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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen welcome one and all you are listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website is what on earth is happening calm this radio show is live every Tuesday evening from 8 to 10 p.m. Eastern Time and we have a great show lined up for you here tonight we are taking a break from our regularly scheduled teaching classes I guess you could say that's pretty much what I've been doing here on the show for many many weeks teaching different occult traditions going through different methodologies of mind control helping people to understand what the occult is and what it is not and basically we have been over the last many weeks looking into had been looking into the tradition of Freemasonry but we are going to be taking a break from that over uh for this evening at least because I have a very special guest that I'm going to be bringing on the show with me in a little bit it is Suzanne Taylor Suzanne Taylor is a researcher of the crop circle phenomenon and a filmmaker and she was a recent speaker at the free your mind conference right here in Philadelphia a couple of not even a couple of weeks ago to let the weekend before last as a matter of fact so Suzanne Taylor coming up on the show in a few moments it should be quite interesting before we get to Suzanne I want to read an event announcement and then I'm going to give the call in numbers we will not be joining Oracle broadcasting in the second hour tonight as we usually do I'll be doing that again next week trying to get something lined up whereby you know I don't want to make any promises to this it's in the works but we're trying to get something lined up where maybe I get a full two hours on Oracle again that's not official so don't hold me to that but we're in some some talks so hopefully I'll be able to make an official announcement on that soon but for tonight uh all two hours will be right here on talk-show and on what on earth is happening calm and they will be these two hours of interview with Suzanne Taylor will be not interrupted with commercials so that should be a good thing and I will hopefully be able to take some calls from the listening audience so I have one event announcement bed stock two is coming up on April 23rd this is the official and the Fed rally for the city of Philadelphia it is happening this coming Saturday April 23rd at noon 12 o'clock p.m. to 3:00 p.m. is the official times although it will go later than that the location is the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia at 100 North sixth Street that's the corner of 6th and Arch in Philadelphia PA this is going to be the again the official end the Fed rally for the city of Philadelphia and the event details join us as we march from the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia and take part in a massive street outreach thousands of fliers will be provided to help educate the public as to what the Federal Reserve is and why it is a horrible thing for this country uh then Jordan page the musician the Liberty oriented musician Jordan page will actually be on a huge parade float and we'll be following Jordan page as he plays freedom inspired music down up and down Market Street in Philadelphia there will be also performances by live musicians at Buffalo billiards a local pub after the the event March so there will also be speakers at the Fed building ok speakers who are confirmed are Ernie Hancock Adam khopesh Larkin Rose another speaker who just spoke at the free your mind conference a couple of weeks back Scott Davis and Darren Wolfe so five confirmed speakers the schedule of events at 12 o'clock there will be a meet and greet at the Philly Fed Bank and a sigh there will be sign waving there so bring whatever signs you want to to educate people about the Fed and make your voice heard at 12:30 speakers at the Fed building itself at 1:30 turn your bank back on the Federal Reserve a march behind Jordan page on a parade float handing out thousands of Flyers of provided flyers to the public 3 o'clock p.m. the parade route finishes at Buffalo billiards and the entire second floor will be rented out for the event there will be live acoustic performances uh and a $10 donation is is requested so at 6 o'clock p.m. if the event officially ends but as always everyone is free to hang out stay afterward and have continued discussion so the Fed Fed stock to the official end the Fed rally for the city of Philadelphia here in Philadelphia PA Saturday April 23rd starting at noon at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia 6th and arch streets for more information about this great activist event go to the coordinators website @ www.projectorpheus.com visit our seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the call-in number seven twenty four triple four seven triple four when you call in you have to put in the call ID number which is eight three five one five the call ID number eight three five one five so that is the call in number and hopefully we will get lots of calls for Suzanne who I'm about to bring on and hopefully people will call in later with some questions or comments for so tonight is April 19 2011 our guest Suzanne Taylor has been involved with films since she graduate Phi Beta Kappa and summa laude from NYU having been an actor and actress she crossed over to the other side of the camera as the executive producer of the feature documentary crop circles quest for truth her new film what on earth inside the crop circle mystery won the award for Best Featured documentary at the UFO Congress Film Festival where crop circles quest for truth got the audience award in 2003 what on earth got an award for excellence in paranormal filmmaking from the 2010 paranormal symposium and film festival Suzanne is a crop circle authority in the History Channel series ancient aliens as the founder of mighty companions a nonprofit dedicated to consciousness exploration her Los Angeles home is a gathering place for forward-thinking activists a fine arts post-impressionist painter Suzanne had a one-woman show she is an accomplished chef an author of the anybody can make it everyone will love it cookbook she writes a blog called making sense of these times at the website the conversation org were posts about progressive ideas include considerations of how consciousness might evolve and how inch and how instrumental the crop circle phenomenon could be in that regard Suzanne's web sites are the conversation org and crop circle movie.com so I'm going to make a connection to her right now and we'll bring Suzanne on on the line here on what on earth is happening here we go you high/low Suzanne well here do it happen welcome to what on earth is happening it looks like that happening they forget forces are conspiring looks like the connection dropped just as the show began to your line we had Suzanne on the line beforehand but I read I just finished reading your your bio here and we are successful in data connection so welcome to the show well I think that when you are not going to the Federal Reserve so you know I I don't know exactly who you were chatting about before so we have to start from scratch here well I always do an event announcement event announcements B to start the show to let people know about what events are happening right here in the local area in Philadelphia because activism is just a gigantic part of basically the wake-up call to people and that is one of the most important things is not just to know as I talked about all the time on the show but to actively get involved and becoming a change agent and that involves actually taking action in the world so I always know of course that you have an audience that is absolutely rabid in support of what you're up to I could not believe at the conference that we just didn't Philadelphia your conference yes it is probably the most enthusiastic audience I have supportive audience I ever have been in it was unbelievable we had a group of very high consciousness individuals in that room the energy was very very high and we were very glad to have you as a part of it well it was intense really I give kudos to you for you know being able to stir people to that degree so you certainly have been successful at doing that thanks so much Suzanne so Suzanne let's uh let's get started to talk about you a little bit and what you do welcome to common sense there you know absolutely why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself and tell us how you got started researching the phenomenon of crop circles well I was always interested in consciousness and interested just as you are in creating a world that operates along more enlightened principles this is insane the way we run this world I mean I can't we're making war I mean what's the matter with us we're so technically capable and and and our consciousness is so relatively low I mean it's really obvious to everybody now that we're in a dangerous position I mean we can wipe out humanity and yet it doesn't stop us we just keep on going down this ridiculous path so it wasn't quite as threatening and challenging years ago although I guess we've always had I remember her of course the whole war with a whole other long state of feeling the imminent arrival of nuclear weapons in our backyard Duck and Cover and all that sort of thing so maybe it's just different phases of being on alert for what can get us but you know the better we get at technology the more dangerous we become to one another and the more important it is that we change the way we think so that we really aren't so dangerous that we are cooperative and that we're being creative together instead of being destruct not really destructive so I it's been years that I've had that understanding and that point of view and way before in fact I even knew about crop circles I mean I've been around a long time and years ago I started producing events and projects that had to do with changing the way we thought opening our mind seeing ourselves as part of the bigger reality in this universe where such an awesome universe and you know we're not in awe we're in anger you know and as I was doing all sorts of things I mean the kinds of things I was doing I had a salon in my house if you were in Los Angeles and you were lucky you were on my guest list because some of the most interesting people in the world actually I mean la gets a cross-section or you know people come through LA who are doing talks or selling books or whatever it is they have reason to be in my big city and they I would snare the most interesting people from my living room who are interested in progressive things whether they were political or spiritual or self-development what-have-you great variety of very interesting people and I like doing that not only because I'm just a born sharer I mean it's my nature to want everybody to be in my club so to speak I mean there were few men you were in my club I really very happy person but I also got a chance then of course to mingle myself with very interesting people and so I count among my friends now many of the speakers who were doing their thing in my living room and in fact another way that I've connected myself up with interesting people is people should make note of whatever my blog which is the conversation org and I love my blog I mean if I would if I were not involved in the movie situation and just had to spend my time doing what fascinates me one of the main things I'd be doing would be more blogging I'm not an everyday blogger but when I find something really interesting that's not in everybody's email things that actually are hardly anybody's email I post them on my blog and I write about them I say this is why it's interesting this is why I pay attention I'll extract little sentences or paragraphs to tease people into reading you know in more depth and those people who are wrote it then then I communicate with people who have written those things and I get to be connected to them and a lot of them are on the mailing list and then they make comments on the pieces and so we grow this web of really fascinating people who are thinking progressively who are thinking bigger thoughts then the way we've got the world running right now and you know you know that Margaret Mead quote never doubt that a small group of thoughtful progress no not thoughtful committed people can change the world indeed it's the only thing that ever has and I kind of operate on that principle that if we can collectively even a relatively small number of us put our very very good minds and hearts together that we can be a powerful force so it's been many years that I've been looking to create what essentially could be a powerful force well along the line of doing this before the crop circles were known to anybody or many people they landed in my life it was right at the beginning of the phenomenon in the 70s well no I should say that the beginning of the contemporary interest in the phenomenon actually was the late 70s and I didn't tune in until the 80s but just accidentally as somebody showed me pictures a friend of mine have a son stationed in the military in England and he would go out on his leave and he would take pictures of what they were calling landing pads for UFOs and I thought about them but they were cop circles and I thought landing pads are useful hmm it's not for real it will change the world they will not just change us one person at a time where we tune into some methodology or some idea or some self development technique or whatever it will catch the imagination of everybody in the entire world and make them think again about the nature of humanity I mean if we're the only intelligence in the universe we have science fiction that tells us otherwise but we don't have any you know science fact about it but if in fact that turned out to be the accepted reality my imagination just went there and I thought wow that would not leave everyone's mind everybody now would have a new you know body of information we are not alone and it's not ancient history that something helped us with the term is it's it's interacting with us it's alive it's real it's watching us it knows us it's sending back signals and information that's reflecting us back to ourselves wow I want an engagement so with that possibility in mind I took an interest in the circles and I started producing programs about them now how much you want me to run on before you know that's that's that's fantastic I'd like to say that I began becoming very interested in the crop circle phenomenon in the early 1990s it wasn't until about 1997 that I had an opportunity to visit the first crop circle formation that I ever got a chance to actually get into and this was about about 50 to 60 miles away from Philadelphia in a small town outside of Princeton called Lawrenceville New Jersey I visited one there in 1997 and just an interesting note on the website underneath the player for this show you could see a related document which is a laboratory analysis of the formation that I visited in 1997 it was done by the Burke Levengood and Talbot research team and they credited me on one of the photos because I took some field photos and presented them to them and they did a lab analysis of both crop samples from the late parts of the formation as well as control samples and the results are there in that in that lab report also up on the site in the related section underneath Suzanne's bio is a pack of related images I got a chance to go out to England with my girlfriend barb back in 2004 and we were hosted by the researcher Chet snow and his wife Calista snow and we took lots of photos of many many more than what I posted here but I picked out a few good ones for people to check out and I just like to mention that those links are up there right on the radio listen page at what on earth is happening but the phenomenon are interested me because for similar reasons as you just stated that this could be the proof that we are not alone that there are other consciousnesses in the universe not only in the universe but interacting with us right here and it just really is one of the major end points for me in consciousness phenom in general and it really started to take me out of the old world view that I had been dwelling in for so long and put me into a different more holistically inspired world view of the crop circle phenomenon I cannot tell the listeners to the show this is the first time we're really bringing this up on this show by the way and I can't tell the listeners how much this phenomenon has affected and impacted my life in particular it is again one of the things I think that I would attribute more than anything else perhaps to changing my level of consciousness to base basically igniting that spark you know to lead me into other things that acted as a form of synchronicity so Suzanne what I'd like to ask is for listeners that may be new to this whole area of research and don't really know too much about the crop circle phenomenon could you just go on a little bit and tell them a little bit about what the crop circles are and what are some of the characteristics that are hallmarks of what you would consider the genuine phenomenon okay big question you know you may have me run on for a long answer go right ahead you have explore ok well let me go back to one of the things you were saying you're saying that you went with Jets no shadows in my movie saying he has a wonderful way of kind of encapsulating essence and value and what have you so he says some of the smartest things in my movie and his wife Calista who never wants to be interviewed you can never get Calista an interview but I have been in this work for so long that when I went to put the pictures in the credits and I loved my credits people tend to fade out my credits when I do talks or show the movie I say no no keep the credits we got a little harvest behind them and we've got wonderful music and I show the pictures of all the people who were in the film and give them you know their name identification and I had a picture from I think 10 years earlier it was such a gorgeous not just a picture a little footage that I had taken even before I had any idea that I was going to make a movie about crop circles and it was chat with Kalista just smiling away and I said oh I'm going to stick that in the credits and get to listen my also so so you know your your coast which is indeed one of the better people to go with and another thing I want to say is I just love listening to you say that that's exactly the reaction that you know is the wonderful reaction that I hope my movie will produce in people where this is still a somewhat unknown phenomenon and I never from having this movie that a lot of people end up seeing it be particularly because they are shown it by people who do know about the phenomenon and they they have this wonderful reaction of eyes open them changing their point of view or being tweaked you know to be curious about things beyond you know they're they're of cars understanding and that's just why I made the movie you know I didn't make the movie just to please the people who already understand this sort of thing so you know your reaction it's just the one that I hope to elicit from the people who see this movie and let me say because you know people come and go on listening that it's at the quad cinema the reason I'm in New York Malick I am and I was in Philadelphia prior to that my East Coast trip was first of all your conference but then to come into Manhattan because it's going to be at the quad cinema starting this Friday its April 22nd and then it runs there through the whole week to the following Thursday April 28th and if you're quad cinema calm will give people the details about when the screenings on what have you and we have albeit Q&A; s every evening for the two evening shows with some wonderful panelists so I just want to let your listeners know because I know that you know when you do a long show people come and go so if we could say that a few times over the course of the show I'd appreciate it no problem the crop and you've got on your website where they can go and take a look at the trailer and in fact gifs DVD which is crop circle movie.com so so much for that and back to your question about you know or your invitation to talk about what what are they think there are people who listen it's a wet wets crop circles or who you an get you count encounter in the world and I do crop-circle vine I make water what is that you're talking about well it used to be that you get that much more than you get it now for the last ten years or so we've had something that I can say back to people that reminds them or informs them of what they already know which is that they are familiar with this phenomenon at least vaguely familiar with it when somebody said to me what are crop circles the first thing I said back is did you see signs you know it's the fifth largest grossing movie in 19 of a 2002 and a lot of times people say yeah all those things those are crafter or yeah they are I mean they times didn't say one real thing about them but they showed pictures of some of the real ones not the ones they made themselves where the aliens were floating around in them but they did show pictures of the real ones and so that's a little bit of a benchmark so that I can so for your listeners too if you don't know what crop circles are did you see signs okay so back to what are they well of course they are impressions in not just crops you get these patterns that are flattened out in vegetation but basing lis enough they have been in virtually everything that grows they've been in strawberries they didn't string beans they've been in rice paddies they been in grass they've been in feather you name a vegetation and we've had some at least cop circles but in fact the main canvas and we can think of them as canvases because they are like artworks their artworks land art the main canvases are indeed grain crops and in England where the phenomenon is most focused you might say it's been in 40 other countries and it shows up in Smathers and in fact people don't really know that we've had a several hundred of them over the years in the United States going way back back into like the 40s when there's some documentation and indeed that you talked about one in Pennsylvania I'm sure a lot of your listeners oh no no that's all in England no it's not we do get our slaughter but the concentration where people come every summer from all over the world actually who are the research community we call ourselves because I'm part of that we call ourselves crappies and we're the ones who take pictures like the books through the lectures do the talks of radio shows make the movies so we are in fact we concentrate every summer on going to England we engage with each other we have conferences over there and tourists come to England because that's where you can count on the fact that they're going to show up in the rest of the world you know they're so spotty and you know there's no concentration you couldn't go somewhere and know that you're going to get a crop circle but during the summer months the growing season late spring to early or late summer actually you absolutely know if you go to England you will be able in this little area just a couple of counties now they fan out from there there are others around in other fringy counties outside these two but if you are you know paying attention in these two particular counties or provinces or whatever they are in England yes indeed you will be able to visit crop circles but that's where the most of them land and it was in the late 70s that we have a phenomenon that has grown that has been paid consistent attention to although in fact they do go back hundreds of years in crop circle or the official you might say that's not quite the right word but whenever you get into learning or studying or investigating crop circles the first thing that you absolutely know is a crop circle there is no doubt about it is from 1678 it's a little woodcut that appeared in the literature of the day which was some kind of pamphlet with old written in old English but you know it's just unmistakable it's a crop circle if you no doubt about it and it's a little story about a farmer and you didn't want to pay the mower and the more said let the devil do it and in the morning this little picture of a devil inside this crop circle so there it is and then every 100 years or so that the little flurries and whatever the literature of the day happens being you know we've got that all in our records if you buy a good crop circle book you read about all this we do a little recreation in the movie the movies called one on earth by the way with a question mark at the end of it and our tagline is inside the crop circle mystery and I named it that because it's me who knows about these things not some observer who like our cable stations go out every few years and make movies that make make television programs about them but they're know what they're doing they're know what they're looking at they like the skepticism they like the idea of controversy they focus on hoaxers we all get we care our hair out but I really knew what was going on I was inside the that world and I wasn't a filmmaker who found a subject I was a subject that said we've got that film about this that's the way you tell the world about something so it in now where was I was back the 70s was when it went oh I we feel we do a recreation in the movie of a story from nature magazine in the late 1800s where a scientist reports that he went into a field it was full of circles and you know we read your little story and we illustrated in little sepia tones you know do making movies and but this is the time when for whatever reason when the circles were stumbled across more people came along more people got interested things started to be written and the phenomenon never went away and now it's and it got more and more complicated actually the formations got more and more complicated but now we have a full-blown phenomenons been going on since the late 70s and it's great tourist attraction in England and we get these last few years maybe a hundred and ten worldwide maybe half of them in England but then again the hoaxers have become better at it it there's always been actually in the very beginning when I the very beginning for me which was the late 80s I found those pictures that said they were landing pads for UFOs and I started hosting crop circle researchers in my little salon underground living room situation and then the phenomenon was so popular that I couldn't fit all the people in my living room I had a power calls bigger halls in the city Los Angeles but then we had our the infamous Doug and Dave in 1991 when these two farmers came out and said we made them all oh dear and the press release that said that went all over the world and all of a sudden something that had been of great interest all over the world and it was as a treat it's fascinating all of a sudden interest dropped all it got explained those two guys made them all well we talked about that in the movie first of all why do people believe such a ridiculous story well because it's very challenging to think that there really is visitation going on and it's easier to park it with oh yeah we don't have to think about that anymore people talk about that in my movie consciousness changing the world no no those guys made them all we are and and the media bought it and the interest just waned and it's been uphill ever since to get real attention paid to them and and yet and and the hoaxsters have gotten better at it since then they've been indeed Doug and Dave made some of them and they've been succeeded by copycat copycat in the way of being hoaxing hoaxers and over the years it used to be that you would see terrible geometry and you'd know if that's a hoax formation well they've gotten good geometers now you can tell now and there are certain telltale signs like you talked about that Philadelphia formation where the material went into the lab we're at the V lab VLT research calm easy to remember bacon lettuce tomato research calm and it's fascinating to get on their site and read the reports several of which have after really careful you alluded you know to the factory or control plants and there's down crop inside a crop circle whether there goes a carefully sample which real scientific protocol so that they're you know in the world of science but we pay attention to as being our official reality science has affirmed that there are changes for the plants and the soil that cannot be accounted for there is something going on beyond earthly knowledge and those papers have been in peer-reviewed science journals and the United States in fact although we did we get very few of them there is a rabid community of researchers here of enthusiasts here they'll get on airplanes and go wherever there's a crop circle they do concentrate towards the Canadian border and the sort of the official home of the US researchers in Ohio where they have a little conference every year but those most people will diligently go out and sample the material and bring it into the laboratory and the results from these American ones have been very positive some of those papers are based on the American ones we are getting the real thing here although they don't tend to be as quite as complicated but they're also some pretty sophisticated designs in fact we do a montage in my film it was all shot in England but we do one montage what we call international crop circles and you know when you're shooting a movie in England and it's international the US has prepped is part of international and we show you three really lovely formations that have been in the United States so these so now back to getting oh maybe 110 120 worldwide half of which pretty much are in England you don't know how many are hoaxes so you don't know how many you know real deal you're dealing with act and we're getting less than we used to get we talk about that in the movie at the the greatest number I think were 300 in one season and the greatest number in one evening believe it or not in England was 35 we mentioned that also in the movie so can you imagine 35 incredibly complex beautiful formations and feels all over England you know you think that would get were the world's attention to whack hoaxers one evening one evening one evening I mean you know these are the geometry is so complicated now how do the surveyors tell you it would take them days just to lay out now somehow the hoaxers have figured out some way to do that because the English nights are very short the darkness at night is very short they're closer to the equator Raunak equator the North Pole and we are and the summer time stays light very lately gets light very early so I don't know how they're doing I know how they're managing to do it at all but it's not an easy thing I mean it's a very complicated and in fact a lot of the formations now in England are coming in in more than one evening they can't finish it in one evening so in recent years there are a fair number that come in in two and even three evenings and you know those are hoaxes you know the real formation from the eyewitness accounts and we do have them we have I don't know maybe 40 by now eyewitness accounts where people's going way back going back into the 1940s where they collected all the stories of people who happen to be on the scene when a crop circle was forming and they all say the same thing they say they say they go down in six or seven seconds we do a little facsimile in our movie and in fact it's in the trailer which you see on crop circle movie calm of the little swishing you know pop going down and one swish and no matter how big it is no matter how big we should show you one little circle but no matter how big the formation is all the eyewitnesses say they shush down in six or seven seconds so okay well now where am i you got to keep getting me back on track or maybe I should stop for a little bit and breathe what you say that bit sure what I was going to ask is what do you think is the motivating factor for anyone attempting to hoax these formations and had what can be considered noise to a possible signal of contact in some form or another by some form of intelligence not saying that it's you know extraterrestrial by biological life-forms per se but clearly there is some form of an intelligence behind this phenomenon in general I often wonder why instead of researching the genuine phenomenon as it is coming to us why anyone would go out and attempt to add noise to that signal can you think of any possible motives that would be present for people to go and do that Marc you speak so articulately you really ask wonderful questions and make wonderful comments you really are speaking the intelligence of the whole situation and noise indeed well it's a good question now isn't it and it is a puzzling question people ask me if I have another movie I'm going to make well I'm so busy dealing with this one that I don't have another one on the drawing board but if I were going to make another one I would make it about what are those hoaxes up to and what do they do why do they do it how much do they do I've actually tried to hire investigative reporters because one really good investigative reporter would get to the bottom of it you know we're just ordinary folk who are paying attention to these circles ordinary folk in the sense of not being you know the kind of people who would know how to do the sort of investigative reporting we need to do we're not ordinary folk at all actually I mean you've got very intelligent mathematicians and geometers and historians and what-have-you but nobody is in the press and nobody would know how to you know get the secrets out and you know nobody's the media that way that you know they set up these little stings and things like that so so I would make a movie just trying to find out what in the world is going on we do talk some in my movie about Doug and Dave those original Koch sirs and how the evidence really points to them being put up to it by the government and governments don't like to deal with paranoid change they don't they don't like it where the rug gets pulled out from under the prevailing reality they are status quo just salado's it and it's not it's not like there's something evil about that that's just the way reality works you know people in power are sitting in power and they're not looking to get up ended and it's not evil on their part it's just sort of human nature and so it there it is inexplicable why these folks would do it why do they go out year after year night after night and it's unpleasant actually is it you got a lot of bad weather in England a lot of these things are done in the rain and then the cold and they get no credit I mean that's just against human nature to make gorgeous art and have it be anonymous I mean do you know any wonderful artist who is delivering their art to the universe to the world and not claiming credit I mean it's not human nature and it's unnatural so why in the world are these people doing it it's one of the big questions you know another one question is why is it why are they acquire thee and it's not extraterrestrials you're smart about saying that we don't know where it's coming from could be from another dimension could be from the future coming back we're all kinds of ideas we naturally think ETS UFOs but there never has been a craft sighted that's just the natural way we think but you know the big questions why is it being delivered to us by the mystery force and what in the world of these hoaxers you know what's what's motivating them it might take is there has to be some form of payoff involved for them not to take credit for their own constructions because yet people would naturally want to do that you don't again see too many artists that just want to put their art out and not have any form of name or credit attached to it and yet that seems to be the case that to me involves some form of a psychological operation being conducted against the public to try to draw their attention away from the genuine phenomenon where you think so you know we don't have a history where we know anything about specifically other than that I sense or not sense but evidence that the British government had something to do with Doug and Dave but aside from that we do have some evidence in the UFO field of where the government has in fact interjected itself to distract attention and you know although I'm not a UFO person and I got into the crop circles really knowing very little about UFOs fortunately the UFO people like the size of the circles it gave me a wonderful award from the biggest UFO organization they gave me their main award of best feature documentary I have the cutest thing I didn't bring it to Philadelphia because I carried around in LA that's too heavy it looks like an Oscar but it's an alien he's really cute he's like a big tall skinny great but the back to the UFO people have you know about the Robertson panel don't you know know you a UFO person I have studied it but I'm not too familiar with that yeah okay so let me tell your listeners in 19 I was 1952 the world is quite peaceful we've been through Wars of Azaz me and Harriet time and there was a lot of activity of sightings of UFOs huge it was very very prevalent a lot of buzz a lot of noise and curiosity what in the world is it well there was so much clamor that the government convened a panel now that was there was classified information for a long time and now they actually have a Wikipedia page you can look it up the Robertson panel and you see the the you know what the goings on of this panel that was convened to determine what the government response was going to be to all of this public curiosity and all of these so-called in all the sightings that were being reported so you listening to read actually what the conclusion was was that they didn't know now that doesn't mean there's not some black ops operation we know the government you know you know that that's what you talk about a lot all these kind of you know whatever you know the names of them better than I do of the things that even the president doesn't know what have you but this was pal by you know the normal course of Congress and they convened a panel and these people didn't know what it was and but but they were worried about that and they thought well if we tell the public we don't know what it is you can be scared you know we're the protectors and that's not good so what are we going to do we don't know what it is if we take if we say that the public will be scared what should we say and the conclusion of this panel was that the course of action that they would employ was to ridicule it wherever came up talk shows newspapers report sightings where the opportunity or the challenge came up of this presumable something going on they would make fun of it and they have never rescinded that policy so I think that is a little clue that we do have a government involvement in whatever it might take to extract attention from whatever might turn us inside out this way and I would presume that these hoaxers are somehow being supported because it does not move me to government well who else would it be i we we just cannot account for all their activity it does not make sense but you know I am just burning with curiosity to actually get to the bottom of it I almost had the hoaxers taking me out with them so I could see how they do it at least and they were very friendly and cordial I think they wanted to know what I was up to what kind of movie was I making and I had a long meeting with someone that was actually very good artist you showed his art portfolio I was very impressed I was sorry to say that I was so impressed because he was one of the main the known body of hope said there's a known body of hoaxers there they used to be called oh gosh I have it they were called team Satan Satan that's right- name they've changed your name now they call themselves circle makers oh thank you very much but it's that should be very interesting to my listening audience right right so team Satan with it so I had a meeting with with one of them and you know hey I want to know what's going on what are you doing why are you doing it and they promised they would take me this guy promised he would take me out and you know it's a it's a cordial kind of exchange of information and the next thing I know all over the Internet I am being slammed and Damned and made fun of and whatever by this guy oh and of course they did not take me out and I never got any further with finding out what was going on so we need some infiltration we need investigative reporting by people who fool little or trick them will do whatever they do their whole MO just smacks of psychological operations to me I mean that's my take on it but I want to shift gears just a little bit and try to go into a little bit of the more SS esoteric side of the phenomenon and ask you what do you make of the connection and many other researchers have made between the crop circle phenomenon and sacred geometry and what do you think that this possible connection between the crop circles and sacred geometry makes may signify well connection isn't quite the right word is that they are employing sacred geometry to make these designs that is the patterning of the designs not all of them but a good portion of them probably the preponderance of them because some of them are not geometric at all when their geometric their sacred geometry and sacred geometry I'm not a real expert you can ask me too many detailed questions even though I was a math Wiz in high school I got a hundred on everything I took all solid geometry advanced algebra but you know facts you forget that stuff for a long time since I was in high school but sacred geometry is indeed the geometry that is the design of the universe the whole planetary whatever is sacred geometry if you reduce things to proportion and number our bodies if you reduce the translate the parts of our body the forearm to the upper arm the fingers to this the joints to the vet every single part of our body if you relate one part to the next part and you reduce it or you translate it into geometry you'll find that it's this secret geometry those are the proportions that are the numbers of sacred geometry plants grow according to the proportions of sacred geometry so the universe is sacred geometry and indeed there are other crop circles beings as in this plenty of geometry that's not sacred geometry but there are the crop circles being designed along the lines of sacred geometry so then what do you make of that well why would that be and then you kind of get into well I think these what are the crop circles doing and I think they're calling us to this elemental state where we will we ourselves were not so divorced from nature where we felt ourselves to be part of nature where we weren't set up to be you know just material beings but we were spiritual beings as well and everything about the circles actually pulls us into this other understanding or reminder or expression of a different reality that would make us much more cooperative and loving and I mean the universe is an awesome place you know I don't think it was made so that we would kill each other that's right so you know the the the circles have other aspects to them aside from their geometric design that does echo that idea that they are a [Music] the things about them is to wake us up to this deeper reality broader reality more beautiful reality for instance they typically land near ancient sites again back to the ancient times when we were of a different mentality and they not only land near them they relate to them like if there's a if there's a direction to us to a circle when I say ancient sites I like famous ones like Stonehenge everyone knows Stonehenge but there are many others in England and I think that's possibly also the reason why they concentrate in England because in this particular area stone and disorder to the southern part of it the the it's a very manipulated landscape there's been sacred ceremony done there for hundreds of years and there's a lot of things that were created by human beings like Stonehenge many many hundreds of stone circles actually in the British Isles and and the crop circles typically land near one or another of these or they're land near an ancient burial mound the tomb you lie or or something complex that's the stone chambers that they have all over England that were used in some way by the ancients and and as I say that they not only land near them they will orient themselves in relation to them so that if there's a direction the mandala like one's the circular ones don't have much direction they're just circular but there are plenty of them to do that points somewhere and they'll point like right at the middle of one of these ancient artifacts ruins or what have you or they'll point at a tangent like Silbury Hill you'll find crop circles silver hills the oldest man-made mound in the world and it's got a pyramid under the earthen part of it all and what are the beetles and they make that one famous over a hill yes Suzanne I'd like to just briefly mention for the listeners who are on the listen page if you click the zip file in which I put many photos from my 2004 trip to to England with barb when we went with Chet and Calista snow if you download that and unpack that zip file there will be many images of some of the structures that Suzanne is talking about in southern England are there images of Stonehenge there are images of Silbury Hill West Kennet Long Barrow and also Avery those are some of the more famous ones and they're maintained by English Heritage there's also you know nothing this one says they say you can't hardly turn around without falling over some little something or other that's from ancient times but still very Hill is actually one of the most popular places where all around it you'll find crops you can almost guarantee that if you proc some children in which you can't park there but if you were there you know and you would get crop circles around there you'll be able to see crop circles during the season and they will they will point right at the center of it or the point right at the side of it which was tangent in it and so you know this whatever this visitation force is is not just swapping things now anywhere they're very carefully placing things in ways that are meaningful and I think it's partly as they're landing near these sacred sites as part of that kind of overall situation in which we're being called back to this time when we were more whole but also showing us that it isn't random this isn't like snowflakes that some mind is out there absolutely picking the places not to mention designing making the designs because sometimes people say oh maybe it's just nature and a force like snowflakes are all different no no there's it isn't that it's something with mind is designing these things and placing them because they also carefully relate it to things or for instance I mean getting out of the sacred aspect of it but into the fact that there's mind delivering them they don't land where they cross the you're not in industrial farming here with huge swathes of corporate farms you're in little family farms and there are like little canvases and the crop circles are like the artworks but they land in the middle of the field or inside the parameters of field they don't if they were sort of random they kind of cross fields and you know who knows where they'd land no no something is carefully placing them for some reason and you know then we get into the aspect but I like to think about which is why are they coming in the first place and I think it's to tell us that we're not the only intelligence and and and so they're there the evidence is how carefully they're placed how carefully they're designed how the designs are mirroring back to us many things not only are sacred geometry but also religious symbology we've got a menorah we've got a tree of rice we've got many Celtic symbols things that we recognize oh yeah we know what that is you know it's like oh you know again it's not smells like something is putting together patterns that we recognize we get we get astrological alignments I share one in my movie which is the pattern of the planets in our solar system on that fateful day in 2012 when something important is supposed to happen so again there's something yeah we read you we're going to get back to you this evidence that we we read you and that we are in intelligence engaging you I mean I can just picture them scratching whatever passes for their heads as I say in the movie going we didn't going to get it how much do we have to do this smart and it's recognizable before these humans go or something is calling us but nonetheless of course that is what they're doing so now am I at the end of some other kind of break here where I answer something or right nobody no no but we're coming up to the top of the second hour so let me just give the call and number again and then we can go right jump right back in for any listeners that want to call and talk with Suzanne Taylor ask her any questions that you may have the call-in number for tonight's show is 7:00 to 4:00 4:00 were four seven four four four once again the calling number seven to four triple four seven triple four when you call in egg when you call and you'll be prompted for the call ID number four what on earth is happening the call ID number four this show is eight three five one five once again the call ID number eight three five one five we're talking tonight with Suzanne Taylor of the conversation org Suzanne is a crop circle researcher and filmmaker she made the film what on earth inside the crop circle mystery you can learn more about her film at the web site crop circle movie.com so Suzanne thanks so much again for being here today and your talk at the for your mind conference was great we screened your film on Saturday night a lot of people loved it and had a great comments about it let's jump right back into talking about this phenomenon and why we think it is so significant for our listeners out there to look into and do some research about could you for some of the more I guess you could say left brained or scientifically oriented of people who may be listening can you make some comments or talk a little bit about some of the actual scientific research that has been done into this phenomenon for example on the plants themselves some of the changes that are observed in occurring with the plants that are laid down as part of the crop circle patterns versus control samples taken from outside the pattern outside of the patterns in the fields that show no such changes well indeed that does that you know whenever if you last you know what's the definitive evidence that you got a phenomenon here there's not people well the definitive evidence is indeed what's coming from the labs because or the that particular lab will understand most of the research the one you mentioned BLT research calm is where you find the papers and it's very expensive of course to do real scientific studies which you know it's what they're reporting on so would that we could do on every formation but of course that's impossible but then again I mean all you really need to do show that on one for instance that oh hello we can't do this then you know that something else is doing and then there's far more than one that they've done their Studies on and what they'll do is just as you described before they'll take control plants from outside the formations and many many samples from all over inside because there's different things that happen in different parts of the formation like as the as you get further from the center of a mandala light formation there are changes the further away you get but some of the typical kinds of things that they will discover you got plants and you've got soil there have been Studies on both maybe I'll start with the soil actually which was I don't know I think the most expensive study they ever did and came up with this wonderful particular finding which is that they took you know soil from inside the topsoil inside a formation compared to the soil in the rest of the world you know outside the formation and beyond and what they determined was that there was no such thing on earth on the surface of the earth as the crystalline structure of the soil inside this crop formation and it was as they report comparable to the crystalline structure that you might find way down deep below the surface of the earth where the pressure from the top and the heat from the bottom over millions of years had cooked the soil and that would be a kind of crystalline structure in the surface of this crop circle that you would expect to find way down deep and again on VLT research calm you can read all about this so I loved that study it's so simple and so specific you know and so telling and they were I believe more than I think there was more than one lab involved with that you can read about I know every time I read it I go whoa this was a really good study and such a really impressive finding as far as the plants go there's lots of other kinds of changes that they've discovered and I show you actually in one on earth I show you some pictures of the comparisons between regular crop and the crop that has been affected and there are different kinds of changes for instance in the seeds if the energy strikes early in the development of the seeds first of all you'll get empty seed heads the plant will continue to grow there will be no seeds I don't show that because it's those seeds but if the seeds have already started to develop and the energy strikes early in the developmental phase disease will be stunted and I do show that they will not really produce much in the way of crop when you plant them but if the energy strikes later in the development of the seeds it energizes the seeds and it's very clear to see I mean you see these really robust seeds from a formation where you know the energy came later it was later in the growing cycle that the crop circle formed and you see these kind of puny things from early on where the seed is obviously damaged he'd had his damage and the later ones where it's quite robust and if we have somebody who was making successive plantings until something happened finally and I think there was a fire in the field and it wiped out several seasons it was the last you know season that was growing of successive plantings where the seeds that had been highly energized were planted and then they produce seeds just normal in the course of growing they produce seeds and he planted those and there were several seasons of seeds planted and each each crop got more robust it got names steeper couple from one of the Midwest states and unfortunately we don't have the you know we can't a rook because because he lost his last crop I'm very sorry to say but that is one of the you know situations with the energy another thing that happens is when they when the form you know the formations occur in all phases of the growing season for the different crops so you'll get formations in green crop of whatever the crop happens to be and you get formations in crop that's just ready to be harvested dry and brittle and well when the formations occur in green crop that's when the plants bend over in right angles at the nodal points they stretch they have figured out or I don't know if it's definitive but I keep hearing I I think it is defended to me I'm not a scientist so you have to forgive me that but they do speak about the fact that it seems to be microwave energy which is available on earth and how they harness it who knows but that it that that is the causal factor that makes the plant spend over my heat which is interesting that plants don't burn up which we sometimes find cynjohn them but you know how do they do that who knows who knows how they harness it I don't know but in green crop the plants will bend over at the nodal points and there are nodes in grain crop every whatever so often every few inches or whatever that's how they grow and so at the nodal points of green crop they will just bend over and right angles and then in fact the next nodal point will Bend up and phototropism will take over the plant will continue to grow in the group in the dry crop when the crop is ready to be harvested there's no give there's no spring and so when they do bend over but how do they then there's no there's no elasticity anymore they go holes in the nodes and I show you pictures of that in one on earth you see pictures of blown nodes they're clear holes that you know the plant has bent over but the way it bent was when the energy came through it not being able to have springiness that could straight the node the node just you know broke and and we call their little round holes and then the energy goes through the hole but creates the possibility for the plant to bend over there by the way have been several instances which I find fascinating and I can't find any pictures of them all I were to put them in the movie but you read about them where the plants were bent now the nodal point where virtually you know all except some of the ones I'm going to tell you about the plant spend over are down near the ground in fact they're not right smooshed into the ground and this crop circle hasn't been walk down if it's in the backcountry or no that's the only way they're not walked on if they're too far away and people don't know that and some of the farmers discover them with the harvesting but if they haven't been walked on the harvester can get underneath the plants and actually the you know they can pick they can harvest them if they've been trampled they can't do that but in the ones that that know unless he - I'll tell you that the ones that bend over in the dry crop they can't harvest them anymore when people people walk on them oh I guess they could harvest them and if they're in the dry crop in the backcountry they could harvest them as well so that's another thing that that is the you know the the things that happen to the plants in crop circles there's something else that happens to the actual tissue of the soil augment soil of the other plants brackets or somesuch now we're into the science that I'm not going to be able to speak too much about but it's the biological aspect of the you know put the plants under the microscope and something happens to the tissue of the genuine ones and of course you know that is a way to tell the real from the fake there's just we don't have any of the bro nodes in the fake ones you just have broken stuff there's no bending there's just you know the the bore the the stomper the hoaxes have come along with what they call stomping boards they put their feet into a board that they're holding the ropes are going up from either into the board to their hand and they're just three foot long boards and they just put their foot in and they stomp one you know one one section down and then they walk one step further and they stomp the next section down and in fact that's the first thing that when you get into a rough circle is it real is it not real the first thing you do is you get on your knees and you look for the crease marks because the board will leave crease marks it's not bending at the nodes it's bending in some unnatural place we show you that in the movie to where this breakage and and at the point at which it breaks they leave a light it leaves a white crease mark or all across three foot bones so you see these you know one planet after another with little white Christmas oh you're in a host formation but those are I think those are the main changes that the laboratory has has come up with and discovered and how what it is they look for in order to ascertain whether you're in something mysterious or something that has been human-made yes only I guess I answered your question on the website in the lab analysis from the Lawrenceville formation that I was in there is some evidence there was some evidence in these plants which were out and it was a very dry season in New Jersey in 1997 this was in an organic oat field in the formation the first very first crop circle formation I was ever in and this laboratory analysis yielded the results that there were changes to the mitochondria the mitochondria in cried a nuclei of the cells and they showed that there were some mitochondrial damage from whatever energies be crops had been exposed to and this mitochondrial change actually dissipated the farther away from the formation from the center of the formation that you got and the control samples showed no such changes yes now yes yes yes and also I dropped a point actually I was about to make so those are two things I want to say you're right about that that's another thing so I started mint allude to that that the further away you get from the center the different this one very famous study and it's done by a Scandinavian woodsy Norwegian Alto Hasselhoff and he has a book the complexity of crop circles and I actually have pictures in my movie from his book where in fact the further away you got from the center that there was a greater difference in the bins or somesuch you know another thing that you you you would never find in a hoax circle where whatever it was it was you know throughout the whole formation but there was a different degree of I think it was bending in some way that with it was different the further away you got from the center and the thing I started to say that I would I lost my train of thought was that although typically the plants will bend at the first node that's where the harvester can pick it up if in fact I haven't walked in my people but sometimes there have been some and I saw I said I couldn't get pictures of them I wish I could have but I've never seen any pictures but I've read reports from researchers you know know what they're talking about that they bend at the second node so if you can picture maybe a foot off the ground or maybe even a little higher all of a sudden you have a crop circle it's not down by the ground and you know even though they don't the first node it's not exactly on the ground itself but it's a couple inches off but the second node comes up higher and they have these formations several times where they're bent at the second node and I would have loved to have been in one of those I've never been in one of those but can you imagine you walk into something and you know down at your knees this thing is bent over at the right angle and it's all I mean that's just a lovely it must be amazing the in the series of photos that I posted to the site for those who may be downloading the zip file on if you look at image number 36 near the beginning of the images you'll see a nodal Bend this is what Suzanne is referring to and I believe this is at the second node this was not typical of the entire formation this happens to occur picture this happens to be one plant that we found but the entire formation did not display do not display this but it is clearly a nodal Bend and people can can see it there an image number 36 in pack of images that I posted well indeed they have these formations where it's the entire formation bins that way another interesting thing that happens which isn't so much of them a report from the lab but something you see which I just love there are straight prints like little puppies with pretty little flowers on them that you know just as as an any field of anything you get little straight plants that aren't that crop or that you know field of whatever it is which is you know the way farming works or the way agriculture or the way plants work and in the crop formations you frequently will see just this one little plant the whole formation is down and this one alternative plant hasn't been put down it's still standing up your flower is blooming well I think you know what's going on is that whoever or whatever whatever force this is is is some heat into a particular plant the energy the signal or whatever and it has been programmed to bend a particular plant that if so a little straggler is in there a stray is in there it doesn't go down I just love seeing that that's just one of the little oh look there's a poppy still standing I paying something else I found once I found I was in a formation where it was fairly it was very new actually and there you know the minute something comes down and everybody races toward it now they've even got GPS signals to get us there used to be at a hunting tech and let's see it's free fields over and you climb over the fence and you go under the barbed wire and then sometimes you never found it well now little GPS signals get us there thanks to modern tech but one of the formations that I was in somebody you know two feet away from me said oh my gosh look at this and right underneath the lay you know the bench crop was a dead warm bird Wow so hot it had just you know just just expired and I mean it's just no way a hoaxer took a bird and killed it and stuck it underneath you couldn't see it you know people were walking around the formation and they came across you know oh my gosh look at this right under the you know lay of the crop there's just warm dead bird oh wow just I guess in the wrong place at the wrong time or just didn't make it out when the energy arrived you know there's actually a funny story I like about two Canadian formations and you know the story is in a well known in crop circle war where they well back up and tell you that what cooking most animals when they sense danger they run and there is a kind of an intimation from the eyewitness accounts that something disturbing is happening right before the circle goes down the air is like sizzly and you know feels like something's going on and if they were animals around I presume they would run well porcupines don't run they curl up when they sense danger and there have been two formations in Canada where porcupines have been pulled into the middle of the formation and their quills are swirled on top you know they've been subjected to the force well I just love that like I mean I don't love it up poor poor poor poor guys I mean I'm sorry that they got caught in it all but something about the quills swirled right in the center of the formation for something you know interesting about that idea another phenomenon that you see is complexity within the very lays of the laid plants and sometimes what seems like dimensionality within the laid plants there's an image in the pack that I pose which is number 577 that shows almost like a water like formation of swirled plantain and nests what they refer to as nests inside the laid plans you talk a little bit about the actual complexity that is shown within the lays of some of these formations well indeed that's yet another piece of evidence when you find formations and there's different you know things like you know no one could point to that are of this character of the lay but that's another thing when you find these things you go oh this is for real some of it has to do with the entire lay like there are formations very few but there are where it's like a basket weave the crop goes under over under over throughout the whole formation we show one of those in the film and oh my gosh you know what it would take four acres of land to get braided that way and that's you know the entire thing then I think you're talking again about another feature where you kind of see like waves going on a swirlie patterns that that are just beautiful I mean they're like you know somebody was painting or something and created this lovely patterning they're not just plants laying side by side they're doing something you know there's a very interesting aspect of what they're doing and then you alluded to what we call we think of as features it's not the whole lay of the formation that looking that that you're talking about when you spin that it's at just a particular place like the most typical one is the center of a mandala like or the ones that have circular elements in them frequently the the most common one is just these rather simple things that are like hey stall you know if you if you tied some hay together and stuck it up you know this lovely kind of stocky thing in the center where the top part kind of moves out and you know the center part has like a butt and around it but there are also much more complicated situations where again these thing and we do show some of those in what one on earth also where their world things are woven there like tints or their their splayed out or but there's and if you picked it up the whole thing would come up it's not you know wouldn't fall apart on you because it's a very tightly ordered kind of you know like a basket somebody was leaving a basket or some such and they come in different shapes it's hard to describe them verbally but if you see pictures of your rule isn't that interesting you will not talk about that very much you know and the hoaxers can't do that so again that's a you know that actually is one of the things if you knew if you get into a new circle you just run around looking at their a feature in here you know and somehow after people trample them I don't know they don't they don't honor them and they tend to kind of forget smashed and fall apart what have you or not fall apart they get smashed apart but oh it's so wonderful to come across one of those it's like you know finding some jewel in the middle or in some place in the crop circle not always in the middle sometimes randomly just somewhere in the circle but typically also more typically in the middle of a circle that's part of a formation folks you have to understand how gigantic some of these formations are yes some of them were a bit smaller you do get some that are not huge but we were in some in England that were over three football fields long that almost tired you out walking in the noonday Sun from one end to another some of the amount of plants that need to be laid is just absolutely amazing indeed staggering and we just picture I was in one by the way over what was the whole future but it was three-quarters of a mile long it wasn't wide it was narrow it's like a winding path three-quarters of a mile long and then along the way of the winding path there were circles that were off the path that were connected to the path I mean it was actually funny in that one where it was a lovely day and reembarked it's actually the one where I took that picture of checking police so we met them they were coming out of it as I was going into it and what took the footage of them and so I was with two girlfriends and we we're parked our car we took our picture Chetan Colusa we started walking down this group and we got to the end of the three-quarters of a mile a long way it started to pour and it was intentional poor and of course everything gets I mean really wet and muddy and whatever we were so wet when we got back to the car there we were three girls the car would see me you couldn't see through the windows we took all our clothes off and running the mask and we came back a little towels in the car we drove back to our bed and breakfast of they vaguely wrapped it in our hotels it was quite a see those actually makes you laugh you know just it's just so hopeless we're just so hopelessly mired and yuk sure we've got caught in one torrential rain while we were out there it should disguise opened up suddenly and just in the time it took us to get back to the car it was like we had taken a shower outside that's how torrential it was well the weather in England is very spotty I mean it commuted the summer I think it was 2003 they were dying all over Europe that summer from over 100 degree heat for a long stretch of the summer and here could picture us in crop fields Oh God and then we've been there we had to keep your jacket on oh you know the shoot that we did you know I'm the executive did we mention I'm the executive producer of crop circles quest for truth which came out in 2002 and we were on a 10-week shoot in England in 2001 and I don't think we got out of our jackets so we were really cold and we are England such a wide variety of weather patterns little bit frustrating actually when you want to plan a trip because you don't know you know you're going to get there and and then when it's beautiful it's just beautiful I mean if some of the it's heaven you know but uncertain you know we were fortunate to have very good weather when we were in England for the two weeks that we were there Suzanne I have a caller on the line would you like to take a call okay there we go all right caller - what on earth is happening you're on live with Suzanne Taylor what do you have for us hey this is Sam from San Diego can you hear me yes we can great uh my question is I've watched a movie that called from the same horrorman and he was using the crop circles to explain is the his theory about the shape of the universe you know and give a whole new life for this caller oh now speak up a bit can you hear me down tackling actually it's a Klingon urine I can read I can't make out what he's saying I can I can repeat the question he's he's referencing the physicist called who's named nassim haramein I'm not sure if you're familiar with Mustang yes he's saying that nah scene brings the phenomenon of crop circles into his work which is related to the scaling law law that he's developed up from everything down to the subatomic structures up to the scale of galaxies and also the the the basic shape of everything which he talks about as the tetrahedral geometry that underlies all form it's basically sacred geometry so call did you have a specific question yeah they do it any research on maybe looking at the crop circles as a way of speaking to us to the symbolism okay okay actually I just hear that well you have some LC environment is very at the cutting edge these days I've been to a priest in hey he's got people trained to do his work and they talk non-stop for hours and indeed the crop circles are a significant part of how it's the pattern of everything that he's talking about and you've described you know as well as I could it's very complex and yet he's trying to make you no sense of how the whole world is working and I love that he's got these crop circles right at the heart of how it is that you know he's describing the workings of the universe and the let's see the collar and so it was the meaning of the things well you know frequently people believe as kind of a common perception or belief that we're waiting to figure out the jigsaw puzzle and that when all the pieces come in we'll have the message or something like Oh hieroglyphics where if we can translate the alphabet we'll know what they're saying now we're in conjecture here you know until you know they specifically come out and say why they're doing what they're doing we have to speculate why are we getting what we're getting and I don't think that either of those are reasonable theories when when you when you tune into the circle phenomenon what you discover is that many of the circles are loaded with information the crop circle in fact your listeners should know that during the season which just about to start crop circle connector comm will put up a page for each formation that comes in and a very intelligent audience viewers you know people will get on the website and people from all different disciplines will tell you what they see the formulas the patterns the meanings or whatever and the page will be loaded with interpretation that you know it isn't fanciful it's subjective this is what's in there there's a formula for this in there or there's an astrological alignment or whatever and so individually there's lots of information being conveyed but they don't seem to put string together in some way that makes sense and indeed I think to myself well you know if they were trying to deliver a message I mean they're so bright they're so smart they're so sharp there's able to deliver information to us they were just you know write out something in across Co this is what we want to tell you well I don't think they want to tell us anything I think they want to reflect to us that there is other intelligence in the universe and they're just giving us over and over again in all the ways we talked about where they place them talk about where they point them we talk about the different information encoded in them that just reeks of intelligence intelligence intelligence not you us other intelligence you're not the only ones and once we got that once we accepted that once we acknowledge that once you see contact in headlines all over the world your world is going to change you're going to have to rethink oh so we're not alone here what has happened if it would not be today's news that would go away tomorrow it would be forever it would it would be the most interesting thing that ever happened to humanity and we would not be able to stop thinking about it or and then not only would we it were to capture everyone's imagination just just think yourself your mind is that oh my gosh something is signaling and it's not us but we would be in one conversation on earth everyone in humanity would be trying to figure it out together it would be a subject a peaceful kind of subject that we could talk about together and we don't have anything like that we don't have a you know something that unites us and other than danger and you know when terrible things happen we get United but this would be a subject that would capture everyone's imagination and then we put us into one inquiry on earth as the work was it what should we do about it and well the further thought I have about that is that once we acknowledge that now right now you know we don't we don't give credence to it as as humanity and so it just does what it does and more and more of what it does until perhaps we do acknowledge how things going on and then I wonder what it would do I mean once we we are collectively saying wow something's going on would it give us more so we can't ignore it anymore you know it would be so in our face that we couldn't ignore it anymore I seen only that but what do you think it would do I mean don't you think it's ahead of us it's visiting us we're not visiting it maybe you can help us solve some of these horrible problems maybe it's got science maybe it's got technology maybe the real conversation would begin at that point it's just knocking on the door and we're refusing to answer it really really I like to you know think whoa that could really start a whole new era not only of our own thought but of the delivery right now it has no receptivity you know why would why would it give us good things that would help us if grateful if we're not even you know acknowledging it but if we were receptive what would it do it's attempting right now I think to call us out of the ego to call us out of our self absorption and to call us out of unit dimensional thinking and once I acknowledge all of those things maybe them like I said the real conversation would begin well I'm with you mark I'm in very you know you make very very trenchant comments and observations we're on the same page shame you're not older that look at the hook-up so let me ask you a couple of other questions let's what's your favorite crop circle pattern that's ever come down just aesthetically or just from an intuitive point of view or you know mate has made a resonant connection with you what is your favorite crop circle formation ever I can't actually give you one button good you of Cuba for that we haven't mentioned that my films going to be at the quad cinema in New York for a while in case we lost people and they come on that the reason I'm on the East Coast was one thing to your conference in Philadelphia the free your mind conference but then I moved over I'm in New York now doing promotion for this week's run that's going to come start on Friday the 22nd - 28 everybody in Manhattan knows quad cinema so I will have to mention that and anybody who's in the New York area will you know know to look on quad cinema calm and you can find out the schedule for my movie and doing Q&A; is very interesting panelists you can find that out also every evening for the two evening shows okay so back to my favorite patterns there several of them one of them I'll end up with the one we can talk about but I'll just tell you about the others one is that ribbon this pattern that I think was 2002 I could be wrong but it looks like ribbons like six arms I think maybe five leaving in the breeze it's got such a three-dimensional aspect where you really think you'd like a maypole kind of thing you think you're looking at ribbons and it's placed so interestingly there are three to mule I and these ribbons don't come in the middle there are the edges of them and the thing the ribbons are just placed right inside them so that they don't violate them you know they don't cross over them it's been carefully you know placed inside the land that the things that are in the land and it's just beautiful I just love looking at it I have several images of it in my home actually on my walls because I like looking at it and I have one on a t-shirt now that's one that I like a lot then you can't help but like the the one that came in in 2001 that is the biggest one ever is in terms of a sort of concentration of circles it set the the the size of two football fields and it's got its fractal pattern with I believe six arms and many little circles off the main main circle was this the one at milk Hill that had 409 circles in it exactly I remember me as well because it came down on my birthday in 2003's on all this pulp yes Wow well that's they call it a Catherine Wheel which has some significance in the Bible I'm not much of a Bible person so I don't know that but that is what they call it and it's exactly the one you're talking about I sat in that one from dusk until night which was several hours with a friend with one of the crop circle people who's in my movie actually and we just sat there in awe just because you know watching the light go fade-out and the lights below little villages come on and sitting in this absolute miracle it was I mean it was so big and it was so good it was so much going on in it it was so impossible that so that for sure has to be you know on my handful and then the last one that I would mention although you know as I think about it I want to mention a bunch but the last one that I would mention is that other one from a little later in 2001 which I thought was going to break the phenomenon into the big world I thought because that one that we're talking about at milk Hill got the attention of the world because at that point it was the biggest one ever and it got to being in there and you know it may every once in a while the world press pays attention when something unusual happens and so then a few weeks later when that message came in I thought okay this is it that the biggest one ever and now this message the world is going to get it's going to be it's what we've done well the world ignored it it's good thing that the person I bet everything I owned that that would happen didn't hold me to it but the message was again if you know anything about crop circles you know about this one and I know you know about it where the it's a rectangular pattern and it echoes something that we sent out into space when you translate binary code into something you draw on paper or wheat field and we sent it out as a commemorative not expecting anything to happen you know the way they they bury time capsules that say all this little bits and pieces about life on Earth and maybe millions a years somebody will dig it up well this is that same thing it got sent into space as binary code radio waves this was sent out from the Arecibo of space or a telescope array into deep space and this is this formation that Susanna is referring to as known as the Arecibo reply right and as SIBO was at that point the reason they did it was because it was the world's largest radio telescope that had just been built and Carl Sagan had a big hand in designing this message how we will encode a message that tells about life on earth it'll tell our table of elements it's a planetary system how many planets do we have how big are we what you know so a facts about life on Earth is encoded in binary code that you can draw out and we send it out or we never expected to get a response in fact it was going to be two hundred and some-odd years before it ever would intersect any kind of planetary body it was just floating out there in space and then all of a sudden now that was 1976 that went out in 2001 we get this crop formation and it's mean there's just no mistake about it it is quote-unquote the answer it's exactly the same shape and size and but it has different information in it and the information was that we the we are carbon-based and our table of elements thing well they're silicon based and our Lou our creature we are however tall we are 510 whatever so you know little figure what we look like well little say you're with Alec I came back there short may have little fat round kids by 3 feet tall they look like little greys but you know we think about in our science fiction or whatever we speak about them and come and other you know aspects of whatever those things were that got sent out it got sent back as if we sending you what we look like eat and they're sending us back what they look like or what's going on in their world there were three inhabited planets remember that was another piece of it all well this was so fascinating and you know just the way they do binary code your squiggly things you're on the ground and going the world could this be little squiggly things but when you get above it the do you see that these are things that you know can them get translated into information so I you know that has to be everybody's favorite and in fact you might also point to the formation that was in the same field that came a week before so they came one two three the biggest one ever milk Hill then one I'm going to talk about now and then a week later the message and the one that came the week before the message was something that again on the ground you had no idea they were dots bigger dots little dots well what are dots what are they used to make pictures at adopt newspapers if you magnified a newspaper its dot matrix it's all dot well that was the design element and you could not possibly tell anything about it on the ground but when you saw the aerial it was space and it's like the face on Mars you know that we typically think is the face on on Mars but it looks like a face whether whether it is a face on Mars or not it looks like a face and that crop circle had exactly that look so that was in a field where you know ten twenty feet away the message appeared a week later so that was quite a little season that was a season that we shot the first no I believe right across from that field as well was a radio observer right that's another aspect but it landed right near the biggest radio telescope in England right exactly just like Arecibo is the biggest one ever and that's why they sent the signal out and it landed right near the one in England that is the biggest one in England itself yeah yeah and there were other correspondences as well I mean system fascinated you know it's not this like our pretty pictures there's so much about them and such a fascinating study I'm so glad I know about these things you know so it's a nice to know something hopeful you know that the world is the world we're tuning into this things would change you know such a difficult world and if you don't know anything hopeful boy it's a it's a hard road to hoe so I'm always very glad I know about these crop circles Suzanne I'd like to ask you if you've ever felt any energy in any part of the physiology upon visiting a crop circle or if you've ever experienced any other bodily effects upon entering them well you know different people are different I'm a very mental person so that for me it's always ah it's always like oh how can this be in my mind just goes crazy other people are physically sensitive much more than I am and there's all kinds of things they feel sometimes they can't even get into a formation it's the energy so strong it kind of republic tells them and they you know and they don't they don't get in sometimes people get in and they have different kinds of physical reactions they can just sing along or it can be like you know all all energized and you know juicy and you know whatever that kind of feelings are and sometimes they feel they'll actually may have to leave that it's not a good feeling that that's not so frequent but it does happen people feel like and sometimes formations will there will be a similar feeling for different people so this one particular formation creates a kind of a negative effect in people some particular formations and they feel ill and you know uncomfortable and what have you but I can't attest to any of that personally I'm just I'm just a mental kid who you know just can't believe what I'm experiencing I've heard a lot of reports about electronics or other pieces of technology malfunctioning upon crossing the line into a crop circle formation have you ever experienced that well that is fairly common although not certainly common like everyday common but very common in terms of it's not so unusual either and in fact we in the movie we actually have people telling you stories about that several of them frequently people's batteries will drain for fresh batteries and their cameras or what have you very very very very I don't say very very but it is you know not not so uncommon that that would happen both always won't work inside the formation yet you hold your cell phone out over the standing crop right at the edge work cameras which we tell you what a story in there about camera crew from the television station that came and they got back this is when they were using film and they got back to this station and there was nothing on a film just white light these electromagnetic disturbances are not infrequent you know they're not every day but yeah and again when something like that happens you know you're in the real view you know that doesn't happen in a hoax formation Suzanne we have another caller on the line would you like to take one more call great here we go okay caller from Texas you're on what on earth is happening do you have a question for Susan ah good evening this is keeper I did never quit Helen I've been following the crop circle phenomena for quite some time and I have questions that I've not been able to answer and if this truly is a kind of communication everybody why are there such hard-to-reach places you know it's is a bit far away if you're trying to communicate make it out loud it will be open and obvious caller you were breaking up a little bit I'll repeat the question for Suzanne I think I heard something that I heard why are they in such hard-to-reach places and then I couldn't hear the rest so after that that's pretty much what I made out of it as well was kind of garbled there near the end well right I mean there are into the chart in fact one of the things we think it out like why and why are they in this particular area and you know you speculate why one of the things is it's full of sacred sites and another conceivably is because it's near a major city so that if in fact it ever really first of all the researchers can get there you know to study it and then if ever really the lid blew off and literally accepted the fact that something unusual was going on that it would be easy to get to and in terms of where they land are basically right by major roads there frequently you know very easy to get into and sometimes you have to hike you know into the into the field sometimes attack on a walk or even more and I don't know what can we say about that that's just the way it is I don't know what you could what conclusion you could draw from that I have also seen some research that the reason there are such high concentrations in the area of southern England is because if there is a major underground aquifer system of that that creates an ionization as the the aquifer water percolates through the the basic chalk that is the the the the ground what the ground actually is made of in that area of southern England have you heard anything regarding that high-contrast yeah you're absolutely right about that and in fact that may be what's going on that's a great conductor of electromagnetism this water and limestone that chalk you know that's right underneath the surface there and it is a long bath depth where that aquifer exists that you get a high concentration of the circles and that may be related to these failures of electromagnetic equipment indeed that's another thing you know you got all your little aspects and that is indeed one of them definitely definitely the one that I entered in Barnesville back in 1997 which the laboratory analysis is is uh they're on I don't have pictures available on the site of of me actually in them but those pictures do exist it was right by a major road there were power lines along the road again was an organic oat field and me and two friends went into the field and took some shots and then after we left the field very strange first time I'm talking talking about it like publicly pretty much we all experienced a dull ache in the same part of the body after leaving the formation and it happened simultaneously it came on simultaneously in all three of us and then dissipated slowly over time in all three of us and pretty much was gone at the same time as well it was one of the strangest things I've ever experienced and it really you know made me think and ponder you know what could possibly do that to three different people all at the same time it wasn't it wasn't highly unpleasant but it was a very just so strange that we were completely freaked out well that's a new one on me but it's an interesting you know the things are in a synchronous experience like that points to something who knows what but you know points to something going on that you know the season just this and that there's something they happening you know so that's been doing for but in my repertoire awareness so I want to ask you other than yourself could you maybe point the listeners to some resources like maybe authors or books or films etc that you could recommend to people who want to do further research on this phenomenon on their own absolutely well what I mentioned before the season is about to start occasionally there's a for me in England this is the concentration occasionally there's an April formation usually they're not very good May there'll be a little matter usually not all that good but sometimes lately have been June is that it really starts to pick up and July as the big runs meditators often August depending on how hot the summer is from the harvested but the thing you want to pay attention to is crop circle connector comm that is the site that is the one that all the pictures will be on each each formation will get a page and if you absolutely want to check in with them you can get on their mailing list I don't know if you have to subscribe to get on their mailing this but it's inexpensive it's like 30 or 40 dollars per year and if you're in England that's the way you get your GPS coordinates also but the that you'll get an email every time there's a new one you can click on to the page so I highly recommend that the book that I like the best in fact if you get on the conversation org which is my blog and I really urge people to get on my mailing this I send out the most interesting things you can always unsubscribe I don't send out much but people love being on my mailing list I send out things that you won't likely find in other places I never send out things that are circulating on the web popularly but I find I don't know I just have a nose for what's fascinating and and then I write about why you should pay attention to it so I'm kind of drawing you into this other perspective this more interesting perspective but if you get on my website you'll find on the conversation org you can link to the book I like the best it's the newest book it's Michael Glickman who is in my movie and is one of grand daddies of research he was a USC architecture professor University of Southern California architecture professor who got hooked other circles and he stopped being an architecture professor and he became a circle guy he's a great geometers and he wrote the book called crop circles the bones of God and it's the only book of its kind it's where when you read the book first of all he's a wonderful writer he's got a good sense of humor and he writes beautifully and when you read the book he's taking you into his discoveries what did he find out how did he learn what impressed him as opposed to an objective sort of history of the crop circles the so that that would be the book that I highly recommended it from from my website as far as movies go well god knows mine you know pop Circle movie comm will get you to one on earth I couldn't recommend any more than that but there's also an earlier film that I mentioned which I am the executive producer of and then it makes a good pair with my movie it's called crop circles quest for truth and if you if you won't see it advertised on this is a little bit humorous if you if you if you buy my movie and it's you get a lot of free gifts we give you a lot of inducements on crop circle movie calm as well as showing you the trailer but if you buy my movie on the chopping page you'll see you will also be able at a ridiculously low price I think it's twelve dollars or something like that be able to buy the first movie and as my marketing director says it's do you want fries with that so you buy the hamburger which is my movie and then do you want fries which is the other movie and it's just a very inexpensive little package and they make a good pair because the first movie is the history of the crop circles were more or less and mine is the passion of the researchers why do people give up their lives for this and they have a little different tone to them but it was after the first movie was finished I thought now there's another movie here and that's why I embarked on on making mine so those are the ones that I would recommend the most and don't know that there's another crop circle book there's a wonderful course online that I like to recommend but I don't know how you would find it it's it the book that is derived from its crop circles the hidden truths if you google that I think it would lead you to this website where a masked guy a teacher of math designed a geometry course if anybody learned geometry through this course which is all based on the circles they would have such a good time but you don't even have to be a automatically inclined person or want to learn geometry too see because he's got it very beautifully illustrated and it comes from his book to see the fascinating ways that the circle makers have played with cheat with mathematical ideas but they're very translated you know so that as I say you don't have to be a mathematician to see whoa look at what they've done with with with with geometry in the fascination of the design and expressing many mathematical ideas with funny names that I've never heard before except I when I learned this got into this material oh look there's this principle and that principle and this idea this rule this whenever look the crop circles are expressing so I like that a lot too crop circles the hidden truths will get you to that fantastic I think that um crop circle connector is just a magnificent resource on the web people should definitely check that site out and I like the book secrets in the fields it's an excellent synthesis of the entire phenomenon which is some great commentary and some great photos of the phenomenon through time secrets in the fields I believe that was by Freddy Silva so that's you got me on this radio program and I just wanted to tell you that he's very charming and he's very glib but he's I don't really appreciate him because he pretends to know things he doesn't know oh this means that and this means the other I don't really keep conjecture conjectures a bit you think well no he declares like he's the great expert and understands things that nobody understands and he also plagiarizes a lot of his material it just takes role cloth from somebody else he plugs it in his book and he doesn't give credit and he will never find it invited to be a speaker on any crop circle conference because of those reasons oh yeah the crop circle community does not appreciate him very much so and let's say that when you recommended his book I would not recommend that book okay the truth is you know he was running a web site that had a lot of good factual information on and it did and that was the kind of before he became the great expert yeah that was the impression I got from the book because it had a lot of data in it but I wasn't aware of any of any of that beforehand okay so what we have two minutes left in final question what do you think for the listeners here is the most important idea to take away from the entire mystery of the crop circle phenomenon so just keep your mind open don't believe you know I need bill of goods that you've been sold and be curious you know be open be wondering be paying attention and I think the phenomenon doesn't lend on the White House lawn and hit us over the head because that wouldn't be a sort of enlightened way to do it I think it gives us the kind of kid that's with which if we pay attention we will have a realization and the realization then we will own that it will be our work that has produced that realization which is a much healthier way for a reality to change you know otherwise we're back in war like this in opposition but when you keep your mind open and you do pay attention you can't help but be impressed by something beyond the beyond and then you really have expanded you've expanded yourself which is really quite the most appropriate way to proceed in life you know let alone in crop circle investigation fantastic and that's what it's all Altima about Suzanne I want to thank you so much for coming on the show tonight tell listeners your websites one more time well crossover movie.com you see the trailer and you can buy the DPD and you can sign up for my mailing list also which gets you to the conversation org which is my blog where I post all these fascinating things about consciousness and how in fact the crop circles could impact that fantastic Suzanne thanks again and thank you everyone for listening that's all we have time for tonight folks but I'll be back here on next Tuesday night at 8 p.m. Eastern Time you've been listening to what on earth is happening my website what on earth is happening calm thank you very much for listening good night folks