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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening I am your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com this show is usually live every Tuesday evening from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time but my first announcement for the evening is that that will be changing as of this weekend a big announcement here for the what on earth is happening radio show Oracle broadcasting will be picking up the show for all two hours and I will have a show going on on their network every Sunday evening from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time so I will no longer be broadcasting on Tuesday evening but instead the show starting this Sunday starting this Sunday which is May first very appropriately for those of you who understand what that means starting on Sunday May 1st this show will go live on Oracle broadcasting all 2 hours 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time so that's the first big announcement for the evening we have a good show lined up for you here tonight folks we're going to be continuing our breakdown of the symbolism of the esoteric tradition of Freemasonry and we have been focused on Freemasonry as part of I guess you could call it the the learning series here on what on earth is happening when I just break down topics or occult traditions and we had been looking at Freemasonry for a few weeks before I diverged into kind of a wrap-up show a couple of weeks back after the free your mind conference where I was on the Intel hub radio show with Bob Tuscan and Freeman and then last week I had a great interview with Suzanne Taylor the maker of the documentary film about the crop circles called what on earth inside the crop circle miss all of the shows past shows as always archived and will continue to be archived on the what on earth is happening website you just go up to what on earth is happening and click on the podcast tab and you'll see all of these shows archived from the beginning right there with lots of related links and images and books and videos and everything you could imagine on that page it's a host of information in its own right I hope that people will be making much use of it so with that being said I only have one other event announcement for tonight then I'm going to give the call in numbers and we'll jump right into the topic for tonight which once again is the symbolism of Freemasonry okay the one event announcement I have for this evening is truth freedom prosperity will be hosting their monthly documentary screening and discussion night this will be this Wednesday April 27th so that's tomorrow as today is April 26 2011 so tomorrow April 27 at media Bureau Studios media Bureau is at 725 North 4th Street right here in Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity presents the creature from Jekyll Island a documentary by G Edward Griffin and they will be following the screening by a discussion as they do each on last Wednesday of the month at Media Bureau this starts at 7 o'clock p.m. and um it'll go until about 9:00 or 9:30 and depending on how long the discussion goes and it's free to attend if you could make a donation to help support the effort you know for the rental of the room and everything it's much appreciated but it's essentially free for more information on the documentary screening nights that truth freedom prosperity hosts or any other events that they are put on here in the philadelphia area please visit their way site at www.uh.edu just came off the heels of the end the Fed rally here in Philadelphia which was also put together by organizers from truth freedom prosperity and it was a great event about 300 people turned out they started at the Fed building and had some speeches there and then did a march down Market Street and around the city hall building here in Philadelphia and over to a pub down by the Delaware River and they had a lot of acoustic acts that are all freedom oriented freedom related music and it was just a great event a lot of people came out a lot of people learned a lot there was a big street outreach with thousands of flyers given to the public to help to educate them about the immoral and destructive institution known as the Federal Reserve System I think overall it was a tremendous success people came out and had a lot of fun and did a lot of outreach for the community so that was a this past Saturday the 23rd I'd have to chop that up as a great success and there'll be more and the Fed slash fed stock rallies coming up in the future hosted by truth freedom prosperity so that's definitely a group you want to check out if you're in the Philadelphia area so next let's give the call in numbers for the show for the first hour and a half of the show they'll be the talk show calling and I don't believe I'll be doing a broadcast through talk-show anymore after this evening because Oracle basically archives all of their shows so I won't need this as a podcast archiving service I will however those who follow the show on Oracle while I won't be broadcasting it live I'll have a new embedded player on the website I will continue to upload the podcasts through talk-show so that will that archive there will continue to grow as I do more shows on Oracle broadcasting so they have the show tonight is going to work is for about an hour and a half we're going to be broadcasting just on talk-show and then the last half-hour of the show I am going to connect in through Oracle broadcasting and we'll be joining Bob Tuscan Bob Tuscan is now doing his own show on Oracle called simply the Bob Tuscan show and I'll be connecting in through that show for the last half hour and Bob will be talking about me coming over to Oracle of the the whole show for all two hours so that will be coming up in a little bit but for the first hour and a half here is the call-in number if you want to call into what on earth is happening call seven two four four four four seven four four four once again the calling number seven two four triple four seven triple four when you call you'll have to put in the call ID number for this show which is eight three five one five once again the call ID number for what on earth is happening is eight three five one five so no taboo topics when you call in feel free to talk about anything you like there never are any timely topics here on what on earth is happening um so that's the event announcements and the calling number let's jump right into the topic and I'll keep an eye on the the phone lines in the switchboard here on talk show while we break down some more esoteric symbolism of the craft Freemasonry here we go a few weeks back we left off on the first degree tracing board and we had also been discussing the legend of Hiram Abiff I'm going to pick up with the first degree tracing board we've already pretty much broken down most of the symbolism for those of you who want to follow the images that I'm going to be talking about they are right there underneath the player images for tonight's show on April 26 2011 on the radio listen page of what on earth is happening calm so you click the radio listen page right underneath the embedded player you'll see the images there's 13 of them for tonight and they're labeled Freemasonry so image number one shows the first degree tracing board which we had been extensively breaking down in uh in the last show which was about three weeks ago where we were discussing this symbol this complex symbol which is given to the first degree initiate of the free Masonic tradition and for a very very brief review Freemasonry is simply a tradition in which natural law and morality is taught through a system of symbols allegories and rituals now again I am speaking of the real true esoteric tradition of Freemasonry not necessarily what the lodge system of Freemasonry in the modern world has become and it is critical to make that distinction for people that think that any form of the occult is one thing okay and indeed this is a form of ocultism this is an occult tradition for anybody that continues to make the grave mistake of thinking that any particular form of the occult is one thing this is unit dimensional thinking and it is thinking that will lead one astray from what any of the particulars imbel x' of any occult tradition actually mean in context where they are being used okay because Freemasonry as we've already said is not one thing it depends on who is wielding its tools the occult is not one thing it depends on who wields the occulted information whether they are wielding the information to enlighten people and to bring it forward into the light so that more light can be fostered as a result of sharing that previously occult 'add information okay in which case I would call it light ocultism a light occult this is trying to bring forward things that have previously been hidden and make people aware of things that they are not aware of that may be used against them as a weapon because they are uh they are pieces of information about the human psyche and the human psychology in general that if it is known by people without one's best interest in mind can be used as a weapon against those who don't possess that said information so this is what the occult actually is we've talked about this at length and past show so I won't extensively review that material but the key thing to keep in mind here for new listeners the occult is not one thing any particular occult tradition is not one thing it depends on how it is being used it can be used as a tool of enlightenment it can be used used as a tool of manipulation and oppression depending on the consciousness of the wielder okay of that particular set of tools or information so going back to image number one the first degree tracing board we looked at pretty much most of the symbolism in here um I wanted to touch on a few things that we had left off on the the initiates up that are going up the ladder here and again the ladder represents coming out of base consciousness represented by the checkerboard floor okay and going up the ladder toward the realm of the gods okay we looked in Astro theology that all the religions are based on the Sun the moon and the stars and planets you see those in the sky above the checkerboard floor this is known as the the entire image is known as the temple of Solomon the temple of the Sun and Moon because it is a symbolic representation of the individual of their masculine or solar and their feminine or lunar aspects okay it is a allegory a symbolic allegory of bringing together the feminine internal emotional qualities okay or one's spirit or emotions together with the solar masculine qualities of right action that's ultimately what this symbol is about so its unifying one's emotions and actions in other words becoming a non dual being what you feel okay you enact in the world there is no contradiction between those two things okay so there's no internal opposition what you think you feel you do that's it straightforward fairly simple the key in the middle held by the green initiative out the frequency green we talked about it being the colour of the heart chakra the centre of nature color green provided in greatest abundance abundance by nature the natural world it's the color of the on a hot - chakra which we talked about was you know the the center of self the true center of self okay it's the generator okay this is why you see the initiates robe shaped like a G we talked about that G in the middle of the compasses and square on previous broadcasts representing the generative principle of true care what comes from the heart what you care about is ultimately what manifests and that's the key to everything that's the law of attraction that's the generative principle that is why that key is suspended there from that G okay before the green initiate the green initiate is also holding an anchor because that is what anchors us in any of our decisions in any of our actions ultimately we have to care enough to get some than done to bring something in the manifestation to do it and that key of being suspended by a thread okay and here's the whole key to this entire symbol it's saying that in the world care dangles by a thread and this is the key to everything it's the key to unlocking everything all of the the causal nature the underlying causal nature of all of the problems that we experience as a species or as individuals um is dependent upon that thread not being cut and the key dropping below okay so this is a symbolic warning if you will okay that key represents care and it's the the the initiates of this tradition I should say the Masters of this tradition who are giving this tracing board to the initiates are telling them symbolically you're living in a world where care is dangling by a thread that's that key is the most important thing that there is again symbolically that key grants you access to the Stargate which lies at the end of the ladder and that Stargate is illumination it is enlightenment okay and we're going to see how this makes even more sense in a moment in a few moments when we turn the tracing board onto its side onto its right side turning it 90 degrees clockwise okay we'll look at that in a few moments some of the other things I just wanted to touch on was some of the symbolic language that is encoded into something like the tracing board okay first we have columns okay and we looked at the word Kalume in the french language Kalume means dove okay the Dove is associated with the spirit okay it's associated with the goddess okay again the green initiate in the middle is a symbolic representation of the goddess again okay however the the columns themselves are word play cult column column is wordplay for the Dove okay we're this Sacred Feminine principle care is what this entire thing is ultimately about and this is why in the free Masonic tradition it is said that we can only make good men better okay or I would we revise that because I horribly horribly disagree with the idea of masonry even within the large system excluding women in the official lodge systems okay and putting them in a separate organization known as the Order of the Eastern stark if you're talking about bridging the masculine and feminine you need to take an integrative an integral approach when it comes to the sexes in your own Lodge and I understand all of the all of the justifications that go for keeping that segregation in place and how its tradition etc and how you know there would be different kinds of sexual dynamics going on in the lodge system nonsense that this segregation is part of what keeps people away from Freemasonry and I wouldn't even recommend going toward the lodge system period but it puts a bad taste in people's mouth that this is what this institution who is allegedly trying to teach this integration of a masculine and feminine our forces indwelling forces okay it paints a bad picture in people's mind because what they're doing in their initiative traditions is segregating men and women therefore how can anybody think that ultimately what they're going to do if they're doing that in a physical sense is going to raise people's vibrations in in consciousness to come out of that level of duality okay that's expressed that symbolically expressed through their own segregation of the sexes it's ridiculous and it's something that you know the the true light masons in this um tradition need to take a good hard look at and admit that it's time to reevaluate policy but again I'm not interested in Lodge Freemasonry anyway I'm just stating that for the record that's what I think about that I'm interested in the real tradition of Freemasonry from an esoteric perspective which no one needs to go inside any particular building in the world to understand and embody in their life just like I need to step inside no church to embody the principles upon which true esoteric Christianity is based in which the teacher attributed to under the name of Christ is put forward and lived and then you know showed people that this is the way out of suffering and this is the way toward true enlightenment I need I need no affiliations with any Church on earth to live my life according to those standards and ideals absolutely zero therefore one needs zero affiliations with any institutionalized free Masonic structures in order to truly embody understand and live the philosophy that is contained within the freeing the true free Masonic esoteric tradition ok so I in those ways I could say that I consider myself an esoteric Christian and I consider myself an esoteric Freemason okay however I belong to no institutions on the earth that structure themselves in a compartmentalized hierarchical and segregating way alright and never will so that's just my stance and position on that and for those who you know might have been curious about that there is on the table so going back to the symbolism okay because we have a lot to break down and I want to try to get through most of the images here tonight the the latter represents coming up to higher levels of consciousness and balance because that's what this symbol is all about is about balance and synthesis the merging of the masculine and feminine forces the synthesis between them uniting emotion and action okay in that pillar in the represents that synthesis coming out of the world of duality which is what the two pillars represent and as you progress through time represented by moving from west to east okay the western direction at the bottom okay away from the gods in the eastern direction up at the top okay you are ascending that ladder away out of darkness and toward the light of the Sun okay and you're going up the middle pillar toward the all-seeing eye and we talked about the masculine architecture on the left-hand pillar the pillar of jocking or the pillar of strength as it is known is dork or a masculine style of architecture the feminine pillar on the right the pillar of the lies or the pillar of beauty ba is Corinthian in its architecture which is a feminine style of architecture and it leads to the moon in the middle you have the ionic pillar okay an ionic pillar this is wordplay again just like the columns themselves the Kalume okay the column its wordplay right here's more wordplay the ionic pillar okay it leads to the all-seeing eye which is turned on the eye on okay which represents as we talked about in many shows before the awakened pineal gland or the third eye chakra okay so this is the spiritual vision that is turned on so that one can see the world for what it really is once they have acquired enough knowledge or understanding which is represented by light okay and you don't climb that ladder unless you have the key which is care you have to care enough to make that climb out of darkness and into light or out of ignorance and toward knowledge okay in order to turn the third eye on which represents balance that's why it's in the middle between the Sun and the moon okay the Sun and the moon or so low moan okay that is it's the Temple of Solomon the Sun and the moon and the temple okay or the the cranial cavity where the temples are at that's what holds the human brain and again this is about the left and right brain hemispheres being balanced or coming together to turn on the third eye or awaken the dormant the otherwise dormant if it's in a state of imbalance if the brain hemispheres are in a state of imbalance the pineal gland really doesn't truly come online okay or activate or turn on okay to grant one the spiritual insight or the spiritual sight that they need to see the world as it really is okay so they won't see all the controls they won't see all the manipulations they won't see the methods of mind control they won't see the flagrant violations of natural law and inherent human rights that are taking place all around us okay so this is a pretty much where I want to hold breaking down the individual symbolism okay we can talk a little bit more about some of the tools okay I believe I went briefly into that you have the the level at the base of the active pillar that means our actions must be in balance okay you have the plum leaned up against the feminine pillar okay this means that we have to govern our emotions and always keep them upright try to maintain as much positivity as it is within our ability to to maintain okay in order to uh you know bridge our emotions and actions in a positive way okay are our emotions have to be upward upright because that's what the plum does it allows one to build things up right okay and the square in the middle of the leaned up against the middle pillar or the pillar of wisdom marked by the w this is also known as Jacob's Ladder okay the square in its inverted configuration there where the point up means that we have conquered our base nature okay the base animalistic nature um you know that basically results from staying in base consciousness represented by the floor of the house this means we have come off the floor of the house in other words or out of beast-like consciousness okay base consciousness a being ruled by the fight-or-flight response in other words okay the the brain is not in a state of balance when we're in that modality of consciousness the square inverted okay we're turned up upside down okay with the point upward okay not with the point downward as you see it in the compasses and square that means that the compasses need to rule over our base instincts when we turn it upside down like that this is often the emblem that is granted to the master of the lodge okay in Freemasonry because it is saying that if one is a attained self mastery okay or mastery over one's own base instincts they rule over the square they have turned that on that base instinct okay or animal-like instinct upside down they have come up out of that mode of duality and just low consciousness and they have ascended the middle pillar or Jacob's Ladder okay so wordplay all over this okay not just with the columns we saw it with the the ionic pillar the ion pillar okay or you could even break it down further than that if you want to take it into you know again this is called green language okay now chemical language and you you don't have to think that every single aspect of this is planned this could be a form of synchro mysticism which we also talked about on the show in the past if you just break down the word ionic okay you could break it down to I then the word on then I again and the letter C so I on I see well yeah if the eye is on you will see okay so this is word play it's occult word play this is called green language okay and the reason it's called Green Language is because green is the color of balance you won't see these things if you have an imbalanced brain you'll only see these things if you can comprehend allegory okay comprehension of allegory is really only the gut begins to dawn on one in any kind of fullness when one has begun to balance the brain hemispheres to a completely unconscious individual who has never studied anything who watches tons of television on a daily basis it's a garbage diet okay believes all the propaganda that's out there on TV and in the news okay accepts human authority as something that is real all right lives their life in a state of base awareness doesn't really care about anybody but themselves they're not going to understand allegory there this symbol is going to be completely meaningless to them and they're not going to begin to ever understand it until they start working on balancing the brain a little bit all right it could be said to you and told to you all all I want okay I can go on ad infinitum explain the symbolism but until somebody understands that in order to truly see this for yourself okay not have to be explained details every little thing or even my interpretation of every little part of it in order to really comprehend what's being said wordlessly through the hidden language of symbolism the person's brain would already have to be in the state of green frequency which is the balancing of the left and right brain hemispheres the left again the red frequency and the right bring the blue frequency okay and this is why again these colors are used for dualistic purposes okay sports teams of political parties police lights etc news you know Fox News red MSNBC blue okay just watch how the frequencies of red and blue are used all around us in our culture and you can understand why these are the colors of imbalance all right when we bridge those together the third frequency of light we're not talking a pigment here but light is green green is again the fundamental Center it's the center of the visible spectrum the center of the colors of nature the center of self in the chakra system and it is the color that represents bridging the left and right brain that's why it's in the middle of everything and that's why the initiate in the middle is green okay so I think that's where I'll leave the first degree tracing board unless anyone has any particular questions about it I believe I did talk about the ash Lars or the cubes of stone on the back one is imperfect one is perfect the only way you get from the imperfect state to the perfect one is by going through the place of balance which is the middle pillar there lies at the end of the spiritual a journey of seeking of seeking for truth one could call the middle pillar the pillar of truth again because it is about the synthesis of a male and female is about the synthesis of solar and lunar and it is about the awakening process and the coming on of the all sink the turning on of the all-seeing eye which exists within us all so let's move on to the second image we're going to I'm going to try to break down all three of the first second and third degree tracing boards if we have enough time this evening the second image there is a simple picture of the great pyramids on the Giza Plateau in Egypt and the only reason I wanted to mention this is for something that will be coming in the future this is considered by many esoteric occult researchers to be the true Temple of Solomon okay or in other words the building that was built to embody the Temple of Solomon the true Temple of Solomon is within okay let's get that clear and understood that but if for those who are researching was there ever an actual real Temple of Solomon um there is a lot of work that has been done through many researchers that talked about the possibility of the building that was built the structures that were built to represent the Temple of Solomon in man were initiations occult initiations did indeed take place was at the Great Pyramid complex on the Giza Plateau in Egypt so here we see this image from Cairo Egypt of the three great pyramids okay the biggest of which there on the right is the called simply the Great Pyramid and these are symbolic analogues to the three pillars which we see in the traditions of Freemasonry and Kabbalah okay and these traditions were or indeed this old they do go back to the ancient Egyptian or Commission traditions and they even predate those okay go right back into antiquity and enter diluvian times okay so the three pyramids represent thought emotion and action they represent the male the female and the synthesis of both or the child okay so that's something that is there to just spark people's mind spark their interest and to put a seed in for something that we're going to talk about in the future okay so I want people to understand that symbolically we will also often see pillars and pyramids use interchangeably okay that's just a concept to just put out there again for something that I'll be talking about in the future all right so let's move on to image number three which is the tracing board on its side which I mentioned that I would be going into now we can see how this is a further exploration of the allegory that the trait the first degree tracing board represents when we turn it on its side we clearly see Astro theology for those who have been looking at Astro theology okay you can clearly see that this represents the sun's path with respect to the year okay with respect to this the the sun's path around the Earth or the Earth's past path around the Sun and it's basically the same thing just depending on what motion frame of reference are you're using are you keeping the Sun stationary or the earth stationary it makes the same basic orbital path and we see that due to the tilt of the earth as I talked about when we went into Astro theology and looked at the astronomy to create you know the astronomical aspects that are responsible for creating the season which is the tilt of the earth with respect to the plane of orbit that it makes going around the Sun each year okay we get the seasons as a result of that and the Sun basically makes a sine wave in its path as it as it is um how can I wear this it makes a sine wave in its apparent path with respect to the earth's equator as the year progresses and this just continues in this sine wave or serpentine pattern if you started let's say the spring equinox okay and then you graph with respect to time the the graph would go would go up like a sine wave until it hit the the summer solstice which it would be a 23-point the Sun would be at 23.5 degrees north latitude with respect to the earth's equator okay and then when you move forward in time you would then go to the fall equinox and it would be at the zero Degree point again or at the equator and then when you went down to the UH when you move forward in time more you would come to the winter solstice which is the sun's lowest point of power because it is at the 23.5 degrees south latitude with respect to the earth's equator so the northern hemisphere uh is not being favored by the direct angle of sunlight and that's winter okay in the northern hemisphere so and this process would just keep repeating and repeating as you graph it if you graph the sun's angle with respect to the equator with respect - time okay so I could put an image of this a graph such as this to make it easier to understand maybe I'll post that in the podcast section but essentially that's what we're looking at here we're looking at the earth on the left-hand side okay on the left side of the tracing board marked by the W okay and the East represents the Sun okay the middle pillar here represents the earth's equator and that the two pillars represent the tropics the top pillar okay the pillar of jocking the male pillar or the pillar of the Sun or strength represents the Tropic of Cancer the time that the Sun is at the summer solstice and it is getting ready to enter the house of cancer okay so that would be when it is at 23.5 degrees north latitude with respect to the equator and that symbolized at the top there on the right by the Sun in its full expression okay the middle pillar represents the place of balance which is the equator okay the equator is where the all-seeing eye is because the all-seeing eye only comes on when there's balance between the brain hemispheres do everything folks that this is should be no surprise to anyone who understands the law of Correspondence the principle of Correspondence everything is a reflection of everything else just on a particular scale the universe is self-similar across scales as the individual goes the solar system goes the galaxy goes the universe okay the universe is like the the atom or the the a subatomic particle there's no difference it's just the difference in scale all right so this is an idea of the journey out of darkness and into light being reflected in the solar system the individuals journey is reflected in the entire solar system and then it's further reflected and the even greater cycle of the galaxy okay going around its center so to go back to the symbolism itself the checkerboard floor in this orientation represents the earth itself this is the earth these are the lines of latitude and longitude of the earth okay and the earth is a place of density of base awareness essentially as a whole the idea is to come off of the ground or the earth meaning stop identifying so much with the physical reality right not not living in it and a effecting change within it but not identifying so much with it that you don't think that there's a spiritual reality which is our source okay so that kind of materialistic worldly identification thinking that you are the body you are the roles that you play here on earth is darkness and that's why the bottom or base of the ladder is set toward the place of darkness okay which is the lunar pillar there in this orientation of the tracing board okay the pillar I'm sorry the ladder is ascending it's going upward toward the Sun out of darkness and into light and as it comes out of darkness it goes away from the earth or away from the so called prison planet okay and toward the Sun the Stargate and now this is symbolic all right again the colors of the prisoners uniform are black and white in stripes well we have something very similar there the checkerboard floor of the house representing base consciousness materialistic identification worldly identification etc okay we come out of that then we go up the ladder and out of darkness and toward light okay emits a stepwise progression it doesn't happen immediately right it takes it requires time to go from the bottom left there which is still identified with the earth up toward the realm of the gods and the Sun and again the Sun up at the top represents the Sun at the summer solstice the highest point of light or this most strength in the northern hemisphere we even have the directions marked north and south that's the pillar the the pillar of Jockey nor the s pillar pillar of strength up at the top there is a the Tropic of can't of cancer okay which is 23.5 degrees north latitude okay so the Sun makes its fullest expression there but at the summer solstice at the bottom we have the color of Capricorn okay the Tropic of Capricorn I should say the pillar of bolas symbolically represents in this orientation the Tropic of Capricorn all right so this is 23.5 degrees south latitude so we even have the directional markers showing us which way is north on the earth and which way is south on the earth okay and which way west represents darkness if you're going deeper and deeper in the worldly identification and you know base consciousness represented by the floor of the house you're going toward the direction of West which is the direction of death not life but death okay darkness is that the West and in Freemasonry there's also that idea that North is the place of darkness and we'll get to that symbolism in in a few moments hopefully today um but when we go toward the eastern direction we are going toward the Sun we are going toward the light the all-seeing eye the Sacred Feminine as well the bridging of the Sacred Feminine the unit unison of Sacred Feminine and sacred masculine and the opening of the all-seeing eye or simply the realm of the gods okay higher consciousness okay so I think that's pretty clear-cut for anybody who you know now has their eyes open to it I think you know if this is simply explained in this orientation it's fairly undeniable that this is what this represents and it took me years to understand this no one told this to me this was never told to me by any occult even dark occult tradition that I was initiated into I found that out okay I discovered that by meditating on this board all right so it's um it's something that really does need to be contemplated all right now yeah I threw the mystery right out there and put it on the table for everyone to just grab but there it is hey it doesn't mean you still can't look at this in wonder and all and meditate on it yourself and find other things and I'm constantly finding new things in this one image this one set of imagery because as I've said this is a book it's not just an image it's a book okay it's that the the complexity of the image and the spiritual nature of it makes it a book okay it's not just a picture all right there's so much in it symbolically to understand about the world and life and the nature of things and natural law okay that it's unbelievable it's truly a wonder so this is the power of symbolism ladies and gentlemen I mean if you know I know I don't probably do the best job of explaining how it all fits together and and explain all the interpretations I try to do is do it as well as I can to try to make people understand it but you have to contemplate it yourself that's ultimately what has to be done and that takes time you know again I said I looked at this image for years before I arrived at this understanding not not days not weeks not even months years so I'll leave the further mysteries of the first degree tracing board for you and I'll stop there with that okay if anybody has any thing to add to that just feel free to call in call in number seven and two for triple for seven triple for the call ID number eight three five one five let's move on to the second degree tracing board image number four on the website okay so the second degree is known as the fellow craft degree in Freemasonry and here we see a depiction of the second degree tracing board so you see now you're seeing the porch of the Temple of Solomon or the portico as it is known okay and there's a spiral staircase and this is a critical element of the second degree the spiral staircase used in the symbolism and rituals of the second degree there you see the two pillars the initiate at the base of the steps and the the porch of the temple there with the spiral staircase leading up to the first level of the temple okay so what this symbolically represents not you see the light up at the top of this image as well in the triangle and there is a see there I don't believe that is a G and again I would say that that represents true care okay but it's it's it could be used interchangeably there with the G which is often you see everywhere in modern Freemasonry particularly in the Western Lodge traditions but you also see the name of God the unspeakable name of God in the in the biblical tradition they're written above the the archway you see yo hey Bob hey and we talked about that name extensively when we looked into the tradition of Kabbalah and Tarot okay so again the Temple of Solomon was a temple built for God with a creator by Solomon and he commissioned the builders hi I'm king of Tyre and Hiram Abiff Hiram Abiff being the chief builder of the temple we're going to talk more about Hiram Abiff tonight when we look at some more symbolism related with a Hiram Abiff and his death okay and we're going to look at the the virgin birth again I believe I alluded to it before but I'm going to break that down what that is a little bit because we need to understand the symbolic associations between Hiram Abiff and Christ because again it is the same concept it is that level of fully awakened higher consciousness or Christ consciousness that Hiram Abiff represents in the true esoteric tradition of Freemasonry so this spiral staircase leading into the greater mysteries of the temple of the Creator okay getting in touch with one's own divine nature this is about going within okay that the spiritual journey is a spiraling one okay it's not linear okay it's not straight alright we've saw in the first degree yes time is required right to make that jerk to make that journey toward ever greater levels of perfection and that's what the latter in that orientation represents that it's a stepwise progression through time however what this degree is all about is the internal world okay this is the this degree is probably what I would consider to be the most important degree in Freemasonry and it is the least understood and it is the one that people are passed before they should ever be passed I feel that almost every Freemason who calls themself a freemason should never have been past the first degree in other words they should not have been granted the second degree because and I'll get into this for a bit because it's very important in the original mystery traditions okay the initiate who wanted to go further or into the deeper degrees of the mysteries which is what the second degree represents again coming up the spiral staircase which you cannot see the top of as you are going up up it it is a journey of faith okay you have to have faith that it leads someplace to continue the ascent which requires will to ascend up the spiral staircase it also represents you cannot see what is unfolding ahead okay it must unfold naturally as you go forward okay so this is also an idea not to give up okay in the journey don't concede continue to press forward because eventually an incredible Vista opens up with sublime mysteries represented by that archway at the back past the checkerboard floor which has the creator's name etched under it okay so to truly enter the temple of the Creator the temple of God so to speak it's an inward process that requires a journey of faith and and I don't mean faith like believing in dogma I'm talking about faith in yourself okay that you have the tools that you need and will be provided with what you need to go forward in the journey that we're all on in this physical domain okay which is a spiritual journey all right so moving up this ladder okay up this staircase requires faith and will and it's a process that really isn't an external one it's an internal one okay this whole degree the fellow craft degree is all about the Sacred Feminine all right just like the FIR the first degree is that that meant that base okay it's the first step the second step is about truly going inward the first step is about understanding that you don't have all the knowledge that you need and that there are other people who do have a lot more knowledge than you that you need to maybe be led to which again symbolized by the cable tow which we talked about that you've been blindfold there hoodwinked and the you have to understand first and foremost you don't know a lot of things all right and that's one of the most that's one of the things that most people will never admit to because they're in such ego they want to think they have it all figured out and that there's nothing more that they could know or come to understand and nobody else could possibly teach them they have all of the information about life that they could ever want or need and the information is essentially useless okay you see this I saw this the other day at the end the Fed rally you know people who think oh I have enough information I don't need to take any information out of your hand in the form of a flyer you know I can't be bothered for that yet you saw people coming up as well asking for information with lots of questions curious hungry with a desire to learn so you had some encourage encouraging situations there and some deplorable situations it's a combination but we continue to press forward and do what we can so to go back to the symbolism again um the spiral staircase the journey of faith the journey of will the understanding that time unfolds in its course you may not be able to see what's just ahead but eventually that Vista will open up to you and you'll you know basically be at another level at that point so this is about spiritual evolution represented by the spiral staircase okay and again the light is the goal which is up at the top level alright so the second degree is this internal qualities within the individual and it's all about care you need to care enough to ascend that staircase you need to have the will to ascend it and you have to have faith that you're ascending it for a reason that there's a purpose behind that journey that requires care and will okay and there is a purpose behind it however it is my contention that again 99.9% of the people who are passed this degree and again the first degree of the entered apprentice is called being entered okay or intern because it's about coming out of the grave the spiritual grave of Darkness Hiram Abiff and entombed in other words to come up to that first step who want to know hey then the second degree is called fell oh crap and it is about being passed that's what you are called when you're granted the second degree you have been passed this is a reference to the ancient mysteries okay the ancient mysteries were structured in such a way that the the apprentices would only be passed into the further degrees of the mysteries okay or in other words taken off of the symbolic porch and then granted access to the true level of the temple okay sim symbolizing the tracing board there they would only be granted that if they were able to display a particular level of understanding and this level of understanding had has everything to do with this level of Freemasonry and this is why it is my contention and I know that sounds cryptic right now but I'm going to ask a question in a moment which is the all-important question that can ever be asked really and only those who would truly be able to answer the question and I believe I have actually answered this question in previous podcasts and I often say this thing but I'm not going to directly answer the question I'm sure someone will be able to provide the answer maybe I'll do another contest like we did with the whole idea of uh what is the the only thing from which the Philosopher's Stone can ever truly be distilled and you know uh you did that as a contest for the free your mind conference free tickets for the weekend the answer was the human imagination human imagination is what actually opens one up to the wonders that are inherent in the universe and helps us to really create what is known as the Philosopher's Stone we did a contest of that in the past the human imagination is the only thing that can ultimately free our minds and get us out of base levels of awareness and mind control but maybe I'll do a contest about this on the what on earth is happening page maybe I'll take yeah let's uh since we're going down this direction let's just follow this path okay so let's say yes we're going to do a contest I'm going to ask the question tonight we're going to start opening up the answers for people on the first show on Oracle broadcasting next week how about that alright so we'll have a little bit of fun here and learn a little bit along the way so the contest is going to be this in the mystery traditions there was a question that was asked asked of the lower-level initiates and they needed to display an understanding or they need to essentially correctly answer this question if they were going to be granted any further entrance into the deeper mysteries okay and yes this is a form of this was a form of control I will not permanently control the answer will give the answer but I think that people should be given adequate time to think about this question and to try to answer it on their own and here is the question the question is how does one know that one is suffering that's the question that's the question of the mystery traditions and again I've probably said this before on the show for people who are paying attention or actually you know listening um you probably know the answer so if you do know it don't call in and give it tonight let's let leave this for next week okay anybody answers I'll come up with a suitable prize I don't know what it'll be maybe uh I don't know we'll think of something okay but for now um the question okay then I'll think of a prize and mention that on on the show when we start the show next week and we'll take up we'll take people to answer this question on on the air okay but the the question is and this is the mystery tradition question and I would say that this is indeed the question of the second degree of Freemasonry as well okay this is the question that would have to be answered correctly all right to be passed into the further mystery traditions and I feel is the question should that the initiates of the free Masonic tradition should have to display an understanding or a mastery of in order to be taken further into that tradition okay because so many people consider themselves higher-level Freemasons and they don't have the answer to that question and that's what this degree is ultimately all about and that's why to go into the further higher level knowledge represented by degrees 3 + and further ok you need you need to truly display an understanding of the answer to that question in your own mind and heart and you know there's even a hint right there ok um so I'll repeat the question again and this is the question of not only all of the mystery traditions but particularly the second degree of Freemasonry known as fellow craft the question is how does one truly know that one is suffering how do you yourself know that you are in a state of suffering okay that's the question so we'll take answers to that next week and we'll be a prize of some sort I'll think of something maybe may involve or me and another couple of friends will think of some kind of a of a gift of prize that we could award to the winner of that quest correct answer to that question on the air next week okay so the clearly I will not be answer tonight so we won't be looking at that as another aspect of the tracing board the answer to that question we can do that next week but again this second degree tracing board again I just want to help people to understand this is all about the internal qualities of the individual this is about what you ultimately hold within insight it's about the spiritual journey which is a journey within not in the external sense and that's indeed what the Temple of Solomon represents again as we talked about many times it's some it's an internal process and it's a symbol representing the self okay so um I don't have any other particular things that I want to break down on the tracing board uh as far as symbolism goes so we'll leave that tracing board there for now okay and we'll look at it a little bit further when we go into the answer of the mystery tradition question okay which is once again how does one truly know that one is suffering okay so let's look at image number five which is the third-degree board okay the third-degree board is a coffin and at the top of the coffin right there is a sprig of acacia growing out from the be grave that this coffin is in all right West is at the top east at the bottom south on the on the left side north on the right side there is a Skull and Bones skull and crossbones on the coffin we have the compasses on the top we have a circle we have some Hebrew characters we have some Masonic cipher there in the middle on the yellow um a rectangle we have a scroll with a pentagram on it we have three masonry tools being a level a 24 inch gauge or it may be a plumb and a setting Maul or mallet okay yeah I believe that is a problem there okay so this is the third degree tracing board or the Master Mason okay clearly for those who remember the legend of Hiram Abiff this is a reference to Hiram Abiff and his grave okay we talked about Hiram Abiff being accosted at the temple of Solomon okay and again he is the symbol of truth he is the symbol of one awakening the process of awakening coming to the light of truth okay being initiated into the mysteries and coming up higher in them toward more light okay toward greater understanding and he is accosted at the temple by the ruffians who strike them with three tools including the setting Maul in between the third eye which puts him down and then King Solomon has to dispatch a crew to go and find him I find his body which was scattered by these ruffians it was basically broken up and scattered and um he has to be actually reunited with the lost word okay and again that's pretty much unspoken in the true in the lodge system of masonry I said several weeks back that the lost word is indeed the concept of equilibrium or balance because it is a lost modality within human species that must be reclaimed so equilibrium is that lost word or modality of consciousness that brings Hiram Abiff back to life which brings the spirit back to life which brings the understanding of our own spiritual nature represented by Hiram Abiff back to life okay so this is indeed his coffin and his coffin is sealed by the Skull and Bones now we know that the Skull and Bones is indeed called the order of death the secret society known as the skullenbones is a rogue lodge of dark masonry the elite green people to come up into this system it's it's basically feeds into think-tank institutions and military industrial complex institutions etc government banking you name it religion okay one of the most vile of the dark occult traditions skullenbones uh and the reason that the Skull and Bones are used as the symbolism of this institution is because as we said and have said many times previously on on the podcast this is symbolic a symbol is symbolic of thoughts and actions okay so intelligence and will write intelligence is in the skull the brain right and the crossbones represent will action however the spirit is dead okay so psychopathy not having any emotions burying the emotions burying the spirit that tire of ifs grave what is it killed by it's killed by the dynamic of having intelligence and will without care and let that sink in I mean this should be you know an empowering understanding of symbols here and I've had discussions with people who have said to me that the understanding of that symbol eluded them for so long but then when they may hear hear that explain it makes such sense that it's like a bomb going off in their brain okay and it's true that these symbols are there to awaken people and to help people to understand concepts about life and living and the right way to live this is a warning this tracing board okay it's a warning not to kill the spirit because if you've killed the spirit it's in a grave and you're heading in the western direction which is the direction of death away from the light so this is saying you've already gone away from the light the spirit is dead the idea is to help spread the rejuvenation of spirit help foster the rejuvenation of the spirit of the the knowledge of spiritual nature that we all share the spark of the divine that is within us all so that the three tools are the tools that murdered Hiram Abiff put him in his casket and indeed that was done by the Skull and Bones and I don't mean by the order of the Skull and Bones or the order of death I mean by that the concept of having intellect and willpower but yet leaving our spiritual nature out of the equation and that's what puts Hiram Abiff in his tomb they we see the three Hebrew letters hey hey hey the first name of Hiram Abiff okay and if we trans literate those into numerology which is done in gematria which we've talked about they this is the fifth letter the the number five is associated with hey in Hebrew so this would be 5 5 5 and that is Hiram Abiff number whenever you see triple five that is a reference to Hiram Abiff and it's a reference to the spiritual nature and we see the five pointed star there on the left with the point in the middle of it this is the star of Venus okay the morning star the light okay it is the Sun it represents the Sun because the point with the line around it you'll notice this pentagram has a point in the middle of it it's actually a combination of two symbols it's a combination of the Venus star which is the goddess principle the Sacred Feminine okay with the point upright okay and then the dot with the circle around it is a symbol of the Sun so this is the symbol of the combination of the Sun and Moon coming together the Temple of Solomon and the builder is Hiram Abiff who is dead if we dismiss or discount the spiritual nature that we all have within us and that we all share that we all are all part of the idea that is that if we do integrate that spiritual side with the goddess principle the generative principle true creation okay we will awaken out of this slumber of believing that we are the body okay and come out of this grave and the hope of that resurrection not only within a single individual but within all of humanity is that sprig of acacia that is growing from the top of the tomb and it's something that we can grasp it's it's a spirit it's a symbol of spiritual rejuvenation that's what the acacia represents so whenever you see acacia applied to Freemasonry that is what it is saying that the spirit can be rejuvenated okay and that's what we can use to pull ourselves out of the the grave that we are in as a species spiritual death okay I am I am always reminded of the words of one of my favorite rock artists a do Ronnie do um who is since past he died I believe last year and I think it's been a whole year I there was a song that he had lyrics - they wrote lyrics - when he was in uh when he was originally in the band Black Sabbath he said kill the spirit and you'll be blinded and the end is always the same play with fire and you'll burn your fingers and lose your hold of the flame and this just to me represents such a magnificent understanding of the concept of kill the spirit and the end is always going to be the same intense suffering until you understand that's the true nature you're playing with fire when you do that the third degree is a warning to always keep your actions geared toward the true will helping to not only help your yourself but helping others to ascend in their spiritual understanding and the symbol of this entire debris is the trowel because once you have that key in hand and that understanding in hand you are supposed to spread it and never deny anyone - knowledge as you understand it always disseminate what you know as long as someone is receptive as long as someone you know wants to know you're not forcing it on them but you're telling them and you may even put it out there so that they hear it at least okay you can't force anyone to accept or believe anything trust me I think anybody who's pretty awake has tried that and I do think that we need to be vocal and never stop talking never stop spreading this message through the voice okay you can't unhear something seeds are planted through the voice that's what the trowel represents go out and spread the word the lost word spread the equilibrium by what you know people will come to a place of balance once enough people are in this vibratory energy of consciousness of higher consciousness and once they're speaking it the voice has to become louder and louder and louder collectively more people need to know this so well that they become teachers of it okay so I don't know if I have much more to say on the third degree board because I think that pretty well covers it and basically that's uh you know what it's all about it's about spiritual rebirth this is about the second birth or symbolically the Second Coming okay this is being born again you were born physically into a world of darkness put under mind control and then being born again is relearning or remembering your spiritual nature represented by coming out of that coffin okay which let's look at number image number six hey here is perfect example coming out of the coffin Hiram Abiff coming back to life there we see him in the coffin and folks it's no coincidence that Hiram Abiff looks like Jesus in this image that's not a coincidence it's deliberately designed like that okay because it's the same conceptual idea Jesus was the light of the world Hiram Abiff is the light the spirit understanding your true spiritual nature being in the world but not of it coming out of the tomb resurrecting rising back to life after being dead there's the numbers five five five as we said the skullenbones the at the very top the square inverted the three tools on the coffin there near the bottom with symbolic Temple of Solomon in the middle the upright pentagram with the all-seeing eye in the middle on the light screaming out of it representing man's spiritual nature I covered this extensively in the in my free your mind Conference of presentation in which the pentagram was a huge a symbolic reference in that presentation we saw how it is used extremely subversively when it comes to the military and the police but that's another presentation there's the sprig of acacia over his head okay and he is called the widow's son why is he called the widow's son because again he is the neocortex enlightened balanced in equilibrium okay and this is made possible through the connection to the Sacred Feminine part of the brain the right brain hemisphere and specifically also the limbic brain with the positive aspects of the limbic brain the positive emotions not the fear aspects of them okay connection through emotions to other people all right and when we integrate that emotional those emotional qualities that are the internal qualities of the beam and we integrate those with our actions that's what awakening that's what true spiritual awakening is all about so he's the widow's son because the r-complex the base brain is the controlling father figure okay it's the oldest part of the brain evolutionarily so it's the reptile complex the midbrain is the mammal brain and then the higher brain is the human brain the neocortex so we have to conquer the base instinct part of the brain not not conquer it actually not even the right word for it okay it's going to be there but it needs to be there as a tool for when it is required like a hammer a hammer is a tool you use it if you build the house with a hammer or even if you use as protection against some kind of a predator right you wouldn't the hammer would not take over your house and say since I helped you build this place I'm taking over no you would pick the hammer up when it was required and put it down when you're finished using it well that's what the lower parts of the brain are like there are tools there it's there for when we need them yeah we need them for basic motor skills and respiration etc but if we dwell in that part of the brain and we get locked into the identity that is brought on by chronically living in that part of the brain fight-or-flight mode pure survival you know in a fearful sense gremlin constantly pumping talked about an adrenaline at the free your mind conference a bit at the beginning how when we live in the base brain you know the kind of negative effects it has on the entire brain function so that base brain the r-complex is that father that needs to be mastered let's say needs to be checked put into its place symbolically it needs to be conquered okay so that it is essentially gone it does not rule us okay it has been conquered or put down therefore from the positive aspects of the emotional brain the midbrain we bear the sacred child of the neocortex the light if you're confused as to the symbolic unwrapping of this these concepts go back and listen to the podcasts about the brain but essentially these three structures within the brain are the father the mother or spirit and then the divine child which is masculine okay because it is a it ultimately is what governs our actions and allows us to think critically and make decisions about how we will act in neocortex as such since it is born of the divine mother or the mem million brain the limbic brain once the base instincts of the r-complex have been conquered it is said to be a virgin birth or the birth of a widow's son okay the widow is the woman who's whose husband has died so in the the base if the base brain is viewed as the husband and the midbrain is viewed as the the wife or the widow okay whose husband has died because the base brain is no longer in rulership right she then gives birth to the neocortex which is the divine child the son okay so this is what the and this is what the um virgin birth is all about a the same thing in Christianity the widow's son is born from a mother who has no who has no relationship with the father okay so the widow giving birth to the son it's the same as saying the virgin birth the virgin who is not known man okay or the mother who has not known the father okay nonetheless gives birth to the male child I hope that's clear to people and they understand what's being said here symbolically through the language of the widow's son who is Hiram Abiff who again is symbolically Jesus coming out of his coffin he is the Masonic Christ it's a same allegory but again people don't understand this unless you understand me at the esoteric side of Freemasonry because it's all teaching the same story these are symbolic individuals it's all about you being raised and again the word raised is something that we use with respect to our children most of our children ladies and gentlemen are not raised most of us are not raised the word raised as a masonic term go back to words and wordplay okay we are raised when we understand the answer to that question that I posed you can really answer that question you're raised you really know the answer to it in your mind and heart and you don't even need to be told what the answer that question is you know it how does one know that one is suffering that's how you know you're raised and I would suggest there's very few people in the world in the world they're truly raised not to be negative just to be honest and I certainly would say that most Freemasons in the log system of Freemasonry are unraised they are unraised and I don't care who that pisses off or makes angry or you know puts a bad taste in their mouth because I said that most Freemasons in the lodge system are unraised they don't have that key in hand the true key from the first degree board they don't understand the second degree board and they're not really out of the coffin of the third degree board okay they haven't really made the journey up that spiral staircase they haven't gone up the ladder they haven't ascended the middle pillar to have them come out of Hiram Abiff coffin or grave they haven't truly received the lost word and they certainly don't have the key of the mystery traditions in hand to understand the answer to the question of the mystery traditions that's the true key so we'll find an appropriate of little reward or gift you know a little gift of appreciation for the first person who calls in next week with the answer to that question so let's move on to the next image so there's Hiram f coming out of his coffin and we understand why he's the widow's son now we understand why what the virgin birth is all about and it's these are just reflections of each other in the next few images we're just going to see a repeated theme of um pillars okay and see different ways that they are shown in Freemasonry and we're going to see imagery that has already come up over and over again okay an image number 8 we have the Masters carpet that's what this image is called and we have again the three steps representing the first three degrees we have the coffin at the bottom or the base that's what incidentally folks this is why they call people the dead and I don't mean real freemasons okay you had dark Masons okay dark oak cultists call people the dead because they have not come out of that coffin they're still on the they're below the floor of the house in this image they haven't even gotten to the first step they call them the unbe gun they have not been born again they have not even started the ascension in in the spiritual understanding and the spiritual journey that coffin is there at the at the very floor the ground level then you have steps 1 2 & 3 entered apprentice fellow craft Master Mason here we see the three candles of the lodge and a little representation of an altar this is indeed what altars in the middle of three Masonic lodges look like I could actually probably post a picture of it as well maybe I'll post up images of my journey to the Grand Lodge with with this podcast so you see some imagery from inside of an actual free Masonic Temple but um the coffin down at the base level the first three steps representing the first three degrees and then the three candles represent the sun's position in the sky as it makes its arc across the sky each day not the yearly position of the Sun but the valley position of the Sun Sun rises in the east makes a arc across the southern portion of the sky and then sets in the west so that's what these three lights represent and the North has no light in it has no candle because it is considered the place of darkness because the Sun during its daily trek does not Traverse the northern part of the sky it traverses the southern part of the sky in the northern hemisphere that is okay so we'll break this image down a little bit more of either later or next week depending role we have time for I know Bob is going to want to have some questions for me and then we can maybe take some questions from the audience so I'm going to connect in with Oracle broadcasting right now and we'll be on the Bob Tuscon show for the last half hour of the show so bear with me as I connect here we go folks calling into Oracle broadcasting right now hey and Bob Tuscon will bring us on the line in a moment you have reached the Oracle broadcasting radio network fall in line after the beep please say your name where you're calling from and the on-air host will take your call momentarily mark Pasi from what on earth is happening chat window and I didn't realize they had it off and closed I guess they opened it automatically and all the sudden I hear Alex go yeah we're doing we're doing soundtracks sound check one they were on two and sound checks already Abbi oh no so I box with us now do you have you met mark passing by the way well I have not mark this is federal Jack aka Popeye hey how are you I've heard you on all on the Alex Jones Show oh boy your connection just did a crappy sound try to get mark can you hear me now yeah try it again how are you I've heard you on the Alex Jones Show actually okay mark I'm gonna have to reconnect the call be right back keep talking to your listeners you got it okay so of having a little bit of technical difficulty with the sound there but I'm glad we got this far in the symbolism breakdown of different components of Freemasonry we have a probably another half of those images yes okay mark you sound a little bit better hello great I can hear you fine we're ready to crystal clear on this end yeah and I reset the call in you are as well now and I'll let you guys talk later sometime and I'm sure you guys will have a lot to talk about Popeye thanks again for come on no problem Bob I gotta get my stuff together because I gotta go deal with that train wreck so I'll see you on the train expectantly about enjoy thank you alright folks listening to mark Patheos what on earth is happening podcast we've got a special announcement as I'm sure he's told you stand by we'll get to that in just a second here but first let's get back into the show wait our powder it seems and oils and people use that if you want any org what on earth is happening well folks somebody who takes a deep look at the occult and on today's show Freemasonry symbolism it is none other than our good friend marked a CEO mark had a recent field trip I guess I can call it with Freeman fly of Oracle broadcasting who does his show every Saturday and Mark we have a special announcement that I've been teasing throughout my show today and I'm sure you have with your podcast and let's jump right into it before we get back into your slides that one on earth is happening calm and a look at Freemasonry symbolism as you've been getting into throughout your show the last couple weeks now mark is a longtime friend of mine on an effort of full disclosure I'll just get it on the right here here folks so of course I'm I'm partial to anything that puts marked in the spotlight but mark I'll let you go ahead and share the good news okay great thank you Bob thanks for having me on tonight and it's official I'm going to have my own two-hour show here on Oracle broadcasting starting this Sunday on May 1st at 5 p.m. Eastern Time 5 to 7 p.m. that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central so what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network starting this Sunday May 1st 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time great and that's going to be of course in the Intel Hub radio shows old Sunday spots so will be the same great content and will continue to stay in touch with mark and now mark that you're doing your own show and you don't have your podcasts within my show we're going to have to have you on as a guest more often and be able to talk more candidly rather than I just have you present your stuff on the show because now you'll be able to do it on your own slot and I think it's a great slot and I think there's at Oracle broadcasting we'll really be excited to hear that you're joining the family all right mark let's jump into tonight's topic you've been talking a lot about Freemasonry symbolism and let's get back into the slides that you have again at what on earth is happening com sure so for the listeners who may be joining us on Oracle broadcast and you can see these images at what on earth is happening dot-com if you click the radio listen page on the left-hand side of the site right underneath the player it will say images for tonight's show April 26 2011 and then there will be 13 images listed that you can bring up in a slideshow within your browser we were going through these tonight and we left off at image number seven we finished up through image number six before we get into image 7 what I just want to say here is that people need to become aware that the occult in general and any of the traditions associated with it to think of these things in a unit dimensional way meaning to think that they are all one thing being all good or all evil is very naive we have to understand that these are sets of tools they are sets of tools and they are tools that help us to understand and delve deeply into the human psyche and the subconscious and our psychology and our nature okay so that these tools once understood once being grasped firmly in hand by the wielder of them may be used for great good or great ill it depends upon the level of the consciousness of the person who is wielding that tool okay that's the first thing I want to make clear the second thing I want to make clear is that this is a tapestry of information which if you haven't been following along with it through my other podcasts may not make full sense until some of the prerequisites the prerequisite symbols are understood so it would I would highly recommend going to the podcast archive on my site and making your way through that information in which I break down the symbolism in a stepwise progression in a building block fashion so that when we get to more complex symbol as and as we are going to do now it will be more readily understood so with that in mind those two little caveats in mind let's jump into image number seven on what on earth is happening calm on the radio lesson page this is an a stylized representation of again the Masonic pillars which we've been looking at and we saw the first degree tracing board having these two pillars as their main theme that indeed three pillars and here we see these two pellit this theme of two pillars repeated again but this is in an older alchemical representation this is used in the alchemical tradition of alchemy okay and it is also sometimes used in Rosicrucianism so these are the same conceptual ideas represented as we saw in the first degree tracing board of Freemasonry however there's a little bit different of a take on these we see that they are indeed marked with the letters of the first name that they are given the color of jocking and the pillar of Boaz J and B the light pillar on the left they're represented by the Sun up at the top and a lighter shade to it the darker pillar the pillar of Boaz on the right there has the moon atop it okay and we have the alchemical symbols on these pillars now I'm going to go into this a little bit help people to understand what these symbols are at the basis of each of these pillars and at the top or apex of each of these pillars at the bottom we see on the left hand side a an upright equilateral triangle that is segmented okay or that has its top basically a cut okay and then at the right hand side we see an inverted equilateral triangle that is segmenting in the same place so it's like the other symbol on the left there just turned around one 80 degrees on the right-hand side let's start there okay that symbol is the alchemical symbol for Earth and as we talked about when we looked it up on previous shows we looked at the tradition of of Kabbalah and we look at the the Tarot tradition we saw this symbol represents what we have at our disposal or our resources that we come into the world with or happen to acquire in the physical world as we live so these are are this is basically the situation we may be born into okay it may be what physical or monetary resources we have at our disposal okay it may be resources in the form of people that are around us that may help us along the way okay it is essentially situations and resources in the physical world okay and it could also be innate talents and characteristics characteristics that really you know we could grow that if we put time and attention into them but you know certain people are simply good artists and they're they were good from the time pretty much they were very young and some people are natural musicians some people are naturally gifted dancers there are in hate innate I'm sorry innate characteristics and qualities and talents that we do carry within us that it are seemingly not come from experience okay not everyone can sing in opera like Bud tuscan can I'm joking yeah you're absolutely right so that's what this symbol represents our resources that we have at our disposal and how we're going to use them in the spiritual journey that we're all on how we may put those to use this is why it is at the bottom of the dark pillar okay and now the dark pillar is not necessarily negative okay it is simply what we would consider spirit of material worldly identified okay it is the feminine pillar okay but the base of that pillar we need to understand that we're making the journey from the dark side of things to the light side of things from the moon if we can look at it that then we don't want to look at this as net positive or negative right we could see that these are inherent things on the right hand side where these are internal qualities on the right hand side right that's why they are lunar they're marked by the moon they're at the top of the pillars and on the left you've been getting a lot of questions mark I don't mean to interrupt but will come up to a break and we've been getting a lot of questions about the left and right brain and this is very interesting stuff to me so when we get back in a little bit let's pick it up right from there what's more to come so what we be breaking down later yeah what's what's Donna well we I had some work images of these pillars to show different representations of them I was going to break down the tracing board of the Royal Arch degree of New York right and I was going to look at a symbol that is a classically used to represent the the Sacred Feminine when it comes to Freemasonry which is the depiction of the goddess standing at a broken column interesting alright well we'll get into that in just a moment folks this is the box us can show with Rockcastle with what on earth is happening now on Oracle broadcasting starting this Sunday and of course folks is website what on earth is happening calm you we all know that berkey water purification systems are the most trusted name in water filtration as an authorized Berkey dealer for over five years ain't serving thousands of satisfied customers the Burke API offers of me hey Mark you have it all bottled up sorry I didn't hear do you have the clock up um I do not but I can bring it up right now yeah bring it up just so you get in a habit of sure looking at you know the back end to the clock I'm talking about I do I do come on you still have that log in yes I do I'm little getting ready to log in hold on they'll hook you up with your own login once you start that's on there great not that it doesn't make a difference but you'll need it because well but maybe not I don't know we'll see anyway I'm logging in right now so that lets been right brain stuff those are the that's kind of what you were discussing there right yes exactly I mean that's they're trying to make us what more right brain more left brain unknown um this this symbol is about the importance of combining both brain hemispheres into a sauce a union of seemingly opposite so that we come online to our higher spiritual nature and basically become enlightened um that's kind of like the Trivium you know we have the Trivium and the quadrivium right quadrivium or right brain and trims more left by episodes as a matter of fact um symbols of the symbols of the Trivium are in one of the images that I was going to bring up tonight it's on image number 12 you can see the Pythagorean triangle there with the little squares that represent you know the three four five right triangle and that is a depiction of the Trivium quadrivium and five senses okay Wow there you go so that's an image number twelve there on the hand side of the the Temple of Solomon there let me see this well there it is yep sure enough cool well we're coming back on Oracle broadcasting as well as 1650 are AM affiliate that just started picking up the show and that's pretty cool they're fairly large AM station that's awesome it's also about number 8 if you're looking at the images of the Masters carpet it's there on the right-hand side once again yeah I hope all of your listeners pick you up on the offer to follow along because it helps you know it's a good point of reference anyways we're coming back in second standby okay Mike chambers lines I'm here or broadcasting them okay we're taking a look at some of the symbolism and whether or not we believe it or look believe in it rather it's not really important because the powers that shouldn't be they love this stuff they they put this stuff right in our face and they know that we can't read the symbols therefore we can't see what's really going on but our friend Mark passio has a wealth of understanding of what these symbols represent and Marco I'll let you jump right back into it I think the main thing to keep in mind is ultimately that these are symbols that tell us about us and that's why there's such a power differential when it comes to the so called powers that be over the masses who do not understand these things what these symbols are all about at a fundamental level is what's going on in our psyche and again if you have knowledge of that and you know how that works you can manipulate if you were so inclined to do so people who do not have that knowledge it's it's simply a power differential through knowledge and if you can occult that knowledge right you can then certainly will that as a weapon against those who it has been occulted from or hidden from whereas all that word means so we were looking at image number seven and this is a alchemical depiction of the the pillars of the temple of Solomon Sun and Moon okay Jah keen and Boaz and we were looking at the symbol at the bottom representing the resources we have in our disposal and understanding the pillar of volos where the lunar pillar itself represents the internal quality of the individual and we can see that at the top because we have an inverted triangle with no separation between it this is the alchemical symbol of water water okay and this represents the emotional dynamics that take place within an individual okay so this earth would be your resources okay and then at the top of the feminine pillar we would have water which represents emotions so we need to develop care first and foremost before we start making the journey regardless of what we have or do not have as far as resources go that anchor us you know in the physical world right regardless of what we have or do not have in order to start making truly making the journey out of darkness and into light or away from the dark and toward the Sun okay we need to care enough to do that to come out of Darkness is to come out of ignorance and to go toward the light is to go toward knowledge that's what these concepts symbolically represent okay so we see that then the journey continues at the base of the pillar on the left hand side the pillar of Jing the solar pillar now this is the alchemical symbol of air and air in the in the symbols of alchemy represents intellect or knowledge okay so you're you're starting with base resources you have to care enough okay in order to begin that journey pull out of darkness and toward light and then you go to the base of the pillar of jocking and you see that represents the beginning of knowledge you're coming out of darkness and into the light and that is a symbol of the intellect okay so that's air the journey is not finished by just knowing however see that's called the basic concept of understanding but understanding is doesn't isn't the thing that really puts you toward true enlightenment what puts you toward true enlightenment is acting upon what you understand okay so wisdom is the application of knowledge in a way that serves that which we truly are so the very top of the left-hand teller there the solar pillar it was a pillar of action again the lunar pillar is we should look at it as negative we should look at it as internal qualities okay the emotions are internal qualities however action is an external quality okay so the top of that solar pillar is there that upright triangle represents fire okay fire represents action alchemically symbolically okay so these are our actions what these two pillars are ultimately about are the internal qualities of the being on the right hand side and the external qualities of the being okay so what we know about what's going on around us and what we do with that knowledge on the left hand side now the idea is to synthesize them or unify them to bring them together and you see the left hand side the latin word popped air pocket air means father and on the right hand side the the stream of light coming out of the other so the left hand side the stream of light coming out of the Sun says Potter which is father because that's the male side and then on the right hand side we see coming out of the lunar assemble the moon symbol mater which means mother so father and mother male and female coming together to bear the child the sacred child into the world and that child is the synthesis of our emotions and our actions we can't simply know that something is right or feel that something is right we have to act upon it we have to act with with right action in the world take right action in the world not just know what to do with with what we know again I've said on my podcast many times a great philosopher from the East Yong Ming said that to know and not to do is not to know you don't have real wisdom if you're not actually acting upon what you know to just say I know that and I'm done is a spiritual huge mistake because wisdom entails action okay it's not just a feminine principle it's a feminine principle combined with the masculine principle of action to create a manifestation in the world which is symbolized by the third pillar which would be the child now here it's symbolized by the union in the middle that circle with the the two triangles joined okay is the symbol of physical and divine worlds okay it's basically means bringing the kingdom of heaven to the earth okay making this place a better place more in line with our true spiritual divine nature okay that is a part of all of us and that we are a part of it okay it is improving the world in which we live for ourselves and our posterity that's what that circle in the middle represents and you can see down at the bottom where that this checkered floor is you'll see that as a theme throughout Freemasonry and other occult traditions if you look at the word down there it's inverted and it's in Latin and it says in furious inferior simply means the lower or the inferior okay and then at the top above Potter and mother joining and you see the the other symbols of the planets the planetary symbols or the gods so to speak symbolically in the heavens we see the word superious written which means the greater or the superior okay so that's the divine world is at the top the realm of the gods of higher consciousness and the lower world or the earthbound consciousness the material identified consciousness is the lower world and our goal is to bridge those and essentially through higher consciousness or through climbing these pillars to make the physical world a better place or much more like the divine world the spiritual world so that's what that's all contained in these symbols and again this is my interpretation of them I think I have a fair good handle on all of the symbolism as I've studied it for many many many years but hey there are other interpretations my word isn't final on anything you might contemplate upon this symbol and find things that I've never seen in it so that's what I would encourage people to do because contemplation bridges the brain hemispheres it uses the left and the right brain simultaneously and it helps to bring us to the place of balance which is indeed where we need to be if we're going to turn on our third eye and ascend to a higher modality of consciousness well they want to continue to go after our third eye and of course fluoride calcifies the pineal gland which is that tiny organ in the brain that scientists believe is the center for spirituality it's the place that secretes DMT when we sleep and when we die and when we're born and so many other things mark we'll get into that at our final segment let's see here and about actually heal is our final segment about the vent I know but I'm going to wrap it up can I wrap it up on the pineal gland that's a great place to rapture if we look at image number eight you're going to see a symbolic depiction of the pineal gland the pineal gland again is the third eye chakra or the one eye okay that sits right in between the two eyes that we have right so on image number eight called the Masters carpet which I was beginning to break down earlier I'll continue that this next week we see that array of the watermark yes thanks so much looking forward to your show on Sunday mark passio ladies and gentlemen all right we'll see you next time on the Bob Tusken radio show