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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website revolution broadcasting com this show is live every Tuesday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time we have a packed show lined up for you here today we are going to continue the discussion that we started last week about food food as a methodology of mind control through the destabilizing of the body and the mind-body connection that's what we're going to continue to talk about here today and in the coming couple weeks this is such a big topic it's such an important topic it touches everyone everyone that eats that is as far as I know that's everyone on this planet and you know not to belabor the point but and make this a show about food but this is such a critically important topic to understand and to really grab the reigns of because it is something that we have within a modicum of our own control what we eat what we put into our bodies when we understand just how important that is this topic becomes one of the most critical topics in the entire world particularly what as it relates to human freedom and what I'm going to try to do over the next couple of weeks is really help people understand how the topic of food and the topic of human freedom are inextricably interwoven so that's going to be the topic of discussion here this evening hopefully we'll take some calls from the audience as well well want to do before I give the call and number for the show is read a few event announcements for events that are coming up in my area the reason I do this at the top of the show is because it's all about action folks that's what it's about it's about taking action it's about taking right moral action in the world that's what the great work really is and therefore I like to highlight some of the events they're taking place in my neck of the woods so here we go the event announcement the free your mind 2011 conference fundraiser this is coming up in less than two weeks next Friday not this Friday coming up the following Friday November 5th the 5th of November 2010 at 8 p.m. at liberties in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia Liberty's pub Liberty's pub is at 705 North 2nd Street that's basically at second and Fairmount streets in Philadelphia there will be a $10 donation requested at the door the event will feature a live musical performance by the the folk guitarist and songwriter chip Raymond and there will be a 50/50 raffle all proceeds for this event will go to offsetting the cost to bring in the out-of-town speakers for the free your mind conference in April I'll read that event announcement in a couple of moments tickets for the free your mind conference will also be going on sale on November 5th 2010 tickets for the conference will be available at the fundraiser for the first time anywhere the people who attend this fundraiser in Philadelphia will have the first chance to purchase tickets for the free your mind conference and there is limited seating available at the conference there is only room for approximately 200 people we're going to print 200 tickets for each day and once they're gone that's it because there are you know fire codes for the building and we are going to sell that building out we are going to sell this event out for certain so that's the free your mind conference fundraiser Friday November 5th 2010 8 p.m. at Liberty's second and Fairmount $10 donation at the door and live music and a 50/50 raffle all proceeds go to the cost for bringing it out of town speakers for the free your mind conference next event announcement the UFO et Congress 2010 November 13th and 14th at the Ramada Inn 1083 US highway 206 North in Bordentown New Jersey this is a two-day event hosted by Pat Market ilio also known as dr. UFO Saturday the event starts with a 9:00 a.m. registration there's a 10:00 a.m. welcome speech by Pat who is the master of ceremonies for the event the speakers Dennis then okhla will be talking about UFOs crop circles and visitors from extraterrestrial civilizations dr. Julian salt that will speak on the global crisis and the New World Order's present situation Dan Smith his topic the best possible world and its best possible ending jacqueline de leeds ET forces of light will Allen and a special guest the topic proof is in the pictures UFOs over DC and UFOs filmed by astronauts those are the speakers for Saturday for Sunday a 9:30 a.m. registration and then a welcome speech by Pat Market ilio at 10:00 a.m. I will be speaking at this event very honored to do so I will be a talk called don't count on disclosure about the deepest reasons for the worldwide cover-up of the UFO phenomenon mr. bill Weber will be giving a talk called 1930s German flying saucers butch witkowski his topic underground bases and human mutilation investigations Tim Heckman will be discussing area 51 Joel beam will talk about UFO abductions and sightings the directions to get to the Ramada Inn in Bordentown take the New Jersey Turnpike to exit seven then take route 206 north about a quarter of a mile and the Ramada Inn is on your right free parking is available convention cost is $135 for the weekend if you register in advance at the door cost is $75 per day for more information about this great conference please go to WWE fo r that's d r UF o RG UF o et Congress 2010 next the end the Fed rally I believe they're doing another fed stock rally where they're going to have concerts on the lawn at Independence Visitor Center this is going to be happening on November 20th at 11 o'clock a.m. in Philadelphia first component of this rally is at the Federal Reserve Building at 6th and arch streets then everyone will be there'll be some speeches out outdoors at the Fed building and then they'll be moving to the lawn at the independence Visitor Center at 5th and market where there will be more speakers and a concert for more information about this event please get involved the Federal Reserve lies at the core of the erosion of our natural god-given freedoms in this country and throughout the world it is one of the chief organizations that is attempting to destroy individual sovereignty and freedom and you can check out and the Fed dot US and for more information about the local organizers in Philadelphia go to truth freedom prosperity org truth freedom prosperity org finally the big event coming up in Philadelphia in the first quarter of next year the free your mind conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult free your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the dates are Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 the time 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days that's the program the doors will open at nine a m-- on both days the location is rubra hall are you be a hall at four one four four fourteen Green Street in Philadelphia PA admission price is $20 per day the confirmed speakers for the free your mind conference thus far Erin McCallum alfred weber Andrew basiago Bob tuscan farah your dozous jaan Irvin Jay Parker John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower Mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor and we are still in negotiation with some other speakers time will tell about how many we fully confirmed we'll have live at the for your mind conference that will also have to do with how well we do with the conference fundraiser and new speakers will be announced over the coming weeks the free your mind conference April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia for more information visit the conference website at WWE your mind conference calm those are the event announcements for this evening let's jump right into the topic which is a continuation from last week and as I said last week I prepared a laundry list of aspects through which to talk about this problem and that is what we will be doing in this portion of unfolding this topic about food we will be talking about what is wrong we will be talking about the problems with our food we'll get into solutions at another time we will be discussing some solutions as we talk about some of the problems but mostly this is to alert people this portion of talking about food ok it's to alert people who may not be aware of some of the problems that are currently present in the food that we buy and eat and I'll tell you something there are not as many people who are conscious of this as we might think some of the people who are aware of the problems with our food it is not as widespread knowledge as some people may think and this is why I'm doing this portion of the show because I see with my own eyes some of the types of diets that people have in the freedom movement itself and it is uh it is an ongoing issue knowledge is the first part of it and then willpower is the second part of it because all the knowledge in the world without the willpower to put it into proper action is useless knowledge is not power contrary to the popular saying the application of knowledge is power that's wisdom if knowledge is used in a way that can support our ongoing evolutionary development to higher states of awareness and consciousness then it becomes wisdom and that's when it is power that's when it becomes powerful knowledge in and of itself is simply a potential and that's what this show is about it's to put that potential power out there for people help them to understand some things that they may not currently be aware of and then they're in a empowered position to take right action in the world with that knowledge so last week some of the aspects of food that we covered were chemical pesticides and fertilizers that are used to grow crops and how dangerous some of them are many of them are preservatives that are added to give food longer shelf life very very poisonous substances that are added as preservatives to our food we talked about food processing pre packaging food in the name of convenience but essentially robbing the nutrient value from that food and more of the food is necessitated to basically make up for the lost nutrient density of the food when it is heavily processed we talked about chemical dyes and bleaches that are used in foods to make it look more attractive we talked about excessive amounts of refined white sugar white flour high fructose corn syrup we briefly mentioned excitotoxins artificial sweeteners these are Splenda or sucralose saccharin of course aspartame which was originally developed as a nerve agent yes that's you heard me right it was originally developed as a Noir Thaksin nerve agent a military application and then since that didn't work out for the company Searle pharmaceuticals they decided to market it as an artificial sweetener and that's a true story you can research the origins of aspartame now what I didn't mention last week were the alternatives to artificial sweeteners that people should be aware of and there are some good ones there's agave there's raw honey now if you're watching your blood glucose levels I myself am diabetic I have type 1 diabetes which is a juvenile form of diabetes my pancreas does not create necessary insulin to take the the carbohydrates out of the bloodstream and into the cells so blood sugar builds up in the blood this is a for my condition of diabetes um it was a latent onset they call it adult onset juvenile diabetes some people refer to it as a type 1.5 but essentially it's a form of type 1 diabetes so I have to watch the carbohydrates that I take in and sugar that I take in so a natural alternative to some of these artificial sweeteners is stevia s Tevi a if you haven't heard of it check it out look it up it is a natural herbal sweetener stevia so that's an alternative to these excitotoxin and yes that is what they are neuro scientists have categorized these substances as excitotoxin these artificial sweeteners like aspartame sucralose saccharine etc they are a category of compounds referred to as excite excited excited or neurotransmitters excite excitatory neurotransmitters you look up that term that's basically what an excitotoxin is classified as site scientifically it they are excitatory neurotransmitters that's the class of compounds that artificial sweeteners are generally classified as by neuroscience excitatory neurotransmitters look up that term and if you look up from some of the funding is is provided by to do some of the research on the health effects of artificial sweeteners you see that all of whenever you look at research that has been funded by the organizations that use or manufacture these compounds these dangerous chemicals you'll see that the results always magically turn out to be safe that they are considered safe for human consumption whenever an independent investigator agency or scientific team does the research on these compounds you see that they always find many health detriments that are caused fundamentally connected to these chemical compounds so stay away from the chemical artificial sweeteners you're not doing yourself any favor by not using a sugar although refined white sugar is just as dangerous in many cases if a lot of it is used switch to raw sugar turbinado cane sugar turbinado cane sugar is a great alternative again if you're watching your sugar intake in general or if you're diabetic stevia is a great alternative some people use xylitol as an alternative sweetener as well so those are the excitotoxin of the artificial sweeteners I posted a great video on my website in the podcast section about excitotoxin by dr. Russell Blaylock leading neurosurgeon so moving on trans-fats is something we didn't really mention much trans-fats groove the arteries around the heart making cholesterol lodge in them cholesterol would not ordinarily be a problem people think it's a dangerous substance it isn't the body would normally handle cholesterol fine there are a few things that create problems with cholesterol lodging in the arteries this is the grooving of the arteries of the heart this is caused by the intake of trans fats so homogenized oils you want to stay away from homogenized oils homogenized vegetable oil any kind of homogenized oils this is a trans fat and it grooves the arteries it creates heart disease doctors are so concerned about cholesterol levels cholesterol would not be a problem if it were not for a few substances and processes that are in our diets trans fats being one of the biggest the other thing is chlorine intake and almost all municipal municipal water supplies have chlorine in some form added to the water supply the water reserves that we drink if we drink tap water and that we bathe in if we bathe in you know a normal house water that comes into our indoor plumbing without any filtration done to it so chlorine in water is extremely dangerous and this is whether you're bathing in it washing your hands in it anything chlorine gets into the skin very quickly goes through the pores drinking it is the worst thing to do but we bathe in this stuff we breathe in the vapors from it I know you can tell in Philadelphia for sure there's tons of chlorine or chlorine derivative in our water supply this creates arterial grooving as well chlorine grooves the interior lining of the arteries therefore creating heart blockages this is why heart disease is so prevalent in the United States it's the number one cause of death in this country so trans-fat stay away from try to stay away from chlorine if you could afford whole house filtration systems do it if not colder showers are better than warmer ones because doesn't create as much as much vaporization of the water definitely get on to purified drinking water instead of drinking tap water which brings us to one of the next things fluoride in the water supply fluoride is a poison it is a derivative of a byproduct actually of the aluminum manufacture industry yes you heard right if you're not aware of this fluoride in our adding to our drinking water in most municipal townships has fluoride added to it this is a poison it's used as the main ingredient in all forms of rat poison it was added to prisoner prisoner of war drinking water to keep them docile in prisoner of war camps and other concentration camps because it basically calcifies the pineal gland it destroys the will to resist it basically destabilizes the thought processes it creates imbalance in the neocortex you're on a lot of fluoridated water critical thinking is going to become more difficult resistance to any kind of control is going to become more difficult wanting to stand up for yourself wanting to take personal responsibility is going to be slowly bred out and this is done by design this is done by social engineers that know what this compound is capable of doing to the brain and people think oh they wouldn't do that they think it helps your teeth nonsense nonsense they know exactly what it does maybe not the the dumb people the unread people who are just following their orders and adding this stuff because they get a paycheck who don't care as long as I get a paycheck I'll do whatever I'm told add whatever poison I'm handed into drinking water and ultimately they're responsible there are the people who are responsible for doing this because if you didn't agree to do it it wouldn't get done and that's another reason this I talk about this all the time that's the reason the show you know isn't very popular with people who don't want to hear that the answer to all the problems of the world is personal responsibility because I'm not the person if you're going to listen to the show to hear blame placed on the elites you know and that this higher class of controllers that controls everybody's waking actions you're not going to get that on the show yeah they're manipulators they manipulate things they try to keep information out of people's hands but you know who does that ultimately we do we take the actions that they tell us to take we keep we sanitize the information in the media and in the schools because we want a paycheck see that's how it works and that's horribly unpopular right there speech like that what I'm saying horribly unpopular no one wants to hear that then we're the ones who does this to ourselves they want to hear it's all something that's out there out in the external reality you want to know who your enslaver is look in the mirror that's who your enslaver is we get out of those modes of thinking and get up to a higher level of consciousness that situation will end because we'll stop enslaving ourselves we'll stop doing actions that are ultimately immoral and wrong and one of the best ways to start that process is to stop eating poison when we get on the healthy food we start building our brain in a better way and that helps us to make more informed decisions and choices about what we do and how we act in the world that's why food is such a critically important issue okay they need to control people's minds and they need them softened up in order to do that so if they can get them destabilized and in a complete state of imbalance by their junk that people put into their bodies and man I'm telling you yeah I need to look no further than Milan family some of the things ah the diets of people in my family I I mean I don't even know where to begin don't know where to begin chocolate-covered marshmallow treats you know candy wafers you know those are those thin wafers with the cream in them yeah they love them they eat them up juice drinks chips with tons of hydrogenated vegetable oil peanut butter with hydrogenated vegetable oil white bread real high nutritional value good stuff and wonder why they have no will to resist can't pay attention for any length of time smoke and two packs of cigarettes daily drinking 8 cups of coffee with 6 spoons of sugar in each cup of white refined sugar or artificial sweeteners and then wondering why you can't think straight why you can't pay attention why you have no will to resist it's a it's a mystery I can't figure it out what a mystery don't let's move on to something else so we talked about okay the trans-fats that's one of the things that grooves the arteries chlorine is another the third thing is a homogenized dairy okay this is an unnatural process of homogenize a ssin and it also creates problems with the artery walls it also will create gluing these three things in conjunction if people stayed away from these things 90 percent of heart disease would disappear and your doctor won't tell you this folks because they get no nutrition training they get no nutritional training in medical school you know they're convinced that the body is purely a computer there's no mind-body connection and they won't tell you that what you put into your body based on what you eat and drink is basically what generates your health a simple truth so simple it's almost comical it's all as you can almost laugh hysterically how simple it is and yet people still don't get it you are what you eat at least the body computers part of you and and make no mistake I'm not claiming when I use the word body computer the body has a component of it that acts like a biological computer in no way am I saying that is who we are I'm saying that is a component of the of the body a component of who we are okay that is a component of it it is one part in the holistic um whole that makes up our physical make up in in the in the 3d world okay the body is not simply a computer it is more than that because it is connected to the mind it is connected to higher states of consciousness and awareness it's connected to spirit ultimately so these three levels work as one they work in conjunction with each other spirit mind and body body being the lowest level mind being above that and then spirit being above that but again in order to control that middle layer that mind component that exists between the body and our true spiritual selves the higher self they need to destabilize the body as well if the body is working in good functioning convicted condition and there is proper brain health it is much more difficult to manipulate and control the mind therefore food is one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of the manipulator who wants to exercise mind control over a population I mean this logically follows the mind is the layer they're going after they can't control the spirit impossible it is uncontrollable because it is the base essence of everything that is so if they ultimately want to control the body they have to control the mind which is the layer that acts as a buffer between body and spirit and the best way of doing that is to attack the body and destabilize the brain is the geological layer that acts as a liaison between mind and body so that's what it's all Tamiya love this is happening in our food supply and in our food chain and this is by design social engineers psychopathic social engineers understand perfectly how this works they understand this because essentially they are a cultists and they are utilizing knowledge that is essentially the most ancient forms of psychology the study of the human psyche that has have existed and it have been tested out for Asians through different networks of occultism and secret societies if you don't believe that you're extraordinarily naive this is something that the freedom movement oftentimes will not look at they want to think it's all political they want to think it's only about hey who can we vote in to represent us and they'll fix it they'll make it all better you talk about the occult with these people they don't want to acknowledge its existence like little frightened children I call them the tenth pictures I'm going to take my tenth as I'm marching up this mountain I told you I would go all the way up to the peak to the summit with you and you're trying to show me something that exists way past the mid level of the mountain and way up near the summit area and I don't want to go that far I'm taking my tent out of my backpack I'm setting it up right here maybe a third or half way up the mountain and that's it I'm done the tent pictures let's pitch my tent halfway up the climb to enlightenment and say this far and no further well good luck with that good luck with that let me know when you're done with that and I'll be here explaining you what's really going on in the world okay because if you want to ignore the occult aspect of this you have a partial picture and that's the most dangerous thing there is is somebody with half knowledge half knowledge I'll listen to part of it and then I'll just discard what I'm not comfortable with with no investigation Einstein and said the that that condemnation without investigation is the epitome of human ignorance condemnation without investigation is the epitome of human ignorance absolutely true people don't want to look at things they want to make up their mind their mind is already made up some people don't think mind control exists in Israel right in the freedom movement they'll tell you there's no such thing totally asleep anybody that thinks this is totally asleep you've woken up to a tiny tiny tiny fraction of the reality you're embedded in and good luck staying there frightened child frightened little boy or girl and again this isn't a cup this is not a popularity contest folks I don't come on the air to tell people what they want to hear or make them feel comfortable I don't come on the air to scare people either I come on the air to tell people what's going on in to empower them if they really want to make a change that they really want to understand the causal factors that has created what we call the human condition and how to get out of this condition and into a better one that's what I come on the air I'm not here to make friends I'm not your guru I'm not your buddy okay I don't do this because I I think doing this is going to make me a lot of friends in case you haven't figured that out so to get back on on the topic of food okay yes this is social engineering this is by design people are being poisoned by design it's a hard thing to accept that's a difficult thing for most people to swallow but that's what's going on because a tiny fraction who's controlling all these industries and who's controlling government is controlling finance they know what they're doing and they're calculating it very deliberately they know how this mind body spirit connection works and they're out to destabilize the body attacks on every front on the body the front lines okay so the three things that create arterial grooving trans-fats essentially hydrogenated oil stay away from margarine all margarine is pure poison pure poison and in the past they would tell people how good it is how great of a substitute for butter it was do not buy margarine it is poison all of it it creates heart disease and it's still on the market this is still being sold alright trans fats chlorine in our water that we drink or showering and homogenized dairy you're going to eat dairy try to eat raw dairy raw milk raw cheese live enzymes still in it that are not killed in the pasteurization process or the homogeneous Asian process a modernization is not good for you okay let me briefly talk about another form of excitotoxin monosodium glutamate MSG this is a taste enhancer this and other taste enhancers are also excited toxins they are excitatory neurotransmitters MSG monosodium glutamate it's a it's a poison is what it is and they add it to the food because it basically ignites on the surface of the tongue and makes everything taste better a taste and answer okay that's why they added into food people get addicted to things with MSG in it because they're they're getting a rush like a drug when it first hits them that's how they're making food taste better adding these taste enhancers like MSG msg is an excitotoxin stay away from it um the entire fast food diet McDonald's Burger King Wendy's etc and I talked about last week how I was hooked on this junk okay listen I'm no perfect being I never claimed to be a perfected Bing I've claimed the an enlightened person but I'm not I'm by no means perfect the two things are completely separate and different from each other I don't think anybody in a physical body is perfect or going to be if you're here you're not perfect there's room for improvement okay so my diet man I mean I can't even barely fathom what my diet used to be like compared to what it is now I can barely fathom it I talked a little bit about that last week it's comical now I look back at the radical transformation I used to eat at all these fast-food places and I mean a lot multiple times a week and I mean big quantities of it super-sized nope like in the movie supersize me you know two Big Macs you know not one wasn't good enough I was overweight you know probably by over 35 40 pounds I weigh right at the 200-pound mark now and that's right about where I should be for my size and bone density but I was up there you know pushing to 40 at one point and you know I ate at these fast food restaurants constantly high extremely high fat extremely high calorie caloric intake trans fats processed food excess of sugar excess of white flour excitotoxin high fructose corn syrup you name it that this is a poison culture stop giving your money to these places that isn't food it's sewage and there are people out in the freedom movement that beneath this junk they still eat this junk they have not been turned on to the information about what's in our food and what we should stay away from again I talked last week a little bit about the gentleman who really helped turn me on to a lot of this and that was Kevin Trudeau he's been talking about this for years and Kevin Trudeau is an occultist and I would venture to say he's one of the good guys he is what he is waking up he is you know largely woken up he's got a great sight I think he's got a great radio show I value Kevin Trudeau's information his book natural cures really helped set me straight about what was it in our food and what not to do and what to do so I and personal thanks to Kevin Trudeau for his great book natural cures and there are others Deepak Chopra actually he talks about food in some of his material he talks about of the Ayurvedic the Vedas information about food and diet in some of his work and that helped help me to understand some better dietary practices as well so continuing on let's look at genetically modified foods done so that crops can grow bigger done so that fields can turn over quicker even though they're depleting the soil and the nutrients of the food Santo you know check out the world according to Monsanto to understand their mentality about GMO selling a roundup pesticide and then making a seed that is Roundup Ready or resistant to this pesticide and then get cornered into using that seed because nothing else will grow in the field so this is insidious farming practices centered around genetic modification not leaving nature's plan alone trusting that Nature has provided what we need in our diet but getting in there and tinkering around with the genetic codes of nature and thinking we're going to do something good for ourselves as a result let me tell you something I don't talk about it much in my material I will if you come and see me at the UFO et Kong Congress what genetic modification is a big part of the problem that's going on here folks and that's all I'll say about that but if you want to hear more come and check out the UFO et Congress in Bordentown where I'm speaking on November 14th genetic modification is not something we need to be doing when it comes to our food it creates more problems than it solves if we engaged in smart organic farming practices we can feed the entire world 20 times over and this is proven so look into genetically modified organisms GMOs and again a lot of this information it's thrown out there so you can do further research on your own I'm out here to tell you what to think I'm here to put out what I have learned about what is actually going on in the world that's why the show is called what on earth is happening with no question mark I've understood that this is what is taking place view research it and understand what I'm understanding you can come to some similar conclusions and similar understandings if you put the work in to do the research hey you can just believe me if you want I don't recommend it think you should believe anybody I think you should do your own research and come to your own conclusions so how about antibiotics that are added in milk and injected into animals as a result of the horrible factory farming practices that are engaged in we can do a whole show on that growth hormones antibiotics added to animals we want to beef em up quicker you know bigger and quicker and then when we pen them in cage them in the most inhumane vicious ways and they get sores and and illnesses as a result of their cramped quarters then we want to inject them with antibiotics it's ridiculous look we could go on and on talking about that and that's extraordinarily depressing it's an extraordinarily depressing topic if you look up factory farming and watch some videos about this believing you'll need a strong constitution to even watch what is done to the animals that we think we have a right to do this to I'm not going to get on to you know preaching about not eating meat or anything like that I've chosen to be vegetarian the reason I've chosen to be vegetarian is because I don't believe we have a right to do that to other sentient beings and that may sound crazy and out there and far-fetched to some people even people in the freedom movement but I'll tell you what how I have come to understand the karmic forces work in this world karma or the law of attraction essentially the law of cause and effect that is the principle of cause and effect is that which we do to other life will be done to us very quite simply that's how the universe works the universe is a gigantic mirror what you put out into it is what you get back from it and people will kill and die to avoid that being true to ignore that and guess what that's natural law it exists it is in operation it has been in operation since the dawn of creation and will be in operation until this universe is no longer here which is going to be a long long long long long long time so from the beginning to the end of creation this natural law is in effect what we put into this place is what we get back from this place so I recommend people to if they have the Constitution to do so watch the documentary called Earthlings and i just opened the whole can of worms here folks for anybody that dares to do it i'll try to post a link in the podcast section you deserve a gold medal if you can get through this whole thing I have thousands thousands of documentaries and movies in my collection thousands okay Earthlings is the one documentary that I have watched that I will never watch again I will never sit through it again I watched it twice I watched it once and was so horrified and dumbstruck that I said I can't even fathom what I just watched and so about a week later I watched it again for a second time and that was it I think it hammered the point I'm making here into me which I won't be labor but I'll just say what we do to other life will be done to us period now run away from that all you want but that's a true fundamental principle of the universe that is natural law and you won't escape from it you can run and deny it and ignore it all you want for as long as you want in his many lifetimes as you want and it will always be true I fundamentally understand that it took a long time for me to understand that it took an unimaginable level of suffering for me to understand that but I happen to understand that now and so that's all I'll say about that but should if you still make the decision to continue to eat other sentient beings then be aware that they are injected with dangerous growth hormones and antibiotics that basically go enter our body and then build up resistance e to bacteria in us when we take excessive amounts of antibiotics this is what happens so that's getting into us in many ways it's getting into us three to meet the people it's getting into us through I screw excuse me it's getting into us through our water supply as well I briefly touched on homogenized and pasteurized dairy products those are some other things to basically stay away from um another thing I wrote down here is deceptive labeling with food products see it's not just what's in the food we its how its labeled they're not even telling us the truth about what's in some of these products there's no truth in the ingredients list they're starting to rename things they want to rename high fructose corn syrup as crystalline fructose as if you know that makes it something other than what it is they want to sell people on the idea that high-fructose corn syrup because it comes from corn is somehow a natural product that is added to our food excuse me and nothing could be farther from the truth this is a this is a manufactured chemical process additive to food and it is something that definitely destabilizes the the critical thinking of the human brain when it is present in the in the body and high enough levels and most people are are sucking this stuff down you know with soda that they drink I was on Bob Tusken show this past Friday and we talked about food we talked about how some of the worst diets that you'll ever see are in um police I mean you just look at how police eat when they're out in their patrol cars on the street and wonder why they think and act the way they do it's not no surprise I was telling Bob I was in a CVS Pharmacy parking lot a couple of days ago and I saw cops sitting at a Dunkin Donuts next to it eating a powdered jelly donut you know and drinking a big you know 32 or 64 ounce soda one of those are like 7-eleven style big gulp cups you know great great for you you know really good for the health of the brain I'm sure it'll go a long way and help to act responsibly and morally right so deceptive labeling is another thing we need to watch out for one of the things that's a good example how they'll they'll package bread you know they'll packaged bread and say oh you know whole grains made with whole grains and the whole it's basically white bread that's then you know dyed or you know has some grain sprinkled over the top of it to make it look like the whole loaf is baked with whole grains or you know whole wheat and it's not it's you know it's a deceptive practice when you see made with you have to look at the ingredients label and see how much of that is in there you want to basically look for organic that's the whole product as being organic all the ingredients when you read the label Organic stay away from things with a lot of flour I like zekiel bread it's made with pure sprouted grains if you're going to eat bread try it I try to limit down total amount of bread I eat period because you know it's a very carb heavy and I watch the intake of carbs but um sprouted multigrain bread is much better for you I like flourless bread these are heavy Hardy loads of bread you know they're not light light bread basically means very little nutrient value so Hardy or loaves of bread you know made with pure grains organic grains sprouted grains or what you want to look for we talked about Monsanto and GMO and roundup roundup has been linked to genetic damage it has also been linked to endocrine system dysfunction documentation is available for that if you look up roundup and genetic damage um another thing I have here on my list is you know picking fruit of very soon too soon that isn't even right ripen and then they artificially ripen it because they want to ship it quick they want you know they know it's going to be out on the road they want to get it out there in order to transport it quicker right pick it faster and ripen it artificially and that's why there's such low quality of produce in a lot of places even if it is organic you see that practice use now they don't artificially ripen it but sometimes they pick things too too soon because they want to get it out there and transport it see what else we have here okay so some of the documentaries that I mentioned food Inc I posted a link to that actually for a trailer to that that's available on Netflix um for people who have access to that you can check out Food Inc Food Matters I believe I posted that on the website the future of food the fluoride deception I will post the link to that this week since we talked about fluoride in the drinking water the Russell Blaylock who gave a lecture called excitotoxin the taste that kills named after his book of the same title this guy is great he is a neurosurgeon and neuroscientist who is really telling the truth about artificial sweeteners and I really commend Russell Blaylock he also talks about how they destabilize brain function he gets into the whole chemical dumbing down of the masses he really speaks the truth Russell again an invaluable resource everybody should really check out the work of Russell Blaylock VLA yl Ock Kevin Trudeau again his name is TR you DEA you Kevin Trudeau he wrote the book called natural cures uh if you google his name you'll get a whole bunch of stuff that's negative about him about him trying to engage in unfair business practices I've ordered things from him and I've always gotten in a timely manner exactly what said was going to be shipped I'm not really sure about some of those things I don't know if maybe his operation was a setup and in a much worse way in the past and he had problems but all my dealings with him have been fine so I specifically don't judge somebody by what you hear about other people saying about them okay you hear their own words don't check out Kevin through those website and his radio show he has his own radio show uh you know gauge him by the information he puts out into the world and I think you'll see it's it's excellent information um so that's Kevin Trudeau generation rx we'll talk about this a little bit next week because next week I'm going to get into the drugs component of this okay so we'll look at pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceutical industry a great documentary to check out about that is generation rx I mentioned today Monsanto this a big uh agriculture giant that engages in horrendous business practices and her current as environmental practices check out the documentary the world according to Monsanto and finally another documentary I recommend but not for the faint of heart I'm giving a warning not even a disclaimer an outright warning this this documentary can really wake you up to a lot but also again you better have a strong constitution if you're going to sit and watch this entire documentary it's called Earthlings Earthlings as in people from Earth beings from Earth okay earthlings and if you can get through this whole thing more power to you again I watched it twice just a hammered into myself and by the end of the second time I watched that I was literally curled up on the couch practically in a fetal position that's how that's how disturbing this documentary is and when you see what humanity has become when you watch this video when you see what the real inner demons of human beings how they express and this documentary will show to better than no other but don't say I didn't warn you if you want to watch it you'll become more enlightened than you were about what's done with our food and you just think we are consuming that energy you don't think that that's an energetic vibration that then goes into what you're eating you have no idea how the universe works none and I would suggest you're also very naive so watch earthlings see what's done you know meet your meat so to speak you know see what what is actually done to the food that we that we think you know we believe we have a right to do this and know that that's the energy that you're eating no you know I'm not going to tell anybody become a vegetarian I'm going to say look at what's done as far as animal practices and factory farming techniques are concerned and then you make a decision about whether that's what you want to contribute to if whether that's the consciousness that you want to contribute to and I would suggest we are penned animals because we do this one of the reasons is because we do this to other living beings and I think will continue to be penned animals until those practices stop but that's that's just me you don't have to believe that you don't have to accept that I forgot to give the call-in number I get ahead of myself sometimes I call in at any time I'm sorry I apologize for not giving the call in number the calling number for this show is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four when you call in you have to put in the call ID number for what on earth is happening the call ID number is eight three five one five that's eight three five one five the call ID for this show we're into the second hour now and we've been talking about food as a methodology of mind control that's what we have been discussing over the last many weeks on the show methods of mind control this is methodology number nine out of 14 overall popular methods that are used by dominators controllers manipulators they have multi-faceted techniques which they to get into our body-mind computer system so to speak and hack it so that they basically are controlling us from a fundamental level a level of mind-body connection that most of us are unaware of this is subtle manipulation in many cases and is done without the awareness of the person being manipulated or controlled at least at a conscious level they're not aware of it that's what this show is about is about bringing these methodologies to people's attention so that they can empower themselves and take methods to put to steel themselves against these techniques this is about empowerment it's not about fear you have to strike down fear you have to have courage to look at what is taking place this isn't negative for the New Agers out there this isn't negative it isn't negative to say hey a storms coming you better you might want to batten down the hatches that's preparation okay it's awareness and it's then taking proper action in a state of awareness and that's never negative that's never negative I'm not saying you know totally constantly be paranoid about the worst and constantly be on you know guard about being poisoned at every turn I'm saying this is a deliberate thing that is done with our food for a specific reason and once we become aware of it we are empowered through that information to take the right action but only when we take the right action have we really empowered ourselves you couldn't no and not do this and again I've used the comment on the show the saying by the the Taoist philosopher Yong Ming who said to know and not to do is not to know if we don't convert knowledge into action it's useless it's meaningless it carries with it no power it becomes power in the action stage which is the male principle we open ourselves up to knowledge using the feminine principle of receptivity of opening our minds that's the feminine principle but then proper moral action in the world is the male principle that has to be employed one we have the knowledge and I'll tell you what there are so many people out there again I can go right back we need to go no no further than members of my family and I know I talk about this a lot because you know what why what why talk about something that is farther outside let's use the closest relation relationships that we have let's let it hit home okay before I talk about any body else the first person I talk about is myself did I do this well the answer is yes I did make this change I did make this fundamental shift in awareness in awareness and action I made that paradigm change that shift in consciousness when it comes to what I'm talking about so then before we go anywhere else farther outside of you know my circle of acquaintances let's look at members of my family who I've brought this to the attention of have many of them change what they're eating and drinking absolutely not maybe it one or two but the vast majority even if they know this though and they'll say yes I know I know what's wrong with the food because they're so conditioned to want to taste they just it's like a little child I know that's bad for me but I don't want to give up the taste that I'm so conditioned to have bombarding my tastebuds I'm used to having this kind of food in the house at any time that I want to taste this kind of this kind of taste I don't want to taste something different I'm used to this it's all fear-based and it's all self-imposed toward torment if this is self-imposed suffering people who have health conditions heart disease cancer still eating the same junk and you people will ask how could this be because their rule is destroyed they do not have the will to change the will is destroyed through the food they eat it just catch-22 it's a vicious circle I don't have the will to change the food I eat because my will has been destroyed by the food I eat it sounds comical if it weren't so sad the other component of it is what they take in through the media every day of their lives what they take into their eyes and ears and that's the other component of this we talked about in that and past weeks on this show these two things go hand in hand what we pay attention to what we watch what we read what we listen to what we discuss what we talk about all of those are connected fundamentally to what we put into our body because it's not just what we put into our body it's what we put into our body and mind so the media and the food that we eat they're completely intertwined anybody wants to call in and chime in on any of this the call-in number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven to four triple four seven triple four good call ID number eight three five one five call ID number four what on earth is happening on a talk-show network is eight three five one five eight I'll take a very small break here to inform you about a couple of things before we get back into the topic of food and hopefully a couple of callers okay um a couple of things more likely than not this isn't a confirmed thing yet but in the next couple of weeks I'll have more information on it this show is going to be moving to a new timeslot I'm going to be going back to 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time so instead of 7:00 to 9:00 the show will be going to 8:00 to 10:00 that is not confirmed yet we're talking about that bob has brought this up to me the commander in chief here at revolution broadcasting so we're trying to work out something different with our schedules because Bob's show is normally on in this timeslot 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. so we're going to move what on earth is happening to 8 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time that's coming up it is not 100% confirmed yet that switch will not be happening for a couple of weeks at least but you know stay tuned I'll have an announcement on that short the next thing I wanted to do is give people a little sneak peek of a radio commercial spot that I just prepared for the revolution Broadcasting Network now I'm going to try to play this back with the software that I use to stream audio let's see how well this goes I just made this and submitted it to the network this is the new 30-second spot that will be running on other shows on revolution broadcasting here we go freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] consciousness mind control natural law your college real solutions were true freedom what on earth is happening mark passier Tuesday nights at 7 p.m. Eastern on revolution broadcast [Music] there you go probably have to change that to 8:00 p.m. Eastern within the next couple of weeks once the announcement for that is made but that's the new 30-second radio spot it's going to be airing on what on earth on revolution broadcasting and basically just wanted to do something real quick to highlight some of the topics that we talked about here on what on earth is happening so going back into the topic a couple of things that I want people to be aware of when it comes to food and things that are going on in government when it comes to food if you haven't heard of this it's something that you should definitely look into and research it's called Codex Alimentarius now big word there okay this is spelled see of de X codex okay that means code in Latin Alimentarius al I M en T ar I u.s. that means food so this is the food code the code of food okay Codex Alimentarius alright this is legislation that is basically now making its way through the European Union that is what its ultimate goal is is to outlaw nutritious foods it is to classify nutritious foods and the vitamin and mineral supplements that people choose to take as drugs therefore they will be completely regulated and controlled by the government of the European Union and this legislation is being proposed for the United States as well because once they pass it in a national super block like the EU then it will come under treaty and regulatory commissions and trade regulation in the United States so they will try to pass similar legislation here Codex Alimentarius to researchers that you should check out their work when it comes to Codex is Ian Krane I am crane CRA and II Ian crane and another is dr. Rima labo our IMA labo is la IBO w check out their work about Codex Alimentarius maybe I'll post some lectures in the podcast on the podcast page with this show for people who aren't aware when I podcast this show meaning when I post this archive of each show that I do okay it's recorded and then I post it on my website on the website there is a tab on what on earth is happening there's a tab in the main section the main menu section called podcasts if you click that tab you'll see all of the shows are archived on that page you can listen to them or download them from there you could put them on your portable digital music player these are completely free no registration or membership is required to download these or listen to them ok and with each show I post a related section so there is a related documents related pictures every week there's related pictures some some days when I talk about a document there'll be a related document some days when I talk about videos or documentaries I'll post related videos so you can go there and those are resources that you should employ again these are confirmations these are corroborations of the information that I am presenting on this show so avail yourself of this information I don't post it for my health I post it so people can go and branch off into different topics of research and and do your own research that's what it's all about I see we have a caller here we go caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you are live on what on earth is happening from Southeast Pennsylvania you're live on what on earth is happening are you there all right going once going twice gone all right I don't know whether that's a technical problem where they just got cold feet but if anybody wants to call in again the call in number seven two for triple for seven triple for and the call ID eight three five one five let's look at another piece of legislation okay Codex Alimentarius is something that is proposed in the EU and again they want to bring this over to the United States it would be totally stringent regulations on vitamins minerals and basically it would make the it would make all the the supplements dietary supplements into it would make them classified as drugs so they would have to be they would be treated as controlled substances now one of the things we're going to talk about in connection with food as I'll get into next week is drugs in general being controlled substances I think that's a ridiculous idea I think there shouldn't be anything called a controlled substance I think what we put into our own body is our own responsibility personal responsibility individual responsibility there should be education about substances there should be responsible use of substances based on freedom of choice but controlling drugs deciding that what you can and cannot put into your own body ridiculous and anybody that really accepts this notion doesn't understand what true freedom is they certainly don't understand what true responsibility is and people say oh but how people would act if they got on things yeah yeah maybe people would act irresponsibly if they took a substance and then acted crazy while on it but then they shouldn't be held accountable for taking that substance and then acting crazy while on it personal responsibility and accountability for one's own actions you want to drink tons of excess excessive amounts of alcohol and then beat your wife you should be held accountable for beating your wife if you want to smoke excessive amounts of marijuana and then go try to operate machinery and hurt yourself well you're going to be held accountable for it know if you want to smoke a you know angel dust and then go try to drive a car you kill somebody you should be held accountable for killing somebody with a car but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be allowed to choose what substances you put into your body why because it comes down to a fundamental fundamental principle of ownership who owns the body do you own your body or to someone else on your body well if you own your body only you are responsible for what you put into it if someone else owns your body they can tell you what may or may not put into it I happen to fall on the former side of that equation and think I own my own body I don't think I own my own body I'm certain of it I'm absolutely 100 percent sure that I own my own body the body is my vehicle for the expression of my consciousness in this reality therefore I own it I'm the steward of it while I inhabit it while my spirit inhabits this body I'm the steward of it aka the owner of it therefore I get to tell me what goes into my body and what does not that's what freedom is that's what personal responsibility is people want to hand that over to somebody else and say you make the decision over what's okay for me to put it in my body that's all it really comes down to people want to run away from personal responsibility another so getting back to government regulation that's what led into that and we'll talk about that next week we'll get into psychedelics a little bit maybe also when we get into the medicine component of this okay that that will be for another week the House Resolution 875 look into that piece of nasty legislation that's circulating in the United States Congress HR 875 disgraceful legislation that wants to try to ban organic gardening for personal use control all sources of food control all sources of sub dietary supplements absolutely absurd reclassify things as drugs these people have a god complex their power their corrupt power has gone to their head and they think they're God that's what this is all ultimately about you want to know what it's about that's it right there in a nutshell controllers think they can get away with anything because they make laws and hide behind laws and think they're above the very laws they make and they think they can dictate to the people of the earth as God's just as an aside I see we have a caller caller please hold on I'm going to get to you in one second but just as a brief aside when it comes to lawmaking there's a law going around in New York City that wants to try to band used book sales that you're not allowed to resell a book and this is the beginning of book burning essentially and they're going to do it through bureaucracy through legislation I want to tell you you can't sell a book to another person the stores can't sell used books only books that are printed now because they want to remove some of those out of print books to have a lot of valuable information in them from public circulation it's just another power play to control information and imagine that there are people who would even entertain this notion and vote on it there's even worse there are cops that would go in and and enforce this nonsense imagine this imagine how dumb you would have to be to enforce a piece of nonsense like that how shut down your consciousness would have to be yeah that's what jelly doughnuts and tons of diet soda will do to a human brain and you know say it says clay say I'm caustic about the way I worded I really could care less okay this is why food is so important because you have brain damage Neanderthals it would go and actually do that for a paycheck I'm going to prevent you from selling a used book really really this is this is what it's come to for real I don't even know what to say about it I'm speechless caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you are on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us I markets pris Chris how are you man good mark mark listen I'm I did watch that video Russell Blaylock with the excitotoxin so I found out very informative and somewhat somewhat scary did say I want to mention and you kind of touched on it with the a House bill there's this legislation it is you know very close it's closer the people think there's that there's a Senate bill s510 I noticed when I started talking about Codex Alimentarius about six months ago people thought I was crazy and I try to tell them you know it does exist they are holding conferences every year and yeah I just got blank blank stares yes yeah I mean they don't want to believe that this is what it has come to they don't want to believe that this is what's taking place right under their nose I mean this is a publicly available you go right to the government site I'll post the link to HR 875 right is I asked my mom cuz I was trying to fill out what was going to take to wake the gentlepeople up and I asked my mom this is a while ago I said if they if the government says that you can't take your vitamins or that nutritious food is is a legal world or regulated are you gonna stand up on your hind legs then and my mom said yes she would I'm saying ok so there's the line if they go that far maybe that's the line but you know I tell I tell my folks about the aspartame the problem is it yeah that stuff's oh so damaging to your brain I think your blood-brain barrier and it's addictive so like very hoped or anything by it any kind of diet soda anything like that diet yogurt anything died and they don't even call it aspartame anymore they called phenyl alanine because they try to hide it just like you're setting out the crystalline fructose they try to hide what it really is and you know and they call that msg hydrogenated oil or whatever it is and they're trying to trick people so they can and now I'm hearing I'm also hearing now that you know they're just saying we're not going to disclose what's in stuff anymore oh yeah that they don't want to have to list the poisonous ingredients that are in food on the label on the ingredients label and this is why you know we should hold people's feet to the fire about insisting that this is on the food labels of the food we purchase an e we have to know what the ingredients are of what we're buying that's how we can make informed decisions and ultimately this power to change what is put into our food lies with the people who buy this because if they don't buy this junk the manufacturers will have no choice but to stop making food with this junk in it it's all about voting with what we purchase to eat and people keep going to the same stores and keep buying the same sewage they're going to keep the manufacturers are going to keep making things with the same sewage in it it's it's the same vicious circle that you noted that in the media it's the same thing with food I mean like you just said the food is taken away their will to stop eating the bad food and yes exactly how I'll say I don't hate break that cycle I think it's an act of God that breaks that cycle because you know I talked people my family and no one listens to me at all and I'll see some of the stuff I read about like this can't be true and then you look into it is true it's so far out there that even you know you can't believe it's true I expect them to believe it's true but see my folks at least the older generation they they believe the government's going to protect them they believe that the FDA is going to protect them and look out for them well that's a budget that's a bunch of garbage it's just the opposite and I put my mom because when you when you start worrying about your government that's when you're going to wake up I totally look at you if you guys are not worried about your government then you have nothing to worry about money but if you if you're if you're concerned about your government maybe not looking out for the best of you now you might have some concerns that you might have more start looking into Chris I'm going to tell you what basically does get people out of that cycle and it's really the only thing that can get someone out of that cycle and that is the admission to oneself of the three most powerful words that are ever spoken I was wrong that's it you have to look at the availability of information like like David Icke said on last week last weekend in New York City the best way to start is with a blank page you have to give up your assumptions of what you think you know start with a blank page and then start doing your research and don't bring any of your baggage in with you when you do the research watch read listen and you have to take in information from an eclectic variety of sources this means very wide and varied that's what eclectic means all over the spectrum basically okay you have to take in information through an eclectic variety of sources then you have to weigh all of that information come to your own conclusions about what actually is and the only way you can do that is if you put the time in you put the attention in and you then weigh that information in the balance in a critical way and then you can say does this thick does visit conclusion I have come to fit with my former way of seeing the world my former perceptions and if the answer is yes then go right ahead go eat your junk okay go eat the sewage in the excitotoxin and the high fructose corn syrup and the trans fats and enjoy the state of health that you garner as a result of eating like that and enjoy your frequent trips to the hospital in your older years you know and enjoy you know the surgeries that you'll need and the medications you'll need to be put on and the amount of money that will cost you enjoy that but if it doesn't fit in with that former worldview that you held then you have to say something to yourself you have to say I was wrong and that's the beginning of coming out of that cycle once that admission is made then and only then can you really employ the will to change your behavior and change your diet and the reason this is so important is because this thing diet what we choose to put into our body is still this day is still largely within our own ability to control and if we don't do things the whole people speed to the fire to keep you know the availability of nutritious food the availability of dietary supplements etc of clean sources of water we're going to lose that ability to maintain a modicum of control over what we put into our body that's why this issue is so critically important if any of that thought process is opening up to the idea that you may not have all the information and you may be wrong about what you currently think about how you eat like Chris yeah they made that point one of the documents you put up I think was Food Inc where they said they gave me example human growth hormone how the public stood up and said no we're not putting up with this and pretty much put that that issue to rest and that and you're right we I mean as long as we're not going up to point on the road we're getting that point we will we will be able to vote with our dollars and if we say we don't want it and then we won't you know we won't buy it but you know and not to come up with something else but get to keep trying and I'm sure they will but if we go too far down the road we become into that vicious circle like you're talking about where we'd all the ability anymore to discern it's funny you mentioned the I was wrong because that to me is a prerequisite to have the blank slate you have to be able to say that and I was talking someone I explained about that on the phone and I said what was it that Fonzie could never say on up on the happy days he could never say these three three words right and I was a lesson and of course the gut the dope I was talking to he didn't understand what I was saying but he's asleep as can be but I said he couldn't say I was wrong because that's the hardest thing to do but I've done that I've done it with ease yeah it was I full of yes but you know what I bribed me for 42 years of my life and then pick up the pieces and learn the remainder that would just keep insisting no I'm right I'm right Norma and then suffering as a result that's right that's exactly right that is just a brilliant point right there that's what it's all about yeah he could Fonzie couldn't say I'm sorry the words just couldn't come out of his eyes Roy I was really they couldn't say wrong I thought that I thought I was ready propria because it's not easy to make you're wrong but you know what if you're going to move on and start over you have to do it and we all have to do it I mean at some point I think a lot of people are say they were wrong when they start seeing the tangible effects of their their being misled right right right even sometimes they won't then they'll go to the grave you know I'm telling you members of my family have cancer have contracted cancer you know had parts of their body cut out and still won't change their diet walking around with hernias because they're overweight walking around with all kinds of heart conditions and diseases all I could say is enjoy them enough have failed I'm sorry I'm sorry I like to say if you're at that play you pretty much give it up oh yeah you don't have any self respect for yourself you know there's there such little will there you just say oh I've done this this far I don't care what I do to my body you know let me let me tell you a little anecdote okay and this connects in a little bit we're going to talk about next week I'm a psychedelic Voyager I have been in the past okay psychedelics are something that I've used as a tool i've communed with certain consciousnesses through psychedelic mediums shall we say okay I think that's every beings birthright they choose to enter that space now while communing with the psilocybin mushroom one day in the past and this is when I was not eating so well let's just say you know that's an understatement okay the psychedelic voice in the throes of the psychedelic experience basically said stop neglecting the body the body is not to be neglected in this equation the body is important the body is needed it is an integral part of the whole that's what the voice of that of that communion said and that is what psychedelics are it's a it's an active form of communion entheogenic compounds we'll talk about this a little bit next week but I'd like to just share that as a personal experience that that communion the voice of that communion basically said what you're doing with the body is wrong stop ignoring it you know a little bit about the spiritual side of this about the mental aspect of it but you're largely ignoring the body aspect of it you know this this information about food came to me the latest in this awakening believe it or not I wish it were the other way around I wish I would have woken up to this early in the process of awakening but the food connection about how they destabilize the mind-body connection that came to me as one of them asked pieces of the puzzle believe it or not probably would have been easier for you because you would have been more predisposed to taking the information at this faster yes that's right well Chris always a pleasure to talk to you thanks so much I'm calling in Fisher but one thing I would say mark is I am NOT a tenth pitcher I'm going to the top of the mountain or I'm going to die trying you could take that the bank well I salute you for that man and we'll be going there together my friend all right thanks Mike you take care you too man good night all right here we go another caller on the on the talks live form as guest number six you are on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us caller guessed six are you there looks like you called in but uh you're having our problems call back in going once going twice gone okay uh I was talking about this with a friend earlier the callers that we get into this show again always amaze me always surprise me and I'm always delighted because I think we get the best callers into the show than any other show on the internet or on alternative media period as far as I'm concerned it's just great to see and you know it's great to see people really opening up and really deeply deeply integrating some of these concepts and some of this information let's see okay um I have a few other things about food and then like I said next week we'll get into the pharmaceutical industry and how they're really creating more problems than they solve putting people on these artificial chemical compounds that we call drugs and not telling them about how so many health disorders can be cured and basically solved by bringing the body back to balance with the food that we put into our body and it's so sad that these fields are so disconnected that medicine is so disconnected from nutrition these things need to be hand in hand and yet they are dichotomized again the first doctor of Western civilization Hippocrates the Greek um the Greek doctor who the Hippocratic oath is named after Hippocrates said let thy food be thy medicine and my medicine be thy food and this is a fundamental principle that people should be living by today in the modern world but sadly so few people are I go to family's houses and I see tons and tons and tons of medication piled up bottle after bottle after bottle taking 18 19 20 25 pills a day it's unbelievable unbelievable let's let's run down a list again and just see if there's anything I still want to cover I want to again thank barb for helping me compile this list because I knew there was so many things that you could get to about talking about food that this could be a whole show in and of itself and there are many people this is what they talk about on their show and do a whole radio program centered on this because it's such a big field and it is so important to what's going on in the world we talked about deceptive labels we talked about GMO we talked about the legislation that they're passing I mentioned some of the documentaries look on the look on the podcast for this show for some new documentaries this week that I'll post links to as many as like find that I mentioned here tonight let's see um yeah next week we'll talk about unnecessary drugs that people take that can be solved with natural remedies surgery it's another thing that is sold a lot of times there are better unnecessary surgeries because these are the two main selling points for hospitals and doctors they want to sell you their main products and their main products are drugs and surgery that's what that's what they're there to sell vaccines and flu shots we'll look at and we will look at antidepressants the SSRI a classification of medications this is these are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and I have a lot of information that I want to share on those and what they basically do so that'll be next week let's see if I if I skipped over anything on the list here um people should take a look at the movie supersize me that's something that came out a couple of years ago of a man basically lived on McDonald's only McDonald's food only for months and basically wanted to see what would happen to his physiology to his overall state of health if he just ate nothing but McDonald's food for a month and it's an interesting documentary Super Size Me something we didn't talk about yet is you know I talk about organic locally grown food as being one of the solutions to this mess that we've gotten ourselves into when it comes to what's in our food yet look at how overpriced some of this food is and this is also by design you know we can't just think that some of these people who own these supermarket chains are they're such wonderful humanitarians because they're offering a better dietary choice and a better selection than our conventional supermarket these people are largely in it to make a profit and the ridiculous way that some of these organic foods are overpriced are just locking so many people out of doing what's right because they can't afford it especially people with larger families that have to really really worry about this stuff because they're feeding children not just themselves but you know Whole Foods is no angel you know for people that shop there I love the store I think it's great I shop there some fun but there are no angels you know they're jacking up their prices to ridiculous levels because they know that they can charge a premium and get away with it because they know organic whole food is in demand they know people fundamentally recognize whether it a conscious or unconscious level that something isn't right with the food that they're traditionally they traditionally been getting they have to eat more to get the same amount of nutrient value that their the nutrient density of their food is completely depleted that there's toxins and additives and preservatives and chemicals laden throughout their food there are people who know about this and when they go to an alternative choice like a Whole Foods they find it you know they have to pay twice the amount that they were paying for conventionally grown foods which is ridiculous because they they're using practices that are actually not as difficult and not as time consuming and not as you know dependent on so many other variables to do it it's a more holistic and natural way of farming I don't see why that would cost so exorbitantly much more than conventionally grown food I guess it's because of the bulk that it's done in because it's done at a not as not as large of a of a bulk production rate but still I mean if you look at the profit margins of a place like Whole Foods come on I mean it's rape is what it is Trader Joe's a little bit better the selection not quite as good as a place like Whole Foods I don't know if you have these in the area the country where you're at but we do in uh in Pennsylvania and I think Trader Joe's is a great store I think they're a little bit more in keeping with a little bit fare or pricing ranges than someplace like Whole Foods but if anybody wants to call it and bring up some names of other places where they shop that might be a no chain that other people can look into in their part of the country feel free you're welcome to do so so pricing I mean that's another thing that keeps a lot of people out of this that they want to shop for convenience and price and because organics aren't omnipresent they may have to travel a little bit further and people are are you know loath to do that that's their normal routine their normal schedule I had to drive two blocks to go to the supermarket now I have to drive twelve or twenty be surprised you would be surprised at what turns a lot of people off to do things that they know they should be doing but they want to just be lazy they want to take a shortcut you know it's the same thing people think they're going to get to the goal they're going to get to the the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and they're never going to learn about any of this stuff it'll just magically happen magically the world will suddenly magically transform itself you won't have to do any deep reading you won't have to amalgamate large quantities of information and and weigh that with your own critical thinking capabilities oh no it'll just happen magically on its own you'll just you'll just wish for it and then it will suddenly take place you know this fake notion of the law of attraction think about what you want them magically comes to you then law of attraction doesn't work like that folks if you believe it does you need to get off the new-age drug that you've been taking because that's not how it works it's about wills that's why the dominators and we've talked about this before that's why they're so successful they have the will to do what they're doing they think feel and act as one they're not in opposition and people don't want to hear that they don't want to study the occult oh yeah will magically get out of this prison that we've worked ourselves into and none of us will have to learn anything about the occult right sure you will sure you will caller from Ohio I know who this is you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us hello mark how we doing tonight it's Bob Bob how are you good to hear from you good good hey I didn't know if you brought up the topic of irradiated food I did not thank you that is something that I glossed over but definitely they are irradiating food to try to kill microbes and bacteria and what this is doing is changing the fundamental cellular structure of the food that we eat and ultimately that comes down to changing the fundamental structure of our bodies because we are what we and it is also robbing the nutrient value and it is also killing live enzymes that are necessary in the food for us to take in as nature intended it so yes very very important information thank you Bob for bringing that up something I missed definitely oh that's my pleasure mark excellent topic tonight yes ladies and gentlemen don't forget that the just as mark very eloquently pointed out the the idea or what is sold to us as the public is that we're going to protect you from all the harmful bacteria and virus like things that we like to put in your flu shots but instead we're going to protect you from that in your food but what they are doing is exactly what Mark described they are killing every bit of nutrition inside there they're erasing it there it just imagine it being on a a white from a colored piece of fruit to a white pale opaque piece of fruit and that is where we're at but it still looks that wonderful painful pinkish hue at the grocery store you know those tomatoes that have never seen the light of day what what garbage I am putting in my system and you you brought up mark that it is very expensive to switch over to an organic diet if you can even find true organic food food is labeled these days organic and it is not organic so people have to do more homework to get to what is really and I you brought up Ezekiel bread thank you Mark if you dark could post on your site some recommended you know items or chains or what-have-you or food food categories and the different kinds of brands that might be good for us to check out I know I need that information and thank you market and one last thing mark yes next week if when you're going to touch on psilocybin and the sacred mushroom because ladies and gentlemen we've been bred sorry we've been indoctrinated in a culture that the mushroom the the magic mushroom so to speak all that's that hippie drug it could be farther it could be no farther from the truth this is a sacred mushroom that was part of our reality in the ancient days which is been washed of our culture now they put drugs that are horrible those are the true compounds and our first the worst psychedelic I'm talking about the Holy Communion as Mark participated in with the spirit this is the manna from heaven that would disappear quickly in the sunlight underneath the pine trees this is where Christmas has gathered around even today the Catholic garb will show the priests in gold regalia with red shoulder boards and white decoration because it represents the sacred Amanita muscaria look up John Allegro the sacred mushroom and the cross he was Britain's chosen scholar to go to the Israel in the late early early 50s late 40s to be the first British a subject to look at the scrolls to looked at them up close and he transcribed a magical cult that was around Christian and that was the cult of Christianity and that we later the Catholic Church I might say and I don't want to bash anybody's religion but this was the culprit in this mess they stamped out the cult of the mushroom and mark I am so looking forward and we know why because only by the priests can you get to God right only the taker of the mushroom can talk to God right they took that away from us if we're gaining it back as as we for we are taking that back into our Arsenal into our own personal medicine cabinet because the medicine is coming back to true medicine of the shaman of the Indians we're an even our culture of from long ago we're taking it back mark thank you for this program and I'm so looking forward to next week's show as well Bob thanks so much as always appreciate it good night mark night absolutely there is a reason that they basically turned communion into a dead thing religion turned communion into something that is inert that does not react with us that does not commune with us it is just something that is consumed and it is a symbol only now in the past community was an active thing it actually changed consciousness to show you the higher level of consciousness that was available to you then it brought you back down to the level that you are at to show you this is your work your work is to integrate that level of higher awareness into your life here and now and that's what communion is supposed to be if we break down the word communion into its etymological components so we do the etymology of the word see om the root in Latin means together to bring together do em and then you neo mu i mu ni o mu neo muni ray in latin means to strengthen or to build so to come together in communion is to strengthen to become strengthened together or to build together that's what communion is that's what a true community is people who come together to strengthen each other and to build together builders right in the word it's right there in communion but sadly the active component of true communion of the mystery traditions throughout time the true positive mystery traditions has been relegated to an inert substance a piece of unleavened bread mushroom is a sacred communion that's what it is and it should be treated as such with that kind of reverence that goes along with something like that because it is something that is truly capable if used in the proper context I into no way advocating to play around with these things admits no they're not even things they're beings don't play around and play games with these consciousnesses because you get stung hard to not gently either you go into that and ego guaranteed you're not coming out in too much ego that's why people who are really ego Adhan want any dealings with this they want to stay in their ego state you know they wouldn't dare commune with the the the higher mind of the suicide mushroom because it would do a number on them believe it it would it would break down that ego real quick but that's that's what that's what it is and we'll get into that a little bit next week when we talk about drugs and we'll look at alternatives to those things you know particularly when it comes to the psychological community what the things that psychiatry is doing putting people on on different classes of psychoactive compounds artificial psychoactive compounds is ridiculous so we'll look at that coming up next week thanks Bob for bringing that to the attention of the listening audience so we've covered a lot of ground here you have a couple minutes left I want to just remind people please keep an eye out the show may be changing time over the next couple week we may be going from 8 to 10 p.m. so keep that in mind check it out the website uh as Bob said as Bob asked I will try to do my best I'll try to post some links to some of better food stores better place to shop some things to be made aware of some of the things we talked about on the show tonight I'll post links to documentaries for people to check out avail yourself of these resources go up to what on earth is happening comm check out the podcast page and you'll see the related documents and video section photo document and video section posted there with the podcast so um I think that's it we'll call it quits here for tonight and again next week's show we will talk about drugs the pharmaceutical industry and the industry of the treatment of disease not going down to the causal factors of disease of imbalance but just treating the symptoms of the disease we'll talk about unnecessary drugs and surgery as being the main products of this industry we'll get into vaccines and flu shots which are is a real big hot topic going around especially nowadays we'll get into HMOs and insurance companies will talk about antidepressants and we'll also talk about psychedelics a little bit so that's all for tonight I'll see you here next Tuesday night same time 7 o'clock p.m. I'm Marc passio you've been listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting internet radio network good night everyone