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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] we're broadcasting at our new time tonight 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time I'm your host mark passio and you are listening to what on earth is happening today is Tuesday November 9 2010 my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website revolution broadcasting calm once again where our new timeslot tonight the show will now be live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time this has been done to make way on Tuesday evening for Bob show which is carried live on revolution broadcasting and on his website they lie calm Bob show is truth be told radio I just had the honor of being interviewed by Bob for the last hour on his show thank you so much for the great interview today Bob and tonight we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion for the next two hours of the attacks that are ongoing against the body the physical component of our experience in consciousness we are going to explore more ways that the mind-body connection is being attacked and attempted to be severed because if there is a severing of the connection between body and mind the mind is more susceptible to attack and that of course further D links us from the spiritual component of ourselves of the true self so we've been undertaking this exploration of this information for the last several weeks and I decided to extend it one more week before we explore further methodologies of mind control again we said that we were going to touch on about 14 different methods of mind control in the multi-faceted techniques of manipulation that are used by control that are used by the dominator world to basically control people and keep them in a prison that they cannot see for themselves because they are under mind-control call it by whatever name you want psychological manipulation the exploitation of ancient psychology because of knowledge that is known about the psyche you can call it all of those things and it is indeed all of those things but by any other name it's mind control and that's part of what we do here we are going to be getting into solutions in later programs but what we've been doing is basically taking the methods of mind control and exploring them one at a time the ninth method was food and medicine and for the last few weeks we were talking about food and all the different ways that the the conventionally grown food products basically go to work to destabilize the body and mind I won't go into a recap of all of that you can listen to all of those methods to all of those all that information about food and what's in are conventionally produced food in the podcast section of my website if you go to what on earth is happening calm and you click on podcasts those shows are all available for free download and you could put them on any mp3 device digital music device that you may have and listen to them at your leisure what I'm going to do tonight since I'm extending this topic one more week is we're going to get into a couple of things that we didn't have time to get into over the last couple weeks and those topics tonight are going to be flu shots and vaccines vaccines that are done by children at an extremely young age at infant age actually not even when these children are even one-year-old and then we're going to get into the phenomenon known as chemtrails for many people this is a top that they will be familiar with for many people they may not know about the chemtrail phenomenon and it's something that everyone should really deeply look into but before we do that tonight I always start the show with some event announcements and then I'm going to give the new calling number is we have a slightly new format on the show we're going to run a few uh Network spots at strategic locations in the show and there will be a new call-in number and hopefully that will go smoothly and I'll be able to take your calls a little bit later on so I always start the show with event announcements and I have a few this evening again the importance of taking action that is the biggest part of the solution knowledge is not enough knowledge is only the first step awareness is the first step it needs to be converted into action to become true wisdom therefore getting out into the community raising your voice and actually doing something about the problems that you see in the world is essential taking in more and more information will only get you so far the next step is convert that knowledge into proper moral action in the world so I have a couple of speaking engagements coming up and there's a few other events coming up over the next over the next month the first one I'd like to tell everyone about is the UFO et Congress hosted by Pat Marchetti Leo this is happening in Bordentown New Jersey at the Ramada Inn November 13th and 14th that's this weekend the Ramada Inn in Bordentown is at 1083 that's one zero eight three US highway 206 North Saturday is a 9:00 a.m. registration the doors open at 9:30 a 10:00 a.m. welcome speech by Pat Market ilio will kick off the day's events here are the speakers for this day Saturday November 13th Dennis den okhla UFOs crop circles and visitors from extraterrestrial civilizations dr. julian e salt will give a talk called the global crisis and the New World Order's present situation Dan Smith will give a talk called the best possible world and its best possible ending Jacqueline the leads will talk about the et forces of light will Alan and a special guest talking about UFOs over Washington DC and UFOs filmed by astronauts is talk called the proof is in the pictures that's the Saturday events for this UFO convention the sunday events are excuse me also beginning at 9:30 there's a 10:00 a.m. welcome speech by the master of ceremonies Pat market ilio I will be the first speaker on Sunday starting at 10:00 a.m. my lecture is called don't count on disclosure bill Weber will be following me with the talk called 1930s German flying saucers butch rutkowski underground bases and human mutilation investigations that should be very interesting Tim Hackman will speak on area 51 Joel Dean giving a talk called UFO abductions the directions to the conference take the New Jersey Turnpike to eggs at 7:00 then take route 206 north about 1/4 of a mile the Ramada Inn will be on the right-hand side and free parking is available advance registration is $135 for both days tickets are $75 at the door each day for more information on the UFO ET congress 2010 visit the website dr. UFO org that's dr you fo RG next the monthly free documentary screening and discussions at the ethical Society of Philadelphia hosted by truth freedom prosperity every third Monday of the month this month November 15th the ethical Society is it 1906 south Rittenhouse Square it's a 7 p.m. star time for more information on the script the documentary screenings see w w truth freedom prosperity o RG november 15th that's the third Monday of the month November 15 that the ethical Society 7 o'clock p.m. the end the Fed rally in Philadelphia this happens I believe twice a year November 20th Saturday November 20th at 11 o'clock a.m. at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia at 6 and arch streets that 6th and arch November 20th 11 o'clock a.m. come on out and support the end the Fed Philadelphia rally for more information on this please visit truth freedom prosperity org or end the Fed dot us I will be giving a one-time-only lecture as far as I know it's the only time I'll be giving it unless someone else asked me to do so at another location but this is a special event survive and thrive this is a group hosted by a friend of mine named Fernando salgueiro he does a monthly survivalist group and gives out a ton of great information on urban and wilderness survival this this meeting this meetup takes place every last Sunday of the month at Liberty's pub Liberty's is at 7:05 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount in Philadelphia this saw this one I will be lecturing at this is on Sunday November 28th at 6 o'clock p.m. and I will be giving a special talk on natural law and sovereignty and for people who attend this I think it's going to be a real educational event for them and hopefully they will really get a lot out of this and understand how critical a role in our lives these concepts are natural law and sovereignty so that's survive and thrive November 28 Sunday November 28 six o'clock pm at Liberty's pub second and Fairmount in Philadelphia finally the big event coming up in April of 2011 free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult this is a conference that I am hosting I'm co-hosting this with several dedicated individuals in the Philadelphia area it's going to be the biggest event of its kind on the East Coast and it will probably be the biggest event of any type like this in Philadelphia in the year 2011 for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences that are exercised upon our consciousness and our behavior trauma-based mind control and ritual abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies that are available for those who are affected by these devices Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. both days the doors will open at 9 a.m. each day the location is a true Bohol ru VA rubra Hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia PA admission price $20 per person per day the confirmed speaker list here it is Erin McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob tuscan farah your dozous John Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower mark motika mark passio mell fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor and we are still in negotiation with a few other individuals and hopefully we will be adding a few more people to the event before the roster is completed those are the event announcements for this evening let me give the new callin number for the show the new callin number for what on earth is happening and we'll see how this how this works out new callin number is eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine the new Colin number for what on earth is happening toll-free eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine feel free to call in the show at any time there are no taboo topics here we will have a topic that we'll be discussing but you're not limited to that again no taboo topics ever here on what on earth is happening when you call in please be patient hold on the line I will get to you I may be in the middle of discussing something I may be in the middle of laying out a concept or an idea so please be patient when you call in and I will get to the call I will be looking at the switchboard frequently all right last week we ended this show by discussing psychedelics we were talking about why psychedelics are so widely demonized and essentially I ended the show with a quote I ended it with a quote by one of the biggest influences in my life mr. Terence Mckenna and for people that don't know about Terence Mckenna and his work I cannot recommend looking into this gentleman enough sadly he is he has passed away he died back in the year 2000 but his work is seminal and it is instrumental it was instrumental to my own awakening I want to spell his name for everyone so they're very clear about who he is and about finding information from him many listeners will of course be familiar with Terence Mckenna but many will not be and I again cannot suggest that you look into the work of this gentleman enough Terence Mckenna ter ence Terence Mckenna MC KEMA Terence Mckenna the quote that I ended with was if the words life liberty and the pursuit of happiness don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on yes that's kind of comical but nonetheless he's making a an extremely significant point here what these aspects of consciousness that we call psychedelics that we call entheogenic splain those terms last week what we what this is about is consciousness exploration what these compounds these consciousness is really are what they are what they do is they help break down barriers they break down barriers that our social conditioning has erected in our own minds they break down barriers that we ourselves have erected in our own minds through not wanting to look at our faults not wanting to look at the negative aspects of our personalities what these substances do is they make you confront yourself and I mean they really make you take a good look at some of the ways that you are falling short in consciousness the ways that you are still divided within yourself the ways that you are still in opposition with your own consciousness see the goal of consciousness is to be the goal of truly becoming aware means that you are bringing the three aspects of your own consciousness into alignment and unison with each other and these aspects are of course our thoughts our emotions and our actions and unis unison in these three aspects of consciousness this is true unity consciousness within oneself means that you become a being that as you think so you feel and so you act in the world all three of those things raised to a high degree of awareness and are removed from opposition with each other I've stressed this over and over and over again throughout the weeks of this radio show this is what unity consciousness really is this is what enlightenment really is contrary to what many people will try to pass off as enlightenment if you are no longer in opposition with yourself and your thoughts emotions and actions have come into a higher level of awareness for the good for the true will okay that is what enlightenment really is all about and yes there is an opposite form of this that is dark unison dark unity consciousness I talked about excuse me I've talked about this on the show many times this is something that many people don't like to hear that they are resistant to because it makes them uncomfortable in knowing how a specific aspect of the universe as far as the law of attraction works there is something called dark unity consciousness or dark Unison meaning that someone who is basically committed to the work of evil can come into this form of oneness for the wrong reasons for the wrong goals for you know for all of the wrong efforts there would be the opposite of the true great work this means that a Dominator a controller a sorcerer a dark ocultist call it whatever you want they do have a way that they think and then they do feel a certain way about their ideas their ideologies and those are in unison with each other their emotions do not betray their thoughts as they think so they feel and then their actions do not betray either one of these their actions are in compliance are in unity with their thoughts and their emotions and this is why they continue to be successful and this is why we are continuing to be largely conquered because more of them in this agenda in this dark agenda are unified they're on the same page as they think so they feel and so they act and that's why the universe is respecting their unity it will give us what we wish for if we are in unison in unity in these three principles in these three aspects of our consciousness sadly they have this form of unity dark though it may be and sadly the human population as a whole does not that's what this show is ultimately attempting to do is to bring more people of the good persuasion who are doing the true will and the true great work into this positive unity consciousness as we think so we feel so we act psychedelics can be a tool to that end and again that's all they are these are tools we commune with them and they help us or they could be a detriment if they are used in the wrong context or with the wrong mindset so if we use them in the proper context which I talked a little bit about last week the set and setting the mindset and then the external surroundings being conducive to raising awareness conducive to helping the community conducive to exploring the deeper aspects of ourselves in our own consciousness then they will be of great use to us and they could be termed at that point tools or methods for our personal evolution and I certainly feel that that is why they are here why they are on the earth these are natural agents for consciousness exploration dominators don't want consciousness to be explored they want us ignorant of self they want us ignorant of the laws of nature they want us ignorant of the natural world and natural law this is why they will do anything in their power to demonize these substances and attach all levels of fear to them they will try to tell you that they're highly dangerous or addictive or will make you jump out of windows etc etc and all other levels of nonsense that go along with their fear-mongering and propaganda when it comes to psychedelics but these things simply are not true of course they can be detrimental if we use them in the wrong mindset anything can again Bob on the show previous to this when he was interviewing me brought up the dangers of alcohol look at how alcohol was abused and it can be more dangerous than psychedelics in just about every way yet it's legal look at the additives that are put in tobacco products in this country causing lung cancer and again it isn't tobacco itself it's the additives and the chemicals and the fertilizers and the pesticides and all the other taste enhancers and the things that make the paper burn slower that's what will give people lung cancer not organically grown tobacco and indigenous people smoke organically grown tobacco practically 24 hours a day and there's no instances of lung cancer in their culture here it's rampant because of all the other junk chemical junk that is added to tobacco products in the United States and indeed throughout the Western world so again psychedelics are boundary dissolves they help us break down walls in consciousness they help us explore aspects of our personality and deeper aspects of ourselves that we may be resistant in an ordinary state of consciousness to exploring so I highly highly suggest people look into the works of Terence Mckenna he is an increase eloquent speaker he has a very distinctive voice some people may find it slightly comical but absolutely empowering information and there's tons of audio out there by them there's tons of video out there by them just through a google search on his name and and you you will be able to go to town for months practically but the amount of information out there on Terence Mckenna we're going to be coming up to a break in a couple of minutes for some ads for the network to run but I want to give the call-in number once again the new call-in number for the show toll-free eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine once again the new call-in number toll-free eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine I'm going to shift gears now we're going to get into the basic topics that pretty much wraps up what I wanted to say about psychedelics but let's talk about now a couple of other ways that the dominators and the dominator regime if you will in science and medicine and government attack the physical body complex and two of the most damaging ways that they do this is through vaccinations and flu shots so let's talk about these two chemical attacks in the next half an hour or so and then I'll try to switch gears and go into the chemtrail phenomenon vaccines are administered practically right out of the womb infants immune system isn't even beginning to develop when this cocktail of chemicals is injected and there were you know it started with a handful of shots then it climbed into the tens then into the tea you know into the 20s and now I believe it's something in in the neighborhood of over 40 different shots are given to children even before they reach the age of 2 now first of all if people don't just find that figure crazy in and of itself III don't really understand how you what what you're thinking because if you think that children who have grown up without these things for tens of thousands of years actually need this sludge of chemicals injected into them in infancy to be able to live and carry on a normal life I think there's something wrong with the way you think if that's what you think this would be dangerous for an adult to take in let alone a newborn child look at some of the substances that are in the chemicals that are in vaccines that we inject in the newborn children we're coming up to a break here I'll be back in a couple of minute after these ads run you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on revolution broadcast back in a few [Music] in America passes and all along have control of the population travel clear in the mantras the burning of linearity rests on our shoulders we 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and doctors want to tell people that these cocktails of chemicals that we call vaccines are safe for our children I question that as the established wisdom of the day and I think the people should question that as well and look into some of the things that are in these vaccines and think about it long and hard if this is something that you want to be injecting into an infant baby look at what's in some of the vaccines that we give to our children aluminum phosphate now aluminum is a metal and it's associated with a brain disease called Alzheimer's ammonium is in vaccination shots ammonium in the form of ammonium sulfate another form of aluminum called aluminum potassium sulfate a substance that you hear a lot about in recent times because it is in a lot of the flu shots that are given is by Marysol by Marysol is a preservative added to the flu shots and vaccines that we give to children by Marysol is essentially a form of mercury it is actually 50% mercury by weight that's what thimerosal is this is in the vaccinations that your children are getting right now you have a newborn child and you vaccinated them by Marysol is almost guaranteed to be in one of those shots and it is a form of mercury a heavy metal that is complete poison this is a poison by anyway you want to look at it it's not a preservative it's a poison another thing that's added to a lot of vaccines formaldehyde yeah you didn't hear me wrong formaldehyde you know the thing that they keep dead tissue preserved with formaldehyde this is in the things that we are injecting into our children one of the things that you will invariably come across when you start doing some vaccine research is its connection to autism and scientists and doctors in the establishment want to deny this they want to tell people oh no there is no link between vaccinations and autism well I would highly suggest that people look into the connection between the vaccination of very young children and the appearance in children in later months of autism there's a high high probability that these are very closely linked there was a conference that was held several years ago called the autism and vaccine conference I believe this was hosted by dr. Rimland RI MLA nd his name is Bernard Rimland you cannot do a search for this type in autism conference and vaccines into a search engine or into YouTube and there's a video out there it's very short just watch it it's footage from this conference and the master of ceremonies of the conference is asking people for a show of hands and the audience is full of parents with autistic children and he asked them to raise their hands and tell tell him by show of hands um how many children there believe that they're how many parents there believe that their children became autistic after the second round of vaccination shots that they received and just about everyone's hand goes up he also asked them about how many of them have documented evidence that this is when this happened now again you can believe in coincidence theory all you want and you could say well autism it tends to get diagnosed in children at a certain age and this just happened to coincide you know with this tightness of age but you'll notice that this happened right after a specific round of vaccinations because these are given at calibrated time intervals there's a schedule they call it that these are given and almost every one of these parents had children that became autistic after a specific shot was given now I think you have to do some mental gymnastics to say that that's just coincidence a whole room of about 400 people or more all simultaneously raising their hands when asked if this is when it happened connection there and it needs to be explored with an open mind by the medical community again I'm not a doctor I'm not a scientist but I can see patterns when they made themselves the very obvious and I think this is a clear example of a pattern that many people do see but the established scientific powers-that-be and the people who write the established scientific and medical literature and teach courses on this stuff don't want to do the thing that they need to do if they're going to be honest with themselves but yet it is the most difficult thing for anyone to do and that's admit when they're wrong or admit that the previous paradigm may not be as correct as they once thought and that they once put their faith in it so strongly thinking that it is it's just this way this is how it is they don't want to backpedal from that position based upon evidence that is right before them and say we may be wrong about this and we need to take a second look at it so it looks like um I don't know if we're having any problem with the calling line but I'm going to give a back up call number okay if you're having trouble getting through on eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine you can call this alternative number five zero five seven one five six five two two so that's an alternative number to calling five zero five seven one five six five two two you can also call in on the old talk shoe line I'm still monitoring monitoring that also that one is seven two four four four four seven four four four let's just give them all out seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number on talk shoe is eight three five one five so hopefully people will have some luck with one of those numbers again no taboo topics call in and talk about anything that you like um some resources to look into the dangers of vaccinating children from infancy or at all really look at the connection with autism and do your own research on this you want to look at sherry ten pennies work an excellent resource on vaccines in general and particularly flu shots as well dr. 10 penny calm dr te n P and NP e NN y dr t en PE n NY dr. 10 penny calm sherry 10 penny a gentleman whose name I mentioned over the last couple weeks is Russell laylock Russell Blaylock DL a yl Ock just phenomenal information on vaccinations flu shots excitotoxin 's artificial sweeteners brain health in general he's got something called a brain repair formula that helps to bring balance back to the neocortex of the brain which is the higher functioning the higher thought center of the human brain complex this is really what it is under so much heavy attack by all of these methods through the media through the food that we eat through the substances that people take into their body through um through law the the media that we watch through the electromagnetic frequencies that were basically bathed in constantly all of these things are detrimental to human health and to human thought processes and there are their methods of mind control when it's when it's put all together that's what these are um another resource that people may have heard about and I really highly commend her for doing what she's doing the actress Jenny McCarthy she has a great website called Generation Rescue org Generation Rescue dot o-r-g a phenomenal resource on vaccines what's in them what to do you and not do you know how to get advice just a great a great website Generation Rescue org I have a caller on talk shoe here and I know that he's been personally affected by this and he's a friend of mine and he's got his own show on talk show called caution tinfoil hat area I'm going to attempt to take his call here and talk shoe Kevin you're on what on earth is happening how are you my friend hi mark can you hear me yes now I'm clear but okay I want to thank you actually I wasn't even gonna call in until you actually mentioned Jenny McCarthy but I'd been looking over at my bookshelf behind me and I see louder than words City sitting there it's called a mother's journey in healing autism and it was Jenny McCarthy's book she was also author of mother Warriors both books gave my wife quite a bit of comfort in just the idea that she was not alone in what she was failing through and so your what you were suggesting earlier or what we were saying earlier not suggest being flat out saying because you know it about all those people being there at that conference is it it's more true than people can possibly imagine it it really feels like for me for someone who has delved into so many different areas one that sticks out in my head so much and it really messes with me is from brave new worlds they used to dump alcohol into the clone decanters where they made children court for their futuristic society into there so that they could make weaker humans essentially that are not as fully mentally developed and then are great at doing like the trash pickup work and so on and so forth and then do not actually have to get paid a larger wage because there even there even programs I'll be happier along the way to be function as a lower in society yes they would also deprive oxygen to the brain of the children that they were decanting in brave new world it was another method to basically make the brain develop much less slowly than what I believed were termed the alphas exactly the people at work airdrop higher strata of society so it was a pure social uh biochemical engineering is what it was and this is I believe may be part of the vaccine agenda it may be outright eugenics period just attempting to ruin the health and immune systems of people write it out of the womb and they say it's to strengthen the immune system I think I I don't think we need to be doing that through chemical means I think that the food that we eat needs to be our medicine and we need to understand proper nutrition let's start with that let's get that right and then and can move on from there you know again I mentioned the Wunderland yeah I mentioned even on one of your last shows it's not always what you actually have to do but what you should stop doing something is very small and taking red dye out of like red forty specifically out of your child's diet could dramatically change how your child's cognitive functions like go on a normal basis because my son he specifically has had issues than if not allowed any sort of red candies we had to tell her like the teachers at school like if they if he somehow earned some sort of treat or whatever that or gets it from another student he's not allowed to have it he he just isn't end of story children are in such a delicate state of development when I mean this is their most formative time period the brain is developing the body is developing the immune system is developing we want to keep the chemicals down to a minimum I mean this is basic common sense I mean why would you want to bombard a child that has basically has just come into the world and is still growing and developing with anything that that's not natural you know why not just get them on the right diet get them on proper nutrition high nutrient value food you know get them off sugary foods you know first of all how about one of the things that children need for proper brain development is mothers milk breast milk so many mothers don't feed their children breast milk and just give them this infant formula breast milk is one of the things that children need that's why women have mammary glands ladies and gentlemen one of my reasons I just met your chat all angry they yeah it did with a specific women's specifically during the first three or four days asks a large amount of nutrients that act then as passing along the same immunizations that the mother automatically has from doing the same thing from previous generation as well as I know this sounds silly but it has also been documented I've looked I asked suggest people look into it but I have had nurses concur with this at doctors offices on multiple occasions where children would even pick their nose and eat them and because of catching various particles of various diseases in there and they eat them it somehow consumes into their body the same way the quest milk does and it acts as a natural immunization as silly and as disgusting as it sounds children picking their nose and eating it have been known to actually build up tolerances to bear various diseases Wow you discussing though it may sound mesons Ferrario after I know it sounds so ridiculous but it because those little particles get caught in that area and then it gets consumed in a different fashion and enters the body and if we're laying it it somehow when the body breaks things down it becomes a part of who you are so therefore you are what you eat and if you wind up eating little specks of various things that acts just like the immunisation does like they give you the actual disease little particles of the baby a mutant an Indian I system the immune system needs needs uh germs and microbes to practice on exactly that's just exactly I think George Carlin had a pretty funny skit about that that wouldn't prom at all for anybody guys so so yeah again the solutions are simple you know we need to get back to natural ways of dealing with things and uh you know doctors and and um you know pharmaceutical industry specialists they think that we can improve on nature's game that's what they are all ultimately about God got it wrong nature got it wrong and we need to refine that it isn't about living in harmony with nature it's about conquering it with something that's artificial that's man-made and this almost invariably leads to more problems not the solving of these problems but it adds other problems on the list yeah there's a Michael Kellner quote from that I actually originally heard from David Icke and hid fit just look at us just look at it everything is upside down doctors destroy health lawyers destroy justice universities destroy knowledge governments destroy freedom and the major media destroy information and religion destroy spirituality their orders and it's it just bottles the mind that all of these things have been institutionalized to such a degree that my wife who now just got us got our son a medical insurance can't you a doctor today to get him checked out and the woman wound up being a geriatrics doctor because that's where this distance sent her for the free checkup and the woman had no clue no clue about the issues with autism why do have been diagnosed for a DD even though literally in the sentence before she had asked the question my wife had responded to her in another way about saying how he specifically had something called pdd-nos and that means pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified is the exactness of TDD and om Wow she had no clue what was going on because the system sent her with my son to the nearest doctor who happens to be a geriatric and family practice doctor and so had really no clue how to deal with my wife or my son who clearly has special needs and what measures are now taken if it's not too too pressing uh what what types of treatments are are you uh honestly undergoing her he is only going through speech therapy in a specialized classroom at the school where he is able to that during the morning and then during the afternoon he's in a normal classroom with the rest of first graders no do you have any so efficient about land may have what may have caught brought on I'll hit his yeah autism okay I missing it out in the ended with event yeah I'm missing out on one of your previous calls and I do believe 100% it's the exact timing that you're speaking of like that roomful of 400 or so mothers and so on there are right on point it's really that simple I am a father of a child who has a variant of autism that develops immediately after he was given his second round of May of of immunization and he was not going to be allowed to go into the school system if she did not get them is what we were talking so we had subject him to this in order to get him into a school which was not the right setting for him we found out but it did lead us ultimately to right now I have to admit through this funk through the school systems as done functioning they were to begin with once he was diagnosed he was then able to get the treatment that he needed and it is now well on his way to the point that most likely next year not the hundred percent guarantee depends on how the rest of the year goes but if he continues alone this parent course product he will be in a normal second grade classroom and will be able to function just as well as anyone else in society and possibly even have a couple of the benefits that go along with pdd-nos so I need to stress to your audience that happens to come across this information not just to like get the kid diagnosed early but get him early in an interval in it in an early intervention type of program in order to get things fixed as early as possible you don't know what's going on you may think you can bite their fluffy kid with a DD but you don't you have you just had someone who has a little bit more will and needs a little bit more direction absolutely Kevin I Thanks thank you so much for sharing your story and I wish you the best of luck and um you know I hope everything turns out great with Max I'm sure things will definitely improving yeah I'm sure he'll be fine that's cute can keep keep the diet improving that's the main and that's the main important thing because that's what is going to really build the brain and really help him to you know form all of the cognitive systems that basically help with our pattern recognition and that that's the main key key thing to do as far as human health is goes human health goes again that quote from Hippocrates let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food take it to heart and put it in practice Kevin enjoying your show as well ah kevin has a show on talk to every Friday night at 10:00 p.m. you can go on a talk shoes page and search for caution tinfoil hat area a nice bit of humor interjected there into the title but he talks about a lot of serious topics such as this on a show and I wish you the best of luck with your show Kevin we have another caller from central Pennsylvania here we go caller from central Pennsylvania you are on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us hey mark hey do you guys actually touched right on what I was going to speak about first off I found your show because of Kevin he's on my Facebook and I decided to come on and check it out tonight and I've enjoyed what I've heard so far but I was going to touch on the same thing you people asked me why don't I fax me my child I stopped at six months and I tell them I say why because you know it's not healthy forms destroying their brain the chemicals that are in there just are not good for the body and they say why aren't you worried about you in sick or you know catching any of these things I say no of course not I said I let them go out he plays in the dirt you know if you drop something on the floor in the house they pick it up and eat it you know you build your immunity by the exposure to nature and people don't realize that and it's just it it makes you wonder how they don't want you realize it we sit back and go wait I didn't realize this either so it's real hard to deal with people and that's what I've been learning and experiencing when it comes to discussing vaccines or 9/11 or anything whatever it is you're talking about that is not accepted in society because it's likely not a right it's like they want to sanitize society you know a society where you're completely a you know a free of any exposure to anything harmful and there's no such thing doesn't exist you live in a physical domain you live in a physical world you don't they were vulnerable here the only things I feel on for heal it harmful here we put here I mean that's right when when the plan was need and life started on this planet that's what the body needed and everything we had and I'm not saying it's wrong that we've developed these things I mean we have developed some great thing but then you look at chemtrails or you look at the vaccine - you look at the just all the things we do the bombing we do do you and our and our ammunition I mean there's just so many things we do that is destroying our own environment and I'm not you know I'm not a tree I had a one classify people are anything but I'm not a tree hugger or big environmentalist I just believe that nature is what was given to us and that's what we should be respecting and loving absolutely we're a part of that natural holistic living system you know right it functions with us in it as one and we can't look at it as like it's ours to conquer and we need to constantly change and try to improve upon its design you know we need to integrate in with it and live in harmony with it and things will get better for us the more we cut try to keep struggling against it the more we're going to you know basically be like you know trying to go upstream against a raging river and it's not gonna work out for our betterment it's going to be very detrimental to our evolutionary progress well is another question be who do even think we are to think that we have the right or the ability to control any of it whether it be again back to chemtrails with with weather my weather modification huh who are we to think that we should be loud or able to control it as if the living weather patterns of the system of the earth aren't there for reason as well see what exactly think that there's no purpose unless it serves us or is providing something good for our agenda our plans you know don't get me wrong hey build build a house for shelter wear clothes for for warmth and protection from the elements I don't have problems with those things you know that right a form of technology that serves us you know otherwise we'd be sleeping out in the you know freezing you know uh you know sheets of ice rain out in the winter but um you know it gets taken to an accessory it's taken to an extreme and then we get into things like genetic modification of the things that we eat you know and then usually can happen that you have going on right now you know it's basically there's so many different things and then you yeah how about you know they're trying to get mosquitoes loaded up with with vaccines the for Saxon aid us yeah yeah I mean this company or you write bad I don't know yes that's definitely could be one of the next plans of trying to get that into and get those chemical cocktails into our systems another thing is the chemtrails may be attempting to do this this may be one of the reasons for this the mass spraying over populated areas that bringing I'm going on topic or not I don't know if I'm off topic it is about chemtrails but I don't I'm actually in Southwest Florida my cell phones through Pennsylvania but okay I haven't had any down here in about two and a half three weeks um and I've seen other reports and again to my Facebook groups and stuff that have said they haven't seen any in their areas for about the same period of time I assumed it was because of the elections and the daily traveling around doing their campaigning and all that other junk that they do but now that's over motion we're out of the country at this given moment where are they what why have they I just don't know if you're experiencing that up there or not yes yeah no that that's true and this is something we could talk about a little bit um I have not yet been able to determine the pattern of chemtrails spraying it is something that has eluded me um it seems very random it is a on for a time off for a time right one thing I do notice is that almost invariably almost now this is not 100% but almost all the time after a very heavy day of chemtrails spraying um there will be a rainfall very shortly thereafter often on our very next day right and out now I don't and I again I think there's other things while I'm at I'm in Southwest Florida near and old it's a runway that is marked private from satellite pictures and it's marked as a private Airport and I know bushes used to fly in little neighborhood above the grand a lot down that some in that area um and I I've always seen before I got into all this and this is two three years ago I always thought something stranger I always joke we don't get rained over this little section of where I live um but we'll get chemtrails all the time we never ever ever get rained like we'll see the storms coming in from the neighboring town and it goes right around us so I always thought there was something going on there maybe some kind of I don't want a force field but some kind of modification of that level from the ground that was for reading and getting rain possibly deflect certain weather patterns or airflow patterns like it's really weird you can it's like the clouds match and then they stop and go around you we get very minimal pain in my little eye I mean like a 10 square mile at the most area and it's right next to the airport the airport actually we could walk through the woods to get to it we did saltine off and it's just I always thought something was strange there and it could be a connection with either the chemtrails or Harper or something along those lines for all I know right um but well I forgot where we were going I went off on a on a thing there with hat I'm sorry no problem we're going to transition into this topic so I thank you for bringing it up and thanks for calling in and uh feel free to call in any other time uh you know always always enjoy the callers to call in to the show keep it up keep listening spread the word about the show check out the website and thanks again thank you have a great night you got it yeah it's a good topic to transition before we do that I just want to briefly mention a little bit about flu shots and then we can get into the chemtrail topic which the last caller has alluded to and I can start to lay out what that is for some listeners that may not be aware of this phenomenon hopefully most people who listen on these networks are but again we need to take this information to the wider masses of people and bring this to their attention make them look at it you know talk about it and have your information right there bring it up in a very logical way where you can show the me refutable evidence even if they don't aren't ready to accept it at first you're planting seeds as a brief aside a little anecdote someone that I may be listening to the show right now I don't know but I was telling her about 9/11 for many many years and I was and we are coming up to another break folks has taken a couple of minutes for the network announcements you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting internet radio network I'm your host mark passio we'll be back right after these words secure your future get your non-hybrid feedback now with the looming economic crisis food shortages and other toxic disaster now is the time to be ready just click on the heirloom organics banner at the top of our BlogTalkRadio page today secure your future in the future of your family in hard times heirloom organic seeds did you ever wish that you could have done 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and long after you control the population solitaire is amongst us a version of humanity and on our shoulders the only way out if you excels the global crimes images known as the New World Order together we are one together no Intel soldiers with a lovely humanity and series join us in the fight and al-haram [Music] you are with me to the Intel hub commune network I'm crushing the New World Order [Music] [Music] all right we're back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm before the break I was just talking about planting seeds with this type of information to people who may be initially resistant and this is something that you're bound to come up against if you haven't already um someone that I know I won't mention by the name of this person was very resistant about the 9/11 inside job about all the information having to do with 911 being a example of a false flag and we'll get into that in depth in the weeks to come in this show however um you know I persisted with giving her information for years about it you know a little bit here a little bit there but I guess the seed eventually sprouted and a couple weeks back she told me that she is now thinking that I was correct about the nature of the event and want to look more into it so I gave her some movies and documentaries to research it on her own so sometimes the truth takes time to work its way into people's psyche and that's why we shouldn't give up we need to keep putting it out there that's what we are tasked with doing and that's what we will continue to do so um let's look briefly at flu shots because this is something that's been big over the last couple years and no doubt they'll be starting this up again over the end of the fall and the winter this year look at some of the things that are in flu shots the adjuvant thimerosal and flu shots as well um just it's it's the same a similar cocktail is as in other forms of vaccinations another thing that I want to bring up before I get into this is if they're so effective and they actually do prevent you from getting the disease what are you worried about people who aren't getting it for as Kevin said they won't let his son go to a school where he wasn't vaccinated like this if if the vaccine is so effective and the children are now immunized against this disease what are you worried about a child not having it that would just be on them if they develop the disease wouldn't it logically it doesn't even make sense to force people to be vaccinated because if it's your choice and you you have it done to you then you're fine right if it's so safe and effective you don't have to worry about somebody who may be carrying the disease now because you took the shot and you're immunized against it that doesn't seem to be good enough in their world of logic anyway but just thought I'd put it out there there's now mandatory flu shots for hospital workers this is something that's affected uh my partner and you know our life because uh my girlfriend is a nurse and had to go through this uh you know just constant badgering to get the shot and had to get a waiver signed by a priest uh wouldn't accept just philosophical grounds and health issue grounds that she doesn't accept taking something into her body that she doesn't want needed some fourth of a religious waiver as if a priest telling somebody that this person doesn't want it on on religious grounds is okay you know and that's not even our you know up going to a previous isn't even within our worldview because we're not religious spiritual yes not religious and you know the the the gentleman who did write the letter so that she could be exempted from this ridiculousness it is a great person and uh you know did a good thing by writing that in and I thank him for it however why should this even need to be done I mean this is a basic body ownership uh issue do you own your body or do you not own your body whose body is this isn't my body or is it someone else's body well if I don't want something put into my body then I there's nothing else that should need to be said about it I don't want that in me period you don't even need to know the reasons I don't want it in me you don't own me you don't own my body the end good night you know it's really that simple it's a open-and-shut case as far as I'm concerned but for some reason other people don't see it as simply as that they want to say come up with all kinds of justifications while you're endangering someone else by not getting it nonsense again if it's effective you go right ahead do what you want with your body and leave me alone so another thing there they're coming up with is waivers making people sign waivers to say if something happens and you're harmed by taking this shot you can't do anything about it you have no legal recourse to take any action against anybody it's no one's fault oh really it's no one's fault you take a harmful chemical sludge compound in sludge cocktail into your body and then it creates something like you know autism or guillain-barre syndrome that and that's spelled are GU I ll AI n - ba RR e check that out Jian brace engine this is another disease that people contract from taking flu shots and vaccines um it's a it's an immune autoimmune disorder that is basically a that basically affects the nervous system Keon beret syndrome and this is contracted from taking flu shots in many instances because of all the different additives and adjuvants the things that kick the immune system into high gear that are added to um these shots particularly this h1n1 swine flu shot I highly would recommend looking into some of the things that are in it and some of the side effects that can be caused or I should say the effects of taking the shot so um there's you know so much research that you can do again I said sherry Tenpenny is a good resource dr. Russell Blaylock um Len Horowitz Jenny McCarthy and list can go on and on I'll post some of these to the podcast section let's shift gears now and get into the chemtrail phenomenon for the remainder of the show and this will wrap up the you know we could talk about HAARP a little bit too we can talk about cellphone radiation is it's kind of connected in many ways with spring at least in some people's minds it is and may there may be some overlap there before we do that let me just give the call-in numbers one more time okay you can call in on a couple of different lines I'll give the blog talk call-in number is eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine once again eight seven seven five nine eight eight five four nine you have problems on that line call in to the talk-show line that I'm basically streaming this show over as well this is the one I've been using this is seems to be working seven two four four four four seven four four four seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number is eight three five one five you'll be prompted to put that call ID number and if you call other talks you call a number once again the call ID eight three five one five so the chemtrail phenomenon now this is spelled c h ZM t r AI LS chemtrails so like chemical trails chemtrails what these are are aerosol spraying from flames these are aerosol spray operations from planes that can be flying at any altitude now the first thing is to be able to distinguish a chem trail from a contrail a contrail is short for condensation trail this is essentially frozen water vapor okay this is water these are ice crystals thank because at very high elevations usually above let's say 25 to 30 thousand feet approximately the air is so cold that when a plane goes through it often from the wing tips you will have condensation happening and there will be ice crystals forming as a result of that these pressures okay from the plane cutting through the atmosphere at this high altitude what that will create is a trail behind the plane usually from the wing tips it could be from the tail however okay and this is a trail known as a contrail these are small ice particles that eventually then evaporate and become water vapor again okay they go back to a ishes state you will see these dispel from behind planes very quickly often within about 10 to 15 maybe 20 seconds so you'll see them up there in the high atmosphere contrails form only up at least above 20,000 feet in under certain conditions even higher 30,000 feet okay so about 25,000 feet the trail will dispel quickly that's how you will know it's a contrail and not a chem trail chemtrails do not dispel quickly they are persistent they stay in the atmosphere and they happen at any altitude because it is a particulate spray it is actually sprayed from nozzles attached to the the jet or plane what you are witnessing when you are watching a chem trail as opposed to a contrail is small bits of particulate matter it's not water crystals these are actual chemicals that are being emitted from the plane from some mechanism like a spray nozzle or a canvasser equipped on the plane these trails that are left behind when these chemicals are sprayed out of the jet then expand spread out and are persistent they linger they linger in the atmosphere for hours and they create almost like an artificial cloud bank so they linger they spread out and they begin to obscure the blue sky so you get like a haze effect or an outright cloud effect this is how you know you have a chem trail now you can watch them do this you just pay attention when planes are out there if you see a long big expanding trail behind the plane and it lingers and these planes will often not be flying at a very high altitude they will be flying around eight to ten maybe fifteen thousand feet now here's the thing contrails can not even form at that altitude you do not have the atmospheric conditions that are necessary at those low altitudes this is basic aviation physics you cannot have a contrail a water condensation trail of ice crystals forming at such low altitudes it just doesn't happen once you get up around 25 30,000 feet yes then you have contrails chemtrails are often seen sprayed in great abundance at as low as 8,000 feet or lower so these are two very distinct phenomenon the chemtrails phenomenon is legitimate it is real it is measurable and it has been proven to be ongoing weather people say oh no you know the first link if you just type in chemtrails the first link you're going to get back is a Wikipedia link that says the chemtrails conspiracy theory the connotations that go along with that term conspiracy theory people ask me if I talk about conspiracy theories on my show well they don't know about what we do here and I say nothing of the kind I talk about things that are verifiable through facts and I talk about some things that I know from first hand experience that I have directly experienced there's no theorizing going on on the show now when we get into theory is why they're doing this now that's what I couldn't tell you that I know for sure now we can theorize whether it's happening there is no question I mean you only need senses to understand that this is taking place and being able to employ your senses make observations and trust what you observe with your own eyes you know and if you have measuring instruments to be able to look at what these chemtrails are comprised of that the instrumentation that you're using to do that as to whether it's happening 100% certain and we can get into the why but let's look at some of the things that they are spraying that we know that they are spraying because chemical analysis has been performed on some of these trails samples have been taken this stuff falls to the ground it doesn't linger up there forever these are metal particulates again the theme going back once again to metals getting metals into us mercury in the vaccines and flu shots getting soft metals or heavy metals into the body into the brain some of the things that are in chemtrails aluminum has been shown to be in high concentrations aluminum again we saw that in vaccines why would somebody be trying to get the lumina min to the human body just think about that fact alone for a few minutes aluminum has been connected again with Alzheimer's disease it affects memory and the ability to uh basically remember details function in a normal way the brain capacity the neural connections are to degrade within the brain my grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's disease for many many years before he passed away and it's a horrible disease to watch somebody I live with they're basically robbed of you know their personality and they become someone who is different that it is not the person that you know you grew up around and know because essentially it takes memory from them and they don't remember who they are who you are and it's extremely painful coping with that so aluminum connected with Alzheimer's disease and it is sprayed from these jets and these are big tanker jets in many cases some people claim they're kc-135s I believe that's an Air Force jet some people have claimed that the chemtrails are a joint military operation between a US and Canadian Air Force forces at least in North America but these are being sprayed all over the world in just about every country in the Western world in western civilization I should say so another metal that is found in the chemtrails is barium barium extremely toxic when it reaches certain concentrations in the body why would they be spraying barium in the atmosphere it's very curious there's very different explanations or theories to why this is being done but that is being done is not in dispute this is no conspiracy theory this is measurable so I want to I'll first give some resources to look into this phenomenon and you can look into this for years there's so much information on the internet about this and there's some good documentaries on it and there's some great websites so the person who made me kentrell aware the person who first exposed this um at least to my eyes and ears was William Thomas and he's been talking about this to my knowledge since at least 1997 probably even before that because I became aware of this phenomenon in early 1997 and it was through William Thomas's website and the this of this website is will Thomas dotnet WI ll th OU mas will Thomas dotnet I'll link some of these on the podcast page another good site that was pretty early on in this saw documenting this phenomenon was chemtrail central.com @c h e m TR ail c en TR al chemtrail central.com check that site out another great researcher who's put together a huge repository of information on this phenomenon is clifford Carnot calm okay he has a website called aerosol crimes and cover-up aerosol crimes and cover-up this is at karna calm calm I'll spell that C AR ni c om karna calm calm two more I'll give out for people's further research and edification educate yourself org just a phenomenal resource in its own right on just about any topic educate yourself org and this is Clavin Enid so educate - yourself dot org and you want to go to the chemtrails section but if you want to go there directly it's simply educate - yourself dot org slash CT educate yourself org slash CT and finally another website to check out is chemtrails dot CC chemtrails dot CC these are all incredible resources about this phenomenon to learn more I recommend checking them out I'll link them on the podcast page when the show is up in the podcast section of my site just recently a great documentary has been put out by people within the freedom community and it is called what in the world are they spraying this documentary features G Edward Griffin and many other experts that talk about the chemtrail phenomenon what it is how it is carried out and what it may mean some of the possible explanations for it you know I think a better topic would have been why in the world are they spring you know we can do the research to find out what these things are what this particulate matter is but why they're doing it is a real question to be asked so we got to get the what established but then we need to ask the why and the main thing that seems to be one of the biggest theories in the answering of the question why are they spraying this is geoengineering now geoengineering is a term given to general weather modification modifying the atmosphere modifying the way that weather weather patterns move and flow to create weather or to change weather in specific geographic regions of the planet again I think this is a dangerous thing to get involved in you are messing with the natural system of the earth that is a holistic unified system that we are a part of that isn't ours to exploit and isn't ours to UM just do it as we will and try to conquer and control um we aren't the creators of this planet or the creators of the weather patterns that manifest on it they manifest for specific reasons there's a purpose behind it it's a living system it's not a dead clump of inert matter okay it has to do with the cycle of life it has to do with life period in general you start messing with that in a way that you don't fully understand what you're doing and you're going to probably create more harmful repercussions than you do good ones regardless of what your intent is because one you don't have the full picture of what you're really doing and I say this specifically to the pilots who spray these things you want to you want to do something with this information give this podcast to some of the unconscious fools who go out and spray something that they don't even know what they're spraying or doing you think these pilots you get paid to go out there in the military in the Air Force or the Navy has has planes as well whatever the case may be go out and spray substances which you don't really know the reason why you're spraying these you may have been told one thing and you have no way of verifying whether that's actually the reason why your superiors want these substances in the air but yet before paycheck you'll go and spray over populated centers something that you do not absolutely have no verifiable way of knowing what it is you're actually doing imagine that I mean really for real and yeah this is what people are doing constantly all day every day and just about every country and in the world practically going out accepting money to spray on populated regions and they'll claim oh yeah it's for the good oh you wouldn't want to know what would happen if we didn't do this you have no idea zero idea of why you're really doing this because your owners would never tell you why they're really doing if this was for any altruistic reasons they would be right there trying to count it and put it out there to the masses so that they know how wonderful our our our masters are that they are do this for our benefit because look at you know what dire straits will you be in if they didn't we need them they want to be seen as needed in any circumstance so if they're not if they're posh hawks and secret about this it has some nefarious you can be guaranteed to be sure that it has some sort of nefarious purpose that they're not telling you and particularly they're not going to tell their lap dog and yeah that's that's what the pilots who do this are unconscious lap dogs go do this dog that's exactly how your owners think of you and believe me you have owners my friends you have owners I don't even understand how people like that can look at themselves in a mirror knowing that they're owned knowing that they're a dog on a leash and yeah I know that's harsh language yeah you're right it is because how could your you even know whether your actions are moral or not when you've barely looked into the phenomenon you don't know why you don't know the why you don't even ask that question that's a question that's not even in your vocabulary that's anathema to the military-industrial complex chain of command you never dare ask that question dog right that question is not in your vocabulary that's the first thing you need to erase when you take that job isn't it because your owner puts you on that leash and says you do what I tell you to dog you'll dare question me I'm your owner and you know it selling your soul my friends selling your soul and I think you got nerve to do it nerve children are breathing that crap in your children are breathing that crap in so you know people who listen to the show frequently know I get a little bit emotional and you know tend to uh start turning up the heat when it comes to particularly people who help and support this control system and take a paycheck for doing so I got a family to support I have to put myself through school yeah you don't need to do none of that by doing this by spraying something that you don't know what it's doing you don't know what the long-term health effects are you don't know what the long-term environmental effects are you know no idea what the agenda that once that those particulates in the atmosphere why they want that done zero because you're not in the loop you're not a higher-up you're just a dog who takes a paycheck to do it your tow dog and that's exactly what your owners think and let me tell you something that's not even me saying that I may be using that word just to explain to people that that's that's really what they are viewed as I worked with your owners four years of my life okay and I I'm telling you I'm not asking you to believe me I'm telling you directly this is what they think of you this is what your owners think of you they call you their dogs they call you their dogs and this is what people need to know folks you what you want to know what you can do start talking to people in the military and telling them that it's a disgrace it's a disgrace that they would fly operations like this and spray it over populated regions go go go to have a conversation with your father or grandfather who is in the military and tell them to look at the sky take a look up some days when they're spraying this junk over your city and that your children are breathing into their lungs and is getting into their bloodstream and through their blood blood-brain barrier and you have no idea why this stuff is being sprayed and yet you continue to go up in a plane and spray it on populated regions you got nerve nerve yes so take that message and give it to whoever's in the military doing this operation and yet don't justify it I already know I already know the response before it's given so I'll lay that out so when you whoever is listen to this and justifying it in your own mind say you know you don't know what's going on you don't know why we're doing it and neither do you is the point I'm trying to make and I'm telling you it can't be any good reason if it's kept secret good works are done in the light of day evil has to be done under the cloak of darkness caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you're on live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us Rock patio air to down here in Doylestown how are you sir Eric G how are you my friend oh man just getting through the day struggling to survive just like any other man so uh interesting topic tonight I tuned in I just got home like 9:30 are you talking about the vaccines then yes chemtrails and you know yes like blah I actually back in 2007 started hearing things about the vaccines and asked my doctor about the insert in the box just believe me he didn't believe me that there was Tamara so on it and I said okay well did where's the box because this should be an insert and right there it said there's a marisol in it so I mean that's what you got to do if somebody is doubting it just get the answer and just show them I mean it shows you that these doctors don't even look at what they're injecting into people they just thought you know it's rote action to them it's robotic action it's just this is how it's done we take it we do it it's procedure and that's it they don't even think about it themselves or you can read what they're injecting yeah well you know actually I had a roommate one time mark that was one of those guys that experiments on animals for the drug companies yes I kind of say man things people will do for money I mean this guy actually liked this job he thought it was cute to like you know take little poor innocent rabbits and rub toxic disgusting poisons in their eyes and given tumors and because he felt like he was doing something good now that's how they always have to sell it yeah he see these people like to justify evil to make themselves look better these peoples like to make themselves look better you know I mean that's why a lot of times these people to sit there to tell you that you're bad and then I'll turn it around and they'll try to make themselves look good right is it's an ego trip that's what it all is about it's about justifying their immoral behavior and and and justifying ignorant behavior that that's saying oh because I don't really know what's going on at the high levels of this agenda or why it's really being done that I can be excused for my actions because I didn't know see this is the whole you know following orders excuse and justification like what was given in Nuremberg you know we were just following our orders in the military people of Germany said we didn't know that that was actually going on you know all the killing of people in camps etc and it's just all justification it's all justification for people not wanting to take personal responsibility for their own actions and that's why the human race and slaves itself we know we could talk about the controller's and their mind control methodologies and it's important to how people become aware of all of that but ultimately it's about using your own will to change your own actions for the true good not some nonsense excuse and justification that you were sold and that you bought because you didn't want to really think for yourself but the true good to actually know what's going on and then take take up the side of good and there is such a thing there is such a thing as good and evil I mean we've talked about that on this show before people think there's no such thing as moral good and act an actual evil and this is a solemn suspicion solid sysm you know this is moral relativism these are dangerous ideological paths to go down and this is some of the reasons that people in the military will cite for why they perform the actions that they do in the state of ignorance that they live in and they are some of the most ignorant people in the world they ignore evidence to the contrary it shows what they are doing is actually harmful to other people and living beings and they continue to do it because they say we can you can pass the responsibility along to our superiors and that doesn't cut it it doesn't cut it guys and gals in these so-called services you got to ask yourself what are you really serving why do they call it the service are you really serving the people of the country that you live in are you serving some other force you don't even know enough about understand that you're serving it the rabbit hole definitely goes very deep mark Pesce Oh anything else tonight and anything else going on if I could just throw this out there that a lot of people don't know this but there are already and I know for a fact in Pennsylvania that they're flying drones over over the skies drones I've seen them they look like they're higher planes but when you really look at them you can see that they're very slow and they're not very large and but they definitely already are flying drones over no doubt interesting get ready everybody thank you so much mark take care buddy Eric thanks as always man - take care yes so some of the theories for why these spring operations are ongoing geoengineering or weather modification some people think it's outright eugenics its outright population control as the sanitized a term for eugenics is known as um and they think that they are going they're doing this to suppress the human immune system that this is some kind of a chemical cocktail that will suppress the immune system and make people susceptible to diseases that their immune system would ordinarily fight off there for the young and the very old and infirm would be at the highest risk and uh you know when these chemtrails are sprayed heavily in certain populated areas there's reports come in of uh all kinds of respiratory problems particularly in the elderly and the young and this is a very pop strong possibility that this just may be a chemical cocktail that is sprayed over regions to try to make as many people sick and infirm as possible and attack the immune system in as direct a way as possible I would not put it past the Psychopaths that are currently running the show folks and if you just dismissed that as a possibility as a theory of why they're doing that I I'd say you're very naive because people don't want to think I was talking about this with uh with Bob at his show in the hour before mine people don't understand the psychopathic mindset they don't understand the person with no conscience but there are people with no conscience ladies and gentlemen believe it know it that's the truth there are people who simply do not have a conscience and don't hold them to the same standards that you would hold yourself because you are bound by the moral compass called a conscience called your emotions there are people who are born with no emotions because they don't feel the part of the brain the limbic system of the brain that generates the emotional qualities through which we feel the repercussions of our actions that we take to others is not really functioning properly we talked about the structures of the brain and what these structures basically make possible for us to feel and do and there are people who are born with this part of the brain damaged literally so they don't feel emotions in other words they have no conscience they could do anything to anyone and not feel a thing quite literally so when you say oh people wouldn't do that no you wouldn't do that see you are holding yourself to a standard of moral conscience that is not present in someone else that may certainly do that and not think twice about it to advance whatever sick twisted agenda they may have finally another you know we talked about this briefly another possibility is a forced inoculation program where these substances have some of the same things in them that vaccines have and they're trying to get test this as a delivery system for something that they want in the bodies of people for some reason and it's been speculated that this may also be to activate certain compounds that are in the body with certain electromagnetic frequencies metals react to electromagnetic frequencies like when you put metal in the microwave so if they turn at got a whole bunch of metals into our system and then activated some frequency that would do something to the physiology this could be some sort of a superweapon and that's just another theory again do I know the truth about it know what I like to absolutely am ice constantly searching for more information about it you betcha and this is where we can delineate between facts and theory these are some theories about why they are spraying that they are spraying over populated centers and that these are not contrails that they are particulate metal particles that are sprayed from these Jets is not in debate therefore not a theory here we go caller from Southwest Ohio you are on what on earth is happening mark passio Bob from Cincinnati this is a powerful topic thank you Mark for having the courage to put this out there you are the voice in the wilderness most people won't discuss this mark thank you for putting this out here absolutely Bob a pleasure to hear your voice thanks for calling in I I had some trouble getting through these numbers so I went back to the old talks you but we're running out of time of this show but thank you Mark I think you're hitting on it on the last point metals metals metals why are they getting all these metals not only of course are they putting toxin in this that's just a base one and not only is it happening ladies and gentlemen use your eyes you look up into the sky get your face out of the iPod and the iPhone and all the other little devices they want you to look downwards look back up to the skies again because that's what's happening they are spraying us the debate is over those who won't accept they're spraying us we need to move on from their foolishness they were fools to begin with next point mark there is an occult aspect to this it appears that at the very highest levels of the Intel community a service that Milton William Cooper was attached to look up Milton William Cooper he was I am or he was attached to the Intel community that is actually spraying us but they are in conjunction with the pharmaceutical industries they know we're trying to get healthy they know we're trying to eat better they know we're getting away from their fluoride program you notice that even the dental fluoride commercials don't even touch on fluoride anymore because they're stepping away quietly they're saying oh sorry we really didn't mean it no culpability goodbye don't don't remember us with fluoride wheat we didn't really mean it but there is an occult aspect of this mark as you know the black adepts high in the Intel communities are involved in the spraying mark the brain cycles at 12 to 14 Hertz per second this is just basic science there that doesn't cycle at that but if they can get the brain to cycle at 12 to 14 Hertz per second people become agitated with all this metal in their system and if you can't relax and if you all you understand is a feeling of agitation 24/7 with all these powers all these elf towers that they're building they're not cell phone towers ladies and gentlemen they're Gwen slash elf towers look those up these are towers that are in conjunction with chemtrails and as Mark said these are theories I can't back these up but use your eyes ladies and gentlemen look around you at all these towers is your cell phone reception any better mine isn't I know it's not for me so these towers are Fred Mis various alternative purpose and they're tying in with the chemtrail phenomenon and it's not a phenomenon mark and I appreciate you talking about it it is a chemtrail crime they are spraying us and mark I've got a question for you here's my take on an IO we're running out of time I believe that like 9/11 people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea that oh my god if if there's a crime involved with 911 and oh it's not as it's portrayed little men from cave climbed into planes and had NORAD stand down for over an hour and we brought these buildings down flat face per second they just dropped to the ground that means that my government might be working and guessing oh my goodness that would have to I'd have to open up my mind and like the 90 seconds and like these medical professionals mark they are under mind control they can't even admit the what's going on they can't even admit what their eyes are showing them just like your previous caller with the the insert with skull and crossbones may cause death these health professionals look at that and go hmm I never really looked at Mark Powell for show you're the best thank you Mark Bob thanks so much she brought up some great points there I definitely recommend the people look into the Gwen's Excel second when G W en extremely low frequency harp look into harp this may be connected with the phenomenon of chemtrails people have speculated h AARP high frequency active auroral research project HAARP that's that goes on in Alaska we'll touch on some of these things in future shows basically we're running out of time for a night thanks to all the callers thanks for Bob Tuscan for bringing me on his show earlier tonight that's all we have time for tonight folks we covered a lot of ground we'll get into some new topics next week you've been listening to what on earth is happening right here on the revolution broadcasting internet radio network I'm your host mark passio the show is live every Tuesday evening panel on 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time I'll see right here this time next week good night everyone