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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] freedom for the people that is what this show is all about you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time today is Tuesday February 1st 2011 thank you for tuning in wherever you may be and what we're going to do tonight is the first all call in what on earth is happening radio show we'll see how this goes I usually get phenomenal callers into the show and I'm looking forward to it we're going to have your calls all throughout the show for all two hours of the show this evening your comments your questions your concerns anything that you want to ask it's all on the table there are no taboo topics on this show there never are so that's going to be coming up in a moment I want to read a few event announcements for events coming up in the Philadelphia area and then I'll give the call-in numbers actually let me give the call-in numbers first so people can start to call in so here we go tonight all call-in show for the first time I'm doing this to kind of take a break from the heaviness of the material that we've been discussing over the last several weeks I've been breaking down different occult traditions and will continue to do that we'll be getting into the subversive use of symbolism and symbolism as a language in and of itself in the next few weeks here on the show but I figured you know let's take a break from the the ordinary you know the ordinary progression of topics and do something a little bit different to open things up so the the talks you call in number is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again you're going to call into the talk shoe Network you can call seven two four triple four seven triple four and put in the call ID number for what on earth is happening which is eight three five one five the call ID number for this show eight three five one five if you're calling on the blog top Network if you're listening on that network there's also a call-in number there you can call in two six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again the blog talk callin number six four six seven two seven three three eight seven hey Ann and Mark there's one more option I want to share for your listeners okay brought to you by the Intel hub news network it's a toll-free line graceless you want to call up mark and you don't have the long distance but most people have long-distance now when they use cell phones and Skype and all that great shuttle but anyways toll-free eight seven seven five nine eight eighty five forty nine get out of cran write this down that's toll-free eight seven seven five nine eight eighty five forty nine what on earth is happening with Mark Basia Bob thank you very much so event announcements for events coming up in the Philly area again I always read event announcements because ultimately it's all about taking action and developing the courage to do so so the great activist group truth freedom prosperity is hosting their free documentary screening and discussion night this was cancelled last week in Philadelphia because we had a big snowstorm come through and it dumped 17 inches of snow on the Greater Philadelphia area last week so we did not meet last Wednesday evening as was planned instead they have rescheduled for February 9th that's Wednesday February 9th at 7 o'clock p.m. at media Bureau Studios media Bureau is at 7:25 North fourth Street in Philadelphia that's the corner of 4th and Brown in the northern Liberty section of the city ok this month are going to be showing melt up the beginning of a US currency crisis ok so that's going to be this next Wednesday evening February 9th at 7 o'clock p.m. and then there will after the the documentary screening it will be followed by a discussion and question and answer session so come on out support the group truth freedom prosperity and for other events that they host please see their web site at wmur.com and finally the free your mind conference which is racing toward us we have about two months before it hits and it is looking really good things have smoothed out a bit we have we've confirmed all of the speakers it looks like they're all going to be able to be there and we're going to be able to afford to bring them so that's a good thing and this event should be one of the best events of its kind and one of the only events of its kind that I know of in the Philadelphia region so come on out to the free your mind conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at rubra hall Ruba our UBA UBA hall at 414 Green Street in the Northern Liberty section of Philadelphia the doors open each day at 9:00 a.m. and the speakers will be starting at 10:00 a.m. admission is only twenty dollars per day in advance and if you choose to buy your tickets at the door tickets will only be thirty dollars for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodology available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Aaron McCallum alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob tuscan farah your dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika Mark passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor that's a roster of 16 speakers over two days quite an impressive lineup of speakers and topics for more information on this great event please visit the conference website at WWE your mind conference calm that's free your mind conference calm all right so those are the event announcements you have the call in numbers and Bob if anybody is already waiting to call in just announce them and put them through no one has called me to the talk shoe number as of yet so if anybody has called in the blog talk network go right ahead and put them through at any time all two hours your calls your questions your comments your concerns anything you want to talk about right here on what on earth is happening this evening my contingency until I see callers on the line is to begin to introduce the topic of subversive symbolism so I have that on the agenda should we not get many callers however what I'd like to do as a brief recap is just firm perhaps new listeners who may be listening who don't know what this show is about or what I do here is just basically give them an over an overview of what we do here on what on earth is happening and some of the topics that we've covered thus far and encourage people to use the resources that are available and at their disposal on my website so ultimately what this show is all about and what makes it different than other other broadcasts in the so-called freedom movement or truth movement is that what I attempt to do throughout the course of each show and to establish a tapestry okay is to get down to the primary causal factors of what is creating the experience that we are undergoing that's what this is all turn out so if you take it right down to the base rudimentary level of what we're trying to do here we're trying to identify causal factors causation is what we have to understand and we need to understand how causation works to create the experience that we are actually living that is playing out before our eyes okay this is what many researchers at least in my understanding or estimation fail to do they point out the problems yet and they will have some effective solutions for the problems but what they fail to do is to identify the primary causal factors to what created the problems to begin with see if we have information about the causal agents of any given problem in within the understanding of the causal factor is the solution to the problem embedded within that okay that's why it's so necessary to go down to the very root of evil to understand causation so we can understand how we are actually generating that which we experience in the physical domain okay and that is all a factor of mind ultimately it's all ultimately a factor of mine and this is why mind control is so important and the methodologies of mind control are so important to understand ultimately what we're looking for is to develop the faculty to be able to distinguish truth from falsehood that's what we're altima looking to accomplish - and that is what consciousness ultimately is consciousness is ultimately becoming aware and living in harmony with truth and natural law natural law is a big topic of what we talk about on this show because we have to understand that we are bound by certain laws that simply exist in our inherent to the universe - creation itself and we are bound by those laws whether we like it or not whether we want to be or not or even whether we have understood those laws or not okay so the more we become conscious of those laws that underlie the physical aspect of our experience the better equipped we will be to create the experience that we want okay and the better equipped we will be to not create that which we do not want okay it sounds very simple but this understanding escapes 99.9% of people out there and this is why we're essentially living in the equivalent of a human madhouse okay and why so many things are being done to subvert human freedom and natural rights so we need to get down to causal factors if we're going to solve anything and what we ultimately need to develop is the ability to distinguish truth from falsehood and in a sea of information that we're being bombarded with much of which is disinformation that can be very difficult but we can do this effectively the better we know ourselves and how our own consciousness works so if we understand and delve into the human psyche and understand our primary motivational factors and primary root causal factors of what we experience and the things that actually go on in the human psyche the mind okay and the deeper parts of the mind human subconscious as well we will develop that awareness and we will be less likely to be manipulated or fall prey to the techniques of mind control which is largely what the progression of this show has been here to expose we've been going on for a number of weeks now months actually talking about the techniques of mind control we've already covered 12 of them in a list of 14 proposed methods and there there are more but I generally talk about 14 different methods of mind control we have already covered 12 fairly extensively and over the next few weeks we will be getting into the final two and then talking about the agenda itself just a brief prelude to what's going to be coming up after we do that after we talked about subversive symbolism and the the one of the biggest guns of mind-control which is a problem reaction solution or what I term chaos sorcery okay then we're going to be getting into solution speak and we're going to talk about solutions for probably as many weeks as we've already have done the show okay we're going to talk about solutions to a point where we're going to highlight just about every solution that can be employed to fight this global dark agenda this this uh mind control agenda that is being propagated and foisted on to the people of the earth so that's going to be coming up in future weeks on what on earth is happening all right here we go we've got our first caller of the evening caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you are live on what on earth is happening how are you and what do you have for us I'm architect Chris from New Jersey how are you doing Chris how are you doing tonight good mark cam I haven't caught in a while for the single reason that I've been listening but you've been even teaching me so much about the Kabbalah and all the other mysticism that it's been more in receiving mode than transmitting mode yes that that's been the general the general arm state that has been going on over the last several weeks actually I noticed that calls have trickled off because I think people are tuned into the information following along with the graphics and it's almost been like a live lecture format of sorts so that's understandable but that's that's the reason I wanted to do this show to kind of take a break from that massive uh you know putting out there and downloading of intensive information for a little bit to just have some discussions so always a pleasure to hear from you now one of the things mark that I find it interesting when I started becoming more conscious so to speak and learning about consciousness is whether whether a synchronicity comes to you or you become more aware of it you do experience it and the other topic which you really haven't touched upon maybe because it's too expensive is syncro mysticism and I've come to the understanding or I guess a guess - what syncro mysticism is is that things happen that seem like a coincidence but are it's not good so this is all just being done by a higher order of things that we don't understand absolutely synchro mysticism is a fascinating topic I was actually brought on to a show that was almost entirely about synchro mysticism by Kevin who often calls into the show he goes by the name Kevin tinfoil or karma the Jedi sometimes he has a show on talk show on the talk show network called caution tinfoil hat area and it sounds like you know it's kind of a you know a light-hearted type thing but it talks about pretty serious topics on it and he did a show all about Sync or mysticism in which he brought me on with um who I considered to be like a kind of an expert on synchro mysticism or who has brought this to the forefront particularly under the banner of that word Jay coxy and uh we went back and forth a little bit and it was a really great show and um I think that synchro mysticism is one of the least understood phenomena out there I think people only are recently coming on to its understanding in recent years and it's it's relatively new to the human consciousness in general I think what it's ultimately about is there is a higher order of consciousness but it's kind of attempting to show us um the interconnect goodness of things I don't I wouldn't necessarily say that it's completely directing everything it's quite possible that that's what's happening but I tend to lean more toward it is simply showing us how things are all interrelated with each other and it is up to us to become to open up our minds more to become aware of these interconnections and then we will understand the purpose or the underlying meaning that is contained in those events 911 is a great example I think that's a huge synchronistic event we could talk about synchronous this is amiga into the break down of some of the symbolism of 911 because that's going to be coming up on the show in a few weeks and you know it it I don't necessarily think that things need to be orchestrated for them to be synchro mystic in nature again what synchronistic ism is for people who haven't looked into it and I think you should you know google it you know go on whatever search engine you prefer look it up watch some videos about it read some articles about it it's a fascinating topic for exploration but essentially it is finding higher levels of connectedness from a I guess you could say a entangled perspective okay or a higher consciousness perspective in what you would consider the seemingly mundane however the this interconnectedness is displayed and it comes through often through the artistic process okay the idea that art is imitating life so to speak okay the the creative process seems to engage the syncro mystic unfoldment I guess you could say okay and as something required or took more creative energy to put out there into the universe and and that's why it often comes through in movies the synchronistic understanding movies are incredibly big creative projects from the storyline to the writing behind it to the the design upsets and and costumes and creating the story itself and then doing all the computer work that is necessary to do it to put these together there is so much creative energy engaged in making a movie particularly a big-budget Hollywood film and so many people are focusing their creative energy all toward the same goal that is when this synchronistic magic I guess starts to happen and and starts to speak to us it's not always an orchestrated thing when it comes to the movies people talk about predictive programming a lot when it comes to movies but I don't necessarily think it's always a deliberate effort it is simply something that is coming from a higher level of awareness that is being engaged when certain people are engaging deeply in the creative process all at once all together and all toward the same goal to create something and put it into the world so that's my take on sync or mysticism Chris what do you think of that you have anything additional to add or any other thoughts on it or any resources you might want to point people to the let them check it out more I really think that the last part you say was where the creative process is linked up in some way with sync remissness ISM I think I think that's really true I always started as you know we know how to the ability right now the consciousness to see that the bigger pattern we they we know they may see a chessboard but there might be an even bigger chessboard than another another big you know an even bigger chessboard and I think as our understanding increases we may see things that as they're synchronistic we may come to understand the reason you know why that occurred I also think it's part of the grand design of creation and I don't really have any any um references for people to go to go and look because I really haven't looked it up that much much myself I just surmise what it what it was it seems like I was pretty close sure sure you know any resources that you'd recommend for people out there that's I'm saying mark I really don't I had only looked into am I as intently as I should have I guess okay I like one called the brave new world order calm I believe that Jack cop sees website or you could just look up the name Jack cop see I believe he spells his last name ko tze if I'm not mistaken um uh there is uh let me see there is I'll open my web browser up here and see if I could find a couple more resources there is some good google videos if you go to google video and you type synchro mysticism and you'll get a you'll get a few decent videos there is um let's see reality sandwich that's daniel pinchbeck s-- website he has some things on there about synchro mysticism again the brave new world order I'm sorry it's not the brave new world order calm I think it's the brave new world order dot blog spot.com the brave new world order dot blog spot.com and you need the word thaw in front so the brave new world order dot blog spot.com that's jcots e site and it is KO tze um let's see there synchro mysticism dot blog spot.com okay there's also a Wikipedia page about it that basically you know gives an intro to it there's something called the Octagon which is a synchro mysticism site let's see I took that's plenty mark yeah yeah but I don't know you just try to determine I would say started something like YouTube because videos kind of explain it better than reading an article about it because it's abstract concept and if you start with a simple sink remissness ism video it kind of will take you through the progression to understand what what this is all about but again it's it's it is abstract you have to disengage the left brain uh you know pure logic pure intellectual mode if you're really going to appreciate this as as again something that is coming through from a higher level of awareness we have to really see this from a right-brained perspective because that's really what synchro mysticism is this is the right brain calling out to us it's the higher sacred feminine energy that that is the creative force calling out to us to try to disengage from our material world identified left brain thinking that's that's really what I think the whole purpose of sync or mysticism is but I do think that it is something that is real I do think that it is something that is coming through from a higher level of awareness and is not necessarily something that is orchestrated it is it is something that is this random series of interconnected things that are completely beyond coincidence or chance anybody thinks that these things are chance I mean you know good luck because you're not going to roll dice and get these kind of sync ups by accident as far as I'm concerned it's far beyond randomness but to a very left brain person it would be a it would be what what I would call a hard swallow for a left brain person you know that's it well I appreciate your time I appreciate your insight on it your information I deftly follow up on it and I'm looking forward to your conference in April I'm glad things are back on track again yeah it's looking pretty good and I'm looking forward to a lot of the speakers we're going to have a roundtable discussion panel at the end of the night on Sunday we're also going to screen Suzanne Taylor's new documentary on the crop circle phenomenon on Saturday evening she put a great documentary about the crop circles together called what on earth inside the crop circle mystery and we're going to be screening that film on Saturday evening at the conference so everybody will be a great event we're going to have vendors downstairs we're going to have tons of books and pamphlets available and DVDs and it should just be an overall good time for people to come out and really educate themselves about what's really going on yeah I like the crop circle topic as well I've been listen did a lot of that onto frequency with Chris ever been a guest on their show that's been pretty good the last thing I wanted to ask you about Mark ISM and I don't know if it's if you know or not it is is anyone I'm out Michael cheryan caesarian is he going to show up or um I have not gotten any word on that I know you know I haven't really told people that because I didn't want to get anybody's hopes up we were attempting to get Michael sorry on to come you didn't tell me that you didn't tell me that rumors that he made wrong I let a few people know that I had been in contact with him and it looked like it may have been a possibility I don't think it's going to be but maybe I will just attempt to you know see if at the 11th hour we might be able to pull something together but I I would say probably not but we'll see we'll see what I can do even without him it's a great lineup I really look forward to it mark thanks so much you got it Chris thanks so much for calling good night bye-bye okay here we go ah we were just I was just speaking of this gentleman here we go Kevin tinfoil from caution tinfoil hat area you're on what on earth is happening how are you doing my friend hey Mark how's it goin I didn't know you were talking about me that thank you very much I noticed that you're speaking about the synchro mysticism and such and I have not gotten yet a hold of the guy who's supposed to be my guest like a full confirmation on it but I had planned on either this Friday or Saturday to have an episode on my show once incra mysticism once again so if your previous caller is interested if he could just keep an eye out for that I would appreciate it definitely definitely I you know the last show that you did on the topic I think was great you had Jack Copsey on there you brought me on there I got a chance to speak with Jack and go back Jake I'm sorry and go back and forth with him and I think it was great yeah I really appreciated your contribution to it because it's strange it as it is and not it's not that I would say that my wife didn't already understand the concepts behind say 9/11 and so on and so forth yes good but it's as a unfortunately I would say that she did not um fully grasp the occult aspects of it until you described it the way you had done so I'm glad I was able to help with that understanding because um even I missed it when it first happened it with my background into the occult I had to go back into the symbolism to understand it myself that's how much swept up in the whole experience of the event I got myself back then I I feel like I should have grasped all that on day one and at my level of awareness I still did not and it took a while it took until probably about 2002 for me to really understand the event was all about maybe even ended you know late 2002 early 2003 but but you know uh the synchronistic aspect of that it there is a sink or mysticism element involved in the 9/11 event I think it's highly involved when you get down to looking at what happened with flight 93 now we're talking about a high concept and an occult number and you know when you look at the numbers of the planes which again I won't get to fully into all of this tonight we'll do this when we go into this topic in in several weeks but I think the flight 93 aspect is the biggest example of sync or mysticism in the 911 event because I think that's an example of a pilot who refused to stand down order and in doing so he engaged the concept of Thelema or the use of willpower toward the higher will and this prevented building seven from being hit because that's what I believe the intended target of flight 93 was which crashed in Shanksville Pennsylvania or was shot down over Shanksville Pennsylvania and in in doing that of building 7 which represented the Middle Pillar you know which we talked about in Kabbalah and we will talk about also when we get to the symbols of Freemasonry and other occult traditions that that pillar couldn't remain standing as part of the ritual and therefore they needed to bring that down anyway even though no no plane had struck and that's the the linchpin the key of the entire 9/11 truth movement as it is now called Middle Pillar as we saw its importance I hear the intro music for this first great plane been 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synchro mysticism a little bit Kevin I know you want to talk about a specific topic about you know who's the right people to trust with their information and you know how we could I guess discern good information from this information but before we do that or maybe after we do that I'd like to bring up something because I just recently ran into it at the new screening of the zeitgeist 3 it was like guys moving forward and I wanted to get your take on what you thought of the film and what you thought of the zeitgeist movement here in Philadelphia in general that's actually part of what I was kind of going to ask you about with this whole thing about who do we trust because sure at this moment I am involved with the guys that work with the zeitgeist movement in Philly you were on the show that had like two of the guys one was from dirt one was a Jersey coordinator one was the Philly lead chapter lead um you like Salvi Fernando and James Babb from we won't fly and I guess part of where I'm going with all this by mentioning these guys is that we're all kind of like that the show I had was for liberty leaders and like not to give too much of a plug for my old episode but having you guys one really meant something to me like I trust all you guys including the zeitgeist guys who I hear is that guy said an NWO thing and then I've heard that the NWO also doesn't want us to fly so that makes like James's Pole we won't fly thing kind of like which direction are we going and then I hear like again like i talked with um mike salvia about this he his hole and the Fed thing is now being like now obviously not Glenn Beck has not come down from on high off of Fox News and said AI support Mike Salvi sadly it would be nice to actually have those types of it have anyone aware enough to actually know what's going on sadly I don't think that as Mike's Alvey and I even talked about it like there is because of the globalist agenda and the fact that guys like Glenn Becker then following the globalist agenda pretty much verbatim if he if Glenn Beck is now saying and the Fed is a good thing which he I've seen a couple clips on YouTube about it it makes me wonder are are we all useful idiots like are we all being played by the system or are we actually doing something that we feel is the right thing to do because it's just flat-out the right thing to do I mean it I'm actually at a point where like it's a miniature moment of crisis where like I mean all of my life is pretty much okay around me but I've got this like thing I'm trying to figure out and I'd really just love to have your input on it well I think that revolutions can be co-opted that's something that we have to be aware of and people can twist infusions of energy to suit their agendas now I'm not saying that that's what's happening in this case necessarily but I think it's something that does have to be watched for without being paranoid and you know my take on the whole thing is and as I mentioned on your show was I'm for a resource-based economy as you would call it just resource-based living however if that is done forcibly I'm not for it okay it would be how you would implement it if it is implemented from a higher level of consciousness and awareness that simply there are people and there are resources and these this is what people need to live this is what people need to thrive to grow to live amongst each other to develop their own consciousness and awareness and they need to be supported in the physical world that they live in in order to do those things and that is chosen that I'm for it if it is forced okay by violence then I'm not for it at all because that's called communism or socialism or whatever you want to call it the forced redistribution of resources based on you know the state saying you must do this you must do that it can't happen that way if you know I wouldn't support anything that were to happen that way okay I'm for I'm a voluntary in every aspect of the word I don't believe in the authority of man period people need to make their own choices and understand that they're not the only people in the world nor are they God okay that's what it all really comes down to you know people are living as if they're God you know this rich super-rich you know less than point zero one percent of the population that basically owns all of them important resources of the world okay that needs to stop but at the same time I don't believe in communist or socialist values to a point where I think the state should take over the resources and say you only get this you only get this you only get this you only get this and that's it you know I think we can all have what we want and still be happy and thrive as long as we don't have this reptilian brain a directive impulse that says I always have to have more more more you know it's about living within one's means and and necessities as far as do I need to have five cars and you know ten mansions in different countries do I need to have that you know I mean look at I was just walking with a friend through Philadelphia and we pointed out the home of a celebrity and my friend happened to know who the celebrity was that owns this huge home that takes up half of a block in the UH I'm trying to think the section of the city it's in a it's not Northern Liberties it's a an old city okay so in the old city area and I won't mention the celebrity's name but uh you know it is a well-known movie actor okay and he was telling me yeah he had this house made and never goes there if nobody's ever in it there's an alarm system they have lights that are automated that go on and make give the appearance that something's there he might come there once every other two years stay for a week and that's it and yet you know this takes up a huge amount of resources energy land etc you know but he just has that just because if I happen to be in the area of Philadelphia that's where I'm going to stay I'm going to have my you know luxury place built with like you know it's probably probably has a you know a movie theater inside there and you know a gym you name it I mean it has all the amenities that you could ever possibly ask for want without ever leaving you know the complex that you built so to speak but you know do I think that uh that that's you know how you know people need to use resources no but again that's that's that person's level of consciousness it's always more to what I can do for me what could he do with the money that was spent to build that home this this celebrity okay what kind of contribution could he have made that to to help hunger or to help poverty or disease or homelessness or any other affliction you know could he have given it to the truth movement to try to just put out information could you have contributed to conferences that talk about you know opening up one's mind and awareness no he decided I'm going to build a house with the extra money that I've made as a result of my career as long as we're in the me-me-me mode of consciousness doesn't make a difference what kind of monetary system is out there it's going to fail and it's going to result in suffering this is what I just don't hear from the freedom movement people they don't want to talk about consciousness and causality causal factors they want to avoid that because they want to be able to point the finger outward instead of turning and pointing at their their own selves because that's where true transmutation and change takes place in one's own consciousness in one's own mind in one's own heart and in one's own actions and most people not all but most people in the world will kill or die to avoid looking within most people that's the sad fact of the matter and the reality that we live in that's what the human race has become that's not what our true essence or nature is but unfortunately that's what we have become and most people alive today would rather die than to look inward so yeah I totally hear what you're saying there too actually that's my take on the whole freedom movement in general and that's my take on things like zeitgeist and the Venus Project etc I don't have a problem with the idea I think it's a beautiful idea the question is is how will it be implemented you need enough people behind that idea from a philosophical and moral perspective in order for it to be successful hence can a man rather than coercion stay with me on the line through this break I want to talk about this a little bit more and I'll get your take on who we should listen to thank you this is what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] hey Mark mark passio hey Bob how are you I'm doing well I just wanted to let you know that you have chef on the blog talk line which by the way people can call toll free at eight seven seven five nine eight eighty five forty nine I brought to you by the Intel hog news network Bob I'm gonna well hold Kevin over a little bit after this break and then I'll call go right to that call I'll tell you where take your time with Kevin chef also wants to talk about The Venus Project he claims the Rothschild fund it and that they fund The Venus Project and I talk to them a little bit off there you know I keep an open mind but at the same time I don't want to make accusations that are not true I mean if you're going to make a claim like that you're going to have a little bit more information than just Oh based on the Venus Project or whatever you know so I'm interested to hear what he has to say about that I'll be listening in to the program when we get back from break I'll let you wrap things up with your your other caller and we'll get to the next caller eventually you got it thanks so much what on earth is happening with marked a seal on the Intel hub news network my lifestyle every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time you can check it out from my website the Intel hub radio.com join me Joe Joseph John King and AC Griffith Thursdays and Sunday evenings at 8:00 p.m. Eastern the phonemic radio on the internal of news yes a very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will with the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right you see he predicted the collapse of GM Finn Mae Freddie Mac and America's biggest mall owner General Growth Properties a few years ago in fact barela's called his work a dire prophecy now this has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and recently he created a video which you can watch online for free detailing the biggest and most important prediction net and it's a real eye-opener I can't stress this enough you should at least watch the video online today he explains everything you need to know including simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video at WWE mm-hm although this video may be offensive to some audiences it's worth checking out again that's wwm of america the number 8 com watch this free video at WWE end of america.com you are listening to the Intel hub Network impression P by P okay we're back on what on earth is happening before the break we were talking about the zeitgeist movement and The Venus Project and kind of the level of consciousness that would really be required to put something together like that I think it's an idea that is far far ahead of its time unfortunately because the human imagination is so stifled by the monetary system people think that money is the lifeblood of creation of life on Earth that we need a monetary system that we could not live there wasn't such a thing as money and this elevates the concept of money to godhood because that's what it is intended to be it is indeed really the root of evil and you know they you know the love of money is the root of all evil but I would say attachment to the idea of money is the root of all evil and this is what really the whole zeitgeist movement is attempting to struggle against and and and break down you know break down this meme which is an entrenched mean with incredible amounts of power over the human mind I spoke about this at the last and the Fed rally and my lecture was about the alchemists philosopher's stone the idea of the Philosopher's Stone and what that was actually created from and it was ultimately distilled from the human imagination hey this is what ultimately creates the stone okay the higher awareness and higher consciousness and sadly that's deadened its crippled its devastated the human imagination is devastated in most people sadly that's just the case I asked people in that lecture in that presentation whatever you want to all of the speech could you imagine a world without money and I would probably say even in that end the Fed rally where people want to go against this huge corrupt banking institution I'll bet you 90% of those people cannot imagine a world without money now maybe I'm just being harsh or nasty or maybe I'm just thinking that you know people are just in a more a more denigrated state than they really are maybe I'm just overtly that overly negative okay that could be but I guarantee you if you really pressed even those individuals for their true beliefs on this topic what they really feel most of them would would give you the answer ultimately I feel money is necessary and that one couldn't live without it and that's why do I think something like The Venus Project is we're going to see that happen in our lifetimes more likely than not we're not going to see that in our lifetimes maybe in future generations if we continue to get this information out about consciousness and causal factors of what we're creating it might be possible but I think it's a long long long way off sadly you know I think the idea is a good one I think if it's done in the right way and if it's done at in a higher level of awareness it's where we really need to go as a species but I think so few people are ready for that that they will come up with whatever jabs at it that they can to justify the the same existing amoral monetary system or to prop a new one up in its place that would become just as immoral that's just my take on it keV what are your thoughts on that I'll hold you over for another couple of minutes and then I'll go to some more callers give me your thoughts on that well I originally back in like 2003 started having some issues with money um I got a decent job so I lost the issues but I didn't lose the drive to figure out a way to live without money and I become very enamored by the whole concept of earthships and I only see the Venus Project as is as above so below this like giant extension of the earth ships all the same systems are in place such as being able to make your own energy make your own food have all of your own basic needs taken care of without the need for money I am NOT a greedy person I really don't need much I mean I'm very happy with the like couple hundred dollar computer I have that i realistically paid very little for comparison for getting a deal through AT&T; but uh that's kind of beside the point but the point I'm trying to make is that if we in my opinion if we manage the resources of the planet better than we do now and if we took a global systems approach to it I think we would have a much better chance of not having the issues that we currently have such as before some people are concerned with overpopulation I however am NOT have seen some research that shows that we could probably have about 25 billion on the planet I agree but that being that we're at 7 I think it's a holistically smart idea to just consider that future and get ready to be prepared to take care of that number now and I don't think that we can afford that in the future considering like I've seen a lot of economists say recently that something like 60% of or where we're going to raise taxes like 60% in order to get to where we need to be able to actually start paying off any debt at all with a question and your number like that the way we're living now not the way we're living now with exactly how many organs nature yes some people are using so much and causing so much pollution in just using so many vast resources and I just always wonder like is it just their whole divide and conquer scheme that pretty much allows them to get away with this I mean that why isn't it that people aren't willing to just set aside their egos and work all together I mean III the reason why I even did my last show with you and the other guys is it I knew everyone that sat down at that table was about and the fed the to zeitgeist guys as well as all the other guys that were on the other side of the table they all understood that we need a new monetary system and a lack of one that could actually provide for all using a fully functioning resource-based economy I think would work really well myself it's the best of all worlds provided I saw prints for Star Trek and we're not paying attention to this gift that's there because everybody seems like they're afraid that they're gonna be fooled by some NWO agenda and we end up in Logan's Run and well you know what out I'm not afraid of that like I see the potential here and I I think that if we were twisted enough at that point after creating such a thing that we became that sort of authoritarian and closed society I think we put a little maybe style and promote out my idea about why there's so much hesitation toward even pursuing something like The Venus Project and again there's some synchronous tiss ISM right in there right in the word the words the Venus Project right Venus is the next planet closer to the Sun from where we are just think about that from its symbolic perspective okay it's up one chakra closer to the crown chakra in the chakra systems as related to the planets as we've shown on this show and looked into those symbolic connections okay so it's it's not uh going toward Mars which would be going down a shock or going farther away from the Sun but it's the Venus Project Venus is also a name of the goddess okay this sacred feminine energy okay so again it's also named after the goddess herself one of the names of the goddess that we looked at when we talked about the Tarot tradition was Venus okay and and this is associated her name was associated with Venus in the Roman tradition that's just an interesting synchronistic connection okay because the idea is one that takes us up a notch and takes us up to a higher level of consciousness but the the main resistance to this idea okay is people are thinking about it from the same level of consciousness that we are now that we are dwelling in now as a species that's where their viewpoint of this comes from they're not thinking if we moved to a higher level of awareness if we move up in consciousness and we no longer dwell in the base brain and dwelled in it with an imbalanced neocortical brain okay if we didn't have all of this imbalance within toward the male side okay toward the yang energy okay if we embrace the sacred feminine energy if we combine the left brain with the creative and nurturing power of the right brain and we moved up to a higher level of consciousness that's how this would work and only the only way it would work we cannot talk about building a non-monetary system in general without talking about a fundamental shift in human consciousness and this is what is completely left out of these discussions almost completely left out of these discussions and that's why I got kind of almost uh oops not upset but almost depressed when I was you know on the show that night because no one was bringing up consciousness they were just talking about the mechanics of it and the the logistics and you know that's all that was being brought up but what wasn't being brought up is the quality of mind the the improvement to the human psyche that would be necessary to implement something like that and the reason that this is often not brought up and again I may I may be taking a jab here or even a stab here and there is the people who are discussing these ideas aren't at those levels of consciousness and they are quite unread about a lot of this information they're quite unread about what would be required to change consciousness and to have a paradigm shift in awareness they're quite unread about the occult itself and about how these are tools for improving consciousness they think naively and childishly that they're going to get from here to there without going through the steps between and that it's not going to take any real hard work on the ground to get that done and this is why I'm not very popular this is why and I'm not here to be popular I'm not here to make friends or it's not a popularity contest I'm here to explain to people just how much work is going to be involved to make this transition and and not to depress them or make them fearful but to make them aware it's harder than what what you're even thinking now to change truly from within and to change your mind and to get out of the barriers of mine that have been put there by the existing systems of conditioning and social engineering the you have been born into from the minute of your birth and that your parents and grandparents and great-grandparents on back through the generations have been born into exactly how I feel like I'm going through right now - it's because it feels like I'm getting all this information from all these people saying that what I'm doing is ineffective and all I'm doing is trying to actually do something and they're all just telling me that oh that's not going to work that's not going to work that's not going to work and I'm like you know then what will tell me you you tell me what will and no one I then has an answer for me so like I just I feel like if I'm going to be damned I'm gonna be damned for who I really am and I hope everybody can appreciate that and understand that I'm just going to keep moving forward myself and and hopefully that's right and I know how much or so I I'm not the only one and I hope someday he'll join us right that's right and that's what I ended that's what I ended my I know with yes at the end of the red round which with me so well and it resonates am and many other people too and the imagination why going it we have minor thing people who can imagine true change coming about from a higher level of awareness their imagination is dead and my suggestion would be attempt to move and and just put those people off to the side in your life so that they don't drain your energy because they're not going to be part of a solution and they are nothing but part of the problem and you can say that's as harsh as you want to call it and there's the tagline again for the show good as offended about that as you like these are the people who the dark occultus of this world call the dead quite frankly that's who they are so Kevin yeah unfortunately we have to let go of those people and chalk them up sadly that may sound harsh but that's the case they're not going to be part of this problem they are attached they are attached to means they are attached to mind control and they're not going to come out of it because that's their safety net that's their little comfort blanket and they're going to stay there probably until the day that they die because they don't want to turn the finger inward and point at themselves Kevin I want to thank you for calling in man I'm going to move on and try to take another couple of calls and I you always have great insights to bring to the table my final answer would was far as who we should listen to my final insight I guess you could say on that is find the people who you can see an active imagination in who are actually willing than to take action based on that quality of imagination and those are the people that we should really be giving you know credence to their message and and listening to and then partnering up with thank you mark I really appreciate that it's it's nice to have a friend that I can come and talk to I thank you for letting me I have this bring this all up on your show I appreciate it you gotta man it was good seeing you the other night at the I was like ice cream you take care man tinfoil from caution tinfoil hat area always a good call when he calls in and always a pleasure to hear from him all right Bob you said you had a caller on the blog talk line you can go ahead and put the caller through let's see here we have chef welcome to what on earth is happening with mark ASEA hey how are you yeah hello how's it going now I'm good I'm good mark is it yes now mark you know how about alias man I just try to keep it that way due to the business mm right but I go by conspiracy chef and I believe your last caller is the one that posted your link that you're ready shows on tonight on my Facebook page also on this rifle take my product in there for you and and you know and I hope it's always good I want to preface this all up all this what I'm about to say was it's always good to meet like-minded wait people right I mean we might not always bring on everything you know I mean but that's life that's life not just how things go now when use this term for instance I want to waste your time area time when I loved and I heard you guys talking about that guys I mean you guys will be further into it you know sure I have a concern with the zeitgeist movement um I had I had some as well I could tell you you tell me what some of yours are I'll tell you what some of mine are because I have some as well yeah yeah no no no and my concerns with is like actually this is just one ending or the house the Rothschild the Rothschilds fund the Zeiss Titan the zeitgeist movement through shell companies right and one of them shell companies is the Venus Project the Rothschilds are one of the major funder of The Venus Project and then that alone gives me enough reason for anything that they do underneath right with the Venus Project it's nice utopia I'm not gonna lie initially I was brought up into the context of things you know really what a lot of these projects I think it looks pretty I think it looks futuristic I think it's it's it's all of these and all that you know but I member wouldn't want to think it everyone else listening really shows that you know your your again communism die as well absolutely news product and it's based Resorts BRE redistribute the wealth in a way that is communism everybody within lives underneath that little bubble you know I mean the Chinese building right now by the way they're building mega cities completely uninhabited and one of those mega cities are is a city much like what we'll see on the zeitgeist website you know but so just following the money is what I like to do right now I don't I don't like that domes for the venus project for the Rothschilds I don't find at the Rothschild I don't have knowledge of where the money for the Venus Project or of where Jacque fresco gets his funding I don't have knowledge of that funding now I saw as I can't speak directly directly to that I don't have to research that on my own um if you want to send me any links about it the Eternity yeah I'd like to research some of it absolutely you know whenever you when I hear when I I just say when I hear Jacque fresco talk he seems like a high consciousness person what I would like to hear more about what I would like to hear more about I agree he seems they have a lot of courage to but what I would like to hear more about is the actual methods that would be used to use the resources and how that would be acquired how that would be done because again by pause but I think pauses how it would be done the idea is great if it's done through force and violence I want no part of it if it was if it was done from a higher level of awareness and voluntary operative I'm all for it one I think it's wonderful let me tell you what some of my pauses about zeitgeist as a movement in general or not not as a movement I shouldn't say that because the movement doesn't actually put forward specific tenets that everybody has to has to agree with I've been asked to speak at z-day which is coming up in New Brunswick New Jersey I'll be making an announcement about that in brothers don't do it brother hey oh no I'm going for my money I'm going to the last conquer I'm going to go and speak at it because I can conquer I'm going to talk about the occult origins of money which is not addressed in the films okay the the maker Peter Joseph while I like many of his ideas seems to be an atheist which you know I think that that is a candy a problematic ideology because at the at the point where you really become deeply atheistic of social Darwinism starts to kind of being something that people go down the path of now I don't think he's a social Darwinist I'm not saying that but when you get into atheism and you think that man is the highest force that is operating here that's when when I have to step back and say then basically there is no ultimate of truth there is no ultimate right or wrong there is no actual objective morality and we get to make it all up okay so that's the path that you go down when you get into true totalitarianism we talked about this extensively on the show the idea of solid sysm and the idea of moral relativism now I'm not saying he's a moral relativist either but I the if you don't think there's an objective truth and an objective right or wrong okay and that's placed there by natural law they now I believe he does believe in the concept of natural law or no that natural law exists I think Jacque fresco also understands natural mom he has spoken about this in interviews and and documentaries as well so uh you know the atheism part kind of makes me take pause the other part that I think that is something that uh concerns me a bit is that he downplays the UM occult aspects of this and that's where I have to completely go in the opposite direction because there is a small hidden cabal of dark occult as' that are calling the shots and this is the reason that I will make that statement and just completely say he's simply incorrect about that it's not my opinion is because I have experienced all knowledge of that it's I don't have that from reading about it in books I was involved I've been involved for years of my life in the dark occult before I had my transformation in consciousness and came up to a higher level of understanding about what was really going on on this planet so I developed a conscience I understood morality I understood natural law and moral law and started to live in accordance with those laws and understand that there is no authority in man and man isn't the highest force in the universe or even in our local neighborhood okay and I came out of that base level of consciousness that I dwelled in when I was helping these people these are cultists so my experience in that capacity is not in books or reading about it it's living it and there is no replacement to that experience this is where someone like Peter Joseph simply does not have this experience I don't think he can be totally faulted or blamed for that he just hasn't been involved with the dark occult and with the people who are operating it I have okay so um he's simply incorrect about that I'll state that unequivocally okay but he's entitled to his belief because he doesn't have that knowledge okay so he's entitled to say I don't think there is such a thing as dark occult is running the show or what people have termed the Illuminati you're perfectly entitled to continue to believe that and continue to try to Vince other people of it but I'm letting people know that's incorrect it's wrong okay so that's where I have to part ways with what he puts out in the third film and I think he's deliberately doing that because he doesn't want to alienate people he wants to make it purely about the sciences and purely about the left brain aspects because that's what he knows people are trapped in he knows people are trapped in that level of left brain consciousness and only by keeping it to that narrow bandwidth that plot that narrow playing field are inside that box Kenny appeal to more numbers of people let me tell you it's effective because more people were at that site day screening in Philadelphia at the ethical Society than I've seen it any meeting having to do with the truth or freedom movement in this whole region in the last couple of years and it's at that's sad because you know I think there there are many worthy groups working toward true change in this area and they don't have the numbers and you know someone someone like myself and other people who are really truly conscious about what's really going on and have experiential knowledge to back that up again I'm not very popular because I speak my mind frankly I don't sugarcoat anything and I'm not here to engage in a popularity contest I'm here to try to create some true change in our consciousness and again that's if nothing I bring some muscle each other and true changes so it's a lot of your listeners lives you know my name is being a conspiracy Shepard the reason that the chef is in there because I do cook and I do like to grow my own food I do like to feed my family Sophy food because I know what's out there I know what's in the supermarket I'm saluting you know and when and one of my things is a one of your callers I think in tinfoil hat it said he doesn't believe oil issue so you don't believe in poker population all right I agree I think you know why there's two problems right one of the problem is is that we all now been programmed to go to a store to buy our food and that food is being shipped from we get shrimp from Thailand you know we get turned from the Gulf Coast of course you know but like I go when we're about to buy a short I'll ask for my shrimp is from you know then in an old bottle store it's unfortunate because I love shrimp you know but you can make a hydroponic system with less than fifty dollars but you can crunch strawberries lettuce tomatoes any sort of vegetable fruit that you would like you can go to a nursery for crying out loud and a hydroponic system you know you can grow potatoes in your garbage can you know and it'll be a whole garbage can full of potato so these are things that we can all personally hey chef who were coming up to a break hanging out with me over through the break and I will continue this on the other side please tell me you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network we'll be right back okay mark hey Bob how are you mark yes a good man listen I'm going to take off here but you have a few other callers on standby and I want to make sure that you're able to navigate them and bring them on air now any chance I can that supply you with the login information and Amanda lend that to me on skype and I'll log in to blog talk because I want to get to the log e log into the blog Chuck and I already screen the calls we have Bob from Cincinnati arctic all right hang on and we also have a great call from Philly on the line our friend Joe great so we got some great colors and we'll get back from the break I'll bring you up and I'll go log in here you guys you can bring up the rest of the colors great all right mark stand by thanks so much for great open lines program thank you bombs the economic collapse all while standing honorable and true to yourself then call eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three that's eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three or visit for you to prosper calm right now hey Shepherd we hope with the Intel hub check out my lifestyle every Sunday at 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time you can check it out from my website you Intel hub radio.com Wendy Joe Joseph John King and AC Griffith Thursdays and Sunday evenings at 8:00 p.m. Eastern complete Alec radio on the Intel above losses they very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will witness the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right you see he predicted the collapse of GM fam Mae Freddie Mac and America's biggest mall owner General Growth Properties a few years ago in fact Bareilles called his work a dire prophecy now this has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and recently he created a video which you can watch online for free detailing the biggest and most important prediction yet and it's a real eye-opener I can't stress this enough we should at least watch this free video online today he explained everything you need so including simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video at www.americanoutback.net the number eight comm watch the free video at WWE end of America e.com you are risking TV Intel hub network compression annual border piece by piece [Music] all right everybody we're back on what on earth is happening we were on the line with collar chef chef are you still there yes there Gary yes okay so take another couple of minutes and then I'm going to move on to another caller you were talking about growing the fresh wholesome foods on your own as opposed to the relying on our foods that were provided with in supermarkets precisely right precisely because of the fact that the one of the arguments of overpopulation is that there's not enough food you know and I think that less is more you know I think that one of the things that in Pete I didn't necessarily call up to the attack The Venus Project like I truly have it right because in in a personality I love it I really do it looks beautiful it's a great thing we might need to get there sometime you know I think you didn't know in the head used that it's not going to happen in our lifetime what will happen to future generations and you just hope that people do it right well I would say I would say as long as we remain in the state of consciousness that we're at in what happened in our lifetime I don't I don't think anything is impossible I think if we develop the imagination develop higher consciousness it could happen very quickly actually but right from where we're at now well doesn't seem likely to me I I think the meme of money right now is still so ingrained that it seems unlikely to me from where we stand at this point to clarify but continue Schaffer you still there and looks like we lost them ladies and gentlemen but if you want to try to call back in try to get back in no problem I'm sorry about that um let's see we have two other callers here all right okay Bob from so naughty here we go you're on what on earth is happening how are you Bob hey Mark I'm fine how about you tonight good how are you doing Oh wonderful hey I'm a great show lots of great callers you know me I'm interested in your knowledge of alchemy you know once again I'll praise you mark as I've done many times but you you have clarified things that people spend a lifetime trying to discern and that is these chemical processes or you know cut straight to the chase you know the classic Temple of Solomon even to this day is and you're starting to really pound it in your your presentations and I appreciate that you're doing that because a lot of us out here hear that term the Temple of Solomon they built the Temple of Solomon the temple was destroyed they built it again and now they're seeking these dark Mason's are seeking to build the temple again in Jerusalem and and once again maybe they are physically but you have clarified that the Temple of Solomon is the unity consciousness is the unifying a beginning yang a solar and lunar principle the male and the female principle in our consciousness and I can't stress how important that was for my transformation of understanding alchemy and the processes of alchemy and also just your wonderful presentations over the last few weeks of the Kabara the stages of the Kabbalah and also the correspondences of the chakras that your comment on that one column um that really makes me feel good because I'm really glad that some people are deeply grasping these concepts and that's really what we need again I feel that it is critical for us to really move to a mature understanding of these concepts and symbols because that's what really opens up the consciousness and that's what really helps us go into deeper levels of ourselves and our own psyche to become better and more moral individuals and it just it makes me feel great that you have grasped and understood those concepts to a deep level as it sounds like you absolutely have and I I'm glad that I was able to take part in helping you to make that that shift in in understanding and I'm glad that my communication skills were effective enough to help assist in that process that's that's what I will say and I really thank you you know for uh for coming on and voicing that but once again my pleasure around market it's my pleasure to to share that this is this is what's going on in and I want to recommend to people if you have yet to listen to marks marks on this a forty fourth or forty fifth week of broadcasting here go back and I'm still going back to the earlier broadcast on natural law and sorcery versus magic once again your your clarifying and and once you grasp it once you get that the mystery and the secret of the mystery schools has to do with consciousness and and to within what's going on within each one of us because that's the one thing we know nothing about is what's going on inside each one of us we know all about the television and the major events in the news and whatnot but the one thing they are desperate to keep us focusing on is the the internal conflict the duality that's going on the checkerboard floor so to speak that is going on inside each of us in the bacon continue to keep us divided and schizophrenic get to use that term but a schizophrenic consciousness in each one of us they'll continue to manipulate us until they get their dark a police state that they're shooting for mark I've got a question sure and once again I'm just going to say to the people remember all of the mysteries all the the great secrets that they waved at the manly peoples of the world beings that they know it all comes down to knowledge of self that's right you repeat that it are a mark Cassio ladies and gentlemen are the great mysteries the secrets of masonry the secrets of the mystery Scrolls work Mark's gonna lay them out right now through the place of Bob and the voice that the voice is saying it has to do with what's going on with the self I'm sure one of us inside and inside of our our transformational process and that's our consciousness our awareness and and once you grasp that it's a life changer it is a life changer the Temple of Solomon is consciousness it's got nothing to do with a building and adult seeking in Jerusalem built super mysteries in some blessed yield broken or a magic spell that's right create energy to give you power it's nothing to do with that other magic is internal like you said mark even the great teacher yuxuan jesus said the kingdom of heaven is found within that's right and and Bob Bob you gave me the chills because I I can only hope that most of us will get to that level of understanding as soon as possible you're totally on point totally on point my friend you had a question though right go right ahead well it's thanks to you that I am on point and my question is mark I'm intrigued by our be spoiled alchemical drawings and you know where I'm going with this these are medieval drawings of strange beasts and creatures and you're alchemists and there's one it bit that keeps coming into my my view and I've yet to discern it it's it's Club the squaring of the circle just and you'll probably know it it's this alchemist standing in front of a brick whoa and there's a circle on the brick whoa oh yes pointing it yes I know this well yeah and interesting when I'm just yes go ahead I was just going to share the in I was just going to share the image with the audience and I'm going to step back and let you explain it sir that it's an alchemist in robes and it's an evil kind of Renaissance feeling and he's standing inside of a brick wall that has a circle on it it looks strangely like a globe or the world inside the circle is a triangle and inside the triangle is a square perfectly sub inside the square is a circle and then he is pointing to the top of the circle and inside there are two people I guess a minute it's my figure in my image here but it's probably male and a female and I grass now since you've shared a lot of this what what part of it is but if you could share with us the meaning of the squaring of the circle thanks mark this symbol that you're referring to and I will probably bring this up when we go into the symbolism section is one of the keys of alchemy of the alchemical tradition it is a symbol known as the Philosopher's Stone okay and on some some chat programs it's funny that you mentioned the symbol I actually use it as my avatar you know the little icon use for your chat picture okay this represents the lower world okay and the upper world so this represents the physical world and the world of spirit and it represents how the physical world mood attempts to reach upward towards spirit and how that the spiritual world tries to reach downward to pull the spiritual toward it so that they that they come together okay and what the the the circle represents that goes around this square okay is basically coming to an understanding of natural law and coming to higher consciousness and in doing so one is ruling ones base awareness or base instincts or animalistic nature the physical identified consciousness the physical world identification and they are understanding they are part of the divine all okay the higher level of consciousness that is the creative force that indwells everything in nature so this is also symbolized in some of the symbols of Freemasonry which we'll be getting into over the next many weeks but um the square in if you're familiar with the compasses and square in Freemasonry okay it's one of their major symbols okay you'll often see this on Masonic buildings or temples or lodges you'll see this put on emblems on the back of cars you know the magnets or whatnot that you know people will drive with on the back of their cars the become the square at the bottom there turned upward represents base consciousness okay base consciousness is rigid it doesn't really change form okay it's not flowing and it traces a square okay what our task is is to actually raise that up raise up from base consciousness so that we turn the square over okay but moreover that we transcend the square completely so that the inverted square where it's pointed upward okay toward the heavenly realm is the symbol of the the the the master of the lodge who has governed his base instincts so the square is upside down it is inverted okay or I should say it's right-side up the way that you'll see it on the the symbol of the compasses and square is upside down with the the point pointing downward okay but it is governed it is ruled by compasses the compasses come down over top over top of the square this is a indicator that we need to govern our base consciousness govern our animalistic instincts so to speak okay and in doing so we are circling them we are circumscribing them because the compasses trace a circle just as a square trace is a square the compasses are the tools that that draw a circle so we are we are circumscribing our base desires and our base instincts through reaching the level of awareness called compassion the compasses it is this is a wordplay compasses represent compassion okay a feeling together coming together in emotional qualities so this it's also these are flexible they're not rigid they can be moved okay they are there's a left part and a right part and they meet together at the apex this represents the left or solar consciousness and the right or lunar consciousness left-brain right-brain coming together but coming together at the highest point the apex of the compasses which is the fulcrum or the balance point of them and it exists it's a brilliant allegory and this is also depicted in the Philosopher's Stone with the square and the the circle being the major archetypal symbols inside that symbol now the triangle represents the threefold nature of reality it represents thought emotion and action it represents body mind and spirit it represents father son and spirit etc okay the Sacred Feminine the sacred masculine and combined with the creative force the generative principle coming together in the chemical wedding these are all concepts we've briefly touched on and you can go back and form a podcast I'm glad you mentioned that Bob but these are the basic archetypal symbols that are in our ancestral consciousness our ancestral awareness and that the alchemists put these together in this thing called the Philosopher's Stone what I would suggest Bob now that you have become aware of this symbol and that you've looked into it on your own a bit attempt to actually undergo the exercise of drawing the philosopher's stone okay it is one of the hardest things to do and there is a secret to the drawing of the Philosopher's Stone which I will not give on the air this evening maybe when we talk about it in the symbolism part maybe I'll encourage people to do that when we get to the symbolism section and then a future week after that I'll give I'll give that answer but if you can find it by searching but I would suggest for you to try to attempt to do it on your own as just an exercise using a compass and a straightedge that's all you need to really do this and if you find that secret on your own an incredible revelation would come to you in in mind okay in understanding what the secret of drawing that symbol actually is and it's absolutely beautiful and magical ah so it's a exercise I would encourage but you know don't get too fresh cratered if you can't do it immediately you can research it and there are places that you can go that will you know show you how to derive the symbol with a simple compass compasses and a simple straightedge excellent and and mark now that I look at this figure you're right he is holding a it's very small on my screen and he is holding the compass that's right it's a giant compass enough pointed you know the apex is pointed towards his heart brilliant so it's very very internal thank you goddess for that magically awesome man Bob always a pleasure it's an honor to speak with you and I'm so glad you're getting so much from these shows keep it up and go back into the archives share the shows with friends you know tell them to put them on their mp3 players are really encouraging thank you so much man my pleasure and Mark I'll say it again you are an agent of change out here and thank you for once again for what you're speaking about I don't even think you understand the the depth of what you're speaking to us I know that you know it's important but I don't think you understand the rippling effect now and in the future what this means thank you sir good night gentlemen you got it man thanks so much Bob all right Bob from Cincinnati always good to hear from him here we go who's up next all right Joe from Philadelphia you're on what on earth is happening we have for us tonight I knew and thanks for taking my call new to your shows so I hope this isn't a little off topic I don't think it is but here we go a Jordan Maxwell says quite eloquently quite elephants okay he didn't evolve from monkeys we're evolving into monkeys like all of Docs and this is kind of currently what I've come to so please let me know where I've gone wrong according to many corporations of the Bible we came from God's perhaps the mythological fall in English there were similar people but I have additional powers you know such as telepathy enormous strength we federal now supposedly these gods made it or blended jeans with things from Earth after the genetic manipulation these new human beings and godlike powers also at earth-like animal instinct now over time the genetic manipulation got a little watered down and continues to do so however the elite tried to maintain this genetic code of the original God gods by way of Kings Pope's etcetera so I was curious to know if organized extermination and genocide that were currently witnessing our tents by cultists to eliminate what are interpreted to be inferior genes compared to those of the original gods absolutely that that is exactly what's being done because these people are eugenicist either understand eugenics and what this agenda is and what it means and indeed you know I don't get into that aspect in my wall on earth is happening presentation because it is specific to a human freedom and mind control in general are the the principle concepts that I lay out in that presentation and on this show however I have done extensive research in these fields I think what the basic storyline there that you outlined is a quite on point and this does point to the ancient ancestral lineage of Kings that ruled by divine right is where the divine right of kings and queens comes from and I encourage people to look into ancient human origins okay to look into human origins as a concept in general I have said before on the show I don't believe in creationism nor do I believe in in a microbiological I'm sorry macro biological Darwinian evolution okay this is the middle ground between those things and it explains so much about what's going on in our world the reason I don't get into it on what on earth is happening that much I have spoken for on different on different topics such as this as part of UFO related conventions and not and symposiums but I have a presentation called don't count on disclosure that I've given in the past and it touches on all of these topics um I separate it out as a separate presentation because not many people are ready to hear information like that they're not they're not ready for it they're not ready to hear there's such a thing as mind control let alone something beyond that because it does paint a dark picture of what life on this world is about you know I tell people you want to hear a very accurate allegorical picture of what's really going on in the world my closest thing I could suggest to somebody if you want the broad picture of what's really playing out here and don't expect it to be something that's comfortable it's quite disturbing it shows us really where we're at and what our work that lies ahead really is watch HG Wells's Time Machine movie the movie and specifically not you can read the book the book is great too but watch the movie the newest version of the movie not the old film from I believe the 60s or maybe the 50s watch the 1990s version of the time machine which got terrible reviews didn't play very long in theaters but I'll tell you what that's the closest thing that I have ever seen made in a movie to what's really going on on this planet that in the movie they live John Carpenter's they live from the mid-80s okay but but HG Wells is Time Machine it's about the human race essentially of being food for other races that basically being farmed here and called from time to time and they just think that it's you know these people just live and think it's normal when he goes into the future you know he confronts these people and they say uh this is just the world as it is and he says you know I refuse to accept that you know he's a freedom fighter in his future time and it's a great movie but I love the underlying underpinnings of concept of the movie the past is already done the past exists it's in the record book okay it can't be changed whatever may have happened in our ancient past happened and it's done okay you can't change the past but you can do something to change the future if you have enough courage and you're willing get involved well guy ask one more question European to that yes I'm if you explain the significance of Aldebaran and serious I don't know why but I run into Venus sometimes when I'm trying to decipher all these and what their connections are to the human quote unquote emission Alda baron and some mystical traditions is uh I you know there's different pronunciations that I just call it Alda baron um they are different mystical traditions think that this is some sort of ascent central spiritual hub it's like a star that that acts as a central spiritual hub for a wider portion of the galaxy now I don't know whether I subscribe to that necessarily I'm just telling you what some people's interpretations are of it and what was the other one fiery area Sirius is there certain people claim that certain uh other races descended from that that general vicinity of the sky that we call the Sirius system uh you know the dog star okay and that they came to this system from that area of space whether that's true or not I don't have direct first-hand knowledge on but there are certain ancient cultures that that brought this up and said yes this is where some of our you know ruling classes claimed to be descended from now hey you you could say maybe that's the case or maybe they just claimed that that was the case maybe we just did all happen to come from here but they're claiming okay we're gods who came here because they had advanced technology that may have been left over from other cat another Cataclysm that happened here and then when they went to try to rule these uh indigenous people who were you know also left over from the Cataclysm who didn't have access to their advanced technology maybe they just tried to convince him that they were gods from other places in the universe it's quite feasible as well so you know both of those are our possibilities I don't claim the note know the exact truth about that or be an authority on any of those things I'm seeking those answers like anyone else when people ask me what you still really want to know as far as factual knowledge one of the first things I always say is what really happened in our ancient past and what is the true story of human origins I mean the real you know fundamental true story of it we have fragmented pieces of this puzzle we need to work together to bring these pieces to the table and assemble them okay that that's my take on that okay thanks a lot I appreciate it absolutely great call and uh great topics and I think they're all very important and really we should you know discuss those things and we should come together try to provide answers to those questions so I don't let me see if anybody else oh yes here we go caller from Southeast Pennsylvania you're on what on earth is happening my good friend Mark Pass here how are you Eric G what's up man I'm good you know what dude I had I would really had chills when you mentioned the film time machine because I was just thinking about that film like two days ago there's a 1978 version yes TV film version and my grandmother showed that to me in like 1989 1990 and I remember watching it and I kind of didn't really pay attention to the end but I kind of remembered some of it I was thinking about the end the other day I was like merely to watch that movie again because then was really freaky and then you just mentioned it now that was this really bizarre I enjoyed the old version as well the new version I think was much better but I don't you know I think that certain film critics discourage people deliberately from watching certain films they're pressured by their higher-ups to say don't bother with this film and I think that's what happened with the new time machine I highly encourage everyone to check out the 1990s version of the time machine inspired by the book HG Wells this movie is absolutely brilliant and the concepts in it are actually very high-minded if you really take it in as an allegory and don't just try to watch it as just the standard science fiction you know not even a super high budget one although there's some good effects in it special effects you have to watch it as an allegory from a higher perspective and if you do that this is one of the best science fiction allegories out there so I highly encourage people to check out the new version of the time machine definitely right cool some other thoughts I had two different directions I don't know what you want to start with but I'm just going to throw this out there hopefully you won't go on too long of a tangent about it but fear as mind-control I mean I was just thinking about how powerful fear really is like if you were walking down the street and a group of five guys walked up to you with knives out and ski masks on you would be really scared I mean that's a powerful emotion you're feeling right there's nothing that's really quite like fear is there I think it's a basis of all mind control ultimately the most powerful one by far sure you have to dwell in a base modality as far as consciousness is concerned of fear to really be affected by any of these techniques if you're not in fear and the force that conquers fear ultimately is courage which then brings forward love a higher level of consciousness okay none of these techniques can ultimately touch us that's what it's alternately about and the only way we really arrive at those higher states of awareness is to go within understand the self and conquer fear that's what the underlying mode of consciousness that makes all of this manipulation possible is absolutely and you can end up becoming completely fearless after a while if you just confront the stuff head-on eventually you're not scared of anything because you know how to deal with fear so well I mean because I piece of cake you don't feel fear anymore if we get out of body identified consciousness if we get out of five cents identification right and we understand ultimately then what our consciousness is that what we truly are is essentially connected with we all it's connected with that which always has been is now and always shall be what is there to fear but how few people are in that state of higher consciousness that's that's the problem that we're up against here so many people are giving in to these lower vibratory states of consciousness which are governed by fear ultimately our task here is to it yeah exactly but ultimately what our task here is is to help those people conquer their internal fear by explaining concepts and ideas to them that will help them to look at themselves reevaluate themselves it's about self-respect again the word respect comes from the Latin real meaning again and SPECT Oh SPECT re meaning to look at we need to help people to take another look not only at the society that they live in but to take another look at themselves and that gaze needs to be directed inward not outward because inward is where the causality the causal factors are ultimately arriving from what we bring out of us from our generative Center which is ultimately the heart which is ultimately that which we care about and direct our focus and attention toward what we pay attention to what we use our time and resources to imbue with energy I guess you could say and if we assist people help people to gain more courage that's how we're going to defeat these forces of fear and ultimately the forces of manipulation and mind control good good point UH one more thing that you would talk you weeks ago about colors and you sing green that specializes trust well that's why the money's green that's right that's and that's why they're always talking with the environmental things Oh be green because right if you dip green is the color of trust then subconsciously you're going to just you know some first thing you subconsciously think when you look at it or think green is trust the first thing so you're starting off at a premise of trust Green is also the color of nature and balance and love energy okay it's the color of the on a hot - chakra in the chakra system the heart chakra okay it is the balance or focal point of everything the color green okay this is why they use it to take people into the the fake green movement which is based on carbon and carbon taxes etc it's all there just Institute more authoritarianism and control and get people to live you know in ways that are completely debased basically you know to get them this you know live in the most wretched of ways you know not even to have heat or lighting or anything like that you know because good work whereas people destroying the earth one of the biggest danger to the earth because of resources that we use I agree we need to re-evaluate the way that we live and you know basically I have more respect for our living planet which supports our life but this fake environmental movement put out by people like Gore Al Gore and and uh who's the other guy fellow UN Maurice strong etc this is all done from that means of tighter authoritarian control that's it an implementing of new taxes that will be paid you know to of these elite bankers that's all it's there for and there they are co-opting this through the color green we need a true green revolution not one that's based on carbon taxes and this you know ake idea of carbon dioxide paying a dangerous greenhouse gas when it's only you know it's it's it's a pittance next to a water vapor being the biggest greenhouse gas of them all we're going to do and try to eliminate water on the plant that's going to be the next big evil right carbon dioxide has nothing to do with the warming it follows the warming the solar cycle has a great deal to do with that and water vapor is the biggest greenhouse gas so good luck with eliminating that but uh to go back to the point they co-opted this idea with the color green the true green revolution is the revolution in MA in consciousness and that is the balance between the left and the right brain hemispheres Reds the symbolizing the left brain hemisphere blue symbolizing the the right this is also why police use these colors you know the red and blue flashing in in quick succession it's it's a colors that represent imbalanced consciousness you know and that's how they're being used I'm going to get into that deeply in my lecture at the free your mind conference actually um and talk about the the visible spectrum of light and how this is uh co-opted and used in different forms of occult mockery that's going to be my topic at the free your mind conference occult mockery about how they mock the police with these colors and their uniforms and symbols and the military you know and how its put on money for these very very topics you know and how they mop the average person that understands nothing of this Oh mark it was nice talking to you getting on show again and uh how's everything going with the with the mind control conference is it getting booked up it's pretty good yeah um it's better than it had been I was kind of in a funk about it for a while but uh you know some people have stepped up and you know we had a good response for the last fundraiser we're going to try to put one more fundraiser together on the 18th that's not completely confirmed yet so I couldn't announce it tonight but over the next day or two I'm going to try to have some information up on the site about that and hopefully we could just bring it a little bit more money to help offset costs for bringing in speakers because it's expensive but we've been getting some more help and we're in crunch time now so anybody that can help out in any way if you can make a donation or contribution now is the time to do it get your tickets in advance that will help a lot as well so yeah that that's where we're at with that and thanks for bringing that up Eric won't they want more quick thing sure Lance to put it on DVD um we we are going to have somebody film I don't know if that is going to come out high enough quality we'll see afterwards and see what kind of footage we end up getting hopefully it will be and we'll do some DVDs of it we're going to try if we can get the streaming to work properly from inside the venue to broadcast some of the speeches and presentations over the air as well through streaming and more will be announced on that in coming weeks Eric thanks so much man I think that's about all we have time for this week but I always appreciate you calling in man and uh you know keep it keep up putting the good word out there man well we did that Marc take care buddy thank you bye-bye take care thanks man alright alright ladies and gentlemen that's about all we have time for here on what on earth is happening this week I think it was a great calling shovel is a lot of fun we'll have to do this again in the future think what I'll just going to jump into next week is mind control methodology number 13 the usage of subversive symbolism the language of symbolism that we need to become literate in if we're going to break these mind-control methodologies so this is a big one and I'll spend many weeks on this and we'll be getting into specific symbols over the next many weeks so with that having been said I want to thank everybody for listening even listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network my wet unmarked passio my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website is the Intel hub news network calm I'll see you here next week folks thank you and good night