The True Meaning & Purpose Of The 2nd Amendment - Part 2 - Arms, Needs & Cowardice

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thank you so much for being here today everyone government is slavery I want to thank John from Liberty on the rocks and the rest of the Liberty on the rocks regular attendees for the opportunity to be here and present for you today this as John said is part two of a presentation I originally gave the first one at least a couple of years ago at Liberty on the rocks it was called the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment and this is today the true meaning and purpose of the second amendment amendment part to Arms needs and cowardice and I will be giving the presentation in those three sections and I want to say today that you know I'll usually dedicate my presentations to maybe a very important historical figure such as Samuel Adams the father of the American Revolution but today I'm going to dedicate this presentation to a group of people who are actually very important to me because they inspired a presentation like this from talking with them and understanding exactly where their mindset is at and they are people who look like this there are people who live on their knees the cowards of the world so this one is for you cowards of the world you know exactly who you are deep down inside and I've spoken to many of them in my personal experience and them telling their mindset to me is what actually inspired this very presentation here today so I know there's not many of them in the audience here but I know that they're out there watching on the internet and as I say you know who you are so before we begin I usually give a little bit of a caveat about my presentation style just by a show of hands who has never seen me present before ok not not bad not bad that's good that's good so my presentation style is often very harsh it's very direct I don't sugarcoat my words and the easily offended should just leave now ok because I don't care how offended I make anybody I'm not here to be delicate with other people's sensibilities I'm here to tell harsh truth that needs to be spoken and because so few people are speaking that harsh truth I'll do it I'll take up that mantle and do it no problem but truth is combative so I'm not going to sugarcoat my words or my delivery some may be upset or angry by what I will say during this presentation so be it getting upset and getting angry will never make what I say untrue truth remains the truth regardless how anyone feels about it the truth by its nature is belligerent because it wages war against all forms of deception and mind-control I don't present this information to be liked I don't present it to be popular I don't present it to make money and I don't present it to make friends because certainly speaking truth like this will not make you any of those things I speak publicly because I recognize that in the crisis of overwhelming ignorance and deception in which we live I have a moral obligation to communicate what I know to be taking place in our world in order to help others understand it so they can then take action and do something about it Thank You Thomas Paine's one of the other founders of the American Revolution without his philosophy it may not have ever occurred said he who dares not offend cannot be honest so I'm not here not to offend you I'm here to be honest with you so if you don't like it that's what your cry closet is for unfortunately I don't think we have one present you might have to go to the looking of the nearest local university for a cry closet but you know so that I this quote always you know hits home with me telling the truth and making someone cry is better than telling a lie and making someone smile there's way too many people that want to do that they're all over the news media Lyonya with a nice Pleasant smile on their face looking real attractive but they're you know speaking with forked tongue the only people who get mad at you for speaking the truth of the people who are living a lie isn't that the truth so let's go through a very brief review of part 1 part 1 was called the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment I gave it back here back at Liberty on the rocks at another place called the cafe in Center City Pennsylvania on February 10th 2015 it's actually been that long so over three years ago amazing that was the title card so let's review some of the main points quickly briefly of that presentation for those of you who may not be familiar with it or have watched it the militia referred to in the Second Amendment is a decentralized and distributed force of armed individuals who maintain weapons and tactics similar to a military force but they are not a military and they are not centrally controlled or directed by a government the militia is not a military or a standing army it is a whole body of the population who would assemble to defend against a threat to their lives rights or freedom that is the definition that the founding fathers put forward the militia to be when they were asked what the militia was they consistently and repeatedly told people that the militia was the whole of the people over and over again unambiguously and the majority of the people during that time absolutely recognized that the militia was the whole body of the people today we barely even understand what the word means let alone who constituted it the term well-regulated in late 18th century parlance referred to discipline and uniformity it meant that every weapon was maintained and functioning properly and every person basic tactical combat marksmanship and weapons training it did not mean government regulation the founding fathers and the authors of the second amendment James Madison and George Mason were also abundantly and consistently clear when they were asked what the terms well-regulated men it did not mean regulated by a government it meant you are using the same equipment you understand how it works you're receiving the same training everything is set checked regularly maintained and ready to go that's what well-regulated men and anybody who telling you differently is lying to you or ignorant the militia was described as quote being necessary to the security of a free State the word necessary means indispensable cannot be dispensed with or gotten rid of and we'll talk about needed the word needs later in the presentation this meant that the militia was an absolute requirement for the preservation of a free way of life the word free state the words that the term free state did not mean Pennsylvania New York New Jersey Delaware etc that's not what they were referring to by the term free state it meant a free way of life it was the the militia was the very means required to ensure that the people would maintain the ability to defend their freedom with defensive force when necessary rights are universal and inherent to creation our natural rights are not man-made mental constructs let me reiterate that our natural rights are not man-made mental constructs too few people do not understand that that rights are inherent to nature itself they are not mental contracts invented by men rights are not granted or bestowed upon us by government they are natural and universal birthright endowed by the universe itself the right of self-defense is one of our natural rights and can never be removed or incrementally encroached upon or in other words infringed humankind that is not a right to perform any attempt to do so is completely and utterly morally illegitimate that's what the word infringed means to incrementally encroach on the founding fathers are saying in this meme gentlemen I still believe shall not be infringed it's quite clear I mean we won't be handing this nation over to morons will we well unfortunately I think that's exactly what happened Elbridge Gerry one of the statesmen of the Revolutionary War era period said what sir is the use of a militia it is to prevent the establishment of a standing army the bane of Liberty they called standing armies in other words Armed Forces the bane of Liberty that's what the Founding Fathers and their contemporaries referred to standing armies as and yet that's exactly what we have today everywhere the police and military forces constitute standing armies and our presence in our midst and the founders were vehemently opposed to this they even put provisions in the Constitution to protect against the rise of standing armies as I'll talk about whenever governments mean to invade the rights and liberties of the people they always attempt to destroy the militia in order to raise an army upon their ruins the militia was necessary to prevent the establishment of a standing army the founders never intended us to have standing military forces they're actually unconstitutional entities and this is the standing army the founders warned us about militarized police forces in our midst that are the greatest direct threat to freedom that humanity faces so let's get into Section number one as I said this presentation will be broken down into three sections arms needs and cowardice so you'll notice I did not define the word arms that previous review because this section is going to deeply explore what the founders meant by the word arms and the actual authors of the Second Amendment met meant by arms the Second Amendment does not just apply to firearms let me say that again the Second Amendment does not just apply to firearms okay people insist that this is what the Second Amendment is only about that it's only about firearms and it is not the word firearms actually does not even appear in the Second Amendment the wording of the Second Amendment is a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State the right of the key people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed the word firearms does not appear in the wording the word Arms does appear with a capital a in the Second Amendment and it literally meant any instrument that is capable of being used as a weapon for the purpose of self-defence any instrument that is capable of being used as a weapon for the purpose of self-defense including but not limited to you ready here we go pepper spray tasers knives swords hammers brass knuckles axes bows and arrows slingshots baseball bats tire irons clubs maces pitchforks nunchucks throwing stars bayonets cannons explosives flamethrowers pistols shotguns rifles semi-automatic rifles machine guns grenades lasers tanks airplanes battleships and atomic and nuclear weapons that is what is being referred to in the Second Amendment and if you don't think so you're wrong you do not understand the founders original intent it meant all and every implement of self-defense of weaponry so these are arms okay swords knives nunchucks katanas pistols baseball bats everything you name the weapon some broken glass that you found on the ground a brick a table leg okay you can make improvised weapons they're covered by the Second Amendment anything you can imagine okay including firearms including semi-automatic and automatic weaponry including planes and tanks and bombs and grenades and yes let's take it out to its total conclusion okay right away let's get it all off the table let's take it all the way out to its total conclusions he will go over about tactical and nuclear warheads yes yes included in the Second Amendment yes okay and here I'm gonna go a little further because I'm an extremist so let's go even further than that okay and this is here's here's the argument but should everyone be allowed to have this weapon yes death stars and infinity gauntlets for everyone okay let's just take it all the way out to its conclusion okay because here is the principle that should be understood folks people should not be focused on the weaponry if the government has it the people have to have it if government has it the answer is yes the people should have it to defend themselves from government okay so that's one of the main concepts I wanted to get right off the bat out of the way for people to understand and they most people don't understand it because they're so fearful of weaponry well that's what we're gonna get to in cowardice we're gonna get to the real psychological heart of the matter where we're not going to be talking much about actual weaponry there we're going to be talking about what goes on in the human mind and the human art and that's gonna cut really to the quick people have to understand the principles involved in the Second Amendment this has nothing to do with the weaponry they get too hung up on the weapons this is about rights this is about principles the two principles of enlightenment the two pillars of enlightenment the two pillars of natural law as I refer to them the Sacred Feminine non-aggression principle it is always morally wrong to initiate violence against other sentient beings always don't start violence against other people period that's it so simple and yet people can adhere to it especially government in their agents certainly can adhere to that principle they throw that right out the window well you have to combine the Sacred Feminine principle of non-aggression with the sacred masculine principle of self-defense they have to be Wed together hand in hand they cannot ever be separated from each other you have to maintain the sacred masculine self-defense principle to include your natural law rights this means that owning and using any weapon for the purpose of self-defense is an inherent human right notice I said self-defense not initiating violence or aggression against other people weaponry must always be maintained for self-defense of purposes and that's the self-defense principle in other words do no harm but take no shit that's what enlightenment really constitutes that's what constitutes our genuinely enlightened being and yet people can't get simple principles they can't wrap their mind around simple principles and that's because of fear to possess and carry arms is a natural human right the Second Amendment does not grab any rights to anyone I don't think I made that clear enough in part one the Second Amendment grants no rights folks okay the whole Bill of Rights does not grant any rights no they're not government rights they're not constitutional rights they're our natural rights the Second Amendment was originally intended to act as a written guarantee that the government of the United States would never be permitted to even encroach upon our natural rights to self-defense with arms any laws limiting the people's right to own and carry arms of any kind are immoral decrees which are completely null and void in the realm of nature such so-called laws are passed to incrementally chip away at our inherent right to self-defense the very act of attempting to limit our natural right to defend ourselves with weaponry is in and of itself tyranny the very act of attempting to do it is tyranny any and all encroachments upon this natural right of self-defence are morally illegitimate I don't care what what more it says in government books I'm not talking about that kind of legitimacy I'm talking about it's not morally legitimate no one has the right to do it in nature it is a wrong to attempt to do it so think about it folks I can carry a 45 automatic called pistol on my hip 45 acp and that scene is okay in most most of the states in the United States and yet in almost every single state in the United States the hand weapons on this side are not allowed to be carried and there is no permit to carry them you cannot apply for any permit to carry them anywhere in the entire United States I can't carry a pair of brass knuckles to defend myself I can't carry a knife especially a switchblade to defend myself in most states and I can't in any state carry a pair of nunchucks which would be one of my weapons of choice because I'm trained and using them you know I would rather have something like a pair of nunchucks which I could gradually increase from non-lethal to semi lethal to lethal force because I know how to use them and use them with different gradations of force rather than have to take out a pistol that one shot is probably going to kill another human being no matter where it hits because they'll bleed out okay but yet I can't carry those I can't carry any of the weapons on this side okay ridiculous utterly ridiculous and yet there are people who still don't understand not only does this apply to the Second Amendment but think that that's somehow okay that that's somehow morally acceptable you know it's called moral relativism and the rights in moral relativism in man's law that's what that's called and that's the other problem with why we're going deep down into bondage because the vast majority of the society is morally relativistic and believes in relative morality especially people even in the libertarian and anarchist movements and that's why we're not making any headway because we think man makes up what rights are and we can just make up right here they apply in this geographic region and at this time and in other geographic regions and times and places they don't apply or different laws of right or wrong apply it's nonsense it's ridiculous and more nonsense another argument you get from people who are anti Second Amendment is that the founding fathers didn't even envision the technological advances that we would have in firearms a lot of people rightly responded them they didn't envision the internet either does that mean you don't have freedom of speech on it because they didn't understand that the internet would exist one day secondly they're wrong the founding fathers absolutely did envision technological advances in weaponry and had semi-automatic firearms in their time and these are four examples of semi-automatic firearms during the Revolutionary War era the pepperbox revolver which was a six-shot revolver that you know you could load six rounds into it before having to reload the Belton flintlock musket was a early semi-automatic musket the Jaron Donnie rifle was an air rifle and air operated like a piston rifle operated by air that would be carried on a separate and could fire 20 musket balls in under five seconds it's 20 between 20 and 30 actually and then the Paco gun which was a rotating semi automatics sort of like a small cannon okay all four of these weapons existed during the founders times so they had semi-automatic weaponry not only could they not not envision it they already had it so the people who made up this ridiculous argument are ignorant to history they don't even understand what weaponry existed during the Revolutionary period our unalienable right to self-defense never expires or becomes outdated this is another thing people have to understand they say oh that was then and this is now oh that applied to their time you know it doesn't apply now no rights don't work like that folks they're eternal because they're not made by man they're inherent to creation contrary to what many authoritarian statist would claim our unalienable rights never expire maintaining the means for effective self-defense with weaponry is a basic human right and can never expire or become outdated human beings necessary means of self-defense should always grow in scope and scale in proportion to the existential threats of every age that means if a hundred years from now the government develops more advanced weaponry than the people had the people should have access to that government and it should continue to grow in proportion to whatever any potential enemy of the people has Lysander Spooner said a man's natural rights are his own against the whole world wouldn't matter how many people say they're not valid any infringement of them is equally a crime whether committed by one man or by millions whether committed by one man calling himself a robber or any other name indicating his true character or by millions calling themselves governments absolutely the problem is you're not going to hear this man's philosophy espoused in modern universities and and high schools and grade schools because they don't want children to learn that they want them to learn socialism and communism so they could get in line like good little following sheep they're not interested in teaching the the actual philosophy of freedom to human beings no they want to prepare the way for slavery that's the arms section so that people absolutely understand what the word arms and the Second Amendment applied to and that it does not just apply to firearms it applies to any implement that could be used as a weapon for the purpose of self-defense and that is absolutely true and the case I'm not making the claim that I think that that was their intent that was their intent okay that's what the words in the Second Amendment actually mean factually so this section is called needs now we get into even hairier areas because we're talking about what people perceive their perceptions we're getting out of even the physical realm now we're going into the mental and emotional realm of what people perceive as needed then in the last section cowardice we're going to go really deepen into the philosophy of this into the psychology of this I should say what did the founders the founding fathers understand to be absolutely needed the entire in the entire US Constitution including the Bill of Rights the only elements described by the framers as being quote necessary meaning unable to be dispensed with was a well-regulated militia think about that they didn't say the presidency was necessary they didn't say that Congress was necessary they didn't say the judiciary was necessary they didn't say any other element of government was necessary they said the militia was necessary and that they meant the militia that was comprised of the body of the people not the Congress not that you just do judiciary not even the presidency was described as necessary by the framers of the Constitution and Bill of Rights and they were men who were specific and meticulous about every single detail of every single word they wrote they wrote that the element of society that we need to secure a free way of life is the militia the possibility that a governing body of any kind could easily descend into tyrannical oppression was abundantly clear to the founding fathers they prescribed that the natural rights of the people were to be protected with defensive force if necessary this could only be done by ensuring that the people who constitute the militia would never be disarmed and that was the original intent of the Second Amendment see we need what they have as a reiteration of the in I said in the arms section if a government already has a certain class of weaponry that the body of the people who they allegedly represent do not possess those people are already subject to a state of tyranny because they would not possess the necessary means to employ their natural right to alter or abolish the government the militia is necessary needed to ensure that the people possess the required defensive capacity to resist government tyranny and yes that is what it is about it is not about hunting it is not about just self-defense in your home or on the street it is about defense against government and their agents when they become tyrannical and oppressive in other words don't bring a knife to a gunfight you have to maintain what the opposing side has because here's what happens when you bring in life to a gunfight you all remember this brings back memories from my childhood this is what happens when you bring a knife to a gunfight that's what happens okay so it's about maintaining equality in the ability to inflict damage to the opposing side but you bring a knife to a gunfight and that will happen almost every time unless you're some super well-trained incredibly trained a martial artist who knows how to get within closing distance in a very short period of time the militia is needed to ensure that the people have what they need let me say that again the militia is needed to ensure that the people have what they need when the time comes I'll explain that in military engagements armed forces seek to secure what is called full-spectrum dominance in other words control over land sea and air a primary purpose of this engagement style is to secure supply lines for your own forces while simultaneously preventing movement of supplies necessary for the opposing forces to continue to fight one of the main purposes of the militia is to counteract such a military engagement style this is accomplished by having supplies and means for potential battle already in place and that is the very definition of a distributed fighting force you distribute the supplies and the means for battle throughout the entire geographic region that's what a distributed fighting force or a militia is so if and when supply lines do become blocked by an opposing force needed items for engagement are already available where you are act government's continuously attempt to dissuade people from forming a truly effective well-regulated militia because they know how effective a militia is against the battle logistics of a long term standing army governments also have attempted to incrementally disarm the general population so they can permanently prevent any righteous rebellion from a people's militia against government tyranny and slavery that's what Ingram mentally disarming people through different laws is all about that's what gun control agenda is all about incremental disarmament so here's the big question everybody asks who's anti-gun and anti Second Amendment and pro-gun control agenda what do you need a combat rifle for and I will not call it an assault rifle because it's an absolute asinine term assault is an engagement style or assault is an actual behavior it's not an assault rifle any more than your fork is an assault fork okay so let's stop using completely on other lis asinine terms it's a combat rifle it's it's a rifle that is used in combat engagement those are designed to kill multiple people in a way let me see if I can get the boys right bones are designed to kill multiple people in a short amount of time well thank you Brainiac what did you stay up all night with your slide rule in your abacus figuring that one out okay really there that's what they're designed for us thank you thank you for informing me I didn't know yeah of course that's what they're designed to do that's what a battle rifle is that's what a combat rifle is combat rifles are needed by the populace because government which is based on coercion and violence can and will become tyrannical and attempt to enslave the population it's not like it hasn't happened and even the very near past it has occurred within the last 100 years ladies and gentlemen you know it's just that a very cursory look in a history book which most people run away and in a million miles an hour in the opposite direction from these days I'm well aware whether even a cursory popping open to the history book will display that government has and will become tyrannical good people who will not tolerate such an immoral condition will not just allow their freedom to be taken from them without a physical fight they know that government and those who support it I have no right to do what they are doing to take away or even attempt to take away their rights and freedom why do we need combat rifles they are tools for shooting and killing multiple agents of the state should that eventualities become necessary okay nobody just wants to say it out in the open like it is without sugarcoating it combat rifles are for killing agents of government that's what they're feeling and hate people said oh that's not gonna happen this is a police officer holding a fully loaded combat rifle at an unarmed individuals face and we don't think we're already in that situation okay that's what's going on every day in America and yet people will say what I just said was an extreme statement no ladies and gentlemen that's extreme this is common sense self-defense that's extremity okay let's get it clear why would anyone ever need a 30-round magazine how about it at a slaughter massacre like Wounded Knee okay Calem okay agents of the state coming for people's freedom and lives and we don't think it can happen people who don't think that that can happen are 100 percent ignoramus regarding human history that's all I have to say about that it's a nice funny meme here with the founding fathers all confronting Thomas Jefferson you don't need a military assault rifle to hunt with Tommy and he responds well that depends entirely on who I'm hunting you don't need 30 rounds to hunt correct but the Second Amendment was not written in Kent's in case the deer turn against us okay what do I want to respond that people say we need a combat rifle for my response to them is what do we need a standing army for what do we need a standing army for okay if a threat requiring see this is what the Second Amendment was really about this is the actual intent the actual true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment if a threat requiring military-grade force should arise it would be the responsibility of the people not the government the people to bring forth the members of the militia and the necessary weaponry to wage such a conflict and in the afterword the weaponry of war would either be destroyed it will returned into the hands of the people's militia such weapons of war would certainly and should certainly not be kept at the disposal disposal of an institutional government's military where they can actually do the most harm and the most destruction to people that did not commit violence even the US Constitution I'm not a constitutionalist I'm an anarchist I'm a radical extremist anarchist I'm not a constitutional government is slavery all forms of government asleep okay but even the Constitution who constitutionalists and men artists want to get behind okay even it specifically forbids the continuance of a standing army in article 1 section 8 the specced the kits businnes specifically forbids the continuance of a standing army the standing army is meant to be dissolved after a military grade conflict requiring it and the Constitution specifies that no money is to be appropriated to any army anything constituting an army or a standing military for any longer than a period of two years specifically provisioned in the US Constitution because we've ignored constant these types of constitutional provisions the idea that the people could never wage a war against government tyranny is firmly anchored in this technological disparity that has been allowed to propagate we've allowed the Terry to continuously build up their grade of weapons to a point where they have things that the population doesn't have and then the population thinks we could never possibly fight them that's where that that mentality that psychology comes from because we make more provisions like that in the Constitution government-controlled standing armies don't even have any right to exist let alone manufacture weapons of intimidation and mass destruction as they have and here's the clause in article 1 section 8 Clause 12 Congress shall have power to raise and support armies but no appropriation of money to that use shall be for a longer term than two years right in the Constitution the author of the second amendment said it himself George Mason who wrote the Second Amendment said that the people have a right to mass and bear arms that a well-regulated militia composed of the body of the people trained to arms is the proper natural and safe defense of a free State that standing armies in a time of peace are dangerous to Liberty and therefore ought to be avoided right from the author of the second amendment himself and yet people want to debate its meaning no you want to know what we need a standing army for right here is what we need a standing army for that's what the standing army is used for things look at it and we cry all you want and your beer cry on your milk it's never gonna make it untrue we're defending poppy fields in Afghanistan and we're taking as much natural resources in the form of oil as we can from countries in the Middle East that's what standing armies are doing every single day so again as offended about that as you like that's the truth of what standing armies are doing because if they were really fighting for our freedom this is what it would look like right there yeah but you won't see that from order followers all their followers are people who do with their told regardless of what's moral regardless of what's morally right okay and that's what all of these people are we have right now in this country a complete reversal of the founding fathers original intent of the second amendment of the the entire set up of the country what the founding fathers envisioned as needed and what we have today are completely reversed today people envision that it is necessary to have a standing army yet we don't have a true well-regulated militia the founding fathers would have seen our current condition as tyranny what they envision for us to keep in place was the exact opposite that we should never have a standing army unless there was a very direct threat against the country and its people and that a militia comprised of the people would always be necessary to provide for the defense of the citizens against foreign or domestic threats to their lives or freedom that was the purpose of the militia that was why it was needed so but here is the logic of the gun control mob about what we should have and what we should be allowed to have and what we need gun control advocates would choose to leave guns only in the hands of the police and the military rights are the same for everyone no one has any special rights that other people don't have everybody has the same exact rights so how there's law enforcement by definition itself a standing army if you really look at the characteristics of what a standing army means then enforcement is a standing army everywhere in every city how do they have the right to own and use firearms what the people do not according to the gun control mob as I like to call them I don't call them the gun control crowd the gun control advocates they're the gun control mob okay belief that any government personnel can own and use firearms but the body of the people should be forcibly erected from doing so is a recipe for tyranny slavery and mass murder as I call it a recipe for total enslavement we're in a form of covert enslavement right now but you want to see overt total totalitarian enslavement of other populace you give up your right to keep and bear arms and you'll see it real quick so this is who left this and authoritarians want to have all the guns and ammunition in the hands of great fucking idea real smart real smart yes yes yes this is how their logic goes okay their so-called logic okay the police are violent racist murdering fucked and i 100% concur yes they are that's what they're doing in this country they've been doing it forever their violence their racists I've seen the racism firsthand and their murders period get us offended about it as you like that's true and nothing you your emotions will never make that untrue but then in the next breath the same people who want to take away my rights to defend myself with firearms will say please so the only people should allow should be allowed to have guns particularly semi-auto semi-automatic weaponry you have got to be kidding me you cannot be it is impossible to get more stupid than that but yet that's the power of mind control that is what mind control that's what social engineering is that's how that was accomplished and I'm going to talk about that as most people know nothing about it so to wrap up this section your emotion-based quote need to feel safe does not Trump my reality-based need and right to defend my freedom with firearms the need to feel safe or even that here's where I'm going to offend a lot of people and I could care less even children being murdered by firearms are not sufficient reasons to abolish human rights however tragic any situation may be and I agree children being murdered with firearms is tragic and should not occur okay but be that as it may that situation will never be grounds for disarmament of a population or abandonment of human rights if a child dies due to gun violence that is a violation of the child's right to life by an individual taking wrong violent action it is not a justification to violate the rights of other individuals to own firearms for the purpose of defending themselves from violent individuals most child fatalities anyway by firearms are due to a lack of proper weapons safety and training on the part of adults which would be omnipresent if we maintain a well-regulated militia there would be those type of accidents so they would be almost negligible but that's where most children died due to firearms statistically not in mass shootings here's what the crowd who once a banned firearm sounds like okay yet they'll say that they hate him yet they speak the exact same rhetoric the most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the races that we subjugate to possess arms Hitler yeah it's a great role model to base a society on don't you think yet that's what people in America would actually base firearms ownership on the words of a absolute psychopath like that and yet they can't even see the contradiction and their thoughts the contradiction isn't even apparent to them 55 million innocent lives murdered by socialist tyrants in the 20th century alone Stalin 20 million Pol Pot 2 million Adolf Hitler 13 million now say Tung 20 million so isn't that a wonderful trend of what happens when you disarm your population it's called demo side death by government first they disarm their populations and then mass murder took place it's a historical pattern and once again that people spend less time look at their smartphone on Facebook and more time in the history book they would understand that's the historical pattern hard to swallow pills here's my sentiment exactly folks like I said get his offended as you like ten million school kids could die from gun violence every day and it still wouldn't Trump my natural right to self-defense get over it don't your words in my mouth but get it twisted either I don't want to see that eventualities but I'm telling you you're not going to judge me based on what other people do my actions belong to me they're my responsibility that's like punishing the class because one kid talks out you know when he shouldn't be okay that's a tyrants position now I'm gonna take everybody's rights away because somebody acted out in a way they shouldn't have I will not be held responsible for misdeeds committed by people who look like me with guns like me or for any actions by other people I am responsible only for my own actions [Applause] the last words on guns and needs it's better to have one and not need it than to need one and not have it ain't that the truth yeah don't look up stories of people who were in a situation requiring a firearm they didn't have one on their person that's tragic that's tragedy because it could have been averted and if the government says you don't need a gun you need a gun take it from first-hand accounts okay so let's move on to the real meat and potatoes of this presentation cowardice now we're going to get into see the first section was like physical stuff then the next section is more emotional stuff now we're going to get into the deep-seated psychological material because this is where it all falls apart for most people okay and this is where most people don't have the necessary courage to really understand what the Second Amendment is truly about what the right to self-defense period is truly about Patrick Henry said fear is the passion of slaves and like you know Frank Herbert in Doon said fear is the mind killer well I say fear is the freedom killer the fastest way a population is going to descend into tyranny is when they remain in a consciousness of fear and that's because fear of death is the beginning of slavery as we'll talk about I'm going to introduce a term most people probably have never heard of it's called hapa phobia hotma phobia is the irrational fear of weapons hop Lefou here's a quote by Eric s Raymond who's a freedom advocate he said hablar phobia like homophobia is a displacement symptom qapla folks fear their own forbidden feelings and urges to commit violence this would be harmless except that they project those feelings on to others see that's the real psychological motivation for not wanting weapons in your presence is because they're so psychologically immature that they don't trust themselves with them see when I'm walking in prayer in the general population with weaponry as I am right now okay it actually makes me more focused and more calm and more intent and watching every bit of my emotional makeup because I realize that deadly force I have at my disposal that makes you more that makes me more responsible because I'm already a responsible adult then when you add that that actual ability to take life in self-defense okay it makes you it actually amplifies your responsible qualities for in good people see that's what I'm trying to explain is that hop will pose people who fear weapons deep down inside they're not really good people deep down inside they don't trust themselves because they have these urges deeper within their psyche that they would act upon at a whim at a moment's notice and that's why they fear weapons so much it's a displacement symptom this is called displacement in clinical psychology Sigmund Freud also recognized it recognize that as a symptom of immaturity he said and I don't care what you think of the man otherwise I don't agree with everything he talked about psychologically born on this he was dead on point he said a fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity absolutely on point could have said it any better myself and then the woman holding the pistol there and this meme says my right to defend myself with a gun supersedes your ignorance and irrational fear of guns and I couldn't agree with her anymore just because someone is uncomfortable with something doesn't Trump a right that's what we have to understand what rights are that's why most people can't define what a damn right is in the year 2018 they can't just spit out the answer or write it as an action that does not cause harm to another sentient being they can't spit that definition out and that's why we're losing our rights because people don't even know what a right is how could you defend what you don't know how to define just think about that for a moment yet this is where we are at societally we're a nation of grown children a nation of fearful grown children living under the stairs emotional maturity requires a developed understanding of self-defense because self defense is part of self love and self respect I'm better than my emotional psychological and entire curtain makeup of my personality is actually more valuable than every single person in all of government that has ever lived or existed that's that's the infinite value of my life my mind in my existence that's how much self-respect I have I'm more valuable than tyrants and oppressors and people who want to do violence unto other people people who would enslave other people okay I'm more valuable my life is more valuable than people who would put other people in the chains of slavery that's the kind of self respect I have for myself and that's what other people how they should value their own life their own and their own psychological makeup if they were true adults that's why my self defensive rights come be or somebody else's need to feel safe it comes before somebody else's irrational fears stunted and childlike development is exhibited exhibited through fearful emotional arguments that are devoid of any rationality or logic and believe me there is there is a deluge of that in our society today modern-day political leftists and authoritarians suffer from this emotional Arrested Development due to ignorance and cowardice fear almost always stems from ignorance since they don't know how to use weapons to protect themselves they irrationally fear that all weapons are going to harm them somehow or they're going to harm someone else with them when it comes to weapons they react only with fear and they insist that everyone else should have to lose their natural right of self-defense just so they can be allowed not to be afraid this is the mentality of an immature fearful bratty child with blue or absent parenting government is only too happy I'm sorry I have a spine error that I'll correct that in my final slides is only too happy to step in and become the proxy parent for such such grown children and that ladies and gentlemen is why we have a two-party system in politics one represents daddy that's the the Republican Party who's going to keep everybody safe from cradle to grave he's gonna find everybody's battles for core them and that we have mommy that's the Democratic Party it's gonna that's gonna nurture and and and take care of everyone from cradle to grave don't you get it that's the parent system that's the psychological proxy parent system and nobody's even thought of it know BCE they don't even recognize it's what's staring them in the face and they can't recognize it and this the reason why they don't know who they are if you don't know your own psychological makeup you don't know how the system of oppression and control is acting as a proxy for what you are secretly yearning and craving for the absent parenting that most of us never really truly had to parental abandonment issues psychologically that drive that control dynamic yes exactly [Applause] so you know you have you have children saying I feel safer in gun-free zones because criminals aren't allowed to use guns in them right that's how it works right yeah yeah that's how it works and then you have brats like this you know whoo yeah tragic things happen in their school well I you know I I wish things like that one the car but guess what we have to also understand they're not always as we're told that they occurred either they didn't always go down as we're told by the mainstream media and government that they went down okay so let me tell you something while I emphasize that you know classmates may have been harmed and killed you're not taking my weapons not without bloodshed my friends you're not taking my weapons you're not taking you're not going to take 99% of the people who have weapons weapons away from you not in America you may get it done but you're gonna have to drop hydrogen bombs to do it let me tell you that know it like you know your own name and make you know the sun's coming up on the eastern horizon tomorrow you don't have to drop hydrogen bombs on this country to take the people's weapons here and it would be like Europeans and could it be like Australians you ain't gonna do it with the Canucks like the euros or like the Aussies this is an entirely different animal you're dealing with in America let me explain how children like that are out put into our society it's called social engineering and if people don't know about it they better look it up and they better start reading okay and I call it what it really is you wonder if you want to use the scientific and the politically correct term or whatever it's called social engineering all right well what I call it is what it really is mind control and that's what most people are under they're under mind control okay social engineering is used to keep us ignorant and afraid the socialist communist outcome-based education system that we have in place in this country is keeping people in a state of ignorance regarding inherent rights through indoctrination into post-modernism this is what is being taught in universities all over this country all over the world postmodern thought which is all about think with your feelings everything is relative okay and you could just believe whatever you want and that'll basically make it so and everybody's belief independently is just as valid as everybody else's belief no it's not there's such a thing called truth and then there's such a thing called pure aligning perception to truth which is what our job as human being should be to do so we're not unthinking irrational imbeciles that's what critical thinking is that's what we our children should be being taught critical thinking skills but now they're being taught how to use their fields to come to conclusions you know look I'm an advocate for emotions I do people have to get in touch deeply with their emotional selves I mean our emotions are a compass a guidance system for morality so that we can feel what we do to other people but you can't come to logical correct conclusions about truth and what's going on in the world just by feeling it you have to read and research and study and weed out contradictions and use scientific methodology you know you're not going to come to conclusions about what is true and real with your feelings sorry doesn't work that way cultural Marxism and social Darwinism have become the basis for quote determining what rights are school shooting events are employed to drive an agenda of disarmament under the pretext of safety such programs directly target the minds of the youth to instill postmodern ideology socialism and communism and the disarmament agenda all of which accelerate the destruction of human freedom and then we have the mainstream media who is directly in league with intelligence agencies and big tech corporations such as Google furthering the agenda of oppression through censorship of dissenting information children and adults increasingly believe today that unless information came from the government that it is not true they believe government is the only legitimate official source of information folks and how many people in this room have read the book by Jim Keith called mass control mass control by the gentleman named Jim Keith I want to count please leave your hand up 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 8 people absolutely unacceptable absolutely unacceptable everyone here if you want to know what is taking place in America and throughout the world should have already read the book by Jim Keith called mass control mass control by Jim Keith he was assassinated for writing this book he was found dead under suspicious circumstances with no connections to the crime no one arrested for it because of the information he released in this book about exactly how much and how deeply embedded the central intelligence members of Central Intelligence in the United States have embedded themselves in the United States media corporations and entities and he discovered that it is far worse than how embedded the KGB was in Soviet Russia media but only see there's a big difference between them and us there's a big difference between people living under Soviet rule in the USSR and people today in America the people living under Soviet rule when the KGB owned every aspect about just about every media outlet that they were allowed to see in here laughed at it they laughed that if they thought it was a joke they turned the news on at night and said to one another here comes the KGB report literally literally was a common phrase the KGB report is what the nightly news was called in Soviet Russia here full grown adults or people who think of themselves as adults actually believe that there given critical information that they need to hear and understand when they're watching the nightly news and don't believe that the CIA 100% controls the news media and the outlets that put forward the news so-called news this is how naive and childish the American population is and it's because they don't do reading it's because they're too busy flipping through Instagram photos okay mass control by Jim Keith indispensable reading so this meme says operation Mockingbird talked about in the book was full a fully implemented CIA program to spread disinformation throughout American media CIA director William Colby testified to the Church Committee that over 400 CIA agents were active in US media to control what was reported through American mainstream television newspapers and magazines do you know when that was given in the 1970s I believe it was 1971 of the eff I have the Year correct but it was the early 1970s could you imagine how bad it is today yeah and then YouTube and Google want to make it worse by actually censoring people they don't understand that this is the opening volume of a war this is the opening volley of civil war and they don't understand how serious what they're doing by centering censoring alternative views are let's get to the psychological heart of the matter the real psychological heart people don't want the responsibility of self-defense they want somebody else to be responsible for their self-defense they don't want to take that natural responsibility that cannot actually be delegated to anyone else and own it and there's a reason for that they fear the possibility that they may be injured or killed in the exercise of that personal responsibility and that they they are also highly fearful of the possibility that they themselves may need to shoot and kill another human being in their own defense this is one of the greatest fears of human beings see they can't envision that they actually may have to take the life of another human being so I asked everyone here today and everyone watching if someone was attempting to take your life or freedom or the life where the freedom of those you love do you know whether or not you could in fact willfully kill another human being how many people have actually really deeply sat with themselves and thought about that potentiality you know if that's what shadow work is you know psychological work is not always positive sometimes you have to envision doing the worst things that you may need to do you know and there's the people who are going to be coming for those rights and freedom and possibly lives you know because they don't call it a police think for no reason you'll notice that it's not called a politician state right it's not called a judge state a banker state right it's not called any of those things it's called a police state there's a reason because those are the people who lock it down those are the people who come for the rights those are the people who come for the guns those are the people who come for the lives and if you don't know that you're a very image psychologically immature child fear of doing what needs to be done this is all part of over overarching lis this is all part of fear of freedom fear or self-defense is fear of freedom because in freedom its contained self-defense you cannot actually be free without taking the responsibility of your own self-defense no one else can actually provide that as a service to you no matter how much you think government is beneficent and actually wants to protect you know it wants to control you it wants to protect its masters who it thinks is are somehow that's going to somehow magically save them like they're gonna be the last ones eaten by the great beast you know but as well as they're the last one to go into it's you know huge jaws and that's great thing one somehow that's that's how other followers think this is however retarded they are you have to be broken at a soul level to think that you cannot kill another person who is coming for your life now I want to give an allegorical example how many people watch The Walking Dead I find that a pretty interesting allegorical television show about what would happen in a complete societal collapse and how people would behave toward each other and it's probably much more sanitized than what you would actually see but in this recent episode of the television show The Walking Dead the so-called hero who incidentally is a former cop Rick did not exemplify a moral person when he spared the murderous psychopath negan negan in this allegory represents government and he says I am the New World Order you're going to give me 50% of all your earnings which is what of any good definition of slavery basically is except total slavery is you're giving me a hundred percent you're doing all the work and give me a hundred percent of what you earned what he's saying I'm going to be the new king you're going to do the work you're gonna give me 50 percent okay and he says and if you don't give me 50 percent you're gonna die that's his new world order explained in the Walking Dead TV show so this guy Rick who's supposed to be the hero finally gets a chance to kill this guy and he leaves him alive and what I say is he wasn't doing anything moral by sparing his life he was actually acting immorally he was endangering every single other life in the entire group by leaving him alive sparing his life was the equivalent of letting loose a wild hungry tiger into the middle of a village full of children because he couldn't do what needed to be done because he has this ridiculous romantic notion of keeping people in a cage is somehow less barbaric than ending their life when they're an absolute animalistic psychopath that has proven that they're just a murderous beast and needs to be dealt with as such would you would you go and try to capture would be if a tiger came into a village and killed a bunch of children do you think you're going to just go take it cage it and keep it in village with the children I mean really when would be done you don't hunt it with a high-powered rifle and end the threat that's what a sensible person would do I understand look I'm all for being 100% just as harmless to animals as I want to be to people but you are there is a limit when something is coming and killing you and eating you that's called very simple self-defense and self-preservation it doesn't mean you're making that the goal of your entire life it means that when the threat presents itself you do the more and actual effective thing to continue to live and not have your people devoured and that's the state state that we're at right now with government because government is opening up its jaws and getting ready to clamp down on our throats it has been doing it I keep telling people war has already begun more has already begun 10,000 people have been killed without trial by police in America since 9/11 on the streets of America you'll think that's war statistics you don't think those are the statistics of what I'll give you statistics of war word not that many people have been killed in or police have murdered without trial 10,000 United States citizens since 9/11 occurred and we're standing here having presentations really really see because people are fearful of fighting a battle that they believe they might not win and that that's not a mentality of good people that's a mentality of cowards cap cowards think like that good people don't think like that okay good people don't put their life before they put freedom most people are afraid of righteous rebellion and let me just say something thank God for the revolutionaries of America fought and made it possible for me to even get these ideas into my mind and speak them thank the creator of the universe for those men and women and people think that that wasn't a legitimate righteous rebellion that they believed that wasn't a legitimate righteous rebellion against England and will stand will and will talk negatively against the the rugby American revolutionaries in America just because they think all of them were slave-owners though it was less than 1% and it certainly wasn't the revolutionaries of the north who are trying to abolish slavery back then particularly some of the founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson who wrote anti-slavery clauses into the original Declaration of Independence and then the southern delegates who were making Sunda money from the Ivory Coast slave trade insisted that that the anti-slavery clauses be removed or they wouldn't sign it they wouldn't even come back into committee into the Second Continental Congress but people don't know that history now they only know what their communist professors told them about this time period most people are afraid of righteous rebellion because they believe we couldn't fight the government and win which isn't true they'll say things like you couldn't fight the government with an ar-15 yeah not one person but a hundred million American gun owners with semi-automatic battle rifles like I said you'd have to drop hydrogen bombs on America to defeat it no are all the armies not just no army all the armies on the face of the earth combined could not defeat the firepower of the American population and we would do it quickly that's real battle logistics if you understand the numbers involved which most people don't it's like an imbecile flat earther who doesn't understand the size of the earth you know they'll grasp this actual size and magnitude of the earth because they don't have those actual physical understand that understanding in science and mathematics and geometry and physics in hand they don't have those tools in hand so it's the same way when you try to present legitimate battle logistics to some who has never studied any military engagement style or logistics it's there simply incorrect and it's not true as a matter of fact US Army War College analysts have published literature on the effectiveness of small arms in earth in urban asymmetric warfare which is the likely form in nature of rebellion against the tyrannical government in the modern world these logistics are often completely ignored by armchair strategists and opponents of the Second Amendment who are too cowardly to take up arms in the first place they believe compliance with tyrants and despots is a strategy that will somehow quote-unquote keep them safe long term but that coward strategy never actually works out as history has demonstrated time and time again throughout the ages once again it's they prove that they're ignorant of human history people who comply with tyrants they just extend their lifespan that kind a little bit and when the tyrants done with them they take their head off see this is what people think of they think they're so smart by saying this and exactly they have their head up their ass and have no idea what the reality of it is hey here with the guns your paranoid fantasies about fighting a rebellion against the theoretical future fascist government takeover do not Trump my rights to demand appropriate and reasonable public health policies to stop gun violence sincerely the rest of the American people sir sincerely the rest of the American people with their heads firmly lodged up their ass okay because every statement in this meme is incorrect it's not paranoia to believe that government becomes tyrannical it's a historical fact it's not a fantasy about fighting a rebellion with small arms as a matter of fact the next two slides are going to be historical examples where that has been done and accomplished okay and no my right to remains to protect my freedom with firearms does trump your right to feel safe and demand that they be taken away because of quote unquote public health policies yes they do my rights Trump that everyone's right to solve the Trump's that examples of successful battle operations with small arms so you get ignorant of human history about the Vietnam War where the Vietcong basically defeated the United States military in protracted Jungle combat supply lines was a big thing in this getting the supplies that they need appropriated by Congress was a big thing in this and the type of small arms that they were being shot at with was a huge factor in this war but that's what the Vietcong used they used ak-47s they used 760 y51 rifles and they used grenade launchers and some 2 to 3 rifles or you know Remington 223 NATO 556 those were the small arms used in the Vietnam War by the Vietcong who essentially defeated and drove out the United States military from their territory how about the soviet-afghan war in 1970s through the 80s ok ever hear of operation cyclone they made a movie about it it was called Charlie Wilson's War the biggest CIA operation in human history funneling taxpayer money to the Israelis to buy weapons small arms and then to funnel them in the Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union and bleed them during the Cold War in a protracted war in the mountainous region of Afghan of northern Afghanistan how many people have ever heard of operation cyclone fantastic I was not expecting that show of hands for that good good so you know people should really learn about it read about it and you know that we they held the Soviet Union's war Arsenal at bay with small arms and the Soviets warned us not to go into into Afghanistan because they said you'd be there for decades Oh what happened yeah because we're not interested in really leaving because we want all the opium we want to control the opium trade throughout the world so what do we truly value safety or freedom most human beings are just too cowardly to stand up to the violence and coercion of government no matter how many of their rights are taken away most people have chosen comfortable slavery of a potentially dangerous freedom they've done this because their priorities and values are way out of order due to false beliefs they fail to understand the truth that life itself has no value without freedom life itself has no value without freedom that's called just surviving this physical survival is not thriving in life if you're not free who would rather just survive in a state of slavery just because you're alive rather than actually be free I'm more concerned with being free than being alive they've done this because their priorities and values are way out of order due to false beliefs mainly false beliefs about death and who they are they fail to understand the truth that life has no value without freedom valuing life without freedom is actually the ultimate mindset of the religion of Satanism which if people know my work they know I talk a absolute whole lot about what the real Satanic belief system is ok because I have direct experience with it from my past and I'm telling you in the religion of Satanism they value physical survival the actual first tenet of the Satanic religion is survival of self above all else self-preservation is the absolute highest law of nature even above freedom and morality freedom and morality be damned to a Satanist or to those who are trapped in the Satanic mindset see if people think that that means worshipping the devil it doesn't you should watch my presentation called Satanism and the dark occult it's available in the back and you understand what the real mentality of Satanism is and they have indoctrinated most people in America into this religion without even understanding that they have been indoctrinated into this religion Val okay so of what value is physical safety if you are not actually free being now listen to this for a moment listen to the logic in this philosophy being free does not necessarily mean that you are safe you can be free and not be safe but being enslaved always means that you are definitely not free because you are always under duress of physical violence if you are enslaved if you do not comply with the mandates of your masters slavery always means that you're unsafe there's no such thing as safety and slavery never has been and never will be yet those who value safety over freedom cannot seem to see this very blatant contradiction in their own thought process so when I do presentations like this I feel like Samuel Adams the father of the American Revolution who came to the Pennsylvania State House here in Philadelphia rode on a horse 300 miles over incredibly tough terrain by himself to speak in front of many rich unconcerned representatives who thought that the over massacres that were going on in the New England colonies were just bolsters problems you know that it wasn't affecting them so who gives a shit and when he came here and spoke here in Philadelphia he said to all the assembled rich delegates if you love wealth greater than Liberty the tranquility of servitude greater than the animating contest for freedom go home from us in peace we seek not your counsel nor your arms crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you and may posterity forget that you were once our countrymen that's how I feel about people who want to have the violence and dress of government continue as status you know they think it's other people's problems because everybody thinks it's somebody else's problem until it happens to them and they get hit and they get put down real hard then all of a sudden they're all up in arms over it and maybe that's what has to happen to people in America maybe we're just living too comfortably and too untouched by all this violence maybe this violence has to happen to us directly or maybe even better maybe it has to happen to our children maybe then people sit up and pay fucking attention I want to address the fake-ass Patriots out there because there's tons of them too I can do a whole presentation on these jackasses people who think they're Patriots and yet are still government supporters many people calling themselves militia in this country are not the true militia ex-military who have never renounced governmental authority comprise many of the so called quote militia groups they choose the military as a means they chose the military as a means of life advancement and took a paycheck to advance Empire building on behalf of the United States and its covert monetary powers and they could have renounced their allegiance with evil and quit their cult but they chose to continue their consort for money and a pension often now many are ignorant racist flag-waving ex-military fake-ass Patriots who think that government and police represent freedom they are the exact opposite of the true militia spoken about in the Second Amendment by the founding fathers because they completely lack a true understanding of Rights morality true freedom and above all else natural law they need natural law seminars brought to them so that they can understand one ways freedom and morality really are here's a great mean when you try to pay trip and end up red coating instead here's the Gadsden flag the first big flag of the first American Revolutionary militias okay next to the thin blue line flag of police slavery yeah yeah that's that I mean you can't get any more contradictory fear of death is the beginning of the slavery see and this goes to real consciousness because we don't know who we are we don't know who we are in consciousness say we don't do the psychological work to really know ourselves that's that that's the first tenant of all the mystery school traditions of consciousness know thyself fear of physical death is the beginning of every form of slavery that has ever existed those who believe in physical material those who believe in physical material existence as the only reality generally exist in a continual existential state of the fear of death because such individuals hold the material realm as prime and ignore and discount any spiritual existence they are almost always afraid to fight for freedom they fear death because they don't know who they are they deny the spirituality that is inherent in freedom and they don't understand anarchy as the intrinsic state of a free being meaning no rulers no masters no slaves that's what anarchy is it's not chaos it's not lawlessness it's not disorder Anarchy means no rulers no masters no slaves literally means that this is why the internal great work of consciousness is the foundational work of a sovereign being and the ultimate solution to the condition of slavery true consciousness means knowing who you are and who the enemy is it means knowing your surroundings and the nature of the situation in which you exist in which you find yourself and confronting that head-on it means understanding that you are not just a physical body but a spiritual being having a physical experience here for the purpose of learning and growing spiritually as long as you fear death you can be made a slave the threat of slavery will always be present as long as people live in a state of existential satanic doubt when it comes to who they are in consciousness that not knowing that they are eternal spiritual beings having a physical experience on earth they don't have that spirituality inside them and that's why they could be made to obey because they fear death more than they fear slavery some zoo in the art of war said if you know the enemy and you know yourself you need not fear the result of a hundred battles if you know yourself what you do not know the enemy for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat but if you know neither the enemy nor yourself you will succumb in every battle freedom always trump safety there's a meme of people on the streets of America after the the Parkland shooting holding up signs is freedom more important let me get the voice right it's freedom more important than safety and big bad been saying yes yes it is yes it is freedom is more important than safety protecting rights and freedom is more important than physical safety or even survival unfortunately most people today love their comfortable lives much more than they love freedom in the face of tyranny cowards all we search for safety while good people place themselves between tyranny and their principles even when death is probable or certain cowards choose to either choose either to embrace evil and enlist themselves to tyranny as its agents against humanity or they seek to appease tyrants insisting that the enemy is too strong and cannot be beaten it's like you're over and over again by weakling cowards you can't ever fight them they're too strong now we gotta fight them in mind we gotta fight them in spirit and we have to fight them in body you can never take physical confrontation off the table they're doing violence to us every friggin day so the physical option can never be taken off the table we have the work to change the minds and hearts of people so that they stop believing that slavery is morally legitimate and that they continue not to understand that government is slavery it's just a covert form of it and you diffused the Masters into a body calling themselves government it's an oligarchical slave plantation that's all it is that's all government is instead of instead of having one master there's just several masters people who think that they're above everybody else when it comes to rights cowards Chu okay so where was I here cowards will not fight for freedom because they discard their principles at the first sign of danger modern-day cowards seem militarized police and armed forces as some kind of invincible unbeatable Leviathan the coward will always choose to remain passive and as a result they become complicit and evil themselves remaining passive in the face of evil is becoming complicit with the evil let me say that again repent remaining passive in the face of evil is to become complicit with that evil good people will always develop the will to fight for their rights and freedom whatever the odds may be as this is what happens when we choose security over freedom it eventually eats us we think we can put it on a leash and we can control it but then eventually it grows bigger and bigger and bigger and eventually it eats you that's why Ben Franklin said those who would give up Essential Liberty to secure a little temporary safety will have neither and will lose both courage is sorely absent and desperately needed I'm getting ready to wrap it up as my last section only a completely immoral coward would say let slavery continue to reign just because death might be the alternative there are things in this world in this universe that are worse than death and slavery is one of them the response of the cowards is always that we couldn't possibly fight the forces of tyranny because we would lose a righteous rebellion for free is not waged only because there would be a significant chance of winning that's not why righteous rebellion is wait you think people who have waged righteous rebellion always knew they were going to win you think they sat down and calculate oh we're definitely gonna win this thing so let's start fighting it's not how it works because their lives on the line they didn't know what the outcome was going to be the proper motivation is that slavery to fight a righteous rebellion is that is knowing that slavery is morally wrong and should not be allowed to continue whatever the cost may be real rebels don't care whether they might die in physical combat and I'm not talking about soldiers here they for following the dictates of their masters and not thinking they're just obeying I'm talking about real rebels they don't care whether they might die in combat that's what a real warrior is a real warrior is not a hornet following soldier they're not fighting who they're fighting because they were told to fight them they're fighting who they're fighting because they recognize the immorality of the opposing side and know that they must be beaten at whatever the cost may be they don't fight because they desire only to physically survive they fight because they would rather fight and die than to accept slavery as the alternative that is what liberty or death actually means it means that the instinct for the preservation of freedom overcomes the instinct for the preservation of life only someone in a purely satanic mindset chooses for life to be preserved even if freedom is not preserved this is a quote by Harriet Tubman who helped many slaves escape to the northern states during the times of oppression of black slavery in the United in early America she said there was one of two things I had a right to liberty or death if I could not have one I would take the other four no man should take me alive I should fight for liberty as long as my strength lasts that's a rebel that's a real woman self-defence is our duty and our personal responsibility an anonymous quote if anyone knows the author of the quote please let me know no one needs a gun until they do it's about preparedness building a storm cellar or keeping a first-aid kit does not make you weak or a coward it makes you smart and responsible saying you don't need a gun is like saying that you don't believe evil exists it's a naive careless stupid and downright dangerous perspective self-defense is your responsibility it cannot be delegated to anyone grow up and own yourself thank you I'm gonna I'm gonna wrap up with two more quick things two more slides this is the true meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment decoded by me this is how I would write it in modern language since it is true that a well-armed fully functional and effective distributed fighting force comprised of the whole populace is absolutely necessary and required for the preservation of a free way of life the inherent and unalienable rights of all individuals to possess and carry arms and ammunition of any kind shall never be removed or incrementally encroached upon by any one that is the second amendments true original intent and purpose decoded ladies and gentlemen one title just some final words regarding courage this is about doing internal work upon the self to overcome a mindset where we place physical survival above the importance of maintaining freedom in our lives now everybody asked me the question how can that be instilled in another person and the answer is I don't really know it I can't give courage to someone else I can only speak the truth and attempt to live the truth to the best of my ability and in so doing set an example for other people and say what I mean and then do it and act upon it rightly you know but to really work upon ourselves and develop the courage that needs to be developed is a truly inside job that has to be done one-on-one by taking a very much needed deeper look at ourselves and who we truly are ladies and gentlemen thank you so much today for your time and your attention is slavery [Applause]