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freedom mat that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening to what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com the network's website Oracle broadcasting dot-com today is Sunday October 9th 2011 and we have an information packed show for you here today we're going to be continuing our ongoing discussion and revelation of natural law on the show here today we will be wrapping up our analysis on the Aquinas on Liberty essay which I broke down a bit last week at the end of the show and also on David Lin f's commentary on it from the Lucid streams blog so that's coming up and then in the later part of the show I will be breaking down the very crucial distinction between force and violence an incredibly important topic when it comes to the understanding of natural law and its principles and its effects in our world so that's coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening let me give the calling number at the beginning of the show if you want to call in feel free to call in at anytime never any taboo topics here but I would ask that the scope of discussion or questions be limited to some form of talking about natural law as we have been doing over the past several weeks and will continue to do until we pretty much cover all of the topics that are really essential to have a firm grasp upon to understand the precarious situation regarding true freedom in this country and in indeed throughout the world as it hinges upon an understanding of natural law so the topic for discussion today is natural law and if you want to call in and talk about that the call-in number is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five very quickly I'd like to just reenact onference that's coming up here in Philadelphia next weekend and I'll be attending and I don't think that I will be off air next week you know how to run a rerun I'm pretty certain I'll be back here in time to do the show live but I am going to attend both days of this conference and probably leave a little bit early on Sunday this is the MUFON PA East Coast Conference the mutual UFO network October 15th and 16th that's next Saturday and Sunday October 15th and 16th at the Four Points Sheraton Philadelphia Northeast that's at 94 6100 veldt Boulevard here in Philadelphia the Saturday speakers Joseph Mara Linda Moulton Howe Bill Weber bill burns and John Ventre on Sunday the speakers will be major Robert Cody George filer dr. limpet I Jerry Jonas and crisp Augustin a great lineup of speakers for both days only $35 admission on Saturday and 30 on Sunday the conference goes from 8:30 to 5:00 p.m. on Saturday and 9:00 to 4:00 on Sunday be right back folks [Music] [Applause] [Music] welcome back everyone you're listening to what on earth is happening to you on chlorophyll podcast I'm your host mark Casto my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about the youth on PA East Coast Conference and that's this coming Saturday and Sunday October 15th and 16th at the Four Points Sheraton Philadelphia Northeast and for more information on that great conference you can go to their website main line MUFON comm you could also go to MUFON PA comm and get more information and get tickets so that's the one announcement I have for today I want to do a very brief recap of the topics that we have been talking about over the past many weeks and you can find some of the images that go along with this talk at my website what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page just click the radio show tab with a button on the upper left-hand side of the page and underneath the player there you'll see images for today's show and there's 14 images listed there I'm taking a look at image number two right now and it is the expressions of natural law we talked about this many weeks ago and you can go back in the podcast archive and listen to any of these shows if you're new a new listener to the show I highly recommend going back to podcast number one and starting at the very beginning because as I've said many times this information that I present here on this radio show is a tapestry and it is set in building block style I guess you could say where you can't really build the top floor of a house until you build a firm foundation therefore some of the things that are talked about in later podcasts are more advanced concepts and ideas than the ones that are talked about in earlier ones or at least the earlier ones are prerequisite knowledge meaning you really need a firm grasp and understanding of the earlier material in order to have a firm grasp and understanding of the later material so that having been said over the last many weeks we talked about natural law we talked about what it is we talked about its principles the basic principles that underlie natural law and we looked into those then we talked about the expressions of natural law or in other words how natural law actually works in our lives to create what it is we experience through our choices so we're actually the ones who are creating the experience but it is working through the expressions of natural law and we took a look at the positive and negative expressions of natural law and how our free will decisions based on one of these polarities goes into effect in the world to create what we get okay so it's always functioning it's always working as it should be working we're always bound by it as long as we're in the three dimensional space-time continuum that we call the universe if we're in this universe these laws and expressions are in effect and they are always working flawlessly it is up to us to understand how this functions so we can make better decisions in alignment with these forces and if we choose expanded consciousness which I have termed love in the examples I have given because that's really what love is true love anyway we will seek knowledge specifically knowledge of self to understand how it is that we actually work and that will help us to understand the macrocosm ex macrocosmic expression okay because that which is below is like to that which is above in other words the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm and to study one is to study the other so if we know ourselves as fully as possible we will begin to understand the cosmic forces that are at work in our lives and then we will begin to really develop true self-respect for both ourselves and others and that ultimately is having perfect governance over our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions such that we cannot be manipulated by others into doing things that are not moral this is the state of true sovereignty and in that state and only in that state can we ever really hope to create a world that resembles true freedom in any way shape or form if we do not understand our sovereignty any effort to build a world that is based in freedom is doomed from the start okay once we do have that knowledge and we do develop that true internal self respect and unison with the true self we can then really start building a world that is based on true freedom which is the absence of external rulership over our freewill decisions no coercion over others and that is ultimately what creates a world that is based in order true order or what we term good meaning that we are not experiencing self inflicted suffering that our situation our state of mind and being is essentially good and it is ordered conversely if we choose fear the other force or polarity that is an illusory force that is not anything that is truly real it is based on false identifications okay we will refuse truth continue down the path of ignorance develop internal confusion which results in the attempt to take external control over others or to give up control over our own being and mind and decision-making power and free will and hand that to others who are going to use it irresponsibly and immorally and that's what's going to create a world that is based on evil or pure chaos and ultimately that's the path that we have been going down ladies and gentlemen sad to say but true and we need to reverse that and transmute the all of the fears of this world and the people who are experiencing them and continuing to propagate them into higher consciousness and the only way to do that is through a deep understanding of natural law its principles it's a it's expressions and its manifestations without that we are navigating blind as I've said many many times that's what we need a deep understanding of this material these principles that are simply in effect whether we like them or not whether we have understood them in the past or not whether we believe in them or not as I've said belief in any of this is completely irrelevant that's hard for a lot of people to hear who are very deeply count in calcified ego but these laws are in effect in our lives the end it's not a matter of accepting it it's a matter of discovering it it's about getting out of the mindset of do I want to even accept this or not it is what is it is what is and I'm not shy about saying that I know this I don't think this this isn't my belief system I don't have a belief system I know how this works and many other people do know how it works as well it's not a matter of belief it's a matter of finding out so when we come back I'll briefly review the concepts of right and wrong knowing our rights the natural law transgressions and apophysis on the other side of this break be right back folks don't go anything [Music] [Music] [Music] welcome back everyone and it's true you can't stop someone that is deeply rooted in truth the truth is going to conquer this place in one form or another folks and take that however you will it's up to us ultimately we want to accept the truth we can get out of this mess we want to refuse it and deny it nature is going to have its way in one form or another so let's take a look at one of the other concepts we've been looking at the difference between right and wrong and oh yes there is a huge difference and there is such a thing and I've said many times any of the so-called teachers who are trying to tell people that it's all relative and there is no real difference between right and wrong and it's not about right versus wrong are deceivers they're new-age deceivers or they're just simply Satanists or dark Luciferians in disguise who are trying to sell that lie and unfortunately a lot of people buy that lie it's called moral relativism and it's why we're in the mess that we're in it's why we're heading headlong into a prison cell and the key being thrown away ok so right we saw in connection with the word correct or in other words true based in truth that which is true there's a reason that the word right is the same as the word correct means the same thing just like there's a reason that the word wrong and incorrect it means both immoral and not true because if something is not true and you act upon it it does become something that is immoral when you act with wrong information you have inwardly formed yourself in the wrong way by taking in wrong ideologies things that are not based in truth see right actions are always based in natural law meaning that actions that are based in the right never result in harm to other living beings it's a negative expression actually it does not result in harm and choosing the right is actually about knowing which actions do not result in harm it's about knowledge of the negative which as we've looked at is known as apophysis and I'll briefly review that as well wrong actions are not based in natural law they violate the natural law rights of others by resulting in harm to other living beings this is actually not difficult folks we all really have I shouldn't say all I should say the vast majority of us have an innate psychological and moral compass in our lives called a Kampf called the conscience where we do know the difference innately between right and wrong actions we can tell whether we're causing suffering whether our actions are causing harm to others it isn't that difficult people want to lie to themselves and others and say oh you can never really know what's right or wrong and oh you know what's good for one person might be bad for another and this is all nonsense this is all moral relativistic nonsense you know whether your actions are in harmony with natural law because you know whether they caused suffering or whether they don't cause suffering and that's what determines whether we have a right to perform those actions or not it's all justifications that people use we're going to talk a lot about people who enact those justifications and try to sell people on those justifications later in the show today knowing our rights is about understanding more over than anything else what our rights are not which actions are not rights because they cause harm this is called understanding our rights in the apophatic sense through the negative expression another concept about knowing our rights that we talked about a few weeks ago was that natural law holds true regardless of population and we're going to be giving specific examples of this today right and wrong is not a function of population it's a function of consciousness folks it has nothing to do with how many people there are in the world the choice remains the same do you choose the right or do you choose the wrong through knowing which actions cause harm that's it and population has nothing to do with that whether there's one other person in the room with you or whether you're taking some form of an action on 7 billion people or seven hundred quadrillion people the population is meaningless the act remains the same when in doubt as to whether an action is or is not in harmony with natural law the best case scenario the best thing to do is to visualize whether you can take that action where there's only one other person present and we're going to be giving an example of that today or maybe a couple of examples of it okay so we took a look at the natural law transgressions or which actions do result in harm there's four basic ones murder rape theft and trespass and we talked about a few weeks back about how they all ultimately are a derivation of one ultimate natural law trespass which is theft taking something which is not yours to take in the case of murder it's a life in the case of rape it's someone's sexual right to exercise their own sexuality and sexual expressions in the way they see fit in the case of theft that's taking someone else's properties in the case of trespass that's taking someone else's security in there in their lair so it's all ultimately about theft about knowing what is yours what you have the right to own and knowing what you do not have the right to take and it's very sad that most people in the world the vast majority of the human population have no idea about what is truly their own and what they do not have the right to take from others it's a quite sad situation one of the tools for really understanding this that I've attempted to put into the hands of listeners of this show is the concept of apophysis which is a method of reasoning of coming to the truth okay by eliminating the negatives okay when you're given a limited set of possibilities it's a way to arrive at knowledge by exclusion we're saying this definitely is not what I'm talking about this is not one of our rights this is not right action and eliminating those things and what remains is the truth what remains is one of your rights what remains is action that you do have a moral right to take so we need to look at the negative not deny it and brush it aside and put our our hands over our eyes and ears like members of the New Age movement do when it comes to talking about anything that's negative we need to embrace the negative look at the darkness that's how we understand the shadow side of the self the shadow side of the collective consciousness as well which doesn't really have a conscience which acts in completely immoral ways through groupthink we need to understand how that psychological dynamic works but sadly most people run in the exact opposite direction from that because they don't want the responsibilities of true knowledge they want to claim ignorance oh I don't know so that's not my fault it's called abdication votes and it's why we're in this situation we're in we'll be right back after these messages [Music] [Applause] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio that's all the review I'm going to do of topics we've already covered I want to take a look deeper into the Aquinas on Liberty essay that we read last week and go over a few points and specifically analyze some of the commentary that Dave Allen F put forward on the essay on his lucid streams blog these are links to these documents and and and the blog can be found on the last podcast that I did which was podcast number 79 on the what on earth is happening podcast page at what on earth is happening calm so before we do that we have a caller on the line so let's go to the phones Mike in New York you're live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us here today hi mom thank you for taking my call sure know how I'm gonna I'm gonna try and relate what's going on with the protests in New York to natural law perfect okay the night I've been in the city in and out throughout the past couple weeks and most of the people depending on where you stand you're gonna get a different answer that says to me two things one there's a lot of confusion and to the base where the problem is is the ignorance that's right now we are the New York educational full system is one of the worst in the country so that that's definitely a big long going problem that's plagued our state for a while and because of this the what here ups into chaos is perfect for you know the New York police the powers that that are trying to control this to be able to control it and it's because that the the people there that have that put up the website that that are organizing these things not nothing on their website not one thing describes natural law or has any any of it solution basin in natural law so the only outcome you're ever going to get from this is chaos control and then eventually the destruction of it absolutely so so I I'm urging people I've been I've been out there trying to just talk natural law and just tell them to look up the word handing out whatever I can print out on my my work printer and hand out the people right but I feel like again it's people are the more more you try and tell them that further they run from the truth I feel and it's and it's this this defense mechanism that's been installed I think in the mass majority of mine Mike it means they might have to convert themselves into an actual psychological adult and they want to remain perpetual children most of them anyway I don't want a blanket statement this and say that's all because there are some people who are there who probably do have a firm understanding of these principles but I would suggest yet that they're probably the vast minority and as you said ignorance is rampant within the the entire world and specifically in you know communities in inner cities and you know in in mass metropolitan cities where that we have horrible forms of public education that amount to nothing but indoctrination so the ignorance of bounds and until people realize that it's a matter of increasing consciousness and understanding the the the choices that we make and understanding how they need to be rooted in natural law I have to agree that we're not going to make much progress in a state of ignorance you know you're right and it's just about you know if people realize that that they're they're protesting out there they're yeah they're protesting for things that they don't actually have and they're not understanding the things that they actually do have in terms of freedoms and and and and things like that and I feel that you know it you know a lot of people are asked for a hand that's not the way life works because when you work against natural law well when you work with harm in nature and natural law you then you then are able to command it so to speak or then able to control it and then have a positive outcome the outcome that we all want you know initially in our hearts but are really working towards the opposite absolutely and you know it's not to say that the corporation's aren't doing things that are completely immoral and in most cases really do need to be stopped from the things that they're doing like lobbying government and then basically having government enact their laws in order to control the populations to get them to do what the corporation's see as beneficial to them this definitely goes on so that things like that shouldn't be ignored and I understand why it creates the anger that it does in the population because I experienced the same emotions when I see what a lot of these corporations are doing but the answer certainly isn't to swing to the opposite side of a low vibratory form of consciousness known as socialism you know this is just the exact opposite of capitalism on what you can call the real political spectrum which is a function of consciousness and this is maybe a graphic I haven't included it on the website here today but since we're talking about this in the the situation in New York and other cities around the country a perhaps post this graph that I made about the forms of government as a function or an expression of human consciousness and that'll help people to really understand how that dynamic works it's not about going to the opposite wing of unconsciousness it's about going upward in consciousness to get to less forms of control of coercion of violence which is what we're going to talk about here today in the second part of the show force versus violence it's about expanding the force of our own consciousness and setting down ways of acting that are really truly violent a violation of other people's natural law rights which is what we see as the response everywhere whenever people gather and assemble to address that have their grievances addressed and then we see acts of violence or violation of their natural law rights done by the very people who have sworn oaths to protect their rights under the Constitution and that's exactly what's going on it's the key people polarized it's the this extreme versus that extreme it's never finding balance and center within yourself because if you control yourself if you rule yourself if you claim your own sovereignty and there's no company out there there's there's there's nothing nobody's ever taken can take away from you because you have it all and they can't they can't get it they can't get to it it's more about what we need to stop doing we need to stop supporting these companies that we feel are acting immorally we need to stop participating with government we need to stop asking government for any services in other words it's about growing up and becoming a big boy and a big girl and actually doing things for ourselves self-reliance this is what most of these people don't understand they want someone to take care of them from cradle to grave they don't want to take care of themselves and it isn't about saying that you can't help other people and or help to take care of everyone we have to I agree we need to be our own stewards we need to basically guide and simultaneously Shepherd ourselves that's what it's about doing it's about developing true care for your fellow man doing unto others as you would have done but that not through through the initiation of violence not through enacting laws that are based in coercion and taking from other people what we feel we have the right to take that's never going to accomplish or solve anything we're going to talk about taxation in the second part of the show as well and we're going to talk about how these police and military are constantly treading all over the inherent natural law rights of other people and how that needs to stop so Mike phenomenal points I mean this is a great understanding of the dynamic and I always like to hear callers who really really grasp you know what this dynamic is and have a firm handle on what really needs to be done so I appreciate the call Thank You Mikey okay Chuck you got it take care that is what it's all about ladies and gentlemen it's more about stopping things that we're already doing then it is starting to do new things you know that's the apophatic sense of the solution that needs to be enacted it's about really stopping actions instead of creating new ones it's more about that than it is the creation of new action I know that's another hard thing for people to grasp who always want to say it's never about looking at the negative yeah I agree set up new systems that are pout that are empowering and that are you know sustainable and that really do keep natural law in mind wonderful but if we try to continue to do some of the immoral things that we're doing I mean as individuals and in group think institutions where people think that they can be a member of this institution with no conscience that is based on violence and somehow they're magically going to transmute that into something that's good and in harmony with natural law it's a pipe dream ladies and gentlemen it's a pipe dream it doesn't work that way it never has worked that way and it never will work that way we need to stop doing things that are in violation of natural law we're going to talk about but that distinction of force versus violence coming up in the second alibi we'll be back don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on their post market has no fee the show is live every Sunday 5:00 to 7:00 in Eastern Time that's 4 to 6 p.m. central here on Oracle broadcasting what I want to do now is shift back to something we covered last week which was the great essay on natural law by a gentleman calling himself Aquinas which is an Internet handle no relation to Thomas Aquinas the Christian philosopher perhaps maybe taking the handle from Thomas Aquinas who knows I know Thomas Aquinas did write on natural law so it's quite possible but he wrote this essay called on Liberty okay and I covered it back in an early podcast and did so again in this natural law section of the radio show and I covered as well a commentator on this essay named David Lynn F who posted this to his blog site called lucid streams at lucid streams calm and the link is there in the last podcast number 79 and I'm a repost it again this week but I want to just touch upon five things that I think are critically important in this essay and on Allen F's commentary on the essay and then I'm gonna chime in and make some commentary of my own in this essay Aquinas says that true Liberty is the highest of natural endowments okay natural meaning not man-made and an endowment is a birthright meaning that Liberty is not granted freedom is never granted rights are never granted they are inherent they are birthrights we come into the cosmos with them already okay they just exist the creator made them man did not make them you did not make your rights or anyone else's rights they're based in natural law and that word itself is based on net Terrell Nets are meaning God or spirits all light or you could even look at that as all the all spirit the spirit of the light that's what the word natural actually means in its ancient etymology so continuing with what Aquinas said in the essay he says that Liberty confers on man this dignity that he is in the hand of his counsel and has power over his actions true free will is what Aquinas is talking about here we ultimately have the power over our own actions we want to you know abdicate responsibility for that all the time but ultimately no one must act a certain way it's always a choice it's always a choice and people don't want to hear that they want to justify oh no I have children to support well it's still a choice you don't need to do something immoral because you have children to support you could do something else it's a choice back to the essay Aquinas says that on the use that is made of Liberty the highest good and the greatest evil alike depend man indeed is free to obey his reason to seek moral good and to Shrive unswervingly after his last end yet he is also free in turn to turn to turn aside to all other things and in pursuing the empty semblance of good to disturb rightful order and to fall headlong - the destruction which he has voluntarily chosen it's a choice we never don't have a choice this is nonsense abdication of personal responsibility it's saying I don't own my own actions that's exactly what you do own you own your own actions and you can't give them over to somebody else try as people may so this is what the law of cause and effect basically States we need to choose the good and then there will be order and there will be good and that's a manifestation of our actions that's why I call it the generative expression or manifestation he says 'ln F now responding to this part in his commentary says that the Creator has given humans the ability to reason and choose reason aligned with truth will inevitably lead to liberty but humans can also choose to ignore reason and to choose less wisely which will inevitably lead to confusion and chaos perfect understanding I mean and and worded beautifully as well this is the understanding that people as a whole need to arrive at this is what consciousness is I don't know any simpler way of putting it it's more than that it's more than that ladies and gentlemen that's what love is love is taking the time to truly understand something like that so going back to the essay this is another point that I want to explore Aquinas says that we the people have been brought low meaning low in consciousness and have been soft and vulnerable as the direct result of having imbibed and believed in a false notion of liberty and the pursuit of happiness we've bought a false notion of freedom of being given permissions permits to do things we have the natural law right to do licensing being allowed to stay in our own property on our own land in our own house because we pay property taxes and we're given the privilege to live in that place by a lord of the land a landlord who actually owns that land so Lynette responds to this and this is really about the part in the essay that Aquinas was talking about the idea of the pursuit of happiness the phrase the pursuit of happiness replacing the phrase that the word property because property implies a true ownership what we have the right to own and what we do not have the right to take it's a strong word property a lot of people in the new agey movements or in the movements that are bent toward socialism and inevitably communism because that's where socialism inevitably leads want to believe that there's no such thing as property and they're dead wrong there is such a thing as property and most above all else the thing that I own more than anything is my own mind I own my own thoughts I own my own emotions and I own my own actions I own those things the sad part is that most people don't own those things they want to hand them away to other people and say you represent me or or you tell me what's best for me going back to the essay or I should say the commentary on the essay by Lynette he says ever since I realized that the phrase quote life liberty and the pursuit of happiness unquote was inspired by John Locke's quote life liberty and property unquote I have considered that happiness is far too ambiguous while property is clear and specific this small linguistic departure by the founding fathers may have set the stage for the devolution from our country's original ideals happiness is a shallow feeling that does not predicate freedom sometimes we must feel pain when we do the right thing the only part I'd take slight exception to it I wouldn't say all forms of happiness are shallow feelings some are based in true happiness you know so happiness can be there can be gradations of happiness and you can have real true lasting happiness based on truth and principles and then you could have a ephemeral happiness you know just a hedonistic pleasure or joy which is fleeting so I think just saying all happiness is a shallow feeling is a little bit strong but that's how he chose the word it but I certainly believe that that's not what predicates freedom I agree with him wholeheartedly that sometimes to have freedom we have to do what in the moment may be painful to do in the long term what is right think about that folks think about it deeper perfect time to take a break and continue with this on the other side don't go anywhere you're listening - what on earth is happening [Applause] [Music] we're back ladies and gentlemen you're listening to what on earth is happening I'm your host Mark Hasse oh my website what on earth is happening calm if you go up to that site on the radio show page there are a series of images posted as links you can follow the concepts that are being discussed on today's show and I apologize somebody in a chatroom mentioned I wasn't giving the numbers of the the slides as I went so I'll try to be better about that we've basically taken a look at the first seven images up there taking a look at the Aquinas on Liberty essay and David Lin F's commentary on this essay and I wanted to hit upon five basic points on that and we covered a couple of them already I want to move right now to the third point that Aquinas states in the essay that freedom of choice is therefore the essential property of the human will and this is a critical idea that we've talked about many times on the show but the will cannot proceed to act until it is enlightened by intellectual knowledge and this is the role of knowledge ladies and gentlemen again a lot of New Agers or you know apologists out there don't want to think or acknowledge that knowledge itself is of critical importance it is about what we know you know and this comes down to saying no you know it's not a coincidence that the word know KN o w in the word no n o are said spoken from the mouth the vibratory essence of those words are the same when we speak them in the English language that's not a coincidence because those who don't have any knowledge in other words who don't know who and what they really are who don't know what the truth is who don't know what the right is we'll never say no to an oppressor it's all about saying no this is what I keep coming back to the New Age movement I know I keep really strongly attacking it in a lot of the recent shows because I can't tell you how much it ignores natural law and you'll never hear any of these concepts brought up in New Age mumbo jumbo that's out there certainly not with any depth they'll talk about you know striving to do the right thing but they'll never give you the breakdown of natural law expressions they'll never really talk about that the fact that more and more and more chaos will be created in the world the more people do not understand how natural law functions they'll never give you that little gem of knowledge that is basically the most important thing to understand if we want to correct the ills of the world because the to them it's about always ignoring the negative and I'm telling you the exploration of the negative is the most important thing to do to understand what's wrong that's what a diagnosis is when you recognize there's a problem you got to get to the cause forget the effect the effect is the symptom you got to get down to the cause of the problem and ultimately that's what all of this exploration in the natural law is about it's about stopping stop focusing and and basically being completely trapped in the effect that you're seeing and rising up above that to get to the world of causality we need to understand the root cause or factors of what has created these can dishes and that's what I told people here on day one on this radio show in the very first podcast what this whole show was going to be about so that's what we're really exploring folks this is all about the law of cause and effect will continue with Aquinas his essay and Lynette's commentary on it on the other side way they'd be right back what do you look sitting with these eyes when he looks ridiculous sunglasses we save the same things all the way through the subliminal support beam courtesy of a Joey defendant [Music] asleep that's where they want to keep us and the understanding of natural law its principles its expressions how it works in our lives is indispensable to the work of awakening we need to get past the symptoms and look at the causal factors and that's what we're doing that's what the understanding of natural law is it's one in the same with the law of cause and effect so let's go back to Aquinas as si and wrap up some of these points he says that freedom of choice is an essential property of the will but the will cannot act can not cannot proceed to act until it is enlightened by knowledge thus in all voluntary acts choice is subsequent to an intellectual judgment that something is good or desirable Lynette responds to this by saying our gift of will is tied to rational thought in other words what he's saying here is that our thought is really the ultimate creator of the world in which we live if we want to change the world in which we live we need to change our mind that's what needs to be transmuted and the world remains the way that it is because not enough people's minds have been transmuted into the opposite polarity they're still dwelling with their thoughts in fear rather than in higher consciousness or love and they're still ignoring this law of cause and effect which is based in natural law back to Lynette's commentary he says we use reason to judge the options before us and then we choose resulting in action every voluntary act is an expression of our ability to choose rightly but we always choose based on our evaluation of what will result in the most good our thought processes can fail to deliver the good we may believe instead of reason holding close those institutions of security that contradict fundamental moral truths and I'll stop chime in here and say this is exactly what the banking institutions are this is exactly what the military institutions are this is exactly what the police institution is all about people who believe that they're involved for the good it doesn't matter what you believe it matters what is is this something that is in harmony with natural law principles and therefore is going to create order or are the actions since they are based in group think group mind which does not have conscience only an individual is truly endowed with a conscience is it going to be creating disorder disharmony and ultimately chaos and evil in the world and that's the level of mind control that these people in these institutions need to get out of so that they stop taking the actions that they're taking that's where the dynamic is going to fundamentally shift and become geared toward true freedom nowhere else as long as those people still believe in that nonsense and keep doing what they're doing the world is never going to be free and that's a hard bitter pill to swallow for 90% or more of the people of this planet but that's the truth back to Lynette's commentary he says we may believe instead of raising reason holding close those institutions of security that contradict fundamental moral truths or we might think we know based on false information we're not perfect but striving to discover and understand that which is true will always keep us pointed in the right direction choosing knowledge over ignorant striving to know the truth that means you're at least in the right direction it's ultimately then it becomes a matter of abandoning attachment abandoning attachment to former ideas and saying you know what I once thought that was right and that was gonna result in good but now I've seen the error of my ways of thinking that way and I've changed my mind and you know what that's called that's called making an apology and ultimately it's making an apology to your higher self we've talked about Masonic lis with that concept of apology means it's Apollo's G that's why there's a G in the middle of the compasses in square it's all about word play puns green language etc and people will deny that and they'll laugh at it and they'll say oh you're making connections where none exists no that's exactly why that there's a G there it's about making that apology the transmutation of mind of mental energy which ultimately results in the transformation and transmutation of reality and that is the light that knowledge itself is the light of the Sun Apollo the ancient Greek Sun God it's actually the symbol of the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania right here which is the founding first Masonic Lodge erected here in the United States by founding fathers of this country Apollo his face is right on it with the Rays of the Sun coming out and sadly I asked members of that Lodge who that is on their seal and they said they didn't know and I believe that they were telling me the truth that they didn't know and it's a sign of how degraded the lodge system is as we've talked about here when we looked into Freemasonry many weeks back but going back to the essay enough has a perfect interpretation of this a phenomenal understanding though I couldn't put that better myself I've you know this is why I'm reading this folks these guys are even more eloquent than me I mean particularly Aquinas who is a wordsmith and has a way with words Butlin F understands this perfectly and really can break it down and even simpler terms for people to understand and I really appreciate that which is why I'm reading this in going into an analysis of the essay and commentary okay two more quick points in all voluntary acts Aquinas says choice is subsequent to a judgment upon the truth of the good presented declaring to which good preference should be given because that is the case it is an immediate isn't it is an immutably true principle that human Liberty depends entirely on intellectual judgments that conform to reason and the natural law in other words what we hold in our mind is what he is saying that then determines how we feel and how we act thought emotion and action Aquinas says if a judgment which does not conform to the natural law or to Reason and which is therefore objectively false and immoral is acted upon by the will then it is a source of grave disorder in society exponentially multiply the number of individual immoral acts and you have a republic that collapses from moral decay in a short period of time I'll read Lynette's commentary to this on the other side of this break we're continuing to explore the world of cause and effect and understand that if we're ever going to a change to change the effect to have any hope of doing that we need to get into the world of causes and understand causality we'll be right back folks [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm I want to wrap up the analysis of the opponents on Liberty si and they've won F's commentary in this segment maybe take a phone call and then get into the breakdown of force versus violence in the last couple segments of the show Lynette responds to the previous paragraph that I read by Aquinas by saying that human beings based all choices of action on intellectual evaluation and those choices are based on what we judge is quote best for us at given moments if a choice is based on fallacious reasoning instead of truth and logic we are in contradiction with nature and the result will be grave disorder it is the exponential accumulation of all of the false choices leading to immoral actions that have led to the state of confusion and increasing lack of Liberty that we find ourselves in once again a totally correct evaluation of the situation and a great understanding of this natural law principle of cause and effect people can think they are doing the right thing as you know secret police did in Stalinist Russia as Nazis did in Hitler's Germany etc and yet still be causing enormous harm and enormous chaos in the world doesn't matter whether they think it's the correct thing it actually has to be in harmony with truth and if it's out of harmony with truth any actions based in it if it's out of harmony with truth and morality any actions based in those falsities are going to result in disorder and chaos every time that's the law of cause and effect it's how all natural law functions Aquinas the the final thing I want to touch on is what he talks about about giving in to hedonism and living a life of moral relativism which he concludes the essay width he says hedonism or the tyranny of the passions has no place in the well-ordered man or in the well-ordered civilization unfortunately our leadest overlords have long been at dumbing us down to the level of beasts that cannot employ their natural natural rational endowments but only their carnal lusts we allowed this to happen because we mistakenly believe the lie they told us namely that true Liberty is the quote right to do whatever we want as long as it is not illegal or discoverable true Liberty true Liberty is an essential property of objective truth and morality it is the property of truth and morality do you understand what that means that he's choosing his words very specifically true Liberty is the property of truth meaning only those who are in alignment with truth ever receive that fruit you can't have Liberty without knowing what is true and knowing what is right because Liberty is granted through natural law it is the property of truth and morality something owns freedom ultimately in the cosmic sense nature owns it you can call that God if you want I'm not uncomfortable with using that term like a lot of people are call it whatever you want it's a higher force that man did not put into the universe it is pre-existing before men and it is functioning according to laws then we are bound by so long as we are in this universe and if we're in harmony with that of truth and morality and good then we will have freedom if we act in contradiction and opposition to that force I don't care what you do you will never be free Aquinas continues and says therefore there can not there can be no true Liberty in a civilization that enshrines moral relativity if your mindset is moral relativism and that there is no actual such thing as definitive objective right versus wrong you can never be free yet is offended about that as you like if you're a believer if your religion is moral relativism the thing that holds you back you can get as offended about that as you like that's the truth for all eternity in this universe there will never be any true Liberty in a civilization that enshrines moral relativism and we talked about moral relativism relativism as being the fundamental fundamental ideology upon which the religion of the elite class is based Satanism and dark luciferianism their fundamental tenets is moral relativism there's no real such thing as the difference between right and wrong so if you want to believe that and accept that into your psychological and moral makeup you will forever remain a slave and that's just how it is get is offended about it as you like the next part David Allen F gives his final commentary on this essay and he says what is moral is what is true truth is truth it is what has happened as I like to put it it is the actual manifestation of the collapsed wavefunction of true of all possible choices that collapses upon the the present moment and forms what we call the actual events of the present moment the point particle collapse from the wavefunction that was the past that's what the truth is and it only exists in the present moment there is only the moment of truth the current moment there is only the now the future is not here and has has not been decided upon yet there is a tendency toward what will manifest in the future based on the choices being made in the present yes but that's always mutable it's always changeable based on changing our mind and therefore changing our decisions that govern our behaviors that's what we have to understand the truth as it is what is it is what has happened it's a perfect way of putting it there can be no shadings of truth continuing with Lynette's commentary here no relative orderings of less or more truth it simply is to the degree the truth can be known knowing what is moral action becomes completely unambiguous Solon F is saying do we have a society that is incapable of knowing what the truth is or incapable of knowing what is moral know we have an ignorant society not an ashen to one where the truth is on there is no way of discovering it it is discoverable it's everywhere it's all around us there's so much information in the world and knowledge about this in the world that it's almost laughable but it's being ignored continuing len f says we have been educated to believe in a lie that morality can be determined and handed down in the laws of man that this has led to an idea that what is good is simply what feels good that is called hedonism this way of thinking excludes reason and therefore prevents us from connecting with what is true because we're constantly just trying to do what feels good and as he's already stated sometimes doing the right thing brings some pain especially in a world full of mind control this is an artifact of the domination culture and the extent of our acceptance of that is the extent that we subjugate ourselves and move further away from Liberty and closer to slavery [Music] read this essay and its commentary folks give it to others they need to understand it now [Music] behind the girl I'll make my all day [Music] quite appropriate I would say given what we're about to talk about one of the most controversial things that you'll ever talk about in a discussion with natural law is the difference the distinct difference between force and violence and that's what we're gonna get into in this segment before I do that I want to we've wrapped up the commentary on Aquinas --is on Liberty si and again I said before the break put this into other people's hands it's not enough for you to know it help other people to understand that and I'd suggest maybe even giving the printout that is up on the site on podcast 79 with Dave Lynette's commentary because the commentary really illuminates the essay even further so with that having been said I'd just like to briefly read a quote from a book on Hermeticism called the stellar man by john baines this is actually posted with the podcast on podcast number 73 the book is there for those who want to download it and check it out and I don't agree with everything that's said and I don't agree with everything that is said in hermeticism either I don't subscribe to an ism ladies and gentlemen I've already told people I have no one tradition I consider myself someone who integrates things I take an integral approach meaning that which is truly resonant with the truth I take and incorporate into a way of being in the world I don't subscribe to any one particular thing I'm not a Kabbalist I'm not a freemason in the sense that I you know identify with this as the only truth okay I'm not a Rosicrucian in that sense although I would consider myself all of those things I'm not what I would consult consider a traditionalist Christian although I think I embody the s hurric Christian way of being in the world okay I'm not a her Metis in that respect while I respect the philosophies of hermetic thought but there's no one of these things that is the ultimate truth it's about taking pieces from everything and assembling the big picture by being eclectic about the information we take into ourselves I want to make that real clear and hopefully that stops people from continuing to ask what is your belief system I don't have a belief system I'm a truth seeker I want to understand how the universe really functions that's it and you can't do that from studying one thing you have to study everything okay so with that having been said Bane says regarding the principle of cause and effect the principle of cause and effect states every cause has its effect every effect has its cause everything happens according to the law capital L meaning natural law chance is only a name for law not recognized there are many planes of causation but nothing escapes the law capital L natural law this law teaches us that nothing in the universe happens by chance everything has a specific cause what we call chance is only something where its causes remain unknown it is not possible that something should exist apart from and beyond the laws in other words beyond natural law as this force would be independent and superior to the universe applying the law of rhythm to the call law of cause and effect we could state that the magnitude of an effect is always equivalent to the importance of the cause which generated it think about that the magnitude of the effect in other words like an entire species falling into perpetual slavery perpetual meaning as long as that planet is going to be there barring some cosmic event that would come from some astronomical body like an asteroid or a comet or the Sun and I say that with deliberate dramatic pause okay barring that there could be eternal slavery for this species based on their ignorance of natural law okay the importance of the cause the knowledge of natural law or the subsequent ignore land refusal of it as we explained in discussing the principle of polarity there are two basic planes that of causes which is the superior plane and that of effects which is the lower or inferior plane and man in his daily life man in general he means here Homo sapiens is aware only of the latter or in other words the plane of effects that's why we're a species that is screaming at a movie screen sitting in our chair in the movie theater bang or our fists against the arms of the chair that were seated in screaming with our fists up in the air at the movie screen which is a projection humanity doesn't seem interested in getting up out of their chair walking to the back of the theater going into the projection room which is equivalent to going within oneself and changing one's own mind and changing the film that's being run through the projector and then a new movie would be shown that we might enjoy humanity doesn't seem interested in that they want to scream at the screen forever which is operating on the law on the plane of effects and it's never rising to the plane of causality finally Bane says we live in the world of effects and only the her medicine have has knowledge of the occult causes of events in other words the plane of causality now I would beg to differ that he says only the her medicines maybe one who has come in to hermetic knowledge but that can happen without considering oneself a hermit assist ascribing wholesale to the philosophy of Hermeticism Hermeticism can definitely help with that as can many other traditions but it is all about the knowledge of those planes of existence and that the one is always subordinate to the other meaning though the world of effects is always subordinate to the law of causal causes the world the plane of causality you have to get to the causal factors in order to solve a problem the end you're never going to solve a problem by perpetually looking at the results or the effects were the symptoms and again I said stated this on day one and told you that's what the entire show would be about trying to get people to that knowledge so let's take a couple of calls in this segment here we go let's go to the phones austin in wyoming you're live on what on earth is happening how are you well I'm doing great thank you for taking my call mark sure great show today I'm glad you read that little excerpt at Bali on regarding cause and effect if I might I may just add a little bit more to that sure this is an excerpt from the key to theosophy and it says karma is the law of cause and effect again karma is the ultimate law of the universe the source origins and fount of all other laws which exist through nature karma is the unerring law which adjusts affected to cause on a physical mental and spiritual planes of being as no cause remains without its dual effect the greatest to least from a cosmic disturbance down to the movement of your hand and as like produces like karma is that unseen and unknown law which adjusts wisely intelligently and equitably each effect to its cause tracing the ladder back to its producer and I think we can even tie that into another expert out of the high ball Leon stating that uh having trouble finding it says something along the lines of the wisdom is closed to those without ears to hear it let's remove all those lines I think that I think that the law of karma the law of cause and effect is always in a cosmic turn and if you're living within natural law rights you will have eyes to see where the universe is guiding you through cinco mysticism and through the turning wheel of karma whereas if you're living in you're living against the law of karma you will still be affected by it but he won't be what's happening to you as being effect that's right that's exactly right and that's why it's very difficult to wake people up in that modality of consciousness Austin absolutely brilliant points we've brought up thanks for all your contributions thank you for taking my call ah you got it some great calls today stick around last segment coming up on this edition of what on earth is happening [Music] we're back everyone this is the last segment for this edition of what on earth is happening I had originally planned to delve a little bit deeper into the breakdown of force versus violence here today on the show but know things unfold organically and I got into a further analysis of the essay by Aquinas on natural law and the commentary by Dave Lynn F on that essay and we had a couple really great callers so instead of trying to rush this information what I'm going to do is just touch on it a little bit and give the basics maybe the basic definitions and then we'll basically review that a little bit next week toward the beginning of the show and then we'll do maybe an entire show on this concept next week on the show so this is again what I said was one of the most controversial pieces of knowledge in natural law because we have been mind-controlled into a false definition of the word force and into a false understanding of which actions are violence and which are within our natural law rights because they are a defense against violence see the state wants to have us believe that they possess a monopoly on force on action basically that you can't really take any action in defense of yourself and your rights and your freedom yourself that that's all the state's responsibility that that's not an inherent right of man that you have to use their quote services and protections whether you want them or not okay they are actually not a monopoly on force but more over than anything else they pretty much have a monopoly on violence and if we understand the distinction between these things it becomes very very clear what I mean by that statement looking at image number eight on the website on what on earth is happening or with this podcast okay on the radio show page of what on earth is happening or with the pod posted with the podcast image number eight shows a chart of a breakdown and the distinguishment between the concepts of force and violence so let's give some basic definitions what is force and we're using this as a noun okay what is force what is this potential or capacity okay because that's ultimately what force is it's the ability to do something force is the capacity to do work or cause physical change in the world force is energy strength or active power it is the male principle the ability to act is what force is anything that we do in the world we do through this capacity all actions are force if you want to build something you need to exert force or the ability to do work in order to build something it's the use of will now whether the key thing to keep in mind here is whether it is in harmony with natural law or not so force can be abused and turned into violence okay so what is violence what is the definition of violence violence is the immoral use of physical power which is force we define force as active power or the capacity or ability the potential to do work okay having the capacity to do something violence on the other hand is the immoral use of that force to coerce compel or restrain it is using that capacity in a way that is in not that is not in compliance with natural law or the inherent rights of other beings so we have to understand there's a very very distinct difference between these two things and unfortunately this distinction has been completely blurred or even erased in the modern world force the capacity to do work to cause physical change it is the active power of a person the male principle the masculine principle is actually a better way of saying it has nothing to do with gender or sex it has to do with the internal active quality of a being violence on the other hand the immoral use of physical power employed to coerce against one's will to compel or to restrain and meaning restrain in the sense that you're stopping someone from from engaging or using their force in a capacity in which they are allowed to do it meaning in a natural law capacity in compliance with natural law restrain violent restraint is stopping somebody from doing something that they do have the right to do like assemble or speak etc so force is voluntary action and it is based in morality and natural law does not violate the fundamental natural law rights of other beings violence on the other hand is the initiation and use of coercive action against free will in other words which is not based in morality and natural law and the this is every word is specifically chosen here in these definitions ladies and gentlemen very specifically chosen violence is the initiation meaning it does matter who started it you know this is another nonsense thing in the world of statism you know anybody react anybody who actually decides to take physical action against the initiation of violence it doesn't matter who started it well no it does matter who started it that's all that matters that's all that matters is who started the immoral action if I'm walking out on the street and someone comes up to me and tries to rob me and punches me in the face I have every right through whatever amount of force I need to use to put down that attack because they began the immoral action they initiated coercive use of force that's what violence is you're doing something with something that you possess this capacity called force they you don't have a right to do so all that matters is whether you're right or wrong and all that matters is whether you started it this is these are concepts that are incredibly difficult for people who have been brainwashed into statism to accept to know that that is the truth that all that matters is whether it was initiated and the person initiating it did not have the right to take that action that's what violence is that's what violence always is and it's always wrong violence is never right force employed to counteract violence is within natural law rights and that's another hard pill to swallow for most people because they're under deep statist mind control what they're really under is the abdication of personal responsibility that's what they're really giving up their own responsibility to act in harmony with natural law we're going to do a whole show on this next week force versus violence and then the week after that we're going to do an entire show on the abdication of personal responsibility what responsibility really is and how the abdication of that capacity is what is creating the negative effects of the world in which we're living that's what's coming up on what on earth is happening so force it's it's actions which we actually always possess the right to take and this can include defending oneself against violent action while violence we never have the right to take because we never have the right to initiate coercive action against another person so long as they are not harming someone it's all about whether harm is involved whether the violation of another natural law of another's natural law rights is involved force never violates another's natural law rights while violence always does that's why it's called a violation it's based in violence we'll explore these ideas in depth on the next edition of what on earth is happening that's all the time we have for this edition folks we'll see you next week right here on Oracle broadcast and stick around Chris Everard is up next [Music]