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All right that's absolutely correct freedom is what it's all about. Welcome everyone! it's April 6th 2010. This is What On Earth Is Happening and I'm your host Mark Passio.

so I want to do a few things before we get into the topics of discussion for this evening the first thing I want to do is give out the websites my website is what on earth is happening dot-com and the network's website is revolution broadcasting calm this show is live Tuesday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time on my site what on earth is happening calm and you can listen in on revolution broadcasting from 8:00 to 9:00 on Tuesday evening and from 8:00 to 9:00 on Thursday they pick up the second hour there was a little bit of confusion on the part of some people as to how the show was a broadcasted on revolution Broadcasting Network last week so I hope that clarifies it for people you can listen to all you can listen to all two hours live right on my website what on earth is happening calm I want to give out the call-in number for tonight hopefully we'll get some calls this evening the call-in number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven you call that anytime but please if you call that stay on the line I will try to get to the calls through the switchboard had a little bit of trouble doing that last week but hopefully uh the technical problems have been worked out and that won't be a problem this evening number again three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so let's get right into uh I want to also make a couple of announcements that's how I'm going to start this evening I want to tell you about a couple of events that are going to be coming up in the Philadelphia area if you're in the Philadelphia area these are a couple of very important events and I hope everybody will try to try to make it out to these first one there is a free documentary showing at the ethical Society building that's at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia that's going to be Monday night April 19th that's Monday April 19th 7 o'clock p.m. at the ethical Society building it's a free documentary showing a free documentary showing free documentary shelling of Aaron Russo's America freedom to fascism ethical society building Monday night April 19 2010 7:00 p.m. this event is hosted by truth freedom prosperity now a lot of people in the Philly area who are involved in this in the freedom movement they will of be you you so let's try to get as many people out as we possibly can to this event I want to read a description of the movie this documentary is about an honest search for the truth about the Federal Reserve Bank and the legality of the Internal Revenue system through extensive interviews with recognized experts and Authority the director shows an astonishing revelation of how the federal government and the bankers have fooled the American public by taking their wages and putting it in the pockets of the super-rich the director goes so far as to interview one of the masterminds of the IRS Code and you the viewer can draw your own conclusions as to how the system works this is not a documentary filled with opinions conjecture or editorial comment it's a documentary with a purpose and that's to educate every wage earner about the Federal Reserve Bank the IRS how they got started and where the money goes it's extremely well done it will make you laugh it will make you angry but most of all it will inspire you to take action so again this event is hosted by truth freedom prosperity Monday night April 1970 clock p.m. at the ethical Society building 1906 south Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia let everybody you know know about it and bring as many people out as you can for more info you can check out truth freedom prosperity org let's truth freedom prosperity org so the next thing I want to go to is another upcoming event in the Philadelphia area and that is an extremely important event this is the official and the Fed rally in Philadelphia this is going to take place on April 24th April 24th at 10 o'clock a.m. to 3 p.m. and it's going to happen right at City Hall in Philadelphia on the west side 1500 Market Street I want to read a brief introduction that I sent out through my Mellon list earlier this week about this event and the Fed Philadelphia March rally in concert Philadelphia PA April 24th 2010 10 o'clock a.m. to 3 o'clock p.m. city hall Westside 1500 Market Street Philadelphia PA if you still don't understand how intricately related the Federal Reserve System is to the destruction of our natural freedoms and you haven't really learned a thing or you've chosen to deliberately ignore it out of apathy laziness cowardice or all three words are not enough if you value your freedom and the freedom of future generations of humanity take action and stand with us encourage at this event and become involved with this cause today and the Fed is one of the most important things that is taking place in the freedom movement today so get involved research the Federal Reserve System you can check out the website and the Fed dot US and again this event is a it's going to have an outdoor rally with food and entertainment there's going to be speakers there's going to be musicians Michael bad mark is actually going to be coming out and speaking he's always great to hear Jordan page will be playing his great brand of freedom inspired music so it should be a really good time hopefully we'll see a lot of people there we really want to want to grow the end of fed events and bring more attention to the general public that's largely store unaware of how the immoral fractional reserve banking debt system works in this country so if you're in the Philadelphia area please make sure to come out to these events and spread the information to all interested parties ok so those are the event announcements I'll give the call-in number one more time three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so what I'll do now is just go into a very brief review of what I covered Lant on last week's show and then we'll get into the topics for this evening so last week we really began by getting into what is truth we got into talking about how that the quality of our lives is basically dictated by how much we harmonize with what actually is with looking at what actually is and dealing with it effectively coming into harmony with truth the quality of our life will improve if we do that if we do not do that and we sway away off the path of truth the quality of our life decreases and we experience more and more suffering this is simply how natural law works we talked about problem solving how if we're really to solve any given problem we have to have enough information about the nature of the problem about what the causal factors are of the problem that we're experienced if we don't have after it and enough information about what caused the problems we're going to be essentially powerless to solve those problems so we have to look at the darkness so to speak we have to look at the the so-called negative information of what is actually causing and creating the problems that we experience around us we have to turn and confront those things and get down to the nature of the causal factors of the problem that we're experienced if we ever hope to solve them we also talked about if there's really only two reasons that people suffer they suffer because they accept information which simply is not true and they refuse to accept information which it is true so our ability to tell truth from falsehood is the most critical capability that the human race possesses in regards to what we experience in the quality of our existence we also talked a little bit about the fundamental axioms ax IOM an axiom the fundamental axioms that people hold in their lives that they refused to let go of they cling to them an action is a proposition or a belief that is regarded generally as already being established accepted and self-evidently true it's just people just take it as you know it just is this way and unfortunately most people's fundamental axioms simply are way off basis from the true nature of reality and the true experience as it is actually taking place on this planet we also got into how important knowledge of self is we need to understand that we are a reflection of the all we are a reflection of the whole of the universe itself accurate knowledge of self is accurate knowledge of the universe we are a holographic integral part of creation and getting out of the mess that we're in as a species involves knowing oneself understanding human consciousness understanding how consciousness manifests itself understanding how consciousness can come into balance and harmony and also understanding how consciousness can be come imbalanced and manipulated so as a large part an initial part of doing that what I began to get into last week was the breakdown of the human brain understanding the human brain is a big part of understanding human consciousness so what we will finish up with that this week I'll be going more into the components of the brain and specifically I will be talking about how the brain what happens when the brain becomes imbalanced so another concept we touched on and really spend some time on last week was a concept that I call the biggest lie and that is the ideology known as sysm that spelled sol IP si SM Sol IP si SM solipsism this is the ideology that there is no such thing as truth the truth cannot be known and it cannot be communicated to others and this is the biggest lie and one want it after I go into some of the aspects of the brain and how the brain works and how it becomes imbalanced I'm going to but I'm going to revisit the topic of salep says and then maybe open up some discussion on this because I want people to understand the the ideology that this dangerous the most dangerous philosophy on earth what I call the biggest lie salep season leads to the other ideologies that if you buy this lie if you buy into this big line the other ideology is that it invariably leads to so we'll get into that tonight but I see we have a caller and I'm going to attempt to take this call let's see how this goes here we go caller number one you are live on what on earth is happening hello are you there oh yeah I did mark pass you yes how are you mark Ivan we learned and I wait for all Rush Limbaugh's show to comment on your show here oh yeah hey man I call her phlegm ma get me faster than you came I call there you have anything to say mark how's it going buddy hey orient with hey can't get a prank call from a fellow host now can you Bob Oh whoever that was are they still there no hung up well well if anybody wants a call and seriously discuss on the BGH issues give me a call at three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so I'm going to get into I'm going to go back into the human brain and talk about the structures within the brain and how the brain becomes imbalanced if we engage in certain modalities of consciousness so as we brought up last week human brain essentially has three components these are the reptile brain the mammal brain and the human brain the reptile brain is otherwise known as the r-complex this is the brainstem it's it's responsible for motor skills it's responsible for our instinct for survival and it's responsible for what's called the fight-or-flight response making a decision when confronted with a survival situation whether you want to fight or run away this is the stress mode of the brain the stress complex of the brain okay above that we had the mammal brain which is responsible for us being able to experience emotions in the body this is also called the limbic brain that's li MV i see the limbic system so without the limbic system a human being would not be able to experience emotion and then there's the part of the brain that truly makes us human and that's the human brain or the neocortex it's responsible for higher order thought functions higher order thinking conceptual thinking being able to conceptualize ideas think at a higher level basically experience reason compassion logic creativity language science art music all the things that essentially separate us from the animal kingdom and make us truly human that's the human brain so we study the neocortex further and we discover that it basically has two halves two hemispheres it has a left hemisphere and it has a right hemisphere it's bilaterally symmetrical meaning if you break it right down the middle in half and looks the same on both sides but there's a left side and a right side and the left side has certain functions and qualities that it makes possible in human thought and and behavior so the left brain functions they function like the male component of the brain okay this is the male side of consciousness the left brain is logic science language analytical thought that's essentially what the left brain governs so it deals with everything that is rooted in the physical world look at it like that this is this is the world of matter this is the world of words this is language this is dealing with everyday physical situations tasks okay movement things in your visual field in your sensory field the left brain basically handles all of those functions and deals with all of those things so this is the male side of the brain as the side of the brain that deals largely with the physical world and physical stuff the other hemisphere of the brain is the right brain and this part of the brain governs holistic thought functions it's the feminine side of the human brain it governs the feminine holistic intuitive nurturing qualities of the individual it also governs our ability to be creative beings to engage in art and music and dance and things like that anything that is creative and expressive this is the right side of the brain so it's the Sacred Feminine part of the brain it's the counterpart to the masculine left brain neither one of these hemispheres should dominate the other given a you know a perfect situation given a brain that's working as it should given a brain that is balanced it's important that we work with and develop all of those brain functions it isn't that one side is good one side is bad you know that we should be all one way you know or all the other all left brain or all right brain the idea is to have all of those functions in our repertoire of thinking so to speak okay we need to engage in all of them in balance that's the key to a properly functioning brain and to really bringing consciousness online so to speak okay now what I want to talk about here before we get into some other topics and hopefully take some more calls is I want I want the lesser ship to understand what happens if we engage in only left brain functions or only right brain functions and what I mean by that it's not necessarily only but let's use the term in complete imbalance that that a person is largely engaged or living in quote-unquote the left brain functions they don't really engage in the right brain functions so let's take that as the first example so we talked about that there are three complexes of the brain and what they do what they make possible if a person through through their interactions with other people through the media that they take in to the kind of material that they look at through their general behavior with other people around them there general experience in the world if they become a person that largely engages only the physical world never the creative the intuitive and the spiritual side of things the left brain completely dominates the neocortical functions of the brain they and the right brain suffers as a result of this now these two parts of the brain are connected they're not really separate they're connected through kind of a bridge in the middle of the of the brain in the middle of the head that goes in between the two hemispheres this is called the corpus callosum the corpus callosum it sends information back and forth between the two hemispheres of the brain if the brain is working properly if the left brain is chronically engaged in with little-to-no right brain activity so again the physical worldly aspect the physical the part of the brain that deals with all the physical worldly stuff going on around us okay things events matter and just a pure everyday occurrences and there is no deeper thought to anything that is holistic or creative or spiritual something happens to the entire neocortex the whole neocortex starts to basically malfunction and it starts to not act any longer in its intended role so what I mean by that is the intended role of the neocortex of the higher order thought center of the brain the human brain as it is known will become destabilized to a point where it will not act as the executive command center of the whole brain complex the three complexes of the brain so how you should look at this or an easy way to understand this is to just envision any company a company has an executive officer that makes the executive command decisions about the direction that that company or business or organization is going to be going in there are the CEO saying that the the chief executive officer they execute they make the basic decisions that execute the direction that the company is going to go in if that CEO were suddenly to become so ill that he could not fulfill his obligations or responsibilities to the company middle management would have to step in and take over those responsibilities so let's look at the neocortex as this CEO of this company and let's look at the other two brain complexes that are not as advanced that are not as complex that do not that do not have the same capabilities as the neocortex as middle management junior management okay let's look at it like that now if the CEO the neocortex has become destabilized because it has gone into a state of left brain hemispherical imbalance the left brain hemisphere becomes completely dominant over the right brain hemisphere what happens is one of the other two complexes will will start to assume executive control over the whole brain and therefore essentially over the behavior of the individual so I'll say that again the left brain hemisphere becomes completely dominant one of the other two complexes in the brain since the neocortex has now become damaged it actually has become physically dead neurons don't fire in the proper way neural connections aren't made in the proper way and the the areas of the brain actually become darkened there is no electrochemical and neural activity in certain areas of the brain that there should be chemical and electrical activity if the neocortex is functioning properly and making good reasonable executive decisions okay so what happens when the left brain becomes dominant is the limbic brain or the emotional brain suffers the most and it starts to shut down not function as it should by sending the chemicals that help us to experience our emotions into the body therefore the person becomes largely emotionless and not truly capable of experiencing emotion in the same way that a healthy holistically functioning of brained person would experience and feel emotions in the body this person then becomes governed becomes owned by the r-complex the reptilian brain think about this now follow this through the left brain the part that deals with only the physical world no consideration to the spiritual no consideration to the intuitive no consideration to the creative if that dominates the person's thoughts the emotional center of the brain the limbic brain suffers the most and the reptilian lower brain the brainstem the r-complex the survival stress and fight-or-flight part of the brain takes over the entire consciousness of the individuals brain it becomes the governing or executive controller of the brain and the person is essentially living in the reptile part of the mind that should explain a lot to a lot of people if they're paying attention about what is actually happening in our world if you're paying attention at all now a lot of people are unbalanced to the left side of the brain I would say more people then are not most people probably have this form of brain imbalance in one form or another to one degree or another I want to talk about now what happens when the right side of the brain dominates okay so now this is the spiritual or nurturing or feminine or intuitive side of the brain the right brain hemisphere if a person lives chronically in these types of thought functions and never really engages the physical reality you know they're constantly in a high state of mind constantly in the spiritual they they're they're never rooted they're never grounded okay they just you know don't really consider what's happening in the physical domain very important they're always thinking of the other world they're always thinking of the world to come okay or they're just always you know wanting to live for for basic pleasure or you know to not ever look at anything that is so-called dark or negative you know they don't really want to engage problems they want you know to engage in escapism okay something also happens in the whole brain complexes in all three of the complexes when the right side of the brain becomes chronically dominant what we see happen is the limbic brain is it is basically the exact reverse situation that I described of the situation that I've described earlier when the left brain becomes dominant when the right brain becomes dominant the limbic brain or the emotional part of the brain basically runs haywire the exact reverse of when the left brain becomes dominant the emotional brain shuts down in that instance when the right brain is dominant a person is essentially a slave to their feelings and emotions they can't really control that which is going on within them they either live in fear or they become somebody who really can't discern truth because they're just they'll believe whatever they're told they become far too passive okay left brain imbalance makes someone become far too aggressive but right brain imbalance make someone become far too passive essentially allowing themselves to be walked on this is because when the brain becomes imbalanced in this way the reptile brain okay the r-complex of the brain essentially is shut down it's the exact reverse of the other kind of brain imbalance so when the left brain is dominant the limbic brain the emotional brain shuts down and the person becomes governed by the reptile brain the r-complex when the right brain hemisphere becomes dominant chronically the exact reverse takes place the reptile brain that governs instinct and survival okay that part shuts them and the person lives in the part of the brain that takes over the consciousness is the limbic system this person basically has runaway emotional states okay so let's look at let's look at some of the qualities and worldviews that come into being when one of these states of consciousness uh takes over when one of one of these forms of brain imbalance or another occurs but when a person becomes completely imbalanced chronically to the left brain hemisphere the male part of the brain may become a Dominator they want to control other people they want to control other people's actions the decisions that they make over their lives okay they want to that they'll often become physically aggressive toward other people okay if they don't get their way so this is the master form of brain imbalance I call this the schism of the mind it happens right behind people's forehead right behind your eyes is where this takes place and just about everybody out there has one form of brain imbalance or the other toward the left or to the right and in some cases both okay the right side of the brain when that becomes chronically imbalanced you get all of the slave tendencies of the brain so a person becomes engaged in feelings of unworthiness when the right brain is chronically dominant and the limbic brain has taken over consciousness a person will become self-loathing you know never thinking that they're good enough or worthy unworthiness self-loathing a lot of times addictive tendencies will creep in person will become an addict of one form or another if their right brain is completely dominant and they'll become basically people who are willing to follow whatever orders they're given and become a willing slave that's essentially the consciousness mode that people in right brain modality will eventually go into so one form of brain imbalance the left brain hemispherical imbalance creates a master type okay or a slave driver type a Dominator and the other form of brain imbalance essentially creates somebody who is willing to be dominated a slave this explains just about everything that we are experiencing in this time in human history just about okay this sum if we really understand this dynamic and there are those out there who will say this is reductionism this is too simple it's more complex than that well not really the way the brain functions essentially determines how we behave and what we experience in the world if we don't take care of the temple in man the temple in you we're going to experience negative consequences because we're not taking care of the greatest gift that has ever been gifted to our species we're letting it fall into states of dysfunction and arrey and when we do that we're going to get unpleasant uncomfortable results really have to understand how we work because there are a lot of other people that sure as hell understand how we work and they're using it as a weapon a weapon against us and most of us are completely completely uneducated as to how those methodologies of mind control really really work so I'm going to attempt to take another caller let's see if this is a serious one let's see what happens here you're on the air my other and all was serious as well mark except I tried to jazz it up a bit in the beginning they're just a few Bob how are you are you dad Andy can you hear me all right yeah I can hear you how are you doing I'm doing well things I'm excited about your show on revolution broadcasting calm I listened to both ours last week and I just wanted to check in with you and comment on some of the things you were talking about on my show Friday mark we're having a guy by the name of Rama do you know rawhide chip I am not familiar with the mill all right he's on YouTube he's a YouTube celebrity Elda simply a guy who talks about the pineal gland and he has something that he calls Neil gland activation okay and it's basically a form of meditation if you will in which he believes that you can become more in touch with your pineal gland and as a part of this imbalance that you are talking about this schism yes the pineal gland is a major central focus to this schism I believe absolutely because and now I'm here and here's the Ponyo expresses more and I just wanted to jump in here and get your thoughts yes the pineal gland is and what essentially becomes awakened and active when the two hemispheres of the neocortex act in unison and balance so that gland actually activates higher levels of awareness but it only really comes online when we bring the male side of the brain and the female side of the brain together in balance and harmony in unison there neither one is dominant over the other they work in balance so we have firing on all cylinders so something like to pretend to mine I think that yulie they're aware of this and that's why perhaps there's so much symbolism involved with the hermaphrodite maybe absolutely and you know there's a lot of symbolism um look at if you put together the basic archetypal symbolism for male and female yin and yang okay your yang is male Yin is female yang is represented by an upward pointing equilateral triangle it's it's a it's an archetype of symbol that an ancient human history has generally been referred to as the blade and the inverted equilateral triangle okay is an archetypal symbol that represents the Sacred Feminine or the chalice the womb so to speak okay and that's called the the chalice so if you put these two together you get the Seal of Solomon and the Seal of Solomon represents the left brain hemisphere in unison with the right brain hemisphere this is also known as the Star of David in Judaism but an older name for is the Seal of Solomon and then write in the word Solomon you have the Sun and the moon soul and Mon well it's very interesting how the Rastafarians mark they they often quote King Solomon as being one of the wisest men and they often claim that they found some cannabis in his grave sure it's what one of the shamanic and entheogenic substances that if used in a context of awakening higher levels of consciousness can produce that effect it can actually help to balance the brain hemispheres not being used as escapism not being used as just fertilis entertainment or enjoyment or escapism but really being used to work on oneself cannabis can be an ally in that respect well and that's other us Aryans use it they use it in a ritualistic way a lot of people don't understand just how the real Rastafarian religious teachings incorporates the use of cannabis and now it's a more sort of prevalent thing because of probably the the social conditions you know when when you're tired of dealing with the man when you get this sort of attitude of rebellion you're going to want to kick back and escape a little bit and that's that's almost a natural reaction that the powers that be are accounting for and they are anticipating and they want you to feed into that because they want you to be slaves and if they have to go away volatile will keep you slaves that's the way they want you to abuse to get into a habit of abuse with a compound like that see it can be used properly to balance the brain but at some point if someone uses it so chronically that they fall into a pattern of abuse this will imbalance the neocortex through right brain hemisphere imbalance which as you just said is basically the of the modality of a slave it's it's a a balance that has to be walked if someone is going to start using entheogenic compounds and I will talk about that on this show as we go forward again when I was on your show on on a revolution broadcasting a couple of weeks ago we did get into MPO Jen's and a conscious contacts as one of the solutions that I proposed for basically elevating consciousness and getting out of the situation that we're in collectively very interesting stuff and another thing came to mind when we were just talking about this and that is the effect of fluoride in dumbing people down getting them docile also interfering with the unification of the left and right brain that's absolutely correct I mean it will calcify it will create a calcium layer on the pineal gland this is a known effect of fluoride in it's in all of its derivative forms that is added to over 68% I believe the number is 65 to 68 percent of the drinking water of reservoirs in the United States and this is just totally unacceptable this substance is a poison in any quantity and should not be being added to our drinking water in any way it's just crazy and there's no proven use of swallowing it I mean even any dentist or doctor that I've had trying to justify fluoride can explain to me what use it has in swallowing it it's a possible thing that should be applied directly to the teeth now mark we can comment on all these things all day but if I may I had a side question that I wanted to bring to you and then I'll let you go and great water lies built ways by the way thank you sure go ahead the thing is Tesla and I know you're you're a student of Tesla so to speak yes I hear a lot of debate going on in the world today about Tesla and the idea of free energy and when you say free energy a lot of people can't really wrap their heads around that well and I believe personally that there's going to have to be a paradigm shift where we move to a scarcity based system of control to an abundance based system and the best example I can give of this is a test that Pavlov did with chickens in which he provided his chickens with an abundance of food in water so that whenever they were hungry or thirsty they would just go to the dispenser and there would be food and water always there well he observed their behaviors and they acted you know normal they would go when they were hungry and they would give some food or water whenever they needed and they always knew it was going to be there when he introduced the concept of scarcity to their food and water system their their behaviors changed he could get them to hoard which became a new concept hoarding was something they weren't doing before he could get them to the deal and when there was time he times he could get them to fight one another or even kill one another for the food so all these amendments behaviors occurred as a result of controlled scarcity yes we have magnets on trucks gifts I absolutely agree I've said this a million times and I'll say it a million more the control of energy and resources is the control of people and energy is one of the biggest ways that we are controlled and oil is essentially the currency that is running the world it's what's making everything that we base our civilization upon go what Tesla discovered is that we don't have to have this scarcity and Lac based energy system that people always war over okay because again like you said once they're put into a scarcity based mindset they go right into the reptile consciousness right into the reptile mode of the brain EJ was the ultimate manipulation of scarcity based mind control is what's that the scarcity of safety or our lives and that's part of the fear mechanism with false flag terrorism and all these other things it's Dasia can get you to fear for your for your lack for because you have a lack of security scarcity of security it's another way to look at this and then and we will fall and I've ever fall for that when people fall for that they will always be living in the r-complex of the brain they will always be in that fight-or-flight mode the stress motor fear mode very interesting to go back to Tesla and what he realized was possible what he had proven was possible is that we could hook energy systems right into what he called the wheel work of nature when we talk about free energy specifically when I talk about free energy in relation to Tesla's technology I'm not talking about some of the more advanced of energy extraction from the quantum vacuum or what's called zero-point energy now Tesla may have experimented a bit with that but essentially the Tesla technology free energy quote unquote is what I call shared free energy ok this is basically taking energy reserves from places that nature naturally stores it and then bringing it to the places where we need to use it how Tesla envisioned doing this was by taking the energy that the Sun naturally bombards the earth with through the solar wind and the the ions that basically bombard the Earth's magnetosphere they're stored this this electrical energy is stored in the Earth's ionosphere ok and Tesla had a methodology to be able to bring this energy down to the earth he would he would be tapped this what this voltage potential and actually bring it down through a transceiver and then it would be able to then direct of that energy to whole regions of the earth now I'm not going up through wires this was all wireless you would have been able to actually plug whatever devices you needed you could plug your home into the ground because the earth would be acting as the store the earth would be acting as that store of energy like a giant capacitor he had a method to actually make the earth into one huge capacitor by using the electrical energy stored in the ionosphere and he knew how to do this over a hundred years ago and it was squashed by the financial interest of his time and it was squashed by the people who began the federal services and JP Morgan of course and Rothschild of they come to mind now the question I get though from people that can wrap their heads around post-scarcity way of thinking is how come they wouldn't want to use this technology because if it's such a great idea and if it really worked of course they would want to do it because it would be a great business venture right I would imagine so I mean III they don't want to level the playing board you know they don't want third world countries to be able to come up to our level of technology and the understanding that goes along with that technology because an even faster awakening would be on their hands and that's largely why they don't want it you know it's also I could relate a little anecdote I've mentioned this in some lectures I've done on Tesla in the area I think Tesla understood we weren't really going to acquire this capability until we came up to a higher level of consciousness and he may have backed off himself in a lot of ways that's talked about in the Tesla community I went into a an event one day and now my girlfriend and I were a little early for it so we went into a bar and we sat and we were just sitting around I had a drink and we were getting ready to go to this concert and I sat there and i was starting to talk to a gentleman at the bar and he seemed like he was you know somewhat kind of aware of some things and for some reason we got onto energy I don't know how it got brought up maybe gas prices or something like that and he started talking about that he was also aware like some free energy technologies that have been brought up and discussed and he had heard about Tesla I told them about how I'm involved with a group that works with Tesla technology and I asked them I just said hey you know think about this scenario for a minute what if we did implement free energy technology the way Tesla envisioned it we could bring energy down from the ionosphere send it all around the world everybody would have essentially free Electric electrical energy that they could tap at anytime anyplace I said think about the economic models that the Middle Eastern countries are based upon their whole economy largely is based upon their oil exports so what do you think would happen to those nations and all the people in them if suddenly oil became largely worthless and you know what his answer was to not can you get can you guess what his answer might have been ah let's see here now you know what he said to me he said who cares let whatever happens to them at that point happened to them that was his response and you know what I said back to him that's why we can't have this yet that's why well it's the design I've no real answer to that you know because what we want to think that we can essentially do things that we want and whatever consequence has happened that create suffering for other people that's okay and it's not okay you know until we get to the level of consciousness that we understand if other people are suffering we are suffering ourselves we're not going out of our you know who cares if some towelheads are you know yeah I'm not chosen as aware as he was of you know the energy so called energy crisis and how we should be moving toward alternative energy distribution and production methods he bought into the whole false on terror paradigm and it you know just doesn't care what happens to quote unquote those people let whatever happen to them happens that was an answer and my response was until we get out of that level of consciousness we won't develop free energy technology and be able to use it to benefit humanity as we should have probably been able to do over a hundred years ago I mean think about what would have happened if we in place did a hundred years ago how many things would have been circumvented that took place in the last 100 years sure how many wars would have been avoided how many lives you know would not have been snuffed out prematurely yeah but how many people would would not freeze to death for that room I mean over 30 oppressor I'm sorry over forty percent of people on this planet still do not have basic electricity run into their homes think about that 40 percent we think the whole world is lit up with electrical energy it is not 40 percent of people living on this planet don't have electricity in their homes most people don't know that that's a that song filled with yeah the playing field with Leverett level very quickly with third world nations had a technology like this been implemented and that's why the you know the the occultic masters behind the banking system don't really want that and now they get people to of suppress this because people are willing to do just about anything they're asked for a paycheck or enough money in hand because because they're at that reptile Latin Golden Glades the that oftentimes the police I've spoken to them in long dialogues about you know them upholding their constitutional oath and they'll say well if we get an order we're not going to risk losing our job and not take that order I said well if it goes against your oath to the Constitution then you better not take that order because you have you should have protections and they say well we're not going to want to lose our job so they even that the people that are supposed to be fair public servants brainwashed to not want to lose their jobs so they follow orders but because the main morality truth and morality isn't as important to them as money and that's a sad sad state of consciousness to be in I'll be talking a lot about that as we go forward on the show we're coming up right now to the end of the first hour Bob so I am going to start the intro music and I'm going to give the website before the websites before I do that you want to hold on into the second hour sure I'll hang up a little bit make sure we try on this right here so we're ending revolution broadcasting for your first hour which is heard Tuesdays from 8 o'clock to 9 o'clock East Coast time and then we end that about let's hear what are we at 9:00 to 2:00 two minutes past 9:00 mark is when you can drop that and then general starts with the intro music and we'll jump right up your neck and up and now all via the website is what on earth is happening dot-com listen every Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern time revolution broadcasting calm here we go with our number two freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark pastille you I all right this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio this is a broadcast live on Tuesday evenings 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern time revolution broadcasting comm splits it up over two hours 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday and Thursday night so what we've been doing in the first hour is a kind of reviewing some topics and we talked about the human brain a lot in this segment and how the brain becomes imbalanced toward one brain hemisphere or another and what that basically what that basically creates in our experience we also discussed what happens when we diverge from an understanding of what actually is taking place in the world while we refuse to acknowledge and admit truth into our lives how the human experience becomes degraded when that happens and when we come into harmony with truth and when we accept it and basically live according to the principles of natural law the human experience essentially flowers opens up and really becomes a something that is really worth participating in and a much higher quality than if we exist at lower levels of consciousness so I started taking some calls in the first hour largely related to the human brain and a bob Tuscon from they live calm called in and we were talking about the pineal gland a little bit and we got into a scarcity and how that affects the consciousness artificially induced scarcity particularly when it comes to energy little bit about Tesla and free energy technologies that have been suppressed and I'll Bob decided to hang on the line with me and go a little bit more into some of this in our number two I'm glad that he did so Bob are you still in line with us I sure AM mark thanks again for having me on as a caller no problem so essentially we were talking about scarcity and how that affects how that affects the consciousness of people that are subjected to it the types of behaviors that they become engaged in how they become fearful of not having of lack and how that routes them into the lower base brain consciousness the r-complex of the human brain and we left off the the previous hour talking about in particular and this is a topic I could go on and on about and I will as this show progresses but we were we had started to mention police and the mentality that many of them have that as long as their paycheck is present and as long as that's not threatened they will follow whatever orders they're given and continue to do things that really they don't have the right to do like usurp other people's constitutionally protected and I might add god-given rights and freedoms and as long as a paycheck is flowing into them that the morality of those issues simply do not matter to many of them the old idea I was just following orders you have any more that you'd like to add to that and so or say about that Bob well you know that that just doesn't cut it and we've seen that after the Nuremberg trials but the Nuremberg trials did not represent what was going on with Operation Paperclip you see while we were publicly making an example we it's a the old sleight-of-hand trick it's you know look here why really we're just underground promoting the same sinister sort of things and I really strongly believe that to take orders or to justify something because of taking orders is probably one of the scariest things that we can ever deal with and what comes to mind is the what is it the odds slipping from my head via the Milgram experiment okay familiar with the Milgram experiment No okay this is going to blow your mind alright so they took two people all right and they told these people that they were going to be involved and a scientific experiment and one of the people was to be the question asker and the other person was to be the person receiving the questions okay so the one person goes they randomly choose whoever's the asker and who's the answer okay and once they do that they put whoever's answering the questions in one room and whoever's asking the questions in another now they tell the person in who's receiving the who's giving the test rather that the other person is hooked up to an electric shock so whenever they're answering a question incorrect they are too shocked that other person and increase the voltage of the shock as that person got more and more incorrect answers I have her I have heard of this experiment I was not familiar with the name of it but I have heard of this yeah I'm sure it's pretty famous I figured you would have been so let me just finish it and I'll get your take because I think it's very telling to what we were just talking about here sure basically what happens is every time the person you know raised raises the voltage they hear the other person in the other room connected obviously because it's connected to an intercom either make a scream or increasingly being more and more pain and even though they're about to according to what what's in front of them shock these people - unbelievably toxic levels of electricity they continue to administer the experiment simply because they're told by the person in the lab code that if they stop it will compromise to keep going up above they don't even though they hear the person screaming and and death and pain and eventually stop screaming they keep going and you know how many people went all the way until the end I would say almost all I would say I've guess over 90% that's shockingly the true mark and they did this experiment originally I think 20-30 years ago and it was it was only like 85% and they did it more recently and folks were no better off than we were then were worse off more people nowadays were more likely to take the orders and even though they thought and you should see the videos on youtubes just look up the Milgram experiment they have videos of people you know the there's some people are freaking out I mean it this is one of the most moving things that I've seen in a long time and it just goes to show you how much people are victims to this authority based mind control is this mi LGR am Milgram Milgram I believe that's correct okay that what-what this really gets down to is personal responsibility people want to claim that someone else is ultimately responsible for their own behaviors and this just isn't true you are responsible for what you do no one else's so in these experiments look that you're describing all of these people abdicated their personal responsibility to another authority figure and since he's claiming that I'm responsible for this experiment I'll tell you what you can and can't do they just kept going along going along with it even though they know they heard and knew that they're causing suffering for other people it's it's the height the epitome of irresponsibility and it illustrates perfectly why we're in the mess that we're in perfectly so thank you for bringing it up it's a great example and that that's really one thing that we're going to trust over and over and over again on this show is total freedom total freedom means nothing else then total responsibility if we're not willing to take total responsibility for the actions that we take in this world in our own lives we're never going to have freedom it's a powerful note and I'll leave you on that note again mark I appreciate what on earth is happening and definitely have been going to the website what on earth is happening dot-com and I just watched a little bit more of your four-part video series okay and I want to shout out to that I'm really glad you enjoyed that and I want to thank you personally for all the help that you've given and getting me started on the network and thanks for calling in with some great insights man hey I tried I hope you weren't pissed off at first that I called in the first hour as a redneck who calls up Rush Limbaugh but I wanted I wanted to give you an authentic taste of what it felt like to be a radio host speaking the truth not a problem Bob take care mark take care of it bye-bye and so that was Bob Tusken of of a like calm and truth be told radio definitely stay tuned and listen to his show he's on every weeknight between 10:00 and midnight on revolution broadcasting calm again my website is what on earth is happening calm and just going to reiterate some announcements that I went through in in our number one of this show because I think it's really critical to get people actively involvement mobilized in the truth and freedom movement particularly in the Philadelphia area I mean this is a this is the home of freedom in this country where a lot of the founding fathers met and discussed ideas and really laid the groundwork for for freedom in this country that we've fallen so tragically off the mark from in the modern world but we still have the chance to get to get back on on track and we're only really going to do that if we come together as a community and really embody the principles of truth of natural law and our and of love because that's what this is ultimately all about freedom is based in the dynamic energy of love and bringing this information bringing uncomfortable information to people's ears is not done to up to really upset people it is done because the people who are bringing this information to people genuinely care about the well-being of their fellow man and that that's what love really is and unless we propagate that we're not going to have true freedom so let me tell you about two upcoming events they're both hosted by the great group truth freedom prosperity in the Philadelphia area their website is truth freedom prosperity org okay the first one is a free documentary showing totally free documentary showing of what of America freedom to fascism the great film by the late great Aaron Russo and I know a lot of the listenership on this network in particular maybe through my website have seen this film they know what it's about they know how powerful this this film is this documentary but there's a lot of people who still have not heard or seen the information that is presented in this film and we really want to try to get a lot of people to come out invite friends invite family members and come out to see this documentary it's going to be held Monday evening April 19th at 7 o'clock p.m. sharp at the ethical Society building 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia hey America freedom to fascism free documentary screening Monday April 1970 o'clock p.m. ethical Society building 1906 South Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia the next event that I want to bring up and announce is the official and the Fed march and rally in Philadelphia this is the official end the Fed march and rally in Philadelphia this is going to be held Saturday April 24th 10 o'clock a.m. at City Hall Philadelphia City Hall on the west side of the building that's where the the gathering will initiate 1500 Market Street and there's going to be a march down to the Federal Reserve Building there is going to be following that and outdoor rally with food and entertainment and there's going to be speakers and there's going to be a concert so Michael Bednarik will be speaking at the event and Jordan page is going to be playing his great brand of freedom inspired music so come out please stand with us encourage and end this immoral monstrous institution known as the Federal Reserve System we really need people to not show fear okay that's what that's what these people feed on they want you to be afraid of them look at them in the eye and tell them you're not afraid of them and I'm talking about let's face it the the very institution that was behind the exploding of a President of the United States head in full daylight view in front of the general population let's make no mistake about that we know that Kennedy through his beginning setting the process in motion to print into your interest free money of this country that that's the reason the main reason that he was taken out and the Fed definitely had a hand in that I'll say it and nonetheless we need to stand together in solidarity if we're ever going to make any real change happen so words aren't enough that's that's the message I sent out to my mailing list this week regarding this event you can't just say you don't want something that you know is immoral in the world you have to take action and actually get involved educate other people bring information educate other people understand the Fed yourself and then educate other people about it so please come out to this event April 24th 10 a.m. City Hall Philadelphia so with that I think that's all for the announcements I see we have another caller I'm going to take this call let's see caller are you there yes mark its Kevin actually I think you know me from a German book store Kevin how are you good I just wanted to say in addition to the conversation at you gentlemen were just speaking of when it came to specifically abundance and scarcity I just kind of wanted to interject an Aristotle quote that I've come across recently and that poverty is the parent of revolution and crime so these things have been it seems like it's everything's been like happening before and it's all happening again happening and very profound yeah people take desperate actions when when faced with desperate measures and scarcity because again they go there consciousness goes right downward into the art complex of the brain and you can't really make a good executive decision you can't make good reasonable decisions decisions based on reason when the reptile brain governs the actions of the individual and there's a physiological basis to that it's very interesting when you get into how the brain body complex works together when you drop into the r-complex of the brain the fight/flight response okay all the blood leaves not all of it but the blood flow generally leads the torso and the head and it goes to the extremities I touched on this last week because you need to make a decision about whether you want to stand and fight or flee so all the hardness and all the energy is needed in the muscles in the arms and in the legs of the extremities so you don't have rich Lee oxygenated blood flowing in the torso so you're more prone to physical diseases in the internal organs and you don't have blood flowing in the head to the degree that you normally do so you really aren't using the brain in the capacity that it's intended for and you can't really think you're in total fear mode and that is what scarcity artificial manufactured scarcity does to the human consciousness and make no mistake that's one of the biggest methodologies that they're using to control people it sure seems so yeah money almost seems to be like a scourge I they live seems to be like the perfect analogy to exactly what's going on it's just that that the true horror of that film is when you like leave the theater and you look around at the world around you and you see that like we're all kind of doing it to ourselves it's also reminisce to the video accuracy sure to great films I in particular they live that is my favorite science fiction film that has ever been released but it's not really science fiction it is it is allegorical fiction it's a YA fiction that really tells a tale about what's taking place around us in the real world my wife always had a quote about how films are a reflection of the fears of the society at large particularly horror films yes I agree uh you know art often imitates life not necessarily where room yeah so you know it's been brought to my attention that sometimes I'll use a word and some people may not be clear on the word so I want to try to watch that and check myself on that just so I'm not using terms that um that uh you know people may not understand and then I just go go over it or bring it up again and I'm still saying something that they don't really get so I want to just go back to the word I've just used allegory um a lot of people may not know what an allegory is maybe many will but what an allegory is and this is stalled al l EG o ry okay an allegory is a story that can be interpreted to reveal some type of hidden meaning which is typically a moral lesson a hidden meaning and it typically contains a moral lesson or it could be a political lesson so this is this is something that is similar to like a parable it's a it's a fictional tale but it's really telling us something about events that are really playing out in the real world around us and it contains you know moral information in the tail so it's structured to teach a lesson that's what an allegory is I'll be using that word a lot and I'll recommend some allegorical of films and movies to people to touch on the concepts that I talked about through a tremendous creative expression of these ideas and it's a great way I feel to get these ideas across to people because when it's done in a creative way people go into the receptive mode of thinking in the right side of the brain the intuitive brain and uh art and creativity is a big part of that so allegories are powerful ways to get messages into people's consciousness and how they live is certainly one of them and I think one of the the best modern allegories that I've seen in recent times was Avatar avatar was certainly a spiritual allegory and it was about you know the the horror of warfare and how it's often completely immoral and done for reasons that can't really be justified and I think you know the deployment of indigenous lands and the indigenous peoples as well and how the the basic plight of indigenous peoples everywhere against companies that are constantly out to gain more land now that's ads and resources that sound exactly huh yeah and it's very telling that uh most US military bases didn't want that film shown anywhere on on their grounds because they understand the power of allegory for reaching the human mind and for specifically for reaching the human conscience and they all want soldiers understanding that message they don't want it seeping into their consciousness because they want to keep them right where they have them in total state of mind control yeah just because you're paranoid doesn't mean the matrix doesn't already have you what on that note thank you for having me on I want to get back to listening to you I really thank you for calling in man always a pleasure to talk to you Kevin thank you take care man okay so let's see what can we go into next made the announcements about freedom to fascism and and the Fed we talked about the human brain uh when um when Bob tuscan called in he talked about the pineal gland so let's get into that a little bit because this is uh intricately related to structures in the brain and this is really related to brain balance so in the last hour we talked a bit about brain imbalance okay let's talk about what happens when the brain hemispheres are balanced okay so when you bring the left and right brain hemispheres into conjunction into unison into harmony one brain hemisphere is not dominant over the other you have a balanced brain the human neocortex the higher order thought center of the human brain acts in its proper role as the executive command center the executive functions of the whole brain complex okay that is as it is intended to be that is a healthy functional fully functional human brain the person isn't governed by an out-of-control emotional state nor are they governed by total fight/flight response and stress mode and the desire to control other people so when the brain is balanced a person is neither a master nor a slave not a master of others nor a slave of others they are a master of themselves they have achieved a state that I call Dominion this is self ownership self-governance self rulership in other words that being isn't divided anymore amongst themselves as they think so they feel and so they act in unison the three modalities of consciousness thought and motion and action come into harmony with each other and the third eye or what has been called the one eye the all-seeing eye the human pineal gland which is exactly in the center of the head it's inside what's called the mental chamber which is the limbic brain the limbic brain has a lot of different components in it the emotional part of the brain that generates the chemicals that help us to feel the emotions that we experience in the body you have the hypothalamus is in the limbic brain you have the hippocampus you have the amygdala you have the pituitary gland and you have the pineal gland so this is like a curly shaped gland directly in the center of the head if you look at a person straight on right at their face it would be a little bit above the eyes right in the middle of the head so right in between the forehead in between the eyes on the forehead and then go backwards and locate the approximate center of the skull and right there you would find the human pineal gland named because it is shaped like a pine cone pine nail gland okay this gland becomes active and essentially awakens a human being tire states of awareness about what is actually taking place within and around them so they become able to CERN to have true discernment when this state of consciousness opens up and this is done by balancing the brain hemispheres so we will get into the techniques different techniques to make this state of consciousness occur and I have a whole series of solutions that helps balance the human brain and the human consciousness and bring it bring them into unison so I want to talk about some symbology associated with this state I touched on a little bit last hour there's a couple of symbols that have been associated with different modes of consciousness for thousands of years one of them is the male aspect of being okay the male side of the consciousness what's called the yang energy and the general symbol that this form of consciousness was the symbol that was used to describe this modality of consciousness was called the blade this is an upward pointing triangle it's a rudimentary phallic symbol representing the male phallic organ okay this is associated with action with anything that goes outside of oneself and interacts with the world around oneself it is the active male component and the reason that it's associated with a phallic symbol is because that is the thrust force that is the force through which we project out word to others around us our actions in the world okay this is associated a symbol is associated with the left brain hemisphere okay an upward pointing triangle the reversal of that symbol of this archetype oh okay this means just a general form is what our title means it's rooted deep in the subconscious it is just something that we intuitively recognize and are aware of at very deep subconscious levels so it's an arc title symbol okay the inverted triangle the put the top for the point is playing downward okay so this is a rudimentary womb symbol a it is shaped like the feminine womb this inverted triangle is known as the chalice in different ancient symbolic systems this is the sacred feminine energy this deals with emotional states it deals with the right brain hemisphere okay this is the part of the part of the consciousness that is um looks at looks inward okay this is the internal aspect of consciousness so it is largely dealing with our emotional states and when we bring these two together we have a very um recognized symbol in different cultures and it's been used throughout the world to describe the state of consciousness when one has a balanced brain now that's not always the way it's used but in general that is the archetype of symbol known as the Seal of Solomon and it is the interlocked not one on top of the other not you know both of them completely intersecting the interlocked blade and Chaves this state of consciousness is often called the chemical wedding because the chemical and electrical activity of the human brain is functioning in wholeness in oneness in harmony and it's called the Seal of Solomon because the male side of the brain is representative of the active solar yang energies okay the action is associated with the Sun and daytime so the word for the Sun is soul solar energy Sol Sol and then we have the lunar form of consciousness the feminine the Sacred Feminine consciousness this is the moon energy the right brain so when they come together it's the chemical wedding it's the state of a balanced brain and the beginning of the awakening of the pineal gland or the all-seeing eye we'll talk a lot more about that symbolism as we go forward that's the Seal of Solomon represent the six pointed blazing star as it is known and that is the symbol to represent that state of consciousness that I think we need to ascribe to we need to make that our goal if we're really going to come out of again the problems that we're facing as a species we really need to work on ourselves work on again what different mystic traditions have called the temple inside mankind okay and that's the human brain I can't stress it enough it is really the underlying focus the underlying causal factor of what generates our experience in the world and this is not reductionist thinking or reductionist philosophy it can't be over stated it can't be over calculated how important the brain is to what we experience yet you see people doing all kinds of crazy destructive behaviors to the brain through substance abuse through engaging in activities that will damage the brain of rapidly riding a motorcycle without a helmet you know how about cage fighting you know or even boxing not much respect for the temple and man individuals like that don't have to to desecrate a gift like that for whatever forever justification or money or paycheck you might be getting I I just I can't personally see it the brain is too precious to me I understand what it makes capable I understand what the brain generates the experience that it generates in deceit the so-called external world that we experience you know it's all a reflection of what's going on inside us it really is so I think I'll leave the exploration of the brain there for now unless there are any other callers that want to call in and talk about it further let me give the call in number one more time the calling number for the show and vise free to call and discuss any of these ideas : number is 3 4 7 8 8 4 9 4 1 7 we had a couple of callers over the the last couple of hours anybody else wants to call in 3 4 7 8 8 4 9 4 1 7 and our topics we're generally you know going to try to on backing and uh breakdown a little bit more or we're talking about tonight the human brain how the brain becomes imbalanced or balanced okay but largely we talked about how it becomes imbalanced in the kind of consciousness that that leads to we can get into the symbolism that I talked about a little bit if you want and uh where what I'm also going to start breaking down and really getting into now is what I call the big lie and I talked about this last week and I'm going to break down this concept even further this week and that's the ideology known as solipsistic n for people that want to look into it research it a little bit and again I can't overestimate how dangerous this ideology is this is the ideology that leads to all the other dangerous and disruptive worldviews that people hold in the world that lead to more and more human suffering solipsism sol IP SI sm something that maybe perhaps not many people have heard of but if you listen to this show you are going to hear about solve system because this is what I call the biggest lie this is the lie that if you buy into essentially the spiritual journey comes to a halt it really does because the spiritual journey is about seeking truth that's what it really is ultimately about and if you buy into the notion that there is no such thing as objective truth which is what solves is inclined this is the the notion that perception is reality that salsa's perception dictates reality so whatever however I perceive it that's what the truth is the truth isn't something that I discover it's something I basically make up based on my personal preferences what I'm comfortable with and the information I have at any given moment and this is the ideology called solid ISM then nothing really exists independently of the individual who is observing anything okay there's no external reality there's no external truth whatever I decide is the truth essentially that's what I'm going to how I'm going to live my life recording what I'm going to live my life according to what I describe this as is someone attempting to become their own personal arbiter of truth the arbiter of truth that's what the solid cyst is person who subscribes to the notion that there is no such thing as objective truth that nothing can be known in and of itself that only perception governs reality this is the most dangerous ideology that exists on earth and talk to people more people believe in and subscribe to this ideology than you would ever believe or imagine this ideology is out there this ideology is totally lived by towards so many people with through so many people that you would be shocked and appalled if you understood how many people really subscribe to this okay and if you're a subscriber to that ideology I've said this before and I'll say it again there's no point bothering listening to this show you might as well turn it off now I could teach you nothing until you come out of that state of mind if you don't believe that there is actual events that take place and they can be known and that's called the truth of what we of what happens on this planet on the earth then there's really no helping you need to use your will to come out of that state of mind because it's there is nothing else that can really be said about it except that it's complete nonsense it needs to be thoroughly renounced and rejected there is such a thing as truth it is that which is you want to get real scientific and technical about it how I refer to the truth is it is the wave functions that are spoken of in quantum mechanics the waves of possibility they all the possibilities that existed in what we know of as the past that have coalesced that have condensed that have collapsed and become actual events in the now in the present moment that's what the truth is it's that which has actually already occurred that which has undergone the formality of actually taking place and occurring in the world I believe that's how Alfred North Whitehead described what he termed the truth okay it is that which has undergone the formality of actually taking place it's not up for debate it's that which is it already occurred it happened it happened now whether we discover truth is a whole different story but it exists and that's the first that the first and only what I described as the first and only pre-requisite leap of faith that must be taken on the entire spiritual journey and there is no other belief or faith that is required after that initial leap of faith to believe that there is such a thing as truth because at first you don't know that there is such a thing as truth you do have to have some form of belief that truth exists to go seeking it you don't have it at first they a truth seeker doesn't actually already have the truth otherwise you wouldn't be seeking it so that's what salep says I'm is somebody who believes there's no such thing as truth and doesn't really ever begin the spiritual journey in darker occultic orders and movements this state of consciousness and I know this from first-hand experience is referred to in different ways darker cultists who are actively mine using techniques of mind control upon the general population of this planet call and they have a name for people who have bought the biggest lie they have a name for they have several names for them actually but there is one overarching name that they give to people who subscribe to this ideology they call them the dead the dead imagine this there are people out there who refer to living people because of how completely off the mark they are about the nature of the reality in which they live they call them the dead and they have another name for the solipsistic who thinks they're the arbiter of truth in the world the truth doesn't really exist we get to make it up our perceptions or what the truth is all about it's nothing that exists independently of us that we need to discover but we get to make it up we're the personal arbiters of our own truth and it's not something that is objective it is something that is subjective I get to decide what's truth based upon whether I like it or not how I feel about it okay that's what solid season generally is and the other name that dark occultists people who have developed technologies and methodologies to mind-control whole populations the other name that they have for people that subscribe to the philosophy of salep season is the unbe gun the unbe gun or the uninitiated or in other words those who have not begun because subscribing to salep season means you have not begun the spiritual journey toward truth and dark occultists want people in that state of consciousness they want them there and they have a lot of them there okay so I want to talk about now the ideologies that solecism leads to the ideologies that accepting the biggest lie leads to in life and in the world okay well if there is no such thing as truth most solace believe that there is no such thing as God so atheism goes hand-in-hand with the ideology of solid system some would say atheism is the root of solecism and solipsistic beliefs and some would say atheism flows out of solves ISM the idea that there is no truth therefore there is no God or vice-versa there is no God therefore there is no truth ok solves isn't it the idea that I get to determine based on my personal preferences what truth is therefore it leads in X trickily leaves in variably leads unwaveringly leads to an ideology known as moral relativism moral relativism solid sysm leads to more relativism this is the notion that there is no such thing as objective right and wrong no such thing since there is no truth no objective truth a solid sis claims there is no such thing as objective morality no such thing as objective morality because after all I get to determine what truth is I also get to determine what morals are what is moral what is not moral it's based on my personal preferences what's good for me is good what's bad for me is bad doesn't matter how it affects anybody else I get to make it up after all there's no truth after all there's no God so there's no such thing as natural law consequences for our actions and behaviors right so that's moral relativism there's no such thing as objective morality morality is completely subjective and based once again in the perceptions of the beholder this is complete and utter nonsense nonsense of course there is such a thing is moral right and moral wrong this is why we have so many people taking all the immoral actions that they're taking in the world stomping completely crazed on other people's natural human rights as if it doesn't matter what they do to them as long as a paycheck is flowing in as long as they can transfer the responsibility to someone else a commanding officer or a politician or a banker or anyone who signs their paycheck okay this ideology of Solace ISM in variably when one subscribes to it leads to moral relativism when you get moral relativism other interesting things start to crop up once you have that that's the beginning of the slide down into one hundred percent total tyranny okay because if there's no such thing as right or wrong nothing anybody really does to anybody else matters so you get ideologies like social Darwinism the idea that the evolution of the species is determined by the best socially prepared to deal with anything that may be occurring in the culture so a higher strata or class of society has the right to rule over conquer and even and even kill and destroy lower classes below it social borrowin ISM you get things like eugenics eugenics killing people based on your assessment of their breeding Worth and their gene pool work like we saw during the Third Reich in Nazi Germany and other oppressive police state regimes throughout the world and invariably it leads to totalitarianism and total tyranny and we're going to get into that more we'll unpack all these ideas and concepts as this show progresses but I'm going to leave it all there for now I think that's given people a lot of things to think about glad we had some callers this hour please come out to these events that are planned in Philly that I mentioned earlier and I'll see you guys next week right here on what on earth is happening I'm mark passio my web site is what on earth is happening calm the network is revolution broadcasting calm I'm signing off I'll catch you guys right here next week