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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on [Music] [Music] you welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening who endeavoured to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome everyone you are listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday April 20th 2010 the websites are what on earth is happening calm and revolution broadcasting calm show is live every Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m. and I'll give you the call-in number anyone wants to call in to the show the the calling number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so when you call in just hold on I may be in the middle of discussing a concept or an idea but I will get to your calls okay number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so before we get into the topics for this evening I want to make some general announcements about events that are coming up in the Philadelphia area that's where I'm from so a really really important and big event coming up this weekend this Saturday night and we really need to increase numbers for this because the last couple of turnouts well you know they were okay uh there is definite room for improvement and we really need to get more people involved and we need to more get more people showing up at these events to get information out to the uninformed general public so this is the official and the Fed rally for the Philadelphia area you don't know what the Federal Reserve is you really need to learn what it is and learn why it needs to go away they're calling this event fed stock because there's going to be a lot of great musicians at it and it's all geared towards human freedom and it's geared toward standing up against an immoral institution there really isn't getting anything good for Humanity so I quoted in a mailing that I sent out about this event the the Chinese philosopher Wang Yong Ming he said to know and not to do is not to know and I would take that adage a little bit further and I would say to know and not to act is not to know or care to know and not to act is not to know or care so if you're out in the Philadelphia area if you're from this region and you understand what the Federal Reserve is you understand how it is controlling the ability to prosper in our world and how it is attacking the freedoms and the sovereignty of the people of this land knowing is not enough you need to take action get out there get other people involved wake other people up and actually do something about what you know so this event is a march rally and concert April 24th that's this Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. it's going to start at City Hall on the west side of the building that's 1500 Market Street in Philadelphia and then it's there's going to be a march down to the Federal Reserve building and then there's going to be a free concert in Independence Mall National Park so I'll give my comments on this and I'll read the official announcement from the group that's hosting the event as part of my mailing I sent out if you still don't understand how intricately related the Federal Reserve System is to the destruction of our natural freedoms and you haven't really learned a thing or you've chosen to deliberately ignore it out of apathy laziness cowardice or all three words are not enough if you value your freedom and the freedom of future generations of humanity take action stand with us encourage at this event and become involved involved with this cause today truth freedom prosperity is the group that is hosting and sponsoring this event they're calling it fed stop and the fed 2010 it's the official and the fed march and rally for Philadelphia and here's their description the Federal Reserve System is the essential tool for big government that does not stay within its constitutional limits leading to the impoverishment of We the People and the destruction of our Liberty in the heart of this city where a people broke free of a royal house this is the nation's premier and the Fed event come on down and have a blast rocking out for freedom on Independence Mall in Philadelphia show the nation with your presence that you want to end this lousy Central Bank cartel that has been sucking money out of America like a vacuum cleaner since 1913 here's the general event information it's going to be held start at Philadelphia's City Hall on the west side of the building that's at 15th and Market Streets in Philadelphia starts at 10 o'clock a.m. so be out city hall at 10:00 there will be a rally there the cost to attend the whole thing is completely free if you want if you feel like it's a worthwhile cause then you can make a $5 donation to help pay for the cost of the event the schedule is they're going to gather at City Hall at 10:00 a.m. you're going to have a rally there for about an hour at 11:22 a.m. symbolic number they're going to march down to the Federal Reserve Bank there's going to be some speakers outside at the Fed building after that at around 12:30 they'll be an outdoor rally an independent small National Park and on the possible alternative what a weather location if there's inclement weather is the independence visitor center and there'll be speakers and entertainment so far the list of speakers they have confirmed the great constitutionalist michael bat narc his website is WWF and Gigi Bowman from Liberty candidates that's Liberty - canidates org they're the confirmed speakers thus far there may be some others added last-minute the entertainment here's the great musical acts that are going to be playing at this event Jordan page Amy Allen the almighty terrible's and Killah and heist click so five confirmed musical acts I think it will be a great time I really think everybody who is concerned with the issues that are affecting our freedoms in the modern day should be at this event there's a sponsoring and uh tables available if you if you want to sponsor the event or if you want to host a table at the event you can get in touch with Michael Salvi and his email address is Philly c4l at gmail.com that's Philly c4l at gmail.com you can contact Mike if you would like to sponsor or host a table in the partner websites our and the Fed dot US Philly and the Fed dot-com and the group who is basically putting this all together probably the the best activist group in the Philadelphia region and the people who I feel understand the dynamic as it stands with the greatest fullness in this area that's truth freedom prosperity their website is truth freedom prosperity org get involved get out there that's all I can say that's the last time I'll get a chance to make this announcement all announcer to get at the top of the second hour now I'm going to start from for another event that's coming up in Philadelphia that's critically important I know it's still kind of a long way off this is going to be happening in July this summer but I want to start telling people about it now anybody that listens to this program and anybody in the Philadelphia area needs to know about this conference that's coming up and also get involved there's still time to get involved in helping in the organization of this event as well this is called the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations now if you don't know who Nikola Tesla was I highly encourage everyone to research this great man and great inventor because he made he brought so many innovations that we take for granted in our lives that are all around us and without this man's brilliance you want to have electricity running into your homes you won't have the modern conveniences of electrical devices that we take for granted so this event is going to take place in Philadelphia this July it's a three-day conference from July 9th to July 11th so I'm going to read the press release for this event the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision a brilliant inventor who lived during the term of the 20th century Tesla's innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity the schedule of events is going to be as follows on July 9th there's going to be a reception dinner and an orchestral concert featuring the divine hand ensemble their website is divine hand net check them out it's a great orchestral ensemble featuring of the theremin instrument which is a vibrant to an electronic vibratory instrument that's it's conducted by a gentleman who plays the theremin and they're going to play at the reception dinner this is going to be July 9th from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and the location is still pending for that event July 9th at night there's going to be a Tesla birthday bash in Independence Mall park outside of the independence Visitor Center that's a 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia that's going to be happening from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. and they're going to try to get some Tesla coils out and throw fireworks some fireworks Tesla style outdoors at Independence Mall park now July 10th there's going to be an event at also at the independence Visitor Center it's going to be general exhibitions there's going to be some inventions on display that deal with thought that with new energy technologies there's going to be some music we'll have some maybe outdoor DJs or bands and that's going to be from 10:00 to 5:00 and that's just like a general information and vendor type event with exhibits and music but there's going to be free presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia the main branch 19:01 Vine Street in Philadelphia that's going to also be going on from 10:00 to 5:00 on July 10th so this is kind there's kind of like a three-ring circus on July 10th one of them is just for the general public who don't know much about Tesla try to when outreach about him one is for Tesla enthusiasts to come in here non scientifically oriented you know lectures for the layman about Tesla's technologies that's at the Free Library of Philadelphia 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on July 10th and I myself will be emceeing that event I will be introducing all the speakers so the next event on July 10 also from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is for scientists and inventors so if you're a scientist you're an inventor you want to really dig deeply into some of these new advanced technologies there's going to be scientifically oriented a scientifically oriented conference and that's happening at a to Liberty place on July 10th and 11th from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. both days that's to Liberty Place that will be on the 32nd floor that's at 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia so that's that event if you want more information about that event visit the Tesla Science Foundation website at Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation org Philadelphia PA July 9th 10th 11th three-day conference on Nikola Tesla and his technologies the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 extremely important why is it so important because as I've said many many times and as I'll say many many more times the control of energy is the control of people if you don't understand that you don't understand how these technological and scientific so-called elites are really controlling the events of the world so without having been said with those two events having been announced I want to jump into the conceptual topics for this evening I want to do a quick recap of some ideas and concepts that I've covered in previous shows and just give a general overview of we do here as you heard in the intro this show discusses human consciousness mind control the occult and any issues that affect the freedom of the people that live on this planet so we'll be getting into heavy topics as the week's progress but to get to that you have to build a foundation that's what I've been laying out I've been laying that groundwork of conceptual ideas over the past few weeks so essentially what we've covered thus far is we talked about truth we talked about what truth is we talked about why it's so important because alignment with it coming into harmony with what actually is what actually is taking place around us and within us is what consciousness is all about when we do that we're building a world of order and freedom when we get out of alignment with what is actually true and we get off onto poisoned worldviews we get off onto poisonous ideologies that are completely not in keeping with what actually is with what actually is taking place within us and around us then we really don't know who we are we start to forget who we are and this leads to disorder it leads to chaos it leads to further and further states of fear and control which is a big part of what we were talking about on the last show in general we've discussed the aspects of human consciousness how we manifest our consciousness in the world through our thoughts our emotions and our actions we discussed the human brain we got into the physiology of the brain three components of the human brain and how they're so critical to understand because understanding how the brain works helps us to understand why behaviors that we witness are being mad best in the world we talked about how the brain becomes imbalanced toward one brain hemisphere or another leading to certain states of consciousness and that I'm going to really get into that a lot tonight when we start to talk about worldview which is the topic for this evening so we what we basically discussed on previous shows and I'll continue to emphasize this is the ability to tell truth from falsehood is the underlying causal factor to everything we see play out around us the philosopher søren kierkegaard said the humanity is only fooled in two ways that's it only two ways we believe that which is not true and we refuse to accept that which is true that's it that's the only two ways people are fooled I would extend this to say the only two reasons that humanity experiences suffering are just that we accept that which is not true and we refuse to accept that which is so in keeping with that we started looking into an ideology that I refer to as the biggest lie because when you start to discuss truth inevitably the notion comes up can truth be known is it possible to know what the truth actually is and there's a philosophy out there I refer to it as the biggest lied this is the philosophy of every the underlying philosophy I should say of every totalitarian regime and every tyrannical regime that has ever existed on this world and this philosophy this underlying ideology is known as solipsism solvents ISM I'm going to spell it Sol I p.s.i SM solipsism is the belief that is the the idea geology that there is no such thing as truth that only our perceptions exist that there is no such thing as objective truth or objective reality only our perceptions exist that's what we base all of our experience upon because that's all that's real perception is reality those are the simple sentence that all that we call solid sysm the whole ideology can be boiled down to perception is reality and what this show is basically gearing to do what is the underlying focus of this show is to just completely put as many bullet holes in that ideology as possible because it's utter nonsense and there's not there's not really anything that I can do except talk about you know what's playing out in the world the events that are playing out in the world discuss the underlying causal factors for those events playing out but I cannot get anybody to accept that it's impossible to make anyone accept the notion that there is such a thing as truth that's the first and only belief required you need to believe that there is such a thing as truth to aspire to to move your spirit towards that's what the spiritual journey is folks that's what it's about it's about the belief that there is such a thing as truth it can be discovered and you can discover it solecism tells people that there is no truth so don't bother trying to find it don't become a seeker stay complacent accept just trust whatever perceptions you happen to have at the moment don't try to go any further than that just accept that's what solid season is and every dictator every tyrant every king every bully every totalitarian regime that has ever existed that has been the underlying philosophy that they have tried to get their subjects their slaves to accept if you don't believe me just look throughout history study history and you will see this underlying ideological thread throughout everywhere where misery has developed and followed it ok so that's all I'll say on solid ISM but we'll get into it as we discuss worldview now last show we talked about the emotional polarities and they were love and fear these are the two essential emotional qualities that we can ever really experience everything else that we experience within us is an outgrowth of one of these two seemingly polar dynamics love and fear love is the basis for everything that we refer to as good everything we refer to as uplifting everything that we say moves us forward in our journey of evolution everything that creates order in our lives is based in the underlying emotional polarity that we call love the good feeling ok and what this really is when you get down deep into it and examine it further you understand that what love really is is the force that expands consciousness the force that helps consciousness to move to ever greater vistas to make it flower to make it take in a wider view the opposite polarity which we identified as fear is the force which tries to shut down human consciousness it is the force which is the the compression force it isn't the expansionary force it's the force which basically contracts consciousness inward and tries to stifle it and strangle it and keep people's eyes and minds and hearts closed to opening up and looking at what really is what is really they're discovering the truth that's what fear is fear can only ever lead to chaos it can only ever lead to everything we experience as bad as stifling our evolutionary growth as evil what we call evil is rooted in this basic emotional dynamic when we come into harmony with the emotional polarity called love within ourselves an internal state develops and we call that sovereignty or Dominion this is when a person becomes unified with themselves the three aspects of their consciousness become one they become as one so as they think so they feel and so they act and they cannot be they cannot be pulled apart from that their actions are in keeping with how they feel and how they think about anything this is a person in internal harmony in self love in balance with themselves okay and this is a balanced brain as well a person with a balanced neocortex a higher thought center of the human brain the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere operate in cohesiveness in coherence okay that is what we refer to as sovereignty or Dominion within the rulership of the kingdom of self when fear strikes the heart of mankind the exact opposite happens there is no internal sovereignty there is no internal Dominion the person experiences states of internal confusion disruption and disharmony disunity they don't understand what's taking place within them and therefore they really can't understand what's taking place around them because one is a reflect none of the other so we call this state confusion it could also be referred to as imbalance okay some would refer to it as self-loathing you're not in self harming yourself love okay you're in a state of internal confusion and internal chaos because what's really taking place inside of you is fear once you're in fear you're in confusion and you could easily be led and controlled when the dynamic energy of love is expressed outwardly into the world a state results in the external world the screen so to speak on which the movie of our lives plays out okay the external world and this state when when the internal dynamic energy of love is expressed outwardly and it flowers in the world this state is called freedom freedom that's what freedom is okay and that's why we're so far away from that state in the modern world that's why it seems to be slipping away from us because most of us are making the freewill decision to choose fear over that vibrant dynamic energy called love which is the expansion of consciousness more people then than not are choosing to look the other way ignore what's going on or even partake in it for their own comfort okay they're choosing fear or choosing confusion they're choosing the dynamic of chaos see this is essentially what this is what the explanation of these forces is is the understanding of natural law principles this is how the external reality that we experience is created through choosing one of these forces or the other in every decision that we make when we act our behaviors are governed by the choice that we make regarding one of these two dynamics love or fear the end that's it you want if you want to say that's preachy you're trying to tell me how it really works saying whatever you like because that's all that's really beep happening here that's what we're doing that's how we create our reality by choosing one of these two forces and it's critical to understand this this is why the events that are playing out in the world seem so chaotic because we don't understand this as a people we've been led astray we've never been taught the dynamics of natural law principles we don't know how they work and so people make decisions based in confusion internally and when that happens they're governed by the force of fear and what that leads to in the in its external expression is a state known as control because a confused person is making their decisions based in fear and they're choosing control they're actually leading themselves into control and they're leading other people into control and they actually believe in their misguided notions in their in their confused state of consciousness that they can ever ever ever create order by choosing the polarity of fear and this is like saying I just did a load of laundry okay I just I'm taking a load of laundry out of out of my washer and it's sopping wet okay the clothes are completely wet and I want them dried that's my intention that's my wish okay I want these clothes dry because I want to wear them and I don't want to wear sopping wet clothes it's a very simple analogy to comprehend what do you need to do to dry the clothes well there's two dynamics wetness and dryness and the only thing that really separates them is the amount of moisture see it's a seeming polarity it isn't really a polarity because there's only moisture okay or it's lack which is called dryness now either you remove the moisture through some method and you and you allow the clothes to dry or you keep adding moisture to the clothes that's it that there are the only two ways it can go can't go any other way okay you're either going to add moisture or you're going to add the polarity of dryness which is the absence of moisture very simple now saying that I'm going to create order by wanting more control in the world which many people think is the way to create more order okay cops think this police think this military people think this politicians think this judges think this even people who write tickets and put them on people's cars in cities throughout the country they think this they think if there's no externally imposed control chaos will emerge well newsflash folks you don't understand natural law principles you just don't because that's like saying I'm going to take those clothes that I want dry I'm going to take them put them on the ground I'm going to go get my garden hose and I'm going to keep spraying them with the garden hose and I'll dry them you just wait and see you just wait and see I'll dry those clothes by continuing to hit them with this hose with the water from this hose guaranteed I'm going to do it don't you know you just watch well anybody that has two brain cells to rub together will understand very quickly very quickly you can stay there till the death of the universe and you will never dry those clothes that way it ain't gonna happen the end good luck you're beating your head against the wall to try to prove something to your own ego that is against natural law principles it doesn't work that way there's not really any other easier more gentle way to say it you're wrong you need people need to admit that think this way that they're wrong they need to make an apology to themselves they bought a lie because they don't understand how natural law works and I'm not claiming that this is how natural law works I'm not saying that I believe this is how natural law works and again some people will see this as arrogance some people will say that um you know I'm egotistical for saying that I understand this I'm not claiming this is how natural law works I'm not telling you this is my belief I'm telling people out there that I do understand that this is how natural law works I'm okay with stating that I know that because if you know the two plus two equals four you should not be uncomfortable in saying and stating that you do know that that is how those numbers add together if you do know that gravity is an effect on a planet and it operates with a certain amount of force and if you drop a ball from a specific height it will act upon that that piece of mass that's called the law of gravity it exists it operates it doesn't require your belief it doesn't care whether you believe in it or not your belief is irrelevant your willingness to accept what the truth is in that instance is irrelevant if you step off a cliff you are bound by that law that's natural law principles and to understand what we're going to talk about tonight which is worldview you need to have a firm grasp in those polarities love and fear how they work and what they create what they create that that's the basis the fundamentals of natural law principles we're going to talk about how these are related to worldview we're going to talk about how they're related to the human brain so let's get into tonight's topic which will unpack over the next of almost hour and a half another thing I want to mention before I even start to get into the topic tonight which is worldview and the worldview schism the Schism of worldview that's the topic for this evening I want to let everybody know that in house I do have a guest who is a personal friend of mine his name is Donnell Rowland's and he is going to share some of his views on the Schism of worldview a little bit later on the show tonight and he is going to tell his story about how he became involved in the freedom movement and how he got involved you know in the Philadelphia area as a prominent activist so he'll be coming up probably in in a little while on the show but he's in house tonight and we'll be getting to him most likely in the second hour of the broadcast tonight so today what I want to really unpack is the concept of worldview and worldview schism okay now there are basically two extremely imbalanced competing worldviews in the world it's like love and fear okay except both of these are based in fear both of these are worldviews that lead to disorder disharmony control chaos everything we view and think of as evil everything that brings anything bad to our lives it makes us uncomfortable that makes us suffer these are the two fundamental underlying worldviews neither one of them are based in reality they're both based in the illusion of the emotional polarity that we call fear okay this is an illusory state it really doesn't exist it's the absence of that which is real it's the absence of that which is true which is the love dynamic that's what the universe is that's all there really is this fear dynamic exists only because we choose illusion and we choose to ignore that which is that's it the only reason fear has come to the expression that has come to or our world now these worldviews one of them is based in an extreme left-brained schism a person who holds an extremity of left brain attitudes beliefs and lives their life in this left brain prison modality they don't have they have hardly any connection to the right side of the brain so we talked about the physiology of the brain the left side is the so-called male side of the brain it's functions govern logic scientific thought mathematical thought language okay analytical thought the ability to break down concepts that's what the left brain is the right brain the right brain hemisphere its functions govern intuition holistic thought seeing things in states of you thirty consciousness a feminine nurturing instinct connection with higher levels of spiritual awareness and the love principle okay these are right brain modalities it also governs creativity creative expression music art dance etc these are right brain modalities a person in left brain consciousness only can become very brilliant many scientists are extreme left brain thinkers and many of them doctors lawyers mathematicians etc they're very left brain and many of them not all but in general do not have a very developed right brain modality some do but the majority by far are very developed in the left brain and the right brain suffers as a result of not really having a lot of usage and these these functions become dampened in the right brain when somebody lives in this five sensory world view okay now we're going to discuss this world view and there's a name for it okay the name for this extremely left brain imbalance world view is known as the world view of randomness randomness okay like the state of being random are a nd om randomness okay these are the characteristics of this imbalanced left brained worldview now when you hear these okay you're going to think well these are really seemingly right brained concepts or notions but they're not there were a result of holding a very left brain worldview for most of one's life see what the brain is doing is it's reaching out and trying to bring balance to an extreme state of imbalance and by holding and living in a left brain modality of consciousness through most of one's life what somebody internally spiritually subconsciously it is seeking is desiring is the absence of control the absence of trying to order desperately to order something and make sense of something because that's all they do with the left brain over and over and over and over repetitively throughout the tests of their daily life and existence so this worldview the schism okay of the worldviews that we're talking about there's a left brain one there's a right brain one the left brained imbalance worldview is called the theory or the worldview of randomness and here are the characteristics of this worldview somebody who accepts the worldview of total randomness thinks in general that the universe is a cosmic accident the universe is a cosmic accident okay there is no underlying purpose for the existence of anything there is no underlying intelligence that governs the workings of nature there is no underlying intelligence in nature it's all accidental random principles that's it a persons who subscribes to the worldview of randomness believes that there is no such thing as natural law principles everything that I talked about in previous weeks everything that I talked about leading up to the discussion of worldview about how the polarities of love and fear work to create what we experience they believe that does not exist to them everything is purely random chance happenings we're not really directing what we create through what we choose because there is no such thing as natural law to a person subscribing to the underlying philosophy of randomness essentially existence is purposeless there is no purpose for existence at all there's no reason for you to be here you came from nothing you're returning to nothing it is an existentialist worldview and it is also a solid Cystic worldview this worldview is based in solid sysm it is also based in atheism and every one of these dynamics that I explained that this world worldview is about are the hallmarks of atheism solecism and scientism those who worship at the altar of science and think science is the be-all and end-all of the explanation of all things that are manifest essentially hold this worldview and most left brain scientists think about it they believe in the notion of a totally random worldview that the universe is a cosmic accident it's sprang forth from an infinitesimally small singularity for no reason in a single moment and has no purpose now if you believe that I have some land out in the swamps of West Virginia and in New Orleans and I have a bridge over Brooklyn that I'd like to sell you for a really great price because you would believe anything if you believed that notion if somebody can say just give me this one and then I'll explain everything after that just give me that one what wouldn't you believe and this is the underlying ideology in cosmology the so-called Big Bang Theory the universe Springs from an infinitesimal singularity for no reason okay and just accept that and then I'll explain everything that happened after that that's what modern cosmology at least that the dominant form of modern cosmology would sell us well this is an extremely left brained imbalanced worldview and again it's based in and its hallmarks are the idea that there is no underlying intelligence in nature Nature has no plan it is not governed by any natural law there is no intelligence that orders it okay and it this leads to and is an outgrowth of the ideology of atheism they feed back on themselves this worldview and atheism are intricately interwoven 99.9 percent of the time they lead to a dual left brain imbalance called solids ISM okay we want one form of this lettering about imbalance of solids ISM nothing can be known the other form of this left brain imbalance is scientism we can explain it all okay there is nothing outside of five sensory reality that we cannot explain because that's all that exists five sensory reality will study what we can perceive with the five senses and what that which we can expend with our instruments that we call technology that are extensions of those five senses and we could explain it all and it's all random it's all accidental if the universe is a huge dead machine a huge dead machine that's what the ideology of randomness would have people believe and I'll tell you something there are many people in the freedom movement that ascribe to this worldview I've been at meetings and this is what people even in the freedom movement even in they say yeah I understand the encroachments on my freedom I understand that we're you know under attack with our personal and civil liberties I get all of that and I still think there's no such thing as anything any underlying intelligence in nature the universe is a dead machine we are nothing but dead biological computers essentially a Tobiah an atomic molecular level and that's it now again this is extreme left brain imbalance and people buy this notion because of the old form of science this Newtonian science and it's a twisted form of Newtonian science because not even Isaac Newton thought like that okay but it's a twisted form of this Newtonian scientific worldview that is so out of date that isn't is not even really at the cutting edge of modern science anymore but this is what people have bought because that's what's been in their textbooks in the Soviet educational system that that we're all indoctrinated into essentially okay that's where they bought this left-brain notion it's reinforced through the media it's reinforced in what I call old science it isn't cutting-edge science this is an old and henceforth in the modern age a disproven form of science scientists at the cutting edge of scientific thought so now you have actually disproven this notion with repeated scientific observation and and testing in under controlled conditions you don't even need to believe that it isn't that way it can be proven scientifically in today's age that it isn't that way and scientists at the cutting edge of cosmology who are worth their salt I should say they have a new way of looking at the workings of natural law and the workings of cosmology that incorporates consciousness and incorporates underlying intelligent or during principals not many people hear about these because they're very suppressed by the mainstream media and they're very suppressed even by the scientific community that wants to hold on to the old paradigm the old way of looking at nature what has been called old science and it's a good name for it because it's an aging dinosaur and it needs to be done away with because it doesn't really serve who we are now let's switch gears and look at well let's let's say on this for another few minutes because let's look at what this left-brain worldview really leads to okay so it's rooted in atheism solid sysm and scientism is what grows out of it okay either the notion that perception is reality or the notion that everything can be explained through the five senses or the extensions of them so those are the the outgrowths of it what you get from either one of those ideologies since there is essentially no truth where man gets to determine that which is true based on what he can perceive you get an ideology that inevitably grows out of this way of seeing the world this poisonous left-brain imbalance worldview called randomness and this is called this underlying ideology that grows out of this state of mind this left-brain way of thinking is called moral relativism now you'll notice all of these things are essentially based in randomness or that there is no such thing as this there is no such thing as that there is no objective or concrete this or that so moral relativism is there's no concrete morals there is no such thing as right or wrong okay this is this extreme left-brain notion right wanting justification for this extremely controlled way of thinking and an outlet for it and it wants to say I want to be able to have total freedom to do what I want based on my perception my comfort levels my way of seeing the world and that's called moral relativism that there is no such thing essentially in people's mind who think like this as right or wrong those who are really imbalanced toward this worldview there's no such thing as morals objectively there's no such thing as objective moral principles to someone that holds this worldview what does that mean well since there's no such thing as God there's no such thing as truth it's only my perceptions that govern what's really taking place around me and there's really no such thing as right or wrong I can basically do whatever I want at the expense of anybody else and that ideology is called social Darwinism social Darwinism look it up and read about it if you don't already understand it and that's the ideology that's basically running this world the ideology of the so-called elites of this world I won't call them the elite anymore because they're not my elites but you know who people refer to as the elites you know those who are really running the show and the hidden corridors of power this is their ideology social Darwinism the survival of the socially fittest and they believe that the socially fittest is governed by genetics when you talk it with them and read their papers or perhaps belong to some of the organizations that they control or deal with or work through okay social Darwinism it's one of their underlying ideologies and from there since you know your genes govern you know your genes basically govern your status in society that's what a social Darwinist believes then you can start playing the game of playing God and that's called eugenics and if you don't understand what eugenics is you should really look it up and study it understand it because this is also the ideology of the so-called elites that they have the right to decide who will live and who will die eugenics as many things its tampering its genetic manipulation its selective breeding its controlling who is allowed to breed but at its core all you really need to understand about it is it's one thing it's playing God it's deciding who is allowed to live and who is allowed to die and who will die that's it that's what eugenics is and this is the the outgrowth of this extremely poisonous left-brained worldview that is based in identification with matter identification with the five senses and basically taking the ideology that there is no purpose for existence and natural law does not exist this is the overarching worldview known as randomness the randomness worldview so I think we covered that pretty well and if there's anybody that wants to call in and discuss this the calling number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so I think I will leave it there for this hour we covered the left brain imbalanced worldview known as randomness on the next hour I'm going to get into the right brain imbalance worldview and then I'm going to talk to our in-house guest Dowell Rowland's so um let's see I'll give the websites one more time okay my website is what on earth is happening calm could listen to this show every Tuesday night live from my site at 8 p.m. Eastern time revolution broadcasting their website revolution broadcasting calm picks up the show the first hour they pick up live 8 to 9 on Tuesday evening then they replay the second hour they replay that as a podcast on delay they play that on Thursday evenings from 8 to 9 so if you're listening live on my site you can catch the entire show live at what on earth is happening calm so I'll see you for those listening live I'll see you in a moment and for those listening on revolution broadcasting tune in Thursday at 8 p.m. I'm what on earth is happening I'm mark casio this has been what on earth is happening I'll see you at the at the top of the next hour freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening who endeavoured to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm mark passio this is Allan number two so I'm going to jump right into the announcements because we have an in-house guest this hour and the fed the end the Fed rally in Philadelphia is coming up it is this Saturday April 24th 2010 at City Hall in Philadelphia that beat these these rallies and marches are going on all over the country this weekend in Philadelphia that's my hometown this is happening this Saturday April 24th at City Hall 1500 Market Street West Side they're meeting at you still don't understand how intricately related the Federal Reserve System is to the destruction of our natural freedoms and you have not really learned a thing or you've chosen to deliberately ignore it out of apathy laziness cowardice for all three words are not enough if you value your freedom and the freedom of future generations of humanity take action and stand with us in courage at this event become involved with the end the Fed cause today the group truth freedom prosperity is hosting this event they're calling it fed stock and the Fed 2010 April 24th this is the official and the Fed march and rally for Philadelphia the Federal Reserve System is the essential tool for big government it does not stay within its constitutional limits leading to the impoverishment of We the People and the destruction of our Liberty in the heart of the city where a people broke free of a royal house this is the nation's premier and the Fed event come down and have a blast with us rocking out for our freedom on Independence Mall in Philadelphia show the nation with your presence that you want to end this lousy central banking cartel that has been sucking money out of America vacuum cleaners since 1913 this is the end of fed march rally in concert at Philadelphia City Hall the Westside The Gathering begins at 10:00 a.m. the cost is free if you want you're under no obligation but if you want to you can make a donation of only 5 dollars to help pay for the cost of the organization of the event here's the schedule 10 a.m. gathering at the west side of city hall there's going to be a rally there with some speakers well how they are they'll have a some some bull horning going on we'll pass out information to the general public at 12:00 11:22 a.m. there will be a march down to the Federal Reserve Bank there'll be some speakers outside there then at 12:30 they'll be an outdoor rally an independent small National Park if it's in climate weather this is going on rain or shine by the way there's inclement weather the outdoor rally and an concert will be at the independence Visitor Center so the speakers are Michael Bednarik he's a constitutionalist and a big fighter for human freedom his website is constitution preservation org GG Bowman will also be speaking the website is Liberty - candidates org there's going to be some great freedom oriented musical acts and they're going to be playing an independent small park Jordan page Amy Allen the almighty terrible's and Killah and heist click if you want to sponsor the event or possibly host a table at the event contact Michael Salvi at Philly c4l that's Philly c4l see the number for El that believe that short for campaign for liberty so Philly c4l at gmail.com Michael Salva contact him if you want to sponsor the event or host a table at the event the websites are and the Fed dot you Fillie and the Fed calm and truth freedom prosperity org quickly the second event I want to plug here that's coming up in the Philadelphia area is the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations this is a three-day conference on Nikola Tesla and his technologies that he wanted to bring forth to give humanity clean free endlessly abundant electrical energy systems for the entire planet this plan was stifled by well let's just say it was stifled by those who began the Federal Reserve System big surprise discipled by the big financial and banking interests of Tesla's day he was an inventor who lived at the turn of the century and is probably one of the most brilliant minds humanity has ever seen this is going to be a three-day concert July 9th 10th and 11th in Philadelphia July 9th there's going to be a dinner reception a concert and a Tesla birthday bash the the Tesla bash is free to the public it's going to be at 6th and market at Independence visitor center lon July 10th is kind of like a three-ring circus it's kind of being built billed as there's some level of involvement for all levels of activity of all levels of interest ok there's activities for all levels of interest of the public if you're somebody doesn't really know much about Tesla you just want to get some information here what this is about you can come out to the independence Visitor Center July 10th at 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. there's going to be exhibits there's going to be some maybe free energy systems on display Tesla coils there's going to be information passed out some music or DJs you know and such that will be July 10 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at independence visitor center now if you're already a Tesla enthusiast and you know some some information about who he was and what he tried to do there's going to be free presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia main branch that's at 1901 Vine Street I will be emceeing this event I will be introducing all the speakers I'm actually involved with the Tesla Science Foundation myself so I will be hosting the free library portion of the event that is going to be happening July 10th at 10:00 a.m. and that will be going until 5:00 also if you're a scientist or an inventor and you want to get involved with the Tesla Science Foundation you want to get involved with actually creating some of these technologies and learning more about it and getting involved with other inventors that are driven to do this for the right moral reasons because it needs to be done the control of energy is the control of people we need to break free of the controlled and limited energy paradigm that we're a slave to and get on to clean free renewable sources of energy harnessing the wheelwork of nature that's what Tesla called it so we need people in the scientific community and in the invent inventor community to come out to this there's going to be scientific presentations and lectures July 10th and 11th two days the scientific part of the conference 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and this will be going on a to Liberty place on the 32nd floor this is at 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia for more details see the website Tesla Science Foundation org Tesla Science Foundation or the bunch of great people I'm honored to work with them come out to the conference in Philadelphia this July so those are the announcements the last hour we were talking about worldview I'm going to jump right back into this and I'm going to go we talked about the left brain imbalance the worldview known as randomness so I'm going to discuss the right brain imbalanced worldview and then we're going to talk a little bit to Dowell Roland's the right brained partner of the extreme left brain imbalance worldview known as randomness the name for this right brain worldview schism is called determinism now think about it just from the words alone you would think well total determinism would be considered left brained but it is not this is the right brain version you would think randomness that's looseness and no cohesiveness that's a right brain modality right not structuring something but it is not that is the left brained worldview this is because these worldviews are derived and held because the person is in such a state of imbalance toward one brain hemisphere or another that this is what their underlying ideologies their underlying philosophical makeup they want to make up for this deep imbalance in the brain by holding the exact other principles so the right the left brain imbalance worldviews seemingly all ascribe to ideologies that are better right brain like existence is purposeless there's no underlying thing there's no such thing as underlying natural law that governs the workings of our reality you would think that those are right brain and essentially they are but they are resultant of the left brain being dominant most of one's life what I think I'm going to do over the next week is post some slides from lectures that I have given in the past with some layouts of of these um worldviews and and if the concepts that I've been discussing on the show maybe I'll even go back to former podcast and just post some individual slides that you can refer to they deal with the topics that I talked about on that podcast I think a visual aid and uh showing you kind of what I'm going by as a general outline of what I talk about on this program will help you to really grasp more deeply some about some of these concepts I know just hearing it in words sometimes can be difficult you really have to sit down pay attention and visualize what I'm talking about but if you have a visual image it can help a lot to really um solidify in somebody's mind how this really works out and what it really is all about so I think I'll start doing that this week but this right brained imbalanced worldview principle ok the Schism of worldview is known as determinism and here are the underlying core philosophical beliefs that go along with determinism a determinist thinks that God whatever they may view that as controls every event in creation there is nothing that happens that is not preordained all occurrences are preordained by the Creator the creation is essentially a clockwork machine that does the bidding of this all-powerful creator as such there is no such thing as free will to a determinist imbalanced worldview believer they no such thing as free will free will does not essentially exist people are making all the decisions that they're making because God has ordained it they God controls every event in creation because freewill does not exist see this is the exact opposite of the randomness theory people who ascribe to randomness think natural law doesn't exist there's nothing that governs no underlying governance of the workings of the principles of creation the principles of the universe no such thing as natural law to a person who believes in randomness to a person who is a determinist it's the exact opposite there's no such thing as natural as freewill natural law governs everything in creation God's law governs it all there is no choice there is no free will humans don't have a will of their own God's making it all happen like a big huge clock that he controls okay total control okay a modicum of control is what somebody in the right brain worldview doesn't have they're governed by their emotions they're ruled by their emotions this is a total emotional brain thinker all right brain no left ring it's all about supplication it's all about bowing down to higher authority see the randomness worldview creates people who think their God their masters they subscribe to social Darwinism moral relativism eugenics totalitarianism when this worldview reaches its apex of imbalance a determinist doesn't believe Free Will exists so there is no such thing as changing anything you can never take the reigns of reality and change them in any direction God's doing it all don't bother trying to change a damn thing because change is impossible all of your actions are essentially meaningless because you can't change a thing why do anything why wake up and eat in the morning you know why speak a word to any other living being a deterministic mindset that says all events are preordained things are coming whether we want them to or not don't bother trying to change a thing because nobody really has free will God's making it all happen and you're just a puppet going along with his will okay change is impossible action is meaningless that's what a determinist thinks and I'll tell you there's a lot of people to think like that you go down to your local church or you go down to your local whatever religious organization it may be you'll find a lot of deterministic worldview people guaranteed okay this is the the hallmarks that this ideology this worldview a schism toward the right brain the hallmark of this is religious fundamentalism and religious extremism so you'll notice I'm talking about one worldview that's totally left brain and totally atheistic no such thing as morals no such thing as natural law and the other worldview that is totally deterministic is all about religious extremism and you know what I'll say about both of these worldviews both of them are complete bunk total bunk not one of them holds one shred of information that is worthwhile that leads to our personal evolution that leads to a higher level in the journey toward higher consciousness not none of it is based in unity consciousness none of it is based in the dynamic of love of expansion of consciousness every one of these ideologies every one of the the core beliefs that go along with them are all based in fear and as such they can never lead to anything good they can never lead to anything uplifting they can never lead to anything unifying they can never lead to order they can never lead to harmony they can never lead to peace and most of all they can never lead to freedom ever it can't happen you're trying to build something that you say you want okay somebody who believes both of these principles will say they want peace they'll say they'll pay lip service to I want freedom in the real world okay just tell you that but then they'll tell you this is my underlying ideology and I'll try to say to them you can never create that or have that condition that you say you want you say that your desire to have this or that and now you say this is the mindset that I'm going to use to try to build that state of experience it can't happen ever ever it never will happen as long as you're thinking like that in one of those belief systems these are belief systems none of them are based in the fundamental principles of truth and natural law because I'm going to tell you essentially you ever hear the adage there's my side of the story there's your side of the story and then there's the truth well the truth is never in one of these two extreme ideologies that are based in fear randomness or determinism the truth never lies in a left brain schism or a right brain schism the truth isn't schism it's unity it's in the middle the truth is the middle pillar it doesn't lean all the way to the left or all the way to the right it's balanced it's harmony it is peace it is that which is okay and that which is is actually a combination of two of the underlying principles within these worldview schisms that each one rejects wholeheartedly okay the randomness adherence right the people who are who subscribe to the notion of randomness think that natural law does not exist there is actually no underlying intelligence that governs the way what we choose okay the emotional polarities that we choose and how we base our behaviors creates reality they don't believe those principles exist there is no such thing as natural law they don't believe in the law of karma the law of attraction the law of cause and effect right the golden law okay that's it they don't believe in that the golden rule that will that basically the universe behaves like a mirror and reflects back to you that which you bring to the table through your consciousness through your thoughts through your emotions through your actions that doesn't exist to a person that subscribes to randomness but a person who subscribes to determinism doesn't think the opposite dynamic exists freewill doesn't exist everything is controlled your to lay down religion teaches this almost every religion teaches this it's the ideology of on worthiness of self-loathing of an order follower you have to supplant yourself make yourself supplicant to a higher authority a higher authority well I would suggest in human form there is no such thing they a deterministic believer thinks God controls every single event of our lives and we don't have free will to change anything and make a decision that then creates what we will experience and I'm here to tell you that the truth is that what really is occurring in the world is a combination of these two rejected principles of both of these totally imbalanced ideologies and what the universe essentially is is a mirror that works on two basic principles coming together to form a synthesis they're seeming opposites and when they come together they form a synthesis in which we operating within natural law boundaries get to determine what our experience will be based on our choice between the dynamics of love and fear that's it so there is a natural law principle which is the deterministic component of our reality and then there is a freewill principle which is the random component of our reality think about it digest it take it in spin it around in there a few times and really really go deeply into what I just said there is a natural law or a deterministic component to the principles that underlie creation okay this means there are laws in operation that are put there by an underlying intelligence there is also a freewill principle and principle is random because no one can actually at the deepest level course anybody into doing anything that they don't really want to do to believe in anything to know anything to do anything you have free will you're using it or you're letting someone else use it but it's there it's either in under your control or it's usurped by someone else in which case you've given up your power but in all those cases this place is still governed by natural law principles if we use our freewill to come into harmony with those principles we will have peace and order and freedom if we choose the fear dynamic and we choose not to align ourselves with the natural law principles that are actually put there for our betterment our edification and our betterment if we do not use our freewill toward those aims and we will experience disorder disorder chaos suffering and slavery the end that is how it actually works I'm again I'm not claiming that this is how it works I'm claiming to understand through my own process of discovery to have discovered that this is how this law works it's no different than Newton claiming to have discovered how gravity functions and be able to write down the equations except there's there aren't equations that govern this this is this is discovered through an elevation in consciousness that's it that's how it works so I'm not claiming that I believe this it's not what I'm saying I'm not telling you you have to believe it either you don't have to believe anything you're not required to believe a thing natural law exists and is in operation and you are bound by it Free Will exists and is in operation and you are bound by the freewill decisions of others the point is to bring our freewill which is a gift in the harmony with natural law which is put there for our betterment in this construct that we call the universe when we do that there will be order peace harmony enlightenment and human freedom we refuse to do that you're going around on the wheel of suffering for all eternity till you decide to do it that's all I'm going to say about that for tonight I'm going to go to our in-house guest mr. Darrell Roland Dow is a big activist in the Philly area he's a personal friend of mine and he's a 9/11 truth activist which is a big part of what we'll discuss on this show in future episodes he's an independent researcher he's from Philadelphia and he's here with us today Darrell welcome me what's up everybody yeah well you're talking about in the Fed and you know I'm going to be there on on this Saturday and you know how you're saying how people were freeing themselves from the clutches of a royal house right you know it fills up he's gone from a city where people are freeing themselves and coaches of a rural house to a pathetic collection of rural house slaves so I wish I could disagree with Darrell and you know people who know me know that I've basically used that term to describe what people who are really under deep mind-control behave like and it's a sad thing but if I wish I could disagree with you but I can't that's it's it's basically a true statement and I'm you know we need to try to change the dynamic by outreach by getting out beating the streets putting information into people's hands and saying you do need to look at this stuff you do need to understand it it affects you it affects your life it affects the world you live in and it affects the world that your children are going to have to live in so what what I'd like to do is why don't you tell the listening audience about like maybe your personal journey toward awakening and coming online to understand how things are you know really working in the world tone how you you woke up and what your journey was absolutely okay well when 9/11 happened I immediately had a feeling that I was being lied to I didn't know I know what but something just smelled false about the whole thing and I knew I wasn't getting the whole story the whole picture you know that was the QIOs other information we weren't getting you know so I started digging I started doing research on the Internet you know and I stopped merely absorbing what was being reported on the news and I started analyzing it I found it even the so-called left website under you know like like daily cause and he on alternet for example weren't being completely honest I knew there was no political answered and that the crooks controlling both major parties and I found that the left-right paradigm was completely false through and through I began to understand that there is no less know right now such thing as liberal conservative and no difference between Democrats and Republicans it's all being run by the same you know powers the money pounced I began to realize let me let me let me stop you there and talk about that a little bit this is something that you still see a lot of in a lot of the the political quarters of even people who come out to certain events and are concerned with the erosion of different civil liberties however they're still of the opinion that voting is the answer that that um you know petitioning is the answer that that I'm basically getting involved with a big political party is is going to change things and again this is that left versus right paradigm the conservative versus liberal okay and a lot of people in these movements don't really grasp that this is just a version of what is called the Hegelian dialectic this is dialectical mechanics it's been described in different ways by many people some people have described it as a Chaos magic chaos magic is giving somebody an illusory choice that isn't a real choice they just think it's a real choice I kind of described this couple of weeks ago your child doesn't want to eat his vegetables so you make and think he has a choice you say hey John uh you want peas or corn tonight you want carrots or mashed potatoes and the kid thinks wow I get to decide what I'm going to eat huh when in fact you have these things already prepared and laid out or or you know getting ready to prepare them and you just wanted to pick one so you could throw one in you know in the oven and make it and that's it and he he eats it because he thinks he picked it himself when in fact he didn't really have a choice he was going to pick one or the other he's going to eat his vegetables the outcome was already predetermined the outcome was predetermined because there was an event already planned before him there was a goal planned beforehand see him eating his vegetables a certain politician from one party or the other getting into office an invasion of a sovereign country then an event takes place that brings up confusion within and somebody is basically pressured into making a false choice that can't really can't really be what they had in mind originally but it's what you had in mind originally this is called dialectical mechanics the presentation of a false choice you extend both hands to somebody that you want to hit and you say pick a hand and they take the left one and they get slapped if they pick the right one they were going to get slapped just the same so 9/11 was actually example of the dialectical mechanics event absolutely you know you have a problem terrorism so that people cry out for you know and react to it you know and so then the New World Order proposes a solution which was pre-planned all along and so now we've lost all our liberties so 9/11 is the event that really woke you absolutely I began to find that some of the more interesting stories that had damning information contradicting the government's official story of 9/11 was disappear often up so I began to print everything that lovely interesting on a daily base you have a you have a massive print archive event you should see the stacks of paper in my house I've been collecting since 2002 on 9/11 and other false-flag like Oklahoma City and 77 even the recent underwear bomber I mean how in the world are you going to go along with body scanners because a guy had a firecracker a dud in his pants this is the this is the sort of impetus for this sort of control oh and meanwhile we find that you know a we got big corporations behind the big you know push for body scanning they want to take you and strip you down and treat you like a slave let me tell them how to treat them let's let's look at this how to treat this as an example you have to you want to get to a point where you have total compliance with people based on their fear if they're not in fear and they don't view it as something that they need to be afraid of as something that's capable of harming them they're not going to give you more control over their daily lives and daily existence they would say hey what do you need to do this for what do you need to scan me for what do you need to prank me for what do you need to search me for they're not going to go along with that unless you can make them think that they need to go along with it for their own safety so that's that's how dialectical mechanics works and um you know you're a big fan of print information I'd like to say I think that's a good thing to do because if anything should happen to for example the internet like the Jay Rockefeller planning to take down the internet and eventually you know it's it's a good idea to have hard backups of information and not trust that they will just always be out there on the cloud I tell people that all the time back up your data back up your information have good backups even print backups for text articles is a great idea I no doubt remember folks a sheet of eight eleven is not going to suddenly change to 404 not found right it's going to preserve whatever you printed there so remember you know like that you know so and so here how I started waking up I started collecting information I started sorting all these papers into categories like police state for knowledge of 9/11 massive foreknowledge of 9/11 Israeli spies Pentagon anomalies World Trade Center implosion evidence Big Brother control grid Zionism Oklahoma City to compare it to CIA drug-running this is also going on Illuminati bloodlines you know you find out really you know but these people are in charge of all the mainstream media you watch the heads of all these companies are all you know working together so you just brought up a plethora of topics there and eventually we'll be going into just about every one of those on the story Minister sure does great answer again folks what we're doing here on the earlier podcast is we're building a tapestry we are laying foundational groundwork okay for topics that we're going to build upon later that require this prerequisite knowledge because if we don't have prerequisite knowledge about how the human mind works how the human psyche works how our physiology works were not going to be in a place of intellectual and emotional maturity to understand the events that are actually playing out in the world it's critical to understand who we are and how we work because I'll tell you something the people who are really controlling the dynamics of the world right now they know how these things work they know how the human mind works they know how the human psyche works they know how our behaviors are motivated but they don't respect me of them and us is that they think that people that haven't used their minds to think independently are just you know willing slaves and they feel that they should take advantage of us if we do not think for ourselves instead of helping us to achieve consciousness they want to further drive us away and uses as slaves right and this goes down to the dynamic of when you learn or acquire something that you recognize is somewhat unique and that not a lot of other people have access to when that happens in your life most people will make one of two decisions they will they will realize that they have an incredible find on their hands they will realize they have something unique they will realize they have something that is capable of being turned into something of great value or power okay and they'll do one of two things the first one is they will say wow look at what I know look at what I've discovered look at what I have right I can hold this over other people's heads as a great advantage over them okay and I can use this to control them I can use this to manipulate them just Google Albert Pike you did all this I can use this to build myself up and to tear them down simultaneously so that they'll always always one what I can bring to the table and they always put me in a position of power over them and as such I can make them do whatever I want for me so that my life is easier at their expense and this is the underlying ideology of what in later weeks I will be getting into and talking about as a sorcerer what that basic worldview is is what I term and many other researchers term sorcery sorcery yes like a sorcerer in a movie in a Hollywood movie but it's not quite the same thing as that okay so that is that is um what one choice of a person who comes into higher level knowledge chooses the next thing that they choose is well the other choice is somebody who comes into the same higher level knowledge says wow look at what I know look at what I understand look at what I can do right and they say to themselves not everybody understands this you know there's so few people that have access to this and benefit from what I've learned and what I'm benefiting from and this this other choice this different choice is a person with that kind of knowledge will say to themselves look at what I have that can help others I can show this information and this knowledge to other people and I can help bring them up in consciousness so that they're at my level or even beyond see it's it's about a unit a unity a unified way of seeing someone in relation to other people in the world that you're seeing yourself in a unified way with others it isn't that you want to have an advantage over other people and use information to manipulate and control others you want your desire upon realizing that there's an imbalance between your level of awareness and others level of awareness is to bring balance to that equation is bring balance to that dynamic and say I want to get other people up to the level where I'm at I want to give them the same knowledge so we're on equal footing so that there isn't an imbalance in the gameboard so that there's a leveling of the gameboard and that's the difference between a sorcerer who does the former of manipulating people with that information that they understand and a true alchemist or a true wizard that really understands this information and wants to bring it to the attention of others because they know that knowledge does not belong to them knowledge belongs to the people of the world so darling in keeping with that yes you want to kind of get into maybe an article that you wrote yeah okay I made a boat I wrote this back in 2007 I post on PA hardcore stereo killer comm and I made this article because I was trying I was expressing my frustration because I'm out there trying to show people you know what I've learned like you're saying and I ask people questions questions that would make them think you know hey have you ever heard of Monsanto hey have you heard of diet soda you know the containing aspartame and neurotoxin you know vaccines Mercurian and the rise in autism you know there's a link there and I tell them about it and people would say no no no we really don't care we wanted we don't want to know how does it affect me and I would argue with these people and so because I would really I was so frustrated that they didn't want to get it and I really I've discerned the actual crux of their argument this is their argument you know how talking about the schism of the world view this is their world view okay let me say something before you start getting into the article yeah the reason that they're stuck in this state of dissonance the reason that they're stuck in this refusal to it's dissociation that's exactly what it is there's the rate of a huge mental decompensation which certain thoughts emotions sensations and/or memories are compartmentalized because they're too overwhelming for the conscious mind to integrate I totally agree with that that is what dissociation is and it's a serious psychological condition of imbalance and I just like to say to keep this in in alignment with the topic tonight worldview is it this state of mental decision that you're about to read an article on has to do with the attachment to a fundamentally imbalanced worldview that's that's what we need to keep in mind about what states of mental disowned states of cognitive dissonance look up that term cognitive dissonance that's what we're talking about here these people who are in this psychological condition are rooted in a worldview in a way of seeing themselves in relationship to the wider world the wider universe and other people and it's not just that they see the world like that it's that they are attached to sing the world like that they don't want anyone else coming in and taking away we're breaking down that worldview because they associate that worldview with their own personal identity that's the key to keep in mind I just wanted to say that to help the listeners understand how this is going to relate to what I talked about in the in the last in this show about worldview so go ahead Daryl this is a world this is an article that you wrote on the state of mental dissociation yeah I have experienced this phenomenon of dissociation happening right in front of my eyes you know at the time three years ago I used to hang out with some people that would play some video games and you know and you know play online land gaming and stuff you know and all of a sudden there was this huge and needed argument or the six or seven people in the room I'll skip the personal and go right to the crux of their argument this is their actual argument in their own words as they were spoken to me whenever I would try to talk to they would say the world number one this is the one thing the world has always been at war and that's the way we'll always have to be in their view they always think that they would never question any of that number two they think humanity is destroying our humanity destroying itself is common knowledge they think that shouldn't be a concern in your life they think that there's far too many stupid people on this planet anyway and they they think you should just worry about bettering yourself not others they think that concern for world events and arrogance are one of the same unless of course you hold public office or are employed in an occupation of political name okay I want to stop you there okay say that one again slowly because that's that's a really I mean that bats they actually think you're arrogant for having concern about world events that are you know beyond your daily routine they actually think you're being arrogant by actually thinking about things beyond yourself they so that is an arrogant way of seeing yourself in relation to the world that you see a world problem that you want to take concern and issue with to try to bring balance to you're telling me that the people you spoke to they don't think you have the credentials to speak out against those things right then no one only an expert on the bag learn about that you can't do it through your desire to seek knowledge and truth in the world and then actually come to a higher level of consciousness on your own and then get involved with your your wider community you know your wider you know social network of people to be able to bring any kind of balance or right those wrongs or in justices and then think that's an arrogant viewpoint to even take that you could make a difference then they will immediately challenge you to come up with a complete solution and they tell you if you can't lay out exactly what we should all do about it then you should shut the hell up and don't bother talking anybody else about it keep that liberal to yourself outcome what watch the language but um the thing that you said there is um that they think that oh yeah number three okay so they're saying if you can't lay out a total solution you can't bring every single thing that we should do so what does this imply this implies that someone needs to tell them what to do to be an expert in their life but it says what it says a lot about their underlying worldview yes and it seems like this is actually a deterministic principle as well because they think that the all the answers have to be laid out that nothing can organically flow and take its own course that you have to have everything laid out predetermined okay and that you know they need to be led so someone actually brought this up in a meeting of the truth freedom prosperity held okay and said well what we need to do is become like the UH the elites that are guiding the Sheep they call them the Sheep oh okay that we need to guide them in our ways because all they our followers and how are you answered that and I want the listening audience to really hear what I'm about to say okay I said in response to that comment that we need to just lead other people I don't want to be a leader I don't want followers I don't want to be a puppet master and have other people on my strings that's not how I want to live my life I want to live my life in harmony with natural law principles go higher up in consciousness and understanding and essentially be left alone so long as I don't harm anybody else that's what I want and I want other people to limp in those basic ways but that they're not harming anybody else and that they're you know basically operating in ways that they are in the right to operate without stepping on other people's natural freedoms god-given freedoms okay in boundaries with natural law principles and understanding that's it that has absolutely nothing to do with wanting to control anybody else and it certainly has nothing to do with wanting to lead people I don't want to have to lead anybody I'm not your leader okay I'm not your guru I don't want to be a guru and I'm not okay do not look outside of yourself for the leader you got to think for yourself you have to take in information from as many sources as possible make up your own mind about it with an open mind and lead yourself your life is your own what you do with it is up to you but it was what really irked me about this their worldview right it's not just that they have a worldview that really is you know anti thinking for yourself but also there they're like you know they're they're really aggressive against anyone who does and they want to put anybody who does down well that's their conditioning and their attachment to their current way of seeing the world which which if you follow this through to its conclusion can't really benefit them or anyone else around them because it's based in wanting to be led as that last point brought up so that can continue on to some of their other oh the other thing they kept going they kept saying to me the oh oh you're analyzing specific news stories that's a waste of time and that's needlessly complicating your life Darryl is that if you analyze news and you're angry about what's happening to the country lately then you're depressed and maybe you should seek medication Wow something like that you know like they would actually think that they would actually think that you could go on to any way think of myself okay so so you run run the people that say if you're concerned about the happenings of the world around you then you're depressed that you need to basically be put on medication if you you look at news you look at what's taking place on earth and you try to take an active role in it that means by definition to these people that you're a depressed person and you should be on something like psychotropic drugs basically oh wow oh they think that those who discuss the current political situation are the ones to blame for the disunity in America not the actual people telling the lies and committing the torture and you know put in uttering in a police station no they think that actually people that talk about it are did car cause before being emitted this is a powerful dynamic to really understand and as we're going forward in what's taking place in the world people really need to be on watch for this because the media is going to get behind that dynamic that you just brought up there and they're going to play up on that to try to take the focus away from the people who are really creating these negative crises in the world such as the financial crisis 9/11 and other other you know acts that have been committed okay and they're going to try to shift the blame off of the who really carried out those acts of terrorism okay the real terrorists that are behind false flag events such as that and they're going to try to shift it on to the people that are actually talking about them being boss flag acts of terrorism so that's what that's what they're going to try to do they're going to try to demonize people who are trying to bring the truth to the light of day so it's something that the alternative media community really needs to watch and get the truth out about once things like that start to happen through the mainstream media which according to what you know I see happening invariably will start to occur and then one thing about about 9/11 it's not I want to touch on I would ask these people you know do you know it's physically impossible for a steel straight steel frame skyscraper to fall at freefall speed straight down into the path of most resistance without the use of high-powered explosives to destroy all the load-bearing board supports simultaneously do you know the government's official story of 9/11 violates Newton's conservation of momentum law right and these people would say oh that's just too pinky in the brain for me well they think that the you know that's just too pink in the brain they don't think that anybody has organized enough well called idle my major when I was in college was mechanical engineering I studied mechanical engineering at the University of Pennsylvania and I proved that basic physics principle to myself with an engineering physics 101 textbook with three simple laws of Newtonian motion and a 1 quadratic the formula to solve a quadratic equation that's all that's needed to solve for that to show that the events that we saw play out and the explanations that were given well appreciated are against the laws of physics I read about it like you know where they are in my research when I first began my research I did this you know thing where there was a website that did a freefall calculator for people who are jumping out of planes you know and they would calculate freefall speed but you can actually use those calculations to time the World Trade Center collapses and actually see that it is in freefall it's coming down straight down at the speed of gravity as if you just dropped the ball from the top of the building to the photograph well the media and the cognitive dissonance that is brought about by a connection with media and attachment to mainstream media is extremely strong because people who will refuse to see basic fundamental laws in nature it seemingly violated right they won't understand that that they can't these laws can't be violated according to the laws of nature but the official explanations that are given by the media do seemingly violate the laws of nature so they're holding two things in their minds that are in total contradiction simultaneously because Orwell definition of double thing that's doublethink and it's it's the psychological condition known as cognitive dissonance cognitive dissonance we'll be talking a lot about that on upcoming shows and we'll be getting into the events about 9/11 on future shows as well okay you know my speciality in what I discuss regarding the events of 9/11 due to my background in the occult is occult symbolism in relation to the 9/11 event and that is really what we'll start to get into on future shows that won't be for a while I'll probably hopefully be having some people on who are members of different 9/11 truth organizations like people from AE 9/11 truth and others but I will be doing that in future weeks so let's go to a few other points in this article on dissonance and dissociation yes they also believe that all human beings worldwide have lost all credibility and integrity so it is therefore pointless to strive for either one sarcasm cynicism and closed mindedness are perfectly acceptable substitutes in their opinion okay so integrity is meaningless to someone in this state of dissociation and why are you bothered to bothering to try to create wholeness or integrity or any kind of proper moral behavior so that they would they would say that sarcasm is far better to emit a cynical worldview is far better because this again goes toward a deterministic way of seeing the world oh it's already events already set in motion we don't really have any impact we can't really change anything it very well knows not a good the mentality of a slave this is on an extreme right brained worldview that they're holding and and I'll tell you what really leads people into this worldview that puts them in a right brain state and keeps them there it's that hypnotist in your living room called the television folks that's what it is defenestrate your television okay and then the other thing they told me was that people that go into the milling military through so willingly and so they shouldn't worry about being lied to they think it's not their job to know the truth is what they told me their job is to love their country and follow orders on court Wow well we're going to end on on that point we have 90 seconds left in this show I'm going to wrap it up but I'll tell you what that that reminds me of we watch the documentary why we fight a few a couple months back at the ethical Society as part of truth freedom prosperities uh free documentary screenings that they have there every third Monday of the month and there was a soldier in there that basically said why do my commanders order me to war I don't worry about that I follow orders that's my job and I would say that's what created Nazi Germany in the Third Reich and I with all the soldiers out there if you think that's a moral position to hold you have a lot to learn yeah I would I would close by saying that this is their argument on where these guys are people I know for a lot of years but it's getting harder and harder to maintain any sort of friendship with people like this because you know people that watch a lot of TV and they're not reading the internet news they're not concerned about what's going on to the level of apathy these people reach to justify their way of thinking is just surreal and it's really frightening the last you know nine years of war propaganda did a number on them and it's attitudes like there that have been a major factor and lead our consul country to where it is today well thank you Darrell for being on the show those are some really powerful insights I really appreciate you coming all with us this has been what on earth is happening folks what on earth is happening dot-com revolution broadcasting calm we'll see you next week