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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday December 14 2010 my website what on earth is happening dot-com and that works website V Intel hub news network comm we have a good show lined up for you here today I'm going to be continuing our discussion of religion particularly religion as Astro theology and as a methodology of mind control in our ongoing series on mind control in which we are going to discuss a total of 14 overall methods of manipulation I have a few event announcements in the area that I'm going to read and then I'm going to give the callin numbers and then we could jump right in so let's see I'm going to be on a local show in the Philly area this week weekend of Friday night December 17th and that is going to be hosted by Kevin he goes by the name of Kevin tinfoil or karma tinfoil he has a show on top shoe called tinfoil hat area in which he discusses conspiracy theories he does it in kind of a light-hearted way he calls it a fun place to have serious discussions so I'm going to be on as part of a show that's going to feature Philadelphia activists and all of the different things that they do in the Philly area to bring awareness to people in in different aspects of the freedom movement and just in general of what is going on on the planet that we live on so that's this Friday night tinfoil hat area if you simply go to talk show calm and you type in tinfoil hat area into the search the show will come up and you can listen in live at 10 o'clock p.m. starting at 10 p.m. this Friday night December 17 January 16 2011 I will be giving a lecture at germ books and gallery germ books is at 2005 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia this is going to be a joint lecture with Michael Melton from mufon Pennsylvania so this is going to be a fundraiser the third fundraiser for the free your mind conference which is coming up in April but we decided to do it at germ bucks this time and it's going to be a dual lecture series Michel Melton is going to be giving a talk on mind control and the history of mind control and I will be talking about the occult symbolism the movie The Wizard of Oz as we briefly discussed uh last week on the show so this will be the first time I'm giving this particular lecture and perhaps I will give it on the air following this event at germ books so that's Sunday January 16 2011 germ books and gallery finally the last event announcement I have is the free your mind conference itself a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the date Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 the time 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. both days with the doors opening at 9 a.m. on both days the location Ruba hall our UVA rubra Hall Ruba is at 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the admission price is $20 per day if you purchase your tickets in advance if you decide to get them at the door the price of admission at the door is $30 per day the confirmed speakers Erin McCallum Alfred Webber who was just on Jesse Ventura is conspiracy theory show this past Friday and he did a magnificent job Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Farrah you dozous Yan Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Magdalene Eisenhower Mark motika myself mark Accio mell fàbregas of the Veritas radio show Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor for more information on this great conference please visit the conference website at WWF re your mind conference calm all right before we jump into the topic for tonight let's give the call in numbers if you want to call into the talk show network you can call seven two four four four four seven four four four once again seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number which you will be prompted for when you call in that number is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five if you want to call into the blog talk Network which is what the Intel hub carries their shows on you can call six four six seven two seven three three eight seven the calling number for blog talk six four six seven two seven three three eight seven before we start I just want to say you may hear a little bit of background noise hopefully it's not too distracting uh I do the show out of my home and there is a central heater that's running and it is frigid here in the city of Philadelphia at this time this is you know coming into the winter season so it really really gets cold here in those months and I think we're we're down around thirty degrees now something like that maybe even less than that by this point but it is a frigid day out there today we're on where I'm at so uh the heater is running in in the house and just want to let you be aware of that in case there's a little bit of background noise please forgive me for that so last week we began our discussion of religion a sensitive topic a controversial one to be sure but what we are looking at is religion as a methodology of mind control and particularly religion as Astro theology we broke down the word Astro theology last week Astra from the Latin star meaning star okay Astra Theo's from the Greek meaning God and logos from the Greek meaning word so the Word of God in the stars and indeed modern day religion is in fact Astro theology it is the worship of the heavenly bodies of the night and day sky as gods and we will see starting this evening how this ideology is incorporated into religious beliefs holidays rich tools etc Astro theology can be equally applied to other religions in addition to the big three we're going to be talking specifically tonight about the big three religions what has been called by some researchers the desert sky God religions all coming from cults of the ancient world Astro theologically cults of the Sun the moon and the stars and planets and we briefly began this discussion last week we didn't get too deeply into it I want to mention a couple of things um we had a caller in last week Bob from Cincinnati phenomenal caller always a pleasure to hear from he calls into the show a lot he had mentioned the zeitgeist movement and I gave a brief a account of what I felt about that how I thought that they were you know had good intentions and I said I wasn't so sure about their methods of implementing a resource-based economy I know they work with the Venus Project and there's some good minds and that as well I had talked about that if it was going to be implemented you know and this came up because of course site-geist is a movie that talks about Astro theology in the first section of the first movie I said if it was going to be implemented in a truly free way in an egalitarian way and in a way that was non-coercive than I was for a resource-based economy of course um if it is somehow exercised through control and taking away from some people to give to others by force then I'm not for that so it's all in the methodology but more specifically why I wanted to read bring up the topic of zeitgeist and those movies is I want to make it clear on my stance on Astro theology if I hadn't already done this last week I want to make it very clear how they portray a shawty ology in zeitgeist is accurate to a great extent however I don't feel it goes quite far enough because it leaves out the deeper underlying significance --is of what the exoteric cover story of astro theology okay is keeping people back from in the esoteric sense again we talked about the distinction between these two words exoteric and esoteric last week we saw that exoteric was a meaning that is reserved for the general population the masses of people this is like a uh you know an explanation that is given to the general population to get them to just you know take it at face value and say okay I don't need to look any further that's what it is and that's taken care of okay the esoteric meaning is reserved for those who are in a small specialized group okay so this is the in-crowd that understands the true meaning that is reserved only for the initiative a particular particular tradition or or a group or you know a ceremonial type of gathering or philosophy okay so with its own associated symbols words rituals etc okay in other words a mystery school distinction between exoteric and esoteric is essential to keep in mind as we talk about Astro theology and it's where I kind of do some what part ways from the way Astro theology is portrayed in zeitgeist again I think it's a good beginner's introduction to the topic of Astro theology but I think it largely dismisses the inner tradition it dismisses that these symbols if they are understood in their proper context in their esoteric context can be powerful transformative tools for consciousness because they are telling us about our own consciousness our own psyche they're telling us about aspects of ourselves and this is where I think like they stopped short and where I'm going to pick up the ball and run with it here tonight and going on into the weeks in the future when we talk about religion and Astro theology so my stance on this is that I am NOT dismissive of the inner core traditions that religions have at least in the past attempted to hit the mark of so to speak to hit that bullseye we talked about and I put on the podcast last week a representation of what I call the the dartboard of truth this is kind of a symbolic you know circular pattern concentric circles okay and in the very center you have the truth itself that is unwavering that just simply is and then around that you have this esoteric tradition that you know isn't at the very center of the bullseye or the center of the mandala but it's it's reserved for a smaller group that really wants to make that journey toward the truth the initiate so to speak okay those who have begun looking into the deeper aspects of something and then around the outside you have the exoteric religions which are given to the masses kind of to placate them and to keep them in a docile state in particularly a right brain state of consciousness which is what religion is ultimately designed to do by the controllers of the world so again for the people who may be approaching this topic from a religious point of view which I am NOT I am looking at this strictly from a spiritual point of view and a perspective which encompasses consciousness not from a place of dogma or dogmatic unchallenged beliefs I want to make it very clear that I am NOT dismissive of the inner core traditions the esoteric mystery traditions that lie at the heart of religion and attempt to help the initiate to get further along in his or her quest for the truth which as I said lies at the very heart of the issue unfortunately what religion has become in the modern world at least in the last few thousand years here on earth is a mechanism for holding people back from the truth for erecting a wall of exoteric beliefs and dogma and that is encompassed right in the word religion religion itself means to hold back to tie back and again I kind of went off on this last week about the meaning of the word religion and you still have people that insist that religion means to reread all you know believe what you want about the etymology of the word religion means to tie back to hold back or to thwart that is where the word comes from from the Latin redleg RA I do want to say that it can see there's always a positive side to something as well people tend to look too much at the at the negative particularly when it comes to symbology or when it comes to anything having to do with the cults and again the occult is can be a very bad influence and can be a very you know dangerous thing when wielded if it is done with the intent to control hidden knowledge is hidden knowledge it's what we do with it that's what the word occult means as we said many times on this show it simply means hidden well yes religion means to tie back to hold back to thwart but again what you know can we what does that actually mean insofar as what is it holding back in its negative aspect which is how modern religions are being used without any question it is being used to hold us back from the truth if religion is in its true essence in the actual core mystery tradition aspect of it which is where it ultimately came from before it was degraded and you know perverted over the centuries if we were to really try to get at the heart of the mystery that religion used to be about we would we would basically come to the understanding that that there is a that there is a deep fundamental underlying mystery that has to do with how we function as human beings okay it is is the the knowledge that the dominators of the world understand and it is the knowledge through which they control us we have to become aware of that if we are going to protect ourselves and steal ourselves against their manipulation and influence I hear the music for the first break coming up we'll take a 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on the incidental news network [Music] [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark pashia we were talking about the negative and positive aspects of religion specifically when it comes to the word religion again it means to to retie or to tie back to hold back and you know if it is done in the negative way it is tying us back or holding us back from the truth however we should look at the positive aspect of the word to bring some balance to it and you know to tie together can mean to unite okay to be bound together that means to connect okay so religion in its positive aspect true religion can mean to reconnect us to reconnect us with the truth to reconnect us with the divine to reunite us reunite us with our understanding of natural law and again this is all ultimately about those things okay so let's start looking at religion from the astroid theological perspective let's pick up looking at it which is where we started last week we saw that astro theology is based upon three basic astronomical cults of the ancient world the cult of the Sun were the solar cult the cult of the moon or the lunar cult and the cult of the stars and planets the lesser lights of the heaven the smaller lights in the sky okay and that is the stellar cult so let's start looking at religion connected with each one of these cults in turn will start with Christianity and how the story of Christianity is completely interwoven into the solar cult mythos of many ancient cultures now in the Christian religion and faith there is a Trinity the concept of three-in-one a triune God now for those who have been listening to the show from the beginning or who have maybe seen my lectures you will understand that this is an exoteric symbol for the aspects of our consciousness we see saw in the past on this show that consciousness manifests itself or expresses itself in three basic ways through our thoughts our emotions and our actions thoughts being kind of the creator aspect of these three modalities of consciousness our thoughts arise out of nothingness from the void of cup of pure consciousness okay everything that we said into motion in the world is created ultimately first from our thoughts nothing can ever exist or be set into motion from us until it comes from our thoughts first as far as what we experienced in the world okay our emotions are the internal quality of consciousness this is how we feel things inside this is the feminine aspect it's the spirit in which we do things our emotions the spiritual aspect of consciousness and then our actions are the byproduct of these two of the creator and the feminine spirit okay the creator aspect is the thoughts the emotions are the feminine spirit in which we take our actions and then the byproduct of these is the action itself which is a male principle it's an active modality of consciousness not a passive one like emotions we're not in essence like thoughts okay and therefore it is ascribed masculine qualities and considered a male child so right there we have a setup in the story of Astro theology because this is ultimately the truth of what the exoteric cover story of Astro theology is trying to hold us back from they want you to always think controllers that Institute religion the negative of the negative kind okay always want you to think of the gods as outside of yourself no matter what god it is something that you are separate from okay not something that is internal as the words attributed to Jesus the very know one of the gods of the triune gods of Christianity the words attributed to him in the New Testament he says that the kingdom of heaven is within and this is sort of dismissed by modern religionists he was trying to explain the people it was all about your consciousness not to look outside it's about your own personal sovereignty and your one-to-one connection with the divine regardless of what you happen to think of that as no intermediary no intercessor just you and that force and ultimately they're ultimately one because everything is that force when we look into the ancient past we see that this concept of a Trinity or a triune God or a family okay of three comes up over and over and over again in Babylon you had the Trinity of Nimrod Semiramis and Tammuz in the Egyptian tradition you had the Trinity of Osiris father Isis mother or Sacred Feminine and Horus the divine child you have this repeat of the Trinity over and over again in various cultures in the in the Hindu religion the Indus Valley you had Brahma Shiva Vishnu okay you have a father a mother and a male child always well in the Christian tradition dating back approximately 2,000 years you have this family again depicted okay now Mary and Joseph are the physical biological parents of Jesus in the story and there's your inity there but since they are deifying the Jesus character in the in the exoteric story of Christianity and making him into the Son of God which we'll talk about what that means in a moment his true parents are God the Father and God the Holy Spirit okay the Creator God and then the spirit so he is the son of the Creed the true creator God the one God okay and that force through the Holy Spirit impregnates a earthly woman who gives birth to the physical incarnation of God on earth at least in the exoteric cover story the Sacred Feminine is of course left out of this Trinity the Sacred Feminine represent you know which Mary represents in this Trinity or triune aspect is completely left out so it has been turned into a spirit or a ghost the Holy Ghost this is significant this is a mail dominator patriarchal religion in our mail dominator times the Age of Pisces women aren't allowed to serve is religion still to this day totally patriarchal totally male dominator and so why not in their main symbol leave out the sacred feminine aspect of emotion and relegated to the status of a ghost Mary is not to be worshipped in this religion that's that is anathema in Christianity to worship a goddess the goddess always has to be removed from the equation were killed or marginalized because it's all about the Dominator of the male energy the masculine going on in our world that's why we're losing our freedoms because there's such an imbalance in consciousness toward the male essence without much import placed upon the Sacred Feminine or conscience our emotions and being able to feel the repercussions of our actions we take them in the world and they affect others that's what it's all about it's all about destroying that aspect aspect of the individual and this is a symbol of that in the religion called Christianity marginalizing the Divine Feminine she's just a vehicle for bringing in the mail God into the world so this story is ancient it's been going on as long as the world has been under male-dominated rulership and it's just retold over and over and over and over again in the Babylonian religion the Creator God's name was Nimrod often depicted as a fish god or a combination man fish God you know the Sumerians and Babylonians said that their gods came from the Seas this is highly symbolic but could be very telling when we get into you know the concept of visitation to this planet not going to get into that tonight but it's an interesting topic to look into great series on I believe it's uh is it discovery HD or History HD called ancient aliens erich von daniken i neva you know producing this series and I highly encourage people to check it out and look into it they've done a phenomenal job on this series speaking of which I posted a lot of different movies up on the podcast section for last week for those who might want to jump ahead and do their own digging into this topic of Astro theology there's a ton of resources up on my podcast page at what on earth is happening I try to mention that every week go up there make use of that page it's a great resource page I posted a ton of stuff up there let me bring it up and I'll tell you tell you what I posted there last week let's see I put some books up there I put some videos up there um I link to an audio series which I'll tell you about in a moment I think it's absolutely invaluable for those who know like a podcast audio and want to really do some more research into this topic so I posted some books stellar theology and Masonic astronomy astrobiology and Scenario astronomy by Michael Terry on occult theocracy and another book called symbols sex and the Stars and these are all about the actual theological cults of the ancient world great books every one of them um William Cooper put out a series called Mystery Babylon years ago when he was still alive before he was murdered by the dominator system and its agents it's it's house slaves as I called them last week because that's what they are any anybody that loves their own in slavery enslavement and fights to protect it and serves their own Dominator master who's keeping them in bondage is a house slave and that those are harsh words but they're true ones nonetheless and that's what the people who serve this immoral because they think that they're benefiting from it in the short term don't even understand that they're they're putting their own chains on willingly and more even more more from an amoral point of view than than that they are putting the chains on to their own children if they have any - stupid and unread to realize it I feel like coming on the air and just saying hey folks you want to know what's going on and why the world is the way that it is people don't read good night everyone because that's all it really ultimately boils down to so make use of some of the resource resources I'm posting on my podcast page it's um you know that's why I do it these people went out of their way some of these authors to acquire this information and they didn't do it for their own health or their own enjoyment they did it to try to bring light to the world William Cooper the Mystery Babylon series I posted four pages of links to that entire series if you are so inclined avail yourself of it and download those podcasts because they're brilliant and he was a great person also up there there's some some videos from Jordan Maxwell there's one there's a one up there from Michael - sorry on and there's a couple from Manley P Hall all great scholars on asteroid theology and uh there's many many other topics that that I'll probably post and post resources to in the weeks to come on this topic so let's look at the Egyptian Trinity now and let's see how this equates to the modern Christian tradition and how this is all tied in with Astro theology as the solar cult because that is what Christianity is it is the cult of the Sun and yes I mean that not the Son of God I mean the physical Sun in the sky okay it is Sun worship in the Egyptian Mythos the Egyptian pantheon of gods the the there was a ideal family and this ideal family was represented by three gods that acted as one basic unit so this already should sound familiar okay Osiris was the Creator God hey he represented the divine force in nature the bringer of life the giver of life his wife was Isis is is hey the goddess she represented the natural world she represented the sky she represented the galaxy with its myriad of stars she was the birth giver okay she gave the life-force of osiris physical expression in matter she was the birth giver to all the sons of the cosmos the stars of the heavens because she is the feminine void the potentiality of creation whereas Osiris is the masculine aspect of that divine force so Isis you want to look at as the goddess of the heavens the galaxy and all of the stars okay child was named Horace hor us Horace we mentioned him in the weeks when we talked about time he is uh his name is given to the hours it's just the reversal of letters in English the hour is it is named after Horace Horace was the golden Falcon okay he was the son depicted as a golden Falcon a bright all of light that makes its trek symbolically as this bird this Falcon or hawk okay but he was the Sun that gives us life he was one of the aspects of the Sun and there are others which we'll talk about okay Horus journeys from his zone when he is rising okay this is the zone of Horus it's the horizon Horus zone okay always in the words that we speak there is a lesson to be learned there the Constructors of our language are always telling us something in the language itself so there's the intro music we're coming up to our second break I'll be going more into the story of the Trinity of ancient Egypt when we come back here on what on earth is happening [Music] join the jokes with John King and AC Griffin Thursdays and Sunday evening at 8:00 p.m. eastern Pacific radio on the Intel of news network in over where cross-references and all my lungs SVU control of the population doesn't ear any there's amongst us the burning of humanity that on our shoulders the only 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learn more at seven one eight six one five zero one two three visit free to prosper calm today the Intel Hubbell radio show Sunday at 5 p.m. in turn on Oracle broadcasting and also simulcast on the Intel rub me neck will continue to work together to achieve peace that's what we long freedom and face are with me to the Intel hub new network compression you will quarter ok by P [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening I was talking about the Eternity of ancient Egypt and comparing it to Eternity of modern day Christianity we were looking at the Trinity of Osiris Isis and Horus the ideal family of ancient Egypt so Osiris the Creator God the Sacred Feminine aspect of nature which was embodied in the goddess Isis and then their son Horus the golden Falcon who makes his daily trek across the sky from the whole horizon the zone of horus and he rises in the east lies in an arc to his Zenith point and then finally in the West sets or encounters the dark God known as set the brother of horse at the opposite horizon where they do battle and Horus is slain by set okay this is about of course the daily rise and set of the Sun because that is what Horus represented he was the Sun God and there were three aspects main aspects of the Sun in ancient Egypt the rising aspect the zenith aspect and the setting aspect so the rising aspect is embodied by horse the zenith aspect is generally represented by Amon raw the Sun at its highest point again the word Amen or on men is derived from the Egyptian tradition and at the end of each prayer in the Christian tradition this Sun God's name is invoked amen it is sending the prayer or the intent Zenith word to the highest point of the Sun the highest aspect of light for the manifestation of the intentions of that particular prayer set of course choruses I don't I won't refrain from using the word evil but for all intents and purposes his evil brother okay it's more of his um I guess you could say alter-ego or maybe just pure ego sense that if this is the aspect of the self that if it is followed and listened to will result in the termination of the light or in other words a very hard experience okay the lights will go out if we follow set instead of Horus so set is the dark god of the western horizon that conquers Horus as I talked about you know he conquers them at the end of each day and then of course they do battle in the underworld and Horus emerges triumphant to rise once again in the morning and rejuvenate the world to bring light and light light and warmth and life to the world once again or in other words to eternally renew the world through his death and subsequent resurrection so this should sound quite familiar because there's the story of Jesus they're essentially one in the same the story of Jesus is a retelling of this ancient um Solar myth of Horus and his parents Horus was said to be the son of God because he is Osiris his son who represented the divine force of the cosmos key ultimately represents he ultimately represents goodness righteousness in harmony with moral law when you see him depicted in the Egyptian paintings and statuettes etc you will often see him being born or carried by Isis okay because the night sky of Isis in an older tradition she was neat okay nuke meaning well we get the word night from okay the night sky which Isis represented gives birth to the Sun each day the Sun is born out of the night sky in the Greek tradition the Sun God was Apollo his mother was Leto okay she was the Dark Knight goddess that gives birth to the Sun God out of the night light emerging out of darkness is a theme recreated in this solar mythos the solar cult religion and you know then it is conquered at the end of the cycle and then it is reborn and we're going to look at how that works but before we do that I want to make clear that there is an esoteric aspect to all of this see this is the exoteric cover story once again this is the exoteric story that is told that is given to the public oh yeah Jesus is the Son of God he's born of a virgin and then you know he he dies and then come resurrects and comes back to life and to save the world to renew the world but this is ultimately about aspects of ourselves when we look at I'll be posting an image of a statue of Osiris who is flanked by the brothers Horus and set now it's very interesting how this statue was depicted Horus is standing on Osiris's right-hand side and he is touching the right side of Osiris his head while set is standing on Osiris's left-hand side and touching the left side of his head of Osiris his head now think about this if Horus represented goodness righteousness harmony with natural law which is embodied by his mother Isis set is the opposite of that going against the grain staying in ego going against natural law principles okay the one who always has to be you know real been and correct it if you look at the stories of set if he's not doing outright harm and evil he is one that always needs correction because he represents the ego principle the left brain divorced from the Sacred Feminine right side of the brain and they're depicting it in this statue which I'll post with this podcast amazing symbolic depiction if you understand how to get past the exoteric to the core tradition then lies beneath the symbolism then it becomes magic and beautiful and wondrous and something that's very important to understand and that's why they veiled it you know perhaps the wisdom masters of these traditions veiled it to keep it away from the food male dominator forces that they knew were rising or had already had control in their times so there's we'll get into deeper aspects of it like what is the virgin birth okay we'll look at that in a moment let's let's continue on with this Trinity okay so I have another depiction of Osiris Osiris was often depicted as a pillar okay or his essence is depicted as a pillar there's a pillar in ancient Egypt known as the Jade pillar and missus spelled DJ edy Jed it's pronounced okay so this was a called the pillar of Osiris with a backbone of Osiris and it represented stability it represented harmony okay and there's a there's a depiction of this in an image I will also post I probably should have done this before the show sometimes I will post images or documents on the radio page I didn't get a chance to do that tonight I apologize for that it would have made it easier in helping the audience see you know go up there and look at some of these but I didn't get a chance to I was actually preparing a presentation for this is a side note of a complete of tangent to what we're talking about but actually it's a pretty interesting I was invited by the Tesla Science Foundation to help give a presentation tomorrow at the Franklin Institute which is a great opportunity we're actually going to be speaking at the Franklin institute in front of a classroom of science students and not telling them all about Nikola Tesla his life and his accomplishments and what he tried to do for the world and how that could still be brought to fruition so great that the Franklin Institute is moving to educate some of their students on Tesla and working with the Tesla Science Foundation Philadelphia to do that so I was working on that presentation earlier today and I will be giving that I'll be one of the three presenters tomorrow at the Franklin Institute on Nikola Tesla so just a great opportunity there to go back to this image that I'm looking at and I'll post with a podcast Osiris who represented harmony um Dominion okay sovereignty oneness with the divine force the flow of nature he is shown in the middle on a pillar and to his right and left sides is Horus and Isis now again Isis represented the laws of nature she represented natural law Horus represented right action in harmony with natural law so when you're bringing these two forces together okay they form this arch or this very strong structure the pillar of stability it was known as in the Egyptian tradition the JED pillar so that's what it represented and that's what Osiris represents in this Trinity okay and that is form that stability that order which we talked about in the two weeks ago when I gave the presentation on natural law is what is embodied here in this story again we're getting past the exoteric cover story of Astro theology about just the the son being born out of the night sky okay the virgin birth so to speak and there's a deeper aspect to that but we're getting past that we're looking at what do these symbols truly mean and they mean the same things in the Christian tradition if we get asked the story which most people don't want to let go of see what Christianity is being used for in the exoteric sense is to control people in the modern world if we get past the exoteric get to the esoteric there's a rich tradition to be found underneath of it as with any other religion but most people want to stay with the story I don't understand it I don't know what they think that they get from that I woke up to it a long time ago and as I said last week I knew I was being lied to about what religion really was but sadly I wasn't blessed with a conscious family in my youth as many of us are not and I didn't really have people turning me on to other areas of inquiry and research specifically when it came to Astro theology if I had known about what Astro theology was back then maybe I wouldn't have gone down the path that I went down which was total abject hatred for religion and wanting to find what the exact other side of it was to go down the dark left-hand path and I got involved in Satanism which is the force that I ultimately understood was really controlling everything in the world and not specifically just Satanism but the dark occult in general um you know had I had a teacher about Astro theology back then or encountered this material then I would have simply said oh I don't need to hate that now I understand what it is and how people are fooled into the belief system that they have based on this it all makes sense so we see Isis often depicted with this child Horus okay and this is an analogue it's a direct symbolic analog to Mary with the Child Jesus because they represent the same concepts Horus son of God given birth to by the mother of the night sky well she Isis was the moon goddess okay again the moon the dark aspect of night the night sky okay she's the night goddess the moon reigns in the night it's the Sacred Feminine symbol lunar but the the feminine energy is said to be lunar begin energy okay so we will often see Mary depicted as wearing a dark cloak with stars embedded in it because she is the mother of the night sky the queen of the heavens okay that she is the goddess that gives birth to the sons of the heavens just like she gives birth to the son Horus or Jesus if it's Mary if it's Isis she gives birth to Horus I have a depiction here of Mary with a night sky cloak with the stars embedded on the cloak wearing a crown depicting that she is the queen of the heavens with a crescent moon that she is standing on because she is the moon goddess of the night sky and then beneath her she is bearing the Child Jesus / Horus the Sun because the night sky in all the aspects I just described with the the sons of the night sky thus the stars embedded in Mary's cloak okay in this image she then bares the Sun in the morning sky this is a symbolic representation that only harmony with natural law with morality with conscience which is what the holy spirit truly represents in the Christian Trinity and what Isis represented in the Egyptian Trinity okay only getting in touch with those aspects can ever truly bear light or save us can bring the Savior into the world they're trying to hold back this understanding by wrapping it in a story and getting people to worship it as something external to themselves and then put all kinds of dogma in it and put all kinds of rules and regulations and control-freak male dominator control-freak factors in it to to dissuade people from looking at the real tradition that lies underneath the esoteric but again as long as people are wrapped up in religious dogma they're never going to understand that these things are symbolic and they're telling you about aspects of yourself so let's look at how Astro theology is based upon astronomical principles and astrological ones okay so before I even do that let's let's break down what the virgin birth is all about now clearly it's not about actual conception okay which is what they try to tell you in the Christian exoteric cover story that Mary actually conceived without actually knowing man okay there was no sex involved she just gave birth and the Holy Spirit you know impregnated her with the Child Jesus to understand the virgin birth truly we have to understand the human brain because that's what it's really about see there's three components to the brain as we've talked about in numerous times here the r-complex which is the lowest aspect of consciousness in the brain it's the physical motion you know actual motor skills survive survival only mentality identification with the physical world fight-or-flight mechanism stress etc okay in other words all of the things that we don't want to see our consciousness become like we want to see higher thought we want to see reason we want to see logic we want to see creativity we want to see nurturing we want to see moral behavior okay moral thought we stay in the r-complex that's not possible it's animalistic behavior okay the thing that we need to get into touch with is the positive aspects of the emotional system that is made possible through the limbic system of the brain the limbic system has a positive and negative component to it depending on the types of emotions that one is experiencing through it and the types of chemicals have been outputs to the body ultimately it is the part of the brain that governs our emotional makeup so if we if we look at this part of the brain it's the feminine aspect of the brain complexes the three brain complexes and the goal is to give birth to the higher-order brain which is the neocortex at the top of the brain complex the highest part of the brain okay which has all those functions that I talked about as making us human logic reason creativity you know nurturing true care all of that moral thoughts ethical thoughts okay and all the things that we really aspire to as human beings in order to reach that state we have to conquer the controlling Dominator influence of the r-complex of the brain which is traditionally looked at as it is the oldest evolutionary part of the brain okay and it's looked at as the male dominated or aspect of the brain so this is the the old testament god okay the law obsessed control obsessed but nonetheless currently in charge aspect of humanity okay if we get in touch with the positive aspects of our emotions and the limbic system is then activated in the right way okay which is empathy conscience okay helping us to feel the repercussions of our actions in the world towards others then the r-complex will die away its control at least not physically but it's control over us will die away and we will bear into the world through the emotions or through the Sacred Feminine parts of the brain okay the child which is the neocortex is the higher order thought functions of the human brain and therefore if you look at these other two parts of the brain the are complex and the limbic brain we look at the are complex as the male Dominator father figure and the limbic brain is the Sacred Feminine mother who then gives birth to the child that is the neocortex the newest part of the brain ok it is the youngest evolutionarily therefore it is the child in this Trinity ok we see what the virgin birth really means the virgin birth is when the met the feminine aspect of our consciousness for our emotions the or the limbic brain that the midbrain finally gives birth when the our complex has basically lost its hold or quote died away so that's a widow ok it's it's been widowed and yet it gives birth to a child a virgin birth has taken place in the tradition of Freemasonry this is called the birth of the widow's son the widow's son the widow does not have a husband the r-complex is dead if the widow's son is truly raised ok the widow's son is one who has been raised as a master mason to that third level it's an esoteric meaning ok the virgin birth is about the birth of the higher order aspects of consciousness and the human brain after the lower aspects of them have been conquered or done away with and therefore a virgin birth has taken place Hiram Abiff the widow's son is born is raised up out of his his tomb just like Jesus is raised out of his tomb because he represents the savior of the world in the form of the human neocortex which if we don't actively engage and uh basically bring to a state of equilibrium and balance and health once again the world isn't going to be saved it's going to it's going to experience a development by sec the dark aspect of the sun which you know is the dark occultus of this world they are set teens they are dark Luciferians they are dark masons they are you know those who worship this dark force but yet it is a force that is symbolically characterized by light or the Sun it's just which aspect of it which horizon are you looking at are you looking to put the light out to death in the western horizon are you looking to have it be raised in the eastern horizon it's all symbolic you need to get past the immaturity of looking at these things as simply you know one dimensional and understand that they are telling a much deeper richer story yes the dark occult this worship set one of the darkest occultus in the whole United States a Michael Aquino the leader of the temple of seti was once the head of the psychological warfare division of the US Army a second other word for a Satanist essentially used to be involved in the Church of Satan separated from lavas church and on his own wanted to be more hardcore even in love a who worked with members of the Skull and Bones and the Lance can send a kitten just about every kind of vile creature walking the earth that you could possibly you know name although some say he even repented on his deathbed lanten love a creep high priests of the Church of Satan people said Holdren repented on his deathbed enough people were following that story dominator globalists john holdren died this week and said people say he recanted and on his deathbed called for the end of the war in Afghanistan because he knew what he was really doing in the world and he knew that that wasn't going to save him where he was going and yeah believe me um death is the grand leveler so one thing we all have in common that's where we're all going to meet eventually on the level we may be meeting symbolically on the square a world that is gone horribly awry right now and is it in a state of immorality and low consciousness which represents the earth but ultimately we all meet on the level and death is the grand leveling tool and everyone is equal in the light of the Angel of Death and holdren realize that and perhaps put forward you know a moment of repentance on his deathbed it kind of makes one wonder a little bit at least I took pause at hearing I kind of took pause and hearing when Anton LaVey died he made the statement I wasted it all meaning my life what he did compared to what he could have done what he chose to use his life for in the moment when he was seeing that face to face he finally recognized that and he wasted it all and that's what Holdren realized in his moment of truth but to go back to the story of looking at Astro theology in a perspective of astronomy um let's uh let's revisit I think we looked at this a little bit when we talked about time but let's relook at this because it's going to help us to understand the story of Jesus a little bit better um and you know I've been so getting into this that uh you know I'm not even paying attention of time we're well past the the top of the second hour so let me give the call in numbers and if anybody wants to call in and ask any questions we'll make any comments the talk show call-in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number eight three five one five when you call in the last for the call ID you punch in eight three five one five if you want to call into the Intel hub news network through blog talk you can call into six four six seven two seven three three eight seven six four six seven two seven three three eight seven hopefully we'll get some calls in the next segment I hear the intro music for this next break you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio we'll be right back after these 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earth is happening I'm your host mark passio um let's look at the actual year the Earth's path around the Sun during the course of the year this is going to pave the way for helping us to understand Christianity as the religion of the Sun s un our year is we divide our year into four seasons okay now what you have to understand about how the seasons work and what makes the differences between the seasons is is not anything having to do with the earth being on an elliptical orbit for the most part we can look at the earth as a circular orbit it is not a drastic ellipse so a lot of people think that the seasons are made by the earth being farther away from or closer to the Sun at certain times a year and that is not the case okay the thing that actually creates the seasons is the angle at which the light of the Sun strikes the earth the only real thing that creates the seasons is the angle at which the earth is tilted either toward or away from the Sun okay because the earth is tilted okay at a twenty three point five degree angle with respect to its plane of orbit as it revolves around the Sun so I'll say that one more time the earth is tilted at a twenty three point five degree angle on its own axis of rotation with respect to its plane of orbit okay with respect to the Sun so when the when the earth is tilted toward the Sun on this plane of orbit we call that the summer season because the most direct sunlight is actually being received by the northern hemisphere most of the life most of the human life on earth actually resides in the northern hemisphere of the earth population wise population density wise okay you know at the same time in the southern hemisphere they're experiencing winter when we're having summer and vice versa be close in the southern hemisphere it would then be tilted away from the Sun so if it's if the northern hemisphere is tilted toward the Sun okay so the North Pole's axis is tilted toward the Sun at a twenty three point five degree angle the Sun actually is striking the northern hemisphere with more direct sunlight if we go then to the autumn equinox okay this is the you know the divider line you could say right between summer and autumn so this would be at March 20th you have I'm sorry that will be at September 21st so the Sun the the earth is entering a fall okay the there is no angle at all with which the Sun is with respect to either hemisphere either north or south it is basically striking the earth with equal amounts of sunlight in the northern and the southern hemisphere okay so we call this an equinox because it equally means means equal and noxes night equal amounts of day and night okay so if we look at the angle that the earth and Sun actually make with respect to the Earth's plane of orbit around the Sun it's a zero degree angle we look at the winter solstice this is December 21st the the earth is tilted away from the Sun at a twenty three point five degree angle in the northern hemisphere so the Sun appears to be at a 23.5 degrees south angle with respect to the equator of the earth okay so more direct sunlight is striking the southern hemisphere so we say that the winter have the the northern hemisphere is experiencing winter at that time and again we come then to the spring equinox and the Sun is at the equator again essentially no angle with respect to the hemisphere it's a striking the earth directly in the middle and that's equal day and night again so the equinoxes meaning equal day and night the solstices mean that's the largest angle that the Sun reaches with respect to either the North or the northern northern or southern hemispheres so in the winter the Sun is at a twenty three point five degree southernly angle with respect to the earth's equator and at the summer solstice the Sun is at a twenty three point five degree northern angle with respect to the equator right now that's it sounds complicated when you get a chance to look at the image that I prepared for this concept in the podcast on the podcast page I think that'll make it a abundantly clear how the seasons work so you can just basically look at it as a sine wave okay the if you want to say the angle that the Sun makes with respect to the Equator starts at zero and then that's the spring equinox then it rises to the summer solstice and it's at 23.5 then it goes back down to zero at the autumn equinox and then it goes all the way down to minus twenty three point five or in other words 23.5 degrees south at the winter solstice and then it comes back up to zero at the spring equinox again and it repeats so it's like a sine wave and it repeats I'll see if I could find an image that depicts that it's an easy way to symbolically think of this movement but all that's really going on is the earth is going around the Sun in a circle while it is tilted with respect to that plane or of revolution that's it that to that plane of orbit so the tilt of the earth is what creates the seasons if the earth were directly operate with respect to its orbit around the Sun there would be no seasons it would be perpetual of spring slash fall whatever you want to ever you want to look at the really the same season okay so there's one other frame of reference and I talked about this in the time section to understand the story of Astro theology when it comes to the solar beast cult which is Christianity and that is the precession of equinoxes and all you have to understand with this is that the frame of reference as far as the earth's tilt slowlyslowly wobbles okay it slowly turns in a counterclockwise circle with respect to the stars that we call the zone the Saudi act is zodiacal band the twelve houses of the zodiac okay so I posted a movie called the great year in the time section you can watch it to understand the precession of the equinoxes and the reasons that this may be happening in other words why this frame of mode of motion exists and I don't I do not personally believe that the earth wobbles on its own axis of rotation I think that there is another reference frame of motion that science hasn't really fully come to acknowledge yet as to why the earth makes this movement or seems to make this movement I should say I think it's the entire solar system that's making this movement in my opinion but I will not get into that now because that's more complicated so I'll post an image that just shows this motion on precession and what you have to keep in mind to understand precession in the terms we're talking about it in is that all it means is that the rising of the Sun at the spring equinox which is the beginning of acid aerial year okay changes very slowly throughout thousands of years okay and it precesses or moves backwards through the zodiacal houses in a time period of approximately 25,000 years so we will look at that when we start to look at the zodiac which we're going to do right now and when it comes to the appropriateness for explaining where the precession of the equinoxes comes into play in this story I'll do so which is the only reason I brought it up the zodiac is the 12 houses through which or the 12 groupings of stars a zodiac means um it comes from the word animal okay it's these the sky animals essentially is what it means it means what the zodiac is is twelve groupings of stars we call constellations okay that are given symbolic names and images depictions to tell a story of what is taking place in the heavens and this is Christianity is entirely based upon astrology it's based upon stories told about groupings of stars in the heavens through which the Sun passes okay because it's all about the Sun and its journey in the heavens that's what the religion of Christianity is about when it comes to Astro theology so we're going to look at the houses of the zodiac and how the ancients viewed these things okay how they viewed these they call them houses for a reason and it's like the god inhabits this area of the sky for a time okay when we say the Sun is in a particulars OD AK house or any planet is in a particular zodiac house it means against the background of stars okay if you solve this object the background of stars behind it would contain this grouping of stars that's all it means when we say the Sun is in Aquarius the Sun is in Pisces the Sun is in Taurus etc okay it means if we looked at the Sun if we could see the background of stars that it is behind that is the constellation that the Sun is in front of that the the constellation behind it would be whatever that constellation happens to be so you know we looked at the Sun and Scorpio was behind it in the sky the Sun is in Scorpio we viewed the Sun and Aquarius happens to be the constellation that is actually behind it in the sky the Sun is in Aquarius okay it's the backdrop of stars that are visually behind the Sun so the zodiac what are the houses of the zodiac well we have Aries Aries at the beginning cows of the zodiac at least in modern times in the way we look at the zodiacal here the spring equinox begins just as the Sun enters the house of Aries okay so this is the beginning of the zodiacal year after Aries in Aries is a ram okay after Aries we come to Taurus Taurus is the midpoint of the spring season okay now these are very important symbolic dates at the midpoint of Taurus you have a occult um day that is the celebratory day for that particular season there are four of them they call these Sabbath's there at the midpoint of these seasons okay now this is a pagan belief system but this is carried over into all forms of occultism and particularly dark occultists observe these days and conduct ritual ceremonies and other dealings during these times of the year so in the midpoint of Taurus which is at the midpoint of the spring season in the middle there's three so vehicle houses there's twelve zodiac o houses total and there's three houses in each season for a total of four seasons so the ancients quartered the year into four quadrants in other words they placed a cross on this zodiacal wheel okay and they would symbolically depict the Sun on this cross and describe its journey through these four quadrants of the year which we call the seasons spring summer autumn and winter so the Sun begins at the spring equinox passes through the house of Aries because it is a young lamb okay lamb the RAM okay it goes through Aries enters Taurus and there is cost there the Sun becomes a charging bull alright I'll not let dr. Gould not sure we're picking up something we're picking up some other audio it looks like that's the intro music yep there it is okay so we'll be right back with more on Astro theology and the explanation of the zodiac and the sun's crack through it in just a moment hold on Hertz [Music] give you a little wish that you could have done something while you still have the chance what will you do your income ends tomorrow or if you lose your home is many all he had a mark great show run Bob how are you man I'm doing well how are you today not bad not bad a lot better than last week Yeah right and yet they faster tell him yeah yeah it was weird it was kind of on just a couple hour long thing and then it passed right away which is good I guess I got you make get all the windows and spray chemtrails and stuff just a couple days before whatever and you get these weird little cakes man trying to keep my immune system strong you know a good many eat healthy eat the fresh stuff and have aloe vera 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symbolically placing the Sun upon that cross in order to depict and demonstrate the sun's journey through the houses of the zodiac during the course of the year so I'm in the process of beginning to tell this esoteric story okay of what the Christian religion is actually all about and it is all about astrology it's about the Sun of the sky and its journey in the heavens begins in the spring equinox passes through Aries okay it is still young like a young lamb it then comes to Taurus the midpoint of spring the mid house of the spring season but it is gaining in its strength because the Sun is rising in the northern hemisphere it is coming from its zero point at the spring equinox in which the angle that the Sun makes with respect to the earth's equator is zero degrees and it is beginning to come up in power in strength in heat okay in the northern hemisphere so it is rising slowly in its angle with respect to the equator in the northern hemisphere it's at the midpoint it has become a charging bowl because it is gaining in its strength Taurus the midpoint of the house of tars is the sabot on May first known as Vall purchase knocked okay this is one of the main Sabbats of the year in the pagan traditions that basically use Astro theology and zodiacal symbolism next house is Gemini the twins okay when the Sun comes into these houses it is approaching the summer solstice when it crosses the line between Gemini and cancer the next house Cancer the crab it has come to its highest point when it hits that midpoint between those two houses it has come to its highest point that it's going to go to in the northern hemisphere of the earth twenty-three point five degrees north this is called the summer solstice the high point of the Sun that's the beginning of the summer season so the Sun passes then through cancer the crab until it hits Leo the Lion that's the midpoint of summer the Sun has become a roaring lion the king of beasts with its huge main representative of the Rays of the Sun in summer its strongest season okay the midpoint of Leo is August 1st which is lamas that is the midpoint where the the Sabbat of the summer season here's where the Christian symbolism begins to come into play at the end of summer the Sun goes into the house of Virgo now virgo is the virgin and again we just talked about the virgin birth the reason that the houses of Virgo and Leo play into some symbolism is because thousands of years ago this is where the spring equinox actually was at again the equinox precesses or moves backwards through the houses of the zodiac so if we count we see that over ten thousand years ago five zodiacal houses the Sun was between Virgo and Leo almost six thousand years okay it is now in Pisces so we're talking about almost on the other side of the zodiac let's say about a little over five thousand years ago is symbolically depicted by the Sphinx the Sphinx has the head of a virgin and the body of a lion depicting that the zodiacal year when the things would look at the spring equinox on the eastern horizon would begin in Virgo and end in Leo the body being a woman I'm sorry the face being a woman and the body being a lion or the tail end of it being a lion so this is a zodiac in stone at Giza and there are many others like that throughout the world symbolically depicting that the the Sun had one particular head which was the season that it began the year in and the the body and we're a hind end of it is a completely other animal okay the zodiac representing the animals of the sky or the sky of beings in which the mythos of the zodiacal stories are constructed in the virgin birth as we talked about what it really represents okay if we understand that the Sun has a birthday and a death day in this story we're coming to that in a moment let's just keep in mind where virgo is in this story so it is at the is the sixth of the twelve houses okay so Aries is the first tarce the second Gemini the third cancer the fourth leo the fifth and then Virgo the sixth house this is that house through which the Sun passes just before it hits the autumn equinox or the fall season this is the time of the year when the Sun again is at a zero degree angle with respect to the equator of the earth yet it is beginning to go down into the southern hemisphere so it is to fall or descend in its power okay to go into the southern hemisphere in other words the point where it comes above the southern hemisphere is the spring equinox and the point where it goes below into the southern hemisphere is the autumn equinox so this would be around September 21st the Sun that enters the house of Libra which is depicted as the scales now in the time that in the time that um the Sun esta is in Virgo it is visually above a constellation known as the Southern Cross when it's beginning to hit this point of the autumn equinox okay the now it's not in the the constellation of crooks the Southern Cross it is above it okay it is above the constellation in the southern hemisphere known as crooks the cross this is called the Southern Cross so if you look at the Sun while it's in the house of Virgo okay if you just look at any stuff if you look at any sky a globe and you look at the path of the Sun as it's entering Virgo you'll see that below that there is a constellation in the southern hemisphere called crooks CR u X the cross in Latin that means the Southern Cross the Sun is on or on top of the Southern Cross at the time it enters it is actually uh in the house of Virgo and beginning to enter Libra okay so this is the time of year that the ancients said that the Sun was on the cross now if that doesn't mean that it's inside the crooks constellation the Sun you're not going to see it inside the crooks constellation okay at the equinox you're going to you're going to see it above crooks meaning it is on top of the cross symbolically so this is the time that the Sun was placed on the cross and began to die think about this symbolism it's placed on the cross and it is now in the season where it is declining in its strength and is about to die where he's dying beginning the process of dying okay it then passes through Libra and then through Scorpio the scorpion the mid point of autumn and the mid point of this season is October 31st that's known as soin or Halloween okay another Sabbath the midpoint of autumn past's now Scorpio is the time when the Sun is really beginning to descend in its strength okay it's made it halfway through the autumn season is approaching its death point at winter at the winter solstice the lowest it ever goes with respect to the equator so when it's at Scorpio it is said to have been stung by the venom of the scorpion and it is now in rapid decline the power of the Sun is now in rapid decline until it hits the constellation Sagittarius okay and then finally it hits the winter solstice which is the lowest point of the Sun the death of the Sun symbolically has occurred when the Sun is at its lowest point in the southern hemisphere 23.5 degrees south with respect to the earth's equator the ancients said that the Sun had now died on the cross of the zodiac the process of its death began at the autumn equinox when it started falling into the southern hemisphere now it's as low as it's going to go in the southern hemisphere and therefore this is the death point of the Sun okay so the Sun is at 23.5 degrees south the lowest it's going to go its lowest strength and love in the mouth and visually visually doing it it's visually the Sun um stops moving with respect to day and warm and you know I'm that in games on that I'm here he's getting into the low teens right oh one second to forget some audio crossover here okay so I see hold on I see that bob says we have a caller all right we have a few minutes left I am going to I'll take this call and we'll get we'll finish up this story of the Sun on the zodiac next week so a bob if you can hear me if you want to put the caller through who called in the blog talk we'll we'll take that right now hey LM are here mean work yes the car poll around there well I thought is all that stuff well you have Lyman tonight online he wanted to say hello as usual he's listening officially okay no problem so you know we lost him at Butte and was a canned over your shell I had a personal but go ahead bonds and today there we go hi hello key I hear me guys yes how you doing Bob good mark I don't I get erupted again your honor all and I'm interrupting I apologize to the archives people who look miss relation Carol and I apologize I just want to say how important all this stuff is mark the everyday person love me the letting a new this might seem a bit tedious now I'm not trying to take prey mark but it is desperately important I'm going to tell people why his daughter called this Hughes and I'm quoting arpeggio the 12 bands of the zodiac as means to imprison us further in their natures of control now I'm netting the mayor took control but they used mark quotas they use it says I guess twelve opportunities to imprison us they calculate the most opportune moment moments of time using the Stars I he against us and Mark what he is doing is helping us take back that knowledge thank you again mark I find myself thanking you for what you're doing on what you're speaking about and also you mentioned the festival of selling or selling there's also a which is festival known as Walpurgisnacht and also you could comment on that in a future show thanks mark for all that you do you got a bob thing thanks so much and Bob your you're never interrupting here feel free to call in at anytime as should anyone else who has something to contribute we have unlimited amounts of time because we'll just pick this up next week like we always do you know we go through it until the time is up for the show like it is a rapidly approaching now we have about a minute left in the show and then we pick up next week so not a problem at all we will continue with this story of the zodiac and the Sun upon it when we get together next week here at the same time on water nerf is happening Bob I want to thank you and yes I briefly mentioned Val purchase not which is the sabot at the midpoint of spring it is the high point of the dark occult year and we'll talk about what that means on another show when we get into some of the aspects of dark occultism when it comes to a solar cult so that's all we have time for here in my own what on earth is happening folks I'm your host mark passio website what on earth is happening calm Network the Intel hub news network calm I'll see you here next Tuesday night good night everyone [Music]