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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you got the groove on [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc past ago [Music] welcome everyone welcome you're listening - what on earth is happening the websites are what on earth is happening calm and revolution broadcasting calm the show is live every Tuesday night 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time well what we're going to do today is uh we're going to get into some event announcements and then I'm going to recap a little bit about the end the Fed rally and March that was held in Philadelphia this past weekend Saturday April 24th let me give the call-in number in case anyone wants to call in this evening you're welcome to do so at any time hold on the line I will get to you the call-in number for the program is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven that's three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so I think I'll start out with an event announcement for a great conference that is coming up in Philadelphia this summer and I think a lot of people don't understand quite so much about just how much this relates to human freedom because when you can control energy resources reserves and supplies you can control human beings the control of energy is the control of people and there was a brilliant brilliant genius that lived at the turn of the 20th century his name was Nikola Tesla and the work he did in the field of electric electricity and electrical engineering was just absolutely amazing he brought alternating current into all of our homes without him you would have no power for any of the electrical devices that you use brought to your home TESL did more than that he he wanted he looked at the alternating current system of generation and distribution as just a stepping stone to what he really had planned to do with much more advanced technology that he was working on in the field of wireless power transmission and Tesla had plans to basically create wireless transfer of industrial-strength power throughout the world in other words free wireless electricity brought cleanly produced and distributed cleanly all around the earth many people don't know that still to this day almost 40% of people in the world do not have any electrical power in the regions where they live we take a lot of what we have for granted so there's an event coming up in Philadelphia this summer and I think everybody is listening in this area should get out to this event and help support this great organization so I'll read the press release the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this is going to be called the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations and it's going to be held July 9th 10th and 11th in Philadelphia this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world the advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity so here is the the finalized schedule of events there are actually a couple of changes since the last time I read these on the air July 9th from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. they're going to be holding a birthday celebration for Tesla he was born on midnight between the 9th and 10th so from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. they're having a Tesla birthday bash this is going to be held on the lawn at Independence Visitor Center that's at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia Independence Mall National Park what they're going to have there is a bunch of Tesla coils they're going to have you know a party style celebration and then they're going to fire off on all the Tesla coils that are different Tesla enthusiasts will be bringing at midnight to celebrate Tesla's birthday now the next day of the conference there are multiple events and it's kind of build as a three-ring circus there's going to be some form of activity for every level of interest is kind of how it's being billed so for you know just the general public that might not know too much about Tesla and might just want some information or to learn a little bit more about who he is pick up some some pamphlets and whatnot and to see some some inventions that have to do with Tesla and his technology outdoors at the same location that the birthday celebration is being held the night before and the independence visitor center there's going to be exhibits information and music this is the next day July 10th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so that's at the independence visitor center sixth and Market Street you know so buggy tables and booths set up there for someone who just wants to learn a little bit and you know for the general public touring in that area get a lot of tourism out in that vicinity of course so that's just for you know people again who aren't actual enthusiasts of yet and may just want a little bit of information they will have exhibits and vendors on the lawn independence Visitor Center July 10th from 10:00 to 5:00 now for the Tesla enthusiast or someone who may be looking more deeply into the applications of this technologies and free energy in general there's going to be lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia presentations and lectures the free library is at 1901 Vine Street and these will be held on the same day July 10th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. I'm actually going to be emceeing the event myself so I will be introducing all of the great speakers at the library so the third event is for people who are more scientifically inclined scientists inventors that's going to be July 10th and that's going to be at 2:00 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor to Liberty Place is at 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia and this is the scientific conference so that's the real meat and potatoes as far as the actual technology is concerned for people who really want to get involved with helping this organization to advance the theories and technologies that Tesla was working on now the night of the 10th so the same night this is all on the same day July 10th that's Saturday night July 10th from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. this all just pretty much came together and this is the part that was changed there's going to be a reception dinner and a concert featuring the divine hand ensemble these guys are an incredible orchestral ensemble and they are centered around an electronic instrument called the theremin a theremin if you haven't heard of it or seen it in operation or heard it check it out it's th ER e mi n theremin you could Google that or search-engine it and you know check out YouTube different uh different people playing theremins it's a very interesting instrument that can produce pretty incredible tones and this Orchestra called the divine hand there they sent their uh their conductor uh he plays the theremin he's one of the few concert dominus in the world and he's really great a great guy his name is mano de vino' so they won't be playing after the dinner celebration so the reception dinner and the orchestral concert featuring the the divine hand ensemble this is a this location is finally set in stone it's going to be from 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. at the Arch Street meeting house the Arch Street meeting house that's at 3:02 Arch Street July 10 6:00 to 11:00 p.m. pricing will be announced for the dinner and concert now for that part of the event I'd like to send out a special thank you this evening to a good friend of mine Anthony Michael falseta for being so generous to help the Tesla Science Foundation through just absolutely completely selfless generosity in donating to to secure the arch meeting house for that night so the Tesla Science Foundation thanks Anthony michael foale seta and I thank him personally as well now the final part of the event of this conference will be July 11 and that will be the continuation of the scientific portion of the event the scientific conference at 2:00 Liberty Place will continue the next day the same time 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on July 11th Sunday and that's to Liberty Place 32nd floor 1601 Chestnut Street so that's the schedule of events for this great conference on Nikola Tesla his technology his theories his philosophies for emerging details on this conference you can check out the website Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation org a great group of people and I'm honored to be working with them so that's all the event announcements I have for Philadelphia area right now so what I want to do now is - I see we have a caller on the line let's let's go to the caller low caller you're on the air this is what on earth is happening how are you are you there caller going once going twice okay sorry about that looks like you didn't hang in there with me okay so oh yeah if you're going to call in just please be patient hang on the line I will get to your call so the next thing I'll do is I want to do a recap of the end the Fed march and rally that took place this Saturday in Philadelphia this went on all over the country at major fed chapters throughout the country but I want to recap the one that happened in Philadelphia and I actually became a part of it at the last minute I was contacted and asked asked to speak at the event outside of the Fed building itself that I was actually contacted of two days beforehand so Thursday afternoon I believe and I accepted and prepared a speech on Friday and read that outside of the Fed building on Saturday so um part of the recap I'm going to do is I'm actually going to read the speech that I gave outside the Fed building so people can hear that and it'll be committed to to the podcast as well so I think that overall the event was great a lot of really driven good people turned out I want to thank Mike Salvi personally for helping to organize it he did a great job on all the other speakers were wonderful Michael Bednarik um Gigi Bowman the bands that played were great he had a me Alan Jordan page and Keller and others it was a overall great event but what I well I think I'll remember the most about this is that we really I think reached a lot of people on the street this time we were prepared with a lot of information with a lot of flyers and as we went down Market Street we had so many people giving out flyers I think everyone on the entire march route got some great information about why this organization isn't in their best interests and that's really important because not everybody does have this information people in the freedom movement and in the alternative news communities cannot make the mistake that because they understand certain things that you know everybody is on the same page because of course that certainly is not the case and I think we just really have to keep hammering away at getting information getting good information into people's hands who just simply are unaware how these things affect their lives at a very fundamental level so with that in mind I think I'll I'll go into the speech that I read outside the Fed building and this was kind of my part in trying to alert people not only about what kind of consciousness really drives an institution like the Federal Reserve but how people in general through their failings through their weaknesses feed institutions like this through giving the it their support through not speaking up about why it's wrong for not learning enough about why an institution like that doesn't serve the betterment of humanity so here's the speech and then if anybody wants to comment please call in and do so and talk about anything else that I've spoken about previously or anything you want to mention I have planned after this to go into some more conceptual ideas that I kind of Center on in my presentation tonight I'll recap a little bit about what we did last week after this and then I'll go into some new topics so here is the speech I write outside of the Federal Reserve Building this past Saturday during the end the Fed march and rally in Philadelphia I'd like to thank all of you for being here today and I'd also like to thank each of you for taking the time to stand together United in the spirit of courage to defend Liberty by shining light upon the corrupt and immoral activities of an institution that lies at the very core of the destruction of our natural rights and freedoms I commend and respect each of you for your courage and commitment to such a noble cause the great teacher and philosopher Vernon Howard once said human sickness is so severe that few can bear to look at it but those who do look at it will become well with this in mind let us now bravely take a look at the sickness they are aggressive and callous and show an abnormal lack of conscience and empathy they are cunning and extremely adept at manipulating others they engage in strongly immoral often criminal conduct they take what they want and do as they please they possess a deceptive ability to appear outwardly benevolent and can behave in superficially charming ways to hide their purely selfish motives they use intimidation and if necessary violence to control others and to satisfy their own needs they are willing to intentionally violate the basic inherent human rights of others they do not experience or express any sense of guilt or remorse for the harm their actions have caused to others but instead they rationalize their behavior blame someone else or deny it outright they view the feelings and desires of their fellow beings with utter contempt shua sness pathologically and are willing to say anything without any concern for accuracy or truth in order to advance their own hidden agendas they have a severely distorted sense of the consequences of their own actions they display a total failure to accept any responsibility for their own parasitic socially irresponsible ways because of their utter contempt for their fellow human beings they believe that they will never be brought to justice for their criminal behavior they have been described by many as predators of their own species for they lack the very qualities that allow human beings to live in social harmony what I just read does indeed perfectly describe the characteristics attitudes and behaviors of the owners and directors of this privately-owned central banking cartel that we call the Federal Reserve System however what I just read to you was not originally written to describe the Federal Reserve specifically it was a list comprised by modern clinical psychologists to describe the pathological mental condition known as psychopathy in other words it was a list of the personality traits of psychopaths the condition of psychopathy is at the very root of the crisis in which the human species finds itself in our current times and it is more prevalent than most of us would prefer to admit the reason for this is not human nature as some would mislead you to believe the reason for this is that psychopathy is not just a psychological disorder it is also a learned behavior and a communicable disease it is a virus that has infected the collective body of humanity my own spiritual journey and my personal quest to understand as much as possible about the workings of the human psyche have led me to study this phenomenon in great detail over the course of many years and today I would like to share with you a few basic insights I've discovered with respect to how psychopaths in general and specifically psychopathic institutions such as the Fed are able to hoodwink the general public and get away with their abusive and immoral behavior almost entirely unchecked one of the greatest skills of psychopaths is their ability to feign normal human emotions and empathy this enables them to remain well hidden or occulted in the communities in which they operate we all know that good works are done in the light of day for all to see in contrast the work of psychopaths is always done and indeed it must be done under the cover of darkness for once enough light is cast in their direction enabling people to become wise to their ways psychopaths always scatter psychopaths are extremely adept at manipulating others into thinking that the communities in which they exist could never survive without them that they somehow perform a vital and necessary service and that if they were ever to the exposed and routed out that total chaos would result to reinforce this untrue notion that is based upon fear and dependency Psychopaths will create crises in their own communities and once a chaotic reaction has been invoked they then step in to pose as the Saviour by offering self-serving solutions for the very problems which they initiated psychopaths have one overall objective and that is ultimately to make others feel as fearful as miserable and as empty as they do to that aim their greatest weapon is the propagation of their own twisted worldview one that is wholly based in fear lack greed separation and control in other words they fool others into thinking that the only way to get by in life is to be like them to become like the psychopath they get us to buy into their mindset and their way of seeing the world and each other and by any other name that you may wish to call that I call it what it really is mind control and most of us fall for it we become like them when we try to control the actions of others for our own gain when we worship money greed and selfishness when we remain unread and uneducated in a world of unimaginable wealth of information and information flow we refuse to educate ourselves or our young with respect to higher moral paths in life yet continue to teach our young that monetary wealth is the main indicator of self-worth when through our fear and ignorance some of us are willing to step on the natural inherent rights of other people just because we've been given orders to follow and a paycheck to do it or when we are willing to go off to fight in wars that are based in the policies of imperialism pre-emptive aggression and the theft of natural resources from sovereign nation-states it may not be popular and some of us may not like to hear it but the truth is that as a whole we the people of this once free nation are the enablers of the very Psychopaths that dominate and control us many of us have become totally callous to the usurpation of the natural rights of other human beings and that is why this silent war of control and aggression against human freedom has been marching forward largely unopposed make no mistake and do not be deceived about it the psychopathic institutions at the highest or should I say the lowest levels of our society have done a very good job at all of the things they do best but it doesn't have to be this way you see I disagree with most psychologists conclusions that there is no treatment for the condition of psychopathy there is a and the solution is each and every one of us who is standing here today for you see we are the immune system response for this virus that has infected the minds and hearts of human beings and we are here to bring healing to the diseased condition of our nation and our world the prescriptions for healing this sickness our recognition respect responsibility and Reconciliation recognition means to become aware by searching many many more people need to start learning as much as possible about what the Federal Reserve is and how its activities are currently holding direct influence over their lives if we remain so ignorant and naive as a people that we cannot even conceive of this institutions psychopathic mentality we shall collectively remain powerless to defend ourselves and our freedom against it if we can develop the will to look at the sickness and once it has been recognized all those who are supporting this monstrous financial and moral deception by agreeing to work for it or with it in any way need to develop true respect the word respect simply means to look at again and what these individuals must take a second look at is themselves and what they have willingly allowed themselves to be you for they must specifically ask themselves and answer honestly the question am I really doing the right thing only self-respect can help us to develop true responsibility which is our ability to respond in the correct more ways to any problem that may be facing us finally the word reconciliation simply means to move toward each other again we must reverse our movement toward separation and come back together right now to create the collective courage to withdraw from the poisonous influence that such psychopathic institutions currently hold over our own minds and our own hearts and it is that simple that is how Psychopaths and their behaviors are contained by refusing to be like them in any way by refusing to help them in their callous selfish aims no matter what self-serving rewards may be offered by recognizing that there is a better way to treat each other and to live among each other in truth in love and in true freedom to do this we must let go of our fear of lack our fear of losing control our fear of the unknown and our fear of the uncharted territory we call the human future in the final equation there is no one stopping us for ourselves in closing I know that I don't just speak for myself when I say let's recognize what we must do let's respect ourselves and each other let's develop true responsibility let's reconcile our differences and together let us heal the diseased condition of the human spirit of which the Federal Reserve is merely a symptom let's come together once and for all and let's go for it thank you that was my speech this past Saturday I gave that at a crowd for a crowd of a bell I would estimate maybe 250 to 300 people outside of the Federal Reserve Building in Philadelphia and after that we went over to the independence Visitor Center lawn and heard some other great speakers and watched some great musical acts that are really really doing their part to help wake people up to the elephant in the room so to speak so overall it was a good time I think for me the best part of it was the amount of information that was printed and handed to people on the street and I'd like to also send a thank you out to the people who really helped get that information out there barbara Marinelli Valognes fredom indoor fur really did a big part in getting that info printed and without their help not as many people would have the information placed into their hands and before their consideration to understand what the Federal Reserve is and why this many people turned out on a Saturday to try to bring awareness to what it is and what it is doing namely creating the financial crisis that this country and essentially the world are in at this point in time so that is a pretty decent wrap-up of the and the Fed event I would certainly say that you know it could definitely use room for a lot of growth I mean considering how long these events have been going on the numbers seem to stay right around you know the same number of considering what we can actually get out there to turnout on any given Saturday or Sunday to these but for a major city like Philadelphia we could still do better getting more people out onto the street but I did see a lot of new faces so that was a that was pretty encouraging so that was and the Fed this past weekend and I will off I guess what I'll do tonight is recap a little bit about what we did over the last couple of weeks and then get into some new conceptual topics because what we do here on this show is we try to get down to the root to the very root causes of human suffering really we try to get down to the very root causes not just talk about the symptoms we could talk about the symptoms all day and we can bring up specific symptoms like the Federal Reserve but until we get down to the root causes and those root causes lay in the minds and in the hearts of people that's where the real problem is that the real problem isn't out there real problem is within people the question needs to be asked why are we experiencing what we are experiencing so until we make an honest assessment of the causal factors about how we are fooled about why we suffer about why many of us lack the ability to tell truth from falsehood and right from wrong in many cases we're not really going to make a lot of headway or a lot of dent into the problem and work toward a solution this program is about solutions ultimately we can't get to solutions until we understand what's creating the problem to begin with and to just point fingers and other people and say that person's doing a texting or where why is the mindset of that individual or that group of individual of individuals the way that it is what were the causal factors that led them to thinking about the world and other people in it and their relationship to others that led them to act that motivated their behaviors in those ways so that's what we do on this show and I think a lot more people in this movement have to understand these causal factors they have to turn their attention toward the roots and stop looking at the leaves because again you can describe a prison cell all day long you could describe every detail of the prison cell but until you're actually putting your mind to the job of actually working on how to get out of that prison cell you're not going to make any headway or any progress so we need to understand why we've arrived in the so-called cell that we have arrived in if we're ever going to get out of it we're ever going to move in the opposite direction toward true freedom we need to know why the human mind and heart have fallen into the diseased condition that they may have throughout society and throughout throughout the world so to that effect what we've been talking about here on past shows is human consciousness what are the ways that consciousness manifests itself and talked about the power of our thoughts our emotions and our actions and how we need to bring them into alignment with each other such that we become a being that is not an internal contradiction that as we think so we feel and so we act and nobody can divide us and pull us off course from that that those three things they take thoughts we need to get our thoughts to a state of intelligence we need to take our emotions to a state of care and we need to take we need to increase our will to act in the proper moral ways in the world this is how we're going to get out of the mess that we're in increasing our awareness just from an intellectual perspective of course but widening our worldview our scope now to encompass everyone to encompass all people that are suffering no matter where they are no matter what race they are no matter what age they are no matter what sex they are no matter what nationality no matter what country they live in now to say that we just want this solved because we don't want to experience personally that the negative consequences of something it isn't a good enough reason we need to widen our perspective and understand that as long as anybody else in the world is suffering we are suffering so the intention has to move toward if we're going to see any it doesn't have to but if we want to see any real change and any real solution brought to bear we need to change our perspective about suffering in general and understand again as I said if anybody is suffering that's us it isn't we're not separate and this this calls to mind the question the people who are creating a lot of these crisis psychopaths well I just talked about in my in my speech that I read there that I gave it the Fed building we need to understand their suffering to a great degree may be that more than a lot of other people are in the world as difficult as that may be to wrap your head around Psychopaths can't feel normal human emotion not don't want to they cannot I mean imagine most people can't even imagine that condition that state how fearful it would turn your inner being into you could not actually feel anything you did not have the raw capability to feel any emotion imagine what maybe your mind would start to become like you realize very quickly you're not like other people the risk of being ostracized as being some kind of a freak or a monster you know and then people like that descend really really deeply into the fear state and that starts to basically imbalance the brain one of the things we talked about on this show in past leaks was the human brain human brain imbalance the attitudes and behaviors that result when the brain hemispheres aren't properly balanced so I mean we have to understand that even the people who seem like the enemy are suffering in many ways more than many people in the world okay I'm not going to say they're suffering the most they cause a lot of havoc that makes people suffer pretty badly in the world but we have to ask the the alchemical questions so to speak and we'll get into the science of alchemy a little bit later in the program but the alchemical question is what eles the brother or what eles the sister now we have to try and make a genuine effort to get down to other people's causes of self-inflicted suffering why they hurt so much that they then want to go out and take out take out their aggressions on other people and make them suffer and again as I said in my speech for the Fed make other people feel as empty as they do a healing there is an ability to bring healing to this thing if enough people work at it if enough people actually learn these causal factors understand what is going on within themselves and in the world around them and care enough to do that work that's the main thing to care enough to get involved and to get over one's fears a lot of fear when it comes to this type of material particularly with the Federal Reserve so many people say oh I'm willing to do this this this and this but when it comes to standing up to an organization like the Fed I'm backing off I'm not I'm not going to make I'm not going to be present there because I'm too afraid of what they're capable of well that attitude is not going to really change much because if we're taking actions or even in actions out of fear good luck you're not going to see any real positive changes take place around you again I thank the people who came out to that event before I really got into the the topic of the speech for their courage that is above all what I have utmost respect for the people to come out to an event like an the Fed for their displaying true courage and their displaying through courage because they care enough to be that courageous to stand up to something that seems impossible to stand up to but it is not it is not impossible the effort needs to be made and those three centers need to be developed understanding the problem caring enough to do something about the problem and then actually doing it okay actually doing it is the most important step to take action and that requires courage so we talked about in the past few weeks the dynamics of love versus fear the consciousness of love how this is the force that expands consciousness and fear the force that destroys consciousness a force that limits consciousness and I'll tell you a lot of people out there I would independent small I would try to hand people a flier to say hey check it out look at what look at what's causing a lot of crisis ease crises in you know resulting in all kinds of suffering in our communities financially some people would say oh I'm so fearful of that I'm so afraid of what they could do on that I might be on camera I might be being filmed that they may want to take a flyer from your hand can't live your life and fear like that folks it's a again it's not going to be conducive to solving any problems that we may have so again I thank everyone for their courage because that really is the bottom line when it comes to reversing some of the damage that has been done to the human heart and to our world in general so coming out of that fear state is what consciousness is all about love is the force that expands consciousness fear puts consciousness in its grave that's all we really have to remember so we looked at the internal and external expressions of those forces those basic polarities we looked at the internal force of love being sovereignty or dominion over oneself in other words self-control having control of one's thoughts one's emotions and one's actions and bringing them into alignment bringing them into harmony so that we're not in internal opposition we looked at the internal force of fear as being a confusion not understanding what's going on within oneself not being in control of one's own thoughts emotions and actions being able to be manipulated and led then the external states that result from those conditions if love and Dominion were sovereignty or present you have freedom in the external world but again they always follow the internal qualities that state is a resultant condition of the qualities that are that are actively being represented within the individual actively taking place and and our present within the individual then you see the external state result in the outside world so when love is present internal control of one's self results you have what's called sovereignty a person understands they are the owner and ruler of their own Kingdom the self nothing outside of that doesn't mean controlling anybody else it means you own yourself truly mastered yourself and when that's present that's when freedom will result in the external reality when fear runs rampant within the self there's confusion someone doesn't really know themselves they don't really have control over their own thoughts emotions and actions they can be torn apart within and they can be led externally when that happens in the outside world you have control and ultimately when that runs rampant you get slavery so understanding the dynamics of those two basic polarities love and fear helps you to understand why we're experiencing what we are experiencing last week we we talked a lot about worldviews and what they create and talked a lot about the different deferring worldviews of different forms of brain imbalance left brain imbalance worldview is a worldview that is stuck on the concept of randomness that the universe is a cosmic ax that there's no underlying intelligence and nature and there's no such thing as natural law when it comes to behaviors when it comes to what we do to others in other words there's no such thing as Karma there's no such thing as a law of attraction that what we do to others we must experience it's the idea that existence really has no higher purpose these are the hallmarks of atheistic mentality and scientism of left-brain old scientism so I called the the dichotomy between the two worldviews the worldview schism with the left brain imbalance representing the worldview of randomness and the right brain imbalance representing the world view called determinism determinism is the exact opposite it's a very right brain and balanced way of seeing the world that God controls everything and every event in creation all occurrences are preordained we don't really have free will there's no point in taking any action because since everything is written by God nothing can ultimately be changed and these are the hallmarks of religious extremism both of these worldviews are extremely imbalanced and I would suggest neither of them are true the truth lies in between in a combination or a synthesis of these two extremities or these two extreme states of imbalance and I described the condition that we really need to understand is a combination of natural law and free will natural law being the deterministic component of creation and freewill being though random component because that that's what governs our choices we have choices we are allowed to make them freely even if we make them incorrectly or I should say in ways that lead to more suffering okay that are against our stated goals of where we want to go we're still allowed to do that I don't think it's a wise choice to do I think we should try to understand that the deterministic reality of the universe the components of the universe that are deterministic I call that natural wall as many other scholars and philosophers have in the past we need to understand what natural law is and what we create through our freewill decisions when we either come into alignment with natural law or when we choose to ignore it and we're in the condition that we're in collectively as a species because most of us choose to ignore natural law principles we don't really understand how it works and we're not really motivated much to learn how they work again I've said in the past if people would were to be asked to write down what they really value most in life how many of them at the top of the list would place the word truth how many do you know that would place the word truth at the top of a list of things they actually value in life I'll bet you can count the number on one hand and that's again that's why we're in the situation that we're in in the next hour I'll continue to flesh some of this out I'm going to talk about a couple of concepts we're going to get into the difference between two concepts that a lot of people think are fictional however they're very real this is the concept of magic and the concept of sorcery now as soon as that those words are said immediately I know what's going off on in most people's minds is science fiction movies or fantasy movies okay and that's by design that is how many people want people to understand those concepts were to solely think of them in light of Hollywood okay fantasy fiction I assure you that these forces these concepts if you will are very real they are very much at work in our life and we're going to flesh them out in the next hour if we have time after going through the concepts of magic and sorcery I'll talk a little bit about what many people have called Self Realization and why there are so few people that are self-realized that really do understand themselves that do understand how their own psyche works and will look at the barriers to that condition look at the barriers to self-realization what are the mental states and the attachments in people's minds that hold them back from their higher potential the barriers to self-realization so let me give the caller number again okay the website is what on earth is happening calm and the network that carries this program is revolution broadcasting calm and a call-in number for the program you call it at any time is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven again the call-in number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven you want to discuss any of these topics feel free to give a call please be patient I glanced at the switchboard every now and again while I'm going through different concepts and I will get to your question please if you do call in just hang on and I'll get to it I'll get to you okay so let's saw let's start with the concept of magic okay this is going to be the basic topic for the next hour magic is the definition for magic is the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will the science and arts of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will now I'll what a lot was said there magic is a science now most people would think the exact opposite that it's fantasy that it's not rooted in anything natural in the natural world it's most people when they think the magic they think of the supernatural they magical powers a magician who can do illusions who can who cannot do things that the ordinary person cannot do and because they're connected in with some supernatural capability well magic is a lot more than that and it's a lot simpler than that we're going to flesh this out in the next the next hour so that's that's all for our number 1 I'm going to play the intro music for the second portion of the show be right back and we'll continue to flesh out the concept of magic and sorcery freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on free of my invisible senses [Music] the [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening whatever to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] all right welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio in the first hour of the program we are Irie cap the end the Fed event I made an announcement which I'm going to repeat in this hour about the Nikola Tesla conference that is coming up in Philadelphia on July 9th 10th and 11th in Philadelphia and I started getting into doing a recap of some past shows and starting to talk about the concepts of magic versus sorcery and how they're very real forces that aren't working our lives and will continue to flesh out those topics a little bit later in the show I want to give you a websites again in the column number my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is revolution broadcasting calm and a call-in number for this program if anybody wants to call in and discuss the ideas that we talked about here is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven that's three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so the bottom of the last hour we were talking about again magic and what that actually is how it's a science and it's an art for influence to actually influence others and influence not only others but influence oneself for change it's what it basically is influenced to create change and it is a science it is an art form and we're going to be talking about that later this hour I just want to repeat for those listening in on revolution broadcasting on Thursday evenings to the second hour of the program the announcement about the Tesla conference that is coming up in July instead via the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will be bringing together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity here's the schedule of events for this great conference but I'm very thrilled to be a part of July 9th we're going to have a big Tesla birthday bash on the lawn at the independence Visitor Center in Independence Mall National Park 6 and Market Streets in Philadelphia from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and they're going to have Tesla coils on display there and they're going to fire those Tesla coils at midnight to celebrate Tesla's birthday Tesla was born on midnight of between July 9th and 10th 1856 the next day is going to be there's going to be multiple events there's four events on the next day three of them are are actually occurring at the same timeframe so this is done deliberately as kind of like a three-ring circus so to speak it's done to create a level of involvement for all levels of interest okay so people who don't know a lot about Tesla and they just want to get some information talk to some people um you know they'll have some pamphlets and handouts to give out on who he was they'll leave some music you know and just general fun it'll be out on the lawn at the same location as the birthday party the night before at the independence Visitor Center sixth and Market Street and this will be going on it'll just be an outdoor event and it will be going on between 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on July 10th that's Saturday July 10th so the next event is geared toward enthusiasts people who know a little bit about Tesla perhaps have read a book or two on them want some more hardcore information and hear some presentations and lectures about Tesla and his technologies this is going to be at the Free Library of Philadelphia the main branch of the free library at 1901 vine tree and that's going to be 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday July 10th I'm actually am seeing that event introducing all the presenters and lecturers so that should be a really great time at the free library hopefully we'll have a whole lot of people there for that then there's a scientific portion of the conference and this is where the actual scientists and inventors are going to meet and they're going to have a technically inclined conference this isn't really for laymen this is for people who are either scientists or inventors and this is the same day Saturday July 10th from 10 o'clock a.m. to 5 p.m. this will be taking place at to Liberty place that's at 1601 Chestnut Street on the 32nd floor the next day will be the wind up of it it will be the I'm sorry before I get to that there'll be a reception dinner the night of Saturday July 10th from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. a dinner and concert pricing is still to be announced but this week we finally secured the the final location for the reception dinner and the concert that's going to be at the Arch Street meeting house the Arch Street meeting house at 3:02 Arch Street 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Saturday night July 10 and the the orchestra that we'll be playing is called the divine hand just an incredible ensemble if you haven't heard of or seen the theremin instrument I'll give their website the Divine hand is the orchestral ensemble that we'll be playing at this reception dinner and their website is divine hand net divine hand net I really encourage people to check them out there they're great Orchestra and the theremin instrument is just amazing and the tons that it produces is are just absolutely incredible it has to be heard to be understood and appreciated so check them out at divine hand net they'll be playing as part of the Tesla Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 on Saturday July 10th at the Arch Street meeting house 302 arch 3 6 to 11 p.m. now the final part of the conference is a continuation of the scientific portion the scientific lectures that will be at 2 Liberty Place 32nd floor that's a 1601 Chestnut Street and that will be Sunday July 11th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. so the scientific conference is a two-day event that is geared toward the scientists and inventors and that is both days from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - Liberty Place so for more info about this event you can go to Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation org these are just great people and again I'm really thrilled to be working with them to help organize this conference and I'm thrilled to be emceeing the event there at the free library on Saturday so that's that and I think for the remainder of the show unless we get any callers I'm going to continue to flesh out the concepts of magic and sorcery because this is critical to understand the types of influences that are really taking place around us in the world and we have to get our minds out of the notion that these are fictional concepts they are not fictional concepts I assure you they are not fictional concepts see people who are very trapped in left-brain ways of thinking when you bring up a word that they've already assigned and attach the meaning to and that's just that's what it is I understand what that is already I'm not changing that I'm not looking any further into that I'm not going to accept you know an alternative explanation that differs from my concept of what I think those things are people have heard these words before of course and they have a formulated idea of what they mean in the world to them i really suggest trying if you find yourself in that position attempting to lay aside the pre-formulated definition that you have and simply listen to the definition that I'm suggesting and the way I'm using these words to describe the concepts that I'm talking about so when I say magic here's the definition that I use for it it is the science and art of influence scene change to occur in accordance with the will the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will so it's a science there are established methodologies that are repeatable okay there are established repeatable methodologies that work and therefore this is actually considered a science okay it is an art form because not everyone is as adept at it as others there are subtleties to it there are if you are practiced in it you will become better at it so that's what an art is you practice an art not everyone has the same raw capability when it comes to it however capability can be honed and developed if you put enough work in or practice so magic is both a science and an art and what it is attempting is to influence change okay influence change to occur so notice it's not saying that it's actually making the change occur it's only influencing the change it isn't actually doing it itself only influencing it that's critical influencing change to occur in accordance with the will now that's the biggest part of the definition of magic actually because I'm going to give the definition of sorcery next and you'll understand how similar they are but what I'll say about the definition of soar it is in fact the exact opposite of the definition of magic so the definition I'm going to give for sorcery is this sorcery is the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will now anybody listening will say well that's the exact definition that you gave for magic and how could you say it's the exact opposite definition well the subtlety comes in when you look at the word will and what is meant by the word will I distinguish this when I write this definition out or when I show it in a presentation or a slideshow by placing a capital W at the beginning of the word will when it is used in reference to the science and art of magic however with sorcery the will is lowercase W and this is just a nuance to help highlight the differences in the term which really completely changes the meaning that is given for the concept so when I'm talking about magic and I'm talking about influencing a change to occur in accordance with the will I don't mean the self-centered will of the practitioner of this science and art that is not what is being talked about there it's a higher will it is a will that hold volumes have been written on whole philosophies in occultism have basically um surrounded so this is a very the concept of will in general is a very deep topic I'm not simply referring to a person's will to do something is what you have to keep in mind here with the definition of magic the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will this is essentially could be used interchangeably the word will here could be used interchangeably with natural law principles with the understanding of how creation actually works and the understanding that the natural law component of creation is essentially there for our own benefit it is not there to put us in any kind of a prison or control us it is there because the creations will capital W will does not interfere with free will with our lowercase will what we choose to do it is there as a way that if we align ourselves with truth with what is with what natural law actually is that we will not experience self-inflicted suffering so I can't really give you a full non physical example ok it isn't so easy that it isn't so simple that if I punch somebody in the face for no reason I will immediately experience that pain see if that were the case if somebody did something that they had no light to do to someone else like let's say attempt to assert their natural right free speech and then immediately they walk outside of their house and you know a tree falls on them and they keep kept doing that action over and over again and kept getting you know the same result maybe they would understand very quickly that those actions are related that the effect is following the cause okay however it doesn't really work out that way in the three dimensional space-time continuum that we live in there's often a time lag from the time that we take an action and the time when we experience the result of the action this is because in in quantum theory the smaller something is or the less complex it is the quicker you see the effect like electrons being shot through a double slit in the infamous double slit experiment if there's a meter on the slit you immediately see the result change to the electron behaves as a particle if there is no meter on this double slit it behaves as a wave for people who may be familiar with an example like this but look up the double slit experiment electrons at the quantum level are a wave function they're not really a particle that exists yet it's a potential when a choice is made about how one wants to observe that potentiality it immediately immediately becomes a point particle and an actual piece of matter that can be measured to nab tracked example but it kind of illustrates that at a quantum level at a very small level the effect follows cause very very quickly almost immediately at a macro level there is a lag the universe needs time to orchestrate in a certain level of complexity the events that would be needed to actually make the balance that is needed occur when we choose actions certain actions so let me give you a physical example of this okay and this relates on relating this all now keep in mind to the word wills and to the way will is being used in this example okay gravity is always in effect in the on the surface of the earth and we're not talking about out in space someplace in this realm on the surface of the earth gravity is in effect if I went up to the third floor let's say a roof of a three-story building and I dropped something off of it you're going to see the effect of gravity okay my belief is not required about the operational field of gravity in this instance I can believe all I want that that object will fall upward or sideways at this level they were not at a quantum level where things behave very strangely we're at a macro level this means that there is a much greater tendency for the law to actually have an effect in the expected way and for the ball not to follow up okay quantum mechanics scientists will tell you oh there still is a very very very very very very infinitesimally small probability that the ball could fall off upon its release but in the real world it doesn't happen you would probably have to wait for an event that would not come for several lifetimes of the observable universe okay so it would be one in such an amount of times that you can repeat it so many times it won't you will never see that happen you would have to wait you would have to wait to see that event that a total anomaly car you know one time in years that a number of years that would outstrip the the life of the universe so there's no point in even discussing it it is essentially a zero chance okay so when I talk about natural law principles this is what I'm talking about tendencies for an event to occur based on the freewill decisions that we are making so in this sense nobody can really be a predictor a total predictor of the future because freewill can always intervene that we can make different choices that change the expected outcome or the probable outcome that's what some of us are really you know trying to make come about that we can affect will affect people's free will such that we change the trend and we come into accordance with this higher will with natural law which is what I'm talking about in this definition of magic okay an abstract idea to be sure but if we really try to wrap our minds around this what we're really talking about is to influence people's minds hearts and behaviors to come into greater accordance or harmony with natural law or in other words higher moral law higher perspectives on how to live and treat each other in the world if we continue to not do this work to not attempt to bring more people into this way of being if we continue to ignore capital W will again which is natural law and which is there for our betterment because if we align ourselves with it we won't ignore something like gravity and step off of a building and plummet to our death because we don't believe gravity exists okay we're so ignorant of the natural law principles that are leading two negative events that we are experiencing when we are completely ignorant of these principles we're always going to get a negative result always so if somebody doesn't understand how gravity works and they're over near the edge of a cliff getting ready to go over there on the top of a roof and they're getting ready to walk right over the edge because they don't understand it they don't know it exists they don't they don't believe that it exists any of these reasons they're not in harmony with natural law a natural law principle that's in effect whether they believe in it whether they know it or not all irrelevant someone else might want to influence their actions or behavior by letting them know hey there's this law in effect called gravity you step off of there you're going to experience a very negative consequence I brought this conundrum up to some people and people have answered it differently how would you handle that if there were there was a big hypothetical situation they didn't understand that gravity existed are you under any responsibility as someone who does understand how it exists to explain it to them are you under any responsibility perhaps to even physically stop them from going over the edge in ignorance by whatever means you might have to do it I have mine takes on that I think from you know my general perspective as I've been giving it over the last few weeks and anyone who has watched my presentations can kind of extrapolate what my view on that is you want to call in and and discuss that call the numbers three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven but to go back to the concept of the will the will that we're talking about in these two definitions are completely different to two forms of will will in the definition I D for magic the science and of influencing change to a car in accordance with the will is the higher will it is natural law it is the essentially the laws of how creation works and not just physical it is the laws that govern what happens to us based on how we think feel and act and there are such laws they do exist people understand how that works in the world there are people who understand those laws as difficult as those who reject that out of hand are locked into that left-brain worldview that that worldview of randomness that we talked about science scientism a extreme atheism extreme a solid sysm the idea that there is no such thing as truth there is no such thing as natural law it's all my perceptions an extreme left brained way of seeing the world and you have a whole lot of people in the world who are like that there are so many people that will just reject this out of hand it does not fit into their current imbalanced worldview the idea of magic is to try to influence people such that they learn from mistakes they learn from perhaps doing some things the wrong way maybe they will learn by others who have done things the wrong way that they can observe and they don't have necessarily have to go through a painful experience by falling off the edge of the cliff or the building okay this type of influence is possible if we are willing to do it what do we need to be willing to become a so-called magician or as I'm going to talk about no an alchemist well we have to understand natural law we have to know what kind of energies we're putting out into the world through our consciousness and what that's going to create so it's an understanding of the laws of cause and effect but what some people have termed the law of attraction the understanding that the universe essentially behaves as a mirror as a reflector for that which is inside of us that's what this is a large learning experience so that we can learn and grow and then we can change the main universe comes from the Latin unit one and verse re which means to change or to turn as in the leaves turned from green to brown they changed they made a change the seasons turned they changed from one season to another to another that's what universe means one change this is the change that I'm talking about when I'm referring to capital w-will we're talking about the higher will of creation in other words the the concept of let not my will be done let thy will be done meaning the higher will and again you can call this the will of God I prefer use the term it's simply the will of creation but these two things are essentially identical and in if you really want to get down to it since this will does not directly intervene it has only set up first principles which are called natural law principles this higher wills desire for us if you will a desire isn't even a good word for it really what it wants to create what it seeks to the balance that it seeks to achieve is not anything other than our comfort or betterment in other words it's the idea of the Garden of Eden it's the idea of a place that as long as we are acting within the boundaries of these first principles these natural law principles that were put in place by the intelligent underlying force of creation the the experience that we will have will be one of abundance harmony peace happiness all the things that people really say they want in life and I emphasize say because they say they want those things but then see it's a conditional statement there are requirements attached if you want something it's an if-then statement if you want abundance harmony peace healing happiness etc then you must be prepared to think feel and act according to the will higher will natural law principles that are always in effect that you're always bound by as long as you're in a three dimensional space-time continuum which if anybody knows how to get out of please let me know okay but as long as your existing operating in that domain of reality these principles and laws are in effect that govern what happens as a result of certain behaviors people have called this the law of attraction people have called this the law of cause and effect people have called this the law of karma it's been given a million different names and one of the best ways it's been summarized as do unto others as you would have done unto you because you're going to experience the effect of what you do eventually see that there is a self motive even in that statement if you don't want to have to experience what you do to others in a negative way don't do negative things to other people because it is eventually going to be reflected to you through the process of natural law that is why we are where we are with respect to consciousness on this planet and with respect to the decaying state of human freedom because it is directly related to the decaying state of human moral alignment with natural law principles I hope that's explained in a way that you can understand and I'm going to continue to break down what the science of magic is now and what can compare and contrast this with the science and art of sorcery so they're both sciences and arts magic has a goal and it has a vehicle that it works through ok so again we have to keep in mind it's a science and art it's attempting to influence change to occur in accordance with this higher will so that I'm basically set up over this last half hour and flushed out okay the goal the ultimate goal of it is the state of non-dualism and when I say that I don't mean everything existing all in one place at one time and nothing being separate from anything else what I mean is the understanding in consciousness that we are not separate that the higher aspects of ourselves are all aspects of this one universal creative energy you can call that if you want I don't care I'm comfortable with that term some people don't like that term fine I call it the underlying intelligence the underlying ordering intelligence that's inherent to the state of creation of existence period it is ordered it is intelligent it does direct things and processes here in this three dimensional realm non-dualism is the state that you understand that everything is that one force is that one thing you're not separate from it it's not separate from you if you're hurting someone else you're hurting yourself if you're doing something that is totally selfish self-serving in total disregard for other people you're not really doing anything but bringing harm upon yourself ultimately now people will say well that doesn't always play out in the world like that no it doesn't and there's reasons for that which we'll get into in the weeks to come the reason that people don't always in the short-term experience the consequence of what they're putting out into the world and I stress in the short-term because they will eventually experience a balance created the reason they don't experience in the short-term is because our culture our society has become so has been moving so far collectively in the direction against natural law that a small group of individuals has found a way to isolate themselves from these principles for a time and I call them the Sorcerer's we'll look into that in a moment but keep that in mind that's why people will say well this balance that you're talking about miss law of attraction and this having to experience what you do to others why don't we see some people experiencing it immediately again two reasons there's a time lag sometimes associated with what we do and what we experience and two natural law principles are being insulated from the general population through mind control through a small group of people that do understand how these principles work do not want to experience this balancing do not want to experience having to receive back the same type of energy or experience that they are doing to others or producing for others their through the art of sorcery through the vehicle of sorcery which I'll talk about in a moment they are very have become very adept at getting others to prevent that those occurrences of the universe coming back and balancing the equation so to speak by by making events occur to them that they would have to experience that karmic payback if you will and those are all the people who act on behalf of the Sorcerer's the manipulators okay these are these are their minions so to speak they convince them to to isolate themselves from essentially the consequences that they should have to experience and they do this in hopes of delaying the inevitable but indeed it is inevitable they will experience those consequences sooner or later the only person that the sorcerer is ultimately really falling in regards to visit themselves for any that may be actually listening or people who think that their worldview is a better way live or be in the world never going to experiment to live that way and actually not experience the consequences at some point it will catch up to you like John Cash said in his song you can run on for a long time but sooner or later that will cut you down and when we talk about it more in depth sorcery we'll get into a little bit about how they create that delaying of the inevitable but magics goal is non-dualism okay it's trying to create internal harmony non-dualism with oneself is the first key concept to understand about what you need to do to really truly become one who is engaging in the art of magic in the science and art of magic to ever influence someone else you have to really be non-dual with yourself you have to be willing to do the things you say you believe in and that you feel are right and that you know are right so again becoming the being that as you think as you feel so you think so you feel so you act those three are one their non-dual you're not an internal contradiction you don't say one thing and do another don't say you feel one way oh I feel that you know taxation is theft it's violence at the point of a gun it's taking from one person to to give to another and even though I may not have the right to to take something from somebody without their voluntary agreement uh I know that that may be the case deep down inside you know I can reason at that level and understand it but oh I have I have financial obligations so I'll go and join the IRS because they're hiring total internal contradiction total internal opposition okay you're in opposition with the self as an aside of me it means several friends of mine often talk about parking meter attendants and meter maids we talk about how strange it is that we don't know and me and never have met any in our lives it's almost like where do these people come at come from where they come out of but I asked just about every person that I'm friendly with do you know any park meter attendants not one person not one person I know knows one of them how many layers of separation do you think there would have to be between finally finding someone who actually know is one of these people it's an interesting social experiment just even ask people rarely who do you know who's a part who's a right parking tickets who works for the parking authority in your in your city and your I guarantee you'll be hard-pressed to find anybody who even knows any of these people because what I have kind of decided the dynamic that's really taking place with regard to this is they just lie to people because they know no one really likes what they do they know themselves inside intuitively and even consciously then what they're doing isn't really right it isn't really moral okay it's a it's a hassle for other people it's a it's a parasitic activity is what it is now anybody can come and make the argument that oh that's necessary and look move cars in traffic look people got along fine before there were parking authorities and metered parking and life went on we don't need people who do that job okay it's it's a parasitic activity that's what it is it's not my opinion of what it is that's what it is okay and the fact that you can't find anybody who does it the fact that they will lie about what they do when asked and they that is what the case is that it's impossible the two layers of separate of separation you know you ask you not knowing anybody that does it and then any friend you have may also both does it that's next to impossible okay even if you don't personally know a cop guaranteed somebody no knows a cop but nobody I ever spoke to in s knows a person personally who admits to being a parking meter attendant okay so this goes to the concept of non-dualism the person deep inside is so embarrassed of what they do for a living that they won't even admit that that's what they do for a living to other people so they try to stay shielded from what other people will think about them and it's largely because they are in internal dualism they're in opposition with the self it's cognitive dissonance they know that what they're really doing isn't right no one likes it no one appreciates it no one would really want to be around them if they know they do this and continue to do it like if you've suddenly found out that someone that was a friend of a friend that you were hanging out with for a long time was a parking meter a ticket writer okay they work for let's say the parking authority in your city would you continue to go out and have drinks with that person in a totally in the same cordial way that you would that you were doing previously or would there be tension there and be honest with yourself like don't don't be thinking that you know you're going to treat them like the Buddha would treat them or something because seriously most people don't appreciate people's activity like that they know that what they're doing is parasitic you know and you would to be honest treat them at least somewhat differently if you would want to hang out with them at all and they know that so this part that this example I think perfectly illustrates the notion of dualism within a person it wouldn't be willing to lie about what they do so that other people wouldn't find out and treat them differently if they didn't instinctively intuitively know that what they're doing is Paris and wrong so that's the concept of dualism and an illustration of it now what magic is trying to create is non-dualism again somebody who knows what's right feels a certain way about something and then acts in that capacity they don't give any justifications they don't say well I had to do this or I had that bill to pay or I had have to take care of this person there's no justifications in a non dual understanding if you understand something to be right and that's how you feel about it you your action is in accordance with it in harmony with period the end there is no but okay you know I'll I know that but there is no but you know it you feel it you do it the end that's non-dualism okay now from that state all right to to achieve that state there is a there is a vehicle or a science within magic and this is known as alchemy now again people have heard of alchemy through stories or you know reading about it and they have a vision in their mind that what an alchemist is maybe some mad scientist gone awry who's trying to take metals that are essentially worthless their non precious metals and turn them into precious metals like silver or gold now this is an allegory an allegory is a tale told to really reflect a moral lesson to teach a moral understanding or a moral principle allegory is a ll EG o ry very critical word to understand what it means an allegory a tale or story told to illustrate a moral principle okay like a parable kind of in actuality an alchemist is actually someone who is taking base consciousness and transmuting it or influencing it upward to a higher moral level of consciousness that's what the whole cover story of a mad scientist turning a lead into gold is about it's a spiritual teacher that is attempting to turn base consciousness or lead consciousness heavy low weighted consciousness bog down with attachment and untruths you know and self-interest and to elevate that to to to precipitate that upward right until you get higher form of consciousness gold light you're getting lighter consciousness from it so this is what alchemy really is now it can be used to describe this transmutation of metals but what the allegory that it is telling is really about is the transmutation of the spirit it's the transmutation of the mind and heart of someone who is trapped in lower states of consciousness and illusion that's what the alchemist helps facilitate now again he only influences that process he doesn't do that work himself who does that work the person whose consciousness is being changed does that work themselves the alchemist can only influence them he could never change their consciousness for them he can be an influence through his writings through his words through his actions it was courage there was commitment through his dedication there was study but he can't actually make a person change that's not possible the person has to have some form of an eternal will left within them to want to change the desire has to be present that's the spark that ignites the fire that the alchemist helps tent helps tender ok the alchemist helps to raise that that spark to a higher flame helps key word okay doesn't do himself he influences it like in the definition of magic influencing change to occur and the alchemist influences that change to occur in accordance with higher will now the sorcerer plays the exact opposite role sorcery is the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will lowercase W meaning the ego egoic the ego driven will the selfish manipulative will of the sorcerer himself this is not the higher will in harmony with natural law principles this is the lower will that says let my will be done I don't care about what's right I don't care about higher morals I don't care about natural law principles I don't care about the law of cause and effect and what it will bring down upon me or other people that I influence all I care about is my self my objectives my aims in the current moment that's it so that's what the sorcerer is the sorcerer is gold and this is also critical is to do the exact opposite of the magician a true magician the Sorcerer's goal is to create internal and external opposition it is to create disharmony within and without it's to tear someone apart from then themselves to get them to go against what they intuitively know is right to ignore their conscience in other words and to take actions that they know are morally wrong because they're so focused on the moment they're so focused on the benefits that they will reap the only they themselves will read that they don't care they've cremated their own care they burned it away because as long as I'm getting mine out of this who cares what it's going to do to somebody else I'm in it for me that's it somebody like that is ruled but and I talked about this this word and this energy this this force is ruled by the force known as chaton and this is a Hebrew word that means the adversary or the one who opposes the one who brings opposition and what what Satan is bringing opposition to is the self it is destroying someone from within such that they become a person who isn't one who as they think so they feel so they act see they they know they may know what's right or they may feel that this is intuitively not the right way to be living but they do it anyway okay I know that this is wrong I know that I have a bad feeling about this I intuitively instinct instinct will instinctually understand the what I'm doing may not be the right thing but I'm going to take that action anyway because I'm too fearful about what not doing it might mean that's being ruled by that force that I referred to as Satan which is internal opposition the adversary the one who rips one apart from within okay that with the sorcerer keep that in mind that is what the sorcerer is ever trying to create in the world when if they can get people to do that internally they're creating a world of opposition where whole nations are willing to rip each other apart in acts of human sacrifice called war okay the way that they do this and indeed the only way they can do this because just like the alchemist cannot make someone change and do the true will act in accordance with the true will natural law principles the sorcerer cannot make physically a person act in opposition with themselves they have to use the vehicle of illusion and manipulation manipulating people through the propagation of illusion and lies deception in other words manipulation deception the propagation of poisonous worldviews the the reinforcement of poisonous worldviews through media manipulation of the mind and body through through media through food through the worldviews that are put out there for people's consideration this is what the sorcerer ever seeks to do okay and again as I said in the fed speech that I gave at the end of fed speech that I gave you can call this by any other name that you want but I call what it really is mind control mind control through manipulation and the propagation of illusion is the main tool of sorcery that is the vehicle for the propagation of sorcery so I've got about a minute a little less than a minute left in this program so I'll wrap it up I think we covered a lot of ground tonight and next week we'll go into the barriers to self-realization a recap on magic and sorcery we'll discuss the barriers to true self-realization and I guess that's all for today I'll see you here next Tuesday same time a p.m. Eastern Time my website is what on earth is happening dot-com and you're listening here on revolution broadcasting calm I'm mark Pesce I'll see you here next week thank you you