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freedom man that's what it's all about [Music] [Music] welcome you are listening - what on earth is happening this show will discuss the topics of human consciousness mind control natural law the occult and all issues that affect the freedom of the people of Earth what on earth is happening will endeavor to shine light upon the darkness of our world and to offer empowering solutions to the problems we face as humanity approaches it's critical moment of choice and now here is your host mark Pascoe [Music] welcome one and all you're listening to what on earth is happening here on the Oracle broadcasting radio network I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm the networks website of course Oracle broadcasting calm today is Sunday October 30th 2011 this show is live every Sunday from 5 to 7 p.m. Eastern Time and we have a great show lined up here for you today that is going to meet the absolutely information-packed ok it's going to be very ambitious we have a lot to cover with that aim in mind I'd like to suggest that everyone go up to what on earth is happening calm and take a look on the radio show page if you're listening buy podcast it will be podcast number 83 this is the 83rd what on earth is happening show but you will see underneath the player on the radio show or posted with the podcast images for the show as links as numbered links okay and these links will bring up images that show you visually some of the concepts and ideas that we're going to be talking about here on the show today today's show is going to be all about the the difference the dichotomy between natural law which is something that we've been covering over the last like ten weeks here on the show and man's law how these two things completely contrast with each other and absolutely actually have very little to do with each other and for new listeners I'm going to suggest that this isn't a topic that you want to introduce yourself to this show or to my work through because if you don't have the prerequisite information meaning all of the 82 previous podcasts that I've done the to the 82 previous shows this information may sound shocking or extreme without that prerequisite knowledge again prerequisite just means fired beforehand so this show is built upon earlier knowledge that I have laid out in the previous shows so if you're new to the show my recommendation as always is to start at the beginning and go back to podcast number one it's all archived on my site what on earth is happening calm on the podcast section and begin from there I also have a couple of quick announcements not about events today but about things going on with myself in this radio show I was recently interviewed this is just posted to the news section of the website by Chris geo and Sharia of Truth frequency radio another show here on Oracle broadcasting you can now hear that interview it's posted to my new section it's also posted the truth frequency radio calm so did a great show with them about a week and a half ago and that is now available and I also did a show on down the rabbit hole with Popeye of federal Jack calm and that interview is now available that interview is really taking off and hitting a lot of other places including we are change.org it was just posted to the home page if we are change we'll be right back after these messages folks don't go anywhere [Music] welcome back folks this is what on earth is happening I'm your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm before the break I was talking about some interviews I had recently done on some other radio shows truth frequency that's posted to the news section as well as a new interview I did with Popeye of federal jáchym on his show down the rabbit hole and that I as I said just was posted to we are change.org it's actually right up on the homepage of we are changed we are changes main site so I was happy to see that and hopefully people will get the information and do further research on their own as a result a couple other good good announcements that I have for four people this Wednesday November 2nd I'm going to be interviewed by Bob Tuscan on the Bob Tuscan show right here on Oracle broadcasting Bob's a good friend does a great show puts out a lot of great information it's always a pleasure to go on his show live so this Wednesday in the middle of the week November 2nd I'll be on the Bob Tuscon show and a really great announcement I'm extremely excited to be able to make this announcement on the air this week in as a wrap up for our discussion of natural law and that's you know assuming that I get through the material that I want to get through today but as like a crescendo to all of this I'm going to be bringing on a very special guest next week just confirmed with me to be on on the November 6th edition of what on earth is happening to talk about natural law Larkin rose one of the speakers from the free remind conference and one of my influences because his information completely overlaps with mine everyone can learn a whole lot from Larkin and the information that he puts forward he's also a great writer has put out some many books and be talking with him about that as well so you could check out Larkins website at Larkin rose dot-com to get familiar with him in his material and you can listen to a full to our interview with Larkin Rose right here next week on what on earth is happening so that being said I say let's jump right into the material again the images I'm going to be talking about are posted to what on earth is happening on the radio show if your list radio show page if you're listening live today or with the podcast which would be number 83 so here we go today's show is about the difference between natural law and man's law now over the past ten weeks or so all we've been talking about is natural law as the ultimate solution as what we need to deeply understand if we are going to make any evolutionary progress forward as a species and get out of the mess that we are in right now in consciousness okay we need to understand the workings of nature and how we are creating the experiences that we must experience through our thoughts our emotions and our actions and our own free will choices between the two basic polarities that are in this universe which is the force of love and the force of fear love expands consciousness and opens us up to understanding and fear shuts consciousness down and makes us ignore exist in a state of ignorance of natural law so you can go back to all the previous shows on natural law and get caught up with that material to understand that natural law is ultimately the one main solution the hidden knowledge that which has been occulted from human eyes for so long that we need to have a firm grasp on that we need to know how it works how it operates and then we need to live in harmony with it if we're going to prosper or have any level of prosperity as far as the human species is concerned in the conditions that we live in if we do not wish to experience self-imposed suffering which is what we're going through right now the force that stands in complete antithesis and opposition to the understanding and harmonization with natural law and its principles is man's law the laws of man are set up in direct contravention to the understanding of natural law and I'll explain that as we go forward the first thing we need to have a firm grasp on is what are the differences between law meaning natural law or law with a capital L and man's law lowercase L the imposter - natural law that the control systems of this planet want us to accept and believe in as the same thing in place of the real thing okay obfuscation as we talked about in the past as the first method of mind control so looking at slide number one I'm just stating that it is important to know the difference between natural law which I put in all capital letters all uppercase tell people to understand this is the critical and real thing that needs to be understood versus man's law which I deliberately placed there in all lowercase letters tell people to understand that this is the impostor this is the thing that they're trying to put in place of the real thing on slide number two I'm building a basic chart here to help people to understand the differences between natural law and man's law natural law as we have seen over the past many weeks and throughout this radio show is based upon principles first things that's what principles means we looked at the principles that natural law was based upon okay we called it the principles of natural law the governing principles the foundational principles there were seven of them and we went through them on a past show you can get that in the podcast archive okay principles are things which are foundational this is what we have to build upon and the foundation has to be true it has to be firm it has to be strong it has to be based in truth that's what a principle ultimately is something that is based in truth that if you build upon that foundation can do no harm in the future as you build upon that firm solid true foundation that's what a principle is okay man's law on the other hand is not grounded or based in principles it is grounded and based in something called Dogma Dogma is unchallenged belief in something that someone has been told is true this is why we have religious dogma okay a religion tells somebody this is the way that it is that this is true and then expects people who adhere to that religion to unquestioningly accept and comply to that tenet of that religion that's what Dogma is is unchallenged unquestioned belief in something that has been told not something that someone knows the direct experience of a thing but through secondhand information that has been communicated to them often for an ulterior motive we'll pick this up on the other side of the break you're listening to what on earth is happening you're on Oracle broadcasting don't go anywhere we'll be right back [Music] okay everyone we're back on what on earth is happening I'm going to jump right back into the information the difference between natural law and man's law which is the main discussion point for today's show a little bit later we're going to be getting into the difference between true responsibility and the abdication of responsibility and how this totally connects in with our free will to bring a positive future into manifestation for humanity or to ultimately have humanity keep going down this path that will inevitably lead to nothing but more and more suffering and finally Humanity's extinction in one form or another so we looked at law natural law capital L law as being based in principles true things fundamental axioms that are not just beliefs but are actually based in truth and knowledge that can do no harm because they are true simply the way things actually are which we've again talked about over the past ten weeks or so man's law on the other hand is based in Dogma or unchallenged belief not necessarily knowledge or truth but just a belief system now you can believe in things that are also happen to be true but if your approach is belief not determining whether something is actually the case or not if you just readily accept something as true and believe it that's basically dogmatic that means that you are willing to go along with what someone else feels to be true you didn't actually check into it for yourself you see the true harmonization with natural law is not about accepting anything it's about discovery as we've said that's what it's all about in the first section that I talked about natural law it is about discovery of something that exists the only reason people think it's about acceptance is because they're so stuck in these dogmatic ways of thinking that want to tell you that it isn't about natural law or that maybe even natural law doesn't exist and that dogmatic system has to be rejected so that natural law can be accepted but it doesn't matter whether we accept natural law or not again as I've said many times it is always working it is always in effect regardless of whether it is accepted or not it is about discovering its principles and then harmonizing with those principles and the harmonization with it is often about unlearning what we think we know from it is about freeing our minds from dogmatic belief systems that are keeping us from the recognition from the discovery from the understanding of natural law and therefore the solution can never be implemented natural law is always voluntarily harmonized with voluntarily harmonized with by way of knowledge and understanding I'll say that one more time natural law is always voluntarily harmonized with by way of knowledge and understanding that is the way we come to living in harmony with natural law we have to make a discovery that is based in truth through that we acquire knowledge and then understanding is the acceptance of that knowledge and and knowing how it all fits together and works understanding would be about truly recognizing the way the expressions of natural law worked which we talked about in past weeks the real law of attraction the real law of cause and effect or karmic principles when we understand that that's how we come into harmony with natural law it's a process of acquiring knowledge converting knowledge into understanding then ultimately acting upon that knowledge and on standing and that's what wisdom actually is so that's how we harmonized with natural law man's law on the other on the other hand is not harmonized with see it's since it is based in violence since it is based on coercion okay it is only in voluntarily complied with people only do ever come into compliance with the laws of men because they fear the consequences of not doing so so it is complied with only due to fear of punishment one of the lowest levels of consciousness that one can ever operate at fear of punishment is based in fear the force that shuts consciousness down it shuts understanding down you can never grasp how natural law works if you're in fear and that's what man's law is there to do to obfuscate the understanding of natural law by keeping people in fear of the punishment that will result if we don't comply with the laws of men which as we've already talked about may or may not be in compliance with natural law principles and we're going to talk about what that means for natural law coming up on this show what that means for man's law excuse me if man's law can is just arbitrary and could be just dictated by the people in control at any given time it's temporarily based it's based in moral relativism as we've talked about and sometimes it complies with natural law harmonizes with natural law and other times it does not what does that mean for man's law it's gonna be a big part of what we talk about here today the third aspect of natural law that we need to understand is is that as we've said in part one on our discussions of natural law it is immutable meaning that cannot be changed that's what immutable means mu T mu ta means to change so immutable means unchangeable it exists for as long as the universe exists because natural laws are self-existing man did not place them into creation the universe itself creation itself placed them into existence and if you're comfortable using the word God you go right ahead and use that word I have no problem with the word God put these natural laws here I have no problem with that at all some people have a problem with that concept and you know want to think there is no higher power than man well good luck with that but the point here is a higher power put the laws of nature into effect you want to look at it as nature itself I call it the underlying intelligence that is responsible for all matter whether you want to call that god that's your choice but it is the inherent underlying intelligence to all things the prime mover if you will the force that exists and holds everything together and in movement the giver of movement and measure as it was called in the ancient meso american systems it's been called a million different things but that means that man didn't put it there and therefore man is not in the power to change natural law we're not going to erase natural laws presence from creation that's not within our power to do so so this force of natural law will exist for as long as the universe exists these principles are inherent to creation and again that is something that basically either people recognize through discovery and accept on their own or they struggle forever against them against that knowledge they don't want it to be true because they think that means it makes them a prisoner in this domain and as we've talked about that is the ocultist view of natural law that's why they want to reign in what they see as a prison not a construct in which anything is possible and anything we want to be creating a veritable paradise if only we understand natural law and harmonize with it we'll pick this up on the other side don't go anywhere this is what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone on earth is happening our co-host podcast today on the show we're talking about the difference between natural law and the laws of man we're looking at image number 2 on the section of 30 slides that I've posted with the radio show for today on what on earth is happening calm on the radio show page or if you're listening to the podcast these images will be posted with the podcast so slide number 2 this chart that breaks down the differences the major differences between natural law and man's law we were at the bottom row where we were talking about that natural law is immutable and exist for as long as the universe exists and it is about our discovery of those principles and then putting them into operation in our lives that actually keeps us from experiencing self inflicted suffering law on the other hand meaning man's law lowercase L law changes on the whim of legislators okay and we'll get into what that means if something can change dependent on time pehle as an example alcohol was illegal in the 1920s and it's legal today okay on place okay there are certain things you can do in England that you can't do in Iraq there are certain things that you can do in the Netherlands that you can't do in America so how could this possibly be how could this be the case if law is supposed to be based upon a system of morals about determining right from wrong the difference between right and wrong which was another whole show where we talked about the difference what the actual definition be and differences between right and wrong is if man's law can waver so wildly when it comes to what is right or wrong depending on time and place and other variables the preferences and the likes or dislikes of the legislators who are making it up again I'm using that term very deliberately making it up then how could it possibly based in a in a truth in any form of truth truth is unwavering it exists it is not subject to the whims of an interpreter an arbiter it's what is okay it doesn't make a difference whether we like it or don't like it and that's what natural law is based in now if man's law is not based in truth and it is based only on the whims of the legislators then it cannot be a true reflection of morality it cannot be a true reflection of any sort of moral understanding of the true understanding of the difference between right and wrong therefore it must be based in moral relativism must this is only this only logically follows because if it was not based in moral relativism all the laws of the world would be exactly the same everywhere now that necessarily might mean that they might all be incorrect and based on not non truths but the point here being is if you have certain things that are able to be done in certain places with no repercussions no consequences and in other places they would get you thrown into a cage their keys these arbitrary dictates cannot possibly be based in truths because truth is not open to interpretation truth is eternal it is based in the laws of nature and vice versa the laws of nature are based in truth knowing that the laws of man must be based in some form of moral relativism we talked about the dynamic that moral relativism leads to and moral relativism only ever leads to more chaos in society and for those who didn't hear those shows you want to go back and listen to the shows I did about the on liberty essay by Aquinas and the breakdown of the concepts that were contained in there which so eloquently helped people get to the understanding that if a society bases itself in any form of moral relativism it can never create true good or true order or anything that resembles true freedom it is not possible so this is the big differences these are the big differences between natural law and man's law and why man's law is so dangerous it's not the thing that's creating any kind of good or order true order or any protection for us in society as a matter of fact when you understand what it's there to do it is there to eternally attempt to keep us away from the true recognition and understanding of natural law and its principles that's why it's so sinister man's law is one of the most sinister forces on the earth because it comes in the semblance of good in the guise of good again obfuscation go back and listen to that section in the previous podcast the first technique of mind control we covered evil never comes showing you its teeth showing you its horns okay it always comes showing you a beautiful ornate lovely presence and lovely figure saying this this is what you really want this is going to get you to where you really want to go and it always takes you in exactly the other direction from that it has to come in the guise of good disguised as good evils never gonna walk up sidle right on up to you and tell you I'm evil come down this path because you'll tell it to get lost but if it comes and says I'll show you everything that you've ever wanted and everything that you want to make happen and give you that capability and this is all going to create real true or then of course you'll follow it see people would say well then how do you know that's not what this is all about trying to take people down the path of evil they'll always make that argument and that's where discernment comes into play that's where doing the homework your self comes into play that's where it's not about dogmatic belief I told people from day one the worst thing you could ever do is believe me you need to understand this for yourself and the more savvy among us would recognize in that middle row there on this chart when I talked about harmonization with natural law okay this is all about the process of how to know anything and how that has been occulted as much as natural law has been occulted by the dark Oh cultists and dominators of this world because anybody that's even the slightest bit savvy that heard the words that I used knowledge understanding and then ultimately putting those into practice which is wisdom will recognize those as the three steps of the Trivium which is what we're going to talk about next on what on earth is happening because this is the process for how do we get to the true understanding of anything how do we acquire real knowledge how do we get to truth so that we can then put it into practice and as a result truly do good truly do no harm truly create order it isn't about believing in those things or just thinking that oh we can do it this way it's about knowing how that process works and you can't truly ultimately have any knowledge and know that it's not going to do any kind of harm in how you're using it how you're putting it into practice without a process in place that shows you this is actually how you come to the awareness that this is based in truth that this is based in principle and that when you put this into practice it can do no harm and that process was something that people were taught in the ancient world and it's been removed we're gonna talk about that a lot about what that process is that's coming up next again as I've said on what on earth is happening we'll have people who have studied this in depth hopefully we'll bring them on and interview them again I'm bringing on Larkin rose next week because I feel this is one of the gentlemen that has one of the most profound and firm grasps on natural law than anyone I've ever heard talk about this topic there are many others too but he's local to my area I've seen him speak personally many times and read one of his books and I just think he has a very firm handle on this so you know that was the first person whose name popped into my head to interview on this topic so maybe we'll bring people on like Yan Irvin to talk about the Trivium when we get into that deeply or Bob husk and I know has done a lot of work with the Trivium like to bring him on the show as well so we'll have some people who have delved into this process and know how it works and know how it's been occulted which is the most that's one of the most important things to understand more than that know why it has been occult 'add okay so in the next three slides you could just look at they correspond to the three rows that natural laws based in principle and not dogma it is harmonized with not complied with due to fear and it is immutable or unchanging not subject to the whims of people in the next three slides we'll be right back don't go anywhere [Music] all right everyone we're back this is what on earth is happening the topic for discussion today is natural law versus man's law we went over the chart about the differences between these two things that was slide number two on the radio show page were posted with the podcast images three four and five as I said before the break are illustrations of these concepts three shows Gandhi and then a stack of law books and a judges gavel okay which illustrate the difference between principles a man of principle who was attempting to put the truth into practice in life which is what this life is actually all about versus Dogma which is all about just the acceptance of what somebody else has told you is the way things are and going along to get along slide four shows the difference between true harmonization with knowledge harmonization with natural law through knowledge and understanding and again I'm going to talk about the word knowledge a little bit more because this concept when it comes to natural law and when it comes to the understanding of the difference between natural law and man is all about knowledge and there would be solid cysts out there who will say nothing can truly be known that will always be brought up when it comes to this when I talked about the Trivium process you know that will always elicit this notion that the truth cannot actually really be known and we cannot know what the laws of nature actually are then somehow the universe is an eternal torture device that were placed into it we can never actually not actually know how it operates and functions and this is bunk bunk there is such a thing as knowledge it exists and it is knowable the end that's the truth because the biggest lie is just that the knowledge cannot be known now I'm not I've never said we're going to come to know the totality of the mind of God that's not what I'm talking about when I talk about knowledge I'm talking about how effects come into being through causality that is what I'm talking about when it comes to knowledge and how things work how things are manifested how the interaction between cause and effect works in the real world I'm not talking about getting into the mind of God and how the universe was actually created and why it exists etc so forth yeah maybe there are some things we will never get to a full understanding of but natural law can be understood we have to understand what natural law is again it is the method through which we create the experiences that we must undergo that's what natural law actually is how it expresses in our life can be understood can be harmonized with but you know what it's called work it's called doing work to get to that understanding it doesn't just magically pop on in our brains there is work required and a process of internal transformation required to get to that understanding an oh yes it can be known so this image on the left here is the is an image that represents knowledge true understanding and then harmonizing with those natural laws to put them into effect and that's called wisdom that's what the image on the left and slide 4 represents slide 4 on the right hand side represents the person in a perpetual state of fear this is what the image and mind of going against the laws of man is all about I'm worried that I'll end up here I'm worried I'll end up in a cage I'm fearful to going back to knowledge for a moment to understand the difference between these two states of mind is that the being on a lot is going to do the right thing regardless of what happens in the physical domain he's going to do it because he knows not because he thinks or believes or imagines because he knows definitively that it is right I'm raising my voice deliberately because sometimes these things have to be hammered into people hammered in because there's so under mind control and so reluctant and I'm not saying that raising my voice will do that but I'm doing it for effect this is the way that it actually is and if you want to say you don't know every single in and out of it will guess what not one person does know the totality of it that's not what it's about you know what it's about it's about understanding it well enough to put it into practice such that you do no harm in the world there is such a thing there is such a concept you should look into I like how Terence Mckenna actually worded this in some of his lectures and presentations he said there is such a concept called true enough true enough that if you get bogged down in trying to understand every single solitary little tiny tiny minutia of something you lose sight of the forest for the trees you're studying the vein in the leaf and you're not understanding the connection of that wonderful tree to the forest around it to the living planet that made it possible and to life itself you're not seeing the totality of the picture the big picture by getting focused down in my new show and talking about nothing but conceptual ideas and never bringing that knowledge down to the ground to work with it here on the earth in the plane of manifestation understanding how things manifest on the plane of effects through the knowledge of how causal factors work and that knowledge is knowable ladies and gentlemen it is knowable so slide number five shows the difference between eternal truth and something that is inherent to creation the man did not make but man can come to understand can come to know and put into practice in his life through a connection with that oneness through a connection with that divinity within himself through a connection with the all spirit and again the word all spirit is natural net tear all the word itself contains the concept everything comes from that spirit or divine source and if we make a one-to-one connection with that we can come to understand how that totality operates enough that we can do no harm in the world and create true order in our lives the right hand side of this image shows the arbitrary dictates of a Dominator / controller the think sees God thinks that he has authority over other people and their their Dominator mindset and dictates is what creates the moral relativism that is inherent in man's law system so moving on to what does this actually mean well we know what natural law is about slide 6 reiterates two very important concept if we are to know unambiguously well natural law is and what how it affects things in our lives one is that a living being must be hard or defrauded you know for a violation of natural law rights to have it in place must be a living being not an artificial entity Treves entity a construct that exists in the mind an actual flesh and bone living being must be harmed in order for a violation of natural law rights to have been to have occurred therefore if there is no harm against another living being and there is no proof of harm no natural law violation has taken place and this is the another difference between man's law and natural law there must be an actual victim or a person a being who has been harmed in order for a natural law violation to have taken place and for anybody to be able to do anything to that being who's being accused of that harm man's law on the other hand can lock people up who have never actually harmed another living being you could be thrown into a cage because you did something that has no victim but that the state claims that's not moral to do and it's only a claim and then people believe in that claim and act upon it because of the quote semblance of good they're being told this is the right thing to do told and then they accept them and that's called dogma and the word Dogma is also very telling because again the people that they get to follow their arbitrary dictates and lock people up in cages these are called is called they're dogs we'll pick this up is what on earth is happening [Music] welcome back everyone this is what on earth is happening on your host mark passio my website what on earth is happening calm we're into the second hour so I want to give the call-in number I'm not gonna make any promises but I'm gonna try to get to the phones in the later part of the show once again a lot of material to cover here today but if there's time time allows we will get to a couple of calls so the calling number eight six six eight four one one zero six five once again eight six six eight four one one zero six five be patient I will attempt to get to some calls in the last couple of segments so going back to the slides on the radio show page what well we were looking at the two concepts that need to be kept in mind about natural law that in order for a natural law violation to have taken place a living being must be harmed or defrauded a flesh-and-blood living being the second concept here is that rights to that do not exist for any individual can never be granted by man's law to any other individual or to any group of individuals so wrongs are not transferable nobody can give somebody the right to do a wrong is what's being said here so I can't take what somebody else earns I can't give that right to any body of people to any other individual or to any body of people no one can be given a moral wrong and say you're allowed to exercise this moral wrong that doesn't exist I don't care if they if they want it to happen or not it is still immoral even if you agree I'm giving you this right that doesn't make it right I'm allowing you to do this wrong that never converts the wrong into a right even if everybody agreed see this is this whole concept what if people actually agree with and want this condition that doesn't make right you're still abdicating personal responsibility to know who the truth and live within natural laws parameters which is what we're going to be talking about what is responsibility and what is the abdication of responsibility that's totally connected with these notions so what does all of this mean for man's law what when it comes down to it if we truly deeply understand natural law and make it our goal to harmonize with it well what does that mean for the laws of man all of these written scribbles and law books throughout the world what does this all mean the chart in image number 8 sets forward what it really ultimately means and again there will be many people who will be upset with this think that this is also extreme because they don't have a wide enough view they don't have a high enough view in consciousness they haven't taken in the totality of the picture of the big picture when it comes to what's really going on here on earth and how natural law is continuously being eroded and obfuscated by these quote laws put into place by man so the table here this chart set up very simply puts forward an if-then statement if it is true that man's law is in harmony with nature's law let's say man writes down the law okay and that's totally in harmony with natural law meaning it it does no harm it is based in moral principles and truth well then it follows that it logically follows that it is a redundancy it is stating what is already pre-existing and self-evident or what I should say should be self-evident now in the modern day natural law is certainly not self-evident to the majority of the ignorant people in this world we need to make it self-evident by continuously speaking it and putting it out there for people it follows then that man's law is therefore unnecessary because it is a redundancy it states what is already pre-existing and self-evident we'll get back into this chart on the other side you're listening to what on earth is happening don't go anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay we're back this is what on earth is happening [Music] we're looking at slide number eight which shows the an if-then statement about what it means what man's law ultimately means in light of natural law so if we understand that man's law is in harmony with natural law it is simply a redundancy or stating what is already pre-existing not made by man and self-evident like gravity man doesn't have the power to change the law of gravity being in operation it's a natural law we are bound by it we might invent some form of technology to temporarily counter the effect but that doesn't mean that the law isn't still there okay that force is still present even if a technology can temporarily allow us to countermand it for a time okay so gravity is self-evident in on the earth something that is thrown up is going to come down period you let go of something it falls down toward the center of mass of the earth that does not fall up it's self-evident you don't really need to continuously state that gravity is in operation for people to know if you drop a glass release a glass out of your hand it's gonna fall to the ground and break that's self-evident unless somebody is like you know slow or something meaning mentally truly mentally challenged or retarded then they're not really going to get it and that's how I often think of this race of beings called humanity they're really broken in some form or another because of their reluctance to see that natural law is in effect it governs human behavior they're powerless to change it all they need to do is accept the law of one and understand that as one suffers all suffer the Golden Rule do unto others as you would have done to you period the end it's that simple and yet people will challenge that from now until the end of time because they think they're God they think they know better than God they think they're going to counter man the laws of the creator and get away with it they think they are the arbiters of truth and that's what a solid system Utley is an arbiter of truth Oh No I'll make the determination as to whether anything is pre-existing in the world other than my likes or preferences or dictates see that's what man wants to do that's what this is all ultimately about ladies and gentlemen if you haven't gotten that yet that man thinks he is going to be God and he's going to get to determine what natural law is and what if it exists or not and he's going to do whatever he wants to do the lowercase W will you're gonna counter man forever the capital W will of creation itself that's why we're in a prison that's why this is a prison planet that's what we're here to learn we're not God we're not going to counteract the laws of creation just because we don't like them being in effect and that's exactly what the dark occult this mindset is so if that's how you think you are in the same mindset of the occultists who actually are your owners and again you can go back to that Carlos Castaneda quote where he talks about the predator the predatory system where the the truest the greatest trick of the dominators of the Predators of this planet was to give us their way of thinking I've read that on the show in the past you know and part of what I want people to understand is that it doesn't matter what we currently think about these things what's going on in our mind has nothing to do with whether natural laws in creation is in effect or not we have to recognize that ultimately ultimately yes we have free will but the free will decision is only whether we are going to come to the realize that we are living in a holistic system that is based upon law capital L and whether we are going to harmonize with those principles by which this entire creation operates if we're not going to do that we're gonna suffer eternally eternally eternally okay and this is exactly how Buckminster Fuller put it he said we're living in a Dark Ages prison that has no steel bars chains or locks instead it is locked by misorientation and built upon misinformation caught up in a plethora of conditioned reflexes and driven by the human ego both warden and prisoner attempt meagerly to compete with God or our intractably skeptical of what they do not understand we are powerfully imprisoned in these dark ages simply by the terms in which we have been conditioned to think it is all about mind control we need to break that program that's the solution so going back to this chart which many people who are under mind control will refuse to understand and take into themselves and understand that it's true if natural law is in harm if man's law is in harmony with natural law it is redundant and therefore unnecessary it is there is no reason to state what is already pre-existing and self-evident but again the problem is it's not self-evident we need to make it self-evident it needs to become common sense which is conscience con sense conscience con science knowledge together knowing together is what common sense means okay knowing together not believing not thinking knowing if man's law is in opposition to natural law it follows that it is both false and immoral that's what natural law is it's based in truth and morale good so if it's in opposition if man's law is written down and it is in opposition to natural law it follows immediately it is not true it is false and it is not good it is immoral so if it's based in violence if you set down anything that is taking freewill away from somebody else what they may let's look at the example putting the substance into your body that someone has deemed off-limits for humans consumption and experimentation with that's somebody else saying I own your body I own your mind because if you want to experiment with consciousness no that's not okay this is a law based in violence saying you're taking a voluntary action that you're not coercing anybody else into doing this you're voluntarily doing it and I'll tell and you know you may not do it or I'm going to physically harm you or put you away in a box someplace unless you agree to stop continuing to do it you have a right to put what you want into your body right it's not a privilege it's a right that's self existing that needs to be understood that right needs to be understood and it needs to be known that it is totally self-evident that this right exists anybody that doesn't understand that you are the owner of your body and you can make the argument all you want the God owns everything I get all of that hey I'm talking about while you're in incarnation you are the steward of the vehicle that you call your body you have a right to put you one into it what you want into that body as long as you're not harming anyone by doing that Act so this is what a law that is false and immoral is and if it's based in those conditions no one can be bound by it we'll finish this part up on the other side of this break you're listening to what on earth is happening [Music] [Music] okay we're back this is what on earth is happening jumping right back into the material for today we were talking about what if man's law is in opposition to natural law that completely can't contravenes morality well then it is both false and immoral and therefore it cannot be binding upon anyone no one can force somebody to go along with something that they know to be false and immoral that itself is against natural law so in light of this information that whether man's law is in harmony with natural law or it is not in harmony with natural law one way or another it ends up being unnecessary and ultimately irrelevant as I've written on slide number nine man's law has nothing to do with anything that's truly really going on only natural law does we need to come to the knowledge and understanding of natural law that's the ultimate solution this is why this is part one of my solutions section this whole past ten weeks or so without this understanding humanity is done period that's it that's what we have to learn that's part of the lesson we don't understand what natural law is how it operates and how we can harmonize with it the species is done understand that know it know it okay so why do we have all of these conceptions of man's law as being something that are actually good and that can lead to order that can lead to the elimination of suffering when we know through the deep comprehension and understanding of natural law that it can never do any of those things that only the understand a chiral law can lead to anything that is good orderly or beneficial to humanity well the main reason that we still believe in all of these things is something called government which is on slide number 10 it is derived from the Latin verb the word government the meaning is contained in the word itself and people that say oh you can't judge what a word means today by its derivation through its etymology you don't understand the power of words and I'll just leave it at that that this is how all the forms of control are put into place verbally through words words are vibratory energy and they have power inherently the creator is said to have spoken the universe into creation through the power of the word in the beginning was the word and this concept is at the beginning of all creation epochs not just in biblical creation epic it's about vibratory energy that where everything is made of therefore that sound is going out reaching somewhere being processed by their brain and then becoming part of their mind if they take it into themselves truly so what is spoken we have a responsibility when we speak to attempt as much as when it is within our capability to verify that that information we are speaking is the truth put it out there so that it can do no harm to help to enlighten people and help them to understand that natural law exists and harmonization with it is of the utmost importance if we're going to evolve as a species so the word government literally means mind control it is derived from the Latin verb governo and the infinitive form of governo is govern RA to control and the Latin noun men mentis which is the end part of it meant men's mentis means mind so literally the word government means to control the mind it is mind control so people who know what I talk about would think well then you don't believe there should be any government and that's true but it's also false I believe there must be government but not externally imposed government imposed through coercion and violence there needs to be internal government meaning one must learn to control one's own mind and harmonize with the principles of natural law I M my own government I control my own mind therefore I am a monarchy and no one else owns me or rules me I am sovereign I know how to control my own mind I know how to control my own actions I am the steward of those things while I am in this body I am the owner of those things no one else owns my mind and that cannot be said for every other person because the because of what people believe and are willing to act on it literally means that someone else is in control of their mind they are they are living a program a program distance that has been programmed into them and you know what the perfect form of programming is the perfect programming that someone will never get out of if this is how perfectly they've been possessed they've been owned by someone else is the bull if they believe that there is no such thing as truth and there is no way to actually know the truth that is salep season go back to show number one when I talk about this and know that is the perfectly programmed mind that's what it is that's where they want you and that's satanic one of the satanic sins as we talked about is salep season for them for these this elite controlling psychopathic class they don't want they don't believe in Sol abscissa may know there's a truth they know natural law exists believe me they know it I worked with these people and they know natural law exists they're just raging against it and trying to get other people not to understand it to the extent that they can enslave themselves and they can be Kings within a prison system what they consider a prison system they can be the rulers better to rule in Hell than serve in heaven is their motto that's why they don't want natural law understood and that's why they continue to attempt to externally control other people's mind all of the minions of governments are under mind control they don't own themselves they don't own who they are they don't own their own thoughts they have accepted dogmatic belief system which has turned them into a dog a lap dog for these psychopathic controllers to do their bidding in their will against the will of creation I know I'm hammered hard today folks but there's very little time left and it's not an illusion that we have an infinite that we don't have an infinite amount of time to get this done to get this transformation and consciousness achieved that's not an illusion we are very limited a very limited amount of time left to accomplish that if we're going to accomplish it if not this system is going to clean its plate clean its plate that's what nature's gonna do it only tolerates this level of complete rejection of truth for so long and then the destroyer arrives in some form or another always and that will continue to happen eternally until people get out of this program the mindset but it's your choice it's all about freewill which is what we're going to talk about next responsibility and the responsibility to exercise one's free will choices versus the decision to abdicate those free will choices to other people and say you represent my best interest here do this do this work for me because they're too ignorant apathetic and lazy to do the work for themselves because they don't want to do the work to acquire real knowledge and to seek truth and to change themselves in an internal process of transformation they want no part of that the bulk of humanity and without that process taking place you're going to eternally suffer eternally something you'll be right back to get deeper into responsibility on the other side looking for a tall green okay we're back talking about responsibility versus application slide number 11 I introduced this and how we see responsibility is as the foundational basis for the understanding of natural law wanting to know because we want to be better we want to learn we want to grow we want to improve we want to evolve evolution is driven through desire to evolve ultimately we are going to again be wiped clean if we decide collectively we don't want to evolve it's a choice if we say no we don't want to evolve then destruction ultimately results chaos and destruction and death result and then we're given another chance to do it right and that process keeps going and going and going and going until we finally say yes to creation and we say no to the dark force of opposition the thing that - shut consciousness down and prevent the evolution of any species which is fear I mean I mean this is so simple it's like to have to say it over and over and over and over but that's what it's all about as we'll see it's all about speech it's all about the power of words ladies and gentlemen all about the power of words responsibility whenever we as a people hand over our natural law right to use force to create change okay to another individual group or entity again force not being violence being the ability to create change to create anything really force is required a force is required okay whenever we hand that out away because we don't want to take that responsibility we don't want to do that work we don't want to learn that information or that process undergo that process whenever we hand it away to any other individual group or entity we have abdicated our own personal responsibility and responsibility is the foundational basis for the discovery and understanding of natural law so natural law cannot be grasped it cannot be discovered it cannot be understood if we abdicate personal responsibility which means if we do not reserve all of our rights keep all of our rights with us say no I am NOT handing over a right and giving it to you and saying you can use that right in my name no I'm not going to do that if if we decide yes I'm going to do that I'm gonna advocate this right you can have it I don't need it I don't want to use it I don't want that responsibility that's abdication now let's look for a moment at the word abdication and I think things will become clear AB is a Latin prefix which means away from or negation the negation of not okay and the second part of it is AB dict abdicate D I see this comes from Victo dict RA and that means to speak so to abdicate is to stop speaking it is to go away from speaking it is to not speak think about it we're talking about the power of words as I've been getting into over the last couple of weeks actually this was a prominent theme last week because this is completely connected with nature's laws these are the laws of vibratory energy the laws of the word when we decide we are not going to use our voice to speak what we have discovered to be true or not do that work at all such that we can't speak on what's true or not that is the abdication of personal responsibility and that responsibility means quite literally in the word the ability to respond to any given situation that happens to come up on our personal journey of growth meaning our evolutionary progression if we do not speak these truths into creation we lose our ability to respond because we have abdicated it we have given it up we have thrown it away we have cast it aside so ultimately through that process of personal of abdication of personal responsibility we are enslaving ourselves and responsibility does not mean I can make enough money to buy this or have this or or take care of this other person that's not what your responsibility is real responsibility is having the desire to seek and come to know the truth the laws of nature and the difference between true difference between right and wrong that's what responsibility is here and that's what that's what responsibility is ladies and gentlemen that's what we're here to learn and the universe will keep just wiping this place out and giving us another chance in small pockets to get it right it's happened many many many times already because we keep refusing and saying no we don't want that responsibility well guess what nature's law isn't allowing us the chance to refuse learning what responsibility is all about you have to take it your that's the in that sense that's where you don't really have free will your free will decision is only in how long are you going to refuse it for and continue to suffer or will you finally accept this learn and grow from the experience and then you can move on and do something else and then anything's possible then you can make out of this construct that we call the material realm whatever you want because it's all based upon the spiritual and actually they're really the same thing they're one in the same as goes the knowledge of spirit or the all spirit the natural laws so goes the physical domain one is just the realm of manifestation and effects and one is the plane of causality but they're eternally connected and ultimately one at the bay at the highest fundamental level of consciousness see and that's part of duality itself is thinking that these things are separate and you know we have to completely reject one in order to know anything about the other and that's not the case that's the whole that's what the process of that's what the force of fear wants people to believe and accept that these things aren't integrated the spiritual and the material realms because it's all about freewill whether we will accept personal responsibility to learn and know the truth and then put it into practice in our lives or whether we're going to continue to reject that and the people who have rejected it the most and again this is something people don't want to hear they want to be apologists for people who lay down their personal responsibility and hand it to another and tell another person that you own me now yeah you own me I'm owned by you I do your bidding I follow orders I follow commands the people in slide number 14 the police and military the people who are responsible for all of the human atrocities that have ever happened in the three-dimensional world that we call the earth may is suffering and mass executions and mass graves and all kinds of other human atrocities you follow it throughout history just do the work get a long view of history by studying and you'll see every single place where any complete human tragedy in terms of mass murder has ever taken place it has always been done by military and police yet these people think that they're the people who are doing good they think that they can do good by advocating persons by other people advocating personal responsibility to them this is why this dynamic always occurs for the very reason that responsibility is being abdicated that's why nature's handing us this scenario in situation of police states throughout time we as a people don't want to step up and take personal responsibility to protect ourselves and you know how you do that you teach natural law that's how you do that you teach morality to the people who think that they're doing any good by being in the military or being in the police I have this to say directly to you you will never have ever do anything that is good or orderly for society until you stop doing what you are doing and start doing what I am who I'm saying that directly start food what natural law than teaching [Music] like that [Music] [Music] okay folks last segment for what on earth is happening this week I'm going to try to power through the last half of these slides which are largely quotes from people who have something to say on the topic of natural law throughout history before we do that I want to talk about one other concept that is in correlation direct correlation to responsibility and that is respect when you look at the last slide that we were on slide 15 and you see a human atrocity like this do you think anybody that could have ever done this any group of people that could have ever done this to another group of living sentient beings had any respect for themselves absolutely not because again you have to go to the word what does respect mean re in Latin means again and SPECT Oh SPECT re means to take a look at so respect means to take another look at and what you need to take another look at is yourself if you are the believer in human authority and if you are the believer that control over other people through coercion and violence can ever lead to anything that is truly good or orderly in society there is something that you do not like about yourself and that is imbalanced within yourself that you do not want to deal with if you think those things and in order to correct them you have to be willing to take another look at your perspective to change your perspective in life take another look at your worldview that's what respect is actually all about regarding this creeping police state through the belief that control was ever going to bring anybody safety Ben Franklin one of the founding fathers of this country said those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserves neither and will both if that's how you think you don't deserve liberty and Safety because you have not understood anything about how natural law functions and ultimately if you persist in that state of ignorance you're going to lose both Liberty and safety and slide 15 will show you what that will look like Gerald Massey the Egyptologist said that they must find it difficult those who have taken authority as truth rather than the truth as Authority the truth is the only Authority human Authority there is no truth in that we have to take truth as our authority and that is getting to the understanding of how natural law functions I can't continue to say that enough the great researcher David Icke this is one of his less known quotations in one of his earlier books but it's brilliant he says accept responsibility for yourself and your actions thoughts and words you alone make choices you alone are answerable to the consequences of your behavior the feeble excuse that your boss required it the establishment expected it holds no truth or justification what is the point of even having principles if you allow others to dictate your behavior that's abdication of personal responsibility at the end of the day you will judge your performance and the contribution that you made to creation it will not be based on what another expected of you or what you did because you felt trapped this is a big justification I had no other choice oh I had to do it for the money oh I had to provide for my family oh I needed the education on on and on and on and on endless the vacations for immorality for immoral behavior for following the dictates of psychopathic madmen Gandhi perhaps put it even in a more enlightening way you assist an evil system most effectively by obeying its orders and decrees an evil system never deserves such Allegiance allegiance to it means partaking of the evil a good person will resist an evil system with his or her whole soul let it sink in slide number 20 let it sink in read it over and over and over again if you have to that's enlightenment that's enlightenment he understood that it's more about what you are what what it's more about what you need to stop doing what you need to stop doing the negative the negation that's what it's more about it's more about pulling back and refusing to comply refusing to obey orders and decrees of the system that is there for enslavement it's so much less about new things we need to do we need to stop doing things we're already doing that are immoral that are unethical that are that are false that are not true that are not based in principle that's something that this great man understood more than almost everybody because through the abdication of free will and personal responsibility that's how this evil system of domination that is depicted in slides 21 22 and 23 is going to ultimately create their dark new world order which is a prison planet which is a prison Society only through abdication of free will and personal responsibility can that ever happen and think about what that means ladies and gentlemen that means all of their power is coming from the people who they enslave they are granting it to these could psychopathic controllers through abdicating their free will and that abdication only leads to one place and you can see that symbolically in image number 23 that has been locked by the Masters as we stated last week in the week before ultimately living in harmony with natural law and its principles leads only to peace freedom prosperity survival and evolutionary progress while living in opposition to natural law only ever leads to control enslavement poverty war evolutionary stagnation and consciousness and ultimately extinction of a species and that is the bottom line those statements are true eternally and are never going to work any other way that's how natural law functions in a nutshell those two slides that's it that's what you need to know you want progress you want prosperity you want to survive you want to grow you want to evolve you have to understand and live in harmony with natural law period the end you want to ignore that and think you're gonna prosper you the joke's on you the joke's on you because living in opposition to all of those principles only leads to one place and that's death and this can be symbolically seen this dichotomy can be symbolically seen in the painting by Alex gray on slide number 26 which is called Gaia the spirit of the earth what's ultimately happening here it's a choice it's a choice between understanding the laws of nature or continuing to go along with man's insanity and control-freak system and I think it's very clear which side of the tree depicts which mental condition Francis Bacon former Grand Master of the order of the Rose qua the Rose cross otherwise known as the Rosicrucian order in the early 1600s said that nature to be commanded must first be obeyed we have to know what nature's laws are and willingly choose to operate in compliance with them in harmony with them otherwise nothing but suffering is ever going to be created and we're certainly not going to be able to command any of nature's functions max Heindel another Rosicrucian philosopher said that the best way to learn the secrets of nature is not by inventing instruments but by improving the investigator himself David Icke said at its foundation any guide to freedom needs a thorough knowledge of why and how that freedom has been removed in the first place without that there can be no answers and I would say without that knowledge of why and how were in this situation through our abdication of personal responsibility and free will there can be no solutions finally Alfred alder said there is a law that man should love his neighbor as himself in a few hundred years it should be as natural to mankind as breathing for the upright game but if he does not learn it and must perish the golden rule is the ultimate law we'll see you next week on what on earth is happening take care of folks