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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I am your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday July 10th 2011 today is the 155th birthday of the great inventor and humanitarian Nikola Tesla and I have just actually now within the past hour less than an hour come in from the third annual Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations here in the city of Philadelphia and it was an amazing event this week and weekend I have to tell you folks I'm exhausted mentally and physically it was a challenging event we had such a great time we hosted a whole lot of phenomenal scientists electrical engineers physicists you name it energy healers people who have great applications of advanced technologies having to do with Tesla technology we did outreaches to the public we're going to talk about this a lot more tonight I know that last week I had promised everybody a show on the continuation of the topic that I opened up last week which was the occult aspects of the 9/11 event which we began last week and we looked at some of the occult traditions in connection with 9/11 and I had told people last week on the show that we were going to look at the gematria or the occult numerology that was involved in the 9/11 event this week but unfortunately I was so busy with the my responsibilities for helping out in the organization of the events this weekend with the Tesla energy independence celebrations that I did not quite have a chance to prepare the show on 911 gematria so instead we have a very special treat coming up for you during the the next couple of hours we're going to recap the events over the past weekend and I'm going to bring on a very special guest in the next segment you won't want to miss it and I'm sure people will have a strong reaction one way or another who my guest is but this gentleman joined me at the Tesla event this weekend and it was a pleasure to spend time with with him and his family we mutually shared a whole lot of information I know I learned a lot from him and we're gonna get his thoughts on the events of the past weekend at the Tesla energy independence celebrations here in Philadelphia so stay tuned that's gonna be coming up and we'll recap the entire event when we come back on the other side of this break which is coming up so for anyone who wants more information on the Tesla Science Foundation I encourage everyone to check out their website which is WWE so a science foundation org a great group of people everyone should become involved to bring the works of a great inventor Nikola Tesla to fruition and no better day no more fitting day to be talking about this than on his birthday [Music] alright ladies and gentlemen we are back here on what on earth is happening on this one hundred and fifty fifth anniversary of the birth the great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla Tesla was born on midnight between July 9th and 10th in 1856 and he did so much to move the progress of humanity forward we honor him on this day no better day no more fitting day than I could be doing a broadcast than on Tesla's birthday this year so without any further ado we're going to go live to our special guest who is on the road he is heading back from the Tesla science conference he was just there with me earlier today we were having a brainstorming session on the 32nd floor of the Liberty to tower here in Philadelphia where the Tesla science conference was happening and then we got a chance to check out one of the great lectures the presentations there in the conference room joining me is a fellow radio talk show host a fellow internet talk show host his show is broadcast on American freedom radio and it is called Radio Free humanity live from the road heading back to Massachusetts after visiting the Tesla Science Foundation's energy independence celebrations this weekend ladies and gentlemen please welcome - what on earth is happening my special guest for the show today Frey directs Friday March I am thank you greetings to you and friends of Mark and all the listeners out there well it's a pleasure to have you on it was a great time getting together with you and having a chance to hang out and share ideas this weekend why don't you just begin in with telling the listeners what you thought of the overall Tesla energy independence celebrations this weekend give them your thoughts your impressions talk a little bit about what you liked about the conference talk a little bit about what you shared with people there maybe what you learned and we'll go from there okay great well you know first of all let me just thank you to you and to all the people involved in the the Tesla Science Foundation for not only welcoming myself and my family down to Philadelphia and making us feel so welcome there but also simply for putting on this conference because you know I think that it's just so exciting you know I mean what an important event to be involved in just to attend and soak up the knowledge and wisdom that was being laid down there everywhere I turned it was amazing to me you know it was like a quickening and I don't yeah I felt overwhelmed I didn't know which way to turn and I wanted to get everything you know it was just like everywhere I looked it was a smorgasbord of knowledge and an experience and people's inspiration you could really sense how inspired everyone seemed to be and they were really excited because you know it's like particles of the same charge coming together you know I mean that was one thing I felt like I felt like a particle charged in a Tesla coil field you know there was a real quantum reaction this weekend the specs are far-reaching yeah they're far-reaching and we're still still you have to be realized when you say mark absolutely the the caliber of minds that were present there is just not enough can be said about it and I'll tell you a little anecdote about what happened to me on the second day of the conference and this is a four-day conference which is pretty much long for anybody I have a pretty high tolerance for the intake of information I could pretty much go with the best of them as far as that is concerned but on on on Friday I came home after the brainstorming session that we had on Friday on the 32nd floor of Liberty to and after the event there on Friday there was so many ideas flying back and forth and I'll tell people about the brainstorming session that we did have there and what it was about as we as we progress along on the show this evening but afterward so many ideas were flying through my mind that I just felt like I was on overload that I couldn't even process it like that I had to just good go into the void I guess you could say to just let things sink in and I I decided I was going to lay down for 15 minutes and just you know just recoup for a little while after I came in and I went right out like a light and I didn't wake up until about 5:30 in the morning the next morning and I had to get up to do some preparations and that was barely enough time to do them I did get them done but I you know basically stayed up from that point forward till the next day but I never go out like that like a light and just stay out it's not that I'm a light sleeper either but my girlfriend barb said a few times she attempted to wake me up even to eat you know for because we really had an eating dinner when we came home from the conference and I didn't even want to wake up to eat which is highly unusual for me so it just seems like there was so much energy going on and it was so much to process that it was even you know a lot for people who could take a lot of information in and it's like my body kind of responded to that right in the middle of the conference there enough with a need to have to rejuvenate at a very deep level so I thought that was pretty interesting but you're absolutely right Frederick's on the caliber of minds and the the synergy the the synergistic energy between people at this conference was just off the chart yeah it was really like next-level stuff and like you said you know coming into contact with this information is not unlike you know an upgrade I mean you need you need time okay if you let it soak in you know I mean there's so much coming down and if you know that it's dynamic knowledge because it feels that way you know you can Intuit that what you're dealing with here is the next-level stuff it's be redundant but one of the most exciting things that I came into contact on Saturday night was that the ethical Society award ceremony and the cerumen ensemble concert it was amazing but the speaker doctor tropica the dead his name province yes yes from from university of lost my grandma Michael it's a yes dr. Michel profits up a physics professor who gave the most astounding I think what we could call a recap of Tesla's impact on our culture on our species on the world and one of the most profound things he said in that talk was when he looked at us all and said you know a hundred and fifty five years ago Tesla invented polyphase dynamo right or yes the yeah the engine that little dynamo electric motor right and you know what other inventor he said a hundred over a hundred and fifty five years later the invention remains the way it was invented besides like the wheel inventor he said I mean that's how potent an invention this was yes Tesla so you know life is still having an impact in every corner of the world in every area of our lives all the modern technology we take for granted would not even be possible hadn't had Tesla not developed the the theories and the systems that he did to make possible that the driving of all the other pieces of technology that we use all around us absolutely you know and I mean that's the one message that I think came through loud and clear this weekend you know we're talking about this man I mean I think it was important for some of the speakers who spoke about the tragic side of his story I know you you address that swim-up but also other speakers who who really focused on you know that's what the the tragic side of The Chronicles of his life and clearly the manner the depth of the travesty committed against humanity by the moneyed interests who stood opposite of him opposed his you know I mean the fact that the man died alone and penniless and couldn't even in the last years of his life afford the patent applications for his inventions it's like you know it's an injustice I think that's all an understatement to say the least we'll get right back to that story on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening with my special guest Freyja Rex don't go anywhere folks we'll be right back hey this [Music] we're back folks you are listening - what on earth is happening I am your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening com we are recapping the events of this past week the Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations here in Philadelphia hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation their website Tesla Science Foundation org and it was a tremendously successful event scientists from all over the country came in inventors enthusiasts we had a great celebration at Independence Mall park just outside the independence Visitor Center here in Philadelphia I'm going to be talking about the the spirit of Independence that was underlying this entire event and the the entire weekend and I'll be reading the Declaration of Energy Independence which which the Tesla Science Foundation has drafted and put forward which is a declaration of free energy for all humanity and how that is our birthright as a species because this is what is being held back in this controlled and limited and polluting energy paradigm that we are we are stuck in and we are addicted to and then we need to break those thought patterns and those habits in order to to truly break free as a species so with me today coming back from the Tesla science conference and the energy independence celebrations is freighter X he is still on the line freighter X let me ask you another question what did you think of the phenomenal concert that was put on by mano de vino' and the divine hand ensemble why don't you tell people a little bit about that because I know you were there at the ethical Society for that and many people aren't familiar with the theremin why don't you give them your impressions of that instrument and that great Orchestra ensemble that you heard yeah first of all let me say I was most impressed by that entire Pete that of the piece that did and the performances the explanation that the leader of the ensemble what was his name again his name is mano de vino' it's actually Latin were dividing in so it's kind of a stage name but he's just just a brilliant individual and very eloquent and he just gave a phenomenal presentation on the theremin instrument yeah that was very clear that he obviously is a brilliant individual I mean he just he comes across just amazing and that his his posture on stage the performance it was it was fascinating the way I've never seen a live performance of a theremin and you know for any of your listeners that aren't familiar with the invention that was Leon theremin invented the device yes didn't he say during this during his talk last night that the the principles behind the theremin were originally based on a burglary alarm or anti burglar device yes yeah and he talked about how it's a double antenna system where one acts as a pitch shifter and the other a control function a volume function and it's just amazing how it's put together and it's amazing that it's the only instrument that's played without actually touching the instrument your your body just simply interferes with the capacitance field that surrounds the instrument and it's so specific it's so sensitive that he was telling people there that even his breathing patterns can have effect on the pitch of the instrument that's how sensitive it is and how difficult it can be to set up and get the tonality just right so he stands almost completely statue-like still with statue-like stillness on the stage while he plays and only moves his hands while he plays it's truly amazing to see it done and he's really a virtuoso with this instrument well that was the that was the impressive part this you know his posture his concentration I mean you could really see him he's breathing everything became a part of that performance I mean he was so involved in it and then the finesse and the subtlety and the elegance of his movement along with the string ensemble behind him it was just it was so rewarding as an audience participant it was such and I know that my wife was so moved by it not only the you know the instruments and the sounds but also the pieces that they chose sure because you know that they were really unique pieces I think that that really each one of those each song that they did I think conveyed a message you know I really brought something to us and one of the things that I found when I'm looking back on the entire experience I'm sure the average participant in this conference would agree that one of the main unifying themes that you find in this whole entire endeavor involved with Tesla and other inventors like Tesla theremin and others you have the realization that we are surrounded by an energy field that is completely invisible that we are a part of that our bodies are a part of that picks up on every move every sensory perception that we emit into this field has an effect now sensible effect imagine if it says that's unquantifiable unqualified Vil by standard you know five senses perception but when you hook up you know the Karelian yeah camera or any of the other devices that will pick up the changes you realize we're opening a whole world a metaphysical reality that proves that more to this reality that we are privy to and one of the speakers today Anya Petrovich which was giving her lecture as I had to leave the conference to come to come back to my home to do the show here today was talking about this this field this field that we're constantly interacting with that we are changing information with that we are sending data to that field that is sending data back to us we're constantly moving back and forward between that field she was talking about the this new camera system that they're using for heat energy healing work known as the PIP camera p IP I'm not I can't remember what the acronym stands for but I'm sure people can look it up and check it out she has a great web called Tesla metamorphosis which is about energy healing using tests Tesla resonant frequencies and that's really what one of the themes over all was was frequency resonance this was talked about throughout the conference this is what Tesla basically worked with he didn't work with Hertzian waves he worked with standing waves of what are generally known as scalar waves or non Hertzian waves and this is the distinction between his level of understanding of physics and the physical reality that we live in versus standard physics models that basically don't talk about much these kind of waves so this was a theme throughout the entire conference another great lecture that I heard yesterday was us a gentleman by the name of a story and I can't I think his name was guarana it's a Serbian name I'm not quite sure how to pronounce it I'll I'll look it up but his and he right here okay yes sorry I didn't mean to but his name was Sarge Sarge stoyan sorry yeah that's it okay he was absolutely phenomenal in talking about a new field propulsion methodology and this was basically about the cancellation of inertia and it was a new model a new unified field model that has been put forward that would unify gravity with the other forces and basically this was this theory was if applied and understood would basically make things like actual space travel possible because it completely nullifies the effects of inertia so I I was looking at that in conjunction with something I'm quite interested in which is how the gentleman named Edward Leedskalnin built Coral Castle back in the 1920s and 30s because that's an enigma that goes back to the ancient world and how the ancient builders built the tremendous achievements that they accomplished in the stone monuments that they built throughout the ancient world and Leedskalnin basically said he built those his coral castle with the same principles that they used to build these ancient monuments so there was so many tie ins with so many different pieces of Technology and tie-ins with the esoteric world as well which is where you fit in incredibly well when you came today we really got into a discussion about the esoteric traditions and there are people there who are very receptive to that message as well there's a blending happening between science and spirituality we saw that as another continued theme throughout this Cardinal broadcasting radio network [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host mark passio today is July 10 2011 we're celebrating hustlaz birthday on the show today with us today is our special guest from American freedom radio in his show Radio Free humanity freighter X he is heading back from the Tesla science conference to his home in Massachusetts trader X I wanted to get your thoughts on what I was talking about before the break and I apologize for going through the break there folks I wasn't watching the clock and I did not hear the break music start to fade in so before the break I was talking about the merger that seems to be happening and coming rising more and more between this the the ideas of science and spirituality and how they seem to be coming together can you speak fraida Rex to the dine that dynamic as you perceive that at the Tesla science conference absolutely you know mark I think that it's it's it's clear we we know looking back that there there always has been some sort of correlative factor between science and the esoteric are you depending on the individual scientist or a research or innovator inventor there's always been a connection there and then of course we suspect and have evidence that there still remains a secret factor to science today that's involved in answered Eric's probably not for any good reasons but you know look at even in the in the 50s and 60s I believe with Jack parson and the the Jet Propulsion Laboratory I mean he was completely involved in the esoteric but obviously that was in a more negative framework you know framework than what we're talking about here I think that it is very clear in talking about the science of Tesla and and others like him that the the correlated factors are multitude I mean just a simple fact of the polyphase system that he first imagined and then you realized in real material form if I'm not mistaken was based on the tandem aperture system of the earth and the Sun and the field that's created there now as we both know the earth the moon and the Sun are powerful esoteric symbols so right there you have a correlative factor and for the individual who come in comes into contact with all the teachings and philosophies that are being espoused and surround the scientific that this form of science you have just endless I think what really draws people here is that we are outside the box we are entering a realm that moves away from the known away from the paradigm that that we've been all conditioned to view reality in and I think that the people who are drawn to this event and are listening now and feel something stirring within them it's because they know they lack truth and our world is totally out of joint and off balance because I believe that many people have been fleeced of truth or had the truth removed from their consciousness and I think that one step towards that for folks who are drawn to this is the realization of the esoteric and the metaphysical reality that surrounds us absolutely and I think more and more people seem to be receptive of that even within what could be considered the mainstream scientific community that's happening in that in those circles very slowly but as they say slowly but surely so I tend to see that a lot and very open-minded people open-minded people in the scientific community coming out to events like this and realizing that there is more to life than meets the eye and certainly more to the physical a great quote that was repeated through the weekend was one that Tesla said during his life that once science stops paying attention to only the physical alone and starts paying attention to the non-physical reality we're going to make more progress in a decade than we have in the last millennium you know so and I totally agree with that we need to pay it Inchon to the the basis the underlying forces that give rise to our physical reality and as I call it as I word that on the one on earth is happening radio show the causal factors the actual wheel work of nature itself instead of paying attention so much to just the physical interactions we need to pay attention to things that give rise to those physical interactions absolutely and I'd like to throw in a quote that I heard this weekend spoken more than once it's attributed to Tesla and I may be paraphrasing but this is how I wrote it down in my notes he is attributed with these words science is that a perversion of itself unless its ultimate goal is the betterment of humanity yes and that intention right there is a paradigm smasher in our modern world because that's not how science functions in the mainstream although they love to say that yeah unfortunately that's the truth although they love to say that their motivation is that you know increase our species or you know technology and efficiency and all that in reality we know what the motivator is unfortunately to a large extent that motivation is control you could say it's profit but it's profit toward an end and that end is control itself so that's why again we need to transition toward not only clean and environmentally clean but open free sources of energy that are a non limited that don't create the dynamic in in the consciousness in the actual psychological makeup of scarcity because that's what routes us in the base brain consciousness in the reptile modality of consciousness and keeps us trapped in material identification rather than allowing us to realize that we are bathing in energy all around us that is all that all that is required is to simply understand how to tap into that that endless field of energy that is there for us at any given time when we need it and then that meant of scarcity and lack will go away and with it the form of consciousness that goes along with staying in that mindset that's the key thing people are starting to realize that energy and the way we produce it in the way we distribute it in the way we use it has everything to do with what the consciousness of the people who are using that said energy paradigm is like and that is directly related to the quality of the experience that we have in the world that we live in absolutely and I think that one thing that is become clear to me is the importance of awareness and concentration every invention every innovative idea every every advancement that Tesla and inventors like him made were as a result of their own concentration and and realization through awareness of their surroundings awareness of the elements awareness of the way that the systems of life function with each other this is all a signpost to me and I'm sure to others that we need to cultivate greater awareness understanding concentration these are all things that are anathema in our modern culture I mean we're churning out ATP left and right what's there is why is that happening in America almost exclusively because our awareness has been fragmented and refracted into a million points of light you know where we we cannot stop for a moment and just focus on reality we're always being you know coaxed to move on to the next thing and move on to the next thing and to allow ourselves to be captivated and captured our awareness captured it and diverted down coal the stacks of of instructions yes described abstraction and this short attention span theater a form of consciousness see that that's the whole thing that that Tesla never fell into he always maintained laser-like focus he always was able to pull back and see the big picture but his mind worked with laser-like precision he exercised the will he had the imagined of capacity but he combined that tremendous right brain imaginative capacity in which he could envision inventions in his mind even before he put them together and understand that they would basically work when he did put them together he combined that with the scientific logical left brain that maintained laser-like focus and willpower and intent and when he put those together you see the type of genius that resulted that's why I say this is the scientist probably who has had the most balance of Burnt balanced brain out of any other throughout the course of human history because that's the dynamic that balance of the brain hemispheres is what allowed this man to achieve the heights of genius that he did and to do more for the world as far as invention goes and as far as science goes than perhaps any other inventor or scientist in history that's exactly my point that's exactly the point I was trying to make and you know to get back to the to the esoteric aspect of this when you asked that question well what is at the root of esoteric pursuit it's not the balance between the metaphysical and the physical all right so there yes I'm sorry that's absolutely right because we have to get out of this dualistic mindset of spiritual versus physical you know these need to be brought together they're they're one in the same I keep saying this okay there's the intro music for this next break we'll pick that discussion up on the other side of the the idea of the merger between the spiritual and the physical and how that blends with the idea of the merger between science and spirituality we'll take a look at that on the other side with our special guest Frey directs from American freedom radio and his great show Radio Free humanity which I highly encourage everyone to check out stay with us folks don't go anywhere listen YouTube no longer being tied down [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today we're recapping the Tesla Science Foundation's Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations 2011 with our special guest Frey directs we'll be going back to freighter X momentarily I just want to give the call in numbers the calling number for the show so if anyone wants to call in we will be taking calls in the coming segments the calling number for the show today is eight six six eight four one one zero six five we want to hear from you with your questions we want to hear anything you have to say on the topic of Nikola Tesla or free energy or the energy paradigm in general that we're stuck in right now how we might transition away from that and help to break free from that and if you have any questions for freighter X feel free to fire them fire them off it looks like freighter X just dropped off the line freighter if you are listening you can call back in and I'll get you right back on here I'm not sure what happened it's possible he's driving through an area where he lost his cell phone reception okay I see he is called back in free Rex are you there you dropped off there for a moment yeah I'm on the outskirts of New York City now so I think I'm getting into a little interference if I get disconnected I'll just keep calling back in it's not a problem at all I understand that cell phone reception on the road could be a little bit spotty so no problem before the break we were really hitting on something that is critical and I want to go back to that and that is the idea that ultimately what we need to really understand and what's still keeping science and spirituality separate and not able to really be bridged or merged fully is the fact that people still have this dichotomy this dualism in mind between the spiritual and the physical and really there is no duality there if we truly understand the material reality that we live in as a construct of the spiritual world in general so can you speak to that and how that's basically just a way of dividing people absolutely I heard him as the engineers of our society and I believe that that the ruling paradigm under which we all operate in our modern culture is one which would which would have us believe that there is a division between the spiritual and the material and that I believe is what keeps or has kept up until this moment science and our species from moving into that realm that Tesla mapped out for us a hundred years ago if all things are clearly won how could there be any any separation between those things absolutely that's you just reminded me the speaker from last night the psychologist who was born in Serbia that spoke at the ethical Society millena by it right she would not be said at one point right she said at one point that Tesla's realization was in fact that we are all one and when she said that an idea popped into my head the meaning of the word individual most people when you say individual it immediately the semantic reaction as you're thinking about one little isolated item right but the word individual actually means undivided undivided non a dual that's exactly right yes believe me but that's what it means so the reality there is wow what a powerful meaning to a word that we we think of is almost the exact opposite and there's a clear there's clear evidence right there of the ruling paradigm then under which we all operate when we construct this consensual reality that we move through in everyday life and and that is in fact the program I think that was put in place a long time ago to disempower us and keep us limited in our scope so that we might be led where they would have us go and I say they but hey you know the engineers of our society that's exactly right and that's exactly how that died electic works you keep people not only divided in their worldview you keep them not only divided between each other you keep them divided within themselves so that they see themselves as separate not only from everything else but they're divided amongst their own inner self and that level of inner division gets reflected in the external reality in which they live and that's why the the world is in the state that it is in ladies and gentlemen because until we bring ourselves individually individually together meaning no longer be divided within it on an individual basis a one-to-one basis okay we're never really going to be able to come together as a whole as a species with all of the all of the multitude of individuated consciousnesses that exists in in this in this thing that we call a species to make forward progress as as a collective as a collective consciousness so I absolutely agree with your take on that and I think that is so important of how people are mind controlled that is exactly how this dialectic is perpetuated and it's it's very critical to make that distinct distinct particularly when it comes to again bridging the worlds between science and spirituality which has been very slow to happen but I think there's evidence that it is slowly but surely taking place and I think this conference here this weekend is of is proof positive of that yeah this conference is like a key to unlock that kind of thought control that you mentioned that the self governance that's the kind of thought control that no one can compete with because if you're being governed by some paradigm that is then transplanted into your very psyche how can anyone really you know make any kind of an impression on you you're dealing with an inner dialogue an inner guidance system that is and you you know it so that's it's a great way it's a it's a powerful system of thought control and as you have already stated we see the evidence evidence of it all why would a scientific system you know mainstream science in our culture it's specialized and it's all about quantifiable and qualifiable results you know there's no there's no room for abstract speculation there's no room for outside the box thinking it's all viewed as somehow less viable less authentic and and and why is that I mean obviously why do we as a species where as a culture now because in the beginning of American society when when the people had to basically take care of themselves it didn't have a phone book full of specialists to turn to for every one of your needs everyone had to know how to do everything you know everyone was a was a mechanic a plumber and elected or not electrician but you know a farmer all the things that you had to know you couldn't turn to anyone else to help you and now our society has progressed to a point where we've been completely everyone specialized I would call it disempowerment because you know what almost anything from a state of independence being able to do things for yourself on your own to a state of dependence and that's what they absolutely want us on and you know this this conference this weekend being held at the independence Visitor Center I mean there's so many great little signposts like that all around I know that's a Society of Philadelphia and Liberty place I mean absolutely and you know if things just honestly did work just work out like that that was not deliberately planned I'm sorry I'm at the toll booth here and somebody's ranting and raving but anyways that nope wrong manner so I'm on the road crazy things go on like that so not a problem we have a caller on the line fray Rex do you want to go to the phones sure okay here we go Tim in Virginia you are live on what on earth is happening with our special guest freighter Rex what do you have for us here today hey Mark and freight are good to hear from you I always enjoy your show um what about Tunguska that's what I want to know about I was always under the assumption that that was a Tesla shot he was trying to hit North Pole up there there was an archaeologist or bird or somebody was headed up to the north polar expedition yes and he overshot the North Pole you know no never tried anything like this before of course come on give the guy a break he's a mastermind he overshot the North Pole hit Tunguska and government you know that's what I was I was really thinking that the government is always watching Tesla ever since he began you know Westinghouse had him at first and then more took him over and destroyed everything and just put everything under locks and you know the government the whole time had been watching what was going on and they watched what went on there and that's what they've got now they've got those kind of weapons but you know the meteorite thing just doesn't stand with me what do you think of that yeah I thought you know that a bit a gun free don't you take it I always gonna say mark was that you know the theories about what happened in Siberia on what was it 1902 or something like that when that happened I believe it was on five on not certain it might have been Oh - I can look it up but it was early won't get away there's the Furies our legions what that boy what it what exactly happen there right I mean it always actually but either way I really cannot speak towards that but one thing I wanted to say there's a caller mention you know I'm not so sure we're good up to a break hold that thought we'll get right on the other side of this break when we come back on what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] our special guest freighter X and we were talking about the possibility of Tesla's involvement in Tunguska a good question so Tim are you still with us yes I am and I wanted to say Marquess you're hot man you just laid in right there what Tesla is all about and he tried to give the people of the world a kick forward to understand how all this this pyramids and everything was built and to give us a kick forward and all we got was a kick in the nuts by the US government JP Morgan and the powers that shouldn't be I couldn't know here talked earlier he talked earlier about Coral Castle man that's you know that haven't heard but that's the most mysterious not mysterious but that was technically technology but you know no electrons or anything flying you know Tesla was powerful and he was he's my superstar he's amazing he was a guy practically we're gonna get you know on Coral Castle in a little bit I'm going to tell people a little bit about what that was about because I had a little bit of a side show going on related with Coral Castle we did a little brainstorming session I'll tell people about that in a moment let me go back to freighter X and get finished getting his take on Tunguska Tunguska and what may have happened they're afraid of Rex go right ahead yeah well actually uh for clarity's sake I what I really wanted to address was the part of Tim's question about the the government and JPMorgan being involved in suppressing Tesla's innovations and technology and I just wanted to you know just for the sake of clarity and the reai there's a reason that i would bring this up is that i I'm not so sure that the government preceded Morgan or Westinghouse in their suppression of Tesla I think it was more more possible than Morgan Westinghouse and other you know industrialists targeted Tesla and used the government as one as an arm of that you know of that targeting and the reason the reason why I bring that up the reason why I make that distinction is I think it's really it's important for us all to be clear on on who's pulling the strings and what the motivating factor you know a lot of people will speculate about all the possibilities but if you want to keep it in a purely material sense I think it's clear the motivating factor of the industrialist in this endeavor and then of course we can move into the esoteric and spiritual effort and talk about who was controlling JP Morgan and pulling his strings who were his owners who were his masters who was he answering to behind the scenes and that I would suggest goes and connects directly in with the occult world the dark occult world your honor you have read speculations that Morgan was a agent of the Rothschild concerns right Rothschild Redfield I mean these guys they go way back with their esoteric actions you know so let me go back let me go back to the tunguska question I've talked about this with some researchers and some people even in the Tesla Science Foundation and there's a there's no consensus there's no general consensus although some people do feel that it may have been Tesla's experimentations with scalar wave technologies that may have resulted in the Tunguska phenomenon disaster or however you want to look at it or whatever you want to call that luckily that haven't happened in a fairly sparsely populated region or it could have been much more disastrous we'll get right back to that on the other side of this break for this short segment that's all we have time for we'll be right back after these messages on what on earth is happening don't go anywhere folks [Music] welcome back folks this is happening especially Saturday we're recapping the Tesla Science Foundation's 2011 Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations on Tesla's 155th birthday July 10 2011 so on the line with us is freighter X before we get back to freighter X and get his take on some other things that went down during the Tesla science conference this year I want to give the call-in number once again because we are taking calls and the callin number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five feel free to call in I want to thank a few people who were very instrumental in the Tesla Science Foundation's energy independence celebration this year of course the president of the Tesla Science Foundation Nikola launched our and his wife Maureen launched our who helped organize the entire thing my girlfriend Barbara marinelli for helping suck in so many ways and specifically for supporting me throughout the entire event my good friend Michael falsetto who helped transport me around during the Tesla Science Foundation and bought me lunch on many days of the event thanks Michael Dave and Fred Hammond or food did a great job organizing the outdoor event at the independence Visitor Center Dave Rosen yo Lee who coordinated that the Tesla science conference and basically brought the speakers to the the conference and organized that entire thing what a massive job that was so great job Dave Dave Salty's who did the filming in the conference room Michael River Song who acted as the emcee in the science conference room mano de vino' who just and the divine hand ensemble people just have to go and check out this great ensembles website divine hand dotnet and you'll never hear anything like this in your life just phenomenal orchestral music phenomenal chamber music by the divine hand just an incredible performance that they put together for the event at the ethical Society on Saturday evening Melissa Dunphy who acted as the co-host and introduced these speakers at the ethical society great job Melissa Frank Taney who generously donated this donated the space for the science conference at the Liberty to building Jerry Hartman thanks for acting as security Fernando salgueiro who lent us a generator for the independence mall portion of the event and drew who brought a lot of the DJ's who played out there and Independence Mall so I'm sure I'm leaving many other people who were involved in the event out don't hold it against me I'm just I just put together a quick list before that segment and just wanted to run down it and thank people who you know directly I worked with me during the conference but I met so many phenomenal people during the the event and that's what a conference is all about is bringing people together so that then they can collaborate further in the future and take action to improve this place so with that having been said and the callin numbers in hand let's go back to our special guest freighter X freighter are you up for taking another call sure you know I'd like to say Margaret I too felt that spirit of unity consciousness and the supportive the feeling of support and a warm welcome welcome that everyone gave everyone else and you know I feel like I came away from that with some new friends you know and that's a really important part of this whole thing is unity consciousness and that's supporting each other because we need support that's how we move forward you know I mean and Tesla's story is a is a sad example of the other direction of what happens when people aren't supported that's exactly right and I think that's another great point that dr. Michael prophet brought up during the of ethical society event he said if we don't make people known make it known to people about who Tesla was and what he did in this generation when a new Tesla a new inventor or scientists on the order of a Tesla comes along in the future we're not going to provide a supportive environment for that type of a being to be able to do as great of things or even greater things than what Tesla did and an opportunity will have been squandered and I think that's just a brilliant point that was brought up by him the keynote speaker at the ethical Society yeah imagine the folks out there that don't have the strength of will the Tesla did to manifest what he could in spite of the odds against him you know traveling to a foreign nation thousands of miles away from all basically without any real clear you know I was just going to lay out it wasn't nothing was mapped out he had to just kind of make it up as we went along now his will and his concentration he was he was able to to make the achievements besides he could but imagine those out there that don't have his kind of will that they need support but if they got support where they could take us hello I'm sorry there I dropped off from that's what getting involved is all about in a cause that you truly believe in and back and know why it must be done the question why has to be answered what is the motivation why are people coming together to attempt to do this endeavor and you have to ask that question you have to ant get get the answer to that question honestly and then decide whether you're gonna put your effort behind that and then put it into that effort a hundred percent and that's what the the drive and the will is all about and that's what care combining care with that drive and that will that's what that's ultimately all about that's what gets anything done that's what makes anything change and if we don't understand that basic generative principle that I always talk about on this show we're not gonna make much forward progress as a species if we do have that key firmly in hand we're going to unlock all the the locks on all the doors and we're going to make a whole lot of forward progress in ways that we can scarcely even imagine right now yep everything we want to do we have to imagine it first and we have to hold it in our minds and believe it Frater let's go to a call on the line here we go caller you are on what on earth is happening with our special guest freighter axe what do you have for us today gentlemen mark I just wanted to make comment to you and to add a piece to the Coral Castle mystery sure you took the care enough to do these hole presentations on the 911 and I listened to it and and during one part of that you said that you would spend all these episodes 40 through 60 just in preparation for that one show and you asked during the third show is it worth it where you hope that it's worth it yes marks it was worth it girl I've now listened to 85% of the content on your on your of your shows there and it was because of your right action that I'm making right actions now to write myself in the world fantastic I'm Gracie give ya the kind words and the onion courage Minh I appreciate that a lot yeah I was just saying it's an awesome endorsement and that mark I just wanted to add to the call and say I too feel the same way about you I listen to your show usually not on Sunday but I download them and listen to them during the week and I'm I am constantly learning stuff in the 'mark that's awesome thanks so much guys guys callers stay with us on the other side and you can make a further comment and ask a question for Frater X we'll be right back don't go anywhere folks you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting now [Music] go back folks their host mark passer-by website what on earth is happening calm taking a break from our regular presentation style environment where I lay out some thoughts and ideas and symbolism etc and we were looking at the 9/11 event over the last few weeks and we're going into the esoteric side of 9/11 last week we'll be doing that again next week after I've had a little bit of time to recuperate from the the whirlwind of events this week and weekend and I can't tell you talk about energy flow just a whole lot going on in a short amount of time and you know you you're I realize you know I'm human too folks there's only so much that you can do in so much time that you're given so I really didn't have time to prepare the show that I was planning on so that's why we're doing an off-the-cuff show today recapping the Tesla Science Foundation with our great guest fraida Rex who was a guest of mine at the Tesla science conference today and and yesterday he attended the ethical Society event and was outside at the on a lawn at Liberty to as own Independence Mall as well so let's go back to the caller that we had on the line previously and see if he has a question fooor freighter X and then I want to talk to freighter X about that portion outdoors at the Tesla birthday celebration there at midnight and we we were on American freedom radio while that was going on live and we'll tell you a little bit more about that in a moment so caller did you have something specific for Freya Rex I must present a specific book freighter X but I wanted to bring some information that I'd heard in a conference during month one of Michael calendars conferences sure which I might suggest is a great guest that you could have on marquees I am in line with doors I am familiar with Michael tell enger' so I would love to have him on its own future point hmm indeed well I went to his one of his recent talks and one little small thing about the Coral Castle mystery was unveiled during that talk okay as many people know there was one man who made this massive stone monument and he did all the work himself he never let anybody see though him doing the work right but he would end up moving massive blocks of stone in a matter of a few moments and nobody could figure it out well there were some kids in the Nick in the neighborhood there who observed him while he wasn't sure that they were there and saw that he was using ice cream cones in his hands to move the blocks of stone meaning he was using a cone shape yes ice or our own to manipulate sound frequency to be able to move these stones using sound technology that we have since forgotten absolutely fascinating and it's something that we are going to continue to look at a small I guess you could say a subgroup of us at the Tesla Science Foundation and and related members and and associates of this group who are very interested in the enigma of Coral Castle and really want to crack that code because we feel that it holds the secrets of antigravity and Leedskalnin was on to something and his mind worked on the order of someone like a genius like Nikola Tesla so I want to thank you for bringing that up and on that note I'd like to basically tell people about very quickly about a little side presentation that I it wasn't a presentation it was more of a brainstorming session that I put together at the Tesla science conference this year we took some interested people in the Coral Castle phenomenon and we went into a little side area at the conference on the 32nd floor at Liberty - and we sat down and talked about this and really just brainstormed ideas and we had a whiteboard we had a projector and a screen and we just completely it was a think-tank on how this may have been done and so many things were brought up and so many ideas were sent back and forth and so many great minds were coming together we did not come to any specific consensus on this but there is specific experiments that people want to do there is a for a future research that is going to be done into this we may even be planning some sort of a trip down to Coral Castle soon with some of these participants and uh and uh think-tank team members I guess you could call them and uh I'll be giving you some more word on that as it develops but that's what was one of my functions during the first two days during the Thursday and Friday of the event of the Tesla event because I think this is all related with resonant frequencies and I think that's how Tesla managed to do what he did with an understanding of these frequencies it's how Leedskalnin ed Leedskalnin the Builder of Coral Castle managed to do what he did it's how someone like Royal Raymond rife the the great scientist and optics engineer managed to do what he did with healing diseases through resonant frequency technologies and I think all of these things are interrelated and that it's all going to break sooner than anybody realizes people are going to crack all of these enigmas codes however you want to look at it and it the powers that shouldn't be are not going to be able to hold that knowledge back for much longer because too many people are interested and too many people are working on revealing those great secrets of the hidden mysteries of the wheel work of nature and we're going to do it and it's going to happen within the lifetimes of the people listening to this program right now so pray to Rex I want to go back to you and talk a little bit about the great Tesla birthday celebration that happened during a midnight last night on midnight between the 9th and 10th which is when Tesla was born at the stroke of midnight in the village of smelly on which is now modern-day croatia it was the austria-hungarian empire when tesla was born there but what did you think about the dynamic outdoors that right in the the cradle of Liberty the birthplace of human freedom which is independent small right here in Philadelphia yeah that was one of the highlights I think of our experience was being there for that and attending that celebration there was what probably a hundred plus people standing around at midnight you know in the center of Philadelphia there was coals go up my my son was so excited about getting to put the big fluorescent bulb near the corner watch it right up and I mean it was just fascinating watching it was like a bunch of kids in a candy store and there were a bunch of get there but there were people of all ages you know are all walks of life all coming together and we yeah we broadcast the radio free humanity show live which was an awesome opportunity I felt so privileged to be a part of this and Mark coming on your show today it's like it I am so jazzed to have my self associated with Tesla you know I know that everyone that I talk to you that's involved in all this says the same thing you know it's it's something that we the people that are being drawn to this they realize the importance of all this and one thing that we went over in the show with Michaels Jack last night was how you know the level of satisfaction in the realization that the show we were doing was that the result of Tesla's work here I was wireless transmission for Philadelphia Jack wireless transmission from Hilo Hawaii all transmitting back to Austin Texas for AFR you know it's amazing all the technologies all based on Tesla's technologies would not be what not impossible without him absolutely and then you know surrounded by his technology all around us you know in the center of Philadelphia and it's yeah I that's part of the reason why I felt like I was coming away from this entire conference having made new friends because of the folks that was there at the independence visitors center pretty much people were so welcoming give everybody your website and go and check out his archive folks give me your website that these www free humanity comm check down free rights at that run a bar great radio show on American freedom radio folks and thank you so much for having me on as a special guest caller last night on the show out there right at Independence Visitor Center I want to thank you for that we'll be right back folks don't go anywhere [Music] we are back on what on earth is happening on their host mark Hasse oh my website what on earth is happening Tom we are on the line with special guests Frey directs radio talk show host on American freedom radio his show Radio Free humanity let's go back to frayed Rex and let's uh bring in another caller here we go caller you're on what on earth is happening do you have something for myself or frayed Rex yes mark I it's Kevin Kevin how are you awesome I was totally enjoying yesterday and until everyone Kevin was also one of the great organizers and he helped bring the DJ's in so Kevin I should also give great thanks to you for your help in organizing the event out at Independence Mall yesterday because without you we wouldn't have had a lot of the the musical aspect to the celebrations out there on the lawn so thanks so much Kevin for your contributions to the event as well it was an honor to help out I said it just was so much fun like even my son like the best part of it was when I was leaving and and taking my son home and he was saying I don't want to go I knew I needed it something at that moment you know like when my seven-year-old had had such a good time even like getting to play with the Tesla coil as well like it was really a beautiful day and like everyone that was there really seemed to a joy like you weren't there but I was actually handing out a whole bunch of the Tesla pamphlets oh that's pretty good that that were there that were as available as well and I put him into a hand of at least like 6070 tourists that were coming as well even though that that was what was going on I'm glad they were being used in that capacity that's what we printed them for and again I did have to leave early yesterday at the independent small section to go help set up at the ethical Society so I want to thank you for you know taking the reins and and and doing that kind of outreach there that's what the uneventful yeah it was a lot of fun like God do me a favor check your Facebook I actually sent you a link to a video that I made for it which is pretty much like of the day of the time period that you missed and I think you'll really appreciate it you were in one of the pictures that I took of you before you had left but like it's it's a really cute overview of what we got out there and I hope you enjoy it that's awesome Kevin do you have anything for freighter wrecks actually I don't know if I got a chance to meet you while I was there I like I said I left a little earlier like around 6 7 o'clock so I I don't want to take up any more of your time thank you guys for like helping to co-create reality with me it was like great it's really beautiful thanks so much for being a part of the event you know I forgot to mention the music that was an awesome addition to the experience the DJ tent that was that was really cool you know and another person I should mention thanks to was pan adelphia who came out with a collaborative artistic they they basically do collaborative art parties where they bring out these huge tarps and let people co-create art altogether and in in a tapestry which is a beautiful allegorical symbol of what we really need to be doing collectively as a species so Paul and squints of pan adelphia I want to also send thanks out to them and I'm sure I'm leaving out a whole bunch of people and you know whenever you make a list you're inevitably going to leave people off thanks to everyone who was involved input making this event happen you all understand and know who you are and your role in it and without everybody's involvement it would not have been the success that it was and I'm sure it'll grow even bigger next year and more people will become involved and the outreach will be even even more intense so Frater did did well I think we do have another caller on the line so let's see what this caller has to say here we go caller you're live on what on this happening with our special guest to freighter X what do you have for us Thank You mark it's Bob from Cincinnati thank you for your work and well I'm fine mark and I you deserve all the rest you can get thank you to you and your guests freighter X and all the other excellent people who stood in our stead those who couldn't be there at the Tesla Science Foundation conference out there thank you gentlemen we're keeping Nikola Tesla the true wizard of science he took science into the realm of what we would call magic therefore he is a true wizard and thank you for your voices we must continue to keep Tesla Marc you were one of the most steadfast voices for Nikola Tesla he is our answer he is his work has been suppressed for 70 years it is now coming to light he left Croatia Serbia Croatia with the plans for a flying machine that had no wings if I may there is a quick article in the New York Herald I want people to Google Tesla new monarch of machines New York Herald 1911 the October 5th edition his own words and I quote my flying machine will have neither wings nor propellers you might see it on the ground and you would never guess it was a flying machine yet it will be able to move at will through the air in any direction with perfect safety higher speeds than have yet been reached regardless of whether and oblivious to holes in the air or downward current it will ascend in such currents if desired it can remain absolutely stationary in the air even in a win for a great length of time its lifting power does not depend on any delicate device as the bird has to employ but upon positive positive mechanical action end quote Nikola Tesla in 1911 had the plans for the wingless craft that we see in the air today using mechanism that is not using aerodynamics he was a master of the ether ether physics has been suppressed I want you to Google ether physics ladies and gentlemen and that is the free energy we're desperate for the free energy that is our birthright Nikola Tesla is the answer thank you for your voices gentlemen Bob before you go give people that first search term again so they can check that article out what was that first search term you want the Google absolutely Tesla new monarch like a monarch sovereign a king new monarch of machines his article in the New York Herald October 15th 1911 this is a very telling article Bob you always bring phenomenal information to the show and I thank you for all the information you bring forward when you call in here always a pleasure thank you mark good night you got it you take care freighter oxide yeah I just want to say you know it is an honor and a privilege to be counted as one keeping the spirit of Tesla alive I mean I it makes the entire trip worth it to me just to be a part of this I'll tell ya this is about Tesla and it's it's just it's such an important topic absolutely so let's see what what we want to do next is in the next segment I'm going to read the unanimous declaration of energy independence because that was the entire crux of the event and I read it twice I read it at the ethical Society I read it at Independence Mall and it's an honor to be able to share that with people there because that is where the original Declaration of Independence was read and that's the document that enshrines the principles of natural law of the foundation what is of natural law into this nation sadly we've fallen very very far off of that path we need to get back to it and we need to get back to it fast but we at the Tesla Science Foundation enshrine these principles into our own Declaration of Independence and it's a declaration of energy independence so before we do that Frey directs any other comments or words in any kind of a constructive criticism anything that you want to add perceptions that you witness that you saw as part of the dynamics of the Tesla science event the Tesla energy independence event this year in Philadelphia and uh maybe tell us what you might like to see in the future as incorporated as part of the event well first of all let me say wow it must have been such a privilege for you to be able to read that statement in you know in the vicinity of Independence Hall you know knowing what we know about the history there and how important this is and how it goes hand in hand I believe with you know the I believe that this moment right here and now I predict this moment right here now will be viewed eventually as a turning point because these are such important times and for the future of our country of our nation which was begun with that initial statement a declaration of independence you know and this is the second one this is a new one and this statement that you're gonna read in the next segment he's one of the most empowered empowering and powerful messages that you as a with Petra say information as a body have brought to the people that are there to hear it and I'm just so glad to be a part of much as I'm gonna say anything about the complicated it because it was an awesome experience thanks so much and we'll be right back on the other side of this break the declaration of energy independence will be read and we'll get Frater X's take on that and we'll wrap things up in the last segment don't go anywhere folks stay with us you're listening to what on earth is jack blood host of deadlines Locke [Music] welcome back folks this is the final segment for this edition of what on earth is happening under host mark casio my website is what on earth is happening dot-com we are recapping the Tesla Science Foundation's third annual Nikola Tesla energy independence celebrations here today on the show my special guest with us who came out to Philadelphia for the energy independence celebrations is freighter X he is on his way back to Massachusetts after the conference will be getting back to freighter X in a moment but as promised in the last segment here I'm going to read the unanimous declaration of energy independence as drafted by the Tesla Science Foundation in conscience July 10th 2009 the unanimous declaration of energy independence when in the course of human events it becomes necessary for the people of Earth to dissolve the relationships habits and thought patterns that have bound us to an unsustainable energy paradigm our conscience compels us to state our grievances with these outmoded systems and to unanimously declare our intentions for the future of free energy we hold these truths to be self-evident that in our modern age all means of energy production are not equal some being polluting limited non-renewable and controlled by corporate driven profit motives while others are clean abundant sustainable and able to be made freely available for the betterment of all people that human innovation and creativity has excelled beyond our current methodologies of energy production and that the current energy paradigm is ecologically unsound economically unfeasible socially divisive and morally bankrupt that dependency on our current energy production methods has led to the increasing environmental debt rotation of our living planet and to a growing systemic mentality of scarcity lack fear aggression and imperialism that free energy technology has been developed and suppressed for over a century and we need not be dependent on non-renewable energy for a moment longer that the time is now for us to develop a means of energy production and distribution that utilizes the inherent abundance of nature itself that as stated by the great scientist and inventor Nikola Tesla science is but a perversion of itself unless it has as its ultimate goal the betterment of humanity that whenever any energy model has been perpetuated toward a system of control limitation and the stagnation of humanity's collective evolutionary progress it is the right and duty of the peoples of all nations to abandon the outmoded technologies upon which such systems are built and transition toward those which are clean renewable sustainable and free we therefore the free people of Earth in good conscience assembled appealing to the supreme order of nature for the manifestation of our intentions do solemnly declare that in our lifetimes through our continued dedication ingenuity and inspiration we will bring to fruition a new and free energy paradigm one in which empowering advancements and technologies are made widely and freely available to all peoples in the service of human potential and for the support of this declaration of energy independence with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence we mutually pledge to each other Our Lives our Fortunes and our sacred honor words inspired by the original Declaration of Independence drafted and signed right here in Philadelphia so freighter X your take on the unanimous declaration of energy independence as drafted by the Tesla Science Foundation I'll tell you mark this statement here I rank this high among the statements that humanity has made generally to itself I mean this is such a powerful statement I it is an honor and a privilege to be associated with you folks who have come up with this because I actually rate this association highest I'm on line at present it is this is so important I cannot stress it and I hope that your listeners and those who might hear that show later and the archives could really receive this because this is so important people need to go to your web for the website that your organization has I know it's not your organization you're a part of it but that's what Science Foundation org I mean it's got everything there and and then you know I went to the website before I came out here and I it was such a satisfying experience to come and meet the folks that are involved because it takes it to the next level like you said the opportunity looking forward to come and face to face with other people who share your convictions who share your passion who share your desire to move forward as a species and it's it's the most fulfilling experience there could be and I I think it's such a clever way for you to impress upon folks with this statement because it is so empower fulfilled empowering and this conference is not an end it's a beginning this is just the beginning of relationships relationships new relationships between people are being forged as a result of this conference and we will work together and collaborate during the course of the coming year on projects and that's how these conferences work that's what a conference means the word conference comes from the two Latin words con meaning together and Ferro Fairy meaning to bring that's what the essence of a conference is all about bring people together for a common focus a common goal and that's what why getting involved and getting out there putting yourself out there and and and joining up with others there is there it is all about the individual and being non divided non dual that individual in divisive okay but there is power in numbers as well when all of those individuated units come together they form a strength that is impossible those bonds are impossible to break when they come together over something that is truly just and moral and they know the reasons that they're doing it they know the why behind behind the effort that's something that a lot of the members of the Tesla Science Foundation share they have a very clear idea there I is on the prize they know why they need to be involved in this organization and we need more help you know there is still work that needs to be done there's still many more roles that people can step in and fill in this great organization so don't think that everybody else has it in hand and there's somebody out there that's got the job done get involved get involved I can't stress that enough so I thanks for making that point we do have one more caller on the line let's see what they have here we go caller you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us you think that dr. Phil's right on many of the things the points on his show then you make I have not actually really looked into him that much I've maybe caught the show a couple of times when I'm in people's houses that that have and watched television I would have to actually you know it's not really related to the topic we're talking about today but I can't speak to it as such he seems to be you know accurate on some of the things that he talks about related to human motivations but I don't want to say any more than that because I don't really know about his work that much and having followed it mainly because I don't really watch television so I want to thank you for that but I can't really speak to that topic in general so sorry fraida rex i looks like you dropped off there for a moment are you back with us yeah overpass city and got lost no problem well I'll tell you what there's a minute and a half left in the show you take us out and whatever you have to say the floor is yours and don't forget to give your website at the end so people can check you out on your show on American freedom radio okay marquel I really want to thank you for the opportunity to come on your show and I'd like to you know repay you the favor by having you come on in August and we're going to start talking about the protocols of the wise men of Zion we're going to look at that work and we're going to break it down with my experiences involved in the fraternal orders and then the speculations of those that are outside the borders like yourself my co-host Jack and I would love to have you come on and and help us to break that down absolutely I'm there okay great and once again mark I want to thank you so much all your listeners out there you have an awesome audience that call them a great question if they want to check out my show on American freedom radio it's let's bed is www.a do free humanity calm ladies and gentlemen are spread and have a great evening for this evening freighter X freighter thanks so much for being here with us today thank you March have a great evening thank you get for everything you too take care and be safe driving back that's all we have time for tonight folks thanks so much for listening up next [Music] up next is Michael Vale you stick around we are