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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark pass bill [Music] liberation of your soul and mind it is waiting for you all to find welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio the show is live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time my website what on earth is happening dot-com I'll be joining the Oracle Broadcasting Network in the next hour as part of the Intel hub radio those web sites Oracle broadcasting comm and the Intel hub radio.com today is Tuesday March 29th 2011 and we have a great show lined up for you here today we're going to be continuing our discussion about the tradition of free masonry from an esoteric perspective this is not going to be about Lodge Freemasonry it is going to be about the deep underlying tradition the deep underlying mystery tradition of Freemasonry and the decoding of some of its symbols and allegories as to what they truly represent and what the original unadulterated teachings of this tradition are attempting to convey so we'll be doing that in a little bit I want to first read a couple of event announcements and give the call in numbers for the show haven't had too many calls in the last few weeks because I've been really heavily delving into symbolism and things that require looking on the website at specific imagery so we haven't had too many callers as a result of that but like to maybe take a few calls tonight if people are so inclined to call in so I'll give those numbers in a couple of moments I only have two event announcements tonight as I have over the past couple of weeks because these are two important events coming up in the Philadelphia area the first of course is the free your mind conference which we have been feverishly working to tie up the loose ends on and everything is going really well I do have one small piece of bad news we did have one speaker drop off of the roster due to a health a health problem that came up and that was Paul Marco Paul Marco will not be joining us at the free ermine conference we wish him a speedy recovery and want to thank him for his interest in wanting to be part of the event but unfortunately he just will not be able to make it due to some health issues so we have put another speaker in his place and that will be announced at the conference and let's just read the event announcement for the conference free your mind is a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult I'm one of the organizers of this did a whole lot of work over the last year to put it together and now it is only less than two weeks away Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10 2011 at rubra Hall in Philadelphia Ruba is at 414 Green Street in Philly the doors for the conference open at 9:00 a.m. on both days and the program begins at 10:00 a.m. on both days admission price only $20 per day if you get your tickets in advance $30 per day if you get them at the door for your mind is a unique two-day conference scheduled for April 9th and 10th 2011 in Philadelphia PA featuring multiple speakers and diverse educational materials for the purpose of raising public awareness of the critically important topics of mass mind control techniques the covert and subversive influences upon our consciousness and behavior trauma based and ritualized abuse and the practical mental and emotional healing methodologies available for those affected by these devices the featured speakers Erin McCallum alfred Weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan fire your dozous Freeman fly young Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Maura Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower mark motika mark passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne Taylor for more information on the free your mind conference coming up in less than two weeks here in the city of Philadelphia please visit the conference website at www.911.gov take it's in advance through the information the on the conference website for how to get tickets please be aware that as of two days from now we will no longer be sending out tickets via mail but instead if we receive any ticket orders from from April 1st onward we will be holding them at the door for people who order them that late so just keep that in mind second event announcement is for fed stock - this is the official and the Fed rally for the city of Philadelphia hosted by truth freedom prosperity fed stock - will be taking place on April 23rd 2011 that's a Saturday the theme for this year turn your back on the Fed there's gonna be some bands playing some speakers for more information on fed stock - the official end the Fed rally for Philadelphia please visit Philly and the Fed dot-com that's Philly and the Fed com where you can check out the organizers meetup group at WWF read improper et org truth freedom prosperity org those are the two event announcements I have for today and let's give the call in numbers and call a number and for the first hour and then we could get into our topic for this evening the calling number for the first hour of the show seven two four four four four seven four four for once again call in number for our number one seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call in you'll be prompted for the call ID number for what on earth is happening the call ID number is eight three five one five that's eight three five one five here we go last week we left off talking about Freemasonry as a tradition in which natural law and morality is taught through a system of symbols allegories and rituals and we highlighted that what an allegory really is is a story poem or picture that can be interpreted to reveal hidden meanings typically moral or political meanings so Freemasonry is a veiled tradition that through its symbols and its allegories attempts to get the person being taught to understand the deeper symbolic significance --is of these symbols and these allegorical tales in order to learn about themselves and in order to learn about natural law now again I thought I made this abundantly clear almost to the point of boredom last week that what I was attempting to explain here is not what necessarily may be going on in the lodge system of Freemasonry but instead that I would be explaining the esoteric underlying tradition of this tradition okay the esoteric underlying teachings of this tradition I still get people emailing or you know telling me that they think Freemasonry is all one thing and I thought I explained that to a degree of almost you know wearing it out that there is a unadulterated version of Freemasonry and then there is one that has been perverted and watered down over time and that largely is what is taught and received in the lodge system in the current day this has been warned about ad infinitum it has been warned about by different Masonic authors okay notably I could think of two that warned of this watering down of this tradition and that this would have to be watched for manly P Hall certainly did and also Albert Church Ward who really delved into this watering down and perversion of the Masonic tradition in his book origins of Freemasonry now that brings me to my next point for people that really want to go deeper into this because again I can't possibly cover every aspect of something as big as the free Masonic tradition I'd refer you to my website where you'll get a good jumping-off point okay you'll get a good introductory basis to Freemasonry through some of the books that I posted in the podcast for last week so I want to refer you to the site for two reasons the first is to show you on the podcast page last week's show show number 52 on that podcast I posted along with the mp3 file a great number of Masonic books for people who want to do further research you can read these books online now if you join up to scribed and upload you know you could download them and keep them or print them do whatever you want with them and there's a really good small library right there of the Masonic tradition written by initiates of this tradition and has it has a wealth of knowledge in those in those book books so I asked people to avail themselves of that information and again there will be so many references and those works alone it's a lifetime of study Oh in the all the interconnections that would go along with even looking into one of those books so I think I posted something like 13 or 13 books up there at least so check them out and make good use of them the second reason I want you to go to the site what on earth is happening calm is to look at the images for tonight's show those are on the radio listen page when you click the listen live button on the left-hand side of the site if you're not already there underneath the player you'll see images for tonight's show for March 29 2011 and there are 13 images there now last week we left off with images 1 & 2 at the beginning last week of the second hour I was explaining the structure of Freemasonry the general structure and how this is based in hierarchy and compartmentalization as is almost every other institution on the earth and this is one of the dangers of the lodge system of Freemasonry again not the deep esoteric underlying meaning or purpose of the symbol and allegory that is contained in this tradition but the organization of it the official organizing bodies of Freemasonry okay this is the same thing that we talked about when we talked about religion that the deep esoteric mystery tradition that underlies religion is all teaching the same basic concepts and it's teaching understanding of self and generally the golden rule that as you wish to be treated you should treat others period okay underlying all of those religions is are those deep esoteric truths however in the formulation of official religions you get structures you get hierarchies you get compartmentalized units and denominations etc and so forth and in doing that it creates political aspects to this and therefore you have power please go on have the watering down of the tradition you have the hoarding and keeping of knowledge and the you know misinterpretations and misdirection that go along with all of those things that is the religious aspect of religion and this relates to the structures that are existing within Freemasonry and the Masonic tradition again I don't want to get bogged down in that for what I'm attempting to get the listener to comprehend I'm attempting to teach what is generally known as light Freemasonry okay true Freemasonry all right just like I was explaining the esoteric traditions of Kabbalah and Tarot that's what this is about this isn't telling anybody to go and join the Masonic Lodge all right I wouldn't advocate that as a matter of fact because I believe that it has largely become some sort of just a network of people to come together and you know try to figure out you know ways of scratching the other person's back so that when there's back needs scratching someone else will do it and that again ties into all kinds of political motivations and all kinds of motivations in business money and really all of those things do not belong in the lodge system at all it's supposed to be about learning natural law and morality ultimately and it has become something quite other than that and as a matter of fact you know when you get enough psychopathic people together in a large system through the secrecy that is inherent to the large system itself you can get completely dark Masonic lodges that are really doing things that you know they're not chartered to do they have no business doing and are completely against other people's natural rights and I don't doubt that that goes on it certainly does in certain places however again what I am attempting to explain and I don't know how I can make this any clearer for people that don't get what I'm saying just turn off the show now and believe what you want okay because I can't possibly you know hammer this any more than I already have without you know belaboring this to it to an unbearable point I am NOT attempting to teach the compartmentalize / hierarchical structure of Freemasonry as it is in the lodge system I am teaching the underlying esoteric meanings of the allegories and symbols that is what I hope to convey and that's all I can say I can't say anything more than that to try to get you to understand what I'm trying to do by explaining this so if you think it's all bad and evil turn the show off and believe what you want okay period so with that having been said let's go into our continued exploration of some of the symbols meanings and allegories that are contained within the free Masonic tradition now this just generally conveys what needs to be done to try to counter one-dimensional thinking and this has been talked about by many people many researchers in different areas of what's going on people generally think along one dimensional terms and think that the first thing they ever hear or see about something is all there is to it and that's not the case there there are two sides to the coin when it comes to understanding what the three Masonic tradition is about and how it has been used okay so we can you know believe all of the hype that's out there about what it actually is versus understanding that what it is is different than how it has been used okay and that's what I'm trying to get people to understand is what it originally was intended to be versus what it has become alright so what we're looking at here is what it is originally intended to be and attempting to get people to understand the unadulterated teachings within this tradition and I I will not say any more about this because again the point has been be labored if you don't understand that I can't help you so that having been said here we go we looked at the structure we started looking at one of its symbols and this is the most well-known symbol of the tradition the compasses and the square with the G in the middle of it I put a couple of stylized renderings of this up on the site this is image number two and three if you are in at the image section for tonight's show and you see the the square at the bottom on its point and that's important in that configuration what that represents versus in the inverted form which we'll get to okay the square as we talked about last week represents lower consciousness it represents base consciousness instinct it would be the equivalent of the r-complex of the brain okay in physiological terms okay because ultimately what Freemasonry is all ultimately about is how to build a better brain it's how to build a better person through building a better brain and heart within the person okay that's ultimately what the craft is constructing that's why it's called a craft okay it's making something and the concept or the principle of making is contained deeply within this tradition as we're going to see tonight so the lower aspects of the self need to be ruled by the higher aspects of the self the lower aspects are physical world worldly identification they they need to be overcome that the base passions of the person need to be ruled over if the person is going to obtain self mastery that's what this tradition is ultimately about self mastery becoming a being that exists in unity consciousness as you think so you feel so you act and therefore the number three comes up over and over again in this tradition because it is about these three aspects of consciousness thought emotion and action okay so if we are going to square our actions meaning put them into harmony with natural law okay basically rule our actions that they're not going to be controlled by other people okay we're going to make them up right we're going to make them in in harmony with morality which we talked about in the natural law presentation if you want to listen to that go back to podcast number 36 I think people would get a lot from that I eventually want to record that as a video and get it out there which by the way as a quick aside I got the video for The Wizard of Oz presentation that I did at one of the free your mind fundraisers at German books up on the website as well that's in the news section so check that out as well but the the square representing the basin's things needs to be made into something that is more perfected okay it needs to be made into harmony with natural law and the divine aspects of the self which are embodied in the shape of the circle the square being the imperfect shape okay and the circle being the divine shape okay so we need to circle the square in other words the the the shape that draws the circle is the compasses the tool I should say all right this is about geometers tools all right and we talked about the G in the middle representing geometry last week that's kind of where we left off what does this G mean that's where we're gonna pick up tonight all right so the compasses represent flexibility not rigidness right they represent ruling the passions okay the base instincts they represent compassion coming together in feeling okay understanding we are one understanding that there is we all have the same fundamental needs desires hopes dreams etc and we're all in this situation together and that compassion needs to rule over the basin's thinks of the Bing okay so it it draws the circle or the divine shape and you see it depicted here over the square not just above it vertically but actually on it if you look at it as laying these things down like let's say on a table or something that the compasses are on top of the square that's important they're not under it the squares not on top of the compasses it's the other way around the compasses lay atop the square okay because they are saying it's symbolically saying this aspect is superior to and needs to basically be put first over the base instincts otherwise we're going to have chaos which is what we have now okay the way to get from the compasses from the square I should say to the compasses is through the G through the center through the middle the middle way the middle path as we talked about in the Kabbalistic tradition and we're going to see repeated in the Masonic tradition there's this concept of the middle path in in Kabbalah we saw it as the middle pillar okay the the pillar of or the path the middle path of mildness which is the middle of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life the sefirot ik tree which we broke down in Freemasonry it's the middle pillar also called Jacob's Ladder or the pillar of wisdom okay so we'll look at that when we break down the first degree tracing board hopefully later tonight so these two stylized renderings that I put here with the G in the middle you can then see repeated with the compasses and the square on image number four what having the Sun in the middle of it okay because this G represents the light as well okay light is a big symbol in Freemasonry as is the Sun okay this son again is higher consciousness it is the Christ consciousness it is the solar mind as it has been called okay it is higher level awareness of self understanding of the true self awakening enlightenment all of these things okay concepts we've explored at length on this show all right now the G itself I gave a general list last week and let's take them one at a time again the G in the middle of the compasses in square represents this third aspect of consciousness which is ultimately our emotions okay if we're going to square our actions into harmony with higher consciousness which is represented by the compasses this is higher thought the higher mind okay the compasses are compassion right unity consciousness the left and right brain coming together at the fulcrum point the place of balance okay it's flexibility and it's harmony all right drawing the circle around the square the base instincts all right the G is the way to that state of higher consciousness and it's the emotional aspects of self the inner aspects either it's inside the G is inside it's not on the outside of the shape it's inside of it looking within self exploration understanding the true nature of oneself knowing oneself gnosis the G is the first letter of the word gnosis in Greek in in Greek it's gamma right gamma nu Omega Sigma Iota Sigma is how you spell gnosis in Greek in English that transliterate stew G and sis gnosis knowledge obtained from direct experience from going within okay it's another thing this Chi represents it represents geometry the allegory of geometric tools geometers tools being used to create this is what we create with our thoughts our emotions and our actions the three aspects of consciousness okay it also stands for the Great Architect of the universe Gao tu which you'll see it written as sometimes okay this is God or the goddess okay the creator doesn't make a difference what you view it as alright the creative aspects of everything that underlies everything that we see that underlies the unity of all all right gnosis knowledge goodness everything that we want to create that ultimately serves us is done through getting in touch with that emotional center all right the G right I've said this I can also represent Gaia the spirit of the earth plane alright the spirit of this school that we are all ultimately in okay in this place for experience and creation it can also represent green green is the balance color in the middle again the G is in the middle in the middle of the visible spectrum we find the frequency green it's that the color that represents balance nature getting into harmony with nature green is found abundantly in nature the most abundant color in nature it's the love energy color is the color ascribed to the heart chakra okay dianna hot - chakra as we looked at when we looked at Kabbalah and the chakra system so Green is another word that that could the G could represent the gift of life the gift of compassion the gift of intelligence the gift of emotions okay the capacities that we can experience these things in while being human are gifts it's the gift of the human brain to three aspects of the human brain correspond to these three symbols in conjunction with each other okay the square right the r-complex the G the midbrain the million aspect of the brain the emotional brain okay and then the compasses left and right brain hemisphere the neocortex the telencephalon of the brain okay this is this three fold pattern is repeated because it's all about consciousness and the self that's what this is all about people who want to continue to think all these traditions are about something external external external go right ahead believe what you want and keep being deceived these are all about the self and the the tradition of understanding that we are all one that we are all in the same situation together and that we are all aspects of the divine and to recognize that divinity and all others period but you know people will insist that's not what it's about just because sick twisted psychopathic people have perverted these teachings over time so there is no original teachings it's all one thing and you know that's what I believe and I'm sticking to my guns no matter what the evidence to the contrary points to good luck with that for those of us who really want to understand something deeper let's continue more of about the G okay so I also stated it could represent the gate to higher consciousness okay higher consciousness is all often depicted symbolically as a gateway or portal a Stargate okay the gate to the gods the gate to heaven the gate to higher consciousness all right so gate could be another interpretation all right what I said at the end of last week's show what we're going to explore for a little while tonight is what this G the highest meaning of it in all of my studies at least that I've come to learn about what this G represents is known as the generative principle now the generative principle is essentially everything I've been trying to teach since the beginning of all went coming forward into the public everything I've tried to teach through my video series my presentations my podcasts all of it under the understanding of the generative principle is really the only thing that can save humanity if we don't understand how we create what we get good night and you can tack that on to what the G represents okay joking of course but my point here is the generative principle is about causality okay the causal relationships regarding what we experience in what we call life in this three dimensional space-time continuum the underlying causal factors which I said on day one of doing this show which by the year that excuse me by the way this is the one-year anniversary of what on earth is happening tonight I've been doing this for exactly a year and started on March 30th 2010 today's the 29th this is the one-year anniversary show so the generative principle what we get is a result of causal factors that get set into motion and if we don't understand those causal factors or in other words how we indeed created their manifestation called what we got we don't understand how we did that we're going to continue to create things unconsciously that we don't want the goal here is to learn what creates certain things what creates other things and then the choose wisely between those creative forces and as we said before and looked at in in depth ultimately the only two things that really create or generate is love and fear these are the underlying creative forces that go to work into making the experience that we all collectively share called reality or the truth okay so we need to understand how those two polarities work and how our choices between those two basic polarities ultimately affect everything that comes into manifestation in this reality that is the generative principle and it is the underlying hermetic principle that underlies all of the other hermetic principles that we looked at we looked at those in the presentation about natural law okay the seven hermetic principles the generative principle is the one overarching unifying principle that underlies and unites all of those other seven principles and if we look at the number eight it is an infinity symbol which meaning which means ultimately this is how it always has been is now and always will be it's infinite it's eternal it's forever the generative principle is forever it always has existed exists now always will exist and everything in creation is bound by it the end and get over it okay yet this is the thing that dark occultists do not want people to understand more than anything else above all else they do not want you to understand how we are the creators of what we are experiencing they want you to think you're powerless over it and they have most people fished in hook line and sinker to believe that just that that they are powerless over what is created in the world and this is not so that's that's one of the biggest lies there is probably second only to the biggest lie that there is no such thing as truth the generative principle is what Freemasonry is ultimately trying to teach people and what dark ocultism and dark forms of Freemasonry I don't even want to use the word Freemasonry in connection with dark masonry because it is not what Freemasonry is about it is a perversion and I make the delineation between true Freemasonry or what I call light Freemasonry and dark masonry okay because they're using utilizing two completely different kind of building materials light Freemasonry is building with light the light of higher consciousness and love dark masonry builds with walls that are erect seeing everything is separate okay and it builds through mind control you're trying to get people to accept authority as true instead of truth as Authority all right so this G ultimately represents the generative principle and what that generative principle ultimately is is care and again that connects back with the emotional aspect of the self-care well we care about ultimately to focus our attention upon and then to put our actions toward is what we're gonna get the end that's it that's how it works if you we don't care we're gonna continue to get results we don't want and again this is I'm unpopular for saying things like this but I've said this before on the show we'll continue to reiterate it and I'm going to at the free your mind conference this is why dark occultists are kicking our rear ends this is why they're getting what they want and they're continuing to rule this reality and why we seem to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off wandering around blindly still not understanding why we're not getting what we want which is true freedom and why we suffer so much collectively here it's because dark occultists the people who have perverted this very tradition do have a form of care they do have unity consciousness they have sick twisted demented psychopathic thoughts they do care about what they want to achieve and put into manifestation and then they have the willpower to direct their actions into harmony with those two principles therefore they're unified amongst themselves which is the most important thing to be unified with in conjunction with the truth but the universe will reward unity in favor of this unity every time and that's an unpopular thing to say because what basically I'm saying is because they're unified in evil they're going to continue to win and it's true their thoughts their emotions and their actions are unified in the act as one essentially our thoughts emotions and actions are not unified we don't act is one and therefore we don't get what we want and even if there's a few people that do align themselves with truth and are trying to explain these principles and concepts to people unselfishly put knowledge out into the world they still won't necessarily get what they want unless enough people do it put it into practice put it into manifestation knowing it is not enough doing it is what ultimately matters and that's what they the dark occultists ultimately do they have all three of these principles in line in harmony and crying your milk over it folks cry and your milk over it get is upset about it as you want that happens to be the case and the point is not sitting there upset about it because that's letting your emotions rule you instead of the other way around the point is understand how it works and then do something to correct it by first correcting yourself and how you're out of alignment with the generative principle come into alignment by bringing your thoughts emotions and actions into unison with each other and care truly about understanding truth putting it out there for other people and then live in harmony with it that's putting the generative principle into effect with with your thoughts your emotions and above all your actions because as we've said before you can know this stuff you can think and feel all you want unless you bring your actions into harmony with those two other aspects of consciousness it does no good no ultimate good is going to be manifested in the world because the people who do bring their actions even if it's for a dark purpose into harmony with their thoughts and emotions or lack of emotions I should say okay they're going to be rewarded for it the universe is going to grant them what they ultimately desire so the the people that want to think oh you know there's some benevolent force that will never allow that to happen or deluding themselves there is a benevolent force out there and it wants us to have what we want but it's always going to reward unity consciousness / oppositional consciousness and like I said get as offended or upset about that as you want that's how it works ladies and gentlemen that's how it works so I'm explaining to you this is why the dark occult rule this planet this is why people who truly want freedom don't have it this is the reason because the bulk of humanity exists in this oppositional form of consciousness where their thoughts their emotions and their actions symbolized in this tradition called Freemasonry and another tradition occult traditions which we looked at okay are not in unity a unison are not in unity with each other that's it and that is the generative principle or the generator okay or Genesis meaning creation all words that start with G the generator okay we're in other words the force that moves everything and of energy okay the generative principle true care that's what this G ultimately represents the Genesis principle the Genesis principle how we create what we get and so few of us understand that that's the reason that the world is in the sorry condition that it's in okay so that's the generative principle or the creation principle or the care principle okay so let's move on to an allegory of Freemasonry right so we looked at the compasses and Square and the light and the G alright we'll go back to the the Sun as a symbol of Freemasonry this is this is depicted in image four and five as I said that's what the higher aspects of consciousness are symbolized by the Sun okay the light shedding light on knowledge I want to talk briefly about the word Mason all right so let's look at image number six which has a whole lot to it all right image number six there's so much symbolism in it it's it's a very complex image okay to break down in its fullness but let's start with that the word Mason okay means builder and that's all it means it means builder if you're a Mason you're a builder and what I've said in my work is that everyone is a Mason whether they you know identify with the occultic or esoteric aspects of Freemasonry or not it matters not everyone on this planet is a builder of our collective experience through what they think what they feel and what they do the three aspects of consciousness that are used to create what we get here therefore everyone is a Mason everyone is a builder and that will be unpopular you know saying that everyone is a Mason I didn't say everyone is a lodge freemason I said everyone is a builder of their experience understand the difference therefore we are all ultimately Mason's or builders of what we get okay that's what this word ultimately means now here above this in this image you see - all three and accepted okay this is the distinguishment between two general types of freemasons okay there's something called operative masonry operative masonry it stems from the Builder guilds of the ancient world okay and going back into the Middle Ages in the building of the cathedrals and we can get into all of those origins okay and you know perhaps we will but essentially some of the lodge aspects of Freemasonry come down to us in the modern world from some of these building guilds from the ancient past and it goes right back into the times of you know the building of all of the ancient sites like the pyramids and that the ancient temples the all of the wonders of the world and ancient stone building techniques that have been lost to modern history okay they go right into the dawn of antiquity and the dawn of mankind alright but more in the modern world the lodge system takes some of its rituals and some of its symbols from the builders guilds around the time of the first century AD into and upward into including the Middle Ages and the times of the buildings of the great Gothic cathedrals these builders guilds contained Mason's or very skillful stone workers that had the teachings held the teachings of how some of these construction techniques were used to build these incredible monuments okay and they often would unite with each other because their craft their art form was very valuable to people kings and emperors and the church would very much seek out these building techniques when they wanted a huge structure completed or built okay and therefore it was a lucrative business and you had side benefits even though there were despotic rulers in areas all over the world that would control through violence the movement of their people what they were allowed to have what they were allowed to do what they were allowed to say what they were allowed to read or even think okay these masons are builders were granted a modicum of freedom okay a level of freedom that wasn't afforded to other people so that they could move around on on the earth in ways that other people couldn't they were allowed to travel to certain places without their movement being restricted they were allowed to have certain educational materials that were off access to other people because of these psychopathic rulers okay so not only that but again since their skills were in such demand they were well-paid so they became knowledgeable they gained knowledge of other cultures and areas of the world and they became wealthy and this is the origins of the lodge system again which I don't want to focus on very much but just to give a brief background of and you can read that extensively through any you know Google search or checking out some books on Freemasonry itself so the this form that represents free okay is operative Freemasonry or a true Mason a true builder or what could be said is an esoteric Mason okay somebody that truly has the keys of the craft or of this esoteric tradition in their hands in their minds and in their hearts that's a true Freemason an accepted mason is known as a speculative mason okay and this term was used for people outside of the craft that were taken in to its knowledge that were showing that they indeed wanted the knowledge that was held by the original esoteric teachings of Freemasonry and again as I said this goes back to ancient Egypt and even before all right so much of the Masonic tradition has Egyptian symbolism within it all right because the the land known as Kem which is where the Commission mysteries came out of this was an initiatory mystery tradition that came out of this region of the world and eventually became Freemasonry in its one of its forms Kabbalah is another one of its forms and again it's basically the same teachings all right and we'll see it has shared some of its same symbolism so accepted masonry is also known as speculative masonry okay people from who are originally outside of this tradition of teachings that are accepted into them all right and this is kind of where the lodge system you know in its knowledge I believe begins to become degraded not that you don't want to share these teachings but when they did this in the lodge system at least it really began to open up air into the the knowledge of Freemasonry in to people who may not have had other people's best interests at heart people who may not really have taken these teachings as anything that are truly fundamental to human freedom because they don't really care about human freedom okay and began to pervert them for their own selfish aims because they could see the potential that a system based in hierarchy compartmentalization and a certain degree of secrecy would afford them okay and these are the dangers of that structure I'm I'm certainly a proponent that modern-day Freemasonry needs to be restructured and many people have said this in the past I mean you know I believe it was the Duke of Kent back in the 1700s who said Freemasonry has already been so infiltrated by dark solar cult worshippers you know darker cultists in other words that he felt it should have been disbanded altogether the large system and indeed it has been infiltrated and I you know I I think I'm making this abundantly clear to people that the modern system is infiltrated by these darker elements I'm not picking up for the modern large system I am I'm telling you it's infiltrated and it's watered down this is why I'm trying to teach the original essence of this tradition to the best of my capability and again I can't teach every aspect of it I could put a lot of things out there for people to look into it I'm going to I'm going to spend a lot of time on this okay however the only real teacher is your own desire to do your own research that's the real teacher I'm not the real teacher okay I could be a somewhat of a wayshower for people to open the door and say here you want to walk through this door well there it is and and connect some dots and you know bring some information together for people that's all I do that's it you need to integrate this into yourself through your own desire to do so in the in the spirit of truth that's it and I think I've said that to a point of almost boredom in the past but you know people need to hear things a lot of times apparently because I still get people to listen to a little clip of one show or something and then you know suddenly you know as Bob Tuscan this is fond of saying everybody's an operative you know then then I become somebody that you're trying to pick up for for people who are doing evil in the world or you know saying that yeah I guess being an apologist I guess and that's not what I'm doing here I'm trying to paint the bigger picture of what has gone on with this tradition and then encourage people to look into it for themselves to see what teachings they can pull out of it alright so continuing so you have operative and speculative forms of masonry the speculative form however ultimately deals with the allegorical aspects and the symbolic aspect so we're not to say that this is a lesser form of free masonry it's just the words free and accepted free alludes to the original operative masons who basically became rich powerful etc okay in the in the in the past created the modern large system and then took other people into it from outside of it or accepted Mason's but speculative masonry is ultimately what we're teaching here okay the word operative means you have to put it into operation in the world it has to become integrated with your behavior with your actions okay so both of these forms of Freemasonry are important I'm just trying to get you to understand what these words refer to on this image so that's two all free and accepted Mason Masons okay we see the compasses and square with the G we've already looked at that okay and then we have the two pillars okay with the third symbolic form of the pillar being represented by this gentleman in the middle riding on a goat okay who will get to in a moment actually will probably get to that in the sec of the show and we hook up with Oracle broadcasting but we have these two pillars okay one is called the terrestrial pillar and one is called the celestial pillar okay so we have these depicted and we have the symbols of the Sun and the moon above them and the all-seeing eye and we saw that previously when we looked into the religious traditions into the solar cult the lunar cult and then the cult of the stars and planets represented by the all-seeing eye we're gonna see this again when we look at the first degree tracing board okay so again these pillars represent different aspects of consciousness the actions and the emotions the solar pillar is the action as the lunar pillar is the emotional qualities they need to be brought into synthesis with each other or unity such that we are doing that which we think and feel is right and those things are not in opposition with each other the middle pillar is represented by this gentleman in the middle they're blindfolded dressed in what in white riding on a goat his name Hiram Abiff H AI R am a biff a bi FF Hiram Abiff is allegorically okay the prototypical freemason okay he is the builder of the temple of Solomon one of the three builders I should say okay as we saw before briefly the Temple of Solomon represents the self it represents the three aspects of consciousness it represents thought emotion and action and it represents the body mind spirit connection it also represents the brain okay the lower aspects of the brain represented by the checkerboard floor the r-complex base consciousness okay which we see here in this image as well then we have the emotional aspects of the brain okay again care the G the generative principle true care and then the higher aspects represented by the gods above higher level thought higher consciousness non earthbound awareness or non physical matter identified awareness Hiram Abiff okay is another it's a wordplay it's a symbol and a wordplay we're not talking about an actual person this is an allegory and I'm gonna read a little bit about the allegory of Hiram Abiff coming up in the second hour Hiram Abiff it's a wordplay for high ram above okay the RAM the symbol of Aries the beginning of the zodiac okay the RAM has symbolic meanings in occultism we saw it used symbolically very often okay Ram of course being a male sheep okay it's a symbol of courage all right it's actually taking action in the world all right it's a symbol of force or power all right a symbol of divinity and we'll get into that soon Hiram Abiff is a symbolic representation of truth the three builders of solomon's temple of Hiram king of Tyre representing the ark complex of the brain Hiram Abiff representing the midbrain who is ultimately building the temple for Solomon the higher mind the coming together of the neocortex Sun and Moon soul and mon-sol and Moon okay Hiram Abiff is the Sacred Feminine aspects of the consciousness the emotions alignment with truth the holy spirit the Divine Mother so to speak okay even though he's a male figure that's what he symbolically represents in this tradition okay I'm gonna read a little bit about the the story of Hiram Abiff coming up in the next hour and showing you how this spirit is symbolically murdered okay and because that's what he ultimately represents is the spirit of men and truth and natural law so just like Mott was the spirit of truth and justice in the Egyptian tradition in the Masonic tradition Hiram Abiff represents these concepts he represents morality truth natural law of justice balance that's why he sits in the middle between the two pillars okay he rides a goat because he is controlling the base instincts or base passions represented by the goat a traditional symbol in different pagan cultures and other dark forms of occultism of lower consciousness and you know just the the instinctual nature of man itself as we saw when we saw the the Baphomet symbol that's used by the Church of Satan that's why they choose the goat as their main symbol yes it's a fertility symbol but it's also a symbol of the the darker aspects or the hidden aspects of consciousness that are often wielded as weapons okay so Hiram Abiff represents truth balance harmony natural law he's he rides the goat because he is basically controlling and sitting above the base instincts okay so he has achieved mastery he is blindfolded this means he is blind to the worldly aspects of self he has a chain achieved inner spiritual vision alright we saw this in the movie The Matrix the main character neo becomes blinded to the world and then he is blindfolded okay and then he it needs to develop his spiritual vision in order to be able to see the matrix for what it is this is you know where this is borrowed from actually okay so that's where I'll stop for now I'm going to connect in with Oracle broadcasting and then we'll be hearing Bob Tuscan for a little bit and he'll eventually introduce us and we'll pick up from there so here we go bear with me while I dial in I'm sorry you agreed to the number that has been disconnected or is no longer in service if you feel you have reached this recording in error can you check the number well that's not good folks let's try this again I'll try it one more time and then I'll give Bob a call and tell mo I'm having difficulties getting in interesting okay well it is what it is let's see if we can get ahold of Bob so we can get us connected to Oracle for the second hour all right folks bear with me during the technical difficulties understand Bob a message here see if he is paying attention at his computer right now because I know he's on his show all right he's asking me to try it one more time let's see what happens there we go I apologize again for this folks maybe I could do it through my cellphone let's see what happens he's gonna call in to talk shoe and I'm gonna take the call from there and he's going to patch that through to Oracle so hopefully this will work bear with me another moment or two to if we can't get connected to Oracle I'll just continue the show and perhaps they can I think this is him No Bob is this really make all that market how are you let's get started here with the topper and we'll jump right into it as always all right here we go what is happening this show will discuss campus human consciousness mind control natural law check of all issues that reason over what on earth is happening to never do something like importance of our world and waffle intolerance Winston's from different nationalities approaches it's critical moment instance and now your journals [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen welcome listeners on Oracle broadcasting this is the Tuesday night segment for what on earth is happening as part of the Intel hub radio show I'm your host mark passio my web site what on earth is happening dot-com this show is usually live every Tuesday from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern Time the second hour is picked up in on Oracle broadcasting so tonight we have a great show lined up and it is going to be a continuation of our talk from last week about true esoteric Freemasonry and we began that last week and started looking into some of the symbolism of Freemasonry and we're going to pick up from there this week and continue that discussion now before I do that I want to tell the listeners about a conference coming up in the Philadelphia area right in Philadelphia actually in less than two weeks that I have helped to put together with a great team of organizers and we have phenomenal speakers coming in to the city to present this is called the free your mind conference a conference on consciousness mind control and the occult Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th 2011 at Ruba Hall Ruba Hall is at 414 Green Street in Philadelphia the doors open at 9:00 a.m. on both days speakers will begin at 10 a.m. on both days admission price only $20 per day in advance and $30 at the door the featured speakers Aaron McCollum alfred weber Andrew basiago Bob Tuscan farrier dozous Freeman fly Yan Irvin John Nicholson Joseph Maura Larkin Rose Laura Eisenhower Mark motika myself mark passio Michael Kelly and Suzanne tail at the end of the day on Saturday we will be screening Suzanne Taylor's documentary film called what on earth inside the crop circle mystery which is a great film and on at the end of the day on Sunday there will be a panel discussion with whatever speakers are remaining at the conference at the end of the day on Sunday and want to participate and will do a panel discussion and a Q&A; with the audience at the end of the conference for more information on this great conference please visit the conference website at WWF reor mine conference com I'd like to direct everyone's attention to my website now which is what on earth is happening dot-com because at the stage of what I've been doing over many weeks is explaining different rituals and occult I'm sorry symbolism and different occult traditions to people from a neck from an esoteric point of view from an esoteric perspective meaning the deeper underlying mystery tradition perspective of these different traditions to help people to get a better understanding of what they really are and what their original intent was before they became perverted and used as weapons against consciousness and against free humanity okay so we have to become more mature in our understanding that when we're talking about something like free masonry or Kabbalah or Tarot or any other occult tradition we're not talking about one thing we are talking about an original deep mystery tradition that is about the self and about human consciousness and then there is a dark form which has been watered down perverted over time okay to basically be used as a mechanism for control against those that know nothing of the deeper teachings that these traditions hold that are all about the self and the aspects of consciousness that are within us all they said this is all about self-knowledge ultimately and I am NOT attempting to teach what is called Lodge masonry this is the esoteric underlying teachings of traditional Freemasonry okay so I don't know how I can make that any more clear I want all kind of like a rant about that in the first hour but that is what I am attempting to convey here so understand the distinction between those two things understanding that Freemasonry is not one thing as I said I believe last week it is all about our choices of building material because that's what the word mason means builders okay a builder everybody is a builder of our own collective experience in the world of reality that we all create through our thoughts our emotions and our actions and builder basically is about the choice of building material that we use to create our reality do we use light and truth and harmony with natural law to build what we see around us or instead do we use divisive nacinda vision and seeing each other as separate do we erect walls okay so I in the way I explain a light Mason or a true freemason is one that tears barriers down he tears bricks down blocks to higher consciousness okay he tears down divisions between people all right a dark Freemason or what I just call a dark Mason I don't even use the word Freemasonry in connection with the darker tradition a dark builder essentially is one who wants to erect walls and keep people separate and keep people in the dark okay he wants to build barriers within people's consciousness not to unify their consciousness but to keep it separated not only from other people but most importantly from oneself okay so that we don't understand what we're all about and our deep underlying motivations and our the aspects of the psyche that we need to work with and understand at a deep fundamental level in order to create a better reality true Freemasonry is about creating that better reality because it is a tradition in which natural law and morality is taught to its members through a system of symbols allegories and rituals and I hear the music so we'll take a break I'm sure many of you might have no control of course you can control things like natural disasters or the militate Mel's now but these a number of Americans a return to the practice of these healthy alliance by keeping a wire in reserve that's one we mean thinking Raycom these already knock on things like all these emergencies that are sustainable absorbing hydrate so they're made some Frieden great fresh lawsuits that should be areas on earth another high-quality ingredients are studies awesome it's available intended perfect for working $2 Durbin in vitam fact it can be mined one centralized opinion I think it's mitigating and these needs can be towards work one in 15 years log on to our website Washington's video or dark infinity outside your own business and you can fix meals for free I'd like to direct your attention to my website what on earth is happening calm if you click on the radio listen link at the top left-hand corner where it says listen live you will be taken to the page that contains the player for the show on Tuesday evening underneath the player under the player there will be a list of images for tonight's show we have been looking at these images and we were on image number 6 which is a image of the allegorical archetypal original Freemason known as Hiram Abiff he is there depicted in the center of the image with the Masonic compasses and square behind him and he is between two pillars which is a common theme in Freemasonry with Hiram Abiff himself acting as this middle Oh mediator okay between these two pillars a symbolic third pillar if you will and this idea of three pillars or two ways that diverge to the left and right and then one that is a synthesis between them that is basically acting as a balance point it comes up over and over again in different occult traditions and we already saw it previously looking at the tradition of Kabbalah the Kabbalistic Tree of Life with its three paths okay the path of severity on the left the path of mercy on the right and the unifying or synthesis path which is the path of mildness in the middle again this theme is repeated here in this imagery that basically symbolically depicts some of the symbols of Freemasonry the ideas of Freemasonry I should say the two pillars are the left and right aspects of the brain they are the masculine and feminine principles within us all okay there are emotions the sacred feminine aspect in our actions the sacred male aspect masculine okay and we need to bring those into alignment with each other okay based on our knowledge of natural law and our knowledge of how we create what we get we need to become knowledgeable about the generative principle which is what we talked about largely in the first hour and the generative principle is care and it's basically the knowledge of how natural law works and caring enough to bring our emotions and our actions into harmony with that natural law such that we create goodness and order in the world not through our ignorance of natural law creating chaos which is basically the situation that we have now Hiram Abiff this allegorical master Mason basically represents the knowledge of natural law he represents truth goodness and order because he is the synthesis or the marriage between the masculine and feminine aspects of consciousness or the unifying aspect or bringer together of emotion and action okay so he is depicted here clothed in white representing purity and goodness and he is blindfolded meaning that his sight is not of this world it is a spiritual or inner sight and we left off in the last hour saying that this was picked up in the allegory the matrix a great movie trilogy allegory okay which is about spiritual awakening and the hero neo who ultimately represents the higher part of the brain the neocortex okay who needs to understand himself as the one meaning to bridge the left and right where the masculine and feminine sides of himself so that he can come into harmony with with his true path with what he knows he needs to do becomes blinded later on in that series to the to the physical world or the matrix world and he develops true spiritual vision he can see the matrix for what it is truly for what it really looks like so that's what this is symbolically saying here Hiram Abiff is the true spiritual vision he is truth he is higher consciousness he is the spirit of things the unifying aspect of everything is spirit okay so he could be identified or a kind of liken to he is analogous to the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition okay the again this was the Sacred Feminine Divine Mother in other traditions that predate Christianity but again the Sacred Feminine is downplayed because that's all about the emotional qualities and modern religion is a male Dominator at a male-dominated game okay so the Sacred Feminine had to be removed them as we saw replaced by a dove a symbol of the Dove representing the Holy Spirit in the Christian tradition the religious Christian tradition I should say Hiram Abiff okay there is a legend there is an allegory to him before I get into that allegory I would like to read some a brief description of the symbolic meaning of the the RAM okay because that's what Hiram Abiff represents it's a wordplay wordplay is often found in different occult teachings and it is also found in Freemasonry Hiram Abiff is high ram above tank this is though he is the RAM that exists with the gods he's not really here on the earth as a man this is a symbol okay it's an allegory it's not a real person he was one of them in biblically he's one of the builders of the temple of Solomon okay because he is the middle or unifying aspect between the base consciousness were the lower physical aspects of consciousness which are represented by Hiram king of Tyre in that in the Masonic allegory of the building of of Solomon's Temple Hiram Abiff is the Sacred Feminine midbrain which is where our emotions derive from okay the ability of us to feel the repercussions of our actions toward other people and then Solomon is the left and right brain or the neocortex the telencephalon of the brain okay he is the Sun and the moon come together Solomon okay this is an allegory about the building of the brain and the building of the human heart in harmony with natural law and morality okay we have to understand this from a more mature symbolic perspective rather than thinking of these as literal things okay so Hiram Abiff is identified with the beginning of Aries the beginning of the zodiac when the Sun rises in resurrection at the spring equinox that's when that happens in Aries so he is the bringer of the light okay into a world of darkness understanding of natural law and truth all right so let's look at some of the symbolic meanings of the RAM traditionally okay the animal symbolism of the RAM is traditionally used to represent power force drive energy virility vitality protection and fearlessness all right these are the qualities that the RAM traditionally is used to represent in in all forms of occultism basically okay a look into mythology will reveal the RAM as associated with many gods over time and I'll read you a short list of those gods and you can understand that this is a basic retelling in Freemasonry of different hero myth traditions in which Hiram Abiff represents all of these gods in the Masonic tradition okay a god if a god amongst the people okay wouldn't you agree that these are admirable qualities so in other words Hiram Abiff represents the godlike qualities that we can embody as human beings and I'd hear the intro music and we'll be right back ladies and gentlemen [Music] you are a nun or other chemical three products to people around the world detoxifying self-healing while we building the immune system we purge our listeners to please consider our largest selling product microplane powder our Michael bright father is rich in silica and 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meanings of the RAM and we saw that it is a symbol of power drive virility protection fearlessness courage in other words okay so these are admirable qualities and these are qualities to be cultivated to become more in harmony with divinity and natural law so there are some gods that had symbolic connections to the RAM in the ancient world among them was the Celtic God karna knows and he was often shown with a ram some depictions of him show him seated with a ram headed snake by his side and this was a symbolic gesture of renewal and power in ancient Egypt the God almond raw took on the persona of renew the Creator God who was always depicted with a Rams head okay in Scandinavia in the Norse tradition Thor was often connected closely with the RAM and he was able to use Rams that pull his chariot okay for other gods that were connected in the ancient world with the strong will okay cuz this is about the will Hiram Abiff is ultimately about higher will will with the capital W will to come into harmony with natural law and the ultimate drive behind creation which is ultimately to live in harmony with the laws of nature and the laws of higher morality that's what it's ultimately all about achieving self mastery mastery over self and only through which can we obtain any level of mastery of nature it's not even mastery it would just be really living in harmony with it so that we don't use it as a destructive power which we're currently doing okay so other gods connected to the strong will of the RAM or Zeus Apollo an Apollo plays very prominently in Freemasonry Agni from India Indra also an indian god Hermes Roman okay and Grecian a uh a God of the Middle East and bel another Middle Eastern or Phoenician God it is noteworthy that the RAM is the first sign of the zodiac as Aries hence it is the symbolic form of impetus fervour renewal virility and fiery force all connected with the coming of the Sun or of the lights okay this sign embraces the return of the warmth of the Sun as the March equinox approaches okay so symbolically that is what we are seeing here when we're seeing the symbol of Hiram Abiff and that is what the story of the building of the of Solomon's Temple biblically is ultimately about is building with light becoming a builder with the light with the spirit which Hiram Abiff as the main architect of the Temple of Solomon okay represents this is a representative symbolic allegory okay so let's continue to look at the legend of Hiram Abiff in the Masonic tradition okay so I'll read a brief excerpt about this tradition this legend and then we'll we'll analyze it Hyrum a bit a Widow's son from tyre now we'll get to what the widow's son symbolically means okay skilful in the working of all kinds of metals right there that is symbolic working in metals so he's an alchemist this is not physical this is not literal metals okay he's supposed to be the builder of the temple of Solomon him builds with metals that was his forte but this is a alchemical allegory it's symbolic okay he was employed to help build King Solomon's Temple the legend tells us that one day while worshiping the grand architect of the universe which we saw that that G in the middle of the compasses and square symbolically represents okay within the Holy of Holies Hiram was attacking mark hey Bob hey Mark yes they said uh I don't mean to interrupt because I can understand he's fairly well but the listeners at Oracle broadcasting are having a really hard time I know we had some technical difficulties and let me ask Doug here why was the caller in Lawrence not working at 86 64 one one zero six five membered Georgia and then I got busy signals from that point forward and I'm hearing garbled audio and I apologize because the breaks are very difficult to hear as well if you want me to try to call into that call-in line again I could do that now yeah well let's try it again I'm getting word that it might be up the Union was just temporary okay here which okay Alice time anything thanks thanks for bearing with us you have reached the Oracle broadcasting radio network all in line after the beep please say your name and where you're calling from and the on-air host will take your call momentarily mark passio what on earth is happening Barbara we on alright I'm going to assume that we're going through so here we go so the the allegory of Hiram Abiff is what we were delving into and we were at the point where I was reading things about the legend of Hiram Abiff okay so he is accosted by three ruffians as the legend goes and this is done at three areas of the temple of Solomon while it is being built the first is the east gate the second the south gate and the third the West Gate where Hiram is finally slain and I'll look into this symbolically okay the east gate is where the Sun rises the south is the direction the Sun takes its trek through the sky during the day does not go into the northern part of the sky but the southern part of the sky is where it makes it to arc in the northern hemisphere okay and then it sets in the West or the Sun dies for the day and then he resurrects to new life the next day to repeat the cycle all over again so the three ruffians yeah mark pass you know what on earth is happening you're live let's see if the connection is any better now how are you marked Bob can you hear me yes and I think the connections much better now great fantastic okay so we were looking at all right well let's not waste any more time I like to jump right into it thanks Bob we were looking at the legend of Hiram Abiff and we were looking at how he was attacked by three ruffians called Jubal a Jew below and Juba loom at the Temple of Solomon okay they attacked him at the the east gate of the temple then the south gate and then the west gate so the first the first ruffian Jude Law attacks him at the east gate then Jude below at the South Gate and then Juba loom at the West Gate this is symbolic of the sun's path through the sky and it's rising and setting each day okay so the east gate is where he rises the eastern horizon son comes up the light which Hiram Abiff represents the Southgate represents its zenith because the Sun at its zenith from the perspective of those living in the Northern Hemisphere always makes a trek through the southern lis portion of the sky not the north ok this is also why there three candles in Freemasonry Psalter one at the east one at the south one at the west but not one in the north ok so the West then is the death place of the Sun the setting place of the Sun each day and symbolically that's where Hiram is slain and then he you know resurrects the next day like the Sun resurrects to new life at the beginning of each day and repeats the cycle all over again ok so these three ruffians Jubilees Joe Blow and Jubal um attack Hiram ok so they are demanding the lost word ok the master were them the Master Masons word and it's supposed to be the secret name of God Hiram Abiff refuses to divulge this deeply held secret of the the builders and therefore he is attacked by these three ruffians the first ruffian named Juba law strikes Hiram across the throat with a 24 inch gauge which is another Masonic tool symbolically ok and well there's the outro music for this break and we'll be right back after these messages folks [Music] my name is John I've been having problems my blood pressure for years my doctor tried everything without much success I heard about extended life from a friend I thought why not give it a try it's been three months now my dog is very pleased with my blood pressures finally coming down has a lot more energy that had a long time it's working for me for 12 years now I've been helping people my name is dawn Riskin and i want you to know extended life works if you're looking for more energy or just want to be as healthy as you can now is the time to join the growing list of real people benefiting from extenda by to order call one eight 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way you listen to radio listen to live talk shows 24 hours a day seven days a week mobile talk radio from talk streamline available in the iTunes App Store radio AM with your house didn't ya Sunday just news on the Oracles Broadcasting Network [Music] [Music] [Music] the sons trek through the sky and its subsequent death in the West the first ruffian named Jubal Hyrum across across the throat with a 24 inch gauge this represents stopping speaking the truth we're not speaking the truth at all he hits him in the throat chakra okay so I've often said that the universe is spoken into existence other people have said that the that the other people have said that history will reward those with the loudest voice you've make may have heard it said that way but essentially we we need to put the truth out there in order for people to understand it grasp it and then live in harmony with it so it needs to be spoken so that's what that's symbolic of the second wrothian name Jubal Oh struck Hiram's breast over the heart with a square okay so this represents not feeling or caring okay and he hits it with the square which is what represents the lower base instincts where the base passions the lower consciousness and this symbolically represents apathy is a way to kill the light okay within us the third ruffian named Jubal um struck Hiram upon the forehead with a gavel okay or a setting Maul in some tellings of the story okay where Hiram fell dead all right so this he is struck in the head which is the place of thoughts so this is about knowing the truth this is ignorant in other words okay so the three ways that the light is put to death is through apathy through ignorance and then through laziness not then putting it out into the world okay or the courage to speak not having the courage to speak which is cowardice all right these are the murderers of the the light these are the murderers of righteousness and and morality and goodness basically all right so hiram having been killed was carried out the east gate of the temple and buried outside jerusalem early the following morning King Solomon visited the temple found the workmen and confusion because no plans had been made for the day's work since Hiram was the chief architect okay fearing the evil had befallen Hiram King Solomon sent out 12 fellow craft Masons to look for Hiram again the number 12 right symbolic of the 12 signs of the zodiac Hiram Abiff representing the light or the Sun okay he's the widow's son all right he is the Masonic Christ in other words okay it is just another retelling of the same story that we looked at when we in depth covered Astro theology and religion as Astro theology okay so what I'm attempting to get people explained to understand by explaining this is the same thing that I was when I was explaining Astro theology get past that to the deep underlying tradition about consciousness that it is attempting to teach okay so fearing evil had be following him he sends out 12 fellow craft Masons to look for Hiram that's symbolic because the fellow craft is all about care you have to care enough to seek out the the light or the truth in order to ever find it okay King Solomon himself accompanied the three Masons who journey toward the east so he sent out three in each direction this is symbolic of the seasons and he goes toward the east which is symbolic of the Rising Sun okay and it's also symbolic of going toward the east which is the symbol of aries high ram above Hiram Abiff okay and it's symbolic of the resurrection of the light or of truth okay so having finally located the grain grave of Hiram Abiff Solomon and his fellow Masons exhumed the body a search was made for the Masters word but all that was found was the letter G which we talked about extensively in the first hour of the show okay the generative principle or true care meaning that that was still present to some degree finding the lost word a layman 2000 Lord my god is there no help for the widow's son and we all understand what this cry of distress means in a moment okay they first took hold of Hiram's body with the bhojas grip of the first degree this failed to achieve its purpose this means emotion alone will not ultimately achieve the purpose that you are seeking okay you need to combine it right then they reposition their hold upon hirez body using the jackeen grip of the second degree this also failed to achieve its purpose now this represents having developed the will to act alone okay the Jeff King pillar represents the male principle okay that also fails to accomplish its purpose Salomon finally raises Hyrum from the dead using the third degree grip of the Master Mason okay now this represents putting all of them together our thoughts our emotions and our actions in unity with each other okay the place of higher knowledge ultimately the grip that finally raises him is Solomon's grip which represents symbolically true knowledge of oneself this represents deeper esoteric spiritual knowledge okay represented by the coming together of the left and right brain for the awakening of the all-seeing eye okay the coming together of the masculine and feminine forces within the self all right and this is also symbolically represented by the five points of fellowship which is a Masonic greeting which represents the coming together of earth air water fire and ether or spirits pay basically the most important of which is the spiritual aspects okay the five points of fellowship is what he raised him with as well and by uttering in Hiram's ear the phrase maha bond which is often used in conjunction with the five points of fellowship grip and stance in order to identify oneself as a Mason a freemason so in in thus doing so Solomon had raised Hiram Abiff from the dead this represents the symbolic raising of the light and of truth from the dead the spirit is what is being raised ok we'll look at this extensively through the symbols of Freemasonry over the coming weeks so what I want to essentially look at here was that Hiram is killed by the failure to use our thoughts ok intelligence he is also killed by the Fowler failure to care which is apathy and he is also killed by the failure to speak an act which is which is a cowardice ok not having the courage to actually speak an act and then failure to do so is the lack of will ok not having to will it seems to me mark that you're describing the same elite pigs that we talked about all the time that's ultimately the dark occult and the people who live under their mind-control they are the murderers of the light of this world and we have to look someone up next week what I don't have in my from a symbolic one Bob thank you so much and hopefully we won't have any more technical difficulties next week check out what on earth is happening calm and free your mind conference calm thank you everyone for listening mark thank you very much and I look forward to always having you on and that will work out all the technical glitches and I hope everybody could get past that you missed any of this show go back to what on earth is happening calm or the Intel hub radio calm which is our website tomorrow we'll be doing a full report on the nuclear situation as well as a report on the Middle East and we've been covering these these two topics it seems like the last couple weeks almost now and I'm getting tired of it I don't know if you are as well so it was nice to hear mark with a refreshing you know talk on some of the deeper aspects of the occult and I am looking forward to joining mark in Philadelphia at the freer mind conference for your mind conference calm is the website for that and that's April 9th and 10th join us if you can and so much more to come this week on the Intel hub radio show and you're not going to want to miss any of it coming up next on Oracle broadcasting Lee Rogers live free or die and I always look forward to hearing Lee's take on the Daily News and his website wrote government well as blacklisted news the Intel hub comm and so much more all friends of the show I get the Intel hub comm it's obviously a friend of the show anyways we'll see you in tomorrow night same time same place [Music]