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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is www.seannal.com the show is broadcast live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time and this is the show where we discuss the causal factors for what is actually taking place in our world related with issues of human freedom today is Tuesday August 10th 2010 and we have a good program lined up for you this evening we're going to be continuing our discussion on mind control and its many methodologies and techniques that are employed to place people under mind control today we will be getting into technique number four which is the strategy of divide and conquer so more on that in a little while what I'd like to do right now is to get into the event announcements I read a couple of event announcements usually to start the show events that are coming up in the Philadelphia area which is where I'm from so every third Monday of the month truth freedom prosperity hosts a free documentary screening followed by a discussion on that documentary at the ethical Society of Philadelphia 1906 South Rittenhouse Square seven o'clock p.m. sharp start time Monday they will this coming Monday they will be showing the documentary Fiat Empire by James Yaeger a great film so if you're in the Philadelphia area come on out to the ethical Society on Monday evening for a free documentary Fiat Empire followed by a discussion for more information on this group please visit www.behr.com consciousness mind control and the occult April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 only 20 hours per day at rouble Hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia confirmed speaker so far Aaron McCallum Andrew basiago Jay Parker Laura Eisenhower myself mark Cassio and Michael Kelly for more information please visit for your mind conference calm more information will be forthcoming on this conference as information becomes available so that's the event announcements for tonight I want to give the call-in number for the show now the call-in number and you can call in at any time and there are no taboo topics on this show the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four or for once again the call-in number is 724 triple for seven triple four when you call then you have to put in the call ID number for what on earth is happening the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID number for what on earth is happening eight three five one five when you call hold on the line I will be alerted on my switchboard here and I will get to your call sometimes it takes a little while so please be patient I will eventually see the call and and get to it so we have been talking about mind control over the last several weeks and we will continue to talk about mind control over the next several more weeks this is because there are many techniques there are many methodologies which mind-control employees which the practitioners of mind control employ to keep someone in their web to keep someone in their grip we already have looked at on previous shows the technique of obfuscation obfuscation meaning to render obscure unclear confusing bewildering unintelligible we looked at all the ways that this technique is employed in the modern world the second mind-control technique we looked at a few weeks back was world view poisoning getting people to see themselves and the world around them in a horrific negative way specifically getting people to see human nature as something that is fundamentally flawed and or evil worldview poisoning also employs the technique of devaluation of the individual sucks that the individual thinks of him or herself as a number as something that can have a digit value placed upon it someone see themselves in terms of money in terms of possessions etc finally we'll be poisoning employed the technique of destroying the imagination which is first and foremost destroying the ability of someone to understand that change is possible and how to affect that change in their manifested reality to that overall with the technique known as worldview poisoning last week we looked at the third method of mind control which was the exploitation of humanity's subconscious primal fears when listed the four main ancient subconscious primal fears of our species and they were the fear of darkness the fear of predators the fear of abandonment and the fear of chaos we examine those in depth last week on this show I think it was one of the better shows that I've done thus far because I think the examination of these subconsciously held fears go a long long long way toward explaining how people are controlled at a subconscious level if you understand these fears if you yourself deal with these fears which we all have they are nested into our very genetic structure we have them at some level or another if you bring them to the conscious level explore them and work with them instead of ignoring them you will be much less likely to be susceptible to the techniques of mind control so that was the exploitation of primal fears that was technique number three today we are going to look at and you're going to examine we are going to explore in detail mind control technique number 4 out of 14 which we will be covering in total in the show 15 if you count trauma-based mind control techniques which we discussed a couple of weeks back on show number 17 when I interviewed a special guest neo who related his absolutely horrifying experiences in an occult family in which he was put under a technique known as trauma-based mind control we'll hear a lot more about that technique at the free your mind conference so today we're going to look at how we are conquered externally because we are divided among ourselves this is the divide and conquer strategy that rulers have employed to their benefit for millennia if you keep a people if you keep a group of people focused on the external perceived differences the difference is that they perceive among themselves they are all the more easier to rule people it is essential for rulers to keep people thinking of themselves as separate and different never seeing their unity never seeing their inherent non duality but certainly most of all never seeing their collective shared situation with any level of clarity people cannot see that they are in the same basic collective situation they will be more prone to act in ways that continues to divide them continues to weaken them and continues to allow their weaknesses to be exploited from without this is the technique that has been perfected over thousands of years by rulers throughout the centuries and they still do it quite well today and they have had much time to perfect this technique and they're still employing it with great success and until we see essentially that we are all in the same prison cell together as dark of a way of looking at things as that may be let's be honest that's the case until we see that we are all essentially in the same cage together we're never going to put down the perception of difference among us because essentially there is no difference between human beings we all have the same basic desires they all have the same basic needs we all have the same basic fears and we are all essentially oppressed in the same ways by this small parasitic class of people who like to think of themselves as our owners and I'd like to say that they're not our owners collectively or unfortunately they they are most of our owners they're not all of our owners but they are most of our owners most people in the world have not come to the understanding of self-ownership let alone practicing it in their lives they haven't even come to an understanding of self ownership self ownership would look like a bizarre extremist crazy idea to most people in the world because they are under such mind-control because there are such a depth of convinced Shinae that they have been embedded into over the course of their lives through the opinions that they have heard from other people not truths but opinions often repeated opinions spoken with no experience or knowledge to back up set opinion the rhetoric through the educational quote unquote educational system which is the indoctrination system which we'll be talking about next week through the food that they have eaten quote-unquote food we'll be talking about that in a few weeks the things we put into our body how poisonous a large percentage of it is such a role on people's ability to think critically to analyze their situation to understand and true nature of the reality that they are living in so what are some of these ways in which we perceive differences let's look at a few of them we see ourselves as different first and foremost the the largest division among people and I would say the one that clearly displays itself in what takes place in our world is the seeming division or separateness or difference of the sexes male versus female and we see this played out as an extreme imbalance we live in a male-dominated world and this is an imbalance that is not part of our true nature is not something that is good for evolutionary development and it is not something that is actually true in the sense that it must be that way it's true that it is the case right now that the world is out of balance toward the male aspect toward yang energy as we talked about previously in older shows we once lived in more egalitarian energy when it came to the male and female the yang energy of the male and the yin energy of the female and it should be our state of striving to get back to a place of balance two seemingly polarized energies we talked about this when we talked about polarity the seeming opposites that we perceive in this dualistic realm in which we operate male-female light-dark good evil top cold etc but these are just you oscillations of the same energy there is no real high-level spiritual difference between male-female everyone carries both of these energies within them whether they are a man or a woman we have both the masculine yang energy within our being that expresses as our actions and we also carry with us the Sacred Feminine element of our emotional makeup our emotional qualities we need to bring these two into a state of balance or harmony again so that we become a being that as we feel so we act and our actions do not betray our feelings our emotions or our conscience which we know to be right this is the chemical wedding the true chemical wedding it is bringing together the emotions and actions in the harmony it is also bringing together the left and right hemispheres of the brain imbalance in the neocortex of the brain and we talked about this extensively when we discussed the components of the human brain in older shows all of these shows all of these topics can be heard can be gone back and be downloaded for free they're all on my website at what on earth is happening calm in the podcast section just click on the tab that says podcasts you can read the topics of the shows there are related images for each show you can play them embedded right there in the web browser and you can also download them for free to put on your mobile digital music players so the dichotomy between male and female is one of the number one ways that people see themselves as separate and this must be continuously reinforced a man is supposed to act like this a woman is supposed to act like this the installation of cultural memes and cultural identities into the subconscious mind from the time were born men dressed this way women dressed this way men play boys play with these toys girls play with these toys men want to do these things when they grow up women want to do these things when they grow up and the Dominator is the elite class the sorcerers if you will the Darko cultists who are really running the show here because they know a million times more about our consciousness than 99.9 percent of the human species ever will probably unless they wake up slumber out of their self-imposed slumber they don't even need these occultists these these dominators they don't even need to reinforce this themselves we do it for them our parents our teachers our friends our family members essentially our own police when it comes to these ideas we perpetuate them it's a self-perpetuating cycle that needs to be broken and it can only be broken once that dichotomy is seen for what it is nonsense so what's another one let's look at another one well what about age now we all are born and we grow up we have a childhood we have an infancy and then a childhood and then teen years then we become young adults and then finally adults and then middle-aged and then elderly and people see themselves different across this line as well this stratifies people into more groups this one is also bound by the idea of time which is a very esoteric concept which we'll talk about as one of the techniques of mind control a much more abstract one and slightly more difficult to grasp we'll get into the illusion of time in a later show this is another way in which we are divided through age another way is through class how much money do you make what kind of job do you do what can you afford this is a really bitter one because people take this one perhaps more seriously than any other they've bought into this one the most and again this is because as we've talked about on this show before the number one technique of mind control the number one religion of this planet the form of mind control that more people are under than any other technique is the belief in money that money is something that is actually real and so this religion which make no mistake about it is the world's number one religion and if you really want to get technical about it I would say it's the only religion it's the only actual religion that is truly deeply practiced and respected on this world everyone belongs to this church just about in some form or another we'll get into that even more in previous show in in future shows we'll be talking about the monetary system I think in about three weeks or so and when we get into symbolism we'll go in depth on this concept of how this is sold to us as spirituality money is it is sold to us as the very idea of God and again that is because it is the only religion and this plays deeply into how people see themselves as separate to class warfare how people look down upon the poor people who have money how people who hate the rich people who don't have money and it's all an illusion every bit every iota of an illusion none of it real all fake and yet people kill and die over this stuff that's fake it's someone made up that a cultists made up thousands of years ago and you bought into it that it was real and they're busting a gut laughing in your face busting a gut laughing in your face I don't know how else to say it folks if you really understood if you really could see and experience the opinion that the people who truly own your consciousness meaning they are currently controlling most of your thoughts emotions and actions if you could actually know what they think if you actually had even a sense of that it would completely change the way you look at reality in a heartbeat if you could know it as I do see I don't I don't I'm not saying that I think I understand what they think of us because I worked with some of these people directly I do know from factual first-hand experience experiential knowledge that no one is ever going to tell me isn't real that I didn't experience because I know that I did and that puts a whole different perspective on things III tell people it's like try going up to a soldier and telling him he wasn't in the war that he was in go up to a Gulf War vet tell me you were never in Iraq see what happens find out no you didn't see you didn't see anybody's brain splattered all over a wall you know you didn't eat it and see you know one of your friends died right there at your feet you're making it all up you don't know what you're talking about you are never there don't challenge some military people and say that to them see what happens oh it's the same situation some people have the benefit of actually having been there and that's the perspective I'm explaining to you what the elites think and it's a big belly laugh for them folks it's a big belly laugh so that's another divide and conquer strategy class one that most people think of immediately is race racial differences how many people are killed over this yearly all nonsense all an illusion no difference is really between races it's all the same desires it's all the same needs they're all under the same controls doesn't make a difference whether you're African American Italian American Irish American polish American you're from Italy if you're from Greece if you're from Spain if you're from Russia if you're from Africa if you're from India if you're from China it's all the same prison folks you're in one jail cell if you haven't gotten that yet and yet 90% of the people around you having you may have but you know what about the people walking down down the street right in your neighborhood how about your next-door neighbor how about your own family members can they see this 90 percent can't or greater and it's because of these techniques constantly get people to see themselves as separate there's only one true level of separation and this is one that is true and that's how conscious are you how aware are you that's real that's real really that's if you want to really get technical about it you can look at that as illusion as well because it's just a matter of how many blinders do you have on how many layers of conditioning are there over you're truly awaken self because everybody is truly awakened at the being level at the level of consciousness itself how many blankets are thrown on top of that level however how many sheets have people willingly self imposed on top of themselves you know how many walls have they built up around themselves to blind that light of consciousness to darken that flame English it practically because of fear all because of wanting to be taken care of all because of wanting to absolve oneself of personal responsibility and for no other reasons that's it fearing that which is and not wanting the responsibility which comes along with that which is those are the real barriers toward people's enlightenment of these topics and concepts and the real breakdown of their self-imposed differences they're continuously reinforced by their owners continuously reinforced by their owners people buy into it people buy into it I mean I would venture to probably guess that there are a lot of racist people out there in the freedom movement itself all an illusion Gatien of the difference it is all imposed among ourselves just so we keep fighting amongst each other that's what the dominators won fight amongst each other weaken each other that makes it all the easier for me to come in and take what I want and get away unchallenged I'm going to give some examples of this on this show after I go through a couple of the other ways we are divided ways we allow ourselves to be divided how about nationality is the greatest country on Earth viva la raza I'm Italian I have an ancestry that's in in Europe in Italy well I'm Russian my ancestry is in Russia yeah and we hold this nationalistic pride about which prison cell which which small cell in the large prison who came from wonderful very proud of you are you free no but I'm Irish exactly it's where it's almost ridiculous it's almost laughable I mean you have to laugh at it actually I know your owners are laughing out I'm sure of that people get on me because they'll say oh you're not angry enough that the people really perpetuating this which is the elite well wrong answer because they're not the ones really doing it and if you still think that they are you haven't woken up yet you haven't realize what's really going on yet and that's why I don't really talk to down on those people I don't agree with their methodologies which is why I expose them but hey did they really sell that to you or did you buy it willingly were you looking for it as an excuse not to really work on yourself not to really take personal responsibility I'm not in the camp of blaming the people who are actually in control and it's easy for them to exploit that control I'm in the camp of putting the responsibility on the people that it really belongs on us and get as offended about that as you want get is offended about it as you want raise a big up uproar about it pound your fist on the desk down your fist against the wall beat your head against the wall ain't going to change nothing we're the ones who are doing this to ourselves and no one else and that's great news people should be happier about that because that means it is entirely within our power once we decide so to reverse that scenario we made it were the ones that can unmake it but not if we continue to walk around in a stupor which most people are in so until this is talked about constantly with everybody here around and it's it that's it's hard work to do this you will alienate some people but more and more people are listening it's a slow process and that's all you can do but how many people are in fact really doing that without an agenda of some kind without real total self-interest about it simply because it's true you've recognized it as such and you want to propagate truth into the world to change this place for the better how many have an accurate grasp of these techniques truly and a grasp of the really big picture and the really long view of history not many and most people have found their way into other cul-de-sacs the New Age movement different religions limited government call the sax that's why these words won't be very popular except to the very very few because I'm not one of the tenth pictures or the the people who makes excuses for all the wrong immoral actions that other people take I'm not one of the people that says well look at all the negative horrible immoral things that police are doing yet I still support the police as an institution why I don't support the police as an institution I think humanity can do away with this institution I think the whole prob one long big problems is we appointed an institution to take care of people that really do things they don't have a right to do in society and we've said that's your responsibility it's not ours and then you're going to wonder why an institution gets out of control completely out of control starts thinking that their God you're the one who absolved your power to them you mean the people of the earth I haven't because I don't believe in that institution I reserve all of my power as an individual period I'm sovereign you're not you're not here to handle my problems for me I'm here to handle my problems period you don't protect me I don't again I don't acknowledge that anyone is my protector because I'm not in any fear of anybody anything that anybody can do to me I don't care how crazy events of the world gets I don't want anybody's protection I'm not afraid of what can happen in the world that's it and as long as you are you'll be enslaved as long as you're afraid of what can happen in this world you will be enslaved the end and it's a piece of cake it's a piece of cake when you don't know yourself when you don't know what your subconscious desires and fears are when you don't know how those can be exploited when you don't understand how a Dominator can step in create chaos and then and then basically take control of the situation after the chaos is created and people are running for a savior to their problems then good luck because if you don't get that you don't understand how you're being played which brings us to the next way that we're divided which is politics an example of the Hegelian dialectic which will go into great detail on when we talk about 9/11 and chaos sorcery and controlled opposition which will be coming up in couple of weeks politics as if there's a difference between political parties and people still still think there is they still go out and vote they still think that the institution of voting is going to solve any problems that it's you know some privileged thing as opposed to begging somebody for something I just posted a phenomenal video about this on my Facebook page from stefan molyneux it was a fabulous philosopher that discusses a lot of these techniques and and discusses mind control going to make an offer to them to come and speak it before your mind conference I don't know if he will accept but we'll see and just a phenomenal video about the illusion of voting and how people propagated themselves oh yeah we'll vote our way out of slavery it's just a matter of picking the right master all it is just a matter of picking the right master it's your privilege your privilege to be allowed to pick your master don't you know please hey I know my words are harsh but what we need to grow up people we need to grow up so politics that's another way we're divided is how man is that division everywhere strong sea people warring over conservative versus liberal Republican versus Democrat every day and they still think there's a difference they still actually believe it I can hear the ripples of laughter and the real true corridors of power I heard them with my own ears my friends I heard them with my own ears in real life not on a movie screen watching a documentary reading it in books or imagining it and and I still can't bring myself to say that those people are they're wrong yes morally but you know I can't really attack them at any kind of a deep level because I feel that they are unified they're unified among themselves we talked about this last week the universe will respect dark care over no care it will respect a psychopath who is at least unified with his own position well he has thoughts about how things are in his relation ship with them he has basically no feelings and empathy so that's not a problem and he unifies his will to carry out the actions that he thinks he should be taking therefore he's not divided and the universe will essentially grant people like that their wishes because they are non-dual I don't know how much clearer to say that you don't need to accept that you could think that that's not the case all you want and it will never make that untrue because the universe does not really care about what you're really trying to create as long as your non-dual about the way you go about it and there are people who will fight with you over this concept because they don't understand how it works people who themselves are saying well I think it should be this way and yet you can see in a short amount of time how their actions actually betray that it's all apologies it's all apologetic behaviors we want to make excuses people that's what we really want to do we want to excuse ourselves for the way that we separate from each other and we want to excuse ourselves for the way that we are divided within our own selves and there's no excuses there's no excuses there's no escape I've said there's a million times you're not getting out of here unscathed by taking shortcuts nor are you going to get out of here unscathed by making apologies for stuff you shouldn't be making apologies for look at what actually is taking place with no apologies but yet you hear it all the time and so it's not people's fault they were manipulated into it yeah there are techniques of manipulation but once again you have to buy them you have to buy into them through your own spiritual weakness and hey I'm not gonna you know say I didn't fall for these things but you know what with the availability of information and the amount of people that are discussing this now there's no excuses anymore I mean come on you really think there's still excuses for the ignorance the level of ignorance that is out there how much information would it take is what I often ask you'll think there's enough information in the world it's the difference between nations and ignorance a child who just learned to walk is nation about the dangers of crossing the street they're not ignorant about it they have not yet been taught they are not at a cognizant level to be able to understand even what a car is let alone how it can hurt them that's nations ignorance is the information being aware and you being able to perceive it and yet you still look the other way because you don't want it to be so you don't want that thing to be the way it is you're uncomfortable with it being so cognitive dissonance I'm uncomfortable with that being soaked so I'll ignore it and I'll pretend that it never was that and it'll go away a friend of mine has a daughter who he said when he tried to tell her about 9/11 being an inside job and being an example of the Hegelian dialectic of chaos sorcery as I refer to it as as creating a chaotic situation and then capitalizing on that situation for your own aims that you wanted to impose anyway but you wouldn't have gotten popular support for without that chaotic situation happening that people now cry out for you to protect them from ever happening again well he said that his daughter said to him even if I knew that were true even if let's say officials that did it within the government in intelligence agencies and you know special forces came forward and said yes we did this we are openly admitting it we did it here's how here's all the evidence she said I would do choose to believe that I live in a world other than that I would still in my mind make myself believe that it didn't happen that way to get myself to accept that I don't live in that world I imagine that this this is room we're trying to wake up folks imagine that the level of psychological do not that's disease that is deep psychological disease to make a statement like that the level of fear you have to be in to make a statement like that is so monumental I can scarcely conceive of it and we're going to look at things like this on the show continuously because only when we look at the dark are we going to really come to the light we have to understand the nature of the problem that's how you get to the causal factors by looking at what is and making the proper diagnosis diagnosis through knowledge all the people who think that it doesn't take knowledge and it doesn't take understanding to come to freedom to think that we're going to feel our way out of freedom alone it's just about propagating a feeling will meditate our way out of it you know we'll love each other out of it this whole concept of it they don't understand what real love is which we talked about on this show real love is an expanded state of awareness because you have the knowledge because you care about propagating that important knowledge the real deep level knowledge of self and of these techniques and then it's using that knowledge and using that emotional state to actually take the right actions in the world like the philosopher Vernon Howard said humans sickness is so severe that few can even bear to look at it but those who do look at it will become well and you know what that's the only way they'll become well we have to make a proper diagnosis we have to look at how we're separated we have to look at how this illusion of separation is continuously propagated how we are manipulated through it the media propagates this endlessly they're the biggest propagators of this nonsense of separation but so we're families so we're teachers are so-called educators who think that they're teaching people real information that is important and it's all excuses it's all because they don't want to think that they're in the hierarchy that is actually damaging people they don't want to think their actions are bound within that paradigm within that way of doing things in the world in that hierarchical and compartmentalized system that we talked about weeks ago they just want to absolve themselves of that responsibility teachers so-called teachers let's wrap that in quotes I'm talking about you know public school educators I was talking to my friend he was saying his girlfriend who's a teacher or friends who's a teacher I'm sorry you know is reluctant to hearing this doesn't want to accept or believe that there such a thing is indoctrination again people don't want to see how they're involved how they're doing it to others now they're doing it to themselves it's all denial it's psychological denial and my words will be hard for people to hear because I'm not an apologist for humanity sorry folks not going to get that on this show if you want apologies for humanity go tune into another new-age program on some new-age program or something tune in to another radio show because you're not going to get that here you're going to get harsh truth here now listen to some New Ager that wants to tell you that the world is all sunshine and roses and no one can ever be blamed for anything nonsense BS let's look at it as it really is let's trip back all the layers of the onion and place the responsibility firmly where it belongs with ourselves how about religion folks whoo now we're talking colossal separation does it get any bigger than that one you people get any more raged have more deaths resulted from the divide and conquer strategy of religion than any other it's so much so much so that we will have our we'll have several weeks on religion alone probably and we will have at least a few weeks dedicated on this show just to the nonsense that is religion okay and we'll get into how religion is Astro theology we will get into the symbology associated with religion and the stories that the the exoteric cover stories that veil the esoteric mystery traditions that underlie religions we'll look at what religion really wants to hold us back from because the name of religion itself is to hold back it comes from the Latin relig re which means to hold back to tie back to tie out of the way in a nice neat little package so when we're talking about divide and conquer religion is right there at the top of the list like I said I don't think there's ever been any more deaths attributed to anything in the world than control and keep the control of people's minds through religion and again it's all nonsense it's all something that's been made up and it's been made up by the elites it's been made up by the occultists their own this place and they own it for one reason they own this world because they own your mind that's it that's it it can be boiled down right to that the occultists the darker cultists who own this world own this world because they own your mind there's very very few people who are fully out of that mind control very few people you know who really in the modern age as much as you can call the last 2,000 years the modern age really propagated this technique who is the father of this technique of divide and conquer it was the Roman senator Gaius Julius Caesar the Roman Emperor died is truly a Caesar Caesar waged a war campaign around the first century BC I believe it was around 50 BC or so in what we now call France it was then called Gaul and he played off all of the tribes of Gaul against each other he would send his intelligence agents into the field find out what all differences between the tribes were where all their tribal differences had gotten him in the tribal warfare over the centuries and then he exploited every one of those weaknesses he would go in and propagate the warfare between a couple of the tribes he would take one of their sides and then he would wipe the other tribe out and then he go move on to the next divide and conquer all because they couldn't get along with each other and they could never really truly recognize that they were being conquered from without because they had no unity within now in itíd we stand divided we fall as a tree concept it really does work that way but we have to be united over that which is true truth should be the number one unifying force in the world that we should be fighting for not nationalistic pride not some limited government program that is just as enslaving as any other not some religion which is utterly nonsense based on Astro theology but for truth for truth herself a Sacred Feminine element that is almost dead in this world and we make excuses for killing everyday I'm going to take a break here I'm going to get into a little bit about the garlic Wars that seed your skis are waged in a moment and then we'll go more into the divide and conquer strategy it's the top of the second hour I just want to give the calling number once again I always enjoy when callers call in so if anyone out there is waiting to call in the calling number is seven two four four four four seven four four four seven two four four four four seven triple four we're talking about the divide and conquer strategy of the rulers the elite the globalists the Sorcerer's the dark occultists whatever you want to call them the mine manipulators there's a nice one it's about as true as it gets how they prey upon our perceived differences which are just that perceptions and their erroneous ones at that anybody want to call in a comment on this talk about it fire any questions out 7:24 triple four seven triple for the call in ID number the ID number is eight three five one five kool ID number once you call in you got to punch this in PO ID number for one on earth is happening is eight three five one five my website is what on earth is happening calm the brought the Broadcasting Network is revolution broadcasting their website is revolution broadcasting calm the show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time we're going to continue in this second hour talking about divide and conquer strategies so in the modern age Julius Caesar was the number one practitioner of this technique he was the father of this technique you could say okay so I'm going to read a short clip about the campaign that he waged in Gaul short text textual reading on this is about his campaign that he waged against the tribes in Gaul what we now call France around the first century BC the Gallic wars were a series of military campaigns waged by the Roman proconsul Julius Caesar against several Gallic tribes lasting from 58 BC to 51 BC the Romans would also raid Britannia and Germania but these expeditions never developed into a full-scale invasion the Gallic wars culminated in the decisive battle of Alesia in 52 BC in which a complete Roman victory resulted in the expansion of the Roman Republic over the whole of Gaul essentially an entire subcontinent was conquered but these wars paved the way for Caesar to become the sole ruler of the Roman Republic although Caesar portrayed this invasion as being a defensive preemptive action most historians agree that the wars were fought primarily to boost Caesars political career and to pay off his massive debts oh wow where have I heard this story before I don't know it sounds familiar you know but I just can't put my finger on it maybe someone could call in and enlighten me still goal was of significant military importance to the Romans as they had been attacked several times by native tribes both indigenous to Gaul and further to the north conquering Gaul aloud Rome to secure the natural border of the Rhine River this military campaign is described by Julius Caesar himself in his book commentary II de bello gallico which is the most important historical source of the conflict this book is also a masterwork of political propaganda as Caesar was keenly interested in manipulating his readers in Rome to support him I myself now I'm taking a break from reading for a moment I myself when I was in high school I took Latin and ap Latin and we translated some of this book about Caesars military campaigns in Gaul and it was some of the most enlightening educational material that I encountered while in school I remember it to this day because what I specifically remember about it is the manipulation tactic that Caesar used to conquer goal this divide and conquer strategy is brilliant it is still taught today two generals in the military in war colleges continuing with the reading with this little excerpt despite the popular image the peoples of golf and Caesar sought to subdue or far from disorganized barbarians they weren't just disorganized barbarians they just weren't united among themselves they were too busy warring amongst each other over nonsense over things that didn't really make any sense while they were being destroyed from without by an external threat and it's all one thing is a reflection of the other as we are within some will happen to us without the universe is a great big mirror the macrocosm reflects the microcosm and vice-versa that which is above is like to that which is below and that which is below is like to that which is above hermetic principle number two the principle of Correspondence and it's unquestioning true most of us just refuse to see so despite the popular image the peoples of golf whom Caesar sought to subdue were far from disorganized barbarians they had coins and kings towns and trade and sophisticated craftsmanship in bronze and gold they put up a fierce struggle and on more than one occasion getting close to a victim inflicting serious defeat on the Roman legions the Roman success in the Gallic Wars was due to a combination of clever politics effective campaigning and greater military capability than their garlic opponents Caesar pursued a policy of divide and conquer to pick off his enemies siding with individual tribes in disputes with their local rivals he systematically gathered intelligence on the Gallic tribes to identify their characteristics weaknesses and divisions and divisions there by being able to dispose of them in turn do we really need to go any further 2,000 years ago have we learned a thing a thing the same technique still work because people are generally at the same level of consciousness this is the only thing that truly does define our condition are you how aware of what is going on truly going on are you and I would suggest realistically and sadly it's a paltry few and get us upset without it as you like that's the reality of the situation there's a whole lot of people out there folks that consider themselves awake that aren't the slightest bit they've cracked an eyelid and think they're fully awake alert and ready to go and they're still in bed the covers are still pulled up almost up over their nose they have an eyelid cracked and they're peeking out and they think they see clearly I mean to tell you the truth it's it's tiresome it really is because so few people really do understand I can give you a short list off the top of my head people I think really deeply deeply understand I mentioned stuff on Molineux I think he gets it I think Michael - sorry on gets it I think Jordan Maxwell understands I think someone like um David I gets it I think mark and Rose totally understands I mean you can Cal them on a few hands you there are so few that are truly truly awoken and understand this from a spiritual perspective from the perspective of true sovereignty I am a sovereign being existing in the cosmos the fact that my existence itself grants me my my sovereignty I need it granted by no one else no one can ever take it away there are no authorities in this realm the end you don't own me the end that's it that's that's the only fact anybody needs no I don't know you you don't own me I own me you own you the end there's a whole book you want to write it down on a piece of paper and put a cover on it go right ahead that's all you need to know there's no authority here authority is made on its mind control it's all illusion there's no such thing as external control over other people if you think there is you're under mind control deeply as a matter of fact people no place I am born puts me under anybody's jurisdiction there's no such thing as jurisdiction there's only people who have made a claim to it and believed in it and then propagated through their ignorance that's it doesn't exist authority doesn't exist in this world no one's an authority you haven't authored anything you want to be an author go write a book man's law does not exist doesn't exist folks you think it exists you're under mind control it doesn't exist you don't bind me based on anything unless I harm someone that's it I'm living my freedom and I'm not harming anybody you don't own me you're not going to make laws telling me where I can go what I can do how I can talk where I can talk et cetera etc etc etc this is all fear all little boys and little girls who've never grown up emotionally who have never grown up psychologically who have certainly never grown up spiritually in fear that's all this is and I'm calling it for what it is fear they're not they don't really own themselves and they think they're going to write laws that bind others you don't even own your yourself little boy you don't even own yourself little girl you think you own people who do own themselves and know that they own themselves good luck good luck with that all right so that that's my gettin riled up for this show I went off a little bit last week too but it truly pains me to actually see people that think they own other people that they're that diseased they're that disease because they have no there's only one reason they're fearful little children they've never grown up their mommies and daddies that pay enough attention to them when they were born they have deep-seated psychological issues they have abandonment issues they have self-esteem issues you know they have sexual issues in many cases zone repressed sexuality it's repressed sexual nature based on their religious beliefs and it's people who just want to hurt other people they just want to be the morally sanctioned initiators of violence in the world that's all any government is there are the morally sanctioned initiators of violence and I challenge anybody to prove otherwise because you can't do it because that's the truth that's that's what it is that's what government is that's what it is it's the morally sanctioned initiation of violence and that's another thing people have to understand that are so brainwashed by the New Age movement which is another religion just another way of dividing people that's all another religion the New Age movement there's never any time ever ever ever to use physical force never this is what the New Age movement actually thinks or 99% of the people in it and what they have failed to realize is the distinction between the initiation of undue force and the use of force in its proper context one you have every right to undertake and one you have no right to undertake no one ever has or can acquire the right to initiate undo force but when confronted with undue force every being in the cosmos does inherently possess the right to use due force to quell that undue initiation of force and that's what they don't want you to understand they don't want you to know that so the new ages is set up is another tiny little cul-de-sac package oh come on off into this room cattle so you never understand natural law we don't want you going there we don't want you in understanding that so come on here and let's let's meditate for hours on end please please okay say that the attitude is condescending and it is it's true that's what's going on it's just another method of manipulation we'll talk about this in two weeks when we get into Devon I'm sorry get into controlled opposition which I'm going to dedicate at least an hour talking about the New Age movement and how it's 99% bunk with a little bit of truth thrown in there to take the masses into the cattle car it's just another religion folks it's just another religion it's a religion to get people out of taking right action in the physical domain because it's a religion that they want just like other religions to get you to think that the physical domain does not matter that's what it's there for people have called it the last cul-de-sac before the goldmine the last darkroom that they can that they can hurt all the cattle into and slam the door tight behind them before before they get to the light to the true light so this is yet another thing that people are divided on religion the New Age being one of the biggest modern-day religions in the world all to get people to see I'm sorry to get them not to see to keep them from seeing that they are essentially chattel property that they are slaves by others who think that they actually own people okay so I have a text comment here um alright someone is saying morally sanctioned are you sure and I would say yes people have given their moral sanction to government to do what they do the vast majority at least not at all certainly not all there are very few who do understand what government truly is but most have given their moral sanction taxation is one of them how many people actually believe constitutionalists believe this constitutionalists believe that the government has the right to tax they have the right to impose something called taxation which is theft that's all whatever has been that's all it ever will be it doesn't matter why you're using it doesn't matter what the money is going for it's taking money by force there's not nothing voluntary about it even though they say it's voluntary compliance it's well it's involuntary its coercive it's done at the point of a gun it's done at the point at the threat of I will take your freedom away if you fail to take this action that I'm telling you you must take which is give me a certain percentage that I define of what you earn what you make do your own the sweat of your own brow and ask people go out into the world to go out onto the street and ask people does the government have the right to impose any taxes at all does a group of people have the right to say to any other group of people no matter what the numbers are doesn't matter what the numbers are does any group of people have the right to go and say to any other group of individuals I am taking this much of what you have produced you have walked the earth you have done done this in the physical domain this is what you have manifested and I'm taking this percentage of it without your consent because I'm going to help you with it but nonetheless you have no right not you have no right to refuse I'm taking it or I'm going to hurt am i hurting physically or I'm going to penalize you in some other way by taking something else that I can steal from you or I'm going to actually put you in a limitation of your own physical freedom of movement but we don't even think about this that way because people are so brainwashed I was watching a documentary the other day with my friend Walt and he was saying I don't think that I could explain that this concept which was essentially about taxation and about people don't have the moral right to do what they're doing as far as taking anything I really love lark and roses take on this you type into YouTube the right to rob you buy mark and Rose a brilliant assessment wonderful very clear very easy to understand English and he's dead on he spot on about this okay and I think stefan molyneux is dead on spot-on about what taxation is as are many other intelligent individuals who aren't mind controlled by the word Constitution to think that that is the actual moral law itself being spoken to us through man from God okay which it's net is nothing whatsoever to do with as a matter of fact if you even look at the consciousness level of the Constitution you can easily determine that it is a much lower level of consciousness than the Declaration of Independence which was written years before it we would have done well better to stop the Declaration of Independence where we would have had something closer to a true Republic a government of the people meaning people governing themselves until we stepped into the domain of Constitution which is essentially law writing yes it's to restrain the government but it also granted the government powers which it never had the right to grant that sovereign beings don't have the right to grant powers that they themselves don't have you don't have the right to rob someone's wealth at the point of a gun you can't grant that power to anyone else and this is simple logic even for laying down the moral issue aside momentarily this is simple logic if you don't have something to begin with you can't give it to someone else I don't have a chocolate cake in my refrigerator I can't go give somebody a chocolate cake from my refrigerator very that's very simple logic to follow well if I don't have the moral right to impose taxation on another living being as its sovereign being myself I can't grant that right to any institution it's so clear again it's laughable and the people who could come up with this too and truly the real people behind the scenes will come up with this stuff I'm talking about the occultist behind the scenes are laughing hysterically they I'm telling this is a I'm not even asking you to believe this I'm telling you they are I know how they laugh at people I've been in rooms with the people who are actually doing this these sects of manipulation techniques to the general public or at least they're propagating them for the general public the general public again is doing it to themselves by buying their nonsense but they laugh hilariously at this in a way they have a very good sense of humor albeit it's very twisted but they laugh it's not all seriousness all the time they have a dark sense of humor about how hysterically misguided the general population is and it is an endless source of mockery ridicule and derision for them and they laugh hysterically about it because they have a hard time believing themselves the people will buy their crap they actually I mean it has been said to me you would not believe what people will buy that we will sell and they'll buy it every time that specifically things that were mentioned to me were like books that were going to be coming out new age books new age publishing houses and I was involved in the occult in the early 90s okay and the new age books are up through the late 90s actually the new age books that came out we're told to make that we're going to be coming out about different techniques about different concepts there were going to be total perversions of occult topics that they were going to take a little bit of truth and then just cover it with this big huge lie so that that people would accept all the nonsense and go around in circles but they would take that little little tiny bit of truth that they'd never really expand upon but that would be the little bit of good taste in the poison pill that they need to perceive is there in order to accept it and they said watch how much the the voluminous amounts of material that we're going to pump into this New Age movement and how much of it is going to be nonsense the people will buy and they said they'll swallow it all because they know they're hungry they know that people are hungry for something at a subconscious level so it's easy to feed the nonsense they haven't made it conscious yet what's really going on they haven't understood these techniques at a conscious level that's why they're so easy to prey upon you know somebody that doesn't understand themselves how easy is it to manipulate them that is divided within themselves this is the ultimate divide and conquer strategy they need to divide you forget about dividing you from among other people and other groups like cops like soldiers like politicians like judges it's us versus them us versus them forget even at that level of a group dynamic level they need to first divide you amongst yourself your own self has to become divided for them to manipulate through these strategies you have to be a being doesn't doesn't understand who you are and they essentially got you when that's the case I'm going to go to a caller here all right here we go here we go caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you're on what on earth is happening hey Mark it's Chris again how you doing my friend how are you good Parker I like to recommend people read a book called the iron web by rock and rose fantastic great yes I went down okay and it makes you think what you're talking about tell us a little bit more about it what's the general concept of it you know what does he go into in it well I want to give away but if they see deals with considering Anarchy and what it really is and but more importantly it gets you to think about your natural rights and natural role and what I mean I had to think about it for a while as I read or what was really going because it seems you know out extreme in some sense but the reason it seems that way because we're we've been Ted is so off the beaten trail of the truth and to unlearn that that there's almost instinctual understanding of you know how where works and where it comes from it takes time because not only are not only do you have that that understanding it wasn't letting you by your parents and and probably by their parents so the Brit has cycle is extremely difficult I mean when you when you you said this last week when you mention Anarchy to somebody they think you're crazy or chaos I know my own family is people they say oh there will be chaos all right you know like you said before though after looking into this I would much rather have the evilness going on in the world going on in the open that's right that's happening now because what's happening now is a hundred times worse then what would be happening if we had natural raw and how much more quickly do you think with evil running amok even if that did happen openly right how much quicker do you think people would understand the necessity of instilling proper moral value from the time we are young into our youth if that we're going on openly versus what we have now witches take care of us from cradle to grave Big Daddy protect us from the Predators in our midst that we created because we couldn't morally educate them properly when they were young because we didn't want to handle that we wanted a hand we wanted to turn over the power of that education over to the state well I mean I also somebody said when you said you know kayo order out of chaos and that is their motto they know that there's a natural progression when you have cast it will move to order now what are the New World Order you know it you know it could be worse than in the original situation but what I was going to do is true the system of order of chaos is true it is just a matter of what which order you want to move it toward that's absolutely right and Chris that's a profound understanding that most people even in the Masonic lodges do not have about that dictum of order lab KO so you come into that understanding is is profound I mean neither one of us are in the official or the the lodge system of masonry although I would suggest I have a deep profound understanding of Freemasonry from working with it and through it however um to reach that understanding most people even in the lodge system never come close so yeah that's what I said I won't take much more time but when I when I listened to Neil a couple couple shows ago and I was him you know chillingly described his experiences in life I mean and to think that that is going on not just you know with our communities or it within the United States but all over the world I mean the amount of evil that is and the negative energy that that's got to be generating is far off the chart and if we had natural law and we didn't have the we protected ourselves and then look under natural law we we would make we bring order to the situation real fast because if you're so upset you know something to someone you just cut their hands off and that's the end of it seems drastic that you wouldn't have too many more peeps let's go now behind the ears in the shadows is just off with children it just makes me sick I mean I don't even necessarily think we have to take that extreme action on most people there probably would be a small subset which would be Unruh for mobile now based upon their current deranged mental condition but if we started working on our young upon an understanding what is truly going on we could raise a moral generation in one generation is all it would really take they don't know if they fully have the elitists know if they probably have one generation they have everything they need to set their process in motion toward their order and if I might I want to suggest you know who I would suggest that generation was sadly I would suggest that generation that they had under their thumb more than any other was the baby boomer generation and that was dire but but you look at that generation that is the first generation that was truly coming up okay that was raised largely on the television now that was the generation where the television had their minds so deeply entranced you know from when they were young that was the thing to do sit in front of that TV whole family just putting their kids in front of that constantly they were raised on more television than anybody else I think that generation is more mind controlled through the television than even the modern one and that's saying something different from my my standpoint I pretty much turned the television all right I don't I don't subscribe to that that mind control anymore even though I understand it I know that it's affecting me and I pretty much turned the television off me and I've also often think that my generation I'm in my mid-40s I thought my generation is the one that lost because someone's got to lose got to lose freedom there's one generation it's got to fall asleep at the wheel before we know freedom is lost forever you know like because what Reagan said you know you know freedom is just one generation away from extinction and I don't want to be in that generation that thank you wrap it up that I think that circumstances because people aren't waking up that circumstances are going to Nessa Tate natural role and we're going to learn these principles over but we're going to like you say the left-hand path we're going to learn the hard way right unfortunately it looks that that is the path we are headed on to and like I said I think what we have in store for us is the harshest lesson perhaps that humanity may have ever had to endure because we would not take the lesson the easy way and it said I mean it didn't have to be that way but I do I feel that's the path that we are on now barring some dramatic event some dramatic event that really pushes the this awakening process forward in a big way but you know I don't like to hold out hope for miracles and generally I think that's what it would take is this question well because I'm not interesting your take on this um we've been we have a learn anything 2,000 years it seems like if we go through this horrible air purification by fire baptism by fire is humanity going to learn the lesson at some point do you have still maybe we going maybe we'll survive this process physically but will humanity firmness that you know really really are what we're capable of and not sort of not I'll tell you this this illusion that we that we've all fallen painted prey to I would say that that largely depends on the process that is initiated after the chaotic period the chaotic transitional period see we had a chance at this back in 1776 when we declared independence from the tyrannical foreign power that was oppressing us that crossed an ocean under mind control to oppress us they imagine that back then you had people crossing an ocean to oppress people of another nation because they were so much on their minds oh wait a minute we're doing the same thing now only in the opposite direction across the ocean say mention notice so what have we really learned you know what but I think it depends on the aftermath we did have a chance in 1776 we free ourselves but only very very temporarily and the controls the shackles came right back on afterwards the research mark I think that we were never free I think that the nation founded this country and I think from the get-go we were designed to be secretly ruled and mainly P Hall wrote about this extensively about the secret that the United States of America the the question is you know is it a destiny or can we change it I mean I don't know I mean I don't I don't understand all the forces that were up against but I do know this 99% of people out there have no clue whatsoever sure I think there were Masons involved on both sides of that there were Masons who are truly trying to free this this group of people you know that we're living here that they understood sovereignty and they work for the true Freemasons see and then there were Masons working through the large system there were agents of the crown there were agents of tyranny and they were the dark Masons masonry is about choices we'll go into this in later shows I'm going to do a whole show on Freemasonry in the future okay it's about choice this is what this whole philosophy is really about ultimately what material are you going to build with what are you going to choose which master are you going to truly serve are you going to build with light and knowledge and reason and morals or are you going to build with dark materials which is building walls which is turning people to stone emotionally mentally right erecting walls between people dark Masons build up with brick light Masons take down the walls the barriers that divide people which is what we're talking about divisions they don't erect divisions oh yeah and that's why pathogen monomer or a dollar bill every dollar feels like that brick xpect that's our middle and you know what when you remove that brick the light comes down in joins with the earth that's what it's all about the dark mason builds up with brick the light mason tears walls down and and lets light come into people's souls so it's not all masonry that's met the problem here now that's just a philosophy a system of allegory symbolism morality that if truly understood could be very powerful the problem is it isn't truly understood even by people in the premises of today I want to read a quote that illustrates part of what you were talking about earlier Chris um this is from George George Bush's um uh speech George Bush senior's speech um that he gave when he talked about the New World Order back in the 90s okay he said this is an historic moment we have in the past year made great progress in ending the long era of conflict and cold war we have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and for future generations a new world order a world where the rule of law not the law of the jungle governs the conduct of Nations when we are successful and we will be we have a real chance at this new world order an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN's founders not the founders of this country the UN's founders which is a socialist group yeah and he wants to build this new world order based upon the rule of law lowercase L man's law and he puts he describes the law of nature natural all he doesn't say not natural ball he says not the law of the jungle because what idea subconsciously does that put into people's minds what we talked about last week the fear of predators the jungle is a dark place where there's no civilization and there's predators waiting to get me at every turn all of those concepts right into the subconscious mind this is neuro linguistic programming it's a mind control technique the world is controlled through words his speech writers understood exactly what they were putting forward by using that kind of language it's very clear to see when you look at these Psychopaths language what they're saying if you know how to read it yeah I know I believe me that speech you just read I've seen many many times on YouTube them to the point of ad nauseam yeah I appreciate your addressing you know some of my questions and clearing a couple things up for me I'll let you get back the show but um you know I'll keep listening and what you're doing is a great thing first thanks so much man thanks Monica you two minutes New Jersey always are great to hear from them on the show okay let's see okay have another text comment here okay I'm with you on the taxation is theft part maybe I misheard your statement about morally sanctioned government indifference does not equate to morality powerlessness does not equate to morality cluelessness does not equate to morality a lack of awareness of of the need is no morality arguable quote acceptance is not morality Calculon the mirror how can mere masses equate to morally sanction government ok so how I would respond to this is absolutely none of these things equate to morality I'm not saying that it makes it moral people are sanctioning it of their own accord which you put in quotes as arguable acceptance but it is acceptance nonetheless as I talked about last week the occultists or the mine manipulators see not saying no as saying yes they equate not non refusal to comply with acceptance with agreeing that this is justified that this is acceptable so that is placing one's own moral sanction on it not speaking out and saying no this is unacceptable I refuse to comply with this I do not you do not have the moral right to do this they consider not saying openly that not living according to that principle as moral sanction and most people do think that the government does have the moral sanction do it if what I'm saying is that this certainly you're absolutely correct that does not make it moral in no way does that equate with morality itself I'm not talking about morality itself I'm talking about people's collective perceive moral sanction on that action for example I'll give an anecdote I'll give a couple of anecdotes about what I've talked about this evening and I guess I'll wrap up the show with these um I went into a bar before going to a concert one evening with my girlfriend we sat down I got into a discussion with a gentleman at the bar and we got on the topic of what's going on as far as our freedoms being taken away and how politicians are corrupt and you know the the two-party system is basically you know brings in you know one crook and then the next crook comes in it takes it takes place and they're essentially you know ruling the country and taking it in a socialist direction and in a fascist direction etc etc yet when I brought up the issue of Taxation immediately what was said was oh come on man you got to pay your taxes how's anything going to get done and I just I literally dropped my head into my hands at that point I was like we just had a conversation about all the evils that are going on as a result of government and how our rights and freedoms are essentially being eroded and I just heard that statement out of his mouth after saying that and at that point I just gave him one of my cards I said here's the website go check go check it out if you understand that you'll understand it you'll read further and you know you'll wake up more if not you won't but it's just it's it's unfathomable to me to think that people actually think that this is something that we could not live without that their imagination is that deadened that they're admitting to themselves when they make a statement like that here's what that person really said to me okay now he didn't really say these words okay but in effect here's what that gentleman at that bar about a year or two ago said to me in saying what he actually did say in effect what he said is what I think mark is that the human species is so deaden so dumb and their imagination has been so destroyed their will is so weak that they can not envision or imagine doing things any different way than what we are how we are currently doing them therefore in that level of fear and ignorance I am going to sanction people taking whatever percentage of other people's wealth that they feel they have the moral right to take and I'm going to stand back and say well that must happen because however would we do any of the things that we need to do in life without that process of theft taking place that's what that person said to me by saying you need to pay your taxes get it that's essentially in effect what was said now here's another anecdote and this relates directly to divide and conquer I guess I'll wrap up the show on this and this you know you know um one of the things I'd like to say to the listening audience is yes I could be harsh on the general population let's bring it home to me because this is where I always say you know a lot of times you'll say something harsh you'll say something that is unapologetic about people's actions to an individual and they'll get very defensive and upset be for a specific reason they'll get very defensive and upset because they have family members that are involved in these institutions that you're talking about so you talk about the unlawful removal of someone's right to have free speech let's say in Pittsburgh in the g20 last year which I'm still a raving lunatic about when I think about it okay it's you want to talk about a hot-button issue to talk about with me there's nothing that gets me more wild than what I saw in the g20 and the subsequent one up in Canada but specifically the one in Pittsburgh the nerves of these individuals thinking that they have the right to do this ever under any reason for any amount of pay because anybody told them that they were allowed then the unmitigated gall that these cops have thinking you have the right to even be there doing what you're doing you got nerve okay so calm down you'll say that to someone whose husband is a cop and they'll get all uppity in defensive how dare you talk about bad with it because their husband's a cop not because they don't see the inherent immorality and what was done but because it's bringing it home to someone they're close to so let's bring it home to someone I'm close to okay see I'm not a meaning to this right I say let's talk about people in my family okay I do this all the time because I want people to know I make no excuses for anybody not even my own mother my own father my own grandfather my own grandmother etc etc etcetera doesn't matter who it is okay so I'll tell us a short anecdote to wrap up the show recently on my street where I live here in Philadelphia there has been two hour parking implemented okay and what was lost was something that we once had free parking on our street and parking could have gotten oh tight in some instances but at least we had freedom to park on the street and then a parking spot that was open and we didn't have leeches we didn't have parasites coming into this neighborhood immoral parasites that are essentially house slaves okay we didn't have house slave is coming in to our block putting tickets on people's cars for not being parked there for more than two hours even if they live on this block okay well here's how this got done okay and it people on this block are fighting this and aren't going to stop fighting because prod was committed on this block okay my own cousin and here it is out there on the airwaves and archived on the internet for all posterity my own cousin lives on this block went to the controllers because she felt she had the privilege right to be allowed the park on this street and not have to walk if she had a park a half a block away or a block away or god forbid farther than a block away so on the here's the problem reaction solution and the divide and conquer I'm going to go right to the controller to solve my problem for me we have no other way of solving a parking problem we couldn't use any creative methods of solving this you couldn't come up with funding to build a lot or parking garage or anything like that but don't ever look in the free energy technology which could get us off of having to use cars or anti-gravity propulsion which has been suppressed for hundreds of years okay free energy technology like Tesla pioneered which has been suppressed for over 100 years don't don't ever dare look in any of that go right to the controller because you're too lazy to walk a block or have to drive around the block a couple times and look for a parking spot god forbid because you're too lazy go right to the controller bring and bring the power sites into our neighborhood and you don't care about anybody else whether it affects their financial situation whether it creates inconveniences for them and now you got to go get a license to park on this block permit and how many there's so many people that are for this crap okay because they're all selfish individuals all they care about is themselves and their own situation as all it is and it's laziness it's pure laziness and it's lack of respect for other human beings that and here's how it was done folks this is the kicker the kicker isn't that it was put to any kind of a democratic vote and voted upon and this was popular consensus here's how it was done they came around and no registered mail wasn't used this wasn't put to a public vote in a public forum one person came around with a clipboard okay and said hey you want this to our parking stuff it'll make it easier for us to park on this block which is nonsense to begin with because that's not true okay but that's how they came around and so try to sell this to people right and they never told you how the vote worked they just said if you want it sign this petition we're going to submit it and try to get to our Park parking implemented and so most people on this block actually didn't want it 10 out of the 21 houses on this block just under 50% they needed 70% agreement approval and this is going to confirm another thing that I tell you about controllers and their mindset okay they didn't tell anyone that there was a no sheet that you needed to sign to cast a vote for no well I don't want this crap on my block so in the omission which is fraud okay this is fraud and the person should be held responsible for fraud because they lied by omission they said here's what to do if you want it and that's all the information that was given and so they got a bunch of yes signatures by the people on the street that did want this implemented and they got hardly any no signatures because they didn't tell anybody there was a note that's how they did people dirty on this block because they're lazy and they just wanted their way and this was my own cousin ladies and gentlemen let's bring it right home let's bring it right home this is the kind of consciousness members of my own family are in so now we have to pursue this to try to get some sort of a fraud investigation Belling because people and the neighbors on this block lurk utterly lied to about how this worked and it was not put to any kind of an open vote this was done in secret and with a lack of information a deliberate holding back of information and guess what that's how they divide and control you they got the whole block fighting amongst themselves about this while they go to the bank the controllers got their way they got the to our Park and implemented and they're writing a bunch of tickets now and they can tons of money off of people's ignorance apathy and laziness and that's how it works every time and my own family is no exception so I'll wrap it up right there and leave it at that this week great show great colors as always I'll see you guys here next week Tuesday night 7 p.m. Eastern right here on what on earth is happening check out my website at what on earth is happening calm good night everyone