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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavour to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I am your host mark passio this show is live every Sunday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. East Coast time that's 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Central Time today is Sunday May 22nd 2011 my website what on earth is happening calm and there's a great show lined up here for you today we are going to continue to discuss the esoteric symbolism behind the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States this is better known as the pyramid and all-seeing eye that is found on the back of the one dollar bill we started this last week and I began to extensively breakdown the symbolism of this seal we're going to continue that today we're going to look at the gematria or the hidden occult numerology in this seal today and look at some of its deeper underlying meanings so that's coming up on the show a little bit later I have a couple event announcements to read the first is right here in Philadelphia today there is an event that is happening at Independence Mall visitors center right on the lawn it's called raise the vibration and it's basically an event where all activists of Philadelphia of any persuasion that are attempting to really improve the state of the world are coming together to talk about you know what the world they want to see come to fruition would look like and how to make that happen so it's a good positive event and that's happening today all throughout the day right here in Philadelphia at Independence Mall visitors center right on the lawn there so anybody who happens to be in the area that might want to check that out that'll be going on until 11 o'clock tonight I'll be going out to it right after the show finishes so raise the vibration a good friend of mine Dave m and door for really helped put this event together and hopefully it'll be a big success the second event is the Tesla Science Foundation's Nikola Tesla energy independent celebrations coming up here in Philadelphia July 7th 8th 9th and 10th and there's the Tesla science conference which which is a big portion of the overall energy independence celebrations that happen every summer around Tesla's birthday the science conference will be open to the general public and its topics will include ether theories alternative energy exotic propulsion technologies electrotherapy Tesla coils and the wireless transmission of power this event is open to the general public and only $100 for registration that's for all four days and students will receive a 50% discount with a valid student ID you can register online for the Tesla science conference coming up here in Philadelphia July 7th 8th 9th and 10th at the Tesla Science Foundation's website Tesla Science Foundation org will be right back on what on earth is happening and we'll jump right in with our topic which is esoteric symbolism stay with us folks [Music] [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we are back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're going to be discussing the esoteric symbolism on the back of the dollar bill namely the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States we started this last week before we do that I want to direct everyone to my website at what on earth is happening dot-com and if you click on the radio listen page which is the graphic on the left the upper left-hand side of the homepage when you enter the site it says listen live you will come to the radio listen page and then on that page it will say images for today's show and there will be a list of of numbers that are links and each one of those numbers is a link to an image if you click one it will come up in a slideshow these are the images we're going to discuss today on the show and we were beginning this topic of conversation last week and I was breaking down this sigil which is an occult collection of symbols that are put together to make a more complex symbol and in order to understand how that process works we need to be versed in the building blocks or the vocabulary so to speak of what this sent this sigil or this complex symbol is comprised of it's like being able to read involves understanding the vocabulary of the words and in turn understanding the letters that comprise each word so understanding a complex symbol the prerequisites of that process are understanding the simple symbols which the larger more complex symbols is comprised of so we started this breakdown of the Great Seal last week and we ended up understanding that it essentially represents the world in transition to a new world order whether that transition is a positive one in which we emerge in a state of freedom or whether it is an extremely negative one in which humanity emerges into a state of slavery is a choice and it is up to us and it is up to how much we become enlightened and bring enlightenment to the world through the process of acting rightly upon that which we know so you have to come to a place of enlightenment through knowledge and then turn that knowledge into true wisdom by acting properly upon it this is symbolized by the eye above the pyramidal structure the light okay or the the source the oneness the unification of our thoughts our emotions and our actions and I made a if we look at the seal in image number one that light is a very small portion but it illuminates the entire scene what is of a very great proportion in the image is stone which represents unchanging this it represents stubbornness it represents staying in one form okay the uniform okay conformity it represents heaviness weight the opposite of light okay it represents low consciousness connected with the earth meaning bound in ego based awareness not connected with spirit okay not that earth in and of itself is anything negative okay it means identification with the material all right the stone is what we want to transmute into light okay we looked at this as the symbol of all masonry both light and dark true Freemasonry and dark occult ik masonry it's both ok because the dark Masons or the dark o cultists of the world the dark builders because as we said we are all builders of our collective experience in the world and therefore everyone is actually a Mason everyone is a co-creator of the experience that everyone ultimately lives in in the three dimensional space-time reality that we experience here on earth we are the co-creators of that reality whether we understand the laws that govern it whether we understand the process of co-creation or not that is the case so we're creating this reality forward into the future and it will either be one where the entire world is devoid of light okay meaning that that light has been bricked up the small amount of light that still remains in the world has been completely blocked out from the world and a male Dominator structure the blade okay the symbol of the blade the upward pointing triangle by itself rules the world so in image number two this is an animated gif that I created to show this dichotomy of the current world in transition with a little bit of light left in it attempting to reach or transmute the stone which is the vast majority of the population and the dark New World Order of the bricked up light where no light is reaching the world no light is reaching the earth you can see this animation if you click image number two so an image number three I show the representation of this dark new world order represented by the completed work of the dark occultists so we said last week that annuit coeptis means he or she favors our work favors our project favors are undertaking our enterprise however you want to look at that word coeptis and we can see that this is that work this is what the dark new world order Novus Ordo seclorum is it is the world with no light in it that the light of the Creator no longer reaches anyone in the earth and they are in a spiritual prison they are in a prison actually of spirit mind and body all three and a mail Dominator world reigns supreme and this world is ruled or governed by Darko cultists behind the scene who have all the light and yet have removed it from meaning they have the knowledge of what really is going on and has really taken place but they have removed that knowledge from general circulation so they rule as God from the shadows because that is their intention they want to be God here on earth they want to rule in hell because that's what their rapidly turning this world into a hell unless we do something about it by changing ourselves by learning by taking true personal responsibility by acting on what we know to be right and by helping to influence as many other people as possible into making that same great change within themselves an image number four I showed that there is hidden geometry contained in the seal images four and five show this if we look at the dark New World Order symbol and I showed that you derive these five letters or five points by actually placing the compasses and square of Freemasonry the symbol of Mason's overtop overlaid on top of the pyramid and that is in the last podcast you can go back and check that out you can find the five letters the points of the compasses and the points of the square point to these five letters and they are they form an anagram for Mason if they are connected without the lights they form an inverted pentagram which is the symbol of the satanic mindset and uh that's the intro music for this next break we will be right back after these messages folks stay with us we'll continue to break down on the other side [Music] all right folks were back on what on earth is happening we were breaking down the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States symbolically and we were on image number four from the what on earth is happening radio listen page on what on earth is happening calm image number four shows the dark new world order completed and how this is a satanic world that has been created because when we connect the five points that are formed by the word Mason the anagram that we derived from placing the compasses and Square over the pyramid on the reverse of the Great Seal it forms these five letters when we connect them in a way that does not include the light we get an inverted pentagram which represents the rain of the material world over the spiritual world because the inverted pentagram represents the thrusting of the fifth element into the ground burying it under the weight of the pyramid okay of stone the the spirit represents that fifth element that fifth point which needs to be in the upright position which needs to essentially be given a superior position to the material aspects of ourselves that we understand that we are a spiritual being having a physical experience and not simply a physical mechanized machines in a physical mechanized universe so this is the dark New World Order and in image number five we see what we will create as Mason's as builders of our collective experience if we incorporate the light so the five letters spelling the word Mason if the light is included forms the Seal of Solomon the Sun and the moon it contains the Sacred Feminine spiritual aspect of ourselves incorporated with the male aspect and the male aspect is governed by the light which is in the in the superior position and we see that now that that point of light which is the source of all and the unity of everything actually reigns at the top of the image but the Sacred Feminine element is also included in the image so this represents right action combined with the Sacred Feminine component of care true care and that is what a light Mason wishes to build now when that is perpetuated when that is done chronically okay when we live like that all of the time what will eventually happen is that stone becomes transmuted into pure light okay that's what the goal of the light Mason actually is is to transmute that stone and bring the light down to the earth to to bathe the world in light so to speak such that there is no more stone there is no more unenlightened people there is a state of universal enlightenment in which the truth reigns supreme not the authority of man okay the authority of truth so this is an image number six if we proceed to image six we can see the representation of this positive New World Order the New World Order where truth love and freedom are the end results where there is no Step Pyramid of stone there is only light and that is the true great work the unification of thought emotion and action which will create truth love and freedom and an image number seven I have put together a slide showing all three of these states in juxtaposition with each other so this will really clarify what this image ultimately represents and you can see at the very top of the image it says the world in transition and it's showing the reverse of the Great Seal and then the question is asked which new world order will be created and on the left hand side I show the dark new world order and I describe it as a male Dominator world without light we're dark occultists rule an ignorant enslaved population with an iron fist on the right hand side I show the light New World Order and this is what our choice is between these two worlds that are going to be created in the near future it's all our choice this is the state of the one great work here should depicted on the on the right the light New World Order one great work truth love freedom Universal enlightenment through wisdom and personal responsibility truth love and freedom prevail that choice ladies and gentlemen is up to us as I said this is a very misunderstood symbol people only tend to look at the negative side of it where they look at that light representing the so called Illuminati and them keeping everybody else in a state of disconnection from them in a state of ignorance which is represented by the stone and that is certainly true that is the dark new world order way of looking at that symbol but we need to understand that that light represents the true creator and the true source see the dark aluminous or the dark Oh cultists consider themselves as God here they think they are God they want to be God so they usurp that role of the light and say that they have all of the light and they are the gods here and there nothing of the sort they're just demented twisted psychopathic people who happen to they do happen to know a lot about the spiritual reality in which they live and they choose to deny that version of reality and they choose instead to want to serve only themselves without any care because they have no emotions that's what a psychopath is a being that doesn't have the ability to feel and in this state of actual self-hatred because that's what it really is it's not true self respect these people ultimately know that they're damaged goods at some form or another and that there's something that is horribly broken in them because they have no emotions and therefore they want everybody else just to feel as miserable as they do all the time about themselves and sadly you know that is working for most people that is that is working there their plan to make people feel like that works when it comes to most people on the earth because not many people are living a fulfilled life doing what they really should be doing they're just wasting their lives wasting their time working to pay bills working for fake money that's valueless that's not worth the paper it's printed on and they're going along to get along and in doing so they are unwitting accomplices of this dark new world order they pay taxes to service wars they pay taxes to to service the pedophiles that are in office and in their religions and to help basically bomb people in other sovereign countries that they have note that we have no business being in they continue to keep their money in banks and banking institutions where basically they're owned and ruled by dark occultists that don't care about them but are making money hand over fist in a basically keeping all this money lending it out extracting derivatives upon it charging ridiculous interest rates on it and fueling their other Ponzi schemes of you know fractional reserve banking and the Federal Reserve with all the people's fake money but people continue to let it go on because they don't know any better because they're basically unread because they don't care they become apathetic because they don't really have any true self-respect and that's what ultimately needs to change if we're going to start to transmute things gear and start sending them sending them in a positive direction so we'll get back into all of that when we come back after this next break you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network we'll be right back folks stay tuned [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we are back on what on earth is happening I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening calm all images that we discuss on this show are on what on earth is happening calm on the radio listen live page and you'll see it listed under images for today's show and then there's a series of numbers there that all represent images we have been looking at these images which represent the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and breaking down its esoteric symbolic meaning here on the show over the last couple of weeks and we're going to look at a different dimension of this today we're going to introduce another occult topic known as gematria that spelled GE m ATR IA and what this basically is is a form of occult numerology and this is also embedded in the reverse of the Great Seal and in other places in occult symbology we're going to look at it specifically as it relates to the reverse of the Great Seal now if we look at that image of the reverse of the Great Seal with the pyramid and the all-seeing eye we will see nine letters on the base of the pyramid again this is a 13 level pyramid and as I said that's a solar number okay it represents the Sun and the 12 houses of the zodiac and indeed that's what the ruling so-called elitists or illuminated ones consider themselves a solar cult they are the cult of the Sun they are dark atenists okay they are dark Luciferians they are dark set Tian's all of these are simply representations of the dark Sun okay it doesn't mean that those names well when it comes to set it does mean that it's a negative it's set there is no really positive side to him in Egyptian cosmology he was the opposite or antithesis of Horus the Rising Sun the true bringer of light in you know the dark solar principle represents the force that keeps people in a state of opposition or duality it's the set on principle as we've talked about before many times on this program and again in Hebrew the word Satan means adversary or opposer the one who tears apart the one who creates strife division opposition and this is an internal opposition ultimately and that's what they want to foster at all times they want people torn between themselves and each other that's the only way they can rule through divide and conquer so this thirteen is symbolic of the solar cult nature of the pyramid or the great work that they want to build that's why there's 13 courses of brick for the dark new world order okay and again this also this number 13 also represents the positive side the Sun and the 12 houses of zodiac depicting the light the true light the light of reason okay the light of knowledge of self that the the light meaning being connected to the true source of oneness we have to understand that there is a dual nature to symbolism depending on who's using it and what the purpose that they're using it is we can't get locked down into Yuna dimensional thinking about what any given symbol means and this is the trap that most researchers when it comes to Freemasonry in general when it comes to the occult in general when it comes to this type of symbolism which has clearly has a dual meaning when you get deeper into it and don't just skirt the periphery don't just look at it on a surface level but really dig deep and understand what these symbols really mean we understand that it's not as simple meaning one thing so the number 13 is a classic solar number okay and it represents when when it comes to building the dark new world order or beginning the work in earnest of building this pyramid of stone then it sits it carries a negative connotation when it means building toward the light okay and actually helping to transmute that brick that stone into pure light which is embodied and symbolized by the Sun then it carries a positive connotation all right so we're going to look at these nine letters and understand what they really mean and why they're on the base of this pyramid so we need to understand them as Roman numerals first of all okay they're they don't clearly aren't forming a word the letters are M d c c LX x vi9 letters they represent roman numerals the roman numbering system okay and in slide number eight here in image number eight on the radio listen page of what on earth is happening you can see the breakdown of each one of these Roman numerals and what number they represent in the Roman numeral system M is the Roman numeral that stands for the number 1000 D is the equivalent of 500 C is the equivalent of 100 L is the equivalent of 50 X represents 10 V represents 5 and I represents 1 so when we add these all together in the nine letters that we are given at the base of the pyramid we get a number so let's do that we have M a thousand D we're adding 500 so we've reached 1,500 okay now we have to seize each C is worth 100 so now we are at 1700 then we have an el al represents 50 so we're 1750 we have 2 X's which each represent 10 so now we've at were adding 20 - 1750 we have 1770 then we have a V which represents 5 1775 and then we have a 1 an AI which represents 1 1776 which of course is a very significant date a significant year because that was the year that we wrote the Declaration of Independence and declared our independence from the tyranny of Great Britain and the the old world order so to speak and as we know immediately the new world order began being built after that year and this is also the date that the dark marriage between royalty and the dark occultists really occurred in earnest through the formation of the Bavarian Illuminati in 1776 that organization of course is much older but it's simply a symbolic date for a number of reasons which we're going to get into tonight and that initiation of the so-called Illuminati was done in on May 1st Val purchase knocked of 1776 Beltane a specific reason for that as we know that's the most significant occult holiday or Sabbat of the year so 1776 is what we get when we add up the digits or the numbers that these Roman numerals stand for now let's apply gematria to these now gematria is a combination of number and form ok it stands for Jamaa tree gematria stands for geometry plus mathematics okay so there's form and number so let's look at the number first and explain the concept of gematria reduction as it is known and this is seemingly a an oxymoron because gematria reduction is actually addition which we look at as the opposite of reduction okay but it's essentially reducing complex numbers down to more simplistic numbers through adding their digits that they are comprised of together and then summing that result okay just looking at the result of that making it more simplistic so 1776 the number is simply comprised of a one a seven a seven and a six if we add those all together okay we will get one plus seven which is eight plus seven which is 15 plus six which is 21 okay so if we add the two and the one together we can reduce it further from a two-digit number to a three-digit number and we will get the number three this is the simplest reduction of the term 1776 and what I want to do is continue this on the other side of the break so we can see that there's more complex ways that these numbers can be reduced and that's what we're going to see when we look at how they're put together on the reverse of the Great Seal we'll pick that off on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening with mark passio stay with us folks [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right ladies and gentlemen were back on what on earth is happening in the last segment we were talking about the concept of occult numerology known as gematria and we were seeing how this applies to the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States and the symbolism that is contained therein we were looking at gematria reduction of the numbers in Roman numeral digits digits on the base of the pyramid M D CCL XXVI of the Great Seal and we added those up it sums 1776 that is the sum of those Roman numeral digits again significant date for two reasons the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the formation of the modern incarnation of the Illuminati the dark form of the Illuminati I should say we see that the numbers 1776 reduced to three because they add to 21 and then 2 plus 1 equals 3 this is how gematria reduction worth works it's simple addition of the digits until you get a single-digit number however we can also simply sum up the 6 and the 1 and keep the other two digits ok this is another way of doing it you can simplify in a very simple way until you get down to one digit so if we simply add the 1 and the 6 we get 7 and we can keep the other two 7s in place and we get another very significant occult number seven seven seven three sevens okay we'll see what that means in a moment but I just want to show you that it works out the same seven plus seven plus seven of course is still 21 and that still equals three this is the community commutative property of addition it means it doesn't make a difference if you change up the the order that you're adding them in you're still going to get the same result so let's see how this applies to the Great Seal if we look now at form and how form is incorporated into the Great Seal we see there is essentially one shape that is repeated in the Great Seal of course it's contained all within a circle however the main shape or focus of the image is a triangle I'm cutting a three-sided polygon so if we take that and replicate it three times because we can see the repetition of three okay we have nine letters so we need to put those around the triangle three times we have three sides or three vertices of the triangle right and we have nine letters so you could do this with one triangle and just you know start at the top and then go to the base and then you could repeat it three times you'll get the same result I'm just showing it here for simplicity sake with the first three letters around one triangle the second three letters around a second triangle and the third letters around a third okay you could do it on one it will basically come out to the same thing so again these images are very critical to just be hearing this I know would be difficult the images are paramount they really need to see the images to go along with this talk so they're at what on earth is happening on the radio listen page and it's you'll see that in a section that says images for tonight's show if you're listening on podcast the images are listed with the podcast on my website in the podcast section so the first three letters are MDC we place the first letter at the vertex of the pier at the apex of the pyramid and then the second two at the base so this is representing that there is unity at the top where there is light and there is duality at the bottom where there is low consciousness okay so one letter at the top two at the base all right we do this again for the second series of three letters see at the apex of the pyramid and L&X; at the base then the last three letters are x VI x goes at the apex of the pyramid and V and I go at the base so now we're going to substitute the values of these letters with that we're going to substitute in the values for these letters so the next slide image number 10 okay we were looking in image 9 where we place the letters around the the respective pyramids or triangles now we're moving the image number 10 where we are now substituting the values for the letters okay so now we have one 1000 at the top of the first pyramid and at the at the base of the first pyramid we have five hundred and one hundred because M is 1000 D is 500 and C is 100 all right now the next pyramid was CLX so this is 100 at the apex at the very top and then 50 and 10 L&X; at the bottom okay the third pyramid we had X at the top and V and I at the bottom this translates to 10 the number 10 at the top and then 5 and one at the bottom okay so if we move on to slide number 11 we have a further reduction because what I've simply done is I've kept the three powers of 10 which is also symbolic language powers of a 10 powers of at 10 okay it works out in the English language like that for a specific reason all right we see that those are perfect numbers those are perfect powers of 10 all right but at the bottom we add the 5th the 500 and the 100 on the first pyramid to get 600 and then we add 50 and 10 on the second pyramid and we get 60 and then we add five and one on the third pyramid to get six so I think some people will begin to see a pattern emerging here I know I do and people who think this is accidental or it just works out like that somehow get over it this is deliberately designed all of these things are not accidental they were very carefully crafted into this sigil because it is an occult sigil so if we go to the next slide which is slide number 12 we see the reduction of these because all of the zeros simply add to nothing they go away so we're left with all ones at the top okay one at the top of every pyramid and that's symbolic that's significant there is unity in light the source the Creator the oneness of everything okay at the bottom we have three sixes because we add 660 and 6 which is 666 so there's three sixes when we remove all those zeros even if we just add them together as 660 and six we have three sixes 666 and I think we've all heard that number as being the number of the beast the number of Satan the adversary the opposer however you want to look at it it's the number that represents low consciousness base consciousness evil the Beast Satan etc okay so if we move to image number 13 I've simply combined them back into one pyramid again I said you could start with just the one shape if you want just keep the pattern going of putting them you know the first letter at the top and then the second two at the base and then repeat that but I've merged them now so we have three ones at the top representing the Trinity of thought emotion and action in a state of unification unison oneness non duality ok the Trinity United and we have the number 666 at the base of the pyramid of stone so the Trinity representing the light and that's the Trinity that our of the expressions of our consciousness thoughts the Creator emotions the divine mother or spirit and actions the divine child the Sun male action the male principal action is the male principle okay and it's the byproduct or the child of our thoughts and our emotions so that's the state of those three being unified and activated or enlightened true enlightenment is when all of those three aspects or manifestations of consciousness are unified within us and not in a state of opposition or duality the state were they where we don't have these principles activated at all where we exist in a state of ignorance apathy and laziness / cowardice is the Beast consciousness 666 a stone the state of darkness without the light of weight that crushes our spirit we'll pick this up on the other side folks you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network stay tuned [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] complex symbolism that is comprised of more simplistic symbolism that is combined together to form something that carries a more complex meaning or story so in the last few segments we've been looking at the concept of occult numerology and how the date on the bottom of the pyramid M DC c LX XVI the Roman numeral date which represents the year 1776 if we break down that's that those letters and place them around the actual shape and then convert them into their numbers so if we place them around the pyramid in a specific sequence and then convert them into actual numbers that that the Roman numeral digits represent we get after the gematria reduction or a simple addition of the digits we get the number 1 1 1 at the very top of the pyramid representing the Trinity or thought emotion and action in a state of unification and at the bottom we get the number 6 6 6 representing base consciousness consciousness without light without understanding without reason in a state of ignorance apathy and laziness and cowardice the opposite of thought emotion in action the opposite of true holistic intelligence true care and right action in the world through courage so what I want to explain in this segment is that when we look at the number 1 1 1 we see that that is the equivalent actually of the number 777 which we have already spoken about and the reason for that is in gematria if different numbers or words that we are ultimately converted into numbers if they add to the same number or if they reduce as it is called in geometry to the same non they are have equivalent meanings okay so 1 1 1 adds to 3 1 plus 1 plus 1 is 3 and we already saw that 7 7 7 adds to 21 which then adds to 3 2 plus 1 is 3 so since both of these numbers add to the same reduction number which is 3 they can be interchanged they can be transposed they can be used to represent the same concept or idea they are equivalents in gematria in occult numerology 1 1 1 & 777 are equivalents they are identical they essentially carry the same symbolic connotation so 777 is the unification of thought emotion and action in an activated state of higher consciousness it is the representation of being like the divine in human form unity in human form it's not saying that you are the divine that you are God it's saying that you have arrived at a place of unity within yourself so you are embodying that divine spark that you carry within you you are expressing it in its fullness through your thoughts your emotions and your actions in a state of oneness you're listening to what on earth is happening ladies and gentlemen I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we'll continue this breakdown of a culture mantra on the reverse of the Great Seal after these messages stay with us folks [Music] welcome back ladies and gentlemen - what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark Cassio we're talking about gematria or occult numerology as applied to the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the back of the one dollar bill all of the images for any of the talks that I give here on what on earth is happening can be found on the radio listen page when the show is live of what on earth is happening calm click the listen live button on the upper left hand corner of the website if you're listening on the podcast the images will be listed underneath the podcast on the podcasts section of my website which brings me to my next point for those who may be new to the show I understand that it may be difficult coming in at a point like this where I'm breaking down complex symbolism and a lot of these concepts have prerequisites to understand all of the prerequisites have already been touched upon and explained on former shows and you can go back and listen to any of those for free and download them all the entire archive of podcasts is at what on earth is happening calm in the podcast section just click the podcast tab every show is listed with its topics shown the date and topics are shown and then associated images documents and videos are also shown below the podcast listing so avail yourself of that information if you want to catch up and it's easy to download put them on any digital music playing device copy copy them up send them to other people do whatever you want with them they're there for for your edification basically so that having been said let me give the call-in numbers which I didn't do in the first hour if anybody wants to call in feel free to call in and chime in on any of this calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five and let's get right back into the breakdown of the occult numerology in the reverse of the Great Seal the symbol of all Masons the world over whether they be light or dark Mason's whether they be building with light or building with stone this is the symbol of both the light and dark Oh cultists this is the symbol of the world in transition this is the symbol of the law of attraction what do we build with what we build with will directly influence what we get we reap what we sow as we think so we shall become that's it and I would add as we think feel and act show so the world that we are co-creating through those principles so it will be like so it shall be and then we will have to experience it in other words you made your bed and now you have to lie in it and I don't think we're doing such a great job folks quite frankly compared to all of the possible permutations that we could have created with this divine gift of the mind look at what we've made the world into you know a practical prison planet that we've heard this term used by people like Alex Jones and others and it's true that that's what the dark new world order is it's a prison for souls that is being built and it is almost nearing completion so if we want to change it we have to understand the same things that the dark occultists who are running that ship of state that are running the entire hierarchical occult system that people are unwitting accomplices in we have to understand the same knowledge and information that they do which means we have to bring hidden knowledge out of the darkness and into the light of day we have to make the occult no longer hidden we have to make it common sense we have to make it known to a point where it's common sense to anyone just like some of the things that people take for granted today seem like common sense to them even though they're most of the time radically off the mark about it about what is real and what isn't we need to make this information into common ground that we can build a better world on because again it's just information about ourselves it's what we do with it that determines what the world that we will experience and live in will be like so we saw in the last segment that when we add these digits together we're looking at we're picking up on image number 14 on the radio listen page of the website and we see that when we finished the gematria reduction of these nine digits MDC CL XXVI we get at the very apex of the pyramid 777 representing the unification of the expressions of consciousness in man and then the number 666 which represents base consciousness unconsciousness in other words being kept in the dark no activation of thought emotion or action so image 15 is a simple chart that explains this concept and these two occult numbers and their associated meanings image 15 is a chart about gematria or occult numerology it shows the numbers 777 and 666 and explains their meanings 777 means man in a state of unity consciousness thought emotion and action are activated unified or complete the gematria reduction is 3 for the number 777 again the Trinity the law of 3 etc ok the true triangle or pyramid fire in the middle Pyrrha fire mid middle pyramid the fire in the middle is the awakened pineal gland in the middle of the head the third eye the middle I the one I the true one I not the fake one that were given as money which is why this symbol is put on money Mon eye one eye and yes that is how simple the occult is through words and terms and symbols that's it that's what it is but because we don't understand it as a whole it has effect upon our subconscious we don't understand what's really being said to us through the money that we carry around as occult talismans this ultimately is all part of talismanic magic the number 666 its meaning is man in a state of base consciousness or beast consciousness opposition adversarial duality thought emotion and action are inactive or incomplete and this is what most people are in this state of consciousness it is the number of mankind as they exist right now unfortunately the vast bulk of them its reduction is 9 because 6 plus 6 plus 6 is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 what is the symbolic significance of the number nine we'll pick that up on the other side of this next break you're listening to what on earth is happening with Mark Hasse oh here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] alright folks we're back on what on earth is happening and before the break we were looking at the number nine and it's symbolic significance and I'm sorry about the background noise I'm not sure what's causing that I think that's something outside here so we were looking at the number nine and it's symbolic significance and we see that when we reduce the numbers seven seven seven we get the number three when we reduce the number 666 we get the number nine so these being at the respectively at the apex and base of the pyramid 777 reduces to 3 and we put three at the apex this is image number 16 now that we're looking at on what on earth is happening calm on the radio listen page at the base we reduce the number 666 and we get nine because it adds to 21 SiC I'm sorry it adds to 18 6 plus 6 plus 6 is 18 and then 1 plus 8 is 9 so that's how we reduce in Jamaa tree meaning we add together to get a more simplistic number to take it down to a single digit number so in image number 17 I've put a slide together that explains in someone else's words what 9 means on an occult level so this is the word these are the words of Anton LaVey the former high priest of the Church of Satan who wrote The Satanic Bible and the satanic rituals two books that basically encapsulate the ideology of Satanism and from his book The Satanic rituals here is a quote about the number 9 and what it means in occult terms Levay says despite others attempts to identify a certain number with Satan it will be known that 9 is his number 9 is the number of the ego for it always returns to itself no matter what is done through the most comp flex multiplication of nine by any other number in the final equation nine alone will stand forth now Levay is telling you what the number of ego is and hence what the number of the adversary or the opposer were the one who divides the one who keeps us separate the one who keeps us in duality and I shouldn't shouldn't even use it as the the term want the one it's the force that does this we can't look at this as a being or a person it's a force and it's a force that we have a choice whether to cooperate with whether to align ourselves with or whether to go in the other direction which is the force of unity and true power and truth and light which is the opposite of duality the opposite of satan okay we need to understand this as a concept not a person or a being all right so he's telling you part of the truth but he's not telling you about gematria about reduction of digits when you add them together he says despite others attempts to identify a certain number with satan and he's talking about the number 666 but what he's not telling you is that 666 and 9 are equivalents when it comes to gematria or occult numerology they have the same meaning 666 and 9 are identical because when they when 666 is reduced it reduces to 18 and then to 9 so when he's talking about this these properties of 9 when it comes to multiplication what does he mean well in image number 18 I've put together a chart about the multiplication and addition properties of the number 9 and what this means symbolically okay not just from a left brain mathematical perspective but symbolically occult eclis what does this uh what is it is saying to us about the number 9 okay so the numbers 9 when added to anything when we add 9 to any other digit we change no value of that digit in the final result in the reduction so when we get when we add 9 + 1 we get 10 and the the number 10 reduces to 1 okay so we have changed nothing we started with 1 we added 9 we get 10 and then 1 + 0 reduces to 1 we go back to where we started let's do this with the number 2 we add 2 + 9 we get 11 and then 1 + 1 is 2 it reduces to the same thing that we started out with which was 2 3 plus 9 equals 12 we add 1 + 2 and we get 3 we're back to 3 we do this with any number okay or any series of numbers we add 9 it changes nothing okay so if we look at what this ultimately symbolically represents is adding ego 9 the number of ego 2 anything changes nothing you cannot create change with the ego okay until you get out of ego no true change is going to take place if you're focused on service to self instead of service to others ultimately no no transformation is going to take place okay in addition to this we can see the properties when it comes to multiplication which is what LaVey was talking about in his statement from the satanic rituals 9 plus times 1 is 9 ok 9 times 2 is 18 and then then in the reduction okay 1 plus 8 is 9 all right 9 times 3 is 27 2 plus 7 is 9 9 times 4 is 36 3 plus 6 is 9 we're always coming back to 9 9 is replicating itself through multiplying okay you can do this with any number even a decimal number okay and the result you add the digits even it has many decimal places you're going to get a result that adds to 9 and what this symbolically is saying when it comes to the proper properties of multiplication as applied to the number nine is that whenever the ego is multiplied all that you ever end up getting is more ego when you multiply ego you get more of the same you don't change anything in this method as well you're you're starting with something you're multiplying it through something else and then you're coming back to the same thing no change is being effected things are staying the same in a state of base consciousness because ego is being applied and you get more base consciousness which is ultimately illusion see ultimately 9 since it represents ego which is the false self the false identity that we think of as our self whenever you add it it changes nothing whenever you multiply it you get more of the same and it's all illusion 9 is the number of illusion because the ego the idea of the ego as that we think of as ourselves as something separate from everything else that's what we mean by the ego the state of separation of duality of us versus them thinking ultimately that's illusion it has no actual value adding 9 as we see on the left hand side of this chart is like adding 0 1 plus 9 is 10 add the two digits 1 and 0 you get 1 let's take for example 8 plus 9 8 plus 9 is 17 1 plus 7 is 8 we could just substitute 0 for 9 and it would be basically mean the same result anything plus 0 nothing changes now adenine is like adding zero because adding ego is an illusion [Music] after this break stay with us you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we'll be right back folks [Music] okay folks we're back on what on earth is happening I'm mark Cassio of my website what on earth is happening com in the last segment we saw the properties of the number nine why it is the number of the ego why is it is the number of Satan and revered in Satanism in general because it represents base consciousness which is what Satanists and dark Luciferians want to keep people in so that nothing changes and they continue to rule this world so 9 being the number of ego being the number that represents the inability to create change that's what the force of opposition which is conceptually referred to as Satan once that force wants people in a state of duality in opposition most of all with themselves not just with each other so that people won't actually do the things that they know to be right and will continue to make justifications and excuses for not doing what they know that they really should be doing so in image number 19 on the website I show this process okay of coming out of that state of illusion of ego where the ego is ruling the being where it is ruling their mind in their actions and that is at the base of the pyramid I should also show in conjunction with the pyramid and all-seeing eye the compasses and square of Freemasonry because again the symbol has everything to do with a building project referred to as the New World Order and we I placed the number nine at the bottom of this image which represents the number 666 and I placed the number 3 at the top of both symbols on the left and right here the pyramid an all-seeing eye and the compasses and the square this is image number 19 on the radio listen page of what on earth is happening calm and I've symbolically put on here these arrows that represent the direction that we need as a species as as a whole that humanity has needs to attempt to move this is the great work that we are charged with doing of taking ourselves out of base consciousness okay out of the beast or animalistic modality and moving up toward the state of true reason of alignment with natural law of understanding of ourselves as sovereign beings understanding ourselves as part of the all having a divine spark within each of us and trying to express that in its fullness which is represented by respectively the all-seeing eye and the compasses compassion true compassion true care the divine shape okay that traces the circle in the grand geometry okay the design of the grand geometers all right so we need to come out of the base out of the blocks get past the barriers to the light right because the barriers of stone is what's blocking us from the light we need to come off of the square and go on to the compasses and we do that through G right getting in touch with gnosis with the grand architect the Creator true care the Gaia principle the divine mother all of these things the G represents we talked about that extensively in the past when we looked at this symbol in the break down of free Masonic symbolism so coming out of base consciousness or 666 and ascending to 777 embodying the light activating thought emotion and action each one of these numbers represents thought emotion and action the first six in 666 thought the second one emotion the third one action we need to make them from the number of incompletion which is six to the number of completion in human form which is seven this does not again mean that we become God okay we embody the light within us we are in this world but not of it we recognize our true source we recognize our our true nature as spiritual beings so that's seven seven seven the number of ascension all right and the this process of Ascension of having having completed the great work in other words is 777 this process of ascending coming out of the nine and going toward the three or out of 666 and going toward the seven seven seven is the number 93 is what is symbolic of that because we're leaving the nine and going to the three so this is in another occult system called Thelema is the number that is used to represent the will that is required to make this journey to make this climb from base consciousness to higher awareness from ego to true compassion and care and right action it's called thelema this is a Greek word it means will okay so the process involves willpower and the other thing it represents is agape or love that's the word love in Greek okay so interest interestingly if we take the gematria of these two words in Greek because you could do gematria in any language you could do it in Hebrew you could do it in Greek you could do it in English in the Greek language if you take the two words that this this number of the process of Ascension 93 right represents it represents will and love those are the things required to complete the great work alright if you look at their gematria their numerological addition of each letter in the word so the the word Thelema comes from Greek is spelled theta epsilon lambda ada mu alpha okay if you take each numerical equivalent of each letter of that word theta is equivalent to nine in Greek gematria epsilon is equivalent to 5 lambda is equivalent to 30 ADA is equivalent to 8 mu is equal to 40 and alpha is equivalent to 1 so we have theta epsilon lambda ada mu alpha which is 9 plus 5 plus 30 plus 8 plus 40 plus 1 and we get the number 93 and that word means will philemon do the same with the Greek word agape which is alpha gamma alpha pi ada and we take the G mod the gematria equivalence of each one of those letters in Greek alpha is 1 gamma is 3 alpha is 1 again pi is 80 and ADA is 8 we get 1 plus 3 plus 1 plus 80 plus 8 which again is equivalent to 93 this is telling us that these words are basically equivalent that they mean the same thing the true will is love and love is the true will it is higher consciousness and it is the process of ascending to higher consciousness we loved ourselves to get up to that level of consciousness from where we were at and we love others if we attempt to communicate the same message that got us to that level of understanding and helped us to perform that great work upon ourselves it is love that drives that so thelema and agape will and love are equivalents and it is they're both what are required to make this process of Ascension happen to go from the 9 to the 3 that's why 93 is a very significant occult number and all of this is going to come full circle specifically when we look at the 911 event so image number 19 showing this occult number 93 and how it is a process of Ascension out of base consciousness and to the activation of thought emotion and action and those manifestations of consciousness coming to their completion within humanity that's what that represents and ultimately that's what this symbol on the back of the dollar bill represents when it comes to the positive side the light New World Order being created and that seal that I made showing one great work truth love and freedom what is the great work completed and that's what it will manifest as the truth being known love being the emotional quality that is the most active and present instead of fear like it is now and true freedom and sovereignty being understood and lived so with that having been said I'm going to go to the calls after this next break and then at the very end I will attempt to tie this all together with what is known as the higher degrees or the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry which we touched upon last week in the last image image number 20 on the website so coming up in the next segment going to the calls and seeing what some people have to say and then I'll wrap it up to take us out stay with us folks [Music] stay asleep obey when he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks at it from the sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminals economy bang that we defended [Music] glasses as [Music] welcome back folks you're listening to what on earth is happening on Oracle broadcasting I'm going to go to the phones in this segment and then I'm going to wrap it up with an explanation of the illuminated degrees and what that really means so here we go let's see what some callers have to say caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today allo caller yes your lives oh yes Anthony from Portland how are you doing mine great mark I first started catching you through yon Irvine yes on your Gnostic media yes and listen to some of your podcasts and I got to say as well it's great information I can't believe you're giving it away I appreciate that it's this this isn't my information this is information that belongs to the people of the world and you know I I don't charge for that there's nothing for sale up on my website I'm doing my best to help enlighten people to what's really going on in the world yeah and believe me I really do appreciate in fact let me identify something my own kind of poison worldview and I'm trying to work through that and as things go anyway the reason I called and I have a question and what I'm looking at is how do these elites avoid the law of attraction how do they avoid their putting out all this negativity into the world how do they avoid having that come back on them that's a great question and I I do have an answer for that I do understand how that works they're not the ones really doing it they're getting other people to do it for them and absorb all of that negative karmic consequence see David Rockefeller or as a business in ski or the Pope or George Bush or Henry Kissinger aren't going in waging war against other people who they never met and killing people and taking their resources from their country etc they're just telling people to go and do that they're not the ones who are putting down political protests and freedom of speech and people's natural law inherent rights they're whispering in people's ears and getting them to do that for them okay they're putting they're poisoning their worldviews through what they're saying and the through the things that they are teaching people that they are accepting as reality by not critically judging that information to determine its veracity or truth and then they are going and taking actions based on that falsity so ultimately the bulk of that karmic consequence is being directly absorbed by the people doing those actions and this is a huge point of contention and disagreement and people will say oh no it only has to do with what the intention is absolute nonsense it has everything to do with the action that is taken or not taken that is where the karmic consequence of the law of attraction is derived from and anybody that will tell you otherwise is lying or doesn't know so the people who are really performing the evil of the world are the one who are going to absorb the most karmic consequence as a result even if they think they're doing it for a greater purpose or the common good or whatever the lie that they by have bought they do not understand that it is them and them alone who are going to absorb the Karma consequence of that action and that's a hard pill to swallow for most people but that's the truth yeah so if someone hires the hit man they both bear responsibility but of the karmic consequence most of it goes to the Hitman absolutely right ABB's 100% absolutely right that's right they're both they're both acts of evil but the person who is taking that action actually performed the evil think about it deeply I mean sit and think about that really contemplate on that for a long time that's something that most people do not grasp if you grasp that and think about that in relation to your own life and your own actions the finger stops being pointed outward and starts being pointed inward and that's the whole purpose of this show to get people to examine to re-examine themselves because if we don't cooperate on this agenda it's game over the world would be free there tonight if people stopped cooperating with this agenda and living in the fear that they propagate so yes okay oh yeah the other question I had for you was who do you think is at the very top I mean read some of the David Icke stuff and he kind of postulates that there's some kind of demonic and two entities feeds off of all of the fear and all the pain and shirin going on in this world it's a it's the force of fear the force of fear is what wants to continue to live and be fed whether you look at that as something that is embodied in an actual consciousness of a being or not to tell you the truth it doesn't matter the game is the same it's played the same way it uses the same methodologies whether it happens to be an extraterrestrial species demonic entities a noncorporeal force or just humans living here on this planet it doesn't matter who's at the top all that matters is the ideology that they are promulgating and the methodologies of mind control that they are using to get us to go along with that agenda we wake up to that it's game over so great question I appreciate the questions thanks so much for the call I'm going to move on to another call now so thanks for thanks for calling it thank you you too it yep okay here we go we have another caller caller you're live on what on earth is happening hello hi how are you yes you are you're on live what do you have for us oh I just wanted to tell you that of course carbon we lived in a we live in a car based world and it has six protons six neutrons and six electrons interesting right also I mean this is interesting because these um principles apply to actual properties in our world the nine in Vedic math is nine and zero interesting yeah I just wanted to tell you that so absolutely you'll find this in many different things you'll find these number systems you know in many different occult schools you'll find that this applies in so many different aspects of the world in which we live I mean look at the number 777 for example how it's used by people it's where you see it the most often in casinos you see that's the jackpot number because they're trying to get you to identify with that number they know what it means occult eclis and they're trying to sell you on that number to get you to keep playing and giving them money you know that's one of the main uses of that number they know it's the number of that what people ultimately want in life is back to that level of completion within themselves that they don't have and so they're selling it to them there was symbol on it on a jackpot on a a slot machine so I pre I appreciate the points thanks all right thank you you're welcome okay I think I'll stop there with calls and we will look at the last point that I wanted to bring up for the last couple minutes if you look at image number 20 which is the final image for tonight you'll see the compasses and square a freemason replaced over once again the pyramid an all-seeing eye and as I said this symbol is a representation ultimately this reverse of the Great Seal is a representation ultimately of the illuminated degrees of masonry okay so the the lower degrees go up to level 32 and this is the number of freezing the freezing point of water meaning that the water is still ice 32 and below it has not thought it has not become flowing it has not warmed to the point that it has received the warmth of the light come out into the light of day so that it could melt or thaw okay it's still frozen the blocks are frozen below 32 but upon reaching the 33rd degree that's the beginning of the illuminated degrees and there are 13 of these illuminated degrees when we add those 13 degrees or Illuminati degrees to the 30 second the 32 below them of the Red Lodge the red and blue Lodge okay we get 45 now what is the significance of the number 45 well that is the angle or the degree that you need to reach to go past but the square and go to the compasses when the transcend base consciousness and go to higher consciousness or compassion we make a 45 degree angle with that square in relation to that square that's why 45th the 45th degree is the top of the illuminated degrees of masonry that's all we have time for folks I'm sorry you'll see here next week on water on earth has happened