The Sacred Gift Of Anger

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let's get into the presentation for today and again as Carmen said he specifically requested this one I had talked about giving this presentation for a little while and uh Carmen basically asked me to customize and tailor this specifically for this event which is what I did and this is going to be the background for this one and it's going to get into some heavy serious emotional aspects of what a lot of us go through as seeing people who are conscious and see what resort is really taking place in our world and do the work of actually trying to wake others up to that so the title of my presentation is the sacred gift of anger yes so let's jump in get as angry as you like see I threw a curveball there right you know my tagline is usually get a get as offended as you like but you know and this is this caveat I always give at the beginning of my lectures because for people who haven't seen my work I think it's important to make them realize why I do what I do so this is mostly it's not for you guys most of you know my work but this is for the people who will be watching this later my presentation style is often extremely intense and at times even combative I won't and I don't sugarcoat my words or my delivery some of you may very likely become upset or angered by what I will say during this presentation and so be it that will never make what I'm about to say here untrue the truth by its very nature is belligerent because it wages war against all forms of deception and mind-control I don't present this information to be liked to be popular to make money or to make friends it's great if you know some of those things happen but that's not my intention that's not why I set out to do this work I speak publicly and I have for the last approximately 12 years of my life because I reckon in the crisis that we are in now of overwhelming ignorance and deception I have a moral obligation to communicate what I know to be taking place in our world to others in an effort to help them to understand it so then they can take action and do something about it this has been IIIi feel a very good common thread that I have heard from a lot of the other speakers of this event and I like to hear that and I want to hear more of it that you guys should not just be the ones in attendance a lot of you guys know this stuff and should be teaching it to others by this point already this is about in I am up here to try to inspire you to take the action to do what the speakers here today are doing and you could do it in different ways not everybody has to do it the same way okay but it is about getting on the battlefield it is about actually actively engaging and taking part in this war for our freedom and that's what the one great work of war is about it's about people who are doing it and who I feel are doing it effectively and I know that there's many more potential teachers in the audience so that's one of the main reasons that I speak to people to try to help inspire other teachers to come forward and teach this stuff so when we're talking about anger there's no better poster child than right there okay I figured let's start with the self right that's where this whole thing begins it begins and ends with the self so you know I have really expressed this emotion a lot especially recently for what I see in the world freedom of speech being just thrown on the ground and tread upon you know are what are supposed to be our inalienable birth rights as human beings being practically discarded okay my anger recently has ranged from mild annoyance to white-hot rage okay what I want to talk about here today is the emotion of anger as something that can actually assist us people see it always as negative and we're going to talk about why that is but if it's used properly it can actually be a fuel of sorts as I'm going to talk about but what I hear from a lot of people in you know the the audience okay the people who aren't actually actually doing the work but who are absorbing it taking it in right and you know not people who are at an event like this you know real armchair quarterbacks out there we all know who people like that you know who can talk and talk and talk and criticize when it when you ask the question what are you doing you hear the crickets chirping you know so you know people will say take mark with a grain of salt you know or I don't trust his information because of it's coming from a place of anger right I'll here I've read on forums or on YouTube why not listen to somebody else who presents in a more calm easygoing dispassionate disconnected way you know like not as emotionally involved right somebody like Manley P Hall now I have great respect for the teacher Manley P Hall I think he is one of the greatest esoteric teachers ever okay however if you listen to the the dichotomy and styles between someone like me and someone like Manley P hall you'll see what I'm talking about there it's it's a very emotionally detached presentation style whereas I tend to present with passion and emotion that's my style that's my personality I have no intention of changing that that's who I really am that's who I've always been okay now I'm not saying you can't learn a great deal from a leafy hall and or that you shouldn't absolutely take in his work but be prepared to hear an older gentleman with an extremely monotone voice speaking slowly and dispassionately through the whole duration of his lectures now people will say because he's delivering it dispassionately and sometimes I'm yelling into the camera that somehow that will negate the truthfulness or the veracity of what I'm saying because it's delivered with righteous indignation righteous anger so my question here is see a lot of people want to work with other people's biases and their mental inconsistencies I don't want to work with those things I don't want to capitulate to those things I want to point them out I want to explain to people here's a mind control technique that you've fallen prey to look at it ask yourself why is that your own thought or is that a virus that's been inserted into the mind that someone else wants you to think so my question here is when it comes to two radically different delivery styles does delivery change the truth of the matter or does the truth remain the truth regardless of delivery style and I think if we're being honest with ourselves as we should we should realize that regardless of how something is said are presented truth remains the truth for people to believe that if you say it nice and calmly with a wonderful sweet tone that somehow that makes it more true than saying you better fucking wake up and listen because we're on a really bad path and if we don't change it there's not gonna be much time left for us as a species does it make it any less true how it is said how about if we look at it on the flip side what if we turn the tables completely and say what about this delivery style what about people who are paid propagandists for the powers that be in our world hired by intelligence agencies in many cases what about their delivery style because they wear $3,000 suits and have their hair done at the finest salons and sit there you know looking as good as possible and delivering their absolute forked-tongue lies with a sweet and pleasant voice does that make it any more true see this is this is we have to put these dynamics out there for people to consider why would anyone think because someone may even be rambling in a completely frenzied way that that somehow has anything whatsoever to do with the truthfulness of what is being said see I don't listen for emotional aspects when something's being said I listened for only one thing and that is whether or not the information being spoken is true or untrue and this is part of the logical reasoning process of being able to actually think for oneself which we know that this control system especially through education is trying to violently rip away from people the ability to think critically like that and that's why we don't even think about a lot of these things about does delivery change truth so when it comes to the prostitute media does their delivery change the truth of what they're saying I would suggest it absolutely does not so as we explore this I want you to keep those aspects in mind and when any anger does come up or rear its head in your emotional response you have to ask is that actually coming from me or is that that mind control virus that's been planted there by someone else by social engineers this is the dynamic that I call in my work in mind control I've also referred to it as heart control okay because you are actually playing on someone's emotional responses in their body and in the way that their emotions make them feel to try to distort how they think about information coming in so an extremely popular technique of social engineering is to dissuade people from considering any information that is presented with righteous anger or extreme passion the occult mind controllers of our world desperately want us to believe that truth must only be delivered in a calm soothing and dispassionate tone of voice yet to accept this as true is a complete logical fallacy of course it is true that even if truth is Angler angrily screamed in our face it still remains true and of course it is true that even if a lie is spoken in the most appealing tone possible it still remains false this is what it means to reason clearly and use logic to come use the actual process of logic the Trivium process grammar assembling all the data logic processing it accurately and weeding out logical inconsistencies and then rhetoric putting it into action in our lives this is what it means to think and reason critically and unfortunately most of the population believes the bullshit that they believe because they don't have those reasoning processes intact in their mind so we should not never fall victim to this technique because this is a technique of mind controllers of social engineers working in think tanks to try to completely skew people's understanding of events that are taking place in our world by playing on their emotions and getting them to fall victim to this tactic called emotional mind control so why is it that most people are socially conditioned to think that anger is only a negative emotion only that's the keyword there okay but most people you say is anger positive or negative they're gonna say it's negative and there are lots of forms of negative anger that I'm not telling people to go and engage in and stay in okay I'm talking about a particular type of anger which is what we're going to talk about next the types of anger but why do people most people in our society think that anger is only negative that there are no positive usages for it or that there's not really a reason we should feel it and express it and there most certainly is there is an agenda there is a social engineering agenda to purge anger in our population let me tell you something folks it's working because people at this point should be enraged over the loss of freedom and many of them can't even feel anger at all we're gonna talk about those kind of people anger is widely misperceived in human society as only a negative emotion the expression of anger is discouraged and is widely culturally perceived to be wrong or bad the perception of anger as a negative emotion comes from a lack of understanding that the emotion of anger exists for a valid purpose this misunderstanding is deliberately propagated throughout our culture as part of an agenda to modify human behavior in such a way as to make any resistance or rebellion against government tyranny completely impossible because it ultimately resistance and or rebellion starts with getting angry about injustice from childhood we are influenced by this agenda to believe that anger should be purged or done away with or that we shouldn't feel it or express it and those who do it press anger should be shunned and shamed without ever even asking the most important question regarding the expression of anger why is this person angry see most people hear an angry person saying whatever they're saying in an angry tone of voice and they want it there they're emotionally conditioned to tune out and dismiss what's being said without first asking the question is this a valid reason for anger let me hear what the person is actually saying why are they expressing this seemingly negative emotion see most people never do that process they never ask what is the purpose for this expression of emotion they just react to it that's mind control we have to stop when anger is being expressed and say why is the person angry why are they expressing this emotion is it for a valid purpose or is it for a frivolous purpose and yes there is a distinction yes there is we should exercise that kind of judgement between the different forms or types of anger so let's explore what those are there are two overarching main types of anger the first is the unproductive type the part that really the type that really is negative and that we could probably deal with have a lot less of it in our lives it's what I simply refer to as petty anger petty anger has these types of characteristics it is expressed over vapid concerns and displeasure in trivial situations things that don't really matter in other words or that are completely frivolous it is based almost entirely in pure ego and selfishness people are just in this type of anger just angry over this happened to me me me where I didn't get my way okay so it's it's based in just service to self the person didn't get what they expected out of a particular situation and therefore they're throwing a hissy fit this type of anger petty anger accomplishes nothing regarding the betterment of human life it's not expressed for that purpose it's expressed for the purpose of the ego lashing out okay so that's the first kind of anger and that's not the kind of anger I'm talking about in this presentation obviously we're talking about what I am calling the sacred gift of anger anger in the form that the intelligence of all creation enabled in our physiology for a reason that's no accident that was done for a purpose okay and that is this kind of anger it's righteous indignation these are people yelling at police that it's a protest about the the gentleman from England who just went to jail over freedom of speech and just reporting I'm sorry Tommy Robinson yes his name escaped me briefly you know the this person just wanted to cover things that were going on with corruption within the local government in the UK and literally went to jail for reporting for journalism that's how far into the destruction of freedom of speech the United Kingdom is and let me tell you something folks that's where the highest levels of social engineers operate out of Tavistock Institute of human relations in London and everything that they cook up there in that shit centre okay of you know scumbag intelligence agents and other you know old english farts that want to control everybody's lives because they're pieces of shit as human beings okay guaranteed what they're doing they're amongst their own population is gonna follow across the pond and it's gonna be attempted to be carried out here within five to ten years tops I'm gonna say five years it's a model that they work with like clockwork because they're like reptilians in their minds and they never deviate from a plan that continues to work because the population doesn't get how the the psychological warfare tactic is being waged against them so you know this type of shutting down a freedom of speech is coming here and you do see a little bit of this type of anger righteous indignation against the loss of a right all too little though you know the person is still right now as we speak in a jail cell is freedom of speech being heralded as something we should try to totally protect in England or even here for that matter know people who don't have their opinions agreed with want to shut down the opinions of of their so-called enemy or opponent you know so it's about what we get angry about what are we willing to actually express what is a seemingly negative emotion over what is the issue over so righteous indignation is expressed over critically important concerns things that really matter in our lives like our rights our freedom it's based in righteous indignation is based in fierce opposition to wrongdoing and a fierce and a correct sense of morality and justice fierce opposition to injustice and a totally correct sense and an allegiance with a loyalty to morality and justice that's where this place this emotion of anger that that's the place it's coming from and that's really means it's coming from the heart righteous indignation is always aimed toward the betterment of human life by righting wrongs by correcting wrongdoings or correcting in justices in our society legitimate in justices you know we're not talking about the social justice warrior type of anger here we're talking about legitimate righteous indignation to the loss of freedom and rights and other injustice is done in our society so my question for the listening audience here today but mostly for the people viewing this on the internet what makes you angry you know the Pail talking to the people who don't really know my work that well what actually makes you angry you know this is a question for the quote normies but before we answer it it was Abraham Lincoln who once said you can tell the greatness of a man by what makes him angry so say what you will about Lincoln ok obviously you know flipside - you know his agendas and who he worked with as president ok but regardless of what you think of him as a historical figure the quote here is highly apropos to this presentation because what we're talking about is what is the person expressing the anger about is it valid righteous indignation or is it vapid concerns that don't matter so he sent saying you can actually tell what's in the heart of another human being forget the word man you could use the word human in place of that okay man or woman what makes a man or a woman great is what makes them angry what will they get upset about when they see it happening in their midst in their society because a truly great person a truly good person will be angry about the injustice is regarding human rights and freedom that's taking place all around them bad people don't give a shit bad people who only give a shit about themselves don't care at all about rights and freedom being lost unless it happened in the moment to be happening to them but don't see it happen in their society and look the other way walk the other way none of my business you know that's what he's talking about here if a real issue truly makes someone angry in a sense of righteous indignation that's a sense of that person's goodness you know we don't look at anger like that though in society do we largely you don't think of many people as thinking that way most people say oh what the fuck's he angry about what's he so angry about why does he have a board possess you know that's what they'll say but they'll never even stop to ask the question why are you angry about this particular situation or circumstance here's what the modern world gets angry Belt here's what modern so-called men get angry about oh my god my football look at that coaching decision they got a fire that asshole you know I mean these are people who actually think their adult male human beings vitter that are getting angry and getting emotionally involved in a goddamn child's game you know and we'll call themselves men they couldn't spell that three letter word letter let alone understand what it means to be one you know do we get angry in traffic you know road rage you know in a situation that really you know we have no control over but really doesn't need to exist because you know we could have anti-gravity propulsion by now for for over a hundred years or more but that's suppressed but you know we're not getting angry that we are still in a car when we should be in some type of an anti-gravity craft traveling to wherever on the earth we want unrestrained that's not why they're angry they're just angry because oh that person cut me off in traffic you know we angry on social media arguing with people on the internet someone was wrong on the internet you know I have to just freak out about it you know how many people like you know live in this state where they'll go back and forth in an argument with people on social media like eighty-nine thousand times or are we angry about the things that really matter the encroaching police state the shutdown of freedom of speech the unrestrained violence being done by the police and military in the world no matter what country or government they're from our people angry about those things are they angry about their rights going down the toilet or are they angry about the football game not working out the way you know they won to work out because we didn't win yeah are they angry about tyranny on the rise you know most people don't even give it a second thought in our society let alone express any anger over it any righteous indignation are we angry about the pedophile rings they really are operating at the highest levels of government and and the rape and torture of children that's taking place not only for political blackmail which is certainly a part of it but for just the absolute desecration of the human spirit and soul as part of a worldwide agenda of Satanism because that's what really runs this game you know most people don't even understand the APUs teen situation they don't know who that person is they don't really know the depth of it and now you know one mass shooting later keep it's all quiet again you know one want the next false flag shots everybody up asking questions about pedophile rings at the highest levels of government and why that's being done now people aren't angry about that though they're not angry over the censorship of big tech trying to control what we can and can't say trying to make it impossible for us to reach people with a message of freedom and the non-aggression principle and true peace and enlightenment you know that's my line in the sand you're not gonna stop me from talking you know I'm gonna talk until the day I die I'm gonna deliver this message till the day I leave this this plane of existence and anybody who tries to stop me will be from speaking will be met with physical force I will not accept that someone is going to shut down my freedom of speech see they want to do it digitally to get people used to it before they start doing it physically like they're doing in the UK and in the rest of Europe right now what America is not going down that path not as long as I have anything whatsoever to do with it as long as I'm living and breathing so that's right what people should have righteous indignation about are we angry that we're living on a prison planet are we angry that government is slavery are there are we angry that there are people who actually think they're God and where are their slaves you know these are the things we should be angry about but if you just think about it percentage-wise throughout the whole human population how many people have righteous indignation over those type of things far too few as a matter of fact I would call it a piss in the pot amount of people a paltry number embarrassingly paltry number here's one that gets me very angry the the masses of asleep hypnotized people the so called cattle that are just going along to get along and are just in this total hypnagogic trance state and they are perfectly comfortable have been willfully willingly hypnotized and put in that in trance state see let's not give too much credit to the social engineers see I've done I did this earlier on in my speaking career and I wish I could roll back time and take it back because I I place too much emphasis on the power of the mind controllers to put people in this state do you know how willing you have to be to really go into a trance mind state an entranced state a state of enchantment and entrace meant and trance meant you have to truly be willing at a soul level to allow that to happen to you so once again I ask how many people percentage-wise are willfully giving over their power because it's the easy way out because it doesn't take any work you know to go into this state takes nowhere it's just fuckin laziness and not wanting to really get involved and learn something and then do something with that knowledge you know that's easy and that's why so many people are in it percentage-wise are not more people in this state than in a conscious awakened state like many of the people in this room are the overwhelming vast majority of human beings are I'm angry about that maybe if more of us were angry about that deeply angry with deep righteous indignation over the state maybe more of us would become teachers of objective morality of natural law of the non-aggression principle in our communities see it's about making an investment of your time not just saying yes I agree wonderful job mark wonderful job max wonderful job you know any of the speakers speaking here today Derek you know Gina anybody okay you know it's about getting involved yourself my goal is to take people up off of their asses in these seats and make them the teachers of these people that can help take them out of their entranced mindset that's always been my goal it's never been to have a big following of people it's never been to individually reach every one of these people in the world because God knows I'm not powerful enough to do that no one has that reach but guess what if every person here taught natural law if every person here really taught morality to people all around them and almost all times and places what to whoever is within earshot we might develop a fighting chance to come out of this situation of slavery maybe it's pretty deep it's pretty bad but you know what if I didn't think there was any chance I would stop speaking there's still a chance it's a small one at this point but these are the people we have to reach and these this is what our righteous anger over these people willfully allowing themselves to be conditioned into this trance is what should drive our behavior to become people who can as alchemists assist them in their awakening because that's what the alchemical process is the alchemists never awakens anyone I've never awoke in one person I have only assisted other individuals in awakening themselves that's what the true alchemist is okay an assistant in someone else's awakening process that can just show them the way that they need to go and if they have the courage and the will they can go in that direction and they can wake themselves up but ladies and gentlemen first you've got to get mad the process starts with righteous anger these are the words of Howard Beale from the 1970 movie the great movie Network how many people have seen Network okay now that's only about half the room okay maybe maybe 55 or 60 percent of the room everyone should be familiar with the movie network because of the allegory about not even the allegory it's like a documentary really about how the media really works to mind-control people and the main character Howard Beale he said all I know is that first you've got to get mad you've got to say I'm a human being god damn it my life has value this is what righteous indignation is about it's ultimately coming from a place of love and self-respect it's someone saying I don't deserve to be treated like this I have rights and I deserve not to be aggressive on I deserve not to be treated badly I deserve not to be enslaved see the base problem in all of this is self-loathing coming from a place of abandonment issues and then that creates a sense that we're not worthy of something better bill the character bill in the movie Network is telling people you have to come from a place of self respect and self value and that starts by getting angry and how you're being treated as a slave okay that's the righteous indignation talking about here that's the sacred gift of anger a mad as hell I'm not going to take this anymore how many people are so angry they will not comply how many people in this room still pay income tax how many people are still working in a job that has withholding meaning you had to give a Social Security number to your employer and they are withholding money from your paycheck by a show of hands okay that's less than I was expecting in this room so that's that's good but that's still about 50% of the room okay now we're were special instance group here okay you know you look at that really societally all around us that's gonna drop to point zero zero zero one percent real quick you know all you have to do is extend the radius of this room a couple blocks and it would be 1% okay so the point is you have to get angry about what's being done with your resources you know I'm not willing to pay for the rape and murder of children I'm not willing to pay for bombs being dropped on people that I've never met so that's why I'm gonna withdraw I'll find other ways to procure resources but I'm not paying my enslaver I will not do it to the extent that I am empowered to avoid it you know that doesn't mean I will never buy anything in society if I'm gonna present I need a laptop okay there's gonna be sales tax that's that's an unavoidable one at least right now but how many of us are so angry that we pull back from things and say I will accept the hardship that goes along with doing it differently because I will not comply with evil see the sacred anger is about saying no to evil it's about not like what my shirt here today says know your rights because those who will never say who don't know their rights now in knowledge intellectually we'll never say no to the evil forces arraying around them you know we that this is that's the lost word it's both K and O W and n oh no and no because in order to say no you have to know what right is what objective morality is so anger as I'm talking about it here today is a sacred gift it's a gift of creation the fact that we can feel it in our physiology and express it for the purpose that it is intended to be expressed is actually what I call a sacred gift anger is much more than a simple emotion it is actually an evolutionary force anger is a sacred gift of creation it exists for a reason when we feel an express anger for the right reasons it can be transformed into a powerful tool to be wielded against injustice righteous anger is actually actually an expression of true love from the source of all goodness from the from creation itself righteous anger rises up when we realize that injustice is taking place around us and that we are obligated by heart based intelligence true care true sacred anger comes from the heart it comes from caring about what is right caring for truth from a plate we are obligated by heart based intelligence to create positive change in a world that has gone morally astray focused righteous anger can compel change and root out darkness and evil righteous anger is the precursor to true courage I'm gonna talk about this a little bit later in the presentation being angry for the right reason and purpose gets us to a place actually of activating our courage and our willpower without that that fuel of anger most of us never get to that place of truly taking action and developing that courage that is really needed to do that when used correctly this kind of anger can become a driving force in our battle for freedom anger is the correct emotional response when the human condition is slavery just imagine slavery going on and on continuing around people and they're not even angry about it you know people we like I hear people say my friend Joel who helps with our video editing at what on earth is happening said said to me mark I make some of my quote Normie friends watch her videos I'll play some of them for for them and he said the first thing they go is I can't listen to this guy he's too angry what the hell could he possibly be that angry about never thinking there could be a valid reason but they don't want to hear it just because it's imbued with righteous anger but that is the correct emotional response to not display the emotional response of anger in the face of slavery means something's broken it's and it's not just broken in the human mind it's something that's broken in the human heart and in the human soul this is because there is an epic eugenics agenda of so it's literal sorcery it is what I call action at a distance sorcery that's what epi eugenics is it is actually conditioning people through mind control techniques and social engineering techniques to actually change the expression of their own genetics and their own behaviors we are willingly going into an epi eugenics agenda epi eugenics beyond eugenics not classical eugenics is physically killing people or altering genes to have a different expression as the outcome epi eugenics means you're getting that outcome of the eugenics program but you're doing it through mind control you're doing it through socially engineering the thoughts of the people who are then propagating the characteristics and genes down to the next generation for expression meaning you don't even have to touch anyone in the population you can mind-control them so severely then the the genetic expression or the characteristics of the personality get expressed in that generation you've actually socially engineered and a biological a new form of a biological human being according to your own specifications as the social engineer and let me tell you something folks that's who the Satanists are you want to talk about who they are they are epi' eugenicist s-- they are satanic epi' eugenicist s-- that's who's running this society i should know i worked with them for many years of my life as most people here today know but they have an agenda to eradicate especially righteous anger they're pretty much want to eradicate all of it so I'm gonna talk about what are the different components of this epigenetics agenda to eradicate anger cause it's a multi-faceted approach and it has many different techniques okay so one of the big overarching components are the psychological operations of this epic eugenics agenda is the New Age movement and you know look first of all I consider myself a spiritual teacher okay most people would hear a presentation like this and go this is nothing like any other spiritual teaching that I've ever heard in my life I've gone to the New Age Expo I've gone to the mind/body/spirit Expo all these and I've never heard anybody talk like this how could this be considered spirituality because this is spirit in the flesh boots on the ground okay yes the stellar man and the stellar woman has their head in the Stars but their feet are firmly anchored upon the earth because that is where the great work is done that is where the process of alka alchemical transformation takes place right in the here and now not in some lofty otherworldly realm or other dimension it takes place within the self in the here and now okay so the New Age movement as I've always talked about I have many lectures that I call New Age bullshit there's three variants of it okay this is about the suppression of the sacred masculine dynamic in our society this is a stand-down movement get the people to stand down and accept everything even if it's vile and evil acceptance acceptance acceptance there are things we should never accept and never normalize because there is such a thing as the objective difference between right behavior and wrong behavior and when wrongdoing is being conducted we should not let it run amok we should strive to correct it by reaching people's minds and getting into what what are you doing what are you thinking why are you even think that this is okay you know as Max said earlier we all know the difference between right and wrong we don't even need to be told we know what it feels like to be wronged don't do that to other people that's the golden rule it's that simple okay so in my lectures on New Age bullshit I talked about how one of the main principles of this psychological warfare operation called the New Age movement is never get angry teach people never Express especially righteous indignation okay they teach people this calmness meditate do yoga okay those are negative emotions a lot of the New Age movement not all of it okay not a blanket statement but a lot of them want to purge anger okay they don't want the inner Hulk coming out okay The Hulk was always my favorite comic book character favorite Marvel superhero above them all I just loved him above them all because I think I inherently intuited and recognize that what he was basically a representation of is our very first right the primordial human right the right that supersedes everything else and comes first before every other right is the right to be left alone and as many different philosophers have said in different ways there are only two kinds of people on this planet those who wish to be left alone and those who refuse to leave them alone and when the Hulk wasn't left alone you wouldn't like him see we need that inner Hulk right we I I say we need to go beyond even the Hulk we need an inner psychopath because there's a very distinct difference between being a psychopath and having a psychopath see that now we're getting into deep dark shadow material that many people don't don't like to look at but I would I would look every person in the face and say if you don't have a psychopath as part of your the characteristic makeup of your personality if you don't have one in that tool set then you are an incomplete being not only that I would say you have the beginnings at least of the characteristics that make us slave and most people don't want to look at that because they want to think we're here to be somehow perfect angelic beings and let me tell you something folks if you believe that you've swallowed some New Age bullshit okay this is about very real-world expressions I've always tried to take it down to the expression of the higher form the perfect form of the principle and bring that down into the world and then apply it because knowledge and principles not actively applied in the real world aren't worth much so as part of this presentation my friend Nate did this awesome drawing this awesome painting of me as the Hulk even put the an arc adelphia symbol on the podium you know look at that that is just brilliant got the Tesla coils on both sides Thank You Nate cap just brilliant artwork hey I figured that would that be a little levity in the middle of something very serious the second part of this epic genex agenda to purge anger is religious programming and you know like statism is a religion the New Age movement is a religion and the influence of traditional cultural religions is as powerful as it has ever been a lot of us in this movement don't want to acknowledge that but I'm telling you you really want to go to the depths of where this world is being controlled from you need look no further than actual ostensible religious traditions culturally everybody says all the worlds run from Washington DC New York City Beijing China now folks the the City of London now sorry wrong the world is run from Rome Israel and Mecca if you really want to know where the highest level controllers the highest level d'arco cultists are operating from and have their palaces that they are keeping all of the hidden knowledge of this world you need to look no further than the entrenched cultural religions religious traditions and their power is not on the wane the way people think that it is it is just going into the covert form of becoming the new religion which is government that's all you know religion doesn't really go away it just changes forms and people think they're free of religion they think because they're an atheist they're free of religion yet they still support the state you know they think because somehow they don't believe in cultural religious bullshit and then they go into the New Age movement or they go into work the worship of money that they have no religion plenty of people have religions that would identify as a religion 'less person you're gonna see a lot of them in the documentary screening tonight people who are absolutely with religious devoted fervor worshiping the entity known as government or the state and yet you would ask them are you a religion person they go oh no not at all bullshit you are absolutely a religionist okay so what traditional religion teaches people is that anger is one of the seven deadly sins pride Envy gluttony lust anger greed and sloth anger it takes the place on that lid takes its place on that list but you just think about these are these actual wrongdoings that we do to other people even if you were an asshole has a lot of pride in themselves right counterproductive pride even have you harmed someone by having a way to loft the opinion of yourself I'm not saying that's a good thing to aspire to you know like I've injected a whole bunch of heroin in your veins is it a good thing to aspire to but you have do you have the right to do it yeah because you own your BA own your own body I'm not saying it's a good idea but like all of these things right to one something that somebody else has well hey as long as you don't go and take it toke desire however much you want I wouldn't suggest living your life in that modality you're gonna be a miserable person I'd rather you be miserable by not having freedom or not being allowed to express your inherent rights you know but you know if you want to go and be envious of what somebody else has that you don't go right ahead just don't initiate harm against them so you can go down the list of any of these things these are subjective aspects you know this is what moral relativism teaches and there's tons of moral relativism in religion you know because they'll tell you just you know a drug dealer or a drug addict or a prostitute etc are immoral people well if there's a a consensual transaction between consenting adults no immorality has taken place because no one's rights were violated because no one was coerced harmed or stolen from all forms of wrongdoing or forms of theft as we're going to see so these aren't the seven deadly sins I call total bullshit on religion for saying that these are the seven deadly Singh sins and one of them the real seven deadly sins are the ways that we break natural law the ways that we actually cause harm to other people these aren't the seven deadly sins these are subjective constructs of men who think they're the represent representatives of God on this planet and they're not only not holy men their holy bags of shit that are pedophiles and pedophile protectors so this clown this is the clown who was involved in the financial aspects of the Vatican that paid off family members parents who had children who were molested by members of the clergy and then in paying them off so they wouldn't go and report the crime then they took the the priest and funneled him to other parishes so he could do the same fucking cycle all over again but that's a holy man who will tell you don't get angry because that's one of the seven deadly sins when he's protecting pedophiles benedict yeah Benedict Arnold is more like it Benedict whatever the sixteenth whatever he was i smite him open challenge for an MMA cage fight is still out to the current pope I get in the ring with me bitch still haven't heard anything from the Vatican offices I were trying to make it happen these are this true seven deadly sins ladies and gentlemen the transgressions against natural law the actions that if we perform them we are actually causing harm to our fellow brothers and sisters whether that be even in the animal kingdom the human Kingdom or the animal kingdom okay murder the taking without just cause of the life of another which does not belong to you to take assault the taking without just cause of another well-being of another's physical well-being which doesn't belong to you to take rape the taking of another's free will sexual Association and consent which does not belong to you to take theft is the taking of proper which does not belong to you trespass is the taking of security in another's dwelling or living space which does not belong to you to take coercion is the taking of another beings free will which does not belong to you to take because that's the greatest gift of creation our free will and lying is the taking of another beings ability to engage in informed decision-making accurately which does not belong to you to take or to sabotage these are the true seven deadly sins and if you just look at the characteristics of them they are all taking something that does not belong to you which is called theft every real wrongdoing or quote-unquote sinful behavior or transgression against natural law is a form of theft so compliance to natural law the moral the objective moral laws of the universe the spiritual laws of the universe is very simple don't steal two words explains the entire lesson that every being is on this planet to learn don't take that which does not belong to you don't steal because the real wrongdoings are all forms of theft in one form or another and you won't hear that in the religious community no way you won't hear that in the new-age community no way because they're part of this epic genic mind-control program to purge our anger and get us to think morally subjectively instead of morally objectively and I'm angry about that see even in their own religious allegories and again just speaking to all the you know people who will insist oh if you throw a picture of Jesus in there and invalidates anything you're gonna talk about because he didn't historically exist I'm not here to debate the historicity of the figure of Christ okay I'm talking about it from an allegorical perspective in the New Testament Scriptures I'm not an exoteric Christian okay I understand the true heart of the Christian tradition from the perspective of the golden rule as being alignment to natural law principles an objective morality but even in their own Oracle scripture Jesus was telling people that he wasn't here to make peace he was not here to allow it all and just stand down and chill and become okay he said do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth I did not come to bring peace but to bring a sword for I have come to turn a man against his father a daughter against her mother a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law a man's enemies will be the members of his own household now that strong language because what is the dividing line that he is talking about he is talking about whether someone is actually an objectively truly good moral human being that understands the principles of natural law that a right is an action that does not initiate harm to another sentient being and all wrongdoings do initiate harm to other sentient beings in the form of one type of theft or another and Jesus was angry about that even whether you think it was a real person or you think it's just a biblical allegory I tend to lean toward the allegorical perspective of the the the biblical scriptures okay and I still value them from with that allegorical content a lock and a lot of rich allegorical moral content can be garnered by even studying the cultural religions all of them not just Christianity so that's not what I'm here to debate or talk about that historical perspective but to actually look at what's being said here most Christians who consider themselves Christians in that this tradition well I call them fake-ass Christians because they're not even really listening to the content of the message that was spoken by Christ in the New Testament that he never expressed anger no incorrect when the money changers were beating people for a whole lot of money and selling them spiritual indulgences what did he do he took out a switch beat their asses with it and chase them out of the temple grounds because he said you're you're polluting what's supposed to be a holy place you know there was lots of expressions of anger particularly in the this instance in this story the expulsion of the money changers from the temple so even within the religious tradition you know the the whole agenda is to not even get people to look at what's even being said or why Jesus got angry even in their own writings you know they just want to sell people on the idea that Oh being a good person means that you don't get angry it's all part of the epigenetics agenda now here's another big part of it that can get controversial okay because the number one way that they have us divided now in in modern times is along gender lines there's been a gender war happening for many years for decades and it's getting worse and worse I love to see the mixture of genders here today I mean it's almost like almost like a 50/50 like right under a 50/50 between men and women split here and it's it's good to see especially that many women coming out to an event like this it's very encouraging okay it means that the mind control is starting to wane okay starting to but you know what a lot of the people that fall prey to this type of an agenda they're doubling tripling and quadrupling down a common common social engineering techniques within the Neo feminist movement I did a whole lecture on this as I'm going to point out called the unholy feminine the The Satanic epic eugenics agenda was the subtitle so this is about neo feminism or what most people are calling third wave feminism common social engineering techniques within the Neo feminism movement include programs to demean and emasculate the male gender to the point that men become unwilling or even unable to rebel against their occult masters and programmers men who still have their righteous anger intact still possess the capacity for rebellion see they want to eliminate the capacity for rising up against tyranny that's why they want the weapons so people never have the capacity if it's required to physically rebelled against them I think we should always strive for the you know not having to do it through physical rebellious means because if you really want to accomplish it permanently you have to accomplish it in a change in consciousness and a change in the heart and spirituality but I am NOT going to take the option of physical rebellion off the table anyone who does that you're a fool anybody who doesn't own a battle rifle in this room is a fool I'm armed right now I'm on every time you see me speak I've been armed you know you just assume it if I'm at the podium I'm armed because I'm taking my self-defense in my own hands that's my responsibility and no one else's you know too few people have that attitude and it's because of this type of programming men who still have the righteous anger and tack still possess the capacity for rebellion the social programming of the neo feminist agenda has most women conditioned to completely and utterly discount a man who displays anger for any reason whatsoever I've actually heard that expressed by many different women as soon as I see him a man get angry that's it he's out off off limits I wouldn't even consider a relationship with him I've heard it over and over and over and over again I'm talking about people I don't know like I listened in social situations and you know just like you know eavesdrop on a conversation that I happen to be with an earshot of hear what people are saying where is their mind we're how much are they in the mind-control trance that the social engineers put out there and I hear it over and over again you know they don't even care about why they're angry if there's any anger expressed they want someone who never expresses it I've heard it right from their mouth to my ear no secondhand translation so this agenda is also programming women to become radically opposed to firearms for the purpose of self-defense especially for the purpose of self-defense against government encroachment and tyranny the result of this programming among women dissuades men from expressing righteous anger for fear of being socially ostracized by most women that's what's get see this is what we're I've explained in this presentation called the unholy feminine women don't even know really the extent of their true power as influencers in our society because of how much sway and influence you do hold over men in our society but that power can be the sacred feminine influence or it can be the unholy feminine influence and this is something I think should be discussed I don't yeah I'm the only person I really largely in the anarchist movement here talking about this dynamic and it's because I saw firsthand amongst the Satanists and social engineers that I worked with in the past an agenda to specifically target women with these tactics openly they said that that's what was going to happen another big tactic was androgynous ation especially a group that I worked with right here in Pennsylvania up by Allentown their whole agenda of that group was pushing the androgynous ation of human society so there would be a blurring out between the distinctions between the genders and therefore people would become more uniform and thus easier to control very open among their own ranks about the actual agendas that they are pushing they would deny it publicly of course but people that they think are totally on board and you know of the same blackened heart and mind as they are as control freak Satanists they're very open about what they have planned and let me tell you something they don't just talk about it they didn't just talk about it you know it's not just a conversation I happen to hear them say and then they just went home and watched football they talked about it and then they did it these people don't play they do what they say they're gonna do they're driven through what I call dark care you know people think care is only one a one-way street and it's only positive no there's such a thing as evil care dark care psychopaths really truly care about what they're doing and developed the willpower to carry it out and they're not playing games see they're on a United Front we're on a divided front this is the bit major overarching problem we got to get people so on board with an understanding of objective morality and natural law and become committed to it and again eyes we're gonna talk about when we play the documentary as you're gonna see this isn't a religion it's not a belief system natural law constitutes a science that requires no belief or faith I'm the first person to tell you I got up at an arc apoco on stage in Mexico and I'd the first thing I broke out my first slide was religion is the one and only problem in our world people have to stop thinking about religion is just the cultural ones you know neo feminism is a religion that many people unfortunately have bought into anything that holds us back from the actual truth of what's really going on and what objective morals really are I consider a religion because that's the definition definition of a religion something that holds us back from where we say we want to go so this I consider I'm very very happy with how this presentation came out it is probably one of my most meticulously researched and detail-oriented presentations the unholy feminine so as an adjunct to this you know we see this coming through in cultural programming okay because you will see a lot of men express this anger and why a lot of them aren't expressing it is even more important they're not expressing it because they think that's going to be the reaction from females all around them and you know if a man is like a regular red-blooded man who is attracted to women that's not the situation that they want to find themselves in okay that's just the reality of the situation you know people want companionship etc intimacy and if they are told they're gonna be cut off from that you know what this is like not complying with the banking system and so they cut off your chip and you can't buy and sell this is just a different form of that you express righteous anger well then you're cut off from intimacy with females this is actively happening I know it's not happening in our community you know women in our community think radically different from this but do you think this is not the overarching way that things really are in our society culturally cultural programming has gone so far as to embed in most women's minds that a man immediately becomes unattractive and undesirable for expressing the human emotion of anger purging the emotion of anger is part of a large-scale dialectic designed to weaken the population in preparation for a lifetime of servitude with no chance or capacity for opposition or rebellion that is the total take over that is total enslavement that's the true dark new world order from whence there is no return but as long as they're a sacred anger we can pop potentially turn to our situation around but it's all about what we do with it again that was another thing that was talked about here repeatedly that I'm very glad the speaker's went into things our dual edged swords right it's about what we do with them the occult is a dual edged sword it's hidden knowledge but once we take it in what do we do with it why has it been held back from us to create a power differential in society the people who know the knowledge of the occult and who are you know have the type of manipulative mindset to want to use that as a weapon against other people who are in ignorance it's a piece of cake for them to do child's play it's like somebody that never learned mathematics going to buy something and they have a few hundred dollar bills and they go I want a couple of pieces of candy piece of gum and a pretzel and uh is this enough I don't know how to add I don't know what's here and the person goes thank you yes that was it perfect exactly no no change have a good day you know really that's what it's like that's what the the knowledge differential of the real occult controllers versus the population is like you know that I'm trying to close that knowledge gap with my work by explaining to you these are their strategies this this is what cultural this is what social engineering is all about so what they want to create is part of the characteristic of what they call the new man and the new woman the social engineers the Satanists the dark Luciferians the mind controllers doesn't make a difference what you call them they're they're the control freaks in this world who think they're God and what a micromanage society and dictate every detail of your lives they have a phrase it's called the new man or the new woman maybe some of you have heard this it's it's an esoteric term it's not very heard in modern in just you know regular circles but if you look into the occult you'll come across this term the new human okay and what they want is to create the perfect slave whose soul has actually been broken and that will accept its servitude all this and Julius Huxley talked about this in their work because they were part of these social engineering programs Edward Bernays talked about this he worked with the Tavistock Institute of human relations you know and perverted a lot of Sigmund Freud psychological tactics and techniques but they want to create beings ultimately long term that have lost the ability to feel anger now I'm gonna say lost the ability to feel any kind of anger but especially sacred anger they don't want people expressing the sacred anger of righteous indignation people who cannot become angry regarding the current human condition of slavery have literal brain damage I'm gonna say that again and I really want you to listen to what I'm saying it's not metaphorical and I'm very serious people who have lost the ability to become angry have literal brain damaged provably scientifically provable through chronic brain imbalance in one hemisphere of the neocortical brain or the other whether you become left rein imbalance or you become right brain imbalance to such an extent you can actually lose the ability to feel anger and this is done through epi eugenics action at a distance mind control sorcery and it's done through chemical warfare which we are under and electromagnetic warfare and the war on the chemical known as testosterone also chemical war which is actually a life essence ok important as important for women as it is for men and many people don't know that chemical warfare through food water and pharmaceutical pharmaceuticals attack the parts of the human biological system which create a healthy brain and healthy emotional responses so they are targeting the part of the brain that would ordinarily function correctly to produce the correct emotional responses in people they want to break that part of the brain and they have done it to a large extent this result can also be produced through epigenetic means through mind control the goal sought by the social engineers of the ruling class is to disrupt the limbic brain what is called the mammalian brain or the midbrain the limbic system of the human brain so that it will no longer produce the necessary neuro peptides required to generate emotions which the social engineers do not wish to see expressed in the population and yes this can be done and is actively being done this process can actually be likened to a partial chemical lobotomy but they're actually doing it through what they're putting in the water what they're putting in our food what they're hid bombarding us with electromagnetically and what is in pharmaceutical drugs that people are unfortunately still taking those who have fallen prey to this control technique and have therefore lost the ability to feel righteous anger are actually broken souls they have not just broken the brain or the mind doing what they have done to people to remove their ability to feel anger has actually broken them at a soul level so they are broken souls who have been purged of a sacred gift which was actually their birthright as a human being such people who can no longer even become angry are the problem through their spiritual weakness they have allowed themselves to become broken see again I look at it like I almost did a disservice to this community by talking so much about mind control techniques because a lot of people kind of reacted like woe is us oh poor us we've been under this you know sorcerers attack for so many generations but we have to stop looking it like that we're wilful participants in this you know when we allow ourselves to become spiritually weak and there's no shielding against these attacks then we easily fall prey that's like you know a couple of animals you know wild animals run in and you just lay down and say eat me you know with no resistance that's what most of the human population has done so people like that have they've allowed themselves to become broken physically mentally emotionally and spiritually they can no longer feel and process the full range of human emotional responses they have become casualties of covert biological warfare occult biological warfare is what this is okay this is truly silent weapons quiet Wars the socially engineered not they have become casualties of covert biological warfare waged upon the populace through silent weaponry the socially engineered annihilation of the sacred gift of anger is creating a society of apathetic souls who don't care about the destruction of their own freedom or the freedom of others and this is who we in this room must reach and heal the brain and even the soul have high levels of plasticity meaning they can recover from things that you would imagine they would never be able to recover from look up the plasticity of the brain the plasticity of the mind see that's part of programmability it is that it's flexible that's what plasticity means it could be molded shaped and if it's even broken and torn apart it can come back together it can be reassembled reunited with truth possible yes easy no I never said that it would be easy it's extremely difficult work that's why it's not called the one big happy go-lucky party it's called the one great work and that is what we are here to do look never having even the ability to feel anger right I want to just talk about what it would be like like from an allegorical perspective and you know this is going to hit home with some people right imagine seven tits 1770 the Boston Massacre is actively happening British soldiers who have been quartered in people's houses are stealing things from people raping people were bursting into their home just taking over their their home and family life you know at the behest of a psychopathic king who thinks he's God thinks he's the represent representative of God on earth you know are now shooting a American colonists in the street and you can go on and on about why you think it started it's irrelevant you know they they were actively gunning down in the streets of Boston American colonists and this you can imagine this taking place and people seeing their loved ones and friends die on the street right in front of them and then one of them who's actively being oppressed goes looks at one of the other ones who's like all enraged about and goes I just don't understand why you're so angry just can't conceive of this you know this is the people that say I don't understand how you're so angry about this situation why don't you just teach it in a nice Oh calm dispassionate voice ladies and gentlemen the human condition is slavery really is that or is that genuine is that a genuine emotional response we have to decondition ourselves to this shit because that's what it is it's bullshit it is literally like this okay when I was making this presentation this is this slide that I had in mind from the very beginning this next one and it should make people angry imagine back in Civil War era during black slavery when slaves were being held against their will on plantations and forced to work under treacherous insane conditions and they would be viciously whipped treated you know tied up with chains put in steel boxes and hot weather conditions like ridiculous eaten alive by dogs if they didn't comply dogs sicked on them until they were literally mauled to death and other heinous atrocities being strappado this is a form of shrah ha-- towing although they would usually do it with the hands behind the back and then pull the person up on the rope before they went them that's the actual real strappado method but imagine seeing a situation within this is a tame drawing folks what it really looked like you probably would not want to see okay imagine a slave strappado and then a house slave who got better treatment than the rest of the slaves it wasn't a field slave he lived in the Masters house got better treatment better food better clothing okay and then all he had to do was keep the other slaves in line so the masters didn't have to hire other people to do it that was the house slaves job you know they're the military and police of our day you know the house slaves of our day are the police and the military you got to get as offended about that statement as you like that's exactly what the situation is but imagine other slaves on the plantation watching the scene of barbarity and brutality take place right before their eyes which any of them knowing they could be next if they stepped out of line and one of them turning to the horror the look of horror of the woman that the women in front of him and saying I just don't understand why you're so angry imagine this this is exactly what I feel like when I get this dumb fucking statement from people because that I'm just gonna call it what it is it's people with uh you know that are as dumb as ten pounds of shit in a 5-pound sack okay really you know to put it in street language you know that's what they sound like to me that's how stupid they sound why would you be so angry about human beings being enslaved and losing their rights can't imagine why that would bring up a seemingly negative emotional response of anger no that wouldn't be justified or correct folks my level of anger is normal under the current human condition if the condition were not slavery I would not express the level of anger that I do what the truth is the condition is slavery and the correct emotional response is to be angry about it so much so that you do something to end that immoral condition so why do we have so many totally brainwashed and conditioned people like that part of it is they're literally waging biological warfare chemical warfare weaponized drugs and water I call the antidepressants the SSRIs the SNRIs all of those I call them the demon drugs they're demon drugs with demon names prozac effects or you know give me some other ones Zoloft doesn't that sound like an alien monster coming to eat the planet zoloft is gonna be here any days is the devourer of worlds you know these are demon names I'm not kidding there they are nay they are invocation names they come from a twisted form of the go ASIC tradition of summoning and invocation of demonic entities and they literally the Satanists to invent these things that are that are running the medical industry are giving them invoke in evocative demonic names literally that's why they have all exes ease you know it's it's like very soon all the valves are just gonna because they're gonna call are you taking girls you can go digging you know that's what the names are gonna start sounding like today or you know how you're trying to wean off of that yeah literally but that's why they're names like that and you know we all should know about fluoride in the drinking water how many people either use exclusively for internal use distilled water or at least reverse osmosis purified water that's excellent that's like 75 to 80 percent of the room that's good we need to bring that up to a hundred percent okay but hey guess what how many people in the listening audience that are going to eventually watch this are doing that and I guarantee you that number drops to like five to ten percent if that people are still drinking poisoned tap water you know stannis fluoride hydro fluo silicic acid these are that's a cock tech chemical cocktail that actually reduces willpower and keeps people in this totally leveled state of emotional you know makeup that where they can't really get angry that's why Soviets used fluoride in their gulag you know detention centers for political dissidents you know it was a technique that they understood was going to weaken the willpower of the people that they were holding prisoner here's the thing I want to get more and more into in my work and that's talking about people who were so into the left brain and are so overly analytical you know over lease they say that their scientific they're not real they don't really apply scientific methodology I call them the eggheads the left-brained eggheads okay look these people are just as broken as the right brain New Age you know wumu people that are out there you know floating around in in you know the twenty second dimension and and and don't don't have one one even a sense of anchoring themselves in the real world this is just the opposite dynamic of that this is somebody that's all about you know analytics verbal math all of that right and they could do tons of transforms of information and calculations but they don't really have holistic intelligence because holistic intelligence is about not only the intellect but the generative principle of true care and creativity that's why it's called Intelli intellect gents generative it's right in the word right in the origin of the word is what it really means so they see they don't have that holistic part because they're not working with the right mind right they're not working with the caring nurturing creative aspect of the mind they have that that masculine you know the the linear processor but they don't have the heuristic process or the big-picture thinking nor do they have the nurturing side of the personality that makes them care enough to get angry so they don't have holistic intelligence why it's not just the brain that that isn't holistic in the left brain egghead types and there's far too many of these and even in the freedom community what are they really lacking they're lacking the place where true righteous indignation comes from and that's the heart sacred anger doesn't come from the mind the sacred form of anger comes from the heart because you care about truth and you care about what's right and you're willing to put yourself on the line to make wrongs right so that injustice doesn't continue and we don't continue to lose our rights and freedoms but unfortunately these people don't have heart you know they don't have the heart to develop that level of anger because that's really coming from a place of care and then we have amongst people most people in our society the fear of rebellion you know this is also part of the destruction of the sacred gift of anger and it's it's not just men it's men and women you know and but you know I get the most upset about the loss of even wanting to write righteously wanting to rebel even if you say we're not going to do that now I ask people don't you think it should have already been done does the right exist we have been held under violent - rests of course the right to rebel against that physically exists to think that it doesn't you don't understand what your rights are every one of us would be right for taking physical action against the state right now in the moment in the millisecond I'm not saying to go out and immediately do that because unfortunately we don't have the minds and hearts of the rest of the population because they're still in a totally fucking brainwashed trance and they don't understand that that would be a right you know so it wouldn't be a practical thing to do but what does the right exist to do it you better believe it does absolutely and this is something you say to the freedom community and they're like whoa whoa don't start talking like that why not what about the American colonists during the Revolutionary War era they didn't have the right to do what they did to the British who were oppressing them and holding them under duress would the slaves of the Civil War era not have the right to physically rebel against their so-called masters I've said it in my presentations before they'd have a right to kill every single one of them every single one for even participating in that bullshit you know I don't hear people talking like that in this community though they're afraid to talk like that you know I'm not afraid of these people I'm not afraid of them I'm not afraid of the government I'm not afraid of the police I'm not afraid of the military you are not spiritually awakened beings you think you can make someone who is spiritually awakened and connected with the source of creation afraid of you the only thing I have an amount of trepidation about is just allowing people like that to win and permanently take over that's what we should be worried about if we're worried about anything but I'm not physically afraid of them and what they can do to me you ain't killing nothing if you blow this flesh away first of all I know this because to know that the fear of death is the beginning of slavery is what we all really need too deeply that knowledge is what we deeply need to integrate and why is that the case that is the case because the flesh is not our identity and this is where they have people believing that they should be a totally empowered enlightened awakened spiritual being stepping into the truth which is what gives us our power and they're curled up in a fetal position in the kingdom of the self not even understanding their potential or power and this is where most people are and that starts with eradicating righteous anger you know they tell us about this allegorically Hollywood puts a lot of these this content allegorically out in in modern films Steven Spielberg who made TX thx 1138 his first film you know this is somebody that was largely given this script to talk about you know this was put up by like a production company that he had other writers working within and they came up with this and he ran with it made it his first film okay so um you know this one is about the order followers destroying their sense of self and they're going about their you know oppressive job totally calmly like no it's perfectly normal you know and even the people they're put on drugs they're put on pharmaceutical drugs those are the demon drugs the SSRIs the the antidepressants the SNRIs all of that and they're told you can actually be jailed for or fine for not taking your medication you know this is drug crime for not taking the drugs equilibrium one of my favorite movies of all time I consider it probably the most esoteric Masonic film ever made if you really understand the symbolism going on in this film this is about a society that is has eradicated emotion a totalitarian society run by father who's supposed to be the representative of God on the earth as government you know basically has taken over society and they give people a drug called prozium right almost identical to prozac and that keeps them numbed out well some people stop taking it they start feeling again the main character is Christian Bale right now this is I think a syncro mysticism example because Christian and Bale you have the Christ and you have the devil right Christ and Bale right but they're in the one character they're in the main actor of the film right and what he has to do is find his righteous anger and he eventually finds it when he realizes they're destroying everything that's good and pure and wholesome and beautiful in the world and they put they destroy art and they destroy animals and finally when he develops in an emotional attachment to a dog and they the state wants to kill that dog that's when he finally starts taking action because he can't take it anymore and you know the whole crux of the film is him developing the anger to eventually say no the lost word when he flatlines his emotions flatline because that's the psychopath coming out and him doing what he has to do physically at that point and that's when he goes into battle with father and they do this kung fu thing called gun kata gun kata and they are fighting with guns and eventually he disarms the totalitarian regimes leader and he's standing there saying could you take my life all right you've disarmed me and you want to take me out of the world he goes I live I breathe will you pay the price for killing me unarmed and the main character says I'll pay it gladly and pulls the trigger one of the greatest films ever made as far as I'm concerned because it really teaches you it's expressing the right of what one has to do when they are held under physical duress as slaves the right not saying go out and do that but saying let's start by understanding that the right exists I talk about in my work that I delve into the Western mystery traditions and Thelema is one of the traditions that I study very deeply and one of the principles in that occult tradition is human beings have the right to kill those who throw at their rights this is part of the self-defense principle the sacred masculine that must be Wed to the Sacred Feminine principle of non-aggression first and foremost do not initiate harm but when harm is initiated unto you you always maintain the right to defend yourself with physic force up to an including deadly force highly controversial you'll hear a very few people talk about this and even within this movement other than myself and occasionally Larkin rose but all too few have the balls to say anything like that and then another one that I just recently saw similar to the name because this is about you know leveling people out making them all the same right so they they can be brought into compliance there's no individuality or uniqueness equals another society that has totally purged emotion also check out here's another one of those names close to you know the demon drug names Zardoz okay check out the movie Zardoz because there's a group of beings in that called the apathetic s-- that have lost their ability to feel emotion you know we should aspire to a high dynamic emotional range and a high dynamic emotional makeup and speak with passion from the heart too few people do it because they're in fear which I'm going to talk about right here this is actually a slide from the researcher David Hawkins who wrote the book power versus force I highly recommend his work although I think he stopped short of understanding some of the really deeper esoteric and occult principles that need to be understood his basic premise when it comes to gauging human consciousness is actually very informative and valuable so where is anger on the scale of a whole dynamic range of human consciousness it's not going to be perceived here even in this slide that I'm using to illustrate this point as very high in consciousness here's where anger is I'm going to blow this up to show to you a little bit more in depth because I think it's that important here's where anger is and his scale goes from zero to a thousand with 0 being death okay and a thousand being total enlightenment or godlike consciousness insofar as that we are really embodying the the true principles of seeing ourselves as all together as one conscious in unconditional love that's the very highest expression which would be at a thousand and the scale is logarithmic it is not linear okay so anger is right here and you'll notice that it is just before you get to that green heart energy right it's the beginning of where you're seeing the green spectrum as it's being Illustrated in this image of the the spectrum of colors in in you know the visible range the visible spectrum green I've always talked about is the center that's the balance energy it's heart energy that's why I used it for the heart instead of most people you choose a red heart the honor hot-too chakra in the indus valley tradition you know of the vedas is in the chakra system green it's a green six peddled flower that is the seed of life because it's the generative principle from which anything good really grows okay but this is where anger is it's a little bit below that but it's starting to go up up into that green range now in hawkins work he talks about this critical point in consciousness that is the number 200 and that is very coincident so coincidentally i should say but very synchronistically courage courage is the embodiment of this 200 line and look at where it falls right in the middle in the green the the heart based care center of the visible spectrum people think of courage as active right as something that's done with action but no courage also comes from carrot stems from care the courage to do what is right comes from first caring about what is right and what gets you to that place of care is becoming first getting angry see that's the whole principle first you have to get mad that anger comes up into the heart it Wells up in the heart because you care about what's right and you care about what people whether people have the freedom to express their rights okay so I'm talking about courage hair here as a stepping stone to get to that place of courage to act to get into right action I'm gonna end by talking about the transformation the alchemical transformation of the sacred form of anger into right action courage and right action now interestingly enough look at what that 200 line is in David Hawkins work it is act in his work it represents the ability to discern truth from falsehood and that is why most human beings do not have that capacity or ability they're not even angry enough they haven't even developed this self respect to say I'm angry I don't deserve to be treated like this my life has value and I'm not going to take it anymore they need to develop that anger that then they can use as fuel to convert it into courage and take right action in the world so let's talk about the alchemical transmutation of anger into courage because this is what it's about right it's not just about feeling something it's about what are you going to do with it what's the difference if you could feel it if you're not going to take right action with it Saint Augustine said hope has two beautiful daughters their names are anger and courage anger at the way things are and courage to see that they do not remain as they are brilliant quote anger can actually be a motivating force or what I call a fuel it can be like a rocket fuel literally okay sacred anger the bridge from anger to courage is built by channeling anger into focused right action directed at overthrowing the system of slavery that currently binds us that means getting involved and talking to other people in the world about the issues that we need to face and change by teaching them about objective morality and natural law we can turn the tide in the war for human freedom anger over our rights and freedoms being taken away can be transmuted into the fuel that can drive the entire freedom movement see it's all about input processing and output that's the Trivium okay grammar logic rhetoric another way of saying it is input processing and output we have to take the emotion of anger into ourselves and feel it and channel it and then let it come out that's the ignition the burning of the fuel of the sacred anger and the propulsion system toward courage and right action to take us where we say we want to go that's the alchemical transmutation it's not just about keeping it all bottled up and indwelling in the body and in the psyche it's about what are you going to transmute that anger into you can get into a dangerous you know playing a game here of you know striking that balance walking that line I know I can I can get get angry to a point where it almost becomes debilitating and I'm saying that's not the right way of approaching this it's it's a hard thing though to manage and deal with okay especially when you're is a passion about this as I am because I want to see what the human potential is I don't want to see us stay what what we were expressing here I know that there's so much better expressions of consciousness than what we're allowing to happen here I want to see what we're capable of that's another thing that drives me and as part of my motivation but we have to convert that fuel of anger into a propellant into a propulsion system that drives our right action through courage focused and channeled anger focusing and channeling anger anger is a fuel that can be focused upon a situation that needs to be changed it can be used wisely or frivolously again that dual edged sword are you going to put fuel in your car and go random impulse shopping or are you going to put fuel in your car and go travel and meet up with other like-minded individuals to try to make some positive change happen in the world there are two different uses for fuel just like there are different uses for anger I'm not suggesting to dwell in continuous useless rage I'd never suggest that to people you will destroy your immune system okay your body will suffer as a result I'm talking about focused channeled righteous indignation here that's the sacred form of anger but when we consciously channel the fuel of anger toward a productive purpose it can become a creative tool toward the betterment of our society and our world and that's what we have to do we have to transmute it into something creative and then make positive change happen as a result and part of doing this is what I call integrating the shadow self okay I just talked about not being a psychopath but having the psychopath in case you do need to turn your emotions off to physically defend yourself you know when you're defending somebody you better when you're defending yourself against brutal violence being conducted upon initiated upon you by someone you better not have too much empathy toward them you better do what's required to put them down as quickly as possible because the more that encounter goes the more exponential of a chance you have a being maimed or killed that's one of the main principles they teach in any true self defense or true martial arts but what I'm talking about here is the integration of the shadow side of the personality okay and this is one of the deepest parts of a cult work that most people don't want to do they don't want to even look into what the occult is let alone do this this is the thing we're even people who say I'm gonna go into the deep waters when you start showing them here's what it really is to delve into this human psyche at a very deep level then they're run in the opposite direction okay that's why there's so few occultists in the freedom movement and that's why they're so full few actual genuine light ocultist in the world we are the true lodge is scattered to the four winds of this planet and we need to reassemble it so the shadow self can be described as a seemingly dark or negative part of our subconscious mind I put those in double quotes because just like anger is not only negative and has a positive side so does the shadow self we have to work with it the subconscious knows and perceives all and it is the connection to the true spirit within us our shadow self if not worked with and properly integrated into our personality can be expressed in severely imbalanced ways especially when anger is suppressed or not used properly under such conditions the imbalance builds at the subconscious level and is then manifested in counterproductive ways such as becoming angry about frivolous things about the wrong things that we shouldn't get angry about or unjustly lashing out at others etc the shadow self is always present in our psychological makeup whether we choose to acknowledge it and work with it or not ultimately it really cannot be ignored it's going to express in one form or another various methods of social engineering strive to mask and suppress our shadow self include allowing subconscious anger to turn into depression and eventually into shame which as we saw on the slide with David Hawkins scale of consciousness is the last level of consciousness before physical death and that is where most of humanity dwells in the consciousness called shame and it is because they haven't done this integrative shadow work okay it is because they've allowed that subconscious anger that's always there in the subconscious which knows all to eventually turn into depression for not acting on it rightly and then eventually into shame which is continuous self loathing for not having done the right thing shame is the lowest level of consciousness in which a human being can dwell while still being physically alive the shadow in Jungian psychology the shadow or shadow aspect is part of the unconscious mine consisting of repressed weaknesses shortcomings and instincts everyone carries a shadow young root and the less it is embodied in the individuals conscious life the blacker and denser it is see this is why I say I was a an easy work to come out of the the case of ego that I had even as a Satanist I worked with Satanists and dark Luciferians in their eugenics agenda for years of my life knowing what they had planned for the world and watching it unfold but guess what there are people who make me look like an easy case of transformation that's how hardened their ego is because they will not dredge up the shadow side of the self and work with it and acknowledge their in their lack of perfection acknowledge their weaknesses acknowledge that there's shortcomings and failings and things that they have not done to the way that their potential could they could arrive at but it's okay acknowledging those weaknesses that's part of being honest with yourself I have done bad things I have failed I am not perfect I can be an asshole okay etc so forth this is what the first step of a cult initiation is what is the first step of a cult initiation stop lying to yourself most of us are still telling ourselves a bullshit story so it may be in part ones linked to more primitive animal instincts which are superseded during early childhood by the conscious mind okay please look into the shadow self the shadow work as part of the occult I know there are a few people who do this type of work who are here okay I actively work with the type of dark aspects of the personality that needs to be worked with as shadow work I know Jay Parker does that I know self expose it does that I know Logan Hart does that there are many people that are getting into morass Effects of dredging up this subconscious shadow material that's the only way it can be dealt with and transmuted and most people don't want to do that work and that's the inner spiritual occult work that we must understand needs to be done and then perform it upon ourselves that's inner alchemy and Jung could have been considered an alchemical practitioner so I'm gonna conclude by talking about my personal anger in this war for our freedom and I can feel like this many days you know I'm not impervious my shields are stronger than most I acknowledge I have some characteristics of my personality that really make me be able to take a hit okay but I'm not invincible no one is okay and I feel like this more days than not recently many people criticize my work by saying things like Mark passio should be taken with a grain of salt because he's angry and down on people they fail to see that my anger comes from the fact that billions of brainwashed people believe in a fantasy religion called authority and vote to allow a group of criminals calling themselves government to take away our inherent rights I'm angry because the vast majority of human beings totally agree with and support such violence and slavery as a matter of fact they love it but why shouldn't anyone and everyone in the world be justifiably angry about the state of slavery that human beings are condoning and perpetuating my emotional reaction regarding this situation is the correct one and I'm not afraid to say it I'm not interested in hearing from people to think I need to keep calm and just think positively of those who have allowed the human condition of slavery to manifest and continue no I don't need to accept that no I don't need to allow that no I don't need to tolerate that and yes I should be angry about that and so should you thank you and you know what when you ask him when you when you turn the tables on them and you say look at what I've done there's my body of work go look at it how proliferates it is okay and you ask them what have you done yeah that's what you hear back okay so almost every one of these so-called critics have never done anything on their own to try to help anybody understand true morality or their slavery here on this planet and yet they'll spend their time they think an effective use of their time is they'll spend their time and energy criticizing me a person who has dedicated my life to this kind of work while they have done nothing and I'm not supposed to be angry about people like that either just imagine if you dead akyuu you for for when you you just you you for goat every single aspect of pleasure you could have pursued in your life any kind of wealth you could have pursued in your life any kind of you know projects that you just wanted to do for you to do work like this to teach people morality and teach people what is really going on in the human condition and then you get critics telling you I'm not gonna listen to you because you're angry I'm gonna go and try to tell people not to listen because you're angry about slavery how would you feel okay and then people go and mark it's just a few bad apples it's just a few people just a few bad apples let me tell you something folks it's not just a few bad apples okay the whole bunch needs to really re-evaluate themselves as how they think of themselves as good people the dark occult controllers of humanity aren't the main problem are they a problem yes but are they the main problem no the influence that they direct on society is not the causal factor of human suffering on this planet it is a symptom of it the bulk of the human race is the cause of their own and each other suffering in their colossal ignorance of natural law and their overwhelming inability to even become angry in the face of their own slavery they will go along with and even carry out the agendas for the ruling class elitist who tell them what to do it has much less to do with the small groups of psychopaths giving the orders than it does with the people who will follow orders or just stay silent in the midst of evil and that is the majority in the aggregate human beings are a species who continue to willingly listen to Psychopaths and carry out their immoral orders of violence and coercion and they condone it and for these reasons humanity as a whole has become a disgraced species that has actually enslaved itself and is dwelling in the consciousness of shame that this is the human condition is why we should be angry to change the human condition by ending slavery and creating a world based in true freedom is our collective one great work and let me tell you something folks as I said previously it's not called work for a reason and if you want to hear what it really entails on a day to day basis come to the workshop on Monday because I'm gonna explain to you what type of a Renaissance man and Renaissance woman it does take now I'm not saying that to discourage people because I think there are many of those Renaissance people in attendance here that absolutely can be converted into powerful teachers of morality and natural law but you have to learn what the skill sets required but most of all you don't want to get blindsided by not realizing and fully recognizing the sacrifice that it takes to do this okay ask people who work with me and they will explain to you how much of a plodding trudging process this is that you make a little bit of progress each day and then you just continue to do it and it can be maddening okay this work here you know I feel like that guy on the left so what is this all for I say it all the time I express that for cathartic purposes I don't intend to give up okay I sometimes I need a break to refocus and recharge and refuel okay this work here is called it's a Masonic work called called from labor from the uck the occult tradition of light Freemasonry true Freemasonry esoteric Freemasonry and it represents care and death and it represents one of us in the consciousness of care that is doing the work to raise the consciousness of humanity the broken pillar okay and the sprig of acacia is the Masonic symbol of the hope of the Resurrection of the human soul out of the debt the the spiritual death and up to a place of spiritual enlightenment and being in the true will and and the consciousness of true care so and we only have so much time to do that because death waits for us all that's what this is showing us a very high you know positive allegorical picture in the free Masson tradition okay and we should use our time wisely that we have because we don't have unlimited time to get this work accomplished and if you're not in it to accomplish it you're not in it it is about achieving the result you hear too often in the in the New Age movement that it's not about the result that you'll get on the other side well you know what in when it comes to a war for freedom either you win and you're free in every way spiritually mentally emotionally and physically or you're a slave okay so the great work is all about sacrifice it's about sacrificing your individual selfish lowercase W will for the gigantic uppercase W will of the will of creation let that will not my will be done okay and to wrap up here people always ask me how do you continue even in the face of seeing how bad things are and they're bad how do you continue on how do you find the strength to continue and I'm going to end by telling people that I have a secret well this is my secret folks dr. banner now it might be a really good time for you to get angry that's my secret I'm alright [Music] ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for your time and attention [Applause]