we necessarily did something to deserve it but we're in that same position were the people with this knowledge at the highest levels they hate us and they're doing a total number on us because we don't have this knowledge and until that changes don't expect the playing field to be leveled expect it to get worse okay the knowledge is hidden to create and maintain a power differential between those who hold it and those who are ignorant of it it's that simple the knowledge of natural law and its operations constitutes what I call the most deeply occult 'add or hidden information that exists on this planet you will not find any more hidden information this is the thing that all the distractions are there for to keep you from learning the endless trivialities the nonsense you hear on the news all the video games all the nonsense television the sports you know it's all there to keep people from understanding this and I can't get you to accept that or believe it and I don't ask you to believe it I'm telling you that's what they're trying to from my years of being inside occult traditions that are very very dark I'm telling you this is what they don't want you to know from firsthand experience how many people here tonight today know that I was involved in the dark occult in my past good great okay the powers that be want to seek to keep this information hidden from the people of the earth at all costs because understanding this information about natural law will level the playing field and put an end to the currently entrenched systems of control that are operating on the earth we should very clearly make a distinguishment between nations and ignorance so the people fully understand the difference between these two concepts how many people even have heard the term nations very few this is a word that has practically been sanitized from colloquial English practically been sanitized from the English language and there's a reason for that - there's two contexts - not knowing something the first context is nations okay nations comes from the Latin the prefix nei in Latin means not or not present or absent okay and then ski Oh ski IRA in Latin means - no it's where we get the word science from okay so you put them together and nisshin's it actually those two roots form another word Ness quiere Nevsky RA in Latin means not to know to not know to not understand but there's a connotation to it it means to not understand because the specific information that you may be having a desire to understand is completely absent it is not present and you cannot actually aggregate that information you can't bring those pieces of grammar together to form the sentence okay it's not present Pacey don't have it at all it's unattainable this should be clearly delineated from ignorance now nations's not someone's fault the information just isn't there okay you can't be blamed for Nations there is no blame in essence the person who is Nations is not to be blamed for being measured the information simply wasn't present so they could take it in and then come to understand it ignorance carries blame this is another thing people want to think in the New Age movement there's no such thing as nobody's to blame and that goes to that there's no cause for anything that's happening as you'll hear a lot in the new-age circles okay I very strongly put down these notions or attempt to hey there are causes and effects there are people who are responsible for what is happening there is blame blame exists okay there are people there are people who are culpable we're going to talk about moral culpability later so ignorant has blame attached to it and responsibility attached to it okay it comes from the Latin verb ignore RA in Latin and this means not to know just like nations means not to know but in a completely different connotation the connotation of ignorance means you don't know even though necessary information is present and right there before you because you have willfully refused or disregarded that information whether you've dis refused it because it made you feel uncomfortable or whether you disregarded it because you felt that's not important for me to know I don't need to know that or you feel you already understand something - contradicts with what you know the new thing that you're hearing or seeing okay so when you willfully disregard something okay if I wanted to willfully disregard the gentleman sitting in the front row he's present I could sit just pretend he's not here and ignore him that's what ignoring is this is why I try to say total say to people the the impact of the word is almost lost to us of the word ignorance because of the way it's pronounced I tell people start pronouncing it ignorant ignorant then people will hear the word ignore in it and and the connotation becomes clear and means you're ignoring it ignoring okay that's how I like to say it now because the connotation is clear that way the part it's if the information is there the truth is there and somebody wants to ignore it completely now that is inexcusable and there is blame that is attached with that so what I ask people all the time is do we have a national society or do we have an ignorant one do we have an ignorant one is our society ensconced in essence or is it ensconced in ignorant I would argue absolutely that we are ensconced in ignorant in society not Nations I think we are drowning in information I think we are drowning in the truth that is all around us but people are ignoring it largely not everyone as many people are very hungry for it and taking it in as fast as they can you know but I think the majority of human beings are in the state of ignorance even though the truth is present all around us and that constitutes what art talked about earlier this consensus trance which people in the so-called truth community or truth movement have likened to sleep there say say that they are asleep I liken it to hypnosis if you look at the origins of the word hypnosis right it means suppressed knowledge it comes from Greek hypo means under as in hypodermic under the skin and gnosis means knowledge the suppression of knowledge hypo me suppression also under and suppression so hypnosis is the suppression of knowledge and that's the state that these people are in and it's it's done by themselves it's not C we have to stop looking at this as victim as a victim relationship this is a willful choice in a time of overwhelming information available at people's fingertips the truth being ignored is not an option it's a willful decision that people are making and it's a decision that they should be held accountable to because of what is going on that they are ignoring what they are allowing to go on in their name and not saying a thing about it content to let evil run amok all right and then people will wonder why are we losing freedom why is freedom on the wane why is totalitarianism and tyranny rising up why do we see so much control and obsession with control in our society you know they'll see that many of them will see the rising police state you'll see the injustice is in our society they'll see the restrictions on our inherent natural Liberty okay but here's the thing many of them will not make the transition to grasping you know they'll say yeah this is what's happening to the earth that's being turned into a huge prison everywhere and at the most rapid pace right here in America okay and they'll see this lock going onto the cage but the question that they never get to they don't even get to the question let alone the answer is why they'll talk about the symptoms they'll describe the prison they'll describe every corner of the cage accurately in many cases they could tell you exactly how it's working they can tell you all the different aspects of the control system but they can't tell you why it's actually going into place why is that happening well that's what this presentation answers why are we losing freedom and it gets to the actual heart of that answer so what this presentation constitutes is a master key that unlocks all the locks to all the doors on all the cages in the prison if it is accepted and once again I don't tell you that belief is required for that because truth is always present it's always here it's a matter of will we perceive it as being present acknowledge its present bye stop ignoring it okay and then accept it into ourselves and then do something with it understanding is not the end taking in the knowledge and understanding is the beginning action is required the knowledge is required understanding is required but then action is finally required above all if change is to be created and that's how the laws of attraction really work so will people as a whole as a society accept that masterkey I can't answer that question all I could do is try to place it into their hands after I have taken that key and unlocked my personal prison my personal cages and freed my mind all I can do is try to help people to see here's how this key works here it is here's the information that constitutes that key and here's how you put it to work in your life that's all I can do can't make anybody take it let's look at what problem-solving entails because that's really critical to understand if we're going to get past this stage and where we're in our stifled evolutionary development as a species there's a few main steps to solving problems any problem doesn't matter what the nature of the problem is the first is you have to recognize that the problem exists recognize that there is a problem to begin with and I think by asking the question is everybody content with the things are nobody raised their hand I think that's great because it at least acknowledges to me the people here today recognize we have a problem and that's healthy that's good okay many people out there don't believe we have a problem you know they they like this place they like the world the way that it is you know which is unfathomable to me because to me it's a living hell and that's not because of how my own personal life is going I'm very content with my own personal life I have no self inflicted suffering in my personal life I don't create problems for myself my life goes on very well according to how I live it without hurting anybody else the problem is other people and that's another thing new the New Agers won't acknowledge and they'll flip out if you say that there's a problem with someone else there are problems with other people okay and people will say people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones my Glass House has been taken down long since long time ago because I went through all that personal introspective work and I dug deep into my subconscious and face those problems and confronted them head-on and healed them and came out of the mindset that I was once in ok so you know people will say if there's something you don't like your see in other people that's something in yourself that you're seeing in them that this is New Age mumbo jumbo nonsense ok if you're not part of the problem I'm not part of this problem I can say that honestly I'm not part of this problem I can look at every single person anybody who's watching this and say I'm not part of the problem that's happening on the earth with all honesty and knowing that I am telling the truth with that ok but but see at one point I was part of the problem and a big part of the problem ok what I had to do at some point is stop doing this and pointing out and saying the problem lies elsewhere while I was still part of it and then I had to do this and point squarely at myself and say what do I need to change here here and finally here in the guts in the courage you know people say yet change happens in the mind it happens in the heart but lastly it happens in the guts we need to generate what I call the heart mind guts ok you got a care enough to know and then put it into action the heart mind guts ok that taking action is the most important step when it comes to creating change we're gonna get to that in a moment but the whole point here is I had to look at what I needed to change about myself in my thoughts my emotions and my actions and then change those things in myself this is what most people want to run away from they want to say yeah I want those things that I say I want to magically to be present in my life but I don't want to do those things that require self change in how I think in how I feel and in how I act I want it magically to happen without changing those things in me so I can honestly look at the rest of the world and say the problem does not lie within me I am not seeing a manifestation of myself in other people other people have not done the same process that I have the introspective work that I have and gone through that painful painstaking work that involves effort hard efforts I'm not up here telling people I'm offering you the the tonic you're gonna take a sip and magically you will be enlightened ok knowing what's going on in the world is hard work it involves destruction it's a destructive process it involves destruction of belief systems it involves completely breaking down barriers they're in your head ok hardly anybody wants to do that work people want to run a million miles an hour in the opposite direction from that work anything but that I'll take the grave instead of that ok that's where most people's or at all right so let's get back to the steps here for problem solving the first is you got to recognize that there's a problem if you are in denial good luck let me know how that works out for you because you're not solving any problem in the state of denial at all fear-based denial of the problem must first be dealt with and conquered and stamped out and you have to acknowledge how bad it is you know people feel symptoms coming on of a disease or something and they want to ignore it cuz they don't want to believe I'm sick I don't want to believe I'm sick I don't believe I have a problem then you're waiting waiting waiting you don't get it diagnosed and then it turns into a much bigger problem which is where we're at as a society for ignoring this information this is what denial looks like symbolically okay a person with their head in the sand like an ostrich and please take note ladies and gentlemen when you're in this position when you're in the position of denial with your head in the sand you're on your knees with your ass in the air okay I almost say it's amazingly synchronistic that the human body was designed like that that in order to put your head in the sand symbolically so to speak you have to be on your knees okay and that's where most of our society is at they're on their knees and in that state of denial the second step to problem solving is to recognize that the symptoms that are being displayed the symptoms you are seeing are merely effects of underlying causal factors you can't treat symptoms and solve a problem that's not possible that's not how problem-solving works you have to get to what caused the problem okay instead of simply treating symptoms make an accurate diagnosis of the causes of the problem so what does the word diagnosis mean diagnosis comes from Greek the preposition diya transliterated there there in the parenthesis you see it in Greek script okay it means roooar by way of so by a method by a particular method alright and the second part of diagnosis is the Greek now gnosis gnosis means knowledge in Greek so what a diagnosis means is through knowledge or by way of knowledge you're going to solve the problem by way of knowledge there is knowledge that acts as the requirement to solving the problem in getting what you want and here's another thing I'm gonna keep going back to this it's gonna be like an undercurrent in this because the new-age community I'm gonna be um have been but I'm going to become a more outspoken opponent of New Age ideologies because they are lying to people whether it be through direct willful deception or whether it be but through useful dupes and useful idiots they are telling people things that are completely inaccurate to how things really work alright because they want to keep people suppressed and non active they want people in acceptance mode of everything except except except never rebel ok don't take action just observe just watch you'll hear all these things in the New Age movement ok the reason I bring it up is because when you even say the word knowledge to some new agers they almost take offense because what's what the New Age is becoming is the new modern-day variants it's a new form of what's known as Solace ISM we're going to get to what solipsistic a but essentially people don't want to hear that knowledge is what is required because the attainment of real knowledge not pseudo knowledge real knowledge requires work it requires efforts it requires reading it requires listening it requires watching and you know what most of all requires that people don't want to give up who can tell me time thank you sir it requires time there's one of the currencies people don't spend you know on many things that they don't feel they can get immediate gratification from which is why immediate gratification is so stressed in our society by the control system that's what keeps people and they're ignoring so a diagnosis means if you're gonna get well you've got to have the knowledge of the underlying causal factors that that led to the creation of the symptoms you're not going to treat the symptoms and get well you've got to have the knowledge to get to the causal factors to find out what caused put this into effect and we're going to talk a lot about cause and effect the third step to problem solving is through the knowledge that you've acquired now via making an accurate diagnosis of the problem of the causal factors right you're going to then put that knowledge into action understanding what created the problem is like step two right stop being in denial understand what caused the problem act on the knowledge you now have to solve the problem to make it right okay so action is required we make the diagnosis then we have to take the required action necessary to rectify or to set right which is what the word rectify means the causal factors that led to the manifestation of the problem let's talk a little bit about the concept of what truth is how I refer to truth in all of my work because people have a real deeply mystified concept of what truth is or what it means you know they'll get into all these really deep abstract discussions of the mind of God and you know trying to get into like you know quantum theory and everything this is mystification of the concept of the truth and we have to demystify it we have to bring it down to real simple easy to understand that anybody can comprehend and then really completely delineate that from perception of any given thing because the two are not the same when people say perception is reality nothing could be farther from reality than that statement perception is not reality okay it is just what it says perception seeing through perceive to see through something like a lens or a filter okay I perceive things differently without these glasses that's one perception when I put them on I perceive things quite differently and more clearly okay well that's how human perception works like a lens it's a filter okay but what's there is the same thing which there's the same thing all the changes how I perceived it all right so let's look at this concept truth is objective that means that it's not dependent upon the perceptions of human beings no one wants to hear that that is that is a direct assault a direct frontal assault on the human ego because everybody wants to hear my perceptions are important and we want to also believe my perceptions are accurate hey now people will say well what makes you say your perception of this topic is going to be accurate that's because I went through the process of having to admit over and over and over and over and over again endlessly how wrong I was about my former perceptions I went through that destructive process of breaking down my former belief systems of breaking down my former emotional patterns of most of all changing my behavior that's the thing that's the most destructive because we get attached to our behaviors and patterns so asking people to change I recognize it's not easy it took me like probably probably about eight years of my life to do it most people don't want to spend a minute on creating personal change let alone eight years and you know when I look at myself in all honesty again none of this is to sound egoic or to toot my own horn but I look at it like I was a mild case of ego entrapment a mild case compared to where I see other people act I feel like I was the you know a very brittle stone that just needed to be hit with a chisel a few times and it broke into powder you know other people are hard and granite or diamond you know to break them down is gonna take enormous effort and work and most of them don't even want to do it they're so calcified you know there's so that they've been so compressed into that hardened state that they don't even want to start so I realize telling people your perceptions are not what really matters you know the truth isn't based upon how you perceive things that it's independent from your perceptions most people don't want to hear that they don't want to hear that human beings perceptions are capable of wavering they can they can waver slightly from the truth and they can waver wildly from the truth all right what truth is is that which does not waver it doesn't move it's that which is it doesn't matter what anybody thinks about it doesn't matter whether anybody believes it it doesn't matter whether anybody knows it it doesn't matter whether anybody sees it it doesn't matter whether anybody wants to see it it's there it's always been there it's always gonna be there nothing anybody does can change what has happened can anybody change what has already occurred in what we call in and the thinking of linear time the past not one person here is capable of doing that let me tell you something not one being in the entire manifested universe is capable of doing that because that which has already occurred is set in the record of the universe nothing can change the past ever great movie on this watch the new movie The Time Machine not the original 50s version or sixties version the new one thing it came out in late 90s or early 2000s okay this movie got crushed in reviews crushed whatever reviewers crush a movie and give it the worst ratings go see that film because they're I guarantee you there's very important allegorical concepts that you need to understand embedded in that film and that's why the reviewers crush it because they don't want you getting any ideas you know this movie got crushed in the theaters and I'm telling you it's one of the best films to understand the concept of the absolute impossibility of changing the past the past cannot be altered you know it can be altered the future that's what that movies about and you know where the alteration of the future begins in the present moment that's exactly right that's the only place that begins okay so what truth is the demystified concept of truth is it simply that which already exists it's that which has happened in the past and is happening in the present moment the truth does not exist in the future when we get to those future moments and it's the present truth will be existent then but not until okay so there is no such thing as truth in the future truth is that which has occurred in the past and that which is occurring in the present it is simply that which is and that which has been please recognize when I use the word truth that is all I'm talking about I'm not talking about the mind of God I'm not talking about the entire reason for the existence of the universe I'm talking about the events that have taken place in the past and are taking place in the present that's all and guess what that's all the truth is it doesn't need to be any more complicated than that okay you want to make it more complicated than that call it something other than truth so as not to confuse people to what truth really is truth versus human perception okay now I want to ask people to imagine see these white lines and imagine these white lines that do not waver as truth and imagine that the perception that is set against the truth we're going to take three different individuals this is individual a this is individual B this is individual C okay their ability to perceive what has occurred and what is occurring is what I would refer to as consciousness okay consciousness is a beings ability to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to those patterns meaning you have an accurate understanding of what's taking place within and around you or you have an inaccurate understanding of what's taking place in and around you if your consciousness is high meaning it's at a high frequency okay that means you're gonna have more of an ability to understand and recognize the patterns if your consciousness is low you're at a low frequency you're going to see the pattern less you're not going to accurately perceive so I liken this to a waveform in simple you know physics a wave this is a simple sine wave okay it has its crest here and it's trough here okay and then the pattern repeats goes up to the crest down to the trough and it repeats over again the distance between the either crests where troughs of the wave is called the wavelength okay the longer the wavelength the shorter the frequency what that means is how frequently is it going to be intercepting the line that represents truth how frequently is it going to be aligned with this line which we are calling true okay now can everybody just with that love with that explanation understand this simple model and what I'm talking about here is that clear okay because it's important because this is a low frequency vibration it's a low frequency wave a wave like this if it was an audio wave would produce a low frequency would produce a low bass tone okay as we go up to a higher freak so you can see the wavelength is shorter meaning that it intercepts the line which represents truth much more frequently we can count the 1 2 3 4 5 here 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 there okay so this is a higher frequency vibration and we go up to an even higher frequency let's say person C has this consciousness they have a higher frequency okay and they're intercepting the line that represents truth much more frequency I won't count those out because there's a lot of them okay the higher the frequency the more in tune with truth we are what would happen if this frequency became infinitely high what would it become it would be indistinguishable from a line and therefore someone would be aligned to that which is the higher the level of consciousness or frequency which is their perception of reality being accurate okay not wavering as much from the truth because it's hitting it in more places we would we would basically turn this wave would turn into a line at some point the higher the frequency went think about this in sound right you hear a low bass tone it's like mmm then it goes up mm-hmm and then it would go eventually outside the range of human hearing because the frequency went so high same concept here the higher the the higher the frequency the higher the perception of reality the quality of the perception is going to be okay the concept to keep in mind here is perception is not reality it's the filter we see reality through what the human beings work is to do is to align their perception to the reality which exists which is truth we need to set aside what we want the truth to be and look at what it is what it is is altogether different than what we want it to be but until we can recognize what it is we're not even in a position to make an accurate diagnosis of what's going on and therefore create what we want be so I'm going to give the first quote here comes from a gentleman I personally greatly respect how many people are familiar with Travis Walton by a show of hands hardly anybody in the room Wow two people amazing and I know barb is in the back cuz we've met him personally I spoke with this gentleman at a conference last year in 2012 and I just want to say I just think he's a totally genuine individual I don't care what anybody thinks of me saying that okay I believe him do I know factually that what he claims happened to him did no I do not but I believe what he is saying for a reason when I am around somebody especially for any length of time I think I can my intuition is good that I can get a feel for their heart okay and when he's telling you stuff it's very consistent and in his book he asked people you need to listen to my whole story suspend your disbelief for a minute and then do your research and then make a judgment call do you want to believe me you think I'm telling you the truth you think I'm lying to you and then make up your own mind okay and what Travis Walton is he was claims that he was an abductee that he was taken on board an extraterrestrial craft at a point in his life he disappeared for days they were out looking for him and his best friends were accused of murdering him and he shows up five days later in like deplorable conditions you know out on a country road someplace but anyway again I spoke with him back in 2012 I just bumped into him again we were just at a conference I'm bringing this up for a reason we were just at a conference in Philadelphia where he spoke and this quote I feel I would start if I was going to quote somebody I was gonna make this like the first quote in the presentation today Travis Walton says in his in his book which is called fire in the sky he said I have come to realize that the biggest problem anywhere in the world the biggest problem anywhere in the world is that people's perceptions of reality are compulsively filtered through the screening mesh of what they want and do not want to be true now when I read that in his book I got chills up and down my spine because I said this meshes exactly with what I'm talking about in my section in my presentation called truth versus perception and he's encapsulating it in a sentence perfectly all right we want things to be true that doesn't make it so that's not what makes truth the way that it is what makes truth is the way that it is is what behaviors were taken and what is the actual effect in the manifested world that's how things are okay it doesn't matter what how we want them to be they may be a completely different way right now than we want them to be and I would say for the people in this room they are a completely different way than we want them to be but most people in the world think they kind of believe that they're the arbiter of truth and that's a bad place to be and that's a very very low level of consciousness to think that if I don't believe that it's this way it's not this way many people are trapped in that state of mind okay now the reason I even bring this up and it included Travis's quote here is at this conference that we were just at a couple of weeks ago okay I didn't speak at it I table that it a woman came up to my table and she picked up my New Age bullshit DVD which is available here today in the back and she said what's this about with a real skeptical look and I explained I said well it's a seven-hour extended pod video podcast that has many many slides okay I gave a shortened version of it at the for your mind conference in Philadelphia and this is the extended version that goes deeply into the deception of the New Age movement and how it is a religion that is designed to suppress the masculine side of the person which is the side that actually takes action and creates change okay and that's of course pushed by the Sacred Feminine which is care and creativity RN compassion right both need to be present we're going to talk about that here today but I said this is about the suppression of that masculine energy and that's what the New Age movement is about the suppression of the masculine right so I said what the New Age religion wants to teach people is just accept everything the way it is no matter how unjust it is no matter how the plural the conditions are no matter how much evil evil is taking place in our midst accept it that's the New Age religion and here's what she said here's what she said that's exactly how I am I just accept everything I don't make any judgments on anything that occurs no matter what it is no matter how it's perceived you want to perceive it as evil that's your judgment I said yes it is my judgment you know why because it's evil it really is there is such a thing I said in your content to let evil run amok and take this whole world because you don't want to act because what's really there is cowardice that's what it really is okay she didn't want to hear that she said I prefer not to see it that way now align this with the quote I prefer not to see it that way okay and I hope by some miracle she happens to see this presentation at some point okay and you know in hindsight I didn't say this to her on the spot but I thought about it for a little bit the next day and what I should have really said is no you prefer not to see period that's the truth okay so I prefer not to see it that way means no I want to ignore reality I want to believe what I want to be true is the way that it already is and this is what the new-age hoax is peddling to people okay so great quote that I thought accurately sums it all up see she this woman also told me that she is a follower quote/unquote of the New Age ideology that is referred to as the Course in Miracles how many people have even heard of this a lot of people okay you know what that is it's called solipsistic new packaged solid system or with the ideology called solecism good more than I would have thought most people have never heard of this okay solid sysm is a completely egoic and destructive ideology that has absolutely no bearing or resemblance to truth in any way and the people who are solid cysts are mentally ill I'm not even going to provide any evidence of that I'm telling you you need to research this religion and sickness for yourself it's a mental illness a solid cyst is a mentally ill person who should probably be somehow removed segregated from society and institutionalized until they are made well because they are a destructive influence on society this is what I focused on on podcast number one of my podcast series and radio shows I went into the ideology of what solipsistic Davitt is and how it's a religion okay what this is well first of all let's look at the word and you'll notice I'll be breaking down words all day long because if you don't understand where words came from you don't really understand what they really were intended to mean regardless of whatever connotation they may have taken on in the modern world the intended meaning of the word the original meaning is derived from its etymological derivation you need to go into the ancient line Latin and Greek roots and other languages Germanic Arabic etc and you need to break down the words from their etymological origins then you will understand their real meaning and I'm telling you you do this and the top of your head will blow off by what you will find by what words we speak on a daily basis actually mean and we have no idea what they mean ok so the word solid says among the latin adjective soulless which means alone or one and then the latin pronoun if say which means self myself etc ok the ideology of solace ISM is that nothing exists outside of me on the only being that exists in creation or essentially it's another way of saying I'm God ok that my perception is the only real perception and no one else is here now imagine that now what I'm telling a centrally telling the audience here today is your perceptions are not the truth you have to work to align your perceptions with the truth that's damaging enough to the human ego ok if I just said none of you exists I'm only perceiving your existence I'm the only one who exists imagine how you go what that statement is and actually how demoralizing it is to other people you're even telling them I don't even consider that you exist that's what a solid says this they believe the universe is a big illusion created for somehow for their amusement and that there's no objective reality that you don't exist you don't exist you don't exist you don't exist I'm the only one who exists and that's not mental illness we don't diagnose that as mental illness ok I don't care if you want to accept the notion everything is one I personally accept that notion I do accept that we are all one that doesn't mean you're not existent in the physical domain right now as I'm talking to you of course we all exist here we are in the physical domain ok the whole point is these people want to believe the entire spiritual physical domain is such an illusion that nothing that takes place in it matters as any significance and should just be watched and nothing should be done to change it and you know let me explain what this is folks when I was a Satanist okay and I was working inside the Church of Satan and other dark occult organizations they have a they have a set of sins believe it or not they look at them as sins in the same way that like you know religionists look at sin they are the things that these are behaviors and thought patterns that should not be engaged in by the dark ocultist themselves by the magician if you will you are not to engage in these behaviors but we are to peddle them to other people we are to get them to engage in these behaviors okay you know what the first one is no it's not that's this that's the second or third I think it's the third if I'm not mistaken I don't have the list handy but the first one is stupidity that's the first satanic sin okay for the dark occultist but they want other people in deep stupidity they want other people in deep ignorance the idea here is we will know it all we will know the truth so that we can control others and keep them a dumb down herd okay there's a bunch of other ones but I think the second or third is solecism solecism is one of the biggest sin for for Satanists and dark Luciferians and dark occultist they don't want any they don't want any of their membership believing in this mental illness nonsense okay but they want to propagate it and peddle it they want to do that and they they told me personally higher-ups in this network told me personally when I was working with them wait until you see the new age books that we our membership will be writing or either writing our self putting into the hands of useful dupes to write and put out there will be given them the idea they'll write for us put it out there as their own idea and they said we are going to propagate and battle solecism like you have never seen and you know what when they say something they do it I'm serious they're a lot their act is together they act on the same page and for that I have respect for them as an enemy and I don't take anything they do lightly I recognize they have the will they're not like the rest of humanity they align their thoughts their knowledge with their version of care you know it's not like our emotionally based care but they care about what they're doing and then they act and when they act they act in concert and they get it done okay I'm not saying you know I agree with any of their agenda cuz I don't know I'm trying to stop it but I have respect for their unity they are unified and on the same page and humanity is not that's why in all honesty we're having our rear ends handed to us in this spiritual battle right now at least right now solecism is the ideology the only ones mind is sure to exist solve sis contend that knowledge of anything that is outside of one's own mind is unsure and hence there is no such thing as objective truth okay no such thing as objective truth and therefore nothing about the external world and its workings can actually ever be known just think about that statement it's saying no one can ever know anything you cannot come to know anything at all there is no such thing as knowledge so what I would say to somebody who's following the quote-unquote Course in Miracles or a course in solecism or course in the acceptance of all forms evil in this world is you can't know anything by breeding the Course in Miracles because nothing can be known you know how could it solve why would a solve sister ever pick up a book why would a solves just ever watch anything any video why would a solids just ever engage in a conversation with another human being you know tell us sobs just you can't know that you're gonna fall off that cliff so wanting to go try to walk over and see what happens because you can't be sure of anything they won't do that though you know the whole point here is this is a religion this is a New Age religion and I'm telling you who it's peddled by it's peddled by the occultists who have the knowledge of how natural law works and are trying to put out whatever ideologies they can destructive ideologies they can to get people not to understand it or to even go so far as to believe that nothing can be understood why would you bother to look into natural law nothing can be known it's unbelievable that anybody would be so gullible and naive to fall under this mindset let me just tell you what it really is it's a person who has given up on life they feel that it's so difficult to know anything and they don't want to do the work to come to that level of knowledge that they just said I don't believe it can be known that makes me feel more comfortable in my ignorance and laziness that's the real that's the truth about what solemn sysm is okay and that's the truth about my friend I bumped into it then at the MUFON conference and I'd say that to her face okay so we have to realize we're battling this force this and this this religion is on the rise solipsism is on the rise more people are becoming solipsistic in their beliefs in their in their thought processes let's look at some basic definitions and working definitions now first thing we're going to define is definition let's define what a definition is okay a definition is an exact statement a statement of the exact meaning of a word all right we're looking for an exact meaning not a connotation not a maybe or a like or someone we're looking to narrow the focus that's why d finite said it makes it finite we're taking it not infinite or finite in it we're making it finite okay we're actually limiting through words what something means so we can be clearer about what we're saying okay it's an exact statement or description of the nature scope or meaning of something another way we could look at a definition when we're talking about visual or audio audio definition is it's the degree of distinctness or clarity of an object image or sound okay so why do people buy HD TV sets they want higher definition they want a higher clarity of the picture okay if you have a high definition audio for audio files they won't accept anything but high definition audio because in comparison to load F audio the clarity of the sound is very good it's much better okay so that's what definition is it is all related to clarity when we use it in conjunction with words it means the clarity of the meaning is amplified okay and when it's with a picture the clarity of our vision of an ability to see what the picture is the information in the picture is amplified and same thing with sound the more accurate the definitions that we have for words or concepts the better our clarity of meaning and therefore our understanding of those concepts words or concepts will be so definition simply means clarity of meaning while we're applying it to words and concepts so therefore let's define natural law so this is we're going to be talking about for the rest of the day we have to define it the simple definition of natural is inheritance having a basis in nature reality and truth not made or caused by humankind so if it's natural wasn't made by man mankind didn't make it okay and again the origin of the word net tare and Egyptian means spirits and all means of or related to so of or related to spirit it is all of nature the spiritual domain see this is the other part people believe that the spiritual domain is separate from the physical domain this is a huge thread and a huge central focus in all of my work if you think the spiritual domain is not where you are at now because you're in the physical domain you're mistaken if you think that the spiritual domain is someplace other than the physical domain you're also mistaken if you place emphasis on one above the other and say well this one takes precedence and this one's not important either way you do it whether you say the spiritual is more important and the world of matter should not be given any significance its imbalance and it's not true okay or if you say eight like scientism does in many you know left-brain scientism the the material world is all that there is this is just a dead mechanized clockwork called the universe and it happened by accident for no reason you know and this there's no such thing as the spirit you know spiritual domain both of these worldviews and we're going to get to a break down of these worldviews they're completely inaccurate they're not based in truth and most of all they're based on brain imbalance and we're going to see how one of these worldviews or another develops when either the left brain hemisphere where the right brain hemisphere has taken precedence and dominance within the individual consciousness so natural means spiritual the these words can be used interchangeably so when I'm talking about natural law I mean spiritual law unseen spiritual laws but overall the dictionary definition of natural is its inherent in nature and it's not made by man word law is the definition is an existing condition which is both binding and immutable so let's look at each one of these words existing it means that it is present it is present hey it cannot be just ignored and expected that all that doesn't make it true and it's it's not gonna have an effect it's there it's present that's why it's a law that it's an operation that is in operation it is binding binding means it has an effect it means it doesn't matter whether you believe that it has an effect it doesn't matter whether you understand that it has an effect doesn't care and this is another big hammer to the ego the human ego wants to hear what it wants to hear one of the things that wants to hear is the universe cares about you personally it cares about John it cares about Bob it cares about Mary it cares about Elizabeth whatever okay cares about you individually as a being and now you could go so far as to say you believe that the creator of the universe cares about you I'm not I'm not denying anybody are saying don't think that what I'm saying is that the laws of the universe don't care about you laws have been created in this realm that work flawlessly 100% of the time flawlessly let me let me ask people to envision this scenario to try to clarify this a couple are on a picnic they're out in a state forest or something like that they're on a picnic about 50 yards away from where they're at okay there's a pretty tall cliff maybe about 200 feet okay and it ends in some jagged rocks they brought their two-year-old child on the picnic with them yeah unfold the blanket take out the picnic basket they're having their picnic maybe passions got heated and the husband and wife were you know making out a little bit there their kid two years old daughter and our nice Sunday sundress or whatever owners off gets to the edge of that cliff will gravity care if that girl goes over the edge will gravity allow her to go over the edge yes it will gravity is not gonna say this girl doesn't understand this law and she'll die if she goes over that edge she's innocent she's Nations even not even ignorance innocent and Nishant will that law still have an effect you damn better well believe it will and so does natural law in the same way it doesn't care whether you don't know it doesn't care whether you're nation' tore ignorant it's in effect it's binding and it is immutable immutable means that nothing you can ever do can ever change it it is in effect eternally because man didn't put it into effect you know put it into effect the creator of the universe put it into effect and I don't really care what you think of that for size you can think of it as an impersonal force you can think of it as the man with the beard you can think of it as this remote control I don't really care what you think of it as personally that's none of my business but you know what if you think of it that it's man that makes the laws then I have a problem because man doesn't make these laws I'm talking about the creator of the universe set these laws into motion put them into effect and they bind you you and I are bound by these laws whether we like it or not whether we accept it or not whether we understand it or not they're in effect and you are already creating the reality that we are experiencing based upon interaction with these unseen laws already you're already doing it you can never not be doing it that's an impossibility okay you're always creating co-creating in harmony I'm sorry in cooperation I should say whether it's in harmony or opposition is a different story in cooperation with these spiritual laws that I'm going to talk about you are already creating in cooperation with them and can never not do so as long as you exist in the physical domain okay so that's what the simple definitions that we're working forward with natural law doesn't mean anything other than this that's it it means so what's putting together inherent existing conditions conditions that exist in nature which are both binding and immutable they have an effect whether they're understood or not and they cannot be changed so what would be our requirements of knowledge here what do you think should be done if we are always working with these do you think we're going to create something that is wise to create that is good that is in alignment with what we say we want if we don't know how these laws operate you know what's gonna be created a mess total chaos something you don't want something that leads to enormous suffering which is where we're at if on the other hand you have that knowledge of how these things work then you align your behavior to them you're gonna create a whole new different ballgame and then you're going to not have self-inflicted suffering okay that's what this is all about so let's give a working definition this is what I call the sound bite right people say well tell me what natural law is mark ah you have a few days maybe a large portion of the day like we're going to cover day maybe some people won't get it okay but really you need to devote a large amount of time to studying this understanding and reading about it and even experimenting with it these are this is not an untestable hypothesis okay and it's not a hypothesis is it actually a law but it's not untestable you can test it you can apply all the scientific methodologies to natural law same thing gather your information observe hypothesize hypothesize observe test the results publish the results a scientific methodology the scientific methodology we'll be borne out for everything I'm talking about in this presentation if it is applied because this is not a religion this is not some new-age mumbo-jumbo this is a science it is a science that constitutes knowledge of how laws that are existent in operation and immutable in this universe work and how we are creating what we experience in conjunction with these operating laws and man didn't put them into effect whatever created this universe put them into effect I'm not here today to tell you what that is your your job in your own personal experiences to get in touch with what you feel that is I'm not here to tell you what that is now I'm not here to tell anybody what that is but my whole point is it created these laws and they're in effect and if you want to stop suffering and if you want the human condition to change you have to understand how these laws work there is no way around that knowledge of these laws is required and this is what people in their so-called New Age movement and in religious communities and in other communities don't want to acknowledge they don't want to acknowledge that work is required so let's give a working definition for natural law my soundbite variants okay I told people who want the six o'clock news edition of what natural law is okay natural law is universal non man-made binding and immutable conditions that govern the consequences of behavior and specifically at least on this planet human behavior I would say in the universe it governs the behavior of all intelligent beings intelligent beings okay natural law is a body of universal spiritual laws which act as the governing dynamics of consciousness the governing dynamics of consciousness that's the working definition let's look at the dynamics between discovery and belief the difference between discovery and belief because again natural law is capable of being discovered understood and harmonized with now does that sound like a religion religion asks people to believe accept and do without question what this is is saying this exists you're bound by it the best you can do is to understand its operation like you would understand gravity and therefore not just walk toward the edge of a 200-foot cliff that is bottom bottom by jagged rocks if you're intelligent and you understand how the law of gravity works you won't do that behavior okay just like if you're intelligent and you understand how natural law works you won't do certain behaviors to create a prison for the entire species for your entire species unfortunately humanity has not reached that level of consciousness yet they are not at that level of co-creative intelligence to understand how these laws work and then align their behaviors to them so natural law has nothing to do with religion it's not a belief system it's a science it is a discoverable operation that is already in effect that we can either understand and align our behavior to or remain ignorant of and suffer as a result of that ignorance because it's already in effect and already has an binding effect upon you and your behaviors and everyone's so when it comes to belief and anybody that was trying to propagate a religion wouldn't put this slide up here when it comes to natural law it is it works just like gravity so the clown that's gonna jump over the cliff saying I don't believe in gravity what's gonna happen down he goes because belief is irrelevant because natural law does not care about you it does not care about you it is in effect no matter what you do deal with it and people don't want to hear that and I recognize this I recognize I'm not telling anybody anything they want to hear hey if I wanted to sell a lot of stuff if I wanted to be real popular I come up here and I tell you exactly what you want to hear and then I'd be making $50,000 a presentation like Wayne Dyer does okay and that is his fee I know because I've actually had some people speak to his management that's what that's what a new-age presenter gets you know what I asked for zero I don't even ask for a stipend because I don't want to I don't even care about fake money I care about making real money real one I the word money is actually one I and people don't even have said it a billion times in their life and never recognized what they're saying is one I and it's the symbol of the one I which represents spiritual enlightenment is plastered all over the one dollar bill okay well this is the one see I tell people I'm a poor man when it comes to the fake money but I'm very rich and the real stuff the real thing I have tons of the fake stuff I don't do so well with and I don't care it's not what I'm concerned about I know it's fake okay so I don't ask for a stipend when I present I tell whoever sent up the presentation pay for my travel and lodging hook me up with a dinner or whatever that's it I'll come out and speak anywhere okay the point is if I was trying to appeal to somebody's ego and what they wanted to hear I would tell you your beliefs are very important your beliefs shape and they do shape your reality in a negative way if you don't align yourself with truth and you want to stay attached to a belief system because you prefer it's over what's real okay so when it comes to natural law I'm not telling people don't believe in yourself the people will say there's forms of belief that are good yeah knowledge that I understand that believe in yourself believe in your own ability to come to this understanding of information like this but I'm explaining when it comes to a law that is existence in the universe your belief doesn't matter it's irrelevant the universe doesn't care what those parents at that picnic whose child just went over the cliff believed doesn't care whether that girl doesn't know what gravity works it's gonna have an effect you act a certain way like a computer boom you put this in here's how you program this that's what has to come out invariably invariably it is nothing personal natural law is not a personal force it is an impersonal force that every single mystery tradition and occult tradition that is actually wanted to share this knowledge with people has been telling people about an attending to tell people about since time immemorial it is an impersonal force it does not care about you it does not worry or care in the slightest bit whether you understand it or accept it or not it is in effect you are bound by the end and stop crying in your milk over it that's it no one wants to hear that and I'm not so naive that I recognize people don't want to hear that that I don't recognize that I do recognize that believe me I realize the wall I am up against in saying this I get it fully fully if I wanted to blow smoke up people's rear ends I come up here and I'd say the universe cares about you and what you believe and it's gonna gauge that it's gonna it's gonna look at all that and it's gonna tabulate it's going to say well what did he believe when he took this action doesn't care it's not going to say that so to say is this what happened yes or no yes here's the result that's it unwaveringly and invariably the human ego has a hard time with that there was a some pop TV show I don't even remember what it was barb had downloaded it and she was watching an episode and it said humanity's greatest fear is that truth is absolute and I usually don't bother watching any television okay I have downloaded I download a couple of shows to watch them because I their allegories and I want to pick apart the allegory but I wasn't watching this one but I heard it I my head snapped around whoa that came through a network television show how'd that happened humanity's greatest fear is that the truth is absolute the ego has a hard time with the concept of any absolutes it loves relativism that's another part of the big trap of where we're at relativistic ideas and especially when it comes to morality we're gonna talk about moral relativism but the concept here is natural law does not require your belief to be in effect no more than gravity requires your belief to be in effect okay it need that needs to be understood human belief is completely irrelevant when it comes to the existence and operation of natural law just as it is irrelevant in relation to any of the other laws of nature such as gravity inertia momentum thermodynamics or electromagnetism similar similar to such other phenomena of nature the workings of natural law require no belief in order for them to be discovered and known so what I'm saying is your belief will not change natural law but your inquiry into it can lead to an understanding of it you can develop the knowledge of it if you are willing to open your mind and look at how these laws function and what we're getting as a result of our disharmony with them the philosopher søren kierkegaard said that there are two ways to be fooled one is to what is not true and the other is to refuse to accept what is true okay so believing in untrue notions which is what religion is all forms of it all the five religions I posted at the beginning of the presentation organize cultural religion money scientism politics and the New Age movement there's the world religions folks people think of religion as only the cultural religions no there's four other ones one's called government and authority okay or politics whatever however you want to name it the other one is money finance there's another religion one of them is the New Age movement and one of them is scientism which I'm not going to refer to as real science because it is not it is a belief system and a religion so what Kierkegaard is saying here is you could believe things that aren't true and that will hold you back and you can refuse to accept what is true and that will also hold you back I say these are the only two ways the humanity ever create self-inflicted suffering for itself we want to know how suffering is created for the human species that it doesn't need to experience we believe what's not true we refuse to accept what is true that's why self-inflicted suffering exists in our species and if we because if we are to become wise we need to stop doing both of those things and then we'll stop creating suffering for ourselves so let's look at consciousness and the human brain okay because consciousness is an intangible force okay it's something that exists but you can't really see it me many people even have a hard time explaining what it is but there is physiological expressions for consciousness in in the physical domain and the brain is one of them and of course people will say well don't leave out the heart of course the heart is also very important heart has an even bigger electromagnetic field than the brain and is tied into the physiology and and even more complex way than the brain is but we need to understand the basic structure of the brain to understand the types of imbalances that go on within it that lead to these debilitating conditions within humanity that continue to create suffering for us and also what these belief systems do is they prevent the activation of the heart and the actions of care and action not only do they prevent knowledge from real knowledge from manifesting within the being they prevent care and they create apathy and they create inaction laziness inaction and cowardice so that we don't actually act and take action based upon what we've come to know so let's look at how the brain and consciousness actually work people will also try to give ridiculously overcomplicated and mystified definitions of what consciousness means and many people are even scared of the term ok we have to demystify these terms and bring them down the real simple English and real simple concepts that the average person can grasp Hey and stop trying to make it more complicated than it is being conscious of something meaning having consciousness of it is an ability of the being to recognize patterns remember this is all about pattern recognition to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events that are taking place or have taken place ok both within oneself ok in the inner realm in the lesser realm the realm of the individual consciousness and in the realm in which the self exists and operates the macrocosm so let's break it down right ability of a being to recognize patterns and meaning with respect to events taking place within oneself the microcosm and in the macrocosmic world the world at large and the events taking place is the truth so it's our ability to accurately perceive truth of what has happened and what is happening that's consciousness that's consciousness and it's it's made way overly complicated by people it's mostly made overly complicated in the New Age movement again which I I can't stress enough how big of a deception it is for people really have to go and check out my work on the New Age deception okay it's on my website it's in the video section and it's in the podcast section it's a seven hour presentation but I'm telling you it will be as worthwhile for you to check out as this seminar so that's what consciousness is now how does consciousness Express there's a difference between what it is and how it expresses in our life consciousness expresses I ask people just tell me what are the ways you could ever make yourself known to any other being how can any other being come to know who you are in this incarnation in this physical manifestation how could they possibly come to know you how could you manifest yourself or make yourself known to them and there's only three ways thoughts emotions and actions okay and I would say speech falls into the line of the the combination of thoughts and emotions and speech is also a form of action I'm using force to you know make the air flow over my vocal cords to make sounds come out so that you can hear my voice what the concepts I'm trying to express so it is a form of action and it derives from what we have thought up to this point and the emotions that we have and we could express it through speech so thought emotion and action thought you have to look at as the creative force that is the expression for consciousness within the individual okay so it's a neutral force you don't look at your thoughts as masculine or feminine do you but you do look at them as creative forces in order for anything to manifest in the physical domain it had the first exist as a thought this computer somebody had to envision all the parts how it works how to put together okay this camera equipment the clothes you're wearing the seats everything that exists had to first exist in the realm of thought had to by law then it comes into physical manifestation through action your emotions are a polarized component you could look at it as it is a feminine feminine aspect of consciousness because other people don't feel your emotions they could perceive or scent or sense them you're the one who's feeling the emotions in your physiology it's an internal expression you feel emotions inwardly inside in the physiology hence this is a feminine expression for consciousness it is something that is not externalized and put out it is something that just felt within so the emotions in the mind body spirit connection are the spirits in which we do something okay so that's the feminine force or the spirit of course thoughts are within our mind hence that's the mind component of the consciousness then there's a marriage between them okay so you could look at thoughts as the creative essence which then blends with or marries to the feminine now see we're getting into a notion that is taught in all many different religious traditions it's called the Trinity and I challenge anybody go and look in any of the Trinity's that exist in any of the religions you can go back to Babylon you can go to the Indus Valley traditions you can go to the Egyptian and Commission traditions the Christian traditions every single religious tradition that is talk of a Trinity okay it is always a father-creator a sacred feminine figure okay of some kind that the father then work impregnates or inseminates in some form and then from that offspring is born a male child always okay what we're talking about here is the father being the mind the creative essence then the spirit or the emotions being the sacred feminine essence okay or the holy spirits the emotions and then the child the male child is behavior it is the active or masculine principle that actually interacts with the physical world to change it and hence that is the only way to actually save ourselves and again people in religious thinking will immediately attack this and say you're saying that saving ourselves will not come through faith yes I am saving ourselves we'll only come through action action will save humanity faith will not do it so sorry to again smash another egoic attachment that people have to religious notions but this is these religions are created by the control system okay people don't understand that exoteric Christianity is created by the dark occult of the ancient dark occult mystery schools they don't understand where this religion came from because they haven't studied Astro theology and I'm not telling you there's no good concepts in any religion I say take all the good concepts and leave the nonsense because one of the non senses that you need to believe in something to be saved from the current human condition you don't need to believe in a thing you need to know the truth and right in their own religion there it is let me just stay on this for a moment because in their own scripture the exoteric Christian scriptures what is the one prescription that the Christ figure gives to the people when he is asked about freedom he's only asked about freedom like once in the Gospels okay in the words attributed to his teachings and they want to know what will save us what will make us free and what is his prescription no that is not there's something missing there your clothes what is what is the actual saying know the truth knowing the truth will make you free that's the prescription even in exoteric Christianity it's right there in the Gospels but Christians don't want to hear that because the controllers in the church who came from the dark priest class gave him this nonsense that all you have to do is believe and everything will magically change well good luck with that when people's behaviors have no alignment with morality you think your beliefs gonna change something again let me know how that works out for you and again I'm not mincing words up here you know I'm telling it like it really is I don't care how it offends so the expressions for consciousness are thoughts emotions and actions which are likened to in the consciousness community of mind spirit and body and it's a trinity a father creator which is the thoughts the mind the feminine essence which is the the mother of the Trinity the emotions the inward aspects the spirit and then they give birth when the thoughts and the emotions come together they give birth to action in the world which is the male child I this is very important to understand I hope everybody is clear this is our internal Trinity which constitutes the expressions for consciousness okay so let's move on yes okay I'm coming out how much time it is okay we're going to stop right there and take a break well we will resume at 1:15 precisely okay so you want to come in a few minutes early to get settled I will start again at 1:15 p.m. thank you ladies and gentlemen