Natural Law Seminar - New Haven, CT - Part 2 of 3

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okay welcome back everyone I hope everybody had a really good lunch and is energized for the afternoon session we're gonna have I'm gonna go until about 3:20 p.m. and the first part of this and we'll take a 10-minute break there and then we'll start in again about 3:30 and we'll go until 5:00 and then we'll come to our dinner break so let's pick up where we left off I was talking about brain structure and human behavior and how these two things are completely interrelated brain health plays a critical role in human behavior so is extremely important for human beings to become familiar with the brain's basic structure and function now I'm not telling you that this is the totality of neuroscience what I'm going to show you here today I'm saying that this is the basics it's the essence of how the brain structure works so this is part of understanding the physiological aspects of how consciousness works all right so there's three main complexes structures that comprise the total human brain the first is the art complex or the reptilian brain so this part of the brain facilitates basic survival functions it's the part of the brain that goes to work and becomes active when we're in what's called fight-or-flight mode okay when survival is at stake it also controls basic motor functions and respiration okay the second part of the brain is above the arc complex this is called the limbic system it's also known as the mammal brain the mammalian brain this part of the brain facilitates human emotions and it makes human emotion possible to be felt in the physiology it does this by releasing what's known as neuro peptides into the bloodstream through different different glands that comprise them the limbic brain or what's called the midbrain also so the final part of the brain the highest structure structurally and the newest part of the brain evolutionarily it's called the neocortex now really what this part of the brain is really called as the telencephalon that's what we traditionally think of as the gray matter of the brain okay with the hemispheres okay the neocortex is where all of the actual electrochemical activity that comprises our human modes of thought takes place and that's in the outer shell of the telencephalon which is known as the neocortex so this part of the brain actually facilitates all human functions of thought what we consider the things in thought that make us a human being and separate us from the animal kingdom higher thought functions logic intuition creativity okay so we'll break them these parts of the brain and give you some visual understanding of them so down here which sorry down here is the reptilian brain it's comprised of the brainstem right here and this part of the brain is called the the cerebellum okay these two components together essentially comprise the r-complex so again the r-complex is the lowest consciousness part of the brain we don't do any thinking with this part of the brain it's the reactive part of the brain it reacts to stimulus it's the stimulus response mechanism now up here in this middle part of the brain these are all the different glands like the hypothalamus the thalamus the pituitary and pineal glands etc that comprised the the midbrain or the limbic system all human emotions are facilitated are made possible by this part of the brain okay so this part of the brain if it wasn't working properly you would not be able to experience a normal range of human emotions this is part of what psychopathy is psychopaths this part of the brain is not functioning properly whether it be from a birth disorder or whether it be from conditions over one's life that if someone has stayed in chronically has numbed out this part of the brain and it is not it's not functioning properly anymore so the person's not actually experiencing a normal range of emotions this part of the brain which again is the telencephalon this gray matter part with all of the grooves etc that's the neocortex the neocortex is the outer casing basically of the telencephalon the higher brain it's the human brain okay neo means new so it's the newest part of the brain structure as far as evolutionary development of the human bingos so this part of the brain facilitates all higher-order thinking now if what you have to understand about the the telencephalon or the hemispheres of the brain is that they're there first of all bilaterally symmetrical and they generally control different functions of thought now I'm not telling you it's 100% neuroscience is more complicated than that okay but in general the left part the left hemisphere of the brain is what governs logic analytical thought and scientific and mathematical thinking and also linear thought processes okay physical world tasks and details being able to break things down and analyze them alright so this is taking things apart breaking them down into smaller components and analyzing the pieces that's what the left brain does you could look at it as you could look at it as a series processor okay it has to go into this part first then here and then here and then we could spit out the output a linear process like a series processor okay the right side of the brain the right hemisphere governs or generally facilitates and makes possible human creativity our emotional makeup okay all the emotional dynamics of the human being holistic thought being able to see the big picture big picture thinking pattern recognition and then things like compassion nurturing care okay ethics to a large extent and I don't say ethical thing comes from a balance between the two as we're going to get into now if this left part of the brain here becomes chronically dominant the masculine part of the brain and again I'm putting these symbols here this is an ancient archetypal symbol called the blade it's a simple upward pointing triangle and this downward pointing triangle is another ancient archetypal symbol that has was referred to in the ancient world as the chalice the cup etc okay and you know this was a rudimentary phallic symbol and this was a rudimentary womb symbol representing the male and the female or the masculine and feminine more accurately components of the consciousness the idea is to keep a balance between these two well we have a balance between the two that's when we're operating on all cylinders so to speak that's when real consciousness and pattern recognition is developed and that's when real morality and ethical considerations are also created within the personality within the being if this part of the brain is chronically dominant the left part of the brain okay what happens is the the right side of the brain is imbalanced it's not really functioning at a higher level okay and though the limbic brain will actually suffer that effect okay it will also start to shut down so you will have a lot of left brain patterns going on a lot of left brain processing going on but if that's all that's happening and we're not using this part of the brain it equally the r-complex of the brain is what essential executive functions are going to be routed to we're going to be living from the r-complex in a kind of stimulus response only mode instead of living from a holistic brain balanced mode with which is when we're in that balanced state the neocortex which governs higher order thinking and makes higher order thinking and ethical thinking possible is what rules the personality okay now conversely if the right side of the brain is chronically dominant so let's put it this way the left side of the brain being chronically dominant you have the controller that's that's the master mentality the the right side of the brain being chronically dominant that's the slave mentality that's the I won't stand up for myself and I'll just accept everything the total New Ager in other words okay so this part of the brain if it's chronically dominant the opposite happens with the structures of the brain the art complex will shut down it will suffer okay it will not work properly which the art complex is necessary it makes you stand up for yourself when you're under attack again it's the fight/flight response in a dangerous situation you've got to know whether you're going to fight whatever is attacking you or whether you're going to get out of Dodge and run away okay that's a survival mechanism that's necessary when there's danger so when this part of the brain is chronically imbalanced the r-complex gets shut down people freeze essentially and they don't stand up for themselves and take action what they're being what's happening is they're being ruled by their emotions and again the the limbic brain governs all emotions positive and negative so that's compassion and that's fear it's any possible human emotion the the the midbrain is what's ultimately making facilitating that emotion in the physiology all right so if this part of the brain is chronically dominant the opposite happens you go into slave think you shut down you freeze you're ruled by the emotions and you don't stand up for yourself so the neocortex of the brain has two hemispheres the left brain largely facilitates logic and scientific thought while the right brain hemisphere largely facilitates creativity and compassion when both hemispheres are unbalanced the neocortex acts in its proper role as the executive command center of the whole human brain and that's when true intelligence is born now true intelligence is a concept that I think more people really have to understand people have equated intelligence with intellect especially in the Western society all right intellect is not intelligence let me say that again intellect is not intelligence intelligence comprises more than intellect intellect is left brain understanding true intelligence is holistic understanding with the right brain included in the process the nurturing compassionate creative and intuitive sides of the consciousness together with the intellectual aspect of the consciousness and you could see this in the word Intelli gence right Intelli is where intellect comes from okay and gents GE NCE comes from the latin verb genera genera means to generate or to create so it's the creative aspect of the personality or the right brain so intellect plus creativity logical thinking plus nurturing and compassion that's real intelligence holistic intelligence and most people in our society are not in holistic intelligence they're in one form of brain imbalance or the other so let's look at how this manifests if the human brings left brain hemisphere becomes chronically dominant the r-complex will take over executive function of the brain and the person will become ruled by selfishness and base desires and they will develop a personality that is based in domination and control conversely if a human beings right brain hemisphere becomes chronically dominance the limbic system will take over executive function of the pol brain and the person will become ruled by their own emotions and develop a personality that is based in submissiveness and naivete okay the slave think mentality the Schism of the individual okay and this is critical because this is not only a schism within the individual conscious it's a schism of world view of the way we view ourselves in the world and the way we view our relationship to others in the world so I call this the mental schism and it highlights basically what will happen what kinds of thinking will will manifest when certain types of brain and balance are present so well we're in this schism and again most of humanity is if we're - we're overly intellectualizing everything and we're too much in the masculine hemisphere of the brain ok we're not using the right or intuitive capacities of the brain the right brain hemisphere what this can lead to in the world is again rigid skepticism now what did we say about that it's not conducive to learning people aren't really going to learn when they're rigidly skeptical this is a hallmark of scientism scientism mists I don't know what other thing to call it worshippers of the altar of scientism ok they are they have this rigid skepticism because they're purely intellectual they're not really intelligent the creative aspect is missing from their personality makeup ok atheism is a hallmark of overly dominant left brain thinking because that you know shuns all aspects of spiritual reality there is no spirit the universe is a grand cosmic accident you know from there you get things like solipsistic people will say what was in sob says in purely left-brain no it is right it is right brain I'm sorry is it is a purely right brain and I say no it is left brain and balance as well solecism can be generated from both forms of imbalance of believing nothing can actually be known there is no truth the you know truth is a dirty word too many left brain individuals you'll know you'll know you know so solid sysm plays into left brain and balance as well all of these states here inevitably lead to these things down here moral relativism relativism comes next the idea that there's such thing is the difference between right and wrong that we just get to make those things up they don't exist inherently in nature you know we just can decide on what's right and what's wrong for ourselves and make it up you know randomly so very very dangerous ideology which we're going to be talking about a lot social Darwinism inevitably comes after that all right this is the idea that a certain class of society can get to direct how the lives of everybody else will go because they're the intelligentsia so-called okay we're the intellectual people really is what that what it is the over intellectualizing and will direct society because we're the fittest like Darwinism postulates the survival of the fittest well social Darwinism postulates the survival of the most socially ruthless and many people believe that's the natural order they believe that's the natural order and nothing could be farther from the truth what that is is it's the psychopathic chaos has nothing to do with nature and it has nothing to do with order it's the exact opposite so this state and and these are hallmarks of dark occultism as well okay I think I should know a thing or two about it as I was a priest in it for almost ten years I might know a couple of things about Satanism okay so moral relativism is one of the big tenets of Satanism so it's actually one of the pillars of Satanism social Darwinism is highly praised and valued in Satanism and eugenics okay because it's what people don't understand what eugenics is eugenics is basically people you know who have gone so deep into this form of left-brain and balance that they believe their God and they get to decide who lives and who dies that's really what it is we will control who breeds and who does not get to breed who gets to live and who does not get to live all right that's essentially eugenics in a nutshell and again these are all Thorat Arianism forms of authoritarianism okay and it's the idea that man is the author man is the Creator man is the God man will make the law man will decide you know life and death at any given moment we will decide what's right and wrong etc that's that's essentially what all of these forms of thought are extreme left brained and balanced and I was there I was in this state in my life I was in it for years for years alright let's look at the other form of imbalance if the right side of the brain is chronically dominant this leads to you know similar kind of imbalance but in the exact opposite form the brain is still completely imbalanced therefore the person's not in a high state of consciousness they're completely unconscious to what's really going on within the men around them but the manifestation is generally the opposite of the left brain forms of imbalance so if you're in real right brain and balanced state of consciousness this will lead to naivete believing anything you're told accepting things from quote/unquote official channels and official sources without actually checking into them for yourself blind belief you'll believe that the next religion that comes along you know we just have to tell them what they want to hear and I'll believe that you know so you know New Agers are basically in this category naivete and blind belief people who trust government of course are in that category because again it's about creating the Masters and the slaves that's what brain imbalance is for and that's why the controllers want to propagate this imbalance and keep it in place again religious extremism that's hallmarks of right brain belief right brain imbalance solipsistic Singh is truth you know all from right brain and balance as well feelings of unworthiness self-loathing accepting orders from other people being an order follower and I have a whole section on order followers later and how this is the exact opposite of anything virtuous for people that believe order following is some kind of a virtue you know I don't know what to tell you but it's it's the thing that leads to all evil in the world is accepting somebody's orders and not actually gauging for yourself whether the the behavior is moral or not okay and it creates a willing slave this this form of imbalance is ultimately generating a willing slave whereas this form of imbalance is ultimately generating a psychopathic master and there are all forms of mind control it's just it's just another aspect of how mind control works the the propagators of mind control are just doing this to keep that imbalance present in one form or another they don't even care which it is as long as they have some that are imbalanced for one direction and some imbalance toward the other direction that's how the dynamic plays off against itself and you have a world that is continued to be kept under lockdown so let's look at the world view schism that goes hand-in-hand with the brain schism or the mental schism and then again this is world view is exactly what it says how do you view the world how do you view yourself in it how you view others in it well when there's chronic left brain dominance the worldview that emerges is one of randomness and again this is a hallmark of scientism the world is this grand cosmic accident all right you whole universe is a grand accent there's no purpose right there's no creator everything just magically manifested on its own for no reason from a single a single singularity a single point in space-time for no reason you give me that one and I'll tell you what everything else did happen after that but you got to give me that one you know and I have some bridges to sell you you know so you know there's a there's no underlying intelligence nature nature is dead that's what this worldview is about nature is dead it's a dead thing it's a mechanized machine that is there for no reason okay there's no such thing as the spirit at all no such thing as spiritual dimension no such thing as natural law certainly because for one to accept natural law well where does it come from you know I I ask people like whether they accept that natural law exists or that you know there's actual objective truth and morality and like two-thirds of people don't believe don't accept it they don't believe that it exists they don't think there is objective reality and objective truth and objective morality you know they think it's all relative and we get to make it up I've actually done a psychological small psychological profiling or study you know just asking people this question at random and collecting results and analyzing them word about two-thirds of people who are moral relativists and believe that truth is relative also that it's not objective okay now you ask the same people do you believe in karma 88 almost 90 percent of people believe karma is real and it exists so I I'm like I can't believe this you're gonna tell me that there's no such thing as the difference real difference between right and wrong you mad they're constructs in the human mind is what they think right and simultaneously holding in their mind the idea that karma exists well I guess then the question what put karma in place then you believe it exists what force created it what made it would put it in place and they have no answer for that you know they intuitively believe karma exists but can't answer where did it come from because that would involve a creator and somebody in left brain and balance can't acknowledge that you know so to a left brain imbalance person there's no such thing as spiritual or natural law doesn't exist as a matter of fact all of existence has no purpose other than to continue its existence see survival is the highest aspiration to a left reign and balanced individual right and wrong have no bearing there's no point in even discussing it hey cuz rights what's right for me if I'm super left brain imbalance wrong is whatever affects me negatively okay it doesn't matter what's actually moral okay it's all subjective to a left rein imbalanced individual and to them nothing has any purpose since it's all grand cosmic axon how could there be a purpose for existence without a creator who's going to create the purpose for you know so it has no purpose other than to continue surviving and again that's right there is proof there in the r-complex during the bass brain survival is the highest goal survival is the only aspiration now in Satanism it's about it as left rain and balance as it gets folks you know if they're number one law is survival survival is the highest law okay and we hear about this in Darwinism to the ultimate purpose of the Bing is to continue to survive I would highly debate that I would highly disagree with that there is there are laws higher than survival okay but in Satanism they simply refer to it as self-preservation and that means preservation of systems of belief as well systems that are serving the self the ego itself they must continue to survive self-preservation as the highest law that's what's that's the number-one tenets of Satanism and it doesn't matter who you need to step on to do it who you need to step on to get one up on somebody else this is extreme left brain imbalance worldview all of these characteristics in the randomness worldview are hallmarks of scientism atheism totalitarianism and dark occultism you could add to that list you know whether you refer to it as Satanism dark luciferianism it doesn't make a difference it's the hallmarks of the dark occult on the other side on the right brain imbalanced side of the worldview there's another world view called determinism hey determinism is based in right brain and bounds and is defined by in general helplessness religiosity and the dismissal of freewill this worldview will eventually lead to a society of blind order followers and willing slaves who accept their conditions as their lot in life so hallmarks of deterministic worldview God controls every event in creation thing happens at random there is no free will say so you can never throw anything a curveball through free will every event is preordained ok and religionists believe in this see I like to say my presentations gonna piss everybody off and that's what it should do because if you're in one of these forms of belief systems it represents one form of imbalance or another so people who believe in government and science are in that left-brain imbalance they're gonna get pissed off that I'm talking about that form of imbalance and then the people who are in religion and the New Age movement they're in that right form of imbalance so they're gonna get pissed off at that good let them all be pissed off the truth will piss you off and then it will set you free if you accept it so you know all occurrences are preordained free will is an illusion no you know just said this in his latest book Stephen Hawking who you would think is the most left brain person that you can think worships at the altar of scientism believes the universe is a grand accident ok and a mechanised machine ok he it's not it's like this comes full circle it feeds off of each other like a feedback loop these forms of imbalance he went so far through left brain imbalance he's so in the left brain that he actually developed the hallmark of right brain imbalance which is that there's no such thing as free will no such thing since it's all a mechanised machine and there's no consciousness there can actually be no choice we are actually robots controlled by matter Hawking believes this he actually wrote this in his book he said free will is as dead as God ok and people people buy this morons books and I'll call him a moron right to his face there's not a drop of intelligence in that man and people think he's one of the most intelligent people in the world you might be one of the most overly intellectual people in the world but you have no wisdom at all 0 if that's how you think and again put him in front of me and I'll tell it to him to his face ok because these people actually believe he's smart that person isn't smart he's dumb he's intellectual but that doesn't make you intelligent okay he has no part of the big picture none just because you can theorize something and visualize it and calculate it mathematically does not make you an intelligent person that means you're great at using the intellect you're great at mathematics you're great at linear and logical thinking that does not make you wise all right so you know this to continue with the right brained imbalance worldview since God controls everything in creation nothing is possible to change human beings are powerless to create change everything is being made to be this way by God this is what religionists and right brain and balanced people think so here therefore why take any action action is ultimately meaningless a big hallmark of the New Age community because it's a religion you know the Course in Miracles oh we just need to accept everything the way that it is right folks it doesn't make a difference if evil is running amok in our midst No accept it all don't try to change a damn thing take no action just observe and see how far deeper that gets you into bondage because that's the best way to get real deeper into chains okay so these are all home hallmarks of religious extremism and what I call simply slave think because that's what it is let's not euphemized all them what it really is this is master think that slave think and if you want a world that continues to propagate slavery you'll stay in one of those forms of brain imbalance and this right brain imbalance in addition to religious extremism and slave think is the hallmark of the New Age movement and their followers their religious followers now there's a balance that is struck between these okay and that's what everything really is ultimately about creating a balance because there are components to these two worldviews that if they come together it shows what it shows us what the truth is and here it is right in the middle here there is a deterministic component to reality and there is a random component to reality existing in cooperation with each other in conjunction with each other the deterministic component is what I'm talking about here today and referring to under the banner of natural law that is determined it is law it is set you're not changing it it works that way flawlessly a hundred percent of the time that's determined natural law is determined okay it's the deterministic component to reality then there is a randomness component to reality that works continuously in conjunction with natural law and this is called this is a little thing called free will our ability to choose our behaviors to do certain things and to not choose to do certain things and we have it every individual has it no matter what position no matter what situation there and I don't care what institution you're in I don't care what who you've listened to up to this point I don't care what background you come from I don't care what economic class you come from every single solitary being that is capable of thinking at all is gifted with free will you have free will to choose your behaviors and so does every other human being everyone okay it's a gift of creation itself okay we can choose what we will do and not do nobody can actually make anybody do something like a robot Oh believe me there's people who are trying you know like art talked about Jose Delgado Jose was searching for means to electronically directly control through chip implants and stimulus stimulus through chip implants in the brain human behavior like a robot to put a technology into the brain to control the behavior of the individual and that went on right here this is where that took place folks right on Yale's campus okay read some of his stuff you want to be disturbed you think what I'm telling you is somewhat disturbing read some of Delgado's material he's telling people we're gonna show you that free will doesn't exist we're gonna show you there's no such thing as rights that we make up what rights are the ruling class makes up what a right or a wrong is we tell you what it is and you have no choice and he was telling you we're going to show you you have no rights that you're our slaves yeah read some of his material and an excellent book aren't recommended to Jim Keith masks masks control the engineering of human consciousness if you haven't read that book get it and read it and that's just an introduction and many people think he was murdered over it you know so truth lies in the middle of these worldviews there's a deterministic component called natural law there's a random component called freewill our ability to choose our behavior freely so let's look at this debate that's been going on since time immemorial of human nature versus human nurture and again I'm getting ready to piss everybody off okay this debates been going on forever which is it what's human nature really look like what's its what's its essence is it angelic or demonic okay I would say it's neither it's neither one of these things it's not it's not both it's neither so nobody wins here you know who falls on one side or the other and it's a very difficult thing for people to accept as well because when we ask the question what is the nature of a human being it's a very similar question to asking what is the nature of this computer up on this platform what is the nature of that projector what is the nature of those cameras well is there can I actually say what a nature with a nature of these things is it's a computer its nature is to compute information what is the nature of that projector is it good is it an angelic is a demonic that protector demonic no its nature is that it projects imagery what is the nature of these cameras they capture imagery that's all so what's the nature of a human being the nature of a human being is that it takes in information it process it and then it outputs it through behavior and as we're going to see that's very much like a computer I'm not saying that it is a computer I'm saying it's like one okay so human nature is neither inherently good nor inherently evil as many people think fall on one side of this argument or the other instead we should consider the operating conditions or the environment in which human beings exist which influence influences behavior to a great extent thus creating the current human condition that's why it's called the human condition it's not called the situation we're in is called the human condition it's not called buck human nature okay it's called the human condition there's a reason it's called a condition for any condition to be in place well hey what condition is my computer in right now what condition is my projector in what position is Richards cameras in they're in operating conditions they're doing what they're supposed to be doing because they've been kept up in good condition okay in the example of my computer it has a working operating system without malware on it okay it has software that does the job that does what I'm asking it to do properly without bugs okay those are the condition the operating conditions will determine how does it perform what kind of output can it put out into the world all right so again what I'm saying here is that human beings are like computers not that they are computers let me just state that emphatically we're not computers were like computers okay we are programmable that's the nature of a human being how many people have ever heard anybody say that the nature of a human being is that a human being is programmable to my knowledge I'm the only person or researcher that is calling that human nature our nature is that we can be programmed and there's another thing that's another thing people don't want to hear they don't want to hear this because it they again they liken it to a mechanized machine and I'm not saying again to emphasize I'm not saying we are computers I'm saying we're like them in the ways that we can be programmed so what gets put into a person through the environment which is called the culture all right and becomes their programming determines what they will output onto the screen which is called human life and what that will create the human condition in the aggregate as more and more people operate that way all right so let's look at how this works human beings are programmable much like computers like a computer if a human being has a bad file system format that's the first thing you do when you're going to get ready to use a computer you have to format the drive how many people here are somewhat techie not many okay about a quarter to a third alright so some people will know what I'm talking about here for the others excuse the jargon for a moment all right I'll explain what it is a file system format is you've got a format the hard drive so you can prepare it for a specific operating system which is basically the task controllers is going to control what happens on the computer what probe how programs get launched how memory is used etc in a nutshell all right I do this for a living so you know I know all the technical stuff also I'll try to keep it simple so if the human being has a fed bed file system format right this is akin to the operating conditions during a child's formative years the first six years of their life essentially now think about it we call this their formative years their four Matt if years like a format on a hard drive because this is what puts the filesystem into the human being that prepares it for its operating system okay so largely what programs the child at this stage is the parents and what they will see in their immediate environment and home and during their very early years in quote schooling all right now if like a computer if a human being also has bad a bad operating system now this is like Mac OS Windows Linux except you know etc Android iOS these are operating systems again they are basically providing a platform that other programs will run in and they're providing a graphical user interface this is your culture the operating system is the culture in which the programs run ok so let's say if you have a bad operating system meaning you're already surrounded in a bad environment in a bad culture right that's also going to negatively impact the output and then they have bad software programs now these are the programs that you run now if I didn't have a good presentation software piece of software my presentation might come out sloppy it might crash in the middle of it it might not display the graphics or the text properly okay so you got to make sure you're working with good reliable software as well now what the software is is the belief systems what the person has taken into the mind and it's processed and made part of themself and now if all of those things are bad we have three bad components the format is bad and the file system format which is the formative years of the child ok the culture is bad meaning they're already growing up in a bad culture or in a culture that condones moral relativism etc and doesn't understand natural law and the software programs that have been input into the child are bad meaning their belief systems ok what do you think the output of that quote computer is going to be like is it going to be good is it gonna be chaotic if I screw up my systems harddrive format if I put an operating system that is like at alpha state and it's not ready for primetime because the developments not finished it's half-baked ok and then I load crappy software that's full of bugs and the developers didn't really care about programming correctly do you think that computers gonna operate properly and give me the output on the screen I'm looking for or output on the printout I'm looking for or output on the internet that I'm looking for good luck if you know a little bit about computers you're laughing now because it would be ridiculous to assume that it could do that well why do we think that we're gonna have that in our environment when all of these things are badly programmed see this output onto the screen is also going to be horrible if all those three things you know that determine how the the system works are also bad so it will continue it will contribute to deteriorating conditions on a mass scale like a computer the behavior of a human being largely depends upon its programming and its programming is the quality of the information that is being input into it the quality of the information that's taking in the quality of the information it's taking in is going to determine the quality of the information it's outputting like any other computer so if garbage goes in surprise garbage is going to come out if good information goes in quality goes in quality will come out and the output will be as one wants it to be it will be able to process and create efficiently effectively not chaotically here's a very simple diagram again if people understand it they really get how natural law functions and again it's very unpopular people don't want to look at what the bottom base foundation or platform of this structure is because once again this idea that knowledge is what's required makes many people upset because they want to believe they're going to achieve these things they say they want without doing the work to acquire that knowledge and therefore understand the requirements for obtaining those conditions so we start with available information and for when people look at what I'm going to describe here they will wreak nice it as something I'll hold what that is for a moment available information is what you're starting with this constitutes potential knowledge and it can become knowledge if it's taken in if it's a mess that it's aggregated okay it can be gathered it can be processed it can be understood and then it can be acted upon we're so you could call this the grammar stage of this three-part process I'm going to explain okay you could also refer to this as the input stage if we're looking at it in a computer model this is the stage of inputting information or programming something okay now the next step that's built upon this is once you've taken information in necessary information you then come to a position of understanding it you know what it means you recognize the patterns all right so this is the second step in this process now your understanding or lack of understanding okay now in the first stage your knowledge or lack of knowledge is going to lead to understanding or lack of understanding if you have understanding present your decision-making processes are going to be in harmony with what you say you want okay you're going to understand if here's what I want this is what's necessary to get that to make that happen to manifest it that's understanding it's a decision making process that happens within the mind these processes take place in the human mind and are chosen by each individual based upon available information so again you can see if information is held back if it is occulted or even if it's just people are dissuaded from taking it in because people will say no there's nothing there there's nothing to it right you could see how they'll never get to this step they'll never understand they'll never get to this the second level of creating our reality all right effectively efficiently the third stage to this process is what you do with what you have come to understand to know and understand so this is the action stage okay each individual's behavior the behaviors that they choose through their own free will is based upon the quality of their decision making processes that are happening within the human mind okay that process was we've already seen is in return based upon the quality of available information so this is behavior see people don't think of wisdom as behavior they don't think of wisdom as action they think of it as something that you just know no wrong wisdom is not knowledge or understanding wisdom is action let me say this again wisdom is action it is knowledge and understanding that has been applied application that's the program that you're going to run on the computer that you've put an operating system on and formatted properly the application is the action when you're working in a computer doing things you're working in an application you're not building the things you're building with the operating system the operating systems what's supporting the program that allows you to be creative okay and in return the file format supports the operating system so we start with available knowledge that can be converted in available information which can be converted into knowledge which can then through decision making processes and filtering of that information to eliminate inconsistencies can lead to an understanding in return in continuation the understanding can then lead through our freewill decision making processes to be converted into behavior into action in the world that when it's done properly its wisdom when it's done with morality and ethics in mind its wisdom when it's done without that it's folly okay and it leads to more and more chaos so based upon these three processes something is generated something is created in the physical manifestation physically manifested reality the real world so to speak so the manifested reality is based upon the aggregate behavior aggregate behavior no one person is creating the reality we are experiencing okay it's another fallacy of the New Age movement and thinking in the aggregate we are creating our shared reality all the behaviors put together creates the output on the screen with a generated result is it orderly is it chaotic well that's going to be based upon whether someone took in the information processed it efficiently to come to an understanding and then acted upon it the manifested reality is the quality of the condition which manifests in any given society based upon the aggregate quality of human behavior within that society this is how our reality is actually created the conditions that we experience as the daily events of our life it's a simple three-stage process that leads to a result and for many people here you will recognize if you've looked into this discovery process and this creative process is known as the Trivium this is what the Trivium is okay in the ancient traditions this is what the Trivium was labeled it was labeled knowledge understanding and wisdom in the later aspects when they passed out of mystery school tradition hands and went into some other thing tank in society hands the the knowledge of the Trivium was termed grammar logic and rhetoric grammar being the knowledge stage of aggregating available information logic being the understanding stage of making uh using processes to analyze and filter said information and come to understanding of it and then the rhetoric stage was the application the action taking action based upon what you've come to understand now there's a third way of looking at the Trivium in computer jargon and that is input processing and output and then you get the result on the screen which is called life alright any way you want to look at the Trivium I don't care but understand it know how it works okay because this is why we're a big part of why we're in the situation that we're in is that the Trivium methodology of truth discovery has been completely obliterated from public consciousness completely obliterated and I ask people how many people have even ever heard the word Trivium raise your hand if you've heard heard the word so a good portion of the people here have many people have never heard the word and if you do a google search on it most people are gonna get back the band the metal band the Trivium which is not a bad band but you know but the whole point here is we draw the results that are gonna come back through Google or Bing or Yahoo or whatever we're going to give you a metal band a heavy metal band instead of the Trivium method of learning the classical liberal arts education methodology because they want to try to sanitize that as much from human consumption as possible they don't even want you to understand how that works at all and that's why it's been removed from public schooling and that's why as long as this society stays the way it is it'll never be put back into the public schooling you know I tell people a little anecdote it when I was in when I was in a high school and thank God I went to the high school I did because they really hammered Latin and Greek into you you're gonna know your Latin and Greek when you came out of my high school okay for whatever other indoctrination they put in II that's a different story but I'll tell you what you came out of there knowing your ancient languages they they you know it was still part of the curriculum when I was in high school and you know again I think I came out better out of there because of simply the linguistics knowledge that I gained from it we read Gaius Julius Caesar's war journals in their original latin and translated them and one of them he's talking about he's absolutely lambasted one of his Centurions hey they're on a campaign in Gaul which is France now and a Caesar is you know making his rounds of his troops and they're getting ready to you know push deeper into Gaul and he finds you know when when they would have their encampments they would have a lot of you know slaves of the Roman Empire that they would take with them on their campaigns that would do a lot of the lifting of the equipment and the carrying of the equipment for the Centurions to do battle in the next battlefield location and their slaves would have to do all that manual labor and Caesar says to one of his Centurions he's passing by their encampment and he sees one of the actual Centurion leaders teaching one of the slaves the Trivium method and he flips out on him in this journal he says I caught one of my Centurions you know teaching the Trivium and freaks out on them how dare you teach a slave our method of learning soon they won't want to be a slave anymore there'd be an uprising if they knew what we knew if they knew our truth discovering methodology he said but I think I forget how it really ended but I think how it ended was he told this Centurion if I ever catch you doing this again I will personally throw you cast you into the wilderness of Gaul and let the galleons deal with you who knew that the Roman Empire was trying to conquer their people at that point which is basically saying it would be a death sentence but I won't even carry it out I'll let our enemy carry it out on you that's how much he didn't want their slaves to understand their methodology for learning and that's the Trivium and that's why most people have never heard the word so you got to look into it and understand how it works that's all I can say about it it is how we build our reality either efficiently or destructively so let's look at some of the principles of natural law now in my extended seminar which goes over a six week class of of lessons I get into these principles deeply in you know in an extended form we're not going to do that today because time doesn't allow I'm going to briefly touch on each one okay the word principles let's define it principle comes from the latin noun principia Principia means first foremost leading chief or most necessary it is that which matters most is the first things that must be understood before anything else can be understood principles have to come first and this is the problem our society does not put principles first it puts trivialities first and we're no longer a society that even cares about principles or first things so first things first first things or principles have to come first so let's look at what the principles that underlie natural law these are the things that are most important that's what principles should mean to people we ask people to find what a principle is first thing they should say that's the most important thing the most important thing in my life now when in in the natural law seminar we did a homework assignment we asked people what the most important thing was to them very few responded with principles most people responded with saying that people where the family was the number one response the familial connection was more important to them than principles now when people hear me say that that's backwards they'll say how cold are you that's so cold okay what I'm telling you is that the familial connection no matter what it is between a mother and a son a mother and a daughter a father and son father and daughter husband and wife doesn't matter as much as principals I'm not telling you they don't matter at all I'm telling you you have to put principles first otherwise those relationships are just meaningless they don't really have any real value unless they based upon principles first which is why so many relationships are dysfunctional principles have to come first before you can even build a solid relationship with another human being so let's look at what some of the principles of how natural laws work first before we can actually find out what the expressions of these laws are in our lives which will be the next section these are what I call the general principles of natural law natural law is expressed through seven basic underlying principles plus what I have referred to as an eighth or hidden principle which you you hear very few other researchers even people who are studying this from the occult perspective who are studying this from the consequentialism perspective you very hear them incorporate the eighth and all-encompassing principle which I'll get to last year this eighth principle which I call the lost principle binds all the other seven principles together all right these principles together constitute a master key through which universal wisdom including the knowledge of the requirements to obtaining what we desire is then unveiled or do halted when people ask me what do you consider yourself and your performance of present presenting what you present I tell them I consider myself a D ocultist I'm no longer an occultist I'm a d ocultist I'm attempting to take this information out of hiding it's been hidden the hiding of it is destroying the fabric of our society and putting us into bondage it needs to come out and be non hidden needs to be unveiled and shared widely and freely with anybody who's capable of accepting it and comprehending it now because we're and we're not in a position where we could wait longer we're not in a fort at the precipice okay there is a moral obligation to bring this information to the public now okay so I consider myself a do cultist one who takes things out of hiding and presents them openly these are the seven general principles of natural law many people who have studied some variants of occultism may recognize these as what are known as the hermetic principles hermetic essentially comes from hermes hermes trismegistus the the the thrice great one as he was referred to in the ancient Greek mystery traditions okay he was considered a messenger of the gods he brought the wisdom of the gods down to humanity okay in the ancient Egyptian and Commission tradition traditions he was the scribe of the gods known as Thoth all right he has other incarnations as well but the Hermetic tradition is named such because it's hermetically sealed like natural law is natural law is hermetically sealed it is binding principles that are immutable there are laws that are an operation that cannot be changed hence they are hermetically sealed so these Previn general principles they are mentalism correspondence vibration polarity rhythm cause and effect which is a huge one which we'll be getting into and gender so I'm gonna briefly describe what each of these are and what they are about the principle of mentalism states that the all everything in creation is actually a manifestation of mind they always mind Hey what this means is everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state which preceded it everything for anything to exist thoughts had to form first and then they formed the physical reality after the universe itself is a mental construct of the creator thoughts lead to the manifestation of things and events thoughts create conditions thoughts create things and conditions they cannot just magically manifest themselves thought comes first thoughts create our state of existence and the qua of our experience here on earth ultimately therefore be responsible for everything we should be responsible for everything that we create by being responsible for that which we think because the thought processes are water driving the behaviors people behave the way they do because they have certain belief systems embedded in the mind and running like a program their thoughts and their emotions are driving their actions so the behaviors not magically suddenly gonna just change the thoughts and emotions have to change because they're the driving force behind the behavior that's when reality will change see people don't want to hear that once again they don't want to hear if you want to change reality you yourself have to change the way you think because the way you think is not conducive to the requirements for getting what you say you want they're doing the exact opposite of that in many cases so that's the principle of mentalism the principle of Correspondence states that that which is above is similar or like to that which is below so what this means is that which is below and that which is below is like to that which is above it's a mirror okay the above is like the below the below is like the above all right the above in this case is the macrocosm hey the laws of the very large things okay the laws that govern the creation which we consider is seemingly outside of ourselves we know we know it the deepest level that it's not that we're one with it but you know we perceive this as out here the laws that they are governed the the large aspects of things so the macrocosm were the very large the totality of everything and the microcosm which is the very small or the individuated units that comprise the whole in their aggregate okay they are reflections of each other they cannot be separated from each other one goes the other goes the universe is actually a holographic system okay it's a hologram is an image okay you pass a laser through it and it then projects a 3d image okay it's like a flat image and it projects a three-dimensional image but the aspect why they call it a hollow like holistic hologram holistic image is if you break a hologram into multiple components by cutting it so if I take a hologram and I cut it in four pieces you don't have a quarter of the image on one part of the hologram and a quarter on the other and a quarter on the third and a quarter on the fourth you have four whole images that only lose their resolution by a quarter okay so everything is contained in all the smaller parts okay that's like the reality that we're living in our universe is a holographic one so the universe is inside the individual and the entire universe is like an individual their reflections of each other to know the workings of the individual will help lead us to an understanding of the macro cosmic laws similarly to learn the macro cosmic laws will help us to learn the way that consciousness within the individual functions these two things cannot be separated from each other and once again as I said at the near the beginning that's what occulted knowledge is the knowledge of the occult is how the microcosmic world works which is the individuated consciousness and how the macro cosmic world works which is natural law so the other part of the principle of Correspondence is that our reality is also fractal in nature now if you studied fractals these are self-similar mathematical generated patterns okay we see this through things like Fibonacci sequence in in mathematics and this is repeated endlessly throughout nature okay so you look at you look at the structure of the atom and it's similar to the structure of the solar system which is similar to the structure of the galaxy they work same way they look the same you pull back enough you'll keep seeing the same pattern repeat everybody ever see the movie that was done and I think that 1970s or 80s it's a short like ten minute clip it's called powers of ten has anybody ever seen this a couple people watch this movie powers of ten and you'll understand what I'm talking about when I say that the universe is fractal in nature brilliant movie it will blow your mind real short ten minutes long something like nine or ten minutes long they basically zoom up into the cosmos to show you how everything is self-similar then they zoom down into the cells of a human being and in the atoms that comprise the hands and cells of the hand and show you how everything is similar there all the way down to the atomic level okay and the subatomic level so the universe is both holographic meaning that the whole is contained in the parts and vice versa and it is fractal we're self similar across all scales of its existence that's the principle of Correspondence the principle of vibration simply states that there is no such thing as rest as dead or non motion okay death in that sense is an illusion because true death would be the cessation of all motion and energy there is no such thing it doesn't exist you cannot go anywhere in creation where something is complete rest okay and I joke around about this barb tells many funny stories when she comes home from from work and she's trying to you know enlighten some of the other our ends that she works with and she was trying to explain to one of the other nurses you know that desk has atoms in it and they're not at rest they're like in crazy chaotic motion especially the you know electron clouds of the atom and if you look at it at a deep enough level you would see it's like you know chaos going on and it's all kinds of motion happening seemingly at random and the other nose nurse goes barb you're so crazy you know what I say to that is how could you have made it to nursing school and not ever have under have even considered the concept of the atom right you know and it's amazing you know she actually thinks perceived stillness is actual stillness and didn't comprehend if you zoom into that with a powerful enough microscope you're gonna see all kinds of motion and nothing's at rest and she thought barn was the weird one for trying to explain that to her okay so there is no such thing as true rest doesn't exist if something's in existence it's in motion everything moves everything vibrates and at the most fundamental level the universe and every single thing which comprises it is ultimately pure vibratory energy that is manifesting itself in different ways different frequencies different vibratory forms the universe has no true solidity as such as we imagine solidity at the macro cosmic level matter is merely energy in a state of vibration and what this is if we truly understand this and many Sciences are now finally really understanding this and trying to propagate this knowledge out into the public we want we will come to the understanding that this is a spiritual construct for experience to be gained to have an experience and learn and grow in consciousness that's what the purpose of this whole thing is for you know so nothing is truly solid you know it's it's a spits again like we say we are spirit having a human experience the whole universe is spiritual having us experience in solidity all right that's how you have to look at the principle of vibration the principle of polarity states that everything has a dual nature to it there are polarities in everything that exists okay everything has poles everything has its pair of opposites however opposites they are identical in nature but they're different in degree so let me give you an example of what that means are hot and cold really opposites or can we simply look at as the presence of heat energy or the absence of heat energy meaning that they're the same thing energy and whether it's concentrated in a specific area which would make it hot or whether it's absent from a specific area which would make it cold okay that's what hot and cold are at the fundamental level at our level of perception they're opposites but at the fundamental level they're the same thing energy or it's or lack thereof just like those three stages of the Trivium our knowledge and ignorance the same thing yeah actually they are because truth is always present it's a matter of whether it's whether it's taken in and processed or whether it's refused to be taken in and it's not processed okay so it's it's just like that they're there they're identical in their natures but they're different in their degree okay extremes can meet and blend and you know play with each other like as depicted in the yin-yang symbol masculine and feminine they need to be blended and at some level of reality everything that is seemingly contradictory may be reconciled now again I stress the term at some level at the unified field level this everything is consciousness pure consciousness however at this level there are differences in consciousness at this level there are things that are taking place that we need to understand at this level there are things that we need to set right and rectify because it does matter it does matter okay so again be careful with some of the new-age isms that get put out there yes do can all paradoxes be reconciled at some level in this realm we need to have our feet on the ground in the physical domain you know the continents the concept in the Hermetic tradition which is where a lot of this understanding derived from out of ancient Egypt what was known as chem the land called chem was what the actual Commission's referred to it as the word Egypt is a bastardization of the capital the Greek pronunciation of the capital city of Khem which was Memphis at one point and that city was referred to as high gap toasts in Greek and that became Egypt in English but the original name for Egypt was CEM that's simply called black or dark in their language it was the black land and we get the word alchemy which means again al from ok it means from the black land I'll commence which were alchemy comes from and that means out of Darkness this knowledge will come and bring light because a lot of these mystery tradition teachings do come from chemical and also the people who took it from chem and started a propagator in other areas were the need the Greeks in the Greek mystery traditions and again there was light sighs and dark sides all these mystery traditions okay there were some who used the knowledge wisely and tried to propagate it and tried to elevate human consciousness and there were those who wanted to use it selfishly for their own benefit and to control others so my point was that in the in the egyptian mystery tradition they I lost my train of thought there I'm sorry I was talking about all paradoxes may be reconciled at some level and I brought up the mystery traditions I can't remember why I went into into that so I'll just keep going let's look at the principle of rhythm everything flows out and in everything has its tides all things rise and fall okay so everything has a rhythm to it or a swing to it there's tendencies that exist in energy the pendulum swing manifests and everything that we undergo everything we perceive the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left it's just an opposite perceived as an opposite rhythm will compensate now what this how this should be understood when we are talking about natural law as many people will say well that's just the way the ten see is moving us it's just the way the tide is taking us right but that's not really accurate hey we can't look at these things as that the rhythms are set in stone and has to be this way now right one of the things that a lot of the Hermetic tradition taught regarding these laws these principles were they can be overcome by higher levels of consciousness okay this one was one of them rhythm is a principle that is a tendency for something to swing a certain way it's it's let's let's liken it to genetics you know if you look at some newer biology a lot of modern biologists are suggesting consciousness plays into whether a gene activates or not and expressed as a certain condition well this is the same way there's something that can be done about the swing or the tide okay let's look at it as you have a boat and you want to row the boat out to sea right you have to get past the tide you have to get past the breakers and the waves and if that tides really strong at high tide it's gonna be very much more difficult you're gonna have to expend more energy to get it out to see if however you were taking it when the currents moving out to sea okay there's a flow that's moving outward deeper into the ocean and you start rowing that boat then you're gonna be able to do it much more easily okay so if there's if there's winds pushing along a plane it's going to have to expend less energy it's going to get there quickly more quickly because it's adding to the energy if however you're flying against the wind you got to expend a lot more energy it's just a tendency you can still get to where you want to go you may just have to exert more effort right now we're in a tendency of things are not flowing okay it's an adman all right and it's something that needs to really have more energy put into it if we're going to resist the tendency it doesn't mean nothing can be done about it it doesn't mean it can't be overcome it means at the time we're living in okay we want to make this motion go in this direction but its tendency is to move in this direction so more will is required at this time to move the consciousness at other times the consciousness may be flowing in a positive direction and it may take much less energy in order to move that consciousness forward however we're not living in that time we are living at what many researchers have called the Kali Yuga or the age of darkness and destruction you know this is the the point that resists the flow in consciousness the most and it's going to take an enormity of effort to break down these pre-existing belief systems that don't serve who we are so that's the principle of rhythm this is the principle here in natural law that most fits in with how I'm using the term natural law today cause and effect many people again in the New Age community you don't want to believe that there's causes and effects and that effects are driven by causes that you know come first and then manifest conditions so the principle of cause and effect simply states that every cause has its effect and every effect has its cause every single thing that occurs happens according to law alright chance is a name for law a law not recognized there are many planes of causation but nothing escapes the law so again is there free will yes there is free will but is there free will to ignore law without consequence no there is not that's the limit of free will free will is operating within boundary conditions that I'm referring to as natural law it's a series of laws actually okay free will operates within these parameters or boundary conditions that cannot be exceeded or gone beyond without consequence oh yeah you can break natural law yes you can break it but you cannot break it without consequence you cannot break it without consequence negative consequence and that's why this body of knowledge has in the past been referred to as consequential lism it is the knowledge of how consequences are generated by our freewill decision-making processes within the boundaries of natural law so this is the law of cause and effect the principle of cause and effect and I think this image I was searching for images that encapsulate cause and effect then I found this cartoon I think it does it brilliantly most of all because will the effect happen immediately no it will not happen immediately there is a time lag you set the cause into motion the universe is going to intelligently bring to you through a rearrangement of all the dynamics that it needs to rearrange the effect of what you've generated by setting that cause into motion and there is a time gap between the cause going into place and the effect coming around and hitting you this is why the pattern recognition of cause and effect is more difficult because it is separated by a time lag by what we perceive as linear time now if you did wrong to somebody and immediately you were stung by a wasp every single time you did it wrong to somebody it showed up and bit you immediately within two seconds of you hurting somebody stealing from somebody lying to somebody etc would you start to connect the stinging to the wrong that you did I think most people would see the pattern they would recognize the pattern but since that doesn't happen and there's a time lag to generate to experiencing something harmful to ourselves once we do something harmful to other people it's very difficult for people to see the connection through the time line most and moreover it doesn't exactly happen in a one-to-one ratio like this okay it's more karmic consequence is more complicated than all of that all right what's happening is that all of us are experiencing in the aggregates the wrongs that the human species is conducting on a daily basis which we do not attempt to rectify and stop through our inaction karma is being accrued people think that karma can only be accrued from action no it cannot it can be accrued from in chin as well and that's where many people in our society is they're not taking any action and they're willing to let evil run unchecked so this is ultimately gonna come back and bite us you know and what we set into motion is gonna actually topple over onto us if we don't change our thoughts emotions and behaviors nothing escapes law we are bound by it eternally you know you just go back go back I'll leave it on this slide from you know for some people familiar with my work you've seen me break down the Matrix trilogy and the law of cause and effect is brought forward extensively in the second Matrix movie The Matrix Reloaded and the scene that encapsulates this the most is the character of the Merovingian who tells to the heroes who want to be free from the matrix and it's control okay you are coming to me without an understanding of why you're in this position you don't understand the causal factors that have led to the current conditions they're in place therefore you are coming to me with no power to effect change you are powerless so why should I help you you're powerless because you lack knowledge and understanding of what set these events into motion why the question why he says why is the only source of real power without why you are powerless he's talking about cause and effect and he says it's specifically causality he calls the only real truth and this is the villain the words of truth come through one of them it's a big technique in Hollywood to the words of truth are spoken by the villain in the movie or in the series okay but if you listen then there is a twist the dark twist of what he says he says free will is like an illusion no it is not that's where the dark occultist is trying to trip up the heroes there are both free will and natural law he tries to say free will the the Morpheus character says to him everything starts with choice and Morpheus is correct our choices set that causality into motion before it becomes an effect and the Merovingian tries to tell them no there is no free will that's where the dark occultists will give you the bulk of truth and then poison it with that one thing he wants to get you to accept okay so the next thing that needs to be understood is the two planes alright there's the plane of effects and then there's the plane of causes no power to affect any change lies on the plane of effects which is the physical manifested reality again what already is nothing can be done about what already is you cannot change you cannot change the past you can change what it is starting now and make sure that it gets changed in the future but right now what is is the truth and all you can do is accept that or reject it you can't change the past so the physical world that is manifested up to this point happened because of things that occurred in the past the causes happen in the past nothing you can do about that right now okay the plane of effects or the physical world is where manifested realities have already occurred have already taken shape have already formed due to their underlying causal factors the plane of effects constitutes that which has already occurred as such no power to affect change lies here because that which has already occurred cannot on occur that which has occurred can't undo itself it happened it's already done it has become that which is or truth human consciousness seems to be trapped upon the plane of effects meaning that humanity as a whole remains ignorant of the underlying causes causes which they themselves have set into motion and which lead to self inflicted suffering in their lives so if you're trapped at this level what you're doing is you're looking at the symptoms and you're stuck looking at the symptoms okay this is everybody oh there's a political solution of this we need to vote in the right people oh there's a financial solution to this we just need to set the right monetary policy no there's a scientific solution to this and technological advancements are going to be made that suddenly save ourselves and make the world any different and they think all of this is gonna be done while slavery is still in place well again good luck with that and let me know how it works out okay I speak it free energy related events I work with the Tesla Science Foundation I speak it MUFON related events that talk about disclosure of extraterrestrial presence okay both of these communities don't understand the things that they say they want are impossible and I'm gonna start talking about them in in this way more openly you know because I've kind of like given them some soft teachings I think they need to hear a little bit more harshly because both of these communities are not talking about morality to the extent that they need to they think we're gonna have free energy but nothing's gonna change as far as the social structure of the world goes we'll just develop free energy and that'll magically save us we'll still have slavery but free energy will be here and the world would be a magically better place the UFO community they often think oh we're going to get disclosure they're gonna come out and tell us everything they know about other intelligences that are out there in the galaxy and in the universe with us okay and they think they're gonna get that in a climate of slavery well good luck with all those things you got to take down the existing structure first okay people think oh we got to build the new world while the no one decays you have to destroy the existing power structure with the power of truth before anything new is gonna grow here because this place is a garden full of weeds of poisoned ideologies and completely erroneous belief systems that have no bearing on truth whatsoever and cannot get us what we say we want until that chain those thoughts are changed don't expect the results you want so to the free-energy movement I say you're never going to get free energy in a climate of slavery to the UFO community I say you will never get disclosure in a climate of slavery slavery that's the end first then you could get what you say you want so again no power to affect any change lies in the world of effects cannot be done you are rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic while it sinks you're not creating any change doing those things because the underlying causes aren't changing and the underlying causes are how we think how we feel and how we behave and no one wants to look at that they want to think all those things can stay in place and I could magically get what I want I want to keep my hand over the fire but I don't want it to burn and blister well enjoy seize find out what you get when you do that because that's what we're doing when it comes to natural law so let's look at the plane of causality this is the other plane this is the mental realm the mental world again according to the law of mentalism the first principle of natural law everything that manifests must first manifest in mind before it can manifest physically so again if the plane of causality is the mental world that should generating the causes in mind okay everything is happening there first and then it is trickling down to the physical domain it is manifesting in the physical domain only after it has manifested in the mental world the plane of causality is where causes are set into motion prior to those causes manifesting as formed realities in the plane of effects this plane of causality constitutes the causal factors the why which underlies and precedes all manifested things and events all power all power to affect change lies on this plane of reality human consciousness must move away from the plaintiff effects and to the plane of causality in order for human beings to understand the causal factors of the conditions which they are collectively manifesting in their lives only then will humanity be able to co-create their shared reality on a conscious level meaning with an understanding of how natural law operates rather than on it on an unconscious level meaning that we don't understand how natural law operates and I just look at it in a simple graphic and a simple you know chart or graph this is the this is the higher realm this is the world of causality the mental world the why the underlying causal factors okay that precede conditions which which are manifested this is where our consciousness has to go because this is where all power to affect change is that in the understanding of why that manifested to begin with so these are the symptoms this this line could be looked at as the diagnosis you have to make that diagnosis and get to the underlying causal factors that lead to the symptoms okay the plane of effects on the other hand meaning the physical world is the manifested realm that which has already occurred that cannot be undone at least in the in the present moment you could start in the present to undo it in the future but as far as the present moment and all moments in the pass code you're not changing that that's truth that's what is okay that's already manifested you can't change it no power defect to affect change lies in continuously analyzing the symptoms you've got to do that long enough that you know where the problem is that you've made the diagnosis now you can get to the causal factors and start going to work changing those causes okay unfortunately this plane the plane of effect seems to be where human consciousness in the aggregate is trapped they can't seem to get past there even if it recognizes the problem it wants to keep describing the problem it wants to keep describing the prison it doesn't want to look at the causal factors because it's afraid of what the causal factors are it doesn't want to acknowledge the causal factors lie in how we think feel and act and until those things are changed the the external manifestation cannot change that takes responsibility the final principle of the seven principles of natural law and these the formalized ones are gender again I'm going to talk about an eighth lost one gender exists in everything everything has its masculine and it's feminine components or principles we've already seen that when it comes to human brain consciousness world view etc gender manifests on all planes of existence spiritual mental physical everything okay very simple concept what I want to briefly talk about his mental gender mental gender is the state of coexistence between the masculine and feminine aspects of the mind again we've already looked at this we looked at the breakdown of the physiology of the brain at least of the higher order part of the brain the neocortex our left brain hemisphere largely facilitates the masculine aspects of the mind or the intellect logic analytical thought linear thought processes while the right brain hemisphere largely facilitates a feminine aspect or intuition meaning creativity compassion and holistic thought processes this next section is what I call the lost principle this is the eighth principle of natural law which binds all of the other principles together okay it is what I would call the encapsulating principle hey it's the container inside which all the other principles fit very nicely and neatly however it's lost because we're not exercising it see we already looked at one two three four five six seven principles of natural law and they're they are represented by these circles overlapping each other okay can anybody see an eighth circle anywhere you got it correct here's the eighth circle and this might look familiar you might have seen this somewhere okay this this pattern is called something does anybody know what this pattern is called what is it not the Flower of Life the seed of life the seed of life okay now what happens from a seed it grows it generates something it creates something a seed has an outer casing an outer shell okay then if you're going to get to the inner core of it that contains all of the creative genetic generative material okay that shell has to be there and intact you break the shell of the seed the creative essence of the scene is going to be gone okay now what is that principle here's what that principle is it's the eighth or what I call the lost principle and it's the thing that has to be present in order for any change to manifest itself and it is not what most people think of it as even when I tell you what this is I guarantee you there will be a inaccurate connotative meaning for what people think this means okay here's what the eighth principle is it is known as the generative principle or the principle which governs creation which actually is the causal factor that goes into effect and generates the result that we say that we want but what's the real term for it who can guess what the actual term what the generative principle of creation actually is no it is not action it okay now most people will say it's love I want to distinguish it from the concept of love even as I'm going to describe love in this presentation a little bit later on okay what is it know what he said it but somebody said something else no who care there it is okay the generative principle is care now this is different than compassion people say why don't you use the word compassion because that's not what I'm talking about it is a different concept than compassion or even what I would describe as love care and I mean care with a capital C and here I didn't even put it with a capital C just put an all uppercase all uppercase care the distinguish this from care with a lowercase C okay this means what are you giving attention and helping to grow what are you focusing upon because what focus you're focusing upon that's what's ultimately getting generated getting created and growing and this doesn't mean be ignorant of what's going on in the world and don't look at anything that's negative because you're gonna feed that and give power to it that's not what it means okay that means you know what you're feeding in that instance if you want to do that you're feeding ignorance and that's what's gonna grow it's the exact opposite that the New Agers want you to believe that it is by ignoring the negative you are ensuring that more of it occurs you are fueling it by ignorance ensuring that it grows and takes over okay what care has to be looked at here as is this is what you're giving your energy to this is what you're focused upon this is what you actually care enough about to do to spend your time on to put your attention on to manifest in the world that's what I'm talking about as care okay that's what generates our experience in the aggregate most people don't care about what's really happening therefore it is an impossibility for us in the aggregate to change the direction of energy to change the direction of consciousness and ultimately to get what we say we want that's how the real law of attraction works all right here's how it actually operates the lost principle is the dynamic of care what we care about on a day to day basis acts as the driving force of our thoughts and actions what did I say we need to develop the heart mind guts right heart mind guts in that order care comes first you've got to care enough to know to develop the knowledge okay then you got to act on it and put it into practice apply it so that's the order heart mind guts care knowledge action those are the steps okay and all three of those have to be in place all three that's what unity consciousness is it's unifying thoughts emotions and actions the three aspects of consciousness such that there is no contradiction between them our thoughts what we say what we think how we feel and how we act are one in the same there's no contradiction that's unity consciousness okay therefore okay since it's that care is the driver of our thoughts and actions it oh ultimately can be seen as the generator of the quality of our shared experience here on the earth care is what generates the whole thing hence it has been called the generative principle like in the heart to a pump in the body well what is the pump do it's a generator it provides energy it moves the lifeforce through the blood in the body in every ancient tradition they talked about the life force being in the blood the heart is what pumps that through the whole physiology and enables us to continue to sustain life okay the heart is the generator it's the pump it's the center of the being as important as the brain is which we just talked about the importance of it the heart is ultimately what's generating the experience because what we care about determines what we think about on a daily basis most of the time and therefore how we behave all right so the this principle has often been referred to as the generative principle anybody familiar with the compasses and square symbol of Freemasonry with the G in the middle well that's what the G stands for at the highest level you'll talk about many many porch Masons these are the exoteric Masons that are given the teachings of the profane and they think they're in the know okay they're given the the information all this only means geometry it only means God etc okay one of the things they'll tell you it means and slightly higher level is that it means gnosis knowledge okay which we saw the meaning of in Greek earlier at a higher level at illuminated levels of Freemasonry which were above 30 32nd degree they will give you what the real meaning of the G inside the compasses and square is and it is the generative principle it means Genesis creation okay and yeah you can tie that right back to God I'm not saying those things are different and the forms that get created in the physical manifested world are geometric forms so it is geometry as well it's all these things but at the highest level it's the generative principle that's what that G really stands for in esoteric Freemasonry okay it's called the generative principle because that means to create it comes from the word generative comes from Latin the verb generate as we've already talked about means to create the generative principle is what we create through and it's lost because people don't care they don't have care hence it's the lost principle okay here's how it works folks what we care enough to put our will behind okay so again heart mine guts guts is the will the action the masculine principle we'll get gets things done ultimately in the physical domain what we care enough to put our will behind and that's driven by the care that's the generator or the pump that drives the will okay what we care enough to put our will behind is ultimately what gets created or manifested in our world the world is the way that it is because most people do not care enough even if they say they pay lip service okay and say that they want things to be different they don't care enough to actually change it through their actions because when again when it comes all down to it and I said this in my new age you know bs seminar or lecture okay what it comes down to is preventing action preventing action that's what the new age community is designed to do they want people in active because the dark occultists know that the thing that is ultimately generating our reality is behavior as you saw in that simple four part chart that little you know building block chart that I put up there action is what's generating the reality that gets generated through what we care about because our cares and our desires drive our actions okay so most people will say they want things that change but then when you say what are you doing to make that change happen not a word silence comes back on the other end okay so they don't care enough to change it through their actions that's what the generative or lost principle is about until that principle is regained and people get out of their laziness and most of all get out of their cowardice again in that new age lecture I'm talking about what it ultimately comes down to in the New Age movement and I'll look at any New Ager in the eyes they're cowards cowards ultimately they know the evil that we're up against and they intend to do not a damn thing about it that's what it really that's what it really comes down to and anybody telling you it's different than that is lying to you okay they're cowards period and I'll say it right to any of their faces anything I say up here outs anybody that believes in that nonsense come and bring him to me I'll tell them right to their face straight and open just like I said it here cuz I don't care I don't care about their nonsense I care about what's real okay so I'm telling you this religion has to go it's got to go if people are gonna make real change happen the idea that it can't be done that it can be done without taking actual real world action has to be purged from human consciousness reality does not work like that period the end and I can't make you accept that I recognize I can't make anybody in this room except that all I can do is put it out there for your consideration and if you have some common sense and really really think about it you'll understand what I'm saying here is absolutely the way it is okay many people want to deceive you through these religious notions okay which is all about getting people to stand down and accept their chains that's what that religions in place for all right this next section I call spiritual currency or spiritual currencies all right there's two spiritual currencies time and attention now look we can readily see this right time is money people say it's currency right I'm gonna spend my time on what am I gonna pay attention to pay attention you pay for something you get something in return when you pay for something right that's what attention will get you here will get you something in return you pay attention you're gonna come out if you were a lot of understanding there's two spiritual currencies time and attention this analogy can be very readily can be seen very readily in the same spending time and paying attention whatever information or endeavors we put our time and attention toward we end up getting something in return for that invest of these currencies this is what real money is folks real money this will get you real money e1i mon i okay you want real money instead of the fake Federal Reserve nonsense Fiat paper currency money that isn't worth the paper it's printed upon then keep thinking that that has value okay and people who say gold is value gold is real money you know I asked people what intrinsic value does gold have and they say well oh it's been traded what throughout time immemorial people valued it does that make it intrinsic you answered my question why why does that projector have intrinsic value and you say because I find it valuable no that projector has intrinsic value because it's capable of projecting an image and if I want that task done that's what I use a projector for okay well what's gold used for can you build clothing out of it can you build a house out of it is it malleable enough to be molded into a weapon of some sort you gonna take shelter under it maybe if you have enough of it but hey you know the whole point is there is no intrinsic value to this it's something that's bit the idea of it having image of any precious metal having intrinsic value other than you know okay in a technological society it's used for computers this is true okay but I'm talking about in nature you know where would this idea of intrinsic value of gold come from in the ancient past people say what's used as a medium of exchange okay it money's not a medium of exchange people think of it as a medium of exchange and it's not it's it's incorrect okay money is the limiter of energy in the system see people think of money as currency even the name is a mind control technique because it's supposed to be about its the currents in the energy system this is the currents it's the amperage right no it's not it's it's not the capacitance either it's not a store that's another thing people will tell you money is what they say is real money they it's all fake it's all fake it's not a story they're you know what it is it's the resistance in the system it's the resistance to change in the system it acts as the resistor because as long as that modality of slavery called money continues to exist there will always it will always be extraordinarily difficult to create real lasting change so again again I piss off everybody religions gotta go scientism gotta go New Age thoughts got to go money's got to go all of its got to go you know why it's all religion it's all religion and the word religion means to hold one back to tie one up and keep them where they're at as we're gonna get to in a few moments okay so let's get back to spiritual currencies we ended up getting something in return on what we put our investment of spiritual currencies toward and you know with that if it's put toward the right goals the end result is true money one eye okay true spiritual vision the ability to see to uh no cult something and see it for what it really is that's what comes from truly putting time and attention onto the right things this return could come in the form of knowledge it could come in the form of understanding it could come in the form of skills expertise and empowerment but only if we invest these two spiritual currencies wisely and let me tell you something folks that's what why most people don't have any money they got nothing to pay for it with see you you pay attention and you get money you spend time and you get money I'm talking about the real thing cool we're gonna take a break in about five to ten minutes okay so we have to invest our spiritual currencies wisely we should seek to improve our quality of attention by placing it upon information that is capable of improving both ourselves and the human condition as a whole give me a heads up in about eight or nine minutes thank you such an effort would also constitute a valuable investment of our time we should ask ourselves what am i spending my time on what am i spending my time doing and what am I paying attention to that's where you will find whether you're investing in real value something that is truly valuable but if most of the time we're spending our time on nonsense and trivialities and you know divisive things and TV and sports and all other kinds of entertainment and distraction well you're gonna have a return on that investment and that returns gonna be low it's not gonna result in much money real money okay most importantly we need to ask ourselves what kind of quality am I getting in return for my investments of time and money a time and attention I'm sorry okay these are the spiritual currencies and that's what most people don't want to give they don't want to give these freely for return on investment they don't want to pay attention to the right things they don't want to spend time on the right things this is a simple chart of how our quality of our attention okay and again this is in the aggregate but it's created by all the individuals how the quality of our overall attention as a species will affect our world in accordance with the principle of Correspondence which states as goes the microcosm or the microcosmic units so will become the macrocosm okay so over here we have a pure information stream this is good information this is information that is capable that resonates with truth and is capable of helping to develop wisdom or right action within the being this over here is the poison information stream like we get from the mainstream media from scientism from the New Age movement from government indoctrination centers called schools okay this is the poisoned information stream now everybody's gonna take in some form of a mixture of both of these streams what the goal needs to be is to purify just like hey you take in bad food you're gonna have bad health you take in banned information the output through behavior is gonna be bad so you got to purify meaning if there's valves here on the individual buckets these are called individual people okay and they're all coming together with the quality of their water right what they're holding within their consciousness and that's all going into the big pool called the world everybody's bringing their bucket to the pool they're pouring it in and then they're jumping in that's the world that's the quality of the world right the quality of this whole thing here is going to be based on how much poison polluted information was in your bucket compared to how much pure information was in your bucket okay so there's valves over here we've got to shut this one off this brown muddied valve muddy valve over here and we got to open this one up okay if we do that the world will be purified and we won't be creating self-inflicted suffering we don't do that we're gonna be swimming in brown muck okay and generating all kinds of problems for ourselves so how are we spending our time what are we paying attention to is this what we're doing on our time and attention sitting behind the hypnosis box which means suppression of knowledge hypnosis is the suppression of knowledge or the suppression of spirit okay or are we going to devote our time to some pursuits of wisdom which means developing knowledge converting it to understanding by processing processing it accurately and then converting into wisdom through action the right action and you know you got to read to do this people don't want to hear that either Hey reading is required the ancient Romans had two words the same word hey that meant two different things in their language the word was Li bear Li ber Li bear meant free as in not a slave a free being would be described as Li bear free it's the basis of the English word Liberty Liberty liberty freedom okay the same word also meant a different concept so the word Li bear didn't just mean free if it was used in a different context does anybody know what else the word Li bear meant Li BER meant in Latin book it meant book does that tell us something they associated the word the Latin word for book also meant free in their language okay and again Li bear is the basis for the word library okay Li berry okay where you can go to become free if you read the right books now and again the world is our library now you know we've reunited all the parts of the big library that were cast to the four corners of the earth the mystery traditions are available at your fingertips now which hasn't been the case at any time in human history and what are we doing we're playing farmville on Facebook you know so we have to ask ourselves what are we spending our spiritual currency on and what are we investing it wisely for a return of real money which is actually spiritual enlightenment I'm going to take a quick break right there and we'll pick it up with the next section in ten minutes ten minutes right back here to continue thank you so natural law has been called many different things in different traditions throughout the world at different times in history let's look at what some people have called it it's been called the law of cause and effect or the laws of cause and effect and there's a scientific connotation to this concept of cause and effect to even scientists will say an effect invariably follows a cause and they'll also say things like for every action there is an equal there exists an equal and opposing reaction so there's a consequence when an action is taken in the more new-age circles you've heard it referred to as the law or laws of attraction okay I call this presentation the real law of attraction so however there are some good things that the New Age community and I don't tell you it's all bad I don't make that blanket statement okay it is a religion in many respects but however there are some truths in bed that can be taken on their own and you know that can be value can be gleaned from so one of those things is the energy that we emit is the energy that we attract this is true what we're putting out into the universe is what we're getting in return from the universe and what we're creating in our reality energy flows where attention goes I just talked about this in the last section what we put our attention on is what ultimately gets manifested in the world as you think feel and act so you shall be you know some of the teachers of a different variants of Law of Attraction teachings have only put the first part in that as you think so you will be know as you think feel and act so you will be and most of all as you act so you will be most of all okay so it's been called Karma it's been called moral law as I talked about before and this is you know captured beautifully by the phrase what we sow we reap what the seeds the seeds that you scatter that's what's going to grow and that's the fruit that you're going to harvest so a very accurate way of looking at again it's been called consequentialism that's another thing I could put into this chart in other words that there is free will but there's no free will without consequence that's called consequentials and that would be another very accurate way of referring to natural law and finally the Golden Rule it's been called okay and it's been stated in the affirmative as do unto others as you would have done unto yourself I find this much more powerfully stated in the negative or what I call the apophatic variant and we'll talk about what apophatic and apophysis means in a few moments I think it would have been much less ambiguous the golden rule if it was said like this do not do to others as you would prefer not to have done unto you now at the ambiguity goes away because people want to be treated slightly differently you know hey a masochist might might want to get beaten by a sadist okay but that doesn't mean you know do do that to others because you like it but people like know what they don't want they don't want their rights taken they don't want their property taken or damaged they don't want to be harmed in their person you know they don't want any of those things they don't want to be lied to they don't want to be deceived so don't do those things other people so let's jump into that this is the heart of the presentation here it's how natural law actually works in our lives what are its expressions how can we come to understand how this operates there are ways of knowing and they're there through these expressions of natural law so we just find what natural law is we talked about the underlying principles that it's based upon now we are going to talk about how it works in our lives okay so we're going to build a chart of the natural law expressions in a moment what these expressions are are the recognisable workings in our life and they take place through five basic expressions each of the five expressions of natural law have a positive aspect and a negative aspect so that gives us a total of ten over all natural law expressions and we're going to build a chart regarding these expressions okay so here's the expression and then there's a positive aspect to the expression and there's a negative aspect to the expression the first expression of natural law is known as and again this is what I call these things and there's no hard and fast rules it's just terminology it's jargon to try to explain them in words okay these are unseen concepts and laws in human in reality in nature and the nature of the universe okay these are just English word terms that I'm applying to these concepts okay so the first principle of natural law I call the generative polarity or in other words this is the force or energy that we are using at the base level start the process of creation or you could say of co-creation okay we're co-creating the reality that we experience with the laws of nature so you could look at the first principle of first expression of natural law which is the generative polarity as the force that we use to set all of the other events which are to come which are to manifest in our lives into motion or in other words what we use the force that we use to generate or create the quality of our experience that's the generative polarity the positive expression of the generative polarity is love now this is not what many people think of as love okay it's not familial love it's not relationship love it's not Hollywood movie variants of love it's not romance novel variant of love okay I call love consciousness love is the force which helps us to expand consciousness and become open to truth if we are in it if we are in that vibratory energy when we become open to truth all right so here's what it looks like visually I try to put a visual aspect to all of these concepts okay and people would think I'm gonna put two people together kissing or hugging or something like that okay love is inside each individual if it's present okay it doesn't depend on any other person you can express love with another person and there's no problem with I'm not saying that's a bad thing that's a great thing if it's present in your life the capital L capital o capital v capital e definition of love that I'm giving here is not that it is this force that opens up our consciousness it's the flowering expression of consciousness okay so how I word this is the positive aspect of the generative polarity the first expression of natural law is love in regard to natural law love should be seen as the expanse a force for consciousness it is the force which helps us to become open to truth and expand our awareness that's the connotation that I'm giving for the concept called love here okay that's the positive expression of the the creative polarity now the negative expression of the create of the creative polarity is the exact opposite of love so people will automatically think well that's hate and it is not because the thing that puts consciousness in a box and prevents it from growing and keeps it where it's at is what there it is fear fear is the basis for unconsciousness you cannot be unconscious of anything in particular unless you fear it okay that's what shuts consciousness down and here's my visual for it fear I don't want to look at that that's too horrible for me to contemplate that can't be true I don't want that to be true that's all fear okay the negative aspect of the generative polarity is fear fear is the contracted force for consciousness fear is the force which influences us to become closed to the truth and it is the force which ultimately shuts down our awareness that's why so many people are unconscious because they are fearful they are fearful of the responsibility that comes with knowledge and most of all they are fearful of having to act based upon knowledge because that requires courage the second natural law expression is the initiating expression what I call the initiating expression just my term for it okay the initiating expression is the first stage of tangible and recognizable results which we produce in our lives after we have quote-unquote set the ball rolling okay set the dynamic in motion by choosing between the generative polarities of either love or fear all right so we choose love and something starts to happen we become open to truth right well love is the expansive force for consciousness that opens our minds to the truth and awareness so what do we gain as a result of accepting or existing in the vibratory energy called love we gain knowledge which is the acceptance of truth since love opens us up to truth knowledge is its reception it is the receiving of truth we come to know okay so that's how it starts I call this the initiating expression now of course there's a negative initiating expression if we are existing in the vibratory dynamic of fear that would be the opposite of knowledge what is it ignorin s' right now this is what I put forward as knowledge this is my imagery for knowledge hey that's a being who knows themselves you know and as the mystery traditions of of Greece put forward at the Delphic Oracle know the self and you will know the universe in other words know the microcosm and you will know the macrocosm know thyself the positive aspect of this initiating expression is knowledge or the acceptance of truth knowledge positively influences the quality of our lives because it positively influences our decision-making processes that lead to understanding in every area of our lives you want to know how some then works and ultimately creates something good you have to have knowledge you want to know how car works keep it running in good order you have to have knowledge you want to know how a computer works keep it running in good order you have to have knowledge you want to know how the human psyche works and keep it running in good order so the conditions on earth manifest the way you want them to manifest you got to have knowledge not getting out of this condition without learning learning is the key it's the answer that knowledge is the answer and people don't want to hear that they don't want to hear it they want to think we're magically going to manifest the desired conditions that we say we want without learning a thing doesn't work that way so again the negative initiating expression is ignorance ignorance is the refusal of truth it is the refusal to gain knowledge okay because we are in fear so here's what I put as the image for ignorance you know the population that is hypnotized that wants to keep paying attention and nonsense and trivialities feed themselves tons of GMO food there's crap for the physiology you know pay attention to distraction entertainment mainstream news and media you know it's all there - just shut the consciousness down and keep people in a depressed psychological State and keep them in a state of psychological infancy the negative aspect of the initiating expression of natural law is ignorance or the refusal of truth ignorance negatively influences the quality of our lives because it negatively influences these decision-making processes that lead to understanding in every area of our lives if you're ignorant about how anything works you can't create the desired condition it's just not possible it's important to remember again that ignorance should be distinguished from nations which means not knowing because necessary information is not present or was unattainable ignorance on the other hand means not knowing even though necessary information is present because that information has been will fully refused or disregarded and again to keep us in ignorance that'll need to hide the information anymore because it's not hidden anymore it's out and it once again it's available at your fingertips for free if you have the desire to take it in but now the the manipulation mechanism that is used is dissuade people from looking at it provide endless entertainment provide endless amusement provide endless distraction and say there's nothing to any of that stuff that's just some old crazy religion that you don't need to understand it's no different than any other religion believing that natural law exists ok that's what people will insist on telling you so people will be dissuaded from Lever looking into it and they'll disregard it on their own choice Thomas Jefferson said that if a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization it expects what never was and never will be freedom and ignorance our antithesis of each other that can never coexist simultaneously that is an impossibility in natural law I'm going to put up a couple other quotes on ignorance samuel adams said no people will tamely surrender their liberties nor can any be easily subdued when knowledge is diffused that means it's everywhere presence and virtue is preserved meaning morality on the contrary when people are universally ignorant and debauched in their manners meaning purely selfish and only worried about themselves they will think under their own weight without the aid of foreign invaders meaning the society will turn inward on itself and collapse and destroy itself just based on the fact alone that the population is ignorant and they are ensconced in moral relativism and other forms of debauchery and just self-pleasure as their highest virtue their highest the desire Socrates said that the only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorant and this is a quote I'd like to be remembered for willful ignorance in the presence of knowledge is the measure of a bad person and people will say that's extremely harsh that's true that doesn't make a statement untrue the statement is true as well it is a harsh statement see people in my family won't why don't you have anything to do with me anymore I've deliberately cut off many members of my own family okay because many members of my own family say I know what's going on and I don't I don't care I don't intend to do a damn thing about it worried about me myself and mine and I don't care what's happening in the world well you know what that's called folks that's called a bad person let's not mince words let's not euphemized let's call it what it is that's called a bad person and I don't want anything to do with bad people in my personal life I don't hang out with bad people I try to surround myself with good people who care because they're creating co-creating wisely okay I tell my I tell family members who I've cut off association with because you do not care is what makes you a bad person I don't want anything to do with you until you start caring about what's going on in the world then we could talk again and I'll welcome you back with open arms and forgive you but not until you know you want to stay in that level of consciousness I want nothing to do with you I don't want to be around people like that they're bad influences and they do bring other people down you know so I'll still put out the information it's there anytime for free that they want to go and engage it and I tell them all any time you want to ask me and come over and engage directly with me I'll make the time for you but until you want to do that until you develop that desire I don't want to be in your presence okay so maybe I don't know if that's going to be effective I don't know and guess what I don't care whether it's going to be effective because I'm not going to surround myself with bad people until they decide I want to make myself a better person then I'll so then I'll engage them and speak the truth to them but until then I'll put this out there for all for free and they can engage at any time they want you know but in my personal life I can't make time for that I don't have energy for that I barely have energy for this an anonymous quote I believe this was from some internet forum I don't know who the gentleman with the gentleman's name was but it's a great quote ignorance is the root cause of all evil and since only knowledge eradicate ignorance it is our duty and moral obligation there's that term to educate ourselves as well as the masses around us that's a moral obligation if you're in a position of knowledge and once again that's why I do what I do I don't do it because I like people don't believe me bar will tell you how much I like people I don't do it to make friends on through to make money I do it because it's a moral obligation for no other reason I don't serve people I serve truth truth is a force force which I serve and I bend the knee to no other that's it that's it so great quote on ignorance they're great few quotes on ignorance let's look at the next expression the internal expression is what happens inside of us very simply so now we've started creating with a polarity something has happened in the world either acceptance of truth or refusal of truth now something's gonna take place inside of us right so look this level is that knowledge level right this is the base consciousness level you could look at that's the found eight remember that four block diagram right you could look at this here's the foundation this is the foundation that lies underneath the Trivium right okay that's just look that's as deep as it gets consciousness or unconsciousness love or fear that's what everything is a choice about between right now here's that first block knowledge or lack thereof knowledge or ignorance right you could see these polarities are like that concept of you know in the polarity aspect of the the natural law principles okay there's one thing that's real and then this is the illusion okay these are two aspects of the same thing this is consciousness and this is its lack this is acceptance of truth and this is the lack of that okay so there it's the same thing but opposite in degree which is why they're the same expression now what happened after knowledge or lack thereof we went up to understanding right so that's what this level is it understanding happens internally right it's an internal process all right so the positive aspect of the internal expression is when we come to understand through developing the knowledge and the acceptance of truth that we are sovereign sovereignty is the expression the internal positive expression of natural law now again underneath these in quote in parentheses I always put what I call these things another name that I've given to these things these concepts I call sovereignty internal monarchy internal monarchy now monarchy means one ruler lawn means one is a prefix for one and Archon in Greek means ruler or master so internally we each need to master and rule ourselves this is our kingdom that we get to rule and no nowhere else we want the rule over anybody else many people think they're the rulers of other people but they're wrong each of us is a sovereign being we're sovereignty as we're going to see means that you're not owned by anyone else no one else owns you if you're sovereign okay so here's my expression my visualization for sovereignty they somebody who truly has the light they have the light at their disposal they're bathed in it they're it's flowing within them okay and light has always been associated in different traditions as knowledge it's been assembled as represented knowledge this is the person who has the knowledge and as has gone through the decision-making and filtering processes with that knowledge to come to an internal understanding that they are a sovereign being and I have news for everybody whether you know it or not whether you are familiar with the term or not every person here is a sovereign and you can never not be it is an impossibility for you ever to be non sovereign it cannot be done cannot be done in nature okay every single human being on this planet is a sovereign being and we're going to look at what a sovereign sovereignty actually means the positive aspect of the internal expression is sovereignty or what I call internal monarchy meaning one ruler with in internal monarchy one ruler within as a state of consciousness sovereignty means that one has unified the three aspects of their consciousness such that there is no internal contradiction between one's thoughts emotions and actions we become a being that as we think so we feel so we speak and act and there's no contradiction between those we're not torn apart from within in this state of internal opposition whether amongst our our own consciousness okay moreover let's break the word sovereign down that's where we're going to come to the real meaning of the term sovereign is derived from the latin adverbs super-super means above see in classical latin there's no there's no up v in classical latin right there was no v character actually if you wrote a v like that it was a you okay and why a w looks the way that it is it's two V's actually but that sound was you in Latin if you see a V there's no beat book sound in classical Latin doesn't exist phonetically alright so this this phonetic variation that we express as the irva in English in Latin was P or B it was represented by a P or a B so what we're really seeing here is su there su ver okay but it was pronounced in Latin soup pear like super well what this super mean is super you're beyond you're above and beyond okay it means above or beyond that's what it means a Superman is one is beyond an ordinary man right the Latin noun regnum comprised of the second part of the etymological root of this word regnum it comes from Rex Rex regice in Latin or regice it means King so regnum was the king's rulership regnum means his reign it's where the word reign comes from an English regnum in Latin it means rulership or externally imposed control hey not not control in the context I'm gonna control my emotions I'm gonna control my behavior no it means I'm gonna control you externally by imposing my will over your will through coercion that's the context of rulership or control that I'm talking about here so put them together sooo fair regnal sovereign means above or beyond externally imposed rulership or control by another that's what it means sovereign means not a subject to another being like a king like one who considers himself a king and it means not a slave to someone who considers themself your master that's all sovereign means folks not a slave and why I say every single person here is a sovereign is because there is no such thing never has been any such thing and never will be any such thing as legitimacy to slavery that has never existed does not exist now and never will exist slavery is an illegitimate concept none of us are slaves the condition of slavery has been imposed upon people but it has never in history been legitimate and it never will in history being legitimate so there is no legitimacy to the concept of slavery of the rightful ruler ship of another being through directly imposing your control through coercion doesn't exist that's a big part of what natural law is about we have to understand what we're saying this word this is what is meant by sovereign not a slave okay we did a study where we asked people are you a sovereign like eleven percent said yes maybe I think was ten or eleven percent which I thought was almost encouraging that one in ten people knew that they were sovereign beings it was amazing but ninety percent of the human population doesn't feel that their sovereign doesn't know that they're sovereign I'm telling you I don't it doesn't matter an iota whether you believe you are or not I'm telling you it's an eternal truth that you are a sovereign and can never be non sovereign there is no such thing as someone else's legitimate rulership or ownership of you because there's no such thing to the legitimacy of slavery and there never has been and there never will be so everyone is a sovereign a sovereign is a monarch again maaan means one and Archon means rule so when people ask me what kind of government do you want I tell them I want anarchy and I once and I want monarchy and they're like how could you have those things things simultaneously because if you have internal monarchy you can have external anarchy see we need to have the rulership within and we need to get rid of the rulership without this is the kingdom we need to master and we need to set aside the concept of mastery and slavery in the external domain in the in the physical world sovereignty so a sovereign is a monarch which means a single ruler who rules only the kingdom of self sovereignty is a state in which one controls one's own thoughts emotions and actions and by bringing them into unity or non contradiction or non duality attains mastery over one's own consciousness sovereignty could be considered the equivalent of true self control true self mastery true self love or true self ownership it's all of these things and ultimately it means not a slave that's what has to be remembered above all else let's look at the negative internal expression for natural law which is confusion now confusion results when we are in ignorance that's the emotional dynamic the feeling that takes place within the individual this is the lack of understanding confusion only happens in a lack of understanding when we have not taken in knowledge because we are afraid we are in fear okay ignorance results and then confusion happens internally so look this is the remember here's the essence that's the foundation this is that first stage that first building block that we call knowledge or lack thereof okay this is the second building block that we called understanding or lack thereof this is true understanding when truth has been taken in and accepted and this is the lack of understanding now in that state of lack of understanding were confused so there's no rulership within inside of us there's anarchy which means the absence of rule of a ruler not the absence of rules which I'm going to get into later anarchy means there's no ruler no master so if there's no master inwardly we have a big problem because that means there's no self mastery there's no self control there's no self discipline and ultimately there's no self-love and that results in an understanding that we don't truly own our selves it would result in the absence of self ownership which is what we're experiencing as a species that other people believe they own other people this is what I found as a picture representing confusion someone who doesn't know them self doesn't know themself completely attached to a ego identity there are there their whole mind is all wrapped up I believe on this businessman I believe on this bank or I believe on this lawyer I believe I'm the stalker and that's my identity and if something goes wrong with that there goes my identity there's who I am down the drain you know so this negative aspect of the internal expression of natural law is confusion or what I call internal anarchy meaning no rule were within confusion is the state of mind in which the being is ruled by fear and ignorance confusion could be seen as internal opposition opposition within one's own consciousness in other words being torn apart from within in such a way that one's own thoughts emotions and actions are in perpetual contradiction with each other a thought emotion and action are not in alignment as we think is not how we truly feel and is not how we act there's total contradiction and separation no no unity amongst those three aspects of consciousness that's confusion the fourth expression of natural law is what happens externally in the macrocosm in society when you have a bunch of people who are in either this dynamic within their own consciousness or a bunch of people who are in this dynamic in their own consciousness a state results in the society at large because the society at large is comprised of the aggregate quality of the individuals that comprise that society alright so if there's love present and knowledge has been taken in and and it's been understood and we understand that we're sovereign and we're expressing self ownership and self mastery what state manifests in society freedom there it is freedom can only manifest when those preceding conditions are in place it cannot magically manifest by any other means if we say we want to be free this is the path we have to take consciousness acceptance of truth and an understanding of our own sovereignty through self mastery it can't happen any other way it's not possible ok so this is what the picture I chose for freedom this is actually from the cover of probably one of the greatest books I think that's ever been penned by human hands and I've read a whole lot of books in my life and on it for me to say that it's a high compliment ok I think I'm a pretty good judge of books that can impart some wisdom to people and I'm telling you you need to read the book the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke if you haven't already read it this is one of the cut of the cover image from that book a very rare book to find it physically online if you find it at a decent price snatch it up and give it give it to other people or sell it to other people ok I happen I had a physical copy of this book I lent it out took off forgot who I lent it to it happens right but this was a rare book and I think was only pressed so many that a couple thousand and was never repressed so it's a single printing or something like that never repressed it now you'll find that book for one hundred fifty two hundred dollars in some places right I finally found it at some foreign source online for like 20 25 bucks and jumped all over and I finally have a new car a new physical copy of it one of the books along with Larkin roses book the most dangerous superstition that if I had to tell you destroy every other book on earth it would be down to these two it's that's that much they're that important this is the cover image from that book which chains being broken that were formerly holding the earth in captivity I think it's a great image that represents what freedom is about it's not about my freedom it's about our freedom it's about freedoms for all beings and guess what our when I say that in relationship to the earth doesn't just mean human beings it means all beings including the animal kingdom so the positive aspect of the external expression is freedom or what I call external anarchy meaning externally there are no rulers there is no condition of masters and slaves okay so that's what anarchy actually means the absence of slavery that's what it really means true freedom for all should be seen as the goal of spiritual development such a state can only manifest as a result of human societies adherence to natural law can only manifest not just will manifest the only way it is possible for it to manifest is if we understand it adhere to natural law okay so that's the positive external expression what happens in society now there's a negative external expression and you can call it multiple things you can call it totalitarianism you could call it slavery I term it simply control externally imposed control okay it doesn't mean you know self control it means literally someone outside of your own being is trying to control you and own you so yeah a good way of looking at it would be slavery as well because control leads to slavery control is what I call external monarchy meaning there's a ruler from without that believes and once believes they do own you and wants to continue to own you as their subject or slave and this manifests in things like the oncoming police state which I wouldn't even say is oncoming I would say it's here say we're already living in it it's not something that's going to happen in the future it's something that's happening in the present you know people talk about it as something they're trying to avoid from happening what makes people think it's not already happening the negative aspect of the external expression of natural law is control what I call external monarchy one external ruler the concentration of illusory power okay in the hands of institutions like government control was the pathway to all forms of evil and destruction it results when a society lives in direct opposition to natural law the fifth and final expression for natural law how it operates in our lives is what I call the manifestation or the result that we create so again here's the foundation for that little four-part building right here's the first block knowledge or lack thereof here's the second block understanding we're lack thereof here's the third block wisdom or lack thereof which is why we're in a society that's completely based in control because we we're drowning in knowledge and having a lick of wisdom you know we're very very little I should say certainly not enough to go around okay that's the action stage or the wisdom stage what happens externally all right this is that top block remember the top white block that sat on top we had the blue block at the bottom then the red then the green and then the white block this was the manifestation the result that we create remember what I little question I put on the top of that white block who can tell me what it was the manifestation now the manifestation was either order or chaos what do we ultimately create so the positive manifestation is order or what we would call all the things we say we want manifested goodness everything being okay not creating self-inflicted chaos or suffering this would be we get what we say we want to get and there's requirements for that and here they are there's the requirements you got to be in this vibratory energy of consciousness you have to accept the truth and develop knowledge you have to have an understanding that you're a sovereign being and you have to work toward the manifestation of true freedom then you'll have all the things you say you want manifested goodness and order in your life and that's the only path to it I'm telling you that's the only path to it blanket statement the human mind has a hard time with blanket statements has a hard time with always every without exception the ego doesn't want to hear that again humanity's greatest fear may be that the truth is absolute I thought would say an even greater fear it has is that the truth is singular that there's no such thing as my truth your truth is truth or truth their truth there's just the truth and whether we align our perceptions to it or not that's humanity's biggest fear so this is what I viewed order as being like okay we have beings that are actually full of the light and they're working toward a world that is based on freedom cooperation knowledge sovereignty no control okay it's what I call in some of my former presentations cooperative spiritual anarchy which is the natural condition of humanity the natural meaning spiritual natural condition of the human species that has been blocked from manifesting through mind control indoctrination fear-based trauma based methods so that's what I call order the positive manifestation manifested goodness it represents everything we say we want and it only results when there is balance or justice justice comes about through adherence to natural law justice can only be present when truth has been accepted in our lives and our behavior has been brought into harmony with natural law cannot manifest any other way that's the positive manifestation the negative manifestation is the opposite of order chaos chaos is manifested evil I just put this as you know complete disregard for other people a breakdown me me me first knocked everybody else down get what I want don't worry about anybody else being hurt don't worry about anybody else's freedom don't wonder other don't worry about whether anybody else's rights are being tread all over it doesn't matter let me get mine self-preservation is the highest law survival is all that matters even if I have to step on somebody else to get it to make that happen yeah it's an animal that's exactly right sir that's exactly correct that's not a human being that's an animal that's how animals in the animal kingdom behave and again natural law doesn't work the same way for animals as it does for human beings because they do not have the same capacity for consciousness that a human being has so let's not start saying that's the natural order no it is not is the exact antithesis of the natural order the natural order is just that order it's in the world it's in the phrase natural order what people are describing as the natural order through this utter nonsense concept called social Darwinism is as I've called it before psychopathic chaos and break down that word psychopathology means an illness of the mind psychopathy is mental illness psyche in Greek means the mind okay and path pathology is an illness sickness it's like Psychopaths are mentally ill and they don't create anything resembling order all they can create is chaos which is why they want us to mimic their mindset because they're just bent on hell and destruction to manifest and they have to have our complicity and cooperation to make that dynamic happen our energy has to be given over to them by our mindset being made like theirs otherwise their worldview can't come into manifestation which is one of chaos and this order the negative manifestation chaos or manifested evil is the exact opposite of what we say we want chaos results when there is imbalance and injustice which results whenever there is ignorance of truth and behavior which is in direct opposition to natural law so that's our chart and one last thing I want to say about it is that the the manifestations or the expressions of natural law are what I would call their their unilateral they don't cross into each other okay there's no such thing as well I've accepted the truth and I've developed knowledge so now I'm in a state of confusion it doesn't work like that hey you can't go from ignorance to sovereignty so the understanding that your sovereign you cannot cross this the area of these charts once you're here you can only go here in order to get here you got to come from here in order to get here you got to come from here here here and here you don't get there from any of these play don't get here from anything in this column you don't get here from anything in this column okay please keep this in mind these expressions are unilateral okay no they cannot be skipped either good question they must proceed in order and in the same column of expression so you can only get to order through freedom which comes about through the understanding that we are sovereign which comes about through taking in knowledge of truth and which comes about through staying in a vibratory energy of love or higher consciousness the openness to truth that's it same thing here we can only create chaos chaos when our society is bent on control okay because we are confused beings that don't understand our sovereignty and think other people can legitimately own us or rule us and that comes from a play of ignorance or refusal of the truth which is based in fear can only manifest that way blanket statement - and I will not retract on that blanket statement because this has nothing to do with what I think or feel or my beliefs this is how laws operating creation not a belief system not a religion has absolutely nothing to do I not develop this I came to an understanding of it by seeking truth I'm telling you that this is not my information never has been my information never will be my information there's no copyright on it I don't claim it it's eternal truths that have existed forever and will exist forever whether human beings are here or not take it and share it freely and widely to anybody that's capable of comprehending it because it's the only way we're gonna get out of this mess okay those are the expressions of natural law now when I say living in harmony with natural law or living in opposition to natural law what do I really mean well what this has to do with is knowledge and we're going to keep going back to this trend this thread is not going away okay and guess what every time I honey of this stuff whenever there's the New Age community around our present okay and you'll encounter them from time to time they'll insist they'll even see the way it's like you can tell knowledge is becoming a bad word to these people no when you say ka no W no it's almost like they immediately have an avulsion it's three negative reaction and it is fear but it's mind control moreover because they are being fed this poisonous untruth that there's not really any such thing as knowledge and that knowledge is not the way out of this prison and I'm telling you it goes hand in hand with religious traditions because they want you to externalize your power externalize everything and I'm not telling you don't not saying don't have a model for behavior and okay first buddha pattern that you want to pattern their behavior on the buddha's life great live the great life you want to pattern your behavior on the life of christ whatever and again i'm not getting into this discussion here today about the actual historicity of the man jesus regardless of what you believe regarding that i understand i can write books on astro theology okay I understand that that being may never have existed in the way a lot of people believe he did so what whether Siddhartha Gautama existed in the form of a man or not or whether that's an allegory who cares understand that the spiritual teachings they were trying to convey to humanity and then apply them in your life live by that ethic that code and great okay and believe we have whatever religious notion you want okay what I'm saying is what this religion called the New Age movement and what many official organized regional religions okay do is they try to take the emphasis off knowledge because again if you're not seeking truth and trying to develop knowledge that's how this information remains occult and that's how the control system stays in place they want you to externalize your power to a deity or a guru once you do that your your your your accepting your change you're saying I have no power let me tell you something folks I'm not powerless I am full of power why because I have knowledge of how things actually work nobody can tell me that I'm owned by somebody else and can get me to believe it because I have understanding of my sovereignty if they can take that away from you by getting you to be emphasized the importance of knowledge of self knowledge they own you that's when you're owned at that point okay knowledge is the way out of this knowledge understanding and then convert that to true wisdom through actions not believing in something not accepting everything not waiting on somebody to come down and save you whether it be Xaro aster or the aliens from Zeta Reticuli or a Stark a man or Jesus Christ okay you keep waiting on an external Savior you're going to be waiting in your chains forever the knowledge of truth is what the Christ figure Himself proclaimed would be the pathway to true freedom now whether you put any emphasis on even exoteric Christianity I'm telling you that's the core of all the mystery traditions is that until you take in the light you'll never dispel the darkness and the light is knowledge of truth that's what it has always been symbolized as and representative as okay knowledge is the answer and here's what the biggest piece of knowledge that comprises natural law needs to be understood there is a difference it is a 100% completely polarized antithesis these are diametric opposite that exist in nature these concepts right and wrong do not exist as constructs within the human mind anybody who believes that is thrown completely off the path they are they are engaged in Satanism let me just say it just openly right out in in a way that is completely unambiguous if you believe there's no real difference between these things and that they do not exist in nature you are accepting Satanism it's a satanic belief system that comes directly from dark occult ISM and once again you could say whatever you want about believing that or not I was a priest within this religion so if you go up to a Jewish rabbi and you you would expect you he would have some knowledge of the Judaic tradition would you not if he went up to a Catholic priest you would say well he has some knowledge of Catholicism and how it expresses the Christian tradition would you not you go up to a Islamic what do they call them right you know would you expect that that this practitioner of his religion who's in the priests class of his religion would have some knowledge of Islam well I'm telling you I was a priest in Satanism and I'm telling you the concept of moral relativism is satanic belief it is satanic ideology it's one of their tits their second tenet they have four pillars the four pillars of Satanism are self-preservation is the highest aspiration and nothing comes above it the second tenet is there is no such thing as the objective difference between right and wrong right is what's good for me wrong is what's bad for me personally and that's it and I get to I get to make that up based on my likes preferences and whims okay the third tenet is social Darwinism which is an extension of macro biological Darwinian theory okay social Darwinism an oligarchy or a ruling class gets to direct the herd because we know better and it's just our right to do so because our intellect makes us superior and the fourth pillar is eugenics since we are ultimately God since we decide what's real and what's not real and we give that perception to the rest of the herd and we get to decide what's right and wrong well we're God here and therefore we get to decide who lives and who dies you know that's the four pillars of Satanism and you know many people believe that nonsense a whole lot way more than people in the priest class of this religion because they are propagating these tenets everywhere in human society so many people are Satanists and do not even know that they are Satanists it is a secret infectious ideology I'll tell you a personal anecdote real quick and I'll tell you who it is now because I don't care anymore my own and mother alright let's make it personal alright okay and I hope she sees it my own grandmother who it was I believe was in her late 70s or maybe early 80s at the time okay I think she's in her mid 80s now I'll speak to her anymore I took a I kept a printed sheet of paper that I printed out of my printer printed it out of the laser printer and I put a little piece of white tape I taped a piece of white paper over the heading the title of the document and I asked her to read this it had four paragraphs right and the paragraphs described each of the tenets of Satanism very briefly self-preservation is the highest law etc etc moral relativism is what we believe in social Darwinism is what we believe in and we believe in eugenics okay she said to me well I pretty much agree with everything that's written there and I said you do and she said yeah that's how I think I don't see anything really wrong with it or bad with it I said okay I said peel that little strip of paper off that I've taped to the top I want you to see what the documents called and on top it said the tenets of modern Satanism I know what her response was well then I guess that makes me a Satanist doesn't it not horrified not oh my god what do what is my belief system what do I believe in no well guess that makes me a Satanist doesn't it as if it was just no big thing and you know what you know how many people are in that mindset hundreds of millions if not billions and don't even understand what it is because they think Satanism is something that it is not they don't understand what the ideology of Satanism is they under they think you have to be associated with the trappings of Satanism okay that you have to dress like as if there's such a thing as dressing like a or you have to have certain things on your walls in your house or in your garage if you're a Satanist well let me tell you something Satanists are the owners of banks they own hospitals they own schools okay yeah certainly that University right across the road and many people ascribe to this religion in their thoughts emotions and actions and do not even understand it because they don't even understand what that belief system is about they don't understand what that ideology is they don't know its tenants so again going back to this if you don't know that there is an objective meaning in nature difference okay between right and wrong that is a satanic belief system morality it's not right versus left it's about right versus wrong this whole left-right paradigm the people who you fall in with with the left with the Democrats or the right the Republicans has nothing to do with anything it's a false paradigm the thing that all of that to destruction for not getting you to pay attention to and understand is the difference the real true and objective difference between right and wrong and we're going to explore what that is because it can be known it can be known and most people will be shocked and horrified to understand the real differences between right and wrong because they'll have to look into themselves and recognize in many ways that they are cooperating with wrong and that they don't really truly know the difference between right and wrong when you tell people this I'm telling you I told this to somebody in a bar once which it was a big mistake of even trying to bring up this discussion in that environment but occasionally I even you know make asinine mistakes like that and think I'm going to be talking to even a semi-conscious being when you're talking to a block okay so I said you understand what actual morality is is true common-sense we're going to look at that term common sense explore what it really means and she said so what you're saying is if I think that there's no really objective right and wrong that I don't have common sense and I said yes that's what it no I said it's not what I think I'm trying to explain you that's what it means by definition not by what I think the definition of common sense is to truly know the difference between right and wrong and I said here because I say that you are not fully in that state of awareness don't even take it personally because billions of people on the earth are in that same state of awareness you're not special and it's not a personal attack against you and I thought this person was going to throw a glass at me literally got so enraged because she's associating the concept of common sense with that you are functional and can adequately perform the daily activities of living and that's not what I'm talking about as common sense okay having common sense about oh I can eat prepare my meals and eat for myself and wash my own clothes and you know go to work that's not what I'm talking about is common sense that sure every man's definition or connotation of common sense we're going to talk about what common sense really is okay a deep understanding of morality which are the principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong behavior lies at the very heart of natural law this is the essence of it folks right here and here's the difference between right and wrong in a nutshell about as simply as I am capable of describing it all right now we use the words correct or right to mean correct and moral when you say okay what's five plus five it's 10 you're right meaning you are correct that is true that is the correct answer that is right okay and then we say was was stealing from was stealing that money from Jim was that was that right to mean was it immoral behavior so now what why would we use the same word again like the ancient Romans used it the same word book and free okay those two different concepts were represented by the same word Li bear alright and there's a reason because reading will put you on the path to true freedom if you read the right books okay why would in English in the English language we not really we have other words to mean the same concepts but the word right means two things simultaneously it means both corrects and it means moral there's a reason because they mean the same thing correct is moral correct meaning that is it is in alignment with that which is true means literally by definition if it is true then it is moral the more you are following something that is false that is not based in truth the more you are going down the path of immorality of wrong doing so we have to come to know what is true regarding right and wrong if we are going to be able to correctly with wisdom choose between these two modalities of behavior so right again it means both correct which is based in truth and moral which means that the action if taken if acted upon is in harmony with natural law actions based in it do not result in harm to other sentient beings that's the definition of right now look at how simple that that definition is and think about it for a moment we're talking about what is a right meaning what do you have a right to do and what you have a right to do is no different than what I have a right to do what I'm telling you here is every single human being on this planet has the exact same rights not one person has one more right than another being not one person has one less right than another being to think that anybody has more or less rights anywhere on the earth at any time in history is a fallacy it is a lie it is a deception it is wrong it is not correct it is not based in truth rights are universal and the exact same for every human being blanket statement absolute truth let the ego chew on it and deal with it okay and again the ego will have a hard time with this in many cases with many people they'll hear that they'll want to throw a glass at me so look at the definition again a right so when you when you make a definition right this is a noun all right nouns a person place or thing in the English language we're talking about a noun here you look up the word right it's a noun meaning a rights a right that we have to enact to take is an action you have to start a definition with the same type of word you said you're defining a noun you got to give him noun to start the definition a right is an action most people will never even be able to tell you that you're saying can you define what a right is to me they will not give you this noun a right is an action so is wrong in action a right is an action that if you take it it does not cause harm to other sentient beings that's the simple and easiest definition to anybody can give for what a right is and I guarantee you you go and engage as many people as you want on the street I have not asked this question and had anybody raised ever raised their hand or even contact me later and say you go up to somebody the street and ask them if they can define what a right is nobody can give you the correct definition for what a right is now if you don't know what the definition of a right is you certainly don't know whether you're choosing accurately between a right and a wrong between right and wrong behavior you can't it's not possible so so many people believe that they're allowed and their can do actions with no consequence that actually aren't in alignment with natural law because the Taking of those actions do result in harm and they don't really even understand that so let's look at what a wrong is we're going to deeply look into what a wrong is I'm going to focus on what wrongs are because in reality to even start this right what have we based this definition on actions based in it do not result in harm right that's the negative of another definition what's the negative of this definition so you can only actually define a right by knowing what a wrong is a right technically cannot be defined outside of the negative a right can only be defined apophatic Allah meaning understanding what a wrong is and then stating that is anything that falls outside of the parameters of wrongdoing okay we're gonna get to what those parameters are all right so I'm sorry I want to focus on wrong for a moment okay wrong again we say this what's five plus five nine wrong it's not true incorrect incorrect answer it's not based in truth we use the term wrong to mean both incorrect and immoral well that was wrong what you did to that person by hitting him for no reason you don't have the right to do that immoral means in opposition to natural law because actions that are based in it result in harm to other sentient beings that's the simple definition of a wrong now we can go we can go deeper into the definition of what a wrong is and look at different types of wrongs which is what I'm going to do in a moment so this is the concept that is referred to as apophatic inquiry very very critical to understand concept and you have to apply this concept what this essentially is is it's a filtration process this is the process of the the middle process in the Trivium okay it's it's weeding through the inconsistencies and saying well is this inconsistent is this inconsistent is that not true and you're you're setting those behaviors aside and you're saying here's the behaviors that are wrong don't engage in those behaviors it's negative it's a negative process it's a disruptive process you're taking away from the body of everything that can be done and you're saying I'm pulling all of these out through a weeding down process and saying these are all inconsistent with truth it's called apophysis apophatic inquiry and that is to be delineated from what's known as cata fatik inquiry cata fatik inquiry means your reasoning in the affirmative and you're not trying to weed down through a process of elimination to get to the truth okay so Kath of catalysis or cata fatik inquiry would be equivalent to inductive reasoning whereas apophatic inquiry or apophysis would be akin to deductive reasoning all right rights are most easily understood when they are considered through apophatic inquiry or what is known as the process of apophysis this process helps us to understand what a right actually is by understanding actions that which actions are not rights because they cause harm to others they're the cause of harm here's what apophysis is it's been called apophatic inquiry okay really look this up understand what apophysis is because it's part of the Trivium process all right it comes from the greek noun apophysis written there in greek script which comes from the greek verb UPOV and i okay so a PO in Greek means away from or the negation of and fan I in Greek means to say or to speak so when we put them together it means to say no or not to say or to say what something is not in other words that's what apophysis is you're saying this is not this it's the opposite of that okay so it is a method of logical reasoning or deductive reasoning that is employed when you are given a limited set of possibilities in order to arrive at knowledge arrived at knowledge by way of the exclusion of known negatives you're setting the logical inconsistencies to the side and saying this is not what this thing is that's called apophysis okay you are describing what something is by explaining what it is not this is called affirmation through negation is another term that this truth discovery process is known as okay so what we're gonna do is apophysis we're going to do a prophetic inquiry regarding right and wrong so what is not a right what are ways that people can cause harm to other people or animals ways that we can cause harm to other sentient beings one of the first thing or so what we're doing here is we're going to list the boundary conditions for natural law here for breaking natural law if we take these actions we are breaking natural law because the action is a cause which results in the effect of harm to another being all right so these are what are simply I call them the natural law transgressions which means sins or wrongdoings there's simply harmful actions that a person is capable taking to another being against another being that's all so of course many people will get the first one what's one of the main horrible wrong things that somebody can do to another person kill them murder them take their life okay murder and I distinguish murder from killing as well because occasionally to defend oneself killing may be necessary but murder is always immoral and wrong okay see the fifth commandment in Hebrew then do you know what it says in Hebrew it does not say thou shalt not kill the term for murder in Hebrew is tears on the fifth commandment in Hebrew is low tears och which means do not murder murder as a verb in Hebrew is a completely different word and a totally different connotation than the verb to kill because what they're saying is don't take life without any right to take it meaning that you initiated the violence and that's what murder is it's the initiation of the taking of somebody else's life when you have absolutely no right to take that life now if someone is coming after you your rights there may be times when you do have to take defensive action and forceful action up to an including deadly force we're going to talk about that later but murder is the first natural law transgression and if you want to go down to a subsection of this transgression you could list it as a totally separate wrongdoing I'm keeping it in the same basic category assault meaning you're directly physically accosting without right the well-being the bodily well-being of another being is also it's like it would be you could consider an attempted murder because assault is something that you do without right someone assaults somebody they have no right to commit assault never exists the right to commit assault does not exist the right to commit murder does not exist in any circumstance ever blanket statement the right to defend oneself through physical force exist and possibly in certain circumstances the right to kill exists but murder and assault can never be rights because they always are done by being initiated without the right to do so it is the initiation of violence all right rape is the second natural law transgression okay you're coercing the free will of another person and making them sexually associate with whom they wish not to that's rape and it's always wrong blanket statement all right the third natural law transgression is theft it is the taking of property that does not belong to you someone else you know got that that property through lawful means without hurting somebody else that's their property for as long as they are using it and being responsible for it and you don't have a right to just take what doesn't belong to you nobody has a right to take my projector or my remote control or my computer any more than I would have the right to take Richards cameras okay that it would be theft of somebody else's property it's not mine and this is the problem we don't understand property as we're gonna get to all rights or property rights we'll get to that in a moment that's the third natural law transgression the fourth is trespass and that means going into somebody else's lair that they are using that they own lawfully and that they're responsible for without their permission or consent and you're just invading their privacy and their space and you're taking their security away from them in that process and we do have a right to set aside a place for ourselves for our own lair okay and to violate that is to trespass against somebody else in in their own property the fifth and last natural law transgression is coercion this is forcing somebody through the threat of violence to have their will comply with your will whether they don't wish that to be the case or not making somebody do something that is against their will coercing them and that's also not a right now that's a small list very small lists right we could add one more we could add lying lying is also a wrongdoing and I would consider that a theft of truth or withholding of truth that somebody needs to understand to make accurate informed decisions lying to them okay but essentially these five are the overarching natural law transgressions I challenge anybody to come up with a wrongdoing that doesn't fit into one of these categories so far I've never had one person able to do it any wrongdoing any action that you could think of that doesn't fall into one of these wrongdoings yeah it I would probably categorize it as pure ignorance but you know I would say hey maybe you could look at it like that because that's propagating the slavery system indirectly so you know you're actually you're not doing anything to help anybody else's freedom certainly I don't know if I would categorize that as a natural law transgression because you know it's it's giving consent and propping up that system it's not timely what I would call an action but it's more of like giving consent oh yeah you could say that is a wrongdoing I guess because giving your consent is tacitly saying that yes to control and that's ultimately affecting everybody else's freedom negatively so you know possibly [Music] but in general what I would say is if you could think of an actual physical action that doesn't fall into one of those categories let me know because that's a pretty comprehensive list then it's only like you know six words so now what if I told you I can narrow it down what if I told you I can get rid of five of those words and take it down to one okay these are the wrongdoings let's try to narrow it down right okay every harmful action that a human being is capable of taking is a form of theft now many people will hear that for the first time I've never heard that said there is no action that you can take that causes harm to another person that is not a form of theft in some form or fashion I challenge anybody to come with an action that isn't a form of theft that is a row that an action that is a wrongdoing that isn't a form of theft you won't be able to do it I put that check and out on my on my podcast say email me if you know you know no not one person the only person one person challenged it and tried to say lying I say okay that's it that's really taking the truth from somebody thieving truth and whether you want to look at it as you're simply dissuading them from looking at the truth to deceiving them or not offering correct information still you're taking away their ability to take to make correct judgments based on the availability of information so it is a form of theft some form of property now look at that word property proper meaning rights is always being stolen when a wrongdoing is committed all rights are property rights all wrongs are theft of property once again I challenge anybody it's an open challenge if you can find me a right that is not a property right or a wrong that is not the theft of some form of property please do it please let me know okay life is a form of property so taking life you had no right to take murder is feeling property that wasn't your own because that was that person's life possessive they own it and I didn't have a right to just go and take it for no reason rights are a form of property meaning actions that you may do because they are in harmony with natural law and do not cause harm to others I don't have a right to stop you from taking if you're not harming somebody else nobody has a right to stop you from taking a right taking an action you may perform any action which does not directly result in harm to somebody else okay rights are a form of property freedom is a form of property somebody doesn't have a right to take somebody else's freedom and hold them against their will just because they don't like what they're doing they have a distaste for what they're doing or they want them to comply with their behavior with their command okay they want them to make their behavior comply with commands that they're being given so if you really break it down let's look at the wrongdoings once again murder is that not the taking of somebody else's life assault is the taking of their right to remain unharmed in their person you're taking their health if you assault them right they're homeostasis in their body is being on is being put under assault and that's robbery that's somebody taking something that isn't there is to take rape you're taking somebody else's free will to sexually associate with whom they choose to sexually associate and therefore that's a property theft because that's their property their free will theft itself says it right there you're taking physical possessions that aren't yours to take from somebody else stealing trespass you are taking someone's security in their own layer as we talk about what you don't have a right to take that's also their property coercion what are you taking somebody else's freewill which isn't yours to take that's a gift from the Creator which belongs to each individual and if somebody's coercing somebody by telling them you must do this because I said so and if you don't do this I will come and do some form of harm to you that's not a right that's a wrong doing coercion and it's a form of theft yeah exactly sure you must buy this imagine this great I want to take five more minutes and then we're going to take a hour an hour and fifteen minute break so all of these things are forms of wrongdoing and they're all ultimately one wrongdoing in different forms they are all theft every one of them there is only one wrongdoing there's only one way anybody can wronged anybody else stealing that's it every form of wrongdoing is a form of theft against another being and their property a living being or their property must have been harmed in order for a violation of natural law or wrongdoing to have taken place any action which does not cause such harm is a right there's the apophatic definition of a right through understanding what a wrongdoing is now I'm telling you billions of people not millions not hundreds of millions billions of people on this planet do not know this could not tell you this because you this is it this is it folks right here this is the crux of natural law what is a right what is a wrong and I was laying I couldn't sleep last night what after we got home I never had problems sleeping ever ever I'm just gonna tell you this before we break I was laying in bed last night before we went I went to sleep for the night could not sleep because all I was thinking of is how preposterous to some people at lunch I'm just sitting there thinking about how preposterous and ridiculous it is for me to even ever have to utter any of this the fact that this is not 100% pure common sense knowledge on the earth is so abominably preposterous to me that all I was sitting there thinking is how could I be good only on explaining this to people this is what I must do and me though I was over it was almost like schizophrenic in a way because I was just thinking that I was waking up and then falling back to sleep and waking I'm thinking where am i why am I here and I'm the person who's coming out and doing this and it's just so absurd and ridiculous to me some punk from South Philadelphia taking in the knowledge of the mystery traditions and teaching them to people me it's the most ridiculous thing I can't even imagine it you know I still can't I can't imagine that it's necessary you know that that's the position that our society is in it's so profoundly sad that I you know I can't believe it and unless we deeply start to understand this and propagate this knowledge to other people things are going to get worse and worse and worse and worse and there's no reason for it there's no reason to go down that path we want to choose the way of maximum pain because we don't want to give up thoughts that were addicted to just because the pattern has been there for as long as we can remember we would rather go down the path to the grave and the abyss rather than admit we were wrong and just say I need to give up this negative way of thinking you know I'm gonna leave it right there and just say the bottom line to what this section comes down to is if someone hasn't been harmed no wrongdoing has been committed no victim no crime in other words many people insist oh there doesn't have to be a victim for there to be a crime committee know many people are rotting away in a jail cell right now as we speak who have never harmed another living being you know any people tens of thousands okay and there no one has any right to hold them unless you've harmed somebody else nobody has a right to stop you from continuing to take the action that you are taking okay we're going to talk about some of those things in the last section so let's take a an hour and 15-minute break and we'll be back here at about 5:20