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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio the show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time my website is what on earth is happening comm network's website the Intel hub news network calm today is Tuesday January 18 2011 and we have a good show lined up for you here today we're going to continue to unravel some occult philosophies and traditions on what on earth is happening this is I've been we've been taking a break from the mind control methodologies that we've been outlining and exploring in depth on the show for many many weeks and I feel that it is important to expose the listeners to some schools of occult thought because this is essential if we are really going to understand both ourselves and the methods which are being wielded against us because it is all about knowing the self and if we remain in ignorance of it we can be controlled through the mind and it's also important to understand different occult schools and schools of thought and philosophies to understand symbolism and how symbolism really works which is going to be the next method of mind control and basically a covert influence upon consciousness that we're going to be talking about on the show in the next couple of weeks tonight we are going to look at the tradition of Tarot the tarot cards the book of life as it is called so this should be a great show and we're going to be discussing a lot of sacred symbolism on the show tonight we'll be breaking down the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck and we'll be seeing how the tarot deck relates to the Kabbalistic tradition the tradition of Kabbalah and Tree of Life which we looked at extensively last week so up on the website I have some images and a document if you go to what on earth is happening comm and you go to the radio listen page which is the button that is on the left hand side of the site click that it will take you to the listen page and you will see there for tonight's show January 18 2011 you'll see images and document and there are three image links there for the show tonight to refer to and there is a PDF document it's a compressed series of JPEG images made into a PDF and it's about six megabytes so hopefully the server will be able to handle that depending on how many people are downloading it I'll be patient with that that is an entire tarot deck it is the universal weight tarot deck by eighty weight and it's an excellent deck it is uh colored beautifully and all of the images all 78 images of the tarot deck are included in that PDF document for reference on the show this evening and during their own time if that is if you don't already have a tarot deck that you can refer to while we go through this now I want to give the calling numbers and I want to read the event announcements for today before we get started I'll start with the event announcements then I'll give the callin numbers okay so here we go to event announcements for tonight truth freedom prosperity they have their monthly documentary showing and discussion night this is the first time that it's being held at its new venue which is media Bureau Studios media Bureau is at 725 North 4th Street in Philadelphia and this this month that they've also moved it to the last Wednesday of the month so Wednesday January 26 at 6:45 p.m. Wednesday January 26 6:45 p.m. at 725 North Ford Street the documentary that they will be screening this month is called melt up I'll read the description T fps free monthly documentary screens are back in full effect we hope you enjoyed the holidays and a refreshed and ready for the new year we are we decided to kick the year off with a film called melt up the beginning of a US currency crisis and hyperinflation by the national inflation association we chose this film because while most of us have been affected by the financial crisis we're barely scratching the surface of what's to come and there is something you can do about it so bring guests this film is less than an hour leaving for leaving plenty of time for a question and answer session and discussion at the end we will also have copies of the movie available for you to take with you when you leave so that's great so truth freedom prosperity with their monthly documentary screening and discussion light you can get a free disc of melt up if you come out I don't know if they're free it says we'll have copies so there will be copies available I don't want to say that they're free come on out to media bureau Studios 725 North 4th Street next Wednesday for more information on this group and their activities please visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor fiha i'm one of the co-hosts and organizers of this conference it's called free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at rubra hall our UBA UBA hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the doors each day open at 9:00 a.m. and the first speaker will begin at around 10:00 a.m. each day admission price is $20 per day if you buy your tickets in advance if you want to get them at the door they will be $30 at the door for your mind is unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speaker list and this has been modified since last week we had a one cancellation and we had three new acceptances Aaron McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Bauer your dozous a new speaker just added this week just accepted to come and be part of the free your mind conference and this is a bit really big deal we're thrilled to have mr. Freeman fly as part of the free your mind conference just confirmed this week Freeman will be at the freer mine conference speaking at this event Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Maura he's one of the new additions as well Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika mark passio melt Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor those are the that is the lineup of speakers as it stands right now and I believe that total is now 16 speakers as I announced last week I thought that Mel fàbregas would be canceling and that is the case Mel fàbregas will not be able to make it due to some other commitments that came up so he he is off of the speaker bill but we've added three new speakers including Freeman fly Joseph Mara and Paul Marco so the total is 16 speakers now it's shaping up to be a great event even though we've had a lot of difficulties in getting this organized and in raising the funds to to bring people out if at if there is any way that you could help contribute there is a donation there's a donation link on the left-hand side of the website if you're in a position to help with this cause please click that and make an inquiry about making a donation and we need to help in bringing some of the out-of-town speakers we still are a few thousand dollars short we raised a thousand dollars last week I'm sorry of this past weekend I should say at germ books I gave a lecture about the occult symbolism in the movie The Wizard of Oz and it was a packed house of a standing-room-only and we raised about a thousand dollars for the free your mind conference this past weekend so it was a very successful event hopefully we can keep up that spirit and some people will help out and make some donations at the last minute because we have to get the travel expense money out to the speakers next month so I would encourage you to please do that if you are in a position to help out for more information on this great conference please visit www.sceeto.com for the call ID number for talk shoe is eight three five one five once again the call ID for what on earth is happening eight three five one five if on the other hand you'd prefer to call into the blog top net network if you're listening on that network please call in two six four six seven two seven three three eight seven blog talk call the number six four six seven two seven three three eight seven okay we're going to talk about Tarot tonight and specifically its relation to Kabbalah and then we will be breaking down the symbolism of the Tarot actually we'll be doing this kind of in conjunction at the same time simultaneously I'll be breaking down the symbolism and relating it to the Tarot tradition to the Kabbalah tradition I should say so we looked at the Tree of Life symbolism of Kabbalah last week and understood hopefully how this is connected with the human psyche and human consciousness it is all about the self it is knowledge of self I posted some really nice videos on Kabbalah very simple nothing in depth on the website in the podcast section along with some books on Kabbalah so for people that want to study further they can go up to my website they can click on to the podcast tab and I believe the show last week was show number 42 so that is up on the site and there is a host of documents up there for your perusal and download and you could throw them on any kind of a digital reader will read them on your computer and learn more about the Kabbalistic tradition there's also some movies that are very simple on what Kabbalah is what it can do for you basic basic material a very introductory ok for this the student who is just beginning the the new initiate so to speak okay I would hope that people will avail themselves of this information and study it further because it is a powerful and rich tradition if it is understood in the proper light and used in the right ways so that's what this is all about on the show knowledge is simply means what we do with it is what really matters okay that's what true wisdom is all about and this information can be used for great good or great evil it depends upon the consciousness of the wielder of said information and I will continue to repeat that theme ad infinitum on this show because we have to understand what the occult is in a much more mature way and I think that you need to expose it further and further and further and take this into the realm where it becomes truly widespread and distributed distributed information that is the only way I think we're going to lead to anything in our world that resemble resembles true freedom in any way when the occult is no longer hidden when it when it is no longer the occult anymore when it becomes common sense that is my contention and that is why I do this show so with that in mind let's look at one of the oldest and most sacred tradition regarding self-knowledge and regarding the forces at work both within the individual unit of consciousness the soul so to speak what some occult philosophers have called the monad or the individual unit of self-awareness of consciousness and how that relates to the forces that are at work in nature in the macro cosmic realm in the universe and that's what the Tarot really teaches us if we are receptive to its message if we understand it as something simply more than a deck of cards if we understand it as a book that is really telling us the story of ourselves and we need to turn inward to study that story and that's what the symbolism of the tarot card simply helps us to do it is a tool okay and it has been referred to as I said as the book of life okay as the book of truth as well and we can start to look at the imagery of the cards and how rich and detail they are if you've downloaded the PDF document with the deck what I want to just do it again I could never possibly possibly just as a caveat to all of this I could never possibly give anyone all of the knowledge of the Tarot and no matter how many shows I did it I can only hope to whet someone's appetite to study this further on their own because you can make a lifetime study of the Tarot you could because you can make a lifetime study of the self okay so this is just an introductory primer and that's all it is intended to be in no way is this intended to be extensive or thorough or comprehensive it's an introduction to the Tarot okay for the student that wants to look further into this and will take it seriously and go deeper and understand that this is a tradition that teaches about the self they are more than welcome to do so and I will as i did with kabbalah last week I will post some introductory material on Tarot for people that want to look further into it and that will be posted along with this podcast on the podcast section of my website so what is the Tarot the Tarot is a deck of cards that tell a story a tapestry okay help us to explore consciousness as I've said and they are these cards are 78 in number in a true tarot deck 78 okay there are 22 trump cards or what is called the Major Arcana the Arcana is the word for knowledge okay is a latin word it means knowledge this means the major knowledge okay higher knowledge and what the major arcana represents are these trump cards what it represents is the connection between the soul and the universe so this is the correspondence principle that we talked about in past weeks okay the hermetic principle of that which is above is like to that which is below meaning that the universe is self-similar across all scales okay that which happens in the microcosmic world or the the small okay is reflected into the macrocosmic world or the very large so that which is taking place at a individual level is reflected outward into society and that's what our society becomes like depending on how many people embody that particular modality of consciousness it's very easy to understand actually you know if you keep putting a certain type of energy into any given system you will result with more of that kind of energy in that system okay you keep heating a pot of water you will get hotter water okay you keep adding colder water to an existing pool of water the overall temperature of the entire pool of water will become colder it's quite simple if we just apply our minds to try to understand this and that is what the the major arcana suit or the part of the deck called the major arcana is all about it is about this relationship between microcosm and macrocosm and that's what i'm going to try to really get the listener to understand with the symbolism that i've posted to the site today okay so there are four other suits or subjects within the tarot deck of 78 cards so on the Major Arcana there are 22 cards okay 22 okay they are numbered 0 through 21 so if you look at the PDF document that I've posted you will see that I start with a face of a deck face card this is basically just showing you what the deck that I chose for the symbolism to explain the symbolism is and it's called the universal weight that can it shows you who made this deck who contributed to it so this deck is derived from the teachings of AE weight Arthur Edmund weight and that slide one or page one in this PDF document page two is where the Major Arcana starts and it starts with card number zero and then it goes forward all the way up to card twenty-one and these cards are numbered in Roman numerals so hopefully people are somewhat familiar with Roman numerals I could refer to the page numbers as well if Roman numerals confuses people but that is how they are that is how they are arranged on the PDF document now the other four subjects of the Tarot are wands cups swords & Pentacles wands cups swords & Pentacles okay and you'll see them below the twenty first card I should say the twenty second counting the zero card in of the Major Arcana wands we'll start below that and then you will see cups and then you will see swords and then you will see Pentacles if you're paging through or scrolling through this PDF document um what these four subjects represent is basically this is called the Minor Arcana by the way all four of these decks taken together is called the Minor Arcana and these four subjects represent different qualities of the self they represent I'll start with the lowest in energy see these decks are actually arranged in energy levels a major arcana I put at the very beginning of the of the document that I assembled because this is the highest deck as far as knowledge and energy goes because this is the deck of the soul and the universal forces that are at work in nature okay so nothing is really higher in consciousness and energy than that and that's why it's considered the quintessence or the fifth element of the deck okay the element that describes the soul and the forces of nature okay so that's the highest in power going down from that we have wands okay and ones represent the element of fire fire and you'll see fire symbolism in the wands as they're drawn okay fire is now chemical symbol or representation and what it basically represents in the in our lives and in relation to ourselves is our actions okay our actions this is why it is the highest in power because our actions are what actually work in the physical world higher than anything else any other force any other elemental force it changes the material plane okay so these four decks represent what goes on in the material plane okay of them of the Minor Arcana fire being the highest in energy which is Wands okay in the regular playing card deck just doesn't as a an analog to the Tarot because that is where it is derived although in a bastardized form this would be the suit of clubs so Wands corresponds to the suit of clubs in the regular playing card deck now what you will notice immediately is in the regular playing card deck the entire Major Arcana has been removed and that's critical that is very telling in my estimation because it is showing you that the quintessence is not even considered important a Fifth Element spirit soul and natural law which is what the Major Arcana represents and it's been removed from the modern playing card that knowledge has been made something we play with okay instead of something that is taken seriously interpreted read as a an allegory about the nature of self and natural law and that whole part of the deck has been thrown away except of course for the Joker card okay which is in correspondence to the full card the first card of the Major Arcana it's the only card that is kept from the trump cards of the Tarot so the yeah the correspondence between the playing deck we only have four suits okay and that's the suits correspondences to the suits of the Minor Arcana so going down to the next level lower in energy still important on the Material Plane but not as high of a level as actions or wands we have cups cups as below ones in the Minor Arcana so the wands the cups Pursuit represents our emotional qualities okay so while while wands represents the plain of will or action okay cups represents the emotional plane okay or what is taking place within us the spirit in which we do things the spirit in which we take our actions so the emotional qualities okay of the self are embodied in the suit of cups okay now moving downward from there we see the suit of swords okay so swords represents our intellectual capacities and capabilities okay so swords is our mind okay and what we do with it swords is intellect okay and while that's important what we know we have to care enough to do something with what we know and then we have to actually develop the will to act that's why that's why um swords comes even below wands and cups okay so moving downward one more level the final and by the way let's look at the associations to the playing deck um four four wands it was clubs okay four cups its hearts of course because this is the emotional symbol the heart okay four swords it is spades okay and then finally we come to Pentacles this suit is also called disks in some decks and coins in some other decks okay so this is Pentacles coins or disks depending on which deck you are may have access to um it's called Pentacles in the weight deck so this suit corresponds to our resources in the physical world okay it's the physical plane it's what we have as far as innate talents in a propensity or capabilities things we are seemingly born with or born able to do better than others um it is also our material resources in the physical world okay so it can represent money physical resources house anything like that okay what we have at our disposal to use in a physical sense that is what the pentacle suit represents okay so as the Material Plane this is the lowest in consciousness slash energy and then we move up from there um however this this part of the deck of the Minor Arcana equates to the Diamonds suit in the regular playing card deck so at the bottom level physical a physical plane okay the material plane again this would correspond in Kabbalah to hacia we talked about the four worlds of Kabbalah last week so this part of the Minor Arcana the Pentacles would equate with the diamonds in the playing card deck to the material plane or hacia the world called hacia in Kavala the plane of the material realm okay the physical world above that we have the suit of swords swords is correspondent to the spades suit in the regular playing card deck and this would be the world of the world of formation in Kabbalah and that is yet zero okay so this is the intellectual realm okay this is intellect all right upward from there we go two cups this is the emotional plane hey this is hearts in the regular playing card deck and then in the tradition of Kabbalah this will be the third world which is bleeeh okay and above that the top level would be ones of the Minor Arcana that's the highest energy of that part of the tarot deck Wan's represents fire it's our actions okay in the in the Kabbalistic tradition this would correspond to otterloop okay which is the archetypal world so that's the Minor Arcana I'm not really going to say too much more than that okay we could also equate them to earth air water and fire okay earth Pentacles resources air intellect swords okay now we go upward we get two cups that's water emotional qualities and then up to Wands that's fire and that's our actions so here we have the same principle again thought emotion and action and what we do with what we have and what we know so repeating theme over and over in case you know in listening many weeks we haven't still seen this pattern or connection and hopefully people see it and understand it deeply by this point if you've been following these podcasts so that's the Minor Arcana and you get into it in depth there's a whole lot more into it it connects in with the tradition of astrology and it connects in with different star constellations it's a very fascinating study the Minor Arcana but that is not what I'm going to focus on here today rather I'm going to focus on the deck that is left out of modern playing cards the the analogy to the the Tarot in the modern world the playing card deck we're going to look at the most important part of the deck and how this relates to the Kabbalistic tradition which is the Major Arcana so let's break down the cards of the Major Arcana and again I'm going to do this in conjunction in connection with in correlation to the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and as we said toward the end of the show last week there are really two different Kabbalistic trees when we study this in conjunction with the Tarot and they are what is called the microcosmic tree of life and this is the tree that describes the qualities of the self the individual the individual of universal consciousness the monad as it is called in different schools of thought okay the single unit okay the microcosm the soul all right then we can look at this tree quote-unquote this arrangement of cards in conjunction with the macrocosmic Tree of Life which is the universal forces of nature okay that's what we're going to attempt and endeavor to do here you see these cards in their relationship with another tradition so we're building correspondences here and this is what all occultism really does see the left brain must step aside in the study of any of these schools of thought this is why the scientifically minded have so much of a problem with the occult this is why people will insist that this is another religion and it has nothing to do with religion 0 to do with religion ok the other thing people will say is I don't want to study this or look into this or understand this because I don't believe in that this has nothing to do with beliefs either this has to do with knowing oneself and that's all the occult has ever been about that's all the mystery traditions have ever been about but in if someone has fallen in consciousness and yet has a whole lot of knowledge about self if they've fallen into the dynamic of fear the energy of fear ok they'd fallen into fear-based consciousness meaning that they are afraid of lack of not having they are obsessed with the physical world okay they have become reptilian in their brain because they they are living from the lowest brain structure the r-complex of the brain the reptile brain okay and they're constantly in fear of what may happen to them in the physical world and therefore they want to take they want a hoard they want they want to have at the expense of other people not having they want to create dichotomy they want to create schism they want to have haves and have-nots which is where we're at in the world that we live in all right when this kind of a consciousness gets hold of information like this they will hoard it and they will use it as a weapon against people who may not be as aware as they are about how the nature of the psyche works about how the mind itself works and then they will twist it pervert it and use it as a weapon and that's what the dark elements of occultism are that's what they are and that's what they have done and we need again I'll say this repeatedly we need to be more mature in our understanding of what the occult is it's simply hidden knowledge and we need to understand it is how it is used to many people paint with a broad brush about this and say it's all negative it's all bad nonsense the reason that there are dominators want people to think that that have a vested interest like religions have a vested interest in having people think that is so you never understand the hidden knowledge that they do about how you work and therefore you can be manipulated like a puppet by the people that do have this knowledge and that's it period accept that or don't accept it but that's the truth so the idea that I don't believe in this stuff right I've responded to this before as well you don't need to believe in it other people understand this information and are using it whether you believe in it or not if you understand how a law works and how you may manipulate that law to your advantage and other people do not understand how those laws work they're powerless to defend themselves against you who are at a much higher level of knowledge than they are dwelling in ignorance and you know pound your fists against the desk or against the wall all you want about that that's never going to be any different and you don't need to believe in it for this to be in effect in operation and attack to take that kind of an attitude is the attitude of a child that doesn't want to believe that something exists and has an effect upon their life it's it's it's the child who refuses to accept that one plus one equals two and wants it to equal three because they want one more of what they had they don't have okay and it is pounding their their fists on the desk like a little little child saying why can't one plus one equal three there is no answer to that it simply doesn't that's how it is so you know for people that don't want to accept that the occult has any influence in their life just you know click the stop button or the pause button or the mute button right now and go and turn the television on and enjoy being dominated and then eventually exterminated by the dark occultists of this world because that's the only thing that's on its way so for those who do want to go further and understand how these principles work and how they've been manipulated let's begin the delving into the major arcana the higher knowledge of the Tarot now just before we do this let's look at the word Tarot itself okay Tero essentially is it's derived from the word for the goddess okay this is taro is a sacred feminine tradition okay it is a tradition that relates to the generative principle of nature which ultimately is true care so this tradition ultimately goes back to goddess worship the goddess traditions that predate all mystery traditions okay because it's it's about the nature of creation and creation has been seen as a feminine force because the universe came out of the void nothingness okay babies come out of the womb we all come out of the womb the waters of our mother the cosmic mother of the galaxy gives birth to the stars and the solar systems then in which life inhabits and you know we have a chance to come into incarnation in the physical world and learn so this goes back to ancient goddess traditions and the oldest name one of the oldest names in recorded history in the goddess tradition comes from the Far East the goddess Tara okay very similar in pronunciation okay same basic phonetic roots Tara and that spelled t-ara for those who want to look into this goddess she was a goddess of compassion mercy nurturing okay it is all about the generative principle which we've talked about what is the prime generator of our experience it is that which we care about it is that which we focus our attention on and that which we care enough about to take action in the physical plane to accomplish okay so that's what gives birth to the will the heart care all right so that is where the name Tarot really comes from this goddess Terra has many different incarnations okay in the Egyptian tradition she is Isis or Hathor or not they or Tao root she was called in older Egyptian tradition tout ta - you are T tau now in other traditions in the Middle East her name phonetically morphed and became instead of taught works with a URT that we have a reversal and it became taught root with a soft teeth down at the end toad talk to Ruth talu a Ruth is another name associated with this goddess taw Ruth and you can hear the similarity there to our English word truth truth truth truth okay it's just a blending it's the same basic phonetic variant blended so this is why this is called the book of truth it's the book of tone the book of Tara the book of the goddess it's ultimately the book of care all right and that is why it is referred to as the book of life because ultimately if we do not understand the generative principle of care we don't understand life period that's it so with that in mind about the root the phonetic root of where the word Tarot comes from and we will see this goddess in the deck visually depicted in the symbology let's look at the Major Arcana and I'm going to do one more side before we jump into that and talk about what most people think the Tarot is and what it is not what it is and what it is not where I should say give people a wider understanding of what it is because they seem to think that this is all about fortune-telling okay so I would be remiss if I didn't even just at least cover the concept of fortune-telling or divination as it is called the attempt to predict the future through different reading of different symbols okay divination is one of the uses the uses of the tarot deck however - and you can use it that way and there's nothing wrong with that you know I don't I don't particularly have any problem with Tarot being used that way however I think that this is a lesser usage it can definitely work like that and help us to get in touch with our intuitive capacities to help us understand the direction that things the different courses of events may be headed in our lives or in the world absolutely the symbolism can do that but I think that that is an even lesser goal of the Tarot it is one of the lesser intense for which the Tarot was originally intended to be used another thing we can just briefly touch on is the origin of the tower which I'll get to in a minute but the original uses of the major use of the Tarot is not for divination or fortune fortune-telling it is for getting in touch with the self okay understanding the self better through the interpretation of the allegorical symbols that are contained on the cards and the reason that this was done is because in the past you had to tell it encoded because you know ruthless barbarian rulers of ancient times would have killed people beheaded them burn them at the stake etc and all kinds of torture put them on the rack for even daring to express this knowledge verbally or in a written form so in order to circumvent their a barbaric mindset they would encode the the story that they were actually telling an oral tradition story okay into symbols which as we say that the phrase symbols of a picture is worth a thousand words well a symbol is worth a thousand pictures because they're so much contained within these rich tapestry of symbols that you could spend you know uh you know a day discussing just the symbolism of one card let alone the entire deck it is a book it is not just a deck of cards it is literally an entire book you know that you can read into repeatedly and in extreme depth if you are inclined to do so um and so that's the original intent of the Tarot that's why it was encoded into imagery and the origin people say okay this is derived only from recent times you know they'd be 14 or 15 or 1600s in Europe there's all kinds of claims to where the tower you know originated and working what the earliest deck is and the tower I'll just say this and you can look into this and research the origin the Tarot is much older than people give it credit for being that it is derived from ancient mystery school traditions that date back to the the ancient Middle East and in definitely go back into Egypt okay and this was a absolutely used in conjunction with the Kabbalistic tradition and I would say it probably predates what we consider the Egyptian civilizations okay I would say this goes right back into ancient antiquity when you know Egypt was referred to as the land of Khem and probably even before that two lost civilizations of which very little recollection let alone records even remain so it is ancient ancient I would say this thousands of years old not hundreds okay and you will see a lot of Egyptian symbolism in the tarot cards kind of giving a you know a nod or a tip of the hat to the Egyptian civilization as being one of the root lands motherland's of where this rich symbolic tradition was derived so with that having been said about the usage of the Tarot and the origins of it let's look into the major arcana now okay so here we go and we'll start with the fool card card number zero so this is not this is page number two of the PDF document hopefully people who are listening have had a chance to download it I hope the server held up well and provided a decent download speed the document is only about six megabytes that's not too bad I tried to compress it well the images I think still look good if you don't if you view them at less than a hundred percent they crisp it up a little bit and you know look a little bit sharper okay so this is page number two and this is card number zero of the major arcana this is called The Fool okay it isn't a young boy or a young man going off on a quest he has a bag packed on a stick okay he has a flower in his hand he has a dog my dog at his side and he is stepping off of a cliff okay what this card represents is the journey of the soul the journey of the soul through the physical plane through all of the planes all of the worlds as we talked about in the Kabbalistic tradition okay but it's its journey from the know thing which is where it begins and ends that's why it's card zero the cosmic egg okay this is an archetypal an archetype symbol okay um representing infinity okay representing the beginning is the end and the end at the beginning okay it represents no beginning and no end okay they're both joined as one infinity a the unified field the source of all consciousness all right is a journey not a destination so the fool is going on this journey he doesn't know that's why he is taking the journey he is needs experience that's why he's referred to as before this isn't necessarily a negative connotation this is saying this is the whole journey is done for experience and knowledge of self okay the fool carries very little with him this represents that we can take very little with us into other lives okay but there is some small amount is what I talked about when we talked about nature versus nurture and how there is very little human nature if we come in with very little specific innate capabilities but we certain of us do and they are held over from other incarnations the flower represents purity a beginning in a pure state and this is what I've talked about we don't come in as homicidal murderers okay we come in in a basically pure state and we are conditioned into the ways that we think through the environmental conditions that are already in place in this world the dog represents the forces of nature that guide the journey of the soul but more specifically it represents the human intuition and the human imagination the guiding forces of the souls journey through life you can already see how powerful the symbolism is in these cards if you're paying any attention taking any of this to heart or taking any of it seriously and scientific types and left brain types will just say oh it's all nonsense well go right ahead continue to believe that and let yourself be not understand that the holistic nature of yourself live is half a person in just the left brain never make any connection to the higher consciousness of the right mind okay and let yourself be used as a tool because that's what most people like that are tools for other people with horrible intentions for them and everyone else that just know more about how the psycheon and these forces work and how to manipulate people and that's why morons like that morons like that will go and build atomic weaponry or hydrogen weaponry for psychopaths okay yeah they've got it got you a whole lot you accomplished a lot with just the pure left brain and you can say hey you're it's harsh the way you're learning it yet it's harsh right I'm not here to make friends with people okay I'm here to explain to people we're heading off a cliff into a ravine and not the one that the fool was headed off because he's going into the abyss 'ip that the the universal pool of consciousness is what he's stepping off into that journey he's not going over into a fiery abyss of pure destruction which is what the human race is headed off into because they won't make that journey that The Fool is making they won't initiate themselves to understand themselves to remain in ignorance and think that they can prosper and once again nothing else to say about that except it doesn't work that way why because it doesn't because there are laws in this realm and you're bound by them the end so people will still insist that that's not the case and all I can do is acknowledge that there are idiots out there like that and the word idiot means one who does not know the self that's what the actual atom ology of that word it comes down to and that's exactly what people like that are idiots and uh again I'm not here to make friends on the untested bringing this knowledge out into the light of day so the people who do want to study it can study it and I'm going to call that which is the way I see it and you know the left brained the left brained imbalanced among us are never going to get this they're not going to get this until they suffer enough and the only thing I can do is wish that that suffering comes to them as quickly as possible and as brutally and bluntly as possible so that they can get over it and get on with understanding if not they'll probably choose to uh not learn and die in this life and uh you know not having initiated themselves into this journey and have to do it all over again many many times as many times as it takes because they're never getting out of here without confronting this so um the fool's journey is into self that's what the fool's journey ultimately is toward a higher understanding of self and higher levels of consciousness the ultimate goal of the fool is to master the self the lower-level self self mastery is what the Tarot is teaching us ok so I would like people to refer to image number one on the website if they have access to it to to go up there to the radio lesson page and look at image number one for tonight's show which is the microcosmic Tree of Life okay we started talking about this last week and I'm going to proceed in order I'm going to go in actually reverse order okay of the cards I'm going to go from the bottom of this tree to the top of the tree in reverse order of the set they wrote of the Tree of Life The Fool you will see the full card depicted in the space right below the top of the tree which is where the magician card which is card number one in the in the trump cards okay in the Major Arcana cards is positioned now the full card is not positioned as one of the Sethi wrote of The Tree of Life okay it is not one of the separate it is positioned in what is called the realm of dot doc okay da 80 or da a th okay depending on how you know different um different schools of Kabbalah spell it transliterated I should say from the Hebrew um that is where I am positioning the full card and I am coloring it in white I am putting this outline of this hazy outline of energy if you're looking at this microcosmic Tree of Life card card number one image number one on the website for the images for tonight on the radio listen Paige okay this white hazy energy represents that this is the realm of the know thing this is the realm of the hidden okay because the soul forces are initially hidden and have to be discovered by us okay and they don't exist in they don't have their origin in the physical world they they are that is the realm of hidden knowledge hidden awareness it is that what is really considered the root the true root of the tree of life from which the Tree of Life Springs okay so this is the know thing it's non material it's non-physical The Tree of Life comes out of it as an extension of the spiritual realm okay it's the the star gate leading to the the the realm of pure spirit or pure consciousness pure awareness and that is where we're putting the full card to depict that this card is not one of the ten cards of the microcosmic tree of life itself rather the soul okay the actual spirit is where this tree comes from all right that's why it's positioned there that's very important to understand and again these are all symbols trying to teach an important thing about the nature of the reality in which we live all right we have to keep that in mind it says in a religion this is just a tapestry of symbols to teach a lesson to teach information about what we are doing here what this realm is and if we're going to change it and make it better what is required of us and we need to receive that knowledge from the higher self okay which is what that realm of dot represents that's what the whole Kabbalistic tradition is the process of receiving that's what the word Kabbalah means okay so let's start at card number 10 Roman numeral 10 at the bottom of the microcosmic tree this is what I gave the deck of the tarot cards to the listening audience to refer to okay so because of the discrepancy of the first two cards the first card in the UM PDF document being the face card and then the second being the zero card which we just talked about card ten in the major arcana is on page 12 so we're always going to be two pages the page numbers will always be two pages greater than the card okay just keep that in mind all right so if you go to page 12 on the PDF document you will see card number ten the wheel of fortune so the wheel of fortune represents the material claim this represents the physical world it corresponds to as we see an image number one on the microcosmic Tree of Life mal coupe which we talked about last week being the physical world it is the world in which we operate it's the world in which we have to use all of the other forces to make change happen and it is the realm in which we experience suffering that is proportional to the level of ignorance we exist in okay the level I should say of ignorance apathy and laziness / cowardice that we live in to the extent that those qualities are present in us we will experience greater suffering they are inversely proportional as their that's directly proportional okay it the suffering that we experience is inversely proportional to how much intelligence care and will and courage we have okay so as we have more of those we have less suffering as we have less of those we have more suffering okay what is depicted on this card is the wheel of suffering we love as is called in the Buddhist tradition samsara okay and it is also a reference to us in as to the direction that we need to go if we are to get out of that perpetual cycle of suffering we have to seek Tara okay that's why that word Tarot is on the card we have to seek the truth we have to seek the goddess so to speak okay we have to seek the Sacred Feminine generative force that is hidden in nature and our nature in the heart in order to get out of that realm that cycle of suffering in the physical domain and that's what this Sphinx represents he is um away show er so to speak okay he has this sword of truth and we have to intuitively recognize that there is a pathway to higher consciousness know that we're not there we're not in it and in the beginning of our initiative initiative in the beginning of our journey as an initiate okay and have a leap of faith that the fool is taking because that's what that is it's not a suicide it's a leap of faith that there is such a thing as truth and that we can understand it and that is what will help us to get out of identification with the purely physical and material we see around the outside of the card the angels of the corners as is referred to the bowl represents Taurus and because these are constellations on the zodiac this is the great cross we see the two crosses depicted in the middle of the wheel of fortune now what I'm realizing here is that this is all of the symbolism which I think is very important is probably going to take a little bit longer to describe we will probably go into a second week on Tarot hopefully I can wrap up the microcosmic tree tonight and then next week we'll look at the macro cosmic tree I think this is very important and it really will begin to take the listeners mind into understanding symbolism and and realizing how rich symbolism really is that it is a language in and of itself and that we have to become versed in this symbolism we have to become symbol literate it's an entire language that we need to learn because the dominators the dark cultists of this world are always using this symbolism all around us they're using it and they're using it to subvert human consciousness so that they can continue to get away with what they've been getting away with and we need to learn this language if we're going to really truly be able to break out of their mind manipulation so this is why I'm doing this now there's a reason there's always a method to the madness on this show okay I'm doing this in a very specific linear progression that is set up in kind of a left brained way because the mind has to be taken out of its conditioning in a very specific way because if you don't establish building blocks and you start talking about something here way down the road and the foundational principles have not been established early on somebody just listening is going to say what are you talking about you know that's why it's important to listen to the podcasts of this show in order so new listeners may you know find themselves at a disadvantage you know maybe they can grasp some of it you know they're familiarize themselves with some of these terms and concepts in their own readings or in their own life through different forms of media however a brand new beginner you know probably would want to go and listen to the early podcasts and you know take the journey from the beginning up to this point but I'm doing this so that we can get a richer understanding and appreciation of how symbolism works and how it is used so that when we go into the symbolism section that will be easier for the listener to to grasp also I will be really breaking a lot of occult symbolism in the symbolism section and that's why I'm doing this now to basically familiarize the listeners with a lot of occult symbolism so that will be easier to to grasp when we get to that section okay so back to the wheel of fortune card okay we have the angels of the corners this is all these are also the Gospel writers Matthew Mark Luke and John these are the four Archangels Michael Raphael Aria and Uriel okay these are the four elements earth air water and fire okay on and on the four seasons spring summer fall and winter okay so Taurus is earth okay it is the spring season the midpoint of spring the middle house of spring in the zodiac all right of the lion represents Leo this is fire okay so this is the midpoint of summer okay the Eagle represents Scorpio Aquila the ego constellation is in near the constellation of Scorpio so this is fall and this is water okay and the angel represents Aquarius the water bringer and this is the midpoint of winter okay so this is air so again this is how they relate to the form Minor Arcana decks tarce would be Pentacles Leo would be wands the UM the Eagle would be cups and the angel would be swords hearing the intro music for this break we'll be right back on what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc pastor back you're the money you feel like it's your moral obligation but can't see an end in sight well what if I told you that in truth you don't know what single penny and that the banks do this and hope you don't find out here's where we come in we to Prosser comm specializes in a profound debt repudiation record its challenges the validity of your so-called bets orally please your burdens and protect your property Kusum is often superior to settlement equity or consolidation which often leave you in a worse situation here the moral obligation and picture of yourself and if anglish knackered you to consider taking action right now the economy will not weigh if you want to know more so you can process any economic alive all while staying honorable and true to yourself then call 877 four one seven eight three nine three that's eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three or visit three to krauser calm right now hey Shepherd we hope to be in Quahog check out my live show I'm the OPM Central Standard Time you can check it out from my website the Intel Hubbell radio.com joining Joe Joseph John King NAC Griffith Thursdays and Sundays at 8:00 p.m. Eastern for the live radio on the Internet a very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in one year and we will with most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel and s educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right we easily predicted the collapse of GM and a Freddie Mac and America's biggest mall owner General Growth Properties that few years ago in fact were illness called it work a dire prophecy now this has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and we believe in created a video which you can watch online for free detailing the biggest most important tradition yet and it's a real eye-opener I can't stress the big a future that we watch the video online today he explains everything either new including temple cast take to protect yourself you can find the video at www.americanoutback.net it's worth checking out again at the wwww-what WWWE of america a calm we are listening to the Intel hub network impression giving you the quarter piece by piece and welcome back what are your own art work Puff Daddy of 91 hey what are you hey Bob how are you thank you all things well mark how about you I'm doing well all congratulations on your standing-room-only presentation out in philadelphia everything I needed to know I learned by watching The Wizard of Oz mark pass hair breaks via Coke icon Wizard of Oz down I wish I could have been there Wow mark it went pretty well I'm going to opt out then I'll give this presentation on the air soon shortly I'll give it so uh maybe uh maybe even um you know in two weeks maybe we can wrap up the taro tradition next week and then I can give that presentation in a couple weeks right here on the air that will be wonderful thing Thank You mark Debbie wonderful I'm going to hurry up and get out of here so you can finish I just wanted to shout out congratulation you knew would be a success I of course knew it was going to be a success and it was and thank you for putting it out there it's pretty advanced thank you for sharing as if as I'm waiting impatient as it appears you scored big for the free your mind concert three men fly will be there in Philadelphia in oh wow that's powerful stuff I'm with Dog Tuscan that deserves all kind of a it's going to be a good one Freeman got back to me a few days ago and let me know that he would be available and we're going to bring Freeman in to speak and he's going to have a presentation that will knock everybody out wonderful I don't forget guys Bob Tuscan will be there that's right as a matter of fact as a matter of fact Bob as a side note at the at the UM for your mind fundraiser the other day a gentleman I don't know if he wants me to mention his name on the air so I'll keep him anonymous but he's a friend of mine he came and sponsored you with a cheque as a speaker he gave us a cheque that covers your travel expenses and so we know that we have the money set aside for you but one for one person I know this person for I don't believe that you do know he works through another group that I work with in this area and you know like I said I'd rather not say things I don't know whether he wants me to acknowledge his name but I'll introduce you to him at the at the show and let you know that he made that possible donation which is my heart so I'm definitely looking forward to be there and then that just really makes my night so thank you so much I'm glad to be there I am nobody I'm just somebody out there trying to break free from the chains of mind control that are so prevalent today in this world and I see my family my brothers and sisters out there you know deep in this stuff and I just hope to wake them up and cover the the roots of how I see this mind control and and at the conference for your mind conference what a better place to do it I'm honored that same is going to be there a lot of great speakers a marked a CEO of course will have a knockout performance as usual and just really looking forward to that will be in April folks so don't miss that yes a and Mark one last thing sure I Bob Cincinnati scheduled to be joining us all right looking forward to meeting Bob in person I'm looking forward to meeting you guys like I told Bob off the air come high water or whatnot I'm going to be there my family's already prepared for that so uh I'm looking for the meeting both the gentleman in all the bleachers and thank you to the anonymous donor out there who sponsored Bob Tuscon present at the four-year mine concert you are a hero this is going to be great I feel a lot of energy building this problem is available the club's the free of mind conference on a radio show ASD fly assistant on Bob talk labia so I'm excited in and that it's just going to be played great I'm glad people are really looking forward to it it has been a difficult journey and putting this together and I have you know kind of all had ups and downs emotionally about it it seems like as it's coming a little bit closer things or more things are working out for the better in relation to it so hopefully that will continue we're going to have a organizers meeting coming up next week for it and you know hopefully we can pull together the last remaining pool together the last remaining resources that we need to make this a real success again I you know implore people if you can if you can you know reach out and help make a donation it would be extremely appreciated I mean you know I don't want to ask anybody to be able to do things beyond their capability of course you know they have to basically take care of themselves and their families first and foremost but if you are in a position and you support the goals of this conference we could use donations to help bring in some of the other speakers so I have to you know ask a they say ask and you shall receive I put it out there and not there it is so Bob I want to thank you for calling in always a pleasure to hear from you Bob from Cincinnati well and I'll definitely be seeing you out in uh in philia in April and um thanks for all that you do to in helping to uh you know promote our efforts that's my pleasure mark if you get a chance maybe share the address with the listeners here on the treadmill show where they can send cash or perhaps check or money order made out the cash the premium on concert or a conference and just one last pay mark and I'm sorry to interrupt you the term contestant is so important to the South chemical transformation and you know you're trying to gather so many important thread but 42 weeks that you've been on there and this is exciting for a lot of us the protest the one thing you called it the Fifth Element and how these dark occultist have laughed at unknowing out here with their movie titles The Fifth Element a loss of the Philosopher's or the Philosopher's Stone the original Harry Potter book the rest of the world is called Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone right here in America they gave up Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone right there I talked about this extensively in my Wizard of Oz presentation Bob because I make reference to the Philosopher's Stone in that presentation and I talked about how they renamed that book in the United States to the Sorcerer's Stone yeah it is shameful that they hid out there but you're sharing knowledge and then you talk about Terra and equally the truth and care the generative principle that goddess in what it means and then I hear that I hear the president standing at the podium in his war on terror that's right but in a war on terror his war on terror that's where I hope what the war is on it's shameful it excited to hear you share the same last a mark I want one day would you share your knowledge about the process with seven processes of the alchemical transformation sure you ought to know what they are yes calcination etcetera yes here - thank you mark the correspondences of it this is so powerful I don't I know the people that exist and they understand what what this means can I thank you mark tonight gentlemen and I Bob and I have those processes in my Wizard of Oz presentation and so we can look at that when I give that presentation on the air I actually went with a three-fold process which was the original process which had been added on to and created a Sevenfold and even a 12 fold process in some alchemical traditions the oldest of which I believe in my studies was a three-step process similar to the three stages of Freemasonry etc and the threefold aspect of consciousness so in my Wizard of Oz presentation I do actually break down the alchemical processes in the threefold stage which is the oldest alchemical tradition so when when I give that presentation on the air I'll be given that information so Bob always a pleasure and always great questions and comments and a pleasure to hear from you a bob tusk and if we have any more callers just put them through just you know jump in and put put them on because I like taking calls and not you know callers will come first if I see any calls on the talk shoe board I will go right to you but be patient if I don't see right away hold on the line and I will get to I'll give a call in numbers again for the last 35 minutes if anybody wants to call in feel free to do so no taboo topics talk about anything you like here on the show the calling numbers seven twenty four four four four seven four four four if you call that number seven twenty four triple four seven triple for the call ID number that you'll be asked for is eight three five one five that's eight three five one five you could call the alternative call in line on the blog top network at six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again six four six seven two seven three three eight seven we were talking about the angels of the corners we kind of wrapped up that section which is the Wheel of Fortune card just the important thing to keep in mind with this card it is that represents the physical plane it represents the the soul journey into the state of incarnation or being born into the physical world and the it alludes to the pathway out of it being through the keeper of truth which is represented there by the Sphinx uh one of the keepers of the the halls of knowledge the halls of records so to speak as symbolize in ancient Egypt now on the wheel itself you will see the name Tarot written as a circle ta ro and then back to the original T okay now again that this is there's many things in here okay hidden things hidden little gems you'll see the four Hebrew characters yo hey Bob hey which is the Tetragrammaton we talked about that last week in the Kabbalistic tradition these are references to the four worlds of Kabbalah these are references to the four elements of nature these are representative of the name of God in Hebrew which is transliterated as YHVH Yahweh or Jehovah we see the two crosses okay the two crosses representing the solar cross or what is known as the cross of the solar system or the cross of st. George the straight up and down cross like a plus sign and then we see the the greater cross representing the cross of the galaxy okay which is a reference to these quote angels or constellations of the four corners of the zodiac and that is called that x-shaped cross is called the cross of Saint Andrew okay so I will break down the word Tarot on this wheel in just a moment but I see we have a caller on the line so here we go whisper in wind caller you are on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today yeah he said that the imagery and the deck cards was used to find oneself I think basically you said now would that include necromancing your ancestors and your descendants to find yourself there well I would say that this is one of the usages that some people in some traditions that study Tarot may use it for to get in touch with what we consider the spiritual world or the the realm of the Hereafter this is not one of its original intended usages as I believe divination itself is not this is something that again I think that the intuitive capacities these cards in studying the symbolism can put you into touch with can help to bring out in us okay but I don't think that it's one of the higher of usages of these cards a cultists who are serious students of the self serious students of the human psyche use these cards for the story that they tell in their rich symbolism for the archetypal imagery and symbology that is contained in the cards rather than for pure divination but I would say that they can be used for those purposes that would be my answer to your question does that answer your question yeah I would just say that how could one find one's self if they did not find their ancestors because they are nothing without them and they are nothing without them you know what I mean sure and these cards come from our ancestors and they really do tell a rich tradition of where we came from you know if you really delve down deep into them that they're telling us that this is the study of the ancient past as well I think one of the main ways that we are controlled is by being cut off from our origins if you put people from their origins you are in a absolute position to control to wield control over them so that's very sort of a weapon to forget your ancestors that came to earth know who their ancestors are that's right what they want want you to forget yours now if you get a vision with Mother Mary they're going to call that a miracle but if you talk with your ancestors there going to call you a witch right right why John isn't it I agree I agree and now you bring up a good point so I want to thank you for calling in a great point so yeah there are a multitude of uses for the Tarot I'm I am basically attempting to explain what I consider to be the richest use of them but it is not the only one so that caller raises a good point and he raises a great point about the the really important idea of connection to our ancestry and of human origins which if that can be controlled and cut off from us it's a piece of cake to basically wield influence and control over other people if they don't know where they've come from not knowing where you've come from means ultimately you don't know where you're going and sadly that's the case for too many of us so thank you caller great point anyone else if anyone else calls in Bob just throw them right on and you know break in on top of me and I will monitor the blonde talk the talk shoe line so um continuing on this Wheel of Fortune card there is the word Tarot ta ro okay now if we look at the other arrangements of the letters on this wheel okay we can see that there is something in it there is a hidden a full sentence not only just words in other languages in it but there is a full sentence okay so the first word that is hidden in this arrangement of letters is rota ro ta which is Latin for wheel wheel okay and we see a depiction of the wheel on this card as we've already referred to so Rotom means wheel okay so um the word taro is in there itself so the wheel of taro okay what other words or arrangements of words are in here okay we see the word tio RA which is a Hebrew reference a transliteration of Torah Torah means law okay it's a reference to the first five books of the Bible Genesis Exodus Leviticus numbers and Deuteronomy okay so this is the Torah and what is considered the law in the Judaic tradition okay um another word for a Torah another concept that it is connected to is the truth itself okay and again the the goddess was considered the goddess of truth justice and natural law and her name is a main reference to with ta ro Tarot which is where the word tower was derived from Tara okay but also her name is hidden in a t o our apt or okay so if we have a hard breath mark at the beginning we get hot or hot for hath or Hathor is a name of the goddess in the Egyptian tradition Hathor is the goddess of love and care okay so we have another name for the goddess hidden in this arrangement of letters okay we see the word if we go in the counterclockwise direction a couple of words appear one of them is at or ato are and this is a Latin verb that means cultivate okay cultivate or generate essentially okay we saw this is about the generative principle the cultivation of care okay another word in Latin that we derive from this arrangement of letters and all of these are in order these letters we're not going even across to other letters we're going in order along the outside of the wheel okay o ra t means it speaks he she or it speaks where we get the word or at or from a speaker okay so if we put all of these together right we can come up with a sentence that is what the Tarot is actually all about okay wheel ro ta Tarot ta ro the wheel of the Tarot okay ato are I'm sorry AR OTR wrote is our wrote is cultivates our roads okay the wheel of the Tarot cultivates okay or it is it acts as a generator okay then we could say Oh rats Oh r8e it speaks right tío are a Torah the law right ATO are hot door of hathor so the wheel of the Tarot cultivates it speaks the law of hathor the goddess that this is an entire sentence arranged within those four letters telling you what the Tarot is okay connection that is a circular a cyclical connection representing the self that is acts as a connection to the generative principle okay a wheel that is a cultivating wheel and what it ultimately helps us to do is understand the law of nature of the goddess it speaks the law of hathor that in and of itself to be able to do that with four letters is amazing okay and I'll put a breakdown of that in a slide on the site with the podcast I hope people are looking at some of the images that I post with the podcast as you can go back and download them and listen to these because they help to understand some of these concepts even better there's another break coming up I'll be right back folks are used to paying your credit cards and so-called bank loans they can get you all the money you feel like it's your moral obligations but can't see an end in sight well what about children that in truth you don't know what's in the penny and that the banks need this and hope you don't find out here's where you come in the et prosper comm specializes in a profound debt rejuvenation method which challenges the validity of your still called ex orally frees you from the burden and protect your property only system is often superior to settlement and Krupski or consolidation which often leave you in a real situation you feel the moral obligation to take care of yourself and your family and I urge you to consider taking action right now the economy will not wait if you want to look more so you can prosper through the economic collapse almost an honorable improve yourself and call eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three that's eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three four visit to prosper calm right now hey Shepherd he hopefully until he'll check out my lifestyle every Sunday OPM simple hammer time you can check it out from my website the Intel Hub radio.com [Music] only Joe Joseph John King and Asia Griffith Thursday and Sunday evening at 8 p.m. Eastern personalized radio on the inside of blue paint very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will win the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now the fan has made some outrageous predictions over the year but the crazy part is he's usually right we see he predicted the collapse of GM and Mae Freddie Mac and America's biggest ball on it General Growth Properties a few years ago in fact Bironas called his work a dire prophecy you know this has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and we believe you created a video which you can watch online for free detailing the biggest and most important prediction yet and it's a real eye-opener I can't stress this enough you should at least watch the free video online today he explains everything even including simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video at www.americanoutback.net you w doc end of America the number 8 comm watch this video at WWWF america 8 comm we are lifting to the inner hub network compression okay we're back on what on earth is happening let's move to the next tarot card upward on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life not the microcosmic Tree of Life if you're referring to image number one on the site we are going to now move up to card number to page number 11 on the PDF document and this is card number 9 okay card number 9 and it's called the Hermit the Hermit is the initiate who begins to leave the purely physical identified state of consciousness he knows that he has been dwelling in darkness and Elysian and therefore he sets out as well on a journey the truth with a lamp of knowledge and inside you'll see the six pointed blazing star represent representing the Seal of Solomon which we've extensively talked about on this show in the past as the balance between the left and right brain hemispheres okay and that is what the Hermit seeks he knows that he is in a state of spiritual darkness and once light that's why he wears a darker robe okay he is not his robes are not pure they're not white they're gray okay dark or gray right this is a connection to look at a Gandalf the gray wizard in in Lord of the Rings who then becomes the white wizard through his process of self purification after he does battle with his internal demon which is the bow rock in Lord of the Rings this demon of smoke and fire okay um after doing battle with him and conquering him which represents the darker aspects of the self he then emerges as the white wizard in the later parts of the the trilogy so the Hermit is the initiate okay he is the one who realizes he has a lot to learn and he is in darkness but wants to receive okay so this is associated with the desire center this is the sacrum chakra like the Wheel of Fortune card represents Malkuth or the base chakra you can refer to image number three for a correlation between the Tree of Life the cephalotes or the emanations along the Tree of Life or on the Tree of Life symbol and the chakras of the body okay um so this would be the desire chakra or what is referred to as the the sacrum chakra in the Vedic tradition okay it's called the swadisthana chakra okay so that is the sphere of yes sewed on the Tree of Life okay that is foundation he is establishing a foundation through his desire to learn he is beginning to root himself in higher levels of awareness he is now out of hacia and this is the first set for wrote in the world called yet Sierra the realm of formation okay moving upward to the big cards that are colored yellow okay this is a dualistic chakra or a dualistic emanation along the Tree of Life because we have to look at these all in conjunction in reference to the Middle Pillar okay so this is a two-fold aspect of the will Center okay the the root chakra connects us with the physical plane the sacrum chakra representing yes Oh d'Or the Hermit okay is the desire center of wanting to improve ourselves wanting to gain more spiritual knowledge and then we have to apply will okay of course will has to be tempered by care this is why the heart chakra is even above that but the yellow to yellow cards represent the two dual the dual nature of the will okay and this is an internal manifestation and an external one okay so the internal manifestation is the card to the left there on the pillar of severity and it is called strength this is associated with the cetera known as hold okay which we talked about last week can always go back to the podcast and refer to these and the images and books tons of information to cross correlate all of these okay but what that card represents is courage okay so this is an internal quality the the strength to overcome fear that is within all right and that is card number eight card number eight you'll see in a woman with a lion and she has an infinity symbol over her head meaning that she is kind of coordinated as an illuminant one who note does know the self okay um she is holding the jaws of a lion close with her bare hands now that's a symbol for courage right there okay but it's a symbol that she is conquering her fears and she is conquering her internal fears all right so courage the strength card the sphere of hold on the tree on the left-hand pillar severity of severity okay the next card is Safi wrote sepharon number seven on the Tree of Life and this would be associated with card number seven okay it's called the chariot and here we see as the secondary aspect of the plane of will okay of the of the aspect of will this is the solar plexus chakra in the Vedic chakra system okay it's called the monitory chakra alright is this card the chariot represents willpower to act in the world so we have internal courage and external willpower okay to actually get something done all right using the will that exists within us to get something done in the external world in the physical world that's why he is the chariot driver the charioteer okay he uses the two forces okay the meta feminine force of care and the masculine force of actually acts actually acting in the world okay represented by these two sphinxes okay the the Sacred Feminine is the dark one and the sacred masculine is the white one okay to actually take action in the world that's why he's holding a wand representing action and the suit of Wands okay and he is also crowned as an illuminant as you will see this theme repeated over and over again it's showing you this is one of the paths to illumination to what is really meant as enlightenment acting in the proper moral way that's what this card represents that's why it is on the pillar of action or the pillar of Mercy the right hand path of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life okay so again we could spend a whole show on each card I I want to move forward because we only have a few moments left and we'll continue this next week but I'm going to move a little bit faster card number six as we move up to the green of the middle of the Tree of Life the very hub which is that representative of the heart chakra or the anahata chakra okay this is the lovers card of course because this is about love this is about true care once again we see the twin forces of male and female represented by Adam and Eve and they are brought together by higher consciousness or an archangel I believe that would be the representative of we represent the Archangel Michael if I'm not mistaken and it's just basically saying higher force is what that angel represents okay and that's what love puts us into touch with that's what true care puts us into touch with all right so the lovers card associated with the heart chakra okay on the Tree of Life that would be the sphere of TIF eret which means beauty and I neglected to mention the sphere called net saw is what we would associate the chariot with okay but TIF eret on the Tree of Life corresponds to the lovers card going forward to Sapphira number five this is the heirophant okay some decks call this card simply the Pope okay the heirophant represents the aspects that we exercise within ourselves for self-control Dominion as I've called it bringing the thoughts emotions and actions into harmony or unison in an act of our will so controlling our own thoughts emotions and actions the only thing we're really allowed to control that's the Hierophant card what he all ultimately represents and you will see that he is crowned sovereign okay and you'll see this over and over again all right he holds also a form of a wand because this is about a form of control but it is the kind of control that we do have a right to exercise because it is taking control over the kingdom of self and that's why this is called a severity or Deborah on the Tree of Life and this card is blue is associated with the throat chakra or the should the chakra okay so heirophant internal self control self Dominion okay arm and it also represents maintaining control over your own your own words and what you are doing with your word since it is associated with the throat chakra okay so it is about what do you use your voice energy to speak into creation what are you putting out there are you speaking the truth okay that's what this card is all about all right now the next card card number four in the major arcana is the Emperor and this would be associated also with the throat chakra as this is another dualistic rung on the Tree of Life okay uh and this card would be associated with the sphere called um has said which is mercy okay on the the pillar of mercy the right hand pillar on the Tree of Life and the Emperor represents influencing others being an influence in the world okay through what you know what you care about and what you do how does your life inspire and influence other people are you an example like a good king okay setting an example for others on how to live and what to spend your time doing and what to spend your the resources that you have on and what to do with your mind etc and how to use your voice okay so this is the external influence that we exercise upon others around us in whatever way all right the Emperor again he also has a form of a wand and he has a globe representing the earth and what this really represents is that our actions uh go beyond us and influence the world alright he is also crowned as Emperor okay associated with Aries as well the RAM a fire sign okay it's on the active pillar so that is the emperor card and that is that that completes the throat chakra the two aspects of the throat chakra internal self control and then influence of others okay how we speak to ourselves to help ourselves move forward in consciousness and how we speak to others to influence them and you know they use that in the capacity of truth these that to really make a contribution and to leave the world better than we found it going up to card number three the Empress card okay clearly we see that this is associated with the goddess as is the next card upward arm we have the heart and the symbol of Venus itself the planetary symbol for Venus clearly this is the symbol for Venus again crowned with stars because it's one of the planets again connected with the stellar cult the the astra theological cult of stars and planets as we talked about in past weeks this card is connected with the cetera called V na v na means understanding okay so this is simply and again this is these two chakras these two cards in purple here are associated with the third eye chakra which is the chakra chakra so the Ozma chakra arm is the Empress and the High Priestess which represents the goddess this is you know about the realm of knowledge because we're at the third level of the Tree of Life and again the Empress in being a correspondence to the sefirot Dena is simply what we know okay it's an internal quality that's why it's on the pillar of severity going up to card number four here we see the goddess in the middle of the Temple of Solomon the three Masonic pillars of jackeen and Boas okay I'm also representing the tribes of Benjamin and Judah okay with the moon because she is the moon goddess the cross on her chest representing the heart chakra and also the giving birth to the son savior on the cross of the zodiac Torah written on the on the book she's holding because she is the goddess of truth and law okay as she is connected with Mars the Tree of Life is behind her you'll notice and it's a depicted as pomegranates and if you checked out the page on my podcast section for last week I posted a book called a garden of pomegranates by the occultist Israel regarding which talks about the Tree of Life and Kabbalah in general rich symbolism all over the card arm this is the goddess of truth this is Torah herself okay depicted in the deck and she represents the sphere on the tree called hokhmah oak ma is wisdom because of course she is the logos Sophia the word of wisdom itself okay wisdom is what we do with what we know so this is the active quality finally the magician represents self mastery and measures all the forces of nature and the lower elements of the material world any wields the wand of power which connects us to the spirit ladies and gentlemen that's all we have time for this week on what on earth is happening I'll be getting to more symbolism of the Tarot coming up next week we'll look at them macrocosmic tree I'll wrap up the magician card a little bit but we'll see you next Tuesday night right here on what on earth is happening on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio thank you very much everyone for listening great callers we'll see you here next week good night