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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] true freedom that is what this show is all about welcome everyone today is Tuesday July 6th 2010 I'm your host mark passio and you are listening to what on earth is happening my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website is revolution broadcasting com this show is live every Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time right here on the revolution Broadcasting Network so we have a lot of a lot of great information tonight I'm going to read some event announcements that are coming up in the Philly area and I have a special treat for everyone we have a guest from the Tesla Science Foundation actually we have the president and founder of the Tesla Science Foundation who's going to be on with us live tonight to talk about the upcoming energy independence celebrations in Philadelphia this weekend so let me give the call-in number for this show before we proceed the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in you have to punch in the call ID number for this show the call ID number is eight three five one five once again the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five you can call in at any time there are no taboo topics on this show you can bring up any topic you like so the event announcements for the philadelphia area this weekend finally it's here the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 in Philadelphia July 9th 10th and 11th the Tesla Science Foundation brings together scientists inventors and enthusiasts for a three-day conference highlighting the need for a new energy paradigm this July in Philadelphia the Tesla Science Foundation will be hosting a three-day conference and celebration to commemorate Nikola Tesla's legacy and world vision Tesla was a brilliant inventor who lived during the turn of the 20th century his innovations resulted in the implementation of alternating current radio the AC motor wireless technology and many other influential inventions that we now take for granted in the modern age Tesla's vision to bring clean free energy to the world through advanced wireless technologies was blocked by the financial and corporate interests of his time through this event the Tesla Science Foundation will bring together like-minded scientists inventors and enthusiasts who share the common goal of bringing Tesla's advanced energy technologies to fruition for the betterment of humanity the event schedule is jam-packed there's something here for everyone first of all the Tesla birthday bash Friday July 9th from 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. on the lawn at the independence Visitor Center at 6th and Market shrieks it will be a lot of fun there's going to be a Tesla coil competition Tesla fireworks with many Tesla coils out on the lawn at Independence Visitor Center this event is completely free to attend so come on out and have fun with us to celebrate Tesla's birthday the next day Saturday July 10th the Tesla Fest from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the same location independence Visitor Center lone 6th and Market Streets in Philadelphia featuring exhibits vendors information art and music this event is also free to attend they'll be bands playing there's a collaborative art project happening again lots of fun for the whole family and you'll get to learn a lot about who Tesla was and what he tried to do for us the same day Saturday July 10th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. they'll be presentations and lectures at the Free Library of Philadelphia main branch at 1901 Vine Street I have the honor of being the master of ceremonies for this event this will feature the featured speakers for this event are Russell Anderson Michael Kelly Tatiana militant Milotic Michael treat mano Davina Michael Kramer and Brian yet sir this event is also free to attend and we have a 400 seat capacity in the main lecture hall of the free library so we really want to fill it up so if you're in the Philadelphia area tell your friends to come on out and you'll learn a whole lot the reception dinner and concert Saturday evening July 10th from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. at the Arch Street meeting house at 3:20 Arch Street this will feature the theremin based on Samba the electronic instrument the theremin the ensemble is called the Divine hand the divine hand Orchestra their website is the WWE vine hand net check out their music it's absolutely brilliant the price for both the dinner and concert is only $20 for a great evening out with great people for a great cause finally the scientific conference is a two-day event Saturday July 10th and Sunday July 11 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. this will be happening at 2 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor to Liberty places at 1601 Chestnut Street the featured speakers are Robert earth Tom Malone Gary Peterson James quorum Kenneth quorum James Hardesty fran McCabe Anna atenas kovitch David Rose cignoli Russell Anderson Michael treat and Tatiana Milotic the registration for the scientific conference is only $110 you can register at wwt SLO Science Foundation org you can get a detailed schedule at that same website and you can join the Nikola Tesla Club meetup group on meetup calm @n Tesla meetup.com slash 38 so on the line with us right now the president and founder of the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia mr. Nick launched our Nick how are you good how are you very good very good it's great to have you with us tonight on what on earth is happening why don't you tell the audience a little bit about yourself how you got to begin the Tesla Science Foundation and what the goals are for the energy independence celebrations and anything else you'd like to talk about oh I don't know from my early age I always but I was always fascinated by Tesla and if you use it will actually be stopped this first Nikola Tesla call probably last year was really our first within a good year and this year is very better than before you get the the open meet up book and that's pretty much would bring a lot of people in we have over could be five different invent in last 20 months so like probably out which is one in healthcare month a lot of different people coming plus and now this image independent celebration is actually you name it that you are got palliative then it was all working together and trying to figure out what will be interesting for general public and we bring you a lot of different things so area no one will have excuse don't come there because they will be it something for everyone yes fellows all this stuff would you say and the same thing is like our members three different people and they really bring in different ideas really supporting each other and all this stuff and I'm really glad the group exists exist and I'm one of you guys that's wonderful absolutely next week we thank you for what you're doing as the founder of the Tesla Science Foundation and again I've been promoting this for many weeks on this show because I think it is of critical importance to the evolutionary future of our species it is that important that we work together to try to forge a new energy paradigm for our species because with the one that we are addicted to and the one that we are using right now we are destroying not only ourselves in competition for energy through Wars through endless wars and imperialism but we are literally beginning to destroy the very living ecosystem the living planet upon which we depend for life and this cannot continue if we have any if we have learned anything over the last 100 years being using and being addicted to this immoral energy paradigm it is it should be that this cannot continue indefinitely there is a finite amount that Nature herself is going to allow this to continue for and if we have any wisdom we are going to tune in to that frequency and really listen and understand and develop a little bit of internal wisdom that we really don't have the right to continue of generating and distributing energy in the ways that we're doing it now because it is all based on artificial lack scarcity and competitive consciousness competitive mentality and that's a dualistic way of seeing each other and especially of seeing the world so that why I became involved with with your cause and that is why I think this is one of the most important things that we can bring attention to to the wider public good so Nick do you have anything else to say about the upcoming events to the audience to the listening audience any a particular aspect that you want to talk about a little bit more actually I don't know I really think that this can come out and enjoy this three days we will have time and they can go on our website and they can not questions whether you have person because it's so much they were doing on I don't know it would be that I would be either able to explain all this stuff I I would say I think you should bring maybe other guys would organize great and able days to talk a little bit about Park area and you know maybe David personally could talk about science and scientists there well if you'd like to get in touch with them and tell them to call in I would be happy to put them on the air and speak with them about the aspects of the events that they're involved in organizing the the listening audience knows that I am was the organizer and will be the master of ceremonies at the free library event so anyone that wants to come on out to that great speakers lined up and it's completely free as well if you're more technically inclined maybe you're an engineer or an inventor of some type you would definitely want to take a look at the scientific conference though the other engineers and inventors there and you'll meet some brilliant minds there I can guarantee that so like Nick said there is something here for everyone any level of interest come on out get involved that's what the name of this game is get involved show your support and network with people when you're there you'll meet a lot of great people who are really trying to do good work for the world and its people that's what this event is all about this is an event that has been organized because the organizer we put it all together recognized this need they understand the critical junction that we are at as a species and they are mobilized to actually take right action that's why I love the Tesla Science Foundation so much and it's an honor for me to be working with you guys so Nick thanks so much for coming on the program I know you're really really busy as we all are all the organizers who have been putting this great event together so I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to be here on what on earth is happening thank you thank you very much and I will call Fred Chloe he will pull him in great sound what we would love to hear from thanks by the way Nick take care ladies and gentlemen Nicola launched our the president and founder of the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia a great guy who I'm honored to call my friend so that is the first of the event announcements I have three more that are coming up in the Philly area two of which actually all three of which I'm a part of so the first one is the Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day 2010 this is hosted by Pennsylvania mutual UFO network this will be on Sunday July 18th from noon to 6:00 p.m. and once again this event is free to attend you see a lot of free events all over the place you don't even need to spend any money to come out and learn and and help grow your understanding and network with great people who are again really trying to do something positive with their energy so it's a great lineup of speakers for the UFO Awareness Day this year the headliner is dr. David Jacobs of Temple University he's a Temple University professor and he's an author of many books his website is UFO abduction calm he will be speaking on UFO abductions and alien hybrids I know this stuff touches on some material that some people don't feel as comfortable discussing but again as I've said many times on this show there are no taboo topics here I have been convinced in my studies and in the huge huge amounts of evidence that I have poured through that there certainly is something to the UFO phenomenon I don't think it is one thing but I will be giving a speech at this conference as well my lecture will be called don't count on disclosure and in it I'm probably going to touch upon just about every topic of interest and study that really got me into looking at esoteric topics into hidden knowledge the UFO phenomenon truth be told is kind of my in to everything that that is taking place in our world it is the thing that once I started looking into I realized what a rabbit hole it was I realized how much deception there was surrounding it and ultimately going down that path of research I feel that I have understood quite a bit about why this phenomenon is lied about is covered up the public is deceived about it about some of the deep underlying reasons why we're not told the truth by quote-unquote officials by government agencies military intelligence etc and I will be really bringing the hammer down so to speak with this lecture at this conference and I'm going to get into a lot of what I would think people would view as uncomfortable information about why this phenomenon is covered up at the very deepest levels so my lecture will be called don't count on disclosure meaning official disclosure coming from the governments of the world also speaking will be Chris August and paranormal investigator and the author of the website aliens the truth com is a great sight his lecture will be on alien abductions bill Weber is another speaker he is the Transylvania mufon state section director and field investigator his lecture is entitled UFOs and technology Michel Melton another Pennsylvania MUFON State section director and field investigator he will be giving a talk called UFO investigations interviewing the witness and finally rounding out the lineup of speakers Bob Gardner he's the PA MUFON chief investigator and field investigator his lecture is entitled credible and convincing evidence for the existence of UFOs again Philadelphia UFO Awareness Day sponsored by Pennsylvania mutual UFO network Sunday July 18th noon to 6 p.m. free to attend this event is taking place at germ books and gallery one of the best bookstores in the whole tri-state area germ box is at 2005 Frankfort Avenue in Philadelphia 19125 for more information please visit the websites MUFON PA that's mu Fon P a.com and germ books com ok next announcement the group truth freedom prosperity their website WWE my org will be hosting a free documentary showing and discussion they do this every third Monday of the month at the ethical Society Building in Philadelphia the ethical society building is in 1906 south Rittenhouse Square the movie will begin at 7 o'clock p.m. sharp and this month they are showing the documentary fresh it's all about food and why our nutrition is so critically important to the quality of our lives and our consciousness and the types of foods that we really should be eating be nourishing ourselves with it is true that we are what we eat I can't stress this enough food is one of the methodologies of manipulation that is wielded upon us poisonous genetically modified full of chemicals full of additives preservatives carcinogens you name it our food is tainted in the West folks as a matter of fact all over the globe and we really have to make a conscious choice to attempt to nourish our bodies with higher quality quality foods because what we put into our body does become what we are at least physically the nature of the brain and the connective capacities the connective capacity of particularly the neocortex of our brain which is the higher order thought Center and reason center of the human brain of the neocortex so what we eat has everything to do with the nature of our consciousness and that means it has everything to do with the fundamentals the fundamental dynamics of human freedom because our consciousness or lack thereof is what is generating that dynamic and that's why it's important to understand how to nourish ourselves properly so come on out for free documentary showing at a great location the ethical society building is a wonderful building every third Monday truth freedom prosperity documentaries and discussions at the ethical Society of Philadelphia don't miss it then the next one is July 19th Monday evening 7:00 p.m. and finally last event announcement and then we'll jump into our topic for tonight free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult this is a conference that I myself am hosting having had some experience in helping to organize the Tesla energy independence celebrations for the last two years I decided to go ahead and organize my own conference those are the topics human consciousness mind control and ocultism and there will be some phenomenal speakers at this conference this will be happening April 9th and 10th 2011 April 9th and 10th that's Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th 2011 and I can I think I can now announce the tentative location more likely than not after some discussion with some of the members of the organizational team it looks like we are going to go with rubra Club Hall rubra Club Hall Ruba Club is just north of Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia off of Fifth Street it is on 5th and green which is in the Northern Liberties section of the city so Ruba Club Hall is the tentative location that is not 100% confirmed as of yet I'll say it's about 90 percent confirmed we're just working out some details with the the proprietors of rubra Club but that is the most likely location unless something dramatic happens over the next few weeks so we have a location the admission price will be only $20 per day and we're probably going to have a total of about fourteen speakers when it is all said and done so far three speakers are 100% confirmed with another couple tentatively confirmed I will not mention their names today but the 100% confirmed speakers for the free your mind conference in Philadelphia 2011 are myself Michael Kelly and Erin column from the west coast so that is free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control you call Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 right here in Philadelphia hosted by myself and some other great people in the Philly area helping out so tonight's topic is a continuation on mind control we will be talking about the methodologies of mind control and we will be getting into three specific methodologies if time allows I have some ambitious aims for this show I want to cover the topics of obfuscation worldview poisoning and the exploitation of primal fears I don't know if we'll be able to get to all of them today but that is the goal okay um I am also going to be reading a little bit maybe about three or four pages from a phenomenal book that I highly recommend to talk about some of the mind control tech not techniques that are used that are employed against us and the book is called the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke I highly recommend this book I think it is a very simple introduction to the true philosophy of human freedom it's a very high consciousness book it is written in very simple easy-to-understand terms and I again think it is highly beneficial for everyone to check this book out I'll be reading a little bit a couple of excerpts from the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke but Before we jump in I see we have a couple of callers on the line and uh hey you guys take precedence so let's uh let's see who's on the line and take a couple of calls okay so caller from southeastern Pennsylvania you are on live on what on earth is happening hi okay you ready sure how are you doing hi hi this is a David Ross reality Dave how are you good so bring it to us from you Dave is older than other organizers from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebration Dave organized the scientific conference at Liberty - so Dave what do you have for us today hey I just I mentioned a few other speakers or just couple things are going on science conference if you got a minute absolutely you go right ahead you have the floor my friend all right well thank you Mark and I just want to say it's gonna be a great conference and we have a number of speakers and probably a dozen or so speakers we have people talking about atmospheric electricity extraction the continuation of tussles work about the cleansing of the ionosphere cavity and and also some history on the vessels a link to edit - I'm sorry uh Benjamin Franklin and Loomis for 19th century we have a link to another talk about the the ball lighting and names LZ now we have a talk on electrogravitics and another of different talks on a range of Tesla related topics and and people who include the Coen Brothers and Michael treat Russell Anderson and several others how governor in two days and Saturday and Sunday and July 10th and 11th absolutely that sounds awesome a lot of incredible topics I know there are some brilliant brilliant individuals who are going to be part of that scientific conference I guarantee that anyone that attends will learn a lot and will meet a lot of other great minds great minds that are coming together in Philadelphia for an incredible event over the weekend anyone in this area please come out and get involved the world needs this we need this now more than ever again I've said before many times on this program this should have been implemented over a hundred years ago but we have the power within ourselves right now to force this issue and to bring this to the awareness of the people and to get people involved with a grassroots effort forget lobbying people forget begging for and petitioning the government let's get involved at a grassroots level to get this actually done and implemented let's bring Tesla's vision let's bring the vision that he had for the future to fruition let's do it ourselves let's not wait for orders from headquarters so to speak we have this capability to do this on our own and we will do it because it is the right thing to do so Dave you have anything else that you want to say about the event coming up this weekend oh yeah I just think it's gonna be a great event we also have a banquet on Saturday night with additional speakers we have a March Pfeiffer and a number of other speakers we also a panel discussion Saturday night Saturday afternoon about the future of energy so I want interested on any of these topics I strongly urge you to attend I think you'll find it interesting and and just as you say that really should take the initiative absolutely Dave thanks so much for calling in and thanks for your great work in putting together the scientific conference hey thank you thanks for letting me have a chance talk anytime ladies and gentlemen David Rosen only one of the main organizers for the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 he put together all the speakers at the scientific conference at Liberty to place a great job and we thank them for the work that he is doing as well I had to see we have another caller on the line so here we go caller from Southwest New Jersey you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us all right this is Fred hey Fred how you doing ladies and gentlemen thread another organizer from the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations Fred you organized the outdoor portions of the event the Tesla birthday bash and the Tesla Fest whether the birthday bash is going to be on July 9th 8 p.m. to 2 a.m. and the Tesla Fest all day long a Saturday July 10th and they're both an independence Visitor Center right there on the lawn so what do you have for us what do you want to talk about regarding of the conference and festivities coming up this weekend yeah we're starting out on Friday night we're going to have a Tesla coil contest where we're going to have like 5 coils and we're going to have a contest you know see you know which coil can shoot the furthest which is the brightest and it's a very rare event where you have multiple coils in one place yes and it's going to and and it's going to be right on Independence Hall and it's it's going to be a really great event and at the same time we're going to have a dance party at the one and I'm sure on two people going to show up and and at 12 midnight we're all going to get together and I heard Marc passio is going to give a speech about on energy independence assai something right right you guys and I'm going to be reading a document that we put together as part of the Nikola Tesla inventors Club called the unanimous declaration of energy independence so being out that evil how fitting that will be on dependence for that's right I think you have to be a great time so there's going to be some music there's going to be fireworks Tesla style with many different Tesla coils a Tesla coil competition I don't know if I've ever heard of anything like that so I think that'll be really unique hopefully a lot of people will we'll catch some of the Lightning on camera will be a lot of man-made lightning going on there and will be some some music and what's going on the next day at the Tesla Festival out on the water Tesla's essence festival we're probably going to have 1520 exhibitors we're going to have oil going and we're going to have all different aspects of Kessler representative from Long Island um Jane Olcott will be there she's working on from from the Wardenclyffe I'll probably right exactly yeah and we're going to have petitions and we're going to have a one-one of the petitions will be to change Vine Street Expressway to the Tesla expressway Paulson another petition will be for the energy independence and also mark I don't know if you heard the news the the city of Philadelphia has proclaimed Jan July 10th as a Tesla honorary Tesla date and women have racks in the city of Philadelphia that's awesome Fred I actually did just hear that just before we went to airtime and that is phenomenal news it's about time it's a long overdue I should say finally the city of Philadelphia recognizing Tesla his accomplishments and his achievements and they are recognizing July 10th as Nikola Tesla day in Philadelphia that's great news and can you can you imagine if vines I know people are familiar with Philadelphia but blind Street Express for it goes right into the heart of downtown and always always got traffic jams so as they make their daily traffic announces um they'll be hotly saying and tesslar expressways jammed up again and it'll just get in the word out to all the Philadelphians um you know who tesla is and what tesla is and and and you know get people interested in in Tesla and there's so many people when when they hear Tesla they get so excited because this man is such a great example for Humanity and he's such an inspiration because not only of the things that he invented but his heart his inventions he didn't he didn't keep them for himself he gave them away he gave them away for Humanity to use his idea for the Wardenclyffe tower with the bodis towers throughout the whole world so that the whole world can enjoy free electricity and my I mean yeah yeah that's absolutely right Tesla was never driven by profit motive he truly like you said did open his heart and wanted to share his brilliance with humanity and make his inventions available to all for free money was not his object of desire he wanted to help to advance the human spirit of innovation and he wanted us to boldly march into the future knowing that we would not have to compete for energy needs here on the earth unfortunately like we are doing now because we've gone down such a horrific different different path and what Tesla originally envisioned for the species but we it's not too late to do something about that that's the main point of this conference and still reverse this and still bring a brighter future into manifestation as someone like the great inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla envisioned for us it can be done we have to employ spirit of our imaginations combined with our intelligence to make that happen and then to put our will forward and truly work and again come together as one or the same intention of making this vision for the future of free energy actually a car make it app so Fred anything else you'd like to say about the event coming up that's it we just you know it's it's basically about Tesla and the betterment of the society so energy independence so that's what it's about absolutely Fred thanks so much for your hard work and organizing the outdoor portions of this great event and uh thanks for calling it thank you you got to take care another one of the hard-working organizers for the Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 all right we have some more callers and again I love to take calls so you guys take precedence here we go we could always get back to the topic of discussion and continue with that you know even if we get to that a little later in the show and we don't get to a couple of topics that next week is another week so here's another caller from Southwest New Jersey you're on the air on what on earth is happening what you have for us I know this is a should hear from talking to Jersey hey how are you oh I'm good got a question for you to try a bunch of listeners out there who would like to participate but can't for any myriad of reasons journey group organizations you know where they cannot get any money for the folks that are out there in the trenches doing the work for them are you talking about the Tesla Science Foundation yeah in particular that anyway you go oh what area are you in okay and your initial jersey okay well that's not too far from Philadelphia I mean that's right over the Ben Franklin Bridge right or the that's right over the Betsy Ross bridge so there's a lot of organizations in the Philadelphia area I mean I just mentioned several of them in this region that are working on all different aspects of the truth all different aspects of consciousness truth freedom prosperity is one of the best groups in this entire area I feel that a lot of the people in that group really understand the route dynamics the causal factors of the problems that the human species is experiencing at this time in our evolutionary development so that's a great group to get involved with truth freedom prosperity org they work hand-in-hand with a lot of the members of campaign for liberty that's another great group they just tabled out at the Independence Hall tea party on the 4th of July wow what a fiasco that thing was I actually went to promote went to a to promote to some of those people of the Tesla event and that it's it is not the case that that that organization understands a lot of dynamic unfortunately I was trying to reach out to many of them and some were very open-minded and others were not so much but so truth freedom prosperity I would highly recommend I would highly recommend the Tesla Science Foundation their website is uh Tesla Science Foundation org I would highly recommend a great group called survive and thrive they have a meetup page if you type in survive and thrive Philadelphia region uh this group talks about grassroots survival techniques taking care of yourself and your family in survival situations great organizer great topics just incredible information given out on a monthly basis I highly recommend getting involved with them there's probably many others but uh I think a good place to start is true freedom prosperity myself if I had to point you in one particular direction hey you got it thanks a lot for calling in alright take care alright one more caller I see we have holding here we go caller from southeastern Pennsylvania you're on what on earth is happening hello mark it's just George burden I listened to your earlier part of your show and I'm with the Nikola Tesla Science Foundation a board member and I also would love to talk with you about the upcoming events that are happening at the independence Visitor Center on the mall 6:00 and market it's a birthday bash I don't know how much was was heard but this is an event that to celebrate on on the 9th of July Nikola Tesla birth date was July 9th between July 9th and July 10th that approximately midnight probably at midnight exactly in 1856 in the village of Somalian province of Lika in Croatia which was the former Yugoslavia but anyway mark is it's really fitting because of we have independence from Independence Day on July 4th and here is a celebration that will bring about we hope more independence and energy for everyone that's right George I want to thank you for your work and helping to organize these events as well George is another one of the organizers for this three-day conference and celebration in Philadelphia and are you also working in the scientific conference yes I am and I wanted to bring something to your listeners attention that the scientific conference is July 10th 11th which is Saturday and Sunday it will be from 9:00 to 5:00 p.m. at two Liberty Place on the 32nd floor however you need to register you can register by going on the Nicollet by the Tesla Science Foundation org or you can go to the one of the organizers for this dr. Raza David Ross and Ollie and his email address you need to register to be there is dr DAV oh are at enter in ter dotnet and if you want me to repeat that i can that's doctor just dr dave did t o r @ en ter net and the other thing that i wanted to mention that we've been given permission by the president of the association nikola lawn chair to allow 25 students in free as long as they register and otherwise the two-day conference would be 110 dollars I don't see less if you're going for one day there's that great place as it is only $110 but I wasn't even aware that they were going to open up that floor for the first 25 stup college students they wanted to to come into the conference that's really great so there's some new information about the conference if you're a college student I guess you have a you know provide like college ID you can actually get into this scientific conference for free the first 25 students can get a design to the conference every interrupt you again market doesn't college students actually can be high school student high school students also and let me mention some of the people that are coming to that and what the subjects are if you don't mind sure one would be a very personal all the way from Colorado a Gary Peterson is going to talk about the Tessa world of wireless telecommunication systems he'll be there I believe on Saturday there'll be someone let's see David Ross and Holly will be talking about bioelectric impacts of Tesla coils and other RF devices there'll be mark cipher he's a very well-known author he'll be talking about Tesla and Einstein will be Michael treat dr. Michael treat as from talking about atmospheric electricity and Tom ballon and about zero-point energy and there'll be a panel discussion also and and there's certainly be time for everyone to ask questions this is going to be a very very interesting scientific conference and probably not one like it in in all of the United States at this point so I think these are the subjects that are going to lead to the independence and energy so we will not be beholding to and I don't want to mention BP but I will accept any oil company that could happen - and not just BP fortunately we have money to pay us back but we need to be independent and and you always talk about independence as independence as the spirit and getting back to the Constitution so if there's any questions I can answer about the conference I want to invite everyone to come to definitely the free parts of the the conference and they are starting on July 9th there's going to be a birthday bash that in Independence Hall and and therefore you can also go on our website and which is the Nikola Tesla Science Foundation org and have a full schedule of all the events and all of them are free except for this this one scientific conference except for the 25 students and there's a dinner which is very nominal it's going to be sponsored over at the Quaker meetinghouse on 4th and Arch Street with speakers that will be on Saturday night and that's only $20 and e2i dollars and Fidel feeis is seems to be very reasonable you can't beat that price for a nice evening out with a very classy musical act and a great dinner as well and there is a dish there for everyone there will be a meat dish there will be fish there will be a vegetarian and vegan cuisine so no one will be excluded with the the types of food that will be available there and I can guarantee that they are good quality foods and prepared with a good state of consciousness from our friends there at the Quaker meetinghouse so I highly recommend everyone to come out and check that out because it will be a once-in-a-lifetime chance to really check out a concert theremin assign hand led by mano Davina uh he is a a virtuoso with the theremin he's one of the only concert theremin Asst in the United States I believe the only one of three in the old and it is something that you have to actually be there present to hear to behold because it's there is nothing like the theremin instrument and it is very very rare to uh to get here one of them played as beautifully as mono Davina can play so hey he's an amazing person in his own right but his orchestra is is something that actually you can play classical music by just turning one of us one of his fingers and it's just amazing what he can do he is definitely in the Tesla realm that's for sure it's great that he's also going to be speaking at the free library event about the theremin instrument and how it functions and its ties to some of Tesla's technologies as well absolutely it's it's a instrument that has resonance and and and by moving your hands you can cause resonance and cause the notes to happen and be amplified that's what a bowl event is ultimately about raising vibration that's what this is really about getting people inspired to actually take right action and for things that we really need to bring each other together and to stop destroying each other in our planet I mean that's what really this is all about independence from the completely immoral and destructive energy paradigm that we are currently addicted to this is about raising vibration through resonance to come up in consciousness to understand not only why this needs to be done but then to get involved in to make it happen the technology is is within in Tesla's background and that people are read some of his background or come to the conferences and come Ingle with the people that understand a good bit about Tesla technology they can lift this yoke that has been put upon us by I can't say utility companies but just put upon us at especially on today when we have this unbelievable amount of heat the Tesla technology could lift us out of this mire that we're in monetarily I don't think we'd ever be in this mire of monetary monetarily if technical technology was used that's absolutely right George great great words there and it is a hot one in Philadelphia today I think we hit a hundred and one degrees today unbelievable it's so fitting that that Tesla is maybe it'll maybe land 110 when when went on July 9th but I think it will hit a very high temperature with all the people that are going to be there and they're going to bring Tesla's lightning thoughts back again and bring about a new new age in in electricity to be used by everyone at a at a price that is next to nothing it would be down in the nano nano area incredible George I really want to thank you for all your hard work and dedication in helping to put this conference together and I wish you and everyone else involved the best of luck this coming weekend thanks so much for call bark thanks so much for calling in all right it heard you take care okay thank you and Mark I really appreciate it you got it ladies and gentlemen George Byrd and another one of the great organizers for the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations so you know Tesla had a vision for this world and he had a quote he knew that he was stopped by powerful financial interests during his time but he didn't leave this world before he made this quote he said let the future tell the truth and evaluate each one according to his works and accomplishments the present is theirs the future for which I really worked is mine think about that ladies and gentlemen we can make this happen it's all about getting involved learning what this is about learning why it is so desperately needed and then joining the cause getting involved in whatever way you can contribute to making it happen and together we'll do this we will achieve energy independence and this is one of the key cornerstones of the structures of control of this world because as I've said many times here on this show the control of energy is the control of human beings the control of energy is the control of people we bring this we pull this stone out from underneath this massive architecture of control and the whole system would crumble it's one of the cornerstones upon which the structures of control are built we break that one down we break that one apart the whole control system would not be able to stand on its own people are controlled with the kind of consciousness that a lack based energy system is built upon what it does to the human consciousness through getting us to focus on lack on not having on what if we don't can't afford this or can't have this anymore what would happen to society if it suddenly went away all this is lack and fear-based consciousness and that routes us into lower levels of the brain it routes us into the r-complex of the brain as we've talked about on this show many times that's why the controllers the oil barons the energy companies etc the banks that have enormous interest in these monopolies of control they want us thinking that oh it's just about to run out it's a you know we need to go to war and have eternal competition and and pillaging of other sovereign nations to keep this going otherwise they'll be catastrophe and disaster Tesla showed us over a hundred years ago we don't need competition and the consciousness that goes along with it to have all of our energy needs met and then some he was studying radiant energy understanding hell that radiant energy is generated by the very real work of nature itself and how we can tap that so again it all ties in together and it all ties in with human freedom energy affects everyone everyone again don't wait for some sort of petitioning to quote-unquote leaders to make this happen they have a vested interest in this not happening and the people who control them okay they're not our leaders we have to be the leaders get involved in a grass roots effort that's how this is going to come to fruition so let's jump into the topics I see we have no more callers right now but again anyone who is interested in calling in again you see I take your calls you know I want people to have a voice on this show so it's the top of the second hour the calling number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call in number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in you punch in the call ID number for this show which is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five no taboo topics call in and talk about whatever you like so I will now go back to the topic of discussion that we had done over the last few weeks here on what on earth is happening which is the methodologies of mind control the techniques of covert manipulation of the human mind and the human psyche and I'd like to tell an anecdotal story before I even jump into the first technique I went out to the independence hall Tea Party to promote for the Tesla event and to also try to identify some some people who were perhaps a little bit farther along than the average tea partier if some of the listening audience takes my meaning on that to give them some of my cards for this radio show and my website so I gave out a few of those but I gave out a whole lot of the Tesla energy independence cards that we had printed up to promote for the event we literally gave out a few thousand cards over this weekend really great work I want to thank in particular Michael River Song and David Soltis for really helping out in a distributing a lot of those cards they stood with me in in some brutal heat yesterday to reach the the general public and give these uh these out information cards out about this conference so thank you guys you hung in there with me and we really got a lot done we got we reached a lot of people I think so while I was at the tea party I corralled about 15 tea partiers of all different ages and persuasions and I asked them if they wanted to partake in a little social experiment that would teach them a lot and would help to explain one of the methodologies of mind control to them now whether they even believe that mind control is real and is taking place and is all around us in society was really irrelevant at the time because I simply asked asked them that they wanted to participate in a word game and people love word games so I I got about 15 people to agree and I had some slips of paper just folded in half and on the inside of the slips of folded paper there was a words or phrases printed and there was a blank area in which the instructions were simply write down one word only one word about what this word or phrase makes you think when you hear it okay so the first word that I gave them was the word occult occu LT occult and I handed them out the 15 scripts of paper sent a couple of pens around and I said just write down the first thing that comes to your mind when you see or hear that word and you know I said if you don't know what the word means it all just write a question mark no problem so the papers come back I open them all up and I get you know a general consensus people are writing down evil negative bad chaos one woman wrote down politics which wasn't far off from the mark I kind of laughed at that someone wrote down paganism someone wrote down I think religion or something like that um and you know an interesting array of answers came back no one actually put down what the word occult actually means which we have talked about before on the show again a a cult is from the Latin occult RA a verb which means to hide or to conceal and you can see that the root of the word it comes from Occulus in Latin which means I oculus means I so it's related to the eye occult simply means that which is hidden from sight that which is not apparent to the eye that's all it means so the next slip of paper went around and it simply had the phrase on it concealed from view hidden from sight and when people wrote down what they thought about this almost invariably the word secret came back one person uh wrote down um uh I'm trying to think that the word that they used a covert or something to that effect um secrecy covert secret was invariably the word that came back for hidden from sight or concealed from view so when I showed people that the word occult simply means that and we are conditioned to believe that it automatically has a net connotation all of the words that came back were very negative chaos evil um uh paganism which in itself has a negative connotation even though it isn't inherently just pagan religions or beliefs aren't inherently negative but in our culture it does so the word occult has this connotation that it carries with it that it's always something bad or file or evil when in fact what I was trying to display to people is that's just something that you've been conditioned to believe to accept that the word occult always means evil it simply means hidden nothing more nothing less it means hidden from sight not easily seen hidden from the eye get in from vision like the word ocular means related to vision related to the eye ocular that's all occult means hidden from the eye so the next thing I sent around to these individuals was another slip and on it it said no masters no rulers and almost invariably every person wrote down the word freedom I think one person wrote down the word liberty which in many cases is used interchangeably with the word freedom but almost everyone wrote down the word freedom because indeed the state where there is no masters and no rulers over us is the state of freedom I don't think many people would argue that if you do not have a master or a ruler someone who can tell you what to do and override your free will decision you have freedom you are a free being so there was almost unanimous consent on that one so fourth slip of paper went around and on it was written the word anarchy anarchy and there was almost unanimous consent with the exception of I think one person almost everyone in the group wrote down the word chaos almost everyone and when I explained after taking all the papers back and holding the no rulers no masters paper right next to the paper that said anarchy when I explained that the word anarchy you go to any dictionary or even an etymological dictionary and just look up the word anarchy almost every dictionary will simply define the word Anarchy as the state where there are no rulers or no masters the conditions where no one rules the absence of ruler or a master does the word the root arc AR CH as in Archon ok or architect essentially is a planner or a ruler or a master bark a rc8 the root means ruler and our key and arc absence of ruler absence of master so if you defined condition of the absence of a ruler or the absence of a master as freedom and the absence of a ruler or a master is what the word anarchy means why would someone write down the word chaos as the first word that they associate in their mind with the word anarchy how does that happen is what I asked everyone if the word anarchy means no rulers no masters and you think no rulers no masters means freedom and how can you think that anarchy means the exact opposite of freedom which is the state of total chaos chaos is what ensues when evil and control rule ourselves in our environment chaos has nothing to do with human freedom it has everything to do with human slavery the essential condition that the majority of human beings exist in I would almost say all human beings exist in physical but we're in slavery at a much deeper level at a mental level which is why this show attempts to expose and educate people as to the root causes of that slavery of the mind or mind control mind control is what we're going to be breaking down into its constituent elements and techniques over the next several weeks here on the show so this is a form of mind control is what I was attempting to explain someone got you to believe that the word black is equivalent to white that the word up is equivalent to down that left is right and right is left how does that happen well that happens through the power of words and word play and word association and that happens through repeating something endlessly over and over and over and over and over and if you look in Latin dictionary at the word dictator it means to repeat over and over that's all the word dictator means it comes from the verb dicta ray which means to speak well dictator means to speak repeatedly that's where we get the word dictator from because that's all it really takes to create a dictatorship whether a physical one or a mental one you repeat the same thing over and over and over and over again until someone believes that black is white that up is down that left is right and indeed when people saw that these two things were equivalent and that they had been convinced that they were opposite meanings that they had been taught conditioned to accept that the word anarchy means chaos that that's what results when there are no rulers no masters you have chaos well I would suggest that if you have no external rulers or masters you have freedom not chaos where I would say you have chaos is where you yourself are not the master or the ruler of yourself when you let someone else rule you master you become your master and own you then you have chaos and ladies and gentlemen that is what we have right now we don't have freedom we have chaos in the world in case you didn't notice chaos is what is raining and ensuing things are in a state of chaotic flux there isn't any order the people that think that they're keeping order through controlling other people are delusional regarding what creates chaos and what creates order and we've talked about those forces as natural law principles extensively on previous episodes of this show that which creates chaos is based in fear confusion about what is taking place within us not understanding who and what we are or what our true purpose is and lashing out through fear and confusion to attempt to control others externally this is what creates chaos that is the dynamic of natural law that actually creates chaos in the world right there it is explained you don't have to believe me that doesn't mean that what I just said isn't true I've recognized that principle in my life through direct first-hand experience so I don't claim that that is my belief I understand that principle now many people have a hard time when I say something like that because no one wants to hear from anyone else that they know something this connects with the ideology of solids is among this show this is the ideology that there is no truth and no one can actually know anything can actually know something for sure and this is a nonsensical ideology of course there is such a thing as objective knowledge it exists the laws of nature do exist they can be known they can be known by us you can know them if you don't actually believe that again it's going to be very difficult to get to any higher state of consciousness because you will not actively desire truth you will not actually desire to become a seeker of truth because you are holding the belief that truth does not exist and therefore you cannot grow closer to it through the acquisition of knowledge and experience that's called that ideology is known as solace is 'm sol IPS is m we've talked about it extensively it's the most dangerous ideology on the on the planet and indeed it is the ideology that I refer to as the biggest lie it is the main deception of mind control is the absolute foundation upon which all tyranny is based a deceiver a tyrant has to get you to accept that you cannot know the truth because it is so complex why bother ever even looking for it so this idea brings us well before I go into that what creates order in the world is the exact opposite of what creates chaos what creates order is the dynamic energy of love which is the expansion of consciousness the expansion of our knowledge and experience letting go of fear and spelling confusion within about who and what we are becoming beings that as we think so we feel so react thoughts emotions and actions the three aspects of the manifestation of our consciousness coming into unison as one as we think so we feel so we act this is the state we referred to as self love Dominion which is the rulership of self becoming a self master knowing the true qualities of the self which we talked about in relationship to the ego mind to the egoic lowercase self be our animal nature so to speak understanding how we have that level of consciousness that level of base consciousness blocks us and erect barriers to the true understanding of who and what we really are all of this has been covered on previous shows and when when we become masters of our own selves within of our own emotions our own thoughts our own actions then and only then and not a moment before will the dynamic will the state of true freedom manifest itself on this world that's what this show is all about because those are the causal dynamics those are the causal factors the natural law principles that create what we are experiencing around us and they are all generated from within not from without so what I'd like to do now is get into the first actual technique of the techniques that I identify as being the most critical to understand there are many others however I identify 14 particular methods of manipulation of the human mind why is it important to understand these deeply well I'd like to read a quote on that but the co-author of the book transformation of America with Cathy O'Brien a mining controlled a trauma-based mind control slave of the project known as monarch and now while I'm mentioning Cathy I can tell you that I'm going to have a pretty interesting treat for excuse me for our listeners coming up in probably a couple of weeks on this show I will be bringing onto the show live I don't know whether I'll be doing this through the internet or possibly even in person right here in my home studio I will be having on someone I will not be mentioning this person's name yet who was directly involved in project monarch from a victim perspective he was a victim a trauma-based mind control victim of project monarch now trauma-based mind control is a little bit different than the quote-unquote soft mind control techniques that I'll be discussing over the next many weeks on the show but I will be taking a break from discussing some of those techniques to bring on someone to tell a bit about his story in project monarch and this will this will really really curl your the hairs on your head when you hear some of the things that take part as part of trauma-based mind control a what is known as a hard mind control technique which we've discussed a small bit on previous shows but I brought that off only because I was bringing up this quote by the co-author of Cathy O'Brien from who was involved in monarch also as a victim her book transformation of America was co-authored by a an individual who helped to deprogram her from that trauma based mind control life that she was embedded in from a very very young age this person's name is Mark Phillips and he said that for every problem there exists a solution but the formula for problem solving rests firmly on the quality of the supporting research information concerning the nature of the problem I want everybody really to think about this what is being said here in this quote is that yes every problem can we can come to understand what the solution to that problem is however the actual way that you get to the solution is by understanding enough information concerning the nature of the problem and there are many many many people can think this is not the case there are many who think we can solve problems without understanding the nature of the problem we can do an end run around it this is a new-age belief it is a belief it is not a philosophy it is a belief a lot of New Agers will tell you we don't need to understand how mind control works we can do an end run around all of that and just get people to a higher state of consciousness by telling them that they need to love each other and practicing all different techniques of how to you know raise vibratory energy within the body etc etc however we can ignore all of that quote/unquote negative stuff we can just ignore that we don't need to talk about it they don't need to know how that works and what I say to this simply is nonsense nonsense this is itself an obfuscation technique and it's dangerous for people not to be influenced by the techniques of mind control they do need to know specifically how those techniques work and how they are wielded and I will be definitive will say that very definitively and strongly you're not going to get out of this technique and ensure out of this state of consciousness that we're in which is mind control and get out of it completely unscathed and ensure that this is not going to encroach back slowly even if you did get out of it by some miracle sudden awakening of consciousness that there's not really any evidence to support in the New Age movement you'll hear this referred to as a Satori SAT Ori a Satori moment is a sudden awakening someone just suddenly realizes the whole picture and how it all fits together and their consciousness jumps an enormous enormous amount in a very very very brief amount of time with technically no actual knowledge acquired in that in that moment it's just a sudden awakening and like I've said before I'm not going to completely deny that that may occur maybe in one person out of billions every hundred years or so maybe a little more frequently than that but guess what the amount is so small that it's like saying well you know maybe we can count on being able to jump out the window and flying but so far so few people have been able to do that not saying it maybe not possible in some you know at some level of consciousness to do that but the amount of time you would probably have to go through to see that actually happen is probably longer than the age of the observable universe so why are we going to waste time thinking about and discussing that here we're not I'm talking about practical application of knowledge doing the work on the ground so to speak instead of having our head in the clouds all the time this is why these techniques are critically important to understand once we understand enough about the nature of the problem we have made what is known as a diagnosis when there's an illness and there's an illness in humanity in the human psyche and spirit when there's an illness you need to develop a diagnosis now let's break this word apart diagnosis Dai GN OS is diagnosis we see that it is comprised of two Greek roots dia means through as in to go through and gnosis means knowledge or awareness in Greek diagnosis diagnosis gnosis GN OS is knowledge dia through a diagnosis means to go through knowledge to take in enough knowledge concerning the nature of the problem and now you're in a position of power because knowledge isn't power in and of itself knowledge is the means to power because the real source of power is knowing what to do and then doing it that's what real power is wisdom is the proper application of knowledge upstanding right moral application of knowledge is what wisdom is so for those who will say you don't need to know how mind control works to solve this problem bunk bunk you want to keep your head in the sand go and listen to some New Ager tell you that all is rosy with the world that's not what you're going to get on this show that's not what we do here that's not what I do here anyway okay we're going to look at all of the aspects of the truth light and dark we will propose empowering solutions and those solutions will come through looking at some of the dark aspects of the truth and that's why it's critical to understand how mind control works so the first technique of mind control abuse Kay shinobi fu s CA tion abuse ocation okay this is the first out of the 14 techniques the 14 methodologies that we are going to look at over the next many weeks on this show and again I will maybe break this up and intersperse it with a few guests or callings as always we'll take calls as we go through the show but this is what the bulk material is going to be over the next many weeks on this show so the word abuse ocation when we look it up in a dictionary we see that it means to render obscure unclear or unintelligible obfuscation means to create confusion and this is the dynamic that goes to work on our emotional state again when the force of fear is present within us within we become emotionally confused this is the dynamic that reigns over the human emotions confusion and the technique that is the most responsible for propagating this vibratory energy known as confusion is obvious kay ssin so we'll look at some examples of obfuscation how I've likened it in my presentation is it's like someone coming up in a very elaborate beautiful mask that's pleasing to the eye has nice tones maybe they're completely dressed up in a way that is completely pleasing but it's all a smokescreen they're presenting something it's like it's like putting a very thin layer of skin that that maybe looks attractive you know over a piece of rotted meat or flesh you know and then putting it on someone's plate to try to get them to eat what's underneath okay make dressing something up making it look good so that someone takes it in place of the real thing or in place of something that could do some good for them and it's really reversing it's a total reversal of different principles again it's just like getting people to think that anarchy means chaos when in fact it means the absence of rulers or masters it's getting someone to swallow the poison pill because you covered it up in something that is attractive or appealing to render obscure unclear or unintelligible to create confusion is to obfuscate something okay so what is obfuscated what are some of the principles that we need to understand that are completely obfuscated the first and most important thing that is obfuscated that is a technique of mind control is the obfuscation of simplicity with complexity I'll say that again one of the first and fundamental techniques of mind control is the abuse patients with complexity and again this ties in with wrapping someone's mind up in knots and getting them to go down labyrinths mazes in their mind to think wow this stuff is so complex I could never possibly understand it truth is always simple folks always simple if someone is trying to get you to believe that understanding what is taking place in this world is so complex that you could not possibly be able to understand it they are trying to control you they are lying to you they are deceiving you and they are trying to control your mind the world is not irreducibly complex now some will say this is the ideology of reductionism wrong answer again this is not reductionism this is a simple truth truths are elegant and simple and every great philosopher and every great scientist who has ever lived I said that truths are elegant and simple the first technique of obfuscation is to confuse simplicity with complexity so in helping the listeners to understand how this dynamic completely is tied in with human freedom I'm just going to read the first three or four pages of a book called the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke I highly recommend people get this phenomenal book it's brilliantly written and quite simplistically written and it goes a long way toward helping to explain what is actually taking place on this planet so I'll read chapter one called freedom and then I'll read maybe the first page or two of chapter two and that's it and it's very very short book I think the totality of the book is not 90 pages or something like that chapter one freedom the definition of freedom is the infinite value of the human being the definition of evil is the destruction of freedom everything that is evil teaches people that they have limited value the truth is always simple all people recognize truth because all people are intelligent beings it is the nature of evil to create artificially complex ideas it does this to hide or abuse Kate the freedom it destroys if you remove the complexities and fears from your life you will find a plain and beautiful truth this truth is the nature of your worth to understand freedom is to understand the value of a person everything that evil wants is to disguise and destroy your value all authority is created by evil men to disguise your worth to understand your own Worth is to understand the nature of Liberty the crucial key for understanding our world is to understand the nature of evil I want to repeat that sentence the crucial key for understanding our world is to understand the nature of evil evil challenges the value of people by denying them the opportunity to make their own choices by denying them the chance to grow strong in learning and understanding while evil seeks to destroy or hide a person's worth freedom shows humans their full potential and their full value with freedom people have loved shirred disease removed hunger eased labor and lived in peace with freedom happiness is possible freedom is the exact opposite of evil everything written in this book is written to destroy the ideas of culture and law lower case L law the lessons of this book are simple nothing on earth is more valuable than you chapter 2 there is a dark conspiracy which has clouded the minds of humanity throughout all ages this conspiracy is evil incarnate and controls vast mountains of human emotions work thought and speech it has been responsible for the deaths of hundreds upon hundreds of millions and the slavery of nearly every being who has ever lived if you can accept a single principle that you have infinite worth then this book will give you the vision necessary to see the world as it truly is to know once and for all that this dark conspiracy is not strong but weak that evil is not growing but dying to understand how evil controls people it is necessary to understand the difference between principle and law with a lowercase L so I'm going to stop there for one moment and help people to understand how this next few paragraphs I'm going to read are totally connected in with the idea of simplicity and complexity and the idea of principles versus law and I'm talking about man's law here this is the next abuse Kay ssin when we're talking about the methodology of obfuscation simplicity is abuse skated by complexity truth is always simple fear-based consciousness what lock here is referring to as evil always wants you to think you cannot understand something that is simple by getting you to believe it is so complex why bother looking into it you'll never be able to figure it out anyway and this is simply untrue and this is an obfuscation technique next technique is Prince of it of obfuscation is the obfuscation of principle with law so this is what Locke is going to get into discussing in the next couple paragraphs there's only a couple more paragraphs I'm going to read continuing a principle is a truth that creates freedom I want to read that sentence again a principle is a truth that creates freedom I'll give an example when I described what creates order being the expansion of consciousness the rulership of self of owning our own thoughts emotions and actions and bringing them into unison as one and then propagating the true philosophy of what freedom really is that is a truth understanding that truth will create freedom therefore it is a principle it is one of the principles that everything that I do attempts to embody to bring solidity to to manifest in the world it is a principle of natural law that I understand simply and many many many people do understand this principle it is not unknowable it is very simple it is not impossibly complex it can be understood and it is understood by many many people on the earth sadly more people do not understand it than do but we're going to change that and we can change that so continuing with a reading from the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke a principle is a truth that creates freedom a law lowercase L man's law is what he is referring to here a law is a lie that creates slavery principles describe reality they are knowledge that can help you to make use of your world because of your intelligence you recognize principles in everything you do every true thing that you learned is a principle think about that every true thing that you learn is a principle the movements of your hands which foods taste good mathematics empathy for a friend are all based on principles laws are artificial ideas created by evil men to restrict the thinking and understanding of people and I will read that sentence again laws meaning man's laws are artificial ideas created by evil men to restrict the thinking and understanding of people laws masks themselves as Authority so that they can impersonate principles when people mistake law for principle their freedom is restricted when people mistake truth for the ideas of authority their abilities and their wisdom are diminished this is the purpose of law an example of principle can be found in thermodynamics a liquid is cooler than a gas this is a principle because this is a principle it does not restrict us but enables us using this principle we can condense and expand a substance between gas and liquid to create refrigeration with this principle we have more understanding and more power principles are truths that create freedom an example of law can be found in the culture of royalty a commoner owes homage homage to the king this is a law because it is a law it destroys freedom and enslaves under this law a person must neglect usage of their minds their speech and their actions they must believe that they are worth less than the king notice that unlike principle there is no truth in law it is entirely possible to disrespect the king and therefore to break the law lowercase L law lowercase L must be enforced to use the principle of to use the dynamic of control in other words what Locke is saying here law always must be enforced through the dynamic of control law must be enforced because there is no truth in it a law destroys freedom because it is a lie a principle however creates freedom because it is knowledge that which destroys freedom is evil the world is simpler than it pretends complexities are found in every aspect of our culture's politics and economies everyday people are introduced to new ideas new spin new views or a new symptom of our world many of these ideas are perversions of principle decide assign to engineer specific reactions from people evil societies invent ideas to destroy the free thinking of people some of history's names for these ideas have been socialism fascism racism communism democracy class warfare political correctness decency royalty and terrorism all of these ideas are created for exactly the same purpose they are all vehicles to confuse the minds of the victims of slavery they are all evil you are capable of understanding everything in the world around you your intelligence is not limited distortions and complexities are introduced into your understanding so that evil men can control you evil wants you to believe that you are incapable of understanding your own world I'll read that sentence again evil wants you to believe that you are incapable of understanding your own world when you understand the magnitude of your own worth evil will fail there are two principles relevant to understanding the concept of intelligence the first is simplicity the principle of simplicity states that intelligence recognizes truth intelligence recognizes truth when any truth is presented in pure form all people are capable of understanding it there is no truth that you can not learn this is the principle of simplicity that intelligence recognizes truth the second principle is the principle of abuse patient abuse Kay ssin is the distortion of principle abuse ocation is the creation of false ideas in order to hide truth to hide truth well this is exactly what we've been talking about folks hidden knowledge the world will not be free until the occult that which is hidden is no longer the occult when it becomes common sense to comment I'm making here taking a break from the last couple paragraphs he is talking about hidden knowledge or otherwise known as the occult abuse cashion is the creation of false ideas in order to hide truth sometimes this is simply adding ideas on top of truth to disguise the nature of the original truth just as I described obfuscation as even ideas that seem entirely appropriate can be used to very simple truths abuse case is used by evil to confuse the minds of people abuse Kayson distorts principles so that people will be unable to learn and as we've talked about on this show the root causal factor of every all the negativity and suffering that we are experiencing is people's in ability to recognize truth from falsehood that's the root underlying cause of what we're experiencing on earth are as human suffering is concerned self-inflicted suffering continuing vil uses obfuscation so that you will be unable to gain wisdom wisdom proper application of knowledge it does this to limit your freedom culture knows that people will discover fewer truths if they are focused on artificial complexities as children grow they learn that seemingly complex ideas are actually basic and simple principles what they have seen what may have seemed impossible to understand at one point becomes wonderful once understood it is good to gain wisdom with wisdom you can do anything your search for knowledge will become easier for you as you shed any notion of your own inferiority and I would suggest that it will become easier to gain knowledge and wisdom as you shed the idea that truth is too complex to comprehend and to come to know this is not true this is a lie that the dominator culture wants you to accept and believe we can know the truth it is simple our intelligence inherently recognizes simple truths your search for knowledge will become easier for you as you shed any notion of your own inferiority evil uses obfuscation to make people feel inferior you are not inferior to other people and you are not inferior to ideas you have infinite worth and I will stop there with the reading from the great book the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke and I think that's all basically cover for tonight we're winding down to about the last hour in the show I want to thank all the great callers for calling in I want to thank everyone involved with a Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2010 I want to make one final appeal to everyone in the Philadelphia area and the surrounding region come out to this event get involved with these great people participate in these wonderful ideas and together we will achieve energy independence and we will achieve independence on a much wider scale the scale of true human freedom and energy independence is a gigantic part of that so with that having been said I'm going to sign off for tonight ladies and gentlemen thank you for listening here on what on earth is happening calm and on the revolution broadcasting radio network at revolution broadcasting calm I am your host mark passio and this has been another episode of what on earth is happening good night everyone