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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome ladies and gentlemen you are listening - what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio today is Sunday September 18th 2011 my website is what on earth is happening calm and of course the network's website Oracle broadcasting comm we have a really big show lined up for you here today we are going to be continuing our ongoing discussion about natural law the principles of natural law and how it works in our lives and today we will be tackling the critically important topic of how morality fits into the picture of natural law and human freedom so that's coming up on the show I want to read a few event announcements for events that are happening in the Philadelphia area because again knowledge is only the beginning of this journey it's actually what we do with it that really counts and that matters in the long term so it's about getting out out there being an activist and taking action in the world related to one of these events I want to let the listeners know that I will not be on the air live for the first time in 78 weeks next week next Sunday I am taking a day off and I'm really not taking a day off because I'm going to be supporting my partner barb while she gives a presentation usually I'm the one giving the presentation but she presentations but she has one coming up next Sunday and I'm gonna be there in support of her and that brings me to my first event announcement the group called survive and thrive here in Philadelphia that's hosted by our good friend Fernando is meeting next Sunday September 25th at 4 o'clock pm at Liberty's a pub in the Northern Liberty section of Philadelphia at 705 North 2nd Street that's the corner of 2nd and Fairmount in the Northern Liberties section of the city survive and thrive meets there I believe twice a month to host hands-on classes about survival skills and barb as a RN is going to be giving a presentation there on emergency trauma care next Sunday so that is the first event that I wanted to mention and that is why I will not be on the air next week I will pick a show from the archives to replay in the spot next week so that's event announcement number one the second event announcement is for the truth freedom prosperity monthly documentary screening and discussion night that's held on the last Wednesday of every month at media Bureau studios also in Northern Liberties media Bureau is at 725 North 4th Street and Wednesday September 28th 2011 at 7:00 p.m. we will be screening the film Human Resources social engineering in the 20th century a vitally important film that if anyone has not seen in this area please come on out and bring as many people as you can to see this one because this is about the real issues that are going on and causing the loss of liberties so that's the second event announcement I involve one more on the other side of this break I'll tell you about that and then we'll get into our topic of discussion for this evening this is what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com sorry I ran a little bit over all before that last break I was not able to watch the time clock I was taking a look at the via event that I was reading to the audience and I missed the the upcoming break so I apologize for that but on on to the other event announcement that I have for everyone there's a big east coast conference coming up hosted by MUFON the mutual UFO network and there's some great speakers are on this conference coming up right here in Philadelphia October 15th and 16th at the Four Points Sheraton Philadelphia Northeast that's at 94 61 report MUFON is hosting their East Coast Conference and there's some a great lineup of speakers including Joseph Mara Linda Moulton Howe Bill Weber bill burns John Ventre Robert Oh Dean George filer dr. Lynne khatai Jerry Jonas and Chris Augustine and it's going to really cover a wide gamut of topics of the the entire range of phenomenon associated with UFOs abductions etc so this is one that people in this area are not going to want to miss if they're into the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal in general October 15th and 16th that's Saturday and Sunday and the event goes 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Sunday Saturday is only $35 to attend Sunday only $30 to attend and there is a dinner confer with with the conference speakers on Saturday evening October 15th for only $38 so this is a great event I've often worked with some of the promoters of mufon in the past and are a great group of people for more information on this East Coast conference coming up in October you want to visit main line MUFON comm that's main line MUFON comm or you could visit the regional chapter of MUFON in Pennsylvania at MUFON PA comm so those are the event announcements I have actually there is one other I may it's pretty much confirmed I'm going to be speaking November 5th November 5th at media bureau studios a friend of mine kevin is putting on a conference of sorts there I'm still waiting on the final details of this maybe he could even call in today if he's listening and and give the details out over the air when I get the final details with all the speakers I'll be announcing it here but he's asked me to give a presentation on November 5th at media Bureau which is at 4th and Brown in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia and I'm going to be giving a talk called heart control apophysis and the negative pathway to truth heart control apophysis and the negative pathway to truth on November 5th 2011 here in Philadelphia so I'll be I'll have more details as they emerge on that event so with that in mind I want to direct people to my website at what on earth is happening comm where you will be able to see the images that are associated with today's information if you go to the radio show tab on the website what on earth is happening comm you'll see listed underneath the player images for today's show and there are 12 images there if you're not seeing all 12 I did add one last minute so refresher page there are indeed 12 images image links listed there and these images are associated with the concepts and ideas that we're going to be talking about on the show here today once again the show today is going to be on natural law and this topic we will contend to discuss until really we've fleshed out in detail all of the important concepts that one really must grasp if they're going to understand the true causal factors of why what is happening with human freedom is in fact happening okay we're trying to answer the question why and to do that you have to get down to causal factors you you in order to understand how these causal factors work you need to understand existing conditions natural law is a pre-existing condition in the universe that we are bound by we did not create it it is inherent to the universe it is simply based in nature okay it is not made or caused by humanity a law is an existing condition which is binding and immutable this means that human beings do not have the power to change a law that is in effect and has been put there by nature or by the creator okay so this is what natural law is and we've spent weeks basically helping people to understand what natural law is the actual principles that it is based upon okay we went through the seven general principles of natural law a few weeks back and then last week we did a show on what I called the real laws of attraction okay it was the expressions of natural law or in other words how the principles of natural law actually work in our lives according to our free will choices between polarities to actually create the manifestations the events of our lives as we experience them okay the expressions of natural law were covered last week on the show on show number 77 which very synchro mystically if you will happened on September 11th the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 human sacrifice occult ritual very interesting that it was show number 77 numerologically you know it could not have been planned any better than that and it was not planned that just happened to be how the numerology of this show worked out for anybody that has taken a look at the show that I did on occult numerology involved in September 11th you'll understand what I mean by that statement so last week we covered the expressions of natural law we went through the the generative polarities love and fear okay the expansive force of consciousness and the force that shuts consciousness down okay we took a look at the initiative or the beginning expressions of these polarities okay the positive expression being active seeking of the truth going out in search of knowledge wanting to know a desire to know okay and the negative expression based in fear being ignorant or the refusal of truth the internalized expression coming to know one's self and bring one's thoughts emotions and actions in harmony with each other in a state of non-duality is the state of internal monarchy or sovereignty it's the rulership of oneself becoming a master of oneself and then the negative expression based in fear confusion internal anarchy not ruling oneself not understanding what's going on either within both within or around oneself he took at the took a look at the positive external expression based in love okay which is freedom true freedom or external anarchy no one moving anybody else and then we also saw the negative expression of the external expression which is based in fear which is control we'll continue looking at natural law on the other side of this break this is what on earth is happy we'll be right back [Music] real [Music] welcome back everyone they're listening to what on earth is happening on the chlorophyll Broadcasting Network today on the show we're continuing our discussion about natural ball its principles how natural law works in our lives through our decisions either polarities that we choose to work with and then it creates a manifestation and ultimately we're the ones doing that so if we don't like the manifestation the good news is we can change it by choosing the opposite polarity anytime we so choose the where I left off before the last break was we were talking about the external expressions of natural law boasts both positive and negative the positive externalized expression being freedom which is the absence of external rule or external anarchy in other words no one ruling over anybody else no masters and slaves okay that's not the relationship that people choose between each other okay so the negative externalized expression is control where people do choose a relationship based on master and slave relationship okay they do choose that there's external control in place I call this external monarchy other people rule people a people aren't ruling themselves so they're ruled by someone else they're owned and controlled by another okay and you just take a look at the chart and this is image number 4 on the radio show page of what on earth is happening calm I generally put up images that go along with the concepts that I talk about on the show to illustrate them better to the listeners because people can associate the words that are being said with something tangible right in front of their eyes okay this is why I put these slides up on the site and if you just look at the way that the flow of the chart goes okay you start out with the positive expression you always stay in that column so if you start out choosing love and knowledge and understanding your own sovereignty meaning that you are above rule and you live that way okay so your thoughts emotions and actions are in unison are in harmony with each other and you're not living a dualistic life okay you're really embodying sovereignty you have become a monarch a ruler of the self okay and you don't have the right to rule anyone else you do have a right to control your own thoughts your own emotions and your own actions okay and that those rights end where someone else's rights to exercise their own rights begin okay so as long as you don't tread on anyone else's natural law rights you're free to continue to do as you want as a sovereign being as long as you respect the sovereignty of others when you live in that state then there's external freedom or in other words external anarchy no one ruling anybody else the absence of rulers is what the word anarchy means see it's a mind control trick to get you to think that that means chaos chaos is actually on the other side of the chart that's the generative expression the negative generate generative expression of natural law because when we embody sovereignty in our lives and then freedom results and again think about it you can only have external anarchy once you have internal monarchy that's the way this natural law expression takes root okay it's actually this is a this is a sequence in time as much as it is an explanation of how natural law functions okay you have to start choosing higher consciousness or love and then you'll come to know yourself and the truth about the events that are happening both within yourself and in the world better you've come to a place of knowledge you can then recognize your own sovereignty okay and then start building freedom in the external world around you which can only be done once you only truly be done once you understand and embody your own sovereignty okay and that's how good or order is created or manifested in the world that's the generative expression conversely if you live in fear and you refuse truth and decide to ignore what is ignorance choosing the path of ignorance there will be internal confusion or internal anarchy you won't know yourself you won't know how you work and then that sets up the path to manipulation mind control etc and then there will be externalize controls put in place by other people who do know that the score who do know what's really going on okay and that's the path to chaos or what we call evil that which we do not want for ourselves at least we say we don't want that for ourselves sometimes I wonder because people keep doing the same thing and saying they don't want it and expect a different result and think that they can continue to do that same thing based on the same polarity and get a different result which is pure lunacy okay so when people tell me what's your what are your politics what's your political views I tell them I don't have any politics politics is an illusion I don't believe in politics it's a dialectic set up there to keep people in opposition with themselves there is no such thing as politics doesn't exist it never has existed it never will exists it's a mechanism for controlling one's mind I tell people while I absolutely don't believe in politics I believe in monarchy and anarchy simultaneously and I usually leaves them with a totally confused expression on their face until I explain what I mean by monarchy is internal monarchy or sovereignty of the individual so long as they don't infringe on the natural law rights of others recognizing one's own sovereignty under the Creator bringing your thoughts emotions in action into alignment and I also believe in anarchy the absence of rulership over others but what I absolutely do not believe in is internal anarchy because if you're gonna live in a state of internal anarchy or in other words duality within thinking or feeling one thing and yet your actions betraying what you know and how you feel and yet you do something else other than how you say you feel you do something else other than what you say you know okay then that's a state of internal anarchy and that only leads to external monarchy meaning someone else controlling your behavior you not truly owning you so I don't believe in those forms of Anarchy or monarchy I believe in internal monarchy ruling your own house in a state of non-duality within and I believe in external anarchy no one else ruling me because I own myself just as everyone else out there owns themselves and should take care of their own house and that's the only way we're gonna get to freedom ladies and gentlemen it's not gonna happen any other magical way get over it so to some people that's a very negative or hard view to take a look at because they know how much work is actually involved in coming to that state of internal monarchy or sovereignty they know how much self-examination is required they know how much knowledge seeking actually looking at the truth actually admitting that you are wrong in so many instances and they have been duped in so many ways and places in your life just to make that apology and say I was wrong and then actually change your actions to bring your actions into accordance into alignment with truth it's not an easy process this chart looks simple and it is simple as far as the concepts go but actually doing it is a different thing knowing the path and walking the path or sometimes altogether different in there level of challenge so that's the goal that we need to look toward is creating true good or true or based in freedom sovereignty and ultimately the polarity of love we're going to take a look at how morality fits into this picture on the other side don't go anywhere folks are listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're going to be getting into some deep aspects of natural law here today on the show before we do that I want to give the call-in number hopefully we'll have some time to take some calls in the last couple segments calling number for the show today is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five when you call in just hang on the line be patient I'll try to get to you in the later part of the show but you can call in now to get in the queue so we're going to be talking about really the fundamental thing that is causing the loss of human freedom and as sad as it is to make this statement here's as simple as it gets human freedom is being destroyed and lost at the rate that it is being destroyed and lost that for one basic overarching reason human beings unfortunately have come to a point in their consciousness where most of them no longer know the difference between right and wrong that's it folks that's it if you want to know why the events that are happening are happening that is the causal factor right there they do not know not believe or think or just have an opinion about they do not definitively know the difference between right and wrong and there is such a thing and I want to make a real hard definitive statement here any spiritual teacher that is not telling people that there is a definitive objective difference between right and wrong is a fraud or a deceiver they are a fraud or a deceiver okay or both or sadly there are a useful dupe who really doesn't know the difference themselves and is trying to make a buck okay so let me be as plain and is clear about that as I can the people who are telling anybody out there that there's no such thing is really a difference between right and wrong and oh this is just further polarizing people and you know when we make it about right or wrong you know we're adding to the problem wrong there is such a thing as right and wrong there is such a thing as objective morality okay it is based in natural law principles and when we started this show 78 weeks ago one of the first things I talked about was the ideology known as moral relativism which is destroying the people of the earth when I then went into all of the methodologies of mind control and helped people to understand that it is d'arco cultists who propagate all of these mind-control methodologies and what their ultimate religion is all based upon is moral relativism on the shows that I did on Satanism and dark luciferianism this is their foundational ideology that there really isn't any such thing as right or wrong it's all relative it's all based on what we think our preferences based on the current situation at the time and if you believe that you are under mind-control put there by Darko cultists if you believe that there is no such thing as objective right and wrong you are under mind control and that is the problem that so many people actually believe in moral relativism that's the problem with the people of earth and that's why the people of Earth are going into deep slavery and I'm choosing my words very deliberately okay and people will not like to hear this they will rebel against this in whatever way they can because they want to abdicate personal responsibility to to know the difference between right and wrong and then to choose the right they don't want that responsibility they want to claim ignorance I didn't know I didn't know as I was hoarding people into work camps that that was the wrong thing to do I thought it was fine I didn't know as I was signing off on all of these bad loans I didn't know I didn't know that I was basically telling taking away these people's rights to speak and make their opinion voice their their their concerns and opinions that I silenced them I didn't know that was wrong I was just doing what I was told I was just following orders I was just doing my job how long are we gonna let this fly as an excuse as a people we heard that at Nuremberg the Russian secret police that worked under Stalin claimed that it was it's just a job I wanted to keep working so I could feed my family the Schutzstaffel who ran concentration camps were saying that our government was telling us it was okay people behind all of these loan frauds and all of the the rape of the economy or say oh but my superiors are just telling me to do that it's okay that's company policy and then they just do it because it's just passed the buck down the line just abdicate your own responsibility to know the truth to know right versus wrong and then shoes right there trying to say oh no we don't have that responsibility that's someone else I'm just the foot soldier I'm just a person pushing a pencil I'm just the person carrying out the actions that my owner tells me to do and we think that's acceptable that that's okay for somebody to just continue to advocate that personal responsibility and say well they're the ones actually doing these things that they're not responsible for doing them nonsense bunk is what I say to that and that's what you should say to that if you have any understanding about the real dynamic that's taking place here you should call people on that you should call their BS on that because that's exactly what it is and it shouldn't fly in any kind of a moral society for someone to make claims like that they're not the ones responsible even though they're the ones actually doing the action well someone else told me it was okay think about this folks this is his common sense as it gets see because that's ultimately what we're talking about here today is common sense that's a key phrase that's gonna be coming up so that's the dynamic people really don't know the difference between right and wrong they don't know what their rights are and they don't know what their rights are not and I told you when I started the section on natural law I told you two things and remember my words this is the most deeply occult 'add information on the earth and it's some of the most basic but it is the most deeply hidden truth you're never gonna hear anybody talking about this on television you won't hear this on the nightly news okay you won't even hear amongst some of the top alternative media this is the most occulted information in the world this is the information that the dark occultists who are running the show know and are using against people as a weapon and ultimately are trying to get people not to ever look at this is what they want hidden from your sight which is what the word occult means hidden from sight okay another form of mind control is trying to make one word associated with something that it's not really associated with at all and one of the best forms of mind control is associating the word occult with evil because it means no such thing it means hidden because it is hidden knowledge about objective morality and the workings of natural law which if you do not understand you can only create chaos you can never create a world that you want truly that you in which you live and are free from self-imposed suffering we're doing this to ourselves ladies and gentlemen no one else is doing this to us in our ignorance of morality and natural law we are creating this heinous hideous situation of the loss of freedom and the slow spiraling descent into servitude we're doing it and it's being directed by clever people who know how these laws work and have subsequently hidden that knowledge and taken it out of general circulation so we're going to talk about right and wrong and really get down to the true differences between these ways of being in the world you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere ladies and gentlemen [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] we're back this is what on earth has happened on the host park pathway I'm going to be getting down to the real causal factors of why humanity is experiencing that which it is and it ultimately comes down to knowing the difference between right and wrong and there is such a thing and it is objective and can be known and there are people who know it and many people don't want to hear that and again they'll rebel against it I told you to expect ad hominem attacks against me for stating these things because when people cannot refute something that is based in truth and based in principle they will just attack the messenger that's it and it's always done by people who don't want the personal responsibility of knowing the truth knowing right versus wrong and then choosing the right that's who always does that they want to be absolved of the responsibility of having to choose the right when given the choice between right and wrong they want someone else to choose that for them or and tell them here's what you're gonna do go do it and they say yes I'll go and do that and then they can blame it on this other person and that's all it comes down to and I don't care again I told you I don't care what time period in history we're talking about that ideology that way of being in the world no matter what time period no matter what people no matter what land is the ideology of a Nazi I don't care whether you call them British redcoats I don't care whether you call them people in raging tribal war warfare against others just to eradicate the opposing tribe in some region in in Africa someplace okay I don't care whether we're talking about communists I don't care whether we're talking about any form of radicalized police state controllers no matter where they were Roman centurions doesn't make a difference it's the same mind state it's the same mind state I'm gonna do this whether it's right or wrong if I get something out of it if somehow I benefit it doesn't make a difference who I'm harming who I'm hurting who have no right to be doing these actions - I'm gonna make the decision willfully to do it anyway and nine point nine out of ten times I'm gonna point the finger externally when asked why were you acting like that you don't have any right to act like that the action is wrong because it results in harm to someone else when you had no right to cause that harm I'm gonna point the figure and finger and say that person told me it was okay and there's nothing anybody can say no matter how much you want to say and say oh I agree or disagree with politically what happened during that time of the world or why these actions were taken nobody can actually refute the wrongness in morality of the actions of these people and claim that they are not pointing the finger and saying that person told me it was okay because they're a mind less follower that's all it comes down to and I'm I want to be harsh about how I'm wording this it's deliberate harsh language because people need to get used to not hearing garbage politically correct speech speech you need to hear hard harsh language when it comes to evil when it comes to deliberately choosing wrong just because you think you can get away with it that's all these people's mentality is and that's what a socially Darwinistic mentality is there is no such thing as right or wrong good or evil it's what you can get away with that's what moral relativism and social Darwinism is at its core when we look at the words right and wrong just the words again so much of what I do on here is get down to the actual meaning of the words okay I concern myself a wordsmith and if we really want to understand what's going on in the world we need to look at words words are actually imbued with energy they are sound energy that leave our mouths that we generate and therefore there is a magical quality to words and you could scoff at that laughs at that all you want this universe is created by sound energy and when we speak we are creating in that sense we are like the creator of the universe having been given that gift of speech because we can speak a world into existence that we extraordinarily benefit as a result of or we can speak a world into existence in which we live as slaves the choice is up is up to us because what we are what we speak and what we listen to and that becomes who we are as a people and unfortunately what we've been listening to and what most of us have been speaking is pure garbage and it doesn't take into account natural law principles and it doesn't take into account other people's rights right and wrong as words just think of the words right when you say the word right depending on the context that you're using it in it can mean either correct or moral two plus two equals what's your answer for you are correct that is the right answer it's a based in objective truth he did the right thing meaning he did the moral thing what he did did not result in harm to others meaning he chose right correctness means based in truth and we used the same word for correct and moral moral means based in natural law principles not resulting in harm to others that's what moral is yet the same word right we use in different contexts to represent both of these things and there's a reason that we use the same word in English to represent both of those concepts because those concepts are equivalents there isn't any difference between those things if something is based in truth it is based in principle principles are always based in truth and when we make a decision to act in accordance with true principles not ones we think exist which are really based in natural law we have done the right thing we have taken the right action therefore we're specifically using this word right in both of these contextual situations not by accident because it's telling us that the correct thing and the right thing are the same thing the correct thing and the moral thing are always identical to each other therefore the more we know about truth the more accurate our understanding is when it comes to what is true the more moral our behavior will become and again if you don't think there is any such thing as truth and your ass all obsessed turn the show off because this show can do no good for you if that's what you think and you're committed to staying at that position if you go back to show number one is what I would say and understand the danger of solid sysm meaning the belief that truth can't really be known it's all just a matter of opinion and everybody has differing opinions so you can't really ever really know the truth that's called solipsistic ear it is the antithesis of philosophy it is not a philosophy people who call it a philosophy don't understand the meaning of the word philosophy solid sysm is not a philosophy it is not based on the love of Sophia the with the love of wisdom the love of the goddess at all it is an erroneous ideology that is based in ego so on the other side of the break we'll start looking at what the word wrong represents okay because we need definitive delineations definitive definitions understand the differences between these two polarities and why choosing one will get you one thing and choosing the other will get you something completely different don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] [Applause] we're back folks this is what on earth is happening at the top of the second hour this is a short segment so in this segment I'm just gonna concentrate on continuing to explain the difference between right and wrong and it's sad that this is what needs to be done at this point in history you know I sometimes think it's even sadder that the task falls to someone like me because I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination ladies and gentlemen I never claimed to be I just said I had a high level of consciousness or awareness of what's really going on both within me and around me and in a wider global sense but don't ever make the statement that I ever claimed that I'm any in any way some kind of a perfected being because I am NOT and you know when I think that look at the task I'm attempting to try to explain to people of the earth the difference between right and wrong I don't always you know follow moral guidelines 100% perfectly I attempt to do that but no one is perfect you know we all fall into different forms of temptation or into doing different forms of wrong now and again some of us in greater degrees much greater degrees than others but you know no I don't think anyone lives a perfect existence and that's not what I'm saying anybody needs to do we need to start choosing the right much more frequently than we choose the wrong so when we look at the word wrong we looked at the word right before the break before the top of the hour now let's look at the word wrong it means both incorrect as in two times three equals seven incorrect you gave the incorrect answer wrong you're wrong not correct not based on truth not based on actual point of fact reality okay and it also simultaneously means immoral when we use it in a different context well that man raped that woman last week he did something that is incredibly morally wrong we'll talk about the transgressions of natural law which is actually a much once we have a solid understanding of those transgressions we'll have a much better understanding of what our rights actually are and what they are not so it's actually very important to look at what wrong is moral wrong we're gonna do that today moral wrong is always actions that are not based in natural law that are a violation or a transgression in some form of natural law so we use the same word wrong to mean incorrect and to mean immoral not based in natural law because if our actions are based on things that are incorrect that we believe in that are not based in truth then they will be immoral they will create chaos they will result in harm to other beings that which is true and right is always going to be moral the actions that are taken in that state will always be in harmony with natural law and they will not result in harm to other living beings conversely when we are wrong in our information when we have not taken in enough information to make an accurate decision based upon its veracity or its level of truth then we will act in an immoral state and the actions that we take in that state of consciousness will always result in harm to others and therefore they will always create chaos in the world [Music] this is intricately interwoven into natural law and it's expressions to study one is to study the other [Music] we'll pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening on the Oracle Broadcasting Network [Music] we're back ladies and gentlemen you're listening - what on earth is happening under host mark paz here today as we have been for the past many weeks we are talking about natural law not the law of man but the laws of nature and how adherence to these natural principles are either going to result in order or chaos in our lives and that they're not up to us because we didn't put them in place the only decision that is up to us that we have freewill over is how we will either live in harmony with those natural guiding principles or we will completely ignore them living in harmony with them will result in freedom and order and everything that we call good choosing to ignore them and continue to think that we just may do whatever we feel like doing based on likes or preferences or dislikes is only ever going to get us more and more chaos or what we call evil in our lives suffering in other words and that's just how it works it's nothing to get upset about it's you know nothing to rage against it's how it works these are just laws that are put into it into effect by creation you'll see the ego wants to think it's the highest thing in creation it doesn't want to accept that there's any higher power or force in the universe it wants to be all-powerful and it wants to say no you can continue to do whatever you feel like doing even if it's in violation of another's rights that's not going to create more and more harm and more and more chaos and more and more evil in the world even though that's exactly what it does and then the ego wants to say you could just point a finger and say that person made you do it or you didn't know clean pure ignorance as if that will somehow all view of that wrongdoing so what it all ultimately comes down to we just took it the look at the words right and wrong what it alternately comes down to is knowledge and here's another place where I'll tell you New Age proponents and you know this the New Age movement teachers will tell you it doesn't knowledge doesn't matter that much once again pure bunk and anybody trying to sell you that there that there's a way to freedom without going through knowledge is a liar a liar that's why the path of knowledge the set the the hidden Sethi wrote the one that is not actually a Sofia wrote on the Tree of Life okay one of the sefirot on the Tree of Life is called dot and it is the sphere of knowledge and it's occulted knowledge see it's not quite on the tree it's actually behind it it is oak ultd and that's on the middle pillar I'm referring here of course to Kabbalah and you can go back into the podcasts on the website to look at the shows and listen to the shows that we did on come Kabbalah to understand how this is a powerful tradition to understand the self and natural law principles at work in the world you're not going to get to the top of that tree that make that climb out of base consciousness to higher consciousness without learning without understanding the difference between truth and fantasy understanding the difference between right and wrong understanding the difference between love and fear that's what we're here to do and there are no shortcuts New Agers want to tell you that there's magical shortcuts there aren't any it's hard work it's not so overly complicated that you can't learn it or it can't be done because it's not ultra complex there are simplicity's too don't oversimplify them take them for what they are and build upon them but simple and easy are two different things as I've said many many times the corner that we've painted ourselves into makes the job difficult and often dangerous at the point that we're at but we let it get there it doesn't mean that it's overly complex truth is basically simple its building blocks and you assemble those and from that assembly you gain more and more understanding so what is this knowledge that we need of course it is the knowledge of how natural law operates which I've already said many times it's the most occult 'add knowledge and again I said the second part of this would be people will come out of the woodwork to attack this point because this is the ultimate solution again we're not talking about the problem anymore really this is the solution to the problem coming to the awareness of this information about natural law is the solution to humanity's problems which is why the words natural law will never be talked about in mainstream media this is what is the most deeply occult acknowledge and that's also why you'll see people come out and attack anybody trying to put this knowledge into the consciousness of humanity they will be those individuals who are the messengers of these laws will be attacked ad hominem attacks will be launched upon them because this is what they do not want anybody to look at all of the distractions of life every forms that that these distractions take entertainment mindless inane trivia of all kinds okay are all put in place to get you to not ever take a look at this information because what they don't want truly developing in humanity is the the all-important concept that I have listed on slide number eight which is conscience because if conscience is truly born in human beings the New World Order falls flat on its face the dark new world order no dictator no dictatorship can ever work with beings that truly have conscience born in them that truly know the difference between right and wrong consciously actively willfully and are going to make conscious active willful decisions to choose the right and not choose the wrong that is what conscience is it comes from the Latin language Cohn is a prefix in Latin meaning together or with and then the second part of the word which is obviously the word science which is where we get the word science from the verb skiier a in Latin ski Okyere which means to know or to understand which means you're not going to get to the truth you're not going to get to freedom without truly knowing or understanding and not just individually but together because conscience means to come to a place of knowing together true knowing knowledge understanding it is common sense that's what conscience means knowing together common sense and that's why they want to hi the basic principles of natural law its expressions its effects in our lives from us they don't want anybody looking at that the most occult acknowledge there is because they don't want common sense developing we'll be right back don't go anywhere for this rafting radio network it's honest [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc pastor we've been talking about natural law morality how these things are are inextricably connected to the dynamics of human freedom and unless we understand that we're navigating blind and we're going to be condemned to eternally be slaves here on this planet if we do not understand these principles so we looked at conscience and what it really is and conscience has everything to do with knowledge because in order to make the right moral decision you need accurate information you need to be able to choose the factually correct information in order to make the morally correct decisions its axioms okay fundamental principles that we then apply so if you believe that two plus two equals five and you accept that as a fundamental axiom a given truth and then you start doing all arithmetic operations based on that axiom when you then get to multiplication division etc and higher forms of math your answers will be completely completely in orders of magnitude wrong you'll never be even close to getting the accurate answer and then if you make your decisions based on those answers more and more chaos will emerge so it's not a matter of simply reforming the system we already have we to go back to the fundamental axioms upon which our worldview is based and one of the first solutions that I say that we need to enact in my list of solutions anyway is a worldview healing and we can't do that until we completely reevaluate the fundamental axioms upon which our worldview is based and I'm telling you folks the worldview of most of the people out there is based on the fundamental axioms of moral relativism and that's why until that is completely abandoned we're not creating anything here except chaos the end for all time I mean you're free to believe otherwise but that's never going to make it true and you're never gonna be able to create chaos that way create order that way it will never ever happen for as long as anyone lives you will only ever create chaos so conscience is what they don't want people to arrive at as we saw in slide number 8 they don't want common sense they don't want the people knowing together knowing what knowing the truth about what's being talked about right here on this program they don't want anyone knowing about how natural law operates the occult controllers they like the chaos that we create for ourselves it makes us easier to control more chaos breeds more fear and the cycle starts all over again these are fundamental laws of creation ladies and gentlemen and we need to wise up and understand how they work the main thing that comes from developing conscience is to know your rights to know not only what your rights are but even more importantly to know what your rights are not and we have an entire segments of the population who think that they have rights that they don't have whole groups of people actually believe they possess rights that other people do not possess and then make base their actions on these non-existent rights think that they can do the actions that they're doing with impunity in slide number nine I explained the best way to go about understanding one's rights and it's quite simple actually okay when we talk about rights and what they are there we have so many rights we couldn't possibly list them all there's so many things that we can choose to do it's almost of infinite possibilities that would not infringe on the rights of other people it would not cause harm to other living beings so those things are all fall into the category of our rights if you can do it and it doesn't result in harm to another being you're allowed to do it that's one of your rights you are within your right to take that action because you have caused no wrong you have engaged in no wrong or an action which results in harm it is better to understand our rights in what is called the apophatic sense and this is very very critical and I'm gonna go into explaining what UPOV apophysis is okay and this is a critical term we're going to look at it in the next slide I actually want to look at it very soon right after I take this first point on slide number nine rights are best to be understood in the apophatic sense and this generally means the negative sense okay to know which actions are not rights because they cause harm there are fewer actions that we do not have the right to take because we can define what harm of another living being is and then we could say the actions that fall into the category that caused this harm to other living beings are not rights and then therefore everything else is a right this is done through the negative pathway to truth a form of logical reasoning that involves negation affirmation through negation called apophysis okay so let's hold that slide there and let's jump ahead to ten and then we'll come back to nine okay and let's look at what apophysis is this is slide number ten now on the radio show page at what on earth is happening calm or with the podcast okay apophysis is also known as apathetic inquiry okay and it comes from the Greek language the word apophysis in Greek comes from the Greek word a Pathan I a Pathan I means to say no or to say by not saying is another way of looking at it okay to affirm something by negating something else so in other words I think 9/11 is a great example of where apophysis has already been used we can't tell you the exact events that occurred and how things exactly went down because so much of that knowledge is occult 'add but we can rule out what the official story claims happened we can negate that and in doing so come closer to the truth about the actual events of that day or the truth okay so apophysis it's a method of logical reasoning employed when given a limited set of possibilities as in what actions are right what actions are wrong in order to arrive at knowledge knowledge by way of the exclusion of known negatives it's a process of elimination in other words it is describing what something is by explaining what it is not we'll pick this up on the other side of the break don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening we'll be right back [Music] sunshine stay asleep oh man when he looks at it with his eyes is what we see when he looks addicted sunglasses we see the same things all the way through the subliminal symbolic mean courtesy of a are we dependent [Music] that's exactly what they want you to do obey and not think for yourself as masterfully expressed there by the teacher david icke as he's describing the scientific allegory the science fiction allegory called they live there in that break music but going back to the concept that we were talking about before the break which is apophysis or the negative pathway to the truth in other words okay when you have a certain set of possibilities that you are you are exploring and trying to get the truth or to arrive at knowledge okay you can do this by the exclusion of no negatives or in other words to describe what something is by describing that which it most certainly is not this was mostly practiced in the early church history and there are two schools of theology one is known as the apophatic theology which attempts to describe the qualities of the Creator by explaining that which what that which the creator most certainly is not where qualities which would not be embodied by the divine okay so that's the apophatic describing something in the apophatic sense okay as I've said it's affirmation through negation is an easy way to look at it the opposite of that would be the katha fatik pathway to truth which is attempting to directly describe what something is as in cata fatik theology okay so apophatic inquiry Arthur Conan Doyle in his science fiction expressed this beautifully he said made the famous statement that once you eliminate the impossible whatever remains no matter how improbable must be the truth and again 9/11 comes to mind and is an excellent example of an apathetic inquiry okay we not have 100% of the data that we need but we have enough to show that what is proposed in this ridiculous narrative called the official story is not true therefore another explanation is most certainly much more logical and definitely warrants a new investigation we can say what it is not and what it was not is the official story okay the same thing can be applied to knowing what our rights are and what they are not we need to take a look at what our rights are not in order to understand how we should behave in the world and to know what our rights actually are okay so I want to go back a slide now to back to slide number 9 to get back to the pathway for knowing our rights okay the first thing is it's good to understand our rights in the apophatic sense to know which actions are not within the scope of our rights because they cause harm to others the second part of knowing our rights is to understand that natural law and morality hold true meaning they are in effect regardless of how many people are in the world okay and this is one that people have a real hard time with because of ego ego gets in the way of understanding this one folks big time okay because people will say oh well given a small group of people that's fine but when you have a whole bunch of people doing that that's going to create chaos and the people who always talk against natural law and for the laws of man will always invoke the creation of chaos when in fact they're the ones who are creating the chaos through the advocating of their position they don't understand that what man's law is doing can only create more chaos in the world yet they'll say natural law allowing natural law to and just be in place what would create chaos see this is how man wants to be God man wants to unmake what creation has made and then remake creation in his image this is what the ego is that's the force of the ego ladies and gentlemen that's it you want to know what ego really is that's what it is it's the force that will never say I'm wrong about anything it's the force that will never admit when they that that being has actually committed a wrong and say it was my fault I did the wrong thing I don't want to blame it on anybody else I want to accept responsibility the ego will never do that okay and it will always try to invoke chaos if natural law gets to rule the day okay you're crazy you can never allow that there would be chaos fear is always in vote instead of actually understanding the dynamic that causes order versus the dynamic that causes chaos and then choosing the one that causes order they're always trying to fear monger and promote the idea to other people who clearly have no understanding of natural law that going in the direction of natural law is what's going to cause chaos when in fact it's the other way around so the population issue here's how I tell people to look at it okay when in doubt as to whether an action is in harmony or disharmony with natural law you want to visualize a scenario in which there are only two people visualize a scenario in which there is only two people and no external external events actually getting involved in interfering with the interaction between these two people and then look at the action if that person has a right to take that action in a situation where there's only two people then they have a right to take that action in a situation where there's 7 billion or seven hundred quadrillion people okay if they do not have the right to take that action when there's only two people they do not have the right to take that action when there's two billion two trillion or to Google people in the world it wouldn't matter how many people ever exist if a right does not exist in a one-on-one encounter okay meaning that person is not imbued with that right they do not have the right is not actually inherent and was not actually granted by the creation itself no one can just suddenly claim that right and pull it out of thin air nor could they ever grant it to anyone else rights cannot be granted wrongs cannot be granted no one ever can say you are now allowed to do this and that's problem that's one of the big failings of this country we created a system that advocates personal responsibility and tried to give a subset of individuals calling themselves government rights that other individuals don't have for example taxation a perfect example in which the framers of the Constitution went completely against natural law principles and clearly did not ultimately know what right and wrong is ultimately and they chose wrong over right because in a one-on-one situation one person cannot say to another person I'm taking what you have and I'm gonna take a certain percentage of what you have whether you feel that you can afford to give that to me or not in a one-on-one situation that would always be wrong yet government people who set up government thinks that they're allowed to create a subset of people because there's a whole bunch of people in the world and we're gonna give a subset of people this right that doesn't exist for any individual because it's theft period and very quite simply it's theft anybody that is so under mind control that they can't understand the taxation is theft go ahead and continue to believe that it's not you're delusional and you're fooling self of course it's taking from one person that you don't have a right to take from it's always has been that since the dawn of time and always will be that the ego needs to take a step aside to understand a lot of this information folks many people will be angry at this and the tagline is get as angry as you want get as offended as you want go put it on a t-shirt okay get as offended as you like buy this information natural law doesn't care about how much you're offended by it it's what is and you're creating as a result of your adherence to what is or you're ignorant of what is so we need to look at what rights are definitively not in order to understand what's really going on in the world there are four basic transgressions of natural law and ultimately when you boil it all down there's one transgression against natural law and I'll explain that the four major transgressions against natural law or in other words against another living beings rights are as follows murder rape theft and trespass murder rape theft and trespass are the four major natural law transgressions and I'm gonna come back and explain what these things are and how ultimately they're one thing on the other side in the meantime don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back folks this is the last segment of what on earth is happening for this week I'll be back live on Oracle in two weeks time next week again were taking the day off to support my partner barb as she has a presentation next Sunday so before the break we were talking about natural law transgressions or in other words actions that are not within our natural law rights to take because they result in harm to other living beings there are four major natural law transgressions okay and they are murder rape theft and trespass okay murder the taking of another's life when one has no warrant to do so okay rape is the violation under coercion of another person's sexuality which one does not have a right to do under any circumstances okay theft is the taking which of goods that one does not have the right to take from other people of the the actual just stealing of resources okay and trespass is basically taking security away from someone in their own lair that is obviously where they live and work and thrive and sleep etc so it's the ingress into another person's lair without their consent in a place that they've clearly set up as theirs so someone's home you don't have a right to go in unless you're invited in you know on the right to take things from their home which will be theft you know have a right to sexually engage in any sexual relations with someone unless it's consensual that would be rape and you don't have a right to attempt to take the life of another person or actually do so that's murder every one of these boils down to one basic overarching fundamental transgression and that is theft if you think about it every one of these things is taking something that you do not have the right to take murder is the taking of life that you do not have a right to take rape is the taking of someone's sexual energies and sexual boundaries that you do not have a right to take theft is the taking of someone else's goods or property and trespass is the taking of someone else's security in their own space okay so ultimately all natural law just like sovereignty is based upon ownership it's all based upon ownership and all transgressions of it are based upon taking something that you do not own you don't own someone else's rights you don't own someone else's life you don't own someone else's sexuality you don't own someone else's goods you don't own someone else's space that they are using and happen to be in it's all theft ultimately every wrong that we commit in some way shape or form is a theft if you sit down and truly philosophically think about it this is common sense and it's quite simple it's not complex it's not unknowable these are what our rights are not if our rights do not fall into these things we have a right to engage in that activity and no one has a right to stop us from gauging that inactive in that activity so again trying to stop someone from engaging in things that don't fall under these categories of theft in different forms one does not have a right to take that would be taking someone's rights so stopping someone from speaking is taking their rights stopping free assembly is taking someone's rights away trying to take someone's freedom away and turn them into slaves through corporate personhood and other mind control measures is not someone's right to do so they're in the wrong by engaging in that activity protecting criminals from engaging in their criminal behavior is not within our rights because other people are engaging in theft and murder and then they're being protected by other people you don't have a right to do that you know I'm a right to help people to continue these natural law transgressions and then try to stop other people from bringing them to justice that's not a right and this is what police and military do every day and then attempt to set up situations and circumstances where they block us from engaging in our rights of assembly and speech etc no one has a right to do that nor can anyone be granted that right see that's another part of natural law you can never grant things that are not rights to anyone else if you don't have something you can't give it to someone else I want to read this next quote and I'm gonna wrap this up when I come back in two weeks I'm going to explore in depth this gentleman's essay and some quotes some responses written about that essay by some other individuals okay his name is Aquinas this is not the philosopher Thomas Aquinas this is simply an Internet handle by a person who was posting on some forums and I happen to this essay which I thought was one of the most brilliant concise explanations of natural law I've ever ever seen or read I'd love to have him on the show if anybody knows knows who it was they could put him in touch with me and I'd bring him on as a guest but he made this statement about why we're losing why freedom is dying and here it is I call this the fall of the Republic okay because choice is subsequent to a judgment upon the truth of the matter presented it is an immutably true principle I have a slight typo there it should say it is an immutably true principle that human liberty depends entirely upon judgments which conform to natural law if a judgment which does not conform to natural law which is therefore objectively false and immoral is acted upon by the will then it becomes a source of grave disorder in society exponentially multiply these numbers of individual immoral acts and you have a republic that collapses from moral decay in a short period of time that is why we are going into bondage as a people because too many people are choosing the wrong over the right thinking they have some magical right to do so and then teaching these values to their young who then go out and multiply these numbers of individual immoral choices and acts and therefore a quantum effect is created chaos always results as a result of that disorder in chaos as Aquinas so eloquently put it and therefore we are going deeper and deeper and deeper into chaos and enslavement because we have a society that is based on moral relativism Aquinas concludes his si si by saying true liberty is an essential property of objective truth and morality therefore there can be no true Liberty in a civilization that enshrines moral relativity and in two weeks we'll be exploring that essay in depth right here on this show for probably the entire show I apologize that I'd not get a chance to take any calls today on the show but I think the information that is presented here really needs to be distilled broken down as much as possible and then gone over again by everyone who listens to this show get it out there to people this is the most occult acknowledge that there the occultists the darker cultists who owned this place currently want to keep hidden and we need to get it out there to panic I'll be back in two weeks folks I want to thank everyone for listening to this edition of what on earth is happening we'll be analyzing Aquinas is essay on natural law and human liberty in two weeks here on what on earth is happening until then I'm Mark Hasse you've been listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle Broadcasting Network stick around Chris Eberhard is up next [Music]