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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio today is Tuesday February 8 2011 my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website the Intel hub news network com I'm hearing some background noise on the network and not sure where that's coming from but this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time tonight we have a real good show lined up for you on subversive symbolism in modern culture and this is part of our ongoing series on the methodologies of mind control we've been covering various techniques of mind control that are employed in the modern world that go back into the ancient world as a matter of fact and symbolism is one of the biggest this is technique number thirteen out of the 14 that we have outlined for exploration on this radio show and we'll be delving into a bunch of different kinds of symbolism this evening but specifically we'll be focusing on solar symbolism which is symbolism that employs the Sun as an archetype of image we will look at lifeforce symbolism and we will look at symbolism that employs concepts and ideas of Astro theology so we looked at Astro theology as tied in with religion as a method of mind control formally on this show and Astro theology is also employed in some symbolism that is uh is used to basically subvert consciousness we're going to look at some forms of symbolism that basically get into the subconscious mind and of course these are used through advertising and product placement they're also used in certain groups and orders symbols and they go right past the conscious mind symbolism is a language in and of itself it is something that we need to understand as a language because it is a language that is not based in words as we consider languages to be it is a language based in forms and forms often our strike notes with us that are much deeper than any words ever could it's the foundation of everything that we perceive forms are art types essentially and that's what symbolism has as its basic building block so we will be looking deeply into many symbols I want to direct people up to my website at what on earth is happening calm and they're on the radio listen page if you click the button on the left hand side for the radio show you will see that there are many images posted for tonight's show there's a section underneath the player called images for tonight's show February 8 2011 and you'll see the three kinds of symbolism there that we're going to explore tonight you could follow them as I get into them from from that page so with that having been said I'm going to give the calling numbers and read the event announcements and then we'll jump right in okay call in numbers feel free to call in at any time there's no tableau topics on this show there never are I'd like you if you do call them tonight to talk about symbolism a little bit you could bring up other things if you want but if you have any comments or suggestions or symbols that you want to explore or would like you know analyze or like my interpretation of feel free to call in and talk about that so the calling numbers there's two you could take your pick if you're listening on the talk show network you can call in two seven two four four four four seven four four four once again here on the talk she'd Network callin 272 for triple for seven triple four and put in the call ID number for this show which is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five if you're listening on the blog talk Network you can call in two six four six seven two seven three three eight seven that's six four six seven two seven three three eight seven okay a couple of event announcements four events coming up in the Philadelphia area truth freedom prosperity and activist group local to this area is hosting their free documentary screening and discussion evening tomorrow night February 9th that's Wednesday February 9th at 7 o'clock p.m. at media Bureau Studios media Bureau Studios is at 725 North 4th Street that's the corner of 4th and brown in Philadelphia it's in the northern Liberty section of the city they will be showing the documentary melt up the beginning of a US currency crisis and this is kind of an ongoing thing with true freedom prosperity showing some financial related documentaries a discussion will be will be uh will be held following the documentary it's not that long so there'll be plenty of time for discussion afterward so for more information on this group and their activities please visit www.gfi.com/webmonitor April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at rubra hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia PA the doors open at 9:00 a.m. on both days and the program begins at 10:00 a.m. on both days admission is only $20 per day in advance and $30 per day at the door for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Erin McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Sauer your dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Maura Larkin rose Laura Eisenhower mark motika mark passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor 16 speakers in all will also be screening Suzanne Taylor's film what on earth which is a journey that explores the crop circle mystery it's a very good documentary on that phenomenon will be screening that on Saturday evening and then on Sunday evening following the speaker lineup there will be a roundtable panel discussion of whoever whatever speakers are still there at the end of the of the night so that should be quite interesting for more information on the free your mind conference please visit www.rkphotomagictrix.com subversive symbolism as a methodology of mind-control we have already looked at 12 methods of mind-control in detail on this show over the past weeks if you aren't familiar and you haven't listened to those shows you can go back into the archive by going to what on earth is happening calm and clicking on the podcast tab of the website and there you will see the past 45 weeks of shows listed there all of the podcasts are free they're all in mp3 formats so you can easily download them and put them on any digital music player or phone and listen to the Matt at your leisure so we're going to delve into now the thirteenth method of mind control out of our 14 that we originally outlined and what we need to understand about symbolism as I've said already is that it is a language in and of itself that means that we need to become literate in this language if we are going to understand exactly how symbols are being used in our culture in our environment if we are illiterate in this language just like one can be illiterate in the language that of the country in which they live and therefore not be able to read not be able to write essentially okay that puts you at a distinct disadvantage in any culture if you don't know the given language for that specific geographical location of course you're going to be at a disadvantage similarly with symbolism if you are illiterate in this language you're going to place yourself at a disadvantage when it comes to understanding what is actually being said through this occult language and that is indeed what subversive symbolism is it's an occult language so as we've talked about before on this show the word occult simply means hidden for people who hear that term and respond immediately with a instinct reaction of OO cult means evil that's a mind-control technique in and of itself surrounded by the connotation of words okay when people hear the word occult and immediately think associate that with the word evil it means that they don't understand what the occult is number one number two it basically means that they're under a form of mind control through language because the word occult simply means hidden it comes from the latin verb occult RA occult RA means to hide or to conceal occult simply means that which has been hidden from sight and reserved for a select group that has been initiated into said knowledge when that happens that knowledge could be used for great good or for great evil and indeed the occult encompasses both sides of that equation we need to become more mature as I've said in past weeks to understanding that there is a light side to the occult and most certainly there is a dark side to the occult over the last few weeks we've been kind of initiating people into a few different schools of occultism we looked at the tradition of Kabbalah Kabul ism is an ancient middle-eastern occult philosophy and indeed it has made its way around the world and we looked at Tarot in past weeks the tradition of the Tarot and the tarot cards we analyzed in depth the symbolism of the Major Arcana of the Tarot deck and this was an introduction into symbolism when we looked at the Tarot symbolism and broke down each card in the Major Arcana and understood how this related to the symbolism of Kabbalah which is its main symbol being the Tree of Life the sefirot ik Tree of Life and we broke that down in previous podcasts in detail as with any language which is what symbolism is it is comprised of basic building blocks so take English as an example if you're going to understand connotative lis okay meaning how the words are being used what is being said in English you first need to understand the vocabulary of the English language so you need to know what words mean to be able to understand what someone is saying okay that's fairly obvious should be extremely obvious to anyone but if you're going to understand words you have to understand the letters that comprise those words so there's a prerequisite for understanding words or basic vocabulary terms and that is to understand the basic building blocks which the words are comprised of and those are the letters of the alphabet achill system which is used for that particular language so you have to know your ABCs before you build up a vocabulary and can speak fluently in any given language okay it follows quite logically it's very simple to understand the same is true for symbolism you have to understand basic symbols the most basic of symbols before you could begin to understand more complex symbolism okay so the study of symbols or symbology is to go into the very basic forms that symbolism takes and to learn those basic building blocks first and in doing so then we can work our way toward an understanding of more complex symbolism so what we're going to do here today is we're going to begin to break down some very basic symbolism okay and this will follow a progression it will follow sort of a logical linear progression as we do this because we don't want to get ahead of ourselves because then we're going to be attacking symbols that are a little bit too complex to grasp without the prerequisite understanding of the basic building blocks of simple symbols okay so let's see the three kinds of basic symbolism that I've then I've prepared for tonight's show and you'll see them listed there on the on the website on the radio listen page our solar symbolism life force symbolism and Astro theological symbolism now we've looked in depth at Astro theology when we talked about religion on this show in Peet in previous weeks again I highly recommend people to go up to the website go to the podcasts if you're not familiar with after the ology by listening to the show or by reading about it through other sources there is extensive information listed in the podcast section on Astro theology several weeks back I'm going to start with solar symbolism okay so this is symbolism that employs the Sun as a basic building block okay it can have lots of other aspects of symbolism within these symbols because in many cases they are complex they are not just simple symbols but we're going to actually look at how the Sun is used in affecting consciousness of the viewer of specific symbols symbolism is all around us in our culture it's everywhere it's omnipresent you can't go anywhere without seeing it you can't go anywhere without it being employed without it being used and it's being used for specific purposes okay and those purposes in general the number one purpose of subversive symbolism before we get into the breakdown of the solar symbolism the number one purpose of symbolism that is being used to subvert consciousness and to place it at the mercy of some other force or some practitioner or some business entity or some military entity or some government entity okay the main way that it is used is to specifically target a need and this is very critical to understand okay those who employ symbolism for targeted purposes are targeting needs in society needs they are looking at specific needs that for the most part are not being met or that need continuous meeting that need continuous replenishment okay so energy we all use energy and need energy to live so this is one form that symbolism will target specifically solar symbolism will be used toward energy okay it will also be used and there's there's reasons for this which we're going to break down reasons which may not be that obvious at first but once you start breaking this down it becomes pretty apparent and it's actually simple to understand why they will use solar symbolism for these reasons okay anything that is associated with necessity to live hmm okay money sadly necessity to live in today's society we've talked about how money is an illusion on former broadcasts here on what on earth is happening it's not actually real it's its effects are made real by the mind control of the people that believe in it therefore it can be the determining factor of someone's life or death in this sick mind controlled society that we live in ok so solar symbolism will often be used in situations in which money is being highlighted it will also be used in scenarios that are stressing information okay and the importance of information to a person alright so the most effective forms of subversive symbolism are those that target a need that is not present now this is another thing to keep in mind when we do not have something when we are deficient or lacking in a particular area whether it be physical psychological spiritual symbolism will be used to convey to us that the product or service being advertised through this symbolism okay is what we need so it is selling back to the person through the symbol something that the person selling it knows that the person who they're attempting to sell it to is lacking okay I'll say this again the most effective symbolism out there that is subversive against the consciousness because it is being done in an occult way in a way that is not readily known or observed by the person who it is working upon the most effective will be selling this product through the symbolism and the symbolism will target a need okay to the person that they're trying to sell it to that the the person who is actually attempting to sell this product or service knows that the person does not have so if you know that the people you're trying to sell something to are unenlightened you're going to use symbolism that employs light because subconsciously the being knows that they are unenlightened whether they know it at a conscious level or not they know that they lack knowledge they know that they lack spiritual insight which has always been symbolized by light mystical traditions this is an archetypal symbol and our typo image light the Sun okay this is specifically how solar symbolism is used in our culture so let's start looking at some examples and you'll understand what I mean is we break each one down and I'm going to take my time we're going to you know spend time on each one and look at it in depth and then understand what's being done through the symbolism the first image under the solar symbolism section is bp's logo british petroleum okay and everyone has seen this symbol probably everyone in the united states has gotten gas at some time or another at a BP station okay and quite simply this is the this logo portrays a sunflower okay it's not any other flower it's a sunflower okay you could say okay and let me before we even get any further let me preface this whole show and the future shows on symbolism too close I'm going to be spending a few weeks breaking down different symbols maybe many weeks depending on how it goes and how quickly we make our way through this material but I think this is a critically important section symbolism and understanding it so I'm going to spend several weeks on this topic and we're going to be doing pretty much nothing but breaking down symbols over the next many weeks if you're going to approach this listeners who are listening to the show if you're going to approach this from a left-brain perspective turn the show off right now don't bother okay it's not worth it it will not be worth it to you you will not get anything out of it you will not understand what's being said and you'll not come away with anything that really benefits you so if you want to stay in a mathematical purely logical left brain perspective as we go through the whole symbolism section best of luck to you but for those who are going to say oh there this is just all simple marketing nonsense okay and you're welcome to that opinion but that opinion is wrong okay I know how this symbolism is being used I worked with some of the people that formulate symbolism like folks sorry about that I dropped off talks ooh there for a moment I'm going to try to get back into blog talk now give me a moment please Rock Falls labia welcome to blog talk radio if you desire to speak to the host eat us one at any time and the hopefully notified there's a caller in key otherwise people they need to be able to listen to the show playing on your sub-conscience folks to continue to be consumers in this decade way verybody system they print the money so that they can keep you occupied enough so that you don't want them so that you're not hungry so that hey Mark hey I uh I dropped off of our both talked shoe and blonde talk there for a moment so a little bit of technical difficulties but I'm back in okay yeah I'm gonna go ahead and bring you back up okay I'm sorry about that not if I'm sorry and I don't have your number I was wondering what happened I think it just may have been it it may have been a temporary glitch there on my Skype connection all right Allah give you a quick i'll apologize it on air and bring it back up thank you [Music] very well be us and it is predicting that in 2011 we were the most important day in America in more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now that animates an outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right he can predict the collapse of GM and makes Eddie Mack and America's biggest mall 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Mark hey tomorrow yes sir but I'll just try to bring you up after break okay sorry about this great no problem thank you to teach you of yourself and your family and I urge you to consider taking action right now become you will not wait if you want to know more so you can prosper the economic collapse almost an honorable in treating yourself then call eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three that's eight seven seven four one seven eight three nine three four visits in Canberra so calm right now here okay we're back on what on earth is happening and we had a little bit of technical difficulties there before the break but I managed to get back in to both talk show and blog talk so here we go we were looking at the BP logo before I dropped off there and we were looking at how it is a sunflower and I was basically saying that for people that want to attack this from the left-brain perspective all the best to you but you're probably not going to get anything out of this and you're probably going to just continue to think that all symbolism is just used for clever marketing and that there's never any more subversive usages for it that could basically affect consciousness or behavior and that simply isn't the case but you're welcome to that uninformed opinion so what we really want to do here is look at this from in the best case scenario is look at this from a holistically brained perspective we need to understand forms and those can often be analyzed from a left brain angle however if we're going to look at meaning and the real reason behind some of the ways that the symbolism is used we have to come together bridge the gap between the left and right brain and we have to understand things from a holistic perspective and that incorporates the right brain hemisphere which is the creative side of the brain which is the Sacred Feminine aspect of our consciousness and it is the one that helps us to think outside the box it helps us to think non linearly and holistically so that is what I would suggest would be very conducive to helping us to understand this symbolism okay so as we go forward please keep that in mind the BP logo is a sunflower here we see the Sun being used symbolically to represent energy of course this is an energy company it sells gasoline ok petroleum products and these are seen by us as necessary to our ability to move and travel okay movement is something the solar symbolism is continuously used to relate to okay this is because movement is of course associated with life as is the Sun the Sun is the main symbol of life in almost all esoteric or mystical traditions the reason for this is quite obvious to anyone because we couldn't live without the Sun the Sun provides the energy the heat the light the warmth that we need to live on this planet it helps our crops to grow okay without which we would not have food and would not be able to sustain ourselves um it basically makes life on this planet possible and without it there would be no life on this planet quite simply it is the solar system it is 99.9 percent of the mass of the solar system and it is the life force energy that drives this region of space quite simply so this is why this symbolism this is why the the Sun is used in this form of symbolism it wants you to relate their product with all of those things that we inherently know the Sun provides so you're not just going to think of it as gasoline you're going to think of it as the thing that makes life possible okay because without life there isn't movement and what they're basically selling you is something that makes movement across the earth possible in the limited forms that we're using it right now and in limited types of technologies you know that we have for transportation clearly this isn't the only form of technology that would be able to get us from point A to point B as many of those advanced technologies that we could be using are being suppressed actively by people in the big oil industry okay so um the Sun here being used as a symbol for life energy okay again we'll look at different a different form of this in the next section when we talk about life force symbolism okay but specifically here this is how we're seeing the Sun employed on the BP logo now we'll see this repeated over and over again in different logos and again I'm only putting a very small portion here just a few to give people an example and then you could do further research on your own but the best research is just to observe symbolism in our culture you could just see it all around you once you understand the language that's speaking okay then you understand how it's being used in different circumstances so look at the shell logo this is image number two in the Solar symbolism section shell oil okay so you would initially think okay that's just a shell okay like a seashell okay because it's shaped like that right but if we really look at the symbol from a perspective of remove the outline or make that bottom piece of the outline like a horizon so that it's like a shell shape the window that you're looking through to the outside world okay we would see that there is something that is yellow that is bright that is raid okay it has raised emitting from it this is a son on a horizon okay it right in the symbol you have to just shift your perspective of how you're looking at it instead of looking at the whole thing as outlined and all you need to look at it as if you were looking through that red of a thick outline to what's behind it which would be a symbol of a Rising Sun coming up over the horizon again they're using the Sun connected with energy okay and life force something that is necessary and that you cannot live without which we know is not the case when it comes to gasoline okay but this is what their the idea symbolically that they're planting in your mind this is the reason for that okay the reason that they're using the Sun in conjunction with an energy company okay specifically gasoline okay it's the idea is you need this you can't do without it it can't be done away with because if it were done away with life would be done away with that's the idea here okay let's move on to the third one and look at the Gulf oil logo okay so this has a bright orange disc this is another arc type of symbol the solar disk associated with actin in the Egyptian cosmology or Horus okay as we saw images of Horus when we looked in the Astro theology section and we broke that down okay again this is quite obviously the Sun here okay so the same idea so you obviously you know can see the progression here and understand it's being used in a similar context to associate the energy resources that they're providing you through gasoline with the life force giving energy of the Sun okay we look at symbol number four here on the solar symbolism section it's the Sunoco LoVo another gasoline company and this is very obvious because here we don't even have actually a symbol that is specifically associated with the Sun we have an an arrow going through a yellow diamond but the word itself Sun oil company they actually chose the word Sun for their name son Sunoco is short for Sun oil company okay so right there it's very obvious in that one and the reasons for it are equally as obvious once we get a little bit deeper into the psychological motivations for using solar symbolism in conjunction with energy companies so I'm going to take a break right there we have a caller on the line it's our friend Kevin tinfoil from Philadelphia Kevin you're on what on earth is happening how are you good mark thank you again for taking my call we've got a no problem man I want to spout out two quick little things um that had to do with what you're talking about and how the symbolism is used in a way that is kind of redefining things in such fashion as to implant suggestions as you're suggested as you've as you've mentioned and when they implant those suggestions they take in a couple of different formats one of that when I was first starting to study this sort of thing kind of popped out at me as I was driving around I saw a yield sign and that's the class feminine symbol in the downward pointing triangle and it has like the border around it and it says yield inside and that classic Fenneman feminine symbol is very suggestive when you've got that red and white and it doesn't have a black in it but I know the red white and black has to do with some hypnosis and mind-control effects as well specifically stripes and such and just in general the whole yield in general right there is like a suggestion that the Sacred Feminine should be doing and that's very twisted and people don't I think notice that sort of subtlety absolutely open the other design the yield sign traditionally is also yellow which is used in conjunction with the solar plexus chakra as we looked at the chakras in previous weeks and saw that the colour associated with the solar plexus chakra is the color yellow the frequency yellow this also has an effect on the mind when mind when looking at that sign and yes the symbol is the basic Sacred Feminine symbol of the chalice as we looked at that archetypal symbol in the past related to the Sacred Feminine or yin energy which is of the right brain energy and that's what the right brain typifies it is passive or submissive or yielding it is uh it is um essentially a plastic and uh it molds to the accommodation of the you know the sacred masculine side I guess you could say but in this in this context they're using it to basically subvert the left side of the brain or the the will and get you to take a passive role in yielding to oncoming traffic or emerging traffic and that's those are specific specifically chosen symbols to do to do just that to get you out of the left brain mode and to put you into the passive right brain modality absolutely a great example the other one that I noticed that was a really again once you learn the language of the symbolism it became very glaring to me but all of my life up until like the last couple months when I first noticed this one I'd never noticed it at all and that's news news9 sweat south so now all of a sudden you've got directions right in there this is a very in my opinion subtle but deep level of programming that they feed into people and by calling it the news and telling you that it's new well it's not really that new it's just what's going on now and and news again when you break down the letters it has that starting letter of each one of the different directions and I think that is it speaks volumes of this whole paradigm and how they can have the ability to twist sacred symbolism into something that's obviously no longer sacred and quite like again it's being used against us sure now but they're doing us to do what to do with the news like that that's the whole point it's like they're tell you they're giving you directions they're they're right helping you become pacified to what's going on just be apathetic here here's what it is that's it when we see the letters and EWS we often see them on a compass and exactly is telling us which direction to go in so they're telling you that this is your compass for direction in life this is what you need to pay attention to to get to where you're going and that is a very subversive usage of a word of you know directional symbols or markers particularly in today's culture when we know that the news is completely own news media companies in the mainstream media at least are completely owned by globalist entities and by people who are really looking to subvert the freedoms of the people of the world through um you know uh big banking corporations uh telogen agencies these are this is who owns the news throughout the world but specifically in the United States I mean it is it is own lock stock and barrel in our cricket of own I noticed that the O W and the Oprah Winfrey Network spelled backwards and they can't even do it during their commercial where they like spin the word around the letters around l o WN and that made me think that like wow NWO isn't that interesting when I spend aware it's around like it just kind of like made me scratch my head a little and made me think that like maybe a brand new network is not really what we need as a species maybe maybe people need to turn their TVs off and start listening to more podcast like like what you're doing stuff too absolutely it's an interesting word reversal there that you pointed out in Oprah her Network and how NWO reversed spell zone you know because that's what they're looking to do they want to own everything including the the people and their souls which is what I you know get into talking about on this show that's what this is alternately a war about people would have a hard time you know acknowledging that specifically the left brained or the atheistic event among us but that's what this is real really all ultimately about that's what they want to own and I would also look at another reversal that's in there the word now and we talked about present moment awareness a little bit we will as a solution to this problem the power of now you know getting into true present moment awareness is one of the keys to getting out of this situation understanding the power of the present moment and getting out of time bound awareness which we talked about as number 10 of our methods of mind control and we looked at the illusion of time so interesting that all of that you know in that in those three little letters one uses an anagram but those other two words are also contained in the anagram NWO well you have any other ones for us Kevin um not at all unless you like my me tossing out minor little plug for tomorrow night sure go right ahead thank you sir tomorrow night I'll be doing my show caution tinfoil hat area also here on talk show and we will be discussing synchro mysticism with a guy that's made a couple of different videos and he also works with like Jake I see that you've mentioned before in conjunction with synchronous ISM he's been on my show before to do a show that you that you are also on there but this is going to be the other guy that I'd wanted to have one or that show that was able make it fantastic that sounds like a really great topic I will try to listen as I come back from the truth freedom prosperity documentary night I'll be there because I'm helping to set up the projection system well through like my computer so hopefully what time's it start 10:00 p.m. yes again it'll be podcaster just like yours anyway but like if you happen to be able to call in please feel free I'd love to have your input once again cool I'll try to do that if I get a chance if I'm not back from the CFT night too late thanks again mark I appreciate you having done you've got a Kevin always a pleasure have a good night all right Kevin tinfoil from caution tinfoil hat area okay so let's move along with more solar symbolism and let's look at a different application of it if we look at image number five we've gone through the first four images so far if we look at image number five we'll see the goal food logo okay so the dole foods logo also has a Sun coming up through the Oh in the dole logo so of course this is associated with food food is something we can't live without so to add more appeal toward that toward that idea they are putting the Sun in there and of course yes this makes perfect sense because the Sun is necessary for food to grow so that's a that's a pretty obvious one but nonetheless it makes the the advertising and makes the logo that much more effective because the Sun symbol is speaking directly to the subconscious mind of the person who's buying these products you'll see the Sun on tons and tons of food symbols just about everything it's used continuously now look at image number six here which is the ShopRite logo okay this is one of my favorites because of what it implies okay and there's a very significant implication in this logo if we look at the shop right logo we see that behind the shopping cart full of products you would go to this supermarket to buy chopped right as a supermarket I'm not sure if everyone has them in their area but that's what it is um we would we see that the Rays of the shining Sun are coming out right from the supermarket basket okay so behind the food there's the Sun what this is psychologically implying is that you can purchase light you can purchase lifeforce energy you're not just purchasing food and yes food is not necessary for life but you can actually purchase the Sun and the energy it makes possible by coming here and shopping at our supermarket so um the shop right logo very very interesting and it's one of my favorites because it also is spelled RI te right as a ritual okay not ri ght right the right way but right as in a right or a thing that is done ritualistically okay so one of my actual favorites their shop right look at number seven which is the discovered logo discover credit card okay and there we see the Sun on the coming up over the horizon on the discover card money is another form that the Sun is used continuously in in different logos I neglected to put one in here a Conestoga Bank has a interesting one that is supposed to look like a wagon wheel but is also a Sun symbol maybe I could add that in you know for the podcast but discover clearly right in the middle of the oh there again the Oh with a dot in the middle this is an ancient symbol for the Sun use them in a Ark title in its archetype or form the dot would be circle around so here we see that in the discover logo okay image number eight Sun trust again right there in the word and the symbol and this is a mortgage company so implying that you know money your home all of these things here's the things necessary for life okay money constantly emphasized as being indispensable and absolutely being needed for being able to live at all okay not just in the context of our society but uh in an absolute sense okay so we see this repeated over and over again when it comes to anything having to do with money there it is in SunTrust logo very prominent and they're they're associating it with the idea of trust okay is a mortgage company anyone you should really trust no it's called a trust however okay uh and that's putting that idea in there connected with the Sun you know we trust that the Sun is going to come up every day see how these ideas are combined they're always tag-teaming different ideas and symbols to put a message into the mind without really speaking it that's why this is a language it's a language symbols are worth a million words they're not just regular pictures okay look at city banks logo here an image number nine in the solar symbolism section and you see the word city in bold okay and then Bank okay and then we see the Sun coming up over what looks like a horizon with two pillars on either side of the team we also see the cross of the team okay which is astro theological symbolism by the way okay the cross as we saw played in significantly in zodiacal symbolism because it is the quartering of the zodiac wheel into the four squadrons that represent the seasons okay we'll see that in the next action the word city CIT I is formed from the same basis as the feminine sex organ Cetus okay so this is this is also putting in there the combination of the male solar with the feminine CIT I okay the root for the feminine reproductive organs okay and then associating all of that with the word Bank so it's saying money our bank these are this is solar energy this is what's necessary for life and this is also representing the merging of the male and the female which it knows everybody ultimately once deep down inside because that's the way to enlightenment and that's the way to higher levels of consciousness and getting out of the situation that we're in as far as what's playing out on the earth goes and it's putting all of those things together in this in this logo we also have the three pillars symbolized again as we saw in the Kabbalistic tradition and we will see in the free Masonic tradition when we eventually break down that symbolism but there's the three paths the left-hand path of severity the right-hand path of mercy and the middle path of mildness that we saw in the Kabbalistic tradition so look at how many different archetypal symbols here are combined in the Citibank logo and if you think that they're not thinking of this when they come up with these logos you're kidding yourself okay people will pay millions of dollars to have logos design for the archetype of symbolism that they contain and the effect that they know that they will have on the viewer it doesn't make a difference whether you don't understand these different are esoteric symbols they are going to have a subconscious effect simply by being anything here's the 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has nothing to do with the stock market but it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and we believe you created a video which you can watch online for each detailing the biggest most important prediction yet and if they're rodeo iOpener I can't stress this enough each other we've watched it even your arm line today he explains everything even though including simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video at www.americanoutback.net dot-com although this video may be offensive to some audiences it's worth checking out again that's www.mwuclinics.com are listening to the Intel hub network compression order compute by piece [Music] [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio we're into the second hour of the show now so let me give the callin numbers again feel free to call in at any time the calling numbers for the talk show Network seven two four four four four seven four four four once again that's seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number is eight three five one five if you're calling on the blog talk non-network feel free to call in two six four six seven two seven three three eight seven I was analyzing solar symbolism we were at the Citibank logo which is number nine on the list up there on the radio listen page at one on earth is happening if you want to follow along with these images they'll be also posted they will also be posted to the podcast when I get the podcast up um number ten is target target is a kind of like a superstore similar to Walmart arm and there we see the main symbol of the Sun that the dot with a circle around it symbolizing the solar system okay it also there you see of course it represents a bull's eye okay it represents like the center of a dartboard and this is critical because becoming enlightened is coming to one's true spiritual center okay it is reaching one's target okay all the words are specifically chosen to go along with the symbol they're putting things together in a psychological map so that these ideas are all associated when we look at that logo immediately by the subconscious mind as I said before the break it doesn't matter whether you even understand this at a conscious level it will have an effect at the subconscious level before we move on to the next one there's one thing I neglected to mention about the Discover Card LoVo which employs the Sun coming up over the horizon discovery is made possible by shedding light upon something okay so they're associating the concept of discovering something new which you know the credit card might make possible getting new things okay so this is another association in the psyche that is that is being put together through the symbols of shining light upon something enables discovery okay so it the words are also being used in conjunction just like we see in the Citibank logo the SunTrust logo the ShopRite logo and the target logo okay moving on the image number 11 the NBC logo NBC network okay television network here we see it's the famous NBC Peacock logo okay and there are the six colors of the visible spectrum of light okay employed in a radial design which basically form a radiant Sun coming up over the horizon again this is a symbol we see over and over and over again the Sun on the horizon or coming up over the horizon okay in the middle there is white it's a white teardrop shape okay and this white one represents the balance between all of them it's in the middle okay because it represents the Enlightenment of coming on line to one's true center for spirituality it also contains the alchemical symbol of the peacock which we briefly alluded to when we talk about Astro theology and looked at the peacock used on the court of the pinecone at the Vatican which symbolizes the balance between the left and right brain and the activation of the pineal gland okay so this this symbol is connected to ancient alchemical symbolism of the peacock which represents the third stage in the alchemical process called the great work so all of these things put together in this symbol and it ultimately represents light again the visible spectrum of light broken down into its constituent wavelengths these colors look at image number 12 now the sun microsystems lovo sun microsystems being an information technology company okay and we see the word sun used repeatedly throughout the design name of the company is sun and their logo says sun every way that you turn it no matter how you turn it it still says the word Sun it's comprised of these eight u-shaped lines okay which are formed into a diamond pattern which if you look at it looks strikingly like a swastika okay now is the swastika is a symbol that we know from Nazi Germany most of us but most people don't know or who haven't studied symbolism will not understand that the swastika itself is a symbol of the Sun it was also a symbol of good fortune it was used in the Far East as a symbol for good fortune the Nazis took this symbol which represented the path of the Sun upon the zodiac and because they were a male Dominator solar energy cult okay of Oh cultists and Psychopaths and they turned the logo into its inverse they reverse the direction of the arms of the swastika and turned it into a symbol of ill-will and hatred and you know rising masculine only energy solar only devote divorced from the Sacred Feminine lunar energy okay so it represented the yang energy only divorced from the yin energy now that is not necessarily how I'm saying it's being used here in Sun Microsystems logo it is being used to portray the idea of the Sun as representative of having knowledge because this is an information technology company so another way it's solar symbolism is use we saw it used in energy in food of money and of course now we see in information these are all things that we associate as necessary for life and living and prospering okay life prosperity okay so these two concepts often put together this is why solar symbolism is employed here the next logo Lucius Lucius trust this is a publishing company that published a lot of New Age books again the symbol of the Rising Sun were at image number thirteen now the Rising Sun coming up over the horizon okay and the name Lucius means light and again the word trust in there again associating all of these ideas where information information enlightens lusus means light it's where the word Lucifer comes from meaning Light Bearer in Latin okay looks fair eh so uh and then the word trust tying all of these things together saying trust our information and we'll make it we'll make you have the light see the light the enlightened etc okay image number fourteen in some some books that were published out of there have some uh validity to them and some I would say are putting people off the path to true enlightenment line the New Age movement is is kind of a tricky one and you have to be very wary of the sources as we talked about before when we looked at controlled opposition the image number fourteen we see the central intelligence agency the CIA official seal okay having a shield with the ego over it with the shield having a sunburst pattern on it okay and we also see the cross there which is a stroke theological symbolism again so de achill symbolism the quartered zodiac okay but on the cross the Sun with its rays of light and of course this represents total awareness as far as information goes that's what when CIA's goals and job allegedly are supposed to be a warehouse of just data and information and knowledge storage of that about everything and everyone okay so they're putting the Sun there on that logo that shield as well okay well associating this with a concept of protection that you need this to be there for protection for life and so that we have the necessary information there to provide that protection in that life see how health these ideas are associated through the symbols these are specifically chosen symbols to invoke those specific reactions if we look at image number 15 now here we rounded out full circle okay image number 15 is Obama's logo Barack Obama's logo that he was campaigning with throughout his campaign before he became the president of the United States we see that it is the Sun coming up over the horizon okay it is the Sun that the the sky is behind it we have a white bright Sun coming up that it's the colors of the US flag the blue with the with the red and white stripes with the red and white stripes form a hill or you know a curvature of land and then over that we see the Sun rising and this is supposed to be an own for Obama with the colors of the US flag in it but clearly what we're really looking at here is a Sun now this is done for very specific reasons this is done because Obama was put positioned as a savior figure he was positioned as someone that would come in clean up the mess that had been happening in the United States before 2008 and he would save everybody nobody would actually have to really take decisive political action were actually changed themselves okay he would just come in and do it for every everyone as some kind of a savior or Messiah and as we've seen that the Jesus figure is associated with the Sun in the Astro theology section I won't go into repeating all of that but look listen to the podcast on Astro theology read the books that are linked there in the podcast on those topics and we understand that in the Christian tradition which is basically a theology Jesus is the son who is the savior of the world not son som as in son of God but son s you have the Sun in the sky who continually brings life he is the light he Britney is the bringer of life and he continuously rejuvenates the world by rising again after he has died and gone into the underworld the dark of night conquered by his brother set of course we saw he was associated with the Egyptian god Horus and many other son savior figures throughout in antiquity so the astro theological tradition as related to christianity is all about solar worship it is all about the ancient cults of Astro theology Asherah theology of the ancient world namely the solar cults and this comes down to us in its modern form in the religion of Christianity and the Saviour figure known as Jesus so Obama is being associated with a Christ figure or a hero figure this is another archetype okay being used and it's being employed through his logo and associating that logo with his name and this is a clear example of subversive symbolism if we just look at this it's very easy to understand that Obama was being positioned as the one who would come and save us from ourselves and that's why so many people grafted onto him they positioned him as a template for whatever change anybody envisioned he was never real super specific about what kinds of changes he would want like he's trying to push for this ability to shut down the internet like they're doing in Egypt he's trying to push for this new emergency network you know giving the present present even more new emergency powers Oh utter nonsense all more power grabs all trying to further enhance the power of the exactly branch out of proportion with the other branches of the US government but needless to say what how they accomplished his psychological um grabbing of the psyche of the American people was to get him to cook for the idea of change and to be vague enough about it so that anyone could graft onto that and associate with that idea their ideas for change and in doing so he would act as a savior figure to anybody and that's why he was so extremely successful during his presidential campaign in 2007 and eight so this is the this is how this solar symbol solar symbolism can be used in political situations as well so let's move on to the next form of symbolism which is life force symbolism now this is very similar to the solar symbolism as we will see because of what it tries to relate to okay it's relating to things that are necessary for living and it's also associating those things with energy and money as we saw with the gasoline logos associated with the solar symbolism so um the first one here is Lukoil lukoil is a russian gasoline company that operates in the United States as well I don't know if you may have them in your specific area I know we do have lots of them here in Pennsylvania so Lukoil there's their logo here is an example of life for symbolism okay being used in a subversive way to associate an idea in one's mind with the product that they are selling to you something that you need for life okay and something that they want you to continue to think that you need for life but it's it's it's confusing all of these ideas simultaneously in in the one logo okay so you'll see the only link or is a droplet a small droplet okay and what that is supposed to represent is ostensibly it is supposed to represent oil a droplet of oil but oil is black in color okay crude oil okay we're fine gasoline is a clear or a yellowish type color okay tannish it's not red their logo is always red this draw regardless of what color that the logo letters may be written in is always red there's a reason for that it is not a drop of oil it's a drop of blood and we'll see this red drop repeated over and over again in certain symbolism and this is done deliberately this is done because they are associating their product with life force energy life force is considered to be carried by the blood in mystical traditions you couldn't live without blood if you were if you were cut and bled out and you die um so um I thought I heard the intro music there there it is so we will continue and pick up with some light force energy symbolism on the other side of this break be back in a moment focusing you are thinking tables are used to pay your credit card to so-called bank alone if you ignore the money you feel like it's your moral obligation if you can hear me hello yeah hi sorry I didn't mean to knock you out with that music I'm a little grating of this board there it was supposed to be an intro a break it said to the blind it was hardly app I'm trying to run you want to be running with her spot spot at 40 in well yeah that's funny usually does it at 20 and 40 okay all right sorry about all the difficulties man you know you go to make sure it's bad okay no problem Thanks then call eight seven seven four seven eight three nine three that eight seven seven one seven eight three nine three or visit pecan-crusted calm right now hey Shepherd the health of the info hum check out my live show every Sunday OPM simple hammer time you can check it out from my website the Intel Hubbell radio.com Laney changers of chunking an AC Griffith Thursday and Sunday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern the privilege radio on the inside buckaroos they really want a US citizen is rejecting reading one and we live with the most important day in America in Morgan 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the intro hug me network and collection order Pete Fontaine [Music] okay we're back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio before the break we were talking about symbolism that is associated with life force energy and how it basically sells its products to us by associating them with that concept and the blood okay is considered to be life force in many mystical traditions and it's very clear why without your blood you would die you need rope you have reliance on your blood to just sustain life if you were bled out life would be gone with it this is why many ancient traditions consider that the life force was carried in the blood so if we look at image number two in this section we see this theme repeated with a blood drop associated with a gasoline company again and of course you know they could make the drops black but they're not always red always red okay so this is a this is the main gasoline company of Mexico Pemex okay and there we see it associated with a falcon which is also a solar symbol or a hawk okay if we look at image number three we see more teaming up of these archetypal symbols we see the blood drop in the getty gasoline logo as being red okay always red you'll notice this all the time you can find the Getty if you have a Getty in your area you can find the getty gasoline logo and maybe written in different colors but guarantee that that drop is always read always okay and then in the middle of the blood drop there's the solar disk so now we have to our title symbols combined here the Sun and blood okay associated with getty gasoline on the final one for this section we look at Commerce Bank now Commerce I don't believe is around any longer I believe that they were merged and it is now part of a bigger Bank whose name seems to escape me at the present moment but commerce was really big here in Pennsylvania years ago up until recently when they were bought out and merged but you think a bank takes its logo seriously you think they do a lot of research and go to graphic designers and marketing executives and psychological experts before they put out a logo that's going to be seen by thousands hundreds of thousands if not millions of people you better well believe it okay so they're not going to just come up with something random and yes people will say that's a C standing for commerce and I understand they're intending you to see that but just look at it it's a droplet and it's a red droplet and again this is associated with blood lifeforce energy being associated with money and commerce and a bank right there in the logo symbolically being used to get into the subconscious mind to associate different ideas and to merge them in the subconscious so that they are one in the same so when you think of life force energy and you think of vital forces that are actually needed for you to live you will think of their bank you will think of banks in general you will think of money in general okay this is what this is done for oh that's the reason that this is done okay so that's the life force energy section let's go now to the third and last section that I was planning on breaking down this evening which is Astra theological symbolism okay so we're going to break this down into three distinct sub sections okay so there are 23 images in this section images 1 through 7 are going to be general Astro theological symbols more they're going to be associated with the zodiac these are symbols that are used in association with astra theology but specifically these first seven or so vehicle symbols okay and we'll see images we'll see examples of how zodiacal symbolism is used in images 8 through 15 we are going to look at planetary and stellar cult symbolism planetary and stellar symbolism so this is the cult of the stars and planets used in different product placement ok ah in images 16 through 23 we're going to look at specifically one house of the zodiac namely pisces pisceanas embolism we are now in the Age of Pisces ok and Pisces is in what that means is that the Sun rises in the spring equinox in the house of places there's a vehicle House of places so this is the age of the great year that we are currently in moving toward the house of Aquarius but still strongly in the house of places therefore solar symbolism will be often associated with Pisces the symbol of the to fish and religious symbolism will often be associated with placing and symbolism before I break down this entire section I see that we have a caller on the line so here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening hello caller are you there caller on the talk show Network go call on the talk-show network you're live on what on earth is happening are you there going once going twice gone perhaps he's just listening in or he got nervous either way if you want to come back in just type something in the chat and let me know all right so let's go into the Astro theology symbolism section image number one shows the BMW logo famous car and the famous design here of the their logo being a black wheel and then the BMW letters displayed on the top and then under with in the centre of that black circle is a quartered circle with a checkerboard pattern of white and blue within those quadrants now as we saw before this equal armed cross in the Astro theology section when we broke it down we'll see this come up over and over again in different forms of symbolism we already saw in the cia's logo in the solar symbolism sections that we looked at earlier but here is this equal armed cross the wheel of the zodiac around it Hey another archetype of symbolism crosshairs with a circle around it representing the sun's path throughout the year symbolically again it's associated with life and movement movement this is the important part of this section it's a suit associations with life and movement and energy these are symbols that come up over and over again related with these three concepts okay the cia's logo is image number two we saw that previously and we talked about the equal armed cross there and its associations so this is also an astro theological logo not just the solar symbolism one an image number three we see a metal and this metal is a United States metal with the the obverse side of the Great Seal or symbol as from the adverse side of the Great Seal on the on the metal representing the Phoenix and he's holding the the olive branches and the arrows so it says eat Orbis unum which means from the one men but this this crest is put in the center of a equal armed cross and this cross is known as the maltese cross because it is a representative of the symbol that is associated with the order of the knights of malta ok malta being a small island off the coast of italy now this um this is also solar and astral theological symbolism ok we see the solar disk there on the cross of the zodiac that's what this symbolism is portraying an equal armed cross associated with the cross of the solstices and equinoxes of astro theology of the zodiac with the solar disk on it the Phoenix also a solar symbol just like we saw the hawk on the Pemex logo or the falcon we see the Phoenix here which is the American Eagle it's used interchangeably originally it actually was a Phoenix on the Great Seal they change it to the Eagle and this is associated with the Sun and it's regenerative and renewing properties because it makes everything grow when it comes back up in the spring season ok so it is the continual renewer of life and that's what this symbolism is supposed to ultimately be about if we look at image number 4 we see the Knights of Malta symbol itself again the Maltese Cross ok this is a secret society it goes back into the ancient world that is connected with the Templars it is connected with ancient solar cults ok so this is a secret society and so in so many terms in basically boiling it down that's what it is at its highest levels and here we see the equal armed cross of the zodiac employed in their rudimentary logo therefore the Knights of Malta now if we look at image number five this is a very complex symbol it's acidulous self this is the symbol of the 33rd degree of Freemasonry so this is an honorary degree that is conferred upon a masonic initiates when they are essentially deemed worthy of it and it is an introductory degree to what is known as the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry we'll talk about that when we get into the Freemasonry section later on on these podcasts but this symbol shows the dual crosses of the zodiac we saw that there is the equal armed cross pointed up and down and left and right which is the cross of st. George these are the solstices and equinoxes and then the the X cross formed by the swords okay is the cross of the galaxy the Galactic cross that's formed by the four fixed signs of the zodiac being Leo Aquarius Taurus and Scorpio look at that in the Astro theology section we also touched on it in the section where we talked about abhava related with its symbolism so here this X cross is known as the cross of Saint Andrew so this is this symbol is ultimately based upon astro theological symbolism the symbolism of the dual cross or the eight-armed cross okay just to very briefly look at this further it says the word pentia which means wisdom on it it has the serpent which is also a solar symbol and it's a symbol of the stellar cult as well solar and stellar cults the serpent eating its tail we're actually growing I should say from itself it can be viewed in two different ways it can be consuming itself or it can be generating itself this is a the symbol known as the Ouroboros but it is also symbol of this constellation Draco in this in the stellar cults okay so in side that we have Ordo ab KO the words meaning order from chaos okay representing concepts associated with natural law principles but also in its dark sense associated with chaos sorcery which we'll get into in coming weeks when you see the scales we see the illuminated thirty-three we see the crowned eagles the double-headed eagle as a matter of fact representing the left and right brain coming together we see the symbol of the compasses and square Freemasonry with the G inside which I briefly touched on last week a little bit which we will extensively breakdown in the Freemasonry section but this is a sigil this is not just a symbol so not to get too hung up on going into this in depth and close signals are much more complex than basic symbols what I put this in this section for is just to a lead to how the basic symbols are then combined with other symbols and it's layered and layered and layered to create different concepts of course we see ultimately around the entire design here over the whole design a nine pointed star for each letter of the words each letter in the word serpent yet so um behind all of it is the crosses of the solar cult the cross of Saint Andrew the cross of st. George this is the eight-armed cross of the zodiac wheel essentially is what I put this in here to display and it is associated with one of the higher degrees of Freemasonry um image number six is the over as an overhead shot of the Vatican this is the st. Peter squareds known as even though it is an oval shape it's called st. Peter's Square in the Vatican and here we see these two crosses once again combined we see the equal armed vertical and horizontal cross which is the cross of st. George and then we see the X cross representing the four fixed signs of the zodiac the four Gospel writers four angels of the corners etc The Four Seasons the midpoints of the four seasons we see this eight-armed cross pattern again at the Vatican with the obelisk in the very middle there you can see it by its shadow because it's pointed straight up at the middle but you see the shadow are pointing I believe toward the east okay because I I would assume the Sun is toward the west when this photo was taken um and that that obelisk in the middle is a symbol for Osiris which is the Sun God of course Christianity in Egyptian cosmology of course Christianity is the solar cult religion it is based upon the Astro theology of the ancient solar religions and that is why in the middle of its most sacred place in the Vatican we have the symbolism of the Sun Osiris's phallic symbol representing the rising of the Sun okay and we see the solar cross symbolism combined there right in the Vatican will look at Vatican symbolism in more depth later on when we break down symbolism but clearly the solar symbolism is used extensively in religion as well coming up to another break you're listening to what on earth is happening I'll be right back after these messages [Music] we're in Oregon as a stencil of the population total here me as a monstrous verminous humanity that on our shoulders the way the global crime indicates no as in world war together we are all one together hey Mark hey hello we had a call from Eric hey we got a call from Eric on he saw I don't think is here switchboard I tried to patch him in but he was going to try to call back I tried to tell him you know I can't really talk to you on the air so I don't want to just drop my phone call on you can you put a meeting hall back can you put him through right after the break I'll I'll tell you to put him through after the break okay yeah he's not anymore he dropped off but he was I told him to wait I try to get him on you know about he dropped off so well I got a call I got a caller through uh I got a call her through talk show I'm gonna put him on after the break I'm going to look at one more image and then I'm gonna put in a call right you got it yeah sorry about your intro music I just couldn't find it man I Bob's got a hundred video audio clips in here I couldn't I'm still funny go to the show hey in there that's not a problem I'll just add it to my podcast when I clean it up all after the show okay it looks like he might be back here he's at three six seven I'll bring him up okay and that it could have a huge impact on almost every aspect of your life and we created a video which you can watch online for 3d telling the biggest and most important prediction yes and if they're real eye-opener I can't stress with enough because it we've watched its leading you online eBay explains everything even Miller these simple steps you can take to protect yourself you can find the video at www.americanoutback.net you've got end of America the number eight calm watching a TV yet WWWE in America a calm the artist to the Intel Health Network direction Vikon secure your future get their non-hybrid feedback now the loony economic crisis food shortages and other toxic disaster now is the time to be ready just click on the arrow organics banner at the top of our blogs operator gives day which is the future the future the families in hard times and we organic seed [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay some faster faster music there to come back in for the last segment here on what on earth is happening this evening I'm your host mark passio we have a couple of callers on the line before we get to them I just want to break down one more symbolism related to Astro theology we looked at the Saint Peter's Square at the Vatican in the last section but image number seven if we look at that as an image of the Pope that's trope John Paul the second the previous Pope not a Joseph Ratzinger which is the current Pope Pope Benedict but here Pope John Paul the second we see him laden with the symbolism of the cross now of course this is the symbol of Christianity but we see the equal armed cross used repeatedly in the symbolism that he is employing he's holding the cross of Jesus this arched cross at the base of which is a pine cone because of course this represents the plant oil gland being activated to turn us on to the Christ consciousness that's not how it's obviously used in Christianity but they're alluding to it because they know this esoteric symbolism that's why he's holding this in his left hand here and you see the pine cone with his thumb right on the pine cone there but on his head he's wearing the mitre we'll look at that when we look at the Piscean image imagery the Piscean symbolism next week we won't have time to get into that this week but it has an equal armed cross pattern right on the front of it then on his sachet there you see another equal armed cross pattern if equal armed cross weren't so prominent and so significant to religion why would it be employed on all of the symbolism that the Pope and Software's because it's all about the Sun it's all about the symbolism of the zodiac and ultimately in this section this zodiacal symbolism what I'm trying to highlight here is that these are all used in powerful institutions okay all used in powerful institutions things that are calling to mind Authority and power and that's critical to keep in mind where that's where they employ this symbolism because it is related to the Sun which is the ultimate power in this solar system because it is the giver and bringer of all life and everything that grows and is in necessity for everything that that exists within this system so with that having been said I think I'm going to hold the analysis of symbolism here at this point we'll look at we will look at planetary and stellar based symbolism as well as Piscean symbolism symbolism related to the constellation of Pisces in particular we'll look at those two forms of symbolism next week among some others but I'll hold the breakdown of symbols there I think I hit the audience with plenty for a food for thought and let's take a couple of calls to go out tonight so we had a call on the blog top network you could go ahead and put that call her through come on hey Eric how are you gonna um yeah you know it's just me that they use all the Sun symbolism because pretty sure everybody loves this song yep every time you look at a commercial and you see this on some consciously thinking like that you love the Sun I mean what you're setting there were for life absolutely breeding what what better thing to show you son all companies yeah what better thing to associate your products with than the thing that you know is necessary for all life that no one would say oh let's have that let's not have any of that you know people feel better when the Sun is is up when it's a bright sunny day they feel more energy because they do have more energy the light energy that comes down charges our environment it charges us up people feel better they feel more energetic of course they're going to put that symbolism in to associate their product with something that is as powerful as the Sun nor Sylvanas can use that to market himself as well she's the giver of all I feel Obama the Obama Messiah that's him the Obama SIA as he was called by sir you think he thinks that Freemasonry is religion uh no I don't think Freemasonry is specifically a religion per se it is what I would consider it in its true essence maybe what it has come become resembles a religion now in its true essence it is a philosophy it is a way of living that helps us to understand natural law stay in understanding natural law we understand how the generative principle works which is basically how we create the scenario that we are getting in the physical reality in which we live what Freemasonry ultimately is is a code it's an encoded system which is allegorical and symbolic which helps us to understand how those basic laws of nature work and how to work in harmony with them so that we can create that which we do really want now that being said it's not it's not specifically a religion however it is a system that can be infiltrated and has been infiltrated by people who may have had the intention of learning this to promote their own agenda while keeping it keeping its true essence from other people and in doing so have turned it into what resembles a religion now so you know my answer is a little bit complex but I would say in its true essence Freemasonry is not a religion but what it has become in the modern day can be considered a religion it's one of the reasons I belong I mean it's one of the reasons I will not affiliate myself or join any official Masonic institution on the earth while I you know consider that I live the principles of Freemasonry in its true form okay I will not become any kind of a official Lodge Mason because I understand the level that the lodge system has become corrupted in the modern world and tons of Freemasons warned of this in the past most notably Albert Church Wars you if you read the origins or and the origins of Freemasonry his is his book he warns that the the institution of Freemasonry would be one of the things that could help to resurrect the world and resurrect America in particular from the horrible circumstances it was going into being socialism fascism bureaucracy etc however he said if Freemasonry did not reform himself in the earlier part of the 1900s and you know moving into the 20th century that it would become something that would propagate that officious bureaucracy and socialistic forms of government and that is what we do see happening Church Woods predictions have largely come true in the modern day sadly ok well I guess we'll feel a call come in now but I appreciate it and I'll help you soon thank you Mark Eric thanks so much man always a pleasure to hear from you all right we also up night we also have a caller on the talk show Network here we go okay caller your name in the talk-show form is non-member your live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us this evening hi markets bye from Cincinnati can you hear me yes I can Bob how are you oh great I was the caller earlier I'm trying a new system and I apologize I have a comment or a question and a comment yes the firstly the question on your image number 5 Astro theology which you kind of dug into a little bit that sigil if you'll note as you already know here to be cross swords but one of the sword tips that seems to be a pointing hand and it appears to be and I'm sure and that's what I'm asking my question what is this strange pointing hand I know that in the Jewish tradition it's called a Yad or a GAD and it's a little pointer but can you share with us the deeper cultic meaning of this thing and my comment is if people think this is just a purely Jewish symbolism I would disagree because mark in my studies I've run across of course the whole German Nazi thing the they dealt heavily with cultic symbolism the eagle grasping the swastika in a circle the swastika said inside a circle that circle can be transposed as the disc with wings and that's amazing unto itself drawing back to the ancient Egyptian but um the Hitler himself in his giant headquarters that is the inlay the wood inlay there was some occult symbolism and that gives some crossed swords a spear and a sword is the wood inlay then next door on the left hand side there are two pinecone two Spears with pinecones atop them over them Greek symbolism the last piece were these two had these two hands on top of Spears what does this mean mark why did these high occultus in the highest realms of government and high religious orders why did they gravitate we know the pinecone what is this hand pointing thank you Mark okay Bob a phenomenal question and while I would say that I cannot offer you a definitive definitive explanation for this hand I will do I will do my best to explain it in the way that I understand from combining multiple forms of occult thought and multiple symbolism one of the reasons that I almost hesitated to include this symbol is is because it is very complex there's so much symbolism all over it and I didn't necessarily want to confuse initial listeners into this section who are just starting to study symbolism but I put it there because it is so emblematic of astro theological symbolism now what this hand represents to me is just one of the things that you said is very accurate the Hebrew symbol Yoda means hand it is the first letter in the name of God in Hebrew tradition yo hey Val hey which we derived when we transliterate those characters Hebrew characters into English we get YHVH which then we would pronounce Yahweh or Jehovah okay so um the the the letter Y ode in Hebrew actually means hand the word yo'd means hand in Hebrew okay so each each symbol in the Hebrew alphabet is actually associated with a word and Yoda's hand okay so it is the guiding force okay it is the force that actually guides the universe it is essentially natural law itself and what this sword pointing in that direction represents is that we need to move toward the rights and this is another word play toward being in the right meaning the moral aspect okay understanding natural law and moving toward that which is right or is within the boundaries of natural law which is that which is moral it forms incidentally a 45-degree angle now with the two other arms of the vertical oriented cross vertically oriented cross now this is a big idea in Freemasonry when you specifically start to get to the illuminated degrees again a lot of Freemasons think that Freemasonry ends at 32 degrees because that's where the Red Lodge stops the White Lodge begins degree number 33 and progresses from there and many Freemasons will even not acknowledge that there is such a Lodge arm that there the Blue Lodge and the Red Lodge and that simply isn't the case on these illuminated degrees make use of higher-level symbolism we see the 33 above the Eagles the double-headed Eagles crown illuminated with light this represents also the activation of the pineal gland and the capstone of the pyramid okay it's the Christ consciousness it is the the bringer of light it is the the way the truth the light natural law okay it's all of these concepts underneath if you were to actually be able to see what's printed on that of that sachet that the Eagles home you'll see this on other versions of the 33-degree emblem it says Deus my own Quaid juice which means God and my rights and this means that God is the guiding force that the sacred intelligence that underlies everything in the universal field is the guiding force that is leading us toward higher levels of awareness and ultimately to acting in unison with natural law which is morality and that's my best attempt to explain that hand there we can go into this more next week but for now that's all the time we really have time for on this episode of what on earth is happening I want to thank everyone for listening and I'll see everybody back here next Tuesday night at 8 p.m. I'm your host mark passier this is what on earth is happening a website what on earth is happening calm the networks website the Intel hub news network calm I'll see you here next week folks good night