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everyone in advance if they're not already listening through the talk show of interface on my website to go up to what on earth is happening dot-com and click the radio listen page and on that page you will see images for tonight's show March 1st 2011 there you'll find a host of images that you can click on that will come up in a in a slideshow type format and you'll be able to follow along with the symbolism that we're going to talk about on the show tonight tonight's show is going to be an ongoing a segment in our series on the usage of symbolism as a methodology of mind control and it's also kind of an initiation into occult symbolism in general we've been doing this for several weeks and this will continue for many more weeks to come because I'm going to continue to go over the symbolism and depth I have a really ambitious list of symbols to go through tonight we're going to be looking at the remainder of pinecone symbolism which we left off on last week and then we'll be looking at goddess symbolism for the remainder of the show this this type of symbolism may take a couple of weeks to get through we'll see how it goes so with that having them said let's get into the event announcements we have to again this week first of all the free your mind conference racing toward us it'll be here in just over a month and everything is on track for it and looking good a lot of good response all the speakers are are ago to be part of this great event so for your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at rubra hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia PA the doors open at 9:00 a.m. speakers begin at 10:00 a.m. each day admission price only $20 per day if you get your tickets in advance $30 per day at the door there are still plenty of tickets left people have been asking about that plenty of tickets still available you could order them in advance there's still time to get them up through the mail that way or 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more information on the free your mind conference check out the conference website at WWF Rio your mind conference calm and get your tickets today second event announcement and the final one is fed stock to the official and the Fed rally for the city of Philadelphia will be taking place in Philadelphia on April 23rd 2011 the theme for this event is turn your back on the Fed and reduce your Federal Reserve Note footprint this event is organized by truth freedom prosperity will be taking place on April 23rd 2011 lots of bands are going to play at this we'll have a uh I think they're going to have an indoor location this year I'm not exactly certain about that but last year they had a concert out on Independence Mall Park lawn at the Visitor Center so I'm not sure if that's what they're planning on doing again or if it's going to be indoor somewhere after some sort of a March the details are still really to be announced but for more information on this you can check out two websites you can go to WWE and the Fed calm that's pH I ll Y and the Fed calm or you could visit WWE am prosperity o RG truth freedom prosperity org the great organizers of Fed stop 2 and the end the Fed rallies here in Philadelphia those are the event announcements I have for today so let's get right into our topic which is subversive symbolism and symbolism used as a methodology of mind control last week we were looking at the symbolism of the pinecone and we left the show off at the end talking about the symbolism at the Vatican of the pinecone namely the court of the pinecone this is um you can see these images up on the site on the radio and listen page pinecone symbolism is listed first and we left off on I believe it was image number five in this section which was the close up of the rear side of the court of the pinecone with the two peacocks on either side and an empty black sarcophagus at the base of the pinecone statue these are alchemical symbols these are mystery tradition symbols they are symbols of spiritual awakening and the activation of the pineal gland or all-seeing eye the third eye chakra the Ozma chakra the empty sarcophagus represents rebirth to spiritual life and coming out of the grave of materialism and the grave of lower consciousness and physical world all there is all there is type thinking now of course um these are that is what the goal of true religion should be but these symbols are not shared openly to the public and have been kept secret down through the ages vatican flaunts this spiritual symbolism openly in the light of day at the Vatican and guarantee you would get no answers if you pressed someone from the church to explain what alchemical and mystery tradition symbolism is doing at the supposed holy ground of the Vatican in what is called the court of the pinecone these this is because these elites and religious leaders who are basically trying to hoard knowledge such as this keep it for themselves so they could use it as a means of control over a populace that basically doesn't know any better and is being kept in the dark doesn't really understand of what this symbolism is speaking to basically is holding though it over their heads and basically flagrantly flaunting it in the light of day and that's how a lot of this type of symbolism works it's hidden in plain sight because they consider that the profane of human entity will not understand that anyway so they can just put it right out there in the open for all to see and it won't even be understood and that is the case if we don't work to build our vocabulary in sacred symbolism and understand how it's being used in the modern world as we've said repeatedly this is a language and to understand a language we have to grasp the basic building blocks or the basic forms in language those are letters in symbolism that's very simple symbolism or archetype and then we move on from there to form grammar words and then syntax sentences connotation and the same is true with symbolism as we move to more complex symbolism specifically symbolism which combines multiple simple symbols to form more complex imagery this is often known as sigils sigils are complex series a series of complex symbols put together simple symbols put together to form a more complex symbol and we'll be looking at those in coming weeks I want to direct your attention to image number six now on the pinecone symbolism section on the website we'll start there tonight and move forward from that point this is an Egyptian relief I believe it's in bronze and this resides now in a museum in Italy in an Egyptian Museum in Italy and you can see two entwined serpents that are they are basically representing DNA they are at least the double helical shape of DNA and then they culminate at the pinecone which is at the top of a long rod or staff which represented Osiris and the power that Osiris as a Creator God in the Egyptian cosmology represented what this ultimately represents is the transformative power of spiritual awakening and its ability to actually change our makeup as a being even down to the genetic I know some people will scoff at that claim that that is impossible but indeed that is one of the capabilities that lies seemingly dormant in humanity and this staff was known as the staff were the spine of Osiris okay it was what it was considered the Middle Pillar in this form of The Tree of Life which we've already seen the Tree of Life symbolism with its three different paths on it well that's what you're seeing here in a different format representing the Tree of Life which is our genetic structure and is you know all of the the deep essence that ultimately underlies our physical form and that culminates with the rising of this serpentine energy which we talked about as Kundalini energy um in the Vedic chakra system and it culminates with of this coming up the spinal column or the middle pillar that's within us and activating the pineal gland in what's known as a Kundalini awakening I know that some people have heard about this or read about it some people listen may have even experienced the Kundalini experience it's pretty unique it's pretty rare but it's an energy moving up the spinal column activating in in all of the chakras in the chakra system that we talked about previously on this show and then coming up to the top of the head or the crown chakra through the pineal gland so that's what this image represents and again it's connected again with awakening with a deep level of spiritual understanding and coming online basically to true spiritual insight or vision which is what the pinecone ultimately represents in image number seven moving forward we see a depiction of an ancient God and this is from the Assyrian culture I believe um this is around the region of Samaria or what was known as Babylon in the ancient past it's also close to the land known as a cod or the Acadian culture of lived and developed I believe this specifically is a Syrian symbology and this is one of their gods depicted as a flying being with huge wings he has sort of a representation of a cone on his head he is depicted as sort of a an alien being so to speak a being that has capabilities that average humans do not have the ability to fly he is holding this pinecone in his hand the pinecone is there's different interpretations depending on who interprets this image the pinecone is either being offered or is being taken and I guess that would be dependent upon what type of being this was and what they depicted this being as in the ancient past so was it one of these quote gods with a smaller case G that was offering enlightenment that was trying to share knowledge and awaken people's pineal glands to awaken their true spiritual insight and vision or was it one of the gods who is basically harvesting or attempting to degenerate the ability for someone to awaken and in doing so keep them in control I mean I think that both of those scenarios are probably equal equally as valid because I think there were probably advanced beings that interacted with the peoples of those times and and geographical locations that were probably on both ends of that spectrum and that's a much much more complex and in-depth discussion that we don't have really time to go into here tonight I'll just put that out on the table and you know in in your own research you will probably come across material if you decide of that nature if you decide to look into this further and come to your own conclusion based on that but again the pinecone symbolism goes right back into ancient human antiquity in image number eight it's simply a close-up of the same image it looks up to being a little bit better contrast so I included it there for those who may be downloading these images and looking at them on their computer it just shows a little bit better relief and a close-up of the previous image so let's move on to image number 9 and this is another Assyrian symbol except now the being definitively looks alien in nature and it looks specifically reptilian in nature birds are related to reptiles there are the same basic family of animals and here we see what definitively looks like a hybridization of some sort between a bird and a reptile with a large sharp beak again huge wings of being a symbolic of magical capabilities and also I would suggest flight I mean right there pretty openly it suggests it we see a symbolic depiction of again the Tree of Life in the Assyrian culture on the right hand side of this image and then the being is once again with his uh his bucket I guess that would represent some sort of a Oh could also represent gene pool of some kind okay um I would suggest this made this image of this of a container that he is holding in his hand as you saw in the previous image might represent our genetics of some kind and the pineal gland here the pinecone again is either being offered or taken so again two different interpretations of that symbolism there but pretty much no question what that the symbol of the pinecone itself represents as it is being used there so if we look at the last two images in this section this is one of the clearest indicators of pinecone symbolism in general being used to represent spiritual awakening and the opening of the third eye and of course this is used in conjunction with Buddhism and Buddhists and symbolism here we see an image of the Buddha or Siddhartha Gautama and of course his hairstyle as he is depicted in many images in the Buddhist tradition as being conical shaped and also having the US world pattern of the pinecone on on his head again this is in the vicinity of the brain and the crown chakra of the the chakra system and you see there also he has the bindi there representing the third eye being awakened and again that's what pinecone symbolism is ultimately all about you can see this very clearly and definitively in image number 11 the color image showing a statue a statuette of I believe this is the Bodhisattva of compassion if I'm not mistaken who I think is named Guinan in the Buddhist tradition if if it is some other incarnation of Buddha as he is represented then I'm not familiar with it I believe this is the what is known as the Bodhisattva of compassion statue and again clearly here we have the pinecone symbolism on the head depicted on the statue of this variant of Buddha again the one who awakened is what the name Buddha means and that's what the pinecone symbolism represents spiritual awakening use right there in religious symbolism that one's pretty clear because Buddhism does specifically talk about spiritual awakening and awakening to your true essence and the true nature of self so no surprise that it's being used in that capacity what I want to do now is shift gears and change the topic of focus to a different form of symbolism in general again the pinecone symbolism was a holdover from last week where we are going to begin looking tonight into goddess symbolism and the ways that this symbolism is used and it's um there is basically going to be four different categories of goddess symbolism that we're going to look at tonight we'll be looking at the symbolism of the illuminated torch again another symbol of enlightenment and knowledge okay if you look at the second section of images there on the website you will see the first image in that section is a basic representation a stylized representation of the illuminated torch now this symbol is used by light and dark occultists both and it's a dual symbol because dark occult is also considered that they have light because light in basic systems of occultism regardless of whether they are a certain humidity or whether they seek to enslave humanity are always generally depict light in its capacity as knowledge that's what we're when we see the flame on this illuminated torch that's what it really represents is the flame of knowledge of wisdom of understanding okay and um light is a way show ER in the darkness okay that's what that's where the symbolism is derived from a torch will show you the way when otherwise you would not be able to see okay so this is connected with goddess symbolism as we will see coming up in the next several images and the way that it's connected with God goddess symbolism to understand how ancient this goes back this symbolism is if we look at the goddess tradition in general which we already have on this show many times specifically when we looked into the Tarot tradition which is all about the goddess and her symbolism but um we also looked at it when we looked at Astro theology because we need to understand that the goddess plays an important role in Astro theology as the bearer of the light of the the god Savior who is the son in a trophy illogical traditions again the goddess figure represents the moon or the night sky I should say and the night sky and we also saw her in her variant as the galaxy or the cloak of stars itself the entire Milky Way galaxy basically she is all of these things she is devoid of potential the womb of creation she is the cloak of night the goddess of night herself she is the the moon and she is the bearer of the Sun at the at the end of the darkness of night and the beginning of the day or the dawn okay she bears the sacred child who after he has done battle with the darkness the god of darkness in different traditions is then resurrected to continually restore and continue to bring life and light to the world and again this is the foundational basis for Christianity as we saw in our studies of Astro theology image number two in this section shows an incarnation of this goddess from ancient times her name in the Sumerian culture was Semiramis Semiramis system they're depicted in a couple of different incarnations the one on the right shows her holding the small child Tammuz this is not a depiction of Mary and Jesus as one might think goddess symbolism as a protective mother is an ancient archetype this clue is nested way into the human subconscious and we see it in many different traditions throughout the ages specifically in Sumerian or Babylonian culture down through Egyptian cosmology into Roman times into the right up into the modern day which will talk about how the goddess symbolism is used in our culture okay so on the left there you see a rendering of the goddess holding the the chalice and the cross and she has the illuminated rays of the Moon on her crown there because she is of representing the bringer of illumination okay the Sacred Feminine force which is ultimately opening up the right brain hemisphere to the balance that is required to understand the true essence of self and this is what spiritual awakening is all about hence the goddess being a depiction of light in general or awakening now again we're going to see the positive and the dark side of this symbolism on tonight's show depending on how far we get through it but I want to try to in the next one in the section that we're going to talk about goddess symbolism in relationship to the Dove the Dove you know the white bird the Dove I want to highlight in that section the really esoteric nature of the goddess symbolism one would and what it really represents as far as the internal qualities of you know of consciousness because that's critical to understand that this is not an external symbol of an actual goddess this is about a quality of being ultimately is what it is about and there are different connotations to that again as I said there's a light side and a dark side to that and that's what I'm going to hopefully get people to understand that symbolism is not one thing it's dual just like the occult is not one thing there's a duality to it inherent to it because it is simply knowledge that can be used for good or ill so if we look at image number three here we'll see a classical depiction of the Statue of Liberty which is goddess symbolism in our culture here you can clearly see the similarities to Semiramis in the image before with the Rays of the the the moon on her crown there okay and holding the illuminated torch representing the Light Bearer she gives birth to the Sun essentially that's what the torch represents so this is lunar and solar cult symbolism this is all astro theological symbolism now this image was given by Masons by freemasons from France to the United States as thanks I would say as um after that what they were basically doing is uh it was it was a nod from French freemasons to American freemasons and specifically to honor the the kind of influence that America had in the French Revolution and I don't look at the Statue of Liberty as other researchers do as something that is dark or negative okay now I know some people may find that surprising or they may be disappointed by that I think that this is a positive sign and I think that it represents the light side of the goddess not the dark side of the goddess we'll look at the dark aspects of a goddess later on and I'll point out where I believe dark goddess symbolism is specifically in use this I believe does represent the the the true hope of human freedom in a true capacity that is the way I prefer to look at it and I don't look at this as being the dark representation of the goddesses again some researchers do where I see dark goddess symbolism is in sacrifice rituals the goddess being slain or killed okay so what I would say is one of the things that you might have to watch in the future is some form of a deliberate effort to try to somehow um damage or do something to assemble like this as a an attack on the essence or spirit of freedom this would be a great place for a false flag to take place which would nest into the human subconscious as it did on 9/11 when they attacked other icons of America and as we will see they attacked the symbolic tree of life okay and human consciousness in general of course it has to be an attack on human consciousness to two-wheeled fear into the public so that they're willing to give up their freedoms that's what all false flag attacks are about but in this specific example I think this is a positive image of human true human freedom that is born through knowledge that is born through grasping knowledge connection to the light that's what you're seeing here you're seeing an illuminated one connected to the light okay which is the true nature of spirit okay and she is the the goddess that represents the spirit of freedom that's what that's what ultimately it's about of course that symbolism can also be perverted like any other but um the Statue of Liberty specifically is of course a reference to Semiramis it's a reference to Isis they it's an analog to Isis - Mary - Diana and any number other number a host of god goddesses down through the ages if we look at image number four here we will see all of the Astra theological cults combined in this image we will see all the qualities of self combined in this image as well if we read deeper into it so we have the goddess herself she represents the moon or the lunar cult of Astro theology as we've already discussed she's holding and bearing okay giving birth to okay the solar symbolism of the illuminated torch representing knowledge and connection to higher self or spirit and the pedestal stands upon a star okay so this is stellar cult symbolism the torch representing solar symbolism the goddess herself lunar symbolism and then the pedestal so a stellar symbolism they because again the night sky it's the foundation that's the biggest framework the stars they were talking about huge cosmological um you know groupings of stars here okay that's what the universe is essentially made of stars and star matter okay um then above that you have the the night sky and the moon symbolism representing that which finally paves the way for the bearing of the light or the true essence which is represented by solar symbolism okay which the goddess was always said to give birth to in every ancient tradition about the goddess let's look at some other ways that the illuminated torch is used in modern culture okay so the last few parts of this section the goddess is depicted here in the same colors that Mary is often depicted we see an image number five that's the that's the symbology that the symbolism that is used for Columbia Pictures the Motion Picture Company the goddess standing again on a pedestal upstairs robed in white robes blue often being via the over garment collar representing the the color of the sky dark blue okay and there she's holding the illuminated torch in her right hand similar to the Statue of Liberty another depiction of Diana or Semiramis or Isis or Mary okay and specifically let's look at the name which we talked about briefly before this is Columbia Pictures okay Columbia is named from the French derivation of this goddesses name the Dove is another symbol for the goddess as we've already said and we'll be looking into later tonight the French word for dove is Kalume and it's a very similar to this in other languages as well but Kalume c o L you MBE Kalume in French but that means dove in the French language so taking it over into English that's where we derive the name Columbia okay and we're going to see how the name Columbia is used over and over again in this tradition and we'll look at that little bit more when we get to the Dove symbolism but I want to just talk you know briefly mention that right now if we look at image number six we see the illuminated torch on the back of a dime okay uh and also this is specifically chosen for its reference to the number ten okay ten is often used in conjunction with the illuminated torch and there's a reason for this and it has to do with another aspect of how the occult works and again people who are looking at this from a left-brain perspective will be sorely disappointed and not really get much from this but I've already given that warning before we have to understand that the occult is all about associative thinking it is not about linear left brained um logical only thinking it is about cross associations okay it is about establishing relationships that is what a cult thinking is about and again it doesn't matter whether you think this way or not people who are in extreme positions of power and influence think this way it's largely how they got to the level that they were at because they see patterns and whether they use the knowledge to do something that's good or to basically take more and more control and subvert human freedom again it's all about the ability in and of itself to be able to see and do things with information and come to conclusions accurate conclusions based on said information that's pattern recognition this is what knowledge is it simply a means it's not an end okay as I've always said knowledge is only the first step putting it into action is what we really have to do and we have to do that in the right capacity on the side of moral right clearly dark occultists don't do that there you know on the wrong side of the equation because they don't really have the capacity that feel they're psychopathic in nature and just highlighting here that the occult is symbolic thinking and it is associative thank and we have to try to open our minds to this and understand how it works so one way is through associative language or as I called it before on this show is green language now here's an example of how a cult green language or symbolic language is used in conjunction with the dime a dime represents ten okay ten cents okay now ten is a variant of at ten okay at ten the solar God of Egypt as we talked about in the Astro theology section there for solar cult is going to use the symbolism of at ten or the Lightbringer in the Egyptian culture to represent anything associated with ten the number ten okay it is also the two numbers that represent basic binary code on off light day dark light okay day night okay good evil binary or polarized uh forms okay one zero a the mail combined with the female the one being the phallic shape and the zero being the egg shape okay the masculine essence and the feminine essence ten if you look at it on the dime you'll see the illuminated torch look at a ten dollar bill okay there's the illuminated torch next to Alexander Hamilton's face another agent of a cultists in the United States during its formative years okay but there is the symbol of illumination put there more likely than not by dark aluminous okay talking about people who look at themselves as those who have the light and they're in control of the monetary system they don't have any real light they're people who are calling themselves they are those who have the light they have no such thing made people who are really truly spiritually awake or those who have the light and who bear it into the world not these dark occultists who are running the monetary system and putting the symbol of their so-called enlightenment on money on fake money at that you know the fake one eye and illumination i'll here's here's the symbol of illumination spiritual enlightenment and the opening of the third eye on fake one eye or fake Mon eye money okay and it represents Aten the solar essence okay the solar disk in Egyptian cosmology um again that's wordplay wordplay falls just as easily into occult symbolism as do the forms okay so we have to understand this as associative language or what is known as green language in the occult um Amoco the next uh logo here in image number seven amico gasoline American oil company okay using the two colors of red and blue in their logo we've talked about those colors before how red is a player or an associate association with the left brain blue and association with the right brain okay combining those gives you green in the color spectrum of light of course purple and pigment but I'm talking about if we look at the visible spectrum of light all the way to the left there's the Reds to the right there's the blues okay when you go up toward higher frequencies lower frequent below lower frequencies of light you get the infrared and above the visible spectrum toward the blue range you get ultraviolet however um these represent the two opposing polarities with white in the middle here okay representing enlightenment and the torch is in the middle comprised of both of them okay the blue being the handle on the red being the flame alright also depicting that we need to open our minds through the right brain in order to give birth to the flame okay or the awakened self represented by the flame of the torch and this is all of this art type of symbolism goes right into your subconscious mind when it's used in the capacity to advertise like this and they the people using it understand this they know it they're there they totally understand how that works and that's why they're selling you something through their gasoline low though that they know you don't have what your spiritual enlightenment it's a mockery ultimately okay okay also selling you on the idea of freedom which is what the torch represents because freedom will only come through spiritual enlightenment so they're selling you that idea but gasoline isn't going to free you from anything as a matter of fact it creates more dependency in war and imperialism and all the other host of problems that go along with an environmental degradation you name it okay so again another example of the capacity to sell you something through symbolism that they know you're lacking in reality a no better example of this than image number eight the last image in this section which is sovereign banks logo now Sovereign Bank here is giving you the image of the illuminated torch bathed by the Rays of the Sun okay the Sun here depicted as the light all of the Rays coming out of the torch a symbol of spiritual illumination combined with the word sovereign or self rain single reign rulership of self rulership of the one being an internal monarch as we talked about in our section on natural law sovereignty true rulership of self of the kingdom of self becoming a being that as you think so you feel so you act no internal opposition between it between the facets of your own consciousness and you exist in a state of true non duality and consciousness okay and they're selling you this as a bank in an imagery representing a bank you're not going to become sovereign by putting your money in in their bank you're not going to become sovereign by interacting with this financial institution in any way you're not going to receive the light by inner acting with them but you'll get all of those ideas subconsciously from the symbolism and that's what it's intended to do again selling you something that they know you don't have they know 99.999% of people on this planet don't hardly ever used the word sovereignty let alone understand what it really is or live that way okay so they're selling this idea back to you through the advertising of an institutional body that has absolutely nothing to do with these concepts in reality and that's exactly what it's designed to do it nests all of those ideas all those relationships and correspondences into the subconscious mind so then people will associate all those things with their institution that's what it's designed to do okay so let's move right along from from there let's go into the symbolism of the owl okay because we have a lot to go through tonight I want to get through at least half of this before we join the oracle Broadcasting Network in the second hour okay so in image number one we see here a very simple depiction of a predatory owl which is one of the favorite symbols of the dark occult and here we're getting into dark goddess symbolism now let me see if I can communicate this effectively of what the owl is all about and why it's used in dark occultism the dog or the white bird okay of purity is depicted as the light form of the goddess ultimately what the goddess represents within us is care okay it is the Sacred Feminine components of consciousness which is care the heart the right brain compassion okay willingness to accept truth and understanding and and and to seek knowledge that's what the right brain or the Sacred Feminine components of consciousness are all about all right that's traditionally depicted in goddess symbolism as the white dove which we're going to look at in a little bit I want to look at the dark side of goddess symbolism for the moment and that's the owl and this is basically when care has gone dark that's what this represents that's what the owl represents the owl is associated and corresponds with the night or the darkness because the owl is a predatory bird who thrives in the dark its eyesight or its vision what it is capable of seeing is superior to those who had praise off of okay its prey cannot see it in the dark generally while the owl can clearly see it has superior night vision the owl is also associated with wisdom which darker cultists they don't have true wisdom but they have knowledge okay the out the wise old owl okay see where we're going with this symbolism why they choose the owl the owl is generally in different cultures depicted as a bird that is wise that is old that dates to antiquity it's been around for tens of thousands of years okay and the dark occult is working with ancient knowledge ancient knowledge of the human psyche and how works and in doing so they are in a position to see things which the general public who is unaware of the dynamics of the human psyche and their psychological conditions and motivations who they do not see the general public does not see any of these facets so therefore the elite look at themselves as a predator predators okay we talked about predators as being predated those who are from the very ancient past that have knowledge from antiquity about how the human psyche works and this is what they exploit that's what the occult is okay and that's what the owl symbolically represents a predatory animal that can see its prey in darkness under the cover of darkness when its prey cannot see it in the darkness and that perfectly represents the situation that humanity is in we can't see the the Dominator force that has it's in its grip because our sight is not as good as them specifically our sight to see the dark side to see the human capacity for evil and how it has run amok in this world okay um also a bird flies okay now an owl is not known for its superior flight capability all right but generally birds are at a higher level they exist way above the ground this is also symbolic all right they can see a wide area they can see things all around them when people who exist on the ground meaning a lower level of consciousness can barely see in front of them they certainly don't have the wider vision of something like an L or any bird for that matter okay so the owl represents a higher level of knowing okay not necessarily wisdom know true wisdom knowing but at least a higher level of understanding on the point of view of what's actually taking place all right and a predatory animal that can see its prey when its prey cannot see it and it's it's also carnivorous its meat-eating okay which means it devours its prey okay eats its prey and that's a perfect example of what the elite of this planet really are a perfect example of the dark occultists that are really running the show and that's why they use it as their symbol here we see the owl in image number two is the logo of the Bohemian Club which is what the B and C represent here now Bohemian Grove is not something we we talked about it a little bit when I interviewed neo as part of the show on satanic ritual abuse which was a divergence from our normal topics of discussion to do that special interview and image number two here shows the Bohemian Club which we talked about briefly during that show I believe that was show number 17 this is a gathering of elite power brokers that happens yearly in California about seven miles north of San Francisco at a place in a redwood grove called Bohemian Grove okay and now the Bohemian Club is a exclusive membership of these power brokers and it includes many high-level dark occultists that meet here yearly to basically hash out plans for you know what what they're going to do in the coming weeks and months and their symbol is of course an owl again a symbol of the dark occult and the symbol of the predatory nature of these elitists in image number three here we see the owl of shown in a stone relief at the Bohemian Grove and around it depicted depict the serpentine Ouroboros symbol but depicted as a belt with a buckle okay in that belt around the owl and the letters BC for Bohemian Club it says the the motto of the Bohemian Club which is weaving spiders come not here this is supposed to represent weaving spiders come not here it's supposed to represent that the Bohemian Club is supposed to be a retreat okay and it is supposed to serve these power brokers in the capacity that they can go there and rest and relax and not deal with all of the terrors that plague them as they run the world for the rest of the year where it's they can just basically get away for a time if you believe that I have several bridges for sale please contact me through my site and I could sell you one for a very good bargain you would imagine that elite power brokers at the highest levels of Finance religion government and every other institution in the world media etc would not if they are getting together all in the same place uh do some weaving as spiders okay would not leave some webs together if you believe that your level of naivete is absolutely dumbfounding and I expressed the word dumb so good luck with that if you believe that doesn't happen at the Bohemian Grove we've already talked about what some of their mentality and mindset and showed some of their rituals and some of the images back in podcast number 17 which by the way all of the podcasts for the show as always are up on the website they're always free there's 48 of them up there so far this is show number 49 what on earth is happening dot-com and click the podcast tab great resources and information information on that page dating back to when I first started this show so make use of that as a resource um image number four shows another variant of the Bohemian Grove symbolism with some dates of some big meetings of the Grove and its membership again there with the the owl and the moon behind it again because this isn't goddess symbolism we're going to get to why this is goddess symbolism I think I'll leave that for the second hour we're approaching the top of the hour and get going to get ready in about a minute a minute and a half to connect into Oracle broadcasting and then you won't hear me speaking for a little bit just to prepare you for what to expect um because bob tuscan and sheppard will be introducing we'll be introducing the the show tonight and they'll basically be bringing me on in the in the first after the first segment of the second hour so you'll be hearing the intel hub radio coming up in a few minutes and then i'll then i'll be introduced in the they'll play my intro music again and we'll start in with the second hour of the show just to wrap things up here in image number four in the owl section you again see the phrase weaving spiders come not here and again the moon symbolism is used in conduct conjunction with the owl because in in ancient goddess religions specifically in Sumerian goddess worship on this owl was often a symbol for the dark incarnation of the goddess meaning that care had basically waned or at least true care had basically waned and this form of predation and not ultimately caring took over the being and again as we see this is a perfect symbolic analog for the elites and they do indeed relish it and they revel in it as we'll see in the next section I'm going to make the connection to Oracle broadcasting and sit tight we'll pick up more about the symbolism of the owl in our number two here we go folks you have reached the Oracle broadcasting radio network call-in line after the beep please say your name where you're calling from and the on-air host will take their call momentarily Oh mark passio from what on earth is happening at the important obviously we'll do our regular intro thing that we do okay anyways you modern-day monetary system and how you can use the perfectly displayed it's fully revealed purchase your two DVD disk copy today and all deserts nice calm again that's power of the purse movie.com you thought I got to reset this call right now long crap here's that caller I'm gonna be holding mark we are the driving force behind the nature of humanity again we'll be unstoppable we are become soldiers that you are to be in self of God can't lie to an undisclosed location we were inside the Legion no there was a director of the civilian intelligence basically sugar damn valid and funky and welcome back to the Intel hub radio show on Bob Tuscan and I'm Shepherd and oh man that was a great interview on bananas and Bob you know on the Monell issue and a huge er New World anti New World Order D crush on her man she's got a lot of interesting information and talks about stuff that's right up my alley when you're talking about growing a garden when you're talking about solutions when you're talking about Monsanto this stuff is just stuff that I'm interested and I don't know but you guys will forget about you I do this show because I like to interview these people no I'm joking I do these shows because I hope that we can see change in the world in which we live in and I think that these programs are absolutely necessary especially in these serious times as long as we have communications the internet and so so on I'm going to be making the best of them I'm going to be using them until it all goes down and I'm going to be doing everything I can and I say this a lot if I wasn't facing in my lifetime for my children's children the battles that we see today when it comes to false flag terrorism Monsanto you name it I wouldn't have to do this I don't do this for my ego or for fame yeah I do this because I out of the bottom of my heart I feel like I need to do something otherwise I would have no hair and as you know folks that you've seen some of the videos I have I have lots of hair and it's nice and curly and it's beautiful absolutely absolutely so uh you know this whole issue with the chemtrails the the aluminum we didn't feed the food and what what uh what a whole masterminded concoction of you know compilation of stuff then you were ordered it mixed together and they're just integrating and integrating you know they made it totally plan on dominating society with the ultimate outcome I mean what do you what a question well no but I mean all right you know they're they're just totally dominating you know on things and in and you know it's going to take like like you bet with I'm not growing your own garden bunny to get up you know they're going to take a lot more than that Shep I mean let's not let's be real here folks if you think that growing a garden it's going to bring down the sick child molesters you guys whatever do it I'll tell you that I'm not telling you not to do it it's the definite step but it's not well it's more like protection for yourself so you don't have to eat their garbage and you know what I mean you want to guarantee that you're eating an heirloom product that's true it's also very healthy there's a lot of nutrition coming up next folks on the Intel hub radio is our good friend Mark past you'll visit the Intel hub radio.com to read his bio he has a program that we bring to our listeners every Tuesday called what on earth is happening with Mark patio what on earth is happening is his website there's going to be a regular thing every second hour on Tuesday on the Intel up radio show on Oracle broadcasting and are going to be featuring a different discussion on mind control via cults solutions you name it he's an absolute wealth of information I look forward to hearing him every Tuesday and you will as well I'm really looking forward to tonight's show he'll be talking a little bit more about Astro theology and they had called and all the good stuff I used to hearing from Mark Panthers and don't know anyway that's coming up next one on earth is happening I'm Bob Tuscan and I'm Trevor down Lilith and you know we're also going to have other contributors on to help abate Trevino one Scott so you guys are going to have to tune in but don't forget to check out the jack blood interview at the Oracle broadcasting comm archive and it's going to be posted at the info hub comm that I did earlier with jack blood on chemtrails some groundbreaking information check it out you're looking through the info hub radio show Ingle where collapses and alright going at these control the population total tyranny is amongst us for Berlin of humanity that on our shoulders be on the way out fifty echoes the horrible crime indicates no and then you will order bark are you with us bunny together yeah yes I am Bob alright I hope the talk shoe audience is looking forward to your debut on Oracle broadcasting a much larger audience we'll start that in just a moment here I thank you all for bearing with us as we make the transition and Mark patio is a wealth of information as I said and Mark you got a lot of good stuff I'm sure you got into on the first hour I'll have to go back into the archives that's the beauty of doing these shows and recording them and I'll listen to that and we see what you had to say and I'm sure this hour is going to be great I'll go ahead and be with you on the chat in case your you know I'll give you a little warning maybe that there's a break coming up while we get used to the new break schedule and I think that about wraps it up I look forward to seeing you in about a month it's coming up so fast now and free online you Bob thanks so much for all your help man Mike you've not a problem dude my pleasure you know really what was going on wasn't going on I wouldn't have to do this but it is you know we got to step up to the plate as you say that it's not enough just to learn about this stuff that comes a time you can we have to get out there and talk about it and that's what the third part of the Trivium is all about i partially we brought that up in great depth on the show i did recently on the Trivium check that out at the Trivium show that i did on my last official episode of truth be told radios sad but hey rios a new beginnings a bigger audience it should be a lot of fun and i think you guys are going to like the oracle broadcasting this being family alright so stand by we got another 30 seconds here for commercial and we'll get to what on earth is happening with mark nachio now teaming up with the Intel hub radio show every Tuesday for the second hour on Oracle broadcasting I'm anemic Darya San Pedro cactus salvia divinorum hi Korea and much much more so order now through our website toots frequency radio comm by clicking on the banner your order will be shipped securely and your informations always kept safe and confidential and by ordering through to frequency radio Cana not only will you get the best customer service on the planet we will also be supporting the show so don't forget ladies and gentlemen captain's the true frequency every Saturday at 10 o'clock central on Oracle broadcasting to frequency radio calm alright folks welcome back to the Intel hub radio show and tonight we're joined with our contributor Mark Hasse lads with every Tuesday on the program for the second hour tonight's show is a contribution on the usage of the occult symbolism in modern culture I will he will be explaining specifically the goddess symbolism tonight the goddesses and that's right the goddesses all right folks here we go what on earth is happening there we go we know man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the alcohol and all issues that freedom of the people over what color is happening whatever shining light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's a critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark has no [Music] [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen and welcome all of the new listeners on Oracle broadcasting it's a pleasure to be here with you my name is Mark passio and this segment is called what on earth is happening I'll be here every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. as a contributor to the Intel hub radio show with Bob Tuscan and Shepherd and I want to thank those guys wholeheartedly for inviting me to be a part of this my show is live every Tuesday from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern time the first owl is broadcast through my website what on earth is happening dot-com and then of course here are at 9:00 p.m. the second hour will be picked up by Oracle broadcasting and will will basically be looking at topics that focus on the underlying causal factors of what is really occurring in our world and what creates those conditions that's what this show is ultimately all about for those of you who may not be familiar with my material you can check out my website lots of videos up there 48 podcasts from the shows that I have already done and I hope you guys will follow me and basically learn a thing or two from the website and keep listening here every Tuesday evening at 9 p.m. with that having been said what we were talking about in the last hour of basically for all the listeners who joined me through my website and the talk-show network was the usage of subversive symbolism and this is part of an ongoing series of programs that I've been doing on symbolism occult symbolism in specifically now when we talk about the word of cult for the new listeners what we mean by that simply is hidden the word occult derives from the Latin the verb tari in Latins to hide or to conceal when people hear the word occult they often have a negative connotation of it right off the bat because they have been conditioned into thinking that that word is equivalent to evil and always means evil or negative and that is not the case that is what dark Oh cultists want people to think they want people to think that because if they think that the word occult means evil and associated with that concept always they will never look into what teachings and what information and knowledge occult philosophies do actually contain okay and in refusing to do so they will be more easily controlled by those who do understand that information because what that information ultimately is all about is knowledge of how the human psyche works its knowledge of how we work and operate it's ancient knowledge about the human psyche that's what the occult is now that having been said all is is knowledge knowledge in and of itself is neither good nor evil it is simply knowledge what determines whether it serves us or whether it works against us and ultimately enslaves us is what we do with it so if we learn this occult information and then share it widely the information that has been occulted in the past meaning hidden and we bring it to the light of day meaning we make it not occult we decloak it we unveil it when you bring it forward into the light of day so that it can be seen understood and integrated by your average human being and in doing so they learn more about their internal makeup in the internal world of the psyche of the human psyche which is what is ultimately creating the seeming external reality that we experienced see that's what ultimately this is all about that's why the the hidden knowledge that I'm sharing on this program is so important because it's all about what's going on inside of us ultimately as we will see going forward in the weeks and months to come on this show you'll get a better picture of this if you visit my site at what on earth is happening calm and again this show is a tapestry okay so we're picking up in the middle of a very complex topic which we've already explored in depth for many weeks so new listeners understand that that this is a tapestry of information and it would serve you well to check out the podcasts on my site which are available for download for free it's the archive of all my former shows and if you start from the beginning there I know it's a lot of information you will be caught up with that tapestry of information as I have attempted to present it and lay it out to the listening audience and in in going back and listening to those archives you'll get a very accurate picture of what we do here on the show and I will be doing as we go ahead so what I want to do right now is jump right back into discussion of symbolism and what we were talking about in the previous hour was symbolism related to the goddess and ancient goddess traditions we had already looked at the symbolism of the illuminated torch which represented knowledge and wisdom and represented spiritual insight and spiritual vision and we saw how that was used in conjunction with the Statue of Liberty we saw how was used on logos such as a amico gasoline we saw how it was a subversively used in in advertising like in in gasoline logos or in a bank logos we also saw how it was used in in movie houses such as Columbia Pictures and what we did is then shifted gears and started to look into a low symbolism and that's what you're going to do right after this break ladies and gentlemen we'll be right back right here on oracle broadcasting you're listening to what on earth does happen only on the Intel hub radio show you know the Constitution with the back of your hand you read books listen to podcast hey Mark Richards certainly might and I don't know if you plan on taking calls but if you could just give out the number for the absolutely I got a radio or four one eight six in that way yeah no way we don't have the complication to have it to give out the long talks you want no problem I will just run with the Oracle for the second hour from now on fit with that little sound good match use automatic 492 matter jumping garden Thank You ruff I'm gonna join it and I think which is going to be good for both audiences absolutely promote freedom this is behind the scenes for the talks you folks are their hopes in the chat listening to show yeah Thank You Evan they're not too many I think there's like three people in the talk to Jack so noxious stuff never got hot did it it's a light night there but uh you know some of you take this all the time from there and it is with him around the world occupying so P well wherever you listen that's not about where it's about the quality of information life together like barbaric microbe plan powder power Michael fine powder is reliable tool and biotic yeah we have about a minute left could you hear the music then or I was just about the message I was looking for your gift Skype and you're going to hear when it comes really not fairly low but I'm not I can pick up on expensive or and just and just know based on the negraph constantly trust me where it's going to be right yes is quality and map and shipping anywhere and low shipping on orders over $95 in the US your next break is that or call 908 $6.99 5908 six nine one three six all in the next one after that's 44 done oil can do for you at 50 want any or not 59 extend your life I had a good first hour man Cassandra Anderson here's my doctor's tried everything everyone success was there out expendable but when I can either about GMO crowd on this whole thing with Monsanto making it so that the liability from farmers is totally no other there and Taylor Griffin covered it and a few others pretty interesting shell I want you to know accidental Mike woods anyways 30 seconds here we go coming back what on earth is happening you can now is the time to join the growing list of real people benefiting plates for the music to play for a couple seconds before you start talking he's aa nine to eight a take you to that one eight seven seven nine two eight eight eight two two or visit our website at mark drop comm [Music] radio am your host jimmy act found a to do of the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen welcome back you're listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network as a part of a contributor ship to the Intel hub radio show every Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. Before we jump into the topic which was goddess symbolism and we were specifically about to look into the symbolism of the owl I want to give the call-in number for this show feel free to call in at any time there are no taboo topics on what on earth is happening there never have been and never will be so feel free to uh fire away any questions or comments and we'll take it from there the Oracle calling line is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again calling the oracle broadcasting on what on earth is happening call number eight six six eight four one one zero six five so in the last hour we were discussing the symbolism of the owl and how this was related to goddess symbolism as the dark aspect of goddess of the goddess in general what the goddess represented throughout antiquity was care true care okay it represents compassion it represents the spiritual insight and understanding of true self the goddess represented getting in touch with the higher self it represented living in natural law with other beings around you because you recognize that as one being suffers all our suffering the fundamental unity of all of us uh makes it a a deep spiritual understanding that as there is suffering in any there is suffering in all okay so that is the essence of true compassion and this is what the original goddess symbolism and the goddess traditions was meant to represent this is why they often depicted the goddess as a white dove a pure white color okay in in some in ancient symbolism the dark aspect of this is about the destruction or waning of care meaning apathy meaning those who don't have compassion okay the qualities of psychopathy okay up basically not feeling of killing the emotions all right and that symbol the main symbol know what main way that the goddess was used in her dark incarnation was through a depiction of a predatory bird that is not pure or white as a matter of fact it is dark and that is the owl so this is why the owl has become a symbol of the dark occult okay and I say dark occult meaning those who use this ancient knowledge that is taken from human antiquity in the mystery traditions okay and use it in the modern day in a perverted form okay - basically usurp natural law rights wield mind control and it essentially exhibit control over other people through the subversion of their rights okay and that is that is basically the trait that those are basically the traits of the psychopath they're the traits of those in whom care has been annihilated true care all right the bird is of the owl as a bird is used as their symbol also because it is a predatory bird who can see its prey in darkness through its superior vision okay this represents knowledge again the saying of the wise owl who is also the wise old owl because this knowledge comes from thousands of years ago it's nothing new it's actually very ancient okay and the bird also sees from a higher perspective not from the ground level but from perspective of well above where it is getting ready to pounce and prey okay it was brought to my attention during one of the breaks that owls feed upon rabbits and rabbits traditionally in symbolism have been used to also represent innocence okay and it's also a symbol of fear in some traditions so dark occult is indeed feed on fear and destroy or prey upon innocence uh this is a perfect symbol as we were talking about in the hour before for the dark occult in general and the elite of the world who basically have destroyed their own connection with the true goddess of compassion and wisdom and instead choose to be completely of this world and revel in the base materialistic instincts and revel in the fact and take pleasure in the fact that all they basically do is pervert true knowledge and use it as a mechanism for selfish control and that's what the dark occult is contrasted with positive forms of occultism that are basically attempting to take this knowledge of the psyche and then distribute it widely and freely to people to the extent that it is within our power to do so to those with open minds and and change the fundamental dynamic of this planet into something that much closer resembles how we were truly intended to live here mainly in in a spirit of truth of the vibrant vibratory energy of love and in true human freedom so with that having been said let's look deeper into the owl symbolism we were looking at how this was related to Bohemian Grove a topic which I'm sure many of the listeners ship of this network knows a lot about but we were looking at the the groves symbolism and we were looking at how they use their their phrase their motto weaving spiders come not here which is basically the opposite of exactly what the Grove is set up and intended to do which is to act as a networking point for the elite of the world who come and gathered on a yearly basis there in the redwood groves of California outside of San Francisco to basically make policy decisions that they're going to implement coming up in the in the future months weeks and months ahead and I want to direct everyone to my website at what on earth is happening dot-com there are if you click the radio listen page if you're listening on Oracle that's fine you don't have to play anything from the player there but if you go to the radio listen page by clicking the listen live button on the left hand side of the site you'll see on that page where I'll put on shows that I discuss something that needs visual representation I'll put that on the radio listen page for that evening so if you go to the radio page you'll see they're listed images for tonight's show for March 1st 2011 and there's a host of images there that if you click a series of them they will come up as a slideshow that you can click and go through and follow what we're talking about by visually being able to see a representation of some of the symbolism so you go to the website go to the radio listen page and under owl symbolism owl symbolism okay we are looking at image number four that's where we left off in the previous hour image number four and symbol of the owl at bohemian bohemian grove saying weaving spiders come not here and here we see the owl connected with the moon okay the moon is right behind the owl of course the owl is a night a nocturnal bird when it does its best hunting and again the goddess was connected with the moon as well that this is the dark incarnation of goddess symbolism and how they use it at the Bohemian Grove we'll start to see in images five through eight okay in images five through eight we see depictions of the owl at Bohemian Grove the first two images five and six show a ritual setting right are the intro music for this next break so we'll take a break right there we'll jump back into imagery from the Bohemian Grove specifically owl symbolism we come right back after these messages I'm your host mark passio you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Oracle broadcasting now be right back Intel hub radio show cutting we all know that murky water purification 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we were getting into how the owl is ritualistic we used in Bohemian Grove the retreat of the one of the retreats of the elite in California just north of San Francisco an image number five on the section on al symbolism on my website on the radio listen page you'll see a depiction of the large bowel at Bohemian Grove this is like a 30 foot tall owl that is set up as an altar and what it represents is this dark incarnation of the goddess and this also represents something that goes back to ancient rituals from Carthage and the ancient Canaanite rituals that are connected with human sacrifice what what this represents is what this ritual is actually called is the cremation of care and as we were talking about the goddess represents true care in different traditions goddess traditions going back into ancient into the ancient human past and human antiquity the goddess represents the spiritual qualities within us the understanding of our true nature not as physical beings but as spiritual beings having a human experience and it's an aspect of compassion the dark occultists always want to twist and pervert that and then basically destroy that quality within an individual they're there for what they want to do is emulate compassion they want to burn away someone's compassion or their connection to their emotional compass for true direction or moral direction in life that's what our emotions enable us to do that's why those without a connection to emotions basically either are actual Psychopaths without any actual ability to feel emotion there's some high estimates of how many people are in human species actually do not have the capacity to empathize or to feel emotions and don't have a conscience if the estimates are as high as 4% which is an extraordinarily high number if you look at in terms of that would be one in every 25 people you come across some more conservative estimates placing it around 1.5 to 2 percent whatever that number happens to be you can be assured there is a segment of people that actually do not are born without this capacity without this normal range of human emotions and then other people can actually emulate their care and destroy it during their life while living even though they once did have the capacity to feel it so these are people who aren't born psychopaths but they can become psychopathic in nature based on the conditions of their life and how they choose to react and respond to those conditions and who they choose to listen to what they choose to value etc so forth and this is what this ritual is all ultimately about it is about immolating the inner child it's about burning away true terror it's symbolic this is an absolution ritual or a ritual of forgiveness for these dark Oh cultists they are basically saying we are going to act as God and absolve ourselves of all the wrongdoing that we will do during the course of the year when we come together to perform perform this right this is an ancient absolution ritual or ritual of self forgiveness that's what this is and again for some people who don't know me or my work I was involved in the dark occult in a personal direct experience direct one-on-one experience I was in involving dark occult orders in my past four years of my life I went down into a very deep dark path the left-hand path as they call it any occult and I I gathered with and exchange ideas with very psychopathic individuals because I was quite psychopathic in those days in my in my youth and I basically came to a catharsis and spirit and had to face all of the dark vile aspects of my personality it came to a point in my life where my attitudes and behaviors brought me to the brink of death and if there were two ways to go as I related to people when I talk about this I could have either wallow din all of that those vile aspects of what is not true self all the lower qualities of consciousness that are not about who we really altom utley are and it's all about identification with the physical and the material ok I could have stayed in that worldly identification which was making me a sick a horrific human being and I would have died ok I wouldn't have progressed forward in consciousness in this lifetime or I had another direction to go and that was up from that point which was about as low as you can get okay as low as you can go as far as consciousness goes and I chose the latter direction and I chose the latter direction okay for as a pun on words pun intended okay I chose to climb that ladder to a higher level of spiritual understanding and a higher spiritual perspective and that's what helped me to reverse the direction of my life and we re acquire the care that I had basically burned away through my dealings with dark occultism and uh and the people involved in it and uh saw the true light of compassion and and reason and true understanding so that's what this ritual is about this cremation of care ritual where they emulate a uh effect simile of a baby basically that they make an effigy okay they make a representation of a child and then they float it out onto the water because again the goddess is the goddess of waters okay it's it's a it's about birth okay it's about innocence but they're murdering okay so this is what this child represents it's the inner child within us all and they floated on to this out on the lake there in front of the owl and then they light it on fire hey it's the immolation or the cremation of care that's what it is known as the cremation of care and that is exactly what it's doing it is it is destroying the essence of care it's named very appropriately it's not an innocent of play on words or an innocent pun or an innocent psychodrama that's not what this is about this is an absolution ritual for the members who are really involved in murder and genocide and uh depraved sexuality often pedophilia you name it goes on there okay and they're absolving themselves of their sin by saying we are burning away care and that absolves us you know we don't need to face the repercussions of our actions within natural law because we're the elite we're basically God here and you know we're absolving ourselves of our own sins imagine that this hubris of the psychopathic occultists that take takes place in this redwood grove okay so you see some images of this ritual performed out in front of a lake and the stone ale that it is done in front of representing the dark incarnation of the goddess principle which is basically black care it is dark care and yes there is such a thing okay because if you don't think that these are cultists but basically run the game on this planet if you don't think that they have a variation of care you're kidding yourself they wouldn't get up and the evil that they work 24 hours a day seven days a week non-stop without a breath without a respite without a break okay if they didn't care about what they're doing their care may be dark indeed it may be violent may be pure evil but they have a form of care and let me tell you something I've said it on this show in the past and it's not a very popular opinion or a popular approach this is why they're so successful what they do the the bulk of humanity who basically underneath their apathy may have a good essence you know an actual desire underneath to do good but if you don't care enough to actually put that into action to put what you know into action or what you feel in action you're accomplishing nothing these people say what they're going to do they hold an intention in their mind they care enough about it to get it done and then they actually work to do it they have the combination of intelligence dark care and willpower and putting those three together dark occult is such as meet at the Bohemian Grove yearly and who are the elitists of the world the so-called elite I mean I should use the word so-called because they're the elite of exactly nothing in my estimation okay they're not mildly they consider themselves really okay I think people should not even call them not I say the so-called elite but they have a form of care and this makes them a non dual being as they think so they feel and so they act that's why they're so successful and that's why it's up to this point they've been kicking our rear ends here the intro music we'll be right back after these messages folks slick stay with us every day we hear the need as an American that have been ensuring your concern you may even feel like you have no control of course you can't control things like natural disasters or they'll imitate meltdown but these days a number of Americans are returning to the practice of being self-reliant the water in the dirt that one need be food ready awesome show mark ready.com guy stopping by spectrum buddy hey you got a minute and when you when you do the interest in outras if you could say you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Intel Hub radio show broadcasting live at Oracle broad 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effectiveness from audiences it's worth checking out again that's what you believe them you've got ain't oblivion the number 10 a.m. this is Jack Wald your radio gone you're listening to Oracle Broadcasting Network the home of tyranny smashing cutting edge top radio all right ladies and gentlemen we're back on what on earth is happening as part of the Intel hub radio show here Tuesday night on Oracle broadcasting before the break we were talking about Bohemian Grove on my web site in the owl symbolism section on the radio lesson page we were I had directed people's attention to images 5 through 8 which were depictions of the owl a Poe hanging in Grove and I'll probably post some supplemental information about Bohemian Grove on the podcast page when this podcast goes into the archive on my website in the podcast section and I'll maybe post some photos of what some of the activity at the Grove looks like and maybe posts some pages with some membership of individuals that that actually participate in the rituals that take part of Bohemian Grove so just uh to briefly recap with images five to eight we're about an image tribe you saw the owl illuminated with a fire in image six you see the lake that it's juxtaposed upon representing the principle of Correspondence or as above so below in image number seven this is an older photo of this variant of the owl probably from the middle part of the 20th century and then earlier in the 20th century we see an older incarnation of the owl they're depicted a Bohemian Grove so in image number eight so let's move forward from Bohemian Grove symbolism specifically to talk about some ways that the owl is used in symbolism that surrounds us in our culture in image number nine we see the owl depicted on the one dollar bill this is a much is often made of this basically it's hiding behind a shield represented by the number one there okay and this is a nod to the unity that I was talking about before that dark occult to share with each other they are the money masters they're they're who they consider the elite of the world and be illuminated of the world even though there really no such thing but they're putting their symbolism there in plain sight this is the the adage of hidden hidden in plain sight the dark occult is like to put their symbolism in places where people would see it but not easily recognize it or understand what it is there for their attention is directed upon it and it goes into their subconscious mind but it is never really brought to the surface at the conscious level and they basically get off on that they love that they love that they can throw things right in your face and you won't see it it's as form it's a form of occult mockery okay and we'll see other ways they use that in image number 10 you see the Mazda emblem Mazda cars okay and this is astro theological symbolism here and specifically you can easily see that's an owl's face I mean if you can't see that I don't really know how to make it any clearer just look at the Mazda symbol you're looking at an owl right into the face of the owl just look at the white space as the head and these are the eye crests of the owl with the beak and everything okay this is astro theological symbolism because ahora Mazda is a Sun Sun solar cult um God myth tradition that's what it is it's similar tradition that we talked about in the solar cult Astro theological worship that we have already covered on this show in the past when we talked about religion as Astro theology so who are a Mazda just another variant of the same solar cult myth God okay the same basic variation on this and here uh that is depicted the name is depicted in conjunction with this owl symbolism image number 11 and 12 shows the frost bank building in Austin Texas and if you look at that Frost Bank building a center of commerce in the City of Austin you will see how it clearly is representative of an owl with the eyes and the crest above the head and you have to look at it from the side of the building from the corner of the building I'm sorry if you look at it from the side you wouldn't be seeing it but once you look at it from the corner from an angle view you can see how this is clearly the face of an owl especially when it's lit up at night as you see there an image number 12 you can see that pretty clearly right here in Philadelphia in the city where I'm from there's a place called Commerce Square in Center City Philadelphia of course the square is also one of the favored symbolism of the dark occult we'll look at that when we look at three Masonic symbolism in the coming weeks here on this program but if you look at the image number 13 on the website under al symbolism you'll see two buildings and they have the ears the pointed ears like an owl okay and if you actually find this image doesn't show it very well but if you look at these buildings there are wings down positioned at the side like an owl holds its wings at its side that's what those small ducks that come out off to the side of the building if you look at an angle that shows these head on you will see that these are on both sides of these buildings and they're down at the side just like wings both of these buildings are basically symbolic rudimentary owls and they're connected with MB vision because this is a center of commerce it's called Commerce Square all of the banking institutions because specifically the ones that are instrumental to this city have offices in Commerce Square in Philadelphia Center City so they use it in in architecture because basically this is the representation of not caring about anybody but yourself doing anything for money doing anything for greed and power and influence and control that's what the dark goddess symbolism is all about what they're what they're doing in Washington DC with this symbolism the center of the government of the United States and images 14 through 16 you'll see this in the owl section of symbolism and we'll probably stop after these three images and we'll look at dove symbolism and sacrifice symbolism next week on the show we see that the owl is positioned in the District of Columbia okay Kalume the dog we talked about that before we'll look at that the symbolism of the Dove next week but Columbia is what the Capitol was named after this is another variant of the goddess specifically the goddess as connected with dove because Kalume in French means dove okay it's the Congress building is supposed to be about the coming together of the left and right brain hemispheres it's supposed to be about helping to lead through example of balance Congress is another word for sexual Union okay it means bringing the masculine together with the feminine or the left brain together with the right brain it's another way of saying the chemical wedding okay or as we have seen previous on this show the balance of the brain hemispheres and the opening of the third eye or the pineal gland the all-seeing eye what they're doing here symbolically depicting this at the top of a 13 level pyramid which the owl hears is sitting atop and if you can't see that that's an owl in image number 14 just move on the image number 15 and I actually highlight in red the roads they actually go flow around the capital building and if you can't see that that's absolutely pointed deliberate symbolism but they are surrounding the light incarnation of the goddess the dome the Sacred Feminine breast dome that is topped by what is supposed to be the goddess representing freedom or columbian of which the the name Washington DC is named after the District of Columbia they are putting it into the belly of the dark variant of the goddess which is dark hair well that is large I'm looking at the photo right now yes yes Bob I'm sorry I was just going to say I'm at the website what on earth is happening calm if you missed any of tonight's show you can find the archive there and at our website the Intel hub radio calm thanks so much mark for another fascinating look at the occult and the symbolism that's right in front of our face hidden in plain sight right there for all the see but they're mocking you basically saying even if you did see you wouldn't comprehend it that's right all right folks every Tuesday second hour of the show marked a seal what on earth is happening I'm Bob Tuscan on behalf of Sheppard and Bellus our executive producer Alex Thomas and the entire Oracle broadcasting family I thank you for tuning into tonight's show stay tuned to leave Rogers coming up it free or die next on Oracle broadcasting and I really enjoyed his take on Alex Jones last night in the Charlie Sheen juice candle I was an absolutely a hard-hitting show if you missed it check that out on the archives and we'll see you tomorrow night with another great show called virgins and coming up this week still Mike Murphy the list goes on all of our guests and podcasters are at our website the info hub radio.com [Music] 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