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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc past ago [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the revolution Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website is revolution broadcasting calm this show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time today is Tuesday September 21st 2010 and we have a great show lined up for you here this evening I want to start out by apologizing that we are not going to have our originally scheduled guest neo on the program this evening neo was set to come on the show this evening to discuss the healing methodologies for trauma-based mind control unfortunately circumstances beyond my control made it impossible for neo to appear on the show this evening so I will be rescheduling with neo in the very near future to talk about the healing methodologies for trauma-based mind control within the next few weeks it's difficult to say exactly when but he promises that he will be on in the next few weeks and everything is well with him it isn't you know any kind of a dangerous situation or anything like that but unfortunately he just could not could not be on the show this evening so we'll reschedule with neo to talk about healing methods for trauma-based mind control in the very near future in the meantime what we'll do tonight is continue with our analysis and with our expose of the financial system of the monetary system of the immoral fiat currency and fractional reserve banking monetary system that we have in this country and indeed throughout the world and this is information you won't hear on the mainstream media there they are loathed talk about in any of this because that's who their owners are folks and they don't dare to say anything against their owners and believe them believe me when I tell you that these financial sorcerers are the owners of the media both literally and in a sense of total control over the mind of the people who work for them but they own the companies as well that pump out the corporate mainstream media and that's why you'll never get the truth on those networks you'll never get the truth on those shows that they will stop short of telling you what's really going on they will stop short of telling you how the financial fraud really operates last week on this show we went even deeper than this this is kind of a step back from what we were talking about last week on this show last week we talked about the occult side of money and that money itself is actually a complete illusion so if you go back to show number 25 we'll talk you you can hear on that podcast which is archived on my website at what on earth is happening dot-com just go to the podcast tab and you can hear on show number 25 the the discussion about how money is actually does not exist never has existed never will exist it does not exist in nature it is a pure mental construct that requires the belief that it actually carries any value even in an exchange capacity and it requires that belief of the people who use it to give it its power and you can call that by any other name you want but when you believe in something that does not actually exist in nature and you imbue it with power through your belief that is called mind control it doesn't matter what you like to call it are comfortable calling it that's what it is and that's what we do on this show we expose the methodologies of mind control we talk about how our external experience the manifested experience that we actually live in and undergo how that is created and ultimately that is created by our mind it is all a mental construct therefore if we believe in things that are completely erroneous if we believe in things that are fake if we believe in things that are made up then we're going to experience discomfort we're going to experience suffering if instead we understand that which does actually exist in nature then what we are going to create for our self is going to be something that is flowing it is going to be in keeping and in harmony with natural law principles which are inherent to creation they are self existing so we talked a lot about natural law on this show and we talked a lot about mind control which is essentially getting people to believe in things that are outside of the boundaries of natural law which are completely fictitious which are nonsensical and which ultimately bring nothing but suffering this show ultimately quests to help the listener to understand the factors that create human suffering self imposed self inflicted human suffering that is ultimately what this show is about and ultimately that factor is based upon an individual's ability to determine truth from falsehood that is the ultimate thing that we seek to attain to develop that ability because it is largely lost in humanity not entirely but being honest about it that ability is largely lost in our species sadly so we try to shed light on these things on this show that's what this show is all about and again all of these shows are podcasted back to the beginning approximately 25 weeks ago and you could download them play them on your mp3 device on your computer burn them to disk share them they're yours to do it you will they're there up there to be shared freely I don't charge for anything there is nothing for sale on my website I give information freely to humanity in the service of truth so before we get started with the topic for tonight which is a continuation of the financial the fraudulent financial system in this country and in the world I'd like to read a few event announcements that are coming up event for events that are coming up in the Philadelphia area which is where I'm from and I read these because I support the groups that I'm going to read the announcements about and I work with them and I think that it is important to encourage activism because being an activist means that you're engaged in doing something about the negative situation in which we are currently embroiled ok it's about it's not just about knowing what's going on that's only the first step ultimately that knowledge has to be converted into wisdom and wisdom is taking the proper action with the knowledge that you currently possess that's what wisdom is and wisdom is power knowledge is not power it isn't a means to power but ultimately true power is derived from wisdom wisdom is what you do with what you know and ultimately that's what this show hopes to inspire in people so the first event announcement I have three in total is an event that I will actually be speaking at the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia and the Nikola Tesla inventors club present Tesla Nights 2010 educational fundraiser this will be happening this Saturday September 25th 2010 the doors open at 7 o'clock p.m. the event is all ages and a $5 donation is requested at the door this will be taking place at the rotunda on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania the rotunda building is at forty 14 Walnut Street one nine one zero four in Philadelphia this will feature my presentation and lecture entitled Nikola Tesla free energy and the future of humanity there will also be a live Tesla coil demonstration and a musical act still to be announced the topics that will be covered in my presentation who was Nikola Tesla and why should you care what were his greatest accomplishments what did he attempt to do in the service of humanity and why were his most visionary innovations never implemented how was his name he raced from the place it truly deserves in world history are the world changing technologies the Tesla wished to bring forward actively being suppressed by institutionalized power structures how different would the world we live in today be had Tesla been able to implement his plan for a new energy paradigm and I would add a free energy paradigm because the control of energy is the control of human beings any way you want to look at it controlled energy means an enslaved populace in one form or another and Tesla wanted to give the harnessing of the wheel work of nature's energy freely to the people of Earth as it should be because it is a birthright the energy of the earth belongs to all of us not to any of us in particular or any groups of people it is the world's how can we make Tesla's dreams in the early 20th century come true in the early 21st well that's what it's all about and this is one of the groups taking action to that end please check out Tesla Science Foundation dot org and the associated Nikola Tesla inventors club you can check out their meetups on meetup.com their website there is n Tesla dot meetup.com slash 38 that's n te SLA dot meetup.com slash the number 38 3/8 so that's the first event announcement the second one we just came off one of these are free documentary showings and discussion nights at the ethical society building hosted by truth freedom prosperity last evening and it went great there was a good turnout we showed the documentary ten rules for dealing with the police which I thought was good but stopped quite short of really getting to the understanding of any kind of natural law principles I think it's a beginner's a movie for beginners and those who are at the very beginning process of understanding their natural law rights as a sovereign being within creation but nonetheless it's a good stepping stone it's a good building block so we showed that one last night it went great thanks to all the people who attended and thanks to all the organizers of truth freedom prosperity particularly Mike Salvi for hosting that event next month Monday October 18th at 7 o'clock p.m. sharp will be another free documentary night and discussion at the ethical Society building the ethical Society is at 1906 South Rittenhouse Square one nine one zero three in Philadelphia next month truth freedom prosperity will be screening the documentary called for liberty for liberty here's the description of this documentary advocating a philosophy of sound a non-interventionist foreign policy strict constitutionalism and individual liberty dr. Ron Paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history the repercussions of which continue to reverberate today and into the future of the American psyche for liberty how the Ron Paul revolution watered the withered tree of Liberty follows this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists and showcases the unique often bizarre yet ground groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brushed aside traditional campaign methodology so that's what the next documentary at the ethical Society here in Philadelphia is going to be it's going to be for Liberty about Ron Paul's campaign and he's probably about to announce that he'll be running again for president in 2012 so come on out to the ethical Society to hear about that campaign that happened back in oh wait and in participate in a discussion afterward for more information on these free documentary and discussion evenings go to WWE from prosperity org that's truth freedom prosperity dot o-r-g and finally what I think is going to be one of the biggest and best conferences on the East Coast free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult a unique two-day conference set for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of mass mind control techniques covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma-based mind control and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected and afflicted by these devices which is pretty much everyone if you really step back and look at the big picture mind control is everywhere it's a matter it's not a matter of who is under it sadly it's a matter of who isn't under it because so many people are actually under mind control and its methods and don't even know it they're unaware the mind controlled are unaware that they are mind controlled until you've really come out of the state of having your thoughts your emotions and your actions externally influence to the point of really being controlled by another you don't really understand what mind control is or how it operates or how it works that's the ah that's the whole paradox of it you know while you're in it you don't really understand how it works and you don't really understand how it works until you've at least partially come out of it and have emerged from being in that controlled state of mind and your entire psyche really being under that form of external influence so these are some of the topics we're going to discuss at this conference Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th they will be long days there will be many speakers the day's will go from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days so that's a 10 hour day the doors will open at 9:00 and the the price of admission is only $20 a day and we do that simply to cover travel expense cost that needs to be paid to the speakers this this conference will be taking place at Roopa Hall rubra Hall is at 414 Green Street in Philadelphia one nine one two three and the list of speakers we have is already impressive and we will be adding more names shortly we are in negotiations with at least five other speakers so confirmed speakers to date Aaron McCallum alfred weber Andrew basiago Farah your dozous J Parker Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene aza Eisenhower myself Mark passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor and again we are in negotiation with at least five more people so when we're it's also and done we will probably have about fifteen or sixteen speakers and this is going to be one of the biggest conferences we're looking to sell this place out tickets will be going on sale on the 5th of November we'll be doing a fundraiser you'll be hearing more about this on this show we'll be doing a fundraiser right in the northern Liberty section of Philadelphia on November 5th symbolically that date chosen you know in conjunction with the the Gunpowder Plot of course guy folk folks and if you look at the movie v you'll understand the symbolism behind that event a great movie about freedom a great movie about mobilizing people for a common cause in rooted in truth in principles in natural law I highly encourage people to check out the movie v it's what's really taking place in the world right now because it is an allegory it is a fictional allegory a fictional movie that tells a tale about events that are actually occurring in real life and it attempts to convey a moral lesson by telling a fictional story but in fact in essence that story is about events that are actually playing out in the real world that's what an allegory is that's what an allegory does so you know we're piggybacking on top of that symbolism we're piggybacking on top of that symbolic date of November 5th for the first free or mind fundraiser all seeds generated by this fundraiser coming up again I'll be announcing the location all proceeds will go to assist in putting this conference together and generating the money necessary to bring these speakers in from out of town so those are the event announcements I have for this evening and I'd like to give the call-in number for this show I love taking calls feel free to call in at any time but please be patient I'm the only person here in the makeshift studio here out of my home and understand that I do glance over at the switchboard on the computer screen from time to time so I sometimes I'm in the middle of a concept or an idea when people call in please be patient hold on the line when you call in I will get to your call the call-in number for what on earth is happening is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number that you will have to punch in after you call the calling number is eight three five one five that's how you get routed through two what on earth is happening after you call in the calling number so the call ID for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five so let's pick up basically where we left off last week we were looking at the occult side of money the symbolic side of money what these ideas what these symbols say to our subconscious mind and that's ultimately what the occult is occultism in its negative form again remember there are two sides to the occult the word occult as we have said many times before on the show and I'll continue to reiterate it means hidden that is all the word means most people hear the word occult and they immediately think evil or negative and this is not true the word is derived from Latin it comes from the verb occult RA which you can confirm in any Latin dictionary occult RA OCC ul ta re means to hide or to conceal to veil from sight that is all the word occult RA means hidden from sight is what occult means therefore it is hidden knowledge hidden knowledge can be used to benefit people or to control those who do not understand it you can bring forth that which is hidden and enrich people by helping them to understand their own subconscious motivations their own desires their own shadowed self the things that are hidden and nested down deep within the personality the shadow side of the personality that which is occult it even to ourselves because we are uncomfortable with looking in those places of the psyche if we do pursue that head and knowledge and go forth into those dark realms to transmute that shadow side these occult forces can be used for our benefit and that is called light occultism using these hidden forces to get down to the base understanding of who and what we are how we work knowing thyself that is what it is ultimately all about the less we know of self the more we are going to continue to suffer and go down a tragic path that will only lead to more intense suffering the more we know ourselves the more out of suffering we can emerge because we will come into harmony with truth and natural law principles and ultimately that will come from self-knowledge now the ArcSight of the occult is when people understand how powerful this information can be because of what it contains and what it is capable of manifesting once it is known if they are still in deep calcified states of ego identification they can decide to hide this information from all other people and wield it as a weapon against people who do not have this knowledge and sadly that has is what has occurred all across this planet that's what's really taking place here folks if you haven't gotten that yet listened very carefully to what I just said that's what's happening on this planet occult knowledge hidden knowledge that is ultimately knowledge of self and how the human psyche works has been sequestered from the general populace for thousands of years and used against people as a weapon to psychologically manipulate and ultimately control them and I could care less whether that is something you are uncomfortable and believing I could care less believe it or don't believe it the truth is being spoken here that is what's taking place on our world the end it doesn't make a difference whether you're comfortable in believing it you could be as uncomfortable and believing in gravity as you want it's the truth it's a natural law it operates so that's what's happening I know this from firsthand experience not by reading about it in books I worked with the cultists for 10 years of my life so to tell me that isn't happening is telling me ten years of my life were a delusion and I don't know what I'm talking about it's like going up to a soldier that fought in a war and saying you were never in that place you were never in that war and do that and see what happens to you see what kind of a reaction you'll get go into a bar where some veterans drink okay and go and tell some of them they weren't in the wars they fought in try it see what happens go tell them they didn't see their buddy's brains splattered out the backs of their heads go tell them they didn't see their buddies entrails laying laying in a pool of mud someplace in a faraway country and see what what their reaction is see if they want to be kind to you and can you know except that you're telling them that something that they actually participated in was a fantasy there are people who know what's going on in the world folks and they're trying desperately some of them some of them are desperately trying to explain this to people and you can tell who they are very quickly you can tell whether someone knows by what they say if you're one who also understands what's really going on so this isn't a cult principle money isn't a cult principle which is what we were talking about last week money is an occult principle it is something that is used to convey ideas it is something that is used to convey value energy and these are things you know something most of them are abstract value is something that is abstract it's in the eye of the beholder money itself is something that tries to convey an idea to the user of it through the things that comprise its makeup and what I mean by that is what we talked about last week we talked about the symbols that are put on money we talked about the name money itself we talked about the coloration of money and what that what kind of impact that has on the psyche that money in the United States is green green we talk about in the occult sense as being the color the the frequency that reverberates the concept it resonates the concept of balance because it is a frequency of light and the light frequency that is right in the dead center the very middle of the visible spectrum of light to the human eye is green so this is the color that is chosen to be used for money because it represents balance it represents green energy which is something we don't have green energy is represented in the occult system that we call the chakra system the the whirling vortices of energy that our life connection life energy connection points within the body within the physical body and there are seven of them the base chakra the sacrum chakra the solar plexus chakra these are all points on the body associated with glandular activity and there are these are energy vortices upwellings of energy occur in these places in the body and these can this can actually be confirmed through modern science the heart chakra the heart generates the biggest magnetic field bigger than the brain out of any organ in the body the throat chakra where the thyroid gland is located you have the third eye chakra the pineal gland located there between the the two eyes above the brow and of course the crown chakra the upwelling of energy that takes place at the very top of the head the knee the highest part of the neocortex the most memory containing and advanced structure known to humanity the gift that is the human brain and this is the part of the brain that we have to unify and bring together in balance because it is bilaterally symmetrical as we have talked about on previous shows when we looked into the structure of the human brain in earlier shows the neocortex is split into two hemispheres the left and the right hemisphere the left being the male side of the brain responsible for the functions of logic science mathematics that these types of linear modes of thinking and physical thinking the right side of the brain being the the part of the brain that controls the functions of creativity intuition nurturing care etc art music these things all together left and right brain functions make us truly human it's what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom these are basically modes of thought that are specific to human beings and if they go out of balance we see behavior go out of balance if someone is imbalanced to the left brain they become dominator types if someone is imbalanced to the right brain they become slave types order followers and we see these two forms of brain imbalance is manifested in many groups of people who have both of these types of brain and bounds the military is a perfect example dominators to those who they have been conditioned to think or below them and slaves to those who are above them in their little hierarchy that they so firmly believe in so they become order followers same thing in the police institutions imbalanced brains and get is offended about it as you want whoever's listening who happens to be from one of these institutions get is offended about it as you want folks I'm not here to make friends I'm not here to pull any punches or to sugarcoat things I speak hard unwavering truth because I know how this works I've studied it in depth and you can understand it too there's nothing inherently about you about me that makes me any more special than anybody else anybody that wants to study a little bit of neuroscience a little bit of psychology to understand how all of this fits together and how it all works and how we're all being played for suckers okay you can study it you can learn it yourself it's all discoverable it's all out there in the open hidden in plain sight they're just counting on that you're too lazy to bother doing that and the sad fact of the matter is most people are you know I'm not going to also tell you that humanity is a bunch of a angels on this show because that's not the case most people are ignorant lazy cowards but I've said the word most I didn't say that's what people's nature are that happens to be their condition right now that doesn't have to be like that and I will reiterate this over and over again that is a choice that is a choice you are not confined to be like that I was once like that if I wasn't in that condition earlier in my life I would have never joined the occult institutions that I did I would have never sought power over my other human beings through hidden knowledge I had to be in a deep state of brain imbalance in form early in my life to do these things yet I came out of it because I had the will to and because I wasn't so egoic I wasn't so in a calcified ego prison to think that I had all the answers in the world and I'm still not there are still people that can teach me things but however when people speak ignorant in my presence I don't let it go unchallenged if it's something I know they are completely wrong about and so people a lot of people get offended that I tell them they're simply incorrect about something that they think and they're holding on to because there is such a thing as being able to come to the truth about certain concepts and ideas the truth is knowable again if you're somebody that doesn't think that the truth exists shut the show off right now turn it off this show is useless to you useless if you think there's no such thing as truth turn this show off and don't bother because there's no helping you as long as you're in that condition because that's mind control the ultimate thing that a mind control master wants to get their puppets to believe is that there's no such thing as truth and it's all objective it's all subjective I'm sorry there's no objective truth it's all subjective opinions and this is the most other piece of nonsense ideology that has ever been bought or sold by anyone on the earth and that I that ideology is called salep season solipsistic stencyl eon former shows so if you don't believe in truth you got you descend into barbarity because eventually you get to things like moral relativism because if there's no truth there's no right or wrong then you get into social Darwinism because if there's no right or wrong people can just basically make up truth from falsehood and the people who get other people to believe nonsense are basically better than everybody else because they've risen to the top of this social ladder the social Darwinist ik ladder that proves that they're more of evolutionarily developed and this is what the monetary sorcerers believe they think they're smart enough to invent a system that you're dumb enough to believe in therefore that means they're evolutionarily better than you and they have every right to do whatever they want to do to you and I'm telling you that's what they think I'm not asking you to believe it I worked with some of these people and they were very candid about what they think of the human population very open about it very honest about it they think since they are the inventors of fantasy and they have gotten you to accept fantasy as reality that means they are in a scale of evolution far more advanced than you are and therefore they have every right to do whatever they want to you they can enslave you they can kill you if they want because essentially you have not used your will you have not used your care you have not used your intelligence to determine fantasy from reality and therefore they look at you as a stake on their table that they can devour anytime they so choose and ladies and gentlemen for 10 years of my life I battled that idea in my own mind I talked about this last night with some of the people in truth freedom prosperity and I hated the fact that that's how they thought and I no longer hate them for that I've transcended my hatred for the dark occultists they do not have my hatred anymore folks and hear that in my voice I do not hate them I do not hate them in a strange way they're correct if people do not exercise their own will to determine what is real and what is not real have they not really given up all of their rights under natural law have they not really abdicated all of their personal responsibility to someone else and basically subjugated themselves through their own consent I would argue that they have done that whether they think they have done that or not whether they know it or not if they're not conscious enough to understand that there are predators out there preying upon them and their families by what they have gotten them to believe in themselves through their own thoughts they have gotten them to accept being preyed upon and that's what the monetary system is it's a system of predation it's a system of predators that have invented something that does not exist in nature and used it to prey upon other people and other people have allowed that through their own choice and consent and therefore I do not blame the Predators I blame the prey because they have willfully accepted something that is not existing in nature as reality and in doing so they have granted to the Predators the to own them now call that harsh you can call that harsh but that's exactly out how it is that's exactly as it is folks call that as harsh as you want okay I'm not an apologist for dumb people I'm not an apologist for dumb people I'm here to tell you the hardcore truth because the world is in a situation where it can't wait anymore to be baby spoon fed the truth in little dribs and drabs grow up grow up grow up understand yourself and know what the truth is and the this is the words that are in the Bible attributed to Jesus know the truth he didn't say believe in something he didn't say he didn't say worship me he said know the truth period and the truth will set you free that's it now live according to those words and you'll get somewhere instead of going around in the hamster wheel that you're currently going around in know the truth don't think you know it know it eliminate doubt because you've done the homework with no shortcuts because you've done the study if people saw the amount of knowledge in this house some of them would pass out if you really understood the amount of information that I have amassed over the years most people couldn't conceive of it I've said before on the show I look at it and I can barely conceive of it so let's go back to the monetary system and I'll just briefly reiterate some things the word money Mon I now that isn't how we pronounce it we say money look at what's in the word money itself the word contains the meaning of the word how they're the occult is trying to sell it to you and this is an occult methodology war over it in your own mind as much as you want that this isn't what a cult ism is this is what ocultism is and this is how it works and if you are so naive that you want to think it can't be this simple go on believing what you want to believe because ultimately really what it means is your ego is so calcified that you can't admit that you were duped that easily that's what it really is about in most people's minds most people would rather be dead than wrong most people would rather be dead than wrong and most people would rather continue in their path heading toward an abyss a furnace rather than ever admit that they were duped by someone else well not me see I'd rather prosper I'd rather know the truth about how I was duped and then I'd rather admit you know what I got played I got completely played I was clowned somebody clowned me okay they pulled one over on me okay they pulled a fast one and I fell for it I'd rather admit that to myself rather than continue to hold on to a belief that is completely erroneous that I bought in the past and because I'm too stubborn thick-headed and egoic to actually say the words I was wrong I've said the words I was wrong tens of thousands of times in my life and I'll say them tens of thousands more times I don't have all the answer I'm not your leader I'm not your guru I don't want to be okay I'm explaining the truth as I have uncovered and discovered it you can do the same I don't know all the answers but I have a good bit of knowledge and I'm not afraid to tell people that it is knowledge there are things that can be known and people who do understand truths about certain things should not be afraid to say yes these are truths truth does exist it can be known I know it you can know it too and then to put that information into the world freely and as widely as possible and that's what the great work is folks that's what the true great work is regardless of who will tell you differently that's what the great work is the great the true great work of the ages not the false one that is trying to be completed by these psychopathic occultists in the world the money masters the people who invented money yeah yeah they're dark occultists yes and yes they are dark Oh cultists get over it if you think that that isn't something that exists and that you think that that's who ultimately invented and runs the banking system are you're a naive ignorant person if you don't think that the ultimate people who own the banking institutions of the world are dark Oh cultists I'm saying that as total fact total fact of the matter because I know that that's the case I don't think or believe that's the case I happen to have that knowledge and they invented this concept and they got people to believe in it and they call it money and money you we looked at all the ways that this word conveys ideas M Oh N it's the prefix that means one so they're trying to sell you that it's the notion of oneness and then the second part of the word is ey which if pronounced just phonetically in that way not in conjunction with mo and in front of it is I so if we segment these it means the word money symbolically in the symbolic meaning of the word is the one I and for those who don't understand what I mean by that again understand the occult system known as the energy vortices or the chakras and how these chakras work understand what the third eye chakra is or the one eye chakra this is traditionally called the third eye in Eastern mystical traditions and it represents the chemical wedding the alchemical wedding it represents the balancing of the left and right brain hemispheres into unison with each other such that the person engages both brain hemispheres equally and therefore they have a balanced neocortex meaning that the neocortex operates as the executive command center of the brain brain functions holistically as it should there is an imbalance to either brain hemisphere either the left or the right or to both brain hemispheres which is essentially the destruction of the neocortex when you are imbalanced to both brain hemispheres when you are both a controller and a slave simultaneously you think you have the natural ball right to control other people when you have no such right if they have done no harm and you also are subordinate to other people that you think are superior to yourself you have a destroyed brain folks that's the truth again you can rage against this all you want pound on your desk pound on the walls it's irrelevant that's the case and you can verify that by studying neuroscience you can verify that by studying how energies move through the body you can study that by looking at brain scans of people who are imbalanced to one brain hemisphere or the other or both this is the pathway to the destruction of the neocortex which is the reason center of the human brain complex and the people who engage in this kind of brain imbalance being a bully being a controller being a total control freak and then also subordinating themselves to other control freaks that they think are superior to themselves and this is essentially any hierarchically structured institution in the world okay I was watching videos today of soldiers saying I don't think I just follow orders openly admitting that openly saying I don't care if orders that come down are unconstitutional or not I'm gonna follow them because my job is simply to follow and to do no thinking simply to follow orders i they say repeatedly I follow orders as they come down from the chain of command and that's it I don't question them I follow orders and they're comfortable with that they think that their moral human beings they think that they're not brain damaged these are brain damaged people physically this could be verified with a brain scan you could verify that scientifically so don't take my word for it to take one of these people go get a high-contrast PET scan and you will see a devastated neocortex devastated it will look like craters on the moon folks it will look like rotted Swiss cheese okay and people can laugh about this and it you know it to a certain extent it does seem funny because of how surreal it is that there are people that are this destroyed that they have gamma mised people to this level and I know my words are harsh and I'm I'm basically dropping tact on this show folks because there's no more time for tact there's no more time for it the bit to put the baby spoons away folks stop trying to feed people people Gerber's baby food in small dribs and drabs it's over that's over grow up read learn and understand truth understand natural law and stop being apologist for evil people because this is how evil works evil needs to destroy the greatest gift that the Creator has ever given to us and that's the human heart and brain it needs to destroy your care and it needs to destroy your ability to think and once that's happened evil rules inside the psyche and it gets you to believe in nonsense like money but yet the other people exist in the world and this is sadly one person who was out of the mind control is still not out of the physical control because other morons who actually accept this illusion believe in it so we're bound by the freewill decisions of other people and all you can do is attempt to get people out of that mind control that's the great work and that's all I do I do nothing else any time I'm talking to someone in at any time in my life this is what I do and I think that's what we need we don't need balance in the sense of do a whole bunch of different kinds of actions I think we need extreme imbalance of action through extreme balance of mind because we need more balanced people constantly doing this work 24/7 every day all day and we don't have those kind of numbers sadly but you know what people who are doing the works of evil are doing them all day every day 24 hours a day seven days a week without rest or respite evil never sleeps folks never never but we're sleeping we're asleep at the switch there there's still people that don't think mind control exists and is operating in the world that's how asleep they are they don't want to admit themselves that this is the mess that we're really in because it's colossal it's monumental it's almost inconceivable to understand how strong the the effect of mind-control is on the human psyche it's everywhere and it's entrenched it is entrenched entrenched and the thing that keeps it entrenched is the human ego identification with the ego and identification with the physical worldly body so let's get into how the monetary system fits in with this let's go back to the name one eye they're trying to convince you that money is the one eye that money is the balance of the brain hemispheres and that by having it you will have balance of your brain and your mind and your psyche and ultimately your spirit their coloring it green because green is the color of balance they're calling it the one eye because the one eye is the cut the spiritual concept the symbol of the balanced brain Green is also the color of the anahata chakra which is the heart chakra because it's the middle of the body the balance point it's the fourth of the seven chakras there's three above and there's three below Green is the fall from the green heart on a hot - chakra is the fulcrum it is the true seat of life in the body in the ancient mystery traditions of the land of Khem which we call Egypt now they did not believe that the life force dwelt in in the brain that the consciousness dwelt in the brain they knew that it dwells in the heart and that's something we've forgotten and ladies and gentlemen that's why the number one cause of death in the world is heart disease and this is not just physical this is because we are a spiritually diseased people the heart energy is the first thing that that winds down because we give up caring about making a difference in the world we give up caring about living a moral existence and therefore that energy in the heart chakra winds down and then the heart becomes diseased and that's why heart disease is the number one killer in the world and it will continue to be like that as long as the imbalance exists within us because it's that this the physical manifests through the spiritual imbalance the physical imbalances that we experience manifest through the spiritual imbalances we heal the spiritual imbalance and the physical imbalances will disappear but modern medicine will never tell you that because they want to sell you drugs and surgery folks there are two biggest products so that they can continue to ride around and their fancy BMWs and make the salaries that they do you think doctors care about you their ultimate Ahn's automatons okay doing actions by rote not treating you like a person they say it right in their own words all we do is exercise protocol it like a computer a computer runs protocols and that's what that's what the modern health system is about never treating the being holistically never understanding that spiritual imbalances and mental imbalances are tied with physical and bounces I would say not none I'm not no blanket statement here there are some some very few doctors that do understand this but in general as a as an institution as a place where crazy people are put into an institution okay they don't basically get this a lot of nurses do get this and are trying to holistically work with people definitely but as a whole the medical community and institution does not get this back to money we looked at the symbol of the dollar bill last week the S with a line through it the the wavefunction representing energy a wave is energy the wave-particle duality yet the S shaped dollar bill sign is essentially a sign wave function and that represents light light energy moves in waves it also represents DNA which is a vibratory energy that's how our DNA is shaped it's telling you this is life force this is the the force of life that is the heart energy why does the earth create so much green because that's it's giving of its life force energy I'm not I'm recapping more than I wanted to but this is important to understand folks it's conveying these ideas to you through the symbols just look at the dollar bill sign it's the word is is being they're trying to communicate that this means being itself giving this up would mean giving up existence being that's them that's the idea that they're rooting into the subconscious through this archetype the S with a line through it is an archetype when we look at that we see a light wave even though we can't see light waves we know subconsciously how they operate because they're a part of us that's what we're made of our DNA is what we're made of we know that this is how our DNA is structured in a serpentine curve the word is what we use to communicate being this is the world is that's what they're putting that as the symbol of money the word is and it is this is and this is how simply the occult works folks this is it doesn't take a brain surgeon a rocket scientist engineer to figure these things out it just takes people willing to lay down their ego and look at things simplistically and honestly the truth is always simple you want to make it more complicated than it is people want to make things more complicated than they are for some reason not me I look at things at face value and say this is what they are it's very easy to understand these these are basic building blocks there's nothing complex about understanding occultism it's just a lot of information that are bitten that is based upon very simple building blocks one of them is the concept of the archetype okay the archetype look this up AR CH e typ e arc type it means a basic rudimentary symbol that conveys a deep meaning whether that meaning is even known or not in the in the conscious level at the conscious level that this meaning is carried by the shape itself a circle is an archetype an equilateral triangle an archetype a serpent curve an archetype a dot a point a lightning bolt a you know a staggered thing a spiral these are archetypal symbols they convey meaning divorce of any cultural context they're universal symbols they use these on money they put the one I in the symbol of the pyramid an all-seeing eye which we won't go into and tonight we'll get into that when we start talking about some occult symbolism this is just a very brief primer to the symbols on money and the words what the words mean now let's start looking at the part of the physical side of this how this works in the physical world well again bankers invented this concept of fiat currency and indeed the occultists who ultimately invented the banking systems they're the ones who came up with this they said this is what money shall be we'll use this as money and it could be anything it doesn't matter you could use coins you could use paper you can use they used broken sticks in some places in England hundreds of years ago as fiat currency just said this is currency gonna split this thick like this and match up how it breaks and that's how we'll know it's not counterfeit and that that was money they were called tally sticks look it up tally sticks that's why they they used to term tally you know tally this up meaning find out what the total is find out what people or etc tally sticks I mean this is called fiat currency and this is the word tied to creation because it comes from the latin verb to be again Fiats means let it be because I said so may it be let it be let it exist this is the powers of a god God is a creator through speech through saying let it be well are we individual God as an individual are we a God that can say let it be and therefore it is I would say absolutely not I can't say let this thing exist in nature and then it exists nature is here for us to discover its principles and live in harmony with them it doesn't belong to us it is it is providing things for our life and our life force energy but we are a part of it we can't say let something be and it cut it suddenly comes into existence we can fashion different things from different elements of nature that already exist and therefore make something new that didn't exist in that form before but can we bring something into existence that didn't exist before no well that's what the power that is assumed by money makers is the power of a god that I can just say something exists not my fingers and it exists fiat currency the word fiat is the very first word attributed to God the Creator self that this all-powerful being spoke to create the universe the phrase attributed to the creation of the universe by God in the Bible is Fiat looks that's Latin because Bibles were traditionally written in Latin when they were first printed Fiat looks means let there be light Fiat means let there be looks means lights let there be light so they're naming their creation their money which now is paper and coin after the first word spoken by God folks because these people think their God and you can argue all you want that that is not their mindset you're wrong you're wrong I'll tell you openly you're wrong to your face the people who invented this system think that they are God they are psychopaths that believe that they are God here and that's the basic problem with the world there are people who think that they are God and there are other morons that accept their claim of being God I'll say that again to hammer it into people's heads there are psychopaths on the earth to think their God and then there are morons on the earth who accept their claim as true that that's the problem of the human condition in a nutshell folks because let's start using real plain easy-to-understand language and let's start dropping the facade of even having having any tact about it I'm done with sugarcoating anything I don't think I did much sugarcoating to begin with but I'm dropping the gloves the gloves are coming off now and this is going to be like this in the future on this show the gloves are off no more apologies for humanity okay you know this show is not called I love human beings this show is not called I want to make friends this show is called what on earth is happening and that's all this is about and I've said before I don't serve human beings I serve truth herself the end I don't serve the ignorant apathetic lazy animals that exist on this planet by their own choice I serve truth her self and it is her okay it is the Sacred Feminine force inherent in creation that is Who I am a servant of I do not serve human beings because I'm not their slave and I'm not a slave to the truth either I assist truth in helping that force to reach the eyes and ears of the barbarian hordes that comprise this world debt is offended about it as you like I apologize noth-nothing for what I have said that's the case that's not human nature that is the condition that Humanity is existing in now by their own apathy laziness and cowardice and make as many excuses for people as you want anybody want to call in and defend the human race and think that they're so wonderful for the condition they've allowed to come into being through their own laziness go right ahead you're entitled to your opinion the money masters throughout the world are a cultists they put occult symbols all over their money in every country but they've really hammered this talismanic magic into the money on American Fiat paper currency and it's everywhere open your eyes do some research do some reading and you'll understand what this symbolism really means no the Ark types that it uses the rudimentary symbols because see they're not just using rudimentary symbols they're using talismans because to get to a talisman you have to find a rudimentary symbol or an archetype okay that's the building block then you make a symbol from archetypes then from a symbol you make a sigil so they say a picture's worth a thousand words okay so you could express hundreds of ideas through a symbol but then when you combine symbols you're making something that you can combine thousands of ideas and that's called a sigil sigi l so will continue as we break break down the monetary system to look at the occult side of things as well because it's important to understand how the occult works multiple symbols are teamed to and combined to come up with what's called sigils the all-seeing eye in pyramid is a sigil the eagle with the shield and the branch with the arrows on the other side of the back of the dollar bill that is a sigil the US Treasury seal is a sigil multiple symbols combined now when you combine multiple sin jewels think about how many words you're conveying symbolically think about how many concepts and ideas you're embedding into the subconscious now when you do that you're creating a talisman and a talisman must be carried because it is about flow it is about propagation of flow or propagation of energy which is a flow a continuum and this is what the power of a god is said to be able to create something that didn't exist inherently in nature not pre-existing bring something into manifestation by speaking it into manifestation God spoke the universe into existence he said let there be light and so it was Fiat looks well the occultists that invented money are saying Fiat this is money let it be and they're using money as a talisman because they're creating a continuum of energy and that's ultimately what money is and the only thing that imbues it with its power is belief belief we talked about last week the concept of the God of the dark occult which is Bell Bell bill the vowel is irrelevant the bull God which Satan is attributed to being a bull a beast shaped like a bowl with horns and a tail and hooves Moloch of the Canaanites and the Phoenicians a bull God Bell a Canaanite God the Phoenician God Bell bill bull God's Bell the son they call themselves the illuminated ones because they are under their God as Sun God but it's the dark Sun it's not the true Sun it is not the true light of the Creator the true creator of the universe it is their twisted sick interpretation of God and it ultimately represents their own ego because that is ultimately what their God is themselves and this is what Satanism is this is what luciferianism is you think Satanism is the worship of these demonic entities and like medieval Christian ideas of Satanism it is not you're wrong if that's what you think if you want to know what Satanism is I highly recommend you get locate a copy of the Satanic Bible by Anton Sandor LaVey and read it thoroughly and you'll understand what Satanism really is and that's that's a that is a in comparison to what's really out there that's me telling you to read a Girl Scout manual okay it's like me telling you to read a Girl Scout manual and as dark and twisted and psychopathic as that the ideologies in that book are it's a Girl Scout manual the real Psychopaths asked lavae to put this out to the public so that they could identify other Psychopaths that would help them in their agenda LaVey did not even come up with the idea to write this book himself this is a sanitized version of their true ideology that that you will learn about when you are groomed to be taken higher up into the occult and people know about this too it being exposed and told by brave people they want their you Genesis they want to ultimately exterminate 95% of the human population this is true they are eugenicist s-- and ultimately the you Genesis in the world are operating through the financial system they are the money masters they are the people who actually set the value and interest rates of money and this is what fractional reserve banking is it's usury next week on the show I'm going to have James Yeager who made the brilliant documentary Fiat Empire the Empire that is built upon this concept of just being allowed to say let there be money and it exists granting to themselves the power of a god let there be light associating money with enlightenment the all-seeing eye the balance of the brain hemispheres and the awakening of the pineal gland James Jaeger documentary filmmaker researcher videographer he will be on next week we will talk about the Federal Reserve System the current money masters of the United States the Fed came into being in 1913 after a meeting on Jekyll Island by the financial elite in 1910 off the coast of Georgia I had several things lined up that I wanted to read I saw we had a caller I guess he got impatient he wasn't on there for that long caller that was holding on I was just getting ready to go to you and it looks like you hung up you want to call back in I'll take your call so I'll give the call in number again the calling number for the show is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number is seven twenty four triple four seven triple four and the call ID number is eight three five one five the call ID eight three five one five Mayer Amschel Bauer is one of the first recognized international bankers of the modern age he changed his name to Rothschild he came from a German occult family the Bauer's from Bavaria Bauer made a statement saying permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who makes its laws just think about the hubris contained in that statement I don't care who the lawmakers are because if I can create money I'm God I can make people do whatever I want they're on my strings they're my puppets they're my slaves and you know what he's right he's right this person isn't stupid he may be a psychopath he may be of a complete reptilian consciousness way down in the base brain of I need to survive and hoard and get as much as I want and have it have as much tactical advantage over my fellow man as possible in the physical sense because he has no connection to spirituality whatsoever and he said he's basically he's a golem himself of the force of fear okay he's a puppet you think this is really a master this person is a puppet on the strings of fear fear owns him something that's discarnating it's not in the physical world another person doesn't because he's the person who's inventing and making making money he's he's saying let this amount of money exist issuing that the the currency and the credit of a nation permit me to issue and control the money of a nation I care not who makes its laws head of the Rothschild banking dynasty but is he wrong no why because people believe in the nonsense he's selling them that money exists and to begin with and this is how fractional reserve banking works it's it's a central bank is chartered by a government they lend money to that government at interest which is called usury at high interest the amount of money they put into circulation is controlled by them and it also has debt attached to it and they can also create a certain percentage on top of that which they are allowed to lend out at high levels of interest more usury so the usery perpetuates more usury it this is called fractional reserve banking and I'm sure James could explain it better than I can I know the very fundamentals of it but that the the mash nations of how it itself works is unimportant it's fraudulent amoral fantasy behavior that doesn't exist in nature it requires the belief in a moral a morons belief in this system in order for it to actually work and hold sway over the minds of people and these morons throughout history have been killing each other destroying each other's homes and properties breaking all kinds of natural law principles incurring enormity of suffering upon each other just because they believe in something that isn't real that another puppet made up another slave made up the concept another golem made up the concept and the billions of other slaves golems and morons in the world believe in that concept and they're all enslaving each other perpetually well you know why I'm out of this mind control I don't exist in it I know this isn't real am I still physically bound to it unfortunately that's the case I'm physically bound to it I don't keep any money in a bank I I don't use credit cards anymore I don't keep any money in a bank a banker would not get a penny that I earned fiat currency or otherwise or any means of exchange I'm not giving anybody any control over anything that I happen to make as any form of means of exchange you're not keeping it you're not lending it you're not using it for usury Ussery is it a moral practice lending money predatory lending of money so you can make tons more money on the interest you get back and since there's never enough money in circulation because as soon as you're printing money you're attaching debt to it you're charging interest for the printing of it they're printing it and all this debt is attached to the printing of the money where are you ever gonna get enough value in circulation to pay back that debt if this is simple mathematics if you're saying the first money I'm gonna print I'm gonna print five million dollars or let's say 1 million dollars and I'm gonna attach let's just say 1 percent of debt to that money ok so that would be 1% of a million dollars which would be what take not two zeroes off that would be 1 million would be a 1 with 4 zeros so that would be $10,000 where is that $10,000 coming from if you're saying here's the money I'm printing you you own me now when you pay pay this back to me since I'm I'm being chartered to print and issue the money and I'm saying I'm doing this at interest that's what a central bank does ok I print a million and I attach 10 thousand dollars of debt to that million where's that $10,000 come from it doesn't exist so all the people eventually that are required to pay back that money where are they gonna pay back $1,010,000 they can't so what happens they go to the same institution and try to borrow that because they need to pay it back well what happens when they borrow it the cycle is repeated the cycle is repeated and more debt is attached to the money the new money that gets created this is called fractional reserve banking but you know what that's a euphemism what this is is usury plain and simple and this system is basically the brainchild this has gone on throughout history long before the Rothschild dynasty but in the modern incarnation this is the brainchild of Mayer Amschel Rothschild now he had lots of agents working for him and he sent his sons into different cities to perpetuate this this way of doing business eventually created central banks in all nations and they essentially control the issuance of currency and the regulation of the amount of money in circulation and the interest rates attached to that money in just about every country in the world another historical figure Thomas Jefferson tried to warn us about this danger of fractional reserve banking Ussery he said and this is one of the founding influences of this country who we aren't listening to it all most of us and just you know aren't paying attention to someone who is much wiser than 99% of people in the United States and hey I'm not a worshipper of the founding fathers believe me I think that a lot of what they said was in keeping with natural law and they did not go far enough because it's very evident look at them they kept slaves they thought that certain races of people were below them and that they had the right to keep slaves imagine this youyou embodied in an imprint suppose of natural law forward in your writings and then you thought that those laws didn't extend to every human being on the earth it imagine what kind of hubris that took these people were in deep ego and attachment to belief systems which were fantasy but they did have some wisdom and they didn't try to explain to people if you left certain things happen you're going to end up as slaves they didn't they weren't I don't believe they were fully enlightened they were partially enlightened they had a long way to go though to get to full enlightenment Thomas Jefferson said banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies now I'll just read that one sentence again banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies if the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers occupied and I believe this quote is sanitized because I believe he originally said on the continent their fathers conquered and it was a conquering because there were people living here before European white men came over here and just decided this was their land but again this is this is steps that most people are ten pictures about they won't they won't talk about that you know there was very immoral things done by even the founders of this country you know they wrote high-minded principles though in most of their writings I think there were some who were much better than others like Thomas Paine I think Paine was largely true to his principles although he wasn't perfect and no one is but they had some words that we should pay heed to and this is one of the famous quotes that I think people should really pay attention to he was trying to warn them about the influence of central banks if you give over the ability to play God to people they will abuse it because power corrupts tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely and this is a fundamental truth most people are not enlightened enough in their current mind controlled condition to be able to effectively hold any type of position of high responsibility without giving way to corruption that's the sad fact of the human condition not human nature nature and conditions are two different things the current human condition propagated through mind control through the information that we take into ourselves and believe that other people tell us without going down to fundamental dynamic principles that are inherent in nature or in other words knowing the truth that we only have certain unalienable rights and there are things we do not have the right to do we have tons and tons of unalienable rights but we don't have a right to basically play God we don't have a right to control others who have harmed no one we don't have a right to defraud people through usury defraud people of their life property and ultimately happiness through usury and that's what's been done and they deserve part of the responsibility and part of the blame but other people have essentially let them do it do their ignorance let's look at how this system let's check out a couple other quotes okay look look at the from the head the former head of the Federal Reserve System the Fed is the central bank of the United States there was warned against we went through this is the third incarnation of the central bank of the United States they changed the name because the first bank of the United States people caught on to this scam they dissolved it and then they the international bankers kept pressing and eventually instituted the second bank of the United States which was eventually exposed Andrew Jackson very involved in that process and eventually through the Congress they abolished it however they met in secret in 1902 Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia International Finance ears Rothschild Rothschilds Rothschild agents Warburg Rockefellers high-level financial elites in secret came up with a scam to have this put through through senator Aldrich into the Congress on while the Congress was on vacation Christmas vacation that's when this vote came up to pass the Federal Reserve bill they met in secret on Jekyll Island and plotted their plotted and planned their to how they were going to institute a new central bank even they knew that people didn't want it it was unacceptable to them the government would be printing interest-free money and regulating the issuance of its own currency because they want to come out on top and manage the conflicts that they create there they are foe mentors of war they are manipulators of warfare they back both sides and Wars these international finance ears these users and that's what they are and don't take a soft core position on this usury is immoral it's immoral it is wrong fundamentally to be a user err and if you don't think so I claim you're immoral if you think usury is okay I think you're an immoral person I don't care who you are I think that it's a fundamental principle that usery is immoral if you're a predatory lender of money if you want to lend somebody something and you say you pay me that back but if you want to lend somebody and say you're gonna pay me back plus more than what it's actually worth or what the value we've agreed upon that it's worth is that's usury and that's immoral and people just accept this like it's fine like it's this is common knowledge and it's fine no problem yeah you can lend money and it's ridiculous interest rates well if you even think that's okay you're a moral you're an immoral person because you don't know enough about natural law to understand that's wrong and it's unacceptable and it's unacceptable that people even continue to think that it's okay cuz it's not okay it's called wrong and we need to know the difference between right and wrong that's why we're in the mess we're in with our liberties being destroyed because most people don't know the difference between right and wrong anymore sadly and they don't care and they accept it tacitly they just accept tacitly than wrongdoing and corruption and Ussery are taking place in their midst and they just turn their back they turn their I look the other way and accept Jekyll Island 1910 the financed ears of the world get together in secret they plot the Fed the Federal Reserve System they named it that because they're liars it had nothing to do with a federal institution even though it they would have gotten it chartered through Congress okay it was a privately held conglomerate of banking institutions and that's what the Federal Reserve still is privately owned owned by families now you can research who owns the Fed I'll post the document about the families who own the Federal Reserve and you can you can go into this extensively to look at who some of these people are and it includes families like the Rothschilds the Harriman's Morgans the Stanley's it's a host of people shifts Rockefellers I have a whole list Rothschild Schroeder lis grenfell Brown Harriman Norman Drexel Lazar Morgan Stanley Schroeder Ryan chef Warburg Lehman Baker Kuhn Loeb Pine Edison Shearman sterling Julliard Stillman Rockefeller a congressional investigation was done in the 70s to try to find out who owns these banking institutions that essentially control this country ruthlessly because they're psychopaths and they're predators we talked about what a psychopath is we talked about what a true predator of other people are and why they act that way they act that way because they have destroyed neocortex's they have destroyed brains they have given themselves over to the force of fear so holy so completely that they think that they can't live in social harmony with people without exploiting them and without preying on them so they are predators of their own kind and there's no lower form of life than that there's social cannibals and that's the lowest form of life that there is when they finally got this past in an off session of Congress during Christmas vacation 19 I believe it was 12 when they put the act through and it went into effect in 13 the Fed came into being it took over the issuance of the currency of this country as the third central bank but they didn't call it the central bank they called the Federal Reserve implying that it was truly a government institution and implying that it would secure that's the safety of the money through maintaining reserves this is all rhetoric it's neither a federal institution it is privately owned and I'll post a document about some of the owners as recent of an investigation that has been done and it has no reserves it is all based on fiat currency it is all based on numbers on a computer screen it is all based on faith it is all based on belief and this is what you'll never hear on the mainstream media you'll never hear people talk about this because the Federal Reserve are their puppet masters and they are little slaves dancing on their strings that their owners pull and that's all people on corporate media everyone bar none bar none and there are so few that have any gumption whatsoever to even bring up the Federal Reserve as an issue at all there are a couple who have a minimal amount of courage to even talk about the Fed as a predatory institution and I think Ron Paul is one of them I give him credit for that I think he needs to go a lot farther to get to the real truth of what's going on in the world but you know he wants to play that political game he wants to sanitize things well good luck with that enjoy that let me know when you're done with that that's that's what I'll say to that not saying I don't think that the man is a good man I think he does try and live by his principles so however when it comes to speaking the truth into the world you're not really going far enough if you're trying to sanitize your speech for political motivations and that I'll leave that at that so the Fed has basically ruled this country and put people into indentured servitude through booms and busts in the monetary supply which they call the business cycle it's no such thing it is deliberate expansions and contractions of the monetary supply where you have a big expansion that's called inflation because you're devaluing the currency through printing excessive amounts of it then you have a contraction that the the the printing of the money creates a boom because credit is easy to acquire and then you get a big bust when they contract the money supply and that's called a recession or a depression and again these I'm explaining this in the most rudimentary terms I'm not a financial analyst or expert and I would never want to be I understand the very rudimentary element about how the most rudimentary elements about how this fraud works and that's all you really need to understand you want to understand how this works I would suggest watching the movie Fiat Empire which was made by James Yaeger who I'll be having on the show next week I would suggest watching the documentary money masters the money masters which is an excellent expose of the financial fraud that we have in this country I would suggest watching the the movie money as debt money as debt because ultimately that's what this is a system of Perpetual debt that can never be repaid and therefore physical assets will flow to the creditors leaving people basically bankrupt and homeless on their their own land which is what Thomas Jefferson was trying to warn us about so another one another great movie about this and I thank barb for coming down and pointing that out to my attention is zeitgeist addendum zeitgeist addendum goes a long way in explaining to people how the monetary system and the fractional reserve banking system work and there's another new one thanks barb again I want to remembered that thanks uh a new one I believe this was made by trying to think of the guy's name he does the he he does on a radio show on I think Oracle broadcasting his name escapes me right now but he has a site called row row government and he made a documentary called power of the purse and it's a long one it's four hours and 50 minutes is almost five hours long and he does an extensive job of thoroughly researching how this financial fraud is perpetuated and where it came from in the ancient world right up to the modern day I'll try to think of his name if anybody can refresh my memory call in and let me know but the Fed today operates as a independent institution it is chartered by the government through the Federal Reserve Act and it operates over twelve regional zones this is just a fraud essentially to get people to think that there are many different institutions working in conjunction with each other it all operates under one banner it is largely owned by overseas entities over seventy percent of the owners of the Federal Reserve are offshore and do not live in the United States over seventy percent and that number could be higher than that so the first thing to understand is it's not even a government institution it is privately held and over seventy percent of the owners of these financial institutions that comprise the Fed are foreign they are not even living or from the United States they're not United States citizens they don't live here they live offshore and they run this financial racket from offshore and that is true the second thing is it continuously perpetuates the idea that this fiat currency is somehow backed by something that is actual vow of actual value some kind of physical thing and it is not our money system is backed by nothing it is not backed by silver not backed by gold even if you think those things are money hey it's not backed by anything it's not backed by food it's not backed by water it's backed by zero it is backed by faith alone and this is a construct of the mind this is getting people to believe in something that doesn't exist that doesn't actually have any intrinsic value and again you can think even gold has intrinsic value good luck when you're starving and you want to try to eat your gold enjoy you know melt it down it'll be more palatable okay so here's a quote about in the modern world hell out of control and how godlike the Fed thinks they are and I'm gonna read this quote and I'm just gonna stay openly the person who made this quote is a dark ocultist period I know this personally okay he's a darker cultist believe what you want but that's the truth his name is Alan Greenspan and here's a quote he was on PBS news hour with Jim lar years ago when he was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Laura asked him in this interview what is the proper relationship between the chairman of the Fed and the President of the United States and Alan Greenspan replied first of all the Federal Reserve is an independent agency that means basically there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take so long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things differently than what we think is the appropriate thing then what the relationships are don't frankly matter Greenspan in essence was admitting that the Federal Reserve is higher in the hierarchy of control than any agency of the government and that in essence it owns the government and he's correct he is correct the Federal Reserve and their owners own the government of the United States and the people in the positions of power who will say nothing about the immoral practices of this predatory agency our lackeys they are little lap dogs they are cowardly puppets on string of these Oh cultists okay and I'll call these people out and indeed I have called these people out in front of their own building in Philadelphia as part of the end the Fed rally because all of unread morons out there okay all of the UH the unread practically illiterate people who have been rut read a book worth reading in their miserable lives little I mean they can barely read to begin with let alone reading books that they really need to be reading to understand what's going on in the world okay they want to think that this institution is necessary and must exist for us to have social harmony ridiculous ridiculous and people who want to go and support them go and be security guards for them cops who want to defend what they do because they don't care about anything they're just as dumb as your average person that thinks the Fed is a federal institution that thinks that they actually back currency by something and that they're not predatory user errs okay they're just unread people that don't know the first thing about what's really going on in the world they couldn't tell you the first thing about the Fed how it was made what it does they know nothing about fractional reserve banking let alone getting to the knowledge to the very philosophy that there is no such thing as money it's only a claim made by people and you have to be stupid enough to believe in that claim there are only people and resources in the world and people need to come to a level of consciousness to make a willful decision through their own will their own care and their own intelligence to know that it is their responsibility to be their brother's caretaker by by will by choice and consent universally there is an only a brotherhood of man and we are all each other's care Akers as one suffers all suffer the end and until you're at that level of consciousness you're in darkness you're in darkness now that doesn't mean one small group of people providing everything for every buck for everybody that means everybody doing what is necessary to provide what is needed for themselves because they recognize this is basic fundamental human rights in natural law yet you're gonna provide and work with the earth with nature to get your daily keep your daily bread and that's what's embodied in that prayer give us this day our daily bread doesn't say allow us to get so much today that we can hoard for a year I'm not knocking the practice of putting some things away in the event of emergencies but ultimately these people want more than they can ever spend in their entire lives because they're rooted in the new oak in the r-complex the reptile complex of the human brain they're not engaged in higher-order conceptual thinking that takes place in the in the neocortex and I've just recalled the name of the gentleman who put out the movie who put out the movie power of the purse it was Josh Reeves Josh Reeves I highly recommend that one it is really really well done money masters power of the purse Fiat Empire is a Geist addendum money as debt power of the purse phenomenal phenomenal works everybody should check these out I'll try to find them on Google Video or YouTube and post them to the podcast section please check them out I'll also post a PDF document about the owners of the Federal Reserve System I was going to read some stuff about how the Fed came into being at Jekyll Island but I'll tell you what I will probably simply just post that document as well and let people read it instead of reading it over the air what I want to ultimately get back to is if we continue to allow these predatory users to assert their influence and claim the powers of God that they can basically set the value of everything they can lend in a predatory sense that so that all assets eventually flow to them through defaults okay and we're gonna continue to let them do that and we're gonna dump all of this debt down through the ages to our future generations what we are in effect going to create is a world of total slavery if we continue to believe in money as a physically existing intrinsic concept that exists in nature which it is not we are ultimately going to be slaves on this planet this is the hardest swallow for anyone to ever take in money is the religion of the people of the earth you think that your religion is Christianity and I'll say nonsense you think that your religion is Islam and I'll tell you nonsense to your face you think that your religion is Judaism and I'll tell you nonsense and that's true for 99.9 people on this planet 99.9% of people on this planet you have no religion other than money you have no religion other than money that's your religion and that's your God and get is offended about it as you want there's there's a catch phrase right there for you for this show enjoy being offended I'm not going to stop explaining that until it changes by a willful act of people changing it because they stop believing in nonsense BS that doesn't exist okay you can think I'm as crazy as you want you can stay in your calcified tumor of an ego all you want but guess what you are the slave you are the slave for believing in that nonsense that an occultist made for you to believe in and we're going to talk about religion they're the actual religions of the world as also being forms of mind-control so get ready to be offended a lot more in future weeks because if you think that those religions are telling you anything accurate or close to the truth you're more fooled than I thought you were by the monetary system because dark occultists made those religions for you to accept and believe in they made your religions folks I worked with the people who made your religions and their their ancestors made your religions okay it's all nonsense everything you think is real everything you think you believe in that's real it's all an illusion it's all an illusion and coming to enlightenment a state of true light is knowing that all of those things are illusionary they don't exist in nature they don't exist in natural law what exists in natural laws beings on a personal evolutionary journey of growth and learning and development and the support systems that are in place to encourage that growth learning and development which is the resources of the earth which are organic which are inherent which are made by the earth herself and we're destroying that body of support called the earth and we're destroying each other in our ridiculous beliefs in money so I tried to go a little bit of a way toward explaining how the the fiat currency and fractional reserve banking system works I apologize again for our original guest not being on tonight but this gives me a chance to really our home some of these ideas in people's minds and get them to understand you're fooled you're duped you're duped it's all fake folks it's not about getting back to gold either okay this is this is another cul-de-sac it's another trying to get you really out of enlightenment not really reaching enlightenment you'll reach enlightenment when you understand the entire concept of money is a fraud it never has existed in nature never will exist in nature the thing that creates the power of that fraud is your belief in it you want to disempower it stop believing in it start understanding there's only people and resources in the world to be distributed among those people in a moral way and not through force so you can't say well social that's because that's called socialism when you want to do that by force this has to be done through consciousness through understanding that you need to do this not because anybody is forcing you to do it because it's the right thing to do to be our brother and sisters caretakers as one suffers all suffer the end the end you want to take away one phrase from this show you could turn the show off and never listen to it again for all I care as one being suffers all suffer the end the end if you understand that principle you get it you get it fully and because that's the golden rule and that's when you'll have real gold alchemical gold enlightenment I'm gonna wrap it up tonight folks I know I went off on to a lot of different tangents tonight that's what I do we had one caller I apologize for not seeing you on the switchboard until it was too late and he hung up hopefully we'll have some callers for James Yeager next week right here on what on earth is happening James Yeager documentary filmmaker maker a Fiat Empire will be on show next week definitively he will be here that's all for tonight folks hope you enjoyed it listen in next week at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'll see here right here same time next week good night folks