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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Intel hub news network I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website the Intel hub news network calm and we have a great show lined up for you here tonight um we have we're going to continue talking about symbolism on the show this evening we went into symbolism pretty extensively on the last show and we covered various forms of symbolism including solar symbolism and Astro theological symbolism we also looked at life force symbolism last week and how these forms of symbolism get into the subconscious mind and how they are used to subvert consciousness to essentially exorcise a form of mind control over people to reach into the subconscious mind to manipulate at that level and to prey upon the person because symbols again often fulfill needs that the person who's using them understands that the person they're using them against actually lacks in their own life so that's what we looked at last week and we're going to continue to do that this week with a pretty ambitious array of symbols I don't know if I'll get through them all but we're going to take a look further into Astro theological symbolism we're going to look at the symbolism of the fashions the symbolism of the pentagram with a five pointed star symbolism of the pinecone and the symbolism of the all-seeing eye so we will break down a plethora of symbols here on the show tonight and we'll be probably be I'm carrying this over into a second show with these symbols hopefully we get through most of them though I want to I'll give the calling numbers for the show and then I have a couple of event announcements for events coming up in the Philly area and after we do that then we can jump right into the topic so the calling numbers for this show seven two four four four four seven four four four once again calling number seven two four triple four seven triple four and the call ID number which you will be prompted for when calling that number is eight three five one five you could also call the blog talk call-in line which is six four six seven two seven three three eight seven once again if you're listening on blog talk you can call in two six four six seven two seven three three eight seven event announcements in this area we have two for tonight and the first one truth freedom prosperity presents their monthly documentary and discussion evening they had one last week which was a rescheduling from a couple of weeks back they didn't have one in January due to snow conditions here in the city so last week it went very successfully they showed melt up it was a good turnout a lot of great people came out but most of all the the venue just was was great it was a nice upgrade from where they have been having them they were doing at the ethical Society not that that's not a great building and uh you know serves the purpose but the media Bureau Studios is a very comfortable environment and kind of a more intimate environment for a movie setting and the screen is bigger and it's got a nice overhead projector digital projector and uh you know some comfortable seating so it was a it was definitely a success and we're looking forward to more documentary nights at media bureau so next Wednesday will be the February screening February 23rd Wednesday night at 7 p.m. the location is media Bureau Studios that's 725 North 4th Street that is the corner of 4th and Brown in the northern Liberty section of Philadelphia and next week on the 23rd Wednesday night 7:00 p.m. truth freedom prosperity will be screening end of America the documentary film featuring Naomi Wolf and it's a great film we encourage everybody to come out and check it out if you haven't already seen it encourage new people to come out that's what it's all about and for more information on this group and their activities please visit truth freedom prosperity org that's truth freedom prosperity 0rg finally the free your mind conference less than two months away a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th at Lieber Hall 414 Green Street in the city of Philadelphia the doors open at 9:00 a.m. and the speaker program begins at 10:00 a.m. admission is $20.00 per day if you get your tickets in advance $30 per day at the door for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma base and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Aaron McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan farrier dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower mark motika mark passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor the end of each day we'll have a special event at the end of Saturday toward the end of the program will be screening Suzanne Taylor's documentary what on earth inside the crop circle mystery a great documentary on the crop circle phenomenon and at the end of Sunday we will be having a roundtable panel discussion with whatever speakers are left at the end of the day on Sunday whichever one whichever of them are still there and want to partake in the panel discussion will be welcome to do so so for more information on the free your mind conference please visit www.carmensognonvi.com/newsletter employed as a language to basically subvert the subconscious mind and we won't be I guess you could say taking a divergence but it's not really a divergence in the middle of talking about symbolism we will be looking deeply into the philosophy of Freemasonry and this will be part of the ongoing series of breaking down different occult traditions on this show to help people to understand the philosophies that are contained therein and how the occult is a essentially complex way of seeing all the different facets of oneself that's what it really is all ultimately about and it is not one thing the occult is not one thing just like symbols are not one thing nor is the occult one thing people have this misperception that the occult is all about evil that's the connotation that it is often perceived with when that word is heard and that's a form of mind control in and of itself because the word occult simply means hidden and as we've been labored to try to explain to people on the show the occult is simply hidden information about the human psyche it is ancient human psychology and it is encoded into symbols and allegories often to conceal that information from those which the group that is concealing them doesn't want the information to fall into the hands of or doesn't want other groups to understand that they are teaching okay so for example the symbols of alchemy maybe in were in fact encoded into the forms that they were because during times throughout history you couldn't teach this in the open because you would have been you know in heresy of the Catholic Church and you would have been done away with often in an extremely painful and torturous fashion so the initiates of this tradition would have often encoded the symbols into uh into drawings allegorical drawing and in effect they would be telling the teachings of alchemy without actually speaking or writing it because as we've said last week symbolism is a language and we have to start with the basic building blocks which is what I endeavored to do last week and we're going to continue with that this week and once you get the building blocks those are like the letters okay then you start forming words with those letters to get a little bit more complex with the symbols okay and then eventually we form sentences from words and that's how we communicate thoughts and that's what symbology is like it's a language that you have to get the basic building blocks in order to build vocabulary in order to then build the syntax of the language so in studying symbols like any occult study and this is a study into the occult because this is hidden knowledge not many people are symbol literate and that's sad because they're being controlled through symbols all the time in our culture um in studying any system like symbolism you have to understand it it's very rare that symbols ever mean one thing in fact they hardly ever do symbols are often dual in meaning or have more than two meanings even okay and we have to understand that many people have a overly simplistic interpretation of symbols and say oh no this only means one thing when in fact that's not the case as we will see hopefully I will be able to communicate that to people listening to the show and get them to understand that symbols can be a little bit more complex when they are looked into a little bit deeper than at first perception of them and the people who very often make this mistake are the same people sadly who have the misperception that the occult is all one thing as well and it is not there is a light side to the occult it matters what matters ultimately is what we do with said hidden information it isn't the information itself that's good or evil it's just information what we do with it gives it its value to the to the overall consciousness of humanity and it can be used as an uplift and it could be used as a moving humanity forward in evolutionary terms and consciousness or it can be used as a weapon and what we're really doing here in this symbolism section is attempting to explain how symbolism when it is not known when the language is not understood and people are not literate in it how those who do use these symbols and are literate in them and do understand that connotations that they convey to the human psyche and to the subconscious mind they will use them in fashions that that serve them and that repress and subvert the consciousness of the people that do not understand that language so that's why it's important to expose this and to help people to have a better understanding of symbolism in general and that's the whole purpose here so let's jump in where we left off last week and let's talk about astro theological symbolism what we did last week is we went through some basic zodiacal symbolism used in different logos and emblems and sigils okay and we looked at the symbol of the equal armed cross is pretty much where we left off we were looking at the knights of malta logo we were looking at the 33rd degree emblem of Freemasonry we were looking at a st. Peter's Square in the Vatican and we were looking at the regalia of the Pope and some of the symbolism that he employs on on his religious regalia and we saw that this is all silver and zodiacal symbolism and it is often used in association because it reflects the Sun and the power of the Sun and of light okay and of energy and life all things associated with the Sun okay it is used in conjunction with institutions that are attempting to convey inherent both Authority okay they want to say we are authority figures then often these are holdovers from solar cult worship and sects of the ancient past just like Christianity comes down to us today as an astro theological religion based in Sault solar cult Astro theology okay so there the reason they choose the equal armed cross there's a reason they choose symbols that are associated with the zodiac okay the equal armed cross of the zodiac there's a reason that these symbols are employed connection with the Sun and you put that together with an institution that is claiming authority okay we saw the CIA uses this on their shield on their uh emblem as well okay this is what it conveys to the subconscious without even the person doesn't have to be consciously aware of the symbolism see that that's what I also want to convey about how symbolism works symbolism is working it doesn't make a difference if you don't understand it people say well I don't believe in that or in that interpretation of that symbol it doesn't make a difference you don't need belief for our type of forms to be consciously recognized by the sub time sorry subconsciously recognized by your subconscious mind these things are inherently recognized by us we don't need to be consciously aware of them for them to be having effect once we do develop conscious awareness of them then we can begin to I guess you could say desensitize ourselves to the effects of these symbols at the subconscious level and bring them up to the level of the conscious mind so then you can say oh I recognize that I understand its many possible interpretations and I understand in the context how it's being used therefore I'm not as affected by that symbol in this connotation in the context that it's being attempted to be used in against my subconscious mind so that's why becoming symbol literate is so important so let's look at some let's look further into Astro theology in symbols and corporate logos etc okay now we saw in Astro theology there are three basic cults the solar cult the lunar cult and the cult of the stars and planets or dispel our cult so we're going to basically look at stellar cult symbology in without the rest of this section on Astro theology symbology okay so if we go up to the website if you go up to my website what on earth is happening calm okay you will see listed on the radio listen page if you're not already there you will see listed on the radio listen page let's button on the left hand side you click that it will take you to the radio lesson page and you will see a long list of symbols numbers that are links to different images that I'm going to talk about tonight and probably into next week so you can you can see the Astra theology there is the first section and we went through the first seven symbols in the Astro theology section last week we ended it number seven out of twenty three I believe total okay so that last one was the Pope with the with the cross and The MITRE and he has the Eagle armed cross on his forehead on his miter on his sachet there okay it's all about the symbolism of a cross now we ended there and we looked at again the reason that the cross or so vehicle symbolism is used so widely in authoritarian institutions now we're going to move on to image number eight in that section okay and if you click into image number eight in the National theology section on my website you will see the logo for the car mercury now mercury is the first planet out from the Sun now transportation companies and information companies as well love to use the UM Astro theology aspect of symbolism okay um cars you'll see it on many different kinds of cars okay um there's a reason for this okay the idea of freedom of freedom to travel is embedded in with moving offworld ok going off of the earth okay ultimately we subconsciously recognize that Earth is a prison that what's going on here is control and what has been going on here is control and it's about controlling our consciousness controlling our mind so that ultimately we end up living as slaves and therefore our body is ultimately controlled okay and power and influence flows into the hands of fewer and fewer people who then have the power to centralize that even more but it's all perception of power because it's all Authority isn't real it's all a claim of authority and other people who aren't conscious recognizing the claim as we've talked about many times on the show now when you take that into the realm of the subconscious mind when you understand that everybody knows this they just don't understand it at a conscious level the reason there's so much denial out there in the world is because people know they're under control people no male dominators owned and run this entire world this culture as it stands right now they don't really own it but they're basically in control because they enact violence against other people who try to challenge them and they get people who are actually under their mind-control to enact the violence against other people who are also under their mind-control to said pitiful situation and it's going to come down it's going to come to an end but the question is just how bad it will have to get before that happens just how much suffering will have to be endured by humanity before that occurs because it's going to happen whether we want it to or not because it's not really our will as to whether this control system comes crashing down and breaking apart eventually that's that's not up to us and the only thing that really is up to us is how much pain we choose to experience during that process and subconsciously everybody really knows that so they know we're living in a prison society that's why there's so much denial that's why their eyes go glassy when you mention a lot of this stuff you know it's um it's something that they recognize inherently but not at a conscious level okay they know that that's the case and they want freedom from that they want to be free their true self their true nature wants to be free but they're in such fear that they they won't do the work necessary to bring that understanding up to the conscious level and face it because of the horrors that are pretty much associated with that knowledge when you understand how bad of a place this really is and that essentially it's like a hell world okay so not that many incredible wonderful good things don't happen here and there are wonderful people in this world but as a whole it's not a great place to be as far as evolutionary a possibility goes we are limit limiting ourselves from our true potential and people know this so what a smart advertiser would want to do here what a smart marketing genius with somebody who wants to get into the subconscious and tap that um that desire they know that desire is there they they know a desire for freedom is ultimately underneath but they want to sell you a product they don't they can't sell you true freedom true freedom can't be bought or sold okay it's something that is lived it is something that you know it is within ultimately and they know that they can't sell that to somebody they need to sell you on the idea of freedom so they're going to put symbols of outer space of objects that are beyond the hell world that we're living in beyond the earth realm beyond the floor of the house so to speak as they call it in Freemasonry okay and they they want to sell you on the idea that you're going to get in your car and you're going to it's it is mercury okay it is Saturn okay it is another planet you're going off world now of course this isn't literal okay they don't literally believe that you're going to believe that or accept that it's it's a symbol it's getting it's resonating with an idea it's making an association that's what symbols do and again I said this last week and I'll reiterate it this week if you're going to take this entire thing and try to approach it from a purely purely left-brain perspective turn off the show now close the browser window and good night because you nothing will be understood as a result of that kind of thinking you have to put your brain into a holistic understanding ballistic modality which is looking at things from a slightly different perspective and from a creative and an intuitive perspective and that's right brain awareness that has to be combined with looking at the forms and understanding at a conscious level what they're basically speaking to at the subconscious level okay so if again throw the left brain thinking on the back burner and look at this from a creative perspective okay you have to understand they're equating it's all about equating the symbol with an idea okay this is called Association okay symbolic Association this is done constantly in marketing constantly in advertising okay so numbers eight and nine these are ashford Theology symbols mercury and Saturn the names that they have chosen and the imagery that they have chosen is Astro theological in nature and it is tapping that subconscious desire for freedom to get out of the situation that we're in and again that associates with with actually getting offworld into space into the heavens so to speak okay into heaven which is a better place all right this is all symbolic thinking we're not talking literally here of course all right now we look at number 10 and 11 okay images 10 and 11 in the Astro theology section we see that here more Saturnian symbolism is used this is the Direct TV again the communications our company and Nike okay and that's also associated with the idea of travel or running okay so we see the ring of Saturn being used here and just a part of it so it looks like the swirl or swoosh okay but really this is this is an archetype this is Saturnian imagery it's ring some ilysm okay that's employed constantly again well I'm only showing a few examples here just to paint a picture in people's minds this is you will see this repeatedly over and over like a theme that runs throughout symbolism you can discover this in all kinds of logos all kinds of symbols that we are surrounded and inundated with in our culture okay we are moving on the image number twelve now this is another interesting one and again now remember always a need being fulfilled here but not the real need at a mental at a deep subconscious level the need the need is being responded to and then hand it a proxy a proxy meaning it's not the real thing it's something that is given in replacement of the real thing okay so the Dodge truck logo okay and now this is astrological symbolism but it's much more okay so let me explain that we're looking at image number twelve now on the Astro theology section the Dodge truck logo which is a huge Rams head now this is the symbol for Aries they Aries the RAM all right now that's Astro theology symbolism Aries being the first saw sign of the zodiac that the Sun enters when it enters the spring season at the spring equinox however if we really look closer at the Dodge Ram of head-on this shield this red shield incidentally okay we will see that really what it is is it's the uterus it's the exact same shape as the feminine uterus and the fallopian tubes that come off of the uterus so this is the female reproductive system so what they're doing is to the you know macho guys that I want to go out and buy dodge trucks right they're selling to that to that marketing potential okay their target audience right they're selling uh to that target audience which is predominantly male predominantly middle-aged younger to middle-aged men there they're putting something of sexual desire at a subconscious level okay we want to reproduce okay we want sex all right the feminine sexual reproductive system right there on the logo and you can actually if you do a search on google you can get a comparison I should have put one up there but I put this together earlier today um and didn't get a chance to but if you type in dodge and you know uterus I'm sure you can get a comparison image there that shows just how similar these images actually are so that's again association and and playing upon a subconsciously held desire and then fulfilling it through proxy okay the next image image number thirteen is the McDonald's logo okay red and yellow often in very many cases used in conjunction with food these are colors that resonate in general with food and with the desire for food but moreover again this is Astro theology symbolism because we again see the double arch of the arm of the RAM so this is Aries symbolism here okay um also the color being associated with gold okay a Sun energy okay as food is what we need for energy um that's a relatively simple one moving on to image number fourteen the star ATM logo again here's more stellar occult symbolism and you see the Saturnian ring there again and all the name it is star okay so this is associated with money monetary flow again associated with Astro theology image number 15 now we're combining a whole lot this is almost like a sigil again 15 is the Starbucks logo everybody knows this one very popular coffeehouse and we see many images many symbols kind of teamed up on this one now I'll be repeating this one in a few weeks when we look at goddess symbolism because this is a depiction of the goddess we see the crescent moon okay so this is again there's some lunar symbolism in this one as far as Astro theology the goddess herself is the goddess of the night sky the goddess of the moon it represents Isis or Mary okay um and again it's like a mermaid as well okay if you look at it like yours what you're seeing looking at it from either side is the noir maids tale okay so this is associated with the goddess of the waters again water being the sign of the Sacred Feminine we looked at all of these associations when we looked at Kabbalah and Tarot and and the goddess symbolism contained in the Tarot now the name of the coffee company is star box okay Starbucks okay right in the name there's a show theology again the cult of the stars we see three stars on the Starbucks logo and one of them is actually in her crown again representing illumination or enlightenment on none of these things you will get at Starbucks but they're selling you on the idea the goddess of truth that's what the goddess represents the Sacred Feminine care all of these things some consciously resonating the crown duan enlightenment the queen of heaven the crescent moon stars are often associated with sovereignty that's why they're used on the American flag we'll look at this a little bit later tonight when we talk about the five pointed star and why it's used in extensively throughout these logos okay so that's ash basic Astro theology symbolism leading up there to one that a lot of different symbols are teamed up on again really effective marketers don't like to just go for the one symbol they want to team up different mental associations and combine them in in their logo or their or their emblem and all of those things will resonate together simultaneously so the next section of the Astro theological symbolism that we're going to look at as I said last week is Piscean symbolism or the symbol of Pisces so these images are images number 16 through 23 in the Astro theology section taking this to the end of that section and the first image is just a representation of the symbol of Pisces with the two fish they're symbolically depicted that is what places is it's the house of the two fish okay that's the symbol of places to fish often going in different directions as you see them they're in image number 16 okay and what that represents is really the two interlocking circles of the main symbol that we're going to look at known as the vesica Pisces okay now it's called the vesica Pisces for a reason because it is connected with the fish it looks like the fish a body of a fish and it's associated with the house of Pisces this is the age of the zodiac that we're in it's B we're in the Age of Pisces what that means is that when the Sun rises in the eastern eastern direction every morning if we were to see the constellation that is directly behind the Sun as the Sun is rising we would see Pisces Sun essentially comes up in Pisces now that is at the spring equinox I should say that is how the age that we are in is determined at the spring equinox we look eastward on the horizon sun's rising it's coming up inside of a meaning in inside meaning it is visually in front of a zodiacal house if we were to see the stars of the zodiac band behind the Sun we would be looking at Pisces if we look behind the Sun okay at that time that's what we mean when we say in the house of Pisces now our image number 17 is a perfect example of Piscean symbolism and again this is connected with the Sun okay again all of the things that are connected with the Sun you're going to actually is actually going to go into the subconscious mind by looking at symbolism that is derived from um this astrophys astra theological forms and in this case we're looking at the vesica pisces now let me explain what the vesica pisces is if we take two circles and we begin to merge them to disks okay in two dimensions and we just begin to overlap them okay the space in which they overlap will form a tapered oval or a double-ended teardrop shape I guess you could say a shape like a seed okay um this seed in the middle of these two circles is known as the vesica Pisces again it looks like the body of a fish if we looked at it from either direction we can see that there's also a thin at the end if we put like an imaginary line between the tops of the circles okay now this is sacred geometry this is known as sacred geometry now you can look this up and you'll probably spend you know you could spend years looking into sacred geometry if you're not familiar with the term sacred geometry is basically geometry that is based upon circles which is the sacred shape ultimately it's based on circles and spirals these are the shapes that really are completely derived from natural forms the circle being the perfect shape and then we have spirals which are found in fractal patterns that underlie nature and all natural forms so to go back to the vesica Pisces it is based upon this sacred geometry essentially the entire world is based upon sacred geometry the vesica Pisces being one of the primary forms of sacred geometry when we look at it because it represents the seed it represents the womb because you you start with one thing and then as you cut you know as it basically divides into two you have if we look at the MasterCard logo as an example of this let's say the red circle on the left that is let's say that's the primary object the one thing okay as it then divides into two okay we have duality so now we have the we have the orange circle there on the right but the space in which they overlap forms this womb and it is a womb shape if we look at it okay it is the female reproductive organ shape okay this is um it's a vaginal shape okay and this is played upon as we will see okay we'll see that in the next logo that's coming up the chanel for men a perfume but to stay on the vesica pisces for just a moment longer that shape in the middle is the place of potentiality of creation that exists between the two of seemingly opposites or poor um essences the two circles okay and it represents the synthesis between those two so that's essentially what the vesica Pisces is is ultimately about and we will see how it is used in different symbols in corporate and religious symbolism in a moment let's move to so there it is in number seventeen the MasterCard logo and the word master is used in conjunction with this they because ultimately mastery comes from the combination of the left and right brain that's what this also is an allusion to is it is these two poles coming together okay to form this synthesis again and ultimately that's all about the awakening of the third eye and we can obviously see it's an eye shape okay this is a shape of an eye okay not the letter eye but an eye human eye okay this is the coming together of the left and right brains to open up the eye and we'll see how the eye figures into this tonight as well it's about mastery when that happens it's mastery so they're using this all in this logo it's none of this is accidental I can assure you of this okay this is specifically chosen because of the connotations that it carries I hear the music for the first break I'm mark passio you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Intel hub news network we'll be right back after these messages folks stay with us you know we're collect a puppet and all I don't need control of the population don't hear any the mantra of rhythm of humanity left on our shoulders be on the way out if you expose the mobile time limit a known Adam world order together we are all one together we are Intel holders that will be humanity and soon join us in the fight Leonel of calm [Music] a very wealthy US citizen is predicting that in 2011 we will with the most important day in America hit more than 50 years he says it will change everything about our lives the way you shop travel invest educate your children and even how you take care of your health and family now this man has made some outrageous predictions over the years but the crazy part is he's usually right you see he predicted the collapse of GM Fannie Mae Freddie 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is the time to be ready just click on the heirloom organic banner at the top of our blog talk radio tubes today to cure your future and the future of your family in hard times heirloom organic seed when these changes John King and insecure Thursday and Sunday mm-hmm the movie made and Intel hub news network [Music] okay ladies and gentlemen we're back on what on earth is happening on your host mark a CEO before the break we were talking about pie scene symbolism and the symbolism of the vesica pisces we were looking at the MasterCard logo and we were looking at the connotations that these symbols and words are teamed up with to employ to the subconscious so again we see that the vesica pisces is actually a symbol of synthesis is a symbol of creation it is a symbol of union of opposites is a therefore a sexual symbol and not just at a physical level but at a level of blending the male the masculine I should say and feminine it exists within each of us in the process known as the chemical wedding and that is what creates enlightenment that is what truly opens the mind that is what truly gives access through this gateway of sorts to higher levels of consciousness which is also what the vesica Pisces represents a gate as well it's all of these things it's the pineal gland it is the all-seeing it is the eye okay it relates with the all-seeing eye because that's what the pineal gland ultimately is um it is the womb of creation okay and it is the union of opposites or the blending of opposite polarities to create a synthesis between them and they're using the word mastery in conjunction with that master okay because it does this shape does imply mastery so image number eighteen shows you an even more subversive use of this the Chanel perfume logo the two interlocking C's now ostensibly that's for Chanel yes but they're put together in this very specific fashion forming the vesica Pisces and again this is the feminine reproductive organ and it says Chanel for men now the subconscious reads things differently than the conscious mind does so if there's one end you could substitute two ends and see that word is channel it's the same phonetically as the word channel so we would have symbolically in symbolic language yes in left brain awareness it doesn't indeed say Chanel but in holistic brain awareness and symbolic awareness that word is channel okay whether it has one N or two it's the same phonetic a combination of sounds and what they're saying here is the channel for men and that you know speaks for itself this is sexual symbolism used in a almost overt way you know it's almost hard not to see it one you know once you know a little bit about symbolism so again all we selling something to you not the actual thing they're not going to sell you sex but they're going to sell you the idea of sex we see this used all the time in in on television commercial commercials beer commercials football Qamar during during football everything you know the the car car commercials that we see on television always trying to sell people and the idea that you know our product is sexy you know you have this you know sex will follow okay it's all a proxy all selling people subconsciously on on an idea so that then they will associate that idea with the product the thing that they want okay they know everybody wants sex it's an innate human need okay they will then associate that that in they need with their product and therefore that creates desire they're latching onto an existing desire and associating that with their product same thing with cool-cool cigarette logo cigarettes logo on image number 19 they're the vesica Pisces employed okay same idea associated desire with their product and indeed desire is associated with cigarettes for certain I fortunately never got into that habit but I know how difficult it can be can be one of the hardest to break you know people who I co attempted to quit many times in their life attempted being the key word a very difficult addiction cigarettes and uh you know tobacco often gets the rap for it but tobacco is a naturally-occurring plant it's all the additives in tobacco to creates all the problems we pretty much looked at that would look into the food section I believe I alluded to that but the cool logo here clearly employing the symbolism of the vesica Pisces in a association with desire now image number twenty in this section is the CBS logo and as a television network they're employing here the all-seeing eye and indeed that's what we do we watch the television ok the eye being used here symbolically and this is the vesica Pisces again and it is associating their product with again the all the things that go along with the vesica Pisces desire enlightenment union of opposites um solar symbolism as well and all of these things they're associating with their product which is the the programming that they hit people with through the television who the hypnotic device and again an eye is often a symbol that is used in conjunction with hypnosis as well the way one looks into one's eyes and here this eye is wide open with the large pupil in the middle with two large lids you know looking almost sinister being that it's one eye and we'll look at the symbolism of the one eye but here again vesica Pisces symbolism clearly displayed now let's look at religious symbolism when it comes to the vesica Pisces or Piscean symbolism and a good reason for this is because one of the most powerful institutions in the world the Roman Catholic Church derives its symbolism from the scent the astrological symbolism of Pisces and there's a reason for that we talked about that we covered our theology on this show and it is because precisely the Sun is in the house of Pisces in the age that we are in presently and in order to pay homage to the Sun which is what this Astro theology cult is ultimately all about it is the worship of the Sun it is not the worship of the man that they call Jesus and that is a another proxy or symbol and it all represents the Sun being the savior of the world we went into this enormous Lee and at length in the Astro theology section if you didn't catch that please go back into the podcast archives on my site go to the podcast tab and all of the archives are there you can go back to the shows on Astro theology and check that out and um here in image number 21 we'll start looking at the Piscean symbolism when it comes to the Catholic Church so we see again an image of the Pope wearing the mitre he has been mitre on his head and if we look at the mitre from the side as the scene in this image now we saw the Pope's mitre an image number seven okay from the front or from a front at an angle slightly but here we see it completely from the side and you can clearly see that that is a large fish head okay it is placed upon the head of the pope it even has you know that that sash coming off the back forms like the tail of the fish because what it ultimately is representing is the Pope here as the fish God okay I know that sounds strange to people who have not looked into asteroid theology but the image number 22 will clear that up a little bit and when we get to the symbol some symbolism of the pinecone um we will also see some uh fish and bird symbolism employed in a solar Astro theology cults and cult worship of the ancient past being that Christianity is a remnant of that is a holdover from those ancient days of solar worship and it is still it still does represent the solar cult in the modern world here we see the the Pope as the The Vicar of the Sun God okay of the Christ uh on earth showing that indeed this age is all about the fish the Pisces Jesus is alleged to have been a fisherman okay this is all symbol symbolic it's a stroke theology it means that he is the God Savior hero that is brought in at the Age of Pisces and this is the story of the son Savior during this age and the story is the same no matter what ancient sin doesn't make a differences we were in the house of Aries then it would be a story of you know the Abrahamic religions uh you know we see you know it based upon RAM and of in we see ransom was employed in Judaism and we go back to bold symbolism when we when the son was in the house of Taurus which is before Aries okay two houses before pisces arm now when it was in Taurus again it was about the worship of the bull and we see bull symbolism used in the in the ancient Middle East we see the bull god Molech being worshipped we see the Old Testament stories of the people making a golden calf to worship which is essentially it you know it's a bull and you know that being said that that's sinful that's blasphemous don't do that no longer do that because the Sun you know the old age was ending and the Sun was moving into the house of of the Aries and now it's we're moving on to RAM symbolism under Moses you know Rameses ram Moses Ram Abraham Abram this is it's all it's all about asteroid theology the whole thing is about astrobiology and how these words all fit into place and words fit in with these symbols it's a tapestry you have to understand that people who understand this have been using these things against us as weapons for thousands of years and until we learn their language we're going to be powerless to defend ourselves against this you don't even know the symbols that they're using out in the open in the open and people buy into this and accept it readily some of the most you know wicked people associated with high religion you know completely uh traumatizing children sexually abusing them and then it covered up at highest levels you know the current Pope I highly recommend people watch the documentary sex crimes and the Vatican if anybody listening to the show has a high opinion of Christianity especially in an organized sense again if you want to talk about the esoteric underlying true essence of the Christian tradition that was beginning to gain steam around the 1st century AD I'm all all ears and let's talk about it let's delve deeply into it but as far as organized religion in the modern day goes when it comes to the so-called Christian tradition it's all Astro theology and at the highest levels it's being run by evil people you know the Pope right now was the Cardinal during all the reshuffling of these priests that that abused children in horrible sick twisted depraved ways and he just signed papers and you know of did all the bureaucratic things necessary to just move these priests over into other parishes so they can continue to do the same thing over and over again to different children instead of actually working in conjunction how these people put away where they where they really belong which is sequestered from the rest of the pot human population where they can't do any harm but you know that's a whole nother issue maybe I can link to that in this section since we're talking a little bit about a show theology and tonight's show and how that fits into Christianity when it comes to symbolism but he has sex crimes and the Vatican a great documentary and I highly encourage it if you have the stomach for it because it is quite disturbing but look at image number 22 and now we'll see where this fish symbolism is derived from this is a Syrian and I believe Akkadian symbolism this would be the cult of Dagon da gon fish God and this is you know a middle-eastern symbolism of the ancient world going back I guess five six thousand years and it is again a representation of a fish God now they claim that their gods were scaly or had feather-like of them scalish or feather --is-- skin okay now this can mean a lot of different things symbolically it could be symbolic but it some people also suggest that maybe these gods were hybrids of some sort and they weren't actual gods they were some sort of hybrid being like uh maybe a extraterrestrial mixed with human and these qualities were depicted okay maybe their skin qualities were depicted by feathers or depicted by scales and because of the way their skin may have appeared so that they people when they were depicting them in their renderings driven like this some people claim it was because they came from the sea maybe from an advanced civilization after some sort of a cataclysm and they looked at them as fish people maybe they had flying technology they looked at them as bird people there's a myriad of explanations but indeed we see bird gods and fish gods often used in conjunction with solar cult Astro theological worship in the ancient world okay Dagon being one of them but there were many others um so you can see clearly this depiction of The MITRE on his head okay but it's an actual fish head with the body and tail and all okay and you can see clearly that this is a what we're seeing in modern Christianity the trappings of the Pope are clearly a holdover of this ancient silver religion okay so I would highly recommend looking into Sumerian mythology and Akkadian and Assyrian of mythology to understand some of this so I might post a couple of book links this week to the podcast archive I didn't get a chance to do that last week but I have a couple of good books on symbolism that I'll probably link to this week as well moving on to image number 23 this is the last one for this section and we'll move on to a different topic regarding symbolism but just to wrap up and the asteroid theology section this is the popular symbol of Jesus as used in the modern world when it comes to symbology this is how Jesus is symbolically depicted as the fish and there's it should be obvious by now listening to the show as to why because the Piscean symbol represents the age that we are in as far as the Sun is concerned as far as the procession of equinoxes the Sun is in the house of Pisces at the current time that we live in therefore the Sun Saviour mythos must be must be associated with fish or Piscean symbolism now this symbol is actually much more ancient than being used in conjunction with Jesus it goes back to Egyptian cosmology and it goes back to the disciples of Horus Horus being the Sun God of the Egyptian methis the golden Falcon we talk about this in in the astral theology section many weeks ago but Horus being the Sun God of Egypt and again this looks very much like the Eye of Horus in this configuration put on its side in the original of followers the religion of Horus his followers were known as the Shem soon hor this means the disciples of Horus okay and uh if you simply turn the Jesus fish the vesica Pisces or the I which is what it is okay you just turn that I up right in other words rest it on its tail so that the point face is up in the air you essentially have the symbol of what was known as the disciples of Horus in the Egyptian tradition it's one of the symbols of the Shem soon hor now um what I would also say is it is a reflection of the direction that humanity has gone that this symbol which was originally upright okay it was originally erect or pointing upward okay we have now tipped it to the left and that is very very symbolic and telling because humanity is largely in a state of left brain imbalance that's why we can't see the total pictures we're trapped in ego the ego barriers of the left brain and identification with the physical world and this is a reflection of the direction that religion in general has taken now religion is a right brain imbalance but I should say that's it it's an indicator of the direction that consciousness has taken as a whole of people on the earth and we are moving in the Sinister direction the fish is so to speak symbolically here okay we need to make that the upright once again okay because that forms the gateway that forms you know the all-seeing eye up above the pyramid if we look at it in a negative aspect okay Stargate opening up the pineal gland the the Gateway out of these the ways that we are controlled the gateways out of the limited ways that we are thinking in the modern world because ultimately all the control is predicated upon mind control we need to open our minds we need to free our minds from the types of limitation that were trapped in which is made possible only by being limited into the left brain way of seeing the world instead of a holistic way which incorporates Sacred Feminine and the creative capabilities of the right brain so balance is what we're looking for and I would say that uh that symbol would be better represented as being balanced and by being upright rather than tilted to the left there but I understand what they're going for here it is also some than I in that configuration and again it is completely tied in with the eye of horus because horus is the same Sun Savior that Jesus represents so that is astro theological symbology explained in a nutshell but again it is simply my interpretation and it is very limited because we could sit here for days discussing all of this these different forms of symbolism again I want to give people a basic overview and then they can do Studies on on their own further so let's move on to another another topic or another form of symbolism let's look at the fashions okay so we can look at image number one in the factories section now what the fashions is you will see it depicted there an image number one is a bundle of rods or staffs okay that are tied together off and lashed together with leather or some other form of material and they are lashed around an essential axe the axe is sometimes depicted in the middle of them or is sometimes lashed directly to this a larger bundle of rods or score staffs now what this is and this derives out of the ancient Roman culture the ancient Roman Empire this is a symbol of centralized authority centralization of power and we'll see how this is used in the modern world has been used in the modern world it represents the the ax represents the central authority okay it represents um the Empire so to speak it represents the the larger centralized government okay and the smaller staffs are representative of the satellite of states or satellite nations that form the Empire that are wound for the central authority of an emperor or a king or a pope or leader etc so essentially the cutting blade of the axe keeps all the other satellite nations so to speak in line okay it represents the greatest power and then all of the other things are subservient to it so they are bound by it they are bound to it okay you can clearly see where the symbolism is going as far as concepts and ideas of authority it's an authoritative authoritarian symbol and it represents greater centralization of power meaning once you have people recognizing your claims and acting on your behalf and doing what you are telling them to do you then develop you then acquire more of this capability and it becomes easier to centralize even faster and build up and build up and build up and that's what we're seeing the march toward globalization in a march toward ever increasing centralization of power whereby fewer and fewer people make decisions that control other people's lives and try to tell them what they may or may not do regardless of whether they are harming anyone or not of course this is completely antithetical to natural law to the concept of principles with the concept of human rights into the concept of right versus wrong okay and the perpetrators of this node know this ultimately at the highest levels because they're psychopathic madmen completely imbalanced to the left brain basically don't really have a soul like you and I do and as we perceive the human soul label they don't have those qualities because they're psychopathic and really can't experience human emotion and they use this symbol wherever authority is demanded or commanded wherever they say we are the authority okay and this is cymbal that's going to show you that we're the authority then we're in charge we're the boss what we say goes then again this is all utter nonsense it's utter crap it's utter BS all authority in this domain in the three dimensional space-time realm anywhere you go within it it's illusionary and it's a claim that exists and I don't care who claims to the contrary you're wrong the end the end you're wrong there is no authority in the three dimensional space-time continuum that we call the physical universe in the flesh doesn't exist isn't going to exist never has existed it's a claim it's a claim that exists only within the minds of the people making the claim and those accepting the claim and that's all it is because there is no authority here in this space-time dimension there is no innate Authority no inherent Authority it's an illusion it's all a claim to try to control other people when somebody says says the phrase I have the authority or this entity has the authority you know what that's called it's called mind control ladies and gentlemen and that's all it's called and that's all it is and if you actually believe that claim you're under mind control the end you know cry about it pound your fists on the desk bang your head against the wall all you like nothing will ever change the fact that that's the truth that's all it is okay no one has authority over anybody else in point of fact reality meaning objective reality and there is such a thing again we get into the ideas of moral relative relativism and solipsistic you know there my truth is different than your truth and you know of what you are saying about authority you know may be true for some people for no it isn't there is such a thing called right and wrong it exists objectively if you understand natural law by studying it and its ramifications you will understand that which right is and that which wrong is and I do clearly understand what those things are and it's very simple right as any any action you do have a right to take which doesn't harm another period you're not creating physical harm I was talking about this with a friend we were boiling day and we were talking about the natural law transgressions the the traditional things that are looked at as being wrong or going against natural law and this is just an aside to symbolism for a minute for a moment but uh you know people have boiled them down to for murder rape trespass and theft now that's a quite a simplification but I said we could go down and simplify it even further and really it's all ultimately one thing one there is one ultimate wrong that you can do that you can take if you really think about it and boil it down okay and many very aware and conscious spiritual teachers have actually made this observation okay people who if they do make this observation listen to them because they know what they're talking about okay I won't give any names but I could think of a couple off the top of my head that I did hear this from in the past and um it's a very astute and profound observation when it comes to natural law when we're talking about what is harming people we look at murder okay you can extend that into assault or taking physical violence against somebody without cause without the right to do so would use it it's the initiation of undue force you can have a right to use force but only if someone is employing undue force against you which is called violence okay so violence essential is number one okay then rape and that's a form of violence of course it's sexual violence okay and then theft okay taking something that doesn't belong to you and trespass which which you can boil down to destruction of property or being in someone's space that they are actually employing living in using without you know the right to be there you know they they've staked the claim to this space that's their living conditions and environment and you're going in into their you know unwarranted Lee so you could boil all these things down to one thing and that's fact and that may sound strange to some people but if you think about it if you're killing someone you're taking their life and you didn't have the right to do it if it's murder okay if you're beating them you know we're taking physical violence in some form against them and you didn't have a right to do it you're taking their health or their physical well-being if you're taking their things that's self evident that self that's very obvious you didn't have a right to do that that's the straight theft and if you're um you know taking they're damaging their property you're taking their right to to basically um you know be secure in their environment you know and you know that extends to damaging the product of their labor or thieving from the product of their labor that's called taxation which is theft it's all theft in one form or another theft is the ultimate transgression it's really everything else every other transgression every other form of moral law is another variant effect if you really think about it and get down to it okay so the reason I was talking about this is because we were getting into the idea of Authority as represented by the fascist symbol okay and of course this is the symbol that represents fascism that's what it that's what fascism is named after this symbol okay because fascism is totalitarian authoritarianism meaning there is absolute control by the state and there is no room room for argument what we say goes and if you don't agree violence is going to be carried out against you that's called totalitarianism that's rapidly what the United States of America is moving toward a totalitarian form of government and people think there's a big difference between fascism and socialism and this is another artificial dichotomy they're the same thing they're total control in the name of violence saying if you don't do what we say in the way we say we will conduct violence against you that's it that's what all Authority is if you really boil it down that's it it's somebody saying I mean I'm in control you're going to be subservient to me and if you don't do what I say I'm going to be violent against you when I don't have a right to do that and that's what all of our Italian ISM is which is why I believe in none of it because I'm not under mind control because that's all of all of that is this whole argument that there's any such thing as Authority is ultimately what the entire the entire world view of mind control is built upon claims of authority in the flesh when no such thing exists because you're not God that's why won't it really come down to it okay the institution of governments is an idea that even is predicated upon the idea that man is God okay because if that authority doesn't exist in any individual how can multiple individuals combine non-existent Authority to currently institute government's it's all mind control it's all trying to get people to accept the idea of Authority which does not exist you believe in illusion you get an illusionary world to create suffering the end that's it you want to take anything away from the show that's it you want to continue to believe in illusion things that don't exist and continue to act upon them you're going to continue to get more suffering I don't know how much simpler I can put that but there it is so this is the fasces symbol and what it represents in the eyes of control freaks control freaks you know people who hate themselves so much than what they really want to do is just make the other people's lives miserable by conducting violence against them in some form that's it that's all it is these are self loathing people and always have been why because they've never really turned inward and understand what real power lies they've never found that place of power within themselves and the connection to the true source of creation they don't have that capability maybe some of them you know and instead of seeking healing which our society should do you know all they do is they seek control so this is one of these sick twisted notions and this is a sick twisted symbol and what I would say is indeed this does represent kind of almost a 1 a unit dimensional way of looking at a symbol I don't know of any other interpretation for the fashions itself it's a complex symbol you can look at the acts a little bit differently the acts is used in ancient astronaut the Sun God again ok but um the fashions itself is a multi-tiered symbol it's combining multiple smaller symbols into a larger one so there's a pretty clear understanding of its representation symbolically an image number two here in this section we see the fact she's used on the Italian flag during uh Mussolini's reign okay clearly an example of fascism as Mussolini running a fascist government on image number three here's more fascism oh we call the Nazis fascist well they're National Socialists right it was a National Socialist German Workers Party a Nazi Party well here's the symbol of fascism right on their postage from 1938 I believe okay so with Hitler on it the fashions they're depicted on the left now where else will we see the fashions well in some pretty surprising places connected with government and monetary institutions we look at the house chamber in image number four a this is where the house meets the House of Representatives and you have two fashions on both sides of the main seat where the Speaker of the House sets in the image number four there all right two fashions I thought this was supposed to be a republic well if it's supposed to be a republic we clearly have fascist symbolism in the main house of the republic of the United States there's some mixed symbols there I would say mix the mixed messages maybe so if you think this is actually a republic but if you know what this government really is that symbolism is totally appropriate I would say if you know what any government is you understand that that symbol is very appropriate all right so moving on we see a close-up for those who may not you know see that clearly enough there in the smaller image there's a larger image it's in black and white that clearly shows the image of the fashions are in between two pillars there next to the American flag and five-pointed stars overhead to ionic pillars and there's a symbol of the mace there which is uh also a solar cult symbol image number six the United States Senate seal okay with the US flag shield design Liberty Cap of the olive branch and what's that we have there below two fashions crossed over each other in an X configuration okay the United States Senate supposedly a body of a Democratic Republic yet there's two symbols of centralized Roman authoritarianism also known as fascism on the Senate arms there you do the math the next image image number seven this is an image of the inside of the Lincoln Memorial Lincoln seated on the throne okay and that's what this is supposed to represent a throne chair he's supposed to be a king because indeed you know this is a Empire that we're living in if we're honest with ourselves we live in an empire with an emperor the emperor is a plutocracy ruled by the extremely extremely rich but ultimately the real plutocracy that's really ruling the show behind the scenes the real oligarchy I should say it's really ruling the show behind the scenes is a class of Oh cultists and understand how all of the symbolism works they combine it they gather in different occult orders and they're doing a number mentally emotionally psychologically on the human race and they pretty much have us right where they want us until we wake up to this and I've said it before and I'll say it again and I'll say it repeatedly over and over again until it sticks until the occult is no longer the occult the world will be enslaved meaning until people understand what these occultists understand and how they're employing this information and what their methodologies are and they integrate that knowledge into who they are confront it and then rise above that and understand that knowledge cannot be occulted that it's owned by the people of the world it's owned by all of us we share it and we don't occult it and we come up to the level of consciousness where that can be done you will be essentially a slave whether you're free in mind or not bodily you're going to be essentially have violence conducted against you anytime you go up against these people who actually believe that they are authorities and it's done through mind control through the occult we'll be right back after these messages folks we've got a half an hour left be right back are you still paying your credit cards and so-called bank loans thinking that you are the money do you feel like it's your moral obligation but can't see an end in sight well what if I told you that in truth you don't know a single penny and that the bank's know this then hope you don't find out here's where we come in we to prosper calm specializes in a profound debt repudiation method which 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video at www.att.com/biz only be offensive to some audiences it's worth checking out again that's www.mwuclinics.com near host mark passio you're listening - what on earth is happening we were getting into the symbolism of the fash ease as connected with government institutions and one of the main symbols that we see in Washington DC is the Lincoln Memorial it faces the phallic symbol of masculine energy known as the Washington Monument which is the symbol of the phallus of Osiris in the Egyptian cosmology if we look at I want to spend a little bit of time on the Lincoln image itself which is image number seven on the website are four images for tonight on the radio listen page under the fascist symbolism we see that Lincoln is actually seated on this throne because he represents the Emperor the symbolic emperor of the ruling class the the ruling elite the reignover the ignorant masses who think they're free and he is holding two fashions right there it's supposed to be a symbol of emancipation and freedom yet on either side Eddy the emperor holds two fashions on the left-hand side he has a closed fist okay on the left-hand side he has a closed fist representing government authoritarianism representing violence okay on his left I want to emphasize his left so if you're seated in that chair your left hand so you have to envision okay his left hand is made into a fist and it's on top of the fashions we see that on the right hand side of the image when we're looking at it but that's his left hand so that represents left brain control typifies by government violence on the right hand side he has his hand open grasping the fashions but open nonetheless with an open palm okay and his right foot is forward this represents handing somebody control in the name of righteousness or in the name of doing the right thing or putting the right foot forward this is all symbolic it's all very very specifically chosen symbolic language okay because this form of control is religion the right brained form of control and symbolically what they're telling you is that we control both of these institutions we control government and we control religion we control at all as the occultists who owned this place who owned this place and own you because you don't understand your rights you don't understand natural mall you don't understand our language then we're telling you this right in the open in the place that you think is the seat of your government is the place that you think typifies human freedom and emancipation we're telling you this right in your face and you're not intelligent enough to figure it out and I'll say again there's very little other interpretation for this okay this is clearly subversive symbolism in this instance the fasces means essentially one thing centralization of power and they're telling you how they're doing it openly in the form of mockery that's what this is this is a form of occult mockery because this country was owned lock stock and barrel in Lincoln's day and even before and it's one of the reasons they murdered him in the murdering of a king because he's their symbolic king or Emperor just like they murdered Kennedy in a ritual killing of a king it's an Osiris ritual and he's looking at the phallus of Osiris the problem is you have to understand so many different forms of symbolism to decode this most people think it's crazy when you even talk about it or try to how people understand it but to the initiated this is telling an exact story in specific encoded language that 99% of people are too domed comprehend quite frankly I mean you know just to say it unapologetically because it's the truth I think people have a long long long road ahead of them until they really start grasping this and they're going to suffer an unheralded amount an untold amount quite frankly I you know I don't know if the earth is really going to put up with this you know that this level of denial and you know what we're doing to her its intrigued some of the things that we're doing to the body of this planet and it is it's just unfathomable but uh you know we keep letting these occultist do this to us because we don't want to learn and we don't want to admit that we're wrong we can't admit when were duped that we were played hardest thing for anybody to do that's in a deep ego state is admit they got played you didn't see it coming the problem is most people have been played since they were in the cradle you know uh you know it's a the game is rigged because their programming people with all of this stuff from the moment they're born and the brain soaks up everything like a sponge in the first seven years you know we're on automatic download mode mentally and in the way we you know build our world view when we come into this world and they count on that that's why this symbolism is everywhere starts to work as soon as you're born the next image image number 8 I'll try to wrap up the fascism section and then maybe we'll stop there and move on to other symbolism next week but we have the administrate the Administrative Office of the United States courts their seal we see a feather pen a scroll and what's this behind it a gigantic wonderful rendering of a fascist there in our court building symbol of fascism in the United States courts interesting but we this represents total justice the court system doesn't it fair balance justice you know truth coming to light is not where our court system represents they're telling you out in the open out in the open there's a building I didn't post it here maybe I'll get a chance to put it up on the website in Philadelphia there was an old court building that has clearly fascist symbolism on it there's a man you know this big Greek god looking figure he seated on a throne and he's holding of fashion's with the axe coming off of it and you know this is right there on the on the side of a court building on 9th and ninth and Chestnut Streets in Philadelphia and there's very encoded symbolism just behind his throne where he's sitting you see two small lightning bolts but clearly there's their spelling SS it's the two sig runes that the Germans used during the Third Reich the Nazis I should say use the Lord the Third Reich arm representing the Schutzstaffel the SS secret police and it's right there in a court building in the United States out and open in the middle of a major city in the middle of the city where the Declaration of Independence was written and signed right out in the open hidden in plain sight image number nine is the logo or the seal of the Knights of Columbus this is a Christian affiliate organization connected with it's an affiliate of Freemasonry and it is an affiliate of the the Catholic Church the Templar cross here is represented the equal armed cross again and in the middle of the logo there you see a sword we see an anchor and of course overlapping them both we see some of the fashions arm in image number 10 we see a fashion an old United States dime so right on our money printed by the Federal Reserve System of course another fascist entity a fascist institution that is uh has been a oligarchical um rulership of the United States since its inception basically the Fed basically dictates to our government not the other way around arm right there on the money that they print on the US dime leaf ashes and it says EEP Orbis unum from the one from the many one in other words centralization of power of the state from the many nations we're going to form one a one-world government essentially so the fashion is omnipresent in symbolism of the United States and we saw it used in in a Nazi Germany as well there in that section so I think I'll continue we still have a little bit of time let's get into the symbolism of the pentagram and this is an interesting one and this is one that many people will go into and break down but I hope to give a little bit more comprehensive of an idea of what the five pointed star symbolism represents from different angles so the first thing I want to do is approach it from a truly occult philosophical perspective and help people to understand what the five pointed star in general as a symbol of occultism is used to represent we'll look at a deeper example of that a little bit later on after I give a couple of basic examples of where it is used so looking at image number one in the pentagram section we can see the the upright five pointed star and we see out here depicted in different colors okay each each triangle section shown as a different color and on the points of it were showing different alchemical symbol associations so if we start at the bottom left there in green and we see an inverted equilateral triangle with a line about two-thirds down from the top cutting it uh you know into a 1/3 and 2/3 sections of in green there that is the alchemical symbol of Earth ok so we see the four colored elements symbolically depicted earth being green okay now if we then were to go to the left to the yellow point we see an upward pointing triangle also sectioned in a similar fashion and this is the alchemical symbol of air okay so earth again is our resources the innate talents meet we may come in with that are somewhat developed the circumstances we are surrounded by resources and talents okay that's essentially what you have to remember when it comes to earth what what it represents as far as what is with within us and around us now the air symbolism yellow here and the alchemical symbol of air represents our intellect so this is actual intelligence okay and again it's largely that left brain form of intelligence that um you know the capacity that we have to actually learn things and retain things and you know understand things so that is air then to the right side of that we see in blue the alchemical symbol for water which is simply the inverted triangle or the chalice um this represents our emotional capacity okay so what we feel and how we act upon those feelings then is our actions which is symbolized in red there at the bottom right by the alchemical symbol for fire an upward pointing triangle and this represents will the plane of will and actions what we do in the world now all of these four qualities or elements within the individual ultimately should be governed by higher-level consciousness an understanding of natural law morality rights etc and this is the spirit the governing spirit okay in which we do all of these things in which we think feel act and operate in the world through our circumstances and resources and affiliations etc okay therefore that symbol up at the top there in white above the white arm of the pentagram the five pointed star represents spirit or ether okay this is the fifth element and ultimately it is you know the higher will or love energy okay higher consciousness it is spirit itself potentiality and it is the source of creation it's in a starburst pattern again there the pointed star okay representing the two crosses the cross of st. George and st. Andrew we've gone over this in the Astro theology section and then the symbolism section we talked about the cross but there it is so that's like a solar symbol starburst pattern or a Ray's coming out of a central source so that's what this represents source spirit itself okay and it is put in the highest position because this is what the true governing factor is not the authority of man the physical world okay but the authority of spirit that exists within and all around us okay it's not in the flesh a higher quality and we need to be supplicant to that that is the authority of this room not anyone in the flesh excuse me why hey how are you Bob yes well that's the eyes Dylan how you doing tonight I'm sorry to interrupt ah you've been going over a lot of the symbols and some of the people wanted to be caught up and maybe just million as to where the images are that you're going over if you go to what on earth is happening calm and click on his radio link to the radio show on that page now you'll find all the links there right yes on the radio lesson page right underneath on the player you will see something that says images for tonight's show for February 15 2011 and uh there you'll see five sections of symbols we are going through the third one which is the symbolism of the pentagram I'm going to wrap up on this tonight talking about the pentagram we'll get into more pentagram symbolism next week but you'll see you'll be able to click on all of these images and they will also be included with the podcast for this show a quick question sure who I'm wondering I was trying to jog my memory the other day and I know somebody knows what this is it would be you what is it exactly that the chance for graduation you know those flash hats yes what did you I heard from that told me it symbolizes something yes uh when when the gradually indoctrinated are given their reward for passing through the left-brain indoctrination system they will be dressed in a black robe and on the top of the head is a black square this is Saturnian symbolism okay Saturn is the disciplinarian and the the the adversary in a way that represents base consciousness or being kept in the dark since the black collar okay so this is associated with the base chakra or the root acqua the mooladhara chakra and the black collar and square represents a Saturn as the inhibitor so what is bit this is a form of occult mockery this is saying uh you think you're enlightened but in fact you're on the black square okay now the black square in the free Masonic uh symbology represents darkness or the lack of light the checkerboard floor is what the earth represents the earth it represents that we are Wanderers in a desert of ideologies and if we stay in that form of base consciousness we are um that we live a chequered life never really knowing truth from falsehood never really knowing light from darkness never really knowing a right from wrong because ultimately in its true essence in its original essence Freemasonry is about teaching those principles and it is encoding those principles into symbolic and allegorical forms um so the symbolism of the black square been used in graduation or gradual indoctrination is indeed a form of mockery through symbolism and it's saying they're placing it on the top of the head on the crown chakra they're taking a symbol of the base chakra and they're putting it on the crown chakra it's unbelievable I mean it's it's pure mockery and in the open of people who think that they have achieved the height of knowledge but because they have achieved only a left-brain form of it in the universe and systems that we have set up the in the occultists who ultimately run this form of indoctrination know exactly what it is they're they're getting a little bit of satisfaction through a subtle form of mockery by taking again a symbol of base awareness and a symbol of being a wanderer in lower consciousness and symbolically placing it on top of the crown chakra that's what it is Bob are you still there I knew you would have the perfect answer and I was thinking about that the other day curds you know we were talking about graduation here into the university as you know I live near the University of Florida and I'm a student finishing the indoctrination in which I use it to study philosophy and spend my time producing and listening to shows like yours and I hope that wasn't a complete distraction but I was I was curious because it came up and I knew that he would have the answer for me so thanks so much Bob that's fantastic thanks for uh you know bringing that up I think I see a call on the blog talk switchboard let's see if is this song is this it's not you is it barber is that the person who's calling me oh that is you okay so I was going to take that call but that's great since we didn't have any our fathers my impatient all right thank you very much you got it Bob thanks so much for bringing that up great question so we have a little bit of time we have about four minutes left so I'll continue a little bit with the pentagram symbolism um again this uh the five pointed star again is about the four elements combined with the fifth element which is spirit okay and in its upright configuration spirit is in its proper aspect it is in its proper orientation it means that that has to be the foremost thing okay and from there everything else proceeds okay we're not giving prominence to the physical realm we're understanding its importance and its associations but we're not saying that that is the authority or the source of everything we're saying that that all derives from something higher okay so in its upright form that's what we have to keep in mind about what a pentagram and in in the case where it's upright meant most times it is called a pentacle to differentiate okay but it is still a pentagram a five pointed star okay now we see this being used in different forms of symbolism and next week we'll look at what the reverse of this is all about or an inverted pentagram which is a subversive symbol we saw in religion if you look at image number two this is an Islamic symbol the sovereign and divine okay and again sovereignty is often represented by a five pointed star that's why we have 50 stars on the flag of the United States suppose they're supposed to be sovereign states ultimately they're supposed to represent the sovereignty of the people instead of the you know fall that we've had as far as the understanding of freedom and natural law is concerned but here it's used in Islam and we see it used in conjunction here with a lunar cult symbol in image number three we see star ATM again we talked about that as Astra theological symbolism and they're against are connected with money we looked at the Starbucks logo this is a repeat but you know we looked at that earlier in the show and there we can see the upright star is used again and I talked about that related with sovereignty and ultimately it's because we only really understand our sovereignty when we put that when we put the spirit in its proper upright orientation above the elements of the physical domain so I'll leave it there for now because that's all we really have time for and next week we'll continue looking at pentagram symbolism and then we will branch off into looking at symbolism of the all-seeing eye and the associated imagery of the pinecone connected with the all-seeing eye so for now we'll leave it there I want to thank everyone for listening you've been listening to what on earth is happening I'm Mark passio we'll see you here next week folks thank you and good night no more happiness haha my dead we no longer played yet infinitive yet Obamacare unless is a more colloquial situation with a few Robo friends everyone custom cap the robot and the robot again oh yes I forgot robotic in the world human [Music]