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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome to what on earth is happening it shows broadcast live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time to my website what on earth is happening calm you can also listen in live at revolution broadcasting column so last week there were a few technical glitches and I got the podcast up the day after the show but it looks like as far as the live feed goes those technical issues are resolved it looks like there's a new problem here tonight technically a revolution broadcasting feed may not be going out live this evening I have not been able to contact them via state so I'm not quite sure what is going on on the network end but I will try to resolve that as the show progresses hopefully they realize that and get in touch with me but that aside um I want to give new call in number out and let people know how they can call into the show they have anything to talk about new calling number is seven two four four four four seven four four four so once again that's seven two four four four four seven four four four all right also you have to give the call ID and call in and the call ID for the show on top shoot evens eight three five one five talks with the new streaming provider and mp3 podcast archive or service so when you call that calling number enter the call ID of eight three five one five eight three five one five and not that will actually put you through to the switchboard on top shoe and allow me to see that there is a caller that has called in so that's the caller number and call ID and if you're going to call please be patient hold on the line I will get to you I will see you in the in the key there for the live callers so please be patient hold on the line I will get you so usually I start off the show with some announcements or events that are going on in the philadelphia area that are related in some way to to freedom to sovereignty to issues that basically effect the freedoms of people in this area and throughout the world and I try to bring attention to groups that are really doing their work to call to people's attention important issues regarding these topics particularly in the area we're on from which is Philadelphia so without having in mind I'm going to read two upcoming events in the Philadelphia area the first is hosted by the great group in this region called truth freedom prosperity this is a great group of people very active very politically active in the Philadelphia area and their website is truth freedom prosperity org go up there and check it out they work through Miguel calm so that will redirect you to a meet-up comm group if you're in the Philadelphia area join up and get involved with this group because they're doing some great things and they're hosting a free documentary showing and discussion this is going to be on Monday June 21st at 7 o'clock p.m. that's Monday June 21st at 7 p.m. at the ethical Society building that's at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia and this month they are showing generation rx generation Rx is a great documentary I think everyone should see it I think particularly parents should see this film to understand the dangers of the pharmaceutical industry and how we are basically drugging our children unnecessarily so generation rx a great documentary made by some very aware folks and that's totally free and there will be discussion a discussion following that documentary showing at the ethical society that's Monday June 21st 7 o'clock p.m. check out true freedom prosperity o RG and then there's a big conference coming up on the works and technologies of Nikola Tesla it's called the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations in Philadelphia this is July 9th 10th and 11th three-day event but the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm it's July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current radio the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was brought by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity here's the schedule of events July 9th 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. the Tesla birthday bash celebration of Tesla's birthday who's born on midnight between July 9th and 10th 1856 this is going to take place at the independence Visitor Center on 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia and it is free to attend the next day July 10th 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. an all-day event called the Tesla Fest is also free to attend at the independence Visitor Center 6th and Market Streets it will feature exhibits vendors information art and music on the same day at the Free Library of Philadelphia from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. for people who are a little bit more interested and want some deeper information on Tesla and its technologies there's going to be an event at the Free Library of Philadelphia at 1901 vine tree presentations and lectures this is from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on July 10th and it is also free to attend I myself have the pleasure of emceeing this event I'll be introducing all the speakers the featured speakers are Russell Anderson Michael Kelly Tatiana millet Eck Michael treat mono Davina Michael Kramer and Brian yet sir that evening July 10th 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. will be a reception dinner and concert at the Arch Street meeting house 3:20 Arch Street featuring the divine hand ensemble a classical ensemble featuring the theremin instrument check out their website at divine hand met the pricing for this event for both the dinner and concert both dinner and concert only 20 dollars for just dinner $12.48 is a two-day event this would be the bulk of the actual event it is the scientific portion of the conference this is geared toward scientists and inventors this will be July 10th and 11th Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at - Liberty Place on the 32nd floor 1601 Chestnut Street and it will feature at least 10 scientific presentations you can register for that at the Tesla Science Foundation website for only $110 and for emerging details see the conference website at Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g also you can join the Nikola Tesla meetup group at 10 Tesla meetup calm / the number 38 that's n Tesla and t es la meetup calm / 3:8 number 38 so those are the event announcements that I have this evening and I see we're still doesn't look like we're broadcasting over the revolution broadcast and feed if anybody from the network is listening in live online and on my site I'm unable to reach you through Skype through the regular Skype contact so if you are aware of that I guess I'll go online and Skype and I will add you into the conference call so this goes out live on revolution broadcasting so um let's get into a brief review of where we were at last week and what we what material we got through and then tonight's top it is going to be a wrap-up of the subsection that I have been basically going through the points of over the last few broadcasts and that is the barriers to the realization of the true self the barriers to self realization self being depicted with a capital S meaning that the real self the higher self the true self what blocks people from self-realization what blocks them from understanding from what they really are and keeps them in a new state of consciousness and hence we are an unable to remove ourselves from self-inflicted suffering and create an experience that is more suited to what we desire so that's what we've been doing here over the last few weeks and this is all again a subsection in what we really do here is try to identify and get to the root causes of what is actually taking place in our experience the root causal factors for human suffering that's what we do on this show ultimately because without understanding those root cause or factors we are wandering blindly and we are hacking at the leaves on the tree of evil instead of actually going in and uprooting it from the roots so that it cannot grow and fester and come back and continuously plagued our existence so yes we can describe all the symptoms we can describe all the control taking place and we will talk about mind control on future we will talk about occult organizations that do their work in darkness behind the scenes we will get into all of that but I wanted to start the first few shows before I even get to having guests on more extensively and getting into some of the deeper manifesting problems that are taking place help people to understand the root cause or factors because until we do that until we develop the ability to tell truth from falsehood and recognize that what is ultimately creating our self inflicted suffering is just that our inability to tell truth from falsehood again we are going to remain powerless to basically solve the problem that we are experiencing so with that in mind on this show in previous weeks we discussed just that these causal factors that lead to our being formed in other words the root cause for why we suffer inability to tell truth from falsehood and this is um the this is what lies beneath the manifested reality the screen that we look upon or look on the outside world okay to just say we don't like that and that and that we simply just want that to change is the equivalent of banging on the television because you don't like what you're seeing on it or banging on a screen at a movie theater because you don't you're not enjoying what you're saying when instead in order to actually change the manifested reality that's appearing on the screen you would have to change or that is being projected or broadcast from and that is the self we are the code years of our reality collectively and until we change ourselves the outside reality is not just going to magically and suddenly change on its own it's a it's a hard work to do it's a labor of love and if you understand the dynamic that's really taking place you recognize it is the way to go about doing that and that happens through the recognition of natural law the discovery of natural law principles that only occurs when we don't understand what we are who we really are we understand how we express ourselves in consciousness through our thoughts our emotions and our actions and talk about these three expressions of consciousness this is how we can make ourselves known to ourselves and others the threefold aspect of human consciousness and that our goal is to unify them as one to bring these into harmony with each other such that we are being that as we think so we feel and so we act with no internal contradiction or opposition between these three aspects of consciousness now intricately tied to that we looked at the structure of the human brain because if we're going to understand how consciousness makes itself manifest we have to understand one of the vehicles for that expression in the physical reality in which we live so we looked at the components of the human brain and we talked about that we need to try to come to balance between particularly two of the parts of the human being namely the left brain hemisphere and the right brain hemisphere these are the two components of a higher brain known as the neocortex so that's called the human brain it's divided into two hemispherical parts two halves so we talked about how what manifests when these two halves become severely imbalanced and this is what ultimately leads to all the external problems that we experience as suffering in the physical reality that we live through the imbalancing of the brain hemispheres whether it be to the left brain hemisphere or to the right brain hemisphere so we talked about the importance of balance balancing those hemispheres to basically awaken what it has been called the third eye the pineal gland in the center of the human brain that gains access grants us access to spiritual insight and true wisdom combining the intellect side of the brain the left brain with the intuitive and nurturing and sacred feminine side of the brain which is the right brain hemisphere we also discussed the concepts of the polarities the forces the universal forces that are essentially working in the world at all times and every decision that we make is essentially a choice between one of these two seemingly emotional polarities love and fear and I say seeming polarities because they're not truly opposites because one is real and one is an illusion one is simply the absence of the other namely fear is the illusory part which is simply the absence of love which is the unique and divine expression of basically all that is so these two forces are what we ultimately get to choose between using our freewill and we talked about different roles that are based upon either love or fear and talk about the expressions of these forms of energy we talked about that if one of them they each have an internal manifestation and each an external manifestation when love is present within we would call that the person is self actualized or they understand that they are sovereign they are the rulers of the self I call this Dominion in my work because it is coming to understand that you only get to really control the kingdom of self which is your thoughts your emotions and your actions that's what you are in control of and essentially you're not really in control of anything else when this state is present you could call it self-love or self actualization or true balance within the self non-duality you can give it many different names but it is sovereignty is Dominion it is self ownership self rulership in such a way that your thoughts emotions and actions are brought into unity consciousness and you're not in a state of internal opposition so if the love energy is expressed outwardly we call that condition truth freedom now the fear energy if that goes to work within a person we call that the state of internal opposition or confusion and when that fear is projected out into the world you get the exact opposite on what happens when the love energy is projected outward into the external manifestation and that results in control and ultimately in slavery of the individual beings and eventually of the wider the wider on network of individuals who are all contributing to that dynamic and that's why we're really seeing what we're seeing in the world in the modern day because fear has a tight grip on this world people are living in a loose free mindsets people are living in poisonous worldviews which is another topic we talked about on this show we talked about an extreme left brain and balance the world view held by people who subscribe to the ideology known as solid season and we've decide to atheism these two ideologies go hand in hand and that is that worldview is known as randomness the idea that everything is a cosmic accident and there is no purpose to existence that the universe is a dead mechanized lifeless machine the opposite extreme imbalance of worldview was the complete deterministic world view that you know essentially free will doesn't exist and everything is determined predetermined and nothing can be can be changed from a set course that is set by valve and both of these worldviews are extremely imbalanced the the middle ground and the truth actually is that there's a combination of these worldviews at play in the world and there is there is a random of the I'm sorry there is a deterministic component known as natural law and there is a random component known as freewill and these two we are constantly trying to bring into unity if we're intelligent if we're holistically intelligent and smart enough to understand what the causal factors are then lead to human suffering and essentially what it boils down to is we lack the ability to tell that truth to actually recognize it that there is such a thing as natural law that there are consequences for our behaviors and if we constantly try to break that higher moral law and essentially do whatever we want we basically are contributing to that dynamic of chaos so when talking about ordering chaos previously on the show and what create means to conditions and order is brought about not through control as many people insist upon thinking that it is it never be created that way it is brought about through coming to the recognition the discovery and understanding of natural law principles and then choosing through free will to live in harmony with those principles of truth and only that can ever create chaos you're never going to create chaos by trying to control externally the freewill decisions of any other living being through doing that you are living through fear and thus you can only create more opposition more internal confusion and ultimately more chaos than the external reality so the people who think that that is the way that they're going to create order are severely delusional and if I described this condition as the equivalent of saying I want to cool off this room temperature water and make it nice and cold so therefore I'm going to put it in a tea kettle and put the kettle on top of the stove and crank the stoke soul up to the highest setting and I'll get cold water that way just watch be it will never happen that way no matter how much you think it will no matter how much you believe that it's not going to occur because that's not how natural water works and there really is no easier way to put it that has to be recognized through a freewill decision to essentially learn how natural law works and admit that one was previously wrong in the positions that won't help regarding how previously all it worked so to all the controllers out there to all the people of the mindset that you're going to create order you're controlling anything good luck because you'll never do it that way your own put yourself into a deeper prison and believe me that's where this world is headed because so many people think that way but what I do here is try to dissuade people from that course and explain to then how these natural laws actually work because I am one of the people who has been fortunate enough in life to recognize those principles I didn't invent them they're not mine they have nothing to do with me whatsoever look at me as simply a messenger that is trying to explain how a dynamic of nature works and nothing more so that's what I do here on this show and on that brought us to the concept of what is really blocking people from awakening to this understanding and so few people are awake to that level even people in the freedom movement and in the different Patriot movements are completely asleep when it comes to what natural law actually is how it works and why we're creating what we're creating on planet earth that most people in the freedom movement do not understand this and I'm sorry to have to say it so bluntly but that's the case it is an extreme an extreme minority that grasped these principles in any fullness at all and it is largely because most people have not read enough information they have not listened to enough information they have not watched enough information they have not taken enough information into themselves to come to this discovery and again this is just like discovering any other physical natural law it's no different than the discovery of gravity or electromagnetism or the way some particles work no different than that except these are laws that basically Auburn human behavior and the experience that we create as a result of the decisions that we make on how to on how to act and behave so with that in mind over the last few weeks I had been going into what are the blocks to understanding these principles what are the blocks to understanding how consciousness works why don't people really understand these things just by default like what is so difficult about getting to that level of understanding such that you start to choose to align your freewill decisions with natural law principles why aren't more people doing this because if it's really one of the only ways to create freedom and order in the world why are so few people doing it they say they want to be free they say they don't want to suffer you ask anyone on the street do you want to be free yes of course do you want to suffer no why would I want to suffer anybody that would respond to those questions with I want to be a slave and I want to suffer endlessly is completely insane and out of their mind no one responds like that no matter how rich poor um smart ignorant no matter what color they are no matter what religion they are no matter what sex they are it doesn't make a difference no matter what age they are people say they will claim that they want freedom they will claim that they want not to suffer but when it comes to the understanding of what can actually create those conditions they're the first people the first people will say that they want better the first people that will run in the other direction from it because that involves actually understanding the principles the first principles or causal factors that lead to those conditions and either lead to suffering or the lack thereof that either lead to freedom or the lack thereof which is enslavement okay so if it's a work it requires work to get people out of the former ways of thinking the old ways that they are clinging to them that they are attached to so what I called these basic fundamental blocks the barriers to self-realization what I describe them as is four basic things four basic conditions that people are trapped in they're trapped in what's called the five sense illusion that was the first barrier to the realization of the true self that we explored on the show that is essentially the pure identification with materialism in the material realm the idea that matter is all there is that that we are a mechanized machine essentially when you get right down to it it's a very left brain way of seeing the world it's a very imbalanced world view not only from an inground imbalanced brain point of view but from an imbalanced way of seeing oneself and others around them because it sees everything in terms of separation and separateness and isolation so this five sense worldview is purely identified with the physical domain the physical world there is no looking at spirit there is no looking at morality there is no looking at a higher nature of self or consciousness it's wrapped up and identified in the world of matter one cannot see past that into what creates the the actual reality that we are experiencing and what dictates the quality of that experience so that was the first barrier to the realization of true self that we discussed the second was very related with the five sense illusion and this is ego identification we call this identification with the lower s self though identification and attachment this is believing that one is the roles that one plays in the physical realm in which we exist and operate so I am NOT consciousness having an experience of being a mother I am a mother I am a banker I am a politician I am a sports figure okay it is those aren't the identity that's an experience you're having the experience of being a father you're having the experience of being a baseball player etc etc etc etc hey that's not who we are but that is our experience in the world so that was the second barrier to self-realization and being attached to that condition that identification with the role as opposed to the higher self ego identification getting trapped and seen oneself as the role that one plays in the physical world the lowercase s self okay ah last week we discussed the third barrier to self-realization which was the prison of the left brain and again it's very tied in with the other two notions and all of these are very interrelated the prison of the left brain is totally related to how they're brought up in the world particularly in the Western feminists because of how our educational or I should say indoctrination system is structured the school system is completely geared to a teaching people only that which is completely tied in with the physical reality and with the roles that we will be playing in the physical world it's a very left brained identified way of seeing oneself and the world because it focuses purely on just the things that are left brain only functions like reading writing verbal skills language mathematics science okay all of these things are all left brain logical analytical linear progression functions left out of this system of learning because it's not holistic it's all geared toward electrum is true morals ethics understanding right from wrong okay that's completely left out the Sacred Feminine is left out of this equation intuition very unless you go to a specialized school very creative capabilities art and music and creativity are very downplayed in the Western school model because that's for a very particular reason they want people trapped in the present of the left brain because the left brain responds to and becomes identified with hierarchy and things always being done the same way with ritual with repetition with yesterday with the same as today and today is the same as the next day tomorrow will be the same as today and so on and so on and so on and so forth this is the idea that things are always this way they are this way now and they're always going to be this way and it's a very linear progression it's a very linear way of thinking in linear time and this is again done by design it's done by design because it's done to stifle the human imagination the imaginative capacity of the right brain hemisphere and that's that's the hemisphere that if we get in touch with we can imagine a way of doing things different we can imagine a world that isn't run the way this one is and things don't play out the way they play out in the world that we're living in now as it is currently being being as we are currently living amongst each other so if we get in touch with that imaginative capacity that's the first step toward actually creating something different because that's the creative side of the brain and the first step in any creative process is imagining what you're going to do but if you shut that down by essentially cutting it off from the rest of the rest of the brain functions and you're getting somebody engaged purely in just the left brain analytical and logical and our linear thought functions then you're cutting off with that person from their creative potential from their imaginative potential that gets them to say it doesn't have to be like this I can imagine it being different I can imagine doing something to create something to make it different to make the experiences that we go through play out differently than they currently are playing out and that's why the education system does not want to change and help people to become holus brain thinkers they want people to be purely trapped in the left brain and when discussed that we've discussed how that model of seeing the world that leads to a poison the world view this education system and science the way we see the way our Western culture views health and medicine is also very and we left brain looking at the body as purely a computer as a mechanized machine okay and then this this um educational model and way of viewing the world this basic worldview that this left brain prison hood leads to is based in control of other people and accepting control from the hierarchical chain of command that you would go into so we talked a little bit about the control mechanisms that go in place because people are indoctrinated into this completely imbalanced left-brain worldview so that's what we did last week on the show we went through that third barrier to the realization of the true self which is the prison of the left brain and we kind of left off explaining how people become controllers trapped in a hierarchy that keeps this system perpetuated and how fooled they really are how completely fooled they are and not just fooled but it goes even deeper than being fooled there owned their own they have owners and they don't even know it they have people that are manipulating them into doing this and what they're manipulating them into doing is essentially breaking natural law because they have no understanding of it because they're so ignorant and unread and their owners are completely laughing at them the whole way because they know they will ultimately have to experience the repercussions of breaking natural law principles and taking other those rights and doing actions that they do not have the right to take and that that will all come back toward them at some point or another whether in this life or another life or it will be right it will be balanced what they think they don't understand how this natural law aspect of karmic reality a karmic debt works they think that they are going to be held unaccountable for everything they do and they're wrong they're dead wrong it doesn't work that way I'm 100% certain that it doesn't work that way that's not enough I'm not stating my opinion on how it works the universe is going to balance all situations even if we can't see how that will occur it will occur as a matter of fact it's doing that right now it's always in effect it's never not in effect and it would do it by hook or by crook there is no breaking higher natural law principles that are based in moral law you can think you're getting away with breaking them but ultimately those wrongs do become righted and those imbalances do become balanced it's just a matter of how much suffering you're going to have to go through to actually understand that accept it and live in harmony with it and I in my opinion from the diamond dynamic that I study this from and looking at it as realistically as I am capable of looking at it I don't see this being a process that is going to just happen organically I see this as being a struggle and cute the human race being dragged kicking and screaming through the mud I don't see pleasant times ahead for Humanity and I'm not saying that to discourage anyone I'm just being honest about what I think the dynamic it's because most people are so trapped in these barriers to self-realization that they have no idea of what the true self is they have absolutely no clue whatsoever they're totally trapped in illusion and in illusory ways of thinking and perceiving reality and they have been totally hung up on the idea that their current level of perception is reality and that's the that's the ideology we've talked about on the show known as solecism solid facism is the ideology that I call the biggest lie that perception is reality and that there is no such thing as objective truth and this is what the demon mind wants you to think this is what the soul of opposition the very force of opposition itself a fear of control being torn apart okay the opposer the one that tears us apart from the inside from inside ourselves divides us the force of division and internal opposition that force itself wants people to believe that there is no such thing as truth that there is no such thing as objective truth once you wholeheartedly to believe in it and be attached to the belief that perception is reality and that's the biggest lie there is and it's the most dangerous ideology on the surface or on anywhere on the earth period it's the most dangerous ideology on this planet it's called solecism look it up sol IP sism solecism we've talked about it fairly extensively on the show and it needs to be thoroughly renounced and rejected because there is such a thing as truth it is up to us to discover it and live in harmony with its principles period and it's there if we have the will to go forward and discover it no matter what it is whether the truth of the reality that we're living in is uncomfortable whether we come to a very dark place whether you know this law this natural law isn't effective it works a certain way it doesn't make a difference what the truth is we need to recognize it accept it and then live in accordance with its principles and if we don't like the way something is playing out we need to get in touch with the truth in order to understand what we do to change it for the better in keeping with our stated intentions for ourselves so we say we want to be happy and say we don't want to suffer and say we want to be free well there are requirements that go along with that that isn't the default condition of the universal isn't the default condition of humanity there are requirements that go along with that you know I mean hey we could make that occur but from where we are now there are requirements attached to making that condition apart we can be truly we can not suffer it's possible not to create non condition where there is no self inflicted suffering okay now some will say as long as you're in a physical body there's going to be suffering okay if you're attached to having to be that way yeah you can also see it as desires come and go attachment to desire is what's going to create suffering yeah you'll be hungry again yeah you'll need to sleep again but you'll need to be attached to those desires that's living totally in your 10 in ego ego attachment as we talked about in a couple of shows ago when we discuss ego identification and attachment it's being attached to those desires where the problem comes in not that any desire exists I would never suggest all desire could ever be purged from the human condition more than it should but attachment to desire now there's there's a problem so we can make a standard intention and say I want to be happy well don't cry any self-inflicted suffering and get attached to desire and there can be true happiness we want to be free oh don't create chaos by creating control mechanisms and hierarchies and imbalances and injustice and we'll be free but people insist they know better people insist that they can live outside of the boundaries of natural law and ultimately what this is really all about is people insist that they can play God they can be God I can determine how it works I can determine how natural law works I can say I'm the arbiter of truth my perceptions are reality there is no such thing as objective truth and that's what's going to ultimately create a hell out here and we're well a long way as I've said before to doing that well along the way good job everyone's really it's so far up to this time on this planet is doing a great job at that because 99% of us are completely fooled we don't have the ability to tell truth from falsehood we brought lies that have been sold to us from the cradle and we stay attached to them and we insist that there's no such thing as natural law and we don't bring our freewill into harmony with it that's really what's going on here that's really what is creating the human condition as we see it today and we said we don't like it and yet so are willing to learn the totality of how this works and so few of us are willing to actually change to come in accordance with those principles and so few of us are then willing to explain how this works to others and because of that extreme imbalance and so few people recognizing this and so few people understanding it living in harmony with it and then explaining how it works to other people that's why we're come to the brink of total chaos and total suffering and total domination of our species we're heading tag law into a prison of which once we work ourselves into it in fullness it will be very very very difficult for anyone coming after us to ever get out of that prison it is the gates of hell literally closing in on this planet no less than that and you can say hey that's a real religious notion go right ahead and say that but hell is eternal separation from any right way of being in the world and that's where we're headed meant and that's where we're headed in all seriousness we are heading toward a state where it will be almost impossible to live in any way connected with right action because other people are so hung up on control and so hung up on that you just have to do this this or that's because other people say that's the way it has to be it's the blind leading the blind leading the blind and that brings us to the fourth barrier to self-realization the belief an attachment to institutionalized belief systems the accepting of belief systems and notice I don't use the word philosophies these are belief systems they're not knowings they're not anything that anybody knows is the way things are they are beliefs that are shared amongst the people that carry these these ways of acting and ways of being in the world out okay and they all believe in it unquestioningly and therefore it has become institutionalized meaning that it is so ingrained in society it is so engrained in the thought patterns and in the actions of people that they don't even question why this institution exists in the first place that is what instant institutionalized thought and institutionalized belief is all about there is no imagination to ever be able to even have the capacity to see that the world could exist and prosper even to even greater levels without these institutions their members think that this is an eternal principle of the universe that this always has been like this it is this way now and it always must be like this it must be like this that's what an institutionalized belief system imprints into the minds of its mind-controlled followers and let's make no mistake and mince no words about this the people that follow institutionalized belief systems or but some all and again there's a generality there's a generality there is somebody making a blanket statement yes yes I'm making a blanket statement okay people are uncomfortable with that good be real uncomfortable with it you're uncomfortable with it for a reason if you're uncomfortable with a blanket statement you know some blanket statements are true there are some places you can use the word all and mean every single person that thinks that way and be correct when you're saying they think this or that this is really their condition in consciousness there is nothing that says that you cannot use the word all and have it be true they because what I'm saying is all people not some and you one that believes in and unquestioningly accepts that institutionalized beliefs belief system that they are numbers of must always exist those people all are under mind control without exception every one of them okay so what does this include this includes the biggest group of people that this includes what is the biggest institutionalized belief system on the entire planet Earth but if we think of institutionalized beliefs unquestioned beliefs that people absolutely believe are 100% true and they don't question that whole system I would say there is one overarching fundamental belief that is the most widely shared institutionalized belief system that we have on the planet Earth and that is that money exists that money exists let me say that one more time the widest held and the most deeply shared and believed in institutionalized belief system on planet Earth is that there is such a thing as money an actual point of factory out in actual nature that money is real that it actually means something entirely actual value there is no such thing as money folks doesn't exist never has existed it never will exist money does not exist in the universe it doesn't exist in nature it's a construct the human being is invented and it exists only in one place their own mind and will never exist anywhere else in actual reality and that's the biggest institutionalized belief system that there is and every person that believes in that institutionalized belief is undermined control everyone bar none with no exceptions so let's start from there and move outward because I just hit you with the hardest thing that there is to accept so we'll get back in that's coming up at the top of the second hour okay so we'll get back into institutionalized belief systems and we'll go through more of them in the second hour for now I'm mark passio you've been listening to what on earth is happening and I will see you in a couple of minutes after the after the intro music for the second hour be back freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome everyone welcome back to our number two of what on earth is happening on this Tuesday June 1st 2010 to liberate your soul and mind that is what this show is all about so my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website is revolution broadcasting calm the calling number for this show anybody that wants to call in seven two four four four four seven four four four a call ID number for this show is eight three five one five you ought to punch that anyone call that calling number once again the caller number is seven four four four four seven four four four the call ID eight three five one five so in the last hour we were talking about institutionalized belief systems and we talked about one of the biggest institutionalized beliefs being money itself and I would suggest that has the deepest grip of any other institutionalized belief system on the consciousness of the people of this planet we will get back into the discussion of institutionalized belief systems in a couple moments I want to briefly read a couple of announcements for the Philadelphia area that's where I'm from I try to do activist work in this area and I get involved with a group called truth freedom prosperity and we host free documentary showings and discussions at the ethical society building in Philadelphia that's 1906 South Rittenhouse Square we host these every third Monday of the month so in June there's one coming up on Monday night June 21st at 7 o'clock PM truth freedom prosperity will be presenting being will be screening the documentary generation rx and it's excellent anybody in this area should come out and check it out and get involved with this great group their website is truth freedom prosperity org Monday June 21st 7 p.m. at the ethical society building 1906 separate now square free documentary showing and discussion of generation rx check out their website true freedom prosperity org another group I'm very active with is the Tesla Science Foundation and the associated Nikola Tesla inventors club this group is going to be hosting a big three-day conference in Philadelphia this summer it's called the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 July 9th 10th and 11th that's Friday Sunday Tesla Science Foundation will be bringing together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm look up Nikola Tesla and understand what this man tried to do and why I'm involved with this group the main reason I'm involved with this group is because the control of energy is the control of human beings folks the control of energy is the control of people the events for this three-day conference July 9 8:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. Tesla birthday bash at Independence Visitor Center 6th and Market Streets that's free to attend July 10th 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tesla Fest at the same location independence Visitor Center 6th and Market Streets featuring exhibits vendors information art and music it is also free to attend presentations and lectures at the furry Library of Philadelphia 1901 Vine Street that's July 10th 10 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. I myself will be emceeing this event and introducing the featured speakers and they are Russell Anderson Kelly Tatyana Milotic Michael tree mono Davina Michael Kramer and Brian yet sir this event is also free to attend so three out of the five events that this conference comprises are free there's two more events scheduled one is a reception dinner and concert on July 10 Saturday night July 10 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Arch Street meeting house 320 Arch Street featuring the divine hand ensemble a classical music ensemble centered around the electronic instrument known as the theremin check out their website at divine hand dotnet the pricing for both the dinner and concert together only $20 to 10 tickets are already on sale and for just the dinner or just the concert by itself $12 I mean I don't know how you could possibly beat that for an evening out $20 for both $12 or either a dinner or concert just absolutely incredible and all those proceeds will be going to a great cause namely developing a new energy paradigm that is freely shared and it is green it is clean and it is free so come on out to the reception dinner in concert at the arc Street meeting house finally the crux of the conference of the scientific portion which is scheduled for July 10th and 11 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at - Liberty Place 32nd floor 1601 Chestnut Street this will feature at least 10 scientifically oriented presentations geared toward inventors scientists so right there is a registration fee for that for both days $110 you can register at the Tesla Science Foundation website and more information on the entire conference at wtiu science foundation Arg with that those announcements having been said I'm going to get right back into the topic that I was talking about in the previous hour and going deeper into institutionalized belief systems this is the fourth barrier to the realization of the true self barriers towards self-realization is what this section is all about and we are focused on institutionalized belief systems and at the top at the bottom of the last hour what I was saying is that money is the biggest institutionalized belief system on planet earth right now and what I was also saying is I was making a very generalized and blanket statement admittedly a blanket state a blanket statement that everyone that subscribes to a institutionalized belief system in some form or another or to some degree or another is under mind control that's what keeps people believing that institutionalized belief systems 1 are true and 2 always what must exist that the world would just descend into utter complete chaos and deterioration were these institutionalized systems are taken out of existence or they just completely dissolved and that is the very definition of mind control the very definition of mind control is the inability to use the imagination to envision anything different that's the ultimate definition of mind control mind control is the extermination of the imagination as simply a can be put as simply as it can be stated that's what mind-control is and I'm making this point for a reason because in future shows this is what we're going to shift the topic by the discussion - and things are going to be getting darker on what on earth is happening for some people who have listened up to this point you may have thought this was going to be a new-age broadcast well nothing can be farther from the truth okay we are going to look at the dark as many in the new age movement will not okay because they'll say oh yes that empowers it no ignoring things is what empowers them ignoring things and letting things just happen on the default settings is what's giving the negative more power learning about how methodologies work arming yourself against negative methodologies and then being able to do something that is extremely empowering and positive is not negative that nothing could be farther from the truth so we are going to look at the dark we are going to confront a shadow on this show the shadow is there for a reason and we should not be ignoring it we should stare it in the eyes we should look it down and we should confront it and you should integrate it and we should heal it that's what a lot of people in the New Age movement telling people because they've subscribed to an institutionalized belief system and that's mind control let me ask you a question why is it why is it now really think about this for a moment those who are listening tonight or on the podcast why is it that we have the same language the same words in the English language are used now get this for being committed to an institution meaning I believe in and subscribe to what this institution is doing okay I believe in the educational system I believe in the military I believe in the police I believe in this religion I wholeheartedly support these institutions I'm committed to an institution why do we have the exact same language for being committed to an institution as I just described that as we do for being committed to an institution meaning being taken away from normal society to be placed in a hospital that deals with treating mental problems and issues that's an accident that we happen to have the same language for those two things I don't think that's an accident you want to know why it's not an accident because they mean the same thing if you're committed to an institution might as well be committed to an institution that's about as close to humor as I'm going to get on tonight's show folks so in jewelry that but I think there is something to that that's not an accident that it works out that way in language and we'll be talking about and already have talked briefly about how critical the understanding of words as they have come to be structured in the English language really are we need to understand how words are structured and what they are saying to us at all times at all play in all places there is magic in the language some people have referred to this as synchronicity or synchro mysticism understanding that words that are trying to tell us something you know that there is a consciousness and intelligences coming through in the language itself if only we connect to it through getting in touch with our right imaginative creative capacity of the right brain our right mind and there are many more examples of how language works out like that but that's just one of them because it's all about mind control they have to convince you that their institution must exist or there will be utter chaos and ruin that they would be just ruined if Dushan went away for some reason not continued to take the actions that it tells you it must take tall mind control so let's look at some other institutions okay and make no mistake about it I realize what this is this is attacking everything that just about everybody in the world holds sacred in some form or another I get that I'm not naive enough not to understand what I'm doing here or how hard it would be to transcend this mental condition that most people are identified with because what it really is is it's it's it's ultimately attacking what someone else seems perceives and believes as their identity which is why this relates him in ten with ego identification another barrier to self-realization as long as people identify with the role that they play in an institutionalized belief system they're going to be identified with the institution itself see how that works because if the institution is ultimately not doing something that is really necessary that is ultimately so good that it must exist and I'm part of it what does that mean for me that I and part of that institution see then you have to really re-evaluate what you're doing with your time and with with your life look at another institution which I briefly started talking about last week secret societies and occult orders these are institutionalized belief systems some of them will teach philosophy some more then we'll teach ideologies however they are still institutionalized systems no matter what they teach and one of the beliefs they propagate is that this knowledge belongs to us and it is ours to get out to gradually English whoever we see fit to give it out and we will determine that we will be the arbiters of information conveyance information doesn't belong to the totality of the beings on this world it belongs this information belongs to us say and this is why I know I'm not a member of any institutionalized belief system including secret societies or occult orders any longer earlier in my life I was a member of occult orders and very mark and unpleasant ones and I'm not proud of saying that that's where a lot of mine awareness developed out of after I descended to such a place in consciousness that there were two choices come out of this level of consciousness or die I'm still here talking so you know the decision I made when it came to making that that shift in awareness just come up to a higher level of consciousness and live and then help to explain how that dynamic or any other people as we listen and let me clarify my position on that just for a moment I do this not for myself I do not serve myself this isn't about me at all I don't even I don't even care whether people know my name understand who I am I can care less you go and look at my website there's nothing for sad up there I'm not in this to make any money I'm certainly not in this to serve my own life's interest because there's lots of other things like doing with my time but I choose to do this and it's not ultimately some people say well you're choosing it because you want to serve humanity and ultimately it's a very small part of it but it's not really the totality of why I choose to do this because the bulk of humanity could care less about this and isn't listening I mean let's let's be realistic I'm under no illusions of how big what I do is or who's listening so I don't really do it to serve humanity either you know if they benefit from it I would love to see that I really hope people are getting something out of what I do but some will and that's majority but we will not on the level of consciousness that are currently at I don't see them I haven't seen most people paying much attention of it to this I see most people wanting to watch sports wanting to drink some beers wanting to you know pursue fertilis pursuits and live for the pleasure principle and that's about it and that's why the world is headed in the present state bit tight but going back to the idea of why I do this at all it's simply to serve the truth that's it the truth will not be killed as long as people are doing this and that's before so I serve which is the force of love that's it you can say anything you want about my approach my style my blanket statements you know of the approach that doesn't maybe feed people because if you're a person that has an emotionally mature and this is ready to hear this go go listen to something else or go watch some junk on television I'm not the person that's going to water this down for anyone don't expect that from me that's not my style and I'm not interested in will running it down that other people can take it take this information and try to decide who did and then get other people to drink it I don't I'm not interested in that at all so that's never going to be my approach I'm a straightforward straight shooter that's how this information got into me until I was broken down enough to say I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong I was wrong a million times and again I've said it before on the show I'll say it a million more but the ultimate reason I do this is not to serve myself not even to serve humanity it is only to serve the truth that's it that's that's all I look at myself as someone who is conveying a message the message isn't even mine this isn't my message I didn't invent any of this discover a rediscover of this research I researched this and I found it we found it discovered it uncovered it that's it that makes me no one special I'm not your guru I'm not your spiritual adviser teacher healer you're that that's what you are to yourself all I can be is a facilitator of information because I realized information does not belong to me this information isn't mine I'm not I don't have the authority or right to keep it I am here to speak it that's it for no other reason that's why I do what I do so with that having been said we talked about institutionalized belief systems and we've gotten we're listening some of them and secrets of somebody networks are one of them that's why I got into the discussion of you know why I do this and who owns knowledge you know no one owns knowledge knowledge belongs to the world period institutionalized belief systems one of them is secret society networks that actually believe they are the keepers of hidden knowledge they are the keepers of occult wisdom sure you are and guess what you think you're wise because oh this is dangerous information that if given some of the stuff that's really really deep in this is dangerous information about you know what our true powers as human beings are and if that falls into the wrong hands and will be chaos and destruction guess what that's not for you to decide high-level secret society overlords out there okay that think you know something that the rest of humanity doesn't and in some ways you do and in some ways you're in deeper ignorant and the most ignorant of people that you call the uninitiated that you call this line are okay and that knowledge isn't yours to filter and to segregate from the rest of humanity it belongs to the universe and you're not God last time I checked therefore you're not the arbiter of what information other people get to see in here you can think you all want that'll never make it true and I don't care who out there is listening that is a member of a secret society to some form or another you're on your mind control you can you can take in the beliefs I mean you can take in the philosophies you can study this but once you start getting into the notion that this is segregated from other people and that there's a right to do that now that enters institutionalized belief systems and on this shuttle in the future we're going to talk a lot about occult philosophies and we will delve into three mason and we will delve into Rosicrucianism we will delve into Kabbalah we will delve into Gnostic teachings etc etc okay we will go into some hidden teachings and occult teachings of different occult orders but that does not mean that I subscribe to the notion that secret societies that have been set up to convey and teach this information have a right to keep certain levels of knowledge secret because they deem it dangerous or they deem other people unfit for it and some of those people would say oh you're the unwise one because you would just display pearls before swine again it's not your decision to make the knowledge doesn't belong to you no matter how high level it is no matter how advanced it is from someone else's understanding it's not yours that's that that's where you're in ego identification and attachment because you actually believe that your role is to be allowed to keep information from other people and you're wrapped up and tied up attached to that belief and it's not true nothing you ever say or do is ever going to make it true and that's why you accept your role your institutionalized belief system of secret society member such-and-such degree well it's all mind control okay the first one we talk about is money it's all mind control never has been any such thing as money doesn't exist now never gonna leave this old people out there think Gold's money mind control silver is money you're under mind control no that's called a metal it doesn't really have any value except what you ascribe to it now hey you can you can boil medals down and make cups out of them you can make in you know of utensils out of them yeah then they have a utilitarian value but in and of themselves okay an aesthetic value you can say yeah oh I like looking at that it has an aesthetic pleasing value you could use it in art okay but money as an actual system of belief that's the only place that it exists is a human mind and I don't know if I mentioned this on the show that again we can get into words the word money just like we talked about being committed to an institution is the same as being committed to an institution I mean getting wrapped up and identified with an institutionalized belief system is the same as essentially being crazy and being put away okay you have to really be at the same level of consciousness pretty much for both things and that's why the same word says the same thing same series the same phrase says the same thing money is another example if you break down the word money its mo n which is the root for one mono one on a mono cycle you know um monopoly one it means one and the last part of money is dy phonetically that's i1i money is a proxy it's an illusion it's it's being presented to people as the one I which it's not they even stamp it on the American you know the US dollar bill they put a lot the seal of the one eye on the bill that is the one dollar bill but it isn't the one eye it's a proxy for one eye they're giving you that in in lieu of the one eye because they know the one eye is not there is not present in the person they're handing it to they don't have their one eye open which comes from a balanced brain the awakening of the all-seeing eye in the center of the brain the pineal gland which connects one to a higher level of awareness of self and connectedness with the totality of the all they know most people aren't there so the occultists that invented money and occult this invented money let's be under no illusions about that okay the whole monetary system is invented and set up by ocultist people who are using their hidden knowledge and their levels of awareness to nipple eight other people into breaking natural laws so they can get what they want and not be affected by those very laws or at least for a time let's never forget that either for a time they will be affected by those natural law principles but they think they can run on forever and it will never catch up with them and they're wrong but eventually it does and it always does not sometimes Oh all the time there's another blanket statement for you okay so money means the 1i that's what the word actually means and it's been there your whole life and most people have never seen that no matter how old they are there it is right in the word and it's a proxy for the 1i an approximate is given to you in place of the real thing and someone says here take this and imagine that it's the real thing you know just use it as the real money the real one I they think that they're they think they can convince you and they have convinced many people but that's going to bring the balance and love and happiness because that's what the one I actually represents the ability to see with the spiritual sight that brings to one happiness the end of self inflicted suffering true balance to harmony living in harmony with nature living in the dynamic energy of love etc etc etc and one will never bring you any of those things yet they're trying to convince you that that's what it can bring you hence the word itself and the seal on the dollar bill which we'll get into in future weeks will break down all kinds of symbolism in future leaks will break down symbolism so in such detail you'll get tired of breaking it down because that's another completely illiterate of completely in ignorance of how symbols work upon the subconscious as another form of mind control and again this is a good topic to jump off to because probably in the next two weeks or so we'll be getting into mind control techniques maybe two or three weeks and institutionalized belief systems have a lot to do with mind control for one how about the educational system we talked about that we talked about the prison of the left brain well many people don't want to believe that the institution that they believe that they have believed in their whole life the educational system maybe that they're a teacher in you know or a principal or know someone that runs a department in a college or works in you know a university some things they don't want to believe that that institution is ultimately creating harm in the world through putting people into a pure left-brain way of seeing the world and therefore never being able to wholistically connect with deeper levels of the consciousness in the mind so people who are believing that they're doing good through the educational system very deeply attached to the role they play this is pure ego attachment because I can't be involved at whatever level of harm this institution is doing by simply being a part of it whatever we make you think it works like that that because I'm a part of it see I want to do good that's my intent and I think I'll be able good flow working in this institution in this totally controlled system I'll do good in my way from the system now I know people will say that this is harsh I know people will say that again you're making blanket statements everybody who is thinking like this they can not appreciate because of how attached they are that they will never actually be able to influence anything for the better at a higher level as long as they are working within any institutional belief system and there can no clearer example of this than politics and here's where big portion of the freedom movement says mark I'd like some of the things you're talking about up to now but here's where I got a part ways with you and what I'll say is there are the ten pictures no that the big long journey up the mountain to the to the land of higher consciousness you could look at it like that okay and some people make that some people don't even want to start the journey they look at the mountain they go you crazy I'm going to climb that good luck you can climb it I'll be right down here on the ground and saying we're begin there the totally uninitiated they never start uninitiated means you haven't started and then there are people who do start the journey with you and you're going and going and going and they say oh well this is as far as I go oh yeah but yeah the peak is up there it's way way way beyond well right now we're like the third up man and they're like well I'm setting up camp right here and I move in another inch because where you're going up toward that peak BAC scary territory I don't know if I'm comfortable with climbing any higher than this and those are the people in the freedom movie that still actually believe that they're going to vote the world out of the difficulties that it's in they're going to change the world by voting the right people you're going to vote out the bad people you're going to vote in the right people right sure you are good luck with that let me know how that works out for you because once again it fails to recognize a basic principle once you allow yourself to be represented by anyone else but yourself you aren't represented by anyone you present yourself or your own bottom line your own your control and most importantly you've given up a responsibility you've given a power you've given up your internal power to make the decisions upon which your behaviors are based on how you're going to live your life in harmony with natural law principles period once you give up that responsibility and you hand it over to anyone else no matter how good their intentions are you are owned and there is no way anything that this order can come about as a result of that because you are giving away something that Nature has granted to you as a gift and by the by hint by throwing it away all you're going to create is chaos for yourself ultimately all those around you and that's why all representative governments not some all of them eventually descend and devolve into barbarity and tyranny and ours is no exception in the United States sorry to break the news to you get over it we don't have a lot of time to be crying in our beer over this okay and again I'm not going to explain this in any different way I'm not going to baby feed it to you when things get worse and they will go back and listen to my podcasts but there's my there's my advice to the people who don't want what want to understand this because the world is going to become completely more chaotic than it is now get ready for get ready for four people snap out of this trance mind state of believing in all these institutions the world is going to descend and ascend and descend and descend so prepare yourself emotionally prepare yourself mentally prepare yourself psychologically and prepare yourself spiritually because until people start actually admitting that someone is wrong and they are wrong and that they're not going to solve the problem by continuing to do the same thing the same dynamic I'm going to add the same dynamic and magically it's going to change magically good luck that's all I can say I can't I can't make anybody change the way they think I can only tell you how this principle works that's it and I'm not telling you this is my opinion again I'm telling you I've recognized a core fundamental truth about how law higher law capital L works and what you're going to get when you go against it so again I'm not telling anybody they must do anything you can continue to go and believe in these systems do it you've always done but all I'm saying is do not expect a different result crazy if you do you're all you're doing the same thing you're not actually changing the way you and you think magically suddenly the world's going to change for the better and you're not going to suffer anymore well I'm proud of you if you think that wonderful continue to live like that and see what happens see what you get I think there is no better way to understand natural law and continuing to do the same thing and getting the same result because eventually something will snap in your brain unless you die first which I think most people are so an ego but what will you do they're willing to follow this course until they die so I think eventually something will snap in people and they'll say hey you know what maybe it's me maybe I can't continue to live the way I'm letting think the way I'm thinking and expect to get a different result in my life and that's what had to happen to me and it took so much suffering for me that again I was one step out of the grave had I gone any further along that belief system I would have been dead and finally something snapped and said you know what you can't do this you can't it's you it's actually you the in beloit your thinking and when I change it my life miraculously completely turned in 180 degrees in the opposite direction and became semi miraculous in the synchronicity and then things that opened up unto me and how I was able to change myself not just my thoughts the way I feel every day my health every aspect of my life everyone so believing in institutions is a strong force and some of the biggest what I'll wrap up the show talking about a few of the biggest government religion and then the control institutions of the police and the military these are the most powerful institutions on the surface of the earth these are the most powerful institutions on this planet because they have the deepest hole of the human mind these are the deepest mind controlling institutions that we have in humanity and they are the ones who are ultimately responsible for destroying the consciousness of this planet and I don't really care who's listening that's a member of any institutions I don't care who's listening I don't care who's offended I don't care who finds this hard to accept their believe these are the institutions that are going to be responsible for the destruction of the human species if we don't pull up from this course and reverse the direction that we're heading in government religion military and police that's it and every member no matter how well-intentioned every member I'm going to say this a thousand times and you can take it however you want to take it but notice I'm not saying anything about what these people are actually good hearted people or bad hearted people I'm only making the statement that every one of them are fold every one of them does not understand how natural law works every one of them in some degree or another is undermined control bar none if you both are in government and believed that there needs to be government to control people's actions and that the only way to create order is be control and as an end to that you must have government you're under mind control period I don't know who you are you're under mind control to a certain degree those who believe there should be less government are under a little less mind control but they're under mind control nonetheless the same thing with police all of them not some of them all of them are under mind control to some degree everybody that believes in religion as an institutionalized belief system I'm talking about organized religion not the deep core philosophy at the very core the principles that's not what I'm talking about I'm talking about the actual organized religious institutions everybody that is a follower of one of them and does not understand there are sovereign gain and there is no intermediary required between them and the divine in some form or another to some extent or another is undermined controlled and I will not back down from those positions I'm not going to water it down I'm not really interested in hearing a debate or debating as to whether that's true or not I'm making the statement because I've recognized that in the case that is the case I understand what all of these institutions are not what I think they are not my opinions about them I've studied their practices methodologies and the way they operate in the world to the extent that few people have and I know that anybody believing in these and accepting them and thinking that they must be eternal institutions is in some form or another under the dynamic of mind control alright this is the first time I'm going to attempt to take call I'm sorry I see that this person probably been in here for a while but let's go to a caller it says on my switchboard here South West Pennsylvania so Southwest Pennsylvania are you on the line hey what's up mark hey president desert this is Ark Oh Eric how you doing man Eric here in Doylestown Pennsylvania what's up man so you have a good show tonight uh very interesting things that ego attachment unbelievable I agree you know definitely become now that you said it you had like a quote from somebody okay thing Peaks ago maybe it was last week that okay uh the two parts and then you said basically it only hurts if there's attachment to it yeah myself and well Walter Rhodes like my desk a couple weeks ago we were talking about that we were talking about the difference between just ego being at school uh to understand that in the physical domain you know you have an individual ated expression of consciousness versus being attached to the ego and allowing it to not operate in its role as a tool but to actually become the master in other words you know I don't think should be completely purged it is a tool or consciousness to understand that hey this is my body and not your body you never will have different acts physical expressions okay and you know Evo lets me put food into my mouth as opposed to trying to put feed myself by putting food into someone else's mouth it's that simple but when the tool becomes the master when the tool says hey I enable you to have a physical existence here I want to set up shop and take over this house that's when it becomes a problem that's when it's attachment we can't separate from the ego we can't lay it down one we're finished using it we're constantly in it it's constantly wounding us essentially and that's what myself and my guests Walt were discussing a couple weeks back yeah okay and now I actually have a pretty simple question for you okay what happens when we die oh you'll get your guess is as good as mine I'm still alive you know um every every religion and every basic esoteric philosophy has different notions on that you know some people say you go into a void where all your experiences are integrated and learned from and then you have a decision as to whether to come back and you know what what kind of experience I don't know whether any of that is true then because I don't I don't really get into that word talk about that in my presentation or on my show because I'm not in that state I'm still alive in the physical form right now and you ever heard the expression be here now that's what I attempt to do attempt to explain work in the domain that you're in now as opposed to spending energy on worrying about that however I think that to some extent or another what the experience the quality of the experience that we do experience in whatever that that afterlife or in-between life or however you want to look at it state is I think the quality of that is dictated by how we behave here that I do believe can I tell you that that's the case no and so therefore I can only tell you that that is my belief and that's where I'll delineate what what I'm talking about something I know I'll study it unequivocally I understand that this is a law and it works this way but if I do not know that then I will say unequivocally this is my belief about how this may or may not work I believe that whatever experiences lying is waiting for us when we pass away from this from this level of consciousness I believe the quality of that and the amount of choice that we will have in that will be directly related to how we behave while we were in this domain while we were in this expression of consciousness do you ever feel that like you feel like your whole life has like a purpose and we will belong to something bigger I mean just the fact that I'm alive like a good-looking guy on the life like it's just like it just seems like is there's more to it than just us being like you know evolved monkeys you know flopping around ruining the world well I certainly believe there's a higher purpose for existence I don't I don't think that the universe is some dead machine that just is here for no reason and happened by cosmic accident you know as left brain very left brain imbalance people do you know I think there's absolutely purpose for being and I think the purpose is to grow to expand in consciousness to create you know that's why we call it a creator in created this common struct for experience for expression and it created it to be a reflection of itself which is a creator we ultimately have to get to a point where we're a conscious creator we understand what will create our experience and then we choose that that which is better that which we'll choose one thing out of many possibilities because we learn discernment and we learn here's a better choice if we want to create this here's a better choice if we want to create this you know and I think that's what this is all this stage of our evolution is all about that is about learning discernment it's about learning this is what you need to enact or behave like this to get what you say you want and until you combine your will with that understanding to actually do it you're never going to get what you say you want so I think that's part of why we're here to learn that very principle and I wish I could tell you Eric I really wish I could be a super hopeful person and say I think we're really understanding that I do not think that we are understanding that as a species I think some very few do understand that but the majority of people here choose to turn their backs on those principles and ignore them and that's why I see good things coming for planet Earth sadly I'd like to be able to tell you different man but I do not have an optimistic view of the future based on where we're at now now that may be slowly changing but I don't feel it's changing in large enough numbers well I know that I know that they have us like on drugs and there's mass mind control and you know everything they throw everything in the kitchen sink at us to basically keep us in a lower state of consciousness so we don't we don't question our reality you know we don't questions that really the truth you know we don't have the imagination and curiosity to say we in water life should I be doing better you know I like the Gandhi quote you have B to change you want the world to be if you want the world to be a better place to be a better person that's very simple yeah I think he understand it very well you know we get wrapped up in the whole idea that we need to do something first so that we can have what we want and then we'll be happy and it's really the reverse you know you have to be different be a certain expression in the world in consciousness then conditions will be created so that you can have the things that are necessary for you to be able to do what you want it isn't do have V it's be do have that's how that's how the dynamic really works so that even is only halfway because then you have to go back and even reverse it and say now that I have what I was looking for what do I do with that and that's really putting it into practice in the world and learning how to really act in wisdom in proper moral upright ways that affect and influence other people in the world and that's ultimately what I think the purpose of being here is to learn how to develop the will to do just that were well I see the shows coming land I gotta talk to you and so I'll call you on 10:30 all right yeah man definitely always a pleasure to hear from you our thanks for calling in that ain't no problem and I got you a UH I got you a bold one mark for rod I'll go get our anything go I'll be seeing you this first Friday hopefully and I'll give it to you them that looks pretty cool but I'm worried about what we're going to play a word association game in boils down that's what I have planned or are these are the people these are the people that are really on the hardcore mind control out here they're nice people they're educated they're you know they make good money but they just they're just in that institutionalized ego attachment state unfortunately men but you know there's there's things that we can do to slowly help bring them out of that man and we'll work on it we're not going to give up we're not going to stop you know well I think it's easier to talk to people about stuff like this now than it was two years ago just because they did the people run the world the government's really over reached you know the oil spill and all the other BS that's going on I'm a little one I great closes Eric thanks again for calling man I'm going to wrap up the show talking man I see everybody go take care alright that brings us to the end of this show I think I'll at the beginning of next show briefly go a little bit more into institutionalized belief systems and we'll get into some other topics so for now I am mark pass yet you've been listening to what on earth is happening I will see here next Tuesday at 8 p.m. good night everyone