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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network today is Tuesday August 31st 2010 we have a great show lined up for you today in which we're going to continue to discuss the methodologies of mind control and we're going to go into technique for mind control number six which is controlled opposition controlled opposition will be the topic for tonight let me give the call-in number for this show the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number for this show and you can call in and talk about anything you like as always there are no taboo topics here and as always your phone calls I will attempt to put first and put everything aside if I see a caller on the line be patient and hold on if I see you on the switchboard I'll take your call the calling number once again seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to punch in the call ID number the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five so the call ID number after you call in for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five a couple of event announcements for tonight go over them first alright coming up over the next couple of weeks truth freedom prosperity okay it looks okay it looks like we're back on um we had some technical difficulties there it looks like my skype connection dropped out for a moment let me try to get back into the network hold on one moment ladies and gentlemen please bear with me okay I think we're back live so I'll continue where I left off sorry for the technical difficulties folks truth freedom prosperity a very active group in the Philadelphia area will be hosting their monthly free documentary screenings and discussions at the ethical Society in Philadelphia this will be taking place Monday evening September 20th from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the ethical Society building the ethical Society is at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia this month truth freedom prosperity will be screening the documentary ten rules for dealing with police here's the description learn to flex your sovereignty with flexure rights dot orgs latest film ten rules for dealing with police from the create creators of the 2003 classic busted the citizens guide to surviving police encounters flex your rights dot-org has released its newest achievement ten rules for dealing with police a 40-minute docudrama which depicts innocent people dealing with heavy-handed policing tactics used every day in the United States this film is a powerful resource that provides proven survival strategies we're dealing with racial profiling and police abuse after watching ten rules we're dealing with police you'll be more confident and better prepared to handle every kind of police situation learn how to deal with traffic stops street stops and police at your door know your rights and maintain your cool avoid common police tricks and prevent humility humiliating searches once again 10 rules for dealing with police free documentary showing at the ethical Society building in Philadelphia 1906 south of Rittenhouse Square September 20th 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. and for more information on that event and other events you can go to truth freedom prosperity org a great group here in the Philadelphia area and finally another event announcement the conference that I will be hosting next year along with some other great event organizers that I've partnered with in this area free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and vo cults this is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those effected by these devices the date is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 the event will take place from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. both days with the doors opening at 9:00 a.m. each day the location is Ruvo hall that's at 414 Greene Street in Philadelphia 1 9 1 2 3 the admission price very reasonable set at only $20 per person per day and the confirmed speakers and we have a couple of new confirmed speakers to announce this week and more will be being added as the week's go on we have potentially some really big news as far as speakers go I can't mention that just yet because we're still in negotiations with certain people so the confront totally confirmed speakers here's the list so far Aaron McCallum alfred weber Andrew basiago farah your dozous J Parker just added this week Larkin Rose very excited about having Larkin on board Laura Eisenhower myself Marc passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor so the lineup is getting better as the week's go on and we hope to have a couple of big announcements in the near future that's free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult April 9th and 10th 2011 right here in Philadelphia for more information visit the conference website at WWF let me just give the call in number one more time for those who may not have gotten it I'm not sure exactly when of the the drop of the call took place there on on skype so the calling number for the show seven to four triple for seven triple four and the call ID number eight three five one five which you have to punch in if you call the call in number so today we are going to continue our discussion on the methodologies of mind control with the sixth general methodology being controlled opposition which what I will explain what that is I began the explanation of that late in the program last week I want to very quickly review the techniques that we have covered thus far so far in our discussion on mind control we have talked about abuse ocation which is basically making an idea or a concept obscure or unclear or confusing to someone completely bewildering this keeps the person's mind in a state of manipulative manipul ability able to be manipulated able to be controlled from a distance if someone is not clear about concepts and ideas and understand indeed how things actually work in nature according to natural law they can be easily manipulated and controlled we looked at the types of obfuscation that occur we looked at the obfuscation of simplicity because truth is always simple with complexity the notion that it is impossible to know the truth because it's too complex much too complex why bother even beginning a search for truth it's too complex for you to comprehend to begin with so why bother when in fact the truth is always simple and it is simply based upon general building blocks the one has to grasp in order to go forward into a further explanation and a further exploration of that which is we looked at the obfuscation of principles which are truths based in natural law with man's law lowercase L man's law we saw that another technique of obfuscation is the the replacing of Dominion which is the control of oneself of one's own thoughts emotions and actions the rulership of the kingdom of self as we called it and replacing that with fear of punishment which is based in man's law and it is the lowest possible consciousness which anyone can take any action in the fear of punishment we looked at the obfuscation of gnosis knowledge true knowledge taken from direct experience with belief systems institutionalized belief systems of all kinds being raised to obfuscate truth and knowledge or gnosis and finally we saw that obfuscation works upon true individuality the true worth of the self and it obscures that with culture which is a local operating system that essentially Rob's the individual of the most unique expression of their individuality which is the ability to think for oneself and technique of mind control that we looked at over the last weeks and again these are all podcasted and available on my site on the podcast section at what on earth is happening dot-com we looked at world view poisoning and this is exactly what it states in the words to be it is poisoning someone's way of seeing themselves in relationship to everything else we saw that this works upon three basic modalities the poisoning of how one sees basic human nature and we saw that in effect there is much more nurture taking place than nature at all one is essentially programmed from very young a very young age and that is what one's world view becomes based upon because it is being put into a certain world view through what one hears what one reads what one takes in from one's environment I likened it to the allegory of the movie Trading Places which again I can't recommend highly enough and it is a veiled Masonic allegory in what it is putting forward as well because there are two older rich gentlemen who have a bet going that they can change the nature of one of them bets the other that you can change the nature of two other people one who is a very low consciousness individual a street oriented and essentially has little respect for others and others value in property etc and the other person is a very rich socialite works on the stock exchange floor and has the best of everything born with a silver spoon in his mouth as they say and there's a bet between these super-rich elitists as to whether they can actually make these two individuals switch places in effect and the the person who really doesn't understand how it works and thinks he knows who eventually does lose the bet thinks that human nature is set in stone and is a product of simply genetics and it's just like that from birth and the other person thinks that it can be changed depending on the environment that the person is put in so an interesting story ensues in the movie and I highly recommend people watch it because I think it is a very accurate reflection of what human nature is and is not we saw that that has everything to do with worldview poisoning this second technique of manipulation that we looked into the second component of worldview poisoning is to poison one's view of the value of themselves what is the value of an individual is it a number is it how much money one has in their bank account is it what kind of car they drive help how their lifestyle is how they live or is it an ineffable quality is it something that is essentially limitless is it infinite because it is based on the true inner being or the spirit of an individual that animates everything well a worldview poisoner wants you to accept that you have you have value based on a number that can be assigned or taken away based upon what you have physically in the world and this is a total obfuscation and a total technique of mind control called world view poisoning the third component of this world view poisoning is the elimination in someone's mind of the possibility for change because once you have uprooted the human imagination and eliminated one's thought processes from envisioning change is possible of taking place you have the person exactly where you want them and they are very likely ever to rebel against your view of the world the third technique of mind control that we looked at in past weeks was the exploitation of primal subconscious fears rooted deep in the human psyche we saw that these fears where the fear of darkness the fear of being preyed upon of predation predators the fear of abandonment by a strong father figure and the fear of ensuing chaos as a result of these other eventualities coming to a head namely darkness predation and abandonment these are ancient psychological embedded fears that are embedded deep in the subconscious mind that we all carry some of us carry these consciously and understand them and work with them but most of us carry these unconsciously and that is why they can be exploited by the controlling type the person who wants to get into the subconscious understand how it works and exploit that to their benefit at the expense of others the fourth overall mind control technique that we explored in past weeks was the divide and conquer strategy divide and conquer this is the methodology of exploiting our perceived differences from each other and we saw there were there was multifaceted ways that this divide and conquer strategy takes place through sex through age in class through religion through politics etc etc we're going to talk about this again tonight in relation with controlled opposition because for opposition to take place there must be division and this is one of the ways the controlled opposition works to conquer people so technique number four is intricately interwoven with technique number six which we'll be discussing this evening number five was indoctrination and we just wrapped up over the last two weeks a two-part series on outcome based education which is the system of so-called education that we have in the United States today and indeed throughout the Western world throughout Western civilization we saw that this is sin the technique of mind control known as indoctrination that is what our children are receiving in public schools in the modern world a good indoctrination but not a very good education or the ability or education being defined truly as the ability to think in a critical manner and that's not what is being received in the public school system that we have in the United States today it is an indoctrination system and I encourage people to go back and listen to these past two shows over the past two weeks because I think they revealed a lot about why people fight often for years to come out of the mind-controlled state that they are put into through the education system in this country and oftentimes it takes more years than the indoctrination took for them to really wake up as the term goes to actually arise from that unconscious slumbering state that the indoctrination system has placed them into since they were very very young that is why the state wants to get hold of children at the youngest age possible and keep them in that controlled paradigm that the public school system is so good at reinforcing so today we are going to talk about the top the concept of controlled opposition or what I began explaining last week is known as a dialectic a system of dialectics so we'll be talking about what opposition is we'll be talking about what a dialectic is and will specifically be getting into something known as the Hegelian dialectic and this will be a good introduction to that topic which we will be covering much later in in shows in coming weeks when we talk about the concept called chaos sorcery in previous weeks about magic versus sorcery and how these are very real psychological techniques magic being the art and science of influencing change to occur in accordance with higher will with the will of nature the will of the universe and sorcery being manipulation to create change in accordance with the lower will which is the ego driven will of the sorcerer himself or herself of course controlled opposition is a technique of this overarching concept sorcery and it is a technique of mind control which is the vehicle for sorcery controlled opposition is setting two seemingly antithetical sides against each other in a clay in an act in a fiction in order to gain AI higher ground from which one can witness and control the conflict that ensues that is what controlled opposition is it is getting to opposite sides to essentially sit across from a game board like a chess board and play game yet the third component the third side the ultimate master that is setting these two sides against each other always wins out in the end because they manage the conflict and they manage the spoils of the conflict war is the ultimate example of a controlled opposition of a dialectical mechanic operation in work opposition in general is the resistance it is resistance that's what opposition is it is tension it is conflict that's what opposition means opposition is resistance that is expressed in either action or argument that is what the definition of opposition is so it can be expressed as competition between rivals it can be expressed as a political rivalry between parties and we will talk about the political parties as an aspect of controlled opposition we see this in sports teams this is also a dialectic getting people to root for their favorite team in in different cities setting cities against each other getting them to identify with the local the local baseball team or football team when in fact all they're really doing is giving over money to be entertained for a little while get emotionally involved in something because they may lack this in other areas of their lives namely emotional involvement and good times and good feelings and then to essentially clean up on everything that you could possibly sell them the ticket price the price of food the price of merchandise and on and on it goes one of the best examples of controlled opposition or dialectical mechanics is professional wrestling and indeed pro wrestling is essentially what politics is they work exactly the same way it's all a staged event it's all a passion play the wrestlers are friends behind the scenes they'll go out for dinner after an event they go down to the arena they beat each up beat up on each other for a while and yes of course their bodies take physical tools because the bumps that they take a reel but the outcomes are all stage and predetermined and they're cleaning up on ticket sales on food sales on merchandise sales more than anything else and then the wrestlers like each other in the background and they'll go out for a meal or go out to a bar afterward and hang out and it is all simply to satisfy something that is lacking in the psyche of the individuals taking part in and accepting the play the fiction as truth that they can invest themselves in in politics this is done because people are lacking a vehicle for really creating change in their own lives because they don't know themselves well enough to do that on their own so they always want an external figure to create change and to better their lives for them therefore they're encouraged to go out and vote for one of the two political parties one of their two representatives their elected officials of these two political parties and in doing that they believe that they are going to receive change that they are going to get something in return that they really truly need and that they seek and that is critical for them to have in their lives that will bring something that they formerly lat which is knowledge of self and at the end of the game at the end of the day they're still going to lack that knowledge of self they're still going to be looking on the outside for something that they lack on the inside because you can never get it from an external dialectic you can never get it from controlled opposition you could never get it by being by agreeing to be represented you can never get it by taking emotional involvement and taking part in a controlled play in a controlled puppet show it's that was never real to begin with although many people will go to their graves thinking thinking to themselves that this is real that there is something to politics that there really is differences between left and right that there really is differences between conservative and Republican the conservative and liberal between Republican and Democrat between conservative and labor if you're talking about British politics it's all controlled by the same dynamic forces and those are the forces which essentially rule the financial world and the banking institutions and ultimately these are the occult forces that ultimately rule the mind and thinking of the people of Earth and ultimately determine through their manipulation what to other people is reality and again I am saying this from the perspective of what reality is only in their own minds not what it actually is see that's why the controlled oppositional paradigm is in place it's to get people to look at the puppet show you can open up the curtain and you can look at the puppet show just don't try to walk up on the stage close enough that you can see the strings and certainly don't try to follow those strings up to where they're actually being pulled by the puppet masters and look at get a good glimpse and look at who they are and how they actually work this manipulation of puppets that is what the political game is so opposition resistance expressed in action or arguments will see controlled opposition in media you have the liberal media you have the conservative media and people really believe that there's a difference between these they get involved in Noam Chomsky's politics okay the leftist liberal they'll they'll really really here go to hear what he'll have to say when he won't touch anything about real mind control and manipulation that's taking place from the highest levels he won't touch the occult but he'll talk about you know war as a conflict resolution you look at the right side you look at Sean Hannity or Bill O'Reilly or Glenn Beck well are these guys talking about the high level financial manipulators at the Federal Reserve no because they'll lose their jobs if they did because the Fed and the people who own the Fed also own basically all the media outlets in this country and they'll shut down their shows and put them on the street real fast if they started talking about that so these guys have boxes set limits that they have to stay within controlled paradigms there's a limit to what they can say and express or who they can go after or shine light upon if they're doing harm if they're manipulating people you won't hear them talking about the Federal Reserve I talked to people who watch Fox News and they actually think that they're well-informed as a result just because some of the talking heads on fox speak out against the current socialist administration there's left-leaning administration it's only in there for a reason because if there's only one political party eventually people will realize that it's all about total control and though the opposition built up against that there will be change resistance it will be a desire for change and there will be resistance for that one force because it will be able to be clearly seen as a mechanism for total control in order to allay that force in order to combat that resistance that would come in you need an opposing force the opposing force leans upon that initial party to create a very strong architectural structure a very strong foundational structure of the entire architecture and that is an arch an arch is where two opposing forces are leaning against each other in architecture and that is one of the strongest shapes that exists in architecture this is because opposing force forces create a greater strength that then either one of the two forces that they could exert on their own in combining them the force is much greater than they could ever exert on their own so you lean two pillars together or you put two political parties together and you get people swaying back and forth between them one attacking the other one getting emotionally involved and then basically playing off against the others ill deeds bush just got out of office a couple of years years ago all the harm that he did to this country and everybody was thinking Obama would come in and be the savior because they're they're ready for change and he sold it to them he sold it to them like a bag of popcorn at a movie Theatre okay came in they're promising them the world and is leading the country further into the world socialist regime the world fascist regime known as the new world order or the one-world government or just one hundred percent total control in the elimination of all human freedom that's all it really is that's all both parties at the highest levels that's all their agenda is because they're working for the same masters and their masters want that goal their international banking overlords want that goal the owners of the Fed want that goal so it doesn't matter what political party is in you can vote all you want unless change is created at a grassroots level and is and is created through the changing of one's consciousness the internal qualities of the self one's own thoughts one's own emotions and one one's own actions in the world and these being in keeping with moral principles you're never going to see change reflected on the outside by any other means don't wait for it don't expect it it will never happen that way it will no Savior is coming to save us no political party member no matter how well-intentioned he is working through the political the corrupt political system is going to right these wrongs is going to correct these problems it isn't going to happen through an external mechanism it's all a dialectic it's all to get you not to look in the mirror and look at yourself and to work upon the self it's all a distraction it's the cul-de-sac before the goldmine as they say as the expression goes you're looking to get to the gold mining and in the maze there are many cul-de-sacs both just before you get there there's a long Carter and there's a few cul-de-sacs off to the left and right to get you spinning around in circles so you never actually reach the goal which is the true elevation of consciousness and the true opening of the real eye that sees how it all works so for any party believers shall we say that actually believe in the political paradigm the left-right paradigm that may be listening I would doubt that we have many people listening to this show this far into it but actually accept that that false dichotomy that left-right paradigm of controlled opposition it is all an illusion no better case of the illusion of the political left-right paradigm in the political aspect of controlled opposition than the 2004 presidential election the 2004 presidential election was between George Bush jr. and John Kerry now at first glance one might say oh one is a neoconservative George Bush and the other is a Liberal Democrat John Kerry in Word yes that may be true but if you look at the background of both of these individuals they're both members of one of the darkest occult organizations on the face of the earth known as the order of Skull and Bones the order of Skull and Bones out of Yale University a very very restrictive and elite club that recruits individuals from Yale that they groom to the future world leaders and in this case out of the 15 people that may be members of the Skull and Bones it recruited for the Skull and Bones any given year to are running for president both of them members of a highly elite occult organization known as the order of Skull and Bones both Bush and cat members of this Lodge which is known as the order of death and the symbolism is very clear the symbolism of the Skull and Bones thought and action combined the skull was the symbol for thought where the brain is where thought takes place and the bones the symbol for action or will but what is missing from the equation is emotion or empathy or spirits that is devoid in those their groom in this organization because they are simply groomed to do whatever is necessary to put forward the agenda of their owners of their family elite bloodline masters because even people at this level have owners and we talked about how police have owners now they're just following orders the military have owners and their owners mocked them at every turn going so far as to put dog tags around their neck telling them in the open that there are their dogs and I've said over past weeks this is the word that is used in the dark occult from firsthand experience I've been involved with some of these organizations myself from firsthand experience they only have two words for people that they call people in general in the world they call people the dead the dead yeah and they call people and they call their controller class our dogs the dead and the dogs wonderful human beings we're talking about at these levels of manipulation and that is basically how they view even people who do their bidding at lower levels like politicians it's simply their dogs they're on a leash they're at the end of the end of their strings and I'm talking about the strings of the real manipulator there's the high level of cultists they're really formulations methodologies know how they work and understand how to implement them at a deep subconscious level only by knowing these techniques can we really steel ourselves against them only by really a deep understanding and appreciation of how these techniques really work can we really put on any kind of armor any kind of protection against these methodologies and there are so few that understand truly how they work I had a discussion with someone that you know thinks that what she's seeing on Fox News is wonderful cannot see through the controlled oppositional paradigm as yet we need to break down that paradigm and understand that there's something that is controlling both seemingly polar forces but these polar forces are really working together hand-in-hand to accomplish the same goals so opposition this can be expressed through adversaries or competitors in political rivalries sports rivalries philosophical rivalries it's a basic contrast between two seemingly polar forces what is known as an antithesis things that are are in antithesis with each other direct conflict and what controlled opposition is ultimately is managing that conflict such that the outcome of the conflict will be in the favor of the one manipulating and controlling the conflict war as I said is one of the biggest examples this is two countries battling for instance who once wore who do you know what common person do you know once wore well who would you go up to on the street and say do you want war and they say oh yeah I love it love it it can't wait for another I hope it goes on forever how many people do you know that that's their attitude about war hardly anyone yet war is continuous and ongoing constantly well if no one wants it how could it be going on constantly well there are people who want war very few people ever see or meet them these are these high-level occultists that i am speaking of they're really in control of this entire game they're the people who manufacture the weapons they're the people who manage the debt of the conflict as a result of having to purchase the weapons and the fuel they're the people who own the fuel and need it out in the limited quantities that they that they meted out to create this this consciousness of scarcity and limitation there are the people who who suppress alternative energy technologies so that we're stuck on these quote-unquote fossil fuel based fuels so they are managing the mechanism through the mechanisms through which words are fought which is weaponry energy and the money that is needed for both of those things which results in enormous immeasurable debt debt which is barred against these high-level controllers financial institutions is barred from their high level financial institutions central banks that lend money to governments and then they end up as the controller's of the outcome which is the debt that arises from fighting the worse to begin with so often they'll fund both sides they'll fund both sides they laugh at all the death taking place at people killing each other for no reason except their own amusement that's what the real controller's of the world are kicking back doing while you think soldier out there while you think you're so glorious in war and you're doing such a deed for your country and you're eliminating the evils out there overseas your owners are given a huge belly laugh laughing at you hysterically they can't laugh hard enough they're crying tears are dribbling down their cheeks they're laughing so hysterically it's a big knee-slapper to them and it's a gigantic valley laugh and I'm telling you from firsthand experience this is how these people think I know this this isn't my opinion I know this but believe what you want believe what you want there are those who try to tell you that you're owned and that they own you because they own your mind so while you're out with all of these grandiose visions of honor and glory and serving one's country your owners who consider you their dogs like Henry Kissinger who said that military men are dumb animals to be used as pawns and foreign policy not my words one of the manipulators of the world who controls and strategizes over troop movements Henry Kissinger who advises military leaders and presidents about how to how to essentially use the bodies of their dogs and you can think my words your harsh all you want okay I'm the one trying to tell you how it works so you want to get angry at the messenger you go right ahead get his angry as you want freak out all you want bite by someone saying this to you so dire right in the word right in the word of somebody that they manipulate to believe in these controlled oppositional paradigms like war like politics okay right in the word you're being mocked openly you're being called the sole dire soul meaning one death of the one the death of the individual the death of the soul meaning the spirit think about it it's right in the word I mean you're not even looking at the word about what of that which you call yourself and they call you a soul Dyer and you think that's an accident that's hilarious to your owners hilarious what get is offended as you like because you're still doing their bidding and still not seeing what it's really about that they're going to the bank while you're going to the grave and sending other people who had nothing to do with what you think they had something to do with to their grave which you have no natural law right to do but because you don't know enough and because you just listen to what other people tell you and you don't follow order and you just follow orders just because you want to be absolved of personal responsibility and thinking for oneself that's all it's about and no one would convince me that that's not what it's about that's all it's about that's all people buy controlled opposition for they buy controlled opposition because they do not want to think period full stop that's why people buy into controlled opposition they don't want to think for themselves they want somebody else to do their thinking for them represent them and their interests and they think they're going to come out on top they're going to come out ahead by by letting other people do that they think their lives are going to work out wonderfully it's just all magically and majestically going to work out for their eternal self betterment by letting other people think for them and represent their own interests good luck with that let me know how that works out for you okay what these controllers what these sorcerers these occultists are looking for is exactly that mentality they want people to willingly of their own accord of their own free will hand over to them their ability to manage their own lives make their own decisions and essentially think for themselves and their all don't be all too happy to do that for you at the expense of your own freedom your own sovereignty your own ability to make the decisions about what is best for you in your life and eventually at the very cost of your life itself because in giving over all of these powers to these individuals you're basically saying yeah I admit that I'm owned by you and you could essentially do whatever you want with me my consciousness my body and that's what war is and that's what all military is someone else claiming ownership of your body like a piece of property and you don't have enough self-respect and I'm saying those two words in the true definitions not what you may think of as self respect but what that term really means I'm talking about higher case as self not the ego self not the body the true self which we talked about the qualities of in past shows the true dynamics and aspects of self you don't have respect for that you don't know what that is because you don't know yourself if you knew yourself you wouldn't even join an institution that asks you not to think you not want to be any part of that because you would know who you are you would understand yourself you would know the psyche you would know the mind you would know the soul and you certainly wouldn't join to become a soul Dyer and again think all you want that that magical language or what's known as green language isn't real and it isn't really saying something to you and your subconscious go and think that all you want you're totally fooling yourself and you're the one who's being played played like a fiddle and like I've said before in past shows bowing down to this oppositional paradigm and giving one's own ability to make one's own critical thinking decisions over to a third party you're not really being played you're playing yourself they don't have to play you you're doing it to yourself ultimately they that's how it was the dynamic that's really going on what's really happening is you are playing yourself like a fiddle you're not even really being played at some level okay they're all too happy to tell you what they think of you to that you're dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns imagine saying that to another living thing you are my dumb animal to be used as my pawns in my game of chess and I'll give you dog tags to prove it to you animal imagine this and you fall for it and think that this is something to look at as honorable honorable and let's put it this way folks here's where I'm different than other people and what I'm doing is I'm not playing the finger outward you may think that initially I'll turn it around and point it right in word okay I formerly worked with some of these people and I held their worldview I was mind control I was under their influence I actually bought all the Miss Anthropy the hatred for humanity that they were putting out that they based their ideology upon okay what the difference between me and someone who holds with a stranglehold grip on their belief systems is I was able to say to myself upon realizing what it was about I was wrong I was able to say the three most powerful words that can ever be spoken human lips I was wrong my ego was not that calcified that I couldn't see the error of my own ways and also what makes what I'm saying different than how some other people will simply point fingers outward and never take a look at themselves or those around them see people will get offended by this because they'll have a husband in the service they'll they'll get offended because oh my father was a soldier they'll get offended because my brothers in Iraq right now man don't talk about him like that see it's all an emotional attachment all emotionally tied up in the controlled opposition so they'll say oh I support the person but not the war okay so you support the person this is another mind control technique you know supporting the person who is a cop taking people's natural law rights away from them telling them that they can't assemble and and speak and protest supporting the soldier who's killing innocent people in foreign lands that had nothing to do with things that are claimed that they had something to do with oh you support the person but you don't support the thing that the person is doing well you can't separate those two things you can't say I love this person but I hate what they're doing you can but you're in denial you're totally fooling yourself this those two things are one in the same the person's actions are an aspect of their own consciousness and therefore it is with the dynamic that they are choosing whether their mind controlled or not to put out into the world and therefore make this world what it is and you have to come to an acceptance of that and the object is not to support these control paradigms like war like politics voting for a leader believing in the two opposing sides of the media or newspapers or religion there's another big control of oppositional paradigm where religion am I going to believe in all an illusion all another form of mind control government the form that works upon the left brain that calcifies in the left brain and religion the form that calcifies in the right brain just to oppositional tactics to split the mind because that's all they're ultimately trying to create opposition in is the mind that's this battleground that's where they have to create division that's where they have to embed divisive ideologies us versus them we got to go get them before they get us the police seeing things in total us versus them mentality a friend of mine who I won't name told me a couple of days ago that he he's in a position where he works with police in this city and he overheard conversations of them and this is how disease this is how mentally ill some of these police are and I think I've talked about this police have mental illness the reason people don't understand why police act in the deranged ways that they act because they don't understand that they have literal brain damage through living in the left brain and the r-complex of the brain all the time their entire lifestyle is set up about total immersion in the physical and total immersion in total survival always looking at the next person that comes up to them is somebody that may potentially be a danger to them or a threat against their physical well-being that they have to be on guard against this is our complex consciousness the our complex being the very base level of the brain I started talking about the symbology of this last week in relation to the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry which I posted as a picture on the podcast section for last week's show and how police are mopped and and ritually and symbolically mocked through the emblems that they wear like a checkered word floor being wrapped around their head on their hat this telling them symbolically through Masonic symbolism that you are totally in base consciousness you are essentially an animal in consciousness one who is incapable of reasoning incapable comprehending or even conceptualizing natural law doesn't understand truth from falsehood light from dark natural law from total deception and they're being told this not in words or through symbols through a symbolic language that their owners know they're too stupid to even understand or comprehend so my friend was telling me about cops that he works with he is not one but he works in a supportive capacity that's all I'll say about you know the actual profession he's in said that he over here overheard two cops saying how much they enjoy shooting dogs dead when they enter in a break-in in a situation where they have to break in to someone's home to let's say confiscate drugs or make arrests or or or uh you know take people into custody they enjoy the first thing they do regardless of what the dog the situation of the dog is whether it's under control attacking them or not they put a bullet in the dog and they said they love doing this because what they really want to do is just have the the total right to go and shoot anybody they want and put a bullet in people without any any excuse so they know people won't make a big uproar or a big stink about a dog being shot because oh if it was attacking the officer of course they had to defend themselves it's it was an animal was an out-of-control animal see if they just broke in and put a bullet in somebody they'd have to justify their action you know they'd have to justify that action say why did you kill the person maybe they weren't armed maybe they weren't really threatening you you can you know do analysis through forensics about what the situation that was actually occurring in the room when they shot that person but a dog no one's going to stand up for the animals rights not be shot and killed so they can easily get away with that and they were talking about how much they loved doing this imagine this the animalistic consciousness do you have to be in through this controlled oppositional paradigm of us versus them and how this locks in with divide-and-conquer but real quick I want to read a general definition of what a dialectic is so we'll start looking at what dialectics are and how they work in different aspects of society we'll take a look at the Hegelian dialect based on the philosophy of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel German philosopher we will take a look at another controlled oppositional paradigm called the New Age movement if we have time today okay right now it's the top of the hour okay a little after the top of the hour we have a little technical difficulties in the first hour so I'm running a little behind schedule but no problem I want to give the callin number again I see we have a caller on the line caller that's holding please hold on I see you on the switchboard I'll get to you in a moment the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number that you have to punch in when you call in is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm and let's uh let's pick up where we left off with a definition of what a dialectic is a dialectic is a dispute or debate that is especially intended to resolve differences between two views rather than to establish one of them as true I'll read that one more time the dialectic is a dispute ation or debate especially intended to resolve differences between two views rather than to establish one of them as true that's the actual definition of a dialectic now in terms of philosophy this term originally applied to a method of philosophizing by means of Question and Answer employed by certain ancient philosophers notably Socrates this is who a dialectic is traditionally a um get given to as the the inventor of so it is it traditionally attributed to Socrates as the person who essentially came up with the philosophy of dial dialectic mechanics so it applies to philosophize by means of question and answer this is called the Socratic method and it is essentially the art of conversation if you really want to get down to it it is learning and changing through conversing that is ultimately what of the real definition of a dialectic is so this is not sinister the idea in and of itself does not carry sinister connotations okay if we look at the word dialectic which I started breaking down last week diya in Greek means way or through by way of through and lacto Lac teri or Lexus means a choice Lexus is choice diya is through so it means through a choice by discussing something by conversing by questioning and answering we are discovering the truth through comparing things and choosing the better between them that which elevates us to a higher level and that which serves who we really are that's what a dialectic really is so in and of itself it is nothing that is inherently bad or evil it is how it is used it always determines whether it serves us or whether it serves toward our detriment so we have to keep that in mind so let's look at the word conversation a conversation is often a form of a dialectic it is two people who never share the exact same view they converse and in the outcome each one of them comes away with something new and somewhat different it shapes their view a little bit the word conversation in itself in its in its etymology reflects this the prefix con Co n in the Latin language means together or with and the second part of conversation or converse is ver sorry verse over sorry which means to change or to turn in the context of to turn it mean it doesn't mean to turn physically it means to change like leaves turn a different color the seasons turning okay they changed so ver sorry means to change to transform so what does conversation really mean is to change together in a true conversation not a debate but a true conversation a debate is where someone is holding firm to what they believe and is trying to win an argument they're not trying to change they're trying to have that argument rule in a conversation people bring forward different ideas and they each take something from what has been discussed and questioned and um sent back and forth as an exchange between the two of them and in the end a synthesis emerges they each come away with something new and different so that's what a true conversation is it means to change together and it is a positive form of a dialectic there are negative forms of the dialectic which is controlling and managing the outcome of some sort of adversary adversarial behavior or competition we've already talked about war we have talked about setting people off against each other at police and the general public that's a dialectic politics is a dialectic religion is a dialect all of these are negative dialectics meaning they don't really serve who we are and all they do is they create more opposition they create more conflict in society they never resolve disputes and really help people to grow and learn they only ever create more tension and more opposition more being the biggest of them all so Hegel's dialectic known as the Hegelian dialectic is an example again and this has positive connotations as well as negative but in the modern day most controllers refer to and exploit Hegel's dialectic in the negative sense to play these two polar forces against each other and they manage the conflict the outcome of the conflict the Hegelian dialectic is known as artificial conflict resolution artificial conflict resolution meaning it's manufactured it's based in conflict between two opposing forces and there's a resolution involved that always works out to the way that the people who are manipulating the conflict one it works out to their advantage so I'm going to go to the caller in one moment I just want to read what the Hegelian dialectic is all about the Hegelian dialectic formulated by Hegel is the framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to a predetermined solution guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts that lead to predetermined solutions this is accomplished by manipulating consciousness into circular our patterns of thought and action the cul-de-sac before the goldmine folks manipulating consciousness into circular patterns of thought and action spinning your wheels on the big hamster wheel they runnin and going nowhere you watch I'll get out of this we all just run faster good luck with that that's how most cops think that's how much most soldiers think that's how much most people who are committed to all institutionalized institutions in general whether it be education which we talked about in the last couple weeks whether it be banking institutions whether it be political institutions whether it be control based institutions police and military religions and on and on and on it goes committed spinning their wheels they've been manipulated into circular patterns of thought and action in their consciousness that's why they never do anything different because they never think different when they change their thoughts they'll get off of that hamster wheel and they'll be able to take new action that is of true benefit to themselves but until they change those thoughts and realize the controlled opposition the dialectic that is being played upon them they'll never get out of that hamster wheel and that's exactly where the controllers want them continuing with an analysis of the Hegelian dialectic this is about opposition's being managed meaning you have a set a thesis that you play off against an antithesis its opposite it's polar opposite to create a synthesis that you manage artificial outcome resolution artificial conflict resolution in which the outcome is is managed the education system that we talked about is a perfect example of this you can't have ignorant kids well what's going to be done about that let them come into our educational system and we'll give them a proper education as we see it we'll set the curriculum for that therefore their outcome is kids that can't critically think and therefore question what they're being told by their owners the synthetic solution to these conflicts and only be introduced once those who are being manipulated take a side that will advance the predetermined agenda so the synthetic solution can't be introduced unless those who are being manipulated take a side that advances the agenda that has already been chosen in other words they want the mice to go through the maze and go through into the other room but they give them a choice there's there's there's two mazes and ultimately they go into the same box the mouse can choose one or the other at the beginning what they ultimately lead to the same place you know the game we're here pick a hand if you pick the left hand I'm going to smack you in the face if you pick the right hand I'm going to smack you in the face it's just your choice the mother who can't get her her child to eat their vegetables and always is in a fight with them at the dinner table so now they say hey Johnny do you want your do you want to have corn or if you want to have peas do you want to have potatoes or do you want to have um a cauliflower whatever doesn't make a difference they're giving them a false choice you just want them to eat some kind of vegetable without an argument so you give them the option to pick one and they think they've made the choice when in fact there was never any choice to begin with they were going to eat some form of vegetable with their meal you just made it look appealing by giving them a choice and you're playing to their ego oh I have a choice in what I'm gonna eat say all about the ego I have a choice about who I'm gonna what what puppet master I'm going to vote for it's ultimately controlled by the same international banking cartels and the occultists that on them oh well thanks for giving me the choice because it just makes people believe that they have a modicum of freedom when they don't the outcome is already predetermined they know where they're going from the beginning they're just giving you the choice to take yourself there willingly a fake choice a fake paradigm a fake way of seeing reality all based on their worldview all based on their ideologies you don't really have a choice when you're voting you get the choice between two puppet masters that's what politics is it's an example of dialectic mechanics and it is a specific example of Hegel's dialectic this is controlled opposition artificial conflict resolution manage the conflict so you can manage the outcome of the conflict let's go to calls caller you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening caller are you there all right I'm talking to guest number four on the switchboard going once going twice gone all right anybody wants to call in and discuss controlled opposition the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number eight three five one five either that last caller had technical problems or just got a little bit nervous no problem so the Galleon dialectic in particular is one that philosophically comes out of socialism from the last century and I can read a little bit of something from a Soviet encyclopedia that explains its idea of what dialectics really are so this is from an encyclopedia called the great Soviet encyclopedia and this is how they define dialectics this is interesting particularly in light of the fact that this country is moving ever increasingly faster and faster toward a socialist regime that is essentially also fascist in its underlyings through the corporatism that takes place in this country so this is a marriage of corporate fascism and Marxist socialism and that is what is really being propagated by the people in positions seeming positions of power in politics but it is simply because their financial overlords want that system to bring in total financial control and ultimately total physical control once they have advanced this dialectic a little bit further along the line by creating enough chaos so this is the definition of a dialectic according to a Soviet encyclopedia it is the doctrine of the most general principles of emergence and development whose internal source is viewed as the unity of conflict between opposites there it is right there from a Soviet Socialist encyclopedia doctrine of general principles who sources viewed as the unity of conflict between opposites thesis meets and pith assists to create synthesis synthetic Union an organic Union a synthetic one meaning predetermined artificial conflict resolution that's what this is ultimately about that we have to understand the general concept of what controlled opposition is much more so than we need to illustrate the examples we could talk about the examples all we want but unless we understand what the underlying psychological motivating factor of dialectical mechanics is don't really understand why they set it up like this why is this much more efficient of a system than a dictatorship a dictatorship is the prison you can see out in the open the bars are right in front of your face you know you're under control but a dialectical system that gives you the illusion of choice that you're a participant in the political process you never understand that it's ultimately a dictatorship that is managed by the financial elitist quote unquote you'll never really get that you can keep the mind going in the circle that is talked about in that definition of the Hegelian dialectic pretty much indefinitely and that's why so many people in this country are spinning their wheels and still have no idea what's going on because they've fallen psychologically for this technique of manipulation this is a mind-control technique I have another caller on the line here if I see your call immediately go to it at this point sorry for not getting to a couple of other callers earlier I was on a roll there and I apologize so caller from southeastern Pennsylvania you are on what on earth is happening go hey Mark it's Chris from New Jersey how are you Chris how are you good to hear from you I'm always listening to marketing colonics last couple weeks but I've always listened I'm great do you have foods Clady you're going over the say going dialect I first learned about it in reading David likes books and he calls it problem reaction solution that's and I know you just mentioned that you know it's not so so important that you really give examples of it as you understand this why they're utilizing it the big it but the biggest example I can think of it I could come to my mind I think people can identify with is 9/11 and the Patriot Act right because 9/11 was designed for the Patriot Act to be implemented that's that's my that's what I boy is the case sure and I'm going to extensively talk about 9/11 as a ritual an occult ritual that is an embodiment of this principle taken up to a high occultic level what is called a grand public ritual and it's it's rare when you actually see one of these implemented in the light of day but 9/11 is what I call in my research an example of chaos sorcery now some people call this chaos magic but I don't like the word chaos magic because I think they imply two different things that are antithetical to each other chaos in and of itself is something that we don't want to see we don't want to see further conflict and chaos we want to see order in our lives among amongst ourselves but also within ourselves not chaos so chaos it doesn't go hand in hand with the word magic in the sense that I use it through my research and presentation so I call it chaos sorcery to delineate it from what I call magic which is change affecting change in accordance with higher will sorcery is affecting change in accordance with egoic will well today I go drivet bill so 9/11 an absolute example of the Hegelian dialectic in practice and a great example of what yes the researcher David Icke calls problem reaction solution in my work I call it chaos confusion opportunity because you need a chaotic problem you need the problem to he's perceived as if we don't do something about this there will be chaos it has to be chaotic enough not just a regular problem will do it has to be a chaotic one the reaction that is sought is a reaction that will be a confused reaction not just any reaction will do it has to be one of internal confusion meaning that the person is in a deep deep subconscious state of fear there in the state of fear that is so deeply rooted into this subconscious mind that it parallels hypnosis you know it is an analog to hypnosis they're almost in a trance-like state because you have traumatized them so effectively the chaos has traumatized them to the point where their state of consciousness is internal confusion which we talked about as being the internal expression of the fear-based consciousness in previous shows when we did the shows on the aspects of consciousness and then the third component is the opportunity in the state of complete psychological breakdown and terror that is induced by your chaos this internal confusion that you have manipulated someone into that is the prime opportunity for you to advance your predetermined agenda because the person's guard is down and they're in a confused state they don't understand what's happening and they're looking for safety from an outside source which is you and which is which you are all too happy to provide if you're the manipulator if you're the sorcerer I'll save you from this here's the Patriot Act ladies and gentlemen there it is I think I've networked too later when they burned down the Reichstag at the same thing exactly it was called the enabling act to suspend the German constitution that's right thank you it um you know I understand you know we had this illusion of choice that we think we think we're free or weak a we have a choice but the reason I think that it's so important that you point out that this dialect is that I think is van Gogh van Gogh said that van Gogh said that um none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free that was not I that was a Goethe go to say that but I'm sorry yes yes yes and that plays into this too because it's a very sneaky way of keeping you in slate that's right yeah you'll never see the bars you'll never see that you're being controlled if you believe you have choice the choice is only there to provide the illusion that one is free right that's it and all political involvement is this because they are they're both controlled by higher forces that have their own agendas at work all voting is this you are giving up your sovereignty to be represented no one represents me I maintain all rights I reserve all rights I am sovereign I am not represented I present me in this physical vehicle I present my consciousness in my physical vehicle known as the body okay no one else reprehensible a divine representative I'm sorry eleven that's the problem with representative government at all is that you are essentially giving over your consent to be represented represented by your representative and I don't know my consent for that one of the things I find very fascinating about your show and in talking you in general is you know the words they used like like you brought tonight the so dire it's obvious they drop to you and the I've and it's so or they jump to you right it's soldier it sounds their turn to them they know that means they're soldiers they're sold are right they call they can't call them survivors because that's too obvious they call me cold and it's the same thing with miry present week was that it representative its representative you don't think of what it really means and you sit down and break down the words and where the words come from or what they mean that you know the etymology of it and that has a tongue this thing you're doing of course people's minds are controlled through words there's no doubt about it that's why they call these spells the work the concept of a spell in the occult comes from the use of words and what is a spell it's a series of words strung together to to elucidate some kind of a reaction that's what a spell is were the words that we use are what is ultimately imprisoning us in our unconscious use of them but this is because our subconscious mind our unconscious mind recognize what soldier really means yes it does but until that is brought up to the conscious level we cannot work with that knowing in the physical world the physical world we're dealing with the conscious level of awareness you you do know and you didn't know even before you heard that concept that that soldier means soul buyer and even though yes they do drop the you in the word soul s o UL what the word Sol Sol what does that mean it means on our son this the soul the star so Aleister Crowley said every man in woman is a star while you replace the word Sol Sol in that sentence every man and woman is a soul this is wordplay this is more fun and word having operatory maybe Sol sou al came from Sol yes it did of course happened okay so Sol means the the light that's the source from which we all come and they're telling you that's dead your light is dead right look look here's another example of the crest it's great that you bring this up because I love I love this more than anything getting into the words is one of my favorite things because if you can really comprehend green language and this is called green language for a reason okay this is alchemical language it's the language of true magic the true magician can perceive this magic can perceive this these words and their meanings because it is the language of alchemy and alchemy we talked about is the vehicle for true magic for the influence of the soul for the influence of two toward higher elevations toward higher levels of consciousness okay so green language is called green language for a reason again we started talking about colors last week a little bit the left brain responds more to the red vibration this is the low frequency of light the right brain responds to the higher frequency of light which is the blues and the violets so if you go below the visible spectrum to the left of the spectrum or to the low range right this is called the infrared we don't see in the infrared we start seeing around the Reds up through the oranges yellows greens which are right in the middle then the blues Indigo's violets and ultraviolets so in general these are called the blues on the left-hand side of the spectrum so toward the I'm sorry the right-hand side of the spectrum so these are the frequencies that the right brain responds to the blue frequencies in general the higher frequencies we call them when we get past the visible spectrum the ultraviolet because you are going out past the violet toward a higher frequency range now of course this is just what are organs we call the eyes can detect in the physical world there is an infinite array of frequencies in both directions but this narrow limited bandwidth we see and we call that the visible spectrum or right in the middle between these two opposing wavelengths red and blue right is green green is the fulcrum for the visible spectrum of light that we perceive with the eye that's why it is the color of balance it is the color of love because the heart represents the middle or the fulcrum of the body it is right in the middle of the body okay and it also represents nature's color Nature has an outpouring and an abundance of love for all of its creatures that's why there is so much green in the world we essentially live on the land surrounded by green or we should be surrounded by green and we should be surrounded by that green energy this is what where this word green energy comes from as well this is why they color money green they want to express to the subconscious at least in the United States they do they want us express to the subconscious mind here take this this is balance this is nature this is love and it's all manner of those things it's none of those things it's all a manipulation phrase green pigment as harmony as well harmony harmonious interaction is green in occultism yes the green language can only really be seen and perceived when one has balanced the opposites see this is the positive aspect of the union of opposites or the chemical wetting the coming together of seeming opposites see there's always a positive side we can't get into the habit of looking at all of this is purely negative a dialectic when you bring together the two polar opposites of the left brain and the right brain and use them both in conjunction right and use them both toward elevation of consciousness they they unite and then the the neocortex operates on what is known as global eg coherence which is basically the proper functioning of the higher brain and this serves to awaken the prefrontal neocortex of the brain which is where truly rational and critical thinking happen okay and also higher level conceptual thinking like about rights and goodness and morals and ethics right and and higher states of awareness and that's called the opening of the third eye because it happens at the level of the pineal gland and it actually joins with the activation of the pineal gland which is a mystical glen referred to in ancient traditions as the third eye so this is opening of the one that's in the middle of the head the pineal gland is right in the geometric center of the head this is why they put the one eye on money as well because you're connecting with this idea of balance of love the heart chakra in the Vedic system of the whirling vortex vortices of energy known as the chakras that energy around the heart is called the heart chakra and that's green it's a twelve petal green flower okay it's true care that's where true care is born the ancient egyptians saw the heart is the seat of the soul okay so all of these concepts come together in this color this frequency called green that's why this is called green language so you brought up Soul Dyer and talked about how it's the same as the soul sou l and Sol means the light right and this is has died in the soldier they're telling them that their light is died now let's look at green language now that's just what I just laid out there is a setup for going into another piece of green language but you need to understand that little bit to understand what they're saying with the word military military people don't break this word down into its constituent phonetic elements now this works by phonetic breakdown okay and it doesn't matter how the word is pronounced in the English language in the native language of the person who's speaking it it's also about how it is written look at the word military write it down on a piece of paper so you can actually look at the word in front of your face mal I ta ry military okay now let's look at the first syllable in the word military right M I now that's not where you would actually syllabic ly break it but that's the first two letters mi is my yes it's pronounced with a short eye in the actual word but when you're writing it out you're writing the word my mi I know ma I understand in English my is written my I get it if you try to pick this apart logically and with the left brain it will make no sense it's not you're not going to understand how this is something that is it this is a conjuration this is a spell by occultist they made the word military the way that they did for a reason okay in the English language M I my L i t it but if you pronounce it with a long I that's light Li t lights a ry re right that's a word that means light Ari's over a word that means light right but also it means if we actually just pronounce it awry a ry RI well what word is that what does our I mean there is an English word that is phonetically pronounced like a lie a W R Y awry it means it has gone astray it has wavered off paths so in the word military you're actually saying the threat the suit in the syllables the phonetic words that you are pronouncing if you look at how it is written in the English language you are saying my light awry my light awry think about this you're saying your light has gone awry your spirit has gone awry your soul has gone awry 'it has gone off the path because you've been able to be manipulated to be a killer violets are my night off I that's one Greek language everybody subconscious knows this yes Wow we only enjoy an outing over self-conscious weekend weekend we could get ourselves out of this mess real fast if we could tap into it absolutely it would it would happen very quickly sadly the process usually is a linear one that involves knowledge and I'm not hole I don't hold out hope for that sudden awakening of the subconscious mind now in certain traditions in Eastern traditions I've spoken about this briefly on the show before they call that a set Tory moment the Satori is the sudden awakening where one suddenly becomes conscious of what is actually going on and they can see things suddenly I don't hold out hope that we're going to tap into the subconscious that quickly and it's going to happen just overnight I do believe that it needs to happen in a stepwise progression from this level of consciousness where people have worked themselves into at the present moment knowledge is a critical factor and we have to understand how this language of symbols and words works because this is these are the techniques of the occult and again there are people who will say that's crazy oh you're reading into things that makes no sense that's too simple and and it's too juvenile to work like that no that is how simple it is it does work at that level your mind here's the word military and immediately knows it means my light awry you hear the word soldier and this subconscious already knows what's being said that's what that's why these words are even crafted in these ways because they're saying something to you without saying it in the language you understand they're gradually when you listen to a song backwards there's hidden messages and songs backwards when you listen to it in your conscious mind you don't hear them you know but your subconscious mind has the ability I guess to play things in Reverse so if it can be diagnosed it could certainly take long vowels in short thousand switching that's right your subconscious mind is all-knowing when you look at an advertisement with a subliminal it you may not consciously perceive the word sex or power or money embedded into the ad okay but your subconscious does and then you're resonating with that ad and you want the product or service but you don't really consciously understand why because it's selling you something but it's not selling it to you at a conscious level it's selling it at a subconscious level and your subconscious mind is all-knowing you already know everything at that level of being the trick is to bring up the awareness from the unconscious and subconscious levels to bring it up to the conscious level and that can take a lifetime to do depending on how calcified the ego layer which sits above that is it won't let that break by kind of doing my personal life I'm trying to understand that the process is I don't know I mean it's it's fun to me in the sense of no one ever taught it to me but it makes a lot of sense and I also come to the realization that we don't understand where our brains are how our minds work and it's where these people have understood they know how to manipulate us and and make us think that we're making decisions and that we know everything and we don't know anything because we don't know how our own minds work and right it reminds me of that movie they live if people watch that movie they might get an understanding about our sinning over what you're talking about one of the greatest movies ever made as far as I'm concerned John Carpenter completely outfit himself this is a must see this is the movie of our times as far as I'm concerned a total b-movie with a low budget but the allegory that that he is putting out there in this movie is such a high level spiritual allegory that I recommend everybody must see that movie if they have not seen it if you don't know what they live is or if you haven't seen it run it immediately from whatever you can get on Google video and it's been on AMC as well I've seen it a couple times on there and I one thing I find interesting what you're saying is you know you reading the Bible I'm they have eyes but they cannot see and that's kind of what they live is talking about these people have eyes but they can't see what's right in front and when they that's right you see with your self-conscious or you see with your third eye and and that's not easy to open up and it's not going to be done like you say in a left brain process you have to kind of you have to kind of unlearn things and just trust your your own being to do it you have to open your mind and critically take things in with an open mind so that you're employing the informational analytical side and logical side of the left brain but in conjunction with the side of the brain that is in a deeper connection with the subconscious and with creative energies and with nurturing energies which is the right brain the eclectic thinking right you could call green thinking as well here you're seven right with thinking so because you're you're in between the frequency spectrum right at the fulcrum of balance that's where green is this is why they use the red and blue colors on the police car lights they're hitting you with the opposite extremes of lights this is this is another a cult tactic it's also basically mocking the police again in saying this is where your brain is at these extremities you're in the total left ring and total right brain you're in the total left brain when it comes to those you're dealing with and you're in the total right brain when it comes to dealing with your owners your demonic I know know what listening to you just know at ten twenty minutes um I'm going to go because you upset is over showing that maybe so I also have to call in as well but it's a pleasure listening to it thank you so much Chris thanks so much for calling in take care man take care all right Chris from New Jersey always great to hear from you another caller on the line here we go caller from New York you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us about like how are you markets out like from New York hey how are you hey I'm just going to kind of make this quick I bless through it uh the in terms of what the controllers are trying to do is basically is they're trying to create a world of control and manipulation through the mind body and spirit and that than itself the energy from that the reflection of the soul through the controller's eyes basically they're trying to create a world that through manipulation that they have total control and enslavement over and they can visually see it in one uh in one sitting so to speak and that's sort of like a slap in the face of God you know because God is sort of like a reflection of you know we're reflecting back to God and God is questioning you know his creation at the same time and growing along with us being co-creators but the illusion of choice I wanted to go into that just like we got Mac PC and Linux and a few small others uh the illusion of choice there's really no difference in any of them and yeah the ideologies of these people are really really insane but you were talking about the arch is uh it the ritual that Jordan Maxwell talks about when you walk under it the two two columns the energy over ahead of you pushing down on you it's also it's a ritual that goes back either to the Saturn or I believe Mars that the Pope does where he walks under the archway ring uh and also uh the to prepare for the spiritual war to come home to everyone because it's been going on but you know some people are not awake to it yet and the best way to do that is through personal reflection I'm not sure I'm not really big on people that you know we're really big on personally doing like meditation or any other type of stuff I wanna you know sometimes you can get some bad information it could take you in a wrong direction but you know through I found through personal reflection and knowing knowing thyself is the strongest strongest thing you can have but sometimes we feel that we need to reflect and have heroes and saviors or even through music or inspirations and things like that yeah sometimes we find our own biggest inspiration in life and doing what we love is really the reflection back that we need in this planet whether you think it's you know we're all just one part of it and we're all connect in some way and by doing this it's already changed the future it's already changed the past and you know we're only living in the now I just wanted to say that thank you have a good night like you bring up some great points man thanks for calling in thank you have a great night Locke thank you you got it yeah I think it's uh definitely a great point that might just mention about meditation now I will talk a little bit about that when we talk about solutions but I do also agree with him that reflection and contemplation can be even much more powerful tools than meditation because meditation is a more of a right brain modality of thought in in in contrast with with logic and concentration what contemplation brings both of these aspects together when we reflect and it's saying so much right there in the word the universe reflecting something back to us and us reflecting something to it contemplation is the lost modality of human thought and this is embodied in higher-level occultic traditions this modality of thought which is has been traditionally referred to as daydreaming just reflecting upon your life about your relationships of what is taking place not really concentrating on something not really meditating and clearing the mind of thoughts but simple reflection and contemplation it can be the most powerful modality of thought that we are capable of experiencing and it can bring out some of the most powerful ideas to the conscious level so I thank Mike for bringing that up and uh you're very OnPoint with your understanding of that I just want to say a couple of things before we wrap up the first is I think we made a lot of great points tonight about how the controlled oppositional peridot in works some of the vehicles it works through and why this is such a powerful manipulation tool the mind that's the critical thing to understand here the second thing I want to say is the caliber of callers that we get on this show I can't say enough about I've said this before but I feel honored and blessed to have the high level thinkers and really high consciousness people to call into the show it makes the show what it is and I really encourage you guys to keep calling in with great ideas and great conversation because that's how we're going to change this place and I don't think and I've never heard any other radio show that has callers like this so I'm always amazed and and pleasantly surprised by that but you know in a way I'm not because I know there's a lot of other people out there that really really are working to be very effective change agents in the world true positive change agents and I just want to thank everybody for that and let it be known that I appreciate that those who call in to the show so with that having been said I want to quickly mention something that I neglected earlier on in the show when I usually make my announcements revolution broadcasting is having an all-day marathon for 9/11 truth on Saturday September 11th I have been generously asked by Bob Tuscan the host the truth be told radio to come on and host an hour segment of the marathon so I'll be doing that and hopefully I'll have a special guest that will come on the air during that time I don't know when my time slot is yet I'll be finding that out shortly but everybody be sure to tune in to revolution broadcasting at revolution broadcasting com on Saturday September 11th an all-day marathon for 9/11 truth we're going to look at where the 9/11 truth movement has been and where it is now and where it is going what are some more effective techniques that can a pool employee to get this critical information about what really happened and didn't happen on 9/11 out to the general population and I will be discussing 9/11 as an example of this controlled oppositional paradigm specifically as the use of the Hegelian dialectic in action and again what I briefly started going into with Chris as a mechanism for what I term chaos sorcery which is one of the highest ritualized manipulation tactics and it is one of the big three guns that I like to refer to it as but there's three really big guns of manipulation that are brought out when essentially all other all other methods of mind control and manipulation fail chaos sorcery is the very last that is that is brought out okay um and this is one again that can have the most powerful and rigid impact upon the human psyche because it is a technique of trauma-based mind control but it is a technique of trauma-based mind control at a mass level trauma-based mind control which we talked about when neo was on the show and it's briefly mentioned that I'm going to have him on probably in two weeks maybe three weeks but it will be one week in September to discuss healing modalities for trauma-based mind control methods that he himself has employed to deal with the horrid nature of the abuse that he suffered earlier in his life so that will be one that will be of a lot of interest to listeners that may have experienced this themselves or may know others who have been put through this horrific psychological and physical abuse as children so um on the 911 uh marathon I will be getting into 911 as an occult ritual for a bit and I will be hopefully interviewing a special guest to be determined yet that is active in the 9/11 truth community so that will be Saturday September 11th 2010 on the revolution Broadcasting Network all day an all-day marathon for 9/11 truth revolution broadcasting calm be sure to tune in you're going to hear some great information on that day so um I think that is about it for the show today in the in future shows topics that I'm going to soon be getting into is the financial system of enslavement through debt we're going to be talking about central bank's we'll be talking about the Federal Reserve System and I'm going to also try to have a very special guest which I'm not going to announce yet in the next couple of weeks to bring on as an expert to talk about the financial system that has been erected in the United States and throughout the world as a vehicle and a mechanism for control of our minds bodies and souls so stay tuned for that in the next few weeks for now I'm going to wrap things up for tonight ladies and gentlemen you have been listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio be sure to check out my website what on earth is happening calm tune in here live every Tuesday evening from 7 to 9 p.m. on revolution broadcasting and check out the conference website for free your mind at free your mind conference calm thank you for listening everyone good night