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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website ww-what on earth is happening com this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time today is March 8 2011 we have a good show lined up for you here today we're going to be joining the Oracle Broadcasting Network in the next hour as part of our ongoing partnership with the Intel hub radio show and I do a Tuesday night contributor ship to that program which runs on the Oracle network between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. so I will be joining them for the second hour their website is the Intel Hub radio comm and the network that that show runs on is Oracle broadcasting com do check out those websites as well so I have a couple of event announcements for tonight as I always start the program with and then we'll get started tonight our discussion is going to be on the continuation of the exploration of symbolism specifically how symbolism is used as a methodology of control and how sacred symbolism is often perverted and used in different contexts to represent something that it most certainly is not going to provide you with and that is how they basically get you to want their product or service and we've seen that repeatedly flee throughout the the course of our delving into symbolism in general what we're going to look at tonight is we're going to continue to go into goddess symbolism as we began last week we started looking at the illuminated torch and the owl last week we're going to wrap up with the owl symbolism and then we're going to look at the positive side of the goddess symbolism which is symbolism of the dog not necessarily how it is you but what it is intended to represent will be looking at the very esoteric side of positive goddess symbolism tonight and then we'll see some examples of how this is perverted in and used as actually a weapon against us in the second part we'll be looking at a really dark aspect of goddess symbolism specifically how the goddess is then ritually murdered or sacrificed so we'll be looking at examples of the goddess in human sacrifice rituals that are actually conducted in broad daylight so that's coming up on what on earth is happening tonight - event announcements first and foremost of course the upcoming free your mind conference here in Philadelphia a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult I'm one of the co-hosts and organizers of this great conference coming up next month here in Philadelphia Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th at rubra hall 414 green Street in Philadelphia PA the doors open at 9:00 a.m. speakers begin at 10:00 a.m. there is now posted to the website a tentative schedule it's not set in stone because as we all know changes can come up last-minute with speakers cancelling their problems occurring so please keep in mind it's a tentative schedule but we're going to attempt to stick with that schedule generally the admission price is only twenty dollars per day if you get your tickets in advance and if you decide instead to purchase them at the door tickets are only $30 at the door each day the free your mind conference is a unique two-day event scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers for the free your mind conference Aaron McCallum alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Bauer your dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika Mark passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor 16 great speakers plus we will be screening we will be having an exclusive Philadelphia screening of Suzanne Taylor's great documentary film called what on earth inside the crop circle mystery on Saturday evening and then on Sunday evening we will be having a panel discussion with whatever speakers happen to still be remaining at the event and want to participate so that's the free your mind conference coming up Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th right here in Philly for more information please visit the conference website wwf/e your mind conference calm the second event announcement is fed stock - this is the official and the Fed rally and concert for Philadelphia the theme this year for fed stock is turn your back on the Federal Reserve reduce your Federal Reserve Note footprint they're going to have a lot of bands out of this one I don't think a location an exact location or itinerary is scheduled yet but this will be happening on April 23rd 2011 April 23rd that's late next month fed stop - right here in Philadelphia for more information on the official Philadelphia end the Fed rally in concert called fed stock - please visit WWE and the Fed calm you can also visit the organizers website of the the activist group truth freedom prosperity by going to WWE am prosperous org so those are the two event announcements I have or tonight and let me give the call in numbers now uh we're going to give to calling numbers um the first is for the talk-show network which I broadcast the first both hours on actually but the first hour is only carried through talk-show and then the second hour we go into Oracle broadcasting so I'll be connecting to them at the top of the second hour let me give the talks you call the number which you could use during both hours okay so this number is valid for the entire show I'll watch the switchboard occasionally please if you call in hold on the line I will get to to your questions I'll be patient and this the second hour I'll give the Oracle call the number and you can call in to that during the second hour so here we go the talk should call in number for what on earth is happening is seven two four four four four seven four four four once again you want to call in call seven two four triple four seven triple four and then enter the call ID number which is eight three five one five the call ID number for what on earth is happening eight three five one five next hour I'll give the Oracle call in number for those of you who wish to call into the Oracle Network so here we go we were talking last week about subversive symbolism and we have been talking about this for several weeks and we will continue to do so I don't want people to get the idea that this is just a show about symbolism who are just tuning in this is part of a long tapestry of mind control methodologies that are employed against the general population symbolism is a hidden language it is a language that is basically reserved for the initiative a specific tradition and those initiates are form the core that understands the language that's being spoken even though it is a wordless language it is a language that is rooted in form an archetype and color and vibration etc okay symbols speak to us at a subconscious level and therefore it becomes all the more important to understand that language because if we do not things are being said to us and they're going directly there bypassing the conscious mind going directly to the subconscious mind and we're not understanding any part of that that information that is actually being put into the deeper recesses of the human psyche without our knowledge once we do become literate of these symbols we can understand what their intent is what the intended message that is being planted is and we can choose whether to take that into us or to reject it at a conscious level but until we become conscious of what these symbols actually do mean and they do have meanings and they are used in very specific ways to elicit those meanings and to then bring about the desired mode of behavior until we do understand that language we're basically powerless to protect ourselves against it to those who may wish to use it as a mechanism of suggestion and control mind control for that matter so last week we were talking about goddess symbolism and how this is used in the modern culture we saw it in symbols of freedom we saw it in symbols of knowledge namely the illuminated torch and then we saw its dark aspect the symbolism of the owl representing the dark elements of the goddess and the goddess tradition or dark care case the goddess generally represents care it generally represents the ability to recognize truth from falsehood it reckon it generally represents human emotions and the owl is the destruction of all of those things it is basically destroying knowledge for the general public so that a covert group of people can amass all the knowledge and wield it as a weapon it is the destruction of care as we saw in the usage of the owl in the Bohemian Grove symbolism last week which is a dark occult group that basically consists of power brokers from all over the world that meet in Northern California nearly usually in July to release and set forward their intentions for the continuance of their control and oligarchy over the next the course of the next year so the Bohemian Grove symbol is the owl we saw how the owl is used in their major ritual called the cremation of care because it is a ritual that is an absolution ritual designed to forgive them of all of their sins and wrongdoings they're acting as God they'll decide that their sins are forgiven they'll decide that all of their wrongdoing can be expunged so that they can go out and do it all over again basically what they're openly doing is cremating care just like the name of the ritual says they're actually destroying the Sacred Feminine within the consciousness so that the people who are affiliated with them and basically do their bidding through the course of the year can just absolve themselves of all cares and concerns for what the negative impacts of whatever they're doing does to anyone else so this is what the ritual is ultimately all about called the cremation of care that happens at Bohemian Grove this is an ancient analog to rituals that were conducted at Carthage and in the land of Phoenicia Cana thousands of years ago so this goes back a long way this dark occult tradition and it predates even even those traditions but we also saw how the owl is used on on money in the dollar bill and saw how is used on some corporate logos we saw how it was used in building architecture in bank buildings most notably because of course the Alito cultists control the banking industry so these are always we saw it used last week we wrapped up with the owl symbolism last week in one of the ways that is used in our nation's capital which of course is Washington DC we'll be getting into that a little bit more tonight and I want to go back and refer people up to the website to go back to the set of images that we were looking at last week because I want to pick up with image number 14 in the section of the symbolism of the owl so go up to my website at what on earth is happening dot-com if you're not already there click on the radio listen page which is the button at the top left hand side with the radio microphone and then you're going to on that page see images for tonight's show under the player under the the radio player you'll see images for tonight's show okay and that will say March 8 2011 and you'll see three sets of images the first one will be the symbolism of the owl the second the symbolism of the Dove and the third will say the sacrifice of the goddess so we're looking at the images for the owl symbolism and we're going to pick up with image number 14 in that section okay so image number 14 in the owl section shows an overhead view this is taken right from Google Earth if you have the program Google Earth you can verify that none of this is made up you can just type in Washington DC find the Capitol building and just direct the directional arm a compass east toward the east so that East is pointing upward and you will see this image this is still there anyone can go and do it themselves just by downloading the program Google Earth and finding the Capitol building the Capitol building is a Sacred Feminine dome okay Oh or what is a breast symbol okay we will look at that in the next section when we talk about bulb symbolism because what this ultimately represents is the Dove inside of the owl or having been consumed by the owl the owl the dark aspect of goddess symbolism or dark care having eaten or consumed the positive aspect of the goddess symbolism the nurturing and intuitive and caring truly caring elements which is what Congress is supposed to represent Congress is another name for sexual Union or the coming together of male and female forces masculine and feminine forces and that is the path to true enlightenment is the balance between the masculine aspects of the left brain and the feminine aspects of the right brain or in other words uniting our motions which is the sacred feminine side of our of our true self with our actions which is the sacred masculine side what we do with what we know that's a process of Congress of Union they call it in different occult traditions the chemical wedding often it is referred to as okay because it is a marriage of solar and lunar forces in this image you can see seated atop what looks like a pure middle type structure which we will go into more in coming weeks I'll look at the extensively the symbolism that is laid out in the street plan of Washington DC you won't be doing that expensively tonight but we will on a future program and you can see that the owl is actually seated atop this pyramidal structure and it is completely surrounding the Capitol building okay it has a symbolic tale represented symbolic feet are represented symbolic ears and wings now in image number 15 if this is difficult for people to see in image number 14 I would suggest that they go to image number 15 which shows an outline of the Owls body and tail okay I've outlined that and this is traditionally how this has actually been depicted when other researchers will attempt to outline this and show the symbolism of the owl surrounding the Capitol building arm one of the current things that I have noticed is that it also has symbolic wings that are outstretched basically to show that um the owl is victorious okay or it has basically uh swooped down and consumed its prey mainly the Capitol building and all of the minds and hearts of the people who make decisions in that building and this is again perfectly expresses the aspects of the dark occult that have infiltrated just about every area of our society in the modern world these occultists put their symbols in a hidden way in a covert way around anything that they have there that they have laid their touch upon you will find one of their marks they never do this in an extraordinarily blatant way they do it in a subtle way in a way that whoever is looking at it would have to have some prerequisite knowledge of mystery tradition symbolism in order to understand the message that is being spoken so to someone who just happens to see this and knows no context they have no contextual framework for which to understand the symbolism this symbolism is meaningless but for people who are studied in the occult for people who have had experience in the occult for people who know this language this esoteric language that is reserved for Oh cultists they understand exactly what's being said here and that what is being said here is we own you we own you not only do we own you we've eaten you we've consumed you you're not only owned you're eaten you've been eaten is the message here okay because in the belly of the owl sits the Capitol building itself and they're telling even the people who are puppets at this level of government they're telling the occultists that own those people are telling them you've been devoured because you're serving our agenda whether you know it or not and it speaks volumes to me if this isn't a whisper to me this is a huge shout through a bullhorn right at two inches from your ear but that's because I understand this symbolism and most people do not and therefore they'll readily dismiss it from a left-brain perspective having absolutely no knowledge of what it really means so you know my suggestion to people like that is believe whatever you want enjoy what you have it's the best that's ever going to get and you're never going to see anything in your life improve as long as you remain in that level of pure ignorance but you want to continue to believe that you go right ahead symbols are meaningless they say nothing they don't affect you you're not affected by any of this enjoy what you have that's my only suggestion to people like that because they're stuck in a pure left-brain perspective of the world and they think they have it all figured out and there's nothing that they can learn or understand that that they don't already know good luck with that and enjoy it so that's what I wanted to wrap up in this first section which you know I just really wanted to emphasize what the message is here okay and hopefully people can clearly see that and then you know verify it for themselves we'll be looking more at DC symbolism specifically from overhead images of the street plan in a future week when we talk about how this symbolism is used in different forms of architecture Street plans etc we'll have probably have two shows on that as well again I'm going to spend a lot of time on symbolism because if you don't understand this language you can't understand the mentality of the dark occult and if you don't understand the dark occult you can't counter it need to know the psychology of the enemy in order to basically counterbalance what doing and and and to understand what it is they're doing so tonight we're going to shift gears a little we're going to look at the positive aspects of the goddess symbolism and then unfortunately we need to go to an even darker place and we've already gone and look at how the positive aspect of the goddess symbolism is then ritualistically murdered ritualistically destroyed okay through symbolic world events that are basically human sacrifice rituals done in the light of day for all to see but nonetheless they are they are directed by a covert hidden hand that is basically pulling the strings calling the shots and this is done symbolically I mean not only for the fear that it invokes but it is done to symbolically destroy the positive aspects or symbols of the goddess over and over again you can see this and we're coming up to a time when it is particularly important to watch for events as we're going to talk about tonight because we're entering a time period that is very critical for the dark occultists that they Revere they hold in high regard it's called the season of sacrifice and it stretches from March 19th to May 1st and we'll talk more about that as we unfold more of this symbolism I'll probably need to speak on that a little bit next week before we actually enter that season because let's see two weeks from today it will and we will already be in it so I'll probably discuss that in in the first or second part of the show next week but it's a critical time period to understand I'll probably have a couple of slides along with the show next week to help people to understand that a little bit better this the time of the year the timeframe of the year known as the season of sacrifice what it is and why so many events that are extremely disturbing and and inspire so much fear in the population occurred during this time period so that will be coming up as well let's start to look at the positive symbol of the goddess the Dove okay so in image number one there I just put the basic symbol a dove a white dove its its wings outstretched and you know illuminated by light this has traditionally been this been a symbol of the goddess okay or the sacred feminine aspects of consciousness from time immemorial this symbol has been used for thousands of years to represent the Sacred Feminine and we can see how many ways that it is employed in religious symbolism in the modern world so what the Dove represents is the human spirit it represents our emotional aspects it represents nurturing care creativity truth um getting in touch with the repercussions of what your actions do to other people knowing that and owning it and taking responsibility for it that's what the Dove ultimately represents this is the positive aspects of the goddess tradition the positive aspects of the whole goddess concept all right now if we look at modern religious traditions we will see the Dove come up over and over again as well but most notably it comes up in Christianity Christianity has the Dove as one of its primary symbols of its Trinity the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit all right we've already talked about this Trinity many times in past shows and understood how it is but a symbolic analog of thought emotion and action the three manifestations of human consciousness in the world okay the only three ways we can really ultimately manifest or express our consciousness yes we have speech but speech is a manifestation of our thoughts okay so thought and speech and emotions and actions alright these three aspects thought emotion and action are the esoteric meaning of the Trinity in different religious traditions and have been throughout time but the physical personification of these three modalities of consciousness is the exoteric version of the Trinity it's always put outside of the self to represent something that lies outside of you okay to get you to stay focused on the outward instead of turning the attention inward to understand what you're made of and to look at your thoughts your emotions your actions and understand stand that these are the expressions of consciousness these are the expressions of the divine these are the greatest gifts of the Creator and how we use them is what the whole mystery of life is all about but they always want you to put take you know remove responsibility from yourself and look outward look to the outside it's only about belief believe in something okay don't don't worry about how you think how you feel and how you act just accept something outside of yourself as something that's going to save you you know from yourself and then you know as long as you believe in that you'll be fine and this is nonsense obviously and this is something that religions want to get people to accept because then they never really live a life of any kind of self-examination they never really lead a life that is truly in pursuit of knowledge that is truly in pursuit of changing one's ways of thinking or or a feeling so that we learn how to really do good works in the world and religion wants to de-emphasize many religious traditions one of the emphasized good works and just say oh it's just about belief or it's just about acceptance or it's just about you know this or that but it's not about actually getting out there and gauging and changing the world through changing your own thoughts and emotions and then applying them through an act of will that's what they don't want you to think about that's what they don't want you to know that's what they don't want you to understand and most of all that's what they don't want you to live because that would truly change the world for the positive that more people did it so in order to target most effectively the most important component of this they need to remove the Sacred Feminine figure to the extent that they can okay so there's no divine mother in this Trinity right everything happened through mail only aspects okay the Dove isn't considered a woman per se in the Christian tradition oh it's a symbol of a spirit or something that is dead okay not necessarily dead mean not imbued with life but a spirit is like a ghost it's something that is not in the physical world it's not present that's what I mean by dead okay the sacred feminine aspect or the Divine Mother of the Trinity has been removed or symbolically killed and is represented only by a spirit the holy spirit depicted as a dove because in older traditions which is where we talked about Christianity being derived from when we looked at Astro theology in older traditions having this Trinity the sacred feminine aspect or the divine mother was often symbolically depicted as a dove because since it was the lunar aspect of consciousness the moon in its crescent form which we're going to see repeated we're going to see symbolism of the moon and we're going to see crescent moon symbolism coming up okay the moon was was symbolically portrayed as a white dove with its wings outstretched traversing the sky okay the the dark ass of consciousness meaning those that are internalized not me that they're dark as far as evil see the light aspects are those which we show to others our actions therefore they're solar they're there they're available to see during the day you know for all to see our actions the darker or internalized aspects are our emotions nobody can really immediately you know tell what your internal emotional makeup is upon first meeting it's something that is veiled initially then through your actions they could probably tell what your emotional makeup is all about but initially it's something that is dark or reserved your veiled therefore it is lunar is something that is analogous to the qualities that represent night or darkness so since it is the symbol of the moon and the Divine Mother all right and we see how the Dove represents the crescent moon okay as it traverses the night sky we saw all of those symbols connected with the goddess in previous sections specifically the section where we talked about Astro theology in the Christian Trinity of Father Son and spirit this has been delegated to a symbol own the divine mother is not depicted so Mary in the Christian tradition is not considered one of the divine elements of the Trinity whereas she has been considered one of the aspects of consciousness and one of the aspects of divinity in every other tradition which uses this anthropomorphized Trinity okay instead they symbolically replace her with a dove and this is the Holy Spirit again because she is the spirit of the threefold aspect of consciousness our thoughts being the creator aspect okay or the Father God all right that would be mind mental aspects right then the Sacred Feminine or our emotions is the spirit aspect this mind body spirit connection and then of course our actions which are male they're masculine in nature we would do them outwardly not inwardly like emotions that is the feminine aspect right the actions are considered a byproduct of thought and emotion which are the father and mother okay and therefore a son a male child is born into the world which is our actions and therefore you have the son of God and the goddess or the Holy Spirit say so the Holy Spirit is the goddess in the Christian tradition represented by a dove but it is simply Mary in this tradition although the church doesn't officially recognize that because they are masculinizing the Trinity and removing the Sacred Feminine which is the most important aspect of consciousness if we really want to get to truth or to true care we need to hone our emotions we need to actually get in touch with our emotions at a deeper fundamental level because this is what creates true conscience and true understanding of natural law principles if we basically cut this quality out of ourselves who knows what our actions are going to be like their got not not going to be in harmony with truth they're not going to be in harmony with justice or true wisdom they're going to just wander all over the place and basically sometimes they'll be in harmony with natural law and sometimes they won't and it will be accidental when they're in in harmony with natural law this is what the whole checkerboard floor of the house and Freemason represents until you really advance your consciousness to a higher level you're a wander between light and darkness in your actions never knowing really which is which it means people who cut this part of their themselves out or don't really develop it never really truly know fully whether their actions are in harmony with natural law principles or not whether they are actually act within their rights or not they don't really know what their rights are and what they are not we talked about that before in our discussions on natural law so understand that the dove in this context in image number two here is the goddess of the Divine Trinity which ultimately represents our emotions in the thought emotion and action or mind spirit body connection that's what it represents in the esoteric sense okay now in image number three we're going to really understand how this applies and really see how it relates to the human brain physiology which we talked about extensively on the show in the past this is the Christian depiction of Mary the Blessed Mother with a sacred feminine aspect of the Trinity okay and this is she is the Holy Spirit in this Trinity but the church would never acknowledge that or or speak of her in such a way because again they want to keep segregated with feminine aspect because this is a male dominator solar cult religion and it's there as a mechanism for control for the continuation of control controlled by the dark cultist that own and control the Vatican and the entire church and continue a pedophile Network which watch the movie sex crimes in the Vatican to understand the nefariousness which with with which priests have been shuffled around by high-level people in the Vatican namely the Pope right now the current Pope Benedict okay when he was in a position of cardinal this guy acted to cover up these sex crimes and basically shuffle the priests around so that they can continue to do the same thing I neglected to post this video in the last podcast but I'll put it up on the website this week I'll definitely endeavor to remember to do that so people can watch this one maybe I'll send it out as my file mailing this week I have a file mailing if you get on my mailing list I send it out bimonthly I'm late with it this month because I'm usually send it out in the first week but I'm a little late with it because I had a speaking engagement over the over the weekend so I'll probably send out this documentary I'll put it up on the link to it on the site and send it out in my file mailing for this week let's look at how this goddess symbolism is used in Christianity but what it's saying see if for those who are looking at it from the exoteric point of view this will just be Mary a symbol of Christianity you know of Jesus's mother but they will not really deeply understand the esoteric nature of the symbolism and how powerful it is in what it is actually saying to us so here we see in the left hand image let's focus on the left hand image first okay in image number three on Dougs symbolism alright we see um the depiction of the father God okay the Creator God God the Father in the heavens okay at the very top of the image bathed in light the clouds are parted he's in another dimension of being angels are around him etc now below that you have the traditional depiction of the Holy Spirit which is the dumb the white dog with its wings outstretched okay and then right underneath that is Mary herself okay now in Mary's heart in this image is the Sun and it says i HS are these are the first three letters of the name of jesus in greek okay Greek in Greek the name Jesus is spelled da de I'm sorry iota um a de a Sigma Epsilon Sigma or I um su s yes there's no J per se in Greek as there is no J in classical Lac okay so e ASIS or G's right uh ADA I'm sorry again yeah iota ADA Sigma Epsilon Sigma and the first three letters of this are always depicted as the symbolic name for Jesus in Christianity you will see this on banners in Christianity you will see on prayer missiles on hymnals you'll see on a robes of priests you'll see on funerary cloths that are laid on top of caskets you'll see on crosses sometimes but most frequently if you notice if you take the time to notice when you receive a host or a piece of Communion it is actually stamped on the communion wafer yhs okay so in most of the time it is some of them have different stylizations on them but you will see this depicted on some of of communion wafers so here we see it these three letters on Mary's chest right at her heart level because she is the bearer of the sacred child the sacred masculine child of a right moral action in the world depicted by symbolically representing Jesus were the son she is the night sky the lunar goddess the goddess of the night sky here you see around her a head is depicted the halo of illumination with stars because she represents as Isis did as Semiramis did okay all names that we talked about in older goddess traditions she represents the night sky okay the heavenly cloak of night and all of the stars within it she is the mother of the stars just like our Sun is a star in this solar system okay she is the mother of it and she is the Bearer because she is the emotional qualities that if they are honed if they are worked with if they are developed give birth to true positive moral action in the world which represents the light or the Sun okay now since she is the Sacred Feminine part of the of the consciousness and specifically she is also physiologically the midbrain of the brain complexes we look when we looked at the brain we saw that the brain stem and cerebellum formed something called the arc complex or the reptilian brain this is the lower consciousness part of the brain that is always reactive is always based in instinct and survival modality only okay never really takes into consideration any higher thought it just reacts okay it doesn't care it just reacts it's fight or flight mode allottee okay if a predator or something dangerous is coming at you you have to make a decision do you fight or you run so this is the reactive mode of the brain they are complex above that seats is seated the limbic system the limbic brain this is the million brain were the part of the brain that helps us experience emotion because of the chemicals that it can generate all right so this is the emotional part of the brain and the positive and negative elements of emotion are contained made possible through this part of the brain the limbic system the hippocampus the hypo-thala thalamus and hypothalamus the pituitary gland and pineal gland these are in the midbrain okay so it's all of the secretion parts of the brain all of the parts of the brain that seem secrete any kind of peptides or note or neuro chemicals that basically make up our emotional uh that comprise our emotional makeup so this is what mary represents she is the limbic brain but she is the positive elements of those emotions she isn't the fear element okay that connects down with the r-complex she's the part that connects us with the love emotion the positive side of the emotional polarities which is love and fear okay that's what she represents love alright she represents true care not dark care like the owl represents which devours the goddess in previous example that we saw Mary represents the pure purity of the Dove okay of true care and love and this is what the Holy Spirit is supposed to represent all right it's the only thing that actually gives birth to through a connection with the Creator okay the symbolic representation of the Creator okay it's the only thing that gives birth to true right moral action in the world which is symbolically depicted by the Jesus figure okay and has been traditionally represented by the Sun so all of Astro theology is in here is depicted here we have the lunar cult we have the the cult of the stars and planets or the creeks that the cult of the Creator God okay which is the Jehovah aspect here Yahweh / Jehovah slash creator in general which is depicted up at the top there then the lunar cult depicted by the dog and then the solar cult depicted by the Sun there in Mary's chest because it's connected with the heart and the emotions now notice that Mary is almost always in different statues that depict her she is standing with a foot upon a serpent were crushing the head of a snake okay and in both of these examples we'll move on to the second image momentarily but in both of these examples she is keeping a serpent or a snake or a reptile at bay okay and in doing so she is providing protection specifically in the second example all right we'll move on to that in a minute let's just focus on image number one first on the left hand side I should say you can see that there is a moon symbolically depicted by the way Mary is holding the rosary beads this is a the prayers that are offered to the goddess in Christianity the Hail Mary prayer okay so that's what these rosary beads basically represent a serious a nub prayers or invocations to the goddess okay they're often used to in in the sacrament called penance or reconciliation it's a confession of sins and then you're given to say many of these Hail Marys these prayers invoking the goddess which is your emotions to endeavor not to get you to do the same thing that you did again not to get to get you to stop doing the same thing that you previously did all over again okay and this is the punishment for different sins and as the sins are more severe you get more Hail Marys in the Sacrament of Penance by the priests but anyway that's what this rosary B represents for those may not be familiar with the Christian religious tradition and yes you see the symbol of the Cross there at the bottom right next to the snake head that's the bottom of the rosary beads so that's what these beads basically represent is prayers or invocations to the goddess and it's an appeal to the emotional aspects of self to get you to recognize your wrongdoings and not repeat them but it's also they're in the shape of a moon a half moon here okay or maybe slightly less than a half moon if you take the slight dip into consideration there by the top portion of the beads okay so this is a moon um in its approximate of half phase aspect okay she is standing on the serpent the serpent represents the r-complex or the reptile brain clearly okay and as the positive aspects of the limbic system or the mammalian brain getting in touch with the emotions is what will keep the serpent in its proper place in its place as that simply part of the brain that should regulate movement digestion breathing etc and things we need four basic base survival okay and when there is a need to physically react quickly but to stay in this part rain all the time leads to extreme psychopathic thinking and behaviors okay if it's chronic we saw what chronically living in the r-complex of the brain does to the neocortex of the brain we saw actual brain scans on informal podcasts where the the brain is literally devastated the neocortical synaptic firing patterns of the brain are literally shut down and we cannot really engage in higher modalities of thought or in any other types of thinking that really truly make us human including moral thinking artistic creativity um true intuition or nurturing true scientific thought you know true reason none of the stuff is is possible if the r-complex is ruling the entire brain and what they're what is symbolically being taught here although not out in the open to the to the esoteric initiates it is understood that in unless we really develop the true aspects of the emotional qualities that exist within us we're going to be ruled by the serpent we're going to be ruled by the reptilian consciousness and that's going to lead to basically disorder and ultimately disaster and we're well on our way to that ladies and gentlemen well on our way unless we turn it around by getting out of these juvenile depictions of what these images and symbols really represent thinking that they're actual little things that these are telling us some kind of literal story and understand them symbolically for what they really represent and then we would get out of the mind control called religion and out of the mind control called government because we would recognize the reptilian consciousness people that are really ruling us not in any way acting as any kind of servants but rather as serpents okay and we put that other form of mind control to an end and then maybe we would really begin to think for ourselves because we would understand self instead of being moved by the lower qualities of it namely the r-complex of the brain and reptilian modes of thinking that go along with it reactive thinking so we we see an image number two here or I should say the right hand side of this image and I'll try to wrap this up before the top of the hour we'll connect in the revolution broadcasting in several minutes um we see again Mary depicted as the crowned queen of heaven illuminated she wears in this example the cloak of the stars because she is also the night sky this one is great I mean this one really puts it all together okay she's crowned by the Angels as the Queen of Heaven there put it getting ready put the crown on her head then cloak of the night stars the dark cloak with the pinpoints of light in it okay because she is the night she gives birth to the sacred male child who she's holding it holding in her arms and also is coming out from underneath her cloak at the bottom okay she's holding up a male child and then symbolically burying the male child down at the bottom who represents Jesus or Horus who is coming out from under her cloak or in other words out from the night sky as the son does during the dawn at the beginning of the new day there's a crescent moon that she is standing upon because she is the moon goddess and she is holding the serpent at bay in the name of protection of the small children which is innocence or care and that's why they want this goddess murdered this goddess needs to be the focal point of true esoteric Christianity instead of being removed from the Trinity this is the worst thing that could have ever happened to this mode of thought which originally was Gnostic thinking in early Christian times which then got taken over by Constantine during a Council of Nicaea and turned into the Sun cult of sol invictus but just you know they gave it a different name that's all that's all that happened that's all that the religion the modern religion of Christianity is it's a continuation of pagan solar cult mythology and constantine is to thank for that through the Council of Nicaea just researching okay but he needed to crush the uprising that was happening because true esoteric Christianity or the gnostic tradition which is about truly knowing oneself understanding one's connection to the divine and getting in touch with all the aspects of consciousness to become a truly awakened person we're starting to catch on and Roman leaders couldn't have that because they would not be able to rule people like that they won't be able to control them so he had to basically denigrate that religion down to the stage of Astra theological nonsense up again but there you know if you can see through that level and very few can or will acknowledge it because they want their little box they want their box of consciousness to remain safe in if they you know if they can acknowledge that they can see a whole new depth of knowledge and a whole new depth of wisdom unfold right before their eyes through the symbols of their own so-called religion but 99.999% of Christians have never even considered any of this in this light at all at all and probably never will because it would they would need to admit that there's something deeper than least that these symbols actually mean it would they would need to admit that they were lied to by the church as it as it operates in today's world and they would need to really acknowledge that ultimately what this tradition is ultimately about in its origins is about the self and changing the self and that's the last thing most people want to deal with or even look at again as I've said before on this show they would rather run a thousand miles an hour in the opposite direction and and meet their death rather than take that true responsibility unto themselves so we have about a couple of minutes before I connect into a revolution broad I'm sorry slip of the tongue there before we connect into Oracle broadcasting I have a caller on the line here we go caller on the talk-show network non-member you're on what on earth is happening what do you have for us however mark it's Bob from Cincinnati how's it going great Bob great to hear from you all great to talk to you boy you know I'm like Chris who's out there towards you in Philly we're all just taking all this in it's it's overwhelming the amount of depth to these symbols that have been in our eyes for so long but we had no clue of what they've truly met so thank you again for explaining these symbols to us mark absolutely Bob um it's a progression you know it's it's something that really people need to see the tapestry of and it crosses over in so many other disciplines so it takes a a wide berth of knowledge in order to put it in its proper perspective but I hope that I've done that in a way that is a somewhat acceptable over the last 50 weeks and we'll continue to do it and and break down more and more and hopefully get people to a higher level of understanding about how all of this fits together in the world that they see unfolding around them so Bob I thank you for that and I appreciate you calling in and calling back any time always love to hear from you okay thanks mark maybe I'll catch you in the next hour I've got a question a deeper question okay no problem just if you want to hold on the line and I'll go back to you when we have some more time I will basically make the transition over to Oracle now and then when we come back from that break I can I could run into some more symbolism and then I can bring you back on a little bit later I won't be patient you got it Bob thank you bye-bye all right all right so we're approaching the top of the hour folks bear with me I'm going to connecting to Oracle broadcasting right now and you'll be hearing their commercials and announcements until Bob and Shepherd put me put me through to the network so here we go you have reached the Oracle broadcasting radio network all in line after the beep please say your name where you're calling from and the on-air host will take your call momentarily mark pashia what on earth is happening you well the Intel top leadership click 'save early on local protecting the quality is a disclaimer this program may not belong video creep reference book [Music] Oh folks breaking free from the mind control here we go $5 a gallon gas comes to Los Angeles lifting to the Intel hub radio show and the West Covina mobile gas station is charging $4.99 and nine tenth of a cent for premium gasoline not quite five dollars but almost it's amazing how fast prices for gasoline have gone up in Southern California inflation or your speculation Middle East tensions who really knows only thing I know for sure is that the common commuter will be paying the price this is a video that George potato put up at our website about this the the Intel hub calm and we'll be joined in just a moment for this hour with Mark passio his segments called what on earth is happening with Mark passio tonight he'll be continuing exploration of goddess symbolism including the owl the dump and how the goddess is symbolically destroyed in human sacrifice rituals this guy's a wealth of information and that's why we let him present is valuable in depth studies on the occult on our program every Tuesday for the second hour program that's our contributor mark patios website once again what on earth is happening calm all right looking at other things in the news if you miss the program last night with Steve quale and Greg Evensen check it out we had an alert from talk Hawks alert about the upcoming possibility of martial law and I don't like to focus on the fear mongering aspect of it I don't like to focus on the doom and gloom and I don't like to focus on the specifics really I think no matter which way you slice it we need to get prepared and we need to take a close look at this story in this alert this alert will send to us and we so it was important to post take it for what it is it's an alerts from credible sources but one that the Intel hub has not independently confirmed and this is a martial law communications met including numerous Foreign Assets will fully established between a person with 2 o'clock and 3 a.m. Eastern Time Saturday morning March 5th inside this article it talks about how they are planning a communication change and there's a lot of talk about this upcoming martial law state that will be living in folks I don't know what's going on I keep an open mind and it seems very clear though that they have incremental ii introduced this police state cracking down on our rights and the DHS concludes they have authority to monitor political activist or advocacy groups this is an article also at the Intel hub calm so they're coming after us there they're cracking down on our rights and what can we do but continue to press for truths continue to expose the lies bring light to the darkness and it goes on and on and on I check out the article by cassandra anderson on our website it says this is from morph city comm her website of course it says beware is your favorite charity infiltrated and there's a lot of charities out there I know a lot of our listeners are suspicious just about any organization and of course the Planned Parenthood a NPO charity has deep roots in eugenics and they seek to have employees promote abortions to boost profits and we have who was it done Oh Bill Gates with Microsoft he's involved with that his father I believe is involved with that all right we'll talk about that and so much more on future shows and now we'll be joined on the next segment here with Mark Basia what on earth is happening and we'll be right back with the Intel hub radio show on Oracle broadcasting doctor [Music] beware campuses and online hide a marked population hey Bob what's on here yep is it mom Bob first our go great brand I am basically uh finished up the symbolism on the owl and then went into dubbed symbolism and I got through about three images I'll probably pick it up from image number three maybe recap a bit with that and then move forward from there okay you have the time clock store right yes I do it you know okay and we'll take calls at some point if you like I'll be happy to relay them to you at eight six six I will turn number eight six six I had it in front of me eight four I you know the number I got it here I'll give it out in the first segment all right no worries all right and I'll play your introduction like we did last time we'll jump right into it awesome thank you Bob hold on and Heather crouches a minute or so before the break we ruled Market done go to break end to the economic crisis water we're on the break in between the break putting stretchered bowling power the entire Financial Times by sleeping up to be here we have about forty people in the chat room still not bad unity and away from the big banks this should be well on migrant we're not about safety and hearing on the show and increasing your sales this is free world market calm now imagine no longer being tired a stand by but having the freedom to take live talk radio with you anywhere you go talk stream live introduces our first ever iPhone application they talk shows you taller now following you and your iPhone is now the fastest and easiest way to stay connected to the best talk radio on the Internet let tox-screen live transform the way you listen to radio listen to live talk shows 24 hours a day seven days a week 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Tuesday so that means we are now joined with our good friends contributor to the program marked a CEO with a segment we like to call what on earth is happening and let's jump right into that here we go another edition of what on earth is happening on the Intel hub radio show we go man that's what it's all about [Music] you have to groove on welcome we are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues like freedom of the people what on earth is happening whatever to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] freedom that is what it's all about ladies and gentlemen I'm your host mark passio in this segment is called what on earth is happening here on the Intel hub radio show welcome to our listeners from Oracle broadcasting it's great to be here I will be appearing on this show every Tuesday evening at 9:00 p.m. today is Tuesday March 8th 2011 and my full show begins at 8 o'clock p.m. Eastern Time and basically we come into Oracle as part of the second hour of the show so I want listeners to be aware of that we've already been discussing our topics and we'll pick up for the second hour and I'll recap a little bit I want to give the call-in number for anyone listening on Oracle broadcasting they would like to call into the show feel free there's never any taboo topics here the Oracle call-in line is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five the next thing I'd like to do is direct everyone to my website ww-what on earth is happening com there you will be able to find the images that we are going to discuss this evening on the show tonight's show is on symbolism and the next many shows will be on symbolism because this is part of an ongoing series and a tapestry of information that we've been discussing for many weeks on this program and the images are critically important they're there you have to really see them to understand what's being discussed here so go up to the website what on earth is happening calm on the left-hand side you'll see a radio listen button okay click that it'll say listen live you click that you're going to be taken to the radio listen page there's a player there if you're listening on Oracle no problem you don't need to use that but underneath that player then will it'll say images for tonight's show and there are three sections owl dove and sacrifice of the goddess okay we're talking about goddess symbol ism tonight how it's used the types of things that it's used to elicit what it really represents deep its deep meaning its esoteric meaning okay and we're going to see lots of examples of goddess symbolism and how those two work on the human subconscious mind and what it's really used to represent so we were recovered the owl symbolism last week and at the beginning of this week's show in the earlier hour tonight we're looking at the positive aspects of goddess symbolism than we've been looking at the Dove which represents the goddess in many different occult traditions and we saw how it is used in the Trinity of Christianity to represent the Holy Spirit we were looking at image number three on the double where we left off and we were looking at how the the symbol of the dog represents the Holy Spirit in this tradition but it is the removal of the Sacred Feminine that it actually represents because the Sacred Feminine or the mother of the Christian Trinity is the Mary figure with a Mary character in the stories of Christianity and the birth of Jesus this is because the mother figure represents human emotion okay it is the Sacred Feminine internal quality of consciousness the three qualities of consciousness being thought emotion and action thought being the creator aspect emotion being the sacred feminine aspect or spirit and action being the sacred male aspect or the the things that we actually do with what we know and how we feel what we bear into the world through our the combination with a merit of our thought and emotion so we have the creator figure and then the the sacred mother figure okay giving birth to okay through their union the sacred masculine child of right moral action in the world this is the esoteric or the underlying meaning of these seemingly external symbols that religion gives to us because religion always wants us focused on the external never really turning inward and understanding the internal qualities of ourselves our psyche our consciousness and the ways that we truly work so these are symbolic analogues to qualities of consciousness and moreover they are symbolic analogs to the physiology of the brain we were looking at the second hand side of the right hand side of this image image number 3 which depicts two representations of Mary or the Blessed Mother in Christian tradition and we see that in each she is holding a serpent at bay or a reptile a snake okay in the left hand image she has her foot upon the head of a snake and the right hand image she is holding a serpent in the sea at bay from reaching these of innocent children okay we saw that the dog is another representation symbolically of the moon and here we see the crescent moon aspect of the goddess because she was in ancient traditions depicted as the moon the Dove is a symbolic representation of the moon in its crescent aspect at night a white Crescent okay depicting the dog with its wings outstretched traversing the night sky here Mary wears the cloak of heaven when the dark cloak with the Stars embedded in it she gives birth to the male child depicted underneath there because which is symbolically Jesus it depicts that the night sky bares the Sun into existence at dawn at the break of day okay this is Astro theology this is basic Astro theological concepts which we have covered in depth on this radio show if you go to the podcast section of my website you will see in them a fifty forty nine previous podcast that you can download and listen to to catch up on this tapestry of information will continue with goddess symbolism right after this break hey this is Jack Ma most of deadlines years now have been cheating the multinational Obama cartel who avoided expensive doctor bills by taking interview product and day needs of the product that the power defeating not wanting to know about and with Codex Alimentarius legislation are actively fun to band live to see cake better food coconut milk powder and pitch to all organic group your cafe coffee and her mojo you won't eat them go to e NPR soo-ji calm today to learn more about how in daily inexpensive intake of nature's superfood will increase your immune system by flushing out soon and how this will increase your energy stamina and focus you know you can't take on new world order from your 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images for tonight's show mark March 8 2011 listed there under the player in image number three to the right hand side we saw Mary as the goddess of night holding a child and symbolically bearing the Sun which is Jesus there under her cloak at the bottom of underneath the crescent moon there and she's being crowned because the goddess is traditionally referred to as the queen of the heavens okay but moreover we want to look at the deep esoteric side of the symbolism from a perspective of what it represents about our consciousness and physiology as well the human brain as I've shown multiple times in the past on this show is broken into three basic complexes the are complex or the reptilian brain which is the lower base instinctual fight-or-flight mechanism of the brain the reactive part and then we have the limbic system which helps us to experience human emotions through the chemicals that it can generate basically it helps us to feel the repercussions of our actions toward other people and then we have the neocortex or the human brain which is a controlled higher brain functions and truly makes us human because it lets us engage in scientific thought logic reason also the Sacred Feminine or right hemispherical side of it helps us to develop intuition nurturing compassion creativity etc all the things that truly make us human beings so in this image what you're really seeing here is the qualities the emotional qualities of self it's it's about true care okay it's about the merge during work or intuitive qualities the intuitive qualities of the self and it is about the midbrain or the human limbic bring the positive emotions that we generate through the limbic system which is the part of the brain that really has to be used in conjunction with the neocortical brain okay there needs to be a good two-way communication going okay and that only happens between these two complexes in the brain when we have a balance between the left and right brain hemispheres as we've talked about ad infinitum on this show in past shows okay so when we do that the limbic brain is operating in its proper capacity to keep the lower base instincts of the reptile complex the Ark complex of the brain in its proper place it keeps it at bay so that we don't always chronically live in that flight or fight or flight mode ality and that's what you are seeing here the goddess okay the emotional qualities the limbic system or the memo Yin brain the midbrain okay is acting in its capacity to basically generate true care which is the protective quality that keeps us from the extreme negative consequences of the r-complex of the brain which is shown there at the very bottom in both of these examples the r-complex okay and you have in in both of the examples the the Sacred Feminine is giving birth to the child of right moral actions symbolically depicted by Jesus in this image on the right hand side and symbolically depicted by the symbol for Jesus on the left hand image which is the Sun within three first three letters of the name of Jesus IHS or in Greek that is that is a yota ADA Sigma which is the first three letters of Jesus's name in the Greek language there on the Sun are in Mary's chest the location directly at the heart because again she's the emotional qualities she's the midbrain and she is true care that's ultimately what this represents and symbolically and that is a connection to our child like qualities of innocence okay innocence is really what this is ultimately about and if we have those will be protected from the extraordinary negative aspects of the reptilian modality of consciousness which is what we want to alais which is what we want to keep at bay to the extent which is it is within our capability we want it in its proper place to be used when it is truly needed and not to rule us not to rule over the other aspects of our self and personality now let's move on to image number four where we see an image of Christopher Columbus and the Capitol building in Washington DC now what I'm getting at here this is goddess symbolism because we have to look at the names of the of this person in the name of the place which is ostensibly named after him okay we call the the Capitol the seat of government in the United States of the federal government we call it Washington DC Washington of course named after the first president George Washington and DC standing for District of Columbia now ostensibly okay this is named after the founder of the entire land of America Christopher Columbus okay and this is not really why it is named Washington DC as a matter of fact Columbus uh was not actually named Christopher Columbus this is an americanized a variant of this name his actual name was cristobol Cristobal Cologne okay and they took that name and morphed it to make it more akin to the name that they really wanted to name uh the the capital of this country after which was named after the Dove Kalume okay Kalume in the french language means dove and this is the variant for dove in many different languages okay it's basically the romance language roots of the word for dove in English okay so you can look at it in Spanish and it'll be similar to Kalume in French it is Kalume okay this is the symbol the symbolic name of the goddess because the the goddess who they are naming the District of Columbia after is Columbia and she is named from the Doug Christopher Columbus is named after the Dove Kalume okay it's not named after Columbus in effect they were giving him the goddesses name and then naming the capital after the goddess and atop the Capitol dome which is a feminine breast analog okay it is a sacred feminine symbol of nurturing okay atop of course that is not what is going on in this building I'm just saying that's what it's supposed to be putting the idea into your mind this is the mother okay and Congress as we said before uh previously in the first hour is about Union between male and female it's supposed to be where higher quality minds meet who are balanced to do have the the Sacred Feminine emotion that is balancing their action that is actually guiding their their moral action in the world of course we've fallen horribly from this path the kind of people who are in there are that they have no balance and they are completely selfishly motivated and are just just acting as a pillagers and rapists of of this land okay and ultimately they are raping what was originally supposed to be almost like a temple erected to the goddess atop this temple which is the Capitol building there is a depiction of the goddess Columbia they call it the goddess freedom and this is what the original symbolism of the goddess okay the Dove illuminated torch okay the goddess herself depicted as the divine mother it is supposed to represent truth and freedom this is what she actually represents in many ancient mystical traditions going back to Egypt going back to sooner and even predating that she is truth and justice she is the goddess of love and that's what sits atop Capitol building we'll be back right after that's all we'll be back on the Intel hub radio show well mark hey Bob what's up those breaks creeping on your harness and dot-com I become a leader in a little bit easier when you can see the actual clock I'm trying to get even up that reminds Manny to get you that bow box that counts down for its movie and music hold on ray Donovan Charlotte things on machine you're in office sports without doors drives normal and organically very health and wellness and musics a little difficult over here hold and guarded and much more official if you're talking not only offers over 10,000 online products but also operates retail websites offers programs and a we do sell your products online why they think your purchases will do Amazon or box yeah that that the goddess of Columbia comes up a lot no there's full of directors and porn shop for those because too many times that went again 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addressing the name that is traditionally ascribed to the goddess which is Columbia it's a named after the dog in Romance languages the root of the word dove is Kalume okay so the District of Columbia is actually named for this goddess and this is the positive aspect of the goddess that is the intent here it has become surrounded by the negative aspects of the goddess and used as a mechanism for control and we saw in last week's show how the owl which is the dark element of care is surrounds the Capitol building and is actually symbolically of the roads that surround the capital is actually symbolically putting the positive aspects of the goddess or this goddess of freedom inside of the belly of the beast the owl which is used to represent the dark occult okay we saw that last week and at the beginning of this week's show um moving forward to image number five let's look at how main Columbia comes up and this goddess symbolism comes up in modern culture so we're looking at the image for Columbia Pictures a major of motion picture studio okay that puts four tons of of movies in Hollywood all right and we see here the goddess depicted atop a pyramidal shaped stair staircase okay a platform right she's in the same colored robes as Mary is traditionally depicted because this is the same goddess throughout many different traditions um she is holding the illuminated torch which we saw last week was goddess symbolism and his symbolic of the light or the bearing of the child okay the Sun the light of the Sun and it is also the the way shower to knowledge okay to understanding what proper moral action in the world really is to understanding one's rights to understanding what one does not have the right to do to knowing what is the action that is required of us in the world okay an understanding has to be built before we can really take any major action in the world but once we have that understanding we need to put it into practice and and not just sit on it not just say okay I know and that's enough that the the final goal which truly brings light to the world is to really uh it has to do with what we do with what we know right action and that's true wisdom uh the as I've said before on the show I've quoted the full the Chinese philosopher Yang Ming and he said that to know and not to do is not to know and I would suggest that those are words of the wisdom indeed so that's what ultimately that illuminated torch represents its will that is born of the emotional qualities that the true care that has to be born in the heart which Reppert is represented by the goddess okay so again Columbia there you may find that in some alec or allegorical movies front put out by Columbia Pictures but they're they're playing on this deep esoteric symbolism to sell their movies make no mistake about it they know the people who chose that symbol as their the symbol of their movie house know what it represents and that's why they're choosing me to basically get you to watch buy and go to their to see their movies we see goddess symbolism in the next image in Starbucks logo which we talked about when we had to talk about the symbology of symbolism of Astro theology on a couple of weeks back so here again you can see the crescent moon just look at the via points of where the the image basically hits the circle where the image of what would be her her tail okay if you're looking at this as some sort of a mermaid again she the goddess is the goddess of the waters in ancient symbolism as well but you can see that there is in uh in the inner circle there a crescent moon shape right around her head okay where the fins and then the crown and star sit and again the moon symbolism is connected with the goddess and the Dove okay if we look at image number seven Columbia Records we see that it is connected with the name Columbia of course Kalume the root of the word Dove okay and this has a symbolic representation this logo of the all-seeing eye depicted up below and we can even see that it has the same lines below that are attributed to the Eye of Horus which we looked at as symbolic of the all-seeing eye when we look at of the eye symbolism a couple of weeks back so this is a symbolic representation of the Sun that the goddess bears okay we saw that the eye of horus is always depicted as a left eye because it is connected with the right brain okay the right brain hemisphere controls the left side of the body a true eye of horus is always the left eye of horus that never the right eye does the right eye is connected with the left brain hemisphere and the nurturing intuitive creative qualities which ultimately bear proper moral action or conscience into existence into the world through us happens through the left eye which because it symbolically is not symbolically physiologically it is connected to the right hemisphere of the brain but symbolically that's why the left eye is used to depict the Eye of Horus the mother of Isis in the Egyptian tradition who are are symbolic analogs in the Christian tradition the the Sun is of course Jesus and the mother is Mary in image number eight we see the shield of Columbia University Columbia University okay with three crowns being depicted okay as another representation of the Trinity the Masonic Square the color blue which represents receiving okay or basically right brain qualities in other words receive this it's connected with the Trinity okay it's on the square as a term is used in Freemasonry to basically represent upright action okay uh I would suggest that the square definitely means other things then simply that uh specifically when it is used in its inverted configuration not in the configuration that you see it there which is pointed upward okay but uh basically again they're using symbolism of the Trinity and colors and frequencies combined okay to represent something that is supposed to get you to upright action which is your education I would suggest that this aspect of the goddess has also been raped or perverted because of modern university so-called education is basically outcome based education it is not teaching the true Trinity of a true classical education like the Trivium of grammar logic and rhetoric okay which is what those three crowns ultimately represent and it is basically an indoctrination system so if this is another symbolic way that the goddesses is denigrated okay in image number nine Columbia Sportswear here we see the name Columbia used again in conjunction with something that we should wrap ourselves in ok namely clothing it's connected with the Sun symbol here on the left hand side again you'll often see Moon and Sun symbolism used in conjunction with with this name because it's supposed to represent the goddess and the goddess is always connected with both the moon and the Sun she is the moon herself and then she connect she connects with the Sun because that is what she brings into existence again the moon gives way in the night sky to give birth to the Sun at dawn so we see a swastika here a symbolic swastika as part of Columbia Sportswear as logo the swastika is an ancient symbol representing the Sun and its movement throughout the course of the year again the cross okay and then the direction of the directional aspects represented by the arms of the cross it symbolically depicts the Sun and its movement on the cross of the zodiac in image number 10 I'm moving a little bit quicker here because I want to get to the sacrifice aspect of this before time runs out um this is a great image that's very composite it shows multiple aspects of goddess symbolism tag-teamed on this image of a Visa credit card and what this is symbolically designed to basically elicit through this subconscious mind um this Visa credit card is showing a white house a moon on the horizon and a dove in a hologram there and you'll also see the North Shore credit credit union North Shore Federal Credit Union's logo above depicting the waters the lighthouse and the square all combined we'll get back to the breakdown of the symbolism in a moment here's another break coming up I'll be right back folks no the Constitution like the back of your hand you read books listen to podcasts c'mon time flies map websites and one of those by Sookie way Miranda listen let's go I mean those pesky commercials really help make it go fast stickers is your buddy there I think I heard him caught on the background yeah yes my friend Walt Dez he's actually been alone as a guest in the past and we talked about ego bound consciousness oh yeah I think I remember him is is Walter is what did you do the knee it rose to as well as at the scene Anna now that's another Krantz bear okay Walt's watch emits a seeker and studier and a student and a distribution center oh my mind hey that email I sent you by the way just now it's an email of another host on Oracle broadcasting okay and I told them I'd put you guys in touch great head he might have done but that I'm seeing other farmers again and he's also having William Ramsay on this week I better do you know Ramses yeah I've heard of it on ETS mmm um gets into the occult ah sorry oh yeah exactly right and your research overlaps from what I understand so I got the dog website lot people are saying the chat good work but this guy seems to know his stuff blah blah see I asked for their feedback yeah I definitely suggest to them to go to the site download via the archives now that's that's the way to really get it yes oh great so from all of the broadcasting it just keep going full circle on it then you got it man find out more or good one he's not dong and say alright I have my last I'll study don't network what's that legalization organ sigh hammock Guam come on Rory we'll look my subscription girls emailing oceans like the brilliance wisdom more than formulas like computer unlocked it's all graves from all the Oracle stuff you've been doing yeah well and which must that would be honor yeah definitely they do emotion system and to create your brain man I'm glad my garden could help me stay God to end guys last 30 seconds here and the last minute or so let's hand it over so I can wrap it up he's not a jerk chemical free and expense em back we strive to give you the best service quiet quality and rapid shipping anywhere and he offer free shipping on orders over ninety five dollars in the u.s. please visit us at hemp usa.org or call nine one one two six Olli that's 908 six time one to 608 C one hour powder seeds and oil can do for you at Camp us any org radio and your host Linea some basic two of the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] all right folks were back on what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network part of the Intel hub radio show I'm your host mark passing on my website what on earth is happening dot-com we are discussing goddess symbolism and we are on image number 10 in the section called dove symbolism on my web site we were looking at a Visa credit card and all of the different depictions of goddess symbolism that are basically throughout this this image we see the illuminated torch which is goddess symbolism symbolically depicted as the lighthouse which is basically a huge torch okay we see the moon okay in its full aspect on the horizon okay and the moon is goddess symbolism it is that the goddess is the moon and then we see the Dove on the right hand side in the hologram in the color blue blue again associated with the right brain of the frequency that says except this or take this okay see it as something that is good all right that's what blue does we have this hologram there some representing a dove and we see North Shore credit Federal Credit Union and we see above that other depictions of the goddess the goddess of the waters okay the lighthouse light acting as a guide this is all symbolic of knowledge which the goddess represents truth which she represents and the emotional qualities of self represented by the moon there and the Dove okay and of course Visa isn't providing any of these things they're just putting the sacred symbolism on something that they want you to take and using symbol using color or frequency okay to basically put the idea in your mind that this is associated with all of those ideas because deep in our ancestral memory deep in the subconscious understand already what the symbolism represents it's just we need to bring it up to a conscious level so that we understand how it's being used symbolism in and of itself is never positive or negative it's how it's used okay and in this example it's used very subversively against the human consciousness it's selling a product the basic traditional sacred archetype of forms okay and that's a form of mind control anyway you want to look at it that's what it is in the next image image number 11 the last image in this section before we talk about how the goddess is always symbolically destroyed we see in royalty in specifically British royalty they use the Dove on top of their sectors or wands of power okay and they're basically saying you know we represent the truth we represent the light we represent knowledge we represent wisdom okay we have the divine right to rule they're putting this on top of their sceptre knowing that this is a powerful subconscious archetype so that people will associate all of the positive qualities of the goddess through the Dove with them another extraordinary example of how symbolism is used subversively when it comes to people who have no good intentions for Humanity but want people to think that they're good okay so we also see the equal armed cross as symbolism atop different scepters used by the British royal family and we saw this symbolism when we looked at Ashgrove theological symbolism a few weeks ago again those are in the archive section the podcast archive on my website I do specifically want people to go up there make use of that because it's an extraordinary a fountain of information there over the last 50 weeks which I've put together on this show delving into all areas of arcane and esoteric knowledge that I hope people will avail themselves on it's all for free you can download any of them and put them on your whatever mp3 playing device that you have at your disposal so uh please make use of that resource at one on earth is happening calm in the next section what we're going to talk about is how dark occultists who are ultimately running the show always attempt to destroy immolate burn or murder this goddess in some form or another and these are done as sacrifice rituals often in the light of day okay we're going to look at a few examples of this the first image there I depicted I found an example just simply of the the white dove being burned and they burnt this dove to symbolically represent the burning away of peace okay the Dove represents peace because it represents getting in touch with the positive aspects of emotions which is really the only way to lead to peace and this was offered up as a burnt sacrifice or a burnt offering and this was often done to basically bring forward the emotional qualities that were needed to to foster conditions that were necessary for warfare okay they're burning the dove of peace or they're removing it or they're murdering it okay we're going to see examples of this over and over and you have to keep an open mind because this is often something that is deeply mystically connected this is something that the universe may be telling us about in addition that some of these darker cultists okay so we have to understand this could be examples of syncro mysticism and it has been called alright in image number two we talked about this in the first hour the dove being the symbol of the Trinity but it is the removal of the Sacred Feminine divine mother aspect of the Trinity of father mother and child the mother has been removed and told not is not to be worshiped in the Christian tradition you know it's it's blasphemy if you worship Mary she's just a vehicle for bringing physically bringing Jesus into the world okay this is a denigration of the Divine Mother okay they're they're making it into a ghost the Holy Ghost they used to call it before they called it the Holy Spirit and the ghost is something that remains only after something is physically gone from the world which they're telling you symbolically the care is physically gone from the world okay they're very specific why the symbolism is used and what it's saying to us if we only know how to read it now the sacrifice element dark occult is ultimately want to destroy care they do this at Bohemian Grove the cremation of care they take a child put it on the water burn it before the owl okay they put the goddess freedom inside the owl at the Capitol dome okay in overtly owl surrounds it completely freedom is in the belly of the beast the symbol of the dark occult okay then they put the goddess on war memorials you always see a depiction of the goddess often depicted with wings like an angel on a war memorial and different researchers have suggested that they are symbolically sacrificing because war is a human sacrifice ritual let's be honest about it we no longer basically need to force people up pyramids to cut their heart out with obsidian blades like they did in the Aztec empire but are they thought that the Sun wouldn't shine if they didn't do it they didn't continuously offer blood to the earth but the solar cult that is ultimately ruling things here still does have that belief in general believe it or not as crazy as that may sound they believe that the only way life is allowed to continue is through the offering of blood because they believe that the blood the life force is in the blood as we talked about when talk about life force symbolism represented by blood drops in symbolism and they believe that blood must continuously be offered to the earth in order for life on the earth to continue that is actually one okay they're energy vampires mark that's exactly the case that's exactly right so that is just our blood it's our life force that's right and that's what they're stealing and that's what they're sacrificing to their got dark goddess now that the god us here is not what they are sacrificing to that's what they are sacrificing they are symbolically destroying the goddess of care by taking out all of these physical individuals to the ritualistic act of warfare because that's what it is it's a battlefield is a ritual altar that's what it is sharing these false flag attacks like 9/11 which you've talked about many times and the symbolism at your website what on earth is happening folks that about does it for another edition of the Intel hub radio show mark thanks so much for another great what on earth is happening I've always a pleasure and it's an honor to be part of the in Tahoe radio show here on Oracle broadcasting I hope people will go to my website check out the podcast archives and follow this show in the tapestry that it attempts to provide for a deeper understanding check out my website at what on earth is happening calm and thanks for having me as always Bob sure not a problem really is a wealth of information he has many podcast and you got to follow it all it all connects it's a puzzle if you will and you got to collect those pieces and see what they said when they don't fit so be it but when they do they certainly do fit coming up next lee rogers with live free or die you're listening to the oracle broadcasting network i'm bob tuscan and this has been the intel hub radio show