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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome everyone welcome you're listening - what on earth is happening on a revolution Broadcasting Network today is Tuesday July 20th 2010 my website is what on earth is happening dot-com on your host mark passio and we have a very very important show lined up for you here this evening before I introduce our special guest and get into tonight's topic I want to say that the UFO Awareness Day in Philadelphia that was sponsored by MUFON Pennsylvania mutual UFO network was a great success we probably had over 75 people out there throughout the course of the day and all of the speakers were really great and very informative I want to send out a big thanks to Bob Gardner who organized the event and also spoke I want to thank the other speakers as well Michael Melton Bill Weber Chris Augustine and dr. David Jacobs and also like to send a thank you out to David Williams for hosting us at germ books so thanks to all the organizers and speakers and everyone that was involved in a great event so with that having been said I'm going to make one event announcement and then we're going to jump right into tonight's two-hour long interview the only event announcement I have for events coming up in this area is a long way off but I'm going to read this every week until this event actually occurs because it's going to be an extremely important event coming up in the Philadelphia area in the first part of next year so this is called free your mind it's going to be a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult I'm actually hosting this and organizing it this will be taking place in the Northern Liberty section of Philadelphia a Trueba hole on Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the admission price is only going to be $20 per day we're probably going to have a total lineup of about 14 speakers or so so far we have three 100% confirmed speakers myself mr. Michael Kelly and mr. Aaron McCollum so that's free your mind conference on consciousness mind control and the occult hosted by yours truly Saturday and Sunday April 9th and 10th 2011 that's all the event announcements I have for today so without any further ado what we've been doing over the last several weeks and what we will continue to do over the next several weeks is discuss the methodologies of mass control the methodologies of mind control they're used against the general population what we're going to do tonight is take a break from the I guess you could say the regularly scheduled class the regularly scheduled classroom environment where we delve into these topics and then take some calls and discuss them and I'm going to interview a gentleman that was the victim of trauma-based mind control this is in contrast to what is known as soft mind control techniques or mass control techniques and this is hard mind control this is trauma-based mind control which I'll let our guest tell you a lot more about and relate some of his experiences here on air live on what on earth is happening this evening so without further ado I'd like to introduce our special guest knio knio thank you for being on what on earth is happening well you're welcome mark the pleasure to be here it's an important subject to talk about and well let's get to it I'm going to first discuss briefly my family history I grew up in a multi-generational satanic family my father was in the Illuminati his father was in the Illuminati my father's family association with the Illuminati probably started in the early 1700s long before Adam Weishaupt declared the existence of the Illuminati in 1776 may 1st the Illuminati basically goes back all the way to Babylon in many different forms but it's the primary ancient mystery religion and it's known to be adherence as the old religion basically my mother and her family also generational Satanists my mother traces her witchcraft and her sorcery back five thousand years to a people known as the Amalekite the unalaq or Amalekite were a people in Canaan during the time of the first founding of Israel during a team saw in that particular time period I have some stories my mother told me when they were first training me in a true history of the world that I will relate about the omelet basically I have two older brawler's no sisters and I'm going to go through a brief summation of my life with the cult I never became a cult member due to my personal rebellion against it so I was a program to be what's known as a slave and basically there is a hierarchy in the Illuminati and they basically go on a Wrentham of I would say bloodline it's probably the most important as far as getting a good position in the Illuminati but intelligence and it's a kind of history have a lot to do with it but for the most part the Illuminati are locked into a hierarchy that doesn't really change that much unless someone who does something extraordinarily good or extraordinarily bad in the eyes of the Illuminati leadership it's a caste system and it's a programming system very similar to that which is found in India you're literally born into your social class and your status in the world with programming you can move up the chain or down the chain depending on how you're evaluated but basically I'm going to just simply go over some of my personal experiences I basically can say that I spent seven years in torture in rape in abuse and inhale once a child and Illuminati family reaches oh the age of six and seven the direct torture and rape is for the most part taken away because it's too hard for the hypnotism and drugs to cover the abuse instances and the victim would have a realization of what was going on to them and I'll discuss that later my first years of abuse that simply started in the cradle my father would force me to fellate him while my mother stood behind him this went on in the cradle for as long as I was in the cradle my mother would be looking at me over my father's shoulder with a total spirit of disgust and anger while my father was enjoying the sexuality he was receiving from me one of the things that causes people to become mind-control slaves is a basic dissociation causing the bringing by trauma and by receiving two dissimilar signals into your biological computer your brain at the same time so you would have two opposite things going on simultaneously which causes a basic confusion in your in your mind this is done constantly in an Illuminati family basically my father would enjoy himself at maja you know it you know I was just a baby so I didn't know what I was doing but after he was done enjoying himself he would then physically pinch and twist my body so that I was suffering in pretty severe pain and the energy that my father would give off while he was receiving his pleasure from me and then followed by quick sharp torture is what is the primary basis of the Illuminati system of making a slave and programing the mind basically you are constantly being bombarded by opposite feelings opposite situations where the mind is left in the state of confusion as to which way to turn what to think and so you're basically in a state of confusion and fear now there's those many things that my parents did as far as drugging spell-casting both my parents abused me from the cradle sexually there was much hunger in my early childhood and other deprivation and also the experience of my parents manifesting what I call other dimensional energy or other dimensional forces whether and you could say there are satanic demons inside them or what I really don't know what to say all of then every time I think about my memories of people manifesting these other consciousness levels that seemed to be demonic I would always immediately think Phoenician King and night and I believe that is because of the teaching that I was taught of the original history of the old religion both my brothers and I all three of us received monarch mind control training and old religion trauma based abuse what this does is causes disassociative personality or multiple personality conflict uh it gets very technical when when you talk about it on a psychological basis but there are several excellent authors who have done years of research on monarch mind control and I'd like to mention one right now and that is Fritz spring Meyer Fritz spring Meyer has done a book called how to create the perfect mind-controlled slave and fritz moon Meyer has written four books on the Illuminati and on mind-control by the Illuminati fritz spring meyers books are required reading for anyone who wants to understand what is going on in the power hallways of the world this world is being run by Illuminati cultists and we're going to have a discussion of that later in the next hour of who these people are and where they hang out you know if I may stop you for just one moment I know a lot of people are really fascinated by hearing your account and I thank you for being here once again I just wanted to briefly jump in and give the call-in number for the show to the listening audience because in the second hour Nia will be taking questions from the audience so the call-in number for this show if you would like to call in and we are going to for this show in particular limit the questions that come in specifically for neo his account of his experiences and trauma-based mind control in general please for this show do keep the questions to that topic if you're going to call in I thank you in advance for that so the call-in number for this show seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number is seven two four triple four seven triple four and when you call in you have to punch in the call ID number for what on earth is happening the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID eight three five one five so in the second hour we will be taking calls and I'll turn the floor back over to neo thank you I'm not a psychologist uh I spent some time studying what happened to me in psychological books to try to figure out what I could do to heal myself I have a system that I use that it's working well for me in healing and basically I've had to just gut it up and just deal with damage I am so many notes I don't even know where to begin but I guess I'll just start with talking about some of the major psychological manipulations of Monarch and how someone is made into a slave or whatever they want to program you to be but basically it's a hierarchy of satanic energy and thought the abuse of children is done for one primary reason human beings naturally have a mindset that is basically good in order to manifest the murdering thieving reckless war mongering power-hungry personalities that are in the dark occult you must traumatize the brain causing synapses to be rewired from their natural order by rewiring the synaptic pathways of the brain different chemicals are released into the brain from the trauma that caused literal literal permanent brain damage until you start doing exercises to rewire your brain and repair the damage because what happens to the neural net in the brain as you think and as you feel over a long-term consistent basis the neural net in your brain and the hormones and the chemicals in your body will form addictions and hardwired patterns this is why so many people in vehicle have problems with habitual depression anger drug abuse alcoholism because in dealing with the twisting of their synaptic pathways they've turned to things to try to cope it usually drugs and alcohol but I found in the people that I grew up with who are cold that many of them have substance abuse issues and this is because of what they grew up in primarily now when my father and mother were first raising us we lived in what I considered a normal development in the Philadelphia region but when I was three and a half years old almost for my father and mother moved us to what I call an occult community around every major metropolitan area in the world there are concentrations of dark occultus arrayed around major metropolitan areas in developments and communities and to try to explain this I will just say the earth has a geomantic grid around it this geomantic read it's called ley lines or dragon paths it's the ancient name it is the geodesic kind of like dome grid of the energy that naturally flows across this planet what the Illuminati do and have done is place major cities along the major ley lines of a planet for instance London Boston New York Philadelphia and Washington DC are all located on one ley line so that the energy that is being manifested in these cities can travel up and down these ley lines and they can kind of like it's almost like hardwiring together so they can share energy around each major metropolitan area there will be towns and precincts and developments where instead of a normal mix of people we're only 10% would be of the old religion you will find concentrations of 72 85% of the old religion and so they literally have communities where you grow up and most of the children you grow up with are involved in the occult trauma rituals that you're going through also the reason that most metropolitan areas are circled with occult towns and development is so that the energy of the traumatic abuse of children can be fed into the main leyline grid I know this sounds very foolish but the people that study this stuff I wanted to make that point so I've made it when my family moved to the higher concentration coal town to the outside world we look like any other family there was nothing different with us we went to church on Sunday we paid our taxes we didn't do anything that would cause anyone to have any thoughts of anything of normal with us when would we go to church and I just want to say some of the major Church memories that I have with my parents going we were Presbyterians for whatever that would mean considering what they really were uh my parents were always closed with the hierarchy of whatever church we went to to the point where my mother would be with the pastor's wife constantly uh the hierarchy of the church you know regular Protestant Presbyterian churches had no idea that my parents were blood-drinking mass-murdering satanic pedophiles just what the only regular people which makes me wonder about their spiritual discernment' to say the least one time we were going to church we passed the church sign that said Trinity Presbyterian Church I looked at the sign as we drove in and I asked my mother what's Trinity mean and my mother turned back in the car and looked at me and she said that's us when you study the history of religion and the corruption of spirituality on the planet Earth you will find the thing known as the Babylonian Trinity the Babylonian Trinity spans six seven thousand years and no matter what name that Trinity is given the energy and the basic spirituality of it is the same it doesn't matter if it's Semiramis Nimrod doesn't matter if it's ICS and forest it's just whatever society that Trinity runs through the spirituality of it is the same I I'm not going to go into that this this show I'm just going to try to get through some of the abuse memories that I have and try to explain some of the why first spring modernist book on monarch mind control is a must read if you want to understand more of this because it's it's too much for me to deal with in it to our program so I'm going to lightly touch on some of the things I went through so we can actually get some calls and talk to people and I can discuss with more similar things now the first time I went into the Church of the cult in the Illuminati town that we moved into the front was just a normal store no one would know that in the back of this store was a hidden Church it was a fairly large room it had all the things that a satanic cult needed it had the goat head Baphomet on the wall it had the pit in the floor where people were lower than in mock human burial there was the cattle prod in the corner there was the car battery for electrical shocks to be given and there were other devices of beating and torture children in an Illuminati family are never left in peace not for one day they are under constant attack so the brain is skewed into a dark mind controlled mentality what what the Church of the occult does is you go to meetings of the cult and they'll be let's say four children there and their parents there will be some sort of satanic ritual there will be raping of all the children there will be a time of physical and emotional abuse we'll be - Oh favors given to different cult members by the children my parents considered their children nothing but you say that we were that we existed for one reason one reason only to facilitate our parents cult activities we were given freely to other cult members for degradation torture humiliation sexual favors and it was good for my parents they had three young boys that they could please the older wealthy pedophiles with and I'm sure they receive a fair share of renumeration for what they put us for them in mind-control the personality has to be split into many different smaller pieces and program this programming is done free torture what your parents do in the first several years is bill personally torture and play mind games with you and set the ball rolling synaptically in your mind once you go into the cult and work with the leaders of the cult then you get into more serious satanic rituals and this is usually from three years old to six years old these rituals consist of Margar terrific abuse forced cannibalism the force eating of feces and hours and hours of electroshock torture and deprivation just basically they will torture you too you say uncle and then they won't torture you some more and some more until you are out of your mind terrorized begging God to kill you just to stop the agony what the Illuminati wish to do to their people to make them as they are is to get you to believe that you have being completely abandoned by your society by God and you have nothing but what they tell you now one other thing you know I'm looking at my notes and wondering whether I could talk about certain things but now I'll start here for instance when I was probably 40 years old my parents gave me a true history of the world what they describe to me is that there was a society known as Atlantis that they traced their belief system back to the Atlantean warlocks of all then there was a cataclysm on air which geologically happened at 9600 BC and is written about in the book the day the earth nearly died by authors Allen and Dallaire the authors Allen and de l'air of written three books on the 9600 BC earth Cataclysm the date of the earth nearly died is one another book is Cataclysm Cataclysm 2,000 9600 BC and either one of those books is a great history lesson in geography and in Earth history because the destruction of the previous high civilizations on earth 10,000 BC open the door for what we are experiencing in the world today it appears that the Atlanteans survived the Holocaust of 9600 BC better than others and were able to set up a renewed Society in Sumer and then in Egypt and the Indus Valley so they got a head start on their rivals in the Pacific Ocean which would be the mauryans which basically for my knowledge became the indigenous peoples of the world my parents always believed that from the planet and star system went serious a group of beings came millennia ago possibly as much as five hundred thousand years ago I'm not sure but many many eons ago believe me and manipulated the DNA of the human race and made some of the Atlantean warlocks a specific genome type different than most Homo sapiens these people consider themselves the elite from research done it would appear that four percent of the human race has this different genetic makeup now they say that they're Illuminati they've controlled the world since the Cataclysm and they're not going anywhere and they basically give their allegiance the generational Satanists give their allegiance to this very small minority on top who would be considered the trillionaires of the world who are deep deep occultus and people who believe that they are genetically different than the human race the serious and the beings that came here also opens up a discussion that there are possibly other dimensions in our universe and this was discussed also to me as a child and that the other dimensions and the Sirians basically have taken over the world and are running the world through a dark occult system and even though people believe they are free and in fact they are not one of the things that's done in the Illuminati system is physical marks maybe put on a person so that people in the coal can recognize who is what almost like the dots on the caste system people from India for instance I have a cattle prod mole on the side of my cheek and this is to designate me as a manipulated slave if someone I was doing business with was a coal and recognized what I was he could simply flash in the cold symbol at me and I would literally work for pennies on the dollar some of the things that I went through personally with my parents one of the first mind splitting promised to make a multiple-personality individual that is mind control is at the age of three to four they're placed in a cage no bigger than a oh I would guess a small dog cage the child is placed in the cage and you're literally punched up to where you cannot even move and then the cage is left alone for basically two maybe two and a half three days so you're in that cage you've already screamed yourself course there's no point yelling for help anymore no one's going to come and help you then after two days into the room walks your father the Savior he's here unfortunately it's not your father it's the other inside him he is in full other-dimensional spiritual entity manifestation and he is seething with what the Apostle Paul calls the absolute heat of the devil and he looks at you with such utter he murderous hatred and it's clearly the energy coming off him is something that I can't describe when these people really go into full other-dimensional manifestation mode it's not human it's definitely not of this world and it's definitely evil and Mel events beyond verbal description so as a child I looked up and saw that it wasn't my father there to rescue me it was the enemy and it was the enemy of all humanity what this does to the child and what it did to me was literally my mind imploding and this is called a primary split and from that split many programming and hypnotic suggestions are based how the Illuminati actually do this programming and the in-depth manufacture of a slave is described in Fritz Lamar's book monarch mind-control how to build in a perfect my control slave I'm not going to go into that I'm just going to say that's one experience I went through as a child the other experience would be the bear analog experience very popular and basically you drug probably a form of hallucinogenic you are placed in a very tight coffin and lowered into a grave at the Church of Satan your father who is your primary handler will dress up literally in the father-god garb of white flowing robes with long silver hair and beard and have a large book in his hand and as you are and this is a very deep hole they lower you into while you're on hallucinogens so you're already out of your mind and you look up probably 10 feet maybe more and there is your father now I recognized my father in this father dog costume but my mind instantly denied that and my father had this giant book in his hand and he screamed at me this is the book of life and your name is not in it you are condemned and you go lower and lower and the ritual basically imprints on your shattered mind your split mind that basically you're going to hell and there's nothing you can do about it and even though consciously at that time I recognized my father it didn't matter the psychological damage was done and I did you know it's actually taken me years of thinking about that ritual to realize that for a brief moment I did recognize that God figure as my father but immediately went into denial about it now as my father and mother and some of the cult members would torture me at one time when my father was torturing me extremely painfully for long periods of time with a car battery the car battery would be placed the shock would be given at the base of the spine or the genitals and we'd hit your lower part of your brain like a sledgehammer it's extremely painful throughout the entire body by the time they do this over and over again you're just begging for death you don't want to eat anything would be better than this so basically my father says to me would you like to join with Jesus now I go who's that and he says Jesus it's under God you want to join with him and I'm like will he get me out of here and my father goes yeah well I joined with Jesus the torture continued and basically the reason for that is anything that's good and wholesome in this world has to be destroyed in a person's mind you have to have a complete distrust of anything that represents morality community goodness you have to know deep inside your program mind that it's false and that it cannot be trusted and that only the cold is where you belong so basically when a child is raped and tortured in the name of that society's primary religion what happens to the person subconsciously after that is every time they see a church they're subconsciously triggered into memories of a mind-control torture so they're constantly held in the torture dungeon in their subconscious I began to resist my parents probably at the age of five just simply getting tired of the neverending harassment rape brutalization and torture after church on Sunday morning we would always go to the satanic Church where other families were there to engage in monarch mind control some rituals and seminars to teach and program the children how to be good little demons basically I remember one day the church pastor was shaking hands at the door of the church one fine spring morning my parents were leaving and the three children we were standing at the footman's steps waiting for my parents to exit the main sanctuary the pastor sucked my father and mothers hands so enthusiastically and thanked them for showing up at the church that when my mother got into the car with us that go to the satanic abuse center she looked at my father and said maybe we should have asked him to come to the reason I bring that story up is simply through my experience I have never seen one status quo religion that has spiritual intuitive natural insight that can look at an Illuminati and recognize them for what they are they simply don't see it they don't have the spiritual discernment to see it and I really really wonder what that's all about years of drugging beating and abuse go on and basically you're you become a compliant person to whatever authority is in the cult now one day after being raped in the morning we got up as a family and went to the breakfast table well one morning I complained out loud at the breakfast table to my entire family that I did not appreciate my father raping me and my mother holding me down why he did it the night before my middle brother turned to me and said you're not supposed to talk about that and when he said that everyone in my family stood up from the breakfast table and walked away leaving their meals behind them so I guess I knew where I stood in my not wanting to cooperate with my father and mother sickness one of the things that goes on in an Illuminati community there are house parties or children being raped while they're on drugs at these house parties where drugs toddlers from three to six years old are being sexually abused while under drugs a small glass bead will be handed to the victim while they're being raped the victim is told to hold on in the palm of their hand this small glass bead with a hole drilled in it very much like a lifesaver only smaller this glass bead is then taken by one of the wick is and the victim never sees it again but the victim is told that every time they come to that particular ritual on that particular drug they will receive a talisman of glass forty years later after I started breaking my programming my oldest brother took me down to see some occult people at their asure home that we're trying to reboot my program which was not working I was always done with it and by the grace of the spirit of life I gotta a miraculous revelation as to what had happened in my life basically all my memories flooded into my mind in a very short period of time this is known as a trigger was brought to my attention and it literally dropped the foul of forgetfulness into my consciousness but considering that the Illuminati was using me in business to their advantage they didn't want to see me stand up on my own two feet and stop being abused financially by them so my oldest brother who did become cult uh which I did not know at this time I just knew about my father and mother took me down to a vacation home of a major occultist from the occult community in which I grew up in while in their vacation home I had to go to the bathroom so I go into one of the bathrooms in this house and there is a teddy bear on top of the toilet tank and many people have potpourri baskets or avaaz of flowers or paper towels on top of the toilet tank but in this particular house there was a teddy bear and this teddy bear had a very special necklace on this teddy bear had a necklace of glass beads around its neck and when I looked at that necklace of glass beads I remembered the occult ritual of being raped on drugs with the glass bead and so I counted the glass beads that that one particular teddy bear had it was probably sixty glass beads around its neck I don't know if they were all from me but I'm sure quite a few of them were at man woman who owned that vacation home never been charged with pedophilia have never been hassled by the authorities ever of the hundreds of families that I know personally that are occult satanic mass murdering Illuminati pedophiles in the Philadelphia area I have heard of none of them ever getting hassled by the police Napo my parents had friends from college where they met who were also how to file Satanist and we would go visit them and they would have their way with us one of my father's casual friends was an artist he unfortunately got caught for pedophilia because although he was a pedophile like my father he was not Illuminati therefore he received no protection from the powers that be when he was caught as a pedophile he was sentenced to 16 years in jail one of the rituals that the Satanists do in the cold I grew up in is a heart of stone ritual where a drug hypnotized child told that their heart is being removed by the High Priestess witch and that their heart is going to be placed in the temple of Molech this is a terrifying ritual to go through when they did this ritual to me and it was the wife of the occult leader in the occult town I grew up in who performed this satanic ritual on me all I can remember from it was just a feeling of total and complete implosion emotionally and spiritually now of course I know they did not take my heart from me but when you are hypnotized and drunk you'll practically believe whatever you're told especially from people that have been consistently torturing you for years all of this is there are so many rituals orgies basically in the rituals and orgies you'll be engaged in some kind of sexual pleasuring of someone and then immediately be hit with electrical shock there's a constant oh this is good oh no it's bad oh this is good I don't know what's bad and just anything to shatter the mind anything to create confusion anything to make you wish you never were born one of the things that happened to me was because my mother was especially sadistic and she was probably of all the people I've met and can remember in the cult probably the most statistics no one enjoyed murder more than my mother no one enjoyed pure Marquis de Sade torture than my mother what she did with me seeing that she had a feisty child on her hands one that had its own mind and its own thoughts what she encouraged my rebellion through spell-casting and some of the other mind-control techniques she knew about in this way I was more rebellious than I would have been naturally which gave her more opportunity to inflict correction so I realized that although once I grew old enough five years old six years old to realize what was truly going on with these people and how long it was then I went into full rebellion when we were driving from our Christian Church to the Church of Satan one day we were my brother middle brother and I were complaining to my parents we don't want to go turned to me and said oh you don't like what we're doing to you well we'll just kill you and dump you in the forest which my brother middle brother said go ahead I don't care and I added dad go ahead kill us I don't care either I was probably four years old and my older brother five and we were serious after years of rape and torture we would have preferred death at that moment there are many books out on satanic ritual abuse the one book that you need to read to understand this matter more fully because I'm not well versed in how to explain what I've gone through nor am I ever going to be my mission in life is learning healing modalities for other trauma-based mind control abuse victims and that's all I'm considering in my life today I have no desire for justice revenge what happened to me in my life is over with the cult and I am done with it I'm merely making this presentation with Mark passio tonight to open the eyes of people so that they understand that horrific systemic occult abuse is going on nationwide in America and throughout the world 10% of the US population is engaged in the old religion now how many of the old religion are aluminized I do not know but according to my Amalekite mother she claimed to me when I was in the training of the true history that actually over 10 percent of America more like 12 percent was involved in the Illuminati free Masonic conspiracy to take over the world which is known today as the new world world not sure if it's as much as my mother said 12% but for my studies I would say 10% we would be acceptable nine percent would be acceptable so of the old religion of Molech and the other human sacrifices of the Canaanite Phoenician ilk basically you can say in America there are roughly 30 million adherents to the old religion they form for the most part the rank-and-file of the Satanic machinery that runs the world they are the police officers they are the teachers they are the engineers they are the professors they are the doctors they are the nurses control of society you don't need to have everyone in a position of power you just need key levers of power under constant control now how the human race is going to break this control I do not know other than becoming aware that's a first step one of the magical things that the Illuminati mind controllers can do is they can convince you of things in a spiritual dimension for instance I mentioned the hardest stone ritual where your heart is taken out and placed in the temple of Moloch now there's another thing that they do and that is when the Illuminati have someone in cult that is shown to have a consciousness that will never cooperate they are given a special level of programming this programming is known as spiderweb programming this programming is a programming of ultimate mental chaos one of the things that the high priestess witch did to me in the spider web programming when it was realized by the call that I had a consciousness that would never go cult was they may drug me and made me to believe that I was inside of a giant blown glass object I would say the size of a 20 by 20 room may be even larger but it was amber-colored and somewhat round in shape in this glass chamber was myself and also three giant spiders now of course my cotton what they had told me was that I would and you have to understand I'm hypnotized some drug I'm under thousand-year-old satanic mind-control suggestion these are they have rituals and [Music] spell-casting and they know things about the human mind that I can't even describe but essentially they convinced me and I saw it in my mind's eye myself in this glass chamber with three giant spiders and I ran for those from those spiders for 40 years part of my consciousness was in that chamber running from those giant spiders just a little boy which subconsciously what that ritual does is it puts you subconsciously always in a state of panic which is a very good for someone having a negative the mindset one of the things I'm going to talk about is as I rebelled a certain friend of mine a young boy was in the cult and a friend of mine was going through the usual Illuminati raping on Friday night and his colon was torn by being raped so viciously and he developed a bacterial infection in his infection it spread throughout his body he went septic and in the space of a couple of days died when he died I tried to go to the police and get help them of the murder now I did this through a third party unfortunately when the third party went to the police to tell them of the child's raping and death by sepsis the police looked at the man and said oh we know what's going on there but we can do nothing about it and that was the end of that the man whom I approached to help in the murder of my friend was a Christian he did everything he could in his power justice for my friend and for myself at that time when I was six years old but he could not tell the police to do something they refused to do there wasn't time that the police fought with the cult my father was in in this one particular tri-state area community free policemen were quickly dispatched by Illuminati assassins from that day forward the police stayed away from the cult that is why when the Christian man I asked to help me went to the police the police said we'd like to help but we can't do anything about it the Illuminati elite have armies of private mercenaries at their disposal and had no problem killing people who get in our way including police when John F Kennedy was murdered in Dallas we watched as a family the funeral my father said to my mother we did this it's called the death of a king ritual this is to traumatize the nation my father also mentioned that day that the driver of Kennedy's limousine was the Illuminati's man when the leader of the cult in the cult community that I was in died of a heart attack my mother tried for three days straight it's interesting to know that my mother cried for three days straight Wehling the death of a mass murderer pedophile child torturer with trauma-based mind control people's spirituality mentality is turned 180 degrees opposite of what is natural for a human being evil is good good is evil and many many many personal tales itself they're all quite despicable but these people through hypnotism and drugging can convince you emotionally and spiritually they can put you just about any place they want to and of course having a handy car battery around that's always helpful to me I'm just going to jump in for one moment here and I want to thank you again for being here incredible information extremely disturbing yet enlightening simultaneously I just want to remind the listening audience out there that if you do want to call in and have any questions for Neil about trauma-based mind control the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number for this show eight three five one five when you call in punch in the call ID number four what on earth is happening the call ID number is eight three five one five it's a little past the uh it's uh almost we're almost at the 20-minute mark after the second hour so we have about forty minutes left in the show tonight that's plenty of time to take some calls we don't have any callers on the line as yet because I'm sure people are very interested in hearing this story but if anybody wants to call in just give us a call and hold on the air and we'll get to your calls momentarily Neil the floor is yours again well I think we should take some calls and talk to some people about what's going on in this world and I'm not it's going to this is the first time I've ever spoken out about this more I'm not that literate a speaker to talk about this subject I recommend two books for people that want to know about this information that can explain it better than I can and fritz bring myers books all four of them deal with these subjects and the Illuminati and a book that would make you understand personally what it's like to grow up in a satanic family would be Kathy O'Brien's transformation of America Cathy O'Brien was a sex slave for the Illuminati and her story in transformation of America details the first 30 years of her life in a generational satanic family and how her father sold her to the intelligence agencies to be used as a presidential model sex slave and black ops operative and it's a really really important book any person in America that wants to understand the true heart of the evil they're dealing with in the elite need to read that book but you've got any calls on no one is holding on the line yet so if anyone does want to call in you have those numbers I'd recommend another couple of books actually on the topic I think the Franklin cover-up is an excellent book to understand how this satanic abuse is covered up by the so called authorities how the police won't get involved how courts won't get involved I believe that's written by John de Kamp and I think in general a great book about mind control is mass control by Jim Keith that goes into a variety of both trauma based techniques as well as mass mind control techniques like propaganda and mass mind manipulation of perpetrated upon the masses of people so I think those are two excellent books to cover this topic as well so what I really like to ask you in particular or actually I have a comment and then a couple of questions but um one of the things you mentioned is that when you went to the police their complete unwillingness to get involved with anything uh in taking down this system of abuse and torture and you had talked about a lot of these police are involved in some of these of this cult activity but what I would like to bring up is the attitude of some of these elitists when it comes to the so called controlling classes which aren't really the controlling classes they're the mind controlled classes but people who think that they're in some form of control like the police the military etc even the intelligence agency uh operatives in my years of involvement in the occult and we've had discussions about this in private in our levels about our levels of involvement clearly yours goes deeper as far as being in the heart of an Illuminati bloodlines family my involvement in the occult was based in more peripheral structures secret societies you could call it but they're they're basically outer lying structural formations that are there to basically weed out people who are unsuited to propagating the agenda of the higher-ups and to take people that have a more psychopathic personality up to higher levels of this outer shell you could you could call it and into the center of the web so to speak so it's a it's a weeding out process or it's a process of discovering certain personality traits that they're looking for to take people into higher levels of involvement and in my dealing with a compass at this level of the hierarchy the attitude that they displayed toward the police and military was so appalling and revealing simultaneously that I could barely believe some of the things that came out of these people's mouths when they talked about how they viewed the police in general and they basically called the police our dogs was a word that a term that I always heard the mention referring to the police they called them our months our months our dogs they just said we have these beings if you even want to call them that on such unleash that they're not even human beings they might as well just simply what we just refer to them as our dogs because they will do whatever we command as long as money keeps flowing to their paycheck in their direction or their pensions however you want to view it depending on their involvement whether it's police or military or in comparison to the general population who they call the dead by the way because there's they consider them spiritually dead having no discernment like you talked about earlier they don't even consider them to be alive so they look at it as we are abstained from anything we may do to these people because for all intents and purposes they are already spiritually dead so I don't know if you saw anything like that in your years of involvement in the cult that you were traumatized by but nah I just wanted to bring that up as a common well alright I'm going to tell the story I have basically seven years of satanic ritual abuse stories I could share uh and that I'm looking at my notes and I didn't want to talk about this story but I'm going to now was a man my father worked who had a little girl my father liked to sexually abuse this little girl so he would we as a family we'd go over to this man's house and he had a wife and his little girl and my father and this man would have a few beers and then the sexual abuse would start I believe that my father was paying this man to abuse his daughter and I also believe that this man at first thought it was okay because his daughter was like three years old and I think I was probably at the most green hat for remember was this man one day when we were over at his house remember seeing him with a rather disgusted look on his face that he realized what he was doing was wrong and he was going to put a stop to it which I believe he did irregardless of whether he could believe that his daughter would remember the abuse or not I think he had decided that this was a selfish and wrong thing to do now my father in the cult had a hypnotic device that was the size of the palm of your hand this hypnotic device I always called a spinner it could once he triggered that spinning hypnotic device you would be hypnotized in probably ten seconds now I believe that you need to have had some form of dissociative conditioning for that spinner to hypnotize you but who knows maybe not but my father did use the spinner on myself my brothers and other victims but what I was going to say about this one man as he tried to break away from my father abusing his daughter I remember my mother and father talking about the situation and my father said to my mother everything's fine they send some detectives over to talk to him and straighten him out so this man was knowing to go to the police and submit himself as a child molester in order to get to my father but when the police came to him and told him what was going on in fact telling him that they basically gave him an ultimatum they said if you don't kill yourself we're going to throw you in jail for pedophilia or murder you anyway several days later he ran his car into a concrete abutment and killed himself but I remember my father and mother talking about this man and saying that police detectives had talked to him and I I'm filling in that the police detectives called him who was running the show and that was the Illuminati I see we have a caller from southeastern Pennsylvania let's take this call caller from the Philadelphia area you're on what on earth is happening hi mark I'm mayor this is Chris hey Chris how are you good first of all I want to thank neo for coming forward with this information I think it's by the grace of God that he remembers what happened and it takes a lot of courage to do what he's doing I can't imagine how many other people out there have had similar experiences but can't remember because they've been hypnotized or brainwashed or whatever I get a sense by comparing who I think we what we really can be as a species to what we are that what neo is saying is true that the forces that we are up against are imaginably evil and I'm not certain how we're going to conquer this evil but I'm certain that we will with the help of God I don't know what the next step is I think one of the reasons they are able to control people is because they use fear like you talk about the police officers and then they fall in line because they are fearful well some of the people in this world who aren't fearful need to take a stand collectively together and put an end to this insanity because Satan is ruling this world and if you realize who we are not just humans but spiritually and what we're doing in this world it's clear to me that that's the case but agree more Chris I think that it's a brilliant insight and an excellent way to basically explain it fear is the force that is holding this satanic hierarchy in its position of so-called power in the world which is basically illusory power because it is based in fear but Allah let Neil respond to that all right thanks mark thanks now you're welcome ah it's amazing to me that of a well I know very well they in this region thousands and thousands of people have gone through the system that I grew up in and yet only a handful of people in this world have come forward and really spoken out and I would recommend Cathy O'Brien her book transformation of America for a better understanding of the personal journey of a trauma-based mind control victim and also of an overcomer because I consider myself an overcomer I consider my mission in life is to find healing for myself and other victims and I've gone a long way to do that and there's a lot of things I want to talk with on marks future shows about healing and what we can do as a species to raise our consciousness now so that we can combat the evil energy that these Illuminati rituals are pouring into our collective space and there's the is much to be discussed about why why do they attack infants why do they release blonde there's there's much to discuss there very very noteworthy that you are not seeking revenge that you are now in the healing and I think that's important in one sense that you're when you when you don't hold a grudge any longer you no longer let that power control you and I think absolutely you would mention that you're one of your siblings had gone cold whereas you didn't go cold and I think what happens is that the system propagates itself and that they pick on you know young minds and then those minds become so distorted and so you know confused that they in turn go cult and the system perpetuate itself in some six circle and some six cycle yes they're driven by vengeance as opposed to wanting to truly heal and I'm going to have Neil back on a future show probably in a few weeks to talk about healing modalities and how this kind of twisted sick a black energy can be overcome through different healing techniques because he is very versed in a lot of different healing methodologies so one thing I want to bring up and Chris I want to really thank you for your call great insights that you brought up feel free to call in and any time in the future always always great to hear from you that's why I look forward to the future she'll be very very interested in hearing with you as I say about that great thanks Chris have a good night you're like guy bye-bye I'd like to mention just a couple more authors that I think people would benefit from reading some of their material on trauma-based mind control there is a great book by Bryce Taylor Bryce Taylor she wrote a book called thanks for the memories um also check out any of the books of David Icke who gets into trauma-based mind control a bit in his book and specifically gets into some of the the old religion as neo a term that the mystery traditions if you will the per verdict version of the mystery traditions I I'd like to offer as a caveat to that there are two sides to all this there are I believe powerful positive allegories and symbology within some of the mystery tradition philosophies and this aspect the dark occult takes them perverts them uses them as weapons against the population so that they can come out on top in a position of so-called power there is a light side to this is it is not all dark and some of the techniques that we'll talk about in on future shows are derived out of some of the positive philosophies and positive methodologies of some of these older mystery religions on Jordan Maxwell is another author that you should check out regarding the ancient religions that are based that have been used to base these trauma-based mind control techniques upon he has a particular book called that old-time religion that I would recommend so Jordan Maxwell that old-time religion David Icke pretty much any of his books and Bryce Taylor thanks for the memories there they were just a few that I came up with while while sitting here thinking about more books that deal with this particular topic for the listening audience to check out so Neil you also wanted to touch upon we have about 20 minutes left in the show you wanted to touch upon some images that are up on the website on the radio page on a listen live page that are basically old photos taken from Bohemian Grove now Bohemian Grove for listeners that may not be aware of this location and what takes place at it is a clearing in the redwood forest of Calif about 70 miles north of San Francisco high-level occultists and elitists meet their yearly at midsummer to partake in rituals and they engage in mock human sacrifices at this location a ritual known as the cremation of care which I will get into more in future shows particularly when we get into occult symbology and the cremation of care essentially is a ritual of absolve mminton it is a absolution ritual to basically cremate one's own care for all of the vile evils the one will be committing during the course of the year so they forego their to forgive themselves of all of the torture that they have put others the ruin forgive themselves of all the evil deeds that they have done the defrauded that they have done the lying thieving killing etc that uh their ilk has partaken in over the previous year so and that this goes deeper than that this is about psychologically destroying or immolating burning up one's own care one's own conscience it's a ritual that is about the destruction of conscience ultimately that's symbolically what this ritual represents so on the website if you go to the radio page which is listed at the link at the top left where you see listen live 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time if you click that on my website what on earth is happening calm you'll see under there it's a temporary section I'll be moving it to the podcasts tomorrow but temporarily up there it'll say images for tonight's show July 20th and you can take a look at some of the images that we'll be talking about so neo do you want to talk about these images that you asked to have put up regarding Bohemian Grove well the reason that I wanted us to discuss the Grove is because of the truth of what's going on in this world and you and I have a concern about the corrupt wing of the mystery religions that have become nothing more than cold-blooded pedophile mass-murdering fraud and corruption drug-dealing Psychopaths bent on ecologically spiritually emotionally destroying the earth and the human race and I couldn't have sum that up any better now the first picture I mean I'll just say the first picture that you see is the actual midsummer creation of care it's done in the evening and all the priests and the high priests are there with their torches well actually I don't think there's any women there but there are no women at the Grove not even the employee prison no women employees there's there's no priestesses but no but I swore I saw pictures of women at the Grove what what I will talk about this more we'll get to that well what I want to discuss about the Grove is human sacrifice in the cult I grew up with my parents were adherence to a demon known as 'endless the lord of forty legions he is the marquis of Hal his name is Andris and he supposedly rules 40 legends of demons now the Andris call practices human sacrifice along with pedophilia and murder of their enemies but in the standard andris sacrifice a child of about five years old will be put under hypnotism or in a drug-induced trance a victim usually opposite sex because they'd like you to have sexual relations with the victim before they acts murdering the person so basically you'll come out of the trance and you're a five year old kid they'll be like four to six occult members around you you'll come out of this trance and right in front of you is a girl who the last time you saw her you were playfully having sexual pleasure with you know even in an infantile way and there she is again their arms and legs chopped off - wounds all over her body and she is slowly choking to death on her own blood and everyone in that room turns and looks at you when you come out of that trance and says you butcher look what you did every person in the Illuminati has a similar experience like that I lived through that that is one of the main promise that is used human sacrifice is real and ongoing in America and in the corrupted old religion mark that's utterly chilling and appalling I think that they would do that blame it than on a child who then thinks that they perpetuated perpetrated that act is just unfathomable so there there is mock human sacrifices that take place at this location called the Bohemian Grove some people say that they aren't mock sacrifices that there is a real sacrifice taking place but the mock sacrifice is set up as a diversion for the lower level initiates who think it you know just as it isn't real and it's just a psycho drama or play-acting I think it's pretty sick either way I don't know how many people get their entertainment from mock human sacrifices you know and think that that's fine or normal but elite powerbrokers from just about every aspect of our lives finance entertainment banking um of you know the holly hollywood artists you name it politicians of course are there and present every year around this time of the year let's uh let's get into some of the other images uh image number two shows on a boat that they flowed out on this lake in front of this large owl who we can talk about as Molech an owl slash bull god of Anisha Cana uh an ammonite God actually who human sacrifices in the form of children were offered to in the Levant area um thousands of years ago so um this boat carries a child's effigy upon it which represents what the Grover's term don't care that's the name they give to this child because it represents the inner child it represents one's conscience what they do is they float it out there in front of this stone owl and then immolate it they light it on fire and let it burn up as part of this mock child sacrifice a mock child sacrifice well I I see nothing wrong with it I mean you have Walter Cronkite used to go there every year Jimmy Carter former present and has been there many years language in Ronald Reagan image number 16 shows two former presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon both at the Bohemian Grove simultaneously to jump a little ahead but if you look at images three and four just to move this along a little bit because we have about 10 minutes remaining in the broadcast tonight you'll see other angles other vantage points of rituals taking place across the pond from the stone image of Molech images five and six our banquet tables set up five shows a round table style or you could say Atlantean City style lay out there that's allegedly what the city of Atlantis was laid out like in concentric circles six shows some sort of a UH of ceremony taking place um during a banquet at the center there here do you want to take the image number 7 or basically the old religion society uh many people think that it's ruled by those who have the most wealth or political power but in fact the old religion is ruled by those that know the black arts the most those that have the satanic and deep hidden occult knowledge of this what this world really is and who we really are and beings and this is a group of high priests at Bohemian Grove dressed in some oriental garb I'd like to make the point that this incorporates religions from all over the world from the Indus Valley from the Far East from the Middle East everywhere you see there's a large statue of the Buddha making a hand mudra behind these priests and there is an altar set up in front of them for emulating sacrifices so I couldn't agree more it is about knowledge it is about hidden knowledge it is about the knowledge of how the human psyche works and it is about the knowledge of what this place really is energetically and spiritually and those are some of the priests priests class that really are controlling the game down here let's move to the next image you see some more a druidic perhaps druidic garb there in image number 8 some of the priests class members posing for a shot there in the redwood forest all right let's go to some of the more strange stuff in images 9 and 10 neo you take these well as my mother always said true love is always in gender so if you're a man and you want true love you must be with a man if you're a woman you must be with a woman this is the backwards trauma based mind it's everything upside down that's pretty that's pretty disturbing I think uh perhaps more so than anything that you talked about tonight some of our listeners may have some nightmares from images 9 and 10 as I know I may that's all I'll say about that let's move on to some of the more esoteric and dark images here in the next four images that we have 11 12 13 and 14 show depictions of some of the rituals that take place at the Bohemian Grove image number 11 shows what looks like a very short black man laying down tied to some sort of a table or board with the other members holding flags over him some some members cross-dressing seated that almost look like hags old hags in front of him and a dog running by I have no idea what we're really looking at there it's just a bizarre scene this images this image was taken in this photograph was taken in 1909 you have any comments on that there are many different rituals and one thing I can say that whether they actually like the previous picture whether they're actually going to kill that gentleman or not these well-trained sorcerers can energetically bring in spiritual energy and change people's mentality and emotions we have about five minutes so let's shoot through the remainder of these pictures there's a mock hanging in image number 12 in image 13 we have a gentleman laying down with candles placed around them and a hooded initiate reciting some incantations over him an image 14 of it this is one that you wanted to talk about our more hooded initiates performing a ritual at a gravesite with arms hands and feet sticking out of the grave and it says here lies gusts born every minute died August 8 1940 1909 so it's the the old adage that there's a sucker born every minute and they refer to the average person as the dead as I have said many times and I think they're ritualistically acting this out here in this photo now image 15 is very esoteric actually we see some art portrayed in this image with some Grover's standing and seated in the picture and what I'd like to call to the viewers attention is the image the long rectangular image in the background what we're seeing in this image is a depiction of the hierarchy of beings on this planet we're seeing if you start at the far right of the image what they're showing you is a barbarian class of people nomadic hurdy herders hunter-gatherers but uh you know just a more animalistic class of people that you know may live closer in the nature that we do but the elite see them as non civilized completely animalistic as I said and barbarian hordes essentially moving forward then you see um what you would have is like animal animal husbandry or agriculture of people who have moved to that stage of civilization then you go forward and you have like a you have like a um peasant class sort of uh the poor beyond the underprivileged um just your average person you have a very overweight person area then you have some would look like destitute people and then moving forward then you have a more aristocrat aristocratic class of people until you get forward and now you have the people who are handling the cash actually in front of them you have the so called controller the muscle man right that's the police and military symbolically and then in front of them you have the finance ears and then the high-level financier as you can see the individual is holding the umbrella over the the bankers head there as he marches forward leading everyone into the future as the main source or the the magician if you will so we have one minute left in the show neo any final words well when I look at that Bohemian Grove uh its social picture I mean basically the sorcerers are the great hidden Illuminati families are running the show and the bankers are obeying them and what we're going to have to do this again that's much more information to cover we will have you back in a future show in a few weeks and um we'll cover some solutions regarding energy and healing I I'm sure our listening audience will be fascinated about what you will have to say about that well that's my expertise now absolutely Nia I want to thank you again great show I'm mark passio you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'll see you here next week