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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Laughter] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host Mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening right here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio today is Sunday October 23rd 2011 the show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern that's 4 to 6 p.m. Central Time and it is all about the critical moment of choice that humanity is rapidly racing headlong toward and that moment of choice is definitely a moment of truth we have to make up our mind about which side of that equation we each as individuals are on so today on the show we're going to be doing something a little bit different it's going to be a an all call-in show once again I'm going to be taking calls on natural law because over the last many shows I haven't really had much time to get into taking calls because quite frankly I really wanted to focus on getting this all-important information on natural law out to the public in as unadulterated of a fashion as I possibly could so I definitely have neglected our callers over the last several shows probably for about the last nine shows actually I mean I took a few calls here and there when I could but again I wanted the information to be frontmost so today I'm gonna make up for that imbalance by doing an all call-in show and the topic for discussion is natural law anything that has been covered over the past nine weeks on natural law and its principles and its its manifestations in our world can be is fair game for discussion today so the calling number for the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again the call-in number eight six six eight four one one zero six five all show nothing but Collins and questions any questions that you may have anything that you may need clarified on the topic of natural law any scenarios that you want to pose last week I know we covered some rather controversial material actually the last couple of weeks on force versus violence and the distinct differences between those two things in our world I'd like to take some calls on that with any scenarios that people may want to present to ask about what is or is not within the boundaries of natural law so that's coming up on what on earth is happening I do have one quick event announcement next this Wednesday coming up Wednesday October 26th 2011 at 7:15 p.m. at media Bureau Studios 725 North 4th Street here in Philadelphia truth freedom prosperity presents its free monthly documentary screening and discussion night this month we are showing the film defense against the psychopath what is psychopathy what are the personality traits and behavioral characteristics of a psychopath and most importantly what are the best defensive strategies in dealing with psychopaths in our everyday world this Wednesday October 26th 7 p.m. at media Bureau studios here in Philadelphia we'll be right back folks [Music] I was born Oh shot killed in behind the girl I'll make my final stage [Music] and that's why we do everything that we do here on what on earth is happening so that the stand does not need to be made from behind a gun so it can be made through the force of truth and the power of truth that is why this show exists that is why I put this information out into the world nobody wants to see it come to anything like that if it must it must but we need to get this done through consciousness that's the only way that the effect will ever be lasting understand that ladies and gentlemen so again the topics for discussion I want to basically you know lay the framework for what we're going to do today because again usually I say in most shows I say and any topic is on the table it's no taboo topics talk about anything you want for the show today we are taking calls on natural law on anything that has been covered as part of the overarching solution to the problems in human consciousness dealing with natural law and its principles that is the topic for discussion and questions here today so you could call in and talk about the principles of natural law that we covered several weeks ago you could talk about natural law expressions or how natural law functions to bring us our experience in this three-dimensional domain okay you could talk about morality and the difference between right and wrong we covered the great essay by Aquinas and the commentary on that by David Lynn F on lucid streams you could talk about what our rights are and what they are not you can discuss apophysis the negative pathway to truth affirmation through negation okay you could talk about the non-violence or non-aggression principle you could talk about the transgressions against natural law what harmful actions actually are and try to get a better handle on that what our rights are not because these actions cause harm okay you could talk about the dynamic of force versus violence the understanding of the non transference of natural law rights that our rights are simply inherent and can't be transferred to other people oh they can be abdicated by us most certainly but you can't give a non-existent right a right that doesn't exist because it's based in violence to someone else and then give them moral license to go and conduct that activity and we can talk about what living in harmony with natural law leads to or with what living in opposition to natural law leads to any questions about natural law anything that you want me to clear up over what was covered over the last nine weeks any scenarios that you want to bring up or have questions about that's what's on the table for today so we are somewhat limiting the discussion please if you're going to call in keep it on topic where we're trying to be focused here about natural law because this is so important in helping to gain an understanding of what the real solutions what the real causal fundamental causal dynamics of the problem are and getting to the understanding of natural law is one of the fundamental solutions to that problem okay to our problems in consciousness so the calling number once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five eight six six eight four one one zero six five your calls the whole show coming up on what on earth is happening here today let's go to the phones right away we have a few callers in queue already here we go Tim in Virginia you are live on what on earth is happening what do you have for us today hey how you doing mark great to hear you first time caller big big fan though I always listen to you though you got you pulled it off yeah I had it wrote down when I wanted to talk about that show exactly two weeks ago the force and violence was a remarkable show I mean it was it's what you covered there everybody needs to go back and listen to that one and for sure that one that you did on is how that happens that function and so that's you know I what I was a force and violence is that is that you know America goes into like Libya wants to try to show force but all it actually did is displayed to the world is just nothing but violence and just look at what happened with you it's now that's right that's pretty much how they the elite have just turned everything upside down you know black is white kind of thing we don't want other work i we don't want to lead by moral example in this country and actually setting a good example for other countries to follow because our citizens and government really do understand the principles of natural law and attempt to embody them within ourselves you know if we really did that we wouldn't need these controls of government you know like people insist that we do we would be able to shake those chains off and live as natural law beings truly free and set that example for the rest of the world but instead we wage wars of imperialism which is all based in violence it's saying this is how we think everyone else should live and we're going to make people live that way under threat of harm or actual do physical harm to them to make them obey how we want them to live and that sets no example at all all that shows people is that you're the bully of the world and ultimately they're not going to want to really accept any of your philosophies whether they be true or not because they're going to see you as a total imperialist aggressor which is what this country really is and that's what our troops really need to understand that's the force that they're serving they're not serving the force of truth and goodness when they join up for the military in this country they're serving the force of violence they're serving the dynamic of violence now it's not not the force of violence at all it's it's the illusion that you can actually make any positive changes in consciousness come about through violence it can never be done that way yeah that's you just summed it up right there you just powered in about half hours worth of reading through a book on violence and fleurs in just a couple minutes there so yeah that's you got it right I mean that's what you do is cause problems but um yeah just that's what I wanted to bring up this is the force and violence thing that you that shows everybody they didn't listen to that one she'd go back and listen to it again and I appreciate that that is on podcast number 81 if people want to go back and check that information out Tim thanks so much for the call let's go on and go on to the next caller Richard in Washington State you're live on what on earth is happening welcome yeah thanks thanks for taking my call I wanted to call in last week or the week before which whichever the show was for force and violence yes and I was listening to Melody's show about Clint Richardson and corporation nation I don't know if you're familiar with I am the individual okay his kind of presentation was the the Constitution had really was just another legal document and had provisions in it to take away the rights of people I agree and I tried right well okay I tried to to present the the thing that what it was significant about was an acknowledged and documented the provision of natural law and gave the individuals under God's sovereignty and and so I you know since you agreed I'd like to just hear your fee sir well I think there are there is a dichotomy within the Constitution while it does attempt to set the people up as sovereigns and respect natural law principles in some regards in other sections and another enumeration of power in the enumeration of powers it actually subverts those principles it subverts those principles by doing something by granting powers to the government which no individual possesses and that's namely the power to tax the power to lay and collect taxes that's an important understanding within the Constitution that those areas which grant those powers okay are subversion of natural law principles no one no individual has that power so those powers can never actually be granted to any group of individuals calling themself a government we'll pick this up on the other side stay on the line with it's Richard you're listening to what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcast and we'll be right back [Music] we're back everyone this is what on earth is happening I'm your host Marc passio my website what on earth is happening calm if you go up there there are some images that go along with today's show they're basically images that we've already covered in the past but they form a nice summary of the natural law principles that we've covered over the last nine weeks here on this show so there's I believe 11 images up on the the radio show page if you go to what on earth is happening calm and you click the radio show tab you'll be taken to the show the page with the player right under the player it says images for today's show and you can take a look at those slides which are basically a review of the concepts we've covered again over the last several weeks on what on earth is happening we were on the line with Richard in Washington State and I was he was asking what might take was on the Constitution and how it what kind of a job it did either in enshrining natural law or in basically subverting it and setting up the pathway for this country to come in and subvert people's natural law rights and I said it does both actually which is why it is in my estimation and ambiguous document at best I think we did much much better in helping to convey natural law principles to people in the Declaration of Independence I think that's where we really should have stopped and I think that's where we need to get back to are those principles that were enshrined in 1776 which is why that is an extremely mystical date in this country's history and for many other reasons we talked about that when we looked at the gematria the occult numerology in the Great Seal of the United States and that symbology but my answer was basically that while it does set the people in this country up as a as sovereigns as people who are not subjects who are not slaves it then basically reverts to lower minded principles when it sets up a system of Taxation because if no one individual or any individual for that matter how the right to lane collect taxes on another individual that power that right can never that non-existent right okay that wrong I should say can never be granted or conferred to another group of people so I covered this on the slide that says no the law meaning no natural law not man's law that rights that dude quote unquote rights that do not exist for an individual cannot be granted or conferred by man's law to any other individual or to any group of individuals this is the non transference the non transferability of non existant rights okay so wrongs can never be granted to another person if something is wrong it is always wrong to do because it is always based in harm or fraud so it is always based on a natural law transgression and you can't do that natural law transgression there's only one instance that a natural law transgression is no longer a natural law transgression and that's when your physical being is being threatened or your rights are being threatened so someone else is coming at you with violence you have a right to defend your property or your rights with force in the physical domain if that is necessary to stop that attack from that that incoming attack of violence that's the only time when that is allowed to occur under natural law you reserve the rights to protect your body to protect your rights and to protect your property so let me go back to Richard and Washington State Richard does that answer your question and if so do you have any other raw questions or comments on natural law well you brought up taxation my understanding of the original document the original framework of the document was that there was no taxation it was all duties and levies on Commerce and it was until the corporate United States was created starting after Jackson and in 1871 and that's fragile an institution of a corporate government that the the product the aspect of taxation was brought in do you see a difference between the original framework that our founders guaranteed us and the the fraudulent presentation that the the corporate document started to bring in after it was was changed as significant or it's single it's significant in that there was a devolution there as well and it went further against natural law principles and in addition the 16th amendment also goes further against natural law principles even though the Supreme Court says that that didn't fundamentally change any of the powers of the government it is it is still the fundamental nature of taxation on its face prima facie is violence it is saying regardless of whether you're granting it to be done to a corporate entity or a cartel or anything on its face the action of taxation no matter who you're taking it from or who you're giving that money to or for what purpose it's for is based in violence it is saying you don't have free will in this matter you that's it I fully agree with that but that's my idea is that the original framework the the framers were trying to get away from taxation by the king and they created the individual sovereignty who could not be taxed it wasn't until that was overturned by like I said the the fraudulent presentation of a new government that that prospect was created right you're talking about the u dot s dot the United States corporation exactly right and when it's with that in mind are you familiar with American freedom a conversation in the all capital letters United States and you support the the information that was provided in that work well I understand about UCC and Admiralty law and I think it's all fraudulent it's all based on getting someone to identify with a smaller concept of who they really are and not really understanding their sovereignty and not understanding themselves higher s case higher capital s self not understanding who you really are what yourself truly is that's the way that they get you to capitulate to Authority in human form and basically identify again with yourself as something that you are not which namely in this instance is a corporate entity or something that is subjugated to the rules of another being so yeah I'm familiar with with all of that and I think it's all just needs to be rejected on its face as a complete deception and something that is done only because these people know the spiritual nature of this dimension and they know that they don't have any rights under natural law to do what they are doing so they have to trick someone into giving up their rights by getting them to identify with something that they are not exactly well that that's my understanding of the Constitution that it provided you know acknowledgment and documentation that made the individual sovereign under God and because of that we then had the status of kings or sovereigns and without that what is going to give us any ability to utilize our natural law rights within the context of the present civilization well how I would respond to that is that the Constitution didn't give us that sovereignty it may have stated that it was already present but the sovereignty is inherent the creator granted us our sovereignty not the Constitution so what we need to do is simply to understand that meaning stand under that principle and not be willing to abdicate the responsibility that comes with that understanding and that means standing up knowing first of all knowing what our rights truly are and what they are not and secondly being willing to stand up for those rights and defend them if they come under attack unfortunately the problem isn't in the language of the Constitution the problem is in the fact that that understanding was not accurately enough conveyed to the people at large in a wider sense that educational process was not done for the people that were here in this country during its founding and therefore that that depth of knowledge never really took full root and grew into a powerful force in this world specifically in this that's the main nature of the problem the failure in the in the education of the people at large on the principles of natural law the great great questions and great call Richard I want to thank you so much we're gonna be continuing with people's calls on natural law natural law principles the manifestations of natural law in our world and anything else that we've covered over the past nine weeks here on what on earth is happening on the other side of this break don't go anywhere folks you don't want to miss this one we'll be right back after these messages [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show all calls your calls on natural law and natural ball principles and any questions that you may have regarding what we've covered on natural law over the past several weeks here on what on earth is happening the Colwyn number for the show is eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five we do have a caller in queue so there's plenty of spaces for more people to call in feel free to call in and I'll get to your call as soon as possible call her that is in queue just hold on the line I'll get to you in a moment I just want to wrap up a couple of thoughts about the Constitution which was asked by Richard in the last segment and clarify some some more things on that and the aspect I want to talk about on that when it comes to natural law is language okay and how important language and the role of language plays in the the conference of the understanding of natural law see if you can't understand something deeply enough to write it down okay you certainly don't understand it deeply enough to speak it verbally and this is what this is what we lacked to to the extent that it was present in large quantities in society during the time of the founding of this country we needed more people who deeply understood these principles so much that they could speak it with clarity to other people and transfer that knowledge in a in a big way okay in a very powerful way to other living beings unfortunately the way I see it is that we did not have those numbers just like we don't have them today okay we have probably more people as far as flat numbers go I wouldn't say percentage-wise but yeah there's probably more living people alive in the world that understand these principles now than even did back then but percentage-wise I don't think it's changed very much and what what the founders attempted to do and I'm not saying this was a bad thing this was a good thing so I'm not attacking the Constitution as a whole I'm saying they attempted to enshrine this knowledge to the extent that they understood it in frozen language in written word now that's that's a step down in charge it's a step down in energy from living spoken language this is why the most powerful occult knowledge the traditions of high-level ocultism hidden knowledge that is the most powerful knowledge there is to know has always traditionally been handed down by word of mouth from lip to ear in the spoken living language of vibratory energy speech that is the way that the creator gifted us to be like the Creator okay through the power of the word again in the beginning was the word the first words spoken by the Creator in this allegorical story of the creation epic brought the universe into being through the force of vibration the power of vibratory energy by the phrase let there be light okay so this is very powerful and important to understand the power of the spoken word this is why I prefer to teach through speaking through radio and speaking and listening is the most powerful dynamic of teaching and listening it isn't reading is extremely important don't get me wrong I I'm on here harping on people on the power of books the importance of books and how that goes hand-in-hand with human freedom but you know once you have taken in knowledge through books it becomes your responsibility based on what you now know to speak it into existence the universe is spoken into existence this is how natural law is conferred this is how the understanding of natural law is conferred from one being to another this is how natural law is is taught from parent to child and from from master to teacher okay or I'm sorry teacher to student not master but you know what I mean from from someone who has a very deep grasp of it to someone who doesn't has an incomplete or a very little grasp of it okay so from a teacher to a student the power of the word cannot be underestimated so that's more important than writing anything down yet writing it down preserves it but it also kind of freezes it that's why you have to be so ultra specific about the language when you're speaking something you can flesh things out you can give examples you can hash out the fine details okay over a period of time writing something down is much more ambiguous because it leaves things open to different interpretations about what was actually being said versus being able to ask somebody something which is why I'm doing the show today to give people the opportunity to continue to ask questions and then clarify things so let's go back to the calls and continue that process here we go Dave in Montana you're live on what on earth is happening welcome greetings Mike thanks sure I think wanted in my observations I'd monitor problems of natural laws wanted a self-evident truth that you know is stated in the declaration that all men are created equal I guess in a PC world I would say all people are created each or and a lot of people in America don't believe that that's what I find but they go right to the the mental or the strength right well supportive that's right they don't go they don't go to the natural Lourdes yeah they don't even see that yes they go right to the physical stuff right away no we're not equal right no we're you know and and I'm saying no we are we are we're all entitled to certain think but then then they go right to the well the great equalizer was the forty five you know where this quote 45 I mean you have a great understanding of this and you have a great understanding of where people's understanding is failing they go to the Darwinian aspect of it that's where they want to think about the that all men are created equal and again this unions all humanity is created equal is what it means it means we're created equal in our rights it doesn't mean that inherent capabilities are equal in every human being it doesn't mean that qualities are necessarily completely equal in every human being or our talents are equal or our gifts or capabilities are equal it means that we all are equal under the natural law under our rights ok we're all equal in in morality we're all eating right then that's where we gotta separate the human from the animal because then they could then they go right to the world in the natural or the lion eats the little baby male lion right you know and they justify that to to take advantage of people or of lesser economic it's right the ID try to take it to the idea of survival of the fittest which even wasn't one of Darwin's tenets he believed in natural selection but this survival of the fittest fittest aspect actually comes from the pseudoscience of eugenics and you're making really great points here about the misunderstanding that the preconceived notions that people have of what that people it's their spiritual side or they don't think that there is a spiritual side they seem like they want to go to the animal right I think as humans we we have something special and we know that there is something more greater than than than this what's in front of us this is right this the greed system that were and we got and but they don't want it that's too simple for them it seems like and they would rather go ahead and try to rip each other's throats out over stupid stuff they've let me expand on that point about animal versus human what if it's a little bit more located than that what if the fact is that maybe people who come into incarnation on this planet aren't necessarily immediately born with what we consider a human soul what if what if were born with a rough animalistic type consciousness underneath and what the goal of life is is in raising that up to become human what if the goal was to to bear into existence a human soul to create it through what we learn and through the process of growth and evolution here to to kill yeah exact like the pottery the part you have to survive to kill right and the life is killed to kill I guess you know and a lot of people are cracking right now maybe hope that they could survive the fire maybe were born to create a human soul and that's the purpose for us here that then we don't automatically are handed that but that's something that we have to make for ourselves through the work that we do upon ourselves but while we're alive here so David phenomenal points phenomena think it's right it doesn't that one of the basics Creed of our nation that is being lost and they turn it into the dream of the American Dream which is like a house or a car but no the dream is that you hold certain truths to be self-evident that all men are created by their creator right that that is what our dream and our goals indeed should be in this country and throughout the world for that matter phenomenal thought thanks so much for probably you can take care and we'll continue with your calls on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening folks don't go anywhere we'll be right back after these messages [Music] welcome back of you under this is what heart attack my website what on earth is happening calm today on the show your calls you're making the show here today we're talking about natural law natural law principles what our rights are under natural law we could talk about the transgressions against natural law the violation of our natural law rights that are taking place we could talk about the dichotomy or dynamic of force versus violence we can talk about specific examples of natural law and what would fall under the boundaries of natural law or what would what would violate those are those principles we could talk about how this does this dynamic goes out into the world and creates the reality in which we live by the vast majority of the people either living in harmony with natural law or living in opposition to natural law so all of these things are on the table here today and you can call in with your questions or comments over the the topic of natural law that we've been covering over the past nine weeks here on what on earth is happening the calling number for the show eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five I want to say a little bit more about a living language actually this is like a topic that I think goes hand-in-hand with natural law I just recently watched a movie about a dystopian future imagine that where could anybody get such an idea of a horrible nightmarish future that might be coming our way I can't imagine myself but nonetheless yes there was a movie on a dystopian future it was called Zenith this movie I definitely recommend checking it out it was pretty bizarre and out there but I think it made a lot of important points about language okay about words and the power of words and had a pretty decent twist ending to it that I found it very interesting the movies Zenith okay is about a future where everyone in the future has genetically modified not to experience any negative emotions okay this is what we talk about all the time here that our emotions are our our guidance system this is the compass for our moral direction in life and if that is numbed out of existence we are a ship on waters without a navigational system not understanding where we're going or even where we've come from and that's what this movie is ultimately about what happens when you kill the goddess what happens when you kill true care what happens when you kill the ability to feel something deeply what happens in the movie without giving away too much of the plot is people become obsessed with attempting to experience pain they want to bring the experience of pain into their life by some means or another so drugs are sold on the black market that enable a negative experience within the body since these people have no capacity to feel anything negative anymore and people take drugs for the express purpose of feeling something bad and they pay top dollar to do that and the underlying theme in the movie of the main character is that he understand the importance of words and still has a tremendously large vocabulary and knows what all of these words mean but words in addition to emotions have also been largely sanitized from the human population in the distant future okay it's not too distant it's like middle of the 21st century actually so the the human vocabulary has shrunk to an alarmingly small level and people can't even communicate certain ideas anymore they have an extrude extraordinarily limited set of words that they can use to even communicate ideas to each other very very similar to the concept put forward in George Orwell's novel 1984 where new speak is limit limiting words year after year after year to make the language smaller and smaller so that ideas cannot even be communicated anymore that the state doesn't want able to be communicated so really powerful concepts in that movie about the power of language and that has everything to do with natural law ladies and gentlemen because if we can't communicate effectively these principles and ideas and concepts - and philosophies to other people it's very difficult for any sort of a real deep understanding or learning process to activate within another human being and within their their soul so to speak so language is extremely important and keeping the understanding of the power of words and language and again going down to their etymological roots and and meanings is so important when understanding how this world is controlled by people through words so with that having been said let's go back and take another call here we go Richard from Washington calling in with another question did you have another question or did I not disconnect this call yeah one last final question and this piggybacks on what the last caller the ideal points that keeps sure which were great points it seems like the ideal situation would be you form communities or as the biblical model churches of like-minded people that are practicing natural law but if you're an individual and not in such an ideal what is the individuals response is it the passive resistance of a Gandhi or is it meeting violence against you with with hopefully greater violence to repel that violence what is your take and I know this is just your own opinion on how you should respond and sure I would say you don't want to respond to violence with violence you could respond with force if your natural law rights are being oppressed with the necessary force to put down that act of aggression which is violence but uh you know violence is never right in any circumstances what I would say and I still have you on the line there's just a little bit of noise coming through on your line so I've just muted the call and I'll bring you back up to respond to any of this but I would say that yes passive resistance what you're not willing to do to support this immoral system is of utmost importance I always say that the negative is always actually more powerful than the positive what you what you can do by stopping doing things is much more powerful than what you could do by starting new things and I know a lot there's a lot of people out there that will take umbrage with that and will say oh that's not within the law of attraction that that's this new-age notion of that it always has to be something positive and that you can never state that something is morally wrong because you're drawing and attraction to that negative energy it's not the way the law of attraction works ladies and gentlemen this is a bastardization of the true law of attraction the true law of attraction as I talked about is really the the dynamics of how natural law functions in this world the natural law expressions that's why I subtitled that show the true law of attraction it's so important to understand the apophatic pathway to truth and freedom through the negation through understanding what the wrongs are and then de system from performing any of those tasks or functions that's how this satanic mindset is is is is flourishing that's how this satanic force in the world flourishes and grows and strength and power by continuing to have people who are willing to accept doing wrong things in the guise of right in the guise that they're that they're actually doing something that is right in the long term but yet in the moment they're actually doing things that are completely against natural law that are complete transgressions against other people's natural law rights the most powerful way that any individual can combat this dark New World Order's satanic totalitarian totalitarian system that is coming into our world in full swing is to desist from from fueling it from giving you any of their personal power or free will and that amounts to pulling back from anything that supports this negative and stopping taking any of the actions which hold this system up support it and allow it to continue to grow so that's how I would respond to that Richard your thoughts on that yeah then if that's the case I would assume you were supporting like groups such as Karen co-starred oh and secondarily donut as it seems to be somewhat corrupted are you talking about united we strike yes yes absolutely I I couldn't agree more it's about refusing to cooperate with this system exactly and so then how do you put the strike on wall street crowd do you think that's a step or do you think that's a totally corrupted version of those I personally think I personally think it's a corrupted version because I've gone down there to try to take in the dynamic myself and there's a very low consciousness regarding the role of government and there's low consciousness regarding the use of violence it is it seems like they want to trade one set of chains for another because they want to be the people in hold up the the gun they want it they want to have the gun in their hand so to speak as opposed to a being in someone else's hands and I know that's kind of a harsh way of looking at it but I'm just telling you what I've seen from my dynamic of being down there for over about 20 hours and talking to people on the street they don't understand the causal fundamental causal factors that's what they need to gain more knowledge of world's first and only [Music] [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening under host mark passio my website what on earth is happening dot-com today's Sunday October 23rd 2011 and the whole show is a call-in show today on natural law natural law principles natural law expressions and dynamics and anything else that you want to talk about regarding natural law morality the non-aggression principle human rights and anything that goes hand-in-hand with those things as far as the dynamic of human freedom is concerned before last break we were talking with Richard in Washington State and he was asking a question about the Occupy Wall Street protests and what my take was on that and you know I really did approach this with an open mind and tried to ascertain whether this was a well guided grassroots concerned protest and yes it may have started out as that but I see a lot of co-opting taking place I see a lot of people with political agendas inserting their influence and their force as far as it goes within this movement I see these unions coming in who have very little understanding of the dynamic the causal underlying dynamic and consciousness I see a lot of people who advocate the aggression principle there and I what I mean by that is setting up the apparatus of government of the state as the nanny system in order to take from the rich and give to the poor in order to protect our natural law rights which is the fundamental flaw that started this problem to begin with that that those rights cannot be transferred or conferred to another living person they have to be reserved all rights reserved is what the concept we need to understand that I don't have to Kate any of my fundamental natural law rights to another living being whether it is the rights that I actively have a right to do or to protect Oh by using whatever force may be required to protect those rights and that means I don't give those rights over to government in order to say this is now my fundamental father figure and protector because I fear the chaos that might happen if that daddy figure were not there and this is what the people who are members of this movement I have to say almost universally okay they believe in this principle of handing over natural law rights to a subset of human beings and giving them that power over violence giving them violence putting violence into their hands they're just upset that those reigns are in the hands of other people and not them they want to take those reigns and what that would be doing societally is just trading one set of chains for another set of change it would not be moving toward more freedom no matter whose hand the government is in if it's pointed at the head of the people the people are always enslaved we need to understand that that that principle that violence it's not a principle it's an ideology that ideology of violence is what needs to be laid down you know these people are talking taxation again which is fundamentally violence is what we talked about in the force versus violence show fundamental violence is what taxation ultimately is based upon and until we're willing to let go of that concept that no one has that right and that right can't be given to any group of people no matter who thinks it's a good idea okay we're never really going to be free I want to again draw people's attention I believe it was show number 80 or 79 or 80 I'm not quite sure you can go and check the podcast archive I posted a PDF document of the true political spectrum okay and this is a graph that shows the political spectrum as a function of consciousness this is where the fake political spectrum that is taught in school and is taught in different sociology classes and different politics classes is is as fundamentally is fundamentally flawed they have this flat line graph goes from left to right and it ignores consciousness in the place doesn't plot the graph of government against anything it just draws a flat line and that's not exactly true we need to understand that that these forms of government need to be plotted against consciousness level pay and I'll post this image that I came up with with this podcast as well institution at the back of your hand [Music] welcome back this is what on earth is happening here on Oracle broadcasting I apologize in the last segment I ran through the break a little bit I wasn't paying attention to the clock that was the short segment it kind of got me there I gotta be more wary of that but before that break caught me off I was talking about the political spectrum graph that I have come up with and posted to the site that I I'm trying to get people to understand the type of government that we have is a direct correlation to the type of consciousness that is reigning in the people as a whole it's that simple as consciousness is low government becomes total as consciousness rises up okay and goes to higher levels of awareness there is more freedom this is a fundamental truth this is a fundamental law of nature this is how natural law works this graph really needs to be looked at in conjunction with natural law which is why posted it at this time in the show and it is podcast 80 but I'm going to post it with this podcast as well 82 I'll repost that PDF document it's really well worth everyone checking out because again this is the dynamic that is left out of the political spectrum when other people try to convey it or or communicate this spectrum of government to other people they're leaving out something fundamental that it isn't about left centrist and right it's about it's about total government versus freedom and that relationship to consciousness that's what the political spectrum is actually about and of course consciousness is always left out of the equation when it comes to politics and a mainstream quote/unquote education and science so with that having been said let's move on and take a couple of new calls here we go Selene and Washington you're live on what on earth is happening how are you hello mark hey Harry yes I can good I've been listening to you the last several weeks I really like a show I listen to it at work thank you and prefetching so you've come with a pdfs end of all evil and the stellar man i like those two now agree I work that I'm in a pretty precarious scenario that would probably be worth you analyzing and getting your feedback I work in at the prison tower i watch a yard and i have deadly force capabilities and you know there's a fine line that I walk and I'm trying to find out what your take is on stopping violence that's happening to other people you know interviewing on balance between other people right what is your take on that well I'm not a fan of any prison systems at all I've said on the show in the past something that people would consider extraordinarily extremist okay my take on the prison system what I think should be done with all prisoners is that they should be immediately released from their prison cages the door should be open they should be immediately released and they should be allowed to flood right back into the communities that they came out of where they grew up in because that's what created these individuals the conditions of the community in which they were not raised okay led to them becoming hardened criminals and the crime developing the criminal mindset and that is the responsibility of all of those communities and I know that's harsh and I know people will say well there's not that much education in certain communities and that's why this happens yeah that is why this happens that's the problem what needs to happen is there needs to be more and more and more suffering brought into those communities until they recognize they cannot ignore natural law they cannot ignore education you can never be free and ignorant simultaneously that condition does not exist the only way to freedom is through the education of the self is through wanting knowledge considering knowledge important considering truth important you went back into the communities where these people grew up and you handed people a piece of paper and said write on that piece of paper the three things that you value the most in human life and it could be anything I will guarantee you ladies and gentlemen guaranteed without knowing any of those people I don't need to know them personally I will guarantee you the word truth will not be found on one of those pieces of paper it will not be found and that is the dynamic that is causing that's the causal relationship to why people like that exist in our communities and then what we want to do is abdicate our responsibility to learn ourselves and then to teach our young ourselves through an act of our own will okay and our own persistence to truly raise our young in consciousness and in conscience we want to abdicate that responsibility okay to another subset of people to say well you take care of that for us and if this person grows up to be a monster or an animal then you come in and clean up our neighborhood and you clean up our situation you take them away from this area and you put them into into isolated cages that is completely away from where we're at and there's a matter of fact we don't want that here by the way we don't even want that in our backyard by the way let's get it as far away from us as possible we just ignore that this imbalance that created this dynamic to begin with doesn't even exist let's just pretend it doesn't even exist then what we'll do is we'll create a huge black Hall of funding that we constantly pour our effort and resources in to pay all the people that it takes to keep this prison industrial complex running and this big black hole machine keeps eating all of our resources and we keep hiring more and more people to fund this big black hole and putting more and more resources into it that we could be putting into our communities to properly morally educate our young that's the dynamic that's at work you're so you're totally right mark you're totally on to it and I've you know I've been taking a beating from you listening to your show the last you know several weeks but you know I really I'm trying to integrate this you know I'm trying to you know I believe that you're I'm the person that you're trying to convey information to I'm so I'm trying to integrate this integrate natural law and you know I'm trying to integrate these principles into what I do and my co-workers do and I don't world a group that isn't easily penetrated like you've wrapped about you know they're the people that are hang out with each other and you're right you know so no let me say this it's it's it's not a personal thing it's not a personal vendetta it's simply tough love that's what it is this is not put out there in any way of hatred or derision it is put out there because I am trying to help people to understand the causal dynamics of what's going on in their world so that they can make the decision to change themselves and only in doing that will this dynamic ever be changed for the better that's why I do also so that you know don't take it as I'm beating up on you take it as just a tough love lesson it's simply I have understood these dynamics and have studied them for my life this is all I've really done you know for since I was really old enough to read believe it or not okay it took me a long time I rejected it believe me I rejected it sir much more than you probably ever did if you understood what I was like when I was young you would not have even wanted to start a conversation with me how much into eugenics I was how much into totalitarian forms of government I was how much into the dark occult how deep down Marcus and hates that I went to see that that hindsight that that hindsight is often 20/20 sometimes the people who have reached the depths of darkness really have the ability to turn around and ascend to the greatest Heights because without that darkness and hindsight they can never really have come to that that the height of knowledge that they have arrived at either so it's a blessing more shafting radio network [Music] okay close go back this is what on earth is happening on mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm what a great show this has been so far we've had some phenomenal callers and we have a caller in from Washington call are you still with us yet they're great I wanted to address your question about you know that you're out there and you are armed and you have the the authorized or sanctioned use of deadly force at your disposal with the people that you're you are charged to guard so one of the fundamental questions that I think needs to be asked in this dynamic is number one what is Right Livelihood to begin with this is a Buddhist concept but it's a concept that applies very much with natural law we need to understand that if we do accept that natural law exists okay and it does exist but it's a matter of whether we have made that recognition and acceptance in our own consciousness as to its existence and as to whether the most important dynamic that we could ever possibly do good through do good work through is the understanding of natural law the living in harmony with it and the attempt to convey that information to other people to help them to understand how these laws of nature work around us to bring us the effects that we witness and must experience in our life so with that knowledge comes the question what then becomes a proper way of earning one's daily bread and that is a question that only an individual can ask to themselves and they have to be able to answer it honestly to themselves part of the first hermetic acts of initiation okay when you're going into a deep order of with with vows of initiation to transform one's consciousness okay and this has been since time immemorial since these mystery traditions and schools had existed one of the very very very first tenets and the first trials they actually kind of refer to them as is one must no longer lie to oneself that is the first tenet of initiatory Trent our traditions the the D system in telling oneself what one wants to hear what the self the the lowercase s self wants to hear what the ego wants to hear to justify the actions that it is currently engaged in and that is the whole that is the process of introspection that needs to be done to determine Right Livelihood so that's how I would respond to that the fundamental question that needs to be asked is is what you are being asked to do equivalent or worth the taking of another human beings life okay now okay maybe they are violent individuals maybe they have performed violent beads maybe some of them have not performed violent deeds the state puts all kinds of people into cages people who have not done violent deeds in their lives who may not want to be there okay so that's this is another dynamic that needs to be taken into account so it's a very complex question and the only person that can answer that is you precarious scenario how about you know someone's escaping you know they haven't committed violence but they're you know they're they may go commit violence do you know whether there's a maybe they've never committed violence see they could write in that situation and never have committed violence you know there's voluntary transactions that lead you into a jail cell in the modern day that are arbitrary rules that are arbitrary regulations imposed by statist s-- that you know look back in the 1920s alcohol was illegal you know if you would have bought or sold alcohol back then it could have landed you in a cage and if you tried to escape you might have been shot now today you could drink alcohol liberally and it's not illegal so the same very act neither act involved violence but one would have landed you in a cage and possibly gotten you killed trying to get out of that cage so yeah we have to understand how arbitrary man's law is and how non arbitrary natural law is see that's the dichotomy that's the difference that needs to be appreciated and deeply understood that's why next week on the show all show I'm gonna be talking about is the difference between man's law and natural law why man has created his law thinking that he's allowed to write down laws at all to make laws this is the creator's domain this isn't man's right to write down laws we only believe that this is our right to do this okay it's all based in fundamental mind control all right and most of all it's based in people wanting to abdicate their free will and their responsibility to other people to protect them no one else protects me no one with a gun protects me no one with a badge protects me no one who writes any laws down protects me no judge protects me no jury protects me no government protects me only the adherence to natural law principles ever creates any protection for me in my life ever ever and this is true since the dawn of civilization to the end of the universe this is true but it's it there's so much built-up conditioning that has led us into the acceptance of all these fundamentally flawed axioms and has and has made us attach to them to think that there eternally necessary so you know and I I have to try not to be so harsh and judgmental against other people for falling into those traps because it's a powerful form of mind control and repetition that gets that engrained into the consciousness I bought it myself I I am no I'm not immune to this I was not immune to this I am now but I was at one point not immune to this I fell for it all of it too I fell for it in a way that's that's not even arguably that's definitively much worse than the ways many people fall for fall for it and I come on the air and readily and openly admit that to people out in the open because I was just as as fundamentally flawed in my beliefs as people are in their now in hindsight when I when I look at it I can't say I was never there I was there yeah that's okay hey I you know I was totally immersed in you know the darkness and now this man-made hell before I knew anything about natural law and now in the last year I've come to you know the realizations of the nature of you know circumstances and you know it's really I'm living on two different levels here and it's it's tough I'm walking the line still and I could totally just throw it all and and go and and totally revamp everything but I think I'm I'm doing alert from within well I'm gonna I'm gonna want to leave you with this and you know maybe maybe you'll take this as I'm you know throwing another punch I hope you won't take it that way but here's what I'm gonna leave you with check out the allegorical movie they live if you haven't already seen it it's one of the best subscription Telugus well watch it again okay watch the part specifically where the two heroes so to speak in the movie Piper who plays the role of nada and the the african-american gentleman I can't remember his name in the movie but watch them talking about this society in which they live okay two scenes one were there in the construction lot like when they're eating lunch and Piper's talking to the the african-american guy and saying you know well I want to know what was going on there and he tells him leave it alone don't get involved in anything else he's like I don't get involved in stuff that's none of my business because I'm always walking the line I'm always careful to be on that center line not too far to one extreme or another and Piper responds the character that Piper plays responds by saying the white line is in the middle of the road that's the worst place to be driving okay what he means by that is when a condition of imbalance and a condition of injustice has already been created in our world we cannot choose the place of walking the line or not taking a polarity not polarizing our self to either aside of the extreme level of injustice or the extreme level of truth and combating that injustice this is what Jesus in the New Testament meant when he said that he thinks that the people in the best places are the the very cold and the very hot but the lukewarm are the Damned that's what he meant when he said that it's it's basic natural law principles that when an extreme form of imbalance has been created in our environment the the best place to be is at a place of extreme polarization to pray do [Music] okay folks were back this is what on earth is happening I got cut off by that last break again I apologize for that once again but we have this great call going on with a prison guard in Washington who was asking the question about whether you know in the the line of his duties for his job you know he would have the right to exert deadly force and I said you know we need to understand that we have to ask ourself the question what is Right Livelihood to begin with and should our actions be used to do this is that really causing any fundamental good in society at the really at the level of causality because that's the thing we can continue to try to put bandages on self-inflicted wounds the wound is being created by not enough understanding within ourselves of natural law and moral principles and not conveying that through the educational process our educational process our quote-unquote educational processes leaving out those principles all together and not teaching them at all okay so I'd like to read a small quote in the stellar man the book the stellar men it says according to the Kabbalah on the undesirable okay the undesirable element is slain by changing its polarity illness and death can only be converted to help health by changing its polarity through the power of the mind which polarizes at the extreme opposite of what it is trying to overcome okay logically it is only possible to transmute opposites of the same thing as it would not be possible in any way to transmute a pair into a peach but it would be possible to transform a green pear into a ripe pear what he means by this is when there is a condition of imbalance only through rising okay through to law capital L through natural law to a place of polarization do we rise ourselves up enough to overcome that imbalance if we stay within the imbalance that's staying in the middle the point it's not where the pendulum swing is swing is act okay it's not a point of polarity okay the point of polarity would be one extreme or the other and again this is reflected in the New Testament by the idea that the cold and the hot are in the places where they need to be but the lukewarm is the worst place to be okay another quote in the stellar man is about how this dynamic works in the realm of cause and effect which we've talked about over the last few weeks he says the lower world of effects is the physical plane this is where we're trying to solve the problem at and what I'm asking in this to answer this question is is that where you're most effective in solving this problem it doesn't matter that you're doing this for your day'll your weekly paycheck or whatever okay there are other methods of earning a living to get money to eat or to put money on you know to put food on your family's table what I'm asking is the only reason we should ever be doing anything is because we think we're doing good as a result of doing that thing you know too many people justify what they're doing by saying I only am doing this because I'm getting paid and I need money to live that's not a reason for doing anything the nazis said that that's why they were doing what they were doing it's just my job this is how I survive that's not good enough ever it's never a good enough answer for anybody whether they're in a job that is not doing any level of harm or any physical violence to anybody or not we should be doing things because we want to do them because we recognize that it's doing something good for people so he says the lower world of effects is the physical plane the superior world of causes is the plane of the emanation of life the her medicine in order to accomplish a process of transmutation meaning true change into a higher form rises to the world of his superior eye and he means the higher self the concept that I call the higher self and polar eye as himself through his mind in the pole opposite to the vibration he wishes to destroy or eliminate think about that you polarize yourself through your mind through your understanding through knowledge okay and toward the pole to the vibration okay that opposite to the pole of the vibration that you wish to eliminate so if you wish to eliminate the dichotomy of violence and the dichotomy of ignorance which leads to the conditions of people doing these tasks that land them in prison these these actions that land them in a prison so you need to rise in the mind to the opposite polarity and polarize yourself there to a place of of true intelligence holistic intelligence higher level knowledge of causal dynamics of causality okay and in the polarization toward those truths and that knowledge that's where we can do the most good we can never do the most good by being one of the people who provides the bandages for the self-inflicted wounds and I'll leave that call it that because I think I've said enough on it and I don't want to hammer too much I want to leave food for thought and let the gentleman make his own decision because ultimately no one can ever make that decision for us it's ultimately hours and only hours I know I know what I have chosen and I can only put the word out there I can't make anyone change so let's move on to a couple more callers here we go all right private caller you're live on what on earth is happening how are you and what do you have for us today caller are you there I am I on yes you are your life my honor you are can you hear me oh yes I can hear you three okay hi mark its ray hey sorry how are you ladies and gentlemen sorry Thomas one of the organizers of the free your mind conference that did a lot of great work organizing for the conference and actually acted as a ticket taker at the door so everyone has this young lady to thank for helping to put on one of the best conferences ever on the East Coast sir a welcome to the show thanks mark I love your show I do listen till I have to catch up during podcast and everything because sometimes I'm not home on Sundays my mom actually had a question with like natural law and the whole Occupy Wall Street type thing sure like um so in order for people the government to get people to go along with the program as you were saying they have to convince them that or trick them out of their natural law right into following taxation and everything like that yes and what I had read about the Occupy Wall Street thing was that it's basically Illuminati funded like they had George Soros up there as one of the funders and a couple of other people and also what was really interesting is the fact that people were like Obama where your army like some of the younger people in a crowd were protesting we're saying this trend it's like wait a minute now the government and everything is the reason why we're in this mess and especially with Obama he eats these Burzynski's Protege I agree and it's like I was just wondering what you thought of the whole thing in because I think the whole thing that sat upon he made people up there like won't some Brooklyn Bridge up in New York and the whole gathering out in the street trap them interrupted a lot of people are talking about this and this does come down to the dynamic of natural law and and polarity and uh and balance etc because what I feel this is ultimately leading to is a huge polarization effect but not for the good it's a polarization effect for aha galleon dynamic okay the Hegelian dialectic 'el response this is the Republican right wing the response to the Republican right wing Tea Party dynamic that was co-opted by the Republican Party this is being co-opted by the left-wing liberalist mindset and the socialist mindset that is out there that is very prevalent in the Democratic Party and there to make this they're trying to coop this Occupy Wall Street thing into making it their tea party so to speak okay some people have even gone so far as to say that the Tea Party has become like the mainstream Republicans once were and they're really the kind of a ruling dynamic in the Republican wing and that's what they want to make the Occupy Wall Street dynamic as in the Democratic wing and it's quite possible that that's what's happening as for who's funding it I can't say specifically there has been names thrown about and possibly Soros is one of them I don't know that I have that definitive knowledge about that but it's certainly possible because there's a lot of money being spent to keep these people where they're at and that doesn't just happen you know and not was certainly without him attending attending daily jobs and taking money in in order to keep those resources flowing so it's being funded by someone certainly it's something that is beyond a grassroots thing I think it may have began as a grassroots thing but things like that that have numbers to them get quickly co-opted and steered in a particular direction the dynamic that I've been trying to address regarding this always comes back to natural law and the non-aggression principle they can't be advocating the same forms of violence that the government that got us into this mess I've been in acting okay that's what they're doing they seem again to want to take the gun out of the hands of the government to put it in their own hands the other thing that you can never create real change with only two out of the three dynamics necessary for change without without knowledge it doesn't matter how much you care or how much you're willing to act the result is ultimately doomed to failure because you don't have broad and depth enough field of knowledge to really understand the causal dynamics at work and that's all about how natural law functions in our world you know sir a substitution like the Beth [Music] welcome back everyone last segment today for what on earth is happening and it's been a great show we've had a lot of phenomenal callers we are still on the line with sarey from Philadelphia who was one of the organizers of the free remind conference we were talking about Occupy Wall Street I was saying that you know without adequate depth and breadth of knowledge of the causal fundamental dynamics that have led us into this situation any effort no matter how much care may be behind it or no matter how much will to act may be present is always going to be able to be led astray or misguided sarey what do you think about that well I mean I think that's absolutely true because like a lot of people up there didn't seem to be doing a research on the government who's causing all this stuff they're looking at Wall Street well why is it called Occupy Wall Street why not occupy the damn White House he's my friend or the Federal Reserve and then from what I was hearing like Obama is planning on shutting down the banks anyway like they're saying if I take all your money out of Bank of America that's going like down under because everybody's doing what he wants cuz he's playing on be regulating the banks and making it just pure government control so yeah the the federalization of all of those institutions is definitely something I think they have had planned for a long time anyway I agree that government is the main crux of the problem but that problem lies in consciousness and this is a word that no one's really talking about there I mean they're talking about the redistribution of wealth and resources through through violence you know it's the non-aggression principle isn't really being discussed there consciousness is something you very rarely even hear being spoken down there and I was out there for two whole days and I think I talked with a lot of people and tried to get as widespread of a of a feel for the vibe down there for the vibrational energy that is present there and I I you know I'm not trying to be overtly nasty or harsh I'm just trying to Acula accurately portray to people what I in his in his realistic of a way as I can convey it in words and what I see is people that do not have enough fundamental knowledge of the causal factors and the causal factors lie in consciousness and lie in the dynamic of understanding natural law or not understanding it and what I would say you have there are people who much more so then then do do not understand natural law the very the overwhelming majority of people there have no concept of how natural law functions and as such they can have no concept of how what the true dynamic that led us into this situation is I say it's like the movie The Matrix the second part of the allegory is the most powerful then the second movie Matrix Reloaded people should go back and watch that one you know I know I'm bringing up yet another movie allegory but these are powerful allegories it's not about a science fiction movie it's about what's being said through the science fiction to try to inject it into the mass consciousness of people who don't read books anymore but go out to Holly watch Hollywood movies and what's being said in that middle scene in that they're all important scene in the middle of the second Matrix movie when the heroes are looking for the key-maker you know the dynamic that unlocks all of the locks on their prison cell doors to get out of the matrix of control they that key maker is being held hostage by the Merovingian he represents the ancient bloodlines that control the ancient knowledge of the occult that's who the Merovingian represents in the movie it's it's a representation okay that character and what he tells these three quote-unquote heroes in the movie is that they have come without the quite the answer to the question why they don't know why they're there meaning they don't know the fundamental causal dynamics to what led them into that situation in which they are embedded right now and because they have come to him without any power without why he says they come to them with him without any power see they have come without causality come trying to address the world of effects not rising up to the plane of causality and addressing the problem from there and in doing so in coming without why they have come without power so he says that he sees no reason why he should relinquish the dynamic relinquish the real power to them relinquish the key-maker to them which represents the algorithm that will actually unlock other people's minds ok so he sees no reason he should relinquish his power and I'm in full agreement with that these the people who are in the real ruling positions of power are never going to relinquish their control to people who are only recognizing the symptoms at the level of the world of effects it never works like that there is no power there there is no power there because there is no recognition of causality there until we rise up to a higher level of consciousness and address the problem at the level of causality we are powerless very very very powerful allegory in the second Matrix movie so the right sir I want to thank you for your call thanks for your support of the show and the work that you do and you have a great one I'm gonna move on and take one more caller here today on this all call and social so sir 8 sorry thank you very much Inc mark you got it you have a good one take care ok ok here we go let's take one more call before we go out for for this edition let's go to Mike in New York Mike in New York welcome your live on what on earth is happening hello Mike are you there hi muck DME hey Mike there you are great look yes I hear you no thanks take my call great show I was giving you a I want to talk about how you guys really brought it up at the end on what I was trying to get in and talk about is we're so you know once we sort of figure out that something's going on you know first thing we do is we try and get you know information that's the first word the second and then we realized we come to a conclusion that we all this information has brought us to a point that we realized that we need now wisdom and that we're lacking this so once we once we come do more work maybe read more do more internal work we come to a reflective point where we realize that this is a ongoing thing and that natural law really inhabits what the major problem is on this planet and that if if really you know over 50% of this planet figures out you know there would be there would be no question you know it would be taught in school it would be it would be as you know as natural as what goes up must come down it's wrong with gravity and once we approach you know everybody approaches the problem with a different solution so some we find out work some some we find out what worked better than others but really what I would I what I see is that polarity on this planet where everybody is trying to go a million different ways where you know it's almost like some are most are banging their head against the wall so I'm really trying to make change some are some are really good at it but I feel that you know as as far apart as we are dividing there's going to be something that you know what goes eventually goes so far apart must come back together and unify and you know and vice versa so I really feel that there's something out there that's really gonna you know drive home the point where we become unified or if we don't we fall into journey I absolutely agree and that's a great analysis of what the dynamic here really is and what needs to happen because if we could get a majority of people to understand the dynamics of natural law and how they really work to bring us our experiences and how we're creating that dynamic through our choices and our actions it would be game over in a very word order of time this is why its knowledge is the most occulted this is why it's the most held back from people and why it isn't it is not going to be discussed or brought out there by the people in the positions of power who want to maintain that earthly temporal power that's why we need to do this work to bring this information out to as wide of an audience as it is possible to do that's why I'm doing what I'm doing and that's why so many other people are doing the work that they're doing and we have to not only continue that but we need to expand and get more people involved in that work and constantly be building on this work of spreading this light of truth out into the world absolutely one one other thing I want to mention is we need to really deeply deeply understand the concept that until we get to the level of consciousness that we understand that if one other individual is suffering okay if there is suffering or inequality or injustice happening to any one individual it is happening to everyone that's why you're only as strong as our weakest exactly that that is the dynamic that we need to integrate our own thoughts our own emotions and our own actions through the process that you mentioned of bringing together information into understanding and then converting it into wisdom by acting in the right way Mike phenomenal call all our God casting radio network