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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio the show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time my web site ww-what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website the Intel hub news network com we have a good show lined up for you here tonight we're going to be continuing our breakdown of the symbolism the deep symbolism that is contained within the Major Arcana of the Tarot a tarot deck the Tarot tradition in a cult ISM and we started that process last week and we went through about half of the Major Arcana we went through the description of what are the cards that are on a symbolic tree known as the microcosmic Tree of Life this is connecting the Tarot to the Kabbalistic tradition which we have been looking into over the last few weeks so this is sort of an extension of the study of Kabbalah Tarot is must be studied in conjunction with Kabbalah there is really no separating these two traditions today we're going to be breaking down the cards specifically that lie on what is known as the macrocosmic Tree of Life in the two trees that comprise the Major Arcana cards of the Tarot so admittedly if you if you're just joining the show there are prerequisites to understanding some of the symbolism that we'll be talking about those can always be found in the podcast section on my website you could always go back into the archives they're free for download and you just go - what on earth is happening calm and click the podcast section the podcasts tab and then all the shows the past shows will be listed there you can listen to them live right on the page or you can download them and put them on a digital music device of any kind an mp3 player your cell phone and a long with the actual digital podcast there in mp3 format you can get images that are related to each podcast and often documents and videos that often will will be presented there that go with the topics that were talked about and covered in each individual episode so avail yourself of that information I put it up there every week and it is there for everyone to use and what I want to do first before we get into talking about continuing to talk about the Tarot is I want to give the calling numbers for the show and I want to read to event announcements for events that are coming up in the Philadelphia area again I read event announcements because it's all about taking action ultimately and I want to highlight action that is being taken in my neck of the woods so with that in mind let's give a call in numbers for the show all right you can call it at any time there's no taboo topics here there never are the talks you call in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again if you want to call into the talk show network seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five you'll be prompted for the call ID enter eight three five one five if you're listening on blog talk you can call six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again the blog talk call-in number six four six seven two seven three three eight seven the event announcements for this week the great activist group truth freedom prosperity is hosting their free documentary screening and discussion night it is a new venue this will be taking place at media Bureau Studios media Bureau Studios is at 725 North fourth Street that is the corner of 4th and brown fourth and brown in Philadelphia this is tomorrow night tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. they'll be starting the documentary you can get there a little bit early if you want to get there and get a good seat you can come as early as 6:45 we're encouraging people come early get a seat and the documentary that will be screened tomorrow is melt up the beginning of a US currency crisis so tomorrow night the documentary starts at 7:00 the doors will open around 6:45 come on out to media Bureau studios as part of truth freedom prosperities monthly documentary screening and discussion night these have been moved now and they now take place on the last Wednesday of each month last Wednesday of each month at this new venue for more information and for more info about all the activities of this good activist group in the philadelphia area please visit their website at WWF read 'm prosperity org that's truth freedom prosperity dot o-r-g and finally coming up racing toward us the free your mind conference here in Philadelphia coming up in April a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at Liuba hall Ruba is at 414 Green Street for one-four Green Street in Philadelphia PA the doors open at 9:00 a.m. on both days and the program will begin at 10:00 a.m. each day admission price is $20 per day in advance and $30 per day should you choose to get your tickets at the door we're encouraging people to get their tickets in advance not only because they're cheaper but because they will really assist us in raising some money in advance to bring the speakers to the conference because we're having to shout out a lot of money to bring speakers from out of town we have to pay their flight costs and hotel costs so if you can get your tickets in advance please do so so it is a great help to us the free your mind conference is a unique two-day event scheduled for April 9th and 10th in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers I believe we now have a total of 16 speakers for this event and here they are Aaron McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Sauer your dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Marc motika Marc passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor a great lineup of speakers you can get speaker BIOS on the conference website to understand who's going to be appearing and what some of their topics may be and the you could do that by visiting the conference website at WWE your mind conference com that's free your mind conference calm please go up there and check it out please get your tickets in advance and if you can do so if you're in a position please donate help the cause we could use any additional help that you guys can provide because again we're doing this all out of our own pocket on our own time and it's been a colossal effort to put together and it's been no easy task so if you're in a position to help please uh click the donation page and I consider making a donation to the free your mind conference all of the organizers would appreciate the support so that's all of the event announcements I have for today let's jump right into the topic and again I encourage people to call in I'd like to take calls and there are no taboo topics here so calling and bring up whatever you like last week we left off discussing what is called the microcosmic tree of life again taro and Cabala must be studied in conjunction with each other they are complementary occult Sciences and what both of these traditions really are all about is understanding the self better I posted some videos on the podcast for Kabbalah and last week I posted some additional ones about Tarot and they both attempt to explain that these traditions ultimately are about knowing oneself better they are about understanding the forces that are at work within the human psyche and the symbolism is all really geared toward that goal help one go within help one understand that which is at work within oneself the better we know ourselves the more we are in tune with really the forces of nature and the less we are able to be manipulated externally by those who do understand human psyche and seek to twist and manipulate that knowledge and use it for their own selfish aims and agenda and they can only wield that knowledge as a weapon if they are doing that against ignorant people against people who are ignorant of self so this tradition is an allegorical and a symbolic one that needs to be understood as such in order to really hammer that message home and to open up one's mind to the understanding of these rich symbols that are very complex and multifaceted and need to be contemplated upon in order to be understood so with that having been said I want to direct everybody up to my way site to either the podcast section or you can go right to the radio page by clicking the listen live button on the left hand side of the site and there you will see some images for tonight's show if you do that on the radio page if you go to the radio listen page underneath the player you'll see a link for five images and you can click those and bring up these images to follow along with some of the concepts I'll be talking about tonight increasingly on the show I will be relying on putting up some imagery along with each show so that people can follow along because we're really going to be getting into symbolism much more this is why I chose this this break we were discussing methodologies and mind control but I chose to put a break into that and instead break down these two occult traditions as sort of an initiation into a higher awareness about the occult and its symbols um because this will act as a prerequisite for the later section which we are going to get into in a couple of weeks when we talk about subversive symbolism as our 13th method of mind control a technique of mind control that being the language of symbolism used subversively against the human consciousness after we break down symbolism we will have all the necessary tools to understand the occult aspects of one the most vile attacks and examples of false flag terrorism ever to take place in this country or in the world for that matter the events of 9/11 2001 which we will be breaking down in the future on the show when we talk about the 14th and final methodology of mind control that I'll be analyzing called chaos sorcery which is my term for the basic very dark usage of the Hegelian dialectic or what other researchers have termed problem reaction solution term I believe coined by the researcher David Icke I call it chaos sorcery because I believe that is more akin to what it really is all about because it is driven by a cultists who understand the mechanisms of fear and these are cultists employing this technique to great success and again this all of the breakdown of this symbolism and the symbolism that I'll be breaking down in the next section is a prelude to understanding that event as a dark occult ritual that can sound far-fetched to some individuals based on where their consciousness is right now but that's what this show is all about it's about putting building blocks together to help people to understand the tapestry that exists and help them to understand events that are playing out in a higher light of consciousness and reason so with that being said what I want to start with is if we look at image number one on the site or on the podcast from last week which whichever section you happen to be referring to on my website you will see the image of what is called the microcosmic Tree of Life of the Tarot this is a card arrangement that is created by the first eleven cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot this is one of the five sub decks of the Tarot the Major Arcana the word Arcana again simply means knowledge so this is the higher knowledge of the tarot deck because as it explains the forces that are existing within the individual unit of consciousness for the in other words the individual person or being okay what is called in occult different occult traditions the monad the one okay the one unique droplet of consciousness within the ocean okay so in other words this is the very small or the microcosm that is a reflection of the very large or the macrocosm which are the universal natural law forces at work in nature and today that's what will be largely breaking down the macrocosmic tree of life of the teros major arcana which is the second half of the major are Canada the second 11 the second group grouping of 11 cards because there are 22 cards of the Major Arcana sub deck okay so we'll be looking at the the second half of the Major Arcana cards tonight in depth before we do that again this this macrocosmic Tree of Life is represented in image number two okay so that's largely what we will be referring to I also posted three other complimentary images to understand some of the symbolism and some of the concepts that we'll be breaking down and those are images three four and five on the site okay for tonight's show one of them explains or visually depicts I should say how the Kabbalistic Tree of Life is a direct corollary it is an allegorical and symbolic corollary for the chakras of the body the energy centers that exist along the spinal column that are associated with a glandular activity that basically regulates consciousness within the body okay so these seven chakras which is and this is from a Vedic tradition chakra simply means spinning wheel or vortices vortex okay this tradition is a an ancient tradition thousands of year that comes down to us from thousands of years ago through the region of the world known as the Indus Valley this is where India is now okay so um it's an ancient occult tradition spiritual tradition and it relates to the Kabbalistic tradition as we have seen in previous weeks I won't go into a full review of that but as we will also see again tonight when we break down the macro cause in the tree of life of the Tarot the fourth image represents the connections between Kabbalah and Tarot and the four worlds of Kabbalah as they relate to the four subjects of the Minor Arcana of the Tarot I hear the intro music for this first break so we'll get back to that right after these messages I'm your host mark pastor you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Intel hub news network we'll be right back folks [Music] are you still paying your credit cards and so-called bank loans 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information a bunch but thanks for caring they chat all at the Simba's is an exhibit of a tantrum or something that has a symbol on where it didn't get me I see Simbel very very good I haven't been kept baby there's some bishop now it's just good don't worry that's indecent sure yeah people a lot of people don't understand that symbols also have dual meanings and they're they get hung up on one interpretation of them and and often it's a negative a very negative interpretation of the symbol and a lot of people don't understand that very same symbol can have a positive interpretation as well have you heard of the civil right they have a excitement and the person's car one either dealt with and one heaven that is and then it's so much information in these of an email where I could say it's a link sure you could send out any information you have to mark at what on earth is happening calm mark it down over is happening okay I'm gonna let you behave is your show that I want to save it for me great I appreciate it you have a great evening you too thank you Cathy great okay so anybody else wants to call in you go to the top of the list I I tell Bob just basically put the callers through and let me know and uh you know don't get priority so back to the breakdown of some of the symbolism of the Tarot and hopefully we can do this effectively enough that we see how powerful some of the symbolisms could have on our understanding of ourselves and the forces that are at work in nature what I want to start with is image number one okay actually before I do that I was just wrapping up the the breakdown of some of the images that are up on the website but of image four and five image four is a very simple chart it shows the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and how the Minor Arcana cards which we talked about is the other four subjects of the whole tarot deck how they relate to what were called The Four Worlds of the Kabbalistic tradition and we broke those down a few weeks back those were OCR which is the physical world yet Zera which is the mental plane briea or the emotional aspects and then absolute which we call the plane of will or the spiritual or our type of plane so those correspond that of course to the elements are those being earth air water and fire respectively and they correspondent to the four subjects known as the Minor Arcana decks and the material or resources the material world or resources that we have to work with or our talents and abilities correspond to earth which that was the coins or Pentacles sub deck of the Minor Arcana the suit of swords corresponding to air okay the air element which is about the intellectual capacities that we have the suit of cups corresponds to the element of water okay this is our emotional makeup and then of course the suit of Wands corresponding to the element of fire because that's our actions that's what we actually do in the physical world the actions that we take based upon what we know and how we feel and the resources that we have and the talents that we have in a physical world so that is also broken down according to what most researchers would call the power that is inherent in these suits or in these subjects because the least powerful thing is simply the material substance or the resources we have to work with we often attribute that to the most important things but these are actually the that's actually the lowest in power our intellect would be the next most powerful thing as we go up this ladder okay then the emotions which guide the intellect have you know the next even more power allotted to them and then finally ultimately it's all really about the kind of actions we take what we actually do with our emotions which ultimately govern the ways that we think and the ways that we use our resources that we have at our disposal so the most important of these four principles and represented by the out chemical element of fire is our actions and that would be the suit of Wands in the myth in the Minor Arcana so that's an image that you could take a look at that's image number four there and we also you know related these worlds to the Hebrew name of God which is the Tetragrammaton the four-letter name for God which is yield hey volve Hey starting from the top there the old character and then got moving downward uh yo hey Val Hey and this if we transliterate into the English language is transliterated as YHVH which comes down to us in the english pronunciation as yahweh or jehovah again names for God in the Judaic tradition so that's image number four image number five is a work up that I did based on the Wheel of Fortune card which we broke down pretty extensively last week and we talked about the hidden words that are comprised of the four letters that spell out the word Tarot ta ro and if we complete the circle go back to the TTA ro t so I just showed there all the words and where there Adam ologies come their actual root language well you know all the different words that can be made from those three letters uh in in order okay in different orders and what that actually says to us in the contemplation of this particular card which is all about what the Tarot is it is the Wheel of Fortune okay it is the wheel of truth as I've turned it in this in this slide so the word wrote ah is there which means wheel and that comes from Latin the word rota means we have in Latin Tarot itself is a truncation of Tarot ta ro t a derivation of that word the word I wrote in Latin comes from the verb ro ro RA which means to cultivate or to grow Oh righto ra t means to speak from Latin or o or RA okay tora t o ra it comes from the Hebrew which means law the Torah are the first five books of the Bible in the Judaic tradition and finally a tour is a variant of hathor which is the egyptian goddess of love so putting all of these words together a sentence actually comes out of these different variants of these four letters and we we get the sentence the wheel of Tarot cultivates it speaks the law of hathor or in a different translation of that we could simply say the wheel of Tarot brings order by telling us the law of love that's what this tradition actually is all about it is helping us to understand the forces at work around us that I have called and many other people throughout history who have studied these principles have called natural law and our relationship to these governing forces okay so we've looked at the monad or the individual unit of consciousness last week in the microcosmic Tree of Life now what I want to do before we get into the Oh Scott back with the universal forces is I want to briefly recap two of the cards from last week that I don't feel I went into enough depth on and that is the high priestess and the magician okay cards two and one in the deck now on the site underneath the images you'll see a related document okay and this is a PDF document I think it's about six megabytes you can download it from my site and it's just it's every card in the Tarot and I use of the universal wait deck originally designed by Arthur Edmond wait and this deck is a you know a basic deck it doesn't get into super esoteric symbolism it shows all of the critical symbolism of the Tarot I think it's a solid deck to use to understand the symbolism of the Tarot and I like the richness of the colors of the cards which is why I chose it to put up there there are so many different Tarot decks out there but this one is good for a beginner just studying the tradition I think my favorite deck happens to be just as an aside my absolute favorite deck happens to be the golden dawn magical deck and I was just lucky enough to be able to pick up a copy of this deck it's out of print and a lot of people who have this deck won a lot for it but the symbolism emetic is very rich the colors are super vibrant and it has a lot of different attributions to astrology the Hebrew letters of the Hebrew alphabet the alchemical symbols embedded on the cards of the Major Arcana and it's just one of my favorite decks but I uploaded this deck because I think it's ultimately simpler it's better for beginners who are just looking into the Tarot I like it better than the standard rider-waite deck which is the one most people will be familiar with simply because I think the recoloring of this deck is just much more vibrant and the colors jump out at you so that document is there all 78 cards are listed on the pages of the PDF and you can download that on my website so the the card number two of the major arcana the high priestess this is who the Tarot is essentially dedicated to again we looked at the name Terra and its different derivations coming down to us through different goddess traditions over the centuries and that's what this book is all ultimately and the Tarot is a book okay because it's many many concepts encoded into it which you can discuss at length so that's technically a book of symbols okay they're encoding tons and tons of concepts into this rich symbolism we said a picture is worth a thousand words a symbol is worth a thousand pictures and a series of symbols are coming down into this encoded tradition that we call the Tarot is worth millions of words okay so um when we look at the symbolism of the goddess this is movie Tarot is named after this is power the goddess or some and I hear the this music playing we've been having this problem but now I'm not sure this is coming from when you see it Bob can locate this no we're not up to a great getter at least I don't think our home [Music] okay there we go it stopped so that actually has been happening I don't know if that's a problem with some computer on the network but that is chimed in over some you know I'm thinking in Bismarck yes every time we've come the Skype call and hold if I go to another Skype call I think maybe because I'm logged in I'm still on the switchboard but because I've logged in and I put it on hold somehow it's just that music on and I'll probably see if that if I don't well let's tend to real quick and that might be in a setting there might be a setting somewhere in Skype if you go into your control panel I had something to do with do you think it have to do with my Skype it's possible I'm not really certain I I don't I haven't used the feature like that in Skype but it is possible right go click coming if it comes on okay let's see yep yeah Mon yes it did so that's that's what it is okay there all right well cool we identified it anyway I'm will note that an option from now on no problem Bob I appreciate it thank you okay so going back to the the high priestess card this is card number two on the major arcana of the deck and if you look at the card of the high priestess you will see that this goddess figure who represents hath or or Isis or Semiramis or any of the or Mary or any of the myriad of other names Diana you go on and on Aphrodite uh you know Ishtar uh in different traditions that this goddess was revered what she ultimately represents is the forces of natural law and she represents truth itself okay and she sits enshrined and veiled between these two pillars and we talked about these pillars as being symbolic in many different occult traditions of course we understand that they are the pillars of severity and mercy in the Kabbalistic tradition in the tradition of Freemasonry they're the pillars of Boaz and Jachin okay so again they are listed there they are labeled there I should say with the B and the J as the the pillars of Freemasonry often are this also represents the two tribes of Benjamin and Judah in a in a Judaic tradition and ancient Hebrew traditions so she is holding the Torah which is the book of law okay this is natural law upon her chest in what would be her heart chakra is the cross okay this is showing that she bears into existence the the Savior okay the Sun the light okay that comes out of the void which the goddess often represented we talked about this extensively when I went into the break down of different astra theological traditions okay so you can go back and refer to that in the section about religion and Astro theology which was several podcasts back all these topics are listed on the podcast page you see that she is associated with the Moon the crescent moon is at her feet the flowing dark robes again always a symbol that is given to the goddess uh because she is the goddess of the night sky okay we see that she is crowned again the Queen of Heaven okay the the the lunar goddess the moon the Dove we talked about the moon being a symbol depicted by the Dove in ancient occult traditions because it is the white dove that that crosses the sky that makes the journey across the night sky again this is a symbol not to be taken literally as a dove okay the Kabbalistic tree can clearly be seen behind her upon the veil she sits within the temple and this is the symbolic temple of solomon again this is an actual building as many people insist that it is okay it is a symbolic building it is about our brain and the makeup of the human psyche okay it is the left brain the pillar of jackeen represents the left brain hemisphere the logical male solar brain the pillar of bolas or the dark pillar okay represents the right brain hemisphere the lunar forces it represents the the yin energy again the color of jocking would correspond to the yang energy this is the male a dual aspect of consciousness and we need to bridge these two and bring them together into a synthesis if we are going to arrive at harmony with truth or natural law which is with what this goddess represents symbolically okay so again and the veil is there because it is telling you this isn't something you see readily it is something that needs to be penetrated is something that needs to be do you need to go within to discover because the temple represents the self the higher self and you don't reach oneness with that Sacred Feminine force or energy and natural law principles and truth until you go deeply into the self which is what the Temple of Solomon represents so I hope that could clarify is more what this card represents and it corresponds on the microcosmic Tree of Life in the Kabbalah to the sphere the cephiro cetera known as Hoch ma ok Hoch ma in the Kabbalistic tradition represents wisdom so this goddess figure this symbol helps us to get in touch with the wisdom that is the knowledge that we have accumulated about all of the aspects of ourselves and about natural law and then to take proper moral action in the world based on that knowledge that's why it is on the pillar of mercy which is the masculine pillar ok if we correspond this to the microcosmic Tree of Life and image number one it would be at the top of the right hand side all the way at the top that's called the pillar of Merson as we talked about it when we study looked into the Kabbalistic tradition and the very top card on the right hand a pillar on the Kabbalistic tree or this microcosmic Tree of Life this that represents the sefirot known as hope ma which is wisdom and wisdom is actually applying that which we know and have taken into ourselves as our understanding not just understanding in and of itself that's the sphere on the left side that's an internal quality and that's the cetera known as bina okay or understanding just simply understanding wisdom is understanding applied in the world that is why this card comes just before the highest level of the macrocosmic tree taking proper moral action in the world is the thing that puts us the closest to the cosmic consciousness itself represented by the very top of the Kabbalistic tree okay which is kept air or the crown okay coming truly illuminated okay unity consciousness bringing all of the forces of nature under one's command which is the magician okay so this is the very top of tree number one we're still breaking down a couple of things on the microcosmic tree to set up our journey into the macrocosmic tree tonight okay the magician card he is crowned as you see because he is connected with the concept of the crown or the cat tear cetera on the top of the tree of life he is illuminated he is covered with white he may be wearing a red and white robe but he is completely surrounded by a white glow this means he has become the illuminated one okay and people think that the word Illuminati always means something negative it does not there are positive illuminance in the world okay people who do know the self people who have mastered their internal forces represented by the four objects that are placed upon his table under his command yet he needs not wield them as weapons because now he is connected to the true wand or scepter of power which he holds in his right hand this is a an analogue to truth wisdom and unity consciousness okay the concept of as above so below is also depicted he is connected with the higher self through the wielding of that scepter of power okay representing he has conquered himself the lowercase as self and he rules the kingdom of self okay as we've talked about the concept of Dominion he has dominion over himself the only thing you're allowed to have control over he controls his own thoughts his own emotions his own actions and he has brought them into unity he has brought them into unison with each other such that he has become a being that as he thinks so he feels and so he acts and there is no contradiction between three aspects of his consciousness okay so the four elements are under his command four elements of the material world is under his command this is what in the Christian tradition Jesus the words attributed to Jesus in the New Testament what he said when he said when you make the eye single okay when you when you make the two into one okay when you bring yourself into unity in what he termed the kingdom of heaven right that you can say to the mountain mountain move and the mountain will move the the command of the forces of nature of natural law are on the side of the one who has achieved self mastery and this is all about the self this isn't about serving any other God this isn't about sir you know different dark occult traditions can twist it into that I'm trying to teach the pure original a tradition of what these cards were originally intended to help the initiate or the student accomplish which is to know oneself and to come into unity consciousness to become the ruler of the kingdom of self so I heard the intro music yes we're coming up to our second break here so it's a good place to break it and we will continue with our breakdown of the the macroscopic forces of the macrocosmic tree of life when we come back after this next break you're right back [Music] are you still paying your credit cards and so-called bagel roams thinking that you owe the money you feel like it's your moral obligation but can't see an end in sight well what if I told you that in truth you don't know 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microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm worth at the very small is a reflection of the very large and vice-versa so this is uh also represents that he has plugged in to the energy of higher consciousness and he is bringing it through himself through his actions in unity consciousness that he actually takes in the physical domain represented by his hand that is pointed down toward the earth ok so when one has achieved this state of self mastery and understands what their work is here on the ground they act in this capacity to bring those higher levels of awareness down to others who are also in the physical domain so it's a it's acting as a conduit I guess you could say he's a vehicle for that the transference of energy from higher states of awareness so that he can help to act as an alchemist to act as an influence on other people who are still in the material identified state of consciousness in the physical world and uh we need more magicians folks we need a lot more magicians that's all I have to say about that again The Fool is in the position of dot which is the hidden sphere of knowledge from which the The Tree of Life actually emerges this is the know thing and we talked about that last week and the fool in this position represents the soul and spirit itself as the the source ok the connection to the source or the higher our self so let's look at the macro cosmic tree this is image number to that we're going to not on the tarot book but on the website the second of the five images that I posted and you'll notice that it looks very similar except there are a new set of cards in the positions on the Tree of Life and these are cards 11 through 21 now the first card of the Major Arcana is the fool which we just talked about what that represents and he is in the position of docked and he was colored white because this is not on the Tree of Life or considered one of the emanations of the Tree of Life but it is from whence the Tree of Life comes okay similar similarly on the macrocosmic Tree of Life we take the last card of the Major Arcana card number 21 okay the very last card because again this brings it full circle the beginning corresponds to the end and the end corresponds in the beginning and it works in a cyclical fashion as we are going to see as a theme throughout occult schools of thought okay and we see the circle again or the zero okay representing the no thing right now with this wreath of this card now if you're going to look at this on the Tarot document you're going to skip ahead to what is called major 21 the Major Arcana 21 that's what the image will be termed on this up on the the page of the PDF document and it is simply called the world so this is image number 21 in the major arcana and it is called the world in some decks you will see this called the universe okay so this is the the playing field so to speak this is the actual physical world that we live in but it is also the spiritual world there are no real separations between those things okay people have termed this the body of God the unified field the all it doesn't make a difference what you call it is the microcar it is the macrocosm itself okay it is the all okay so again it is here depicted with this goddess figure that we saw on card number two but this is um this is the the womb of creation okay so it represents the void itself you know the all Springs from the void or the no thing it's not really physical we talked about that we'll talk about a physical worldly identification of matter now people get so left brain identified that they I they I purely identified with the physical world only but this world is anything but solid we looked at some aspects of quantum mechanics when we looked into the section on ego identification and identification with materialism I call that section of my understanding the the the understanding of the barriers to the realization of the true self and that was many many weeks back but again you can go back in the podcast and check that out these barriers to self-realization included something I called $0.05 illusion okay identification with purely material physical reality and if we look at the particles that comprise the physical reality they're nothing nothing but solid they're not solid at all they're actually pure energy and by in a state of vibration that's all it is it's condensed to a lower state of vibration we call that physical matter but what this card is basically telling us symbolically is that really there is no material world per se okay it's all a spiritual construct it's a construct that we experience through mind okay like a lens and it's there for experience and learning and growth okay and that's what this goddess figure that represents the pure potentiality okay of everything represents and you see then that's brought into cheese in that doorway which is represented by this we okay that's in the form of a zero just like the full card was card zero this is a correlation to that card that the as above so below where the correspondence principle brought here again because the soul and the universe are essentially one and they are reflections of each other the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vice versa so we see the angels of the corners as we described last week the lion man bull an eagle representing Aquarius I'm sorry representing Leo Aquarius Taurus and Scorpio the the ruling houses of the quadrants of the zodiac the ruling houses of each respective season summer summer spring fall and winter and these are the arms of what is called the great cross of the galaxy and again the galaxy is also connected as we saw when we looked at the astro theological traditions particularly when we looked at the Islamic tradition and it's connection to astro theological concepts and worship was uh the the galaxy is connected to the goddess which is the goddess of pure potential and the void so we have all of these connections brought back on this card representing our position in the galaxy representing the the void of nothingness from which the material reality ultimately Springs because it's all energy in a state of manifestation that is derived from to a potential okay and she has two wands of power or two forces because this goddess is the bridge between the microcosm and the macrocosm okay she ultimately is the one that is in control if you want to look at it that way this is these are the forces of nature itself this is the goddess that represents natural law the the governing forces of our reality that you're not going to break and get away with period you're bound by them the end we've talked about this innumerable times throughout the shows and I'll continue to mention it but there are still people who don't believe there's any such thing as natural law principles that believe that they can do whatever they want in this reality and get away with and they're delusional people natural law is always in effect always has been in effect always will be in effect you're bound by it forever and ever the end um good luck thinking otherwise that's why that's why suffering exists ladies and gentlemen suffering exists because the people in this world who think that their God and think that they own and control these forces which they don't refuse to acknowledge their existence and refuse to acknowledge that they're bound by these laws nonetheless that happens to be the truth they are we can come to understand these forces and work in harmony with them or we can continue to flaunt them continue to ignore them in which case we're going to continue to suffer endlessly the end get over it as fast as you possibly can okay that's it and you know I I'm not gonna even be labor that point because I talked about it endlessly on the show go back and listen to some podcasts where I talk about natural law and even podcast number 36 in which I break it down in a presentation so um this goddess represents the forces of natural law okay and that's what the world is governed by and it these laws are not derived from simply the physical again that's why it is e Rho symbol is there okay representing that these are derived from the realm of potential or the realm the spiritual realm they're not you can't see them by studying just the physical world you have to have a more holistic all-encompassing worldview in order to discover these laws you're never going to discover them just in left-brain logical analytical science they you need the wisdom of the right brain hemisphere the Sacred Feminine which is an analogue to the goddess herself a bringer of higher aspects of consciousness through the nurturing forces through this the the emotional qualities of the self and you need to bridge that with the analytical and logical qualities of the left brain that those can't be thrown out those masculine forces they need to be bridged and combined into a synthesis with the qualities of the right brain and that's why she holds these two scepters of power okay which she is this bridge between these male masculine and feminine forces she controls the whole game it is natural law you can look at that as a feminine nurturing mother not it not a strict disciplinarian or a vicious you know control freak or anything like that because these laws are not put into effect as a prison they are put into effect as a guide as guidelines on how to conduct ourselves and to reach self mastery so we do not have to experience suffering and this realm can become the paradise that was intended to be okay so let's start the breakdown of this tree and this goddess or this world card is put into the position of dot again as the hidden sphere on the sefirot ik tree to represent that this where it ultimately all comes from ok and goes to it's a flow in a circle represented by that week around this goddess figure okay and that's my best attempt at a breakdown of the world card so let's build it up as we've done in the microcosmic tree from the base from the Malkuth position and again if you need a reference to these these words you can go back to the images of the The Tree of Life in the Kabbalah section to bring those images up on the website okay again this is a a building block form of study and teaching you have to grasp the concepts and some of the jargon in a previous teachings and study and then we are going to continue to use that as we go forward so again this is a stepwise progression that's what we have to understand that's what initiation is initiation is taking these building blocks and then stacking them and then in stacking them exactly just like you build a building this is how we build an understanding a deep understanding of self and that's all these symbols are for ladies and gentlemen we can't build them into something that they're not it's not a religion it's not a belief system it's a tool that's it it's a tool symbols are ultimately tools now they do have an effect upon our subconscious and conscious minds but you know what they do that more so if we're completely ignorant to the language of symbolism once we understand it becomes symbol literate we can understand how symbols in any given position or aspect are being used that's the key to their true decoding okay not just looking at the symbol itself and saying oh that always represents this no a symbol may be used in one place to represent on something and then it can be used in a different place and represent something altogether different depending on who's using it and for what reason we need a more mature understand the language of symbolism I can't stress this enough and too many people in the so-called freedom movement who think all the occult is negative it's all horrible it's all of the devil it's all you know satanic do not understand because they have not really initiated themselves into this rich language of symbolism and these teachings and they do not understand that these can be applied for to be a full force of great good and I'm sorry but I'm never going to admit or acknowledge that some of what these people are saying that it's all negative and it's just all trying to put spin on something that's evil it's not the case this is a child to interpretation of something that they know very little about okay and you'll know who I'm talking about and you can go out and look at all different kinds of researchers that to talk about this as purely being negative okay now knowing what I've come forward and said on this show about human freedom do you think I would come and start to teach a tradition that is purely negative and can only be used for ills of course not okay I'm trying to help people gain a more holistic understanding of what the occult really is and what it's really used for in its pure form and what it is being used for in its adulterated form okay because there's a world of difference between those two usages and again I think we need to grow up and we need to be a little bit more mature about this okay so with that having been said let's break down this macrocosmic tree now okay in the mouth position which is the very bottom of the tree okay for the people who haven't yet I guess mastered the jargon and again these are just Hebrew terms from way back that relate to concepts that's all they don't get caught up in the jargon okay we're looking at the very bottom or the base of the tree along the middle pillar okay that's depicted there in red on image number one on image number two I'm sorry okay so this is the judgment card and if we look if you're following along with the PDF document um you go to the judgment card this is card number 20 that's in Roman numerals to X's okay and it says judgment on the bottom it's an angel with a trumpet blowing the trumpet the trumpet has a cross attached to it and the there is a man a woman and a child rising from sarcophagus from from sarcophagi the perform sarcophagus okay they're rising from tombs let's just call it to be simple okay and this represents the call out of purely