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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascal [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark capacity of my website what on earth is happening calm the network is the Intel hub news network you can check them out live on the internet at the Intel hub news network calm today is Tuesday December 7th 2010 we have a great show lined up here for you today we are going to continue our ongoing exploration of the methodologies of mind control right here tonight and we are going to be getting into one of the three big um heavy guns as I call them of mind control the three biggest ways that people really have their psyches manipulated and twisted by the occult dominators of this world and we're going to be discussing religion on the air today and of course that's always a controversial topic it's always a topic of contention but I'm going to try to clarify some of what religion really is and it can be known what religion actually really is people will often debate this but when you really start to look into the esoteric meanings of religion you understand that overwhelmingly religion is really one thing and that is a form of mind control it is an occult form of binding and we're going to be exploring that deeply on today's show and probably for the next couple of weeks here on what on earth is happening I want to give the call in numbers you can call in to two different networks we're simulcasting on talk show and blog talk so on my website the shows character talks you on the Intel hub that goes out over blog talk you can call into talk show on at this number seven to four four four four seven four four four once again calling number seven twenty four four four four seven four four four the call ID number you'll have to put in if you call that number is 8 3 5 1 5 the call ID number 8 3 5 1 5 if you choose to comment on the vlog talk network you can call the number six four six seven two seven three three eight seven I have a couple of event announcements before we get started um two events coming up in the Philly area this weekend we are having a second fundraiser for the free your mind conference which I will be hosting in April along with many other great committed individuals in the Philadelphia area so we're having a fundraiser because we we have a lot of speakers that we need to fly in from out of town and lodge and that can be quite expensive so we need to raise some money for that we did one fundraiser already and it went pretty successfully we raised a 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Saturday December 11th at Liberty's pub that's at 8:00 p.m. this coming Saturday tickets for the fundraiser will also be on sale at the I'm sorry tickets for the conference will also be on sale at the fundraiser so if you are coming out to the fundraiser you want to get your tickets in advance for the conference tickets will be available there for more information go to free your mind conference calm which brings me to the second and final announcement the conference itself free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult a unique two-day conference set for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those effected by these devices a date Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th the time 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. both days doors will open at 9:00 a.m. both days this will be taking place at rubra hall our UBA UBA UBA hall at 414 Greene Street Philadelphia PA 19136 are $20 per day per person if you buy tickets at the door the tickets are $30 at the door so get your tickets in advance we started taking ticket orders on the website the confirmed speakers for the conference so far Aaron McCallum alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan farrier dozous yan Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower Mark motika Mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor for more information on this great conference that we have scheduled here in Philadelphia coming up in April you can visit the conference website at WWF rhe your mind conference comm apologize them a little bit stuffed up here today bear with me my allergies seem to be acting up a bit so let's see we're going to talk about religion here today and I want to set this up with several things the first thing I'd like to do is read a quote that really encapsulates exactly how I feel about religion so right off the bat let's set out to offend anyone with religious sensibilities okay because if you're easily offended when it comes to this topic you might as well just turn off the show right now and stop listening because I'm going to break down all of the lies of the deceptions all of the misinterpretations the dissembling the hiding of critical information that is everything that has been perpetuated and perpetrated by mainstream religions their doctrines and their dogma over thousands of years of human history and to start with I want to read a quote by one of the founders of this country I think he's philosophically probably the most enlightened of the founding fathers of America and this is Thomas Paine isn't an influence philosophically of mine and I think that while none of the founding fathers particularly were what I would say completely enlightened what I would call completely enlightened I think Thomas Paine had the best understanding of true human freedom than any of the founders and if you read his writings that kind of will make itself pretty self-evident he made a statement regarding religion that I open up this section within my presentation when I give this uh when I give my one on earth is happening presentation live and here it is he said I do believe in the Creed professed by the Jewish church by the Roman Church by the Greek Church by the Turkish church by the Protestant church nor by any church that I know of my own mind is my own church all national institutions of churches whether Jewish Christian or Turkish appear to me no other than human inventions set up to terrify and enslave mankind and monopolize power and profit and that is exactly how I feel about religion I want to say something before I dive into this excuse me one of the things that led me into a very dark path in life when I was younger one of the things that turned me I guess what you could say into a pretty hateful human being and one who began to align himself with the dominators that I am attempting to expose now one of those things one of those factors was religion and my hatred for it when I started to understand that it was a lie and sadly I did not have enough knowledge of what religion really was back then if I did maybe I would not have gone down that dark path but you know hindsight as they say is 20/20 and I look back on it and think it's probably better off that I did go down that left-hand path of the dark occult because it led me to see exactly what did what was lurking in the corridors of power of this world and helped me to gain a perspective on the mindset of the darker cultists the dominators the sorcerers of the world if you will the people who essentially Institute these systems of mind-control and are attempting to slay enslave the entire human population so would I take it back probably not however what I'm just trying to illustrate is things can happen to people that set them off on particular paths in life because they lack certain levels of awareness and had I known about some of the things we're going to talk about when we begin breaking down religion perhaps my life would have ended up in a completely different you know different way different things would have unfolded for me and I may not have needed to suffer to the extent that I did to come to this understanding that I am at now and one of those things is Astro theology and that's the thing that we're going to be discussing today or at least beginning to get into today but before we do that I'd like to talk about the word religion itself as i've re-emphasized over and over again on this show the world is essentially controlled through words if we don't understand the language and the power that the language has over the human psyche and to influence the human psyche we're going to understand very little and right here I'm going to open up a topic that is endlessly debated and I'm quite frankly tired of the debate over this I'm tired of hearing people say that what I'm about to tell you is not the case because it absolutely 100% is the case the etymology of the word religion if you look at a standard etymological dictionary they are not telling you the correct etymology of the word religion and I don't care what language expert linguistics expert ancient languages expert etymological expert you talk to I'll tell them to their face that they're wrong okay people are insistent when you bring this up that the etymology of the word religion comes from the word in Latin to read okay leg-oh McGary it does not come from that root do you say the word religion is that how you pronounce it is there an e after the Allen religion or is there an I after it of course there's an i after it religion the word is derived from the Latin verb relig re the root is Li go Legare Magary okay which which means to tie to bind to fasten okay as in to take a rope and to tie up alright so when we add the prefix prefix re in front of it in Latin it means to tie back or to bind back okay re means back or again in Latin to redo something okay bat to go back and do it again so when we put these two roots together three lagari it means to tie back or to hold back okay that's what the origin of the word religion is it does not mean to rebreathe okay this is nonsense it's ridiculous if you just think about it it's ridiculous okay I mean I don't know where people get that from that etymology but it's wrong the etymology of the word religion means to tie back so essentially what religion is right in the word see the words will always tell us if we understand their constituent elements and we understand where those words are derived from often the very meaning of a thing is embedded right in the word for that thing so religion is something that is tying us back holding back courting or binding it is a binding so a binding essentially means shackles it means chains okay other term for slavery and it is indeed slavery over the mind yeah well we were breaking down certain words like government we saw the government is derived from governor or goober nari okay govern are a goober nari in Latin means to control meant a the second part of the word government means mind in Latin so government is the other part of the binding of the mind the two major sources of mind control government and religion one form namely government is a left brained form of control okay this binds the right mind the right hemisphere of the brain which is intuitive and nurturing and creative and has compassion for what one does to other living beings so government is the control strong arm aspect of this dual edged system of control that work hand in hand there never has been any such thing as separation of church and state these two principles work hand in hand together and anybody that tells you otherwise is lying to you deliberately trying to deceive you into thinking that religion is something that it is not okay and I'm talking about organized world religions okay I'm not talking about getting in touch with your own spirituality and working that out in a one-to-one on a one-to-one basis with what you perceive as the creator that's not what we're talking about here this is completely different from spirituality which is an internal process I'm talking about external worldly institutional religion let's make that very clear from the get-go before we go into you know any further to let people understand exactly what I'm talking about here so you don't start thinking that I mean something that I don't government is the form of mind control that works through the left brain okay which is the purely logical linear time bound physical world is all there is aspect of the brain okay it's a control system and it binds or controls the right hemisphere of the brain it ties that out of the way okay so government is working through the left brain and it's helping to shut down the right hemisphere of the brain and just look at the ridiculous officious bureaucrats in government to understand that they don't have a developed the right brain they don't have a developed neocortex at all their neocortex looks like the cratering on the moon if you scanned it okay there's very little if any normal activity taking place there and most government officials that they have a diseased mind and that means a diseased brain but essentially the part of the brain that's really the weakest is the right brain hemisphere the creative nurturing intuitive and compassionate side of the mind so government is binding upon the right brain hemisphere or the right mind religion on the other hand is the opposite form of psychological binding this form of psychological chaining or binding or slavery works through the right mind the more spiritually oriented center of the brain okay side of the brain when this part of the brain is overly active chronically alright the left hemisphere is not being actively engaged so you're not using these two hemispheres of the brain in unison or conjunction with each other and therefore the logical and physical aspects of human thought are being actively suppressed so the right spiritual side of the brain kind of goes haywire it takes over and dominates all right and there's more of a emphasis upon other worldly things other dimensions of existence and afterlife etc etc take the focus off of this world and what were what we are here to be doing that's not important what's important is what comes after this life okay just as in a left brain imbalanced person that has a left brain dominant aspect to them this world is all there is and that's all that's of any importance and there is no such thing as anything survival of consciousness after physical death matter is all of it has any significance spirit is insignificant or non-existent both of these things are complete garbage nonsense that should be thoroughly renounced and rejected from any holistically intelligent human being that has the ability to think critically in a holistic and balanced way you will see that both of these things are forms of control they're methods for control and they are there to destabilize the human population toward one brain hemisphere or another because what the force that has created both of these things wants to do is to polarize the world and create members of society that act as masters or dominators control freaks and the other half has a completely right brain imbalanced aspect aspect of consciousness and they'll bow down and accept their slavery so religion is good for that side of things to get people to not play an active role it see it cripples the male principle the active principle how many so-called Christians out there okay are actively uh you know who are really deep fundamentalist Christians are really seeing all of the dominator aspects of what's going on in the world and really actively trying to do something about it religionists you don't see many of them doing that they say oh it's in God's and what happens in this world isn't important BS okay absolute not nonsense this is a form of right brain imbalance just like the New Age movement these two things go hand in hand with each other because that's just another religion and we talked about the New Age movement when we talked about controlled opposition many weeks ago these people are people who think that they're going to meditate their way out of slavery good luck with that okay they're not actually taking any real action in the world they're just thinking that they're going to think that the world will be a different way and then magically it's going to happen and it doesn't work like that folks it doesn't work like that you can think all you want about a better world that's the beginning of the process but until you act actually care enough and develop the courage enough to take moral action in the world to change things it's not going to happen on its own okay that's not how the law of attraction works and anybody that tells you that that's how it works is a deceiver they're a deceiver so understanding that these two forms of control government and religion go to work on two different hemispheres of the brain is the first step toward understanding why they need to have people polarized like this and why they want to get as many believers in different religious dogmas as they possibly can this is a very deliberate effort and a calculated one the religions are set up to polarize people against each other we talked about that when we talked about the mind control technique known as divide and conquer okay polarize people based on any perceived differences and perceived differences are entrenched in the polarity of fear this is fear-based consciousness people fear tend to fear that which is different from them and a culture and a set of beliefs that are completely different from what they believe in and how they live and again let's talk about the word belief a little bit when it comes to religion all right we talked I talked about this last week when I did the presentation on natural law which I felt went very well and I think it was one of the most valuable shows that I put out over over the air so far got a lot of good feedback on it and I think people got a lot out of it that was show number 36 again you can always go right up to my website at what on earth is happening calm and check out the podcast page and that's show number 36 where I did my presentation on natural law live on the air but belief we talked about last week during that presentation and like the law of gravity okay natural law requires no belief as when it comes to religion belief is always required these are dogmatic ideologies they're not philosophies based on principles which are based in truths okay these are beliefs and their foundation lies in dogma and we talked about this last week during the presentation on natural law as well you can believe or disbelieve in the law of gravity you are bound by it anyway under natural law binding conditions that are true and immutable meaning they cannot be changed and it doesn't matter whether you believe in them or not as long as you're in this dimension of existence you are affected by them these laws are in effect period the end when it comes to religion people always talk about whether you believe in it or not so right in the word belief and I touched on this before we'll get into it a little bit more as we go through religion we have this prefix ve L and this will come up over and over again because this name Bell is one of the gods of the ancient worlds of the ancient world okay one of the gods of the cultures of the ancient world well it's a Phoenician Sun God and it encapsulates this God Bell or Val or Bill okay encapsulate the dark aspect of the Sun it's a symbol it is kind of synonymous with other Sun gods and other gods that represent the bringers of light so it's similar to Lucifer in one aspect it's similar to um set in the Egyptian tradition the Setting Sun all right we'll talk about some of the names of these gods as we go on and we'll break down different traditions we'll look at the Egyptian tradition the Babylonian tradition the Phoenicians Canaan tradition when it comes to the religious practices and beliefs that shaped the modern foundations of religious thought and dogma now Dogma is connected with the idea of belief dogma is unchallenged belief so that's very critical you can believe in something and you can constantly challenge a belief and again there are some good beliefs not all beliefs are bad like I think you need to believe that you can be effective and help to create positive change in the world before you go ahead and do it you need to have that belief you have to believe that you can come to know the truth otherwise you'll never set off on the journey to truth we talked about that they want on this show that's the only belief that's really required you want to go off on a journey to learn the truth you kind of have to in your in your initial state of ignorance have to become aware you do not know and then you have to believe that there's something out there you can find because you don't know it then if you don't have that belief initially and then act upon it you're going to stay ignorant so belief in and of itself isn't bad what I'm trying to emphasize here is that when it comes to particularly natural law belief is irrelevant okay when it comes to principles that exist in nature that are there that you're not capable of changing that you need to recognize you need to discover that they are in operation and then try to come into accordance with them and understand how they work you need to understand how they work first really not to come into accordance with them if you're going to do it in any way that doesn't create unimaginable amounts of suffering belief is irrelevant to all of that you either learn it or you do not you know it or you do not but belief plays a big role in religion and we have billions of believers in the world not seekers after truth but just people who believe that which has been put out so on day one of the show I also said don't believe what I say on this show that would be disastrous that would be disastrous I want people to look into things for themselves to do research on their own you can verify some of the things I talked about on the show if you go off and search for that knowledge on your own you don't have to take my word for it I'm not an authority on anything I'm a seeker after truth and I put the information that I have acquired in my journey out back out into the world for other people's considerations and they can make up their own mind about it there are certain things I will state are true that I have discovered are truths and one of those truths is religion is a form of mind control and it does work through something known as a show theology particularly the three big religions of the world Christianity Judaism and Islam then we're going to break down particularly Christianity this is the most blatant forms of Asherah theological belief based dogma in the world but we'll also take a look at Judaism and its connections to Astro theology as well as Islam and its connections to Astro theology so Dogma unchallenged belief this is the worst kind of belief because it's an entrenched it becomes an entrenched meme okay this becomes a pattern of thought that is in rooted it grows deep roots into the psyche of an entire population and then it kind of just runs on its own it's a self-perpetuating mechanism of thought and that's what Dogma is set up to do to make a system that inherently protects itself by having people just deeply believing in it and never actually challenging the fundamental basis upon which those beliefs are based and they often do this by occult in' the original sources that the religion was derived from and changed from so we'll be talking about those and that's what we really need to get down to the mystery traditions to understand what religion in the modern world really is because then we'll be hitting the esoteric side of things and after the break i hear the music coming up we'll talk about the distinction between the exoteric and the esoteric I'm mark passio you're listening to what on earth is happening we'll be right back after these words [Music] hello mark patio and the talk-show network how are you guys doing tonight hey Bob how are you man I'm feeling a little bit under the weather tonight but I'm trying to hang in there yeah here you try to get through the show and folks who are listening on the talk show you stream via mark's website what on earth is happening calm I hope you realize that not every day but we do this we have a hundred percent arm day 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efforts men all right thanks so much stand by you got it okay we're back after the break there on on our Intel hub news network you're listening to what on earth is happening on your host mark pass you know we were talking about religion and we were talking about how when knowledge becomes occulted or taken out of circulation from the general population how it can be kind of used against them as a weapon and a form of mind control because a select few have access a select few will have access to that information while it is hidden from the rest and if this is particularly aspect information that contains knowledge about aspects of the human psyche and the human consciousness then that information can be distorted and twisted and then made into a weapon of sorts to be wielded by people who don't have other people's best interests at heart so we I was beginning to talk about the distinction between what is known as exoteric information and I'll spell this ok exoteric is e x OT e ric exoteric exoteric information versus esoteric information okay esoteric is ESO te Ric ok exoteric versus esoteric so what is the distinction between these two terms all right what do they mean when we talk about we're talking about this in the exoteric sense verses we're talking about this in the esoteric sense and what I said before the break was we need to break past the exoteric aspects of religion and get down underneath to the hidden esoteric meanings of it okay so what are these two terms mean let's explore them okay so exoteric means relating to the outside world external okay it means outside it's actually derived from a Greek word that means outside okay now this is very important this is this distinction is critically important when it comes to understanding what is being set up when it comes to religion what has been set up when it comes to religion okay because believers in religions in the dogmas of religions you will note if you open your eyes and pay attention if you're not one of those deep believers that they are always looking out side their gaze does not wish to be turned inward they don't wish their gaze to be turned inward upon the self the self they don't focus upon they don't concentrate upon knowing the deep aspects of the self they are looking outward for something a force that exists outside of themselves that may you know Russian and act as a savior and free us from our own immoral actions that we've put into place in the world collectively to build the prison walls that we built up all around us again I'm speaking figuratively here but you know when somebody like Alex Jones talks about the prison planet he's very accurate in that assessment that's what this has become and it has become a prison for the mind as is talked about in the movie The Matrix you know again when we talk about the exoteric we mean outside of oneself the outside world external but more specifically what the word exoteric means is popular among the general public so something that is exoteric is known by the public it is in specifically intended for the general public and it is more likely to be understood by the general public if it is exoteric okay so Jesus is the Son of God Jesus is the savior of the world okay the Lamb of God right savior of the world some of God this is exoteric all right it is generally understood that's something that the the general population has heard and will at least understand some of the aspects that are at least talked about by the mainstream religions when it comes to particularly particularly for a dogma on the other hand esoteric okay and by the way exoteric is derived from the Greek word exoteric os-- which means outer it means outside so that's where that word comes from esoteric on the other hand is the exact opposite it means from within a inside it comes from the Greek esoteric os-- which means within okay what esoteric principles are all about are things which are intended for a small group of people that is separate or sequestered from the population from the general population this is a reserved group okay it's a secret club esoteric means reserved for the initiated for those who have been shown the inward okay there they're telling everybody else look at look outside there look over there and then they're taking something and bringing it over here and saying this is for us and we'll look at this deeply inside of it to go deeply within esoteric intended for a number of people with specialized knowledge or interest okay likely to be understood by only a small number of people in other words when you get past the exoteric that which is on the outside the shell or the wall that needs to be broken through to get down to the core mystery tradition that lies beneath it once you break past the ask the exoteric you get down to that core which is the real mystery and that is the esoteric and that has been hidden from the general population it has been halted from the general population so what we want to do is we want to first start looking at some of the exoteric belief systems of religions the outward traditions that are put out there for the masses of people that's the exoteric what we want to do by looking at this the reason we're going to look at the shell first is to understand why the shell has been set up there to hide that core okay the could the very core is the truth I see I have this concept that I call the the dartboard of truth okay and what we really want to go after is the bull's eye okay and this is very symbolic as well a dartboard is extreme symbolism this is Stargate symbolism and the name as well bull's eye again you hear you hear that phonetic variant BL bull coming up over and over Val bel bill bull we'll see how that plays a role and we start to get into the symbolism and gods of various religions I'll have a picture on the site in the related images section from my presentation that I call the dartboard of truth okay it shows how the exoteric is the religions and their dogmas then you get deeper toward the center of the dartboard okay so you're on the outside edge of the dartboard you know the values are less out there okay you hit it way on the outside okay I shouldn't say the values are less I should say there are more people out there okay there's it's a bigger area okay so you're you're not a pro the center that has a very very small area to hit but that's where the value actually is in the bed center of the board and that represents truth okay so that this centering that is within represents truth on the outside you have a much bigger area and that's where most people are at okay that's where most of their mindset is at and their belief systems lie within the exoteric or outward shell okay when you get in closer toward the center that's where the mystical traditions come into play and those are esoteric traditions they are reserved for initiates a smaller group of people it represents a smaller area you look at the image that I'll put on the podcast page you'll see if you look at the bottom of each of the sections of this dartboard okay you'll just imagine each one like a pyramid okay you have a wide base and that represents the majority of the people holding up that structure and as you go up it's a smaller you know it inclines on both sides and so you have a smaller group in the mystical traditions and then there's a very few who go all the way to the top of the mountain so to speak for the core principles then lie at the heart of the matter which represent which represents truth so what I will say to caveat my entire presenting of the topic of religion is that at the center of any of these traditions there is a core a core foundation that is based in the principles of truth which I have talked about when I gave the natural law presentation last week sadly it is such a small center and it is so buried by the exoteric garbage that has been over top of it and continued to be heat than pile deposit over thousands of years that very few people can see those core principle of principled traditions then lie at the foundations of most religions but they are there they are there the problem is like any other control structure religion has been institutionalized and its main goal is not to teach truth but to preserve itself as an institution no matter what the cost truth be damned you know if the cost is the truth at the expense of the survival of this religious dogma well truth be damned throw that out the window we're going to keep the exoteric cover stories that control the minds of the masses of people and fill our collection plates see how that works okay and that's essentially where we're at today when it comes to this so that's it is critical to keep in mind that distinction okay exoteric reserved for them the masses okay it's given to the masses as a cover story or an explanation most people stop there that keeps them quiet after you know you answer uh you know you give them some silly answer for some pesky question that they they've asked they accept it that's good enough for them but the the esoteric that's reserved for a much smaller select group of people then you know if if you continue to press even past that you'll get down to the very seed or foundational principles upon which truth really exists okay so let's um let's start to look at what most religions in the modern world really are okay and to do this we have to introduce the concept of Astro theology Astro theology is spelt a s TR o th e o l o gy Astro theology I would invite everyone to look up the term if you're not already familiar with it and research this as deeply as you can there are some great books on it I'll post some documents in the related section on the podcast page with this podcast that will be podcast number 37 8 and maybe I can link to some full books I'll try to find a couple maybe on scribe or something like that too to link to to get people a little bit better of an understanding when it comes to astron theology but I'll do my best to break this down on the show tonight by just basically let's look at the word first okay so if we look at the roots of Astral theology as far as the word goes we have a screw and this comes from the Latin Astra which means star okay Astra means star then feels that's Greek okay and that um means God okay Theo's the divine God then you have logos l OG y logos that comes from in greek and that means word okay so the Word of God in the stars that's what Astro theology means and indeed we call the stars of the heavens the concept of heaven okay when we say where is God people point up most of the time they don't point inward they point outward see how this works folks it's so simple it's almost silly they've gotten people through Astro theology to equate God with being something that is outside of themselves okay not something that is within as the words of the teacher attributed to the words of Jesus say that the kingdom of heaven is within religious dogma would have people believe that God is completely outside of this world completely outside of themselves and have them looking outward as opposed to looking inward I often say to people who are involved in different religious traditions particularly Christianity mainly because that is the religion that I grew up in which was tried tried to be foisted on to me when I was young and which most of my family members still adhere to and are held under the thumb of and when I say when you go to church on Sunday do they ever mention even once ever the word consciousness and you ever even heard that term uttered in a Christian Church because I haven't I've never heard that word uttered in a Roman Catholic Church a Protestant Church a Greek Orthodox Church I've been to a lot of Christian churches for different ceremonies and masses over the course of my life and I'll tell you one thing that they have all have in common regardless of what rituals they perform or what little different idiosyncrasies that they believe in not one of them has ever to to my knowledge even uttered the word consciousness one time within its walls not one priest not one deacon not one brother nothing ever I have never heard from the pulpit or from the altar of any Christian Church the word consciousness spoken in my life have you has anyone that you know heard that term spoken in a church I'd be interested if you do call it we're past the top of the hour I'll give the caller numbers again okay to calling numbers the first one seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven twenty four triple four seven triple for the call ID number eight three five one five okay if you're going to call into a blog talk through in Tahoe okay that's that number that call a number is six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again six four six seven two seven three three eight seven um you going back to the topic of Astro theology we're seeing the breakdown of the word it comes from the Stars okay God word stars okay that's not the actual etymological origins of the word Astro theology the Word of God and the Stars okay and when I say this I don't mean it figuratively this is a literal interpretation of the gods in the heavens I apologize again folks know uh you can hear them pretty stuffed up on the air then having a rough day with my sinuses today so again please bear with me hopefully the value of the information will override uh you know how it's sounding but uh Astro theology when we talk about Astro theology what we really mean is equating the divine with the bodies that are in space I'll say that again Astro theology means the equator of divinity or God okay or gods plural with the bodies of the heavens of space that means you are making the heavenly bodies the physical heavenly bodies that exist in space to be God okay that means they're essentially from Earth as viewed from this planet three different types of heavenly bodies that we can see in the sky at any given time so it's very intuitive and obvious to anyone that just stops and sits for a moment and thinks about that statement there are three essential bodies that can be seen in types of lights in other words that can be seen in the sky at any given time from Earth and they are the Sun of course that's the most obvious thing in the heavens okay the moon which is easier seen at night but it can be seen during the day as well prominently these are the two biggest objects in the heavens Sun and the moon and then we have all the smaller lights in the heavens the smaller pinpoints of lights we call these the stars these are distant Suns like the Sun that our Earth revolves around so the three bodies of the heavens the Sun the moon and the stars now in the subcategory of the smaller lights so we have the two greater lights Sun and the moon then we have the category of the lesser lights or the small lights of the heavens okay the stars and we can include the planets in that okay because these are also very distant from the earth they're in our solar system so they move in a different trajectory as do the Sun the moon and the other stars however we recognize that they are closer in the recognition that they are closer we understand why they move differently than the Stars as seen from the earth because they are much closer to us than are the Stars they're in our solar system they like the earth they revolve around our Sun therefore nonetheless they are still quite distant from us and they appear as small points of lights in the heavens Venus being the brightest of these Jupiter also being quite bright Mars depending on how close it is in its orbit can be very bright in the heavens as well venus is the brightest object in the sky other than the sun and the moon as seen from Earth so we have the Sun the moon and the stars and planets well we'll look at that as one grouping okay the to greater lights and then the lesser lights these are what are known as the three Astro theological sects sec TS sects like a group okay the three Astro theological sects some people call them the Astro theological cults and they are derived from beliefs and traditions of the ancient world but they come down to us in the modern world as the three major religions we will talk about each one of those in turn so we have the son or what is known as the solar cult okay or the soul our sect now Astro theology in your research you may come across the term that it is often equated with you may come across the term Astro mythology this is essentially the same thing but moreover what Astro mythology is about is the stories and the traditions and the beliefs that come down through a show theology okay the Astro theology is I would say the root of Astro mythology because it is equating the divine force with the creative power of the universe with the actual physical matter of the universe okay and this is another thing that kind of makes this form of mind control in the exoteric sense what is being equated is matter as power not spirit as power not the underlying creative force but when we equate the divine force with the actual physical matter okay it is not equated with spirit it is not equated with the animating spirit but with the actual objects itself this is like time bound consciousness we talked about time a couple weeks back as how it controls the mind is because we look at it as a physical quantity okay and we talk about time being money and not having enough time okay things like that and how time is based upon the movement the repetitive cyclical movement of these very objects that we're talking about here thus equating time too materialistic principles namely the movement of physical matter it's sort of a heady concept we have to understand that's how the subconscious mind relates things okay it takes one thing and it relates to another and it does that in real time you don't need to understand all the intricacies of how that works at a conscious level for it to be working at a subconscious level that's the key a lot of this these um relationships and representations symbolically are working at a subconscious level that until you understand the actual traditions of in this in the sense of Astro theology ok and how they work and how their symbolism works through Astro theology you're not going to bring this to the conscious level and that's what I could not seem to do on my own when I was young to get out of my hatred for the lies and misrepresentations of religion and therefore I chose a very dark path you know I said well I'll show them I'll go down the opposite path and got involved in Satanism and dark occultism and luciferianism and uh you know the rest is history as they say I wish that I would have been introduced at a very young age to the works of someone like Manley P Hall or Jordan Maxwell or perhaps um Albert Church ward or other great authors who have talked about Astro theology and Astro mythology and explained it so precisely and clearly that to anyone who studies this even for a short amount of time you will it will really open your eyes as to what religion really is in a short in short order and again I will try to link to some of those documents and books if I can sorry again folks trying to uh grin and bear it as they say I'm going to go have a hot cup of tea and rest a little after the show but continuing on um let's begin to look at one of these Astro theological sects okay let's look at the solar cult the cult of Astro theology that is based upon the Sun now we talked about well we were discussing the time section on the site or on the show we talked about the days of the week and how they were divided into seven groupings because they were each given to the major lights of the heavens okay the Sun in the moon and then to the naked eye five additional planets can be seen from the earth okay we can see mercury with the naked eye we can see Venus with the naked eye we can see Mars with the naked eye we can see Jupiter with the naked eye and we can see Saturn with the naked eye those five are the other planets in our solar system that can be observed without the use use of optics or a telescope um also in our solar system beyond Saturn there is a Uranus and then Neptune and Pluto was I think a designated a planetoid amount I believe it has been reading to a status of a planet officially regardless of how you look at Pluto we have either eight or nine planets in our solar system including the earth the earth isn't counted in giving each one of these odd days to the week because you know the day itself is defined as the rotation of the earth on its polar axis one complete rotation so each day is then given to one of these quote-unquote gods on the heavens the planets the Sun and the moon Sun day is the sun's Monday is the moons Tuesday belongs to Mars its merridy in the french-language twos CIWS is a Norse God that was also equated with Mars Wednesday okay is there creddie and French that is Mercury's day then you have Thursday that is Thor's day in the north tradition associated with the planet Jupiter in French it's Judy Jupiter okay Friday is Fria in the Norse tradition that is Venus's day that the Fria is the goddess okay as is Venus in the Roman tradition and then of course Saturday is Saturn's name farthest out from farthest out from the Sun can be seen with the naked eye so we saw that the giving of these three days we have the three days that are given to each one of the religions the major religions of the world being Christianity Judaism and Islam we see that the weekend is reserved for Krish the weekend is reserved for Judaism and Christianity the judeo-christian tradition the Sabbath of Judaism is celebrated from sundown on Friday to sundown on Saturday so that is traditionally looked at as Saturday or Saturn's day the Judaic religion is a Saturnian based religion and its roots Sunday is given to the solar cult is called the Sunday Sunday right in the word okay and indeed the solar cult religion in the modern world is Christianity and their day of worship where their Sabbath is Sunday the Islamic tradition its Sabbath is on Friday and we saw we thought about this in the time podcast the first one I believe that the Islamic religion is based upon the feminine principle which is the goddess in her dark aspect as the galaxy so this is a traditionally looked at as Isis or mopped or in the Roman tradition the goddesses name was Venus again her day is Friday that's von der D in the French religion and that is the day of worship of Islam so Islam is Friday or it's Sabbath the assignment of Sabbath of Judaism is Saturday because it is Saturnian Saturn alien okay and sunday is the day reserved for the Sun God or the Son of God which is Christianity's day of worship let's begin to look at that tradition and I will probably take the rest of this show to look at the Christian tradition and maybe some of the next show and we'll continue to break down different traditions in the form of a shrug theology so I'll tell you what another great source for some of this information is um he opened my eyes to a lot as well bill Cooper William Cooper he has a phenomenal 4040 two-part series from the hour of our time which was Bill Cooper's radio show that he did back in the 90s before he was murdered by assassins of the state by my house slaves of the criminal government that we have uh I'll talk about that when we come back after the break I'll let you know about one Cooper's of great series podcast series we'll be right back [Music] hey Mark I hope you're feeling alright and you're making it to the show and enjoying the broadcast I wanted to let you know that we have a caller on the Block talk line.we I didn't know if you were taking calls or not let's uh let's bring them on I'll just bring up the William Cooper thing and after that we can bring him on before I start breaking down Christianity Bob I'm going to run upstairs and grab a drink real quick because I ran out of water here and I want to you know stay hydrated and um just take take a break real quick so I'll run up there and I'll be down in like 30 seconds no problem I'm going to go to the Intel hub news network commercials on your talk show in that case and then you were a war together we are all one together we are in hell colleges compatible to humanity include not in this life Eitan help calm did you ever wish that you could have done something or you still have the chance what will you do if your income ends tomorrow or do you wind your home is men already have do you have enough money to survive through an economic depression if you don't want to gamble with your future then free to prosper calm can help you quickly and without problems protect your property and possessions and develop a personal strategy to get you through the hard times most importantly you get to keep your money and not pay another cent to creditors our program is often superior to bankruptcy consolidation or settlement visit free to prosper calm to find out more this is your real chance to act ahead so don't delay your future may depend up call seven one eight six one five zero one two three to learn more at seven one eight six one five zero one two three or visit 30 to prosper calm today the income of the radio show Sunday I can be trained on Oracle broadcast and also find the cast on the mental health unit we'll continue to work together to achieve peace that's what we want freedom and peace you are asleep in the implement work compression by peace [Music] welcome back - what on earth is happening okay welcome back everyone we're back from the break on the Intel Hub I'm your host mark passio you're listening - what on earth is happening my website what on earth is happening calm the network the Intel hub news network calm before the break I was uh briefly mentioning some of the work of William Cooper he was I think he was brilliant I think he was a very courageous person uh and sadly agents of the state murdered him and uh you know he kind of paid the ultimate price for being a pioneer in getting some of this truth out there to the general population so he has a great series of podcasts out there you can do a search for them and find them easy easily enough called Mystery Babylon and it breaks down some of the beliefs of the mystery traditions that go back into the ancient world and this is a 42 part of podcast series and it's worth every minute it help like I said open my eyes to a lot of things I have given it to many people and it really really delves deeply into astrobiology so before we get back to talking about astrobiology I was informed by Bob during the break there that we have a caller on the line so let's take that call right now so caller you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us I did greetings to the beautiful city of Philadelphia long once a Pittsburgh and I apologize your beautiful city of brotherly love market is Bob from the small hamlet of Cincinnati Bob always a pleasure to hear from you I'm so happy to speak to you again mark mark to touch on what your what you're working on tonight I have a question I have gathered some information that perhaps this well-funded well-oiled very quickly marketed not not quickly but very cleverly marketed and also completely saturated the sub stream the docq payment kentucky film zeitgeist okay i know i'm going to step on a lot of people's nerves and upset a lot of people mark but if if one examines it it appears that maybe zeitgeist like you were like near phrase the cul de sac before the goldmine it delves deeply into astra theology and these hidden truths and we're so eager to grasp onto what I think maybe are not maybe wrong mark it's just my opinion but maybe it is a clever call defect before the goldmine diverting our attention at the moment truth with the end message of the movie your thoughts mark yeah I've heard this from a lot of people I think that the gentleman's intentions is pretty good in general I don't think that he's an active deceiver what I do kind of think that I get from it is that he may be a theistic I'm speaking to I'm speaking in reference to Paul Joseph and he does understand Astro theology I don't think his breakdown of it was it was it was good but I don't think it was as expensive as it could have been but um I think there is a danger if we were going to try to come out with a resource-based economy if we did it in a controlled way if it was done in a truly egalitarian way I'm all for it if it's not in a controlled way that's called communism okay and I'm completely against that because that's total control and you know we can't I don't think we can get into the idea of we're going to forcibly confiscate whatever well if we want from whoever we want to take it from and redistribute it as we see fit I don't think that can ever be done by force I think that needs to be done because of an elevation in consciousness and recognizing that we're all on this planet together we're all in the same boat together and as one suffers all suffer and you know I think his work with the Venus Project I think they're pretty aware people they understand the problems of the monetary system my thing that I would have to look at is how their vision how the methods of implementing that mission how they would want to go about doing that before I would comment on whether their you know their intent would end up for the better or whether it would end up badly so I would want to see personally more specifics of the implementation of something like a resource-based economy again if that was done through some form of control then yes I would say that would be like a cul-de-sac before the goldmine so to speak if it was done from a place of consciousness and awareness wonderful I think that's where we need to go so does that answer your question as to my take on on zeitgeist indeed it doesn't and thank you for expanding our market and Mark I'm sure all of us with me we wish you a speedy recovery from being tough these winter times sniffles my friends no problem on the last part oh thank you Mark for taking my call again and the last thing to keep around real quick isn't it interesting maybe sometimes you can do a Chanelle mark I know I guess went to pick your brain and I apologize for putting it out there so bluntly there's not enough hours in the show to just sit and ask you questions about watching them marking police continue to share their quickly isn't it interesting maybe you can do a show about Star Wars and all the time because I course Jordan Maxwell about the great job trying in his Star Wars take but I think this in your perspective have seen wonderful tie-ins with Star Wars I mean just imitated it the two sons of captaining mirroring the two sons of freemasonry of course the Sun which is present amongst us but kind of son to the father so to speak in the green way in green language evident or not the green language yet exoteric esoteric of it and also the last piece mark so consider that mark if you had turned us to a Star Wars rendition of what on earth is happening I would love it mark if you could come I would love it I would love to do that right yeah I I was obsessed with Star Wars when I was young I mean I mean it was I was so into it I I watched the movies constantly I I collected the figures when I was young all of it I was into all of that so now from from you know my perspective of kind of understanding the symbology and the allegory that that Star Wars was I can definitely do a full presentation on that I would love to do that one day on the show for sure that would be wonderful are you getting the symbolism when you were speaking I see that the helmets of the rebel soldiers and also the troopers the ones that are vehicles were the symbol of the storm troopers and the storm troopers have the classic hexagram the six pointed star within a circle digital but a hexagram nonetheless yes the the rebel soldiers from what I'm gathering I can't verify that but some one wrote that it was denying something to do with ancient Mayan culture on the stonework with the strange of fleur-de-lis style life in Phoenix a stylized on rebel soldier it meant something to the Mayan I'm not sure conferred on this what you do know that were they filmed of the rebel base of the first movie where they actually plan the attack of the that star that was T call inmate in Mexico a Mayan ceremonial center to call tik al that's where they actually set the rebel base in the filming of the movie okay your that's that's correct it was their rebel base in the first 1977 Star Wars film living near the climax of it right before the climax the 7th guest star I think it's out of sync remitted ago I know I kind of synchro mystic and I go ahead buck I hope one key deep treat us to a Star Wars yellow mark that would be wonderful definitely uh you know I'm planning a lecture in the area on on the film The Wizard of Oz I don't have a date set for Israel I have a presentation that I'm going to break down all of the occult symbolism within that movie as well I think that will be very popular and I think a mu a presentation on the symbology and allegory of Star Wars would also be wildly popular these are cultural so that we avoided these are cultural icons you know these things have become synonymous with uh just uh the the the overwhelming a deeply held uh cultural myths in the Western Hemisphere the movies like this and um and people know intuitively that there's something much deeper to them at a subconscious level but to bring that up forward to a conscious level I think so many people could benefit from that understanding of these brilliant spiritual allegories and uh that is in fact what they are and they're their creators the creators of these stories are playing off of much older archetypes and much older traditions and I would I would go so far as to say that they're probably much more aware than they will ever admit to in the public in the public eye yes yes to say that Lucas has a cursory understanding of some of the mysteries it is oddly understating what Hugh knowledge-based was back in 1977 when he put Star Wars together yes I will definitely take under advisement and maybe I'll build a a presentation on on the symbology of Star Wars and I'll tie that all together with some of the concepts that I talked about I do have once one or two slides in my presentation when it comes to the concept of basically burying the true self killing the true self you know I talk about that in my presentation when you know if you look at all the villains in Star Wars this is very interesting just looking at it very briefly all of the villains have given up their true self their true selves are dead and they become like clones or they become completely devoid of their own uniqueness and individuality so like the lowest level of this is like the stormtrooper you know they all look exactly alike they're clones they're robots actually they're like robots that's how they're dressed even though there's a physical body underneath the actual outside has become is identical every other one we don't learn until the I believe second of the new series episode two that um that every one of these stormtroopers are in fact clones they are all clones of the same being Jango Fett which is Boba Fett's father in the story okay they're caught it's a clone army that became the stormtroopers so they all are exact duplicates dupes in other words they've been duped okay this is a green language pun doop is a duplicate and and in order to become a duplicate you would had to have been duped or really you know kind of fooled this represents that they are the fools in the whole story because they're doing the work of the dark force and in doing so completely giving up any chance at any individual aspect of their personality and soul in other words above them you have the the uniformed officers you know that like kind of run the Deathstar you know or their Admirals etc and these guys might give orders to the stormtroopers who are the the lowest in the totem pole but they are all kind of identical invader who basically is their over Lord and Master you know he kills them when it when he sees fit to do so and they don't serve him anymore to his liking and they're all just puppets and have given up their uniqueness and their free will over to Vader who controls all of these forces then you have Vader himself he used to be Anakin Skywalker he gave up his court killed his true identity as Anakin Skywalker and became Darth Vader okay so he his true self died and he became a dark alter-ego and is he in charge no because he has a master who kneels and vows down to like a slave you know that's the Emperor and if you look at him he also gave up his own self you know completely buried his himself he was Palpatine he became scarred and disfigured and this you know crumbled old man you know uh and uh you would think okay that's it he's the top of the food chain and you could say okay at least in the physical sense he may be but what is he really a puppet on he's a puppet and a slave also because he's given up his true self which is consciousness and he is a slave to fear which is the the dark side of the force and what that force actually is is fear so you know I talked about that in the presentation and uh that pyramid that really illustrates the hierarchical nature of any control based institution you could put the the soldiers of the military in there right off the chain of command you could put the police forces they're right of the chain command you can put religious figures in there right up their chain of command etc bankers you know doesn't make a difference the same thing represents being the hierarchical nature and compartmentalization of any control based institution and it's right there in the allegory called Star Wars you could you could see that same thing in a lot of other allegorical movies but yeah it's very interesting you know I can I can do a presentation on that and illustrate it with slides and I can definitely do that one day on the air for sure we would appreciate it mark there would be a wonderful show also like to switch gears really quick and I'll like you The Wizard of Oz presentation yes you could also record or guess because we share it with that we tell it to us would be wonderful to UM to comment on that or a question well I won't steal your thunder so I won't tell them but won't the audience be shocked when they find out who the Wizard of Oz is and also won't they be shocked when it ties in to the whole Kennedy assassination the ruby slippers oz is the city Oswald BRAC Ruby the killing of the king yes Camelot yes it's my mark I am desperate to know your knowledge on this so if I could just ask one major question Chuck the killing of Kennedy is as you already have a greening ritual sure and I'll define the quick ones it was on the 33rd parallel of the globe I'm sorry the 33rd degree right it was also the site of Dallas was the site of the original Lodge in Texas and can you really Delia Plaza what Dealey Plaza where he was assassinated is in the shape of a pyramid missing its capstone AHA and so my question to you what other times do you see second catch and what was the end what what will be trying to achieve I know I know that it's part of the out camera called the Dark alchemy yes process or maybe it's a light alchemy there's there's the no it's it's dark but the killing of the king the killing of the king is definitely dark occultism at work in a ritualistic sense Kennedy was represented representing he was coming online he was becoming enlightened as to the power structure of the world decided not to cooperate with it and that's why they needed to do away with him he did a lot of bad things in his day he was no saint however he was getting ready to expose the underpinnings of the worldwide conspiratorial and occult aspects in a big way that would have turned a lot of people online to this they knew they had to put that down and so they enacted the quote killing of the king as you said at Dealey Plaza in Dallas see that this is this is the ritual murder of Osiris and this connects beautifully to the topic that we're talking about tonight although we're getting a little bit ahead of ourself Osiris is a Sun God of ancient Egypt he is killed by the dark aspect of the Sun set okay Osiris represents the the positive power of the Sun okay we're the King aspect again sovereignty the Sun within okay the kingship of the self rulership of one's own house as we talked about last week in the natural law presentation but Osiris is murdered by the dark force of fear he is broken apart this represents the self in the state of confusion okay and he has to reassemble himself or come to know himself be the process of seeking and reintegration becoming whole again the the big were the God God who helps him is Isis the goddess this is the feminine principle that needs to be present to unite the masculine aspect which is our right action in the world and I hear the music stay on the line within Bob this is great stuff we can continue after the break we write that on water herb tap you do this bad [Music] in the vehicle patented and all my god I say he'd control the population total teary-eyed amongst us preliminary next on our shoulders II on the way that you exposed the global climate index node annual award together we are one together you are in our culture the time for free humanity thank you do not in the fight lynda.com they are and always have said nice Italian and international did you ever list it and could have done something we still have the chance what will you do if your income in tomorrow or he 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synchronistically and I'll just since you brought it up and I appreciate that you did this is not a diversion in any way again we may be getting a little bit ahead of ourself but I'll go back over it and you know cover cover our tracks but and again that's what this show is all about never never feel like yeah that you're taking too much time or stealing anybody's thunder throw ideas out there you know that's what this show is for and now we can but we can break this down because if you look at the synchro mysticism and again what this means is that words and symbols are connected through events that actually take place in the world and the universe is actually kind of structuring and ordering this information in order to teach us a lesson if only we are conscious enough to receive the lesson this is really really incredible if you really study it and you look into what synchro mysticism is and it opens up the Mayan ways that are just absolutely unbelievable that's all I can say I highly encourage people look into the concept what it is known as in the modern world is synchro mysticism okay so these are very esoteric pieces of information that are screaming in to consciousness through seemingly mundane events but again a lot of times these are connected with the creative process at least I noticed that they are they come in in movies they come in in books things like that and that is I feel because the right side of the brain is so actively engaged during the creative process so much a Sacred Feminine creative energy needs to be put into play you're making a very big creative work that's why movies seem to be how cinco mysticism puts its message out there into into our culture at least in the biggest way but to go back to this concept of the killing of the king how many kings have we seen murdered or died under suspicious circumstances or built up to be big huge icons and then cut down in their prime or while they were still essentially young look at Martin Luther King ok Kennedy ok was at Camelot ok associated with the Kennedys ok he was that's not resonates with King Arthur of the round table ok he is associated with the Sun a symbol of the Sun ok in the Arthurian tradition is the light bringer ok he is a vehicle for enlightenment kennedy associates with him they are killing this principal this lot true light principal because he was going to bring knowledge of the inner workings of the the elites to the masses of people they needed to stop him he was also going to print interest-free money and that's their vehicle of control so they needed to put that down ok Martin Luther King agent for peace ok he was assassinated his name was king ok look at look at Elvis Presley he was called the king ok died there you know it after being built up to a tremendous tremendous a height of popularity in the media through music the king of rock and roll look at Michael Jackson who people think may have been murdered not just a died from some overdose but there's a lot of evidence to suggest that this may have been some form of silencing him because look at some of what his more recent music has been about talking about the elites and how they don't give a damn about the people of the earth okay the song they don't care about you etc he is the king of pop over and over again you can see this theme coming through there's other examples that could be given but the the ritual killing of the king this is something that you see over and over again and this is a putting to death of the light because that is what the dark force always wants to do it doesn't want the true light of consciousness coming into our lives and into our minds and into our hearts and our souls it wants us in darkness so the the murderers represent the set force se t this is the dark aspect of the Sun the Sun in his setting principle the light going out from the world okay and set was the Egyptian god who murdered Osiris and Isis the goddess principle which represents care which represents concern for other beings which represents truth and justice needed to help to reassemble to get in touch with those principles see now we're touching on some of the esoteric as opposed to just the exoteric see she helped to reintegrate Osiris but sadly she could not find the last piece of him which was the fat the phallus okay this represents the final aspect of the male principle of courage being put into place because she ties a reed in place of the phallus kind of substituting the true principle of courage and and activating the male principle of action and sadly that is why the human Reis still in this condition of not being activated enough to change the dynamic on a mass scale or what is called reaching critical mass critical mass of taking the right actions in the world to really upset the balance of power and break out of our chains so that's what this this story is all about the ritual murder of the king is always about the killing of the positive side of the Sun which is the Horus principle Horus being the child of Osiris okay who needs to rise so that he can avenge the death of his father Osiris by killing conquering set the the angel of darkness okay the god of darkness and they do battle in the underworld okay and then Horus conquer set and rises on the horizon to rejuvenate or save the world and we're going to talk about this as we go forward in astrobiology but but Bob if you're still on the line is that kind of allude to and kind of get into what you were talking about when you talked about Kennedy's murder and how it's connected with this ritual murder of the king that was wonderful thank thank you mark for putting that out there and you know ironically two of your kings maybe stuff of Elvis and Martin Luther jr. hail from the Osiris like city of Memphis Memphis Tennessee I'm sorry I neglected to mention that that's absolutely right the Egyptian capital of Memphis that we have the rights of Memphis in Freemasonry and these aren't even considered official rites or degrees of the they're not associated with the Scottish or York rites or what is considered traditional Freemasonry in the modern world these are considered of spurious degrees or what are called clandestine orders of masonry but the rights of Memphis and mizrahi which are Egyptian Freemasonry essentially that is not that is not to say that they are all negative okay I don't believe that they're all blackbirds light and dark in all forms of esotericism in all forms of mystical traditions we have to I think we need to get out of I personally think that we need to get out of the idea that all forms of the occult I've said this many times on the show are bad or evil it is what we do with this knowledge and it has been hidden do we bring it to the light of day do we expose it to to the the light of the world good works are done in the light of day we bring them out and tell people what our intentions are and then we act in accordance with those intentions for all to see not hidden in secrecy not veiled okay and if we're doing that and we're doing that in with it with the proper moral intentions in mind those works will be brought to the surface and be done in the light of day if on the other hand we have a control-freak personality if we have the intentions of trying to subvert other people's consciousness and put them under our control we will take the knowledge that has been occulted in the ancient world and will pervert it will twist it to our suiting we'll use it as a weapon against people who we know don't have the same level of knowledge and always people who do that will always try to hide under the cover of darkness because they don't want people to see what they're actually doing that's what ultimately we need to expose the people who are using this information for what they are and in the negative sense for what they are and we need to take this information and make it not occult anymore I've also said many times on this show and will continue to say it humanity is not really going to get out of the mess that we're in right now until the occult is no longer the occult we need to unload this knowledge and information that has been hidden by these different mystery traditions it is time for the unveiling that is what the apocalypse means it means the removal of the veil it is time to take the veil away and expose this knowledge and bring it to the light of day for everyone we need to make it we need to make the esoteric the core tradition the exoteric so that the wider range of people have access to this deeper knowledge of information which is ultimately the deeper knowledge of the self that's what this is all turn utley about and thats as you can see we went past the exoteric the cover story about the sun god okay being conquered by the dark aspect of the sun god this is right action being conquered by egoic desires and and dark thoughts and the divisive divide and conquer etc he divided him he divided Osiris set conquers Osiris he kills him betrays him kills him and breaks him into pieces this is oppositional consciousness the one who can unite those pieces is the feminine principle which is the principle of care see this is me that's the beginning of understanding these traditions from an esoteric point of view which means to go within what does the symbol that's being spoken of in the external sense what does that mean in the internal sense what does it mean inside of you because that's all these things are these are just symbols and words and and they're being attributed to people and things that are seemingly outside of the self but these are all within ourselves in our own consciousness so Bob I want to thank you for bringing up that and it led into a great a great tangent there and I think we'll continue to pick this up next week as we go into the Astro Theological solar cult more in-depth I didn't really get a chance to do that this week but what I want to take my time on this topic and we're going to go into it and explore it in depth and break it down over many weeks I always love it when you call in Bob thanks so much and call in anytime thank you guys and thank you for being a builder with the white mark good night gentlemen take care of it well that's all we have time for on this episode of one owner if this happening folks we've got about a minute left in the show I want to thank everybody for listening if you're in the Philadelphia area and you're hearing this podcast please do come out this Saturday evening at Liberty's on second and Fairmount at 8:00 p.m. with a free your mind fundraiser number two we need the support folks the conference is going to happen without your support that's all for a night from mark passio you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'll see you here same time next Tuesday evening folks thank you and good night hey get a rock or certification King