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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches its critical moment of the choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you are listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. East Coast time that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central my website is what on earth is happening calm the networks website is Oracle broadcasting calm today of course is September 11th 2011 the 10th anniversary of the dark occult human sacrifice ritual that was done for purposes of trauma-based mind control that was the 911 event we've already gone over to a great extent the events of 9/11 and what the their ultimate purpose was so today we won't be doing that I will be dedicating a little bit of time to 9/11 today in the second segment right after this short segment we'll be going live to New York my friend Tim Smith is there Tim was also one of the organizers of the free remind conference and he'll be giving us a brief report from New York City about the events that are going on there today so that'll be coming up after this break I have one quick event announcement actually I have two quick event announcements the first is a conference coming up here on the East Coast right here in Philadelphia hosted by MUFON the mutual UFO network these individuals I've worked with in the past they've actually a couple of their affiliates have hosted my presentations in the past so MUFON is going to be having one of their conferences coming up here in Philadelphia on October 15th and 16th at the Four Points Sheraton that's in Northeast Philadelphia at 9 4 6 194 6100 veldt Boulevard here in Philadelphia the conference again is Saturday October 15th and Sunday October 16th admission on Saturday is $35 and the speakers will be going from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday admission for Sunday is only $30 and the conference will be 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday the 16th there will also be a dinner with the speakers of the conference on Saturday night October 15th for only $38 the speakers for the mufon Pennsylvania East Coast Conference are Joe Maura Robert Dean Linda Moulton Howe George filer Bill Weber Lynn khatai bill burns Jerry Jonas John venturi and Chris Augustine for more information please visit MUFON ta calm or mainline MUFON calm the next announcement I'll give after we talk to Tim in New York City in the next segment stay with us folks this is what on earth is happening [Music] stay asleep obey when he looks at it with his eyes as what we see when he looks addicted sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminals it would be bang that we defended [Music] nice well hopefully like in the movie they live people have put their sunglasses on so they are able to see through the deception at every turn because it's everywhere in 911 was of course one of the great deceptions of our time in it unfortunately because we were as a country asleep at the switch it cost us the lives of 3,000 people who these occultists and Psychopaths murdered in cold blood on that day to justify their agenda right now I want to go live to New York City on this tenth anniversary of 9/11 2001 to my friend Tim Smith who was there in the streets of New York and he is going to give us a brief report on what's going on there today Tim was one of the organizers of the free or mind conference as well so people owe this gentleman a great debt of gratitude for all the great work he did with that event so Tim are you on the line with us yes I'm here ok so what do you see going on in 9/11 today in New York say yeah 9/11 today I think the main thing really to talk about here is the police state that's going on here I've never seen anything like it besides the videos that I saw of that she was at the g20 or the g8 and Pittsburgh um besides that I mean the amount of cops and the police state that's going on here is just unbelievable like there's just about eight cops eight to ten cops on every single quarter and I don't know there's very there's cops and not only New York please not not only local New York cops but just you tell cops and other jurisdictions and uh and just you know they're meet adjust their militarized cops you know and there's they got their tops with big big like rifles I don't know if machinery on an assault rifle you know I'm not really familiar with the terms but but they got these big rifle and and there I've seen I seen this thing that looks like a tank it's like it's it's like a black a black looking tank and it's just they just really got us I don't know they got everybody in fear because they got this so-called terrorist threat I don't know if you heard about the terrorist threat mark I don't really pay attention to their brainwashing media once I asked that what it was I no longer subject myself to it so I don't fall into their you know levels of fear-mongering and propaganda but I'm sure that they're actively pumping that out there yeah they said there was a terrorist threat supposed to happen in New York or Washington and that it's funny they said it was credible but unconfirmed source so you know that's their their language that they use credible but unconfirmed just there that's their way of saying we might plan another false flag if we feel it's the right time to do it that's basically what they're saying you know yeah and and you asked any one of these cops or even just general people walking around in New York City is this is are these the hallmarks of a free State just what a free country looks like is this what a free state looks like police on every corner yeah yeah I wanna know when has any cop really ever stopped any crime from being committed they show up after the fact all the time you know the only thing that stops any crime or violence from being committed is understanding natural law principles which is what we're going to talk about in the rest of the show here tonight after this segment but if these cops really wanted to create any level of order they would understand natural law and they would be teaching it to as many other people as they could get to listen to them instead of trying to be a controller which is actually creating more chaos in the world but they're too ill read to understand any of that unfortunately yeah I totally agree they're just here to create the created the division you know just amongst cops first the people or the 911 truthers against the cops or the 911 truthers against the people and they they literally heard of us in to one little area they had you can't even you couldn't even get close to Ground Zero like they had you all the way back to Broadway which is like two blocks away from Ground Zero and I came up here the past couple years and you were able to get right up to Ground Zero and this year they have you blocked all the way back and you can't even get close unless they're I saw this one entrance way that you could get in but they literally had a big line and they had these wand metal detectors and they were they were searching people and and metal detectors and checking their IDs to get through the street so this is this is what you get you know people ask why would if smilin was an inside job why would these people do it well this is this is why because and all the people who think that's okay you you'll ask them did the did the the so-called terrorists defeat America and they'll say no they didn't but look at what America has turned into since 9/11 2001 the level of freedom that's gone and they'll insist that's necessary to keep people safe while control never keeps you slave safe it keeps you a slave that's what control does it doesn't keep you safe it keeps you a slave yeah yeah that's what I was saying now it's what I was yelling at I was saying the tyrus one today the Paris London it's it's crazy they literally had to turn it into a spot across the street on Broadway where people couldn't even get to and they had barricades all around this and they wouldn't even let people cross the street to come over to us so they literally had a separated from the rest of the population and had people her heard it in there and a great thing you know I tried to stay away from that I crossed the street I just walked around I don't want to be being that barricade I you know I don't want to be one of those sheep you know and people think that the police are on the side of 9/11 truth they think that they're because they say might say a couple of encouraging words to them in the past on 9/11 in New York that somehow they're on their side that they've woken up these people are completely asleep because they're willing to do whatever their owners tell them for a paycheck that's all it is it's not your job it's not just your job you're murdering freedom that's what you're doing and you're doing it for money you're doing it for a paycheck I just want to be real clear about what their role is and I'm not polarizing anybody against anybody I'm stating truth they have already been polarized against the average person okay who they look at as separate from them these police and these militarized police okay they're the ones who have fallen for the Hegelian dialectic pointing that out doesn't mean that I'm polarized against anybody or trying to polarize anybody against anybody I'm trying to explain to you the conditioning that these individuals are in and people need to wake up to that and understand that they need to help these people come out of their trance that they are in because they think they're doing the right thing and they think what they're doing is acceptable morally acceptable and it is not it is not hey Tim we're at a tap on this segment but uh I want to thank you for all calling in with the report letting us know that that's what's going on there in New York on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 I think in he the terrorists are winning but it's not the Islamic fundamentalist it's the terrorists a constitution with the Beck [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening and I'm your host mark passio I want to thank Tim Smith came on in the previous segment to give us an update from New York City on this 10th anniversary of 9/11 oh one and you heard it straight from him folks and I wish I could tell you it was some other way but the people who think that you know we're magically waking up as a race and everybody is getting this I think are delusional about how widespread or how fast this is actually happening the truth exists in isolated pockets of humanity and I'd like to tell you that people are doing a better job of getting the truth out there to other people but I can't tell you that there are small cracks appearing in the wall that's true but we need to make a huge surge and a more concerted effort to get the truth out there to people there are too many people who know and not enough people who speak and get as offended about that as you like even the listeners of this show there are too many people who know and not enough people who speak just think about that so and people don't speak because they're in fear what other people will think or they want to stay in a comfort fruit and a comfort zone they don't want to they don't want to create tension or they don't want to attempt to tell other people how stupid they are because that's what this is really all about people with no knowledge and in many cases what I call negative knowledge meaning they not only are absolute Know Nothings and never picked up a book in their life but they've bought all complete untruths and propaganda they've never attempted to learn anything truly and they've bought tons and tons of lies so they need to do in a tremendous amount of digging themself out of a out of a ditch just to get back to ground level where they're at nothing zero knowledge and unfortunately the people who do carry around a lot of knowledge aren't helping them to do this because these people tend to stay in isolated pockets and wall themselves off from everybody else the call that the listeners to this show should ask themselves the question how many police do you hang out with on a daily basis and attempt to enlighten you want to know why hardly anybody ever hang out with these people because they isolate themselves they're a secret society essentially that's what they really are they are they are essentially ostracized from the rest of the community and they only hang out with their own kind who they consider their own kind so it's difficult to even get to their eyes and ears with information because they are so polarized that the world is us and them in their eyes they don't understand that they're in the same cage as everybody else and not enough people are explaining that reality to them in their daily lives because they continue to do the same thing in the same actions repetitively over and over their life is an endless cycle of repetition and that's why they're so trapped in the arc complex of the brain they can't reason they can't think logically that can't empathize with anybody else and that's why they're willing to hurt people and try to marginalize their message in New York City like they're doing today it's a disgrace and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it and talk nice about it like some New Age person who's drifting off in some complete spiritual daze meditating eight hours a day and doing nothing doing nothing because they don't understand the importance of the masculine principle of action they think they're gonna meditate their way to freedom and it ain't gonna happen that way folks get over it action is required and that means speaking the truth regardless of how uncomfortable uncomfortable it makes someone else feel you're not here to win a popularity contest and neither am i the truth needs a louder voice so that's really all I have to say about 911 and I'll leave it there I'm going to go back into another event announcement and then we're going to get into the topic of discussion for today which is natural law and will continue to be the topic of discussion for as long as it takes to get these concepts out there in a in-depth fashion I'm not even going to set a time limit on how long we're going to talk about this because this is the ultimate solution is understanding natural law understanding its foundational principles and then understanding how it actually works in the world without that you're absolutely blind and powerless you cannot cannot do anything to help create freedom or order in the world it is an impossibility without the knowledge of natural law can not be done so coming up at the end of this month and on the last Wednesday of every month here in Philadelphia the group truth freedom prosperity holds their monthly documentary screening and discussion night and responsibilities have fallen to me for this night so now I was helping out in the past with the technical details setting up the actual technical aspects of the movie the computer and whatnot I'm actually going to be running the entire evening now so I'm going to be choosing the movies introducing them welcoming people and running the the technical details as well so um essentially this is like gonna be my thing for the time being okay as part of truth freedom prosperity so this is a great activist group in Philly and this is one of their meetups that they hold monthly every last Wednesday of the month at media bureau studios Bureau is at 725 North 4th Street that's the corner of 4th and Brown in the northern Liberty section of Philadelphia and this month on September 28th Wednesday September 28th at 7 o'clock p.m. we will be screening the film Human Resources social engineering in the 20th century and this is a phenomenal documentary anybody that wants to understand the real dynamics that are going on in the world needs to see this film so all of the documentary screenings that are hosted by truth freedom prosperity at media Bureau are free we don't charge ok if you want to give a donation you're welcome to do that to help pay for the cost of the room but essentially anyone is welcome for free and we encourage people to bring people out who need to hear this information drag them out there if you have to okay that's the whole point of this even if you understand these things you need to bring people and expose them to this information so free monthly documentary screening and discussion night for truth freedom prosperity Wednesday September 28th 2011 at 7 o'clock at media Bureau Studios on the corner of 4th and Brown here in Philadelphia don't miss it for people who are in the area with that having been said let's give the calling number for the show and if there's time after we introduce the concepts that I want to cover today we will take some calls in the later part of the show the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five what we've already covered on natural law is what it is which is something that is inherent not made or caused by humanity that is has always been there and is not dependent upon us in any way shape or form and it is an existing condition which is binding meaning it is in effect and we are affected by it and it is beautiful meaning that we do not have the power to change natural law or how it functions because it was not put there by us it was put there by the creator of the universe so far that's one of the aspects even for a talk radio [Music] behind the girl I'll make my father all day well folks that's exactly why I talk about the things that I talk about here on what on earth is happening so that the final stand does not need to be made behind a gun but so that we can make our stand behind the power of truth that is why I do what I do here on what on earth is happening so with that in mind let's get back to natural law because that's the ultimate truth that needs to be conveyed to the people of this planet we've already talked about natural law and what it is okay we've already talked about that it is completely belief independent it does not require the belief of anyone because human beings did not create natural law it is something that exists inherently by way of the creation of the universe it is simply here and there is nothing anyone can do about that it's like gravity being present on the earth it is here you are bound by it you are affected by it whether you believe in it know about it or like it all of those things are irrelevant the same when it comes to belief and natural law belief is irrelevant when it comes to natural law does not matter what you believe in relation to it it works it always works a certain way it is always in effect you are always bound by it the end now I can't help anyone if they don't if they cannot grasp that concept turn the show off go listen to something else go do something else and it's a hopeless case because if you think that your belief has anything to do with how natural law functions good luck good luck to you enjoy what you get enjoy what you create with that having been said the second part of what we talked about in relationship to natural law where the underlying forces that actually generated the underlying principles upon the way the manifestations of natural law are built so these are like the foundational principles that give rise to natural law okay and there were these seven principles that we discussed and that we actually really went into depth in in the neck in the last couple of weeks when we looked into certain hermetic a certain hermetic text known as the chi bali on which beautifully illustrates these basic principles of natural law so these were the principles of mentalism correspondence vibration polarity rhythm cause-and-effect and gender and we looked at them in depth mentalism being the the principle of mentalism conveying the concept that really everything that exists is ultimately of a mental construct the the all or the universe is mental energy okay it is the mind of God if you will okay it is not solid in the sense that we think of solid matter it is actually constructed of thought energy okay everything that exists first exists as a thought then it comes down through that form of energy into a harder physical form that we call physical manifestation the principle of correspondence talks about the interconnectivity of all things then everything is a reflection of everything else that the macrocosm is a reflection of the microcosm and vice versa this is the very smaller the microcosm reflects the macrocosm okay that the internal world okay reflects the external that as that which takes place within us is ultimately shown to us through the daily experiences of our life and the things that we call our situations and our experience is what we have manifested so the universe is like a mirror in this respect and it is self-similar across scales the atom is like the solar system that is like the galaxy that is like the cosmos okay everything reflects everything and there within the small is the very large okay the principle of vibration talks once again that everything about the fact that everything is vibratory energy everything is comprised of harmonics of sound energy of frequency okay and it's not solid as we think of solidity sound and vibration give rise to the physical forms which is why again I say speaking the truth is so important the truth is a frequency of sound and it emerges from us and if we speak it we put it out there to the sound that is emitted from us then we are going to be rearranging the outside world because we're going to be changing the conditions we're going to be changing the conditioning of other people's minds and what we hold in our minds is ultimately what reflects our behavior and therefore what creates the world around us this is how natural law works this is what we're going to be talking about here today the expressions of these principles the fourth principle was the principle of polarity that everything has differing degrees but ultimately these seeming opposites are actually oppo sames they are the same thing only in differing degrees and you could even look at it as there is really only one thing in the polarity but the opposite of it is actually an illusory aspect in order to show us what really exists so I took love and fear as we're gonna look at again today in depth as an example of polarity really there isn't a polarity there is only one thing which is that love or expansive force of consciousness and fear is an illusion but it's there so that the force of love can understand and know itself in more fullness okay just like darkness and ignorance and all of the things that the human race seemingly identifies with and clings on to isn't really who we are it's an illusion that we're trapped in it's a mirror aspect of our true self an exact opposite mirror reflection of our true selves that we need to look at and say that's not who we are that's not who we really truly are we're consciousness having an experience here we've been trapped in the illusory identification with that polarity of physical form but that's not who we really are unfortunately many people are stuck in this illusory identification and the people who are not in that illusory identification need to help these people get out of it because what they're doing in that identification is causing more and more and more harm not only to themselves but to other people who do not wish to experience experience that level of difficulty and harm and strife in this reality that we could easily through a shift in the way we think turn into a parody sickle realm practically and in a very short order of time believe it or not I understand many people don't have the imaginative capacity to even grasp that but it is the truth and that is the problem is that the imagination and most people has been deadened and that as I've talked about many times on this show is the most powerful form of mind control is to eliminate someone's imagination so that they can never even envisage the opposite of what they already have something completely different than what they already have so that was the fourth principle the fifth principle was the principle of rhythm which conveys that things move in cycles in cyclical terms okay there is an ebb and flow to everything all right and specifically this is helpful when we understand time and history and understand that opportunities present themselves to us over and over it's just up to us to recognize these are similarities in time scales and then take them as opportunities to learn and grow instead of slapping that that lesson and that opportunity away and then having to repeat the discomforts of the previous cycle all over again the idea that for those who do not learn its lessons history does indeed repeat itself that was the principle of rhythm the sixth principle is the one we're really going to be delving into today which is the principle of call in effect and we're going to be combining this principle with the principle of polarity vibration and correspondence because these are all ultimately interwoven okay but we're gonna really be looking at how cause-and-effect works today and when we look into the expressions of natural law or actually how it works what we're going to be talking about here today is the real law of attraction how we create the experience that we then must live that we must actually experience in the 3d physical world we are creating those circumstances and situations through our free will choices through our decisions to exercise free will choices by choosing the polarities that are offered to us and really as we'll see there are only really two love and fear and then we'll see the consequences of the choice between those two polarities so the principle of cause and effect simply states that nothing is accidental everything has every effect that we observe has its cause and vice-versa every cause creates an effect finally we saw the principle of gender which is that there is a masculine and a feminine component in all things and that's essentially those were the essential general principles of natural law that we've covered so that was a brief review [Music] okay folks were back this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com I'd like to direct everyone there for the images that we're going to discuss on the show here today specifically the chart of the expressions of natural law if you go to what on earth is happening calm and you go to the radio show page the radio show tab on the website underneath the player for the show you can see images for today's show and then there are 18 links listed there with images that have to do with the show today I've already discussed image number one was simply a flyer for the MUFON conference coming up here next month that I announced image number two was the definition of natural law image number three were the lit was the listing of the seven general principles of natural law what we're going to really focus on for pretty much the remainder of the show here today is image number four and I've been posting this image with the last several podcasts that I've done this is the chart of the expressions of natural law or in other words how the real law of attraction actually works that's what you could rename this chart to if you want to an even simpler maybe even more catchy name for it this is the real law of attraction okay and you can quote me as saying that go tell the New Agers out there this is the real law of attraction okay that's what I would like this chart to become known as actually okay because the law of attraction that's been put out there in the New Age movement would have people believe that they themselves are somehow creating the reality you know that they experience and that's it's a complete oversimplification of the real law of attraction we are collectively creating the shared experience that we are having we are co-creators with everyone else and as the imbalances within the monads or individuated units of consciousness meaning individuals ok becomes greater and greater a societal imbalance will become greater and greater as there is more internal understanding knowledge of self harmony balance etc within each individual expression meaning within each person individually ok the that quantum effect builds up and then it has an effect societally so the society will be a reflection of the individuals within it in keeping with the law of Correspondence the principle of Correspondence that which is above is like to that which is below that which is without is like to that which is within so if we want to change the external result or manifestation we need to change the expression that begins the manifestation we need to change the freewill choice of the polarity that actually starts that manifestation or the underlying causal factor which creates the effect again this is the real law of attraction it is the principle of cause and effect the sixth of the seven seven principles of natural law were so-called hermetic principles okay so again as I've said this is probably the most important principle to understand because it is how we are collectively creating the reality we are experiencing I don't know how much more I could stress that if this is of utmost importance to understand because once you understand this you understand the only thing that can actually change the manifestation is to understand how these natural law expressions work to create our reality if you do not possess this knowledge you are a blind co-creator of reality and believe me folks we have almost seven billion blind co-creators of reality on this planet there may be a few thousand people on the earth at this time who deeply deeply deeply in fullness understand these natural law expressions and the manifestations that they create sad to say that's how dark this planet is so with with this having keeping that in mind and with without having been said let's take a look at the real law of attraction or what I call the expressions of natural law okay how natural law actually works so take a look at image number four on what on earth is happening right now okay or with this podcast and you will see a chart called natural law expressions this chart is broken down into two basic columns I should say three basic columns okay we have the forces or the expressions of natural law okay that we work with okay and then we have a positive expression and a negative expression okay there are positive polarity and a negative polarity and then what is created internally and externally as a result of working with those polarities it's actually quite simple okay the problem in conveying this information comes from the ego the ego is the greatest barrier to the acceptance of this information okay and the ego will try to strike out against the hearing of this information and the acceptance of this information because the ego does not want natural law to exist the ego is the dark force of identification with the physical and it is uncomfortable with being governed by a force which it did not create I'm talking about small case a ego okay lower case a ego egoic identification in man's mind in mankind's mind okay this force will attack anybody attempting to put this information out there so I expect ad hominem attacks when I talk about natural law I expect people trying to take the issue off of natural law and putting it on to trying to basically divert the flow of information and conversation and I'm not going to allow that to happen so I've I have asked people in the last couple of shows since I've been talking about natural law that other topics are basically I'm temporarily asking people to take them off the table voluntarily I'm not issuing an order here but at the same time it is my radio show and if I have asked for something to be discussed then I don't want people calling in talking about something else so for that for the time that we're covering natural law I'm asking if you're going to call into the show during that time I've already given the call-in number so anyone who's thinking about calling in or is already waiting on the line the topic for discussion ladies and gentlemen is natural law that is the topic for discussion for a year and a half there weren't absolutely no guidelines for callers it was calling talk about whatever you want there are no taboo topics and there still aren't taboo topics on this show for the time we are talking about natural law I am attempting to maintain focused discussion and energy put onto this topic only please if you are going to call in the topic for discussion is natural law you can talk about its principles its effects its manifestations whatever you want to talk about natural law but for the time on the show that we are discussing natural law the topic for discussion for callers should be natural law I don't know how much more I should go on about this for people to get it okay so if I hear you talking about something other than natural law I'm cutting the call off I'm sorry to have to be like that but unfortunately I think I've already wasted enough time asking people to keep the discussion during the time we are talking about natural law - natural law please okay let's all say about that now back to the actual concepts on the chart we see the two basic columns I've put the the the positive expressions in a blue color and the negative expressions in a red color okay and I've done that for a reason okay because these frequencies actually tend to affect the way that we see things so I'm actually being honest with you that I'm using color frequency to actually attempt to get people to understand the information that's on the slides okay so the positive expression is on the the middle column and the negative expression is on the far right column on the left hand column we have the forces and expressions and I'm going to explain what those are on the other side of this break hang on to little gal institutions like the back of your [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're talking about the expressions of natural law on the show here today and I've directed people to image number four on the radio show page of my website what on earth is happening calm image number four shows a chart of the expressions of natural law or in other words how natural law actually works through our choices to create the manifestations that we create in our lives in other words the real law of attraction that's what this is okay so we start with the generative force or polarity okay and as we've already talked about when we covered the principle of polarity really there is only one thing here the other thing is illusory it comes from identification with something that is actually not who we are there are two generative forces meaning forces that we can create through that's what generative means from the word generate meaning to create from the latin verb generic meaning to create okay the generative principle is what this is about and the there are two basic generative forces they are love and fear okay the positive expression of the generative force is love the negative expression or we could even call this the illusory expression the thing that is actually illusionary it is an identification with something that really is not actual is not real it is a construct purely of an imbalanced mind okay so fear is the negative expression of the gen relative polarity okay we could also call it the illusory expression all right love is not the romance novel definition the Hollywood story definition of love okay it is the expansive force of consciousness okay it is the force that looks at something head-on once to grow wants to learn more doesn't see things in states of separation or fear okay it is the force which actually creates growth or expansion that's what we have to understand love as okay so if we're attempting to put more love into the world we are attempting to help people to understand and grow in consciousness it's not this wishy-washy mushy definition of love it doesn't mean you don't express that or care for somebody in those ways but that's not I'm talking about love capital L as a matter of fact capital all of the letters love okay we're talking about the higher form of this word it is the expansive force of consciousness okay the force that grows as opposed to shut shuts down the force that shuts things down okay that makes things not grow that actually makes them shrink you can look at it okay that keeps things in a box that stifles the chokes okay is fear this is the debilitating force that stops movement and growth alright this is the force that says don't look there don't understand be afraid these are the only two forces that were ever really working with ladies and gentlemen and one of them is an illusion there's only really one for spirit and that's the power of luck but we need to actively and in full consciousness choose that force and we need to conquer the illusory force of fear that's at work in our lives we'll talk about what this freewill choice creates with natural and other state disasters and economic [Music] we're back folks [Music] this is what on earth is happening we're going to continue talking about the expressions of natural law or what I call the real law of attraction here today on the show if we don't understand this we're navigating blind on dark and stormy waters this is the information that is the most though Calton this is the information that the dark occultists of this world do not want anyone to know about because if you know about how you are creating the reality that you experience you'll change your actions and you'll certainly stop listening to people with very little wisdom who are only trying to control you for their selfish gain and that is what the dark occult is all about if you understand how these expressions work and you pay attention to the wisdom that is contained within nature's teachings again this isn't my information folks that's the thing people think that I'm trying to you know put out what I think this has nothing to do with what I think at all this is information that has existed for as long as the universe has existed and we are only discoverers of it that's it we happen to discover how it works and then we can convey the information about how it works but this isn't know but no one owns this information this is information about how nature works period no one owns the law of gravity people attribute that you know the scientist Isaac Newton may have discovered its workings and then quantified you know the law of how it actually works as far as quantifying it but that doesn't mean Newton its Newton's gravity you know that's an effect of the universe period it's a law that's in effect period so I want to make that distinction clear here for people that you know our in the state of mind where they hear something and think that it's this is this person's teachings no this isn't my teachings I'm just a vehicle for it of getting the word out about this because it's the most important information that we could ever know and it is knowable nature didn't put unknowable laws into effect to torment us for eternity these laws are knowable and they're there for our betterment not for our confinement they're there because living in harmony with this look with these laws creates the most quality of life that's why they're there they're put there in the polarity of love okay so going back to these natural law expressions we work with in our free will the generative forces or polarities of love and fear in each moment we get to choose love or fear and then something happens okay we make a decision through the state of vibration that we are in okay and that the thoughts that we hold in our mind the creative aspects of our individuated consciousness our thoughts okay then they have an initiative expression what I term an initiative expression initiate means to begin so this is the beginning of setting something into motion okay a prime fad causal factor okay leaves the snowball that gets down to the bottom of the hill had to start up top as a tiny pebble and it rolled and it picked up steam and it picked up snow as it went and then it became a big boulder with its force and it's giant manifestation at the bottom of that hill okay the same it's the same way natural law works okay we have an essence or a prime polarity love and fear okay then that gets set into motion through the initiative expression the positive initiative expression is the seeking of truth or wanting to know okay so I've simply turned this knowledge alright you could look at it as the desire for knowledge the the quest for knowledge itself okay and there is such a thing as knowledge so again if you think there's no such thing as knowledge or nothing can be known your ass all obsessed and you want to go back to podcast number one and start from there because that's when I talk about solid sysm as being the the ultimate lie the the biggest thing that the dark occultists always want to push off onto the people below them to get them to buy into anything that they happen to be talking about okay solid sysm is the idea that nothing can really ever be known to put it simply and this is bunk bunk pure and simple there is such a thing as knowledge things can be known particularly natural law it can be known period it not only can be known it is known by many people not nearly enough people but this is knowable information okay again if you don't believe that I can't help you that's one of the only beliefs required is that there is such a thing as knowledge it does exist and we can come to know it that is a principle of faith actually because I can't prove to you that something can is knowable when you know it you know it you can't prove to someone else that you're in love with someone else you know it you know that you're in love prove that you love your wife prove that you love your mother or your daughter or your son it you can't prove that to someone else I mean you could probably get them to accept that by the way you treat that person through their actions but you can't prove that to anyone you only know it so it exists as knowledge and each person has to come to that knowledge in a one-to-one basis with it okay so knowledge or seeking of truth is the initiative expression or the positive initiative expression of natural law the negative initiative or beginning expression is the opposite of knowledge which is ignorant okay it is the refusal of truth or the refusal to set upon a journey to discovery of discovery okay you don't set upon a journey to discover truth there is no seeking of knowledge and this is done willfully this is a decision is made to do this okay whether it is done consciously or through pure fear it's still an expression of fear okay and it is the opposite of another form of not knowing known as nations so I'd like to make the distinction between nations and ignorant here nations the word you can break down you can go to the Latin language and you could break it down nay in in Latin is a negation or not okay and cos quiere which is the basis of the word science okay means to know to understand okay so nacio means not to know but there's a specific connotation in which Nations is used it's not to know but not to have any reasonable expectation to know because the information was never in your presence it was always withheld it was always just absent so you could not reasonably have been expected to know that's nationís ignorance on the other hand is something altogether different than oracle Broadcasting radio network [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm gonna jump right back in for our discussion of natural law [Music] continuing with the chart on image number four on what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page where you can see images for today's show we're looking at the expressions of natural law we've talked about the generative force or the polarity the positive expression being love the negative being fear where were looking at the initiative expression or the beginning of setting into motion these causal factors the positive expression being knowledge or the seeking of truth and the negative expression being ignorant or the refusal of truth and I was talking about nations versus ignorance nations there is no possibility of having discovered the knowledge so there is no reasonable expectation for one to know but ignorant means that the knowledge is present and actively willfully refused that's what ignorant is the active willful refusal of truth through fear okay so do we have an essence society or do we have an ignorant Society and I would state overwhelmingly that our society is not necess we're practically drowning in knowledge let me tell you something folks I've amassed so much knowledge I probably could not go through the amount of stuff the amount of stuff that I have gone through and absorbed and taken into myself is so overwhelmingly colossal that it's almost frightening to myself if you could believe that okay and in comparison to the amount of knowledge that is out there it's like hardly anything the amount of stuff that I still have sitting and waiting to go through is way bigger than within what I've already gone through and like I said what I've already gone through is so colossal that it would make most people pass out to put it quite frankly okay which shows how much knowledge is really out in the world we're drowning in it but unfortunately there's very little wisdom in our society because we are refusing that knowledge we won't look at it in fear the generative polarity we are choosing the the negative initiative expression of natural law called ignorance at least most of us are and that's what our task is is to help people get out of that level of fear called ignorance ignoring that which is there if you are ignoring a person that means they are in your presence you're not gnashing of them you you know that they're there but you're deliberately ignoring them that's why it's called ignoring somebody same thing with information and truth if you ignore something that is already there you're not nation' dove it you're acknowledging it's there you're willfully saying I'm not gonna look at that and you know what that's where most human beings are at because of fear they understand the implications and the responsibility that goes with learning the truth and they don't want that they think they're gonna remain blissfully ignorant and ignorance is not bliss folks it's pain as we're gonna see the next phase that natural law passes through through the free well choice between love and fear is after it goes through the initiative expression of either seeking knowledge or refusing knowledge refusing truth okay seeking truth or refusing truth is the internal expression so this is more of a feminine feminine expression the feminine energy is more at work because this is stuff that all takes place within us in the internal realm of the human psyche and emotional and the emotional plain okay so the internal expression in the positive sense is known as sovereignty you could put the word balance here you could put the word self-knowledge knowledge of self okay you could put the word self ownership in there you could put the word Dominion in there rulership of the kingdom of oneself self mastery could be substituted in there there's many different ways you could word it but it ultimately equates to the same thing knowing yourself to the extent that you understand that no one else owns you and that you own you and only you you own the right to control your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions and to bring those into harmony with each other such that they are not contradictory within okay this is the process of self mastery that means you truly have conquered yourself and you rule the internal kingdom of self no one else does no one else controls your mind no one else controls your emotions no one else controls your actions okay so you're not on anyone elses strings like a puppet being made to dance by a puppet master okay that's sovereignty sovereignty is the state of self rulership now some of the other slides that I put in here deal with these expressions I've put slides that show love of being extending their arms outward and being in the light showing the expansive force another one about fear showing a woman putting her hands up in front of her face and weeping crying you know saying no you know I can't can't deal with that you know because she's in a box she's in the confines of this force of fear I put up a slide image number seven is knowledge okay this is truly knowing oneself being with oneself okay all of the chakras activated the life force energy fully online and glowing around the person this guy is lit up he's acting activated all you know he's running on all cylinders activated okay and because it's because this is a person who knows the self the higher self okay image number eight shows what ignorance is it's putting up a wall it's putting up a barrier block to the truth I don't want to know that keep that out there I like being in my little box here I like being behind my wall that shelters me from the real world and most of all it shelters me from true self-knowledge okay sovereignty I show a picture of in slide number nine you know representation of of course these are conceptual ideas but there's good imagery to go along with a conceptual idea that will hammer at home in people's minds which is why I make these slides okay so this person has the light you know they have grasped the true self they know who they really are they know that no one else owns them they know that they exist under the light of the Creator okay so what is sovereign what does the word mean okay it means above rain so vay comes from the Latin super which means above and regnum means rule or control or rain so it means above external control no one else controls or owns you or rules you you own you you control yourself you rule you period okay a sovereign traditionally is a king or a queen meaning one who is above rule or not a subject to any other not a slave in other words this can only come about through knowledge of self chosen through the expansive force of consciousness or love okay are we beginning to see how this expression of natural law works a sovereign is the ruler of the kingdom of self as we've already said one is who is in dominion over self they own their own thoughts emotions in act these three aspects of consciousness do not exist in a state of non-duality or contradiction they exist in unison they exist in non duality sovereignty is self ownership it is internal monarchy the word monarch means one [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm going to jump right back into the expressions of natural law I'm going to attempt to finish filling in this chart here and explaining the concepts on it so we can get to some calls in the final segment we were looking at the positive internal expression of natural law which we called sovereignty which is a state of self rulership self mastery self ownership or internal monarchy monarch Mon is the root for one and are the root for rule or control so it is one ruler one owner that's what a monarch is okay this is another reason that the dark occultists have a program called monarch okay it's about tormenting the monarch slave the one ruler okay it's about preventing the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly which is why they chose that symbol the butterfly the monarch it's a very very sinister their reasons for choosing the symbols that they do okay because they want to be the one ruler of everything so it's a turning on its head this concept of what a monarch an internal monarch really is all about okay so a sovereign is a self ruler they don't attempt to rule other people they know that they are sovereign that they are masters of the self and they don't want other people attempting to make them subject or slave okay so the negative internal expression of natural law it comes about when one has chosen fear and then chosen ignorance and therefore they become confused with in the internal expression the the negative internal expression of natural law is a state of internal confusion it is the state of not knowing the self therefore you are confused with in your thoughts emotions and actions have not been brought into harmony or unison they are in a state of opposition or contradiction you think one thing you do another you feel one way yet your actions betray your thoughts and emotions okay so confusion gives rise to opposition internal opposition which then lays one open to the manipulation of others in other words they become in this state of fear and ignorance and internal confusion they have become subject to mind manipulation they are easily preyed upon in the realm of the psyche in other words they're an easy prey for mind control okay very important to understand how this works that state can only come about when people do not know who they are when they become identified which with that which they are not and one of the main ways they become identified with the physical form is the fear of death that's one of the primary forms of fear identification so much with the material realm that that's all they ever give any credence to or place any importance upon or value on and once you're in that state you're definitely in a state of pure ignorance and that's always going to give rise to a state of internal confusion or opposition and it's always gonna lay you open to external manipulation by others who do know who they are and yet have chosen a dark path even in full knowing Psychopaths and dark occultists so and again that's the very few most people are simply in this state because of fear and and kept there because of fear that now we have these three things okay the generative polarity the initiative expression then the internal internalized expression then they actually begin to create something in the outside world okay this is the correspondence principle at work now we've had an essence and then at a very beginning or seed planted then we've had an internalized expression that hasn't broken through the surface yet but it's happening in all the individuated units of consciousness called the individual okay then that quantum effect gets built up until something actually happens in the external world we we are making we are creating externally a state an external state of mind okay this is the external expression or the masculine expression if you will of natural law the positive expression being of course freedom because when you work through the polarity of love you know the self you understand your that you are sovereign that you rule your own thoughts emotions and actions and you don't rule anyone else we have a society that is based upon freedom in that condition freedom is the state of external anarchy meaning a world without rulers or owners of other people because the individuals within that society own and rule and govern themselves and their needs not be any externalize control and I would say even if people don't exist in the state of sovereignty attempting to impose external control is always going to result in something bad or negative always going to result in disorder in chaos because you're wasting the energy to attempt to physically control because you're identified with the physical world versus teaching someone how natural law actually works and that's the reason oops do what they do they're totally in ignorance over natural law and they think they're gonna control people into obeying natural law good luck with that let me know how that works out for you in about 22 quadrillion years and you'd still be doing the same thing moron because that's what somebody has to be to think that something's going to work like that you literally have to be a complete idiot and the word idiot is derived from Greek and you know what it means one who does not know the self that's what an idiot is somebody who thinks they're gonna continue to do the same thing and get a different result which is the exact definition of insanity well I want I want this glass of water to be cold but I'm continuing to put it over top of a heat source you know I'm continuing to warm it up by putting it over this this low heat but I want it cold well you need to remove it from the heat maybe put it in the refrigerator or the freezer no I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna keep the heat on it this is literally how insane this is it's somebody saying they want one thing and yet continuously doing the opposite thing and thinking they're magically going to generate that expression that they want to see that they're just saying they want to see but they're not willing to do what it takes to actually manifest that I'll dry my clothes let me go get a garden hose I'm gonna put them down in the pile and I'm just gonna spray water on them all day and I'll dry them just wait and see sure you will great good luck with that crazy person you're completely insane if you think you'll ever dry any material like that good luck because you're choosing one thing and saying you want the exact opposite to manifest when you can never manifest that thing by using what you're using it's impossible and if you think that's how it works there's no other way to say it but you're dumb you're dumb let's let's not be apologetic to people who are dumb like this let's continue to try to explain that you can't do it that way and here's how it really works but let's not try to say oh I have a whole lot of respect for you I don't have respect for dumb people the problem is they need to have respect for themselves meaning take another look at your actions take another look at your freewill decisions and what you've chosen to bring into manifestation through your ignorance that's what respect is Riaan latin means again inspect Oh SPECT re means to take a look at to look at respect means to take another look at yourself that's what respect is and until you respect yourself it's been said many times you can never really truly respect anyone else and someone who doesn't know themselves or in other words an idiot a person who knows not the self can never actually show anyone any real respect because they don't even respect themselves that's the state of confusion folks its internal anarchy meaning there is no rule work within you don't rule yourself see I'm not going to sugarcoat this because people want it put in delicate sensitive terms that's not my style and I'm never gonna be like that I'm gonna be totally hard-hitting and telling it like it is cuz that's what I'm here for I'm not here to be like natural and man-made disasters an economic turmoil [Music] okay folks this is the last segment of what on earth is happening for this September 11th 2011 edition feel pretty good about what we've covered on the show so far I want to wrap up the chart of the natural law expressions or what I have termed the real law of attraction here today and then we have a caller waiting on the line so we were looking at the positive external expression of natural law which is freedom after you have chosen the polarity of expanded consciousness sought the truth sought the understanding of the higher self gained that understanding and know that you're a sovereign being and then live in that way in unison in thought emotion in action not in contradiction you can build a society based on freedom which is the absence of external rule ok the negative external expression is the society that is based in control control is the external negative expression so this occurs when we choose the polarity of fear we refuse to learn the truth particularly about who we are that's called ignorance we develop a state internally of confusion which is internal anarchy we do not rule the self our thoughts emotions and actions are not in unison or in harmony with each other we then seek external control in this state we want to control other people because we have no control of ourselves no self governance no self control no self mastery so in that level of complete imbalance we want to go and impose our will on others and this is what every state every government throughout time and all of its minions and all of its agents have ever been that's the state of consciousness that they have ever been in not one of them has ever been in a state of enlightenment ever there is no such thing as an enlightened agent of the state an absolute truth people have a hard time with that I shouldn't even say people have a hard time with that the ego has a hard time with that you want to think that there can be such a thing as an enlightened cop there can be such a thing as an enlightened soldier there can be such a thing as an enlightened judge all bunk all bunk ideas does not exist never has existed never will exist because they think control is going to create in any way anything that resembles freedom order or goodness and it never can because it is always based upon confusion ignorant and fear ultimately so that's the negative external expression finally these choices these free will choices between these two polarities and Express through the initiative internal and external expressions of natural law then become a manifestation in the long term sense okay this is what I call the generative expression you started with the generative force it worked through a beginning stage an internal stage and an external stage and then it becomes a manifestation in our world the generative expression or the manifestation of the positive polarity the positive expression of natural law is called order or good what we consider good this is in harmony with what we've stated that we want for ourselves we don't want to suffer we want to see beings get along we want to see good things for ourselves and others that's called good or order it is our ultimate will for ourselves we don't want to suffer okay that is the final end result when we work with the polarity of love or expanded consciousness when we work with the seeking of truth which is knowledge gaining knowledge of self above everything else when we recognize our sovereignty that no one else rules us and we become sovereign meaning we actually live in a state of self mastery there will be freedom in our societies not external rulership but there will be external anarchy the absence of external eyes imposed control or coercion and that will create a society that is based in order true order or in other words goodness things will be good for us the negative generative expression or manifestation is the exact opposite of that state it is known as chaos or what we call evil will we experience as evil suffering the perpetuation of self-imposed suffering and this happens because we've chosen the dynamic of fear we've remained an ignorance of self refused to look at the truth and accept it existed in a state of internal confusion which is internal anarchy we have not ruled ourselves or attained any self mastery and then in that state of confusion have attempted to impose externalized control over the populations therefore we are creating nothing but more self perpetuated suffering which is known as chaos or what we have called throughout the centuries evil that is how natural law works ladies and gentlemen this is how it has always worked since the beginning of time this is how it will always work until the end of time this is not my information I am a vehicle for this information the end that's it I can't put it in any simpler terms study it attempt to understand it listen to the podcasts again go through some of the material that I put out when I on the podcast a few weeks ago when I put out some PDF documents gate that deal with natural law and its principles and attempt to learn more I mean that is how it works it can't really be stated any other way or with any further simplicity this is about as simplistic as I can make this information okay and the last slide for today in image number 18 just I have put arrows on the chart to show that it's always a one-way flow you can never create ignorance through love so it doesn't go across the chart you start here and then you create something in that other column it's a one-way flow folks okay you start with that which is at the top of the column and then it cascades down through those rows okay it's a one-way directional flow you start with love that's how you're going to attain knowledge that's how you're gonna recognize your own sovereignty that's how you're gonna create freedom and that's how you're gonna create order or good you start with fear you're always going to exist in a state of ignorance and refuse truth you're always going to create more internal confusion in your own being you're always going to create more external control in the outside world and that's always going to get you chaos or evil that's it that is how natural law actually works it works on a collective level it's a quantum effect and that is the real law of attraction ladies and gentlemen that's the real law of attraction let's go to the phones here we go David in Idaho you are live on what on earth is happening David from Idaho you can take us out today what do you have for us that was beautiful mark and you had a talent for this I've noticed that when I was young I was being forced to do things and then I rebelled and I wasn't going to do it anyway and the natural law would attack me anyway and what you just answered my own question also I see natural law in nature now like I never could before from your description I see it in nature as a fractal and then I see it in my own life little things I do that end up to be big like my garage being a mess I do a little thing I do a little thing and it turns into a mess and you just explain it so beautifully thank you the quantum effect that's right little amounts eventually add up to large amounts so when people say oh you doing this isn't going to make that much of a difference I say it is irrelevant whether that's going to change it by my one action I'm not going to participate in the thing that I know we'll always create the opposite effect of what I want whether a million other people are doing it or not I'm gonna withdraw my support from that because I know it's only going to ever create chaos or disorder and I'm gonna put my attention on that which can create order harmony or goodness in the world that's it it doesn't matter who's doing the opposite as far as my choice goes of course yes it matters because they're going to be creating chaos in the world as a result of that choice but as for my decision not to participate with something it doesn't matter whether other people choose that's their freewill decision I'm gonna make mine so actually your point about at being a quantum effect and how that works and fractals as well is is a very very valid [Music] David thank you so much man and a great call to take us out for the day that's all we have time for folks I'll see you here next Sunday 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern 4 to 6 central you've been listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network stick around folks Chris Everard is up next Oracle broadcasting radio