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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of choice and now here is your host Marc Pascoe welcome ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today is Sunday July 31st 2011 the network's website is oracle broadcasting comm and this show is live here every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time and we have a good show lined up here for you today we're going to be talking about the religion of the New World Order of the dark new world order I should say we're going to be talking about the underlying religion of the globalist occultists what is their religion how widespread is it what are the ideologies it espouses that's what the focus of today's show is going to be on and this is the end of our looking into the darkness it won't be totally the end of it I mean we'll revisit topics every now and again but from here on out I want to make this show a solutions oriented show and I want to bring people on who think along those lines of solution think and get their perspectives so you'll be hearing some more guests on the show hopefully and we're going to be talking about how to get out of the hell that we're basically trapped in here on earth as far as the diminishing freedoms and the ever increasing centralization of control that's taking place here on our planet so coming up in a few minutes a discussion on the old religion a discussion about Satanism and dark luciferianism and we'll be breaking down the ideologies that these religions contain in detail so this show isn't going to be for the faint of heart and nor was last week's and I you know have to tell people I got a little bit intense and I got a little bit enraged on last week's show because we talked about what the agenda of these individuals is all about and I started talking about the people who are either wittingly or unwittingly helping these Psychopaths to achieve this agenda and when I do that I get a little bit impassioned and I got a little bit intense and I know a lot of people can't handle that but that you know that's okay sometimes people need to hear something that is harsh in order to spur them forward and make them take a deeper look at things and indeed sometimes to take a deeper look at themselves so I stand by everything I said last week and I make no apologies for having said them I may do a show in the future on why people tend to want to hear soft pleasant tones as opposed to you know some tough love from time to time I have a lot of ideas about that about emotional mind control that's how the news gets us to buy all the poison they sell us you know they put it in sweet sweet pleasing tones we'll pick this up on the other side and we'll get into our topic of discussion Satanism as the religion of the dark new world order we'll be right back I was born a shot card in my hands behind the girl I'll make my fire all day [Music] alright folks were back here on what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc Pascoe my website what on earth is happening dot-com today we're going to be delving down deep into the darkness of Satanism and dark luciferianism we will explain what these ideologies are what these indeed religions are all about and we will be breaking down the foundational tenets of these religions and some people will notice there are no images posted to the show page for today's show because I'm really going to focus on these ideologies on what they really are because many people have extreme misperceptions of what these religions are and think of them in ways that they completely have nothing to do with yet they don't understand how deeply interwoven into the very fabric of this society the religion of Satanism really is and I'll tell you a personal anecdote a little bit later in the show about something that occurred that showed me how much people in my very own family relate to this ideology and indeed live it on a day to day basis without even understanding what it is so no should know images for today's show and that's done deliberately to really get people to focus on what is actually being said here as far as what the ideology that underlies these religions are and the first thing I want to do to jump into the topic is reiterate the definition of the word religion because some people will insist that these are not religions and that was my take on Satanism when I first became involved with it many years ago I did not consider it a religion I considered it a philosophy and indeed it is most certainly a religion and it is indeed most certainly not a philosophy by definition of both of those words a religion coming from the Latin verb relig re and I'm you know I'm we've gone over this many many times that is where the word religion is derived from that is the etymology of the word people will debate that until they're blue in the face go right ahead religion comes from relig RA in Latin which means to tie back to bind or to hold back or thwart okay now there is an alternative definition a way of looking at the word religion that it can mean to retie or to reconnect okay so a true religion would reconnect one to the truth to the light to the higher self to the essence of pure consciousness okay unity consciousness the religions of the world that have been set up as a method of control and distraction distraction to pull people away from the truth to tie them back from realization of the higher self okay is more in line with how I'm using this word in this connotation in this context okay that's what a religion is it's something that holds someone back in their progress in their evolutionary progress in consciousness that is what the word means philosophy on the other hand is derived from Greek roots filos meaning love and Sophos meaning wisdom okay so it is the love of wisdom and again wisdom we've talked about many many times on the show as not necessarily just being equivalent to knowledge but being putting knowledge into action actually taking action based on the knowledge that you have and that knowledge must be based in truth for it to be considered wisdom so the love of wisdom is taking at and upon knowledge that has been gained that ret that is true okay something based in truth and then acting upon it not believing in lies and then acting upon those lies no philosophy will be found there there is no love of wisdom in taking actions that are based on untruths so keep these definitions in mind when we talk about Satanism today because Satanism is a religion and it is not a philosophy by definition so what is the religion of the dark new world order well it's really a dichotomy there's a two-fold religion the largest by far the largest aspect of it is known as Satanism and you can call that many different names okay you can call it Satya nism okay aligning oneself with the dark Egyptian god set in the modern day it's it tends to be called Satanism because of the the Christian personage called Satan that people identify with as the force of evil okay but it's so much deeper than that when we understand all of the forces that lead to chaos in this world which is what we've discussed for over a year now the forces of mind control the forces of keeping people in lower states of consciousness for selfish egoic purposes so that a small class of people can gain an advantage a tactical advantage in knowledge and therefore rule over people who lack that knowledge so Satanism is a huge part of this but luciferianism actually Trump's Satanism in this hierarchy and it is really who the highest level dark occultists are they are Luciferians and I want to make a distinction in types of Luciferians there are light and dark Luciferians because the concept of Lucifer and here's where many people will also disagree simply means bringer of light this is a symbol again I don't I don't envision Vistage Satan as a being or an entity nor do i Envisat envisage Lucifer as a being or an entity these are forces at work in the world and these forces wield control over people over human beings and I would go so far as to say they often inhabit humans and put them on strings like puppets so that they will do their bidding now Lucifer the word is based upon light looks in Latin means light and Pharaoh frere in Latin means to bring or to carry so Lucifer is to bring or carry the light it's a two-way shower a Light Bearer that's all it really means and this is a symbol because light represents knowledge it represents the ability to process to take in process and use information accurately alright and the dark occultists who are the Luciferians at the higher level have this knowledge they have this light and they are using it for their own purposes well that information and knowledge can be used for transformative purposes and awakening people as well it's the same information it's information that has been hidden or occulted we'll pick this up on the other side of the break don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] the black folks this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio we were talking about Satanism and dark luciferianism I was talking about Lucifer as being a symbol a concept representing bringer of light and this is what the dark Luciferians who actually control the Satanists of the world how they view this concept that they have the light they are the enlightened ones everybody else is in a state of ignorance and therefore they have every right they have divine right to steer the direction of the entire species as they see fit regardless of what that means regardless of it even might mean that they need to call people from time to time and reduce world population which is one of their huge agendas and we'll be talking about eugenics today as one of their main goals and this has been uh this has been one of their modus operandi that since time immemorial really because a smaller population is easier for them to control than one that has mass numbers of people and right now many more people are waking up to their agenda than ever have before in the past so you know to call that population down and keep it small is to keep it manageable well we'll be getting into that in a little bit what I want to go to is the vast numbers of people who subscribe to the New World Order religion are perhaps subscribing to it without even understanding it without even knowing that this is the religion that they are living every day some people who in name only call themselves Christian who people in name only will call themselves a freemason who people in name only will call themselves a Jew or a Buddhist etc and we can go on and on every type of religion or tradition really are living a satanic lifestyle but what does that mean well in order to understand what that really means we need to delve deep into the ideology that underlies the Satanic religion so let's begin doing that now and look at what are what are the main tenets the main underlying beliefs of this religion well the first and foremost and the thing that every other belief of this religion is based upon is the concept of identification with the ego mind that's number one first and foremost without the identification with the ego mind all of the things that follow from that basic fundamental axiom could not occur so what what is ego identification well we talked about this on this show way in the past probably over a year ago and we talked about this as being one of the main barriers to true self-realization one of the main barriers to spiritual awakening ego identification is believing that you are your body and your thoughts essentially that's what it is it is identification with the five senses as being the only way that reality can be perceived and the the five sense material world is all that exists okay so nothing outside of what our antennas so to speak our equipment that pick up the vibratory energy in our 3d realm that we live in okay that pick up in this limited frequency band that you can prove is very limited and narrow okay so in other words we perceive visible light in a very small spectrum but there's an infinity of wavelengths on both sides of that spectrum it just happens that our equipment called the human eye can only pick up the frequencies that exist in that narrow bandwidth it's the same principle of a radio or television station it broadcasts over a particular set of frequencies now does that mean while that's broadcasting that there are no other frequencies in existence if we turn on a television set we are tuning in to a specific frequency or we turn on a radio we're tuning in to a specific frequency well every one of the frequencies is bombarding that radio and indeed bombarding us in the room with that radio but we're not hearing them all simultaneously we're tuned to a narrowband okay and that just happens to be what we are perceiving at any given time it doesn't mean that's all that exists the equipment only picks up certain frequencies and only picks up certain frequencies at given times depending on how it's tuned okay so we have to understand we exist in an infinity of frequencies in an infinity of densities if you will and what satanism what its basic tenant it's under first and foremost underlying tenant is that only that which the equipment that we possess can pick up or perceive is reality everything else can be ignored it has no bearing on anything don't try to explain it don't try to come to understand it only be identified with what you can see hear taste smell and touch and do everything you can to gratify those five senses because the second primary tenets of Satanism is that death is the cessation of consciousness for all time now what you're hearing right now you will probably already recognize as being a way of seeing the world and a way of being in the world that many many many people in Western civilization subscribe to on a daily basis people live like this every single day thinking that death is the end this existentialism okay this I exist and then I'm gone okay being in nothingness living for a brief time and your life is parentheses in the Infinity that exists on both sides of it these this tiny tiny you could already see how limiting how built upon limitation this worldview is okay everything is small and limited in this worldview except one thing the ego the ego identification with the self lowercase s the physical worldly self and one's own thoughts and one's own desires regardless of how selfish or ignoring of anyone else's needs those desires maybe are what are put upon a pedestal and fed that is what is fed and given strength in Satanism okay now already many people will be confused or surprised that this is what this religion is this is the main tenets of this religion and you'll recognize that this is how most people in society think and there's a reason for that it's because the directors the social engineers of the world order that we are moving ever closer toward want this religion propagated because it is the religion of slavery if you think this way if you live this way you cannot ever really truly be free and I'll explain why that is as we go forward looking into this dark ideology called Satanism stay with us folks this is what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] we are back bogus this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio we're talking about Satanism as the religion of the dark new world order Empire we were looking at ego identification as the first tenets of Satanism one of the other very important tenets of this religion is that death is the cessation of consciousness these two things combined leads to a very dark and poisoned worldview and it's a very fear filled worldview it is one that places the physical above all aspects of the spiritual hence the inverted pentagram that is their main symbol the four forces of the material world earth air water and fire being raised above the fifth and all important element of spirit which unifies and binds together the other four so what other tenets is in these this religion for the diseased mind the psychopath is really who subscribes to this religion the person in schism the schizoid personality the person who has tremendous levels of imbalance particularly toward the left brain hemisphere this is a left brain hemispherical dominant religion when the left brain is chronically lived and dwelled in and there is no balance toward the right or Sacred Feminine or creative and nurturing hemisphere of the brain and the heart or emotion is left out of the equation altogether this is how the personality goes more and more and more toward this level of imbalanced toward the left and indeed this is why it is known as the left-hand path that is what this religion is known but by its adherents they generally will refer to it more often than not as the left-hand path even as opposed to the name Satanism they call it the left-hand path the left-hand path really encompasses Satanism and luciferianism dark luciferianism see I always want to catch myself when I say that because there is a difference between dark luciferianism and just luciferianism in general just as there is a difference between dark masonry and Freemasonry in general okay so these subtle distinctions should be made and kept in mind so let's look at other tenets of this religion man as just another animal is very important they look at man as no different than any other animal in the animal kingdom and I would make a case against this tenant as well there are many ways almost to numerable to count in which man is completely different than the rest of the animal kingdom yes so are we a member of the animal kingdom certainly are we just another animal absolutely not we're gifted with talents and abilities that no other animal on this planet has now that doesn't give us a right I feel it doesn't give us a right to totally rule over them and use them for whatever purposes we want I think they have a right to life and the pursuit of their happiness in their environments as they see fit as well which is why I don't participate in taking part of the meat diet I'm a strict vegetarian and have been for a few years now and I've made that decision because I feel that as we do to others we'll be done to us if we keep farms will be kept on a farm but many people aren't ready to hear that either you know they're not there yet as far as their spiritual development is concerned and that's okay but again I just feel I believe in the as above so below principle that the universe is self-similar across skills and if we don't want to be kept as farm animals we we shouldn't keep farm animals to me it flows logically that's the logical progression but many people will vehement Lee you know fight fight against that and uh you know humanity will be continued to be kept as a farm animal and you know that that's just basically how things go here people don't want to learn and change bad things continue to happen to them they think they can continue to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result and that's the definition of being crazy you know continuing to do the same thing and think something's going to change is is insanity that is being crazy so to continue with the this idea of man as just another animal as what Satanists believe this could easily be disproven simply by doing what we've already done here on this show and that's look at the structures of the human brain yes we have two brains that resemble the brain structures that are in the animals in the animal kingdom namely the reptile complex of the brain they are complex and the mem million brain known as limbic system but we also have an extraordinarily developed neocortex this is the part of the brain known as the telencephalon and the neocortex is the outer part of the telencephalon where all the neural activity that we that we use for thinking and creating takes place at on the outer portion of the telencephalon and this is what makes us truly human and what no other animal has as much access to or even as large of a telencephalon as as human beings do so you look at the capabilities that are imparted by the neural activity that takes part in this part of the brain okay and of course it comes from a higher level of being than even that it's not it doesn't come from the physiology the capability to make us operate in the physical domain operates through the physiology I'm not saying that's its source but you look at the human brain you look at the left brain being the logical scientific linear thinking the linear processor and the right brain being the part of the brain that helps us engage in creative thought nonlinear thinking compassion and empathy etc and when we really work toward balancing that and bringing those two parts of the brain into a holistic oneness okay then new vistas of consciousness open up that no other animal can attain to certainly not to the extent that a human being is capable of and that's why we're in a unique position on this planet and that's why we should take seriously our role as stewards of this place not owners of it but stewards of it caretakers and it's too bad we don't take care of ourselves or this planet so st. nasaw of humanity on this world and just look at us as another animal well if we're just another animal and there are no special or unique capabilities of humanity which I would say is absolutely not the case then we can just simply act as other animals it just logically follows if we're another animal we can act as as the lion acts in the field or we can act as a hyena acts or we can act as a wolf ax or a snake there's no difference so just let our beasts animalistic instincts rule acknowledge that that's who we really are and and don't try to ever curb any of those base passions or instincts don't try to ever elevate our consciousness don't try to ever raise up our fellow man just live like an animal that's one of the basic tenets of this religion and that means you could essentially do whatever you want as long as you don't get caught doing it does that sound familiar how many people do you think would live like that if given carte blanche go ahead go go right ahead and live like that if there were no repercussions in any form right now most of the repercussions happen in through this thing this other out-of-control aspect that we call man's law which is the only reason people don't generally act like that is because they're kept in fear of the consequences not because natural law and its tenets and foundational principles are incomplete antithesis to acting that way and they have recognized that out of their own discovery and out of their own seeking but because they just fear the reprisal that will happen to them by the even bigger dominators the even bigger takers on this planet called governments so man is just another animal a huge tenant of this religion now that will lead us to the main tenets okay even even its wider scale than just the ego identification then just man as another animal and this is moral relativism is what this religion enshrine is the idea that there is no such thing as objective right or wrong and this is a big one and we'll be exploring this on the other side as well as we'll be going to the phones as well I know there's a couple of people still waiting hang on I will get to your calls today we'll be exploring moral relativism relativism on the other side and perhaps going to a couple of phone calls stay with us folks this is what on earth is happening you know the Constitution [Music] okay folks were back on what on earth is happening on your host mark passio before the break we were talking about moral relativism as one of the main tenets of the Satanic religion of this ideology for psychopathic individuals so what is moral relativism well it's the idea that there is no such thing as objective right or wrong that there is no such thing as any sort of natural law or moral code by which we should be guiding our life according to that there are no repercussions for our actions ultimately unless we get caught by another person who is going to take some action out against us that essentially we can do whatever we want to anyone we want to as long as we can get away with doing it that we're prepared to face the physical repercussions of our actions according to the way things are working in this world but if let's say we were isolated on a desert island someplace and we wanted to kill somebody so that we would have more food well then go right ahead right is what's right for you in any given moment and wrong is what is wrong for you in any given moment but essentially we get to make that up based on the the experience that we're having at any given time how we personally feel about the situation what our likes or dislikes our preferences happen to be I call this being the arbiter of truth well if there's no right or wrong objectively if I have no way of actually gauging the morality of my decisions or behaviors I get to make it all up I'm the arbiter of truth or in other words on God and that's exactly what Satanists think they are their own God their ego their body their personality is God to them that's it that's the God they serve and again ladies and gentlemen I would suggest and submit to you this is exactly where Western society has been headed for a number of years this pure hedonistic egoistic way of living and being in the world not caring about anybody else but oneself maybe maybe your immediate family and relatives surrounding you who might be in a position to help you out from time to time maybe that but it's look out for number one me me me that's what this society has become and that's why it's going into Chains that's why it's going into shackles into a prison cell slam the door lock it up throw away the key bet on it unless that way of thinking and being in the world is changed quickly because that's what again I'll say this again that's what this religion is this is the religion of slavery that's why the New World Order wants so many people to subscribe to it because the dark occultists who are running the show are the dark Luciferians and they're the ones with these puppets on their strings called Satanists who they know just for a little bit of temporal and worldly power will allow themselves to be put on their strings and be told the dance puppet dance and they'll do whatever they tell them to do they'll they'll completely carry out their agenda just as long as they have a full belly just as long as they have a roof over their head just as long as they have the car they want to drive just as long as they have the amount of money in their bank account they want to have they don't care about anybody else because that's what Satanism is all about it's about the cremation of care it's about purging the heart from the Indian Sun and I told you I would tell you an anecdote and it this seems like a good time and then maybe I'll go to the phones for a little bit I'll give the call-in number as well I laid out that all the tenets of Satanism to a relative and I won't say who the relative is and not even because you know I want to protect their identity but it's so embarrassing that I don't even want my the relative to even be traced back to this that's how I'm without their knowledge respecting their complete ignorance and ineptitude at understanding anything in spiritual evolution so I'm not going to give their identity I'm just going to tell you what the interaction was okay I said to this relative I die said I'm gonna show you on this screen some tenets and I had a phone there and I did not show the title of the document the title of the document was the main ideological tenets of the Satanic religion and it contained all of these tenets okay and I went through them one at a time and I just read them all and as I was reading them this person had no problem with each one and an intern basically said to me yeah that's pretty much how I think things are yeah that's pretty much I think things are yeah that's pretty much I think things are in turn each tenant when I was finished I said well you agree with all of that and this person said yeah absolutely that's basically how I live my life and that's what I think that's how I live my life that's how I see things in the world and I'm okay with that and I said okay I scrolled up to the top I took my finger I scrolled up to the top on the phone I showed them the title of the document and the title of the document said the main ideological tenets of the Satanic religion they looked at it for about five seconds then looked at me and though these are the exact words that came out of their mouth quote well then I guess that makes me a Satanist end quote let's go to the phones caller you're live on what on earth is happening how are you and what do you have for us are you talking to me yes I am you're you're live on the air I'll let you take care of that you want to lower your radio so that echo isn't created and then we'll be able to hear you loud and clear okay so I'll give you a minute for that and then I'll go back to you all right here we go let's try it again car you have to completely lower the the speakers you have to turn them off otherwise we're going to get feedback so I'll get back to you in a minute let's see we have another caller live on what on earth is happening let's see what they have for us caller are you there okay hello caller are you - yes you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today are you talking to me mark yes I am oh okay great well that's wonderful oh I want to say you've given me some great tools and I have some solution it has been working for me and it's based on what you taught us short screen language because I can't hear you I'm on a phone hold on a second sure you're on you're coming through okay it's a little bit muffled but we can basically hear what you're saying so go right ahead well I mean you could go in break down the word Illuminati in green language I think you'll have some fun doing this call you're breaking up there but go go ahead okay I came down for us okay you have bill that means not good and then you have room for lumination right and then and then man and AI so you're darkening the third eye of men right there sir that certainly works for the dark Illuminati absolutely that is what their art yeah they're so right in tained in the language that we speak that if we only become conscious of it we'll see that this world that we're living in is actually controlled through words and if we just understand the the basic principles upon which language is built we would be able to open up our consciousness to an extent that we could scarcely imagine right now the study of language is just utterly incredible it's it's a fascinating topic to undertake I wish more people would look at the language because and go into the roots of language because when you do that you understand what it is we're being told and what we're being basically fed on a daily basis and it's not always a good thing you know sometimes words can be really empowering and we can learn a lot from just what they are telling us about you know how they how we operate with the world at large and sometimes they control us if we are unaware of what they are saying at it at a deeper level well that effect and well and I've been reaching a lot of people that are also going out it either in a parable you keep talking about natural law and local interpret great if they've done it for long that's exactly right and more people should look at a message that is actually being spoken in the Bible particularly in the New Testament and understand that all of that is a bait a basis in natural law to try to get us to live that way we'll pick this up on the other such act blood hosts of deadlines live [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] it is there to get people to live in contradiction with natural law and to accept that they are the arbiters of truth they get to make up what's right or wrong see moral relativism means that right is what's right for me at any given moment wrong is what's wrong for me at any given moment there is no objective standard of right or wrong there is no objective standard of morality therefore rights are meaningless because rights are based on what is right what is not wrong to do to another so if there is no right or wrong no one has any rights and man could basically do whatever he wants as God here does this sound familiar this is exactly what the entire control system is based upon this is why a law can be made on the other side of one imaginary boundary called a country that forbids a certain activity and you step across that imaginary boundary into another so-called country and that activity is just fine to do well how can that be if the how could one country say this is wrong and you will be punished for doing it there would be physical repercussions on your actions if you do this thing here but if you do it over here it's not wrong it's okay to do that this is utter nonsense and always has been utter nonsense it's just the game of mind control because the elitist who rules that imaginary border that's his little pen in which he controls his animals on his farm and he doesn't like that activity so he says that can't be done here will this leader this elite so-called in this pen over here in this country he thinks it's fine for his his cattle and to do that activity that doesn't bother him that much and so that's okay there and that's all law is that's all man's law is now always has been and always will be because it's not based in natural law it's based on tastes and preferences and what somebody at a particular time felt was okay for them not what was right that's why all law of man is not based in right it is has nothing to do with natural law rights it has to do with the Preferences of the dominator in any given region at any given time and it's a methodology of mind control and it's based in moral relativism not natural law which does not consider boundaries whether natural boundaries are otherwise it's in effect in every single solitary space of the universe no matter where you are at in it no matter what time you are at in it natural law is applying it is in effect and we're going to go deeply into natural law what it is how it operates and how you can align ourselves with it as part of the first part of the solutions based approach that I'm going to cover on this show in weeks to come stay with us we'll be right back folks this is what on earth is happening we'll be getting more into the ideology of Satanism and dark luciferianism on the other side of this break [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm let's continue to look at some of the other foundational tenets of Satanism as a religion so we just looked at moral relativism well what moral relativism will inevitably and invariably lead to in society once enough people subscribe to it is a wonderful little ideology known as social Darwinism social Darwinism is this idea that man lives as just another animal and as such since the theory of Darwinism is based on this idea of survival of the fittest or really survival of the most ruthless that man needs to become the most ruthless within his species become sort of an interspecies predator so he can come out on top and that is the gauge of success in society therefore we can create all kinds of manipulation games we can create all kinds of machination x' we can create all kinds of control based systems that basically keep certain people in the dark keep certain people down feed them poison manipulate their currencies that they use for means of exchange get them to subscribe to completely nonsensical ideas and religions just so long as we profit from that just so long as we come out with a tactical advantage and come out on higher ground than them because after all that's the whole goal of life if you're a social Darwinist that means essentially do whatever you want to other people to keep them down so long as you come out on top and that's one of the main goals of Satanism you yourself since you are separate from everything else and you are completely based in the physical world that's your identity okay and you don't believe in right or wrong those are just those are just invented constructs by the religious minded and again I have absolutely no dealings with religion I don't consider that I have a religion or something that's holding me back from the truth I don't put my consciousness in a box I am attempting to expand it to ever and ever greater vistas of awareness this isn't what Satanism is Satanism is putting your consciousness in a box limited five-sense reality moral relativism and now that leads to the idea of social Darwinism and again this is very very widespread in our current society I would say that probably over 70% of our society agrees with most of these tenants and our living they can say in name only they're a Christian or a name only they're a Jew or a name only they're a Buddhist or a name only they follow Islam or a name only they're a freemason and any other mystical tradition but this is where the majority of people's heads are at in moral relativism and social Darwinism and certainly an ego identification and I just told you that story of one of my own relatives who was fine with being shown the tenets of this religion as being Satanism and then they said well then I guess that makes me a Satanist as if it was just the most natural thing in the world and they had just you know heard that the Sun rose again in the morning on that day no problem with it whatsoever let me give the call-in number for anyone that wants to call I see we have a couple of people still holding on the line I'm gonna go to the calls in a moment eight six six eight four one one zero six five eight six six eight four one one zero six five that's the calling number be glad to hear from you and if you want to chime in on this discussion let's take a couple of calls right now Larry in Louisiana you're live on what on earth is happening yeah I hear you talking about nature's law what's the first one for you well really it's understanding what is a wrong how is someone else wrong in what ways calculating wrong someone see this is the concept of the apophatic definition and let me let me lay this out this is a great this is a great question okay because this is how we get to the understanding of natural law we get to the understanding of natural law it isn't to say what may we do it's more about saying what we may not do what is not a right how many things may we not do to another person what things that if we do to another person would be infringing upon their rights and therefore it is not one of our rights it is then a wrong see this is the the defining something through the negative which so many people want to shy away from they don't want to look at the knot they want to say oh only define it by what you should do or the the affirmative and this is where I have to say the New Age movement has completely clouded many people's judgments they they get them afraid of this concept of the negative and not and not looking at something as harmful and being aware of it you know it's it's I liken it to if there's a right hook coming at your jaw you might want to be aware so you can duck okay if there's a trick if you're walking near train tracks and the trains barreling down upon you you might want to perk up your ears or you might want to take a look at that locomotive headed in your direction and it's not negative to do so so I'm probably going to be putting a presentation together in the near future called the apophatic path to truth falling in love with the negative okay it's emotional mind control to always want to go away anything that seems uncomfortable or negative and I'm telling you the direct the most direct path to enlightenment is to look at the darkness now you can't get lost in it you can't get so steep down in it that's where you dwell all the time I would never suggest that to anyone it can drive you mad if you stay looking at that continuously which is why after a year and a half of this stuff and laying it out so that people can really deeply understand what's really going on here we're gonna start pulling back from that and looking at solutions once you know enough about what's really wrong it's time to start doing something about what's wrong taking right action so natural law it isn't like a series of one two three four five six and he's like like the ten commandments so to speak it doesn't really work like that it's understanding having a deep in innate understanding deep down of what your rights are and what your rights are not how do your actions affect others in the real world and therefore do you have the right to take that action or do you not have the right to take that action and I would say so many things that we do have the right to do are being infringed upon and usurped by the dominator law culture and they have no right to do that and therefore should be ignored and ultimately if they continue to press with it we have a right to take the necessary actions in order to protect our rights and we can talk about what that means at a future time but it's a good question a natural law really should be explored and that's why we're gonna do this in depth when we get into that section probably in a couple weeks on the show so we're all coming up to another break I'll take another couple calls on the other side and we'll continue with some of the deeper aspects of Janice and Cygnus and when we come back [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening we're talking about the religion of Satanism as the religion of the new world order today the dark new world order we've laid out some basic tenants including ego identification death as the cessation of consciousness man as just another animal moral relativism social Darwinism and now what does all of that ultimately lead to what does a twisted psychopathic worldview like this lead to well invariably it leads to man thinking of himself as God on earth and deciding who gets to live and who gets to die setting their own agenda as an unquestioned ruler which is what all dictatorships all communist regimes all socialist regimes all fascist regimes all totalitarian regimes of any kind have always seek sought to do establish the state as God and then start eliminating people that oppose their view of reality eugenics cleansing the population of anyone that they see as unfit as unworthy of life from the Greek root you meaning good and jenn-air a meaning create the underlying code of life genes we're not bound to it it happens to be yes what how treats are expressed they're expressed through those genes in the physiology we can change that code actually if we understand how it works we don't have to be victims of it but this is the mindset of the dominator culture this is why the Third Reich under Hitler and Himmler and others wanted to cleanse as they saw the gene pool of their Reich their order that's where this inevitably goes once you buy moral relativism once you buy pure ego identification once you buy into social Darwinism the slope becomes very slippery slippery very slippery to go headlong into a eugenics program and this is ultimately where the dark new world order wants to take humanity into a calling into a dark harvest into a purging of many of the souls that are here on this planet to gain experience and knowledge they look at it as their right to do this because they look at it as their planet to do with as they will in their mind their God here and nothing could be further from the truth and this is why you see such a close alignment between Satanism and national socialist ideology or Nazism these two religions go hand-in-hand and indeed if you make any kind of an in-depth study of the Third Reich you will invariably if you're being honest with yourself and if you're looking into the right sources you will invariably come to the occult connections between the Nazis and their view of reality and Satanism this connection is deep its interwoven into the fabric of the Nazi order and at the helm of it was Heinrich Himmler and his workings at vivos Berg and if you look into that you'll understand that a lot of the modern satanic cult networks that are out there revere someone like hemler and are working to accomplish the same goals that he and Hitler were working to accomplish the Temple upset is a prot was a prime example there's it's still in existence I know Michael Aquino really loved Heinrich Himmler and patterns his entire lifestyle after him someone like Niklas Shrek who was influential in the Church of Satan and the Temple upset Revere's National Socialism as something that he feels should become the the national political viewpoint of the entire world he wants to see a globalist Nazi state so there's a huge connection between Satanism and National Socialism and again people who think that that's any path to freedom are delusional because I can't think of any better slavery system than National Socialism I mean if people think that the Nazis and the SS members were free you know whether they were doing the killing or being killed none of those people were free they were all inside of a cage they were all slaves the people who did those atrocities were under mind control and that doesn't excuse them that's that's where I disagree with some people who you know think we should just give so much quarter to all these people because they were just manipulated no they're responsible for their own actions whether they're under mind control or not you were too spiritually weak and you let yourself get pulled into a Thrall and taken under mind control that was a choice you wanted to abdicate your personal responsibility and hand it over to a psychopath some sicko fanuc leader people looking for a leader and variably are gonna find one and generally it's not gonna be a good one that's why I'm saying people don't look for a leader be your own leader there is no leader look to yourself your higher self as the leader I don't pretend or try to be anybody's leader I want people to think for themselves make their own decisions about what come to an understanding of what's creating our reality through our behavior and whether it's in accordance with natural law or not and that's how we create order or we create chaos we're co-creators with that force and we're eternally bound to it and get over it you know so I'm not looking to be anybody's leader I'm trying to help educate people and get them looking into the right path and help them to understand you're the one who's either creating order or chaos by the way you live so stop looking at the movie screen screamin at it and saying I hate this movie you're the projector of the movie your behavior projects the manifestation of reality that you must then experience and live in let's go to the phones Brian from Washington you are live on what on earth is happening how are you sir yeah but how about empathy how immediate it is for me and how damaged I've been by having been weather and of course I'm not I'm not blaming anyone but when we were shown images of torture during previous administrations Wars and somehow the media thought it was appropriate to show us these images and and having empathy with the victims of this cruel inhumane treatment it's like he was such an immediate sense for me of agony that that that I saw I felt personally damaged by the fact that my country had done that you know and I also I also had added negotiated back that other other warriors or terrorists do things as well that are that are harmful and damaging to life and I believe life is precious I believe life is precious and this is what I think I I'm not certain to anything lives I mean I'm not certain that we live after life but but Mike but what that leads me to think is that life is precious and should be maintained sure because I'm because I'm because I'm not certain of what happens afterward therefore there shouldn't be and because that immediate sense of how precious life is and how how fragile it is you know that there's your shouldn't your shouldn't be actions taken against anyone one way or another that that are violent or harmful or anything like that that's right I mean that no I can bet that I've personally been damaged by whether my control to the media or or what you call handlers only please my crying handler like it like it we're coming up to a break hold it right there I'll hold you through this break and you can finish up your thoughts on the other side we'll be right back folks [Music] okay folks who are back talking about empathy and compassion before this last break and I will say to the call or Brian I'm gonna bring him back up in a moment I'll say this is exactly why you don't hear a lot about what's really going on in Wars because they know that that strikes an emotional chord with people that's why so much support was lost during the Vietnam War and why so many people cried out to end it you can keep Wars going endlessly though if you never Forge an emotional connection between people who happen to understand what's really going on in that war and the events that are taking place in it the media was still to a certain degree doing their job during the Vietnam War now they do nothing to show us the real horrors of war so I'll let you come back up and finish your thoughts on that you still with us yeah but yeah just the idea of war and then and then also being dragged in somehow as in the past I'm not sure exactly how this happened and probably as a matter of weakness or a matter of being provoked or being or being controlled or being directed by by people who and you know what it is if someone knows stuff about you they can dirt they can really try black if they can turn you they can blackmail you they can put ideas in your head Sharan and actually having been subjected to kind of I wouldn't call them experiments but you know and having made my share of mistakes myself so so it's like it's a situation where it were to break free of that you just have to know that people are still going to remember it's like it's like my personality in the past having you or the way I reacted having been subjected to certain manipulation it's a manipulation and then I react to it in an unpleasant fashion oh that's embarrassing that he's talking that way but it's like you know I I don't want I don't you know I want I'm trying to be more Gandhi like I'm trying to be more peaceful but but if but if someone's got your number they can really twist you around you know and it's difficult I really I really I really try to hang on to calm sense you know and and also about about about tort about how people have have confessed to things that they didn't do under the influence of I've listed I've looked at stuff from Lauren Marais I've looked at her have you looked at her work with the guy in Vancouver they're talking about the Hart projects and all the stuff and mind control it's like that looks like something that happened to me you know and it's like I don't you say it's not that I don't remember I don't want to remember but but but I was put in I was put in emotionally psychologically you know situations where I was trapped and and and led to believe things that weren't true about myself or things I that I had not done you know and and I don't know what techniques or technology was used at any given time well Brian this is this is something that I'm gonna cover in a future show and it's a concept I want to thank you for the call it's a concept that I call emotional mind control and I I've coined the term for it I call it heart control we talk so much about mind control right but we talk very little about heart control and this is how you can persuade someone to basically act as you will them to behave as you want them to behave or direct their behavior okay which is mind control essentially but you do this through the manipulation of emotions heart based emotions if we do not rule them if we do not own them and I don't mean keep them in a cage I don't mean not actually feel them I mean don't let ourselves be ruled by them we need to take ownership not only of our thoughts but of our emotions as well see this is the second component of consciousness the third being the synthesis of the two of your thoughts and your emotions and then being born into the world as your actions your behaviors can be controlled both through your thoughts and the ideas that you're taking into your mind and they can also be manipulated through your emotion make up and how you feel about things that are being done or have been done and this is a key thing to keep in mind that there is a whole nother methodology of control out there that is based on emotional dynamics not just thought not just the dynamics of mind so that's a great call to bring those concepts to the forefront we'll get back into talking about Satanism but we have another caller on the line Mike from New York you're live on what on earth is happening I'm on thank you take Michael sure Mike how are you doing huh excellent thank you I was giving a call and reference to talking about those that prefer to carry the positive light versus the negative light or Mason's that prefer to build in the light versus try to obscure the light the ones that are dark have identity to them their vibration slower they they've killed their conscience and severed their connection to their higher self and force us and themselves to live in the third dimensional reality that that they are imprisoned to themselves for those that that are considered you know white hat sort of what light workers that are maybe considered high level or something like that right time is time is going to come when humanity as a whole is gonna have to make a decision on what they truly believe or don't believe you know I I believe that I'm not talking about 2012 but I think you know something along the line is eventually going to come down the road where you know we're gonna have to make a decision on you know it doesn't matter how much we've gained materialistic wise that's right it's about how far we've come you know spiritual was you know and how we put that into motion throughout our life I'm Mike I call that moment our critical moment of choice as a species as per the introduction of this show so I totally agree with that concept that there is a big collective choice looming on the horizon for our species and there is a there is a palpable and very tangible feeling of that that this is coming soon and it's there's this um I guess you could say quickening there's a quickening an acceleration that we're headed toward that moment you know and I put a message out there to all those polite workers that you know time is gonna come where you can't keep that the information hidden for as long as you have the best possible way right now we've ever created it the internet so and in order to get information out there with that you know worrying about it's being stopped is the internet and I think the best way to do that is the people whole sources of information open so I urge all people also to back up older copies of operating systems because they will be useful later on when most of the the security technology is going to be geared towards you know the later operating systems and most current stuff you do have an older operating system and you know you can get the drivers it would be a good good thing to have as well in the future as well as I put that as a word of advice out there not a bad idea and this this quickening this moment that we're headed to that I call the moment of choice for our species everyone is going to have to individually make that choice as to what side they stand on do they stand with the powers of darkness do they stand with the controller's where they step out and stand in the light and if that's your choice I'd urge everybody who's making the choice to step out stand in the light align themselves with the powers of the light to begin speaking this if you have not already I often say in mailings that I send out the universe is spoken into existence the power of the voice the power of putting this message out there cannot be understated it needs to be heard whether you think anybody's going to change as a result of it or not because I can even be somewhat jaded when it comes to that dynamic oh is anybody really paying attention really listening is this really having any of any impact or people's lives really changing as a result is the dynamic changing out there well you know what I've kind of almost come to the conclusion it doesn't make a difference whether it does or not I'm not I've said this before and people can view this as callous or however they want to view it I'm not really doing this for the people of this planet I serve the force of truth the light itself that's why I'm here that's what I'm defending I'm defending the quote-unquote goddess the Sacred Feminine care the truth etc that's it that's the force I serve I'm not here to serve people I'm here to help people but that's not who I serve I can be of service to them but I'm serving the truth see it's like a server you know people have this you know it's kind of a technical call there with talking about the operating system as well which we're all part of this huge operating system and we need to act as servers and went servers where you put information on and then people go and can make a connection to it and that's how they get information we need to be servers in our world in our reality and we need to serve up the truth okay and that that needs to actually become more and more distributed so that more and more people are serving that truth into the world and they make more and more connections the BitTorrent model for the techniques out there for the people who are on the BitTorrent sites that's the model we need to have through distributed information sharing we'll be right back on the other side of the break for the last segment where I'll wrap things up talk about what's coming on the show in future weeks we'll be right back ends of time [Music] welcome back folks last segment of the show today one of the things it says in the intro to this radio show is that what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and that's what we do here we do take a look at the dark we've shined the light pretty brightly and we have seen just how filthy our house is now as we move forward into the future it's time to look at the methods for cleanup how can we clean this house up how can we make it a better brighter place that's what we're going to move toward into the future on the show and I think that's going to be coming up I've been thinking about it in two weeks okay next week I think what I'm gonna do and I've been kind of leading in this direction by taking a lot of calls today I know I haven't gotten two calls in the last couple weeks but um I think I'm gonna do an all call-in show again I did this once a few months back it went pretty well and I'm gonna do that again and let people call in talk about what their concerns are talk about any of the methods of mind control that we have already covered on the show and we can talk about solutions that we're going to be discussing in the future on the show anything is fair game no taboo topics we'll take calls all next week for all two hours so I think that'll be a good bridge between the dark and the light and in two weeks time we will start a deep penetrating analysis of natural law to hammer this in and really help people to develop a firm foundational basis in what natural law actually is so that's coming up on what on earth is happening I want to just wrap up a few things about Satanism and that is to say that the religion of Satanism is the religion of the hierarchy that the New World Order wants to impose it not only puts up on a pedestal the human ego but it also puts up on a pedestal the concept of human authority that man can become an authority and can basically act as God here on earth and that is not Satanism is not the top or the highest aspect of the hierarchy that's operating here on earth as I said dark Luciferians control the Satanists they are higher in the Satanic Luciferian network okay they are that the real distinction to keep in mind between luciferianism and Satanism is that the dark Luciferians do have a real deep understanding of the spiritual nature of our reality and they have a deep understanding of how natural law functions they know all of these things that we've been talking about on the show they also have a very deep understanding of the primal fears that are nested in man's psyche for thousands of years which we've covered on this show and they know the knowledge about how the human psyche and motivations work to the extent that they can manipulate through those fears they are ultimately the mind controllers of humanity the dark occultists at the highest levels are what I call dark Luciferians they are people who have all of that knowledge and they have turned their backs on it they have decided that it's too hard to do the great work of truly raising people and being an influence for them to come up in consciousness so rather they decide the easier path the left-hand path is to keep them down keep them manipulated so that they can be rulers in hell they would rather have a trashed world with completely degenerated people in it that they rule over like a farm rather than doing the truly difficult work but ultimately much more rewarding of being an influence for others in consciousness to help to raise them up to a higher level and a higher bration so they have copped out and ultimately that's because they are lazy and they are fearful they're not the quote Illuminati the people who understand what we've been laying out on the show for a year and a half are the real Illuminati they're the ones with the true light shining the light on the darkness of these darkly enlightened ones the ones who are of the cult of the dark Sun the dark atenists the dark Luciferians who have the people of the satanic mind set on their strings and are manipulating them like puppets so I think that's where I'll leave this off and wrap up the concept of Satanism as the New World Order religion just think about it folks how many people actually subscribe to this ideology they're all around us they're everyday individuals who have been convinced that this is the way that they should be living it's our goal to raise them up in consciousness and show them the error of their ways and show them that there is a way out that they don't need to keep going down that path of suffering that they can turn around and make a 180-degree turn about like as did I and turn toward the light and move toward it move toward the truth and move toward the essence of goodness and the essence of higher consciousness in this world so alright I'll wrap up there and we still have a couple of callers on the line let's get to them and then I want to make a couple of statements about the podcast that's going to be going up and a couple of changes about the podcast and I want to talk about some of the documents that I'm going to be posting with the podcast for this week so that will will wrap wrap up the show with that but we have a caller on the line caller you're live on what on earth is happening welcome hello hello yes your life yes hi um my name is Karen I'm calling from Philadelphia you Karen how long I've been listening to your show for quite some time now yeah and passing the word around about your show I was really blown away this past week with this human animal splicing and the revelation that they've been doing it for the last 30 years in Great Britain and they have these human beings that have like 20% animal DNA from goats - pigs - cows right insect cross yes cross cut cross species chimeras they've been creating this for many years it's part of their eugenics agenda actually yes but they're saying just the opposite that there would they want to grow these extra organs and limbs for human beings who need livers like I saw a picture of this of this mouse that had an ear human ear on the side of it and I just want to want to ask the question to you and to everyone listening out there you know I know that the Catholic Church is duplicitous and in a lot of ways but where is their voice now you know in terms of eugenic I'll tell you terms of this I'll tell you examination I'll tell you exactly where it is their voice is the same place that it was during the Nazi regime around World War two it's the the exact same place look into the connections between the Vatican and the Nazi Empire and you'll understand a whole lot about where the highest-level religionists of this world where their loyalties lie and you'll find a lot of connections between that hierarchy and the satanic slash Luciferian hierarchy and that's a disturbing place to go but if you really want to be enlightened about what major world religions are all about you need to take up a study of the interconnections between the so called religion religions of this world the religious hierarchies and the satanic networks that ultimately are controlling and manipulating through those religions so a great call all right I think that's all the calls I'm going to take take this last minute or so to wrap up and talk about the podcast I'm in the process of moving all of my podcasts over to the what on earth is happening server because they were previously hosted on talk-show I want to really move them over to my site so that they have a permanent home there and I'll probably not be uploading any more podcasts to the talk-show servers for people who may have been following at that location which is where I used to do the podcast from when it first started so that'll take a little bit of time I'm going to transition that over podcasts from now on will be uploaded to the one on earth this happening website itself and not downloaded from an alternative location so we'll need to see how that goes as far as bandwidth load and things like that go but I think the server is up to it so I don't think there should be much of a problem there the next thing I want to say is I'm going to be going on vacation with barb for the next couple of days so if my podcast for this week is up a little bit late please give me some leeway on that I'm taking a couple days vacation time in the summer here and with the podcast I will post many books and pamphlets on this topic especially a document that explains the the introductory process or the application to the Church of Satan and I'll be posting documents about the Church of Satan the temple of set and other satanic and Luciferian organizations out there so do further reading and research on your own and you'll get a better understanding about what this ideology truly entails that's all we have time for this week folks I hope you enjoyed the show will soon know that murky water