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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time my web site what on earth is happening dot-com next hour we will be joining the Oracle Broadcasting Network as part of our contribution to the Intel hub radio show the websites Oracle broadcasting comm and the Intel hub radio comm check them out tonight we have a good show lined up for you we will be continuing our analyzing occult traditions specifically we'll be looking at tonight the tradition of Freemasonry and it's allegories and symbols before we do that we'll be getting will be wrapping up the occult season of sacrifice an explanation that I started last week but did not get a chance to finish on the set in the second hour so I will be covering that a little bit at the beginning tonight before we move into discussing Freemasonry and the breakdown of Freemasonry again I I could not possibly cover everything there is to know about Freemasonry on this show it's pretty much a lifelong study so this is intended to be a cursory examination of it and an introduction to it for people who really do not have an accurate idea of what this tradition in its pure esoteric form is ultimately all about so that's coming up on the show tonight I'm going to read a couple of event announcements and then give the call a number and then we'll get started so here we go to event announcements the free your mind conference just a little over two weeks away now really gearing up for it here in Philadelphia it looks to be a great event and it's coming up April 9th and 10th for your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult April 9th and 10th at rubra Hall rubra Hall in Philadelphia 414 Green Street the doors open at 9:00 a.m. the program begins at 10:00 a.m. on each day admission is only twenty dollars per day if you get your tickets in advance and thirty dollars per day if you get them at the door please note that if you go to the website and order tickets advance tickets if the if the request for advance tickets does not arrive before April 1st all tickets will be held from that point forward at will-call at the reception desk this is so we don't send out tickets and people you know don't receive them and then come come to the conference and saying you know I didn't get my ticket so if we get the advance ticket request before April 1st they will go out via mail if not they'll be held at will call any any request to come in after April 1st free your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers 16 phenomenal speakers at the free your mind conference including Aaron McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Ferry your dozy Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rhodes Laura Eisenhower Marc motika Marc passio Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor also at the end of the day on Saturday we will be having an exclusive Philadelphia screening of Suzanne Taylor's featured documentary entitled what on earth inside the crop circle mystery and at the end of the day on Sunday we will be having a panel discussion with whatever speakers happen to be remaining and want to participate a panel discussion and Q&A; session with the audience at the end of the day on Sunday for more information on the free your mind conference go to the conference website at WWE you are mine conference com that's free your mind conference calm just a little bit over two weeks away second event announcement coming up in Philadelphia fed stock to April 23rd 2011 this is the official and the Fed rally for Philadelphia the theme this year at fed stock turn your back on the Federal Reserve we'll be some great bands playing this year I don't have a full lineup but for more information you can check out WWF illy end the Fed calm or the organizers meet up group at wgbh fed stocked to April 23rd 2011 in Philadelphia all right those are the event announcements let's give the call in numbers and then we can get started with our topics for this evening calling number for the first hour seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number for the first hour of the show seven two four triple four seven triple for the call ID number that you will be prompted for upon calling in the calling number is eight three five one five if you're calling in in the first hour you'll be asked for a call ID number punch in eight three five one five that's the call ID for what on earth is happening all right at the end of the show last week we were discussing what is known as the occult season of sacrifice and this is a 40 day period which begins at the spring equinox and proceeds to the midpoint of spring which is known as ball purchase not st. vol purchases night this is the fertility rites of spring it's celebrated on the midnight between April thirtieth and May first generally it is known as May Day all right this is the highest Sabbat of the year for ocultist in general but specifically for d'arco cultists if you go to the what on earth is happening website I have put up on the radio listen page if you aren't already there listening in through there as I do for shows that require imagery to be followed along with so that the concepts can be better conveyed if you go up to the radio listen page so go to what on earth is happening click the radio listen page and there you will see images for tonight's show March 22nd 2011 there will be two sections there first section is the occult season of sacrifice consisting of three images and then um after that I believe there are thirteen images relating to Freemasonry which we'll be getting into shortly we left off covering image number two and we had almost completed that last week but if you look at image number one again shows you the zodiacal uh wheel and the breakdown of the year according to the houses of the zodiac um you see there the for occult Sabbath's depicted by the four great cross signs of the zodiac these are the ruling houses of each season so Taurus Leo Scorpio and Aquarius many people will recognize these as the biblical the biblical lion man bull and eagle and eagle is associated with Scorpio because the Aquila constellation lies within or just near the house of Scorpio in the sky so the lion being leo the man being Aquarius the bull being Taurus and the Eagle being Scorpio these each correspond the midpoints of each of these houses of the zodiac correspond to a different occult Sabbath being midpoint of the respective season in spring the Sabbat is ball purchase not as I've already said in season the ruling sign Leo the midpoint of which is Lamas August 1st or midsummer in autumn the midpoint of Scorpio is the Sabbat known as Solon or hallow masks and that is October 31st and the season of in the season of winter winter the midpoint of Aquarius is February 2nd which is Candlemas also known as Imbolc so these are the four major Sabbath's or holidays if you will of the occult year in image number 2 which is where we left off last week I was explaining the general movement of the Sun as it passes through the equinoxes point specifically at the spring equinox when it is coming out of the southern hemisphere with relation to the earth to the equator of the earth and into the northern hemisphere so it is moving in its in its apparent trajectory and it's apparent angle with relationship to the earth it is moving upward from its low point of the winter solstice which is December 21st 22nd when it is at 23.5 degrees south latitude that's the angle that it makes with respect to the earth's equator at that date it is at the Tropic of Capricorn that is the low point of the Sun during the course of the year does not it does not get any farther south than that then it proceeds northward as the earth moves in its orbit in its yearly orbit around the Sun the apparent angle of the Sun progresses northward until it reaches the equator which is 0 to 0 degree angle with respect to the Earth's plane of orbit around the Sun at that point it is called an equinox at the time of year that we call the equinox the spring equinox or the fall equinox when it's moving northward that's the spring equinox ok because it's rising in power the Sun is rising in strength in the northern hemisphere so it is at 0 degrees meaning that the Sun makes 0 degree angle with respect to the Earth's plane of orbit therefore there are equal amounts of day and night during this time the word equinox comes from Latin equi means equal and Knox means night so it's equal night equal day and night spring equinox is celebrated on March 19th and this is the biggest um day only occult calendar basically I know I said that it's Valle purchased not which is the midpoint of spring but this is even in specifically dark occult traditions viewed as an even higher holiday ok it's the beginning of what is known as the season of sacrifice which ends at the midpoint of spring and this year we saw indeed on March 19th a human sacrifice ritual begun we began bombing the country of Libya long backstory to that obviously you could do the research yourself it's under false pretences and not to say that the dictator of that country isn't an evil human being but uh you know we're there not for the ostensible motives of course we're there for natural resources which we view as ours too the United States views that them as ours to take wherever and whenever we choose to do so but that being aside the political motivations aside I told you to watch for an event during the season of sacrifice between March 19th and May 1st and you know just like in Iraq we went into Iraq on march 19th now we are going into Libya on march 19th starting yet a third war where we have were waging we're waging wars of imperialism and aggression unconstitutionally absolutely unconstitutionally in three regions of the world now and we have bases all over the world that were specifically waging undeclared wars in Afghanistan Iraq and now in Libya um this campaign was begun on March 19th the occultists love this date okay and I was basically initiated into the dark occult on this date as well and maybe in the future I'll actually scan some of the documentation that I still have which is some of the very few documents I still do own from those days um it's a long backstory to that I went through a basically a spiritual purging at some point and not knowing that I was going to be speaking in this capacity or doing shows like this or presentations like I do because I was basically still somewhat under the mind-control of dark occultism I basically got rid of the vast majority of trappings and document documents that I once had but I still do have a few of them and one of them is an appointment that I received as an initiate into the Church of Satan and it was done on March 19th so I'll probably maybe scan that in and put that up on the website in the future or maybe even with this podcast to show you just how much they love that date they confer rights and degrees and perform rituals on that date and initiate human sacrifice rituals like war because as we covered in the previous weeks war is indeed a human sacrifice ritual and the people who march off to war basically are completely ignorant of what they're being used for and they are ignorant beings and people don't want to hear this they get all kinds of offended about it of calling soul dyers ignorant people but that's what they are they're ignorant they're unread they're ill educated whether they've actually received a Western education through the outcome based education school system or not I don't care what degrees you've gotten in the um you know Soviet education system that we have here in the Nazi mastery learning education system of the West that's a piece of paper that's orderly meaningless when it comes to holistic intelligence and as far as holistic intelligence goes these people are dumb and there it is said out in the open and get as offended about it as you like okay they don't understand what war is they don't understand the occult if they did understand the occult they wouldn't be allowing themselves to be used in such capacities and they would understand that the way to end war is not to fight them to refuse to fight them the refused military service of any kind and you know people can go into that cliche a rote argument of people fought and died for my freedom my freedom is inherent and the only thing I need to do to secure it is to actually remain conscious of who and what I am I don't need anybody fighting for my freedom I am inherently free I certainly don't need dumb people fighting for my freedom when in fact all they're really doing is fighting for elitists who are using them as pawns in a sick twisted game of ritual sacrifice and you know believe that that's not what war is and enjoy your belief system because these occultists are literally peeing in their pants laughing at the people who go off to war and they're all too happy to tell you that they're pawns in their game like Henry Kissinger says military men are dumb stupid animals that we use in a game of foreign policy as pawns in our game of foreign policy telling you that they're chess pawns that are dispensable that are disposable right to write to their faces and still these soldiers do their bidding they call them soul dyers to their face in the word soldier soul dire and people don't think that this is some sort of a cult a green language word pun because it's too simple or oh you know you're reading into things in the sound of words yeah because that's how words are used and constructed by the people who invented languages it goes back tens of thousands of years and yes that is what it means a soldier a Saltire just like we'll look at in the future what the word police means that's another form of occult mockery which requires an understanding of Freemasonry to understand what it actually means which is what we're going to cover later on tonight and we're going to catch a bit of this right now when we look at the second image here because understanding some Masonic symbolism will help us to understand a little bit about what the season of sacrifice actually is now today is March 22nd this is the third day okay of technically spring alright occultus also love this day dark ocultist specifically this is a Luciferian holiday and it's connected with an order known as the order of death and the order of death is about as high as you get in dark occultism as far as being pawns in this whole system of occult networks because no matter how high you really get it's all pawns they're all pawns ultimately of the ruling bloodline families that are controlling the whole game here on earth and then you can look into I generally don't do this when we when talking about things on this radio show or in my presentation but there's much research that is done into the nonhuman aspects of what is going on meaning noncorporeal entities okay demons if you will or principalities some people also look into the extra-terrestrial interventions that have taken place on this planet in the past and in the present I generally don't get into that I do have a presentation that talks about human origins that I've given in the past but I basically talk about things that I deeply know about on this show and I leave that for people to go into and explore on their own but if you believe that this agenda that's really taking place all around us is purely a human one I think you have to jump through a lot of mental gymnastics to get there because ultimately it's about the destruction of human life as we know it and it's ultimately about the destruction of human life period of any form of human life that is worth living and that's what the order of death as we're going to get into in in a moment is actually about and this is connected with the Skull and Bones order it is often referred to as the order of death and we'll talk about the symbolism of Skull and Bones in a moment but on this second slide here I list the date March 22nd as being symbolic of the sun's position in relation to the equator that it has fully emerged from the southern hemisphere they the solar disk is not actually right on the equatorial line that imaginary equatorial line at the center of the Earth's plane okay of rotation it has actually broken past that point which is the zero degree angle and it has moved fully into the northern hemisphere so ocultist would say that on the third day and this is obviously a symbolic analog to the Sun Savior Astro theology myth that we talked about extensively as being the basis for Christianity hey this is the story of Jesus the Son of God Horus in the in tradition tom was in the Babylonian tradition on and on and on Dionysos Addis you name it tons and tons of God's basically the same story we've covered that in the sections on Astro theology on the third day after the spring equinox the Sun has fully broken the equatorial line and has emerged from its tomb which is what the southern hemisphere is referred to as the six months that the Sun is dwelling in the southern hemisphere or below the equatorial line of the earth okay that's considered the season of death and then the other six months are considered the season of life or regeneration and growth because that's when you can plant and grow food in the fall and winter season you cannot so you have to store things in the northern hemisphere store supplies to get through the winter so again the order of death or the dark occult in general worships the dark side of the Sun okay they are a Dark Soul or cult in other words they worship darkness they worship death they worship evil so they they basically give homage to the Sun during the dark season okay and this season of sacrifice is when the Sun begins to emerge out of that dark season okay so the point that it fully does this is March 22nd which is today all right so today is a significant day in the occult so I wrote here on this second slide that what this symbolically represents is the light bringer Lucifer Lucifer means light bringer looks fair a light and bring a light bringer in Latin all right so we're basically looking at the high and low points of light or of the Sun this is all ultimately about the Sun and I was I left off last week looking at the first degree Masonic tracing board which we're going to look at extensively tonight if we can get to it in the second hour and I'm going to be breaking this down in a couple of different orientations now this is kind of a jump ahead and we'll go back to this but on this second slide here I basically put the tracing board in its sideways orientation and this is a depiction again of the Sun during the course of the year okay it's another way of looking at this so the checkerboard floor that you see on the left of the image right and the direction is west okay those represent in this configuration in this sideways configuration the latitude and longitude lines of the earth okay the latitude and longitude lines of the earth and west is away from the light or away from the gods quote-unquote that you see there in the eastern portion of the image on the right-hand side where you see the letter E those are the gods of the ancient world as we talked about in the Astro theology section the desert sky gods the Sun the moon and the stars and planets depicted by the all-seeing eye okay the three desert sky God religions given to each one of these Astro Theological cults of the ancient world the Sun given to Christianity the Moon to Islam and the stars and planets to Judaism the three major world religions monotheistic religions at that okay now we see North and South showing us the direction when it went in relationship to the earth because North is toward the North hemisphere and South is toward the southern hemisphere and that pillar in the middle okay with the latter on it which is known as Jacob's Ladder in Freemasonry labeled with a W for wisdom represents the equator in this image okay the zero degree point that the Sun has now fully broken past as of today and the bottom pillar the dark pillar the pillar of Bowl eyes labeled with a B for beauty the moon okay represents the winter solstice this is the low point of light okay the low point of the Sun December 21st 22nd the winter solstice when the Sun makes a 23 and a half degree angle with respect to the equator south of the equator this is the Tropic of Capricorn on the earth and then the high point of light is when the Sun reaches the summer solstice June 20th 21st that's when it makes a 23.5 degrees northerly angle with respect to the earth's equator or it is seen to be at the Tropic of Capricorn 23.5 degrees north latitude of the earth so this is the pillar of Joo keen or strength labeled there with an S this is the sun's path during the course of a year and it moves upward slowly until it crosses the midpoint of the equator and then it moves up to its high point okay we are now what symbolically where that green initiate that second initiate in the latter would be we have just broken northward into the into the northern hemisphere just broken the equator okay on the right hand side of this image we see the cryptic tracing board of two volcano now this is associated with the Royal Arch degree of Freemasonry and higher when you start to go toward the illuminated degrees which are basically unspoken degrees there what some would consider clandestine degrees in illuminated masonry now that's more advanced we'll get to that but this tracing board I put it on this images to show you how this is symbolically depicting these two seasons see the the ancients really only view two seasons the time that the Sun was in the northern hemisphere in the time it was in the southern hemisphere that's it they didn't really distinguish between spring spring and summer or between fall and winter a spring and summer the Sun was in the north where most people live where the vast majority of the population of the earth lives okay so that's the favored season the season of death is the southern hemisphere and here depicted on this tracing where you can see this dichotomy but you can also understand symbolically what it spiritually represents okay and that's the key there is there is an exoteric explanation and then there's an esoteric one to get get to the true meaning the veiled allegory that lies underneath the symbolism and that's the key to Freemasonry you can only do that if you get out of the purely logical left brain and make a connection to the intuitive and creative and nurturing right brain that's not to say throw out logic and reason that's to say to integrate the Sacred Feminine which is ultimately what true Freemasonry is about and while I am doing this breakdown of this cryptic tracing board briefly I want to say before we even go into and I'll reiterate this Freemasonry is not well understood by most people okay and I'll be the first to tell you that the lodge system is degenerated and corrupt but we have to be mature about our understanding of the real tradition versus what it has become okay there is a true mystical esoteric tradition that underlies genuine Freemasonry then there is what it has come down to us in the modern day ads and that is altogether different from what I am attempting and endeavoring to explain to people as the genuine tradition of Freemasonry so you could say there's a genuine Christian tradition as we've looked at the true esoteric Christian tradition that emerged that thousand years ago and then there is what Christianity has come down to us as in the modern age which is altogether different than that original tradition well it's the same with Freemasonry and we need to make that distinction clear and understand it well so that we don't you know fall into this trap of oh all Freemasonry is bad or evil you know it's it's it's as ridiculous as saying everything that you read in the Bible is bad or evil because you don't agree with what the Catholic Church or the or Christianity and in general as a religion may be doing in the modern world okay that's like you know throwing out some of the tenets of Islam or Judaism because you don't particularly like the way that the leaders of those religions or even the radicals of those religions are taking that you know those those philosophies that are supposed to be ultimately the same core truths as all other mystical traditions and religions it's just become corrupted over time okay so yes do I attack religion as a form of mind control of course I do and I explained all the Astra theological underpinnings of it how people are basically being fooled in the worshipping the gods of the sky not understanding it however I've said before there are deep allegorical underpinnings which are really the mystical and esoteric truths that underlie all of these traditions and that's what I'm endeavoring to get people to reach an understanding of through further study and again the other thing I'd like to make very clear is if you expect a 100% totality of this from me you're going to be holding your breath one person could not possibly give you all you need know about this you need to make an extensive study of it on your own okay you need to go to a lot of different sources and be eclectic about the material that you're taking in meaning take it in from a vast variety of sources okay that's the best way to gauge any tradition or any form of information so I can only give you a basic breakdown of this symbolism and and these traditions I couldn't possibly give give a 100% exhaustive study of it again as I said that's a lifelong journey basically I'm still learning things about Freemasonry all right so this tracing board here of to volcano on image number two in the bottom right hand corner of the image is showing these two seasons of the year the light season or the favored season in the north being the top portion of the image and also depicted by the arch at the top okay symbolized by the arch and then the the squared portion at the bottom of this sent half rectangular half ovoid image okay is the depth season okay the season of darkness when the Sun is in the southern hemisphere and there is a form of a sarcophagus there there you see the checkerboard floor of the house and you see light coming in above now this represents soul death this represents being in a state of base consciousness and the spirit is buried and it's in darkness okay and that's what ultimately Freemasonry is attempting to do to shine light upon the state of darkness that not only the world is in but that each individual who is under a form of mind control with being hoodwinked is in there in a deplorable state of darkness of not understanding natural law they which is the light of the Creator okay and you see that still streaming in from above the idea is to dig your way out of that grave to resurrect oneself by acquiring an understanding of natural law who are receiving the light as we said it's the formation is connected with Kabbalah it means to receive Kabbalah okay so and what you're ultimately receiving is the light or the knowledge of natural law which the Creator put there okay so in the image in the top portion of this image once you do make your way out of that you see the condition of the world and it's in ruins okay so they're there they're showing you that enlightenment does not cast light upon something that is actually pretty okay yes it's a wonderful thing but it's showing you what our work really is to improve a world that has gone completely awry and is in the state of disrepair and ruins basically and this tracing board is emblematic of that it's it's an allegory in symbol so I mean we're going to get increasingly in the more complex symbolism as we go into a study of Freemasonry and other traditions okay so really this is pre there's a lot of prerequisite understanding for a lot of this okay so if you haven't listened to the previous podcast do so and get caught up to this because you know again there's you can't build the top of a building before you build the foundation and that's what we've done over the last year here this is the 52nd show actually so next week is the one-year anniversary of the one on earth is happening radio show pretty cool so that's all basically say on the cryptic tracing board there in image number two let's move on to image number three for those who are following on the website this is image number three in the occult season of sacrifice okay on the radio listen page so again March 22nd is about the rising of the light or the Sun breaking into the Northern Hemisphere now there is again this occult order known as the order of death and I label it here as I show that the emblem of it which is the skull and crossbones and let and the numbers 322 okay and 322 again is for sure for March 22nd okay because that's this this first day in earnest of the season of sacrifice the forty days between March 22nd and May 1st all right so I label it here as the clandestine free masonic the clandestine Masonic Lodge I shouldn't use the word Freemasonry in relation to this now it is a Masonic Lodge of sorts a clandestine one known as the order of the skull and bones it operates out of Yale Yale University and of course they have their headquarters is known as the tomb okay because this is a reference to the southern hemisphere they are the worshipers of death and darkness there the order of death and they pay homage to the Sun in its dark aspect a dark solar cult son when it is in its six months of its southern hemisphere dwelling that that the lower six months of the zodiac in that configuration are often referred to as the tomb of the Sun because it is ret is becoming resurrected or resurrecting to give new life for the earth during the season of spring the season of resurrection of rejuvenation so when it was in the southern hemisphere that's considered the tomb of the Sun and this order the order of death or order of Skull and Bones refers to its headquarters its main meeting place as the tomb which is a symbolic analogue to the Sun in the southern hemisphere or the dark Sun Freemasonry has put this emblem on the third greet racing board okay so to understand the skullenbones and I've alluded to this before this is the emblem of the sorcerer okay it's it's a very slightly complex symbol it only really involves two other symbols okay it's the skull and the crossbones the crossbones okay the skull is where thought takes place and the bones are what we do our actions with okay we use our arms our hands okay this is symbolic of thought and action right so intelligence and willpower is what this symbol represents and indeed the members of the order of death are intelligent and they have a lot of willpower what's missing in this emblem is the heart or the spirits care true care it's not there the emblem of the sorcerer being equated with the skull and crossbones represents thought or intelligence being combined with willpower or the will to act without care being present and indeed that's what a sorcerer is that's what a psychopath is that's what a dark occult this is a being that definitely has brought their thoughts and actions into unison but really has killed the spirit they have killed care they have cremated care as we saw in their ritual at Bohemian Grove this is depicted in the third degree tracing board which you see there to the left of Freemasonry and we'll get to a breakdown of this in later shows probably not tonight but I want to show you at least the depiction of the Skull and Bones on it and this is a warning all right the the the third degree tracing board is about resurrection of the Spirit and it's showing you that if care is killed that the allegorical Savior in Freemasonry who is connected with the son Hiram Abiff okay the widow's son it's another allegory about the son which we'll get into tonight if you kill tear really you are spiritually dead you are in this coffin okay and no good can ultimately come to the world until you come out of that tomb until the light rises out of that tomb you can see there's a positive connotation to light bearer or Lucifer and of course Lucifer is connected with this tradition the angel of light or the bearer of light bringing the understanding of natural law to humanity and then there's a dark aspect of Lucifer the dark side of the son meaning intelligence and will while care is still buried which leads to psychopathy and ultimately to ruin to chaos not to order and that's ultimately what the dark occult is thrusting this world toward total chaos and the unconscious idiots of this world continue to go along with their agenda because they're dumb unread people who are still in this coffin because they don't care and they don't want to change their actions they don't want to use their intelligence or will in any way that is directed by true care they would rather just continue to be pawns and referred to as the dead by these people and basically uh you know mocked occult eclis and you know tagged with all kinds of occult symbolism and sent off to an altar of sacrifice and it just just being completely ridiculed and mocked by people who know a million times more about them than they know about themselves and they could just be made advanced like puppets on strings enjoy it is what I say to the dumb people who are doing these occultist bidding and that means the military and the police because you are owned by the dark occult the end I don't care how much you want to deny that it's the truth you you are owned by these people owned they own you period and because you know nothing about the human psyche you know nothing of consciousness you know nothing of the occult and you remain horribly unread and ignorant you're going to continue to do their evil bidding never understanding what you're being used for like a dog being led around on a leash so the third-degree tracing board is a warning it shows the skullenbones on the coffin of Hiram Abiff with the three tools that basically were used to kill Hiram Abiff the spirit pay and their symbolic of the destruction of intelligence the destruction of care and the destruction of will or courage so these three tools refer to when they're used in conjunction with murderers of Hiram Abiff known as Jubal a Jew below and Jubal um we'll get to all of this okay in the breakdown of Freemasonry they refer to ignorant which kills intelligence apathy which kills care and cowardice which kills cowardice and laziness is more accurate which kills respectively courage and will okay and I put there the warning is that we have to always be on guard against these destroyers of spiritual awareness these are what destroy consciousness ignorance apathy and cowardice / laziness one is a destroyer of thought the others of the score of emotion and the other is a destroyer of action and that's it we fall prey to these we end up in the grave and when the spirit dies were ruled by darker cultists darker cultists the skullenbones the order of death so to wrap up the season of I see the 40-day period between March 22nd and May 1st while purchase not it is a throwback to ancient solar cults all right son worshipping traditions they often offer animal and human sacrifices during this season because they believe that blood needed to be given which was the life force the life is in the blood needs to be given to the earth and the Sun God in order to ensure a bountiful harvest during the planning to during the the reaping season ok the harvest season but you made the sacrifice during the planting season which is early spring that's what this is ultimately about that's why they give in the modern day blood to the earth in all different forms during this year we showed examples of that last week ok they start wars during this season Manchurian Candidate situations come up over and over again during the season Martin Luther King was killed during the season Columbine High School massacre happened during this season Virginia Tech school shouldn't happen during this season on and on and on so there you see it visually depicted the spring equinox March 19th 20th which is the beginning of Aries and then at the midpoint of tourists that's the end of the season of sacrifice at the Sabbat midpoint May first of all purchase not and I put up at the top on the right-hand side of this image that'd be particularly vigilant for false flag events and potential human sacrifice rituals during this time period hey I also put in the middle of the image there that the season in Christianity known as Lent which is a season to make a sacrifice to give up something okay because the Jesus symbolically gave his life life up they in the Christian exoteric Christian tradition they believed in this as a literal story that Jesus gave his life up as the Son of God to redeem the sins of the people of the earth but it's about the son okay giving up his life to continuously rejuvenate the earth that's ultimately what it is about the son continuously gives off us of its energy its light its warmth the teeth etc it's the ability to have any life on the planet to grow anything okay and Lent in the in the Christian tradition and the exoteric Christian tradition is known as a time to make a sacrifice and as I wrote here this is simply a proxy okay meaning that it is something that is really a veiled overtop of the real season of sacrifice which is about this sacrifice of pagan Sun cults to give blood to the Earth and the Sun so that's what the real season of sacrifice is about and it's still ongoing ladies and gentlemen these are cultists who are directing world event because they control the monetary system and can basically make the idiots of this world that believe in something that's fake called money do whatever they want them to do as a result of promising them any amounts of money okay can basically orchestrate world events because they own the monetary system they invented it and therefore they can make people dance like puppets to any tune they want them to dance to because they're still so unconscious these people these puppets if they don't understand money is fake they don't understand that they're ruled by dark occultists you but believe what you want and enjoy what you have is what I say to people who are reluctant to accept this who are reluctant to believe that this is what the world is I say go back to believing whatever you want to believe and go back to sleep and enjoy what you have that's it you don't want to look into it further shut the show off now go watch some television and eat a nice Poisson Laden meal while you're doing it and enjoy being a kept pet okay because that's what 90% of the people of this world are or better a kept pet I for one I'm tired of that condition I'm not in that condition no one owns me I'm not a kept pet I certainly am NOT going to do any bodies bidding for a paycheck because somebody tells me that they think that this is what's the right thing to do I'm going to find out based on my personal study drive and will to know what is true and what is real what the right thing to do really is and that's why I'm doing what I'm doing and will continue to do what I'm doing but because unconscious ignorant people are easy to manipulate it's real easy to sell somebody on going off to war or becoming a cop or doing any number of other things that are completely antithetical to natural law and believing that they're doing the right thing so continue to believe that if you want and enjoy what you have and enjoy being a kept pet but that's the season of sacrifice and I will continue to tell people watch these 40 days watch for events during these 40 days and specifically they they love the very beginning of spring March 19th 20th they love those dates I'm going to tell you another date they love April 20th they love April 20th these darker cultists are reptilian in their patterns they do the same thing over and over they stay with what they know okay and you understand their patterns it's easy to see where they're going with these things but you have to be conscious enough to recognize the pattern they love April 20th because it's Hitler Hitler's birthday April 20th Hitler's birthday they did the Gulf oil disaster during that time drilled so deep into the earth that cracked some sort of a fissure and who knows what that material was some people say it was a mud volcano I don't think it was entirely crude oil but uh they basically attempted to devastate the entire Gulf region last year on that date and this year you're seeing the bombing of Libya and the Japan tsunami and subsequent a nuclear disaster happening right around this time period again as I said last week a bit early that was on 311 but 11 is another ritual date that they love because it's the number of chaos and opposition 9:11 so that's where I'll wrap up the occult season of sacrifice I think we've covered it there's images there to look at and you can look into it further in your own studies in the second hour I'm going to be connecting into Oracle broadcasting in a few moments and we will be looking into the tradition of Freemasonry during the second hour now just as a prelude to the second hour of the show tune me I just want to lead in with saying once again that I'll be covering Freemasonry for many weeks to come I'll probably be looking at this tradition like we did with Kabbalah and Tarot over multiple weeks so do an hour of it tonight and at least two more whole shows maybe three okay after tonight the first thing I want to let people know is that one on this show you will not be getting a 100% comprehensive view as I said before this is a lifelong study if you're going to study Kabbalah or Tarot or Freemasonry or any other occult tradition it's basically something that you need to make a personal investigation of over long period of time because enlightenment is not an instantaneous process which is all what all all of these traditions are ultimately about and it's a stepwise process requiring time you think you're going to immediately reach some form of deep level of understanding overnight good luck it doesn't work that way it requires time effort study dedication willpower okay all of these things it requires opening your mind the right brain aspect it requires associative thinking as we've talked about over the past weeks when we're looking deeply into different forms of symbolism okay all of these things are required they're prerequisites for studying any of these occult traditions and understanding the real meaning of them not fear-based propaganda that is put out there by people who know very little of them all right the second thing I want to make people very clear about is that as with Kabbalah and any other occult tradition it is not one thing there is a dark side to it as well I will be teaching the positive light side of it but of course the mystery traditions have been perverted over time and turned into something that they were not originally intended to be all right so therefore we have to be aware there's of course a dark side to this that's why I'm not involved in the Official Lodge system of Freemasonry in the modern day it has been taken over and the tradition is watered down and it has become something that it was not a intended to be which is basically a club for influential people who then can do things clandestinely or under the cloak of darkness and that's not what Freemasonry was originally about so we'll be looking at this tradition looking at some of its origins and its symbols and its allegories in the next hour so that's our number one I'm going to get ready now to connect into Oracle broadcasting and we'll listen to the tail end of some of what they're doing and then Bob Tuscon from the Intel hub radio show will be introducing me for the second hour so here we go I'm going to connect into network you have reached the Oracle broadcasting radio network fall in line buddy please say your name where you're calling from and the on-air host will take your call momentarily mark passio what on earth is happening pathology at Imperial College in London which is one of the best training facilities now he studied the Gotham arc of the Chernobyl disaster yeah and East he's actually publicly said now but in sick and tired agree you have the confusion and the misinformation and the lack of detailed information yep that's what I thought you're gonna say yeah you know it's it's just a bad situation all around Christopher Everett our gaskets for every calm when we come back mark pavia what on earth is happening this is the Intel hub [Music] throughout history the power station money has been used to play man into the pension system again how the first vol.1 think for our if they mark are you there buddy and that's execute a bomb how are you late good would you like to do a crossover segment with mr. Christopher Everard that would be great handle them do you know Christopher Edward I am familiar with his films yes okay why I've been dying to introduce you guys Chris this is Mark on the line he's uh he's at prom the curator of what on earth is happening when Helena expression means how are you Mitchell easy a long I'm fine I'm fine so we were talking a little bit about Japan and and the fallout mark as well as I didn't want to give you a chance to quickly finish your thoughts on Libya too if you'd like this and but mark would you like to pick it up with him in a kind of segue for a quick segment that into your rich your ritualistic sacrifice and all that I basically wrapped up the season of sacrifice during the first hour tonight I was planning on heading into Freemasonry in the second hour all right sure sounds interesting well why don't we just do a quick crossover sure and then we'll let you just take up the free mentoring stuff you got it thanks mom cool yeah no problem yeah hi Chris will stand by we'll do a quick segment and we'll let we'll let you go and let mark it on the Freemason stuff okay thanks so much or ensues joy now in the fight in down pub calm hey this is jack blood host of deadlines life years now I have been cheating the multinational farmer cartels and avoided expensive doctor bills by taking enter food products every day needs of the product is the power to be not wanting to know about and with Codex Alimentarius legislation are actively trying to bend why if you take NATO food coconut milk powder and switch to all organic beauty cafes coffee and cocoa mojo you won't need them go to en e RS ood calm today to learn more about how a daily inexpensive intake of nature's superfood will increase your immune system by flushing out toxins and how this will increase your energy stamina and focus you know you can't take on the new world order from your couch e and e RS ood calm or give them a call today 8000 6 to ninety two thirty eight eight six six seven six to ninety two thirty eight tell them Jack London okay we have what on earth is happening in queue and let's wrap things up though with our special guests Christopher ever arjan's website Christopher ever our comm as well as enigma tv.com and I'm a big fan of Christopher Everard I'm a big fan of all of these appearances on truth frequency and Oracle broadcasting as well as some of the mainstream propaganda artists they like to have you on sometimes don't they Chris yes they do I'm not very often but when I am usually they mess up what you say right well they they usually have a secret guest in the wings which they they usually announce halfway through my segment now must have been put up against a you know people the professors from Cambridge in this kind of thing I've had some pretty meeting two dates on BBC Radio I'm sure you handled yourself quite well let's see here any final thoughts we talked a little bit about Libya as well in the second part of the last hour and then we'll go ahead and toss things over to our friend Mark Pascal with what on earth Saturn well what I believe that moment is that people really don't know the full extent of the military operation in Libya and as I said earlier in the broadcast if you are the head of state of the oil-rich nation especially if that nation is rich in solar energy and you've got oil you stand a very high risk of being invaded and we've seen this pattern of colonialization it's rather like a kind of military steamroller that goes around and it and as resources such as North Sea oil run out so the the British Bavarian royal elites tend to engineer exclusives for invading countries and I don't consider the Iraq situation as a war that is a colonial invasion much the same as Britain invaded African nations suppose you know Kenya and the Congo taken over by the Belgians and it'll be rubies the Diamonds the emeralds have been sucked out of Africa and up those resources have been taken it they deliberately confused their languages the elites in the African nation send their children to Eton and Sandringham to be indoctrinated with military schools and then they go back and they propagate and keep African dictatorships going what is very very various about I should say in dialectic though we see today goes even further back than just had I mean this has been happening for thousands of years yeah I mean you can trace back this this process back to the time of King Alfred so that's more than 900 years ago Christopher Everard folks our special guest thanks so much for coming on the show tonight we're going to have to have you on for a full program that way we can really dive deep into some of these topics okay Bobby it's been a pleasure all right take care take care well bye-bye freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] the groove on welcome were listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law vehicle and all issues affect freedom having people over what on earth is happening will never shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches what is critical moment in choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] [Music] welcome listeners at Oracle broadcast and you're listening to what on earth this happenings what it's on your host mark passio and this is the Tuesday night contribution to the Intel hub radio show thanks Bob for playing intro and tonight I looked at in the first hour on because I do the show live on 8:10 p.m. through my website what on earth is happening calm in the first hour I wrapped up looking at the occult season of sacrifice which we were looking at at the end of the show last Tuesday night and found it interesting that the Libya campaign was initiated on march 19th this is the beginning of this season that I referred to last week as the season of sacrifice in the dark occult and is basically between the time period between the spring equinox which is celebrated usually around March 19th or 20th and the midpoint of spring which is the Sabbath the occult Sabbath or holiday known as vol purchase nacht May 1st or May Day and right at the beginning of that like clockwork the elite initiate the so-called elite initiate a human sacrifice ritual which is war they started the Iraq campaign on March 19 shock and all and Bush came out on the aircraft carrier to give his little mission accomplished speech on vol purchased not on May 1st uh you can look that up and verify that for yourself but we looked at that in the first hour and in the second hour I had scheduled to begin a mission initiation of sorts an introduction into the initiatory tradition of free masonry and what this tradition is from an esoteric perspective from the truly mystical esoteric perspective of the original teachings uncorrupted in an uncorrupted sense so what I will be beginning today and going into over the next couple of weeks on the show at least will be basically a breakdown of the light tradition of Freemasonry not the corrupt form that has come down into the lodge system so we'll be looking at a mystery tradition a true mystery tradition this evening and studying it from a perspective of its symbols and its allegories and eventually uh later on later shows its rituals so that's coming up on what on earth is happening I want to let everybody know about the free your mind conference which is a conference that I am hosting here in Philadelphia in April so that's coming up in just over two weeks Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th here in Philadelphia free your mind a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult it is happening at rubra hall Ruvo hall is at 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. on both days and the program will begin at 10:00 a.m. the speakers will be and don't forget mark real quick here we're coming up to break but a Freeman 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was telling you before the break about the free your mind conference coming up here in Philadelphia if you're in the area please come on out you'll learn a whole lot a lot of dynamic speakers to be on the featured on the bill at the conference it's Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 at Liuba hall 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the doors open at 9:00 speakers begin at 10:00 admission is only twenty dollars per day in advance $30 at the door for your mind is a unique two-day conference featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices which is just about everyone on the planet the featured speakers on this great two-day conference 16 speakers from all over the country including Aaron McCallum Alfred Webber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan Bauer your dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Mara Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika Mark Pasi Oh Michael Kelly Paul Marco and Suzanne Taylor at the end of the day on Saturday will be screaming Suzanne Taylor's documentary what on earth inside the crop circle mystery it's a exclusive philadelphia screen for the first time anywhere and at the end of the day on Sunday we'll be having a panel discussion with the remaining speakers whoever is still at the conference at the end of the day on Sunday evening will be invited to participate and anyone that wishes to do so come up on the stage and we'll have a panel discussion and Q&A; session with the audience for more information please visit the web site at WWE you are mine conference com that's free your mind conference calm all right so again in the last hour we wrapped up talking about the season of sacrifice now we're going to begin and this will be ongoing over many weeks into looking into the tradition of Freemasonry and what it really true is because there's a lot of confusion about what Freemasonry is and a lot of people continue to make the mistake of thinking that it is about only one thing and not understanding that there is a dual side to Freemasonry that there is a positive aspect of this tradition and then there is a corruption or a perversion of it as dark cultists always do and in fact that's all they can ever do Darko cultists as I've been trying to hammer into people to get them to understand do not create okay they do not invent new things they take things that are already there and use them to their benefit to their selfish ego at the benefit so they don't create anything all right the mystery traditions were already in existence before the dark occult came and took them over all right the dark occult perverts it perverts it uses something that's already there to it's selfish aims and ends that's all it does so in its original unadulterated form okay what Freemasonry is ultimately about and this is my basic definition for it okay is a tradition in which natural law which we've talked about extensively on this show and which I've done a whole presentation on and I believe that was show number 36 if people want to go back and look into my breakdown of natural law Freemasonry is a tradition in which natural law and morality is taught through a system of symbols allegories and rituals that is what Freemasonry is in its unadulterated form okay now in the modern day is it effectively doing that I would say it is not has it fallen okay largely maybe not entirely but has it fallen from its original intent absolutely has it become something that is essentially something completely other than what it was originally intended to be and do I believe that it has and that's a deplorable state it's a deplorable condition but that happens to be what is okay so what I'm going to endeavor to teach here over the next several weeks is what this tradition really is about and then illustrate this through the symbolism of Freemasonry or what is known as the craft okay so I want to direct people up to my website for the imagery that goes along with the concepts that I'll be breaking down you go to what on earth is happening calm what on earth is happening calm click on the radio listen page which is the button on the upper the image on the upper left-hand side of the website it says listen live okay you click that it'll take you to the player page and underneath the player plug-in you will see listed their images for Tonight Show March 22nd and there will be two sections season of sacrifice and Freemasonry will be beginning in this segment with the Freemasonry imagery okay so before we do that I want to make another definition very clear to people and that is what Freemasonry ultimately is is a system that teaches through something known as allegory okay this is basic associative thinking all right what an allegory is is a story or a picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning okay there's that word hidden occult means hidden this is indeed an occult tradition it is veiling its teachings and it's veiling them for a number of reasons we talked about why ocultism veils what it you know conceals its teachings in the past does it for two reasons in this dark form of occultism it veils it because it's trying to keep that knowledge from people that it wants to wield influence over and use that knowledge as a weapon and it's positive influence occultism may have veiled its teachings because it is too dangerous physically dangerous for to teach these teachings in the open and may also and I believe erroneously worried that these that this knowledge will be taken by people in a very ego ik state and used as a weapon so therefore it veils it and attempts to keep it from the hands of what it considers profane people now I think that both of these are in error both of these stances are in error and I've said multiple times on this show and will continue to repeat the phrase that humanity will never be free until the occult is no longer the occult meaning until this knowledge is taken out of its veiled form put out into the light of day and it becomes common sense human beings are going to be continuously enslaved cause this is knowledge that people need to know about themselves and it's a it's a procedure of studying the self that's ultimately what it's about and ultimately it's a science for understanding how suffering is created through going against natural law principles and it's a science for getting back into harmony with those natural law principles by understanding the self and then changing one's behavior in accordance with that truth okay so an allegory which is what Freemasonry ultimately is is a story or a picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden or occulted meaning typically a moral or a political one that's what an allegory actually is and I believe that's the break music so we'll pick up on that point when we come back you're listening to what on earth is happening as part of the Intel hub radio show on the Oracle broadcasting network we'll be right back folks [Music] can we talk radio you or existing my name is John I've been having problems with my blood pressure for years my doctors tried everything they watch success I heard about extended life my friend I thought why not give it a try since three months now when doctors very pleased with how my blood pressures finally coming down I have a lot more energy than that a long time it's working for me for 12 years now I've been helping people my name is dawn Witkin and I want you to know I identify quirks if you're looking for more energy or just want to be as healthy as you can now is the time to join the growing list of real people benefiting from extended life to order call one eight seven seven nine two eight eight eight to 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dangerous stickers [Music] [Music] ok ladies and gentlemen were back on the what on earth is happening segment of the Intel hub radio show I'm your host mark patio on my website what on earth is happening calm on the radio listen page in the section of images entitled Freemasonry we're going to begin with image number one there and that is a large image showing the basic structure of Freemasonry now this shows two different rights of Freemasonry the Scottish Rite and the York Rite okay the Scottish Rite has thirty thirty-two degrees or steps they're depicted symbolically on this pyramidal structure that you see here in this image okay they're known as degrees that are conferred to the initiates of this tradition and it ends in the honorary 33rd degree on the right hand side of the image we see the York Rite okay which has 10 degrees ending in the Knights Templar degree which is at that same level as the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite now you'll see that this entire structure here is built upon these first three steps at the bottom the three degrees which are the first second and third initiatory degrees of Freemasonry the first degree is known as the entered apprentice the second degree as the fellow craft and the third degree as the master mason these first three initiative or e degrees comprise what is known as the Blue Lodge the degrees from degrees four to 32 in the Scottish Rite comprise what is known as the Red Lodge and then degrees 33 and on comprise what is referred to as the White Lodge and I would add that those illuminated degrees or higher level degrees above the 32nd degree of the Red Lodge would not only be the White Lodge degrees but also the black lodge degrees okay so at that level you have positive higher level initiative Masons and also negative or dark Masons and I would say that that is reflected throughout this entire structure okay one of the things I want to point out is the similarity of this hierarchical system with this the hierarchical structure of control that we've talked about previously on this radio show any control based institution no matter which one you look at it could be the military the police government the education system the media you name it okay any any corporation in general is structured in two basic ways the first is hierarchy this means it contains a system or a chain of command okay a system of degrees of some sort as does Freemasonry at least in the official lodge form of Freemasonry now the official Lodge form of Freemasonry is essentially not what I'm going to really be initiating people into as part of this show I am going to be taking them into the original core teachings of what this tradition was about and this dates back far beyond where the Lodge system came into existence okay the Freemasonry is an ancient tradition it is one of the mystery traditions of consciousness that dates right back into the ancient world okay this goes back thousands of years not just hundreds okay and one of the principal places that it originates is Egypt and Egypt then was not known as Egypt it was called commit KMT okay and this means black with a black land okay it's a place of mysteries it's the place where people were initiated into the mysteries the mystery traditions of consciousness and Freemasonry is one of these traditions now it was likely not called Freemasonry there but it was associated with building and Freemasonry is of course associated with building and here you see this pyramid structure which I'm referring to just like the pyramids of Egypt are built in this configuration okay with a broad base containing you know a whole lot of substance and material until you get up to the apex which tapers off okay so you have a lot of low-level initiates and then as you know you go higher up into the knowledge there's less and less people holding it so this is hierarchy okay the second factor of any system of control or any system that is based in this pyramid structure is compartmentalization we talked about that being how in this system of hierarchy the people who do know the agenda at the top will often be very will often keep the total knowledge of that agenda from the lower level initiatives and indeed this is what is happening in the large system of today because Freemasonry has been speared in quite a different direction from its original roots and intense and it is being used as a system of control for me to deny that would be lying I mean you know let's be honest about it however it becomes all too easy because we do recognize that to think that the entire tradition should be thrown out you know the idea of throwing out the baby with the bathwater okay we need to understand what the original teachings of this tradition are about so that we understand it is simply something that has become perverted over time just like every other religion has we talked about what the esoteric core teachings of religions are versus what they have come down to us as in the modern world which are essentially systems of mind control is Freemasonry any different not really okay so to get to the original traditions we have to understand it's older than we're being told it does date to the ancient mystery traditions and that goes back to Egypt or commit okay the black land okay this is the root of the word alchemy okay the Commission's the Egyptian people who study the mystery traditions not all of them but the the initiate into these traditions and and keepers of this knowledge they consider themselves shining beacons of light teachers who are keeping a tradition from time and memorial of how natural law worked and how important truly understanding natural law and living in harmony with it as a moral being as a moral being was to maintaining order in the world okay so they looked at themselves as as beacons of light who were sway showers okay in a world essentially that needed to receive these teachings and needed to receive the light that was basically falling from its understanding of natural law and falling deeper and deeper into ego and worldly identification as we've talked about extensively on the show okay the barriers to true self realization a worldly identification $0.05 identification an ego identification all right things that prevent us from really understanding who and what we truly are and what were what what this is all about what we're here to actually do so the the teachings of CEM okay were really these mystery traditions were encoded into a system of symbols and allegorical lessons all right stories parables etc that convey a lesson about what's really going on in the world around us this is the most done in the modern day through movies movies teach through allegory there's many allegorical movies as a matter of fact most movies are allegorical that are basically teaching some sort of a lesson and aren't just entered for entertainment value and this can also be done for the negative it can be you know predictive programming and a form of mind control and you know basically steering one's perceptions in a certain direction through uh through movies as well but allegorical movies are basically movies about the real world but they're told in a fictional story to get people to relate the story to what's really going on around them you know things like Star Wars Lord of the Rings The Matrix they live I mean you can name a million of them go on and on these are allegorical movies okay Freemasonry is an allegory as well it's done largely through its symbols and its rituals these are what the allegories and Freemasonry are about to understand allegory however requires right-brain to be activated because it's about associative thinking there's not just pure logical left brain thinking here's the break music we'll be right back after these messages you're listening - what on earth has happened I'll be back folks only on the Intel hub radio show the Oracle broadcasting radio network is on a 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is happening this is last segment for tonight I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about Freemasonry Before we jump back into that topic I want to give the call in number if there's anyone listening out there that wants to call in to take us out basically eight six six eight four one one zero six five calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's toll-free so in this last segment I want to attempt to break down one of the main symbols of Freemasonry uh and if anybody calls in we'll get to them but uh that is the the compasses and square with the G in the middle of them I'm sure just about everyone has seen this at some point or another and I'd like to basically explain what this symbol represents and break down all of the components of it so in the configuration with its point at the bottom this is now image number two if you're following along on the website the compass isn't square with the G and there's a couple of stylized interpretations of an image number image number um two and three shows this symbol okay the square in this configuration represents base consciousness okay it represents um essentially a low state of awareness or a low state of understanding not being able to see large scale patterns because one is in a state of imbalance okay you could not possibly balance a square like that it is also rigid it is unyielding it is difficult to teach okay or to become supple or bending okay to receive new information a 90-degree angle like that is not essentially found in nature so it has gone away from its true nature okay the square as a shape traditionally is used to represent earthbound awareness earth by the earthly identification meaning materialism okay meaning um ego based thinking okay selfishness not care for others all right worldly identification and awareness in other words being trapped in the base part of the consciousness and brain we talked about how the brain has so much to do with our level of consciousness and what our behavior eventually manifests like okay we talked about the components of the brain well this part of this symbol would be analogous to the r-complex of the brain okay in this configuration and this miss weight with its point down like that okay it's it's representing the state where you are ruled by base consciousness you don't have rulership over yourself essentially alright you are so stuck in material worldview and base consciousness that essentially you are ruled by your instinct and ruled by the passions okay that's what the square in general represents and since it traces this in perfected shape okay that in traditional symbolism has been used to represent the lower world okay or the Material Plane only divorced from spirit essentially that's what the square at the bottom okay the low point of this symbol represents the compasses on the other hand which you'll see depicted as being placed over the square okay represent coming upward in consciousness to a place of valence alright to a place of higher understanding moving off of the square as a shape symbolically now the compasses trace a circle the circle traditionally in symbolism is used to represent the divine or the higher world it's used to represent cosmic consciousness it's used to represent the break with the identification of the material and the incorporation of spirit of spiritual understanding okay so the compasses trace what is considered the divine shape circle the perfected shape the circle has no beginning and no end it has no rough edges it is the perfect shape it is based on a number that cannot be essentially defined with accuracy pi okay it's a divine proportion okay the circle is the shape used essentially to represent perfection and the divine and higher consciousness the compasses are a symbolic analog to those concepts okay and the word there's wordplay involved here as well compasses form the basis of the word compassion okay these are flexible okay they Bend okay they're not rigid this implies teachability this implies going along with the flow of creation as opposed to attempting to buck that flow okay as opposed to going against that natural law all right the compasses represent having attained higher spiritual awareness through that G in the middle okay which is the all-important part of this symbolism now the G has stood for many things okay but it's the way that we need to go through to get out of that base material identification represented by the square and to a place of higher spiritual awareness and compassion okay so the G people will say it stands for geometry and that is one of the things that it stands for okay these are shapes these are geometers tools these are drawing tools okay however it means so much more than that and I'm going to give a quick list and we'll probably end there tonight of some of the things that the G does represent and I want to get to the main thing that it represents hopefully not we'll do that next week okay the G has stood for geometry the brand or Great Architect of the universe Gao tu which is essentially another way of saying God but essentially in Freemasonry God is looked at as an architect a creator one who has put the divine plan into manifestation and has created the physical world okay so it represents God it also represents God s because again this G in the middle is actually the emotional qualities of the self okay we have to essentially incorporate our emotional makeup to make our emotional and makeup much more mature than what it is when we're young to become emotional adults to go through that transition from ego based identification to compassionate awareness and that's done through the goddess aspect of ourselves so that's also what that G represents the Sacred Feminine it also represents gnosis the way of getting out of suffering is knowledge experientially derived or gnosis okay the greek word for knowledge it represents good okay or in other words harmony with the natural law it can be used to represent the word green because that is the the frequency of life and love energy as we've seen in the past and middle the balance point of the visible spectrum of light it can also represent Gate a gateway is a transitional point to go through a gate means to make a transition from one point to another and ultimately it represents the generative principle now the generative principle is the main key thing to understand about that G in the middle of the compass is in square but unfortunately that's all we really have time for this evening so I'm going to turn it back over to Bob I'll be here next Tuesday night are continuing our analysis of Freemasonry you want to catch the first hour of the show check out my website at 8 p.m. and I'll be going into Freemasonry in more depth then but that's all for tonight and as always he has this podcast and you can catch anything that you missed at the Intel hub radio.com we'll see you tomorrow night we have a program lined up for you that you're not going to want to miss the valedictorian speech that shook up education as we know it and so much more that's the Intel hub tomorrow night so that stay tuned me Rogers coming up next on Oracle broadcasting tonight folks