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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] all right welcome everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday June 15 2010 my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is revolution broadcasting calm and I'd like to give the call-in number for this show anyone who wants to call in and talk about anything that they like there are no taboo topics on this show you could talk about anything you can bring up the oil spill you could talk about mind control which is going to be a topic that I'm going to attempt to get into this evening um anything you want no tableau topics call in hold on the line I will get to your call as soon as I see it on the switchboard so the call in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call in number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call you have to punch in the call ID number for this show the call ID number is eight three five one five once again the call ID number is eight three five one five so hopefully we'll get a few callers tonight and I'll go right into the event announcements for the philadelphia area and then we'll get into the topics for tonight before we do that I'd like to just tell everyone you you may here are a mild amount of background noise um I have a central air-conditioning unit in my home and that is on it's the first time it's had need to be on during one of the shows so I have that running I hopefully that won't create too much of a disturbance in the background during the show tonight if it does it's someone group please be so kind as to call in and just let me know if that's disturbing or if it's uh you know too much to tolerate and I could basically turn that off so it doesn't create any further disturbance but I don't think it's going to be too bad it looks like my levels look pretty good so event announcements these are in the Philadelphia area upcoming I have three event announcements of the two that I've been reading are the documentary showing and discussion for generation Rx and the Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations so the first one is June 21st that's a Monday evening at 7:00 p.m. at the ethical Society building that's at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia the activist group freedom prosperity is hosting their monthly free documentary showing and discussion night at the ethical Society and this month they are showing generation rx about the dangers of the pharmaceutical cartels particularly when it comes to the health and well-being of the young so parents who are health conscious and also Liberty conscious should try to make it out to the ethical Society on June 21st 7 o'clock p.m. sharp and there will be a discussion following be showing of generation rx for more information on this meetup and future meetups for the group truth freedom prosperity please feel free to check out their website at and then the big conference for this summer in Philadelphia and it could not be more timely or more necessary with the events that are playing out before our eyes in the Gulf of Mexico as we speak the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 July 9th 10th and 11th in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be bringing together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm and I'll say I mean if we don't realize that we need to get off of oil we need to get away from this it's destroying the earth it's causing us to be imperialistic and go out and destroy other people's it's just an unsustainable way of living and supporting our need for for energy and Tesla had the solution over a hundred and ten years ago and yet in our ignorance we chose not to listen to a man of wisdom when it came to as he called it harnessing the wheelwork of nature for clean and renewable energy so this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current radio the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity the event schedule is as follows on July 9th in the evening 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. there will be a Tesla birthday bash held at the independence Visitor Center at 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia they're going to celebrate Tesla's birthday he was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th and there will be a demonstration of many Tesla coils at this event a fireworks display Tesla style if you will this event is free to attend the next day July 10th there will be actually four separate events first is the Tesla fest which will be an outdoor event from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. also at the independence Visitor Center 6th and Market Streets this will feature exhibits vendors information art and music this event is also free to attend the same day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Free Library of Philadelphia at 1901 Vine Street there will be presentations and lectures for the Tesla enthusiasts to come and check out information on Tesla and his technologies I have the honor of being the master of ceremonies at this event I will be introducing all the great speakers the featured speakers are Russell Anderson michael kelly tatiana militant michael treat mano de vino' michael Craner and brian yet sir this event is also free to attend the main lecture hall at the library holds approximately 400 people and we are hoping that we can fill it with this event because as I've said people really need to understand what is possible when it comes to energy um creation and distribution because we need a change in the way we are doing this and the oil disaster in the Gulf is no clear example of this and if we're not waking up to that now I don't think there's any hope for us as a species but continuing with the events scheduled the same day July 10th in the evening from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. there will be the reception dinner and concert at the Arch Street meeting house that's at 3:20 Arch Street this will feature the classical ensemble known as the Divine hand they are a classical ensemble that is centered around the theremin instrument which is an electronic instrument that generates incredible sounding tones and you can check out more about them and their music at their website WWE had met the pricing for this event is only twenty dollars for both the dinner and the concert and there will be a there will be many different styles of cuisine certain there will be a meat dish for those who eat meat there will be a vegetarian dish there will be a fish dish and there will be a vegan dish so food for for everyone's palate of great music great people doing great work so come on out and support the Tesla Science Foundation by buying a ticket for the reception dinner and concert at the Arch Street meeting house on July 10th only $20 you can't leave that anywhere for a great evening out with great food and music and great people so but the final event is the scientific conference which is kind of the meat and potatoes of the entire event because this is where they're actually bringing scientists together and these will be scientifically oriented presentations in other words not so much for the layman or just the general enthusiasts but for people of a scientific bent so July 10th and 11th the scientific conference will be ongoing from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days this will take place at 2:00 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor to Liberty Place 32nd floor 1601 Chestnut Street in Philadelphia it will feature at least 10 scientific presentations possibly more you can register for only $110 at the Tesla Science Foundation website for emerging details see the conference website at VW Tesla Science Foundation orj Tesla Science Foundation org to keep informed about all of the meet ups of the Nikola Tesla club and the Tesla Science Foundation you can join their meetup group at n Tesla meetup.com slash 38 that's n te SLA meetup.com slash three eight the number 38 so those are I'm sorry I have one more event announcement and this is a preliminary announcement this event is a long way off but I'm going to start announcing it now because I'm going to promote as much as humanly possible for this event because I am the person who is putting the event together and this is going to be called free your mind the title was just selected free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult this will be taking place on April 9th 2011 and if we have enough interest and speakers we will be extending this to a second day and it will be April 9th and 10th 2011 a venue is in the works but has not been solidified yet when I have the venue I will announce that there are already two confirmed speakers for the event I will be speaking and a good friend of mine and a person can really enlighten me to many things that were taking place in this world who is also speaking at the Tesla event Michael Kelley will be speaking and probably preparing a presentation on some form of mind control possibly electromagnetic usage uses for mind control applications or possibly discussing neuro-linguistic programming so we have two confirmed speakers and we have many more potential speakers that we will be talking to over the next few weeks and as new speakers are added to this bill I will be announcing here on the show there will be a website created very soon I have not gotten around to doing that yet but I will announce the website once that is built as well so a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult the event is going to be called free your mind April 9th and 10th possibly the 10th 2011 hold the date so those are the event announcements and I guess I can briefly get into a recap of what we've done thus far and then jump into the topic for tonight which is going to be a continuation of discussing the ongoing problem that the human species is seemingly trapped in and a huge huge part of that problem is mind control so we're going to start to divert a little bit from talking about the types of factors and conceptual ideas and philosophies that we've been discussing over the last several weeks on this show and we're going to get into a little bit darker waters and talk about what is perpetuating and keeping the problem manifesting for as long as it has been which is that human beings are continuously creating a scenario a manifestation an experience that they do not wish to experience because it contains a large amount of suffering that is self-inflicted suffering it is not necessary to experience and mind control is a dominant factor in any analysis if it be an honest one regarding what is actually taking place and what is driving these dynamics so ultimately what we have done on this show up to this point is talk about the bottom line causal factors regarding why human beings suffer the way they do that's what this show is ultimately about and freedom the concept the notion the very notion of freedom is all about freedom from suffering freedom from unpleasant experiences so what we have done is we have discussed causal factors and the ultimate causal factor the reason the bottom-line reason that human beings experience self-inflicted suffering and this is not an overgeneralization this is not reductionism it's not oversimplification there are really only two reasons that human beings experience self-inflicted suffering it is because they accept into their belief systems that which is not true and simultaneously they refuse to accept that which is true human beings are fooled and suffer only two ways refuse to accept that which is true and they accept that which is false so you can you can compress it even more and boil it down into one overarching dynamic the ability to tell truth from falsehood and deception that's it every other problem that we experience that is unpleasant for us that contains suffering for us is derived ultimately from that overarching dynamic and there will be those who don't agree with that who think that that isn't the case and that's fine but there are people who have studied this dynamic intently and intensely for many years there are people who have written about this dynamic who have in their wisdom tried to explain this to many other people so that they could avoid the pitfalls that we fall into constantly and yet that wisdom is almost constantly rejected universally but there are very few who do listen to it and have really been able to apply those principles and turn their life around such that they themselves do not inflict self-imposed suffering upon themselves again one of the problems is we live in a quantum universe we live in a universe that is driven by quantum dynamics which means amount so a very few people doing something can in create an influence but until there is a critical mass or a significant number of people that are changing their attitudes that are changing their thought processes that are changing their behaviors it is very difficult when there is an immensity of people that are not are seemingly not changing okay and are continuing down this road of suffering because ultimately we are all bound together ultimately we are all connected there is no separation at the level of consciousness as those with one goes with the whole and vice-versa people think that if it doesn't affect me many people think if it doesn't affect me then I don't need to worry about it it's something that I can ignore and this isn't how it really works being that we are all connected fundamentally in consciousness we are all universal energy experiencing itself as one suffers all suffer so it's difficult to get to that critical mass point where enough people are going to get out of old patterns of thinking and old patterns of behavior in the world and change such that the over arching dynamic of what is creating the shared reality of the whole changes that's what we're trying to work toward by how assisting people in changing their worldview changing their fundamental way of thinking about how they operate in the world how they interact with other people how they treat other people how they treat themselves how they view themselves in relation to others because ultimately again if you understand what really is you understand there is no separation and as happens to one being is ultimately happening to you as well it is only through our filters that we see self and other as separate things ultimately they are the same in consciousness that being said one of the fundamental principles it needs to be acknowledged that is operating in the world is mind control this is what keeps this new paradigm is fundamental shift in the way people think from emerging it is like a force that is constantly holding something down and constantly has to be applied it's an applied force and if that force were let off from the application point namely the mind we would see things dramatically shift very quickly the problem is the forms of media that are out there in the world that most people are taking into themselves and making a part of them by what they are paying attention to our poisonous streams of information that are either based in pure ignorance or outright deception knowingly I know that may be you know a difficult thing for a lot of people to hear but it needs to be said and it needs to be understood and mind control needs to be understood the methodologies of mind control how it is used how it goes to work on the subconscious how it goes to work through patterns the repetition the assembles we'll be discussing all of this will be discussing multifaceted techniques of mind control it's a war on consciousness ultimately that's what mind control is and I've set up on this show and I'll say many more times ultimately what mind control is at its fundamental level is an attempt to exterminate the human imagination an attempt to exterminate the ability for people to challenge the status quo because they cannot even envision or conceptualize anything being different than how it currently is and if you destroy the imaginative capability of human beings you have them exactly where you want them or as long as you want them there that's ultimately what mind control is about I see we already have a couple of callers on the line Pawar's hold on I'm going to get to you in order that you called in so it says on my switchboard here east Maryland here we go East Maryland you are on what on earth is happening I'll go there if that is that me yeah okay I'm just I called in to the listen line this is great stuff then somebody somebody posted the show on Facebook so I just I called it into the line to get a listen this is great stuff man laughter we're just would you like to get your name or now sure I'm Garrett doing the weird change Maryland thing great yeah so the guys have been all down there well right now we're just playing for the porcupine festival up in New Hampshire next week or turtle off that yeah we're we're all real pumped up about that to get together with a bunch of like-minded Liberty minded individuals and uh you know we're just we're just doing what we can around here and Maryland hitting up all the different college campuses trying to you know spread truth and just open up the wearing us to so many of the poor college kids that are being literally institutionalized I can definitely relate to that and my agree with that it's a good place to reach out to on campuses for sure because we do need to reach young people for certain if there is any hope it is in in the youth and to change their attitudes and behaviors is of fundamental importance so that's great that you guys are doing that well anything else you have some one-owner do you want to bring up or talk about well you know it's it's it's it's so refreshing to see stuff like this you know getting mentions on facebook like there is definitely a major shift in the mindset of people nowadays going on and I'm and it's just it's just thrilling to see you know some people are sitting there waiting around to see what Obama's going to say about the oil thing right now I think he's talking about it as we speak but it's good to see so many great radio shows popping up and people really just get the word out I agree if we're going to take back control over our own minds and our own destinies one of the places that will be the the frontlines of that war is is going to be the alternative media and the Internet is going to play a gigantic role in that and that's why we need to protect freedom of speech above all else and you protect an open Internet for certain you said it you said it probably well I really appreciate the call and not continue to listen and let other people know about the show then I'm spreading it on Facebook great really appreciate that man keep up the work down there in Maryland all right good stuff well you take care you do right great all right so we have another calling let's go to the username here says Sachs MBS Sachs MBS you're on what on earth is happening are you there Saxe MBS caller your are you on the line you're on the air all right going once right again sacks mb/s are you there yeah yeah hello there we go how are you good good I just saw this posted on Facebook I jumped on this is good great but what Facebook did you see it on if you don't mind Oh Mike Salvi's feat of the mind fantastic fantastic I know Mike well he's a good friend he's a great guy and I'm glad he's off promoting it a little bit that's awesome yeah this is Marcus how are you good good how are you doing good so what do you have for us tonight oh I don't know I I mean I'm always looking into all kinds of different things one one thing that you might be able to comment on better than other people I was just going through a presentation of spring Meyer talking about trauma-based mind control absolutely this is information I had never really listened anyone talk about and it's a unbelievable stuff how are you saying how I'm every not the intelligence agent was a British double agent and just go on from there and lots of history is amazing well this is going to be a topic that it will definitely be addressed in my conference on consciousness mind control and the occult called free your mind it's coming up in 2011 in April and I know a bit about trauma-based mind control Fred Spring Myers a great resource on that I would also encourage people to look into Bryce Taylor her work and Kathy O'Brien's work and look into project monarch look into MKULTRA monarch was an offshoot of MKULTRA I will more likely or not be having some people from the monarch project speaking at the conference next April wha-what-what trauma-based mind control for listeners who may not be familiar with this technique it is a physical mind control technique that happens through torture or some other kind of extreme violent action taken on the subject that basically like a an event like an extreme car crash is blocked from the memory of a person so that they don't relive it if it's so painful that they don't want to remove the memory oftentimes there will be sort of an amnesic barrier thrown up such that the person cannot recall events that led up just prior to the crash or just after it this can also be true with rape scenarios it can be true with you know brutal beatings or or torture scenarios and what trauma-based mind control is used to do is to create what are called alters or compartmentalised regions of the mind that are essentially walled off from the rest of the personality in other words in an extreme torture environment that the person cannot physically extricate themselves from they cannot physically get away from from the actual pain in the environment that the torture is being done in if this goes on long enough eventually the personality fractures the psyche actually splits into two parts or more parts and one of them will be physically experiencing the torture ongoing in the physical dimension but the other part which is what the consciousness will sort of move into as a fighting place so to speak as a defense mechanism that part will be an all an alternative personality that will not be present and experiencing physically the torture as it is taking place in the present moment so it's it's a it's a defense mechanism of the psyche to fracture the personality but this has been referred to in the past as MPD multiple personality disorder psychologists and psychiatrists no longer call it that they now refer to this as B ID which is dissociative identity disorder meaning that the standard identity of the person which is the main personality becomes dissociates it creates a dissociation from itself which is played out as an alternative personality so it tends to term multiple personalities or multiples this dissociation again is a defense mechanism such that the person can actually in consciousness move out of the scenario where they're actively being tortured what this does is compartmentalizes the brain structure and there are methods that that scientists and psychologists and psychiatrists have come up with to program those alters those altered personalities there are triggers that they can give them there are phrases and words to shift the person automatically into one of those personalities and that personality acts like a blank slate because it is essentially walled off from the emotions from the experiences and from the personality of the individual it is like a separate person there that can just absorb information like a Nuveen you know we are constantly downloading and absorbing information in the first six years of life or more and when you create one of these new personalities it acts like a sponge it can absorb everything it can recall there's a high availability of memory recall all and there are functions that are available like learning languages there are that the person did not previously know picking them up very quick which is normally very difficult because there is nothing to unlearn or no information that needs to be wiped clean to make room for new information it's basically again a clean slate and like an information sponge that can absorb everything in this new compartmentalized structure that has been created through torture so this is a advanced and a scientific mind control technique I was not planning on getting into that this evening in any depth but I will have people that will talk about this at the conference in April and will relate their experiences I may may have a couple of people who are actively tortured in the monarch project that are will may be willing to come forward and relate their experiences again I I kind of know alluded to other speakers that we have planned and that's the goal is to try to work with some of these individuals to help get them over their fear to get them to come forward and tell it relate their their story because it's extremely important people need to know that this stuff is actively going on it's going on right now as we speak as a matter of fact so uh that that's trauma-based mind control but the the methodologies I was going to be discussing a little bit later this evening was what is generally referred to as soft forms of mind control or mass mind control techniques that I think these are you know there may not be as interesting or as extravagant as trauma-based mind control but I think they're equally if not more important to understand because of how they work upon the general population so that's basically where trauma-based mind control is this big perfect what yet have anything else for us or any other questions or comments or anything else you want it bring up oh well I mean one film that I'd like everyone to see if they could maybe you have is called the Soviet story I just recently saw it and it's basically about some information about the history of the Soviet Union and the crimes that took place and uh there's certainly a lot of Coleman it's called the Soviet story there'll be a story yeah I mean there's certainly a lot of mass mind control took place in that regime oh sure but the amazing film that sort of talks about how they the certain things that Americans don't get didn't get to learn about in public school and general knowledge about their their agreements with the Nazis and sort of a lot of the the crimes that that have gone unpunished um from their regime and also some of the ideological similarities and differences between Marxism and Fabian socialism and kind of it compares and contrasts like Nazism and Marxism and pavement socialism a little bit absolutely that's great that sounds really interesting I do not have this documentary I have thousands of documentaries in my collection but this is one I have not seen yet and I will definitely look it up and watch it and I thank you for the recommendation it sounds great and like you said those two ideologies are Sentinel Nazism and socialism are essentially two sides of the same coin they're all about total control and complete and utter authority over people things as resources and and subjects it's all about 100% total control and thinking that you're God and have the ability to completely control other people's lives in one form or another just the methodology is basically differ and the ideologies that underlie them differ by certain orders of magnitude but the end result is the same and people need to understand that that as essentially simply flip sides of the same coin of control so when you mentioned the Nazis and and their role in mind control techniques as well as the Soviets with trauma-based mind control in particular coming out of Monarch and coming out of MKULTRA before it as kind of like a predecessor to the monarch project um we have to understand who really developed the MKULTRA project in the first place and this was going back M K stands for mind control in German because this was one through was an option of Project Paperclip in which many many knobs and scientists from the third world were secretly funneled over to the United States to work in the space program and to work in these covert black ops projects like MKULTRA monarch etc caller you still there oh yeah yeah so I just wanted to mention that that that is completely related with no paper coat and the knots and scientists who were channeled over to the United States after World War two right yeah anything they can do to dehumanize people it seems to be basically their game plan quickly well I want to thank you for calling in and thank you for bringing up that point and also really thanks for the suggestion on that documentary the Soviet story I will definitely download it myself and check it out yeah the websites just WW soviet story calm i think they've kind of had a lock on the copyright stuff i think they don't this might be a company or a director that doesn't want it too much viral on the internet but i was it on amazon if and I have a copy if anyone in the Southeast Pennsylvania area is interested in borrowing it or whatever so great thanks sounds good that thank you for the call or if you take care you just all right great I see we have a third caller I like taking calls we'll keep doing this as long as people are calling in and then we'll go back to discussing the concept of mind control so the switchboard says Southwest Ohio there we go Southwest Ohio you were on what on earth is happening hello this is Bob from Cincinnati I go under the moniker online as serene being on some different websites first let me say mark it is an honor to speak to you I have followed your work for about a year and a half now this is a pleasure for me I believe you are speaking about things that are intrinsic to the survival and also the moving forward of of not only Americans but as people issues of consciousness issues of a cult black sorcery which controls the dynamics of the lives we live of what we call reality today and also of revealing the suppressed Tesla technologies and making that apparent to a wider audience but thank you Mark on behalf of all of us thank you for what you're doing firstly thank you Bob and thanks for what you're doing oh my pleasure I pleasure the topic seems to be right now mind control which is an excellent topic I believe people are just waking up to these topics the the name Fritz spring Myer was mentioned an excellent author and resource to gain more information on mind control and you spoke of the the creating of altars and the the immense intense trauma-based mind control that the Illuminati / New World Order / black ops creatures use to create their their what puppet marionettes there's another project marionette with another Nazi mind-control program that should be checked out but but a wonderful topic now you know on a offshoot of that topic fruit spring Minor was an associate or a collaborator or met a man named John Todd who you probably are aware of mark absolutely Todd was a speaker amongst the the Christian Church circuit back in the late 70s before he disappeared under mysterious circumstances but Todd I just wanted to point out he spoke of what's going on now the Illuminati would crash their own businesses their own economies to foment and bring in this new world order and I think we're witnessing that nailh a complete collapsing a triggering almost like the 9/11 buildings a planned demolition a planned deconstruction and demolition I should say a destruction of their businesses is occurring around us somebody brought up a great topic or a great idea well it's not great but it's just interesting to note that with the collapse of BP which we're witnessing right now because that's what's going to happen to that company now I'm not shedding any tears believe you me but what what is going on it happened to GM earlier and oayk going in 209 which was basically as the company collapsed the first people that will be affected by the collapse of the company are the aged retirees who depend on the pension system and that's exactly what's going to happen they're going to to squeeze BP dry and that's only going to precipitate an acceleration of the collapse of the British economy through the pension people who are completely dependent on BP as a source of income but that's a side issue I just wanted to tell you agree with that I totally agree with what you just said they are going to try to do this in a very scripted and a very controlled way and and this BP thing may definitely play into that that plan to take down the world Akana in a controlled way such that people cry out for the solution and they then present themselves as the savior the classical Hegelian dialectic or Chaos magic scenario absolutely and and mark tick to move back to Cass and I know I'm all over the board because this is my first call to you and like I said I I'm very excited to finally speak to you i I believe your work is seminal to to where we are now as people consciously waking up to the reality excuse me the dis reality we live in and the ability for us to move forward I mean you're talking about consciousness Tesla technology these these are the two pillars of which we're going to latch on to to move forward and I'm so proud of you and and whatever happens from this moment you are an excellent person and I'm not going to stay here praise y'all not even though you know not falling on deaf ears but thank you again thank you for your work mark but but to move on to a different topic or a subtopic I just want to touch and I'll let you guys get right back to mind control which is excellent that's why I don't want to take up much of your time but I want to move back to your your presentations which are is on the what on earth is happening dot-com website these were excellent presentations opening my eyes personally to to the black sorcery of which we find ourselves under the black sorcerers who house were housed within the Intel communities which are the black adepts of the 21st century black sorcerers who used magic and ritual and symbols and meaning to create 9/11 into it to work it into a ritual of the first order and if one has not seen Mark's work I would direct them to to the second part of your work mark if you could give the title out of that presentation of the four-part presentation that you had it was a call um yeah a cult influence mind control and Astro theology is part two absolutely excellent work to bring one up to speed to understand how a cultic black sorcery is a part of our reality and most people have the difficulty in accepting that all well that's all huggable ooh all that magic that's all just that's all in Disney movies well Disney Walt Disney was a adept of the high Masonic Order Walt Disney and through his Disney World and Disneyland is used even to this day as part of the trauma-based mind control creating altars and reinforcing these these controlled creatures god bless them I pray for their souls but Walt Disney his movies are used for vehicles of mind control the most famous Fantasia 72 minutes of the most ridiculous meaningless I mean artfully done don't don't get me wrong but the audience came away everyone of the audience came away saying what was that all about well to this day it is known it is used in for children as they they used them in these creating of altars through horrific trauma-based mind control but but I didn't want Walt Disney to get off the hook as he is he is part of the problem in his whole operation as if everybody cannot see in the logo of Walt Disney the six comprised as the first part of the D the I dotted the six above it and the Y Curley cueing into a six forming the Trinity 666 of which I won't even touch most people or understanding of that but mark keep up the great work I'll it I will listen to your work and I look forward to calling again thank you so much for taking my call Bob thanks for calling in you have a good night yes sir alright so that was trying up there we go alright so that was Bob in Ohio and I thank you for your kind words Bob and uh I would just say you know III do appreciate the the fact that you are find it valuable what I'm doing and again I would just state I'm just a messenger the message is what is important actually understanding this information and getting it out there to people and you know basically living it that's the important thing who it comes from isn't nearly as important as the quality of the message itself so that's what I aspire to do is to put a message of truth out there that can help people to understand what's going on and change it for the better and that's what I will continue to do just put it out there and if people take it and they they run with it and they change things for the better wonderful if they can't deal with you know hearing something that's seemingly in total conflict with their current view of reality and they you know do not want to accept it into their worldview no one can make them do that that's what free will is all about but I would suggest that we may be in for a very bumpy ride if we if we cannot collectively bring this message to many many many more people so with that having them said I don't think we have any other callers but again like callers will take precedence in case you haven't noticed I like taking calls if anybody calls in I'll probably go to that and interrupt the general progression of going through ideas and one can always get back to the ideas and others and no time limit because we could continue on other shows of course in future weeks but uh callers will take pressings so I'll give the caller number again here as we approach the top of the second hour if you want to call in no tablet topics on this show you can talk about whatever you want the calling number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the caller number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in you have to put in the call ID for this show which is eight three five one five the call ID eight three five one five all right so the topic for tonight we we've gotten into probably the aspect that I would have talked about less when it comes to mind control techniques which was trauma-based mind control and I'm on that topic I mean I would really like to take AB have a guest on on that specific topic if anybody knows of anybody that would be interested in being on this show who is either an expert on or has had direct experience with trauma-based mind control I would love to do an interview with someone like that uh send them send a recommendation to my email address at mark at what on earth is happening comm so let's let's review before we go into the techniques of mind control let's review the topic of magic versus sorcery that we talked about in previous shows so magic and sorcery both we defined in previous weeks as the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will the science and art of influencing change to occur in accordance with the will both magic and sorcery and I you're hearing a little bit of disturbance in the background there might my dogs are barking at someone outside I apologize for that I usually have them have them in another area of the house but they're a little bit closer to the room where I'm at today and I guess something upset them so magic the science and art of influencing change to a car in accordance with the will so it's an influence influence change the will in this instance when we are referring to magic is a capital W will meaning the will of creation meaning higher will okay it is the will of the universe to progress and move forward in consciousness in the evolution of consciousness it is not an individual's will lowercase W that is the definition of sorcery when someone is using a science or art a set of techniques for influencing change to occur in accordance with their own will a lowercase W will a critical to understand the definition between those things because essentially that they're the same except for the connotation of the word will whether it is a higher will or a lower will so there are the while that initially may sound like a Hollywood depiction okay you're talking about magic you're talking about sorcery magicians sorcerers as we've seen in a movie for example like Lord of the Rings you know you have a white magician and a dark magician you have one magician who is trying to serve the force of good one magician who is trying to serve the force of evil in in that movie South Celeron the evil eye okay so a sorcerer is serving his own egoic desires that's what a sorcerer is doing he doesn't care about the well-being of others he doesn't care about evolution of consciousness he is trapped in the dynamic of fear he is trapped in the dynamic of confusion internally regarding his own emotions and evolutionary development in consciousness and he is trapped in the desire most of all to control others so to those ends the sorcerer uses his set of techniques for influence to create the scenarios that he wants to serve his will even if it means that other people suffer at the expense of anyone else because to the sorcerer the suffering of others doesn't matter because the worldview that a sorcerer Holmes is one of complete separateness and not a unified worldview of oneness of all consciousness so that's a critical distinction to make all talk about the arts of influence science of influencing others what people who are coming online to this kind of material and understanding how these Sciences have been used and that's what they are there are Sciences they are sets of known techniques based in knowledge that's really what magic and sorcery are what they be positive magicians are the alchemists of the world are attempting to do is to raise consciousness by making people aware of these techniques and making people aware of sorcery that is taking place around them in their world and that form of sorcery that that that the main form of sorcery the main tool the main science and art that sorcerers in this world use is mind control and again as I've said mind control is a war on nothing less than human consciousness so sorcerers of this world those who are manipulating other people to get what they want and I don't mean that on a small scale I'm talking about a global scale the sorcerers of this world are small in number in comparison to the general populace infinitesimally small as a matter of fact the very very few are controlling the mass numbers of people in the world and people will often say well hey that's probably not possible you would need a whole lot of people to control a whole lot of other people and that's simply not the case because people aren't being controlled so much in a physical sense as they are in a mental sense again mind control is the tool that the Sorcerer's use and as we will talk about it has an incredible amount of techniques there's not just one technique for mind control there are many techniques for mind control so this small cabal who is really controlling things are doing so through the art of manipulation it's a subtle form of mind control it's works upon the masses of people because if you're controlling the information that people get to see in here and read and you're controlling the knowledge that is propagated through the vast portion of society you don't even need to control it all we need to control it at major points of distribution and interest like the media the mainstream newspapers what goes out over television networks most people unfortunately not all but most people are still taking believe it or not the bulk of their information through outlets such as that television newspapers okay these are owned largely by the same sorcerers and corporate interests that they control they are the owners of a lot of these institutions like the mainstream media they work by lowering artificially lowering the vibration of consciousness that people are operating at they need to lower people's vibratory energy the energy at which they radiate the energy at which they operate on needs to be at a low vibration because this is the vibration of fear this is the manifestation of fear energy fear is a low way form vibration a slow a slow and long wavelength if you will okay it is heavy it is deep they need to put people into states of fear so that they will buy into their manipulating efforts without fear of being present in people physical fear fear of survival fear over the future monetary fears fears over food you name everything lack based worldview there isn't enough I need more I need to do this I need to have this I'm not good enough what will this person do what will this person say all fear-based mentalities fear-based ideologies this is the main form of mind control ultimately all mind control is based upon this principle the overarching principle that in order for a server server to control and by a sorcerer again I mean someone who is skilled in the science the techniques of influencing other people to get what they want to get them to behave in certain ways such that they prosper at other peoples expense the sorcerer the manipulator prospers at the expense of the people that he is manipulating he or she so that's the main thing to keep in mind that these this small group of controller sorcerers sorcerers trapped in their own consciousness in the dynamic of fear they're also in this dynamic they're also in that energy their goal ultimately is to make everyone as miserable and cut off from true self as as are they and they can only do that by manipulating the consciousness of the masses of people into the vibratory energy of fear that's the only way they could possibly get us to cut our own selves off from our true potential and our true understanding of who and what we are get us to serve their agenda unknowingly in most in the vast majority of cases so this brings us to in any mind-control propagation in any methodology of mind control that is going to be used you're always going to be using people who also do not understand what your ultimate agenda is so it will be like the blind leading the blind it will be mind controlled people helping to mind-control other people just think about you need people who are in ignorance to propagate something that ultimately can only create more more suffering in the world even for them to get them unknowingly to cooperate with an agenda this is done and I'll use a word that I used previously when I start talking about trauma-based mind control and it's very appropriate but this is how the system would work they do this through something called compartmentalization in addition to compartmentalization which is rolling off different areas of interest and different areas of influence from each other such that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing okay that's compartmentalization you hear about this in military operations you hear about this in defense projects that are being worked on being developed and they'll compartmentalize they may have one person working on the flight dynamics of a new aircraft while another person works on the propulsion system but they never know what the ultimate design is going to be look like or how it's going to manifest until the entire operation comes together as a whole and that of course is controlled from higher levels of awareness people who have knowledge of what the entire project is about the people who are actually doing the work on the ground to create that project they have no idea of what they're creating because they're compartmentalized they're walled off from each other you could say there's a gulf between them to play upon on what's happening right now in the Gulf the compartmentalization is a critical part of mind control and it's a critical part of the structures that are taking place that are that are operating all around us in the modern world so the second part of this structure you could call this the manipulation structure okay the structure for mind control it works basically the same way no matter where a compartmentalized project or a project that deals with the dynamic of controlling the mind of the individuals working in it this structure always basically operates the same way it works through compartmentalization first and foremost and it works through hierarchy hierarchy means that there is levels of the structure as well as it being separated into different compartments that operate independently of each other it is hierarchically structured okay so mind control institutions are always going to be structured in two ways hierarchically and compartmentalized those are the two basic features that if something is set up like that it is an institutionalized belief system and ultimately it is trying to prevent people from thinking outside of those institutional lines of belief there are ranks and structure within higher arms okay so you know a private is way at the bottom in the army and then above him there are many ranks leading up to general and you know five-star general so hierarchy has to do with how much knowledge is contained at a particular level of the structure of the institutionalized structure so as you go higher into the hierarchy of this structure you reach higher levels of knowledge of the entire system as you are lower in the chain of command you are lower in the chain of knowledge a general knows the battle-plan of the entire operations theater a private does not just follows as orders a [Music] a director of Education understands the entire structure of the educational model that is being presented in schools while the teacher simply teaches the curriculum that he or she is asked to teach to do that job the of low-level employee in any given business or corporation has no idea about the executive decisions being made by the CEO and the board of directors knowledge is hierarchically structured in any institutionalized belief system and it's done so for a reason because if you disseminated knowledge freely and widely and made it more similar to a roundtable as opposed to a pyramidal hierarchical structure that is compartmentalize you will not be able to direct all of the energy of all of those people nearly as effectively as if you had centralized decision-making and centralized control over the people that comprise that structure or institution so this works the same in any institution it doesn't matter whether it's military business education politics religion you mean the institution it is set up and it is structured according to these two basic principles compartmentalization rolling law individuals from each other in the project and hierarchy meaning the higher you go the fewer the people are involved and the higher the knowledge that is contained by those few individuals so they can pull strings from the top up they make a decision at the command level at the executive level the CEO makes a decision that decision is passed down and propagates down to all the way down to the most insignificant of workers in the corporation it's a top-down hierarchical structure in what is actually taking place on this planet right now the top level of this pyramid I would describe as sorcerers black magicians okay these are individuals who have perfected the science and art of influence to create change in accordance with their own will and could care less about the will of any other people and certainly could care less about the will of creation they want to prop profit they want to prosper they don't care who suffers they are pulling the strings from the top up sending this their decision making and their orders and their commands down to lower levels beneath them that often contain people that are well-intentioned and do not understand the agenda at the higher levels of the structure that I've described they just want to paint check the people down at the bottom levels they just want to go and volume to get along because hey I don't want to rock the boat I don't want to start up trouble I just want to keep my head down make my living have my house have my car have my food and it doesn't make a difference what on the part of why should I rock the boat I have it good enough well-intentioned people who have absolutely no idea because of the compartmentalize and hierarchical nature of the structure their involvement of what they are being used for and that's what these sorcerers that's what these manipulators do they use people and when they're when they can no longer use people through the agenda they want to use them for they throw them away like a toy that they're done playing with or a bone that they just clean because they don't care about other people they only care about themselves and they're not interested whether they just used up a person and basically toss them aside when they were done with them doesn't matter them in a bit in the slightest bit the other thing that mind-control works through and the other thing that this hierarchical structure I'm talking about essentially propagates its control through is via cult now there's a word that conjures all sorts of connotations with people it conjures negative connotations and there are reasons for that and I'm not saying that those reasons are altogether not well placed however this is a word manipulation game that is actually played by the very sorcerers for controlling things and who are manipulating people and events in this world the word occult connotated ly in most people's minds if you play a word association game with people on the street and you simply ask them what is the first word that comes to your mind when I say the word occult occult occu LT just to be specific about the word so nobody is misconstruing what I'm saying here the word occult occu LT if you ask most people your average person on the street what does the word occult mean to you or what word do you associate with the word occult almost invariable now a few people will associate it with something different or random or may not even know what it means at all but I guarantee you if you do this little word association game with most people the word that they will most often associate with the word occult is the word evil and again there's a reason for that when you look at the origin of words and we'll be talking a lot about I've already brought up this in past shows but we will definitely be discussing the origins of many words and how in words there is great meaning that we don't traditionally ascribe to that word we don't understand because we don't know where the word came from what it was derived from its etymology as it's called the word occult occu LT is derived from the Latin language and it comes from a latin verb occult RA occ UL t AR Yakult RA now if you take any Latin dictionary and you open it up to the O section and look up the verb Oh Qatari Oh Qatari means to hide or to conceal from sight to hide from view so but the form of that verb occult simply means hidden that's all it means the word occult means hidden from sight okay look at the word occult has in it the root of popular OCU lar ocular which means related to the eye oculus in Latin means I okay so occult it's a form of the word that means i ey e not i as in me VI the thing we see with the organ are used to sing the eye halt derived from oculus it means Chinon from sites that's all the word means and that's critical critical to understand as we go forward into understanding mind control and ocultism sciences and art forms that are used to influence that are largely comprised of hidden knowledge now there's two main reasons people would wish to hide knowledge the first has a positive intention behind it but what I will say is that ultimately you still get a negative result no matter how positive this intention is it's misguided it's misplaced people who will hide knowledge for this reason do not understand of a deeply an important principle of natural law okay and the reason that the first reason that people will hide knowledge is they believe that that knowledge in the wrong hands may be used completely irresponsible or dangerously okay I'll say that again the first major reason that people will hide knowledge from others is because they believe that if they have certain knowledge that they would use it in an irresponsible or dangerous manner now that's a seemingly well placed intention or hiding knowledge however it always ends up backfiring it always ends up in some form in a disastrous outcome and for occultists that may be listening to my words and maybe listening to my work over previous weeks and in my presentations take part of what I'm saying when you hide knowledge and you think of it as your own you think of knowledge as belonging to you and you may do what you wish with it no matter how dangerous it may seem if it were to get into the quote-unquote wrong hands you are going against a natural law principle that will ultimately only lead to further suffering and further degradation of consciousness get as upset about it as you want because there are many people in certain occult orders and in acting in occult capacities that will get extremely upset by what I just said and this is the reason I am no longer and never will be again in any time in my lifetime affiliated with any occult orders formalized occult orders they I will not take an oath to an occult institution I do not agree with hiding knowledge from anyone and there are certain occult even if they are positive in their intent or occult orders that will say this knowledge is ours to protect that's the thinking they say were the ones who will meet this knowledge out to people that come asking for it we're the keepers of it really well I would suggest that's why the world is the way it is today you're you're getting exactly what you created through doing this this is the big failure in all of the ancient mystery school traditions what they descended into was ego when they started believing erroneously that they meaning this group of Oh cultists of people who have hidden knowledge in their possession are the owners of said knowledge they went into DP though seeing themselves as the owner of information really you're the owner of information and there are sacred people and there are profane people but we could never let have this information because of what they would do with it this is in and of itself a compartmentalizing and a higher art you're walling people off from each other but most importantly you're walling them off from truth from knowledge of that which is and you're creating levels or hierarchy or structure within an institution that has now come into being where are the ones who hold on to this knowledge and we give it out as we see fit to those we deem worthy even for such a positive intent as god help us if this were to fall into the wrong hands sorry to break the news to you it doesn't work that way in natural law because once you get into the thinking that you own other peope you own the knowledge that other people may get to see in here you're acting as the sorcerer it doesn't make a difference what your intent was you're acting as the sorcerer the only way to truly ensure truly ensure that knowledge that had a potentially dangerous application would not fall into the wrong hands quote-unquote people who would use it in an irresponsible way I'm going to say something that one that people originally hear this they may think how could that be I'll start this again the only way that you can ensure truly that knowledge that may be if used in a role way dangerous and could be used in irresponsible ways the only way you could ensure that knowledge from not falling into the wrong hands is to propagate it as widely and as freely as possible the only way that you can ever ensure truly that knowledge that you feel might have a dangerous application would not fall into the wrong hands is if you propagate it as widely and as freely as possible because the structure of any institution that is going to use knowledge irresponsibly and dangerously is set up like the control of a sorcerer or the institutions that Sorcerer's work through and that structure is always compartmentalized and hierarchical which means the knowledge in it is not shared widely or freely it is compartmentalized and it is it is controlled through hierarchy what the way that you ensure that knowledge will not be abused AB used used improperly is through what I call the bit torrent effect the BitTorrent effect people know the program on the internet note on computers it is a decentralized way of distributing information it's not based on the old model of you have a central server that everybody connects to to get a file well what happens when the file is hot file and you have this this method of I'll put the file on this one server and then I'll open up the doors for anybody that wants to come to get the file but the file is not really popular not that many people wanted ok you'll be able to do that fairly effectively but what if the file is extraordinarily popular and everybody wants it millions of people wanted know it's going to happen your server is going to get hosed it's going to get as they say slash dotted okay your server isn't going to be able to deal with that kind of bandwidth of millions of people hitting it all simultaneously so on this problem and they come up with something known as BitTorrent or somebody makes an announcement I have this data want it sure one person comes in when they get a little bit of it then they can give it to others so everybody becomes both a receiver of that information and a transmitter of that information and that is how you assure that that one piece of knowledge or data does not fall into the wrong hands or does not become prevented from being propagated and understood by everyone the BitTorrent effect well this is what we need to be to combat what's going on in the world and the combat specifically mind control we need to take as much information in to us from a wide variety of sources and then we disseminate that information widely and freely open sharing this is a round table model this is a bit tort effect model not compartmentalize and hierarchical as I've said on the show the information I talked about on the show does not belong to me it isn't mine to fight from anyone it isn't mine to wall off from other people the universe is spoken into existence share knowledge as widely and freely as possible that's how you ensure that it doesn't become used as a form of control you don't have secret society networks and intelligence communities gathering all the important knowledge of the world and keeping it back from other people which is what we have now this is the this is the degradation of original mystery school traditions that felt they had the right side knowledge from people so the sorcerers of this world operate through occult principles hitting knowledge that's the main factor to keep in mind and it is structured hierarchically and compartmentalize like a step pyramid with the highest concentration of knowledge at the top and then those who are not familiar with the actual agenda of those at the top forming the base of the structure the more you have the farther down you go on the on the pyramidal structure and the less knowledge is contained at that level I want to read a quote by a researcher named tunic Moriarty she described this hierarchical structure an occult pyramid if you will with her very very knowledgeable at the top and the ignorant masses forming the base in base consciousness at the bottom she said that the greatest conspiracies of our world are not actually hidden they are not actually hidden or occulted they are just fragmented into different pieces like a puzzle like a jigsaw puzzle right before our eyes in plain sight think about that you what prevents us from realizing the structure and understanding the hidden knowledge it works through is mind control which the question isn't how many people are under mind control the real question we need to be asking is how many people are not under mind control because there are way way way more people in this world who are operating under mind control then whose minds are actually 40 and clear of externally imposed influences and erroneous belief systems that they are completely attached to so with that being said I'm going to take a break from the topic and I see we have a caller on the switchboard Dee Skyler you are on what on earth is happening dee Skyler are you there hi mark how you done shake my life my name is Devon I don't listening for five weeks now from my friend Kevin well great um you made a comment about teachers earlier and it just it caught my ear I was like what and then I was really really deep into your your discussion um you're right I mean I believe that there's a great amount of people under mind control and that I mean what what is the opposite of a cult if it's the people who who are not you know the opposite of occult is not hidden the opposite of occult is done in the light of day for all to see not trying to hide anything occult simply means hidden from view a compass of both both kinds positive and negative there is such a thing as positive occultism in the in its intent see how it actually works out in the real world though is because Oh cultists in this elitist sense believe that they have the right to hide knowledge from anyone they deem since they currently hold it and other people do not hold it is they are still basically creating a chaotic scenario because this is not in keeping with natural law principles you don't own the knowledge of the universe no one does I don't own this knowledge now and there's nothing for sale on my website has anyone noticed that I'm not even trying to hold it back from any but I put my videos up on online now i will sell some some dvds to cover the cost of making them if people want them on DVD people should did I think they're great for realism - yeah the whole point of this is the world is not ultimately going to change for the better in a vast wider sense now listen to exactly what I'm saying here the world in a wider sense is not going to vastly change for the better okay until until the occult is no longer the occult meaning we're not going to see lasting positive change until hidden knowledge that has been kept back from people for thousands of years is no longer hidden and it comes forward to the light of day so powerfully such that it becomes common sense it can be commonly sensed by an average to D police that can happen in our lifetime I have a very realistic way of looking at this we're a long way off from that state can it happen yes are we even close to that I'll be lying if I said yes not to discourage anybody not to discourage anyone because when you begin to understand the amount of information that we're talking about and how many different interconnected areas of life that it relates to when I look at my information collection let's call it my library if you will I often can't believe how much data I've taken in over the past 17 years of my life it's almost staggering for me to conceive of and I'm not saying that to try to you know be all on my mr. bigshot in a run better than anybody else that's not not at all in the sense I'm relating that if you look at what I have taken into myself through an enormous effort an enormous amount of time and thank that I'm I'm gifted with very high ability to recall data I have very good information retrieval I wouldn't say that what I have is a photographic memory it is more like an extremely large hard drive with good with good I spin speed okay really good capability to retrieve data quickly so I can recall and remember things that I read even many many years ago or watched many years ago and and there's a big capacity there and that's just an innate capability not everybody is the same when it comes to that but when you start to understand how much inter related data we're talking about it can become daunting and people often say I don't know where to start I don't even know where to begin so what I've done is this is just as on the side in talking about knowledge in general um I took a friend of mine months back or almost a year ago now he can said to me I see what you've amassed as far as data goes digitally not just in physical books but digitally having downloaded a massive amount of material from the internet and uh I back everything up you know I have bags and bags of disks and I back things up off off of the computer so that you know they're not at me now the capability being wiped out by a hard drive failure or whatnot so yeah my friend my friend asked me if I would put some of the best data that I have amassed on a hard drive for him so he went to the store and he bought a one terabyte hard drive faster bytes yeah the big one and I just said sure I'll do it 40 but you're going to have to lend me your hard drive for a while because it will take a while to fill that up and I went through all of my material that I've downloaded over the past 17 years and it took three months because I put in one disk at a time and I literally went through every disk go ahead and I said is this something really good from the checkout or just so-so is a quality material as a quality information and I put it I would load that on the drive every every day a little at a time over three months whenever I had spare time until I went through my data collection my digital collection at least and I filled to the capacity a one terabyte hard drive with books with audio books with lectures with podcasts with videos you name it if it's of importance to go to the events that have taken place on earth it's on this drive and I make that available completely for free to anybody that wants it you get in touch with me you send me a drive I'll get it out there I'll fill it up and get it back to you no I like your radio show right that's like a radius so you guys are going they're afraid what you anata doesn't belong to me yeah well it's all arson that's that's the importance of understanding what we occult is its hidden knowledge it has been hidden from the human race for thousands of years and ultimately what it is is knowledge of self that's the bottom line about all of this it is knowledge about how we work and operate and it is knowledge about how our consciousness expresses itself in this construct that we call physical reality to have experience here and sadly that's what ocultist throughout time have attempted to hide from other people whether they're positive intention for to say there are some dangers in how this works so I have to be the steward or the caretaker of it to make sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands or for extremely negative and malicious intentions to control other people externally what if every surgeons and it's yes sorry teachers I just finished college after six and a half years and I became a teacher and I was caught by your teacher comment I'll try and say this real quick because I feel like that there's a new era of teachers coming out that are bringing multiple resources for the classroom that are going beyond that curriculum that the upper you know the magicians are bringing to us it's it's in Philadelphia and I want to kind of like that's that's a lot of schools but I want to get into it because I think this new era of teachers that that's moving forward to change that for us now are you talking about teachers in the wider sense of just knowledge in general of the world are you talking about teachers working in these school systems via actual education systems I really feel I mean and it's biased because of where I got my education which was two different schools but I really feel that teachers are getting or more education about how to modify curriculum so that it meets the needs of their students so that the things are interested you know they don't they don't want to learn one story they want to learn all the different stories okay so I would hope more other port more teachers I would hope more teachers would start thinking outside of the box of what they're asked simply to propagate down to their students and and would try to come up with some kind of creative ways of reaching them at different levels particularly in the creative sense and in the in the creative thinking sense in critical thinking skills and capabilities and teaching them to question you know the educational model in this country is has largely been diverted to outcome based education which is basically preparing a student to be a on your unquestioning worker yeah I don't I thought when I was invited in right I mean I want our you know but I want more for them uh what teachers are constrained in a lot of ways in the modern educational system if they saw any upside down on them yes absolutely you are you know you're watched by that I you know Sauron so it's there um I guess I just feel that the recent maybe in the last I mean because I did go to college for a long time to get a bachelor's degree so I've seen the education programs that like that they they're modifying them so that teachers are teaching student centered instead of based on these you know these print out curriculums that we get you know I'm not going to say any of the big names but I could list ten of them you know that you're supposed to read and you teach this and that's it and you know really boring for the children I think I think education in college is going beyond that to show professional teachers in any field what how to do something I think part of the solution is that we have to look at education as something that simply doesn't happen exclusively within school systems we have the parents need to become the main educators of gather and and get this information into them if they're even going to send them to a government school which I don't really see as a positive thing to begin with I think more people should begin to choose homeschooling so that they do have a modicum of control over what reaches their children's ears at least in addition to the curriculum that is is mandated by the current control system I see a very successful homeschooling and I think that education also does reach out to tell people that you know parents really need to become more of a part of this because there are so many that won't they and and I you know those reasons I I really dislike the whole district system and in other charter schools and there's all different kinds of schools but it all boils down to the same thing which is exactly what you just said it's it's a system that's run what and I just graduated so where am I supposed to crew now right well I you know I think that basically again that these route understandings of the aspects of who we are that if more parents understood that if older people that we're going to make the decision to have a child understood that their children were being a lot better of a position and we would understand a little bit more self knowledge of who they are and how they were you know we're not even taught about consciousness at all in any schools pretty much when I thought of how many children learn the components of the brain and how the brain functions how many people book it look at dynamics energy dynamics around them as far as polarities within within the emotions we don't--hey knowledge about how emotions work not not nothing of the kind you know it's all rigid facts left brain thinking you know then your son more about what they're going to know it should be more about what they want to know left brain all left brain we need to connect education needs to become holistic such that we connect with the creative and intuitive right brain functions and then people will have more imagination and more inquisitiveness because these are right brain functions largely you know so that's another thing our education system is so left brain in in how it is structured and it really does not emphasize the arts it does not emphasize ethical considerations it's just all fact-based learning and now it's even gone beyond that in a detrimental direction and it has become largely outcome-based which is a soviet model it's a soviet union model of Education outcome based education look up that term and read about it and this is being implemented in schools all across the country and it's a dangerous trend so our versus process you well I want to thank you for your call bringing that to our listeners attention and and for listening in I hope you'll continue to listen in and feel free to call back anytime Thank You Rory thank you very much have a good night you too take care all right and the educational system is a big part of the structure as I mentioned earlier in the show and we look at that when we talk about the barriers to self-realization one of which was the prison of the left brain and as I just said the the current model of education being taught in the United States and in most Western countries is almost purely geared toward the left brain and when that happens the individual becomes more drone-like more willing to accept less willing to question less wrong to get in touch with their intuition and most of all it begins to shut down the most critical factor but I began this discussion with the human imagination because once that aspect of the self begins to become shut down the Bing can basically be controlled through manipulation and fear imagination is one of the key elements that a sorcerer has to try to wipe out to gain control over an individual a sorcerer wants people thinking one thing above all else it has always been this way it is this way now and it will always be this way not to imagine any way else because if you can't even imagine a state or things a state of being where things are different than they are now how will you ever work toward the goal of creating that condition in the manifested reality that you live in you would not be able to I joke around and I say one of the phrases that I want put on my headstone where I'm buried is mind control is the extermination of the imagination because there is no clearer or simpler definition for mind control so I think we've done a very decent job today the callers are were fantastic today I encourage people calling more and whenever you feel like it I like taking calls I think it's a preach a good rapport with the audience and I think everybody this calling the show has had great things and interesting things to say so I'd like to encourage that to continue anyone that has any potential guests for the topic of mind control please email them to me and I think we've done a decent job covering the structure of hierarchy and how the occult basically works - hidden knowledge next week we will go in-depth into some mind control methodologies and techniques so that's all the time we have for this show thanks everyone for listening see here next week Tuesday at 8 p.m. I'm mark passio this has been what on earth is happening good night everyone