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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] ok ladies and gentlemen you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the intel Hoth news network I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time and tonight we're starting in a half an hour late there was some there was some confusion on the network end not really sure what happened there I tried to get in touch with with Bob Tuscon who hosts truth be told radio that comes on right before me it looks like it appears that a rerun of that show was airing on truth be on the Intel hub network I'm not really sure why that was the case but I have not been able to contact Bob so I tried to get ahold of him over the last half an hour and what I just did was disconnect from the IH and then feed and I'm just going to do the show live through talk show this evening so not a problem we will just continue with our discussion on subversive symbolism as a methodology of mind control which we've been talking about for the last few weeks and we will be going into several more weeks of discussion on symbolism because it is so vital and it is so important to understand the building blocks of this language if we are going to understand the methodologies by which human mind is controlled in our culture now let me give the call-in numbers if anybody wants to call into the talk to network this evening we will be going with just that one call-in line the number to call in is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven two four triple four seven triple four and put in the call ID number which is eight three five one five once again the call ID eight three five one five the topic will be symbolism but again there are never any taboo topics here on what on earth is happening so you could talk about whatever you like my website what on earth is happening calm I want to direct you there and you can find the images for tonight's tonight's broadcast right up on the radio listen page for those who are listening on talk-show you're already on that page so there will be images for tonight February 22nd 2011 listed right on the radio listen page on my website those are the images were going to discuss tonight I have a few event announcements I'm going to read first and then we're going to jump right in with the three forms of symbolism that we're going to discuss tonight which is the symbolism of the pentagram which we began with last week but then get very far into the symbolism of the pinecone and the symbolism of the pyramid and all-seeing eye now event announcements truth freedom prosperity will be hosting their monthly free documentary showing and discussion night this is tomorrow evening that's Wednesday February 23rd from 7 to 10 p.m. at media Bureau Studios media bureau is located at 725 North 4th Street in Philadelphia that's the corner of 4th and brown ok and it's actually on 4th Street the entrance and you'll see a sign on the door you go up to the second floor which is where the screening room is at this week they're going to be showing the documentary called the end of America by Naomi Wolf and it's a good one and it's a good introductory documentary for people to bring friends to and that's what we hope people will do to get them involved people who may not really be too aware this is a good beginning introductory documentary by Naomi Wolf the end of America for more information on the free documentary screening and discussion nights that are hosted monthly please visit www.behr.com fronts racing toward us a little over a month alais for your mind is a conference on consciousness mind control in the occult it's a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices this is Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at Liuba Hall that's at 414 Green Street for one-four Green Street in Philadelphia the doors open at 9:00 a.m. the speakers begin at 10 a.m. on both days admission is only $20 per day if you get your tickets in advance through the website $30 per day at the door the featured speakers are in McCollum Alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Bauer your dozin Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika mark passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor for more information on this great conference coming up in Philadelphia please visit the conference website at wpri.com that's free your mind conference calm finally coming up in late April April 23rd 2011 truth freedom prosperity brings you fed stock - it's the end of Fed rally for Philadelphia turn your back on the Federal Reserve there's a no band's announced as of yet but there will be many bands scheduled to play in Philadelphia for as part of Fed stop - on April 23rd 2011 for more information please visit truth freedom prosperity org or Philly end the fed calm that's pH I ll Y and the Fed calm all right those are the event announcements for tonight so let's get going with the show we talked about symbolism over the past few weeks we're going to be doing this a lot more in coming weeks and not to belabor the topic but I want to briefly explain what we're going to be getting into in the next few weeks and probably into over a month on this show at least because I feel in my presentations specifically in the ones that I give on my website that I don't cover this topic in enough depth and when I race through it because I have a limited amount of time to make a presentation in person you know at a live event which is where those presentations are filmed that it's difficult to create a true tapestry when it comes to symbolism because you have a limited amount of time in which to do so on a ongoing radio show like this I can get in-depth on symbols and help people to understand this language in a greater amount of detail so I just want to briefly outline what symbols we will be looking at and generally how many more weeks we're going to be going through this topic before we get to something different so we've already looked at solar symbolism we've take a look at life force symbolism Asheboro theological symbolism and we've looked at the symbol of the fasces we started looking at last week the symbol of the pentagram which is where we'll pick up on this week we will also look at tonight the symbol of the pinecone and the symbol of the all-seeing eye next week should I be able to get through in the next two hours these three forms of symbolism and take a few calls on it we will be looking at goddess symbolism and the goddess symbolism that I will be discussing will be broken down in three basic parts we will be looking at the symbolism related to the goddess of the illuminated torch the symbolism of the owl and the symbolism of the Dove two symbols that are related to the goddess and the third of course being the illuminated torch for those three forms of symbolism are in fact goddess symbols as we will take a look at next week after that I will be kind of taking a break from symbolism but not really because we will be looking into the tradition of Freemasonry over the next couple of weeks after we look at goddess symbolism from a perspective of its symbols okay Freemasonry is an allegorical tradition and its symbols are one of the main ways that it teaches its lessons so we will be looking at what real Freemasonry is all about and we will also be looking at a dark masonry so we'll be looking at Freemasonry as a dual tradition that teaches a true pure message but then that can be perverted and taken over and infiltrated and used in a perverse way by those who want to hoard that knowledge and use it as a mechanism for controlling others and indeed both of these forms of Freemasonry exist and our practice in the world today so and I would say one of them is Freemasonry and the other is simply masonry or what I call dark masonry these are two very very antithetical traditions they are they're polar opposites in fact when you understand what the real tradition of Freemasonry being illustrated by its allegory and symbols really is you understand that it is attempting to do the true great work of elevate human of elevating human consciousness now I know that will be considered controversial by some people listening to this show but again of people who don't understand that the occult has two sides to it and think that it is all negative and all quote evil don't really understand what the occult is and they're responding in figure to something that they don't understand and that's what I attempt to do is dispel that fear by explaining to people what some of these traditions originally are intended to be versus what they have come down to us in the modern age as and those two things can often be quite different and often polar opposites as I've already said so we'll be looking at Freemasonry in depth probably over a couple of weeks as we looked at Kabbalah and Tarot over a couple of weeks okay after that we will look into talismanic symbolism this is symbolism that is imbued with power by being carried on the person okay so we will look at how symbols get into the subconscious by being carried continuously okay that's called a talisman something that is complex and balaji that is that is carried in order to to have it work upon the subconscious mind and we will specifically be looking at the talismanic ilysm that is on the dollar bill here in the United States will be looking at the Great Seal of the United States specifically the obverse side of the Great Seal I'm sorry not the obverse side the reverse side ok the reverse side of the Great Seal which is the pyramid with the capstone missing and the all-seeing eye above it we'll be looking at the all-seeing eye symbolism tonight but I won't get into the seal on the back of the dollar bill I'll be mentioning it but I will not be breaking it down tonight that will actually be a show in and of itself where I break down that that symbol in its entirety so after that we'll look at something called gematria and this is another occult tradition this is a tradition of numerology connected with form okay so it is merging math form and number and it's called gematria gdm atri a geometry combined with mathematics so gematria plays a role in how a cultists employee different strategies and the times that they enact certain events and carry out certain certain machination x' so they are very much into numerology dark occult isn't specifically are and we need to understand a little bit about gematria to understand why that is so important in the occult way of viewing the world okay now for those again who may be listening this show and have been for weeks or even the last couple of weeks or even just new to it what I'll say about symbolism I've said before and I'll repeat if you approach this from the left-brain perspective a purely logical left brain perspective okay what I mean by that is that you are not looking deeper into the creative and intuitive aspects of how these symbols can be employed okay and understand that the these are employed and meant for subconscious viewing meaning that when the eye looks at something it is not immediately recognized in its connotation by the conscious mind but the subconscious mind is essentially all-knowing and in order to get down to the root meanings of some of these symbols and how they are being used we have to look at them from a holistic perspective not a purely left-brain scientific you know Western worldview this world is all there is as far as the flesh and the materialism of it goes okay we have to employ more broad thinking okay broader thinking to this topic and that involves using the right brain okay which again is the creative side of the brain the Sacred Feminine aspect of the consciousness in order to understand how these symbols really work okay because again they're working at a subconscious level not at a conscious level once we understand the language once we understand the building blocks of the language and then we can read the language we're going to bring that subconscious awareness up to the conscious level but again if you take the approach oh I don't believe in that that's just you know somebody else's belief and that doesn't affect me you're missing the point entirely symbols do not have to be believed in for them to have an effect other people believe in the type of worldview or the type of ideology that goes hand in hand with some of these symbolism of this symbolism and they are using those symbols to affect different kinds and modalities of consciousness in the general population who is unaware of how those people are using them and it has effect whether those people are unaware of it or not it has effect the only way that you can start reverse that effect is to become fully conscious of what this language is saying and therefore you bring up out of the subconscious mind to the conscious mind what this language is actually saying to you so then you can understand it it's like someone talking behind your back in a foreign language that you have no idea what they're saying okay they can communicate information you to somebody else they could insult you in front of other people who may understand that language and you would be affected by it yet you would be completely unaware of exactly how you would be being affected by it but if you then learned the grammar the building blocks the grammar and the syntax of that language then you would understand as soon as they open their mouth what they were saying about you that's how symbolism works okay as a language so just to continue giving a very brief outline of things that we'll cover later after we look at talismanic symbolism we will then look at symbolism employed in architecture meaning in buildings that are around us not only do they use in the product placement on paper or on television things like that but they also use them actually in architecture and I mean in the actual ways that buildings are built to represent different things and ideas so we'll look at architectural symbolism and then finally we'll wrap up with a piece of complex symbolism that's kind of abstract yet it is very difficult of symbology and that is the symbolism of the hypercube and it's important to understand the symbolism of a hypercube because it is used in various applications that specifically address mind control and it is a symbol of mind control as we will see later on on this in this program not this one but programs that are coming up so that's just to give people a brief outline I'm thinking this will take up at least another five to six weeks minimum maybe longer and again not that this is going to become a show all about symbolism but I think it's quickly important to understand this and understand it well and spend time going into it in depth because it is used so pervasively in our culture that unless we become symbolically literate these things are going to continue and they're going to continue at a subconscious level and that means we are really have no defenses against them until we bring this knowledge up to the conscious level so um what we ultimately moving toward is to get finished talking about all this the negative stuff okay we want to turn and shift this show into a show about solutions to all these problems but in in looking at subversive symbolism and looking at mind control methodologies we are we are doing something positive because knowledge is the beginning of helping to reverse our course as a people we need the knowledge of how these techniques and tactics work if we don't have that knowledge we're powerless to defend ourselves against them and that's why we're exposing these things here on this show so let's look at let's jump in and start looking at where we left off last week and I direct people again to my website go on the website go to the radio lesson page what on earth is happening calm and go to the show links of the show images for tonight's show February 22nd 2011 you will see links for the three types of symbolism I'm going to discuss here tonight so if we go to the pentagram we will see in image number one this is an image that I had people look at last week and we started to break it down on a pentagram as a basic five pointed star it is used in different occult traditions specifically the pentagram represents the four forces of nature and then combined with the fifth element which is spirit okay so we have the alchemical symbols there in red at the red arm of the pentagram the alchemical symbol for fire gave the armed is the alchemical symbol for water the green one the alchemical symbol for Earth and then the yellow one the alchemical symbol for air and their associated colors then in white representing purity and source we see the symbol for spirit or ether and there we have the dual armed cross the eight-pointed cross inside the circle representing the Fifth Element ether or spirit and in there are two configurations of the pentagram which we are going to see this evening the upright pentagram which places the spirit in its proper position in its proper place raised up above the forces of nature that the the forces of matter the the the elements of matter I should say okay because this is the force that ultimately governs them all okay ultimately they all are derived from that source which is spirit and they are a manifestation of it therefore when a cultists would draw this five pointed star they would place the top pointing upward representing the prominence of the spirit okay raised up above and given elevation or given preference or importance that's what it's signifying here okay an inverted pentagram does the opposite it downplays the spirit it puts the spirit on the bottom and it raises up above it before elements of the Material Plane the material world earth air water and fire so that's a general pentagram there with the elements attributed to it to each arm now of course the pentagram is also connected with the planets specifically the planet Venus so being a star it is connected with the stellar cults as we've talked about when we talked about Astro theology on this program three cults of Astro theology being the solar cult the lunar cults and the stellar cults the stellar cult its symbol is star okay because it's about the stars and the planets and paying homage to these gods or goddesses as the case may be Venus has an orbit around the Sun that when viewed from the earth traces a pentagram traces a five pointed star so this star five pointed star shape has traditionally been used in astrobiological circles to represent the goddess Venus the planet Venus okay and in her goddess aspect that is one of her names Venus this is also the goddess Diana it's Semiramis it's um Mary it's um Isis you can go on and on but the pentagram in this configuration has been used to represent the dhatus okay and that this is kind of segues into what I'll be talking about next week when we look at goddess symbolism so in image number two here we have a flag from a Muslim country and it is a called the sovereign and divine the star and the crescent moon again we looked at how Islam as a religion is a show theologically based upon the moon and ancient goddess cults when we looked at religion as Astro theology by the way for you know possible new listeners please go and visit the podcast section of the show of the website that's it what on earth is happening calm and click the podcast tabs if you're new to the show you can go back and listen to archives all the way back to when we started almost a year ago ok so the star is often used in connection with the idea of sovereignty okay which is self owned ship dominion over one's own thoughts emotions and actions true self-respect true self-love okay knowing that you are a free and sovereign being and living that way okay understanding your own thoughts your own emotions your own actions your own motivations your own desires and ruling them from within self mastery being a being that as you think so you feel and so you act and there is no contradiction between those three aspects of consciousness within you okay so non-dual consciousness this is sovereignty this is what the star is often used to represent okay which is the goal of all true occult philosophies not ones that are subverted and perverted and used as mechanisms of control but all true wisdom really that is attempting to free people by helping them to raise their own consciousness to the point where they respect themselves and others understand that they are one understand that as one suffers all suffer and understand that they are indeed sovereign under the the Creator and no one has a right to rule them externally as long as they are not harming other people and doing things which they do not have the natural law right to do okay we're within our natural law rights we exist as sovereign beings and as such no one else has authority over us all claims of authority again are illusion they are simply that claims and then people recognizing claims to which there is no foundational basis for because if I don't have the right to rule someone else and keep them as a slave no one does okay and that includes trying to combine forces and say well this group of people say that we're allowed to be rulers and we're going to enslave you and that's called government that's called coming together and constituting what's known as a government which is basically saying all of our non-existent Authority is going to be combined and now we're going to create a thority out of something that really doesn't exist and then exercise it well we don't have the right to do so but you know that's the end of the spiritual understanding the spiritual journey so to speak not many people are really there we'll be talking about true cooperative spiritual anarchy as the ultimate goal of spirituality really of the evolution of consciousness on this planet that's what it's altom utley about but very few people are of a high enough level of consciousness to even comprehend that idea sadly my point here is in this image that the star represents that awareness that knowledge that wisdom that level of consciousness okay it represents true sovereignty and therefore controller's profit ears advertisers they're going to want to use this symbol as much as possible that's why the star is used continuously they know they know that deep in the subconscious mind the subconscious itself knows what this symbol ultimately represents it has been used to represent that in human civilization for thousands of years and therefore they're going to take advantage of that so you know we see in the next three images how it's using these are just small examples we can go on and on and spend days looking at where star symbolism is used in uh in advertising but we see it in the next three images three through five in some advertising logos so star ATMs again we have stellar occult symbolism the name of the ATM on the sheen of money currency distributor here okay is star right in the name then it has the Saturnian swoosh representing a partial ring as we talked about we looked at Saturnian a show theological symbolism previously okay and then we have a star pointed upward in the next image Starbucks coffee the Starbucks logo again the name star Starbucks okay with the goddess depicted there okay it's three stars in the logo the crown on her head because she is the queen of the heavens the crescent moon can be seen if you look at the the sub circle which just contains her if you look at the other circle you know the inward circle and just then remove the circle that contains just the goddess in her air and body you can see that it's actually a crescent moon so we have star and Moon symbolism here in corporate logos on image number five the Texaco logo this is actually a complex symbol because we have the circle we have the star inside of it again representing sovereignty which of course you're going to go get at the gas station right there's always selling you something you don't have you'll get it at the ATM you'll get it at the Starbucks you'll get it at the gas station right but don't look within for that you know heaven forbid you do that um this I say is a complex symbol because there is also symbolism of the Tao cross in here and people will say oh yeah that's just letter T that is an ancient art type of symbol it's a hammer it's a symbol of authority okay that's what the towel is the capital T and it is situated at the top of a pyramid there if we look at the verse and in red that is where the T rests on top of a mound this connects with ancient archetypal symbolism of the primordial mound and it is also a symbol of authority and a symbol of divinity okay so all of these things combining this to make this a powerful symbol when it is just viewed by the subconscious also the use of the color red in there okay connected with needs and once you'll often see red used in things to instill desire or simple longing or wanting okay in image number six we see the logos of the two parties here in the United States the two parties that really ultimately form one party which is globalist fascism and socialism all two sides of the same coin we see the elephant which represents the Republican Party and then we have the Stars right on there the three stars and they have chosen to place them with the point downward in an inverted sense we'll be getting to that in a moment on the right there you see the module key which is used to represent the Democrats and that has four upward-pointing stars they're in the top half and blue stars often used in conjunction with a blue field as on the American flag of course which is supposed to represent the sky of course you know astro theological symbolism that's all about the gods in the sky and again connected with the idea of sovereignty which is what the stars are supposed to represent on the US flag again sovereign states however here we see them used selling the idea of sovereignty through of identifying yourself as part of a party of a political party so let's look at some deeper aspects of the pentagram from an occult perspective all right in image number 7 & 8 we will see and look at other examples of the pentagram and how they are drawn in certain occult traditions now the image number 7 is often used in Wicca or in other magical traditions and it is an upright pentagram which is often called a pentacle okay a five-pointed star placed upright and you see the words Adam and Eve written in the arm in the inner circle of the pentagram and you see a being with his uh his / her body with the feet at two points of the pentacle the hands at the other two points and then the head at the the fifth point so the pentacle is tracing the outline of the human body around the outside of the the inner pentacle okay there is another circle and in between the two circles we see Hebrew characters Hebrew letters where it starts okay is at the right foot okay now that's if you're looking at it if you were the person it would be their left foot so it's that small little character at the bottom there on the right of the image and that's called Yoda okay that's the Hebrew character Yoda if we then go to the right and up we will see the Hebrew character um I'm sorry if we then go to the yes we will see the Hebrew character hey okay and I'm incorrect about the no that is the correct order so we're up and to thee and to the right that okay so it would be the right hand if you're looking at it and it would be that person's left hand okay that is the Hebrew character hey then at the top of the head we see another Hebrew character and that is the Hebrew character shin then we're going to the left now in the image and it would be the right hand of the person okay if you were that if you were placing yourself as a person that's the Hebrew character Vaughn and then we go down to the left hand side bottom okay which would be at the right foot of the person if you're placing yourself as the person on the pentacle and that's hey again so we actually get a Hebrew word there which is notation Bob hey and this is derived from yo Dave of hey which we talked about before we looked at the Kabbalistic tradition and the Tarot tradition okay yo Dave Ave is the Tetragrammaton it is the four-letter name of God in Hebrew it is if we transliterated it into English it would be Yahweh YHVH or that could be also pronounced as Jehovah Jehovah or Jehovah these are two names that we transliterate out of Hebrew to get words in English okay based on the sounds of the letters in Hebrew but if we place that Shin character in the middle to get yo hey Shin Bob hey Shin is the character in Hebrew which means light light and it's placed at the head of the person because in this configuration with the fifth point pointed upward okay the person has received light they have become illuminated they have become enlightened because they have placed the spirit in its proper orientation ruling above the four physical elements earth air water and fire represented by the other letters there okay and spirit rules their consciousness and their demeanor and their understanding hey this is a person who has wisdom and they are putting the letters for Adam and Eve the names for Adam and Eve in this configuration to represent the chemical wedding which we talked about as being the coming together of the left and right brain hemispheres okay so Adam would represent the left brain and Eve would represent the right brain the sacred masculine coming together with the Sacred Feminine and therefore these two have combined in this image so we're not looking at a male on this star we're not looking at a female on the star we're looking at a combination of the two because we're not really talking about the body we're talking about the inward qualities of consciousness and that's what this is a symbol of okay so this is a powerful positive symbol actually okay this is showing that when the male the masculine and feminine forces within us come together our emotions and our actions will unite them through principle through wisdom because we have lights represented by that Shin character at the top and it is the primary focal point for our actions and it is the primary guiding force for our actions in life okay then we have become like the divine operating in the physical world not saying that this being is God or anything like that saying it is embodying the divine okay it is aspiring to be like the divine and it is acting in that way all right it is it is basically ruling one's own aspects of consciousness a being in this condition rules over okay has dominion of their own thoughts their own emotions and their own actions and they're not in conflict they're unified as they think so they feel so they act they so powerful unity symbolism here in the upward-pointing pentagram and from those characters okay from yo Dave Ave we then put the Shin character in the middle right representing balance and what does it then spell it then spells notation Bob hey which is Yeshua or the name of Jesus in Hebrew some would pronounce that yahushua or uh joshua okay but it's essentially the name that is given to jesus and that is you know placing the light character in the middle of the Tetragrammaton the four-letter name for God or Yahweh or Jehovah and then putting that fifth element right in the middle representing light so it's the light of the Creator coming down and inhabiting the body of man okay powerful symbolism if it is understood and indeed that is what the the man Jesus represents in the original esoteric Christian tradition whether it is an actual historical character a historical personage or not that is the whole idea behind the true teachings that are um come down to us as Christianity the original teachings of that religion and again in the modern world that comes down to us as Astro theology and the main points are being missed about what of the ultimate deep esoteric teachings about the human spirit are as part of that the original tradition of Christian 'ti and I think that needs to be rediscovered sadly religion isn't helping anyone to do that move to the next image image number 8 and this is dark occultism now now we're looking at the inverted pentagram okay so this is a satanic or a dark Luciferian pentagram not a pentacle and it's inverted configuration is most traditionally referred to as simply an inverted pentagram okay so we see now that it is pointed downward representing the downplaying of the spirit okay representing thrusting the spirit downward into the ground or into the grave and uplifting the material world up lifting materialism up lifting the UH the for physical material elements of earth air water and fire represented by the other four points of the pentagram inside the inverted pentagram we see a goat's head and this is a depiction of the god Baphomet now Baphomet is also a dual symbol it can represent again the chemical wedding the coming together of the male and female because it is hermaphroditic and in a dark way it can also represent pure will divorced from the Sacred Feminine and it can represent pure materialism raised above spiritual spirituality and that is what it represents in this configuration in an inverted pentagram it does not represent the chemical wedding when it is used like this okay we see the two um names Samael and lilith okay these are the two out of balance hemispheres the two out of balance um aspects of consciousness the masculine aspect of consciousness gone awry okay and the feminine aspect of consciousness gone awry so Sal mile would be the left brain out of control in other words going into a Dominator modality control okay too much pure logic without compassion knowledge without wisdom all of these things represented by the out-of-control left brain hemisphere which would be represented by psalm al a demonic a name which is used to represent this left hemispherical imbalance the right hemispherical and balanced Lillith okay this is the dark goddess okay this is the right hemisphere gone out of control okay desires overwhelming oneself okay addiction it could be self-loathing it could be um no not having self-respect but ultimately it's the right brain in a state of severe imbalance and no this is depicted in different traditions in different ways you can all you often see a dark goddess a haggard woman a witch type you can often you'll often see as like Medusa isn't as an image of this extremely dark goddess figure okay um let's see in Alice in Wonderland you know it's a good allegory about dart goddess principle you'll see this as the the the Red Queen okay um it's depicted in many different ways symbolically and allegorically alright but it's being Sacred Feminine force gone completely out of balance okay which is the right hemisphere living too much in the right hemisphere and being overwhelmed by emotions being ruled by the emotions not ruling your emotions but letting them rule you thinking from the emotions which can be extremely dangerous because that will lead to cognitive dissonance states where we can see something that we can logically prove is true but we still don't want to acknowledge it because of the emotional impact that it will have upon our psyche and therefore we just decide to uh you know refuse to accept its existence this is right brain out of balance thinking another way that this comes up this form of right brain and balance can be the idea and uh my friend Darrell just recently sent me a good blog post on this which was about how people will not acknowledge information if they don't like the format that it's put in whether it's true or not they say I don't want to hear that because I don't like the way you said it you know you I perceive you have an attitude or you have you know some kind of an ego but I won't look at your information because it doesn't make me feel good how you said it I would rather feel good rather than be given information regardless you know of whether it's true or not I don't want to look and do the work to decide whether what was said is true and pay attention to what was said okay I get this all the time ladies and gentlemen you know people will say well sometimes you get angry or upset or overly emotional and therefore what you're saying has less of elyda t no it doesn't see myself I can listen to someone dressed in a clown outfit you know um that's uh juggling and uh you know looks like the craziest person you could ever imagine and if they're speaking wisdom I'll hear the wisdom that they're speaking now maybe that's just me and it probably is but my point here is an out of control emotional aspect or right brain hemisphere will make someone simply want to feel information instead of really reasoning information okay really deciding whether it is true this is a function of a holistically functioning brain being able to gauge information based on whether it is true or not delving into it finding out whether it's true reserving emotional judgment in order to get at the truth if your right brain is completely out of control it's often impossible to do that and that would be the liveth principle at work okay so the Samael and Lilith this is beyond holy marriage you could say okay and if we want further confirmation about what God this symbol represents we have it in the form of the name around the outside now again around the outside of the upward-pointing pentacle which was crowned by light the light character shin in the former example in image number seven we saw the name of God and Jesus depicted in the image okay and again this is not in the s in the exoteric Christian tradition okay this is in this is down to the esoteric roots of that religion okay which is why it is occult it and used in symbols such as this we're not talking about you know uh the ways that they use those in modern religion it's altogether different qualities that it's representing you know um the the tetragrammaton represents the all okay it represents the source it represents the divine guidance that we can all get into touch with the Jesus name represents following the light okay it represents being sovereign understanding one's divinity okay understanding that we are sovereign under the Creator and acting living that way that's what that represents it's symbolic this is not about anthropomorphized gods okay and their actual physical so-called sons living on the earth that's not what it's about this is again Astro theological principles that are brought down through ancient astronaut theory culture into the modern world as religion what we're talking about here is the esoteric going deep into the symbol understanding what it means what it represents symbolically that name those names okay so now on the inverted pentagram we see the inverse of that principle and we start at the right hand side at the bottom I'm sorry scratch that we start at the very bottom of the pentagram for the name here okay and that is the character la med which is basically L in Hebrew we're at the bottom point of the pentagram is where the name starts and then it Hebrew goes left to right so we're going counterclockwise okay so we started the base which is the downward point again representing spirit thrust downward into the ground or buried above the weight of the physical world and that is the character love med owl okay then we go to to the right okay bottom point and that is the character valve so that's AV so we have LV okay then up to the top right point and that's the that small character again it looks like an apostrophe that's a Yoda okay so that's like a why so we have lvy okay then we go to the top left point okay you're near where the a and M in Samael is that right and that's the kyboot character up top okay so that is a T in Hebrew so we have L V Y T and then we go down to the bottom left point okay well we have that long character and that is the Hebrew character none to the final none okay that represents n that translates the end so we have have L V Y T n Leviathan Leviathan Leviathan is a demon the spoking about as being the beast okay this is the consciousness that is completely uncontrolled by oneself this is the out-of-control left and right brain this is the dissolution of the chemical wedding all right this is someone who does not rule themselves they're not in Dominion the material world rules them because their spirit is buried under it under its weight you see the symbolism here if you can follow this through and you can understand what it represents symbolically you understand what the symbol is saying okay all all of these ideas now you have to try to transcribe everything that was said about these two symbols but look at how simple it is to just put two symbols down on paper and all of these ideas are put right there into it but it's predicated upon understanding the building blocks of the symbol and once you get more familiar with symbolism you can read it because you can say I understand what that represents in conjunction with this in conjunction with this and then it becomes very clear what it's saying symbolically and why the people chose certain images all right so the inverted pentagram ultimately it represents being not sovereign okay being controlled being a controller being out of control within ruled by the material world the spirit in a state of destitution or being dead essentially okay will without wisdom intelligence without wisdom all of these things that's what the inverted pentagram ultimately represents symbolically okay and it's the breakdown of the balance that truly creates the chemical wedding so it is an out of control left brain in and out of control right brain all very appropriate to the symbol because that's what happens when we take spirit out of the equation all right so we see another variant on this inverted pentagram in image number nine and this one is one that I know very much because I was involved in the organization that uses this symbol this is the official sigil of the Church of Satan so they're they use the same inverted pentagram with the same letters but they do not place the name Samael and lilith upon it and this is the Baphomet that was actually used as the official emblem of the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey who was the high priests of the Church of Satan from 1966 until he died in 1997 and that is a stylized rendition of the inverted pentagram with the goat's head in the middle of it okay let's look at how this is used in the world and we're going to look at three examples of inverted pentagram now we look at image number ten here it is chock full of symbolism okay this is the Medal of Valor okay and this is given to military and other military and police essentially and receive this medal for meritorious service and we see that it has goddess symbolism on it which we would initially perceive as the Statue of Liberty but that's another representation of the goddess we'll look at that next week if we get through all of the symbols this week we're coming up to the top of the second hour I'm going to give the call in numbers again and we're going to be going till 10:30 tonight because we've got a late start some confusion on the network end so we'll be going till 10:30 this evening all right the calling numbers once again seven two four four four four seven four four four the call ID eight three five one five we're going through symbolism of the pentagram on what on earth is happening calm in the radio listen listen section okay you'll see the image is listed there we're on image number 10 in the pentagram section the Medal of Valor and we see the inverted pentagram down at the bottom which the main metal is made of we see the starfield above that inside of an octagon now the octagon is connected with the image of the hypercube the symbolism of a hypercube which we won't be getting to for a while but I'll just put that uh throw that in that that is hypercube symbolism up above it and hypercube symbolism in general represents mind control being controlled when you don't know you're even being controlled that's what the image of a hypercube represents someone who is under mind control the Octagon someone who is completely out of balance and is willing to do things for other people whose intentions they know nothing little to nothing of it and that is who this metal is given to see because they're giving metal they're giving strength it's valor valor mean strength see they're giving that to somebody they're giving them something that they lack spiritually that's what this metal is a substitute for it's given in place of it I know military people will be loath to hear this understanding if they've been handed something that's satanic this is a satanic symbol the goddess is placed in the middle of these inverted pentagram this is an another symbol representing the death of care and often the people who are given this had to prove that they killed their care to get it to go off into war to murder other people okay and get as offended about it as you like and there's the tag line again I'm gonna have to make t-shirts with that on it okay because the whole point here is once again I'm not here to be anybody's friend or to make you feel good I'm here to tell you the truth about what's really going on in the world that's it that's all I'm here to do and I don't care what happens to me as a result of doing it because I don't care about my life I've given up my life to do this because I understand that if we don't get this information and message out we're all going to slaves forever and there's not going to be any opportunity to grow spiritually at least not here so get all nuts about it get it out of your system and then grow up and be a big boy okay so sorry to say it that way but hey let's just cut right to the chase and not not pull any punches you know if you're totally on the other side and you know where you stand as far as evil goes then be on that side and wonderful and I'm going to continue to do what I'm doing as long as I'm in the flesh okay so continuing to break down that symbol we also have a trapezoid behind the pentagram in that can way that the the metal of the ribbon that the metal is attached to is folded okay now this is also a satanic symbol and if you actually look into organized Satanism similar to the Church of Satan's brand of Satanism the trapezoid is one of the main shapes if not the main shape or the main symbol of that religion and there's a reason for that the trapezoid is a pyramid with the capstone missing and they dismissed the capstone for a very specific reason which I'm going to talk about when we get into the pyramid at all seeing eye symbolism okay so there is satanic symbolism all over this figure if you look at this configuration of the starfield as well it ultimately represents three chevron shapes okay these are male symbols if we connect the configuration of scars okay there are three upward pointing blades this represents the male aspect tripled okay there's no feminine aspect in that in that symbol the way these stars are configured you could also tend to rearrange if you put a final star at the bottom of that shape okay you could see that it could also represent two interlocked squares which is also hypercube symbolism okay that's a little bit more complex and again we haven't gone into the hypercube yet but all of this symbolism is teamed up on this metal and again the goddess is placed in the middle of the inverted pentagram representing that care has been destroyed because that's what that the goddess really represents that's what the upright tentacle represents so they're there again this is like a total occult mockery it's an occult mockery of the goddess and the occult mockery of the person that this is being handed to saying thank you for doing our bidding for us slave thank you for doing our bidis bidding for us mind-controlled slave that's what it is and the people who receive this think it's something so wonderful and they can't even understand what's being said to them because it's being said in a symbolic language which if you don't understand what that language represents you're going to think oh great I'm young I'm being rewarded here you're being mocked is what's happening and you're being mocked by Satanists who are ultimately running these institutions handing you something with hypercube symbolism trapezoidal symbolism which is ultimately rooted in Satanism and inverted pentagram symbolism with the goddess right in the middle of the inverted pentagram representing the destruction of one's feminine qualities and care all combined in one image in one emblem which is a talisman again it's pinned on someone image number 11 is the emblem for the Order of the Eastern Star okay and again we see the four material elements and then they're raised above the fifth element now I'm not going to say that the Eastern star is anything that is like pure evil or anything like that I completely disagree with a couple of things about the eastern star okay well I would say I would espouse the true teachings of Freemasonry if one really deeply understands the allegorical tradition and what it's saying through its symbols there are things about the eastern stars logo I don't like now you'll see you know the book of sacred the sacred volume of law representing the Bible they're laid out okay and then you have the need for physical elements again and you have the fifth one pointed down I don't understand why they would do that if they're truly trying to espouse the tenets of Freemasonry okay again this comes down to us in the modern world in this woman's order that's a Masonic affiliate order another thing I highly disagree about that order in general is why is it segregated why are you separating male and female and Masons will go on and on about why this is done and how will you have to respect tradition and it's a good idea to keep men and women separated so that they don't you know aren't distracted by sexual concerns or you know other petty concerns when they're in the lodge and I would say all of that is nonsense you're saying that this order is only for men and this order is only for women and that's symbolically segregating the left and right brain by keeping people apart maybe maybe there are women who would bring incredible insight into the launch system if it were not segregated like that this is an example where an institution is cutting off its nose despite its face just to keep in mind with so-called tradition and it's another reason why I refuse to be involved in an official capacity with modern Freemasonry one I know it's been polluted and turned into an old boys club and has been infiltrated by institutions that are totally bent on control and two they continue to employ ridiculous nonsense like segregation of the sexes and there's other reasons as well but I take notes to any worldly institutions I take an oath only to the truth herself that's it that is who I serve in this world I don't serve an earthly institution of any kind ever okay so while I will work with some true Freemasons who really do understand the tenets of Freemasonry and I'm friends with such people and who are really trying to spread the ideas of natural law and true you know concern for others and true compassion and true sovereignty and true self-knowledge I'm not going to take any oath to any worldly institution and I understand evil sail that's even symbolic well there are people working through institutions like this that are perverting it's true ideals and therefore I think that just as an institutional body that's based on hierarchical structure it ultimately is something that is fallen it is it is fallen and people like Masons like Church Ward warned us about that I highly recommend reading the book origins of Freemasonry by Albert Church Ward and he told us what would happen if the trend that he saw in his day would continue into the modern age and it has it has he said what the Masonic institution was going to become and I would agree that it has become that to a large extent and I'm not saying that from just opinion either I'm saying that because I know what goes on inside some of the large systems that are that are operating and it's not entirely good it's as a matter of fact some of its pretty bad because people who understand what this knowledge is about who go to it and have been accepted into it often without many prerequisites just because they can contribute dues see that's where money destroys everything okay they open up their doors something that was once cruelly esoteric and reserved for people who really wanted to understand this they open it up because we have to take people in we need money to continue operating and then they're taking people in who this is their world view money is their entire you know system of values and then they bring in their friends and you can see where the trend leads from there and the eastern star is some more example that this word fatal around this Penta the Pentagon in the middle of the symbol means fairest among thousands altogether lovely FA tal and what that represents is the star Venus okay and perhaps that is why they invert it because Venus is configuration when viewed from Earth does resemble an inverted star okay its orbit and again this is its goddess symbolism that's why it's used in conjunction with the feminine order Freemasonry a female order the order of the Eastern Star the Rising Sun okay I just think that it's still something that should have been greatly considered with coming up with an emblem for your organization that you're using something that is traditionally been used to represent dark occult ism I don't believe that's what the eastern star truly represents down at its foundation and it's deep principles it is teaching what true Freemasonry is trying to teach but it's a it's a poor choice for a symbol when you understand the deeper esoteric connotations of what the inverted pentagram represents moving on to image number 12 in this section we have the Victoria Police emblem uphold the right here we have a plethora of symbols okay we have the P out the bundled wheat okay coming up on the left and right sides holding the inverted pentagram in its arms then they come together to form the crown okay we have the symbol of the equal armed cross above the crown we have the symbol of the equal armed cross in the middle of the pentagram okay Victoria is another goddess connected name okay and uphold the right what does that mean are they upholding the right of the people well I would say absolutely not they're upholding the divine right to rule because the crown and they claim to serve the Queen okay the crown represents the queen Queen of England all right Victoria being in Australia and that being a police force that is basically under the jurisdiction of the Queen as a province equal armed cross with the five stars upward pointed stars again connected with the goddess principle and I would say the dark aspect of the goddess used here and the inverted pentagram in the behind the Victoria police circle there again thrusting the spirit downward into the ground saying uphold the right of the Queen the divine right to rule and it's being upheld by the material elements see the Queen's crown is between the two upward pointing to upward pointing points okay and then the the sash there is held by the other two and all four of those put the fifth element into the ground bury it pure subversive symbolism again used in conjunction with police you see how it is actually used in the Victoria Police in the next image number 13 showing what looks to be a captain's hat police hat and there you see that emblem as a badge placed on the forehead right in front of the third eye chakra the AH Jinnah chakra which we talked about representing the coming together of the left and right brain and the awakening of the pineal gland and there you see it right in front of the third eye chakra is where that would end up when the person puts that hat on its head and not only that but it's combined in other words they're telling you this is a person whose brain is out of balance they're serving our agenda they're upholding our so called divine right to rule the British crown okay and they're using Astra theological symbolism connected with the the the the badge they're they're using inverted pentagram symbolism which is purely overtly satanic to anyone with a trained eye okay and they're putting it on the third eye chakra in conjunction with the checkerboard floor band okay the checkerboard band which is a representation of the floor of the house it's called the floor of the Temple of Solomon okay this is lower consciousness this is the r-complex this is the out of balance brain that closes consciousness down and does not allow one to see whether they are in light or in darkness that's why it uses the the alternating black and white squares representing one's checkered life and checkered decisions it's a play on words in addition to being a symbol you leave a chequered life you don't have wisdom you don't understand anything you know you don't know whether you're you're going in the right direction of the wrong direction you're completely confused you don't know whether you're going in the direction of light or darkness and that's what that symbol represents and that's why it's called the floor of the house the checkerboard floor of the house it represents base consciousness lower awareness not understanding sovereignty not being a united person being dual being dual with yourself because you're not a person that as they think so they feel so they act you can be made to do anything you can made them manipulated to do someone else's bidding it's a symbol of mind control and they're wrapping it around their brain they're wrapping it around the brain of the policeman and then on the third eye which is the prefrontal cortex at the same level as the pineal gland right on the third eye chakra the chakra they're placing an inverted pentagram with a Queen's crown over top of it okay that's not subversive symbolism though and for the police here in the United States you say oh well we don't wear anything like that well you wear an an octagon on top of your crown chakra which represents the hypercube which represents mind control and right on top of the crown chakra they're putting that which is the highest level chakra awakening the true cosmic awareness and they're putting a black octagon on top of that chakra so it closes that form of consciousness down to you symbolically and you're being mocked symbolically in that way police symbolism is chock-full of dark occultic symbols chock-full of as is military symbolism this is what I'm going to talk about at the free your mind conference and I'm going to go in depth in it and explain to people how they're completely being occult eclis mopped and they don't even know it they're because they're unread they're unread people police are unread people in general and even those who are read don't read the right things to really understand much of anything at all and I'll tell them that to their face it's sad it's sad dumb people are being completely mocked to their face because this is like someone coming up and speaking French to someone who never studied a word of French in their life and telling them how much they hate them they load them they think they're an idiot there are more on they're stupid they would just completely you know wipe their feet on their face okay that's basically what they're saying and you can imagine what else they would say to them okay and yet the person would have absolutely no idea what was being said they could even say in a nice sweet Pleasant voice but they would be completely mocking them to their face and that's what they're doing with this symbolism and yet the other person not versed in that language has no idea what's being said yet they continue to do their bidding for a paycheck because that's their God money is their God I'm just doing my job ah no you're doing things that are completely in contravention to natural law which you have no right to do for a paycheck because that's your God that that's my response to quote it's only a job it's just my job yeah well put what the Nazis did and what the Schutzstaffel and the SS and all the other Nazis in World War two we're doing was just their job at the time but because money and power was their God they went along with it sick depraved agenda just like the cops are doing here 98% of them anyway image number 14 I won't break this entirely down today I'll do this at a later time but this is the a Fraternal Order of Police is emblem and this is a sigil an outright central it has tons of symbolism all over it it's got a five pointed star okay a basic pentagram and while it is right-side up there is something else in here that is completely upside-down which if you write that you need to invert the pentagram or if you keep that upside down the pentagram stays right side up which is it's contradictory symbolism and it's done deliberately okay and this is a satanic talisman right here because tons of people carry this all the time you see tons of people with stickers with this all over their cars in the United States that have no idea what this symbol represents and how truly subversive against consciousness it is okay you see I can't truly break this down tonight because we need the understanding of Masonic symbolism to really understand it I wanted to put it in here simply to help people to understand its pentagonal symbolism symbolism of the pentagram used in conjunction with the police uh FOP stands for a Fraternal Order of Police you have the all-seeing eye there in the bottom left you have a Masonic handshake there in the lower right you have the Temple of Solomon symbolically depicted on the shield you have the two pillars of duality raised up above the pillar of unity and the pillar of unity at the bottom thrusts downward which represents spirit and non-dual consciousness okay and you have the checkerboard floor of the house raised above that and actually acting as a buffer between those two things so this is extreme subversive Masonic symbolism I would call this dark Masonic symbolism okay symbolism of dark masonry which ultimately is what the orders of the police are all about police being taken in to Masonic orders our and and their behavior advocated okay is not being done to try to really help these people be better police it is being that is being done because dark Masons are actually putting them under their form of subversive control so that they continue to do their bidding and there there is no look a true Mason okay would never advocate such a thing as police in the first place a true freemason one who really understands the the embodiment of natural law contained in Freemasonry would understand you even creating an institution like that is failure in consciousness its failure because you're trying to put out a fire with more gasoline you're saying we're going to use force taught to undo something that is already caused by people subverting natural law instead of actually teaching them the principles of natural law from the moment they're born the whole idea that control is the answer oh we have more crime well we need more police we have more crime we need more control we have more people doing things that are completely out of hand and against people's natural law right so we need more international law making bodies and institutions to come together and try to create more oppressive laws to try to put that behavior down you'll never put it down that way you're going to get more and more chaos as we explained if you want to go back to to show I believe it was show number 36 on natural law you go back and listen to that one again the presentation I did on natural law I mean people who advocate even starting institutions based on control such as government or police do not understand how natural law functions they don't get it they don't understand you keep responding with control okay you're going to create more chaos no never alais that chaos you will never put quell that chaos you have to add the principle of love and understanding in order to quell that chaos now I am NOT saying if someone who is completely out of control and does not understand natural law is coming to try to take your freedom that you sit there and just say I'm only ever going to respond with a you know kindness there is a time to actually take physical action to put down rebellion against natural ball like that and this is another thing people will refuse that there is such a thing as you know the New Age movement will try to tell you there's never any time to use force and that's nonsense that's absolutely not nonsense there is certainly a time to use force if there wasn't the ability to use it what exists and unfortunately you know there's continuing encroachments into human freedom and and natural law rights happening right here in the United States and in just about every country in the world and we're seeing people start to push back against it in other countries I wish the United States was a quarter as a wake as some of these other countries that are they're refusing to to live under these dictatorships but see you know you can get into a whole other discussion about that is it is it an orchestration as well to try to put create chaos and then manage the the aftermath of that chaos you know by putting in somebody that will play ball with you you know so we have to be careful about how much manipulation behind the scenes is going on in these our movements in the Middle East and in northern Africa right now but that's another discussion that's got to go back to the point I was talking about with police all of this is completely subversive against natural law it's being used talismanic Lee okay which basically means in forms that are carried badges symbols emblems on cars emblems on stickers okay to put an idea into the subconscious mind that police are connected with divinity because there's the all-seeing eye on their on their logo they're connected with partnership a handshake they're connected with sovereignty a star and they're connected with none of these things this institution is about controlling people and they're about controlling people because they act as an insulating buffer between the people who are kept down at low levels of consciousness and at low levels of being able to even have access to resources that they need for living okay and and and at low levels of being able to engage in their natural law rights that they inherently possess they're acting as a buffer between that gigantic mass of people that are basically kept oppressed like that in consciousness and in rights and the elite class of people who are actually their owners and rulers and these elitist and I were I've worked with some of these darker cultists they call these police they call these military who do their bidding and who they completely occult ik Lee and ritually mocked through their smock through their symbols they call them our dogs our pets that's what their name for them is and once again bang your fists against the desk bang your head against the wall do whatever you like but that's the best truth that's the case that is what they call you your owners whoever is listening out there that's involved in a control based institution or if somebody gave you one of these podcasts it is crazy and nuts about it as you like I'm telling you and I would tell you to your face if I saw you in person okay your owners and you have owners call you their dogs okay that's what they call you that's their name for you and you think you're a man you think you're a real man you think you're a tough guy you'll beat on people and taser them and you know kill them and that makes you feel like you're a tough guy because you are completely controlled by other people who have more power and influence than you because they've convinced another group of morons that to believe in something called money and to treat it as true value and therefore they have all of this influence and all of this control over other people based on something that doesn't exist and they own you as a result of that and then you do whatever they tell you to do regardless of whether you have the right to do it or not and in return you'll get these little trinkets where they're basically calling you our dog and mocking you symbolically and telling you you're a brain-dead idiot and you can't even comprehend what they're saying to you because you're an unread person have I summed it up and you know hey that's vitriolic I get it I get it it's not pleasant to hear I don't sugarcoat it I'm not gonna sugarcoat it I don't care what you think of it I could care less you know why because it's true and it doesn't matter how the truth is spoken this is mind control right brain mind control is I care whether that person has a crazy-looking sweater on while he's speaking words of wisdom I care whether that person has an accent when he's speaking words of wisdom I care whether that person has a beautiful haircut and a wonderful $3,000 three-piece suit when he's speaking pure deception and vile evil that's all mind control all that matters is whether what's being said is true or not none of the other stuff matters that's all just how we perceive something and perception is not truth and not reality they want you to think that it is and that's called solid season there's no such thing as actual truth there's only what I think of as truth and what that person thinks of as true as equally is true this is nonsense we talked about what truth actually is and it's it's wavefunctions that actually collapsed down into point particles that form the present moment the truth is that which had existed in the past as present moments and which does exist in the present right now events that actually occurred doesn't exist yet because the conditions and the choices that create the future haven't arrived yet they exist in future present moments which which don't exist right now they exist as wave functions of possibility we talked about this when we looked at a little bit into quantum mechanics back in the part about barriers to self-realization and go back into the podcast and listen to all of this but perception is reality which is what they want you to accept of as truth is not that is not true I mean you know our perception is just how we see something at a given moment in time it doesn't mean it's true and everybody's perception is not equal you know everybody should strive to get to the truth so that their perception is harmonious with the truth not to just think that perception is reality so speaking of perception let's talk about the true eye the one eye okay so let's get into pinecone symbolism okay I think that's what was next on calling the page let me check it out real quick or was the all-seeing eye next to the pinecone last by we were going to do the all-seeing 9 X so let's do that let's look at the pyramid in all-seeing eye symbol okay and we have 17 of them here okay the first one shows this is image number one in the all-seeing eye section first one just shows a basic archetypal image and it's thousands of years old of a triangle with an eye inside of it okay now this represents the threefold aspects of consciousness thought emotion and action being the three sides of this equilateral triangle and the eye inside of it is the inward eye it's the spiritual inner self okay and it says it's they put an eye in it because you're supposed to equate this with yourself via the eye you are a reflection of this when you get down into the deepest qualities of the self you understand that you have a spark within you of divinity of the divine okay you are created in the image of the creator and you have a spark of that divinity it doesn't mean you're God anybody you know trying to quote me as saying that doesn't understand what I'm saying okay it means you are a part of the all and the all is within you okay and that is your true nature and as such this symbol also represents divinity itself and is used very often in that capacity but it also represents the sovereignty of your thoughts emotions and actions coming together in non-duality and being like the Creator in that capacity oneness I the letter I represents one okay a straight line up and down one or the latter I say it's wordplay it's symbolism combined okay putting the eye in the middle of the triangle right the three the three-in-one father son and spirit or mother okay the Trinity that we talked about being thoughts emotions and actions thoughts being the creator principle or father emotions being the Sacred Feminine or spirit and then actions being the son the byproduct of thoughts and emotions which is a male principle because it's an external externally acting principal okay so this is what the all-seeing eye ultimately represents here you see another stylized interpretation of it an image number two with rays of light coming off of it because it represents the light of the creator and that's a great image of it very on nicely rendered okay image number three another stylized interpretation of the eye the all-seeing eye with rays of light shining out of it the source oneness unity consciousness the Creator the energy of the creator all-seeing all-knowing all-powerful etc okay image number four is another representation from ancient Egypt or ten okay of the Eye of Horus I often depicted as a left eye okay and for a reason okay the left eye is connected to the right brain for the right mind okay the Sacred Feminine principle embodied with this one eye okay it's saying get in touch with the right brain even back then the Egyptians knew the functionality of the brain and that the right brain controlled the left side of the body that's why a true stylization of the Eye of Horus which is the Sun God of ancient Egypt representing true morality and the truth okay a true representation of Horus as I will always be in left eye and that's why so in images number five and six we see the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States now I will not break this down entirely tonight I'm going to do that I'll have a whole show for that okay where I give my a complete interpretation of this complex sigil because there's a lot of symbolism in it a lot of nested hidden symbolism in it as well but basically here we see the all-seeing eye above an incompleted pyramid now very briefly the incompleted pyramid in this image represents the physical world it also represents the male blade which we talked about the upward pointing triangle that image above it is looking in to the world from a higher dimension a higher form of space-time okay it's peering into this world and the light is actually reaching this world from it meaning that you know the essence of the Creator is not found in the physical world but it pervades the physical world and it surrounds it okay that's embodied by light now our goal is to transcend the chains of the physical world to be sovereign under the Creator so it's to get past that pyramid so there is nothing between us and that light there's no barriers or walls you can look at those bricks as walls being erected between you and the light we need to take them down see a dark mason builds with bricks those with walls builds with barriers wants to cut people off from their essence it wants to remove the light from the world and again there's some dark interpretation of this symbol because dark Masons they want to be God right dark occultists want to be God their control freaks they want to be all-knowing all-powerful all present they want to be God they want everybody else serving them because their God and everybody else is a slave in their worldview right they have the divine right to rule people so they look at themselves as that all-seeing eye not that it is within them a spark of it not that they can embody it but that they can be it so they want to erect that pyramid so that they finished the male dominator world the blade symbol right and they rule it in secret so then the true light of the Creator would be blocked out of this world and that they would rule it from the hidden shadows as the elite so in that in their interpretation of dark interpretation that all-seeing eye represents the elite as God many people call that symbol of the eye of the Illuminati and it can equally be seen as that but again it's only one interpretation of it there's a positive side and there's a negative side to it and these are cultists take sacred symbolism and they use it in their agendas they pervert it and use it for themselves they don't create anything new they take existing things the whole idea there is nothing new Under the Sun they take something which already exists pervert it and use it as a weapon something which could have been originally pure and good we have to be more mature about that and understand that symbolism serves dual purposes it depends on who's using it it doesn't mean one thing okay image number seven here we see it used in religion and you know I wonder what people who are against you know the so called the New World Order symbolism that is depicted here who are also religious think of an image like this here you have a cardinal or a bishop assuming some kind of a high-level priest it looks like he's probably a bishop or something they think that's what that staff represents and he has the illuminated all-seeing eye behind him they said been traditionally used as a symbol for God in image number eight we see it used again the all-seeing eye symbol isn't in a stained glass window in a church and it's beautiful absolutely a fantastic piece of art there with light shine through it I did not take that I wonder you know who did but it's a great image and again used in religion here we see in Jerusalem I believe that this is a Sepulcher or a some form of a chapel and above the length of the doorway we see the all-seeing eye with the rays of light coming out of it again again this is partly solar symbolism because the embodiment of light the light of God coming down to the earth is symbolically represented by the Sun that's why you see light always coming out of out of the the eye symbol as well so it's used extensively in religious symbolism that's the key point of making here in this section all right it's about 10:15 we're going to go to 10:30 tonight um after that we see some examples of it being used in um corporate logos again now look at the next image in number 10 AOL okay which was a really huge online service not so big anymore but still big media conglomerate that deals with information this eye is often used for anything dealing with high amounts of information it will also be dealing with things that involve trust it will also be used in monetary situations okay when we see it in corporate logos but most of all in anything that deals with intelligence okay intelligence media money flow etc okay so here we see a o L used it in their logo that's an older stylized representation of the AOL logo America online image number 11 fidelity investments here we see again I just alluded that it was used in trust in image 11 fidelity okay and you have the trust you could trust in this company folks just like you can trust in the Creator itself can't you tell by the logo and we'll put the all-seeing eye logo above the pyramid there and that's true trust you can trust your investments with us image number 12 sit go gasp is a pyramid as seen from above okay again the symbol this is actually a tetrahedron and it's tetrahedral geometry is based in sacred geometry they're using this in gas here the pyramid now the pyramid okay this is getting us ready to understand this I symbol in the middle and its shape okay as a little a shape like the vesica Pisces as the pineal gland okay because the pyramid itself why it's always used in conjunction with the pyramid because pyramid means fire in the middle Tyrel fire like pyromaniac right mid middle in the center the fire in the center again it represents the divine spark at our spiritual center and it also represents the coming online of the pineal gland the all-seeing eye our Arjuna chakra so that true spiritual eye with that true spiritual vision that helps us to discern the truth is turned on is awoken in us when the hemispheres of the brain act in unison with each other and come to a place of balance which is known as the chemical wedding so that's why the pyramid is used here we see the eye and image number 13 by itself image 13 shows the CBS logo we saw that when we looked at vesica Pisces in a show theological Piscean symbolism last week but again it represents the eye you're watching it or it's watching you look at image number 14 it's certainly uh having to do with putting the sittin in the sense of the CBS logo putting things into the mind to shut down the eye actually image number 14 but when it comes to media propaganda image number 14 is the Information Awareness office which we just saw come to light several years back you know after 9/11 it has a the all-seeing eye with the pyramid looking down over the earth because that's what the goal of this is is to be all-knowing gather information about everything and everyone it says at the bottom there see entia ent is potentia which means knowledge is power in Latin barb I believe is a department of advanced projects something something to that effect DARPA of someone on the look it up but that's essentially what it's connected with I believe that's what that says up above when you say [Music] DARPA is so the acronym represents the ARPA is Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency I was pretty close Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency so this is a this is a subset I believe of DARPA and their job is information gathering total awareness okay and there you see the all-seeing eye used in conjunction with that idea Simo similarly in image number 15 we see British intelligence using the all-seeing eye this is the emblem for British intelligence connected with the British crown which is mi5 okay so this is the Queen's intelligence unit herself and you see the eye at the top above the pyramid with the capstone called in acting as the capstone with the eye in it the symbol of the eye in and the letter i' mi5 the eye is at the top okay in image number 16 and 17 we see used in conjunction with free Masonic symbolism and again the light of the Creator which which Freemasonry is ultimately about attempting to bring true Freemasonry is about ultimately attempting to bring forward is detected there above the compasses in the square with the G in the middle of it which we will break down probably in about two weeks okay an image number 17 I won't break this whole symbol down but it is I'll do that when we talk about Freemasonry but I'll just briefly allude to it here this is the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry I have briefly mentioned it before in the past I'll extensively break it down in a couple of weeks we see the pillars of jocking the light pillar leading to the Sun and Boaz the dark pillar leading to the moon and in the middle representing the synthesis of this chemical wedding between left and right brain of hemispheres is the all-seeing eye again lie at the top of the pillar of wisdom because that is the representation of how wisdom is attained by combining the masculine and feminine forces that dwell within us to come to the light of the Creator okay and if that is done by climbing that ladder and we need the key in the middle of it which is connected to the green initiate which we talked about the color green representing care or love energy or true nature and you know symbolized by that color that is where uh that is that represents care true care and we need that as we climb begin to climb that ladder of awareness and that key is dangling by a thread which represents care meaning that the world basically the care of the people of the world is dangling by a thread and that is the goddess principle that we need to reconnect with and and reunite with being true care that's why dark occultists always want to crush and kill true care within us and get us to only care about money or power or greed etc so let's let's wrap up tonight looking at the image of the pinecone we could go into this a little bit next week but I'll spend the last few minutes of the show won't take any calls this week talking about the pinecone symbolism as also representing the all-seeing eye as representing the pineal gland coming into activation so we see the pineal glands position in the brain image number one in this section in part on the pinecone symbolism section on the website we see that it lies between the are complex and the telencephalon which contains the neocortex the higher part of the brain it's it's basically toward the rear side of the limbic system the midbrain okay so it's positioned of behind the hypothalamus um and in front of the cerebellum this is the third eye in lies at the center of the head and this is the glandular activity associated with this gland is truly activated once we balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain which unfortunately the kind of food that we eat media that we take in the opinions that we hold through you know who we listen to and pay attention to all affect this part of the brain the conditions that we live in affect this part of the brain and affect the ability to balance the brain hemispheres and to activate that part of the brain that's what they want to keep suppressed in image number two we see the Pope holding the pinecone we saw this when we looked at Astro theological symbolism there it is in his left hand at the base of the cross of Christ we see the pinecone because it is symbolically representative of Christ consciousness and symbolically represents the awakening of the all-seeing eye that exists within us the Vatican believes that this imagery is so important that they actually created a entire statue with imagery of the pinecone at the Vatican itself it's called the court of the pinecone and the next one two three images will show you the court of the pinecone there you see it from the front in image number three it has two peacocks that are associated with alchemical symbolism on either side of it and they also represent in this image as it is depicted the brain hemispheres one is on the right one is on the left and they are both looking at or pointing toward the pinecone which represents the awakening of the true spiritual center within our consciousness here's a wide-angle view in image number four of the court of the pinecone this is a great clear image taken by tourists at the Vatican and you can clearly see the symbolism leading up to it how it is elevated on a pedestal there are steps on either side there are Lions on either side okay there water fountain down below of a like a green man spitting out water okay that the the whole thing forms like a pyramid this whole base that it rests upon and then the Peacocks are at the top and then the pine cone at the very top and this pine cone is about ten feet tall from its base the largest statue of a pine cone in the world at the Vatican they wouldn't put something in the Vatican if it didn't mean a whole lot and wasn't significantly important okay here you see an image number five and I'll let this be the last image for tonight and then we'll continue we'll wrap up with the pinecone image next week and then we'll talk about goddess symbolism but here you see the back side on the opposite side of the the image you could see there's tourists there down below from that other angle and you see a empty sarcophagus now what that represents is resurrection the resurrection of the Spirit okay which was once in the grave but upon the unification of the left and right hemispheres the spirit is activated because the pinecone or pine Neil Glenn is activated and indeed this is what the planning of gland actually looks like it is it looks like a little pinecone and it also looks like an eye if you turn it on its side okay it's all connected folks it's about that coming together of the left hemisphere of the brain the right hemisphere of the brain to turn on this gland which activates our screw spiritual awakening and then raises us up from the state of being spiritually dead which is what the empty sarcophagus represents it's not about the flesh there is no body in that sarcophagus there's not going to be one in there because it's about the resurrection of spirit and the Vatican knows this yet have they told you that's what I thought because it's all about control that's what modern religion is those that symbolic knowledge is reserved for them in their priests class it's not for you you're just supposed to do what they tell you unquestioningly because religion is a form of mind control ladies and gentlemen and it always has been and that's what it's going to continue to be unless we wake up to it understand that they're keeping this esoteric knowledge for themselves while they use it to control us I'll leave it there for tonight folks thanks for listening this has been what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this shows live every Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m. I'll see you right here next week good night