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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening to endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I am your host mark passio my website ww-what on earth is happening com this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time we have a good show lined up for you here today today is Sunday May 29 2011 and we are going to continue our discussion about the esoteric symbolism of the pyramid and all-seeing eye on the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States as used on the back of the one dollar bill we've looked at this over the past couple of weeks I'm going to wrap this up tonight with a brief wrap-up and just an explanation of the concept that this symbol represents the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry as I really began to touch upon briefly last week before we ran out of time in the second part of the show tonight I'm going to be starting to look into occult symbolism in architecture so that'll be very interesting we will see how this form of symbolism is really all around us it's everywhere if we only open our eyes and look at it it is indeed hidden in plain sight so I have one event announcement for today and I'll read that before the first break comes up and then we'll jump right into the topic when we come back the Tesla Science Foundation of Philadelphia presents its third annual Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations this summer in the city of Philadelphia July 7th 8th 9th and 10th and it's going to be comprised of 4 separate events the Tesla Science Conference would which runs Thursday through Sunday July 7th through July 10th at 2:00 Liberty Place on the 32nd floor and that is at 16th and chestnut in Philadelphia each day that conference will be going on from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and it is only $100 for registration $50 for students with a valid student ID there will be a social at the ethical Society with a few lectures as well the ethical Society is on Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia that'll be Saturday July 9th at 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. then there will be a Tesla coil exhibition and birthday commemoration Saturday July 9th from 11 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. in the visitor Park area of Independence Mall visitors center at sixth and Market Streets finally during the day at Independence Mall on every day during the conference Thursday through Sunday there will be exhibits vendors music and contacts contests on the grounds of Independence visitors center will have more about this when we come right back after these messages folks stay with us [Music] alright folks who are back here on what on earth is happening on their host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was telling people about the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations a yearly event that takes place during the summer around Nikola Tesla's birthday here in Philadelphia and this is hosted by a great group called the Tesla Science Foundation it's going to be happening July 7th 8th 9th and 10th lots of different events going on during those 4 days here in Philadelphia I just want to finish with the last part of that event that I was reading I made a mistake when reading it the first time it is only Saturday and Sunday July 9th and 10th this is the last part of the celebrations this will be taking place at Independence Mall visitor center at 6th and Market Streets on the weekend of the event with exhibits vendors music and contests taking place right on the grounds of Independence a visitor center out on Independence Mall here in Philadelphia so for more information about the Tesla Science Foundation and this conference that is coming up here this summer in Philadelphia I'd encourage everyone to visit their web site at Tesla Science Foundation org that's Tesla Science Foundation dot o-r-g so that's the only event announcement I have for tonight I want to give the call-in number anybody wants to call in there's never any taboo topics here on what on earth is happening feel free to call in at any time call in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five so as I said the topic for tonight will be a wrap-up of the esoteric symbolism of the reverse side of the Great Seal of the United States also known as the pyramid and all-seeing eye and then we're going to be getting into esoteric symbolism as used in architecture and in Street plans in other words things that are all around us that are really everywhere to be seen if we understand the language that they are speaking then we can see how these things are being used around us in actual physical form and that carries energy with it as we will see tonight so let's jump right into our topic before we do I want to let people know that all of the images that we will be discussing tonight because when you're talking about symbolism you need images in order to portray it properly and show people what you're talking about and in order to do that I know this doesn't quite lend itself to pure radio very well but when you combine that with an internet connection it very much helps to illuminate these subjects so if you go to my website what on earth is happening calm and you go to the radio listen page by clicking to listen live button on the upper left hand side of the site you will see listed there underneath the the player images for today's show and there are lots of images listed there there are links numbered links you can click those and it will bring up the images that will we will be talking about tonight and there are 28 images that I'll be attempting to make my way through during the show today I don't know if we'll get to all of them but we'll certainly do our best so here we go in image number one this is a recap from last week when I was explaining the dual nature of the symbolism on the reverse side of the Great Seal the pyramid an all-seeing eye this is a very misunderstood symbol people think it only means one thing namely the dark Oh cultists who call themselves the illuminated ones or Illuminati ruling over a world of ignorance that is in the dark and that is part of what the symbol actually portrays and represents what people don't seem to understand is that two New World Order's are gret are symbolically shown in this image the the New World Order that will come about if the pyramid is finished meaning that there are no there's no more light in the world and everyone is kept in a state of ignorance and that will build the New World Order of the pure brick or prison society okay that has no light in it and the opposite of this is taking down the barriers or the walls that keep us separated or the the blocks that keep us from ascending higher in consciousness and therefore merging with the light and bringing the light down to the earth for everyone or a state of universal enlightenment and this is the positive New World Order in other words it was two forms of masonry the dark mason is trying to build with brick with things that way down with things that divide us and the light Mason is trying to build with light things which illuminate which enlighten which take away the heaviness of life and take away the things that block us and divide us so these two New World Order's are quite different and they are attempt being attempted to be built by very different individuals indeed so one of the aspects I did want to look at was a concept of what the pyramidion or the very cap of a pyramid represents and how that is related to this esoteric symbolism by a phrase known as the stone the builders rejected and we'll look at that in a moment just to finish the review in image number 2 on the site we see that we looked at the gematria of the Great Seal and gematria is a system of a cult numerology that combines form and number and we showed that the date on the bottom the date in Roman numerals on the bottom of the pyramid when placed around the pyramid in a certain configuration which I took people through that whole process on last week's show which is in which is podcast number 61 in the podcast archive on my site we saw that the numbers added to 666 at the base of the pyramid and 777 at the top of the pyramid this of course reduces in gematria by adding the digits together to nine at the base of the pyramid because 6 plus 6 plus 6 equals 18 and 1 plus 8 from the 18 that you result with 1 plus 8 equals 9 similarly with 777 you add them together to get 21 and then add the two in the 1 in 21 together to get 3 so this is called gematria reduction it's simple addition of the digits until you reduce it to a single digit number so 777 and 666 are very occult numbers we see in slide number 3 that I am showing the occult significance or meaning of these two numbers and what their reduction is and in other words the numerological reduction carries the same meaning as does the extended form so the triple digit number 777 means man in a state of unity consciousness where the thoughts the emotions and the actions are all in unison there is no contradiction they are activated unified and complete ok as we think so we feel so we act and we cannot be made to act in the contrary way to how we think and feel so this is unity consciousness it is also represented by the 3 because the trinity is unified thought emotion and action we saw the number 666 represents man and beast consciousness or unconsciousness thought emotion and action inactive and incompletely also represented by the number 9 the number of the ego will pick this up on the other side of the break folks stay with us you're listening the what on earth has happened [Music] [Music] alright folks we are back on what on earth is happening before the break I was reviewing some of the aspects of the pyramid and all-seeing eye symbolism on the back of the one dollar bill which we were looking at over the last couple of weeks and we were talking about gematria or occult numerology and what some of the numbers that are associated with that symbol actually mean in occult terms we saw that 777 represented unity consciousness it simplifies to a3 which is the symbol of the Trinity it is also a number that is been held Revere in all forms of esoteric thought since time immemorial basically this is considered a perfect number this is considered a number that represents divinity in many different schools of esotericism and mystery traditions and just mysticism in general so the number 666 conversely represents man in duality in beast consciousness in base consciousness quite simply in a state of unconsciousness thought emotion and action not even activated certainly not unified in a state of ignorance apathy and cowardice / laziness no willpower okay so no intelligence no care and no will that's what 666 has represented and that's why it is the number of the beast because when mankind is in that state of consciousness he's essentially very much like an animal and that number reduces in gematria to a single 9 because 6 plus 6 plus 6 is 18 1 plus 8 is 9 so the idea of ascending in consciousness as we saw last week related to this imagery related to this symbolism of the pyramid and all-seeing eye is to get out of the or the base consciousness which is represented by the number nine at the base and to get to the Trinity or the unification of thought emotion and action which is the awakening or the opening of the all-seeing eye which is represented by the number three so to go from nine to three and we we see that this number this concept is repeated once again in the symbolism of the compasses Square and G which we overlaid on the pyramid an all-seeing eye to show that the five points of the compasses and square symbol sometimes called the five points of fellowship okay point to five letters in the Great Seal that spell out the word Maison because we are all collective builders of the experience that we must live in we are the co-creators of our own reality through our own thoughts our emotions and our actions and when you put those all together collectively with what everyone is doing with their co-creative capacities you get the world that we have today so we're not doing a very effective job as co-creators of our reality but nonetheless those laws continue to apply and continue to work whether we are cognizant of them whether we recognize them whether we acknowledge them and try to live in harmony with them or not so again look at look at the concept symbolically here at the top of the compasses is the three and that's the state of compassion of higher consciousness of you know understanding that we are one the left and the right have come together the masculine and feminine have merged okay we are no longer in the unnatural state of being squared on the square okay and and that sometimes used as a compliment in Freemasonry singing well he's a fair and square guy you deal with him you're getting a square deal okay in other words he's dealing fairly with you on the square in general is is more of an insult than it is a compliment because if you know the esoteric meaning of the square in the configuration that we see it in related to compasses in square it means base consciousness to invert the square so that the point points upward is to correct that base consciousness and balance it so in the configuration that we see it used in the compasses and square symbol it means that we must circumscribe our base instincts and and lower levels of consciousness by higher awareness and knowledge of self so just think about it three squared is nine okay just in mathematical terms it also make sense okay it is the squaring of the circle rather than the circling of the square we need to circle the square meaning refine our rough edges okay take our unnatural state which we've been conditioned into and try to make it perfect again and resemble the divine shape of the circle okay so this number 93 which is one of the most important occult numbers which we talked about a little bit about last week means to go from the nine to the three or from base consciousness to higher level awareness and it is the process of Ascension which requires both willpower care and love okay not just intelligence but knowledge and then the care and will to act upon that knowledge which is ultimately what wisdom is all about so we saw these concepts last week that's a brief review at the end of last week I was once again showing the image of the overlaid compasses and square this is now on image number five on the website on the radio listen page at what on earth is happening calm I overlaid the square and compasses on top of the pyramid an all-seeing eye and showed that these 13 levels of brick that lead to the all-seeing eye of enlightenment at the top of the pyramid represent the 13 illuminated degrees of masonry which when combined with the blue and red Lodge degrees give a total of 45 degrees and this is a symbolic number okay this number is symbolic it's it's the highest level of masonry for a reason these are personal degrees this is sometimes referred as the true lodge of perfection okay it is also referred to as the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry and some people simply refer to as either the White Lodge if it is based in light Freemasonry or the Black Lodge if it is based in dark masonry where the building material is stone meaning base consciousness okay so there are three degrees in the Blue Lodge okay then the Red Lodge culminates in the 32nd degree okay so twenty-nine additional degrees in the Red Lodge a total in lower Freemasonry of in the Scottish Rite of 32 degrees this is the freezing point of water okay above 32 degrees water thaws it becomes free-flowing it's no longer ice it's no longer in one form it can take many forms it can take many shapes okay but below that it's still frozen meaning you're still frozen if you're not in the state of enlightenment meaning you're still part of that brick structure thinking that you can modify that structure from the inside that you're not fully outside the box a thirty third and higher degree me degree Mason is referred to as the illuminated degrees the first the 33rd degree is an honorary degree of the Scottish Rite above that there are these personal or illuminated degrees 13 of them total starting with 33 culminating in 45 okay and there's a reason for the 45th degree as the main symbol of the highest level because in order to transcend the school err and go to the compasses through the G which represents God which represents gnosis which represents the Great Architect which represents true care as we saw in past weeks looking at this symbolism you have to completely make a straight line from the very bottom point of the square to the top point of the compasses that's the straightest line out of face consciousness to higher knowledge of self we'll continue with this on the other side of the breaks folks don't go anywhere you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Oracle broadcast [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay folks look back and what'll hurt this happen I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calmly talking about the illuminated degrees of Freemasonry as related to the symbolism on the back of the one dollar bill the pyramid an all-seeing eye we were looking at image number five on the radio listened page of my website and we were seeing that the illuminated degrees are the last 13 degrees out of 45 degrees in esoteric Freemasonry and this represents the splitting of the square or in other words getting off the square in a direct line to head toward the apex of the pyramid or compasses toward the light so that's why the there's 13 degrees at the end or above the 32nd degree not only to represent the state that water melts and water melts when light and heat is exposed to the the heat of the Sun the light okay when it's iced to become water it has to be exposed to heat and it this also represents getting past all of the final things that find us that we may be holding ourselves back through not only understanding all of the things that have gone awry with the world in an external sense but then working on ourselves in the the sense that we take care of all the little bits of ego that is still binding us and holding us back ok so this is sometimes referred to as the Lodge of perfection or the illuminated Lodge and when we get past those 13 final levels and again it's a symbolic number because 13 represents the Sun plus the 12 houses of the zodiac another number that is associated with light and the Sun okay we get past that 13th level of brick and we stand in the space okay now this concept is easier to see if you look at the image without the square overlaid so if we go back to image number one we can look at the seal in the middle without anything overlaid on top of it and we can see the space that exists between the brick and the light okay now this represents being out of the prison but we don't identify with that all-seeing eye because that would mean we think of ourselves as God we stand under that all-seeing eye in a state of sovereignty there is nothing between us and it okay we stand alone atop the base consciousness that we have conquered we have moved past we have gotten outside the boundaries of okay until we are in that space that wide-open space the widening the broadening okay the awakened consciousness where we understand that we are sovereign that there is nothing between us and the Creator represented by the all-seeing eye itself that we are sovereign under that and that alone so that's what this symbol ultimately represents this is some of the deeper aspects of it and the final thing I'd like to bring up about this symbol is the concept of the stone the builders rejected when it relates to this because this is a concept of the capstone or chief Cornerstone also known as the pyramidion of a pyramid that the top piece that completes the pyramid at the very apex okay there are two stones that the builders reject this is a term in masonry okay a light Mason rejects the dark stone and a dark Mason rejects the light stone so I will explain what I mean by this okay as we saw in light Freemasonry a true freemason from an esoteric perspective is trying to build a world based in freedom that's the end goal okay based in knowledge of oneself which is light okay enlightenment freedom love all right in doing so he wants to remove the stone meaning ignorant and things that weigh us down okay to bring more light to the earth so that eventually the earth is completely enlightened all right the d stoning as we saw when we looked at Royal Arch masonry also represents the decalcification process as related to the pineal gland or the third eye or all-seeing eye within us in the center of the head in the human brain so the light Mason rejects the stone the chief Cornerstone at the top of the pyramid of stone that is the piece that needs to be added to block out the light okay the light Mason that has a stone that he rejects the stone those builders reject okay is the actual stone pyramidion that we see on the left hand image here of the dark new world order that cap stone is put in place and blocks out the light from the world the little that that does remain so that the dominate male Dominator world can be completed the prison for souls that is the stone that the light Mason rejects the stone the builders rejected okay I have rejected that stone and it will not be placed if I have anything to say about it and do about it the dark Mason's conversely also reject a stone the stone the builders rejected when you're referring to the dark builders is the light capstone that we see in the middle image there the all-seeing eye the light of the Creator they are they reject that stone and want to get rid of it from the world so that they can complete their dark New World Order project so the the seal completely makes sense ah no it kept this he or she favors our work the New World Order well which God are you serving which force are you serving are you serving the light or you serving darkness are you serving the force of good or evil are you serving true freedom or do you want to enslave the world okay and the God that you're serving the force you're ultimately serving certainly favors your work that you're doing the building project you are undertaking to build the world that they want to see come to fruition so this symbol represents all of us collectively as the builders of our world which force which God do we serve I'm comfortable with the word God which creative force do we serve which generative principle which form of service service to freedom and helping others and helping the world become enlightened illuminated truly in truth or service to self where you only care about yourself and your own ego with needs in which case you're certainly helped building that dark new world order that we see on the left hand side of that image so I'm gonna leave the breakdown of this esoteric symbol there we're going to move into architecture a little bit later on but I see we have some people very interested and we have some folks on the line so I'm gonna go to the phone's be patient I will get to you if you're hanging on the line the calling number once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five feel free to call in let's go to the phones and take some calls here we go caller you're on what on earth is happening oh hi you're on live on what on earth is happening how are you what do you have for us now this is a mark from Delaware how you doing job good um I've been listening to you since the Gnostic media what what podcast I'm interested in the green language that you've been talking about and I was wondering if like all the English words are constructed with good and bad meanings or is it just some or where you have to figure it out for yourself or I I think that is the best course of action to take I hear different people's opinions on this the English is a horrible demonic language I hear other people say the English is an angelic language I think that the intent of the the people who ultimately constructed this language when it was in its infancy has everything to do with where the words came from and the the energies that they carry we need to go back to Ed Amala geez and understand where words come from in order to basically interpret their meanings and not everything is all one-sided or all the other way I mean there are some things that are like that but when it comes to something as complex as language and there's been around as long as language you can bet that there's some form of a dichotomy or a dual nature to it so my best suggestion when it comes to that is study it on your own understand where words come from that's the most important factor when it comes to this but I wouldn't look at it like it's all just even know Norway I look at it just all good either the word degree like he's talking about degrees a lot and I keep thinking like they're using degrees for temperature plus Masonic Plus math mathematical is their tie in with all three of them or hold that thought to point hold that thought all night we asked the question on the other side we're coming up to a break we'll be right back folks on water on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back folks listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break we were taking a call I'm gonna go back to the caller well are you still there yes why hey Don great you had a quick one yep sorry I was wondering about the word degree if there's a tie in with the temperature part of it and the geometry of course with Masonic and absolutely doesn't seem like there would be a connection but I like I said the 32 degrees are the frozen degrees you have to get up to the 33rd in order to get to the illuminated place and there's no work to be done even there that's the freezing temperature of water is 32 degrees so water finally begins to melt or thaw okay so the the actual state of becoming free-flowing and not being in a unit form one form being able to flow freely comes when we thaw when our ice thaws okay you're starting to really understand true care and get out of that state of being frozen or thinking that the system as it is now doesn't need to be completely done away with basically you know that you think you're gonna work within that system you're one of those bricks in that pyramid in the wall you know and that is that is one of the symbolic meanings of the term degree it also represents the degree of Arc when it comes to the measurement of astronomical measurements so this is the degrees of a circle because it's all you know the degrees in astra the measurements in astronomy that we use degrees in are based in the circle because the the circle is the the form of the celestial sphere okay same thing with the lines of latitude and longitude on the earth we used to and arcs etc when we measure the earth so when we're measuring the earth or the sky we use degrees okay and this is related to the astro theological cults of the ancient world as we saw previously on this show when we looked at the cults of the Sun the stars and planets and the moon these are the three great religions of the world Christianity Judaism and Islam so as they come down to us in the modern world through religion so it's another aspect of degrees you know the zodiac is broken into twelve houses each thirty degrees okay you can look at the eight sections of the zodiac broken down by the 45 degrees each of the the places between the crosses the sections of the zodiac between the arms of the the Solstice cross and the Galactic cross okay the equinox and solstice forms one cross on the zodiac and then there's something called the Galactic cross formed by the four fixed signs of the zodiac representing earth air water and fire and the the sections between those arms of the cross are our eight since you have two crosses that forms eight arms there's a 45 degree angle between all of those so again this number 45 is a number that's based in the circle if we do the gematria of the complete circle which is 360 degrees we get the number nine if we add four plus five you get the number nine so 36 360 and 45 are equivalent when it comes to esoteric numerology when it comes to degrees so it's like saying you've come full circle you've made the complete transit the complete journey is what that 45 is saying it's a complete completing of the circle which again is the divine shape is the shape that represents truly knowing oneself coming to a place of true higher level knowledge of self so that's my take on what degrees represent it's so synchronistic I mean everything fits together like a puzzle you know sure other words and stuff I have one more word and that I'll let you go but it's all right there before us we just have to become conscious you know see it yeah I had like one more word to bug this out of me for a long time and I'm still maybe you can explain it the word die at the IET like people go on a diet and the word die is in there true and most of the diet stuff is artificial sweetners of which aren't good for you other than like stevia and stuff like that is that intentional I've heard that I don't know if I make anything like that but I've heard people refer to it that way though the word itself represents power represents in general some form of power namely personal power usually in its true form so you know it could be the power to help ourselves if we use diet in the proper way and it could also be the power to harm ourselves if we are unconscious of you know how dangerous it could be to eat the wrong things right so yeah I thought so too because I thought there was a good side to it though sure okay hey thankful after your answers absolutely thank you so much for the call Hey okay here we go another call caller welcome to what on earth is happening what do you have for us hello hi you're live on what on earth is happening hello hello caller can you hear us hello yes you're on you're on live what do you have for us can you hear me now yes I can hear you go ahead excellent mark very glad that you're covering these topics are very illuminating I think I had a question specific to geometric reduction yes this part of the Pythagorean system I don't think that it's part of his system of mathematics I mean maybe he possibly did use geometry and some of the things he did I can't say that I know that for certain maybe someone else could illuminate that but in general this is just a very ancient form of a cult numerology that takes things and distills them down to their essences through simple addition meaning if you add this to something here's what you'll get as a result and then they just make that simpler and simpler by continuing to do the addition until you get down to a single digit number which cannot be reduced any further so it's like a process of distillation when it comes to the symbolic meaning of a number as I understand deep and you've given some of these numbers like ego is the number of nine and I believe you said that four was a number of goddess I didn't really get into the number four much for you know basically represents the elements and the cardinal directions you know it's a way of seeing the physical reality you know five then adds the spiritual nature to that equation you know because of the five points of the star and the pentagram etc you know so earth air water and fire that force physical aspects to existence and then ether / spirit true self higher self consciousness is the fifth element in that equation so that's my take on the number four I didn't specifically mention it too much when we were looking at numbers I mostly stopped to nine and three right and I understand those now that you mentioned it I looked at the kuddusi inside the symbol of the doctor's correct nowadays and I saw the two serpents there and I was like interesting they're they're not actually part of the the spine I might illuminated person--i there that being described here they're actually added to it right and I was wondering is this the makers mark it's merely that the serpents are the ones who did the change to the to the DNA of humans back when right and is this their mark of them well that's one way of also looking at that the other way of looking at intertwine serpents serpent's making their way up a pole or a spine would be the Kundalini energy that is connected with enlightenment and true health both physical and mental so again it depends on who's using it for and what purpose it's being used for so in modern medicine I would say that that's definitely being used in a negative way because modern some the science of modern so-called medicine is very stuck in the left brain intellect without a holistic approach to the to the body and mind and and spirit as well and it's really doing more damage than good in the modern world and you see how these doctors are completely in bed with the pharmaceutical industry and looking to make a profit above helping the patient and I know that's a harsh way of putting it but really that's what's really going on some people don't want to see that but it's uh it depends on who's using that symbol and the purpose they're using it for whether it you look at it with a positive connotation or a negative one but I would say as any other symbol it can have dual meanings hold that thought we'll be right back on what on earth is happening after these break this break I'm your host mark Cassio my website what on earth is happening com don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back on the oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] [Music] or your lives hello mark how you doing it's the freighter X Colin freighter X how are you great to hear from you to try to get all the up for about a week I knew I'd find you here though I'm sure you listen I wanted not to say only on these topics so go right ahead yeah I wanted to digress a little bit back to your 45 degree analysis yes where you spoke about the red and blue lodges coming together to form a the first phase of that would you say three three degrees in the Blue Lodge and then the 32 of the red right well 29 additional in the red to form this lower 32 degrees of the Scottish Rite and then above that is the 33rd and the 12 above the 33rd - for a total of 45 those are personal unacknowledged degrees however sure sure I understand you called them the illuminated degrees right yes 13 illuminated agrees come connected to it I was just I guess I misunderstood you because I thought you added the blue to the red at the beginning and I was going to discuss with you know you know because I Scottish rights claim to those three degrees is very debatable as far as I'm concerned Ryan I wanted to also point out to you that you know there well I don't want to seem as if I'm contradicting because I really appreciate a lot of the announcement especially that the numerology concerning the the 9 and the ego was based on the Greek word for Lima right yes well 1993 is the leymah which mode the process of uh coming up in consciousness ascension toward higher levels of awareness coming out of the nine and to the three out of ego and to the light so 93 is it means a fillet Mamina will and it also is equivalent in gematria in numerology to the word agape in Greek which means love because these processors mean the same thing they are the same thing if we're doing it for the right reason the will to make that climb in consciousness is love and you know it's funny because uh isn't that the st. Augustine said love and do what I will is the law and then Aleister Crowley said the same thing well you just said do what thou wilt is the whole law right the law of Colima if we add in addition to that that love is the law to love under will which means that in order for will to be truly activated in the world it must rest firmly upon a foundation of love place the word right place the word love under the word will will on top of love we have to build our will on a foundation of love of understanding that we are all one that as we do to one we do to all the principle of the golden rule of treating others as we would be treated therefore love has to be the very foundational basis of any of those actions that's what that ultimate couldn't agree more yes and that isn't that the quote of st. Augustine's right love I do what I would have to agree in me is the same yin and I wanted to pratter they were coming up to a break here there's the intro music for the break please hold on through the break with us and we'll get back into some more material which I'm sure you have lots of other finer points to discuss stay weather yeah well great thank you all right we'll be back on what on earth is happening folks after these messages don't go anywhere [Music] [Music] this is what walk snap under host mark Hasse my website what on earth is happening calm before the break we were talking to fray directs he was bringing up some points about Freemasonry Freda Rex are you still there I am mark I am thanks for uh thanks for talking to me I just wanted to say first of all I don't listen to your show every week and I really really really enjoy it you are it's like college-level courses here man you're like a professor I tell ya it's amazing I thank you yeah it's really great I've been listening to a lot of shows a lot of different networks lately and you really are on the top my friend you're doing a great work but I wanted to bring up a couple things that I think might be pertinent of what what you're talking about here and then from the perspective that I can apply some alchemical keys to the Masonic ritual and still you know stay outside of the paradigm of the mainstream Blue Lodge system because everyday Mason's that I've come into contact with have no idea and this is not even offered overtly in the symbolic instruction of the degrees okay so but it's research that I haven't uncovered you know laterally and peripherally sure so what I have for you is is you've spoken much about the the numbers in numerology and and you spoke about the number seven and the combination of four and three and what I what it brought up in me especially last week's show I was talking about the seven liberal arts yes and of course you you've spoken up the Trivium and the quadrivium yes and the combination of those two the three would be a lot logic rhetoric grammar and then the four would be geometry astronomy music and what's the fourth one I can't remember right off top of my head okay but you get it the three and the four combined will be the seven liberal arts which align with of course the seven planetary bodies of the ancient world the Sun the Moon Venus Mars Jupiter Mercury Saturn that's right and of course we we know each one of them having a day of the week a color and herb a stone always find acceptance Evan exactly and then and now to me first and foremost Sikhs this is from my understanding seeks to join the spirit with the physical and symbolism the earth represented by the square as in all four corners and the spirit world represented by the circle with no beginning or end an eternal state and that in the system of Freemasonry it actually even though it's not going on I think on the conscious level of the average member the system is available to those who would know to use employ the two devices to achieve the so-called great work which would be the square of the compass in the three degrees the mason gradually overcomes the physical world of the square and with the spiritual world he uses the compass to overcome the squaring and then early alchemical texts of we have the 1500 show plainly they state that that to attain the Philosopher's Stone one must square the circle that's right and then if you are familiar with this yourself the Penal signs of the degrees you know the pursue the Penal sign of the master degree is basically a separation a dividing of man's lower and higher nature right and so there it is you know the same thing you're talking about and that's directly applied to the Blue Lodge degrees exactly I meant of course people think that the power of the number seven goes with the seven degrees the first degree to the seventh degree which is the holy royal arts degree in the York Rite system at top of that symbolic Septon Rhee represented by that but you know the the four physical elements and then the thought emotion in action on top of those like you said the gods of the ancient world the the seven visible planets in the sky the the Trivium combined with the quadrivium etc you can go on and on about the number seven and how many symbolic things it represents yeah it's amazing you know but a really good work you're doing I can't wait to have you come on my show because I really got one of the things that I'd like to talk about with you more but I'm going to get back to your show and that is the what I what I've been calling and referring to is the secret war inside Freemasonry and what that is I never really got a chance to go into that on a Freezone but what it really is is there is a within that you have you've mapped it out as the esoteric masonry versus the dark masonry yes or the you know the light in the dark and it is that but I think that there is a clear line of demarcation that can be you know followed that is the incursion of the Scottish Rite into the American Freemasonry system in the beginning of the 19th century the interesting century I wouldn't race not definitely like to talk more about that yeah and you know of course there's the famous letters of Washington which you can look up at the Library of Congress where first he is sent a copy of proofs of conspiracy by John Robinson yes and he sort of dismisses the whole Bavarian Illuminati thing but then several years later there's another letter where it comes up again right at the end of his life and he says I must acknowledge that there is this problem with the Germanic Illuminati and that the American rights were infiltrated by a son order and he talks about them as possibly the Illuminati so you know you're familiar with that yes that letter ok so that's where I'm based on my research right now is trying to are you familiar with the book the secret founding of America by Nicholas had yeah I have yeah I'm familiar with the with the the title of the book but I have not read it it's a really interesting new newly written it's 2009 I think his a whole chapter and they're called Freemasons but Freemasonry is battle for America which I highly recommend that chapter this country was supposed to have been founded upon true esoteric Masonic principles but it has gone horribly awry from that and this or that you're talking about there is a struggle between the true light Freemasons and the dark Masons who are trying to build their dark New World Order and we need to help people to integrate all of the truths about all the esoteric schools that are out there in order to combat this dark order that's coming to fruition so quickly because until they have that knowledge of self in hand they're basically powerless to defend themselves against that because that's what those are the tools that they're using as a weapon against us the knowledge of how we work the knowledge of how consciousness works and unless we come to know that same in Meishan we don't even know how this game is being played or how this war is being fought however you want to look at that I couldn't agree with you more that that's what put me on my path is the same motivation as the realization that it began after the you know after birth the birth of the realization after an abundant amount of research you know and like you said connecting the dots and realizing that there was a language being spoken all around me that I was not privy to that's right and I required more data and that's what we're doing right that's exactly it and we're going to expose right we're gonna use that knowledge to build the true world of freedom it's gone we're gonna make it happen freighter X thanks so much for calling it I'm gonna have to have you on the show for a whole show one one time and get your views on a bunch of different things fascinating information thanks so much for sharing it with us no problem contact me we'll work it out and you have a great night thanks again for all you're doing alright happy Memorial Day weekend fantastic thank you take care but okay freighter X great call let's move on to another call I'm glad to see people calling in here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening mark this is David in Idaho hi David how are you great thank you for what you're doing it's truly the most valuable time I found on the radio oh thanks so much I appreciate that when are you gonna break oh sorry I heard something we're coming up to a break we'll go ahead and then you all keep you over okay so I've been studying this topic in my faith or religious and I keep coming up with parallel bloodlines that intermix and blend and you distinguished between light and dark right and that really helps me hold that thought and question asked it right on the other side we'll be right back folks [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening on their host mark passio we were on the line with a holler before the break you had a question I'm going to go back to them we're at the transition point between two different topics of material just wrapped up the explanation of the symbolism over the last couple of weeks of the pyramid an all-seeing eye from the Great Seal of the United States we're going to transition into talking about architecture and symbolic symbolism in architecture so as a little change of pace I'm taking a couple of calls good to see that a few people called in today so let's go back to this caller and you had a question before the last break caller is still with us yes as I follow the two Kiner meaning bloodlines that one of the light God and one of the dark God I find they both have similar themes and one of them is to cleanse the earth so one of them wants to do it for the earth to protect the earth one of those to do it to redeem mankind or to give mankind a state of rest where they can I just kind of wondered how come these themes like this run so parallel you could get lost so quickly it's some it's something that is a dichotomy in all areas of the the occult where I differ with the darker cultists isn't necessarily in the form of knowledge that we hold it's in what we decide we want to do about it they want to call the population because they look at the world as being completely ignorant and apathetic and cowardly and lazy and not worthy of even living here and they want the planet for themselves okay I don't agree with that that means that genocide would have to be conducted they want to kill 90 percent of the population of the earth so that they can have a more sustainable way of living and basically control the few remaining percentage of the population as they're cattle so that they can basically rule here as gods now while I agree with some of assessment that there is a large the largest majority majority of the human population is ignorant a pathetic cowardly and lazy and doesn't really want to work on themselves or understand anything higher than what they're gonna throw on the idiot box during the day or night you know and and and veg out in front of the TV with some GMO food ok I agree that maybe the current conditions that may be the case of what's really going on but my assessment about what to do about it completely differs from theirs I think we need to properly morally educate people I think we need to give people true incentive to want to improve themselves help them to understand natural law that this is really the only way that you can improve the quality of your life by understanding these esoteric principles that lie behind what we see in the appearing apparently physical world you know there are physical laws and then there are non-physical ones that apply to our behaviors and apply to the effects of what what we get as a result of what we're creating through our behaviors and this is what people need to become truly educated about and you know you you change the basic education of what people are receiving and you'll see the external reality change because their actions and behaviors will change if they're educated that way from when they're very young so I don't think of mass calling needs to happen this is where I completely diverge from my views when it comes to other occultists and that's one of the reasons when I saw that this was a prevalent view in the occult that's when it started making me really uncomfortable I mean at some point what how do you think that your God that you are allowed to do anything like that you know you know it's it's it's pure egotism run amuck run haywire to a point where these people who have had so much power through money and other influential means think that their God here and you know I that's what it's ultimately all about and I totally disagree with that perspective and think that we need to be helping each other come up to higher levels of consciousness and awareness through proper moral education in the world and that's what the world is lacking I went back and I rewatched George Bush's announcement we need a new world order you want me to talk about when you know just before that he said are we gonna follow the law of the jungle or the rule of law yes I thought he's distinguishing between natural law and made-up law exam a Dubois was the rule of law and that the law the jungle was a natural law which we should be following everybody you are exactly right sir that is exactly what was meant by that speech and most people overlook that that is exactly what he meant by that that's excellent so good Tom it seemed like so your show has really brought peace to my heart and I just was listening to William Cooper's series on Babylon and I just kept getting darker and darker and I was not in a good place and for the last three or four weeks you've brought me out of that well I appreciate that so much I'm glad to see that I could be of some some help in that regard and now bill Cooper yes he understood quite a bit and he was a onto a lot of aspects of the occult he looked at it from an extremely dark point of view that is true I think we can see that there is another side to this knowledge and it can be used to help us not only to hurt us as it is largely being used in the world by these twisted Psychopaths and and dark occultists but we can understand that this is ultimately knowledge of self and that if we take that into our possession and cherish it and really wield it as a mechanism of Ascension rather than as a mechanism of control there's no telling the heights that we might go to so call her excellent points mark thank you so much and what a great point about a Bush's speech about the New World Order when he says that we want to build an order in which the the law the the rule of law not the law of the jungle reigned supreme that is the the usurpation of all natural law rights and supplanting of them with man's law us being God here is what he's saying that's the new world order they want to create and it's all based in mind control because there's no such thing as the law of man we are not the authors the authorities of anything there is one Authority there is one true author and regardless of what you think of that force as you can call it God you can call it the Creator you can call it the Great Architect it doesn't matter what you call it man is not it man is not God okay and that's what these dark occultists actually think that's ultimately what their form of God is the ego self as God lowercase as self not higher case s not the true self the connected self connected to the divine order in creation connected with natural law but man as God the ego reigning supreme and just trying to get its way all the time through control through dumbing people down through keeping knowledge back from them so a great assessment of Bush's speech there and I could not agree more I mean that is exactly what that Satanist that Luciferian dark Luciferian meant by that statement and it's something that needs to be understood by more people so here we go another caller caller you're live on what on earth is happening well hello you're live what do you have for us thank you I'm a question on numbers numbers sure no in in jovanna and numerology we're working with a base-10 system there are other based systems as I recall this to Marian the babble you know about alone you they base 60 that's specific zero I'm not sure whether it was a base 60 or base six but it was based in the number six that's it well yeah that's where we get our 12 the other yes well about twenty four-hour-a-day 360 degrees everything else but at that impact nazriya and we reducing number there are other parts them and also be used in base nine or base eight or seven or six regardless of the base system that is based on I believe it still holds true for those systems as well but oh we can take take up this on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening folks stay with us don't go anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] glasses welcome back folks you're listening - what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we were taking calls I haven't taken a bunch of calls all once in a while so I figured this is a good place to do it since we're sort of in between topics so here we go back to the caller from the last section caller you still there sir okay you can continue with your request these numbers but they're all constructs there's that number doesn't exist in nature as a you know an entity on it on the itself we like humans created numbers because the e circuit seems like it's a symbolic concept the number is there to represent an idea about something that does actually exist in nature namely our consciousness and the way that we we operate it in the way that we interact with it in the way that we express it in the physical domain so it's it all of this is just symbol it's symbolic we have to understand it from a metaphorical symbolic and allegorical perspective of how this all fits together to weave a story to basically present a version of reality as the people who constructed such systems are seeing it but if you go down deeper and deeper into it everything is built upon some form of archetype some form of basic underlying form and underlying quantity or amount or shape or design and that that's the underlying fabric of nature really is form which underlies function so that's all that numbers and symbols ultimately are they're deep art title building blocks through which we are constructing a model a working model of the reality in which we live in order to better navigate it and to use those basic ideas and principles to better serve us rather than act as a detriment toward our way existence and being in the world there a direct relationship between numbers and language develops well there's a direct relationship with letters and language I know that Hebrew carries a really really deep undertone as far as the meaning of the words when it comes to their alphabet some people say that the English alphabet is a degradation of that some people say that the as I said earlier that the English language is an actual advancement hence they called it an au chemical language or an angel ish language based on you know the idea that more green language is found in English than just about any other language French there's a lot of green language puns as well but no no other language has more than the English language so I would say that there definitely is some kind of deep underlying significance to not only letters but number as well when it comes to language absolutely I think that these things can't really be fully separated because as you said number in mathematics is a construct in the mind and so is language you know it's just this is how what we use to express ourselves and to describe the events that we are seeing and to describe quantities that we see around us in nature it's it's all construction again does it is it used to bind or as it used to serve in man's law languages used to bind in nature if we employ it to really truly accurately describe the natural world in the systems around us it could be used to serve it's all about its usage and the consciousness of the wielder of that tool these are tools like any other tool so I hope that answers nowhere oh yeah yeah and ultimately how did we become come in possession of language we come into possession of numbers sure driven driven to think and describe things in higher ways than just grunts or scratching some liners in in some sand or a wall or something like that it's a higher expression and that's what we're always seeking to do is follow a path to a higher expression that's that's what the process of evolution is it harkens back to the Tower of Babel story however you want to interpret it anywhere we were at one time at a unified altar unified purpose sure okay and there and then and then we wanted to be like gods you know and that system came down and that's what they're trying to build up again and I will talk about that symbolism okay the Babylonian gold headed man in future shows and how that's a symbol of total unified control you know total centralized control and how what this dark New World Order is looking to do is build back to that system because its level of control through dissemination of knowledge has been weakened and they want they want to they want to real all that back in and take back all of that power for themselves concentrated in the symbolic gold head which represents the illuminated man you know this group this cabal of illuminates that really has all of that knowledge and wants to keep the rest of us in the dark so that's a good point what we will get to symbolism of Babylon in future shows including the the Tower of Babel and the Babylonian gold headed man as described in in the book of I believe Ezekiel so okay well thank you very much really getting a lot out your show more than with any other so it's fascinating I appreciate that sir thanks ok ok I'll let you go now thank you very much take care bye-bye ok great calls here we go one more call and then maybe I'll introduce the topic of symbolism in architecture to take us out in the last segment tonight caller you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yes how are you good explanation the 14 ways of control yes yes I never realized a lot of people are calling in and talking about that and a lot of people seem to be getting a lot from that explanation how the the occulta sewer in control are in control of us right now really use that to their distinct advantage they play upon other people's worldview that is dark that is that is poison that is very much in Polaris's them a state of thinking and that is played to our great disadvantage if we healed our worldview and understood we are all one and that really what we need to be doing is helping each other to come up that ladder of consciousness you know to cut make the climb up that at the top of that great pyramid so to speak symbolically that that's what our work really is that's what we really need to be doing if we understood that their systems of control and methods of manipulation would be all futile and pointless but because of this dark way of we have of seeing the world and each other in our relationships within it their methods of control actually become a piece of cake it's much it's much easier for them to employ those to their benefit and to our detriment if we have a dark worldview certainly I mean that changed my whole I just have to comment sure from last week's show absolutely fine be their way of confusing absolutely I I briefly spoke of that in the section on money I believe absolutely it might might have been in another section but it's in the podcast archive but the the dollar sign is to twofold one is that it is representative of the goddess okay because money money is based in that green principle that balance principle okay being put forward as a substitute or as a proxy for nature for for energy for true care it's the color of the heart chakra okay the green energy of the six petaled Lotus of the anahata chakra okay so this is a proxy mechanism that the occult world uses all all the time substituting one thing in place of the other and presenting it as the real thing when it is in fact a fake they're putting the goddesses name which is recognized as a universal archetype in place as money okay so that we are more readily willing to take it and accept it on faith because we all want the goddess in our lives with that this is what we all ultimately subconsciously aspire to that's that sense of true care true togetherness true unity consciousness is the goddess principle and they're they're substituting through that that form that s with the line through it which is is okay Isis is name is is is and they're substituting that in proxy for the real thing which is true care true energy true natural law etc it also is the word is the state of being is you know just pure being so they're saying that this is existence itself this is reality this is the energy that actually makes you be able to exist able to live the ability to live it's your isness etc we'll be right back these messages folks don't go anywhere call or hang on the line I'll bring you back for another question you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] welcome back folks this is the last segment of this edition of what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm tonight we took a look at the last remaining aspects of the esoteric symbolism of the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States namely the pyramid and all-seeing eye from the back of the one dollar bill and we took a bunch of calls because a whole bunch of people called in I enjoy seeing that on the show sometimes and always great callers on the line here on what on earth is happening we had a caller from the last segment I held her over let's go back to her and I'll wrap things up for today here we go caller you still with us thinking about the time to see in the flash which could be an eye I know I can apply to every single little thing I see yeah sure sure interesting interesting interesting sense yes since your ability to proceed you see it's everywhere it's everywhere fantastic awesome view nothing but read that's right there's a there's a reason that the Latin word book is the basis of the word freedom Lea bear in Latin means book and Libertas means freedom because if you read the right books and you know how to interpret what you read reading will make you free caller fantastic thank you so that's what I mean always incredible calls valid points bringing up new fresh aspects that maybe I hadn't even thought about her scene just great great job as always this show is the best calls on an internet internet radio without any question so for the last little bit of this segment here let me just introduce the topic of architecture and how actual building projects around us have an effect on our consciousness and this may be a difficult one for people to grasp or to see or even to acknowledge and some people will scoff at this and hey that's fine believe it or don't do your research into it don't believe me all of this stuff is out there to look into on your own but what I will say through my studies and my understanding is that form has effect carried within form there is effect okay and this is because we're all made of form of some type of an underlying form okay so when you put things in a certain proportion on a certain place on the earth in a certain configuration at a certain angle different energies will be created as a result I mean just think about it you know a palace doesn't make somebody feel the exact same as a haunted house okay a church doesn't make someone feel the same as let's say a a supermarket okay there is a whole lot of different ways of combining shape form angle energy flow some people have called this function in Eastern traditions the way energy flows through different shapes and passages the way the actual structures themselves are shaped okay carries meaning carries energy and this affects us whether we want to admit that or not it has a profound effect okay we are not unaffected by the external circumstances or the external environment we're very affected by that and we're not separate from that so these shapes and forms are used as resonators they resonate with it's us they are putting out a vibratory energy into the world and that's going into us so this studies have actually been done on this if you research psychological experimentation that's been done on rooms of certain shapes and sizes and angles that people have been put in they their behavior and disposition will change in a room shaped a certain way okay it with air quality a certain way - okay in a certain environment so you put somebody into a different environment with different flow of energy different shapes or forms that are around them they will not only think differently they will behave differently so if you're constructing whole cities in certain forms like modern big cities are constructed in 90 degree angles especially prevalent here in the United States the grid system of layout of cities this is regimented it's conforming conformist it's constructed with 90-degree angles that are not found in nature there's no free-flowing namely based on arcs or circles or even just meanders you know basic free-flowing forms that aren't straight lines you will find different energies when you use these different forms and largely in the West in the Western civilization the straight-line grid approach is used when it comes to the construction of cities now you can also look at the intersections of different roads or streets within city layouts which we'll be doing you can look at specific buildings and the forms that they're constructed in which we will we'll be doing as well the idea here is that form is not purposeless there's an intent the building of a specific form and that form carries a specific vibration with it that has an effect on the consciousness of the people that it is in close proximity to that's the idea this is otherwise known as Geo Mansi the study and measure of the earth and the energy lines of the earth and how to put things on specific lines of energy points construction points okay and forms in which to build these things specific geometric forms so that the building project carries with it a certain vibratory energy that affects the consciousness of those around it so we're going to be looking at archways we're going to be looking at pyramids we're going to be looking at spires or obelisks we're going to be looking at star-shaped buildings and patterns whole street systems layouts of street systems that form esoteric symbolism and this is denied by some people and some people go too far in trying to see things in it we're going to talk about things that can clearly be seen in it that are related directly to the occult world and we're going to look at the meanings of these symbols as they are embedded in architecture and Street arrangements and layouts so that's going to be coming up on the next what on earth is happening all shows on this radio program are always archived for free both on Oracle Broadcasting's archive page and the entire series of what on earth is happening shows from the very beginning which I highly recommend anybody just new to the show to go back and you know as they say the best place to begin is at the beginning go back to the podcast archive on my website what on earth is happening calm and there you will see all 61 shows this is show number 62 and you can download those for free and play them back on your computer or any other digital audio device including your cell phones so avail yourselves of that information on the podcast archive page there is always other supplemental information that goes along with each podcast like related images related audio related documents related video etc so that's about all the time we have here on what on earth is happening once again I want to thank all the callers who call in and bring up just not only valid points but really thought-provoking points and issues that again as I've said I myself may not have even looked at our scene and just always always phenomenal the calls I get and I hope that that continues into the future so it was a pretty refreshing change of pace today to take some calls and take a break from the a hardcore progression of topical information we will get back into that next week beginning with esoteric symbolism in architecture and Shree plans that's all for today I'll see you all here next Sunday 5:00 to 7:00 Eastern 4:00 to 6:00 central on what on earth is happening thanks for listening folks what on earth is happening calm Oracle broadcasting calm up next the vantage point with Michael Vale stick around