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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening who are never to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark has to go [Music] welcome everyone welcome today is Tuesday May 4th 2010 you are listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio and this is the show where we discuss human consciousness and how consciousness relates to the self-inflicted problems that humanity faces as a species that's what we do on this show my website is what on earth is happening calm the network website is revolution broadcasting calm the show is live every Tuesday evening from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern Time you can catch that on my website what on earth is happening calm the network splits the show over two hours on Tuesday and Thursday night and they play that the first hour 8:00 to 9:00 on Tuesday night and the second hour 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday evening so let me give the call-in number calling number if anybody out there wants to call in and chime in on the topics that I'm going to discuss this evening is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven that's three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so please hold on the line when you call in I may not immediately see a call on the switchboard so give me a minute to get to it if I'm in the middle of a of expanding on a topic or an idea I may not get you right away but I will get to your call so just hold on the line usually if there is a pending important event in this area I'm from Philadelphia I will read an event announcement to start the show and I'm going to do that now and I'm going to do this every hour of the show until this event passes because I think it is one of the most important conferences on the East Coast and I I'm hoping to garner a lot of attention for it and support for it and get as many people out to this event as possible because it cannot be understated how critical the energy paradigm is to controlling people on this planet the current immoral energy paradigm that we have our dependency on oil in general is a system of control that's essentially what it is and human imagination and innovation is essentially being stifled through the continuation of this energy paradigm and through the reliance and dependence upon it so the event that I'm talking about is going to be coming up in July this summer in Philadelphia it's called the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 for those who don't know who Tesla was really it is essential to research this gentleman's brilliance his genius his work what he has already done in the service of humanity that the the lifestyle that we live would not even be remotely possible we're not for Tesla's alternating current system and how it brings power into our homes for us to do all the things that we do with our electronic devices and the improvement that that brings to our way of living so Tesla was pretty much stopped in his plans to even expand upon his innovations because he had a system in the works which would have been able to bring free wireless electricity to the world and the financial interests of his day essentially squashed those dreams and we're still stuck in an oil-based paradigm and in a very controlled paradigm when it comes to energy production and distribution so continue with the event announcement Philadelphia Pennsylvania July 9th 10th and 11th the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world to advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity the schedule of events is as follows on July 9th from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. there is going to be a Tesla birthday bash a big birthday celebration Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th and that this celebration is going to be on the lawn at the independence Visitor Center that's a sixth and Market Streets in Philadelphia starting at 10:00 p.m. we're going to have I believe a Tesla coil several Tesla coils out there and we're going to do at midnight they're going to have a variation on fireworks Tesla style they want to fire off all these Tesla coils now the next day is there are several events going on on July 10th at different in the city and it is billed as levels of involvement for all levels of interest that's why they're having different events at different locations pretty much simultaneously because the event is for just the general public to become more aware of Tesla through information and some fun activities it's for enthusiasts who have already started looking into alternative energy and why this is so important and it's for scientists and inventors to actually bring together innovative minds start working on this new energy paradigm in the service of a better human future so July 10th is a packed day there is a small change from the events scheduled as I read it in previous weeks and I'll do that one first July 10th from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. pretty much the whole day of they have the same lawn at the independence Visitor Center right in Independence Mall National Park and there's going to be exhibits information and and music and that's all sets of sixth and marquetry so the whole day that's just a general outreach to the public will be tables booths you know some people are displaying some inventions and you can pick up general information there and will be some music it'll be like a fair sort of okay so that's the first event on July 10 the second event is at the Free Library of Philadelphia at 1901 Vine Street 19th and Vine that's from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and that is presentations and lectures for the enthusiasts there they're not going to be very technically inclined they'll be able to be understood by the layman and I have the privilege of emceeing this event myself I will be the emcee for the event at the free library I've been working with the Tasso Science Foundation and they're a great group of people and it's a it's a an honor to have been asked to emcee this event myself also on July 10 6:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. that's after the presentations at the library there is a reception dinner and a concert featuring the great theremin ensemble of Thurman centered on some ensemble playing classical music they're called the divine hand ensemble their website is divine hand net and uh everybody really check out this band this this Orchestra they are phenomenal and the theremin instrument is just incredible a piece of technology and the tones that it produces are magnificent so that's going to be a great show that's going to take place at the Arch Street meeting house the Arch Street meeting house that's at 3:02 Arch Street in Philadelphia finally on July 10th of this is another overlapping event in the morning again from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. there is a scientific conference and this is a two-day event this will actually be on July 10th and 11 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day the scientific portion of the conference geared toward scientists and inventors this will be taking place at 2:00 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor of the building and lift to Liberty Place is at 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia 16th and chestnut for emerging details please see the conference website at WWF Lucien's foundation org learn more about Nikola Tesla what he tried to do for us why he was stopped from that and why it needs to happen a hundred years ago let alone today it should have occurred a hundred over a hundred years ago we need to uh to make this vision for the way power can be produced and distributed become a reality so that's all I have to say about that um the show tonight what I have in store for tonight is to recap a little bit specifically recap on the concepts I spoke about last show which were magic and sorcery and how these events hold influence in our lives how these keep these concepts hold influence in our lives I want to specifically address the concepts of magic and sorcery as they relate to the concepts of order and chaos and the events that we see experience that we experience in the world around us as a result of these forms of influence so I'm going to recap there a little bit but the bulk of what I want to get into tonight is the beginning of breaking down the idea of the barriers to consciousness the barriers to self-realization what do we really have to overcome within us in order to understand who we truly are what our purpose here is what's really taking place around us and within us so there are specific barriers that are in place that prevent that awakening that realization from happening and I want to begin to delve into those lists what they are and begin to break them down so as I've stated already what we really do here on the show is delve into the causal factors a lot of people in the freedom movement who are attempting to expose the political machinations that are taking place in the world who are attempting to look at events and and that's important that should be done that needs to be done but you have very few people really getting down to the very root of the problem to look at the causal factors of why what we are experiencing is happening that's the whole goal here because if we're not in a position to understand address and then move toward correcting the things that are actually responsible for creating the problems that we experience were powerless to solve them so ultimately everything that I talk about on this program is geared towards solutions to the problems not just discussing the problem or as some people have said describing the prison describing the cell you can describe the prison forever but until you understand how to unlock the door to the cage that we're all in and walk out of it that isn't going to happen so that's ultimately what this show is all about and as we've said in previous shows what the base causal factor is what it has to do with is the ability to tell truth from falsehood and that will immediately put some people off because there are many people in this world that do not accept or believe that there is there is such a thing as truth they don't believe that there is any such notion and I'm going to talk about that a little bit on the show today because this is the ideology of how we are fooled why we suffer ultimately is because we accept the biggest lie that can ever be sold to us by anyone and it is the biggest lie that humanity ever buys individually or as a species and it is the very idea that there is no such thing as objective or moral truth it is the ideology I refuse to even call it a philosophy it is the ideology known as solipsistic going to give a concrete example of this today I'm actually going to kind of flatter somebody by reading a post that they made to a Facebook post that I had replied to and I'm going to display the raw ignorance of this ideology because until we decide to come out of this level of ego of accepting an ideology such as salep sysm humanity is going to continue to suffer and suffer hard and I can't really say that I have too much of a problem with that taking place I'm kind of at peace with the fact that that's how it works because you know in many ways I feel that's one of the only ways that people ever come out of that level of ego and self-destructive tendencies is when they suffer enough I don't feel that it has to be that way I simply feel that it is that way that's what people choose for some reason because they're in such deep deep attachment to erroneous ideas that are not based in reality whatsoever they're not based in truth they're not based in any kind of goodness they're not based in any any concept that is capable even capable of creating order in the world and until we understand that and move to correct that by thinking differently we're going to see the same problems recurring like an endless loop again and again and again and again and again so I'll get into this a little bit as I go further into the recap of magic and sorcery so in previous weeks we also discussed the aspects or the if you will of human consciousness being our thoughts our emotions and our actions in the world we'll discuss the human brain and how critical the understanding of the human brain is to understanding why certain behaviors manifest in the world and broke down the components of the brain we looked at their functions you could you could check all of this out in previous podcasts this is also covered in my presentation on my website I reworked the podcast page this week for my site I'd be interested in hearing any thoughts on that whether people like it don't like it I embedded the podcasts in the page so that they can be played immediately they can also be downloaded still and I put up picture sections for each podcast with slides and quotes and things like that you can click on you can view it a small photo gallery that basically gives a little bit of a visual representation for the concepts that were discussed on that particular show that's in the podcast section on my website at 1:00 on earth is happening calm very quickly before I continue the recap I'll give the call-in number one more time the call and number for the show is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven we haven't had many calls in the last couple of weeks that's fine I have lots of material to go through and cover but if anybody feels the the need to call in and discuss anything there's no taboo topics here you can talk about whatever you want call in and just hold on a line I will get to you so another topic that we explored pretty much in depth was the emotional polarities the concept in general of polarity and the emotional polarities that create our reality those two polarities are forces the force of love and the force of fear love being the force which expands human consciousness it expands consciousness period and fear being the force which seeks to shut down consciousness so love is the expansive force fear is a contracted force and we looked at what manifestations both within us and in the external world that is a reflection of what is within us what these two seemingly polar forces create their manifestations so we saw that the inward internal manifestation of love is a state that I referred to as Dominion self ownership sovereignty true self love true self respect owning and being in charge of the kingdom of self the only thing we're really allowed to control and be in charge of our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions in the world that's it when we truly own them when we truly understand how they work to create our reality that's the idea known as Dominion or sovereignty self ownership not being controlled from without when fear manifests inwardly this force creates internal confusion and internal opposition the self the house the kingdom of self is divided in its own house so we're torn within we're torn apart from within fear creates internal confusion internal opposition we discussed this concept as the force known as tsaatan which is a hebrew word that means the opposer the adversary he who creates opposition and strife it's a force okay when love is present internally it creates an terminal manifestation known as freedom this is why freedom is under such attack because people are in mass holding this consciousness of love and self ownership and rulership of the self ownership over one's own mind over one's own heart and over one's own actions it's slipping away from this world slowly but surely unless we decide to do something about it and reclaim our sovereignty our self ownership so when fear goes to work in the external reality when it's present within our minds and hearts and it goes to work in the external reality we experience control externally imposed control which ultimately leads to chaos to suffering to slavery and everything that we refer to as evil or bad now there were different worldviews that go along with this we discuss them as a very left brained worldview known as randomness and a very right brain imbalanced worldview known as determinism we broke those down on a previous show and we talked about what those worldviews lead to I referred to it as the schism of the mind and the schism of the worldview because these ideas these left brain imbalanced ideologies and these right brained imbalanced ideologies they lead to worldviews that impose nothing but more suffering it's an analyst cycle of suffering and people refuse to accept most people anyone refuse to accept that there are alternatives to such worldviews there is such a thing as moral truth there is a way a path to come out of self-inflicted suffering so one of these really seriously imbalanced worldviews that we discussed was the ideology known as solid sysm the idea that there is no truth that there is no such thing as natural law principles and that essentially perception is reality nothing could be further from truth or accuracy and this ideology there's not much that really can be done to take people out of this ideology sadly it seems there isn't much it will take someone out of that ideology other than them suffering so much through their clinging to an ideology such as this that they finally break down and say that three magical words the three words that begin all spiritual journeys I was wrong this was the path I had to take personally I chose and took the left-hand path the path of enormity of suffering until I got out of that worldview and mindset and it took so much suffering for me that I was barely able to move I was laying in a room in the dark essentially doing nothing that's the level of depression and suffering that I had to reach in my life in the past to come out of that poisonous worldview and what I did my life changed so fast it made my head spin for the better because I started getting in touch with what really is taking place within me and around me and accepting the realities that are taking place around me instead of pretending that they don't exist whether it's all just perception and that can be ignored and the truth can be ignored and that morals can be ignored and then we could just make it up as we go along depending on our comfort levels and what we you know think is good for us as opposed to what is good there's a big difference between those things so I was in a conversation on Facebook and the person was discussing government they were discussing control in the world things like that and I chimed in about the idea of that externally imposed control is going to be present with us here on the earth until we come out of the consciousness of separation until we come out of the worldview that in order for anybody to essentially win or have comfort that other people have to lose and suffer until we come out of the idea that it's okay for us to do immoral things to other people as long as we aren't suffering and we benefit from doing them as long as we're in that mindset not much is going to change around here as a matter of fact it's going to get a whole lot worse and you know some people cook that you can look at that as saying it outright like that is condescending to other people's way of seeing the world you can you can say that it's self righteous you can say whatever you want I in my life have recognized these principles as being true as being in effect like the law of gravity doesn't matter whether you believe in it or not it's in effect that's what law is that's what it means it means it's a parameter that is in effect it's a boundary condition it cannot be broken or it wouldn't be a law a true law I'm not talking about the law of man here I'm talking about cosmic law and it exists it's real the reason we're in the mess that we're in as a species is because we refuse to acknowledge and understand and live it within the parameters of the existence of natural law and essentially it is so easy it can be stated in and has been stated by teachers in one sentence the truth is always simple it's never ever complex people try to make truth complex to obscure it and to obfuscate it to create confusion and doubt within somebody's mind regarding natural law principles or truth but the law that governs creation can be essentially be stated in one sentence do unto others as you would have done unto you that's the golden rule and that's it it is that simple and because we continuously break that one law we're going to continue to suffer until we decide to cut them out of that level of consciousness the end okay it is that way I'm not saying it's my belief that it is that way what I'm telling people out there is if you don't want to continue to suffer that's the path out of suffering in a nutshell that's it and it is that way that is the truth it is not a perception of reality that is reality I don't know how much clearer I can say that I'm not telling you that that is my belief because it not my belief that is a law that is in effect that I happen to understand that's it so here is the reply that I received on Facebook from someone that I would say is a solipsistic on his response and I'll read just excerpts from this this person said the golden rule is just an arbitrary assertion to try to prove some sort of moral truth there is no ultimate moral truth there are no laws on existence imagine that now let me tell you the what this ideology what this belief system which is what this is leads to this belief system is known as solid sysm and it is also known as moral relativism which I brought up on previous shows this creates the notion that man is the highest power in the universe we get to make up our own truth essentially we are the arbiters of truth or God that's what this ideology is if there are no walls the govern creation if there is no such thing as morality in truth there is no such thing as morality it is just perceptions then we get to do essentially whatever we say is correct or or morale and we're the ones making up quote-unquote mall that's what man's law is based on this ideology that's why it's such a disaster because we're not the authorities of anyone else we are not the arbiters of truth we are not the ones who define what morality is based on our perceptions and comfort level now what he get got right is one of his next statements was your perception of what morality is will always reflect what your culture has taught you now that that is that is a truism okay that is largely true people's perceptions of what is rights is in the modern day and has been in the past largely determined by what those around them have taught them that's what has largely determined what people think is right and think is wrong I'm not what I'm talking about is not thinking or believing I'm talking about knowing because one has directly experienced this law itself and so on it's like a child putting its hand on a hot stove you can tell an individual forever you can tell them what the temperature is of something that they have not yet touched they will never really know for certain until they experience the feeling of being burned or having something extremely hot or extremely cold pressed up against their skin it will only be a belief for a perception but it will not actually be true to that person until they experience it first hand this is the idea known as gnosis GN o s is gnosis it means you know it is knowledge that has been acquired from directly experiencing something not by reading about it not by thinking about it not by being told about it but by experiencing it and I guess if you haven't been through that experience of a coven of knowing what being burned is what being fooled is what understanding that natural law is by experiencing it it is probably true and no one can really teach it to you and if you're in the mindset that you don't want to know about it you don't want to learn about it that you think it doesn't exist because you're comfortable believing that more likely than not a whole lot of suffering is coming your way until you do experience the result of not understanding natural law and you suffer enough to come out of that condition and I I kind of think more so than not this is the place we've come to as a species and I get that perception more and more in the movement of people who have studied this who have recognized this who have understood it and there's a sort of desperation because they see how closed the minds of the individuals who are out there in our society and in the world are they see how close their minds are how close their hearts are and how totally resistant they are to understanding how these principles work make no mistake about it we're not getting out of this mess unless we understand how these principles work that's the lesson and that's the way out there is no escape I've said this many times before and will say that say it many more times there is no escape from the condition to which we have arrived the way out is through it is through the problem that we must go through understanding of how we got to this place that's the way out of it and that equates to understanding natural law principles and understanding that there is such a thing as right and wrong and one of our jobs here is to understand what right and wrong are what their qualities are what their manifestations are and to choose the higher moral ground over the low easy ground higher moral road may be simple but it isn't necessarily easy due to where we have come through the degradation of human consciousness to direct mind control over people through media through the kind of food that they're feeding into their body that can laughingly be called food through the lies that have been propagated through what we laughingly call education and through the lies that are just spread by people who just don't know any better and then teach it to their young finally this individual said everyone living according to their own perception of what is moral without any sort of external control is a recipe for disaster well you got the first part of it right but you totally totally missed it on the second part of what you said there I never would advocate everyone living to their own perceptions of what is moral I'm an advocate of everyone living according to what is moral big difference between those two states the perception of what is moral can go as haywire as a Nazi during the Third Reich believing that what he was doing in the service of the Nazi regime was morally justified and correct that would never make it so see there's a big difference between what people think is the right thing and what actually is within their rights to do that's why it's called rights that's why we have rights because to exercise rights is standing within moral right you're not doing anything wrong when you exercise a right right in the language folks this isn't hard to figure out we have a right to do that which is morally right and nothing else this is the this is the notion that has been coined in a cult idea Nicolle philosophies as do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law this gets perverted okay people don't understand that statement that means you have no other right than to do what is within your moral rights to do it does not mean do whatever you want anybody that tells you that's what that statement means when they heard it have a complete lack of the understanding of the state now you can disagree with the person who said that but if you understand the actual philosophy behind that statement what it is saying is harm none do what you will long as you are not doing anything that is with outside of the boundaries of natural law right for you to do that's what the will with a capital W as we talked about on the previous program really is I don't know if that's clear to people the way I'm explaining it if anyone wants further clarification call in ask we could talk about it that's what that statement means that's what the will is is doing that which is within our natural right to do and nothing else nothing outside of those boundaries not stepping on other people's natural rights once you do that then you're not in the will with a capital W you drop in consciousness and you're doing the personal ego at will and this was the difference that we brought up last week when we discussed the concepts of magic and sorcery it is critical to understand the concepts of natural law when we discuss magic and sorcery what that entails it is critical to understand the concept of will the two forms of will the higher will which we basically ascribed a capital W to I like like some people do with the higher self giving it a capital S okay as opposed to a lowercase letter because the language that we speak limits us in many ways to talk about higher will versus egoic will so I in in the way I explain it in my presentation and on the show I distinguished with a capital letter the capital W will is the will of creation and at accordance with natural law harmony with natural law principles that create order the lowercase will which is the will that the sorcerer not the alchemists or the true magician exercises the sorcerer exercises the lowercase will and this goes against natural law principles this is for the selfish gains the selfish tendencies of the practitioner of this influence of the science and art called sorcery this this being who practices this art is saying forget about the will of creation forget about natural law principles and other people's right to let my will be done because that's all I care about so to go back a little bit to the statement that this gentleman made on Facebook in response to a post that I had commented on his solution was external control and he stated later on that he doesn't have a problem with governments externally imposed government doesn't have a problem with that external control that's his solution to the problem of everybody living according to their perceptions of what is moral and therefore creating a lot of chaos in the world that we external control to solve a chaotic problem that's the very definition of sorcery the very definition of it and again I've also described this with the metaphor of I'm going to dry those wet clothes by pouring more and more water upon them you wait and see you wait and see I'll get it done that way don't worry about it it may take some time but I'll take these buckets of water I'll take this garden hose I'll continue to put water on those clothes and they'll get dry watch you watch that's exactly what this is this person has zero zero understanding of how natural law works zero but in many ways that can't be blamed on the person themselves so many ignorant people come up into this society because they're taught in ignorance by those who are already ignorant it's a self propagating machine that's what our reality has become a self propagating virus the blind and the uneducated the ignorant teach the next generation of the blind and ignorant and it's a sad sad sad thing and and once again at the risk of sounding condescending I'm not here to make friends with people I'm not here not to offend anybody sensibilities okay I'm here to explain why we're in the mess we're in that's what my job is and I I do happen to understand how that works that's not an egoic statement that's not eat bragging there are many people throughout history who have understood how this works some far far more intelligent and far better human beings than myself okay I'm not saying I know it all I'm not saying that I'm perfect in any way because believe me that's far from the truth okay what I am saying is I understand the general principles of how we got into the mess that we're in as a species and I do understand what it will take to get us out of them whether people will follow up on that that's I don't really have control over that that is up to each individual to learn about how this works and to decide whether they want to come out of that state or not and if they desire to do that it will happen they will be able to understand the same things that I and many people who have studied this I've come to understand and if they use their willpower and do so they can get themselves out of that state of consciousness and become part of the true solution to the state of consciousness of the whole because that's how the whole changes whole changes the totality changes when the individual units that comprise the whole change that's it we want to change the external reality we've got to change ourselves we have to change the way we think that the change the way we behave that's it it's that simple easy no simple yes no one's claiming this to be easy I had to say the words I was wrong so many thousands of times that I could and I will save them so many thousands more okay but most people are trapped in the state where they refuse to say those words and refuse to admit that to the universe that they bought a lie they propagate a lie disharmony with natural law comes through this level of ignorance and all it creates in the world is chaos that's critical to understand this is what the sorcerer wants sorcerers controllers who have a lot of knowledge about how things really work and all they want to do is use that for advantage over their fellow human beings to gain benefit to benefit over them to get personal gain and advantage over their fellow beings because of what they know and understand they know the this law exists they're well aware of it and they Bend it they don't break it but they bend it because if you're in a position where you understand that and you can control information and you can hide how these principles work you can get people to obey you do your bidding and believe in whatever nonsense and illusion you peddle and they're very very sorcerers of this world are very very very adept at doing that they understand how this works and they're very good at abuse skating it and teaching people garbage so that they never understand how it works and as long as people don't understand how these principles work they will always be ruled by people who do and who want to use that knowledge to rule other people see there are many people who do understand how these principles work and all they want to do with them is to propagate them to other people so that other people stop creating their own self inflicted suffering and so on a mass scale they stop creating hell on earth because we're far on the way to that creation we're far on the way well on our way to creating a total hell on this planet and we're in a unique opportunity where these principles are being openly discussed and shared in a myriad of ways there's such a plethora of information out there on these principles there is so such a wealth of information and information flow we live in a unique time in history where natural law can really be grasped and understood by anyone the information is out there if we choose to reach out and grab it we choose to pay attention to the right sources of information to the right sources of information meaning morally right and meaning correct to understand the dynamic it can explain it correctly this exists it exists people may not want to hear that and that's ok that's ok ok but there is no question truth exists natural law principles exist morality exists there is such a thing it is knowable all of these things are knowable what ego what deep-seated ego is is the refusal to accept any of those things that I just stated the refusal to accept them that is the satanic force at work in the world you can call whatever you want but it is the force that divides you within and it divides people from each other prevents them from ever coming together and being able to live in social harmony and this force has people it owns people it owns their minds it owns their minds because they've been peddled sewage by the sorcerers of this place sewage and here's the other concept that rolls along with this as I wrap up talking a little bit about sorcery magic and sorcery exceed it the magician wants to bring people together the true alchemists to elevate consciousness to help people understand natural law so that they can put an end to their self inflicted suffering through ignorance and through ego attachment to wrong ideas that they're just they can't admit that they're wrong ideas they'd rather go to the grave they'd rather die than admit that they were wrong that's how deep of an ego hold this satanic illusory force has over the minds of people of this world they would rather kill themselves and others around them rather than admit I had bought a bad idea gee I bought a bad notion a bad idea can't admit that see belief is one of the strongest forces in the world not gnosis belief people so desperately want to cling on to their beliefs because it's all they know it's all they know and it take that away from them is to take away their self-identity we're going to talk about in the second hour the barriers to realizing the true self identity not the illusory one based on ego and based on attachment to I these that are simply morally incorrect and not based on any kind of truth more or otherwise they're just wrong ideas one of the biggest beliefs is that sorcery doesn't exist this is a belief what I say to people who refuse to accept the influence of the occult and occult principles is you believe that there's such a thing as radical Christianity and they'll say yeah I believe that there is such a thing I don't believe there's such a thing as a cult ISM and sorcery in the world well if a radical Christian group suddenly went and fired in the vicinity of an abortion clinic and you got hit by the gunfire because you happen to be going to the bank or the restaurant next door of that clinic did you need to believe in their ideology to be affected by that event absolutely not other people have an ideology and they're acting on it they're acting on it whether you believe that that exists or not or whether it has effect on you or not is irrelevant it does exist and it can affect your life so the refusal to even believe that these forces exist is very prevalent and that itself is ego so that's going to wrap it up for the first hour tonight the website is what on earth is happening calm the network is revolution broadcasting calm lot of here on Tuesday night from 8:00 to 10:00 for those listening on my website stay tuned for our - take care everyone be back in a moment freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening who are divers to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] freedom is waiting for you all to find I'm your host Marc passio you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the revolution Broadcasting Network our website is what on earth is happening dot-com check it out lots of info up there lots of videos up there for playback and download a new podcast section with pictures with a visual feedback that you could follow along with to take a look at some of the concepts that I discuss on this show so this is the second hour of the shuttle and now we're going to get back into the topic that we left off on the first hour which was pretty much wrapping up the notions of of magic and sorcery and how they go to work in the world how they influence us and I was talking about the fact that many people don't even believe that this is what is really taking place that there is a cultic knowledge that is being used against the people of this world and we're going to look at some of the barriers that prevent people from realizing how these things work from and from realizing their true potential what I call barriers to self-realization so we'll do that after the event announcement which again I had talked about on the last hour I'm going to repeat this on every hour of this program until the event because it's critical the control of energy is the control of people I'll say that again the control of energy is the control of people period okay for people that still do not understand how involved how completely connected the energy paradigm that the financial elite used to control the people of this world how that's connected with issues of our fundamental rights and freedoms they don't have the total picture and someone that I think people who are listening to the show and this network and are concerned with issues that affect freedom in the modern day someone they really need to research and understand what we tried to do for humanity is Nikola Tesla so there's an event coming up in Philadelphia it's a three-day conference in July here's the press release Philadelphia PA July 9th 10th and 11th the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity the schedule of events July 9th 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. is going to be the Tesla birthday bash on the lawn outside of the independence Visitor Center just across from Independence Mall in Philadelphia that's its 6th and Market Streets July 10th it's a whole bunch of events on the 10th it's a an area of involvement for every level of interest so from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the independent visitor center again 6th and Market Streets there's going to be exhibits information vendors music displays so for the general public tourists that may be in the area on that day they can check out all of the activities going on on the lawn at the independence Visitor Center July 10th 8 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia 1901 Vine Street 19th and Vine these are presentations that are going to be geared toward the layman tour the non-scientist okay the general public is welcome at these lectures and presentations they're going to all be geared toward Tesla his his uh technologies his vision and there will be some overlap with you know related technologies and energy systems so it should be an interesting day I have been offered and have accepted to emcee this event at the free library so I will actually be introducing all the speakers and presenters and it's an honor to do so because the Tesla Science Foundation and the associated Nikola Tesla inventors Club is a just great groups of people and what they're trying to do is the right thing so July 10th again Saturday July 10 from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. there is a dinner and concert it's going to be a classical music concert with an ensemble whose conductor plays the theremin instrument and I encourage everybody to check out the theremin instrument it's a beautiful instrument it is a very little-known instrument working on electronic principles and and vibratory principles and the sounds that it generates are just absolutely magical so it should be a great time on July 10th from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. the pricing on that is yet to be determined but it will be very reasonable I know that the tickets for that will will be under $25 probably for both the dinner and concert and I believe if people just want to go to the concert that option will be made available as well this is going to be 6 to 10 p.m. Saturday July 10th at the Arch Street meeting house at 3:02 Arch Street in Philadelphia and the the final portion of the of the conference the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 is Saturday and Sunday July 10th and 11th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. is the scientific portion of the conference the scientific conference this is going to be at 2:00 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia 16th and chestnut and this is going to be geared for scientists and inventors so there will be very technical presentations at this portion of the of the total event it's going to be a great event people are going to learn a lot a lot of great minds are going to come together for this a lot of enthusiasts are going to come together for this I encourage everybody to take a look at it get involved come out and buy friends people need to know about Tesla they need to know about who he was they need to understand what is possible we need to recapture the human imagination and the human spirit of innovation the Tesla so brilliantly embodied during his lifetime so for emerging details please see the conference website at wwlp.com org so that's the event announcement and let's jump right back into the philosophies that we were discussing on the previous hour where I left off in the previous hour was talking about the fact that there are so many people out there that just see they'll see the problem sometimes in the external manifestation but to to address the causal factors they look the other way they don't want to go there they don't want to see that they don't want to admit or face just how dark of a place humanity has come to and to do so means that certain influences in the world must be acknowledged and one of them is the concept of the occult hidden knowledge it's all the word of Kult means hidden see there's a mind trick with words that is always played on people it's obfuscation you tell them that a word means something but it really doesn't quite mean that it is one possible connotation you dissuade them from looking in to that concept further so if you played a word association game with people 98 percent or more people if you say the word occult the word that they're going to respond with just try it with anyone word and a word association game that people will respond to when you tell them when you say tell me what the first word that pops into your mind is when I say the word occult the word that they will come back with is evil evil okay they'll tell you a cult is synonymous with evil and it can be but that isn't what the word means all the word means is hidden it comes from the latin verb occult RA and the latin verb occult ra means to hide or to conceal from sight that's it and that's all the word occult means so when you tell people that there is hidden influences at work in the world that I've termed sorcery that many people have termed sorcery is not my term for they will immediately reject that notion out of hand because they feel they know it all they know how the word world already works there's nothing out there that could have possibly slipped by them and escaped their attention they're so perceptive they're so understanding of exactly what's going on in the world around them there's no way anything like that exists because they'll say I don't believe in that crap how could it have any any influence over my life for my existence this is a fatal fundamental flaw in people's philosophical makeup in their psyche they actually believe that for something to have an effect upon them they have to understand it know anything about it or believing it at all and that's not true the idea that ignorance is bliss that what you don't know about can't hurt you is utter nonsense what we don't know about is killing us killing us ignorance is not bliss ignorance is chaos and suffering and the way I try to illustrate this metaphorically to people is you don't personally ascribe to radical Christian fundamentalist ideology and the person will be like they will say something the effective no no I don't I don't believe in radical ideologies like that where I'm trying to impose you know a belief system on somebody else and if they don't want to accept that I'm willing it you know be violent toward them and I said well does that mean that it isn't having some sort of an influence in your life or in the world see that's the whole the same notion people say I don't believe in the occult I don't believe in sorcery I don't believe that has any influence in my life it doesn't matter what you believe other people believe in certain ideologies and they're willing to act upon them whether you believe it or even know that it exists or not conceive of the situation where somebody may be sitting in a restaurant eating dinner and they have never heard of radical Christianity but there may be an abortion clinic next door and some stray automatic weapons fire may pick them off while they're eating dinner they knew nothing about that ideology and it doesn't matter you can be affected by an act of free wall gone awry gone astray by people believing in nonsensical notions and being willing to act upon them that exists it has an influence over your life the better way to better prepare against the negative or harmful influences of such dangerous ideologies such as sorcery is to learn as much as possible about them that's the only way you're going to be in a position where you could defend yourself against them and until we understand how sorcery works in the world how its methodologies are structured and how the people that are using these principles and these influences work in the world we are we are going to as a species as a whole remain largely powerless to make any changes or to defend ourself against those influences so the definition of both magic and sorcery was the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will in the definition for magic the will has a capital W because it means coming into greater alignment in accordance with natural law principles with truth in the definition of sorcery the word will the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will is lowercase it means my will my selfish egoic will the will of the sorcerer himself or herself when we come into alignment with the art of magic we are attempting to create non-dualism oneness within sovereignty the recognition of sovereignty of all beings recognition that natural law exists and that is it is operating in our world and we are bound by it only by helping to assist other people to come up to higher levels of consciousness the art known as alchemy are we going to get out of the self-inflicted suffering that we are in as a species if we continue to fall prey to sorcery or even attempt to use it we are going to create more and more and more chaos and suffering in the world because that's where we're at now we're at a place where sorcery has run so rampant in the world that we live in that we have a situation of total chaos almost complete chaos people think that there is order here or that we're going to be moving toward more order if things don't change our delusional the new world order that we're largely moving toward is going to be one of total control and total chaos it's not going to resemble anything like order but there's another new world order that we can build it would be based on true order because it could be based in love it can be based in self-respect it can be built with the art of true magic alchemy helping people to raise their consciousness the higher levels to understand how higher law works that there is such a thing as morality that there is such a thing as truth and that's what I attempt to do the alchemists can only be an influence can never do the work for another person's can only do his own work that's it period can't do it for you it's been said one may only show someone else the door but then that person has to walk through it that's it you can only nurture the conditions that surround the seed you know plant the seed and then nurture the conditions around it and then hopefully it will sprout and grow but in many ways it looks like people are too attached to what they want to believe what they've been fed as truth and that they are so attached to that they just can't break out of that mindset I want to read a quote that describes that condition because we're going to talk about this a little bit more as we get into the barriers to self-realization which is the next concept I'm going to bring up on tonight's show the minister of propaganda during the Nazi Third Reich in Nazi Germany in the 1930s and 40s was Paul Joseph Goebbels Goebbels was an expert at sorcery he was an expert in mind control he was an expert at propagating lies disinformation and utter nonsense that could only lead to more and more human suffering and it did and he did a great job of it he was wonderful at his job one of the best of all time this is a quote by Goebbels he said the essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely so vitally that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it I'm going to read that quote again to let it really sink in this is a statement made by the minister of propaganda during the Nazi regime he said this is Paul Joseph Goebbels he said the essence of propaganda consists in winning people over to an idea so sincerely so that in the end they succumb to it utterly and can never escape from it this is ego identification which is what we're going one of the things we're going to be talking about it's one of the greatest barriers to self-realization the attachment to being right the attachment to a belief that you have put your whole heart and mind into accepting as reality this is the essence of mind control this is what mind control is it isn't what it's like this is what it is you could substitute the word propaganda in Goebbels definition or statement with the word mind control because that is the same thing and this is the force that has this is the methodology that has people completely owned externally most people do not own themselves in the world today they are wholly owned by minds that are outside of themselves other people's propagation of an ideology that is only put out into the world to control their minds their feelings and their behaviors that's it and for people that don't want to believe that mind control exists you do not understand anything about what's taking place on this planet the end you do not get even an iota even a small tiny I need bit of what's really going on mind control exists it is real there are methodologies for it the methodologies are known well known the methodologies are practiced the methodologies are refined and they are refined sharply and they're doing one hell of a job on people they're doing a better job on people in this country than they could have ever dreamed of doing during the Nazi regime during the Third Reich in Germany in the 30s and 40s because they have turned it up not only psychically they have turned up the heat chemically through food they have turned up the heat digitally through the media and the devices that most people pay attention to now in their very homes they have turned it up spiritually through the propagation of ridiculous notions that are propagated in the New Age movement it's a multi-faceted multi-tiered attack system and until people wise up to it things are going to continue to get more and more and more uncomfortable and people are going to suffer a whole lot more sadly but it's a choice it's a choice let that be known it is a choice whether we suffer or come out of this mess okay and the choice lies largely in one concept in one notion and that notion is understanding who we really are it can't be stated any more simply than that once we understand enough about us about ourselves the true nature of our being our being mind control will no longer have any effect upon us and it will fall away it will melt away but as long as we stay attached to all the things that pros prevent that Awakening and that realization of who we really are the suffering will continue the mind control will continue the externally imposed control of all kinds will continue and it will not relent not one second not one instant before we wake up to the realization of who we really are let's just look at the word realization let's just break down the word let's think about the word realization real eyes it means to see with the real eyes only when we are seeing with the vision that can help us to accurately perceive reality accurately perceive that which is accurately perceive truth only when we acquire that vision are we going to be in a place to come out of all of the self-inflicted suffering that we have created for ourselves and it's doable it is doable it is possible the potential for that exists whether we will will that into manifestation is another story I don't anyone can say with certainty whether we will do that or not if we do it we have the potential to create at this time in history a way of being on the earth that has probably never before been seen that we can scarcely imagine this is part of the problem is that we can scarcely imagine it the human imagination is suppressed they want to stifle sorcerers who want to control other people always need to stifle the human imagination they need to stifle they need to suppress and put them in on what we are capable of imagining is possible because if you can't even imagine the possibilities of what could be you're always going to be trapped with what is with the way things are now and you see here so many people say that'll never change now I can't I can't imagine how that could ever change well that's why it's never going to change until you can imagine it you're not going to bring it into manifestation the imagination creates everything it is that the greatest power of our thoughts so the suppression and ultimately the the desire to exterminate the human imagination is what the sorcerer wants to bring about the very definition of mind control is the extermination of the imagination because if you can't envision how anything could be different than what it is you're trapped exactly where you are with no possibility for any real change for the better it has to be imagined before it can be done the imagination is the greatest power that we possess and I would say that to destroy it to attempt to destroy it is one of the greatest weapons one of the greatest methodologies used against the human species by those who seek ever greater control what I describe as the sorcerers of the world the sorcerers of consciousness people who just want their will to be done don't care who they need to step on to get that done so they need to keep us in ignorance of who we really are and before we even get into all of the qualities that explain who we really are before we can even look at that aspect of it let's look at how we're prevented from using our real eyes Asian why can't we see why don't most people already know who we really are what's taking place within us what's taking place around us why does ignorance abound well I've broken this down analytically broken it down helped explain it better through words into four basic categories that I call the barriers to the realization of the true self and again I'm going to bring that notion in to describe the higher self or the idea of who we really are with a capital S as opposed to a lowercase s self which would be the lower self or the ego identified self we're going to look at the things that block this awareness this knowing of who we are we're going to look at what blocks the realization of the true self and I'm going to list them and after they're listed we'll take them one at a time we won't get to them all this week we'll continue with this next week but I'll list these these barriers to self-realization and then I'll discuss them individually before I even do that I want to give out the call and number one more time because if there's any callers that want to call it I feel whatever questions you have you can introduce whatever you want no taboo topics the calling number is three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven once again that's three four seven eight eight four nine four one seven so the barriers to the realization of the true self I present four of them the first is known as the five sense illusion the five sense illusion and probably that is the only one we will have time to delve into an any depth this evening then we'll continue with others the second is ego identification which we'll probably get to next week that's if we even wrap up the first one tonight so the second is ego identification the third is the prism of the left brain the prison of the left brain modality of consciousness this is something that the educational system in the West does a very good job of keeping people locked in and the fourth and final barrier to the realization of the true self which we will discuss here over the next couple of weeks is institutionalized belief systems and people's attachment to those systems of institutionalized belief institutionalized belief systems so quickly to list them one more time the barriers of self-realization barriers to the sub to the realization of the true self the $0.05 illusion ego identification the prison of the left brain and the attachment to institutionalized belief systems before we get into the first one here tonight I see we have a caller I'm going to take a call now there we go hello caller you're on the air hey Mark Hey how are you Vern good no it's Jessica actually yes just sorry Jessica you guys in before right no I'm telling wife okay seven sevens voice yeah sure um I just over the years oh I'm sorry cat I knew I recognized your voice I couldn't quite put my finger on it but thanks for calling it hi I just wanted to say like everyone listened to your show for the whole hour and I keep on being like right on so seriously and what you're saying about you know everything manifesting and thought like you know the whole concept of you know everything comes from that that that idea a decision it's so absolutely true like I've been I've been on I guess the I just I guess you'd call the shamanic path I really like to call it that but that's probably the best thing to unleash I think I don't I don't I I like describing it like that personally um a shaman has been described as one who can see in the dark that's one of the happy more definitions for the shaman and ah yeah I decide just like a dogma but i I do i what I genuinely got from the experience is that I really I agree with that that thought the decision I don't know Kevin and I had had a really interesting experience today of exactly that happening to us where we finally made a decision to make something part of our reality and made the decision which inherently means that you take the first step and the second step in the third step to make that decision that thought a reality and I feel like all of a sudden we're on the way to a dream that we thought was a pipe dream earlier today you know what I mean well I think that's magnificent and I think that's a great path to beyond together yeah we really we've been um we're looking into the Earthship Philadelphia project which is amazing I'm not familiar with that um earthships our bio texture that they're basically homes that are made out of recycled materials pretty much completely tires bottles cans etc and they are completely off grid they use water collection they take care of their own sewage they do their a use you know natural sources for heat electricity they use low energy appliances and basically these are homes that are that are using the world around them to sustain the home itself so it is completely off the grid sustainable housing in addition it has a place in the home for food production as well so you can sustain yourself fully off the grid very interesting very interesting yeah and the unfortunate situation is is that the the architecture institution as we know it is is gets in the way of this the the Earthship philadelphi people are are ready to go they have the money they pretty much have worked everything out but they're experiencing a large amount of red tape coming from license and inspection surprise prize and a lot of other governmental institutions so unfortunately no because reality of the situation is if people can sustain themselves they're no longer slaves what so the III learn if anybody's out there and they're listening they should sign the petition to allow the city of Philadelphia to be the first urban setting for Jeff it'd be wonderful sounds like an interesting project it sounds like a cool thing to be involved with and um you know I want to just comment on what you said before about you know how you made this decision to go off on this path together and I just think it can be so much more powerful when more minds and more aware people come together as a group because it makes the intention manifest so much more powerfully and that's what again that's one of the biggest parts of this is the intent and up projecting that intent forward and that that is the power of the creative our creative ability you know and when we are co-creators of our experience of our collective experience and I think it's just great that you guys are doing that together and have a you know have found you found each other and found people that want to do that with you it's just a great thing yeah actually Kevin and I we're actually talking about you earlier saying that how we were wondering how like how Tesla's free energy would work in conjunction with Earthship and the way that they design because they use like solar panels and wind and you know a lot of the typical when you think of the typical natural sources of energy but I was thinking we were thinkin like I wonder how Tesla coils would work in conjunction with this type of moment it'd be interesting about that touch look the Tesla coil simply illustrates principles that Tesla worked with it's not that device itself isn't so much a practical device when Tesla was really experimenting with particularly when he was out in Colorado Springs when he had his laboratory out there with standing waves he was studying lightning and he was studying standing waves understanding how natural standing waves work and he was being a system of wireless a collection of energy from the ionosphere the solar wind places in an immense amount of electrical energy in our ionosphere it's charged particle energy he was working on a way to essentially a tap into that voltage differential between the ionosphere and the ground this this he was doing through the Shulman cavity which is basically that that that area between the ionosphere in the ground and he was trying to find a way to bring that energy down to conduct whole regions of the ground now what that would mean is electrical devices would be able to be plugged into the earth you wouldn't need an infrastructure and it would be completely wireless I haven't imagined and it was possible he demonstrated this principle in a low scale effect he was building Wardenclyffe tower on Shoreham Long Island New York at the turn of the century to try to begin to implement this on a mass or industrial scale estimated I believe according to some of his writings he estimated that approximately 12 of these types of towers would need to be built throughout the world to be able to essentially electrify all the populated regions of the earth that's awesome Seattle years earlier imagine well maybe if we did imagine it is we imagine that it happened and and took the steps then did they date with more scientists are starting to rediscover and relook into Tesla's theories and take them seriously because I mean this guy was beyond an order of brilliance beyond even even another other brilliant inventors of his time in our time I mean he was truly a prodigy and in the way his mind worked he truly had a balanced brain he truly had a connection to that right brain hemisphere where intuition and imagination really fly and comes into full full potential and he used the left linear procedural brain very effectively but his his his true um uniqueness came from his ability to tap into that right brain hemisphere and use it in conjunction with science he made that bridge that bridged the gap between science and spirituality or science and imagination and he really brought those two things together and that's what it's going to take yeah absolutely absolutely but thank you very much for taking my call Jessica always a pleasure talking with you of you Kevin and I and Barb need to hang out again soon you know we need anything I won't fit together because we haven't seen you in a little while I saw Kevin recently at the end the Fed rally it was great but I mean nothing like allowing things to say about the end of federally it was it was a little over all the time I'd like to see I'd like to see bigger numbers I'd like to see more people get involved but overall I think we reached some people and did the work on that day so uh always a pleasure talking via : again any time okay great thanks Jessica take care bye-bye great caller that was a that is the wife of a friend of mine Kevin and uh I haven't spoken to her in a while it was great to hear from her so we got about 10 minutes a little over 10 minutes 12 minutes left on the shuttle neck stuff continue what so go back to the philosophical topic that we were talking about the barriers to self-realization and let's get into the first one which is I would say that I'm definitely not even going to have time to finish explaining on this the show will probably ride this out till the end of the show unless anyone else calls in and then we'll just continue this topic of next Tuesday so the $0.05 illusion this is the idea and it is a left brain imbalanced idea it's the ideology that only only that which can be perceived with the senses is real or can really be looked at as real be perceived as real so only what our sensory perception organs can pick up that's all reality is comprised of there's nothing else outside of what we can see hear smell taste and touch or what we can perceive with the extensions with our created extensions of those senses which is what we call our technology so nothing else is real except what we can perceive with the five senses and I call this and it has been called not just my term for it has been called the five sense illusion because people are attached to the idea and again you're going to hear that word be brought up with just about every one of these barriers to self-realization when we talk about them because it's the attachment to these ideologies that creates all the suffering we experience and it's the attachment to these ideologies that make us not be able to truly realize who we are and until we let go of these attachments we're not really going to make any progress toward solving all of the self-inflicted and seemingly never-ending problems that he might is currently going through everything we call evil that we experience as evil or negative or bad so let's look at matter people are attached to the notion that matter is completely solid that because I can't pass my hand through a seemingly solid object that it is a definitive solid hard formed thing and that there is actually no potentiality in that thing people are so attached and I would even go so far as to use the word ignorant about this notion that I'll tell a little anecdote that happened to to my girlfriend who is a nurse she's a nurse she is at the hospital one night I guess it was a you know a slow night car and a couple of the other nurses were kind of talking about this idea about what matter you know is and bar brought off the notion that matter is made up of atoms and atoms are always in motion that if you were to look at for example a chair or a desk under high enough magnification there's not actual microscopes that can see the actual atom we can come close to perceiving through different colliders and things what the structure of the atom is but to actually see it in motion small enough there's no visual technology like that currently but if you were to to be able to perceive that you would see incredible incredible motion chaotic motion motion that could can't even conceive of that the speed with which these subatomic particles move and vibrate and when she tried to explain this to another one of the nurses or nursing staff and she said you know if you actually looked at the molecules and the atoms of something like a chair or a desk you see it's in total motion I mean there it would be it would be moving vibrating almost chaotically and crazily and and the person actually looked at her and said oh you're so crazy you're so crazy she had actually not even really heard this notion before that at the very very very small or the quantum level matter is in such chaotic motion and flux that we can even scarcely conceive of how fast it is moving that we perceive of it as still and solid when we understand more about the structure of matter we get into more modern interpretations and experimental observations that matter is not solid at all as a matter of fact it is only a potential it is a potential to exist and only when the decision to observe it is made does it actually form an actual point particle so if we look at the subatomic particles at a very very very low scale we would see continuous flux or motion or what has been described as pure potential pure potential energy potentiality the potential to manifest something but a mind a consciousness must become involved to actually create and form that potential into a manifested experience now that's a mouthful but in science this is known as the observer effect you can look that up it's called the observer effect and I'll probably be explaining more about the observer effect next week but to realist rate some of the ideas of how the five-cent illusion keeps people trapped in limited ways of perceiving themselves their own consciousness in the world we can look at an example of frequencies we can look at frequencies of light and sound we look at the visible spectrum of light what the eye can actually perceive as far as wavelengths of light energy goes we can see that our eye can only detect a fraction of minut fraction as a matter of fact an infinitesimally small fraction of the totality of wavelength spectrums is that the full range of wavelengths that actually exists as far as light energy is concerned we break that down into what we call the color spectrum we can see red orange yellow green blue violet so on and the shades between the colors combinations of them which create all the colors that the eye can perceive but essentially it's an extremely extremely limited frequency range that the eye can pick up and we don't perceive the infrared wavelengths or the wavelengths that exist below the color red we don't perceive the ultraviolet wavelengths or the wavelengths that exist above what we call the color violet or purple does that mean that those wavelengths or frequencies of light do not exist of course not they exist they're in creation they are in manifestation the eye cannot perceive them we don't decode those wavelengths with the equipment that we have called the human eye the biological technology known as the eye look at the example of a dog a dog can hear frequency ranges of hearing that a human being cannot hear if a dog whistle is blown no human being is going to respond to that dog whistle because our biological technology our equipment called the human ear which receives and decodes those specific frequency ranges that are within human hearing a dog whistle falls outside of the bat frequency range so a dog will perceive something that it's higher sound frequencies that are higher that a human ear cannot perceive we have to get out of the attachment that only that which can be perceived with our sense organs our biological technologies is all that exists it isn't true and but that belief is an attachment that stops us from really understanding the totality of our selves so I'm going to leave it there for this show we'll pick up on this next show I'm mark passio and you've been listening to what on earth is happening see you right back here next Tuesday evening at 8:00 p.m. Eastern thank you and good night everyone you