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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all welcome wherever you may be this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio we're broadcasting live right here on the Intel Hub News Network my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website the Intel hub news network calm today is Tuesday December 28 2010 and this is the last what on earth is happening show in the year of 2010 next week we'll be coming to you from the year 2011 that is if you believe in the concept of time as we talked about before on this show there is really only the ever-present moment of now that's all there really is but that aside we have a good show lined up here today we're going to continue talking about religion as a method of mind control I'll be doing this probably this week and next and then we'll be moving on to a new topic but I think that this topic is so critically important that I want to expand on the other two major world religions we've discussed Christianity in depth and I'd like to discuss Islam and Judaism and then talk about them in a holistic framework kind of a model that I have noticed but I'm not the first a overarching model of Correspondence that takes into account these three great religions and kind of relates them to the individual consciousness and the human brain and this is going to be kind of a very abstract and somewhat out-there concept but if you follow along with me and I think some of the images in the podcast that I'll put up you know I usually put up images related images which with each podcast on my podcast page so that after the show people if they want to go back and listen again to the shows can get a visual representation of some of the ideas that I talked about on the show I'll also sometimes post links to books documents and videos so do avail yourself of that information on my website what on earth is happening by going to that website and then clicking the podcasts tab where you can listen to free archives of every one of these broadcasts and like I said get a supporting material on those pages for each podcast so let me give the calling numbers and then I'm going to read a couple of event announcements and then we can get started feel free to call in at any time I love I like taking calls the callers to the show are always great and there are no taboo topics here I'm only going to get one call-in number here today because I don't know if anyone is odd screening the blog talk line a Bob usually does that but Bob Tuscon is on vacation this week so I'm just going to go with the talks you call a number for tonight we'll go back to a dual calling number next week so for tonight the call-in number for the show is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID number that you will be prompted for for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five once again the call ID number for this show is eight three five one five no taboo topics call in and talk about whatever you like and hopefully we'll get a few callers and we could take some calls here this evening I have a couple of event announcements for events coming up in my area again I read these to promote local activism because that's what it is ultimately all about is once you know doing something with that knowledge once you know what's really going on here become active and take that information to other people in your community so coming up next month at germ books and gallery free your mind conference fundraiser number three this is the 3rd fundraiser for the upcoming free your mind conference in April this will be taking place Sunday January 16 2011 at 2 o'clock p.m. the admission is $10 for two very special presentations by two of the co-hosts of the freer mind conference one being myself Marc Cassio I'll be presenting a brand new presentation that I've put together entitled everything I needed to know in life I learned by watching The Wizard of Oz and this will be an exploration of the esoteric occult symbolism contained in the perennial classic movie The Wizard of Oz of course derived from the book by Alf Frank Baum also giving a special presentation another co-host of the freer mind conference Michael Austin Melton Michael Melton is a field investigator from the mutual UFO network of Pennsylvania and he will be giving a presentation entitled the history of mind control in America the history of mind control in America it should be very fascinating this is coming up at germ books germ books is in 2005 Frankfort Avenue 2005 Frankford Avenue in Philadelphia for more information check out germ books calm or free your mind conference calm Saturday January 22nd 2011 the activist group truth freedom prosperity will be hosting a networking social this social event will be taking place at Liberty's pub Liberty's is at the corner of 2nd and Fairmount in Philadelphia and the social gathering the networking social for truth freedom prosperity will be held on the second floor of Liberty's pub this will also kind of double as a another free your mind conference fundraising appeal because we're still kind of in dire straits for some cash to bring in some of the out-of-town speakers it's not really looking too good we only raise a slightly less than $1,500 in addition to the hall money so we're a close to 3,500 overall we really needed to raise close to nine thousand dollars so we fell well short of our goal for the fundraising for the event so unfortunately it may need to be scaled back if we don't get the funds that we need to bring in some of the speakers from out of town because there are flights and hotel rooms uh you know can be somewhat expensive so that having been said Saturday January 22nd I believe they're going to start this at 7 o'clock p.m. and go throughout the evening truth freedom prosperity presents 2011 networking social at Liberty's on second and Fairmount in Philadelphia for more information on this great activist group please visit their website at www.ge.com day April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at Liuba hall ru ba hall Ruba is at 414 Green Street for one four Green Street in Philadelphia the doors will be opening at 9:00 a.m. the program for each day will begin at 10:00 a.m. admission is $20.00 per day per person in advance and $30 per day per person at the door the free remind conference is a unique two-day event in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Erin McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Tuscon tower your dozous jaan Irvin John Nicholson Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika Mark passio Mel fàbregas Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor for more information on this unique event please visit WWE can force calm alright just to let people know it's a once again a frigid day here in Philadelphia in a first week of winter here so you may hear a little bit of background noise that's because I have a heater running in this house so I apologize if that creates any background noise interference you'll have to bear with me on that we had a huge snowstorm in Philadelphia a big nor'easter a couple of days back and we got about I guess 12 to 14 inches of snow on the ground so winners in full swing early in the season this year I don't mind that I'm a winter person myself I like the cold I enjoy the snow doesn't bother me a bit driving can be a pain sometimes but hey you know take things as they come but with that having been said let's jump into are we talking about last week we were I ended the show we were talking about the the planets we were talking about the planets as the the ancient septon array of gods that the seven gods of the ancient world and these are the the planets that can be seen with the naked eye the naked eye can't see anything beyond Saturn you know aside from other stars and some galaxies but with the naked eye you really can only see in our solar system out to Saturn the planets beyond Saturn aren't visible without the aid of some kind of optic optics device so there's the seven objects from the earth that could be seen with the naked eye in the ancient world are the Sun and the moon of course and then the planets that can be seen our Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn so these are the seven ancient quote gods of the ancient world that are the gods of Astro theology and specifically the two gods of Astro theology are the Sun and the moon and then of course there are the other planets and the stars and in that pantheon of gods were in that sect or cult however you want to look at it arm of Astro theology Saturn is the ruling deity because Saturn is the farthest planet therefore it's that can be seen with the eye and therefore its orbit is the greatest in its orbit encapsulate the orbit of all the other planets inward toward the Sun therefore Saturn was seen as the ruler of the planets so in the planetary bodies Saturn is the high you know highest aspect of that hierarchy of quote gods and then of course there are the the stars which are the small lights of the heavens in addition to the planets and so that forms the third major cult of Astro theology being the stars and planets or the stellar cult as it was known so you have the solar cult the lunar cult and Stannis the stellar cult so the cult of the Sun the cult of the moon and the cult of the stars and planets and you know we were we left off talking about how yes we can look at the astro theological aspects of the basis for religion but really we need to go to deeper and more I guess you could say synchronistic aspects or the aspects of this that really teach us about ourselves in our own psyche so what I was doing at the end of the show last week before we go into talking about you know this is just kind of a bridge into talking about some of the other religions that other two major religions in addition to Christianity being Islam and Judaism I want to just go over this model of the the chakra systems of the body a Vedic spiritualist tradition the chakras these wheels of energy that are found within the body near glandular activity and that are really kind of gauges for health or disease and they are internal energy upwellings that exist within ourselves and more than that they are talked about that they relate to and correspond to this is going to be a big topic of the show today is correspondence um these correspond to different aspects of the personality and what what the really enlightened ancients learnt what we're doing was not really worshipping these external planetary bodies as gods per se this is what it may have evolved into as any tradition sort of devolves from its original intent but what they really understood is that these were aspects symbolic aspects of fundamental aspects of the personality that exist within within the self within the human psyche just like we talked about Christianity you know you have the external Astro theological a story that is given to the masses the exoteric story and then you know beneath that lies the esoteric astro theological aspects of Christianity which we discussed at length last week the story of the Sun and the houses of the zodiac the helpers of the Sun the Saviour myth you know that has been has been told throughout the ancient world you know probably hundreds of times I think I gave over 40 examples last week and how it's passed down to us today as Christianity but there's a deeper tradition that lies beneath that even that gets to the heart of the matter and the truth that underlies different religious traditions and that is always about the self it is always about our psyche and our aspects of our true selves and what really are deeper motivations are as an individual and the species and the ancients were really in touch with back and they understood it well and so they you know they symbolized of this through the you know the symbolic deification of these planets as gods but they understood this was either they weren't the actual gods that this was symbolic and you know they didn't really worship the Sun per se now some of them did I'm not going to say that that wasn't happening okay I'm talking about the people who really came up with these original traditions and understood this to be just an aspect of the principle of correspondence that the universe is so similar across scales okay that that which is above is like to that which is below and it is stated in the Hermetic tradition okay that we live in a whole a holistic holographic reality in which the very small is a or the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm with a very large and vice-versa the very large is a reflection of the very small the whole is contained within all of its parts okay and each part reflects the totality of the whole it can be said a million different ways but it generates the same basic holographic fractal principles that underlie reality and that we are really now only rediscovering through quantum mechanics and other scientific fields of the modern day so to go back to this model that I was are starting to break down an outline last week the Vedic chakra systems okay they again are about these energy upwellings within the body but more than that they're about different aspects of the self or the psyche so we looked at the root chakra okay and this is what I corresponds to the planet Saturn and there's an image up there on the last podcast on the age I believe that was podcast 39 tonight's show will be number 40 so if you go up to the site and go to the podcast page somewhere in the related images for podcast 39 you'll see an image of the planets and then the next one after that you'll see an image of the planets as the chakras of the body so I'll start this over again today and lay out the planets in their correspondences to these chakras I'll name the chakras talk about the colors of them as well because if you look at the image you can see the related colors okay and you know we can see how these will relate to different aspects of the self okay so Saturn in the ancient world was called the inhibitor or the disciplinarian this is a corresponds to the root chakra the root chakra in the Vedic tradition was called called the mooladhara chakra so the mooladhara chakra as a matter of fact when we get into talking about Judaism I'm going to begin to break down some Kabbalistic knowledge from the tradition of Kabbalah and I will do this to the best of my ability to the extent that I have studied Kabbalah myself because I think initiating people in the best tradition is a very important thing to do and a very important thing to help people to understand what this tradition was originally intended as I've said in in the past on the show that this section on religion was going to be sort of an introduction or an initiation into different occult schools of God and that is what we're going to start getting into when we talk about Judaism in particular because I'm going to start again breaking down some of the Kabbalistic tradition but I'll pick up this chakra correspondences when we come back after this break you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network we'll be right back folks [Music] in a war where collective hazard and all I like that we use control of the population so what you mean is amongst us the burden of humanity met on our shoulders the only way out if to expose the global crime syndicate node at the New World Order together we are all one together raw Intel soldiers the battle for free humanity and students join us in the fight even though of doctrine [Music] a very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will witness the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right you see he predicted the collapse of GM Fannie Mae Freddie Mac and America's biggest 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we work and how our cycles actually operate and that knowledge is what will actually free us from the tyranny that we're experiencing because it is all done through psychological manipulations which I call mind control because that's what it is okay a lot of people don't like that term tough that's what it is deal with it okay it's real it's happening it's ongoing it's been going on since before you were born and we need to come to terms with that and the way to really get in touch with that knowledge in many cases is to study vehicle and the study hidden systems of knowledge that are reserved basically for the initiator or the esoteric aspects of society so we're looking at the chakra system and like I said I'm going to look we're going to look only talk about Judaism and the Judaic tradition of the underlying today tradition we're going to look at Kabbalah and this will kind of relate to this as well because the Kabbalistic symbolism relates to the chakra system as well so the the planet Saturn is what we were talking about that's kind of what bridging into that brief aside there was known as the inhibitor or the disciplinarian of the solar system it is the inhibitory aspect the one that comes in when we're out of balance and makes its influence known okay it has to correct it's a correct a correction device okay so this is why law is often associated with a set turning and cult you know judges wearing black robes we'll get into that won't talk about the the religion of Judaism but Saturn again looked at as the the king of the planets or the the top of the hierarchy when it came to the planets because because it had the widest orbit and so there in it contained all the other planets but this relates this idea relates to the base chakra of the body now the base chakra is actually at the very root of the spinal column the base of the spine and this is traditionally associated with base consciousness or instinctual behavior okay so this is a fight-or-flight mode this is a you know actual combative consciousness this is a very low state of awareness no of controller aspect in other words that which responds to something of reactively or with a need to control okay awesome wouldn't need to uh you know straighten something out or set something right or correct course as well but really not without too much direction there just with a a strong hand very masculine energy so this chakra was is traditionally given the color red red is a correspondence to the left brain as we've talked about before on the show when we talked about money the red frequencies Carly to the red the left side of the brain okay the the male aspects of the personality the masculine I should say aspects of the personality this is yang energy yang energy in its full swing really takes place within the root chakra this is tribal instincts this is you know caveman consciousness let's call it okay the very base consciousness alright um domination control etc and this is the lowest of this energy yet there's a positive side to this there's a positive side to this as well because without some sort of a drive like that there wouldn't be really any survival again yeah it's the fight-or-flight mechanism and it's Dominator aspects but it's also the force that motivates you physically stay alive okay and to live in the physical world okay motor skills the need for food recognizing when you're under attack from the eating of predators or a dangerous you're in a dangerous environment this is the this is a necessary although low consciousness quality that exists within us the idea is to continuously raise our energy upwards so that we're ruled we rule ourselves through the higher aspects of the personality the higher aspects of consciousness the higher energy energies of the higher chakra systems and we don't get trapped in the lower ones which is what really we are we have done to ourselves collectively as a species so the mooladhara chakra is traditionally colored red interestingly its shaped as a square okay a block or you know a regimented object in Freemasonry again the square is which this corresponds to as well as Kabbalah the the square is a symbol of base consciousness as well okay being a tool of a builder a square okay a 90-degree angle not really found in nature and it represents base consciousness in Freemasonry until it is turned around okay or in other words it is uprighted so that we operate our base instincts and you know then we leave the square and go toward the compasses which is compassion and higher consciousness or again relating to the higher chakras so Saturn relates to this chakra and you see I put that at the base chakra of the image now we go forward to the next chakra and we come to Jupiter a Jupiter is the planet that it corresponds with a desire with sexual energy and it is the correspondence to the sacrum chakra or some people call this the genital chakra the genital area of the body is actually very slightly higher than the genitals but it's associated with that general area of the body and it's um this is called the swag the swadisthana chakra chakra the swadisthana chakra and I'm sorry the swadisthana chakra and this is the shape that is corresponds to this is a crescent moon okay it's often a loom shape or an egg shape something similar to that the color that corresponds to this chakra is orange orange and Jupiter in fact does actually have sort of an orange and yellowish tint to it brownish orange yellowish are interesting correspondents there but what this chakra represents and what the planet in general represents is desire and again that corresponds to sexual energy of course when it is in a lust aspect but it also corresponds to the desire to want to know the desire to want to improve oneself the desire to want to gain or attain or aspire to higher levels of knowledge and development within the self so this is a kind of a of a positive influence and it is a step up from the just base needs being met and you know survival only mentality so we really need to at least get to that before anything further unfolds to our higher the higher levels of our nature and this is often depicted as you know the beginning of initiation okay the desire to want to start to learn about the personality start to learn about the psyche start to understand more about the self okay as was written in the dolphin on the delphic oracle in greece in their mystery tradition know the self and you will know the universe and the gods and this is what the planet Jupiter kind of begins to open up through initiation through the wanting the desire to go forward toward truth and out of pure base consciousness or animalistic consciousness so that is the second chakra and that would in this solar system this solar system that we all carry within ourselves that would correspond to the planet Jupiter or the sacrum chakra okay so moving forward to the next planet inward and the next chakra would be Mars Mars is the God of War okay Mars corresponds to the solar plexus chakra solar plexus being right near the the diaphragm okay uh you know the stomach area the guts in other words because this chakra represents will willpower is what the chakra represents it represents courage this chakra is called in the Vedic tradition the mana Cora chakra again corresponding with the solar plexus and it's color is yellow and that's interesting because you know when we lack courage people say that we're yellow it's a you know a phrase that it we generally reserved for people who are cowardly or don't have guts or don't have will okay don't have courage so interesting how the language reflects some of this and you know Mars is the God of War okay the god of you know of pure male will power and actually conquering god of conquering others warfare um pure willpower exerted okay getting things done right the the actual ability to actualize something not just talk about it think about it but then but actually do it okay so that's willpower and this is one of the most important aspects see this this chakra is but the highest of the lowest three chakras but it if it is used properly if it is unified with the higher chakras including the heart chakra is one of the most important because this is what actually gets us to activate ourselves and take action in the physical world that this chakra has to be ruled by the higher chakras for us to take proper action in the world but still it is a quite important aspect of the self because we can think all we want about what's you know what we know to be true we can know in our hearts that it's true we can believe it we can you know you know feel positive emotion about it but unless we actually use our will Center our willpower to actually get things done in the physical domain in which we live and operate nothing actually changes nothing actually gets done this is partly why the situation continues the way that it is so few people have activated will centers within themselves so this is a very important aspect of this whole chakra system in the Vedic tradition of the Indus Valley you know India in general and arm Mars corresponds the planet Mars the masculine planet of Mars corresponds with this solar plexus chakra or the montipora chakra so the next chakra going forward in this system is the anahatha chakra this is the heart chakra and everyone knows where the heart is that in the body this is the color associated with this is green you can see we're stepping through the visible color spectrum of light we started with red then moved upward to orange the higher the frequency the higher the chakra higher the frequency of right light the higher the frequency of the chakra and the higher it is in the body along the middle of the body the spinal column okay so these energy wheels correspond with the frequencies of light and they correspond with the planets again this show is highly about correspondences but they as will even see more of a little bit later so we go to the anahata chakra this is the Earth Moon system okay so a lot of scientists don't even talk about this as a single planetary system we talk about it almost as a dual planet the Earth Moon okay because our moon is exhibits we talked about this a little bit in the last couple weeks exhibits qualities that no other moon in our solar system does it is bigger in proportion airy size to the planet than any other moon and uh you know we touched upon the controversial subject a little bit that the moon may not even be a natural satellite and you know there's a lot of speculation going on about that I posted a book called gods of air and darkness on my podcast section last week that touches upon this topic a little bit but it's a very good book that talks about ancient lost ancient civilizations and human origins the origins of our current civilization and it proposes a lot of intriguing questions I highly recommend it it's written back in the 70s by Richard Mooney and you know the earth moons system ok taken together the moon of course is seen from the earth so the earth is not contained in the this uh you know system of gods of the ancient world because we're on it we're viewing things from that perspective so it's not included in the objects we see in the sky but the moon is so ultimately what we're getting at here is that the heart chakra is all about what's really going on here on the earth this is a this is a place that souls really incarnate to to learn about compact natural law um understanding of the self care crew care that's what this whole experience is about in case you haven't figured that out you have to care enough to make a change you have to care enough to change yourself okay it's all about care it's all about developing true care care toward the higher aspects of consciousness and the care to really motivate people to evolve to higher states of awareness and consciousness so that the species evolves in in 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about understanding that we're one understanding that as one suffers all suffer and interestingly the the color of the heart chakra in the Vedic system or the anahata chakra is green we talked about green as being the balance frequency it is the middle in the middle the dead center of the visible spectrum of light it represents mediation or balance it represents love energy which is totally tied to the connective the concept of care it represents the balance between the left and right brain hemispheres it represents the color of nature green energy this this is a green planet green and blue but in general the you know all the the natural forces that grow here on the earth on the land are green you know green is the color that we need to take in as far as food goes to really have health in the body you know the dark green leafy vegetables alkalize the body keep us healthy provide basically you know the nutrients that we need and this is completely tied together with the forces of nature the Sacred Feminine energy the the energy of balance and love and again it's tied together with concept of balance between the brain hemispheres and of course the the visible spectrum light energy okay so green is that balance or fall Crone point between the two opposite extremes that we need to you know come to to really understand what is needed here what we need to do how we need to change the level of care that we need to develop in order to really make this great change come about which is basically coming out of a purely left brain mail Dominator system of control hierarchy compartmentalization and you know the erosion of rights and freedom to a balanced holistic society that reintegrates the Sacred Feminine you know the goddess so to speak and respects natural law and freedom and embodies it and lives it and puts it into practice and the heart chakra is really what we need to connect to to do that that's as simply as I can put it and again this corresponds to the earth the earth is the heart chakra of this solar system period so just sit and meditate on that and think about that for a moment some people may not think that there's anything to this correspondence but there is and you know if you just open it your mind in your eyes you will see it and it isn't just you know I'm putting images together to make this work out like this okay really sit think about it think about what we said look at some of the images and you know meditate upon it or contemplate upon it I should say so the next chakra now we're getting into the highest chakras the higher chakras the high the ones above the heart chakra or the heart chakra again acting as a fulcrum or a balance point between the lower chakras and the higher chakras we're getting the three higher chakras which are the throat chakra or the third eye chakra and the crown chakra so the throat or the shuddha chakra is corresponds to the planet Venus Venus is the next closest planet inward toward the Sun this is the speech center of course the throat where our vocal chords are at and this starts to open us up into higher levels of knowledge and awareness and most of all creativity because this relates with the color blue which corresponds to the right hemisphere of the brain and this is about how we use our voice this is about what do we talk about no it's uh what kind of things concern us in our mind so we actually express that through our words do we do it in a way that is uh no frivolous that is vain that is um you know uh vapid that you know is concerned with absolute nonsense and things that don't really matter you know are we talking all day about sports and celebrity gospel you know you know gossiping about our friends and you know things like that or are we really trying to get messages across to people that matter that are about what's really going on there about what's really going on within us you know and I mean as a whole as a people within us okay it's so important what we use our voice to do it's so important that we care enough to use our voice so many people know what's going on don't talk they you know there are people out there who know exactly what is up and what is taking place and yet they don't activate themselves through the heart chakra to make their way into that let's talk about this you know aspect the throat chakra you know I this was a the case with myself only years ago I sat on so much of what I knew to be the case for years for years I was involved in the dark occult knew what was basically being done didn't have the full picture but knew enough to start speaking out about it okay and I didn't for years because I wanted corroboration from many different sources I was insecure I was too insecure in my knowledge to say oh if I put this out there I maybe I'm wrong maybe I won't be I'll be ridiculed maybe I you know I'll be doing more damage than good by putting this information out but now I almost look back and want to kick myself for not speaking out earlier because you know I'm not sure whether we're too late now sometimes but the point I'm trying to make here and I told the story before on the show I you know went down to a meeting in Virginia you know on I think it was on the topic of the mining cat it was on the topic of the Mayan calendar actually yes it was and a woman at this meeting said you there's so much knowledge you're carrying with you what are you doing with it are you speaking this back out into the world to try to enlighten other people and I said no and she said what makes you think you're allowed to do that with the kind of knowledge you're carrying she said you need to have a outlet for this like a release valve pressure release valve or you're going to do harm to yourself and what makes you think that you're even allowed to sit on this kind of information and not put it out back out there into the world to help others you know that you'd be doing wrong by not doing and you know I sat and thought about that for a while that's kind of what spurred me on to even start doing my presentations led to this show and all the other activities I'm involved with so um starting to speak out is one of the most important aspects on the road to truth and you know it's encouraging that many people are activating in that way but more people need to a lot more so that's the throat chakra with of a sugar chakra the planet Venus and again that's the goddess the right brain corresponds with the it's right next to the Earth Moon system as well it's almost a twin of the earth of no size planet Venus is okay and you know it's connected right next to the green energy of the heart chakra you go upward to the blue energy and that's you know you cared enough and now you're actually speaking okay when we have the unite scene three things that need to be united actually all of these need to be united but the key factors are that the heart chakra and the chakras that's surrounded immediately which is that the throat and solar plexus so you have the emotions and then how your knowledge is expressed through the voice that we're going to get to knowledge in a minute and then uniting that with the will center which is the solar plexus chakra okay so Venus and Mars have to be brought together by the heart chakra which is the earth okay the male and female it's very interesting how it works out this way in you know the solar system you know the whole idea men are from Mars Women are from Venus Mars the God of War you know the masculine yang energy and then Venus the goddess the sacred feminine energy not a coincidence that it works out like that the ancients were telling us something you know so let's move on to the next chakra the two highest ones are the third eye and crown the third eye chakra is called the Ozma chakra and its color is purple some people will call this indigo and distinguish it from purple and then say that the crown chakra is a purple or violet and white okay let's just call it purple for now and we can see that this chakra relates to the third eye what is the about the balance of the brain hemispheres and the activation of the plant eel gland okay that's the gland that we're talking about here when we talk about the third eye chakra but moreover this represents the awakening of knowledge and what it really represents is not just mundane knowledge not just knowledge about the external world but true knowledge of self and how the self operates in the physical world and the dynamics that are going on in the physical world the truth about this reality is what this chakra is ultimately all about and of course that is corresponds with the planet Mercury okay the messenger of the gods in the Roman tradition in the Greek tradition he was Hermes in the Hermetic tradition he is Hermes Trismegistus and the Egyptian tradition he is both the scribe of the gods and we can go on and all with names for him but essentially mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and C is the messenger of the god of this solar system okay and you know they say when they ascribed something to being mercurial it represents having high you know minded topics it's something that is very cerebral it is it has to do with the brain the mind and this is a you know about our thoughts this chakra what we spend our time thinking about what we spend our mental energy in pursuit of are we pursuing the truth or are we concerned about you know memorizing statistics about what happened in football season you know what I mean okay just uh you know so many people have brilliant minds and use them for garbage nonsense trivia can't tell you how many people spend time memorizing trivia trivial facts though they call it trivia people can know so much about so many little tiny things but the the point is um you know they're not really spending their time on anything that is really bettering themselves or humanity you know they're not thinking about the bigger picture they're spending their times time focused on the trees instead of pulling back and seeing the forest you know I was talking with my friend earlier we were talking about doctors and scientists and how some of them have brilliant minds and know practically nothing that's worth knowing because you know I likened it to a you know a desk you know somebody's work desk with a million things laid out on it right and I said to my friend earlier today these people's minds are like what they're doing is they're focusing they're in a drawer in that desk and then they're in a tiny little container in that drawer and then they're focused on looking at a little tiny notch that was made in a in a paperclip inside one of these containers inside one of the drawers and they study that little notch and know every little aspect of it oh they we can measure the angle of the notch and that's the end of this paperclip with exactitude and we can you know understand how the notch got there and what the material it's made made out of an you can go on and on into infinitum of the trivia and the specialization about what you can know about that little tiny tiny aspect of that corner of the world but they don't even know that they're in a drawer on a desk in a room in a house on a block in a city in a country you see where I'm going with this they don't pull back and get the bigger picture their whole world is that little tiny area of specialization and this is what I would say is a person that of course does not have access to this the energy of this chakra because this chakra is about holistic knowledge it isn't about left brain logical knowledge only it is about specialization it's about holistic intelligence the coming together of the left illogical and the right or creative or intuitive brain hemispheres and merging them as one in this chemical wedding okay the chemical wedding of the merger between the aspects of the left brain and the right brain which we've talked about many times here on on this show in the past okay so that is the planet Mercury it represents the magician qualities the magical qualities of the individual really coming online in knowledge in a holistic sense okay and finally we come to the crown chakra and of course this is the Sun this is the light the Saviour energy mrs. B it's called the sahasrara chakra in the Vedic tradition and this is connection to oneness is how I can best describe it this is cosmic consciousness some people call it Christ consciousness of course we saw how the concept of the Christ is associated with the Sun and again the ancients that really understood this knowledge from an esoteric perspective we're not worshipping the Sun in understanding how these correspondences work any more than I am worshiping the Sun okay this is a symbol it's symbolic God's Sun we didn't put the Sun there God did okay it doesn't belong to anyone it belongs to the Creator in other words so it's the Son of God okay and this is um you know it represents really coming on to the true light of one's true nature it's understanding that we are one not just with everybody else around us but with everything that this is all an experience it's a construct that we are having an experience we are not the body we are not even the mind we are experiencing the body in the mind we are a spiritual being having a physical experience not the other way around and once we connect with that we can't really be controlled that's what dominators and the occultist the Darko cultists I should say of this world don't want us understanding and connecting with because once we do game over for them game over because everything that is perpetuating this system every body every individual that continues to perpetuate their male Dominator nonsense system okay they're complete crap vs system that they've set up and people believe in and support and hold up like their life depends on it is dependent upon one thing and one thing only and that is identification with the body as the self we talked about this many many times when we talk about the barriers to the realization of the true self the $0.05 illusion okay you know ego identification you know staying trapped in physical only consciousness left brain only consciousness and identification with the ego who are the roles that we play in life and believing that they are us instead of what we are which is infinite consciousness having an experience in the physical domain period and that's done to evolve the spirit to higher states of awareness that's why we basically come into this domain where we do the work and that's that understanding that's really knowing it not just saying it not just repeating it but knowing it within us that's really the activation of that crown chakra and once that's activated that person cannot be controlled in the physical sense they're not going to go along with the dominators agenda no matter what it means because they don't care what happens to their body they're not going to accept they're not going to want to control anybody because they know that that's ridiculous it's nonsensical you're you're only harming yourself and violating your own rights and violate violation of someone else's and you're not going to go along with control you're not going to go along with the nonsense of control control or being controlled and you know that's what it's all about and the ancients who put these systems together really ultimately understood this this knowledge has been really kind of watered down it's been perverted it's been you know outrightly uh you know obfuscated and obscured and it's come down through different traditions in muddied ways very muddy ways and that's why people you know don't understand it they don't know what it's all that's ultimately about a true activation of care true activation of intelligence true activation of will not playing the game of you know control at all on either side of it being a controller or accepting control and being a slave and um you know too many people in the world really think that all of these occult systems are somehow negative or bad or evil and this is a childish mentality there is no such thing as all people who study the tradition of Kabbalah being bad or evil any more than its sense of sensible to say all Christians are bad and evil no they're they're you know people who are interpreting things in different ways there are really good positive Christians in the world who you know look at their tradition and know the difference between right and wrong and live that way and their kabbalists who do the same and there are Freemasons who do the same okay and there are Rosicrucians who do the same etc etc you know it's when we're talking about the dark aspects of the occult these these traditions have all had falls in the past they have all fallen and they've fallen into wrong hands they want to use their knowledge for control they want to use their knowledge to manipulate because these are all whole systems of knowledge that are about the self they're about aspects of us and if we know them and other people don't if we were so inclined we could use this to manipulate other people and they have done this that's what has been done with these traditions sadly and that's why we're in the mess that we're in because people don't know these and these things and they're still occulted meaning hidden and I've said before on the show the answer is going to come what we really need to move word is making the occult no longer the occult because it is not hidden anymore it is known and I absolutely disagree with the people who say that that's not necessary that that we can do that we can create a peaceful world we can create a world that's sustainable we can create a world that's based on freedom and we can still have a whole bunch of ignorant people in it it'll never ever ever ever work that way you know oh people say oh not everybody needs to get this to get what's going on yeah everybody needs to get it no shortcuts no well five ten percent of people understand it and they're going to be the leaders and then you have the same situation repeating itself in another cycle and the same thing will have to be done over and over again because it will descend it'll turn into a system of control and we'll be right back where we started or where we ended up I should say and it's a naive position the people even within the freedom movement who think only a few percentage of people need to understand the truth to take over the reins right Bowles is what I answer back with that ok we need to educate people thoroughly we need to put this knowledge out into the world until it becomes part of the collective consciousness ok it does need to be known by almost everyone and you know the people who think that that's not the case are this kind of the same people to think some mystical Savior is going to descend from the clouds and rescue us a man another friend joke all the time the Tooth Fairy is going to be here any day to wave a magic wand and rescue the planet just like all the aliens from whatever distant star system they're coming from this week are going to swoop down and pick up the garbage that we've created in our environment you know our mass psychosis you know in our diseased psyche they're going to swoop down clean up all of our garbage for us and then cradle us in their bosom for all eternity and rescue us from ourselves good luck with that don't don't sit around waiting for that and expect that to happen because you'll be waiting a long long long time okay it's up to us to do this work for ourselves and for no other reason that it's been - the right thing to do and for no other reason then it's the truth but again you know abdication is one of the strongest weapons that uh you know are is continually dangled in front of us like a carrot by the elite they always want us to abdicate our responsibility to really really understand really know pass the buck on you know that's all just pass the buck it's not your responsibility you don't need to know this in any kind of fullness year especially I'll need to teach anybody else just you know think that you have it figured out enough and then move move along and you know let the chips fall where they may and all the time they're running right to the bank as a result of that application you know they have it's like I said and other teachers have said like Michael - sorry on his at his analogy for it the elite don't look at 7 billion people they look at one consciousness to be whose neck is to be put into one collar that's it and that that's how they they work they work with systems dynamics that's how they work whole systems they don't think of people as individuals they think of a whole culture a society you know like a little petri dish okay call the culture okay with all the millions or billions of cells in that dish and they put do an operation that whole dish and it affects the entire thing that's how these elite think they'll think in terms of I'm a unique individual special person with my own unique talents abilities and you know aspects of my psyche and personality no it's seven billion is one consciousness to be controlled that's it and that's you know again people don't want to hear it but that's part of the reason they're so successful they think in terms of systems dynamics and we don't meaning the bulk of humanity that's why they can pretty much have our way with us because we are we are not evolved thinkers and they are and you know I'm not picking up for them or you know trying to say that you know I am like what they're doing in any way but I have respect for you know the enemy or I you know the other opponent playing on the other side of the chessboard kicking our ass pretty much that yeah I have respect for it because they know all of this information you think the elite don't understand these aspects of the self they know them with totality with perfection they couldn't do what they do unless they need us and you know again I'm just going to respond one more time to people who say oh well the bulk of humanity doesn't need to understand this you're crazy if that's what you think you're crazy that's that's all I can say about it because there are no shortcuts in this game there are no shortcuts when it comes to self-knowledge people have to actually do the work for themselves because they care enough to do it period the end so um that's all I'll say about that and that kind of concludes the UH you know correspondence aspect of what I was trying to do with the chakras and the planets and I think that's a kind of a valuable exercise and you know it's a good meditation to go through or you know not it's only really in meditation it's a good contemplation I don't know if I ever talked about the three modes of thought but that's kind of a good thing to understand in looking at religion as well because our society engages in two basic modes of mental activity primarily it engages in one which is concentration this is active alert thought okay and now I'm segwaying into this from the you know breakdown of the chakra systems in correlation to the planets because again I'm saying you don't even want to meditate upon this if you want to do this as like like an exercise to you know look at these different aspects of the self and see these correspondences with caught the colors and the planets etc you want to contemplate on it and there's a big difference so the first mode of human thought that I was alluding to his concentration this is active alert thought left brain thought but this is important for people who are primarily right brained and don't want to engage in the male masculine consciousness you know there's a lot of people who are imbalanced toward the right brain you know they're the the spiritual type I only want to use the word spiritual type the new-age type which we talked about the New Age movement okay the New Age type never really wants to engage with actual tangible things that are done on the earth on the ground floor okay actually doing work on the gameboard floor okay with knowledge that is gained from higher-up meaning you know we look at the whole game as a big chess game that's being played between the forces of light and dark and if you're going to actually move the pieces on the board you need to exercise the will to move the pieces you can't sit there and go oh I know all this knowledge of how things work at higher levels but I don't want to soil myself by having to touch that piece on that board and then the the dark occult this comes in swoops down on the board makes a few moves and checkmates you okay then that's what's really happening so we need to understand that concentration while it is the predominant mode of thought in the world and that's you know sometimes can be not good because people never engage in anything else but left-brain thought that's part of what's keeping us in this manufactured reality nobody's engaging the feminine aspects of thought the you know intuitive and creative aspects of our consciousness but um you know when we are - right brain it could be damaging as well we can't really get anything done we drift in this you know hazy you know quasi spiritual state which isn't really a high level of spiritual attainment it's a it's a trap if you ask me and people want to meditate all the time I've given the example of BIC Sutton uh that the teacher who tells a story about a friend of his back in the 70s who you know meditated so much he couldn't concentrate on any work and couldn't get anything done thought he was having a problem in his brain went to a doctor his doctor did a brain scan and the brain scan showed that his neocortex had actually been destabilized in a similar way that drugs can be stabilized neo cortex of the brain and he said you know I know you're not high you know but you're scanning like you're high right now now I he did blood work on him I guess and you know didn't find any drugs in the system he said I meditate on the hours a day hours and hours a day and so well that's what it is he's always in a right brain state never engaging the physical reality that he lives into his body you know is carried in we need to not totally be engaged in the physical world the point where we identify with it but we don't need to neglect it either you know that this is this is what led to a religion completely conquering and taking over the world pretty much is this a right brain state of consciousness now we'll go into the opposite imbalance a left brain state government is taking over the world because religion is the binding upon the left brain that keeps people trapped in the right brain all the time you know and then controllers who understand that how that works can keep people enslaved practically spiritually okay through what they believe it's a form of mind control and you know government is the opposite it's binding upon the right spending creative intuitive part of the brain to have a total control system come in and take over there both forms of mind control they just work on different parts of the brain so concentration important can help balance when you're in too much of a right brain modality pot smokers you know the XR excessive with it you know I'm not saying are we talk about you know cannabis as being an NPO genic compound it could help people get out of excessively left brain modalities but there's a balance that needs to be struck is what I'm getting at not making the pendulum swing from one side to be too far to the other side so I'm going to take a break right there and give the call and number again cuz I'm Way past the top of the hour again anybody wants to call in the call in number seven two four four four four seven four four four once again a calling number seven twenty four triple four seven triple for the call ID number that you will be prompted for when you call in is eight three five one five call ID number for what on earth is happening eight three five one five so back to the modalities of human thought concentration left brain modality meditation right brain modality we've talked about both of these the middle or mediating modality of thought is contemplation and look right in all these words I think I've mentioned this before on the show but I'll say it again con centration right we break down the words this is green language this is our chemical language okay we've talked about green language you only really see it if the consciousness is a team to the green frequency it's not red it's not blue it's not left brain it's not right brain it's in the middle concentration concent con means come together or together or with enlighten it's a prefix and send centric Concentra concentration right and then the last part of these words so you have come together or together center in the middle center right a tion ends these words concentration meditation contemplation Asian okay a tion at ion okay this is green language it's word pun language okay at I on the I is on your acts the state of consciousness that makes the eye on okay on is another word for light okay on means Sun or the light okay on I on the I on not off not in a state of auth were being blind but on alert awake and an ion is a positively charged particle could be a negatively charged particle to but it means that the energy is present you know there is energy their electricity awakening ion okay so concentration can help us to come together at the center to bring the ion if we're in a too much of a right brain state that's why it's a left brain modality of consciousness that can help us balance consciousness if we use it properly meditation meaty okay Medi means in the middle the center at ion same thing it can help us to come to the center to center ourselves if we're too and a left brain state that's why people favor the method of meditation because we're largely left brain physical task oriented Society identified with the physical world so meditation if we're in left brain modality predominantly and help us to come to the middle again or balance consciousness but the best way to do it the best way to do it is to use contemplation we'll talk about 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cure your future and the future of your family in hard time heirloom organic seed [Music] when these junctures Johnson anything different very 300hp recently training inside hub [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening I want to wrap up the concept I was talking about before the break we have a couple more segments to go on the show I want to try to get through a few pieces of material here I had gotten to the point where I was talking about three modes of consciousness concentration which can assist in balancing right brain imbalance consciousness because it's a left brain modality meditation which can assist in balancing left brain dominant consciousness because it's a right brain modality of thought actually quieting the thoughts so that we can come to a place of balance for those who are - left brained and the one that I described is really the best modality of thought but it is a lost one or it is practically not engaged in and there's a reason for that and that is contemplation we see that that is also a green language word because cons together and then we have the word temple in the middle of the word and indeed the brain hemispheres are in the temple of the head okay between the temples this is a reference to the Temple of Solomon again being the Sun and the moon were the left brain and the right brain so so contemplation is khan temple at ion okay and I know that's a strange you know sounding way of saying that word but if you think about it in green language terms if you even understand what I mean by green language word pun language or wordplay language what is being said by contemplation is together at the bringing the temples together the left and right brain at eye on the place at the center which is the third eye chakra or the human pineal gland so this is one of the best ways of activating the balance between the hemispheres of the brain across the corpus callosum the bridge which actually ties these two brain hemispheres together and passes information back and forth between the two because um it is a form of daydreaming it is a form of active yet imaginary thought simultaneously it engages both brain hemispheres okay and this is why it is so heavily discouraged people discourage daydreaming and just about anything okay it's like a taboo it is something that is not to be done it's it's like a forbidden thing in our society and there's a reason for that because daydreaming engages both brain hemispheres equally again it is active and yet it is creative and imaginary simultaneously so you're you're using both hemispheres of the brain when you do it when you contemplate upon something not deeply concentrating on it yet not meditating requiring thought completely but actually actively engaging it but in a creative way and that's what the society doesn't want anyone doing that's the lost mode of thought with a lost mode of prayer some people actually call it a simple daydream for the manifestation of one's own intentions and the solving of problems that we may encounter try it some time and I'll guarantee you if you can get into that mode of consciousness because it's not even easy to get into okay most people fall into either not being active enough in which they slip into a form of meditation or being too active in which they start concentrating we're trying to force the issue contemplation is a very subtle balance between these two modes and when we hit it writes dead center you know pun intended there okay it's amazing the kind of things that you can come up with in that state of consciousness and that's why it's so round upon by the dominator culture so the modes of thought again that's also connected with religion in many ways because you know it is about the manifestation of what we want to see happen and how we want to change ourselves and people have called that prayer but prayer is kind of a fallen form of that that that is descended in this simple begging you know just placating ourselves to a you know desire of some God or begging that God for manifesting our desires for us in which case we don't really learn anything the answer is just given to us you know we didn't have to do any work to achieve it would learn about any aspect of ourselves we just magically get something I've never believed in that mode of prayer but you know actively engaging in something like a contemplation makes a lot more sense to me anyway but I want to talk about the other religions we talked about Christianity last week briefly I want to discuss Islam and Judaism as the other Astro theological cults of the ancient world and how these fit into a model that I have noticed and many other people have noticed of this correspondence principle that I've been talking about all night when it comes to the earth itself as a living holistic dynamic system that we're all a part of and it's kind of controversial it's kind of something that people have a hard time seeing or when they even do hear reject it outright you know that they just think it's nonsense and I'm going to put it out there anyway I don't really care I see the correspondences in this I think it's powerful when we see the correspondences in this model that I'm going to mention hopefully I can get to it by the end of the show tonight but think of it as you will believe believe don't believe it you know I say you know don't believe anything you know if you see the correspondence and you value this model you know maybe try to relate it to somebody else but you know if you think it's it's nonsense you're within your freewill right to think that way but I see something in um you know of recognize a pattern in how the religions of the world have played out in the modern era and the geographic positioning of the concentrations of these and you know other things that I'm going to get into when I talk about this earth brain model but briefly on Islam Islam is the lunar astrobiological cult as we saw that Christianity was the solar cult of the ancient world handed down to us today as a modern religion Islam is a lunar cult based on the goddess principle or the moon okay and its symbol is a crescent moon in star okay um that's telling right there in that the main symbol again the main symbol for Christianity is the cross and we saw how that's actually the cross of the zodiac which the Sun is placed upon and then the story of the sun's Trek and the zodiac was pattern around that cross with a quadrant the four quadrants are quartering of the zodiac wheel the Islamic religion is based on the moon or lunar cult but also as I said one like we talked about the story of Isis Horace and Osiris in the Egyptian tradition the Sacred Feminine goddess of the ancient world as she was worshipped in the cultures and cosmologies of the ancient world was also patterned after the galaxy itself not just the moon but it was the moon the night sky with the stars you know in their manifestation you know at night okay so the full again we saw Mary's image with the dark cloak with night sky stars embedded in it okay but um and this is Isis because this equates the Isis in the Egyptian tradition because it's not just the moon goddess that's not just what the goddess represented or what Isis in particular represented it was the moon it was the night itself it was the blackness of the night sky with all the stars embedded in it and it was the galaxy itself all of these things is what the goddess represented and some of her names were mute okay and that of course you can see her depicted as you know bridging over the the the two horizons with you know she's acting as an arch and all the stars are in her body and also that's the galaxy the Milky Way galaxy is a gigantic band in if you can get into a place that's dark enough in the modern world without enough light pollution you'll see the band of the Milky Way in the sky okay it's the plane of the galaxy and well you can see that and that would you know the Maya called the cosmic River the ancients looked at it you know in the Egyptian tradition and the Babylonian tradition has a great goddess that was arched over the world okay just a symbol of course but nonetheless the point I'm trying to make is that this goddess is who the Islamic religion is patterned after and is given to see each major world religion is given to one of the three ancient astronauts we of course have talked about the Sun already and now we're getting into the lunar cult the cult of the moon or the goddess okay and this is Isis Isis and we see that the name Islam comes from Isis it begins with the same letters as our name is okay and it means submission the word Islam is submission to what it means means submission to God and this is a right brain characteristic okay some submitting oneself becoming submissive again that's that's Yin energy it's the passive energy the the dark aspect not darkened sense of vile or evil but dark in the sense of it isn't it is not the active solar quality the masculine quality this is the lunar night equivalent okay passive non active energy of yin energy or goddess energy okay so Islam is uh it's some of its traditions actually pattern themselves after the worship of the goddess and the galaxy in addition to its symbol being a symbol of the moon in its crescent aspect which again we talked about in the Babylonian tradition um Semiramis the goddess her name was Semiramis was considered uh you know a dove sometimes depicted as an Al but definitely looked at as a dove okay again the Dove is the moon in its crescent aspect making its crack across the sky just like Horus in his uh you know aspect as a golden Falcon or hawk as the Sun making his truck across the sky as a huge bird again it's again purely symbolic they didn't really think a dove was going across the sky or Falcon was going across the sky and that's what the Sun in the moon were these are symbols they depicted them symbolically so I've said on this show and talked about time one of the center central rituals of Islam is the journey to Mecca the pilgrimage to Mecca that serious adherence to the Islamic faith make and when they go there they have to strip of their clothing and wear a simple white robe there's a reason that it's white they go to the center at Mecca which there's a large black box okay if you type in the Kaaba the Kaaba at Mecca this is the center of the Islamic religion okay and it's this huge black draped building that's cubical that all the adherents of Islam when they make this pilgrimage make revolutions around in their white robes could see many pictures of this videos of it around this black central cube now that's a strange depiction right there however it's very telling once you understand the astro theological basis of the religion as the religion of the moon or the goddess or the galaxy and the night sky with all the stars embedded in it and again I just went through the whole idea that each of us is a solar system or a star a Sun carrying these different planets in the Septon eree of the body which is the chakra system just went through that okay this is what the occultist who really was a dark occult this had aspirations being a white occultist but i don't feel he could ever make that transition he couldn't put set down the ego aside enough to really do that Aleister Crowley meant when he said every man and woman is a star well he meant that he understood this correspondence system he understood that we're all a solar system he understood you know how this you know religion was actually viewing people but it see it's a debasement of it because they're symbolically making them they're not really understanding that they're symbolically making them just dress in a white robe and and act as a star to go around the center of the galaxy that this black cube at at Mecca the Kaaba representing the supermassive Galactic black hole at the center of our Milky Way galaxy which is a classical depiction of how moths was viewed in the Egyptian tradition the goddess of the night sky with all of the stars embedded in it Jamaat's suns this is where the word Mason comes from Mason the sons of Maude's the Egyptian goddess of the night sky and galaxy the the stars the Suns okay or stars the lights the points of light of the stellar tradition okay this the the stars in the night sky and they are moths Suns not being the galaxy or the fabric of space herself traditionally called mute in older Egyptian traditions Isis in newer ones this is the basic underlying tradition that underlies Islam it is given this is one of the modern religions that is given to one of the three cults of the ancient world the astro theological cults of the ancient world and this one happens to be patterned after the moon or galactic goddess and it's right there in their rituals so I'll probably post a video of the celebration around and rotation of Islamic of the Islamic faithful around the Kaaba stone at Mecca the Kaaba building I should say at Mecca so tons of correspondence is there to look into as far as Astro theology is concerned the Judaic tradition okay so Judaism it's the if this is really the mother tradition of both Christianity and Islam say it is older than both of them and as we're going to see and I'm going to spend a great amount of time probably the whole show next week start of talking about the Kabbalistic tradition Kabbalah and how it is the root of Judaism and Judaism is sort of a fallen version of it and how to really understand Kabbalah is also to understand the self and how that has a dark tradition to it as well again all of these occult schools have a light in the dark side we have to become more mature in our understanding that these traditions can help to enlighten ourselves enlighten us and help us to enlighten others or they can be used to manipulate and control is just information it is how it is used it determines its outcome okay we can't get into the idea that all Freemasons are evil people all people who study Islam or evil people all people who study Judaism are evil people all people who practice Kabbalah are evil people it doesn't work that way that's a simpletons a viewpoint of any aspect of the world okay now you know we can talk about you know blanket statements when it comes to not understanding natural law and you know trying to add one polarity and get another yeah these are these are absolutes you're not going to do that you know you're if you're violating somebody else's natural law your raw natural law rights you're wrong okay all the time not some of the time all of the time the people who are doing something like that are always ignorant not past the time not 75% 100% there are times that blank statements apply when it comes to the study of different mystical traditions I don't think we can employ blanket statements we have to understand the context in which the knowledge is being studied and used and I think there very many people now that are starting to come on to that understanding and not look at it like oh I shouldn't be looking into this or that or that you need to take it all in as much as possible and then use it for good because you know what natural law is and you know what sovereignty is and you know what right/wrong are period and these things will help you to gain a greater appreciation of the self and the aspects of the personality so all I want to really say about the Jewish tradition the tradition of Judaism at this point is it is the stellar cult it is the religion that is given to the small lights of the heavens again now we've already seen Christianity is given to the Sun or the soul of our cults Islam is given to the moon the lunar cult of Astro theology and Judaism is given to the stellar cult the cult of the stars and planets and this is the reason that the god of Judaism which in their biblical texts in the Torah is called Elohim one of the names for God Elohim is a plural word in Hebrew as a matter of fact it's plural feminine they're talking about now Judaism as a religion specifically espouses a singular masculine God however the word for God in their religious texts is Elohim which is feminine plural and the reason for this is it is the astra theological gods that this religion is given to are a myriad of stars in the heavens and the planet that can be seen with the naked eye these are the gods of the Judaic religion there isn't actually one as a matter of fact the whole idea of monotheism is doesn't really specifically apply to Judaism people think oh it's a monotheistic religion Judaism is a religion in which one God is chosen out of many they were originally believed in by the original tenets of this religion the original up priests of this root priests class of this religion I should say okay in their original teachings it was taught that they believe in and worship they worshiped one God out of many that were believed in so there wasn't that they thought that there was only one God this is how it comes down to us in modern terminology but they actually it was a pan theistic religion as far as that they believed that there was more God than just one but they chose one specific God out of the menu that they felt to exist okay that's that the way that it is come down to us as a monotheistic religion now the name Elohim again is about the stellar aspect of this ancient astrological cult the stellar cult and the stellar called people of the somatic region of the world so that's the reason that this word Elohim is pluralized because that's what it's ultimately really referring to in the astra theological interpretation at least because we can get into other dynamics and other interpretations of why that word is pluralized but again we have to look at also that Saturn is one of the main gods of this religion this is a Saturnian based religion in addition to being the star based religion and just I mean as simple as it gets folks it's right in front of us the symbol of this religion is a star I mean right in front of us that the cross of the zodiac is the symbol of Christianity the moon is the symbol of Islam and the star is the symbol of Judaism it's right and their symbols how much more in-your-face doesn't need to be is what I want to know right in the very symbols the stellar cult has the star on it it's stamped as the symbol of its religion the lunar cult the symbol that is given to that religion is the moon and the cross which we talked about the importance of that symbol of the Cross when it comes to understanding the movement and story of the Sun as the ancients told it and saw it visually depicted it is given to the religion of Christianity which is the solar based ruler it's right in the symbols out in the open out in the open and still people will debate that this is the origin of religion that astra theology has anything to do with it Saturn being uh that again the god of the planetary system as this stellar cult saw it because it's the farthest body that can be seen with the naked eye and hence its orbit contained all the rest and therefore it was the father of the planets okay it had the widest range I guess you could say that it took all the other planets into account in its big ring in its arc okay its orbit and they called the planet L which means God they called Saturn l PL from this term we get the word elite from this term we get the word um elder okay followers of this sector nian based coat it derivative of light we get the word illuminated from it okay and again there's something to the bringing together of these symbols to you know the upward pointing triangle called the blade masculine energy the downward pointing triangle called the chalice the feminine energy these are archetypal symbols bringing them together we get this Seal of Solomon the Sun in the moon so I want to alright I'm going to talk about the principle of correspondence to start out with next week to lay out this earth brain theory okay and it'll be a controversial one hopefully we'll get more callers I have a couple of callers on the line I've one caller on the line I'm going to go to them now we'll wrap up the show with a call and you know talk about a few things going out but I'll save getting into this principle of correspondence for next week brought up a whole lot of things on the show tonight I'll post some images I'll post a podcast they have a video of the rights to take place at Mecca and we'll get into the principle of correspondence as it relates with the brain and the earth and the religions next week and then I'll probably spend the remainder of the show talking about the Kabbalistic tradition segwaying into that because again I'm going to begin outright initiation into different occult schools of thought on this show as we move forward particularly as we get closer to the section where we're going to talk about symbology and in that section we're you know I want to lay out some things on Kabbalah before we do that and then on that section I'm going to delve heavily into Freemasonry so I look forward to an occult initiation in the coming weeks ladies and gentlemen on this show our caller it's a non-member in the chat forum on talk show your live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening Twitter pass you were reading for this initiation we are waiting patiently it is your nemesis your old friend Bob from Cincinnati my friend Bob how are you I'm good how about you tonight mark I'm doing well you are you are pounding it out here and the connections yes these parallel the the chakras are the planets are representations of the planets are representations of the spheres of the Kabbalah this is amazing I mean I didn't even know what a Kabbalistic tree was two years ago and now you're telling me that there are these connections between these major important things in our lives this is unbelievable how this knowledge has been hidden away even from a person like me and I guess I can only speak for my own realization of this is that I'm a guy who kind of did a dug for this kind of stuff for four decades and yet only within the last few years it seems to all of this is pouring out you are a change agent and we appreciate what you're speaking about and before I step back I would like to say I'm just going to step back I'm not going to run away like I normally do mark but the the the Kaaba just giant black cube in Mecca that that the masses swirl around that that the Muslims swirl around in holy ecstasy this is the same black cube that is worn as you already know mark on the forehead of his supposed nemesis the holy man the rabbi the Jew when he is in earnest prayer he wears a tiny small black cube strapped to his forehead and thus just in the base of it is you already know they're sharing a commonality and that is amazing and exciting to examine absolutely absolutely and these traditions all really converge and this is the reason that some researchers I can't remember the exact individual who coined this phrase but when I first heard it I almost fell off my chair laughing called them the desert sky God religions that's what these all are because they all ultimately come from the same you know basic region of the world okay you have Egypt you have the Semitic region you have Babylonia you have you know Turkey and uh and Saudi Arabia and Iran Iraq etc okay particularly Iraq because that was where Sumeria was okay and all of these um you know you have Phoenicia Cana which is what we call Israel now there okay and all of these basic religions derive from the same region of the earth which is the Middle East essentially what we call the region called the Middle East now okay and I'm going to talk about that next week when I talk about the principle of Correspondence you know I'm going to spend next week on probably have to show on the principle correspondence and then the other half on Kabbalah and these these concepts relate to each other because we have to understand it as our consciousness is moving evolving or in some cases devolving collectively we're going to see things play out in the external reality that we live in that correspond to those movements and consciousness it's inevitable because consciousness is everything it's tied together with everything that that we are everything that we are surrounded by everything that we experience and I'm going to hopefully hopefully my intention here is to get people to look at as happens with the very small will be reflected in the large pattern the very large pattern that we see play out and that's the model that I'm going to lay out for those who have seen my video they they're they've seen this and are familiar with it but I'm going to do my best to try to break it down in in symbols and words next week on the air and I think people will get a lot of it if they follow what I'm saying and kind of contemplated again you don't need to concentrate on it you don't even meditate it just contemplate it that's what I asked so Bob I want to thank you for bringing up great points as always and I'm glad that you're you know enjoying it and looking forward to looking deeper into some of these occult traditions because um yes what no and I agree and mark thank you again a ridiculous that I say it again but you're you're explaining things to the majority of us out here and we appreciate it you know I'll be honest mark you are the first person assent before and since that introduced to me and I think this is very important if one is to understand Hermeticism and the profundity or the profoundness of it I'm speaking and I apologize guys but anyway the Temple of Solomon this is not is he up to this point even now they're trying to convince people this is a physical structure and maybe it was and maybe it was and I just that's not my pose here my point here what UNPO zhing or putting out here is that mark was the first and only person to share with us that the Temple of Solomon is consciousness is a product of contact oh my god that is a game-changer mark thank you I'm putting it out there thank you sir have a wonderful evening mark the Temple of Solomon as the kingdom of heaven is within that's a great way to end the show ladies and gentlemen sprit II much all we have time for we got about you know 20 seconds 30 seconds left in the show I want to thank everybody for listening um have a great new year have a safe celebration on New Year's Eve and tune in next Tuesday night same same time for our further explanation and further delving into religion and we'll be looking at some deeper traditions as we just talked about so once again you've been listening to what on earth is happening my website is what on earth is happening calm and networks website the Intel hub news network thanks a lot everybody that's all we have time for this evening goodnight