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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the revolution Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio the show is live every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time today is Tuesday October 5th 2010 we have a great show lined up here today and we're going to get right to it I'm going to go through some event announcements first and then we're going to get into our topic of discussion tonight which is taxation in general as a means of control and how this is actually a form of mind control in our ongoing discussion of mind control we've been focused on the monetary system and money in general as one of the tightest forms of mind control that exists on this planet tonight we're going to talk about one of the major arms of the monetary system taxation and connected with that I want to talk about a little a little bit about the the general state of awakening of the people of this planet or I should say the general state of non awakening of the people of this planet however one may be looking at that situation as it stands right now so we could talk a little bit about that but for now I'm going to get right into the event announcements I have three for this evening first there is a conference being hosted by MUFON PA the mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania is hosting its yearly UFO conference Saturday October 9th that's this Saturday coming up it's going to be at the Sheraton Bucks County the Sheraton Hotel in Bucks County that's at 400 Oxford Valley Road in langhorne pennsylvania the zip is one nine zero four seven the conference will begin at 8:30 a.m. and go to 5:00 p.m. admission is $30 for the day here's the list of speakers and their topics John venturi will be speaking about the case for UFO Jennifer Stein will make a presentation on the crop circle phenomenon peter robbins will be giving a talk entitled an illustrated history of UFO literature Kathleen Martin will discuss the Betty and Barney Hill case Richard Dolan UFOs in the national security state bill burns of UFO Hunters magazine will be presenting and the keynote speaker is Budd Hopkins who will be giving a presentation on the abduction phenomenon so that is the MUFON PA UFO conference just outside of Philadelphia this Saturday October 9th 2010 at the Sheraton Bucks County at 404 Dollywood in langhorne pennsylvania 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. admission is $30 for more information on this conference please visit MUFON PA calm that's em UFO n P a.com or you can visit Jennifer Stein's website at main line MUFON comm main line M UFO and main line MUFON comm second announcement Monday October 18th truth freedom prosperity right here in Philadelphia presents its monthly documentary screening and discussion night at the ethical society building 1906 south Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia these are documentary nights start at 7:00 o'clock p.m. they usually go until about 9:00 9:30 a discussion always follows them it's usually a pretty lively discussion this month they will be showing the documentary called for liberty here's the description advocating a philosophy of sound money a non interventionist foreign policy strict constitutionalism and individual liberty dr. ron paul inspired a unique grassroots movement unmatched in American history the precautions of which continued to reverberate today and into the future of the American psyche for liberty how the Ron Paul revolution watered the withered tree of Liberty follow it was this historic campaign from the perspective of grassroots activists and showcases the unique often bizarre yet groundbreaking projects they undertook as they brush aside traditional campaign methodology so this is about Ron Paul's uh race toward the presidency in 2008 it's called for Liberty it's a good film I've seen it come on out to the ethical society building in Philadelphia in 1906 south Rittenhouse Square Monday October 18 piece documentary screens and discussions are every third Monday of the month so come on out get involved in the discussion it's always free never anything to attend uh there is um you know uh voluntary contributions if you want to make a contribution you're welcome but that is not you're not obligated obligated to do so for more information about this group in general or the meetings that it holds please see w w truth freedom prosperity org that's true freedom prosperity dot o-r-g and finally the last announcement i have for this evening free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the date is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 8 a.m. to 8:00 I'm sorry 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days the doors open at 9 a.m. both days the location is rubra hall at 4:14 for 1/4 Green Street Philadelphia PA 19136 our Erin McCallum alfred weber Andrew basiago Bauer your dozous Jay Parker John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower myself Mark passio just added Mel fàbregas of Veritas radio Michael Kelley and Suzanne Taylor free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult April 9th and 10th 2011 right here in Philadelphia for more information please visit the conference website at WWE mind conference calm that's all the event announcements let's do a quick review of what we've been doing and then we'll jump into the topic for tonight as people who follow this radio program may be aware of what this show is ultimately about is the human ability to tell truth from falsehood that's the underlying causal factor for why humanity exists in the current state of consciousness and in the current state of external manifestation the way the world is the way it is in other words it is directly related with the beings on this planet ability individually to be able to comprehend that which is true and real and that which is false and illusory and if you don't think that that's the case it's probably best simply to just turn the show off right now because you'll probably learn very little that is the underlying problem that is taking place on this world if you haven't figured that out yet and what we do on this show is try to help people to understand how to raise one's consciousness and go about the process of becoming better at developing that ability of recognizing truth when it is heard when it is spoken when it is discovered and also recognizing nonsense when it is heard and seen the ability to tell truth from falsehood is the underlying causal factor behind how humanity is full and believe me folks its fooled and why humanity experiences the levels of self-inflicted suffering that it does so that's ultimately what this show is about we analyzed all the different aspects of this as you heard in the intro it has to do with this show has to do with anything that affects the freedom of the people of Earth because that's what this show is also ultimately about freedom because freedom is inextricably tied to the ability to recognize truth from falsehood so we've gone into explorations of human consciousness and the self and the differences between the true self the higher self and the illusory egoic lower self the self is identified with ego and the physical reality that one operates in but is not the actual self we just become identified with that property of the self and think that that's all that there is the physical side of things we've talked about the structure of the human brain understanding how important the brain is and taking care of the brain and helping the brain to exist in a state of balance between the left and right brain hemispheres how important that is in developing the ability to tell truth from falsehood and to stop being fooled about things that aren't real we've gone into all the barriers to self-realization we talked about the five sensory illusion identification with matter identification with the roles that one plays in the world ego identification we've talked about the education system the prison of the left brain all the institutional belief systems in the world the structure of control compartmentalization hierarchy and now we've been going on ongoing discussion over many weeks on the the methodologies of control specifically the methodologies of mind control because ultimately the dominators of this world have to control your mind in order to garner your compliance with their agenda and their plans see evil doesn't walk up to people and say hello I'm evil will you help me carry out my agenda it doesn't work that way evils greatest strength is in remaining completely hidden it does its works in the dark it does its works in the cloak of darkness because if evils plans agendas and methodologies are brought out into the light people can see them for what they are and that's indeed what I endeavor to do on this show as you heard in the intro the show will seek to shed light upon the darkness of this world and this world exists in just about pure darkness there are very small pinpoints of light out there and I would hope that people would look to some of the people out there that do have a little bit of wisdom to contribute and see those people as beacons of light and hope for the rest of it the bulk of this race of beings that exist and dwell in almost complete darkness because the situation is really dire in case you're not really paying attention and don't have a grip on really where we stand okay I'm here to tell you that the situation is worse than what most people think that it is not to discourage anybody not to try to put anybody in a panicked state or in a fearful mode but look at it reasonably look at it realistically for how it actually is we have largely dropped the ball folks and I think we in order to make up that ground really have to start pushing harder and have to start openly discussing these things everywhere at all times because people aren't getting it I don't know what we could open up the phone lines today and talk about where people see this situation where it is where people stand on it but to be honest I'm not very hopeful I don't really see people getting it or waking up I see people going deeper into fear deeper into the trance at least from where I'm at Philadelphia it seems like it's a largely a bunch of extremely dark and ignorant Souls and I don't mean to put the city down you know it's where I'm from but you know you walk out into the streets of this city and is pure darkness just about so I don't know what the situation is in other places but if callers want to call in and talk about that they're welcome to do so I'd really like to get some people's opinions on that especially in the second hour as I said before going to get into the wrap-up of our analysis of the monetary system in the first hour we're going to talk about taxation let me give the call-in number for the show the call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven to four triple four seven triple four when you call in put in the call ID number four what on earth is happening the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five some people um you know I do the show through talk show it's conducted through Skype as the voice over IP technology but the podcast carrier is talking before it goes out over revolution broadcasting and some people were kind of complaining a little bit that I don't turn on the participation for the the talk shoot program now if one if I did that it would be a jumbled mess of people talking over each other to I earned the chat off simply because to see a whole bunch of text going across the screen while I'm juggling a bunch of things on my screen which I do people don't see I'm the only one here in the studio people don't see the thing the tasks that I do to keep the show running well to bring up documents on the screen I run my own intro music I bring you know I'm doing different technological things here behind the scenes and have an ongoing discussion on the screen while I'm doing those things would be a big distraction so I make the call in number available to people to call in and I bring them on the show I love the caller's of the show I love taking calls I'm just trying to explain to some people who have commented that I don't turn on with participation I'm explaining why I don't do that for the call I think if you were running a radio show that was going out over a network you would probably make the same decisions particularly if you had no one else performing the you know behind the scenes tasks dealing with the technologies uh that the show relies upon so just letting people know why that is because some have inquired about it what we've been talking about over the last many weeks is mind control you're not going to control someone at the level of spirit spirit is not something that can be controlled if that which is it simply is you're not going to control that period it's the fundamental basis of reality in that which we are it is uncontrollable if you were to attempt to control the physical body people will recognize very very quickly that they are under external control therefore the most effective form of control is control over the mind to influence the behaviors and the decision-making processes of an individual such that they actually follow your agenda your program believing oh all the while and this is their own thoughts and agendas that these are their own ways of looking at the world instead of something that has been programmed into them and people don't like the word some people insist that this is something that only exists in science fiction and go ahead go on believing that if you want your own funeral folks if you want to believe that okay you can call this by whatever name you want to call it it's mind control that's what it is it exists it is real it is in operation everywhere in the world get over it the sooner you accept that get over that that's the world that you live in and then decide to do something to actually change that situation and the way that situation will become changed is by understanding the methodologies of how mind control works and then alerting as many people as possible to how this works and not only how it works but the fact that they indeed are under these influences these covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior that's what we'll be doing at the free your mind conference I'll be giving a talk on the subversive usage of symbolism icons symbols regalia words and imagery they're used in military and police uniforms and institutions and how these symbols go directly past the conscious mind work directly upon the subconscious to put it into a certain state of consciousness and the people who are mind controlled by these institutions don't even understand how this works and their owners are mocking them unmercifully right through the symbols that they're used and that they make them wear and if you don't believe it good luck to you it'll never make it untrue so the cop who's listen or the the soldier who's listening you're getting offended shut it off shut the radio off you don't need to listen to this show you know better you know what you're talking about and you know everything so turn it off and enjoy what you got that's my advice I no one should feel pressured or obliged to believe anything that I have to say because it's all verifiable you can look up anything that I'm talking about you can study the symbolism on your own which probably you'll be loath to do because of how lazy most people are okay and you probably just say well that's your opinion well no it isn't my opinion nothing I'm saying on the show is my opinion Hey the amount of research and delving into this information and this knowledge that I've done in my life would make you pass out if you even grasped it for an instant okay I'm I'm really really sick of people that try to say this is something that I'm interested in here's another topic you know I'm going off on a tangent here before I get into the main topic because in case you haven't noticed I'm a little bit fired up because a death death forced me to spend a little bit of time around some people that I didn't really particularly want to spend time around members of my own family two deaths in my family last week and being you know the necessity to attend funerals etc when there's a death in the family forced me to have to be around the uppity complete ignorance now and see here here's where again I think what I do is different than most people because other people will point fingers and say yes other people are ignorant they don't understand what's going on but I'll bring it right home I'm not talking about anybody else before I talk about anybody else let's bring it right home to where it really roosts and that's right here right here I'll tell you about things that have gone on with me and how ignorant I was in my own past and I'll tell you about things the way they are right now right here in my own with in with my own family members their level of darkness and ignorance and it's not nation' sit is ignorant we talked about this many times on the show the difference between nations not knowing something that you could reasonably be expected to know the information it simply isn't available that's called nations it comes from the Latin nests qierre nests quiere to not know to be ignorant of but the connotation of that is the negation of knowledge skill here Amy to know in Latin and n.e is the prefix meaning to negate or not not to know but that means you don't know something that the knowledge simply isn't present it isn't there it's not in your in your surroundings that isn't the state of humanity that isn't the state of my family members they are in ignorance ignorance means you see somebody sitting right in front of you and you deliberately decide to turn look the other way you're ignoring them it's based on the word ignore it means deliberately refusing to put any attention towards something willfully willfully refusing to take in information that is present and that's the state the humanity is in and I'm tired of hearing apologies about it it is even just mind control folks there's more to it than that what it really is is cowardice it's beyond mind control it's beyond just not knowing or ignorant it's beyond apathy not caring the ultimate root of why the human race refuses to come out of the insanity that it dwells in on a daily basis is because it will not make the choice in the moment to display any courage ultimately people are enslaved because they're cowards cowards and you wanna know who some of the biggest cowards are some of the biggest cowards in the world are the people who mindlessly follow what they're told to do because they won't look at their master in their hierarchy above them in their controlled compartmentalized state where they're kept as a little lap dog and say no I won't follow your immoral orders that's the biggest cowards on the planet you think the Nazi scum who a did what they did back in the 1930s and 40s in in Europe you think those Nazi scum bags were brave people you think they were people of moral conscience and they were brave and they were just you know going forth because they had so much courage to do what they knew was right please they were total cowards that's what they were and that's what the Nazis who are in the United States right now are their cowards cowards you know what they're not the only cowards the bulk of the people of this country are cowards and that's why this country is enslaved along with the rest of the world because it stopped being a brave nation we want to know what the ultimate quest of a spiritual the ultimate goal of the spiritual quest is where illumination really lies folks it doesn't lie in knowledge in lies encourage real courage to stand up to evil to know what evil is and you can even be fearful for your physical well-being because true courage is action in spite of any fear that may be lurking within you that's what it is not the absence of fear it's its right moral action in the face of fear in spite of fear literally fighting it saying I don't care that this this is present I will go on in spite of it and you know what the Nazis that exist in the United States and our police and there our military and in our judiciary and in our government and in all the other places were P's little powerless lowlife cowards think that they're in control of people Nazis are the lowest most cowardly form of life that exists on the planet and there it is said for the record it's said for the record just so it's on record another reason I do this show not because I think it's going to change anything or it's going to reach large numbers of people I'm putting my voice on the record so that it is part of the systemic memory of the universe and simply because this show is a monument to truth that's all it is I don't expect it to change a thing the calcified level the tumorous calcified level of ego that this race of beings exists in do I expect them to suddenly see the light and change their ways you have to be kidding but please what I'm really sick of is people who try to tell me that I enjoy doing this that this is my interest that it's my interest I go out and look for these things I'm interested in this this is the stuff I like to do yeah like I've said before anybody that believes that is so crazy they're so unbelievably crazy that I can't even fathom that level of insanity it's impress how crazy you would have to be to think that the people who understand what I understand enjoy this this information or knowledge or knowing what they know is it's borderline torture it happens to be the truth about the world in which we live and that's all it is this isn't my interest it's not something I like or enjoy as a matter of fact ask most people I'm pretty damn bitter over it do you even have to do this do you think that I want to be on the air with this two hours of my life tonight where I could be doing something else and here's what I need to do because humanity exists in such a level of ignorance and darkness I need to come on the air tonight for two hours and try to explain to people that to forcibly take the something that someone else has made and acquired with their own hands there the sweat of their own brow under threat of violence is wrong imagine this that this is how crazy insane dumb and immoral this race of beings has become that people need to do that to other adult beings that I that that's even something and and that's look that as strange or weird and that your idea about that about what taxation is is even we're the crazy that if you think that way imagine that this is where we're at collectively the to come on the air and try to explain to people what taxation is at a core fundamental level that it is theft carried out under the threat of violence and that it's morally wrong no matter what you say you're going to use it for no matter what kind of imaginary illusory contractual obligations you happen maybe to believe that people are born into which is all fantasy it doesn't exist it's all just justification for some people want to rob from other people that's all it is that's all it ever has been it's all it ever will be and if you think it's anything other than that you're wrong you are wrong if you think it's anything other than that and it can't be said any simpler it cannot be said any simpler way that's what taxation is and the fact that I need to come on the air and explain that to anybody is a disgrace it's a disgrace it's a joke a joke is what it is it's a joke people aren't adults the occultists of this world who have mind controlled them have put them into literally a state that is akin to emotional and spiritual stunted miss they're retarded and that what that word means is they've been made slow their progress has been retarded to retard something means to completely slow down its progress to thwart it or to hold it back and they've done this with religion they've done this with government they've done this with mind-control they've done this with money and that's what we're talking about here the one religion this is even in the freedom movement people people think that people in the freedom movement are so awake newsflash folks the people in the freedom movement are not so awake okay as a matter of fact many of them understand very little of any real significance or true importance they're not really illuminated they're not really enlightened they know a little bit and a little bit of knowledge can be a dangerous thing they are not illuminated people they are not enlightened they see a little bit about how this affects them their world and so they stand up and start making a ruckus they don't really care that this is unjust they don't really care that it's not morally right because if they did they would understand the taxation isn't morally right they would understand that it's theft that the threat of violence and if they understood that they wouldn't get so behind a document called the Constitution that says that this is morally justified for whatever reason it may justify in it because it grants powers oh really it grants the Constitution grants powers that other people don't have Congress shall be able to lay in collect taxes isn't that nice you can give a body of people a natural law right that other human beings don't have that's something hmm interesting I want how they got that be it would be nice wouldn't you like a power like that I know I would get all the money you want hey you owe me 20% of what you just made there pal fork it over and this comes back to the idea of natural law which is the ultimate goal of becoming enlightened this is what people need to understand to know what the truth is and what it is not what do you have the right to do what do people have the right to do what do they not have the right to do it's about rights because it's about right and wrong morality that's what natural law is about and that's why we're in the mess that we're in folks because we just completely ignore natural law principles and we think we can step on those laws and that we can prosper while crapping on them and guess what it doesn't work that way it doesn't work that way because the law that the Creator made regardless of what you want to think of that force as I could care less okay but what the universe put into effect what creation itself put into effect is a series of laws that govern that bind that control what happens will we behave in certain ways and if you don't believe that turn the show off now turn it off nothing I say will be of any use to you okay it's pointless to continue if you actually believe there's no such thing as natural law because you're probably a Sol obsessed refer to past shows to understand what solid says in this okay because if you don't believe that there's any such thing as truth that there's no such thing as right or wrong there's no such thing as natural law essentially you deserve what's coming okay you deserve what's going to happen to you because you're basically saying the creation I don't want anything to do with the laws that you put into effect for our betterment and that's why these laws are in effect and they are in effect regardless of what anybody thinks of them they're in effect and people need to recognize that and get over it and it's not a punishment and it is not some kind of a prison because a law happens to be in effect it is done I talked about this before natural law is in effect for the betterment of the people of the cosmos the beings the soul that dwell in this dimension in this space-time continuum the reason that natural law is in effect is for their betterment it is for their growth and development it is so they can become conscious co-creators with the divine force to place those laws into existence and until we become conscious of them and start to create our reality in knowledge of an accordance with those laws good luck folks cause you're not going anywhere but deeper into a prison and I know how strange some of this may sound the people encountering this information for the first time and it's because if it sounds strange it's because you don't understand natural law principles you don't know ultimately what right from wrong is there's no such thing as taxation in nature folks it doesn't exist it's the construct of a diseased mind telling somebody is going to take whatever amount that they make is wrong it doesn't matter what you're going to do with it doesn't matter why you want to do with the justification see people always say oh what if there wasn't this and we weren't able to pay for this and what if this happened it's always a what-if it's always projecting into the future and it's always justifying the action no justification means it means trying to find a way to make something right and justification implies more than that the connotation of the word justification when I'm trying to justify my actions I know subconsciously or even at a conscious level that what I may be doing is wrong and I'm trying to say that it is right I'm trying to put forward the proposition that an a wrong action that is not in keeping with natural law is actually in keeping with it that's what justification is so you'll hear billions and billions of justifications for why we need taxes why it's okay to do this why okay another person doesn't have this right but magically some people can grant this right to another body of people imagine that you can give something to somebody something that you don't have I wonder how that works I'm trying to figure it out I'll let you know when I figure it out imagine I can give somebody a a cake that I don't have that I haven't made that I don't have I'll just I'll just go into my imaginary refrigerator take out a cake and give give give something to somebody that I don't have and then I'll acknowledge that they now have a cake that's how it works okay that's how the monetary system works anyway right and this is how people think rights work this stuff people think laws work you can just grant somebody a right a privilege then other living being has under natural law I can't go up to my cousin and say listen I'm coming over and whatever you made last week better have one third of it laid out I don't care what it was whether it was money valuables possessions food one-third of what you made I'm taking at the end of this week and if you don't do it baseball bat to the head I don't have the right to do that I don't have the right to say if you don't do it I'm locking you up in a cage out out in your backyard I don't have a right to say you don't do that I'm gonna smash your house down I don't have any of those rights no individual does can anybody tell me one individual that has any of those rights no you know why because they don't because those rights don't exist nor could you grant somebody that right you could not grant that right to any other living being on the earth or in the three dimensional space-time continuum in which we live period you couldn't do it you don't want to know why because you don't have that right that's why so you can't grant a right to someone else that you don't inherently possess and secondly the whole concept of granting some want to right is ridiculous and erroneous to begin with rights are self existing you either have the right to do something or you don't have the right to do it period the end you have the right to do that which is morally within the boundaries of natural law you don't have the right to do that which is outside of the boundaries of natural law that's why it's called a right because it's in moral right and it's not wrong to do it it's not a right if it's morally wrong the end but yet we argue over this because people don't know the difference between right and wrong in 2010 adult human beings who are unraised here's another thing folks that I had to hear but I had to suffer through in the ridiculous completely childish Astra theological religion that I had to be tortured with this past week when sadly a couple of family members passed and I had to actually be present at a nonsensical childish sewage religion that people actually subscribe to it's all based on the Sun it's all based on Astro theology people have no idea what the rituals mean there's no idea what the symbolism is about and they're just totally under its mind-control that's what we'll get into that in coming weeks why priests are never in the freedom movement well then they'll never talk about the federal reserve on the gravy train too much with your 501c3 tax-exempt status aren't your father ain't nobody's father the nerve of the clergy of this country and I'm telling you that's it this show is going to get more scathing more raw more in-your-face because I'm tired of hearing all the justifications for people's nonsense and all the excuses that people make in defense of these idiots all wrong actions justified in people's minds and nonsensical beliefs propped up and say oh it's okay to you believe in this nonsense if you understood the real mystery tradition that underlies it fine wonderful I do I get it I know what real Christianity is I know the original mystery traditions of the Christian religion but 99.99999% of the Christians in the world do not and they don't live those principles and I'll tell you openly I do understand that tradition and I live it I can say that completely and totally in the open knowing that it's true and knowing I'm not hypocritical about that but how many people could say the same especially the so-called men of God in this garbage organized religion please the things that to have to sit through and listen and the things that people actually believe are real unbelievable you won't hear them talking about the taxation is wrong you won't hear them discussing fractional reserve banking you won't hear them talking about Ussery no doesn't the Bible say that usery is wrong sure it does you won't hear priests talking out against the Fed which by the way I'd like to say thanks to James Jaeger who was a phenomenal guest on the show here last week the maker of the documentary Fiat Empire among others he lent up to this show his expertise on the Federal Reserve made one of the seminal documentaries about it but yeah you won't hear religionists and so-called men of God talking out against their owners because they know who their owners are don't you boys yeah like you're the good little lap dogs that you are know all about it hypocrites pure hypocrites and the fact that this is where people this is what I need to teach people about morality I laugh at this constantly constantly because it's like this is the example of some of the best people that humanity has we're in big trouble folks and that seems to be the case because I'm so far from perfect it's not even it's laughable but at least I have the courage to come out and say what's real and what's true and what's really going on with the sorcerers of this world the occultus of this world that own people because they've given their minds away to them but again as I've said it's more than just it's more than just mind control it's cowardice let's bring it right home members of my family apathetic yes ignorant oh-ho and that's really an understatement to say the least but you know what it really is about come on people let's let's cut through it and be real honest about it they know that they're slaves they know what the world is they know that male dominator Nazi scum bags on this place essentially physically and threaten violence against people that don't pay their bosses they know that the world is controlled by a big gigantic mafia ultimately run by a cultist they know deep down they may not know it at a conscious level but they know it at a subconscious level and they know their slaves in this prison they get it they really get it but you know what it is they have no courage they're cowards and you know what that's the lowest form of life there is and that's what I have to partially agree with the dark occultus of this world the people who act like that and don't have any courage and don't have any will they deserve what happens to them and I said it right there there it said okay it is said and I don't care who disagrees disagree all you want there are people with will in this world that are acting as they say they're gonna act they're acting in accordance with how they think and feel and you know what that's unity consciousness and it doesn't matter whether it's dark unity consciousness we have talked about this on this show and there are people who will violently disagree with this principle the universe does not care whether you come into unison in light or in darkness it will respect unison the hardest lessons anybody ever has to learn you need to start getting over it folks the universe respects unity consciousness the dominators of this world are all on the same page the good people of the world not on the same page not even close those with good tendencies I should say they haven't really become truly good or truly awoken they may say that they want to see good done they may feel in their heart that there should be good done in the world but do they really act it therefore they're in opposition they're not in unity consciousness they're not in unison with themselves and since they're torn apart that dark force will continue to rule them and that is the perfect example is taxation how many people aren't paying taxes how many people will refuse to work a job where taxes are withheld how many people will refuse to go and do a job under an employee that's going to say I'm going to withhold your taxes and pay pay to the dominator Nazi thugs who think that they own you and who are enslaving you and believe they have the right to do it not many people well you know what I'll never pay you a dime thug never never you'll never get one dime I mean yeah you can say okay taxes are added in to things that you purchase and that may be true but you know what I will net no one will ever be given number a tax ID number I'm not a number I'm not a social security number I don't have your number okay you don't have my number okay because I'm out of your mind control garbage crap sewage okay you're not ascribing a number to me and telling me I must accept it and I don't accept your number okay nor am I going to accept the fact that you're going to tell me I'm going to give you a certain amount of what I earn good luck getting it the only thing you could possibly get is a lump up up a lump of dead flesh that's it that's all you can get from me you'll never have my compliance you'll never have my cooperation you'll never have a penny of support of anything anything that I make with my labor with the sweat of my brow ever ever get back know it know it like you know your name know it like you know your name and yeah there's anger here folks yes and it's justifiable anger truly justifiable anger not false justifications anger can be a very positive emotion and if the New Age movement which we talked about that wants a hijack everything and get people not to take any real action in the world they want to tell you you should never experience anger and it's nonsense when that you're seeing things in the world that are completely unjust Center and are completely morally wrong angers the correct response then you got to take it a step beyond that and help people to understand what's really going on by studying it yourself to a point where you can convey it to the ignorant and anybody that thinks taxation is not robbery is not fast at the point of a gun I don't know what to tell you I don't know what to tell you you you dwell in darkness you-you-you don't understand right from wrong that's all I can tell you it there's really no other way of putting it if you don't understand that telling somebody else I'm going to take this much and I don't care what it's for okay you could say oh it does things for people okay wonderful if it's voluntary go for it but once you introduce coercion at the threat of violence that's morally wrong the end and I don't care what you're doing it for I don't care if it's the most altruistic reason on the face of the earth see what natural to understand natural law what you need to do and I've said this before you need to understand the world as if it's only you and another person imagine if there's only you and one other person in the world would you have the right to say look you're over there you live in that area I'm over here I live in that area okay and I that's sick I have an infection in my leg I can't forage for food okay but I can still throw this spear okay and if you don't come and bring me food I'm gonna hobble over or crawl over where you're at and I'm going to put this spear through your heart if you don't give me half of what you have is do you have the right under natural law to do that you don't you can ask someone to give of their own free will and their own accord voluntarily what they may have but once you coerce it through the threat of violence essentially this implies the knowledge of what violence is people think that force and violence are the same thing and this is another distinction I've made continuously on this show and will continue to make because it's unclear in a lot of people's minds violence is the initiation of force that you don't have the right to take so if I walk out under the street wait for the first person to come down my block and smash their face in with a crowbar that's violence I don't have the right to take that action however if I walk out on the street and someone pulls a weapon and says give me your wallet I have every right to hit him in the face with a crowbar that's called force use when someone is under the threat of physical violence so what is the distinction between the two - anybody with a minimal amount of brain cells to rub together its left in the world the difference between the two is the initiation of the force and whether it was allowed to be taken under natural law when someone initiates force by pulling out a weapon and saying give me your wallet they don't have a natural law right to take that and therefore they nullify their natural law right to be safe from force being used to to thwart their attack of violence the initiation of undue force the finds themself has every right to do so and this is what the dominators this is what the military this is what the police want people to believe you don't have the right to take when your rights are being violated when you're being robbed they want you to believe you have you must sit back and take it because to stop somebody from physically violating your rights or forcibly confiscating something that belongs to you you have no right to to thwart that attack with force and you know what this is another thing the New Age movement wants you to believe in - and you have every right to fort that violence let's be real clear that's what it is that's what taxation is it's violence you need it said louder and clearer I can do that I have a real big mouth a real powerful voice it's violence that's what it is and if you don't think it is you're wrong the end the end I honestly really don't even care what you think about it because it is a specific thing and if you don't understand that it is that thing you're just wrong that's all I'm saying that openly and whoever gets offended by that I don't care because the truth is the truth you don't want to accept the truth you don't want to understand the truth that's on you you're going to be held accountable for how you behave in that instance and then those circumstances and quite frankly I've said this before on the show I'm done with the tact I don't want to have any tact I'm through trying to get through to people by baby spoon feeding and there ain't no time for that folks I yell understand you can live in a police state I don't know what to tell you if you don't understand that you're under essentially the nation is under mind control akin to Nazi Germany I don't if you can't recognize that at this point I don't know what to tell you the reason people don't come out of it isn't because they don't really understand it from an intuitive level it's because they're cowards and that's what happened in Nazi Germany folks the people who refused to say no were cowards that's why that happened that's why Stalinist Russia happened that's why every dictatorial regime happens and populations get cold because their populations became cowards at some point and look that's what happens coward begins with the word cow and cows get led to the slaughter and you can here's the tagline for the show folks get as offended about it as you like get is offended about it as you like this show is about hard-core uncomfortable truths very few people will even say publicly to any other living being let alone on a radio show that they're posting for the world to hear and you can say anything you want about me because they're saying about me I'm not perfect I don't know everything but I'll tell you one thing one thing I'm not I'm not a coward and I won't go down like a coward I for one am NOT going quietly into the darkness caller from California you're on what on earth is happening hey Mark it's not actually California it's Kevin once again Deb what's up man I don't know why that keeps coming up California I guess like you said it's the routing but that's fine yeah from Philadelphia what's up my friend well I just wanted to mention like you I've been listening to your show like this it started tonight I keep hearing things I want to just like kind of interject along the way and one of them was you had mentioned a long time ago I forget exactly the type of words that you use to describe it by belief barb had had known it but a you had mentioned how there is a one all whole complete total rolling state pretty much controlling the entire planet and that was like this one political party called the Nazis spelled n ot s EE F that's right those and Nazi correct yeah I just thought that was something that I felt like you were like missing not in or like saying during all of this and I'm totally in agreeance with where you're at and first of all actually I want to throw out there that my condolences for your multiple losses and even more though for the for the suffering you had to go through it at the the religious ceremonies I I personally believe that religion is kind of meant to keep the poor from killing the rich that's just aspirational feeling that it was always entrained in them because realistically there are other ideas out there that do not get the same value all thing it's a leash it's a leash around their neck I'd be less be honest that's what religion is it's a leash around the neck of the pets of the so-called elite and that it's right in the word folks if we get down to the meaning of words we'll understand what words actually are saying to us subconsciously the word religion means to hold back that's what a leash does a leash holds it someone back around their neck and that's what the word religion means and uh there was this other thing that I've noticed that in a lot of films they take ideas that would be really good to get out to the world and then they make them seem really absurd by putting them in say a movie like Batman and having the Joker burn that pile of money well realistically there's a lot of thought behind that he may have acted like this wild dog but the idea of burning all that money is it serious act two again of aggression as far as I'm concerned against the the the federal reserve and to process that in a fashion that makes it look like it's a crazy idea is to link it back to with where I'm going with this with the the religions Dan just made about how it keeps from from killing the rich there was an idea thrown out in the Addams Family movie at where Morticia is talking to Uncle Fester saying we gladly feast on those who would subdue us not just pretty words but as an atom's you understand completely don't you right and there there is something to that like there is like that that whole idea of give me liberty or give me death it's kind of missing in today's society we have become this whole specifically in America no longer that like the land of the free but to do as we tell you and no longer the home of the brave but like okay it's a vision I earned now let's be obviously and the terrorists right the school system is a big part of that entrainment religion is a big part of that entrainment what people eat is a big part of that entrainment vaccinations is a big part of that entrainment who knows what what long-term effects things like that have on the brain and it that's what it's all about it's about stunting someone the the most painful thing about these funerals this week was not that people had died it was seeing the stunted state that the people in my family who are still alive dwell in that's what was the most painful thing I didn't look at the dead that really truly physically dead as the ones who needed any pity or mercy it was the people who were alive in my family seeing adult people that are stunted emotionally mentally spiritually their children they're 40 50 60 70 year old children that's what they have done to the people of this country through television through vaccinations through the school system through the food it's unbelievable you have to stand back and marvel at it practically and and I like the point you brought up about wouldn't talked about when you brought up the word Nazi it isn't just a political party meaning the National Socialist German Workers Party it when we say the word in English Nazi na Zi which is how we write in the anagram okay it it means not see to not see to not be aware of to be spiritually blind and this is called green language we talk about this a little bit on the show we'll get into it more as the week's go on but this is called alchemical green language and no one has to plan this this doesn't have to be formally structured by anybody okay it works out that way synchro mystically and Kevin I know you know a little bit about synchro mysticism yeah he works out that way in the language because the language is like the living expression of the other collective consciousness and the words that we speak work out to tell us things in certain ways so when we say the word nazi' we're saying not to see n ot se e not see and that's not accidental not accidentally or it's like this bar repressive evil version of namaste right it's like this inverted version of namaste as far as I can see it like that's just the the kind of allegory that I again have come up with on my own just in thinking about all this I see like uh namaste has always been about this like honoring the other person that you see in that other it like you honor your selves that other person your spirit your true spirit like though the one that's truly divine not just this Coryell form but like everything around person's freedom and about their divine right to exist on their own and not be reimbursed or taken for granted even it sucks a phenomenal way of putting it Kevin um it's so simple the the golden rule is so simple and how people completely miss it is beyond me if you want to exist and be free and have the right to live your life without coercion yet you won't grant that to someone else and this is what a cop does every day when he puts that uniform on and agrees to go and take something from somebody because they refuse to pay a tribute to his master this is what the people who are going and fighting the legal wars of aggression over resources and foreign lands are doing when they put that uniform on and they want to always say the same thing and it's always the same justification I had no choice I needed to do it I needed the money I needed to pay for my family I need to work my way through the school nonsense nonsense you can't be made to do anything that you truly don't want to do somewhere deep down in your heart in your soul and your spirit that blackness has to like this somewhere in there for you to be so called compelled to do it because it no one's really compelling you you have total control your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions at all time and anybody that's ever says otherwise is lying there lying and there are coward they're lying because if they do I don't know that nobody is making your muscles contract and hit somebody in the head nobody is making your hand squeeze the trigger you are making the choice to do that and this is what people don't want they don't want the responsibility brought firmly home where it belongs upon the individual that individual is exactly to the self if the self if the actual person doesn't confront the darkness within them they are going to be forever subject to it that's right and apparently these people love it I don't know I I just get the sense that people love this they love the state of this world they love dwelling in the ignorance that they dwell in I mean they have no desire to crawl up out of this morass of consciousness that dwells all around they have they seemly see we have no desire to better themselves in any way at least people around me don't I don't know Derrick Jensen calls it Derrick Jensen calls it the exploiter Dominator culture right and essentially they are all examples exactly that they're in and even people that are at the bottom of this exploiter Dominator culture that that are being exploited they don't realize they don't understand that that instead of gunning for a balanced fair society and working towards that they instead just want to climb the ladder so that they can then become the oppressors of others it's so bad they want to play the same game that has them enslaved thinking that they're going to come out on top of it as the winner not understanding as you know was put forth in the Divine Comedy by Dante Satan it himself is encased in ice at the center of hell that that even the the the the Dominator at the top of the food chain so to speak is also tormented and is also kept back from what he wants the most you know he loves the heat he puts everybody in that yet he's encased in a block of ice it's the big joke on everybody even at the top you're still enslaved because the the force is what is enslaving people it is not anything that is there is no highest level of it in the physical domain at the highest level of it in the physical domain is still enslaved by the force of fear and negativity and they don't understand that yet they want to aspire to be like Big Daddy you know they want to aspire to be like the father who beats the mother because they look at that as the stronger position of the two it's it's so loathsome it's so loads a minute it only happens with people that really refuse to look at themselves refuse to understand anything about the self refuse to delve down into the matters of spirit you know that they don't want to understand anything about anything higher than than the lowly physical domain because that's their God they worship Mammon they worship the only god of this world and that's that dollar bill that's it I've said it many times then that name is extremely important when you study that all the mythological cultures of the ancient world bill Bell Bell the bull it's that's that's the dark evil God of the world it's all based upon that name and they name the dollar bill after it and you know they named big secret societies after like the Bilderberg Group you know the highest satanic holiday is called belt Beltane it goes on and on we'll get into like some of the symbolism when we talk about the occult in coming weeks in a few weeks time I'll be breaking out a lot of information about occult traditions and we'll be getting into symbolism and analyzing symbolism in meticulous detail because to understand some of the events of the world we have to understand symbolism as well and green language is a big part of that so I thank you for bringing that up to the listeners attention the whole green language of Nazi and azi and Nazi n ot s EE not to Nazi keV it's always a pleasure to talk to you man and keep up the great work because I somebody needs to say this to people and Gautier said boldness has genius power and magic in it so don't let the don't let those guys get you down really like keep up what you're doing you're an agent and FF of late evolution keep up the good work please cam thank you so much man I appreciate it how you have a good night man you too all right so it is difficult and it is maddening sometimes and you know I can tend to get a little bit emotional and let that out you know I kind of felt I wasn't going to get so crazy that I'd be sounding like Alex Jones on this show not that I don't like Alex I think what he's doing is important too but you know sometimes you need to vent color from Southeast Pennsylvania you are on what on earth is happening welcome what do you have for us hi mark it's Kristin New Jersey how are you first how you doing man good hearing from good mark I'm mark listen um one thing that struck me I keep remember you hearing here you say the truth is always simple and I've come to that understanding and that's how I try to figure things out now I keep things simple the book you referenced a while back called the end of all evil by Jeremy Locke yes looks about as simple as it gets and you can't get it at Amazon you can't buy it there I thought that variant book I've ever tried to get at Amazon and couldn't find on Amazon well there were a lot of Chris Chris I'll tell you what listen what I'll do is and I usually don't do this on the show while make an exception in this case because I think this book is so critical okay I do have a PDF electronic copy of the book okay I'll post that on the site and if the author has a problem with that he can email me and I'll take it down from my site but all being that you mentioned that this week and how many concepts connected with the topics of the show for this week and in past weeks that book deals with I'll post an electronic copy that people can read on their computer or on their you know mobile device like an iPad or a Kindle or they could print so I'll post that on the site for this podcast that will be podcast number 28 and I'll put that in as a related document but I'll continue what you're going to say about the book but you can look for that on my site I think I think for people to understand I think I think most your audience hopefully understands or starting to understand the way you find the truth is you keep it simple they want to make it confusing and going getting you going down these dead ends just keep it simple I think we boiled down the rest of my life to this I'm going to do the right thing for the right reason that's simple and that's how that that's how I'm gonna live the rest of my life and right that's how I see it there's no need to make it all located and go searching for secret societies no life stuff because the secret the real secret that I found that over the last year and a half is that there's real power in believing so what we give our energy to we give life to in a sense so it's very important that we be careful as to what we part for taken like you say you know going to church my prime mom goes to church religiously all the time and I asked her about a month ago I said you know the Catholic Church is sitting on the sidelines while all this immorality takes place and the reasons were united you ask the priest is always our 501 C tax exemption tax status we'll have to pay taxes I said to my mom I said well you know this is a woman who's gone to church for as long as I've been alive I said where well is that what Jesus would say would Jesus say to whoever pushes pile ever was we we're good at we're going to do it your way because we don't want to lose our tax status and rate that moment it's crystal clear that it's all fraud and yet my mom doesn't really recognize I think she comes to that you know the the thinking go little old me there's nothing I could do for about it well we have to stop that because if a whole bunch of us you know make the decision to take a stand will change the world but if none of us do what we're going to do exactly what happened to Germany we're going to sit there and watch the atrocities happen and you know once one atrocity happens it makes an X or more likely because you know one coward begets another coward before you know it humanity is suffering and on you know unbelievable scale understanding the difference between right and wrong and then living that way it is about understanding the difference between right and wrong what we have the moral right to do what we do not have the moral right to do on their natural law and then living in harmony with those principles and that is what the book the end of all evil discusses in a very simple way in a way that puts it in a way that most people can understand from the perspective of very simple language that's what struck me as so valuable about that book and why I quoted it on the air and why I think so many people would benefit from reading that book now that being said I have attempted to lend that book to some family members and friends and you just be surprised that people are so scatterbrained and their attention span is so destroyed anymore that people literally can't sit down and read a 90 page book 90 pages of large-type people have a hard time sitting down even for a few hours quieting their minds and taking in a little bit of information you can read a 90 page book and print it in fairly large type in a few hours even if you're a slow reader I'm not the world's fastest reader again I've said that before on the show I'm a voracious reader but I'm not nearly as fast of a reader as I would like to be I have the power through books and use will to get through them you know I retain what I read but I don't read very quickly I'd like to improve that but even for a slow reader you can read a 90 page book in a few hours caller from Southwest Ohio you are on what on earth is happening as we call are you there forward in this consciousness hello caller from Southwest Ohio having some problems are you there okay looks like our connection to talk shoe is still out so it doesn't look like we're going to be able to get any more callers I apologize for the continued technical difficulties I've had some problems over the last couple of weeks with talk shoe but oh well moving forward going back to taxation people want to make claims that because we live in a society okay because we live in a technological world because we live amongst millions of people that it would somehow become justified for a group of people to say we have the right morally to forcibly forcibly take that which we deem necessary to provide certain services and certain amount of equity to the masses of people and what I would say how I would answer that is one being born into a certain geographical region you can believe this all you want but again it will never make it true did not did not grant to any one in existence the moral right to rule over me it did not say I am your subject it did not give them the right to make me subject to them no one simply because a government is in existence is subject to that government this is what a government wants people to believe they want you to believe that you are under their jurisdiction and what that basically means however it may word is that you are bound to their laws even though if you're born into one geographic region there are certain laws and if you were born into another geographic region there are completely different laws imagine that one place certain things are acceptable and deemed morally okay to do and in another place if you did those same things you might be jailed or even killed jurisdiction comes from Latin the first part of it comes from the word youths jus it means law or justice just Juris the second part comes from dictate dick Terry which means to speak jurisdiction to speak the law the voice of the law the word of the law of man's law individuals think that beings born into certain geographic regions become subjected to the laws laid down by the Dominator men of that region and therefore they're bound to obey laws that say you have to pay this tax this tax this tax this tax you need to pay this amount of what you make and if there are people who believe that if you don't do that your freedom may be taken away from you or worse that you may be physically harmed imagine that people go to work every day put on a uniform a costume and actually enforce this nonsense just because someone else told them it was okay to do and they do it because they don't know the difference between right or wrong as an adult and you know what that's one of the most sad things it's one of the saddest things that you could possibly know consciously is that there are adult beings walking around that are completely unwind the religious ridiculousness that went on at the funerals that I attended there was this notion brought up of Resurrection and to my amazement the the utterly ridiculous things that they are talking about regarding resurrection how they have people fooled and hoodwinked about what resurrection is almost made me sick because they're taking a core component of the mystery traditions of the truth of the world of the truth of what resurrection really is and then they're twisting it into a story of Astro theology about the Sun rising to redeem the world each day it's about the Sun coming up over the horizon resurrecting from his dark place you know at night beneath the horizon the Horace zone the zone of the Sun Falcon Horace and then rising up above to redeem the world to bring it new life we'll get into all of that when we talk about astra theology Astro mythology that's all it is what they've convinced people in this particular religion and of course on referring to Christianity is that resurrection takes place in an afterlife that you die from this physical world and go into another world where then you are resurrected to eternal life and they actually have people believing this sewage and what it does psychologically is it gets people to be completely inactive it gets them to ignore the evil of this world it gets him to say I'm not worried about what happens here because when I'm dead I'm going to be resurrected and then I'm gonna live eternally in a wonderful happy heaven with God well let me tell you something folks the early Christian Church pulled out everything in the original writings of the Bible about reincarnation and in the official canon that was scripted and approved by Constantine during the Council of Nicaea in the fourth century AD they removed all references to reincarnation and in doing so they got people they got most people to believe that life is about one and out that you're it's one and done that you have one life you live it and then based on what you do here you either go to heaven or hell look at if you're relatively good and you didn't harm people etc etc you go to this place called heaven in which you receive the gift of eternal life I know this is jumping into religion a little bit which we're going to talk about in a a few weeks but I want to just bring up this point about resurrection and of course this is connected deeply to Freemasonry it's connected deeply to Rosicrucianism it's connected deeply to the mystery traditions of Egypt resurrection isn't something that happens in an afterlife folks you can believe that all you want but that's not where resurrection happens resurrection happens in this life resurrection happens in this life or it doesn't happen and the people who think that they're going someplace and that they're going to be in this paradise after one lifetime or something of that nature whatever the ridiculous nonsense they're teaching people in this Babylonian inspired Trinity religion Nimrod Semiramis Talos Osiris Isis Horus God the Father God the Son God the Holy Spirit Brahma Shiva Shakti doesn't make a difference what the names are it's all the same it's all astra theology they want people to believe that essentially what you do here doesn't bear so much upon the consequences of what truly happens to you because they want you to believe that it's essentially weighing whether you live a somewhat decent life and you're going to go to heaven or whether you were a bad person you're going to go to hell but what's left out of the equation is the conception that perhaps you're going to come back here reincarnation that's taken off the books in this religion and it's done for a reason it's done to make people look to an afterlife that's eternal rather than to look and truly weigh their actions in this life whether they were truly moral whether they were truly responsible whether they truly raised themselves to adulthood and to enlightenment see that's ultimately what they're trying to do in people's minds to get them to think that it's one life and out because if people knew that until they really did something to change this horrid reality that they live in that they feel so powerless to change that's another thing that I heard endlessly throughout this last week what can you do woe is us we're so powerless we can't change anything how horrible just like yeah the Nazis couldn't refuse what they were doing we can't refuse what we're doing our soldiers and police can't refuse their orders cuz they're just programmed Machine robots right well they may act like it but that's not truly what they are I got to go along because my superiors told me so powerless the feeling of powerlessness this was reiterated over and over and over and over of course cancer was the culprit and I heard nothing you could do about it no cure for it spouting this ignorant and these are people who never even heard the name Royal Raymond rife and you know it's almost pointless to even try to tell them because I mean they'll try to tell you that you don't know what you're talking about cancer cured a hundred years ago we would know about that if that were true oh wait would you and yet not one of them heard the name royal rife and I wonder how many people even listening tonight have don't look him up royal Raymond rife and then tell me about why we're putting people through the barbary of chemotherapy today because it's a big industry that's why and people don't want to believe people are that evil but they are now we would know about it yeah just like you know about taxation being morally right you'd know all about it it's honestly dealing with children quite honestly I'm tired of it I'm tired I want to tag out from this garbage I wonder how many people feel the same way and if talks you'd had it hadn't screwed up again maybe I'd be able to take some calls on that [Music] taking a reincarnation out of the doctrines of the church lets people not think they don't have to deal with the thought maybe I'm not going anywhere when I die see because this is much closer to the truth folks I'll let you in on a little piece of deep mystical awareness you know who is much much closer to the truth somebody named Jim Morrison when he said no one here gets out alive most people aren't going anywhere when they die because they didn't get the lesson that this reality had to teach them and they're gonna be back again and again and again and again and again and again and again until their ego is finally smashed to little bits and they acknowledge right from wrong that they acknowledge there is such a thing they acknowledge natural law they acknowledge their part in either keeping natural law or shredding it to bits attempting the shredding it to bits I should say because you're always bound by it at all times and places and you're not getting out of this prison until you understand how to live in harmony with it the end I mean you could take the show take that sentence shut it off and that's all you really need to understand and this is what I would I would ask to me in all honesty I'll try to throw a number out there just just for giggles I think less than 1,000 people on the surface of the earth really understand natural law really understand the difference between right or wrong really are enlightened and really are living those principles I would say less than a thousand people on the entire earth out of seven billion that's the number where that's where I think it's at now maybe I'm way pessimistic but if I had to give a number that's where I think we're at because I mean you know in a room of hundreds of people I see people that have zero understanding and again I've talked about this before I have a concept that I call this negative knowledge not only our people are unaware of anything that contains any amount of wisdom not only are they completely unaware of even one concept regarding the true nature of what's taking place in the world and the true nature of the self they have completely accepted completely erroneous belief surrounding these notions therefore to get back to knowing nothing they would have to do work to get back just to the point where okay I've let go of all the things that I completely believe that are completely bogus ideologies and now I know nothing would be a lifetime of work for them negative knowledge that's how sad this is what this is what the Dominator occultus of this world have accomplished and I have to marvel at it I tell people all the time the only thing I could do practically is shake these people's hand and say well done what a phenomenal job I mean it's unbelievable to me it's almost inconceivable that I literally want to stand back and marvel at it and say absolutely phenomenal job I mean that's that's seemingly where we're at it's amazing it's truly amazing to go back to taxation for a little bit if you want to really get a good idea of how this works in natural law and laughs a little bit in doing so MIT perhaps and you know still learn something I would highly suggest checking out some of the works of one of the speakers the upcoming speakers of the free your mind conference mr. Larkin Rose I would particularly suggest that people go up to YouTube or Google Video and type lark and roses name in its lar que en Larkin lar que en Rose ro se because I believe that this is one of the people that truly does get it to a very deep level and that is of a big rarity particularly watch Larkins video called I'm allowed to rob you I'm allowed to rob you and I think that will go a long way toward helping people to understand in very simple terms what taxation really is at a fundamental core level of right and wrong what it means at a core level regarding morality because in this video he describes how people magically gave themselves the right to confiscate what other people have and they call it taxation but in essence it is nothing but theft it's robbery act a threat of violence and how people actually believe this and get mad when you say that's what it is because they believe that you're born under jurisdiction that someone else can claim you're their subject and can force you through violence to behave in the ways that they want you to behave even though you may not be harming anyone else imagine I'm allowed to take violent action against you even though you've committed no harm to another living being because the state told me I'm allowed to robot zombie unthinking Nazi thugs scum actually believe this crap they actually believe this this is their religion because they've been brainwashed to such an extent and it isn't even just that they want to act like that folks let's let's call it what it really is these thugs want to act like that that's why the Nazis did what they did that's why the the Gestapo did this that's why the Stasi did this that's why the secret police of Russia and and every other regime you know that's why the Communists in China you know of today of this thug country talk about Nazis the regime of North Korea of today and every other you know the Roman legions of the ancient past the priest class of dark occult orders doesn't make a difference who were talking about people who follow hierarchy they want to act like a psychopath they want to be they are psychopathic to a certain extent and they are just following their true often genetic psychopathic overlords just following their orders like good little dogs follow orders and that's all they are they're pets you want to know what people who follow orders are there called pets trained to follow orders that's what you are a pet I mean imagine that's not even a man that's not a man that's not a woman I mean imagine this I mean you even need to be told you don't even know what self-respect is you follow orders that other people give to you and you don't even question whether they're right or wrong and you don't think you're a pet that you're not a kept animal there's no self-respect and you actually think you're some kind of a man it's not what a man is that's what an animal is that's how animals behave kept animals not even wild animals wild animals you try to give them an order they're gonna eat yet it's not even a wild animal it's a domesticated animal imagine that this is what these people actually and that's what it all tulta mately comes down to their level of self-respect is so low is so denigrated that they actually look at themselves as capped animals and are okay with that they're okay with that could you imagine being okay with being a kept animal it's unbelievable it's truly unbelievable but that is what the dominators or the so-called dominators the people who are really just taking the orders of the priests class of the dominators the sorcerers of the world if you will and are who are totally under their mind-control and control of their symbols that's what they are domesticated animals well just so it stated on the record I'm not a domesticated animal I'm not a wild animal I'm a human being a being a sovereign being undergoing the experience of being human but being is my pure state and no one no one is ever going to tell me that I owe them tribute and that I will be punished if I don't pay them tribute so hey owners of the Fed hear what I'm saying you don't own me you can think you do all you want you don't own me people who think that you're gonna be justified in coming and trying to take my freedom because I won't pay a tribute to somebody who's some psychopath who thinks he's God you don't own me and this is the kind of courage that it's gonna take for people to stand up and say no I will not act as a slave you do not own me you will not take what I earn I will do what I want with what I earn voluntarily and I'll be my brother's keeper with it voluntarily if I so choose and if I don't choose then I won't do that and we'll all suffer the consequences as a result but to tell someone they're gonna do their you're gonna make them do something that they don't want airily want to be able to do that they don't voluntarily want to do under their own accord when they still have actually not physically harmed someone else you don't have the natural law right to do that you can think you do all you want you could scribble down whatever damn law you want giving yourself the right to do that it'll never met let you have that right in nature so check out the works of Larkin rose he will be speaking at the free your mind conference [Music] I believe his website is Larkin rose calm his videos are up there you could see them on YouTube or Google video as well and I think Larkin is enlightened I think he gets what natural law is he understands the difference between the so-called law of man and what morality is which is true natural law and sadly so few people in the world do understand that distinction and that's why hundreds of thousands of people put on a uniform every day and go do the bidding of the dominators of the world as their little pets their little lap dog pets and I'll say to them you have no self respect you don't know what the self is at all not even a little bit you're operating on pure left brain machine like consciousness that is completely divorced from truth and you don't know what right or wrong is because if you did you would take that uniform off and refuse to do that job because you would understand you could never force compliance with natural law you can only educate people about it and you're not doing that work you're choosing to act in fear and then try to control people through physical violence and you'll never change anything like that except for the worse so all cops to think oh it's just some cops it's just bad a it's a bad Apple here and there and it's just a matter of honoring my oath honoring your oath to act as a physical violent Dominator because you think that's gonna make the world better you know you understand nothing little boy zero is what you understand zero because you don't understand natural law you don't really know the difference right or wrong and you think you're gonna put a fire out by pouring gasoline on it you think you're gonna add the same polarity to a certain dynamic and you're gonna get the opposite polarity you're gonna add control to something which is based in fear and you're gonna get freedom sure you are good luck with that when you're done running around in that maze in that little hamster wheel like the pet that you are let me know next week we'll talk about how the mass media is controlled and how if you listen to that swill you're never gonna get any truth about what's really happening in this world we'll look at how the media is bought and paid for wholly owned little lap dogs just like the other aspects of the dominator Freak control system and in all honesty they're some of the worst and lowest forms of life because they're the ones who are lying to you for a paycheck you know in many ways yeah it's bad that these roided-up eight-inch thick eyebrow Ridge no neck control freaks think that they own other people when they ever ever read a book and don't know the first thing about self but that they want to think that they're gonna control somebody you know it's in a lot of ways it's even worse when the little petty pseudo-intellectual puts on a suit and tie and stands there like the talking head and he's gonna lie for a nice little paycheck I'll tell people whatever swell my owners want them to hear I don't know what form of life is worse I'm out of here for this week's week folks sorry if it was a little bit depressing and on edge but like I said the gloves are off a mark passio and this is what on earth is happening my websites what on earth is happening calm I'll see you here next week good night you